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today I'm in a lord willing build a foundation for a couple things that I'm going to try to share here so some of it will be repetitious for you but repetitions okay I one day I asked my brother I bowed to leave this up here I don't know if he would have erased it anyway but a couple things that I want to point you at from his last presentation when he's dealing with if you remember he dealt with the four anointings of David 1989 being a manifestation of the Holy Spirit 1989 being the time of the end when there's an increase of knowledge there's your manifestation of the Holy Spirit then the budding out he took you to Psalms 132 and he took you to Ezekiel 29 and in verse 17 of Ezekiel 29 it says on the first day of the first month and from Ezra 79 we know the first day of the first month puts us at nine eleven and therefore when you see the budding out in verse 21 physiol 29 we're marking this is David second anointing a budding out which is the sprinkling and then at the midnight cry when David is anointed over both tribes of Judah and Israel there is a doubling of power here which is consistent with the characteristics of the midnight cry and then the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit here and if you look at the book of Esther we're understanding that Mordecai in Chapter 9 I believe it is it's either eight or nine it's talking about Mordecai's fame growing more powerful and more powerful Mordecai is also an illustration of this progressive manifestation of the power of the holy spirit that is typifies by David in his for anointings by Mordecai and from the Advent movement of 18 42 44 or I wonder i want to point that out to you because there's a couple things that he said in his presentation that relate to where i'm going lord willing by Sabbath and that being that in this history here between Dan and Beersheba which is the history that represents the joining of the two sticks and when David was numbering the people when he did a draft the he everything he said was correct and I know that he understands what I'm going to say but I didn't hear him put it in place I want to remind you of one thing one of the sins of David in this numbering wasn't simply that he was drafting the people and that he was corrupting the church state relationship that existed in the theocracy but he also was drafting Levites they were never to be drafted and this is the history of the Levites ok so the 70 this 70,000 or destroyed there is the the 70 of this history as well and the point out what you want you to see that's important to what I'm developing is it he took us to a place that where the Lord was sending the pestilence upon David for numbering the people remember in the the Angels stayed at the threshing floor of the Jebusite everyone remember that well if you go back into that passage he's called a destroying angel and we've we've realized here recently that if you're going to look at the grammatical structure of Passover and Egypt that the destroying angel is representing a progressive movement okay you got to see that the angel the destroying angel in the story of Egypt in the first Passover the firstborn that died at Passover in Egypt they didn't die instantaneously perhaps they did but the biblical narrative suggests that this angel progressively went through the firstborn both for who he destroyed and who he passed over the the way its portrayed to us in the scriptures is it he came to my house and see if I had the blood on my door house and door door post and then he goes to par meanders house and see if he's got blood on his door post and then do your house so it's progressive the reason that I'm taking time to see let you see that this destroying angels work is progressive is because I hope to get to Ezekiel 9 and show you that the angel with the writer's inkhorn that goes through Jerusalem and puts a mark upon those at sigh and cry and who is then followed by what five destroying angels that this is a progressive work and I'm hoping to show you by the time we're said and done that this angel with the writer's inkhorn is Christ and that's pretty easy to show you from the spirit of prophecy but I'm hoping to show you that it is also you and I that's not so easy to show but it's there in the spirit of prophecy and I'm hoping also to show you that it is a message okay and and it's more than that but the punch line I'm going for one of the conclusions i'm heading for on sabbath is Ezekiel 9 and the work of this angel with the writers inkhorn that's doing a progressive work that's accompanied with a progressive work of destruction by a destroying angel so I didn't want to pass by the passage of David's rebellion because it's going on in this history it reaches its climax right here when the seal is upon the 144,000 ok so I put that in your memory blank there's a couple other lights he turned on for me for me personally in his presentation it'll probably come back to me after the fact but that's enough I I there was there was a couple more things that I forgot should have written them down okay let me explain these notes since nine eleven one of the things that came up is the understanding that the visual test for those of us that are following the prophetic message since nine eleven consists of recognizing those that are teaching air and those that are teaching Truth among this movement and that became an issue a couple years ago and I was one of the main voices that was emphasizing this shaking and this distinction between truth and air that had been brought in among us and I'm here to tell you that I never have time to deal with our presentation anymore that that was a prophetic fact I still stand by a hundred percent but the line of the tribe of Judah has moved us beyond that ok it's things are opening up now that aren't about the fact that there are some of us that are no longer presenting this message the even though we are giving lip service to this truth and