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I mean I want to look at something different this afternoon so it's not directly connected to the great controversy studies that we're doing I know that your fellowship that you've been going to the great controversy and I believe you're in chapter 40 I think so you know really if cab covered chapter 38 some time ago so I want to look at the history of chapter 38 of the great controversy but that chapter is quite long and I don't want to do it from that book I want to go to another book but it's the same history so you'll remember at the beginning of the trimester we compared to books and what those two books that we compared one was the great controversy very few going for it wasn't possible you for now spiritual years yeah it was early writings and early writings is a essentially a compilation of a number of books three books essentially and the one that we were focusing on is spiritual gifts Volume one spiritual get volume is one of her earlier works correct me if I'm wrong I think it's 1857 I may be wrong on that but it's it's it's early and it's really I'm pretty sure it's one of her earliest works that deal with the subject of the great controversy 1858 so so I've already contended that early writings that was published in 1882 becomes the book that the Lord is going to offer his people as they're forgotten these early works going to compile all the information that they need to prepare them for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit 1888 it comes just in time so that to me is the context or the justification for this reprint of these earlier volumes and then what talks about the purpose of it but she gives a more naturalistic or more realistic reason that there were many people who weren't around in those early days they weren't that many books that were published they'd been scattered so they wanted to bring all of that material together and also another reason was that she was getting accused of a number of issues and one of the major things that she was being accused of was time setting and so she wants to give evidence she never time say she never got into that kind of fanaticism and people were manipulating or miss quoting from her earlier works and because they weren't that many copies left 30 years on they weren't that many published originally what they wanted to do was collect those early volumes and have him reprinted so that everybody could see what she had said from the very beginning to that point in history and her argument was that we had no new message not saying anything different today than I did before and I think I read something along those lines last Sabbath when I was reading from life sketches and through a number of versions of life sketches one of them his life sketches 18 one of them is the original life sketches and in the original one it says I don't do this thing and then another one she said I haven't done this for 30 years and if you remember me reading that and he's just showing the difference between when those two volumes were written one was written in the 80s and one was written in the 50s essentially and that's the purpose of early writings it's to bring everybody up to speed so whatever is reading from the same book and as I say she gives this comprehensive but very brief overview the great controversy from the very beginning chapter 1 the fall of Satan to the last chapter and they're not numbered in early writings but they are in supposed to use Volume one the second death so it deals with a full of Satan to the second death and what I want you to look at it's a fairly short passage it's the equivalent of chapter 38 in the great controversy and it's called the loud cry so um I didn't I didn't print it I didn't have printouts for this so hopefully someone's got access to a device this is just early writings page 277 paragraph 1 I think it's only for paragraphs okay I think it's full paragraphs so all I want to do is basically read through the paragraph and just to draw out some information as much as we can see attempt to put it on the line the fundamental difference between maybe it's not even the right way expressing it between spiritual gates volume or an early writings and the great controversy the 1911 version is that it's the great controversy is a much more refined book the way the chapters are laid out the structure or structuring of them the grammar it's all being tidied up as well as obviously being expanded as their knowledge base is increased and we've discussed all of that in class but what she tends to do in the great controversy particularly some of these later chapters she begins them with a key Bible verse so I think you'll have seen this when you've gone through the great controversy so I'll just give an example of that so chapter 38 in the great controversy and now I'm jumping back and forth from books it's called the final warning so if we power load these two books what is the final warning so that's relatively straightforward it's the loud cry so all I'm doing there is using one of William meadows rules which is what maybe there's a couple of rules if I were to ask you what does the final warning mean the word final and warning you'd naturally go to a dictionary to train so you'd use a dictionary to define these words so what rule are we using we haven't gone to a dictionary we're okay so proof texting rule number five what's all number five mr. Bromley a summary of it without reading it scripture must explain itself so I'm going to change it to inspiration okay okay so scripture must be its own expositor I think that's a rough approximation of what he says so I'm saying we're going to wig anew allow inspiration Ellen White to define what she means the final warning is the loud cry if we're if we're okay with that so obviously what I'm assuming directing us into this study is that the chapter titles everything about these books is inspired divinely inspired they're not just you know human creation everything's been checked and put put there for a purpose if you're willing to accept that I think most of us would be that even the titles are correct that they're what they should be so define the warning is the loud cry call that same chapter Devon cry I think it is yeah Forrest pays an earlier work I think he's 1884 that that book was written I think it's 1884 so you've got 1884 1888 1911 and the Spirit prophecy series has expanded the great controversy into a number of volumes now so we're going from the earliest work to one of the final works and in Chapter 38 it begins with a Bible verse I think all of us are familiar with that Bible verse it's Revelation 18 and it's verses one two and four and why is that significant why is that significant it she's going to quote one two four as a singular unit what do we know about those verses if we were to read them particularly verse one two and then for Rose Tyler there's two distinct causes two key state cause so I'm just going to just change that to say these two voices for okay to express it that way verse two he cried mightily with a strong voice and verse four I heard another voice so there are two separate voices everybody's okay with that just want to add one more piece of information there that verse 1 says I saw an angel coming down from heaven and then verse 2 says he cried mightily with a loud voice so verse 2 is the same angel as verse 1 if we're okay with that I think that's relatively straightforward we're just reading the verse as it's given to us so the angel that comes down in verse 1 what angel is that if verse 2 is the angel that says Babylon is fallen is fallen so can enter so ok that this is the second angels message so she's going to introduce the chapter that addresses the loud cry with the second angels message or the second angel she's not going to give us verse 3 because verse 3 is just additional information about the extent of the darkness or apostasy that's existing so she's just confining herself - an overview what's happening versus one two and four I don't want to make any application abridge I just want to make an observation if you ever decide to look into this or study it in Revelation 14 you see two angels you eat this three obviously but we've got the first angel and the second angel and where where