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you I mean this when I read from our notes page eight signs of the times February 3rd 1890 yeah what is a profit sighs the time February 3rd 1890 God's object in blessing his people paragraphs 1 & 2 so before we read just want to summarize the purpose of looking at these quotes that we had those the notes that I've given you is because of the reading that we had from the great controversy chapter 19 this is from pages three four three paragraph one for the next three or four paragraphs we read about these servants that have been called by God and she speaks about not only the servants but those prophets who had special illumination and we've been looking at the two types of prophets that the Scriptures bring to view we're going to just read some we've read quite a few paragraphs but we've had some lengthy discussions on what it means to be a prophet so he's gonna tidy that the readings that we've been doing paragraph 1 Christ Church used to be a blessing and its members are to be blessed as they bless others the object of God in choosing the people before all the world was not only that he might adopt them as his sons and daughters but that through them he might confer on the world the benefits of divine illumination when the law chose Abraham it was not simply to be the special friend of God but to be a medium of the precious and peculiar privileges the law desire to bestow upon the nation's he was to be a light amid the moral darkness of his surroundings whenever God's whenever God blesses his children with light and truth it is not only that they may have the gift of eternal life but that those around them may also be spiritually enlightened Jesus has said of his followers you are the light of the world I said he had hid on a hill and we'll discussed this concept already in previous readings I'm gonna drop down to the next paragraph it is through the merits of Christ that all our spiritual and temporal blessings are given us to enjoy the salvation of Christ was placed within our reach that we might lay hold upon it by faith that we might weave the love of Christ into our characters and practice it in our lives that we might be a blessing to all our race but no one of us can shed light upon others unless we ourselves have gathered rays of divine illumination from the Word of God we must have the christ-like mold of character or we cannot be true representatives of our Lord we can do nothing without the help of God the spirit of God must work with our efforts and if God's blessing attends us we shall be channels of light so that's all I wanted to read from these two paragraphs and what can we pick up from what we've just read from this passage the highlighting doesn't work very well in the notes I appreciate that brother Philip - 20s the first paragraph basically because understood says that God does not impart light was for is not does not befriend us just for the sake of you know this relationship but also that we might proclaim these life others that may be channel subscribe and and that we might not hold this light ourselves and the second paragraph the main idea that I got is that in order to be able to share this life we must first habit ourselves understand without appropriate age fooling ourselves anyone else if you signs of the times February the 3rd 1890 sister Cathy the Lord blesses that so that they bless others and uses us as vessels to be a light in the darkness to draw others to when we talk about being vessels so that we can be light to others what imagery are we are you referring today well we're set on a table on the hill so a lamb I'm thinking about Bible story Bible chapter Bible verse you follow thank you five sitting on the Mount sorry and what what we do know what we're looking for there but we've read those verses already in this passage whether Richard try to think of it was it Daniel give us one leg give us five that's one that we've already got you light the world city set on the hill where's Larry I was gonna say in the in the paragraph where it says but to be the medium of the precious and peculiar privileges the Lord described to bestow upon the nation's so we become that channel by which he works to bestow light upon the nation's as well as I'm saved but in John John EQL Jesus is the light of the world and if we're the medium by which he works then we become that enzyme that shines in all the world as well anyone else Isaiah 62 or does that say I'm gonna make a wide shot to do which best the Zions sake I will not hold my peace and for Jui 62 year Jerusalem's sake I will not rest until the righteousness there off go forth as brightness and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burn it the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness and all kings by glory and thou shalt be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name Matthew 25 7 parable of the ten virgins they go forth with their lamps Isaiah 61 arise shine for the night has come and the glory of the Lord is real and adverse to entry as well yeah so 60 versus one two three the more we talk about this verse is if this passage it's reminding me that it's actually pointing us for to a cut doing tear right at a time to raise up a people to be able to you know that are chosen to give a special message to the world to give him the glory and for them to step out into truth and Micah verse I have his first Peter chapter 2 verse 9 you're a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people that you should so forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light so you maintain the messaging the special message hey other stories Zechariah chapter 4 that that's the one that came to my mind when brother Bob written about messages all the wildlife Zachariah 4 is because it shows you the sequence of how all of this work you receive this oil and then you have to bear light to those surrounding you and it has all the components of what's in this passage here and then otherwise comment tree on Zechariah 4 tells you what does it tell you might be there while talking about everybody familiar with Zechariah 4 just sort of a basic overview lamp stand the candlestick yeah the two witnesses the two olive trees two pipes seven lamps familiar with that yeah we must have already who's who's read that chapter in it and has some cursory understanding about that brother Richard we turned up good so otherwise comment you on that she talked about messages with you with that yeah in her commentary on it in all in all that story rights all the symbols what we have in that story right now okay I'm not happy with anyone who put their hands up okay okay I shouldn't have all he started notice that I've got two trees two pipes while go I'll help you a bit these two branches first then these two pipes then you said a bowl seven lamps so I've got on the candlestick and the stake so bubble rich in all about looking about message and the white matches messages what one is that what one is the messages what symbol is the messages I want to watch what is a little infamous with the oil gets much I yeah so there's a spoil their cabins and this guy would think it probably our messages is understanding the message or