recently within the past I'd say four months maybe it's three months that time frame there was a camp meeting in Oregon where all of the not all but most of these ministries that formerly used to associate with us we're their path of the jaws Wesley Smith emiliano they were all there represented and whether you know it or not the disciples of Amelia know the koi brothers are the ones that organized and set up this camp meeting and on their website during that time period they were aggressively pushing the concept that the Miller I'd history is not repeated to the very letter here at the end of the world and this was their you've seen that okay not repeated they're arguing against that so on in the some of us that we're watching these things we're interacting on their their website not me but people like Michael Michael who was just here and some of the other students at the school and what they would do is they wouldn't post the the provocative questions it would show that what they were emphasizing was total error they wouldn't even allow to come into their forum because it was there for so they've reached the point where they won't even discuss these things but I I contend that they don't understand the blindness that they went into and that the one of the most important principles of this prophetic message and I don't know if you can say what the most important principle is but one of the most important principles is that Miller write histories repeated to the very letter in our day and age so this first presentation is to show you the points of reference to prove that but the reason I chose this was to address this subject but also there's some points as we go through that will contribute to where we get to on Sabbath about who this angels with the writers inkhorn is and so on and so forth so if you look at your your notes on page one the first paragraph is just doesn't really contribute to the study it's just a very significant quote it says in these last days many influences will arise to draw the worker from standing firmly for thus saith the lord at future for America believe it or not we get input from people in this message all over planet Earth okay there's people that were connected with all over the planet earth that are in this message and I want to let you know that from my personal experience the greatest majority I can't put a percentage on it but I did ninety-five percent of the people that are in this message are involved with some kind of shaking they're being discouraged by this or hit by that okay from different directions some of the some of the directions are being hit with our kind of common there's certain issues that are coming up all over the place so I'm just saying that right up front if you're in a struggle right now but you understand that this is the message of the hour and take heart because everybody we're hearing about is going through that same struggle okay in these last days many influences will arise to draw the worker from staffers from standing firmly for thus saith the Lord men who themselves have departed from the faith will seek to draw the workers into controversy and by this method attempt to present heresies that will lead Souls astray my brethren do not be enticed by such influences engage in no debate take no heed to the persuasions and challenges of those who would draw you from your legitimate work you have no time to voice their sentiments or to repeat their words time is golden truth is precious we are to carry forward the work of God in the same spirit of simplicity that has marked our efforts for the past 50 years but while I work is to be done in simplicity and meekness we are to stand firmly for the principles of the faith okay so there comes a time where those kind of arguments are not to be front and center but in order to put this first thought in place what I'm going to deal with are these 125 truths from the spirit of prophecy the seven thunders reform movements beginning and ending the parable of the ten virgins the three angels messages we're going to go through those in this presentation and the reason that I have them highlighted there is I want to tell you what the what the premise for this is from the beginning if we're understanding and teaching and living the Lateran message that we know the latter a message is based upon Isaiah line upon line okay so sister white speaks about the seven thunders and reform movements the beginning the ends of parable to ten virgins the three inches messages so does the Bible speak about these subjects and I'm telling you that if you take the testimony of these five symbols and you bring them together line up online they prove conclusively that the Miller I'd history is repeated to the very letter in our history ok it's but if you're unwilling to use line up online then maybe you will not understand or see that okay so that's why I have them here at at the beginning of these notes this is my this is the argument I have that Miller I'd history is repeated to the very letter is because in each of these symbols whether it's the reformed lines or the beginning and the ending or the three angels messages inspiration teaches that these were all fulfilled in the Miller I'd history and they are fulfilled again in our history so when you bring the testimony together it's showing you that it gets fulfilled to the very letter because in one of those histories the parable of the ten virgins that's Ellen White's expression not mine so if you're teaching against that it's a foolish position to take but to take the foolish positions bad enough what I'm saying is if you can't see this principle you're blinding yourself to the message of the hour and the message of the hour is designed to convict you of your need of preparation and if we don't have the preparation necessary to stand in the coming crisis we're going to be lost for eternity so this principle is essential to understand so I'm sure that most of you are familiar with this first quote