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Heavenly Father is we come before you this evening we ask for the presence of your Holy Spirit that you might direct our understanding as we consider some passages from your word we ask that you would pour your ladder rain out upon us through opening our understanding to this word and that the word would accomplish what you intend for it and that it would transform our lives and be a way of preparing us to give a winning testimony to the the souls that you've put under our responsibility to share with and we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen I'm going to try to accomplish this in three presentations but i doubt that i can what I'm going to try to accomplish requires that I put a few things in place along the way and some of them you will be familiar with and some of them you may not be so familiar with and you unless I tell you out front where we're going you won't know where we're going till we get there which hopefully will be by Wednesday because I have to go to Alabama but if not it would be next week but whether you're aware of this or not this morning the reason I I know that there is a discussion going on in this movement about some of the dates concerning you know the seventy years and i was asking parminder his take on it this morning it wasn't part of his presentation and he begged off giving me an answer because he's well aware of this controversy and he hasn't settled it in his own mind but without addressing that controversy one of the things connected that i want to point out connected to the seventy years is that we work with the understanding that Belshazzar comes to his end right here 538 and that two years later in 536 remember we're working backwards because this bc cyrus takes the throne okay so in this school over the past couple years we've came to argue that Cyrus represents the time of the end and I personally did not have a problem with it but I was not one that was fully settled into that because for years before that I had come to the conclusion that in Daniel chapter 9 when Daniel is understanding by books the number of years that the captivity was going to take place to 70 years that he was representing those that experience an increase of knowledge when the Book of Daniel are unsealed okay and the point about that is the Book of Daniel is unsealed at the time of the hand so if you're placing the first year of Cyrus in 536 and saying that is the time of the end for that reform line Daniel is illustrating this experience in Daniel 9 back here so you got two years there of wiggle room that should be resolved and I've never been able personally to turn loose of the conviction that Daniel is illustrating someone who is understanding an increase of knowledge there in Daniel 9 which we would place here okay so I want to put some logic in place about why I can't turn loose of that and then try to put some logic in place that we haven't looked at before the just as a starting point so I have to I have to put several ducks in a row before we get to the point hopefully by Wednesday where we can pull these things together so let's just discuss Cyrus as a prophetic symbol first and remember that Cyrus that symbols can have what more than one meaning so if you go to Isaiah 40 for Isaiah 45 minutes back up a couple verses in 244 let's start in verse 28 of Isaiah 44 and let's read to verse 3 of chapter 45 I'll do verse 28 and Michael first one come in their first to our University that saith of Cyrus he is my shepherd and she'll perform all my pleasure even saying to Jerusalem thou shalt be built and to the temple by foundation shall be laid who's right and I hold to subdue nations before we'll miss the loins of Kings to open before him the two leads gates and the gates shall not be shy I will go before him I will get pulled in and make the cookie pie see straight breaking pieces the gates of brass and cutting Thunder deposit I am i will give me the treasures of darkness and hidden riches secret places that thou mayst now that I the Lord which cody by dine a name of the God fish roe the first 28 stylist and he's going to give that first decree that they can come out of Babylon begin to build the temple and it's under that decree that the foundation is laid and if you understand the reform lines this fits right in with that but if we understand the reform lines if this is where the found the way mark of the foundations are marked what's the way mark that goes right here the empowerment of the first this is where the divine symbol comes down so what's this way mark back over here the primary one the time of the end okay and that's probably enough let's go to 2nd chronicles 29 and take the last two verses of 2nd chronicles 29 and then read on into Ezra the first couple verses it's not 29 second chronicles 36 and let's do 22 23 and verses 1 and 2 of Ezra Cola there's 22 second chronicles 36 now in the first year Cyrus king of Persia that the word of the Lord small combined and welcome Jeremiah might be accomplished the Lord stirrup the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia that he made a proclamation provide all his kingdom and put it also in writing same Alison yes that's a Cyrus king of Persia all the kingdom's appearance has a Lord God of heaven given me and he has charged me to build him and house in Jerusalem which is in Judah who is there among you evolved his people the lord his god be with him ok I don't know that we need to read the first two versions of ezer but what are they there