we're giving it up yeah sure found a Paddington I didn't get what you say in trying to pick which one the message would be yeah just tell me which one it would be Michelle father come say something oh she said the oil is the problem the messages it doesn't say in the Bible verse yes there's a comic tree she says but I hope you not gonna read it only if you've already read it okay so what message these equals what because there's not scary in here the oil I got there's not a word here in this imagery res Bob where's Brad way could you ask the question fool again messy G's equal walk look choices lots of things figure ability it makes sense to say oil oil yeah the trees the Tracy Kathy it's the Rachel so a week are we coalescing the knits the oil anyone else but you only get not to it all if you ask me a question I never answer yeah but in the physical world just tell me the answer not any other explanation okay just gonna be what symbol is I would say it's the light that they're come from the water you earned okay so uh got read here so we'll be glad to let know you're saying the messages equals the lamps yeah the light the light from the labs okay so what is the Holy Spirit have a great day call me before I get to them okay you've caught me before I get to the river through aprox I'm not reading this very proper to get the answer sis the wrong way what's that your spirit and the message of the island as well the same thing for adjacent though the messages are just trees and Holy Spirit is the oil is the show the whole sphere is the oil for sure sure okay the message may not be no change to the light okay we're rich it thank you it might be the right the Holy Spirit is the light or the messages of the light okay we've got lots of answers so what are the true let me do this what are the now I'm going to work backwards well we'll hold on to that and we'll go through the answer well let me read the answer to you I think most of you may have found it by now Jeff Study Bible loss review and Herald February the 3rd 1903 RH February 3rd 1903 by the holy beings surrounding his throne the Lord keeps up a constant communication with inhabitants of the earth the golden oil represents the grace with which God keeps the lamps of believers supplied were it not that this holy oil is poured from heaven in the messages of God's Spirit and the messages of God's Spirit the agencies of evil would have entire control over men so you could read the rest of it did most of you read that passage to get your answers yeah so brother Philip but you've got the arts are there the messages are what the oil is the Holy Spirit okay so you got the branches sister bro me that's high all right have you read the third 1903 what yo that's her odds the odds is they're great I'll I didn't brother Philip said he brought me something he made it up dunno fourth grade oh yeah so you don't have your own sister she's tested or anything okay so I'll tell you I felt thought he was oh okay I think it's the pipes I think the pipes are in heaven reach down to earth and it's through the pipes that that's remained no he said fight through the passages that's okay the direction of the pipe that's where I understood that the branches all vibes okay let me let's read it there is a branches these prophecy genes so at this rate from Zechariah which for anybody found the verse 4 12 and they answer the game and said unto him what be these two olive branches which through the golden pipes enter the golden oil out of themselves you've got types of problems of Kings not familiar with that because in the Bible it seems to infer that they're different that you've got branches then you've got pipes the branches are to the KQ to the trees they produce the oil when the oil gets transferred from the trees into the bowl from heaven to earth way to say golden pipes golden pipes empty the golden oil so anyway I thought that was in Howard Butte energy so these you stole them pipes and it's through the pipes that you get there the oil which we're all going to God I think you're great that it's the Holy Spirit or grace or power however you want to conceptualize that so if we could agree with that what is that imagery saying mr. Bromwich and then you got question not answer mine what it says we just read is that that oil it comes from heaven so the oil it gives an inference the way that is so like coming from how do you see so let me read that again there by the holy beings surrounding his throne the Lord keeps up a constant communication within habits of the earth so what are the holy beings surrounding his throne I thought it was the trees in this story I thought the tracer in heaven it's right Fareed Zakaria I think what you said sorry said the holy beings would be the trees and Zechariah yes she's quite she's what whoever's produced his commentary is saying that this is a Cariah for I trust them that they've got the context correct not go back to the original source if assuming the context is correct it's rare very rare that they're not correct when they produce the scripture index so assuming it's correct that it's a reference to that let me see if he gives any more information in the passage okay verse 30 then said he these are the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth so talking about two anointed ones I think they're the two trees that are the anointed ones and then she says by the holy beings surrounding the throne the Lord keeps up a constant communication with the heavens of the earth then he says the golden oil represents the grace with which God keeps the lamps of believers supplied were it not that this holy oil is poured from heaven in the messages of God's Spirit but the agencies of evil would have entire control over men so the way I'd understand that understood that what there's these are the anointed ones in heaven and they've got branches and from those branches comes out oil golden oil olive oil olive trees and the way it gets from heaven down to earth these through these pipes these golden pipes and then the oil goes from the golden pipes into this bowl and then from the bowl with its seven lamps which is on a candlestick and then the seven lamps are lit and it's through these pipes that you actually get this grace or this oil it's right no I'm saying the pipes of the messages and the Holy Spirit is the is the oil so the only way you can get the Holy Spirit is through the messages is through messages that you receive the Holy Spirit which is essentially what we teach CTR 2 3 yeah the woman had come for water and she heard the water of and she heard of the water of life she had been convicted so convinced of sin and believed on Jesus Christ thus the holy oil is emptied by the holy messengers represented by the two olive trees into the golden tubes and from thence into the golden bowls the emptying process goes on from the receiving of the golden oil to the communicating of the same to others words are spoken the unconscious influences that surround the soul are felt although no words and design has pronounced that word I thought that any strains designed idli spoken the word may be often spoken that will be a seed sown so it says that the holy messengers are the two olive trees into the golden tubes