from seventh-day adventist bible commentary volume 7 page 9 71 sister white in this first paragraph and the bold face is not full face whole thing after these seven thunders uttered their voices the injunction what's the word injunction mean command the command comes to John as to Daniel in regard to the little book still up those things which is seven thunders uttered these relate to future events which will be disclosed in their order sister white is here making a parallel to the seven thunders and the sealing up of the Book of Daniel and when the Book of Daniel was unsealed in 1798 an increase of knowledge produces the Miller right history and therefore she's suggesting that the ceiling up to the seven thunders is going to produce the same experience at the end of the world when the seven thunders are unsealed okay and then she says Daniel shall stand in his light at the end of the days and John sees the little book unsealed then Daniels prophecy have their proper place in the first second third angels message is to be given to the world she's tying the seven thunders together with revelation 14 okay so if the seven thunders represent a repetition of the history of the Miller rights in our history then if there wasn't any other passage you still could see that revelation 14 was repeated in the middle right history and repeated again in our history but there are several passages that teach that now the seven thunders the seven thunders all by itself now brothers and sisters if you're watching it it's exploding who can keep on top of it all right when we first understood the seven thunders was back back and I can remember the first man that argued this with me I can remember the man I don't remember exactly when it was but i know i was working at Hope International and it was a doctor ah I wasn't going to say his name but I feel that David no because they do have that was argued it gets what I was seated this I was seed hey this is saying the middle right histories repeated are letters in our history but all I'm saying this words this is 1995-96 he was 20 years ago when the seven thunders were first starting to be recognized and then we understood that the seven thunders it represents the Miller ride history and it represents our history okay then we understood that you could see the seven thunders in the history of manasseh does etta kya and that the story of Manasseh does that a kya connects with the Miller I'd history and it connects with our history and then we could see the seven thunders in the last seven kings of Israel from Jeroboam to to Hosea and then we realized that the seven thunders is the seven Persian kings beginning from Cyrus to Artaxerxes which is a key to open up the book of Esther and then we realized that and I can't remember right now who the king and Judah was that he reigned in Judah during the time period when seven kings reigned in Israel and the last king in that time period was Ahab an Ahab of course would be an illustration real easy of the Sunday law so those seven kings that lead to Ahab all rain during one king in Judah do you know ASA okay and and that now so when I'm saw I'm not trying to teach these things right now I'm trying to tell you that as the Book of Daniel was unsealed in 1798 for the Miller writes it produced an increase of knowledge that drove and directed that message and that the seven thunders has been unsealed now for 20 years but it just keeps producing light such as Samuel snow okay you can trace the development of the midnight cry begins with an article by william miller in november of 1843 i don't hold me to these i think they're in the notes we get get them right but i can give you the seven events then in February Samuel snow writes a letter about the seven thunders shortly thereafter that letter is published then Samuel snow presents it at in Boston then in Exeter and then he puts it perfectly in place on august 22nd 1844 in an article and it's fulfilled on october 22nd 1844 and suddenly we see in the history of the development of the midnight cried the work of samuel snow there's seven primary way marks and by this time we may not understand these things but we quit doubting the idea that the Lord conveys truth through seven way marks that are tied together by context because the promise was at the end of the world the line of the tribe of Judah would unseal the seven thunders paralleling unsealing of the Book of Daniel in 1798 but the main point of the seven thunders is that it represented delineation of events that transpired under the 1st and 2nd angels messages from 1798 to 1844 and it relates to future events that will be disclosed in its order that Miller idea tree is going to be repeated to the very that's what it's teaching and to be in this movement and teach these things and then reach a point to where you're fighting this very principle I would hope that if I turn away from this and go off into my personal darkness that what I get to do is just go off and disappear into the world or rather than be one of those that turns and starts tearing it down okay that's what a next point page to reform movements I'm saying the seven thunders is a symbol that teaches over and above everything out that the Miller I'd history is repeated in our history but the seven thunders has to do with the work of the line of the tribe of Judah in using the increase of knowledge to direct his people all right whereas the reform movement is going to teach the very same thing but the reform movements is going to give us some second witnesses about the process of these histories okay so it's the same thing only from a different report different approach but in great controversy page 343 it says the work of God in the earth presents from age to age a striking similarity in every great Reformation a religious movement the principles of God's dealing with men are ever the same the important movements of the present have their parallel in those of the past and the experience of the church and