are those angels located simple question it's not you don't know it threats so they flying in the atmosphere this is the second heaven so in the first heaven for okay with that so they're flying in the atmosphere this is revelation 14 yeah straightforward revelation 10 we're going to prove this but I would suggest that revelation 10 is the first angel that most people if anybody has a different opinion on that in Revelation 10 where is this angel this first angel the same manger that was flying in heaven so if I can express it this way by the time you get to Revelation 10 this angel has landed it's now on earth so first it flies and then it lands and when you go to Revelation 14 the second angel is flying and when you get to Revelation 18 which is the same second angel what's that whale where's that angel now it's the same place so all I want us to see is that there's a relationship between Revelation 14 revelation 10 in Revelation 18 about the location of those angels they're the same range for the first angel in the second angel in Revelation 14 it's flying through the atmosphere and in Revelation 10 and 18 it's now come to earth so if you were ever wanted to train decode or decipher what that is teaching I think it's a worthy study to do about the symbology of flying through atmosphere and coming down to earth so if we go back to early writings 277 paragraph 1 actually no let me just make another observation the next chapter chapter 39 is a time of trouble and in early writings it's called the time of trouble same chapter but again in that path in early writings she doesn't give Bible passages that introduce the subject so you've got the time of trouble in the time of trouble and in 39 you've got Daniel 12:1 so she gives you an anchor verse to guide and direct you so coming back to early writings if you are doing this with the device hopefully you'll see actually between the loud cry and the time of trouble there's another chapter that she's tucked in there which is the third message closed so she's got the loud cry and the third message closed I don't know how easy this is to do on your phones I don't think it's that easy but if you have a laptop it is relatively straightforward I'm suggesting that the book spiritual gifts is the chronological explanation of the great controversy and in prayer meeting we've been discussing what chapter and another no not another the advent movement Illustrated and the movement Illustrated is the Miller right history and she goes through this history four times she does it through the biography of Ruolin Miller then the first and second angels messages is the second time the adamant movin illustrated then another illustration then she the next chapter is the sanctuary and what's the next one the third angels message so what I want us to see is if we want to do a time line according to early writings we'd have the Miller write history here and when you get to October 44 what chapters come after that okay so it's the sanctuary and then the third angels message or the third angel so if we were to read this chapter the third angel and just read the introductory sentences to that chapter the third angels message as the ministration of Jesus oh sorry this is early writings two five four early writings two five four paragraph one an administration of Jesus closing the holy place and he passed into the holiest and stood before the Ark containing the law of God he sent another mighty angel with a third message to the world a parchment was placed in the Angels hand and as he descended to the earth so as and as he descended to the earth in power and Majesty he proclaimed the fearful warning with the most terrible threatening ever born to man so all I want us to see here is that connected to the sanctuary where Jesus moves from the holy place of the most holy place is the third angel and we would understand this to be the arrival of the third angel were ok with that this is the arrival of the third angels message and then what she's going to do next issues going to run you through the history of Adventism from 1844 to the end of the world essentially and she's going to do it through the following chapters she's going to speak about a firm platform spiritualism covetousness the shaking the sins of Babylon and then the loud cry the chapter that we're going to look at and I don't know if I'm sure we've all probably read these chapters before but when you begin to place them on a line and actually study them carefully you'll actually see the methodology that she's following as she takes her step by step through the great controversy as it's ensues from October 1844 to the end of the world it's when you do that it explains what's happened to the world it explains Satan's strategy to prevent God's people doing their work it explains the problem that we got into and it explains the methodology that God's going to use to get us out of this problem and then it all culminates in this loud cry chapter after the loud crisis the third message closed so all I want is the seal to show you on this line is that here after the loud cry chapter this the taps are called the loud cry you see that the third angels message is closed or ends so this is the beginning of the third angels message this is the end of the third angels message that's all that's why all I wanted to see here and what we're required to do is to take these structures these lines not this one but other ones that Ellen White creates for us and we then develop lines based upon these principles because what we do and I think most of us realize we're going to get the third angel that has been running through history for all these years and we're going to have a fulfillment of this third angel later on in the history that we're living in that's what this movement does but the way we do that has to be based upon some kind of rule some kind of principle some kind of template if you like and I'm saying the template that we're using is the one give a straight here from the great contra 4 items it's really easy to see in early writings because the chapter titles really guide you so I'm saying the arrival of the third and the ending of the third gives you the structure of how to place the third angel's message in our own history and she's as I say she's going to give us the third message clothes and then you're going to have the time of trouble so I'm just going to call that Jacob's time of trouble you have to loud cry third angel's message ends and Jacobs time of trouble now when was this all written but they'd remember it's 1858 this is not 1882 it's not written that late it's written very early and if you've read these chapters before what what will you have noticed I'll give you a clue Kish maybe they know what I'm asking what do we call ourselves what's our name Adventists seventh-day Adventists so the f80 spit is good but the seventh-day Adventists bit now this is written in 1858 I marked that here 58 and then why it's going to begin keeping the Sabbath in 46 so he's 12 years on the Sabbath east reasonably well established by the time this book is written but what is not established is the subject of the mark of the beast about the Sunday law and all the dynamics of of what that entails that's why in this early work you don't see there's a focus placed upon the Sunday law or Sunday sacredness as there isn't the great controversy by the time you get to the great controversy years later this theology has been developed be hearing this early work it isn't so the reason I mention that is that she can clearly mark the end of the third angel and she's gonna mark the loud cry but she's not gonna mark what starts off the loud cry now what do we mark is starting the loud cry we might the Sunday law so I'll put that in parenthesis because in early writings you don't have that hook to start the loud cry she doesn't give you that that's all I want is to see that we have to go to the great controversy we have to go to other places to connect the Sunday law to the loud crates not in early writings but the third angels message is its beginning in this end so one thing we know is that let me just check something yeah if we went to the third message closed that chapter and I'm just gonna read some just some highlighted portions this is in the first three