and from thence into the golden bowls you mentioned bowls in plural but in this in the in Zacharias bold in the singular so and review and Herald she says that holy beings surround was meaning indicating to me but there's more than two others standing next to yes in real life there's more than two but the imagery in zachariahs days to the two and ninety ones and you can go from Zakaria to where where would you go from Zachariah revelation 11 revelation 11 is this very same imagery you're looking very system from it I'm saying it's through these messages that we receive the Holy Spirit yes what we told okay how will help you understood the messages are the oil on the latter ring I think that's that is how we've talked it in the past okay so III don't I I don't I think I don't I call it refinement I guess it's how I've understood it for a long while but these messages in and of themselves they just can't they're just a container for the Holy Spirit and as you eat these messages the capsules I don't know like an oil capsule you then invite the Holy Spirit when you when you eat the message you take your partake of the Holy Spirit of the oil it's sister to me it's like this vessel which contains the oil and the blood vessel you have the blood which is life inside the vessel so you have the Holy Spirit inside of the messages yes and a blood vessel is this designed to take back from one place to another but they don't Jesus says the words that I speak unto you they are spirit in their life so we the Bible was always taught the spirit of prophecy teaches that it's that the life of Christ comes through his word so his word is powerful it transforms us it it the Holy Spirit has to come through his word don't just come some other way it comes through us intellectually and you know in every part of our being it transforms us when we accept his word when we believe the truth so it has to come through the woods yeah since the text got here sorry okay so what goes wrong for most of the things are going wrong so there's the intimation that things are going wrong passage looks all good brother Philip sorry so people take on all these messages they're eating all these capsules to drink in the oil and then I would look ugly still or they leave so what's going wrong you don't have to answer that brother Philip you had your hand up yeah I was thinking about the parable of the ten virgins and Christ opposite object lessons everyone says as I remember I was looking at our find it says that the oil his Holy Spirit and it said that it's character and the Lambs are the Word of God so it's this combination the Word of God is holding is like a caption as we said the word so we thought this I always thought is that this there's this combination of them word which is carrying the Holy Spirit okay so we'll go back into Matthew 25 bigger moment and we'll just try and address the sister Texas question from the imagery of Zachariah but Larry if I understand Zechariah 4 correctly this is talking about the sanctuary and that candlestick would be the candlestick in the sanctuary yeah yeah and so so maybe our imagery is misleading us to some extent to understand what's being communicated okay so that girl has the same problem yes I'm happy I'm happy that you think the image that I've got there is kind of walking you tell me how you will draw the imagery from those words well without any preconceived or pre knowledge well I didn't have any knowledge I don't know I just drew that from what I read cuz I've read it before they maybe I've got a bit of an advantage say we could go through those verses and so you tell me how you would do that do you want I'll give you one example on Zechariah I'm sure you've read it yeah okay so if you go to verse 2 tell me how you would draw verse 2 starts with a candlestick so we start with the singular candlestick and it's all of gold with a bowl upon the top of it so we put a small bowl there without having a vulture and has seven lamps thereupon and say he's seven bucks who's seven months in Iran who's in haste the candlesticks or the lamp or the bowls which one well if you were to use grammar you would go back to the last thing spoken of but I've received it assign out the candlestick okay so you would have it seven coming off of the side so you want to do it this way that's all I would say pulls out from here and goes that way am i bringing any pre-knowledge or am I not bringing a neutrino wasteland I dunno you said the lamps it's got seven lamps they're coming out of the candlestick yes so the oil must go that way yes yes and then there would be six because you have the ones at the top okay so it's not far off thing you just want to put the lamps on the state if I can I bring pre-knowledge you because it's in the sanctuary probably the hell is this tells us this in the sanctuary yes so you already have two can you think you know what it looks like okay so then so then my understanding is is there's a bowl that catches it it enters into the middle of the lamp stand and it feels is that oil into all the lamps all the bowls at the top and that's how it's designed they say that's not correct what similar yeah it's close enough I would say thank you take one ball right one ball in seven candlesticks they say you so like put yeah yes and so they're always gonna pull through here and come out yeah that way okay best we can pray don't eat your pudding where it looks like sure okay so that's how it understand the candlestick being and then the bowls the bowl that catches the oils obviously has the pipes as well and it's all symbolic as far as what its meaning and so if we if we go to the next sentence I went to the other version the one you read review and Herald or libelous yeah let's sit the next sentence and the paragraph you read you read to the bottom of the paragraph then at the top of the next one it says I didn't read through I didn't read to the bottom of that paragraph the first one you read all have Reddy's reviewing Herald February 3 1903 it's all arranged that's the very first thing yeah so you read to the bottom of that paragraph their work says the world you can we wait to stop by the Holy being surrounding his throne the Lord keeps up a constant communication with the inhabitants of the earth the whole the golden Lord represents the grace with which God keeps the lamps of believers supplied were it not that he's holy all his port from heaven in the messages of God's Spirit the agencies of evil would have entire control over men God is dishonored when we do not receive the communications that he sends us does we refuse the golden oil which he would pour into our hearts to be communicated with those in darkness oh it since it's in signs of the times I'm sorry it you read to the in there it says evil would have entire control of our men and then you stop there but the next sentence says God is dishonored when we do not receive the communication that he is sending us thus we refused the golden foil which he would pour it into our souls so when that oil enters in somehow it's symbolizing me and entering into our souls and it seems like the foil is the message to me when I read that and what the pipes it's the mechanism by which the message is transferred which