former ages has lessons of great value for our time so the reform movement of the Miller rights is typifying the most important reform movement of sacred history and the most important reform movement of sacred history takes place in the time of Laodicea when the Lord raises up as an ensign the 144,000 to give the final warning message to a dying planet and all the reform movements of sacred history typify this final reform movement including the reform movement of the Miller rights therefore the reform movements of the Miller rights of their Miller rights is repeated in the reform movement of laodicea or the reform movement of the 144,000 or the reform movement of the remnant however you want to express it to deny this truth is a kind of blindness I don't understand from people that used to teach this truth okay the beginning and the ending how many places in the scriptures can we go to where Christ is teaching that he illustrates the end of a thing with the beginning of a thing okay this is the this is the most important characteristic that is in Revelation chapter 1 and you have to be careful as a human being when you start saying this truth of God is the most important or hey but the reason that I say that this is the most important characteristic of Christ in in Revelation chapter one that's identified about Christ is because it is the one that is most often repeated in chapter 1 of Revelation it's emphasized there a few times if not more okay that Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning and you see some references there from revelation and from Isaiah and I like this one here I'm trusting by faith that I know what Michael shared with you this week has everyone been here this week let's put this way who has not been here all week long raise your hand okay one of the things that I wanted Michael to put in place which I'm pretty sure you did was that the seven churches are repeated in the history of Laodicea but the seven churches are also identifying the history of ancient Israel from the time of Moses through the time of Christ did he teach you that okay so in this quote of using that point of reference from healthful living to 80 81 it says the trials of the children of Israel and their attitude just before the first coming of Christ illustrate the position of the people of God in their experience before the second coming of Satan snares are laid as for us as verily as they were laid for the children of Israel just prior to their entrance into the land of Canaan we are repeating the history of that people I like these type of quotes sister white teaches us more than once about ancient Israel but I like them because when it comes to the beginning and the ending when it comes to the principle that the millerite history is repeated in our history there's a double emphasis here because it's teaching is here if you're willing to see it that the beginning of ancient Israel in the time of Moses was perfectly illustrating the end of ancient Israel in the time of Christ you've got the beginning and the ending there but it's teaching that the whole history of ancient Israel is illustrating the whole history of modern Israel so you've got two witnesses if you'll see it in there to this principle do you see you okay do you realize the end it that the time of Christ in the broad sense I'm going to see how well Michael conveyed this principle to you although this has been taught in this message for years I wanted him to repeat it do you realize that in the time period of Christ and the disciples that that was a time period of Laodicea for ancient Israel but it was a time of Ephesus for the Christian Church so Ephesus in Laodicea their contemporary and one of the things you can learn from that is that the Holy Spirit was poured out in the time period of Laodicea and the Holy Spirit of Pentecost of the Christian Church is telling us that the owl point of the latter rain will take place in the time of Laodicea which is the end of modern Israel okay but Pentecost at the end of ancient Israel where the Holy Spirit was poured out in the time of Laodicea which was also the time of Ephesus has been typify by Pentecost when the law is given the Moses right so the beginning of ancient Israel oh is illustrating the end of ancient Israel and its illustrating the beginning of the Christian Church and the end of the Christian Church but the end of the Christian Church is Laodicea for modern Israel the Adventist Church which is been typifies by the beginning of the Adventist Church in the middle right history so if you'll see it there's three beginnings and endings in that history you see it okay to teach otherwise I don't get it bottom of page I never intended to read all these quotes I intended to have these quotes available for you to test so if you think I'm not giving due diligence to the notes this was the plan I'm sure that you all have these clothes these are common quotes the parable of the ten virgins third symbol I'm saying the beginning in the ending the attribute of Christ where he illustrates the end with the beginning is a symbol at one level and that the reform movement are a symbol and that the seven thunders are a symbol or prophetic symbol and all of them teach that the end is illustrated with the beginning and the parable of the ten virgins Matthew 25 is the same story I'm often referred to the parable of ten virgins five of whom were wise and five foolish this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter here's my argument if the seven thunders is a symbol and the reformed lines are a symbol and the attribute of Christ illustrating the end from the beginning is a prophetic symbol and if the parable of the ten virgins is a symbol then if we bring all the testimony of these symbols together line up online then it is valid and acceptable to take this expression from the spirit of prophecy where she says will be repeated to the very letter and teach that the Miller I history will be repeated to the very