paragraphs this is early writings 279 what I'm going to read to you is the following when we went to the third angels message here what did she connect the third angels message with it's not the Sunday law what it was it what's it hooked to it's hooked to the sanctuary then if we we saw that so she's hooked the third angel its arrival to the sanctuary where Christ goes from the holy place to the most holy place and she's going to do exactly the same thing here where she's going to end the third angel so we're gonna read this she's gonna go from the most holy place to I'll just put leaving the Christ leaves - seven nine paragraph our first sentence I was pointed down to the time when the third angels message was closing the power of God had rested upon his people they had accomplished their work so I stopped their next paragraph I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven an angel with the writer's inkhorn by his side where is that language taken from a writer's inkhorn by his side so this is Ezekiel 9 if we were to go to Ezekiel 9 I think most of us are familiar with this may actually let's turn to Ezekiel 9 cuz I want to make an observation here we know that Ezekiel like Daniel has already been taken captive and his in Babylon and we all okay with that the story of Ezekiel the book itself takes you through a transitional period pre destruction into post destruction so it spans two dispensations if I can put it that way just the book of data is equal in the general sense so if I said Jerusalem and this is marking the destruction of Jerusalem Ezekiel looks like this it's from before and after Jerusalem approximately the book begins six years before the destruction of approximately sin the fifth year of the captivity of joy a king and if you took that as the first year of Zedekiah Zedekiah reigns for 11 years so 11-5 these six it's not exactly but gives you a rough idea of where we are in the taught in the scale of things just exactly six years it's not just a private okay so we'll go with six years Ezekiel 8 he's in Babylon and he's going to get lifted out of Babylon he's gonna be taken back to Jerusalem and this is real life I'm not saying you really gets taken back but it's in real time that's what I want to suggest easy cure 8 where are these people doing all their sins we talked about the men bowing down is where is that all happening it's happening to the temple so I'm arguing that ezq 8 is here before the destruction he's taken into Jerusalem it's before the destruction and he see that all the wickedness that's happening there and this is what's going to lead to the destruction of Jerusalem then you get into chapter 9 and in your Bibles if you've got little subheadings there most people who got Study Bible it'll tell you there and it's called the work of judgment is gots it mentions something along those lines not all Bibles has these little subheadings so I'll read verse one he cried also in mine ears with a loud voice saying caused them that had charged over the city to draw near every man with his destroying weapon in his hand and there were six men so I'm not gonna read through the chapter they're gonna go and mark people if you if you were to read that and then in verse six and I'll go to verse five and it says and to the others he said he'd mind hearing go after him through the city and smite to her to destroy verse six slay utterly everybody so at least the first part of verse nine is that before or after the destruction of Jerusalem this marking process before we can see that so I'm going to put nine here so eight and nine are before the destruction of Jerusalem so I want to go back to verse 1 this is deceased I just want to make a simple point about what Ellen White did with that we just read so this is Jerusalem and what does verse 1 tell us sister brought me will disburse one tell us chapter 9 verse 1 I'm sorry for the heart cry this loud cry and everyone needs to have their destroying weapon in their head who's who who is that everyone I don't I thought why don't a precaution just in the story yes where are they I don't think it says angel in there just since then where are they tell me where they are they're outside of the temple I don't know it says city does it say temple okay so where they geographically in relative to the city in the city there in it so you have charge over the city okay so we'll say that they're in charge where are they so we've got they're in charge how do you eat when it says draw near so where they're coming up to the city so what does that mean that when I say down so they're outside of the city so we'll see I think it's inverse to first we told you they are there's six of them so there's these six people who are going to draw near to the city you're okay with that yeah a rough approximation of what that versus a and these six people what role did they have it says that they're in charge over the city in charge of the city and they've got destroying weapons and this is before the destruction of Jerusalem okay so this Jerusalem is destruction you've got six men who are in charge and they're going to draw near to Jerusalem so Norris according to the verse we can put a complete having more coming from the north if you like I have it I just have it like that for the moment so the question is who are these six people with the destroying weapons it says six men with destroying weapons sister Michelle who would you stay there before you answer that question give you another question what's their job function well to charge over the city I would to do be to protect the city so they're in charge works is a job function just read verse five and six to destroy so their job function is to destroy he says in verse one what they got in their hands last part of the verse so they just need to destroy sister Rachel I wanna ask you a question you've got some people who are in charge of Jerusalem before it's destroyed and their job function is to destroy Jerusalem who are these six men you don't know keep your hand in here go to Habakkuk by the gram what chapter what verse back at to 2 verse sports is to Lissa what chapter what verse this is the test for the Philip okay so I'll give you the chapter day chapter 1 sister Brittany watt verse verse 6 so if you read verse 6 sister Rachel I read out aloud you read it along with me for long I raise up the Chaldeans that bitter and hasty nation which are march through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling places that are not days so we'll come back to Ezekiel chapter 9 through those six men that have charged over the city and they're going to destroy it so and then if we're okay with that that these six men in this story are a symbol of Babylon as they come to destroy the city they're already in charge of the city we know that just historically we know they've been in charge of city for a long time they're going to destroy it and the only reason I put it like this is because they're going to besiege the city to pin them down so the only son mentioned that is because when you go to the third message closed in early writings 279 paragraph 2 she's going to take that story and she's going to make an application of it here in the end of the world where she talks about the sixth man that one man with the ink horn who's going to be marking God's people so I just want us to see how she can take Bible stories and make applications in the way that would she would find acceptable and we would - I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that but I want to say that the original application these d6 men are a symbol of Babylon and this angel here is certainly not a symbol of Babylon this is one of God's messengers here in this chapter so that wasn't anything to do with what we're studying I'm just saying that we could see rights in corn this is Ezekiel 9 you can see how she uses applications here he returned and he said to Jesus my work is done and the Saints were numbered and sealed to 79 paragraph 2 early writings next paragraph 280 point 1 every case had been decided for life or death while Jesus had been ministering in the sanctuary the judgment had been going on for the righteous bed and then for the righteous living Christ had received his kingdom having made the atonement for his people and brought heed