in front wall from the from the the Branton of the branches of the tree basically so what would that be thing what would what do the pipes yeah okay it's the mechanism by which the messages have a thing another Daniel say that this New Testament okay well what what question are you answering a skew something that it's not a true fashion just don't understand it's why we've gone from Zechariah 4 to revelation 11 yeah and you're gonna quote from which the revelation or that's right any one of those because they are when he says that way she quoting that from I think she's talking about revolution 11 okay you know that rifle yeah and but here is the corral 4:14 says then said here these are the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth so using the Old Testament you don't even have a new test me how how do you understand that Zechariah is just old testament so there is not the New Testament yeah I don't think if the Old and New Testaments different brother Larry you was gonna make a point or you're finished me yeah no I was just I'm still thinking about what the pipes must be then and it's it's okay there you go no in the Prophet law no prophets just okay yes it should say Wow what is what is the law this is Moses and the prophets will put Elijah but you'll put everyone else basically it's all the rest of the bits but mostly so if we've got Moses and Elijah are you happy with that - Old Testament once yeah okay those who stop the rain yeah yeah I know this one those who can make the place something like yes a few go to revelation 11 yeah it's in Moses and Elijah and Moses and Elijah works for the Old Testament and the old and the new because he lies is in the New Testament yeah I think someone said five will disappear prophecy okay so what's the bowl will read this one this is a manuscript 109 1897 manuscript 109 1897 so if you've got your device depend on which one you've got you won't find it because it's it's not it's not released yep it doesn't give a paragraph manuscripts don't normally give a paragraph someone can find that the release version of this one it's in the Study Bible yes yes I'm gonna someone will pick it up these empty themselves into the golden bowls which represent the hearts of the living messengers of God who bear the word of the Lord to the people in warnings and entreaties so what question are we addressing no that was my bit what was what question are we addressing right all you folks look so ugly now I wonder why you all look ugly and he'll would leave in like rats leaving a sinking ship is this a sinking ship I think I smashed all the beating breaks up at the very end yeah sixteen mr2 97.1 does everybody know when it says mr that's manuscript release and when it's MS is just the manuscript so I read ms 109 so I had MS 109 that just means manual numbered 109 and sometimes they release them and sometimes they don't when they release them they switch it and they call it mr manuscript police so most of her writings are all manuscript police that you're familiar with and a couple of years ago because of some underhanded techniques that's some people big they force the hand of the church to release all of the unpublished writings and if you do it if you if you check online I think on the new apps as well that with the one with the blue logo it's got all the unreleased documents in there if you've got an old if you're using the cd-rom version on your laptops you can get the free module just download it's a small relatively small file and you can search them that way if everybody's familiar with that if anybody doesn't know what I'm talking about but you has a if you don't know what I'm doing what I've just spent said ok so if you work on phones you don't need it because on the phone is you've got the latest app it has all of the writings of the pioneers Ellen White and unpublished materials all all contained in those data files if you use them they're like a Windows version which is the 2008 cd-rom version that's what most people called it that one only has the Pioneer writings and the publish material if you want to get the unpublished material you have to go into the ellen white website and download download the data file and then you have to search that one independently it doesn't it's not you won't integrate into the existing data files so that makes sense and i think it's the same if you've got a laptop mac version i think it's the same unless you get it i think you i'm not sure if you can get a mac version on Appstore you can't even get on the AppStore it may be different it may be yeah so that's fine okay so that's that so it's the hearts of believers and out of this heart which is which is kind of why I did it this way I know it's not technically correct you have these lamps coming out and these lamps are supposed to have a flame so the Holy Spirit is supposed to come into our hearts isn't it last a year ago we were doing classes about the nature of man and we discuss this about the difference between the mind and the heart suddenly you ever remember that or you're in those classes and if you think of a person who eats something when you eat food it goes into your stomach so we're all familiar with this and the Bible talks about that you will need to eat the little book and it goes into your bowels or your belly when you can either go to Ezekiel 2 and 3 your revelation 10 so you eat and it goes into your bowels into your stomach and if this is a picture of the brain I'm saying it goes from the brain to the heart and it gets into your brain through your eyes you can show that in parable teaching and I is the same as what the ear I in the ear of the same so you can certainly get this information this message into your eye into your ear and the truth can lodge itself into your brain or in your mouth and I would suggest that if it remains there in your brains in your mind you continue to look ugly if we're gonna choose to use that word and the reason why can't get into your heart is because there's a blockage here because your hearts are thick and we got that word from where system from sister testy studies she spoke about the people were thick around Jesus and the point that was trying to be made is that thickness is the a symbol in those stories about the condition of the hearts of the people they were sin sick their hearts were fat the Bible talks about them being fat or being gross Matthew 13 Isaiah 6 in anything they're not the only places it's in the number of different places that you see that the hearts are thick so just in this kind of schematic I'm saying the reason why the truth can't get into your heart because it's there's a blockage here and so what needs to happen is that you need to have that blockage cut away and we would call that we call that circumcision and if you're gonna call it circumcision where to which Bible verse would you go to for that so you go to the Book of Jeremiah someone else give me in a chapter chapter four so the easy way to remember it is Jeremiah 4 for just a straight doubling you need to go back to you really go back to vs. 1 Tory explains all the what everything you need to know bitch we just remembered for for Jeremiah 4 4 talks about the circumcision of the heart and the circumcision