letter even though Ellen White does not directly say the Miller right history will be repeated to the very letter by using the application line upon line she says it because who is she she's the Holy Spirit this is the testimony of the Holy Spirit that's brought together line upon line the Holy Spirit through the prophets of the Bible in the spirit of prophecy are teaching that the Miller I'd history is repeated to the very letter next quote parable the ten virgins of Matthew 25 also illustrate the experience of the Adventist people and for future reference I know we all know this but I want to put it in our memory banks one more time the state of the church represented by the foolish virgins is also spoken of as the Laodicean state if the foolish virgins are layered is saying Laodiceans who are the wise virgins their philadelphians their Philadelphians any condemnation against the wise virgins any condemnation against the Philadelphians no okay all right now this is the one where of these five symbols Revelation 14 the three angels messages where I'm going to put some things in place for the rest of the days that i have here okay so here's what I'm going to slow down a tad three angels messages were fulfilled in the Miller ride history they are repeated in our history when they were fulfilled in the millwright history they were imperfect in the sense that they were simply typifying our history okay so let's go through and look at some of these concepts but what we're going to get to as we go through is we're going to try to define what the Angels actually represent and when I say actually I don't mean in a singular sense the definition of the Angels is the broad sense you have to understand that the Angels in Revelation 14 represent many things and the many things that they represent have to be brought to a passage of prophecy and then by the context you have to determine what they represent in that passage you have to have this concept in your head if you're going to allow me to share with you on Sabbath that you are the angel with the riders in corn in your hand okay you have to you have to be able to see this concept so this is the beginning of trying to put that in place parallel of Revelation 14 God has given us the messages of revelry given the messages of Revelation 14 their place in the line of prophecy and their work is not to see still the close of this Earth's history the first and second angels messages are still truth for this time and are to rent parallel with this with this which follows hike remember there's a period of time in this message where this quote was like every every presentation we were using these quote we draw up the parallel and we haven't done that for so long now line of the tribe Judah just keeps moving us along the road of time and the different concepts but the history of the 1st and 2nd angels message which is the seven thunders which is square the reformed Miller of the Rilla rights took place which is where the parable of the ten virgins was fulfilled it runs parallel to the history which follows which is the history not of the Philadelphians but of the Laodiceans okay so it's parallel history it's teaching the same lesson okay now test what are the three angels messages going to define it as put certain definitions along with the three angels messages many who heard the 1st and 2nd angels messages thought they would live to see Christ coming in the clouds of heaven what was the first angels message that she's talking about was Miller's message right the end of the world in 1843 and thereafter in 1844 what was the 2nd angels message Babylon is fallen when did it arrive at the first disappointment April nineteenth 1844 when was it empowered at the midnight cry when was the first angels message empowered August eleventh 1840 so many who heard the first and second angels message thought they would live until Christ come she's saying she's talking about that history had all who claim to believe the truth acted their part is wise virgins the message would error this have been proclaimed to every nation kindred tongue and people but five were wise and five were foolish the truth should have been proclaimed by the ten virgins but only five had made provision essential to join that company who walked in the light that had come to them the third angels message was needed this proclamation was to be made many who went forth to meet the bridegroom under the 1st and 2nd angels messages refer refused the third angels message the last testing message to be given to the world what I want you to see here is that she's saying the third message is a test and I'm going to argue that if the third message is a test the first and second we're test two okay some people don't like to hear that we're in a testing process right now the Miller rights were in a testing process the three angels messages are three tests next paragraph a similar work will be accomplished when that other angel represented in Revelation 18 gives his message she just represents the angel of Revelation 18 and she says the first second and third angels messages will need to be repeated they're going to get repeated when revelation 18 comes into history the three angels messages are repeated the call will be given to the church okay next quote manuscript releases volume 16 page 269 270 was that quote this quote is selected messages book to page 104 and 105 anyone know what the name of this chapter is I was trying to remember the name I think it's called that other angel for brother Jeremy karke where's brother jeremy clark is he in here and he didn't make it back ah okay customers compared to the first one ok the question from the floor just so it's on the DVD is can we compare the history of the Miller rights when the first and second Angels the messages were given to the first temple cleansing and then when it's repeated on our history to the second clen temple cleansing and my answer would be sort of but know that in the middle right history