out their sins the subject of the kingdom were made up which is exactly what was mentioned before the marriage of the land was consummated and the kingdom and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven was given to Jesus next paragraph as Jesus moved out of the most holy place so that's what I want you to take from this chapter the arrival of the third or the beginning marks the transition from holy to most holy the end marks most holy - leaving that's how she's going to explain the work of the third angel and what we're left to do you'll notice here that she said he'd been in the sanctuary first for the righteous dead and then for the righteous living so what what we've been tasked to do is to work out how the judgment of the Dead and how the judgment of the living works Ellen White says no man no human being can ever know that they won't know and what's our argument for that that no man will never know for those of you who have been in class maybe but we won't know when the judgment of the Living begins she says well quite unequivocally so how do we know what what what arguments that we have that we'll know I don't think that she says we no man will ever know okay so which so we want to play with the grammar I'm okay with that is that oh I don't want to go go when when death will happen like we know don't know when the Sunday law will come but after it happens you can see okay so what he's already happened then we'll know yeah that's your argument well the times ready till he opens up sister tastes okay so we read that quite clearly in class but you have to be Hallie she since talked about it what word did she use best operative ground ground you have to be walking along the ground while the special prophecies are being fulfilled then you receive this special light about what the fulfillment of the prophecy means you have to be in that history so that's the first thing and if you're not in the history you'll never know so we we three at we understood that what else any other any other arguments one more argument that we had I'm gonna just put walk walk over the ground what's the other argument yeah you'll recover the scattering in the gathering we'd be but that is that was this would be a gathering time period that would be the ground if we can do scattering gathering when you're in the gathering then you know so you have to be in that history so we spend a lot of time doing this what we've been studying the last I don't know week what is the problem what is a profit so let me read some it to you it's not in their document what is a profit but it should be I because I added to it so we got to the last one we read were signs of times February the 3rd 1890 we read that one so there's another one and most of us are familiar with it because I've spoken about not this trimester but in other places and people have heard that this is gospel workers page 13 gospel workers page 13 and it's really interesting statement I like I like this one in every period of this Earth's history God has had his men of opportunity to whom he has said you are my witnesses in every age they have been devout men who gathered up the rays of light as they flashed upon their pathway and who spoke to the people the words of God Enoch Noah Moses Daniel and the long role of patriarchs and prophets so she lists four and then she says it's not just for its everybody these were ministers of righteousness they were not infallible it's a double negative if I said you're not infallible what does that mean you're fallible so I'm going to change that they were fallible they were weak and they were earring but the Lord wrought through them as they gave themselves to be serviced so she mentions four people Enoch Noah Moses and Daniel will just take two of them Moses and Daniel so how many of us would get into an argument with an atheist or a Muslim and their arguments is going to be you know there's lots of mistakes here however they were caused and we're saying no Moses and Daniel they didn't make any mistakes I mean we're gonna we're gonna stake our lives on that I presume we're gonna go to Deuteronomy 18 18 and we're going to have that as a anchor for us and say 91-92 we know there was an increase knowledge in our movement which has created all of this facility all of us being here so we've placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that these men don't air they don't make mistakes agree with that yet this is the inspired Word of God but she's telling you that Moses and Daniel were fallible they were weak and they were earing so when she says no man can know when those things are gonna happen the first thing is you have to be in the history before you can know so we'll put where you have to be in the gathering and the other point I wanted to see is of prophets or we could use the word servants which is what we got from great controversy chapter 19 here she uses the word ambassadors we've used that word as well these messengers from God these messengers these ambassadors these servants they know as they walk through this across this ground they given the revelation as the special prophecies are being fulfilled Mike's given to them and they know normal people will never know when that is going to happen so no truth is more clearly taught their God through the Holy Spirit sends servants here on earth to instruct his people I need help remembering the quote when I vaguely remember we run it in the last week or so but she says something like its inferred that the work that God's servants do or they're not located on her but they're in heaven something to that effect I'm hoping you can remember the one I'm thinking of her the idea but basically it was that when they were doing when they're not located on there like these humans are in are there in heaven based upon their the job function that they're doing I don't remember exactly the quote but I think I remember that paraphrase he said to me I want you Jonah okay so pulling out of that if we go back to early writings I just wanted us to see how you know we can develop a logic to know how to create a way to play Sunday law that's oh sorry this is the judgment of the living and and my argument is that the Sunday law is the judgment of the living this is what marks the transition point from the judgment of the dead to the judgment of the living and then white doesn't say explicitly but when you type all the pieces all the threads over argument you find that's what it is where we market 911 we have we're going back to the level of a fractal to BC when that process actually begins because Ezra had three messages for three those three great degrees speak louder sorry because Ezra had three degrees in his hand is that right I don't know let's go through let's go through this chapter otherwise like it's sidetracked so back in the loud cry chapter this is 2 7 7 paragraph 1 before we read I think Sabbath is about coming yeah if we could just pause for pray let me let me just briefly address your question I'm not gonna answer it directly sister Karen if we draw the line for the final generation I can express it that way you can get that concept from Matthew 24 this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled and we were to begin this at 1989 and close it at the second Advent there are a number of key way marks that we can pick up we've got a couple of them here these ones here this would be Daniel 12:1 by the way I didn't put that up here I should have put that that would be Daniel 12:1 we can get that straight from early writings and then white clear in the great controversy chapter that it's she actually quotes Daniel 12:1 which actually quotes that there so you've got the second Advent then you've got the close of probation jacob's time of trouble you've got here the Sunday law and we've got one more major way mark what what would what would that be sister Carrie told me 9/11 I don't know how many of us look for studies that do with an agricultural cycle but if we were to overlay an agricultural cycle here you'd go to Hosea chapter 10 Jeremiah chapter 4 Matthew 13 today Sabbath school mark chapter 4 so therefore chapters Hosea 10 Jeremiah 4 Matthew 13 and mark for Hosea 10 Jeremiah for mark for and Matthew 13 they're not they're not the exclusive chapters but those four