of the heart is the cut away this thickness this this fat that's there and fat is a symbol of symbol of sin and so once that is opened up the truth the oil the Holy Spirit can now penetrate into the heart and once it goes into the heart what happens we could say then o you become a really nice beautiful person or it looks clean and everything which is correct but in this imagery what happens when that all comes into the heart the heart is the bowl it goes where it goes through the lamps now it doesn't say in this passage but if you just take one of these are these traditional oil lamps how did they work there you have to use the wick so you see the wick in Matthew 25 where it talks about trimming the lamps so when it talks about trimming the lamps it it doesn't just mean restocking or refilling if you check I think Webster's it seems to infers it just means replenishing the replenishing the lamps but it means more than replenishing the lamps he actually means trimming the wick as well and how the wicks work what mechanism what what processes what what scientific process is that I think its capital reaction that's that yeah I think it's Kapono reaction so there's a wick in here and this is not technically correct because I don't think we even know how capillary action works really we sort of but I'm gonna say capillary is like a straw if you like and what you do is you suck it doesn't really work a pin reaction doesn't work by sucking it's not really that but I want to just simplify it that way and so there must be something that's sucking this oil up and what is sucking the oil up does it work this way in real life this is kind of like a kindergarten version of it it's a lamp so I got the lamp the flame that's what I meant to say so it's the flame it's the flame that sucks the oil through the wick it's completely action is not sucking and though people are going to say that I don't know my science yeah but I don't think they actually know how Sophie's tension even works it's it's just anyway it's uh just like we don't know anyway I don't go into it so it's it's a weak and I'm saying it sucks the oil up what happens if you're putting there if you take the fire off the sucking stops and if you kept on pouring the oil in what would happen it overflow so it'll get wasted basically so this idea of the truth coming into your heart and I've done it here this whole process works through one mechanism that you have to have these lamps here because the lamps suck the oil through the wick so that you can receive more so there's many Bible passages that talk about this it says give and it should be given what you're going to give you're gonna give this flame or give the oil so if you give now when you give the oil to someone what does it look like does look like oil it looks like a flame now because you're giving light to people but when you received it in this imagery you don't get any light from heaven you get oil from heaven so you receive the oil you give out light you become light bearers but what you're receiving from God I'm not saying we don't receive like we've ready enough passages that we do will reflect light but in this imagery we're not receiving light we're receiving oil receiving oil through these messages and then we bear light to people and the only way you're going to bear lie is if the oil comes into your heart but if it stays in your brain or in your mind or what we might call it intellectual assent to the truth then you can receive all this information and it doesn't really do anything just the text not saying that it first has to shine in your heart that's where the shining happens and then it's yes connecting the vessel reference 2nd Corinthians 4 see so in that passage it's it's not using this imagery hits but we receive light the light has to come into our hearts so that we become light bearers this is teaching the same idea but the imagery is different so I'm arguing the reason we look bad why people leave is because they've only attained to an intellectual assent to the truth we're literally in essentially unconverted but we can amass an enormous amount of information but we don't become light bearers when we do that this is the Bronwyn sister Tamina will somebody who's reflecting reflecting that though necessarily look good to somebody else the question you know is it's not a criteria that that person actor looks like I thought the Christian to doctor look or will they when they start cutting when they're circumcised in their heart will they be appealing to everybody and look like this wonderful good person do you understand my question I'm sorry yes I understand your question we know I think we or we we proclaim yes so I set my alarm and you didn't go could we just stop because the sappers come in sister Tamina revival and anyone brain the revival of the heart the Reformation the second lame-o Plato's you agree with what you say oh well I'm just thinking through thinking when what you're saying through it doesn't everyone have a whose leaves have a problem with the second way mark isn't like I said exactly the client hear what you say I was just thinking doesn't a lot of the people who leave have a problem with the second wave up like 9/11 or so that's where they're faltering here if that's the case so you you're the sainted that what you say I'm just thinking what she's saying through just to see if it matches and it's saying hey does for you so you're accenting what seems to it's consistent I think is Reformation first and then revived because Reformation she says that is the change of ideas and things in the mind and he said that there is something like the Reformation I don't know how Tracy but what are the truth is that Reformation without the revival is in vain so so it fits this picture like if you're just receiving in the brain and it doesn't go in the heart it's anything but I have to go back at the poll what I think Phillip was referring to his review and Herald February 25 19 or to know she says a revival is a renewal spiritual life and a Reformation is the change of ideas and theories you cannot change yourself unless you have the knowledge about it then you're in the wrong place it wouldn't be what is revival she says revival signifies a renewal spiritual life a quickening of the powers of mind and heart you have resurrection from spiritual depth so revival is what simply put I the way how I understood it was that revival is a understanding an intellectual understanding and insight that they renewal spiritual life so revival is life yeah resurrection spiritual death so revival his life yeah and then she mentioned mind and mind and heart so revival isn't mine yeah I'm saying that patty said it's not he says revival is in the heart of mind and heart yes oh sorry so you caught some revival has to be in the heart there's a man thinking so easy so reformation comes from the heart so you have to provide what in the mind and the heart and the Reformation sorry I'm confused now revival doesn't occur here if revival came here all the clever people in the world would be beautiful and we're the cleverest people in the world because we know the most in the world in this movement spiritual eking so we wouldn't be ugly the revival is new life you're going to do what you what what is life it to you the start you but will you walk in newness of life what does that mean what is the old life that you've let your a new life that you've come into a new creature you ever what's new what is this new creature doing or not doing which things are parson sin and in a way that is interactive out from you ugliness is seen so if you've got if your evite revival must come from the heart because that's the new life comes from that's where sin resides it's just not enough to be revived because if you don't know I'm not arguing that you said revival is here Reformation is here we're just in with the first part revival isn't in the mind it's in the heart and nothing can enter into the heart except through my argument nothing can hit that bowels that stomach unless he comes through the mouth the only way you're going to get anything into your heart is through an intellectual assent to the truth so it's omits the means or the vehicle but there's no revival up here but she says mine and how it's because it has to come via the mind into the heart I'm arguing that the revival comes at the heart level not at the mind level an intellectual assent to the truth never produces life then oh all of us have an intellectual assent to the truth we all know 1989 9/11 which is basically our message but that doesn't produce life the thing that controls your fingers is your heart once the heart is changed your whole nature changes so revival and Reformation whatever order you wanna put them in all stem from the heart I would argue not from the mind the mind is a conduit to get into the heart okay so to answer sister Romney's question aren't we all supposed to look nice or can we because some of us look kind of ugly and still fulfill this like this lamp coming out of us so we spoke about we spoke we spoke about reflecting things so if Jesus is the pattern person who gives us the sly and we're supposed to reflect him then we should look like Jesus I would presume I would argue let me say that and who does Jesus look ugly - does he look ugly - sinners not all of them ugly - this Isaiah 53 it says those that look at him see him ugly and turn his face from him so to those people so so Peter says pushing him away depart from me and he grabs hold of him because Peter is a ugly person he recognizes that but he sees beauty in Christ so the only people you're going to look ugly to or your enemies not your bad frames or people who you know people who want something so I would argue that when we're in this situation we don't look ugly everybody knows what a good woman or a good man looks like everybody has this idea of what good looks like and the only the only reason you look ugly is because people are the jealous or they have some animosity or they have some hatred there's some level you're attacking them and they're resisting or fighting back and every single one of those examples that you can think of in a New Testament that talked about Jesus being ugly or all they all stem from jealousy you know whether it's his siblings or the leadership of the church it's all based upon jealousy and if you go to Saul he's jealous of Stephen he looks at him and he admires Stephen and he admires Stephen because Stephen has got no education but he still can beat him in any theological discussion and Saul and Myers that he can see beauty in that but this jealousy so I would contend she'd look beautiful to the people you really would it's what we would expect someone a Christian to look like and I think I might be wrong I don't know what I don't know imprint things on you know on people's minds this came up the other day I think it might I don't wanna blame brother tide but I think it was him though we spoke about John the Baptist looking like this rough bearded sort of ogre we're in the loincloth because he wears camel hair but we know that's not true he's a smartly dressed I don't I'm not saying he's shaven but you know clean-cut person and he's wearing a smart uniform he actually wear is wearing a uniform and that uniform is a Prophet's clothes it's actually a nice tunic that's made from a specific fabric camels hair it's not a loincloth that he's wearing and people make him out to look like this uneducated uncouth person and he's not that at all and it's the same with the original Elijah they make him out to look like some kind of horrible person and the movies don't help me you know if you watch these movies they don't help me clean they've reinforces this kind of concept these men were kind and caring and loving people they weren't ogres you know by any stretch of the imagination so I think if you're in living this experience you wouldn't look ugly and people would know we talked about the living testimony then we will talk about living testament we're gonna be n signs why would we be n signs for people why do they need an ensign why can't they use methodology so we've got it all wrong now because our premier argument is it's all about methodology now don't look at me just look at the methods if you look at me you see ugliness us we're priests we're hard I'm leavin joke I'm serious about that if you're if you're look if you're hoping to look to people who are nice we came to the wrong movement the levites a Rafal did that luxury that we're not afforded and I would argue the reason that they're if they're afforded that argue that luxuries because they've got to learn in weeks or months what it took us years to learn and you can't learn that you can't learn I don't think you can learn that through methodology which because we argue there's going to be some kind of souped-up Holy Spirit that's going to come into human beings and put them into overdrive I would suggest otherwise I could be wrong I would suggest what's good what's going to happen is we look so much like Jesus the when you speak you speak as one having Authority and when you say black is black and white is why they'll say they main because they look at you and they have a confidence in their level level of trust that what you say is correct because you speak as one having Authority and I think that's how they learn in months what is taking us years to learn because we haven't been afforded that luxury we don't have beautiful looking women and men in our movement we're all doing on-the-job training we entered into the movement defective seriously defective but Levites aren't allowed to do that they're only allowed to join because once the sinners are taken out of Zion no more sinners can come in only the righteous can come in so those people have going to come in on a different premise than we have will got in really easily you know really easily we let in the good and the bad because we had something to build once then once the Hawksbill the animals just free load on but the building of the ark took a lot more we need a lot more human effort then all the good people can provide so we have to have a lot of bad people so that's why that's why that's our argument about methodology I would I would I would suggest but not not undoing anything about just basic Christianity we're coming to a place now that we should have that living testimony revived you know and I had some hands up we talked about the gifts going to be restored when and where does all that happen if I put if I put a line here 911 raffia Panem Sunday law this is the priests line of the priests I'll put 2014 if you like and 18 1989 where do we where do we put the restoration of the gifts I'll risk it I think we're seeing what jeepers gifts not for glory Scottie I thought that crap don't tell me what you think just give me the odds so this is the priest line something long sure yeah I'm glad you said no because that was a trick our line doesn't go that far there are no priests past this technically because our line finishes sister Tamiya just some of the answer Mr Hudson will do I done there's no paint across here here okay so I'm pretty sure like through the hundred percent certainty that we've taught this for a long while and I would argue based upon the logic this is the Tamina's given that it's actually here not here the gifts are restored during the time period of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the latter rain whatever you want to call it I will call it the living testimony like a sister anything tell your husband I'm just wondering if we have a or I have attempted to have a a different idea of what gifts represent because if you just put it as a lot of Ryan and it gives you a story 2014 yeah I'm seeing how this is tamina city kind of clicked foot we had the disfavor story about the infinium before we understood about about that being the midnight for a midnight crowd whatever before the phoropter or PBM everyone over any he never had that it wouldn't have helped you she woke said without was the lease on that level I could see how it would mean that would be wrong after okay so I'm saying that you've got the that you call it the living testimony or the gifts so the restoration of that should be happen in this time period whatever the implications are so we should be changing our lives even now we should be looking like nice people and I'm generally saying like everyone knows what's you know what nice people look like we all know what what we all want how to have we want to be treated how how we want people to interact with us and the only people that are going to say that you people are ugly and they are our enemies who just like Jesus his enemies even though they knew what he was like they trumped up false charges against him someone's got a hand up did it speaking about us like speaking with authority and people accepting the message and then you mentioned the living testimony Ellen White says in the middle right history when she speaks of the miracle in testimony she says that the arguments have already been presented and kind of presents the midnight criteria does like that the people who are presenting obviously they were giving arguments but not making like long Bible studies so that everybody catches up with all the life and people would accept it because of the living testimony because she said the argument has been presented before somehow and that's that's the point that since the tamina was making that she placed it here yeah well again he backing on the thought about about speaking with authority and how how when people listen to christ they said no man's ever spoken with such authority and and and if you contemplate that it has a lot to do it the fact that he didn't have any pet since in his back pocket he was he was living without sin and we see we see as what Philip is saying when you look back at the Miller right time period where we know that there was a more of a return to primitive godliness there than before and and you you you your words have authority and they na and they can can transform other people when when you're living a life that's pure because you're living a life that's not pure then your words to just fall off they don't have the effect that God wants them to have as they can't what 2014 is a Sunday yes so when you were having the Sunday loved farther down a line I mean that it wasn't there I mean it's not there but because it's back in 2014 so it is Greece yes at the Sunday law yes that's what I put it dated trick people something propelling my trap what does it mean to speak of authority what does it mean to speak with authority anyone so let's go to mark 122 so that's a Bible verse that with we've picked up and they were astonished at his doctrine but he taught them as one that had Authority not as the scribes anyone want to make a comment on that thing keeps Luke chapter 4 as well if you wanted to see the parallel tell us if you don't remember oh I don't remember where she says nobody ever spoke like Christ because never had ever lived before like him so I think part of why he spoke with authority was because he lived what he said and the scribes they didn't live what they were proclaiming to believe and that's why Christ's message was so different because he gave the message and he also lived it was the living testimony of what he spoke and I think that's why his message had so much power in John John the Baptist is value save no man holdups well further in mark there's an illustration of what it means to speak with authority and ways that mark chapter 1 verse 25 when Jesus commands the unclean spirit to come out of it so I'll go to back to 123 and there was in this synagogue a man with an unclean spirit and cried out saying let us alone then verse 25 and Jesus rebuked him saying hold thy peace and come out of him and the unclean spirit obeyed verse 26 so there's power when there's Authority you can command unclean spirits and they will come up with people so it's not just that people have a respect for you or the ear more clever or something but there's a power thing that attends Authority rather Philip what is a scribe it had in the symbol what does symbol me or now what I'm just what is a scribe says not as the scribes where were people who had the quinsy astok authority in the Judean church I I don't know much I think they also had like administrative positions in the nation I know that the high preview this definition in the Bible a man learning in the Mosaic law and in the sacred writings an interpreter a teacher so a scribe is a teacher so so Jesus speaks with authority not like these other teachers so how does that work but Larry seems to me and my personal experience not today speak with authority on so to speak but well I have it times I'll say that way and and the thing that I have recognized is that when I follow Miller's rules and the doctrine is irrefutable because the way it's presented when you speak it and it is truth does it look like you doesn't seem to be truth it isn't because of something that that I merit but because when it's explained as it's written everywhere it has its bearing you can't argue it and it comes with authority it isn't it isn't just a litany of overwhelming the person it's actually presenting it as written saying what it says and it comes with the power of the Holy Spirit with the Thor let me wait base I just want to find a nice play I'll give the reference in a minute if you don't mind me doing it that way when Jesus spoke to the people they were astonished at his doctrine for he taught them as one having Authority and not as the scribes the scribes had labored to establish their theories and they had to labor to sustain them and to keep their influence over the minds of the people by endless repetition of fables and childish traditions the loftiest models of public instruction consisted largely in going through high heartless rounds of unmeaning ceremonies and in the repetition of frivolous opinions the teachings of Jesus inculcated the greatest ideas and the most sublime truths in the most comprehensive and simple manner and the common people heard him gladly this is the kind of instruction that should be given in our Sabbath schools light heavens light must be reflected from Jesus the wonderful teacher and the souls of the children of and the souls of the children and youth must be illuminated with the divine glory of his character and love this is counsel to counsel on Sabbath school work CS w1o 9.1 c SW 1a 9.1 so to me when he speaks his authority when other like comments on this in desire of Ages because I thought that's where sister Tamina was going to go to the image that he puts you conjures up is that these people have got their Scrolls all rolled up cuts into their arms and when Jesus is speaking they get them out and they keep her like comparing what he's saying compared to their Scrolls because they're not really sure about what they believe and he keeps some flummox in them he says something about some Old Testament passage and they read it like it's equally see miss quoting the scriptures and they keep on going back to them so they just looked like weaklings you know compared to in Jesus stands he has no books no it doesn't carry a Bible with him or anything it's all through these experience of the last 30 years and when he speaks everybody says wherever he's interpretation of an Old Testament sage or a parable because that's the that's the method that the Jews use to teach whatever doctrine they want she here she calls it these fables and what Jesus is doing here using proper parables he's actually doing it correctly when he speaks people know this has the ring of truth it has God's authority behind it but when the other people are doing it they're quoting from the scriptures they've come up with their really silly interpretations and people concede the difference between these two people when he speaks he knows what he's speaking about when the other people speak it's all kind of like making it up as you go along and people can see the weakness and the frailty of their arguments and that's why the the leaders would get really nervous especially after they tangled him a few times they wouldn't engage with him in public debate because they're always loose he will just beat people in an argument and it's the same history that you get in the Reformation where you get these young men untrained I call them schools of the prophets they get trained in the Protestant schools they're not formal schools and when they would go against the priests they were just humiliate the priest in public debate it's the same thing they spoke with authority because they knew what they were talking about sister Tamina oh sorry yes SCW 109 paragraph 1 she uses this a number of times this this idea okay so probably time to finish so just gonna recap we spoke about Zachariah which is the story of receiving something and giving something that's the passages that we dealing with offers examples and we had Isaiah 60 Isaiah 62 and a number of other passages then we went to Zechariah we draw some we drew some imagery about what Zechariah looks like and we had a discussion about what some of those symbols were I'm suggesting please read it to see if you're comfortable with this suggestion that the golden pipes are the messages these are the messages that we're giving in we're giving the third angels message if you like and this is contained within it the Holy Spirit now if you receive the third angels message in your mind you can be a type of teacher you can know what you're talking about but it doesn't produce heart conversion you have to have a conversion experience and the truth can come into your heart just like you're supposed to eat the little book and it goes into your bowels if you don't do that you won't have the experience so we spoke about that we spoke that the oil was the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the bowl is a symbol of your heart so we've got the bowl as the heart and out your heart comes these lamps seven lamps number seven we didn't discuss but it can have a number of different symbols perfection completeness a promise and oaths so it's a complete work that we're doing and we're supposed to give this light to those around us and the only way that you can receive the holy spirit is if you let your light shine it's this capillary action or the sucking up it's the lamp sorry the light the flame that sucks the oil through so you can only receive more if you give more we spoke about that we spoke about there needs to be a circumcision of the heart so the truth can actually enter into your heart and then we spoke about oh when do we when do we become the living testimony this in this history here the history of the latter rain or the history of the Sunday law and I've just done it sort of just a generic in this dispensation from 2014 so raffia and there's way going through this process by time you get to raffia it's not before I would suggest that we're lifted up as an ensign depends who we're going to be talking about as our target audience when we think about that lifting up and the reason why there's ugliness amongst us is because we have received the truth in our minds but we need to receive the truth in our life in our heart so that we can truly let his light shine out of us and Jesus really is beautiful to all people whatever generation dispensation gender race/ethnicity anything Jesus looks beautiful and if we were to reflect his character we too would look like that and in the Gospels even Jesus's enemies recognizing his beauty refused to accept that because of jealousy because of some hatred that they had against him so they would manufacture false accusations against him and people would end up purchasing themselves let's pray I have only filed that we want to give you praise and thanks for your goodness and your mercy lord help each of us to be inspired by this Vesper study to take these messages and allow them to penetrate into our hearts so that we would be living vessels and that we would be reformed into the image of Christ and that we will allow that light to shine from us to other people Lord we understand that the belly is also a symbol of the heart and you promised that when we receive the Living Waters that River of Life will flow out of our bellies it will gush out overflowing to others we would not be able to help ourselves but to reflect all the attributes and the characteristics of Christ father June these sacred hours may it be our desire to reflect you through the rest of this evening through our activities at breakfast but particularly Lord when we enter into thy sanctuary help each of us Lord to consider our behavior and our conduct when we enter into those holy precincts so that we might reflect your glory and not look ugly all these things we ask and pray for in Jesus His Holy Name I mean