there were two temple cleansing and in our history there are two temple cleansings of Adventism so your tip ification is correct but from 1840 to april nineteen 1844 the protestant temple cleansing took place and then from April nineteenth 1844 till October 22nd the Miller right temple cleansing took place there was to temple cleansing in the Miller I'd history just as there was to temple cleansing Xin the history of Christ and they tip ified the to temple cleanses that take place in our history from right here 911 to the midnight cry the priests are cleansed and then from the midnight ride of the Sunday law the AH the Levites are cleansed and there was something I remembered what i want to say about brother tabo's presentation thank you for asking that it's 0 triggered me because this is what I want you to see in this history if you remember brother Thabo when he was talking about David numbering the people ok he was saying that there was a numbering going on here all right you got to see that ok we have a quote lord willing we'll get to in this presentation that I just wanted to put in your mind but I want to put it in your mind for Sabbath that this Angela with the writer's inkhorn that is placing the seal upon those that sigh and cry you know what out sister white says he's doing he's numbering ok there's a numbering that's going on and this numbering process from here to here and from here to here and from here to here in the big sense you've got to pay attention to this numbering if you're going to understand what the line of top Judah is trying to teach us the ceiling has to do with a number being made up okay do you have that template that to Temple cleansings big subject outside the scope of this but i'm thoroughly delighted that you're new in this message and you're asking these kind of questions because that's the kind of questions you have to get the two temple cleanses you have to ask those questions for yourself it's important to understand them they're one of the keys that opens up this life so fact that the Holy Spirit is when you put in your heart to understand that is good but it's bigger than I have time to address right now okay no third without a first and second could read this quote I won't do it you're probably all familiar with it sister white here teaches there cannot be a third message without a first and a second okay so now we go back to the quote where that a under test when she says the third message was the last testing message if you can't have a third without a first in a second then what was the first and the second messages they were tests if you have a third testing message and you can't have a third without a first in a second then the first in the second our test amen do you know there's a difference between those first two tests and that third test drive in the first two tests probations open but the third test you don't have any probation the third test is simply the litmus test where you're going to demonstrate how you've passed through the two-step testing process that leads you to the third list litmus test there is a difference between those three tests but there's still three tests next page those three tests those three angels messages are way marks okay the proclamation of the first second and third angels message have been low cated by the word of inspiration not a pig or pin is to be removed no human authority has any more right to change the location of these messages than to substitute the New Testament for the old so I want you to see the first second and third angels messages they're located there a way mark they've been placed at a certain point in time and we have not any authority to change where they're at but there there's going to be an attempt to change them because we're told repeatedly we have to guard the way marks next quote the great way marks of truth showing us our bearing in prophetic history are to be carefully guarded why would we have to guard them because someone's going to attack them if they weren't going to be attacked we would not have to guard them lest they be torn down and replaced with theories that would bring confusion rather than genuine light okay the three angels messages are going to be repeated to the very letter at the end of the world in the history of Revelation 18 they are three tests they are three way marks and they are also the everlasting gospel selected messages book to page 106 says the message proclaimed by the angel flying in the midst of heaven is the everlasting gospel the same gospel that was declared and eaten when God said to the serpent I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise it's Hill in the school we have an Arkansas the students always not this last trimester but they first for trimesters they when they left that classroom they knew what the definition of the everlasting gospel wasn't it's not from inspiration it's just from application human application here's the definition of the everlasting gospel and you gotta have to see this because we realize now that we didn't understand it so well okay the three angel lasting gospel is the work of Christ in developing and then demonstrating two classes of worshipers based upon the introduction of a three-step testing prophetic message okay Christ comes along he has a group of people and he introduces not a prophetic message but a three-step testing prophetic message into that group of people and it develops two classes of worshipers but when he gets to that third test it's going to be demonstrated whether this class is a wise virgin or this class is a foolish version that is the everlasting gospel and everywhere you find that in the Bible whether it's in Genesis 3 15 onward that is how Christ interacts with human beings in these reform movements it's a three-step testing prophetic message yes yeah where the fractals come into play or hither and the other all over the place but I want to tell you I gotta I gotta put something in place right here at my brother we