chapters would help you to develop a line which would be an agricultural cycle and if we were to do that what we'd see is that from 1989 to 9/11 it would be a plowing 9/11 to the Sunday law would be the former rain 9/11 would be the sowing of the seed and Sunday law to the close of probation would be the latter rain and then close the probation to the second Advent would be the harvest so don't if you're familiar with with with that modeling I think most of us are now I know it's been around for quite a while once you can develop that line what it shows clearly is the relationship between 911 and the Sunday law if we could see that if we were to expand this line out to this kind of scale as Ellen White would do Miller right history the arrival of the third goes all the way through to the third message closing so this would be the line of the time of the end finishing of everything in the scale of the Gospels to the end of the world this would be if I just put the history of the cross like that just in a generic sense and this would be our history and I just pour stas she would call this the history of the former rain and this would be the latter rain or this would be the sowing and this would be the harvest time she can do it at this huge scale which is 2,000 years you can do it at a smaller scale you can do it even smaller scale so we've got former rain Latta rain now what she does interestingly is she says this was the form of rain and the don't if anybody is familiar with Acts of the Apostles it's around page 55 and onward when she marks this he says this was the former rain Pentecost this is Pentecost what did she say about the Holy Spirit's work after Pentecost it's right after Pentecost so she says when he came here at Pentecost even though you had this sort of bright flash of light she says he didn't go away the Holy Spirit remained all the way through history it's never left us inferring that even though this is the former rain the former rain didn't stop here and you've got 2,000 years of blank space the former rain is all of this history leading you to the latter rain so even though she's going to punctuate it here saying it's Pentecost he says it never left us she's quite explicit mouth and it runs all the way through so if this was Pentecost then I'm going to take this out and make this the history of the cross and I would do this and make this a preparation and I'll do this really simply the three and a half years of training of the disciples what was that it was preparation or training so you've got a preparation then you've got Pentecost and and your former reigning it never ends so I'm not being accurate about the way marks themselves I just want us to get an idea that this agricultural cycle fits here when she talked about the latter rain what he ends up doing is she sort of just interchanges latter rain and harvest at the end of the world just makes it one thing light rain and harvest just like that it just makes it one thing so latter rain and harvest is that good to do that latter rain and harvest or is it confusing because we do the same thing all the time what day number is this if it's the Sunday law if we're in the day of the Lord's preparation today what day number is this this is the day number seven and what day number would this be so I'm saying it's day number seven there is no day number eight you already go to seven and then the cycle stops and we could show that because when he puts his hand on the scapegoat you still there on that same day they hasn't changed and that happens here in this history he puts his hand on the scapegoat when he comes out the sanctuary it's still that day of atonement same day so I'm showing you here is that the day of atonement has got two parts to it if we want to express it that way it's got an investigative part and it's got an executive part it's got two parts and you can see it's latter rain and harvest so when she sort of just melds them into one it's really one day now when we talk about the day of the Lord will you go to Isaiah or Zephaniah we often mark that it's the Sunday law don't wait we ever say that's the day of the Lord there's the Lord's vengeance but the day of the Lord is in two parts there's vengeance from close of probation the seven plagues but the day of the Lord began before that and so and we often don't we just sort of meld them into one just like Ellen White would do here she just says at the end it's kind of Lateran in Harvey's we just stick them together and just make them a singular thing we do the same thing that's what I wanted us to see so it's not any different so if we wanted to go from this history here we've got the millerite history 1798 to 1844 and then we've got this that we've got here which is the loud cry and then jacobs time of trouble the second Advent the close of probation and I'll put Sunday Lord she doesn't tell you it's the Sunday look he doesn't give you that information in early writings so I'm saying this line here would be the same as this line here so I would argue that this would be the former rain latter rain harvest and this would be the preparation and when the Millerites came in 1798 what was their message right preparation but what was their message angel's message and what's the purpose on the first angels message it's to prepare for the judgment we agree with that so you've got 46 years to get ready so the judgment that you need to prepare for says the hour of his judgment is come it's talking about this one here what judgment are they supposed to be preparing for for the investigative judgment so I put Jay eye in judgment investigation the investigative judgment so that's what they were preparing for in that history so if we take this scale and bring it into our own history you can see that this back in is the same in fact the other one gives us all of this information and she says from 1844 all the way to the Sunday law we need to be getting ready and preparing for this event and she'll tell you in many different ways that this history here is character development or getting your life straightened with God and what happens here in the latter rain see III don't yes but okay in the context of what I just said this is the time where you need to get your characters straightened out and developed she says in the hist in the time period of the latter rain it's too late to do that you don't have an opportunity she says many people are waiting for the refreshing to get their lives in order and that should all have been done in the form of rain so I'll give an example of that of how that would work so one that we're all familiar with remember I drew this big line 2,000 years line remember we did that so this was the former rain here and this was the latter rain and this was the disciples and this is us in this history here on Resurrection Day what happens on that Sunday when Jesus meets his disciples what does he do he breathed upon them so I'm gonna put that's the former rain the breathing and what's the purpose of that breathing just nothing you'll be teaching us all the time what's the purpose of that breathing what they able to do after that great if no it doesn't help me to preach its prepared to understand what I can't hear you cuz imma say something I heard voices but they're not loud enough for me to pick up Rivera zone for panic cause yeah but what is the preparation so prepared that for Pentecost what thou do they understand the understand the scriptures the prophecies so Jesus for forty days that had trained them in a way that they haven't been able to comprehend before because they were miss trained yeah but had a wrong training and now he's going to now they're ready to listen to him so this form of rain this breathing is to teach them prophesy or we might call the methodology they're going to learn the ABCs of how to read the Bible and then when you've got Pentecost Pentecost is the latter rain and what's the purpose of Pentecost witnessing or what we would call evangelistic is evangelism so if you just take that model and bring it to the end of the world here at the end of the world the latter rain the outpouring here what's its purpose evangelism this is evangelism and this one it's prophecy to prepare you for this event so you know how to preach properly how to teach properly so this is preparation or what we would call prophecy so now we might ask how come these two preparations but they were with the disciples those is three and a half years of preparation then they had 40 days so that the preparation in this history if I divide that into two like this this is the three and a half years and this is the forty days that preparation is different to this this one you know they're going through things but they're pretty clueless they're broken up the cross once they're broken up the cross now they understand prophecy well and you could take that same dynamic here yeah we've broken here in our history at this at this level we're broken here so then we understand prophecy and then we get the latter rain so I take this one and bring it here and all we've done is we've just taken these weigh marks and condensed them into a history that's talking about the final generation and they become 1989 and 9/11 you have you had six years and Jesus compared how you build the temple for six years to training and there you have three and a half years of the disciples and the 46 years of 1788 to 1844 just great so this is how we've made our line and you can run an agricultural model over it so because the Karen was asking what about 911 so 911 is a interesting remark because if you go to chapter 8 growing up into Christ that steps to Christ that's a Christ chapter 8 growing up into Christ she explains that the when the seed is sown and it germinates it's the same thing as what it's the same thing as the new birth so this is where you're born again when you birth and you can start bringing many Bible passages into this this is why we might baptism here this we normally do it another you know using another methodology because we're going to put the arrival of the second angel here we're going to put the baptism 8027 because Jesus is the second angel and he arrives on the scene right there at the cross sorry at the baptism so this is marking when God's people come alive you go to Ezekiel 37 to show that so it's this fact that we're a life here that we're marking as the beginning of the judgment of the living for I can explain it that way that's why I would explain what 9/11 is in reference to the judgment of the living did that it doesn't fully answer your question because there are things maybe the things I haven't explained in that but I just wanted to show how we have 911 on this line why we'd mark something about living people here and if that were true and I was going to put Ezekiel 37 is everybody okay what why I put is equal to 37 there some of the reasons for that it's the four winds that are prophesy to and we mark the four winds here at nine eleven if you are okay with that then I would ask you a question sister Karen when it says a life it's a multiple choice is it literal or symbolic when we talk about the judgment of the living this living whose life and they Nick told or symbolic both both and we're okay with that can't just be literal because this person in 1999 were their life literally they were literally alive there but this model says that they're dead so when we talk about the judgment of the living we can't just think in the context of people who are literally alive at the end of the world and even though we may not fully understand the implications of that it has it has it does have a huge implications of what we're actually teaching I think sometimes you don't realize that because we just say if you're alive in this history everything's okay you know because you're you're part of this group but we're not really teaching that we're teaching something about this generation this period of history of Earth's history but we're talking about alive really about a symbolic level not at a literal level as I say that has implications of what we're doing that's why we're picking up 9/11 it's when we marked is being symbolically alive if I can express it that way but it doesn't undo the concept of the Sunday law here because that's what Ellen White's going to give us she's going to mark this way mark is anybody have any questions on that that's right disciples before the cross sister plowing yes that's what I was indicating yeah cuz if this is the former a in latter rain it would be that PA is this time period of preparation because it begins at the time we end with plowing begins so if we come back to 277 paragraph one I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven descending to the earth and again ascending to heaven what does that sound like when you've got angels ascending and descending so that sounds like Bethel Jacob's Ladder so I'll take this out we'll put a line and it says angels going up and going down so they tell you what these angels are doing is they're going up and down so ranges hurrying to and fro from heaven descending to the earth and again ascending to heaven preparing for the fulfillment of some important event so what's the purpose of these angels coming up and down from heaven preparation so these angels are to prepare you for what so I'm going to put the event here to agree with that the angels are coming before the event she hasn't told us what the event is then I saw another mighty angel commissioned to descend to the earth we've discussed this in class this word then it can be used in different ways it can be used sequentially first I saw this secondly I saw that or it can be two things that are happening at the same time I saw this and then at the same time this was happening it can be used both ways so we have to determine how she's using it in this context if you're using it at the same time or sequentially so because we've run out of time I'm going tell you what I think that this is sequential it's first the angels are preparing and then he then it then it says then I saw another mighty angel commissioned to descend to the earth to unite his voice with the third angel and give power and force to his message great power and glory were imparted to this eighth to the angel and as he descended the earth was lightened with his glory so when it says the earth is lighting with his glory that's a Bible verse if if you don't know it is about what Bible verses that the earth is lighting with his glory revelation 18 1 so this angel this mighty angel is the angel of Revelation 18 1 so I'm going to I'm going to suggest that the important event that these angels are preparing for is at the same moment when these angels going to come down so I'm gonna put this angel coming down here and I'm saying this is 18 1 and angel of the angular revelation 18 1 what angel is that so this is the second angel and when he comes down what's he going to do he said she says to unite his voice with the third angel and give power and force to his message so the third angel has been running through history we're already in the history of the third angel she's shown us that contextually because the third angel came about five chapters before here so the third angel has been running through history and at this moment this angel here is going to unite with this angel here so you're going to get the second angels message uniting with the third angels message for okay with that and when he does this he says unite his voice with the third angels message and give power and force to his message so what's happening to the third angel here it's getting empowered so there's some kind of power or empowerment of the third angel that's being marked here I just want to make a point if this was the arrival of the third angel back here and we already know that the third angels message ends here what would we call this even here when it's ending he says as the third angel disclosure Lord the chapter says the close of the third angel so it's a close of probation with respect to the Angels would this be 3e what would what would he mark that as just want us to think about that it would mark this if this was 3a what this would be next sentence great power and glory were imparted to the angel and as he descended the earth was lightened with his glory we read that sorry the light which attended this angel penetrated everywhere as you cried mightily with a strong voice Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen has become the habitation of devils and hold of every foul spirit in the cage of every unclean