a repetition virtually word-for-word or maybe eat that maybe they are word for word I wouldn't argue that they're not but what is this dealing with the first decree right and what's what's the primary characteristic that allows in release that we use I don't know if it's the primary one what's one of the main characteristics in these verses that allows us to associate this with the first degree it's worldwide okay and and the first decree is real like do you give me a couple other witnesses of that what and those are dates but why are those what's your justification for saying their worldwide okay from 1840 onward goes to every mission station in the world and then in Revelation 18 see that's revelation or if it's filled a scouring the whole earth is filled with his glory ok and it comes down in Revelation can which is foot on earth i see so we're understanding cyrus at this point when we're seeing the worldwide where is he in the reform lines where is he he's at the empowerment but we know that the empowerment is the empowerment of the first message but we also know that the first message arrives here right so that's an argument that's the primary argument for saying the 536 is the time at the end okay but in reality the the majority of the evidence about the role of cyrus is here the empowerment it's not it's not explicitly defining him back here at the define that time in the end you follow me really puts cyrus because we discussed this in first trimester the main thing that puts him at least of what we used was that the 70 years is the 1260 and the end of the 7th years is the time of the end early eight of the 12 60s the time began so therefore the industry we're gonna get to that did you everyone follow what he said okay cuz maybe I mean that was the main that wasn't anything because otherwise on that son yeah okay so yeah I'll give you a thought contrary to what he's saying that in I'm not sure where where harminder where his thoughts were this morning on this 70 years because he wasn't going there and I'm not trying to force him to go there but he pointed out that from Jehovah Kim you can mark 70 years and from Zedekiah you can mark seven years and I think there's at least one personality around that says you can even mark a 70 years with joy a chin I don't know if that's valid or not and manasseh okay it's my NASA jaha Kinman Zedekiah so there's some 70 years in there but let me put put this in your memory bank when sister Pike compares to 70 years with the 1260 as we briefly touched on this morning what happens at the end of the what happened 1798 in terms of the papacy they receive a deadly wound that's the that's the fall of spiritual Babylon isn't it okay so brother tabo read revelation or jeremiah 2512 jeremiah 2512 yep and it shall come to pass when 70 years are accomplished that I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation saith the Lord of hosts for their iniquity and the land of the Chaldeans and we'll make it official desolation when was babbling Bob punish after the 70 years in that that's not a win was bad when was the fall of Babylon wins when does his bill Shazzer dies here listen oh we're doing almost okay so what I'm saying is yeah you can make a case of that this is the end of the 70 years but this here the the destruction of Belshazzar by cyrus is the deadly wound typify because the fall of literal babblin is typifying the fall of spiritual Babylon right I'm not trying I what I'm trying to do here is not put anything in concrete but to show that this history is unresolved and you have biblical support for placing the times in here okay I mean I don't know the big biblical support that you can see a logic in here that here this verse is saying the seven years would be marked as ending when Babylon is punished whereas Michael is referring to the fact that historically the seven years is going to conclude here you got two years in there that you gotta you gotta resolve and one of the things is made most difficult for me because I see all the logic of putting it 538 with Babylon falling and other things as well this most difficult thing for me has been the fact that the seven years later and that Cyrus if if he would have given the decree he able to take in such a long time from 530 all lived through it would in such a long period of time for him to give them to premium in power you know but okay wait you're you're talking decrees here right okay so there's a decree here with Cyrus there's a degree here and there's a decree here the riots there is our desert sees right so that's the decrease right right is there a decree here yes yes there is gayness me those two handwriting on the wall all the head right into the wall would make that's decree I never thought about that Daniel's right the third forward what's right a good okay what all right let's this is I'm getting I'm getting out of order of my logic but let's go look at another decree go to the Book of Daniel in Chapter six what Daniel sick yeah Daniel six what happened to Daniel six well the kitty makes a decree well yeah but I mean what happens before this decree is me well the Daniels better the lines and then lands each the guys in fed the animals the line okay and after all this takes place in verse 25 and 26 and 27 and 28 let's read 25 26 27 28 whose turn to leave Monta then King Darius rolled on to all people nations and language the dwell in all the earth peace be multiplied unto you with that boy why the worldwide decree okay go ahead sister Sarah I make a decree then minion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before they do why and here go ahead then in every damn minute dominion of my kingdom man tremble in fear before the God of Daniel for he is the Living God and steadfast forever and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed and instrument shall be even unto the end he deliberate and rescues and he worked the signs and wonders in heaven and in earth with delivered Daniel from the power of the lines so this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian okay so what's it what's wicked I try to emphasize about this decree would I try to pull out when Sarah was mean well while you fear your God you order him what's that associated with the first message okay so there's a there's a decree it and it's not right at five thirty eight it's it's in this history i'm not claiming that the Daniels throne and the lines dead immediately after Belshazzar skill but it's in between here and here and it is a subject of prophecy what is it that convicts Cyrus of his responsibility to fulfill God's will usher has it 537 okay Usher has that here at five thirty seven but what is it that brings conviction upon Cyrus other than are the typical answer is he sees his name in the word God his position Daniel's position sister white says it's this deliverance that took place from the lion's den okay so cirrhosis is hearing about this history this is what does what what is this for him for Cyrus it's an increase of knowledge right he said this is this is he's going to grow in his knowledge of the Lord but according to spirit of prophecy what brings conviction on him is this this Daniel guy there's something happening with this Daniel guy that he can be thrown in the den of lions and be delivered the way that he was well sometime in that history is that Daniel explains the Cyrus his role yeah why why would he do that obviously he's Cyrus has been impressed by the past history of the prophets yeah why worry about Daniel if it why does he stand out it any more than any other the Hebrew slaves that he inherits when he takes the kingdom it's because daniel has sit out in such a way they use the only guys eat in the mountain by the line yes ok so I'm I'm suggesting it faced about a distance at the beginning here that if this is the time of the end or what leads to this is an increase of knowledge all right but and it's tied together we don't usually kid and I'm not saying that this is one of the decrees that fulfills the beginning of the 2300 days but I'm saying this way mark has a decree with it this way mark has a decree with it in the very last verse of chapter 6 you see cyrus and darius associated with each other why are they associated with each other not at the prophetic level but historically he sees nephew and what out this is general okay so there's an association between Darius or dare I dryness and Cyrus that's marked its marked also in chapter 5 in the last verse not not directly but it is in verse 31 of chapter 5 it says and darius the median took the kingdom having being about threescore and two years old did Darius take the kingdom through Cyrus okay so they're both there alright so these these two oh 2 Kings although Cyrus isn't King yet they were associated together all right so his uncle was you know he's waiting out and he was no vm driest was on way out and the riots were they were and what was Cyrus okay so you have these two they're not King simultaneously but they're in terms of prophetic history you have two kings here de rious and Cyrus they come into this history right here with the fall of Babylon and I'm saying that this history if I'm saying that based upon Jeremiah 2512 that this is the end of the seventy years but I'm saying that not threatened if you can make a case that this is the end of the seven years I don't know how to solve that dilemma all right but I'm saying the word of god never fails and it says at the end of seven years babbling its punish such a wise says that the armies of Cyrus was assigned to the people of God that their deliveries here yes yes that the passage were you will find this says that very plain that yes there's the brother who has this understanding of the four seven year period who argues that that verse doesn't apply the captivity for the very reason that we've been applying it to Cyrus so if you apply it at five thirty eight then maybe lose the seven years that ends it by 30 then who is the first one that brought up to 70 years in this trimester he's brother parminder so he'll have to solve the seventy years at that level all right he brought it up I'm not going to try solving that I don't I don't have a grasp on that but what I do what I do see is that there is ample biblical evidence that allows you to mark this as 1798 you know what i mean by 1790 because at the end of 70 years babbling is going to be punished does everyone follow my logic ok so when battlin is punished in 1798 who comes on the scene as the kingdom of Bible prophecy United States the United States when does the United States get recognized as a kingdom of Bible prophecy or as a kingdom as a nation by the other nations of the world 1798 and what is the United States to power Louis leads in the Persians and they're right here Darius and Cyrus into Babylon so you got these two powers right there there's another argument you follow me okay so what I was there was one of the place I was going to get to before we got there and it's Daniel 10 right we're all familiar over here with Daniel 10 that Gabriel struggles with Cyrus for 21 days and ultimately the angel comes down Michael the Archangel and prevails over Cyrus if you understand that singing it so this angel is no less a person needs in Jesus Christ and this is the empowerment of this message but it's the first message and when is the first message arrived at the time of the end so we should also see an angel here right is there any records in the Bible about Gabriel dealing with Dryas Daniel 9 Daniel hi Daniel 11 1 Daniel 11 one is the one I was looking for whose turn to read sister Tiffany brother DuWayne Daniel 11 1 also in the first year of derives to me even I stood to confirm but to strengthen him who's the I there Gabriel so so Gabriel is placing himself right here with your eyes ok so Gabriel's here Gabriel's here but he gives up Michael comes and finishes the job so I'm saying prophetically alright prophetically you can make a case for this being the time Han ok but that isn't I never understood that when I first came to the conviction personally that that was the time in the end I came from that conviction from daniel chapter 9 let's let's go there Daniel chapter number in the first one right there's one and onward brother Chris Daniel 91 in the first year of the riots the son of ossuaries of the seed of the meats which was made king over the realm of the Chaldees brother kyla in the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books and numbers of the years where of the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the Prophet that he would accomplish 70 years seven years in the desolations of Jerusalem cason years ago as I look what goes on with Daniel here I am and I'm starting to personally understand reform lines I'm thinking okay Daniel here's strating someone who has an increase of knowledge from the prophetic word at the time in the end this is long before I had any insight about the the various arguments over where the seven years were accomplished I was just taken at face value and based upon Jeremih 2512 I understood the seven years ended when Babylon was punished ok so I'm I'm seeing Daniel right there in the first year of Darius and he's understanding from the prophetic word that the seven years are ending and now he's going to give be given an increase of knowledge i'm passing over his prayer of repentance of but once his prayer of repentance is put in the record what happens the angels were thromes each other those events and gives them an increase of knowledge on what daniel 8 14 yeah upon the 2300 days run ok so in 1798 at the time of the end when the Book of Daniel was unsealed William Miller is raised up and what kind of ink what's the increase of knowledge that's given to him same thing ok it's the same thing so that that's what led me to this this conclusion so here in this school when we started rappeling with these various dates I can't argue some of the logic about the historical application of the seven years I don't know how to get around that but I couldn't ever turn loose of what I've understood about 538 being the time yeah ok so I just kept it back and I remember banking him I tried to think over the past few weeks someone came to me either a prophecy school or a weekend meeting I don't know who it was and they brought up these Kings that you were dealing with the Persian kings in Daniel 11 2 and we'd already established some other principles such as go to Daniel 10 let's start verse 20 and 21 and that would be catchy and then made Daniel 10 20 then said he knows now wherefore I come unto thee and now will I return to fight with the prince of persia and when i add am gone forth lo the prince of Grisha shall come but i will show thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth and there is none that holdeth with me in these things but Michael your prints so there was a point in time where I think it was no elder sermon and he brought in Ezekiel 23 is where I will overturn an overturn overturn and that opened up the the fact that we can see the repetition of the histories represented in Daniel 2 here at the end of the world and lots of things have come out out of that and we haven't finalized all the light that was produced out of there but we really got settled into the fact we were already there before their that every two horn power in the scriptures and typifying the United States at the end of the world ok weather how many to how many to horn powers are there scriptures when it maybe he's a good answer but which ones they are controlled Judah and Israel Medes and Persians for Medes and Persians friends Judah and Benjamin and wet Sodom and Egypt that that is France okay so once we've seen that all these two horn powers are typifying the United States when you get down here what follows the Medes and the Persians Greece and what's great stupa final ten cakes the ten Kings the world the United Nations so you got it you got a sequence hear that Daniel is putting in place but as from vendor mentioned this morning verse 1 of chapter 11 is simply reminding us about soon lots of things but it's reminding us as soon as the prophecy that Daniel in verse 1 is right back here in verse 1 of Daniel 9 verse 1 of Daniel 9 and verse 1 of Daniel 11 911 okay are all referencing the first year of Darius okay Daniel 9 gives us some information but when he gets to chapter 11 he's put he's putting this back there and in our memory bank this is where I'm speaking from as this point of reference in the first year which would be 538 time period right Gabriel stood to confirm dareyes and now Gabriel says to Daniel what who's turn to and now will I show the truth we hope that shall stand up yet thinking's and Persian before Joey far richer than they offered by his strength through the riches he shall stir up all these phenomena Grisha okay so suddenly it becomes significant we're going to live if the first year of the rious is the time of the end if the fall of Babylon here is tipping buying the fall of spiritual Babylon in 1798 then 1798 is typifying 1989 right yes okay so Daniel is right here in 1989 and what is Gabriel talent for chemistry things for ya for okay as brother parminder and then Michael did some commentary on it this morning we know there's more Kings in this and we know that we use these Kings as a seven thunders when we carry them beyond de reyes all the way out to Artaxerxes but this point of reference who's the king here in the first year Darius okay and what are the three kings that are going to come sorry language horizon or sources Cyrus can be seized let's fall smirnis and who so spit this answer because it should be Cyrus's the first one Cyrus Cyrus is where he's at well gamers talking and then for front side or something circular season ABC's false furnace your eyes Xerxes degree Roxy's needs to land on the fourth because he's thrown for Soares with in vail so where he's standing right now he's he's just made reference to the time at the end yeah handful but he's not standing at the time and he's standing in the time of Cyrus as Cyrus ratings king in the third year of Cyrus I believe yeah he's standing at 10 1 and at 10 1 you're saying it's Cyrus Cyrus and then four kings from Cyrus canvases false murder Streisand and xerxes degree but it doesn't change what you're saying it's just just the megachurch you reference back to drais but he's not happy he said by the way I was there with driest but I'm here now with you in 30 years sides and that times let me put the three things to come you che is starting from the point where you since yes so canvases is the first and then so on and so forth to article desert Cesar cassette Esther's wife yesterday yessir sudden I i'm going to put art is that right housewares I'm not going to spell Hauser where's do dessert seize their email just sir well services is just as hard to read x XG heck street is our sixth degree extra those close enough okay that's preceded by dress derive I'm not following your logic this here with me Cyrus you're saying canvases can be seized in this I response i was just at the time of the end false smirnis okay Xerxes the great is the one that far Richard yeah okay so one from what I'm saying is in in our history at the time of the end where he's standing would be 1989 he is sold there are yet for Kings to stand up in the kingdom of the Medes and the Persians all right one good thing about this you know go ahead okay one thing about this it's really interesting is that dry sand Cyrus are kind of like they're really connected yeah already associated store to the prophetic connected and Reagan and Bush are really connected as well as rated in all the foot work 99 was Bush's first year yeah there's a lot to say about that if you're going to say that that it's bush at seven Bush the first Bush Senior as seventh-day Adventists that are studying the Sunday law what is it that we remember about George Bush in 1989 what statement does he make New Orleans New World Order he announces that this is the beginning of the new world order okay so bush is followed by who clam down bill Bush the George button who shouldn't have been elected right was there you've got you've got my logic you're going based on Daniel 10 i'm not going based on Daniel Tim that's why my logic is either wrong or you're skewing I'm going strictly based upon what it's saying here you're you're bringing the history in and insisting on upholding the history that's what was throwing me off and and we're out of time but let me run by what I'm saying not what your stick in the first year of daraya since what's being marked here and it says now I will show thee and the argument that I'm getting it now for the first time that Michaels making is that back in Daniel chapter 10 is the third year Cyrus okay but then then that doesn't work you said it worked was it work Daniel 11 happens all the time 11 division takes place in the third year Cyrus he said see how that yeah but why is it worked why do these Kings were 90 Cyrus is tiny the end Candis is false moisturize and xerxes degree would be canvases follow sites you don't count the daddies those ratings is this for to come free will comment in 10 fourth would be this party not shouting where you're standing just counting yeah the first one that you don't count is right that one right reggin you don't count Reagan is determine 1988 but if you count for from their Cyrus canvases false words the rice dries would be the fourth you can't count Cyrus is what I'm saying because if you count Cyrus you can never land on Dirk sees this he would be thick that that's Hyannis okay so this is sorry all right let's take this up tomorrow let's take this up tomorrow we're out of time we're five minutes over you can have closing pyramid Heavenly Father we thank you for this today we have ended our second date here at school profits go to ask that you'll be with us all I know that there's a lot of things we need to work through pathetically and also just to get through the day these are long days and ask that should be with us help us to have stamina push through them and also to get our studies done in the evenings be with us now as we depart Jesus