now understand time dilation everyone understand time dilation who comes up with time dilation where do we get this from Albert Einstein Oh Albert Einstein talks about time dilation we're going to do with time dilation hopefully on Sabbath if we get there all right and when we begin realizing something that we didn't know what it was we're calling it the binding off period Einstein would call it time dilation when we began to grapple with that we realize three way marks in it so we made the assumption that this is the everlasting gospel and we struggled with it for a while because the everlasting gospel is a three-step testing prophetic message that develops and then demonstrates two classes of worshipers but this binding off pier even though it has three steps in it there is no developing of two classes it's a different manifestation of these three steps it's the third angels message it's the ceiling it's the empowerment of the angel with the writer's inkhorn that goes through the next period of time and puts marks upon that next group of people to see which one of them are going to receive the seal when that process is done so the everlasting gospel is the three angels messages it's the three testing messages that develop and then demonstrate two classes of worshippers but the three angels messages are also symbols of God's people next quote am I going too fast for you how about you my brother how am I going too fast all right I had it I have had an experience in the first second and third angels messages the angels are represented as flying in the midst of heaven proclaiming yet in the audience who's good I don't know how to say this in the classroom you all can't even say that as parents you know you really don't have a favorite child right and even if you did you're never gonna admit it to anyone right I don't know that I didn't so I but I assume maybe some parents might have but in the classroom one of the students in our classroom is my daughter so I never say it but I either my daughter or my wife my wife sir I gotta say this to either my daughter and my wife in that classroom they're my favorite student even though I tried to show no favoritism right doesn't that make sense as human beings and this is something here that my daughter struggled with she's got it straight she's got it straight now but she struggled with it and I don't care that she struggled with it I think it might have been providential for people who are watching the school on the web that would struggle with it too we took more time to do with it but we're at a point you need to see the three angels messages are more than one thing okay and so pay attention here because maybe this will be easy for you but it's not always easy for everyone to conceptualize this and you need to concept your conceptualizes if you're going to understand the activity of Ezekiel chapter 9 i've had the angels of Representatives flying in the midst of heaven proclaiming to the world a message of warning and having a direct bearing upon the people living in the last days of this earth's history no one hears the voice of these three angels of Revelation 14 no one's here is the voice of these angels for they are a symbol to represent the people of God who are working in harmony with the universe of heaven so these three angels they're three tests their way marks they are the everlasting gospel but they're a symbol of God's people you see that now when you come to a passage of Scripture and you see these angels you have the responsibility of a student of prophecy to determine is that passage emphasizing the 3-step testing process or is it emphasizing the everlasting gospel or is it identifying the work that God's people are doing okay but what I'm saying is William Miller and his rule says figures have more than one meaning that the meaning of the three angels that there it's more than two or three there are several meanings to the three angels and one of them is that it represents you and I it's a symbol of the work that we do when we're working in connection with the universe of heaven do you see that okay do you see an angel and Ezekiel 9 that goes through Jerusalem and puts a mark upon those at sigh and cry so could it be that that angel represents you okay that's where we're going revelation 18 John saw another angel come down from heaven having great power on the whole earth was light with his glory that work is the voice of the people of God proclaiming a message of warning to the world 911 that angel that came down that down that message is the message is given by God's people that are working in connection with the universe of heaven amen 10 minutes okay nether thought from early writings is a familiar passage in this message sister white in the the paragraph before this had spoke the paragraph that is not on your paper I'm on the bottom of page 4 I'm on the bottom of page for my and I had several more pages to go sister why talked about the history of Christ and says those are rejected the message of John the Baptist could not be benefited by the teachings of Jesus neither could they see their way into the heavenly sanctuary because their minds had become darkened and then she goes into the millwright history and she says those who rejected the first message could not be benefited by the 2nd angels message second neither were they benefited by the midnight cry she's drawing a parallel between the time of Christ and the time of the Miller rights and all I want you to see now because of time is that sentence that is bold face it says I saw that the as the Jews crucified Jesus so the Protestant nominal churches in the time of the Miller rights crucified these messages what messages the three angels messages the three angels messages were crucified in the history of the Miller rights by the Protestants or the nominal churches you see that so what are those three messages who is it that gets crucified those messages are Christ he's associating himself so closely with those