and hateful bird so you you know this is revelation 18 because she's quoting revelation 18 there it's not revelation 14 it's a relation 18 version of the second angel and his voice he's getting Penna it says he's he's the light which attended his angel penetrated everywhere so there's this light here that I've got and it goes everywhere so I'm saying it's worldwide the message of the Fallen of Babylon as given by the second angel is repeated with the additional mention of the corruptions which have been entering the churches since 1844 so what's she doing there we're back on this scale now I'll get that one I'll redraw it here we've got the Miller right history and we've got this history this is the event and this is 18 one I put one two three and this is Miller right history and what's she marking she said the second angel Athena if you if you read it she says the second angel in 1844 so this is 1844 and we've got the second angel and this is Revelation 14 so what she's doing is she's saying the angel of Revelation 14 Babylon is fallen is now going to be repeated here so that's how that's like the reference point it first came to earth here and now it's coming here when it came in 14 it was circling the earth when it comes in 18 its landing on the earth he's touching the earth the work of this angel comes in at the right time to join in the last great work of the third angel third angels message as it swells to a loud cry so this event when it comes down she says this is the right time and what makes it the right time what's about to happen this is the third angel to join the last great work of the third angels message as it swells to allow cry so it comes just when the third angels message begins to swell to allow cry so I've marked this in two ways I've marked this escalation or this swelling and I've put the loud cry and it says the loud cry of the third angel what is the toad angels message essentially judgment Sunday law hold the bridegroom cometh third angel okay so it says don't receive the mark of the beast or you will die judgments going to happen you will that's what that judgment is you're going to die if you receive the mark of the beast and when's that message going to be given here at this loud Christ aloud cried the third angel it's been given all along its history but now it's going to give this same message with a cry and the people of God are thus prepared to stand in the hour of temptation which they are soon to meet I saw a great light resting upon them and they united to feel asleep reclaim the third angels message now this hour of temptation is set I'll read that again the work of this angel comes in at the right time to join in the last great work of the third angels messages it swells to allow cry so this is the last work I put last work with the third angel because when you get to here we read that the third angel is closing up its work so this is the last great work on third angel and the people of God are thus prepared to stand in the hour of temptation which they're soon to me what is the hour of temptation that she's referring to Sunday law close of probation persecution time of trouble so we've got different answers about what this hour of temptation is when it says brother Daniel when you when it says thus and the people of God are thus prepared to stand what does it mean what is the dose that helps them to be prepared to stand what is the dust dust in this way or in that way okay in what way are they prepared to stand what is the dish that's going to make them stand on that previous sentence there okay so the last great work of the third angel so the last great work of the third angel is going to help them to be able to stand in the hour of temptation which is still future to them so I think what tell me if I understood what you said that I'm going to take the loud cry out of the way mark and I'm going to put this swelling like this maybe I'll put it like this in this history here which is the last work of the third angel this history here thus in this history of this swelling it will help it will help prepare them to stand for the hour of temptation which they still have to meet because if this was the hour of temptation then the Dass would have been back here but I think you said that the dusties in this history thus in the sentence before when this angel comes down with the swelling of the third angel it's all of the s-- that they're able to stand in the hour of temptation which would mean that the hour of temptation would be here if this was close of probation but then if you see that so the last work we agreed contextually it's this history again it's just she just calls it the event because she doesn't she doesn't talk about the Sunday law in this book so if this event is the sudden and I'm saying that it is then the last great work is the closing work of the third angel which back here I was arguing is the judgment of the living or the investigative judgment if we would if we could use that term sister Alyssa when we say that the last great work of the third angel is actually giving the message and helping the helping others prepare as we are preparing others we are in turn preparing ourselves and doing this great work I'm gonna say no and the reason let's say no it sounds intuitive that it would be that but I like the counterintuitive sometimes we think all our life look identical and they're not the line of the Levites and the Netherlands are not the same lines as we have their subtle differences and those subtle differences would make me answer to your question that it would be no let me just sit seaters and he also want to pick up from this before I move on I want to read from early writings now this is lastly events 1:8 6.5 l de and l de one eight one eight one eight six point five sorry four and five is two early writings passages it's a page 86 and to 71 early writings so the first one at that time the latter rain or refreshing from the presence of the Lord will come to give power to the to give power to the loud voice of the third angel so is that what we just read here did we agree that that's what we just read I read it again at that time the latter rain or refreshing from the presence of the Lord will come to give power to the loud voice of the third angel and prepared the Saints to stand in the period when the seven last plagues shall be poured out so this history here is to prepare you for the plagues in 18 page 86 she says it's the plagues but in the passage that we read from 277 paragraph wound the loud cry chapter she calls it the hour of temptation so the hour of temptation is the plagues jakers time was troubled or seven plagues so I want to ask one question if we are happy with that light that model this is the latter rain okay with that what's the purpose of the latter rain sister Brahman the what we've just read what's the purpose so I'm going to say latter rain equals ripen another word one that she used prepared so it's to ripen or prepare and so my second question is who brother Daniel who's getting ripened who's getting prepared in this history for this history I was talking about the other day sorry my fault the 144,000 and if we if we can see that the purpose of the latter rain is not for the world in this context here is she's giving it this not for the world not for the Netherlands the latter rain is for the hundred forty-four thousand to prepare them to stand for the hour of temptation yes there's another group that are also being prepared who else is being prepared the taejun who had the tears I can't go is false teachers who is the taste because you could when I said who'd be prepared you didn't say true teachers you said hundred forty-four thousand will you at least a saintly time to point four thousand six 144,000 I'm going to change hundred forty four thousand to s das 144,000 is a symbol in a particular context but there are some day adventists so who had the tares who the people who have been ripened and for this period as well who the other people none s the ace nominal Adventists will go with the world if you're ok with that we could say the wicked but if we said the wicked I want to know where who are the wicked so I think we can conceptualize the world if we go with the world and SDA or the church the church in the world so once we start thinking about it at this scale we can then go back into our history right now and we can figure out what can we figure out who are the we and who are the t's if you go back to the large scale it defines who our target people are in our history so we could think about that and the work of this Ranger comes in at the right time to join the last great work of the third angel as it swells to a loud cry and the people of God are thus by this angel coming down the third angels message escalating they're now able or prepared to stand in the hour of temptation Jacob's time of trouble which they're soon to meet they haven't met yet I saw a great light resting upon them and they United to feel asleep proclaim to throw dangers message so I've taken out the loud cry for a purpose because I want to show us one more thing angels were sent to aid the mighty angel from heaven who's the mighty angel from heaven that's revelation 18 so that's this one I've got one because that's what the angel is but I'll put two three here because that he tells you what he says now he says angels are sent to help him so I'm going to take this out and so it says angels in the plural multiple angels are going to come down afterwards and I heard voices which seem to sound everywhere come out of her my people so ways that what verse is that this is 18 verse 4 so 18 verse 4 is not 18 verses 1 to 3 these angels are not this angel if we said these angels are just a cluster just as a singular entity how many angels have we now got in this history 3 we've got the third angel the second angel and these other angels so I just want us to see that this message seemed to be in addition to the third message joining it as the midnight cry joined the second angels message in 1844 so she's now comparing this history here this is one of our primary texts that we use this is this loud cry and she's going to compare this to the midnight cry and the midnight cry what did it do it joined what he joined the second angel I want us to see and we saw this in the prayer meeting study that we're doing that these angels these messages or the message they're given is separate and distinct from this angel it's two separate messages whereas when you go to the first angels message the dynamic is different then if we remember seeing that in our in prayer meeting you've got when we mark this really clearly you had the first angel the first angel and here you've got the first angel Plus whom it wasn't focus you weren't and are you in here who is it the people remember that here's just the first angel first angel comes and then the first angel plus the people this is 1798 this is 1840 then we read what we read the second angel then we read what then we said other angels come plus the second angel plus the people you'll see this she's consistent in this with this the great controversy early writings that there's a difference between the first angel in the second this is the second angels message and this is other angels or another message it's not the same message there's that there's a difference when you deal with the first and second angels the glory of God rested upon the patient waiting Saints and they fearlessly gave the last solemn warning proclaiming the fall of Babylon and calling God's people to come out of her that they may escape here a fearful doom what what messages is that it says the glory of God rested upon the patient waiting Saints they fearless League age the last solemn warning proclaiming the fall of Babylon what ones that one that's that one calling God's people to come out from her that's that one and that they might escape her fearful doom so we okay that's 18 for so we've got it's these two messages as a message that we're going to give which come in addition to the third angels message so we'll run out of time but I really want to encourage you to if you read to the end of the chapter you'll see many more little nice gems that you you may not have noticed before as you try to understand what the history of the loud cry is and the reason for looking at this is because often we talk about our own history is through the priest and we haven't really looked closely at the history of God's people here at the end of the world in this history here and little things like the judgement of the living being marked here have obviously implications into our history especially when you have to start factoring in 9/11 and how that operates and how the Angels begin to interact with one another so I'm hoping that's relatively straightforward this is a basic reading of how Ellen White structures prophetic history how we structure prophetic history when we go back from 1798 to 1844 we bring it into our own history 1989 9/11 how ring in the agricultural cycle what these angels are doing in aid or to help the third angel how all of this work is to prepare us for Jacob's time of trouble so the experience that we're now going through is a period of preparation to help us to get ready for the time period of rafia because on this story here if this is the second Advan this would be raffia and this would be the second Advent this would be Pan Am and this would be raffia if I could just bring one more thought before we close why do we call pani in the second Advent what happens at the second Advent what's going on Jesus comes back so all the world is looking up and they can see Jesus coming so what's that got to do with pan iam sorry counterfeit it's the counterfeit someone sets on me king of the north I want to suggest that the second Advent here at Pan Am is the priests that where we perfectly reflect Christ and all the world sees us and all these work that's happening in between there this is Jacob's time of trouble the seven plagues however they're going to be borne out in this history all of this leads to a place where everyone is going to be seeing the priests and the work that they do for Humanity and then you can take this history bring it into the history of the Levites and you'll see that the role they play again when they're lifted up before the world so I want to suggest that the second Advent here is the priests and just one more point that when we spoke this morning about the special resurrection who's going to be resurrected here okay who gets killed here if you bought if you bought this as the binding Goff and you were just going to do Daniel 10 who dies in Daniel 10 Daniel dies in Daniel 10 he's good and what does he do when he dies what does Gabriel do to him yeah Daniel said stand on your feet so he gets resurrected so I'm saying the special resurrection here is again another and a symbol at the priesthood in closing who did you when this week to the study say anything today we thought you have to think something else like you mentioned the insane publius even lifted up women shortly before the close of eviction let me say one thing to that if you're willing to see this the first angels message is fear God give glory because the hour of his judgment has come if you take the sanctuary model it says what justification sanctification glorification there's glory in two places that are out of sync with one another and if you remember the studies that we did last fall we address this very subject of why you have glorification in two steps there marking two different experiences so that would be my answer to you why you will see glory before and after the close of probation this comes up twice let's pray Heavenly Father we want to thank you for your goodness and mercy if your watch here over your people and the protection that you afford us as we enter into this new week we want to ask for a special blessing upon us as we continue to open a study of your word we want to ask for a protection for this week we don't know the the dangers that are lurking ahead of us that we're not aware of we asked a special care and protection we know that there are brethren amongst us who are not well we ask Lord that you would be with them and helping healing to them we know that brethren are leaving this evening when we'd ask for special traveling mercies for them for the rest of us that remain here we ask for continued grace and strength give us rest this evening so that we might be prepared to work for you tomorrow all these things we ask and pray for in Jesus's name Amen