messages that if you crucify those messages your crucifying Christ you see that okay here we got more evidence of that that's just the opening one the great controversy 341 next page the latter rain these messages are the latter rain to John were open scenes of deep and thrilling interests to the experience of the in the experience of the church he saw the position dangers conflicts and final deliverance of the people God here Accords the closing messages the closing messages are the three angels messages he records the closing messages are which are to ripen the harvest of the earth either as sheaves for the heavenly garner or as for the fires of destruction what is it that brings the harvest to fruition it's the latter rain these three angels messages are the latter rain you follow that logic yes can you say Amen all right does that mean that you could be the latter rain power I know how many minutes now my brother eight minutes ok the next quote sister wife's going to call the three angels message is the cleaver of truth you know what a cleaver is any butchers ok Claver is not a knife you use to trim an apple ok it's it's more like it not an axe but it's more like an axe that the butcher uses to make big cuts on a piece of a big piece of beef to break it into little pieces where you can carve it up nice and neat but in the package and sell it a cleaver is a rough implement you know the three angels message is not pretty it's cutting people out all the way to the bone to through the bone yes it's cutting a people out of the quarry that are in need of some serious preparation before they're put in the temple ok so the three angels messages is also a cleaver of truth you can read that on your own time I'm running out of time now from the time of Christ in the synagogue of Capernaum sister white says in the desire of Ages whose fan is in his hand and he will thoroughly purge his floor and gather his sweet ado the garner this is one of the times of purging by the words of truth the chaff was being separated from the wheat because there were they were too vain and self-righteous to receive proof to world loving to accept a life of humility many turned away from Jesus many are still doing the same thing souls are tested today as were those disciples in the synagogue of Capernaum ok the separation of the wheat and tares the separation of the wise and foolish is accomplished by words of truth and i'm going to show you hear that it's the three angels messages that are the words of truth ok and those people in Capernaum they were being what tested it says these words of truth our tests the three angels messages our tests now know what's a trial it's a test ok trials are to come up on God's people and the tears are to be separated from the wheat that's what I was saying at the very beginning here if you're in this message and you're not seeing trials swirling around you then it's pretty good evidence you're in a counterfeit message because if this message is what it says it is this is the message that's separating the wheat from the tears and what separates the wheat from the tears is trials come upon them through a testing prophetic message and it causes a separation and if you read this chapter from desire of Ages sister white tells us that what the what produced the fulfillment of prophecy in Christ what fulfillment in prophecy in Christ the Bible said that Christ would be a man of sorrows acquainted with grief and sister white says that what produced that fulfillment in Christ what made him a man of sorrows acquainted with grief is when he saw these disciples turning and walking no more with him the separation process is what produces at attribute of Christ's character in your experience and if you're in a movement where that separation process isn't going on you probably in the wrong movement but if it is going on then you need to understand that those trials are being directed by one who never fails but the bottom of page file of both tears and weak grow together until the harvest then it is that the Angels do the work of separation we just read that it's trials that do the work of separation now she's saying it's angels what angels do the work of separation the three angels and brothers and sisters if you're not familiar with it yet there's a harvest that takes place here and a harvest it takes place here that leads to the harvest of the 11th hour workers okay first the priests are going to be harvested in then the Levites the Levites priests combination 144,000 and then the great harvest okay those three angels messages those that testing process will be at each of those histories I probably aren't you the questions my sister asked and is it Annabelle ah I don't do well with names okay is are we the Angels that do the work of separation that's what I'm going to try to show here by Sabbath ok so the I still didn't I didn't get through all this will take it up in the next presentation shall we pray Heavenly Father we see the external manifestation of what's taking place upon planet Earth Islam financial difficulties political unrest social unrest cultural unrest and we see the internal that's happening among your people and both external and the internal witnesses tell us that we are at the time where you're preparing to finish the work of redemption for mankind and it also teaches us that we are not ready we ask that your Holy Spirit would bring conviction to us that we have an individual work to enter into that we might navigate this testing time in a way that would produce salvation in us and those that were responsible for our influence among and in a way that would give you glory and honor at the time we're spending here at this camp meeting would be time that worked that out in each of us we want to understand these things that you're bringing to us at this time and we ask that you grant us a full outpouring of your Holy Spirit now and throughout the rest of this meeting we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen