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Publish Date: 9/27/2018
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amen now I understand it wasn't a negative a negative thing or a critical comment from that I've been hearing from people but I have heard that this is a lot of information so if you don't mind we're just going to step back and do a little bit of revision just from just for a few minutes and we also have a couple of new faces they work we looked at Acts chapter 27 and picked up the number 273 that you could place as a symbol of the Levites between midnight cry and Sunday law we took that to 273 BC and saw that Egypt went into a an alliance with Rome or began this diplomatic relationship and the reason that Egypt ever recognized Rome was because Rome had just fought the pirate war with Pires so this was Rome versus Pyrus but it was also northern Italy versus southern Italy the king of the north versus the king of the south in that war there were three battles in the third battle Pyrus lost he flees shortly after that Egypt go to Rome and then the next year Rome goes to Egypt headed by Farber's Maximus urges his name meaning the maximum flood Pyrus died 46 years old and Tarentum the the major Greek city-state in the South fell so it took Pyrus as a symbol and we decided that we would trace his life not from his birth but from his involvement in the world affairs as the world was at that time and he in entered world politics during the 4th diadochi war this was the diadochi wars as were the four wars by which Alexander the Great Empire was broken down from dozens of generals that it had been split in two at his death to our four famous generals of Daniel chapter 8 Lysimachus seleucus Ptolemy and Cassandra we saw that the fourth die dokie war began in 307 BC and it began with Demetrius freeing Athens from a dictator placed by Cassander Cassandra had placed that dictator in Athens ten years previously and this sparked that the new war in the middle of this war Pyrus and Demetrius go into an alliance so this war was between our four famous generals versus Antigonus demetrius and demetrius in an alliance with Pyrus so Antigonus and his son demetrius and demetrius was in an alliance with Pyrus this alliance came to use in 301 BC at the battle of ipsus where three of our generals met Antigonus in battle and killed him Demetrius and Pyrus fleeing back to their own territories their own Holdings through some complicated events after Cassandra's death who was King of Macedonia Pyrus and Demetrius divide Macedonia between themselves these events put a strain on their alliance and Pyrus invades Thessaly part of Demetrius Empire in 291 BC in 289 288 BC demetrius responds to this antagonistic behavior and he marches his army up through air Pyrus and just ravages the country they then sign a type of peace treaty and Demetrius begins a massive massive military buildup program 287 BC famous generals the surviving ones of life Zemeckis Seleucus and Ptolemy are sufficiently alarmed by this huge army that he is building that they asked pirates to go into an alliance with them and Pires and our three allied forces diverge on Demetrius and Demetrius is defeated his empire particularly Macedonia divided into East and West divided between lysimachus and and Pyrus so in this history you have Pyrus fighting this tension with Demetrius and now there's a new player now it's Pyrus versus Lysimachus this sparks a cold war as neither a happy with just their half division and Lysimachus through sanctions and subterfuge the elements of a cold war takes the east from Paris and Paris returns home with nothing but the borders of his own country here we also notice a scene change in 285 BC it's that initial spark of the pirate war where three Greek city-state normally allied to to Greece and to Tarentum the main city-state of southern Italy change their change their political alliance and instead of turning to their Greek relatives they turn to Rome they renew that appeal around 283 BC and in 282 Rome responds and places a garrison in theory these antagonizes tarentum who attack Theory expel the garrison and pretty much declare Rome first declaring war then on tarentum tarentum asks pyres to fight this war on their behalf and he arrives in tarentum in 280 BC really the preparation of the city itself this is internal then we say three battles with Rome the first battle he was unprepared for this is a small much smaller battle than the about half the size Pyrus wins because of the elephants he brought with him at this being the first time Rome had encountered elephants he marches on Rome after this battle but due to coming winter he isn't able to continue his success here over this winter time Rome starts to prepare prepare a comeback against those troublesome elephants and they build 300 anti elephant carts the second battle at us Gilliam twice the size of heraclea it's a two-day battle Rome brings these 300 anti elephant carts but they're just broken up and Pyrus wins again this is a pirate victory what had kind of coined the phrase a pirate victory so while he wins in these two battles it's a great loss to himself so he steps back to rebuild he goes down to Sicily drives Carthage from the island and pretty much establishes himself as a dictator in Sicily to such an extent that Sicily then returned to Carthage and asked carthage to free them from Pyrus he desecrates a temple but it does him no good he is recalled to Italy when Rome arches south again and he faces them in the Battle of Benevento he loses this battle when his own elephants turn and charge his his own troops so he loses again this battle is decided by elephants and but by his own elephants then we have as we marked before 273 and 272 BC so that is in in a nutshell the life of Pyrus then we went to look at his country of our pirates and who Pyrus represents in history we saw that the first known king of Epirus is Admetus and from him Pyrus is the tenth we saw that he ruled as a king but then he was temporarily deposed when me up to limas ii took the throne Pyrus forced him into a co rulership and there Co ruled for a period of time before pirates had him killed and then he took the throne for himself there are seven more kings after him before his nation is ruled by the airport league a league of tribes we saw that Pyrus as representing the king of the south in our history is a symbol of Vladimir Putin we saw that Putin was president from 2000 to 2008 before he had to step back having fulfilled the maximum two consecutive terms allowed under the Russian Constitution he takes a step back Medvedev becomes president but Putin is vice vice president Prime Minister and this was very much a Co rulership Medvedev faithfully steps down after just one term and Putin comes back in 2012 he comes back also changing term limits from a four-year term to a six-year term so he's already establishing himself as 2024 if everything still going he'll still be in Russia we then lined up Putin with Pyrus but we also saw that Putin must also be typify by Stalin so Stalin and Putin the first and the tenth we looked a little bit back into Paris's history and saw his father a city's was removed in a coup their tolima ii temporarily took thrown a city a city's comes back but he's severely weakened and and his government is toppled I'll see just the second Paris's elder uncle takes the throne but he has a nun governor bull temper and his own people rising up I'll kill him we take that down to the history of Russia we said Gorbachev is removed in a coup by your naôve you now have rules temporarily signs a decree making himself Acting President before you nave is toppled Gorbachev comes back but severely weakened and the West is looking to a Boris Yeltsin everything looks very positive under Boris Yeltsin but he quickly loses the respect of his people and part of that a large part of that is not only the corruption inside his own government but also his lack of self control him being a severe alcoholic and that affected his health what we didn't do yesterday to complete this line is bring this back to Stalin so I just want to quickly do that so previous to Stalin who do we have we have Lenin previous to Lenin was our nicholas ii we read yesterday that the day Gorbachev retired was the day that the Soviet Union ceased to exist they lowered that flag the same evening that he abdicated this was the end of the USSR the day Czar Nicholas abdicated was the end of the monarchy Tsar Nicholas typifying Gorbachev one steps down and ends the monarchy one steps down and ends the soviet union then in steps Lenin Lenin placed Stalin as Secretary of the Soviet Union the position he held for the rest of his life why did Lenin quit government he had a series of strokes that also came down to his health condition not a lack of self-control but still health-related Yeltsin's widow still arguing that the reason he stepped down was because of his health there was more to it than that but you can see the link so end of monarchy temporary has to step down because of Health Lenin placed Stalin end of USSR Yeltsin self-control steps down partly because of health but he placed Putin in control so we can see Stalin and Putin also are tightly linked we took we took this model of Putin representing be represented by Stalin and therefore also Pyrus as a representative of Stalin and we brought with pretty much applauding the political life of not just Stalin but communist Russia the Soviet Union we didn't pick it up from its birth but from the time it began to be involved in world affairs we saw that it really became involved in 1939 with a proxy war the Spanish Civil War this was a proxy war between fascism and communism in Europe two-thirds of Spain's gold reserves were shipped to the Soviet Union over this proxy war the proxy war being three years long we did mark a 10 because we can see in 1929 pretty much the the Stalin solidifying his hold on power beginning his personality cult Mussolini taking down his last rivals in government and Hitler beginning his meteoric rise from 1929 to 1933 you can mark the ladder and Treaty and and the Great Depression so I still wanted to note that there's a 10-year period here in the Spanish Civil War the the the a General Franco supported by Mussolini and Hitler and pope pius xi and Pope Pius the 12th that they are victorious in the Spanish Civil War and Franco is dictator for many decades afterwards shortly after these ideological enemies are finished with their proxy war they horrify the world by going into an alliance and this was not something that was expected and this was the molotov-ribbentrop pact Molotov from Russia I think his grandson is still involved in Putin's our government today Ribbentrop from Germany meet representing their that particular countries and sign this pact shortly after midnight negotiating through through midnight the purpose of this pact was for the invasion of Poland war with the West so on the 1st of September 1939 I've just very very shortly after this pact is signed a number of days Hitler orders the invasion of Poland he knows that he can now take on the West without fearing a two-front war he faced three allies France Britain and Poland that had signed an agreement shortly before that if Hitler invaded Poland it would be war three allies versus Germany backed by Russia so you can see we are paralleling these lines you have the period of ten then you have this Spanish Civil War demetrius fries athens there isn't an alliance which is tested at this first battle then you have the division of territory paris and demetrius divided macedonia hitler and stalin divided eastern europe this puts a huge strain on their relationship Pyrus invades Thessaly in 291 and in August of 1914 1940 the all-important trade agreement with between Hitler and Stalin is suspended Hitler needed that trade agreement to wage war with the West some of his suppliers when invading Russia itself would have run out before the first day of that invasion was over if he had not already received those supplies from the Soviet Union this pact is officially broken up on in 1941 operation barbarossa operation Redbeard is the name is what Barbarossa means while Hitler chose that name when Germany invaded the USSR also gas chambers came into being in 1941 this was of course the persecution starting long before but this was the major escalation escalation where if Hitler was going to wage a two-front war he couldn't afford the men to be running concentration camps he just needed the people gone so it just becomes mass genocide 1945 Parrs joined the Allied forces Russia joins the Allied forces Demetrius is defeated Germany was defeated and in both histories there is this division between the East and the West this split between the East and the West this sparks a cold war here between Lysimachus and Pyrus lysimachus being a new antagonist of Paris and here in comes the United States and it's the USA versus Russia the USSR Lysimachus won this cold war through sanctions and subterfuge Paris losing all of that territory he'd gained in Macedonia except the borders of Epirus itself the same thing the USS USA through sanctions and the Solidarity movement took over all that portion of Eastern Europe the USSR lost all but the borders of Russia itself one thing I didn't note yesterday which I do find interesting is if we can just look at the four generations of the German government the German Empire formed in 1870 1870 to 1871 to 1890 so I'll just rub this out it was initially split and it was brought together in those years by Bismarck oh yes also yesterday we lined up the similarities between Stalin and Putin no no president before Putin had come from the poverty that mirrored Stalin both Stalin being a ground force during the beginning of the USSR Putin ground force at the end of the USSR Stalin appointed by Lenin Putin appointed by Yeltsin and both rule in a very similar manner so from the time Germany was formed 1871 to 1890 under Bismarck it was first ruled essentially by Bismarck who formed the German Empire first is under Bismarck 1871 to 1890 the second is known as the wilhelmine era era we'll Wilhelmine and this is Kaiser Wilhelm he didn't get along with Bismarck so he had Bismarck removed from office and he um ruled as monarch and that was eighteen nineteen eighteen ninety to nineteen eighteen him abdicating are what ended the First World War the third is a vie my Republic the extremely dysfunctional government that formed after World War one and that was from 1919 to 1933 1933 in comes the Nazi Party under Hitler 1933 to 1945 we saw that at the beginning of our line with Pyrus we could mark the number four repeatedly this being the fourth day dokey war and though another a few other fours in that era and down here we can also mark the number four fourth generation of German government we also saw that that pact was not admitted to until 1989 when the senior politbureau member conceded august 19 of 1989 that there was without a doubt collusion between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany so that was something that they did not admit to for many years we also looked at the Vatican involvement in this history tying back to our first Studies on Fatima we saw that the USA under Roosevelt was not useful to the papacy at this time because who they saw as the most common enemy was Nazi Germany not communist Russia and at that point the Vatican and the United States could not come into agreement so we're just about done with revision we'll just finish this tidy off the end of World War two so in 1945 we have the beginning of a cold war with the United States this is a quote from office of the historian the Bureau of Public Affairs from the US Department of State they say wartime relations this is World War two relations between the United States and the Soviet Union can be considered one of the high points in the long-standing interaction between these two great powers although not without tensions such as differing ideological and strategic goals and lingering suspicions the collaborative relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union nonetheless was maintained moreover it was instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany in 1945 recognizing the strong position that the Soviet Army held on the ground Churchill and an ailing Roosevelt agreed to a number of things with Stalin at Yalta they granted territorial concessions to the Soviet Union and outlined punitive measures against Germany including Allied occupation and the principle of reparations Stalin guaranteed that the Soviet Union would declare war on Japan within six months after the end of hostilities in Europe while the diplomats and politicians engaged in trying to shape the post-war world Soviet forces from the east and allied forces from the West continued to advance on Germany after a fierce and costly battle Berlin fell to Soviet forces on may 8th of 1984 1945 after allied and Soviet troops had met on the Elbe River to shake hands and congratulate each other on a hard-won impending victory Soviet forces from the east and allied forces from the West so he saw three superpowers the United States France and Britain United with the USSR to fight against a common enemy but particularly marked in these histories the United States from the West and the USSR from the east the descended on Germany this was very much a disappointment for the Vatican so 1945 the Soviet Union and the United States emerged as the two world superpowers and a period of tensions began between the Soviet backed Eastern Bloc and the us-backed Western bloc known as the Cold War in 1948 the United States began a campaign of economic sanctions against the Soviet Union that would last more than 50 years in March of that year the Department of Commerce announced trust restrictions on exports to the Soviet Union and its European allies that's from American foreign relations Oh calm so the elements of the strategy are listed by Time magazine in 2001 who gives a nice comprehensive list was the US Defense buildup covert operations aiming at encouraging reform movements in Hungary Czechoslovakia and Poland financial aid to Warsaw Pact NATO nations calibrating to their willingness to protect human rights and undertake political reforms economic isolation of the Soviet Union and the withholding of Western and Japanese technology and the increased use of Radio Liberty Voice of America and Radio Free Europe to transmit the administration's messages to the peoples of Eastern Europe so you can see sanctions and some subterfuge or the Solidarity movement particularly do we have any questions of World War two do we notice a change of scene in 1989 can we mark a change of scene here it appears that the king of the south has been defeated I would like to suggest that not 1989 marks a shift in this war where it appeared to it to end but all it did was change in its location and appearance this is no longer a war for Europe this becomes global it is no longer the Soviet Union it is now Russia in 285 BC we also see a change of scene to new symbology for the king of the north and the King of the South this is Rome versus Tarentum 2 wrentham being the dominant city-state holding sway over southern Italy so in 285 BC one of the city states under its sphere of influence changes its alliance from that of Tarentum to that of Rome in 1989 we see Poland and those those other Soviet Union satellite states begin to change their alliance from that of Russia to that of the West question did America agree to not extend their influence into Soviet Union satellite States was there what you could describe as an ancient pact that they would not do this we saw that the reason that Tarentum attacked theory and the Roman fleet is because in their mind there's a long-standing pact that you don't extend into their territory and they considered the south of Italy and particularly that Bay as their territory the goal at yota and in subsequent meetings of the wartime allies was to establish stable European arrangements so that a World War 3 would not follow the second war as inexorably as World War two followed the first to that end Roosevelt and Churchill accepted the idea that the Soviet Union would have legitimate long-term security interests in Eastern Europe that was the point of the deal Churchill offered to Stalin in Moscow October 1944 on a slip of paper that he passed across the table to the Soviet leader Churchill suggested mathematical formulas for post-war predominance in Eastern Europe he suggested that the Soviets enjoy 90 percent predominance in Romania 75 percent in Bulgaria 50 percent in Hungary and Yugoslavia and 10 percent in Greece in each of these countries according to Churchill's proposal Britain and its friends would enjoy the influence that was left 10 percent in Romania - 90 percent in Greece Stalin accepted the deal on the spot but there were grave flaws in this proposition as there were in the Yalta agreement Slater for one Churchill never spelled out what 25 or 50 percent influence in one of these countries might mean in practice for another Churchill skipped over Poland was Yalta a permanent arrangement how could it be Yalta and the other post-war arrangements were no more permanent than the underlying conditions that bred them all of those conditions have changed with one crucial exception the Soviets still believe that in return for the 20 million people they lost in world war two they deserve neighbors who won't threaten their security and they have the military power on the grounds between fourth that for you that was the Washington Post January 12 of 1982 still well inside the Cold War so while the United States might think that those agreements put over slips of paper handed over during the altar conquer and those subsequent conferences at the end of World War two are no longer binding Russia is still very much believed that they are and we can know that because Putin brings them up so often still bringing them up today leaders in Moscow tell a different story to that of the West for them Russia is the aggrieved party they claim that the United States also failed to uphold a promise that NATO would never expand into Eastern Europe this was a deal made during the 1990 negotiations between the west and the Soviet Union over German unification in this view Russia is being forced to forestall NATO's eastward March as a matter of self-defense and this is very much the argument that Putin makes and that the Russian people largely by the West has vigorously protested that no such deal was ever struck however you will find hundreds of memos meeting minutes and transcripts from us our archives that do indicate otherwise after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 Europe's regional order hinged on the question over whether a reunified Germany would be ally aligned with the United States and NATO the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact or neither party policymakers in the George Bush administration decided in early 1990 that NATO should include the Ricans reconstituted German Republic in early February of 1990 u.s. leaders made the Soviets an offer according to transcripts of meetings in Moscow on February 9 then Secretary of State James Baker suggested that in exchange for cooperation on Germany the US could make quote I'm cloud guarantees that NATO would not expand quote one inch Eastwood less than a week later Gorbachev agreed to begin reunification talks no formal deal on this was ever struck but from all the evidence the quid pro quo was clear Gorbachev acceded to Germany's Western alignment and the US would limit NATO's expense chinese-food has a u.s. limited NATO's expansion east would know this is Putin's argument today Russia strongly believes that an understanding of their control over their countries east of the elbe river which runs through Germany has applied since the Yalta Conference this is an argument Putin has been known to make particularly as it also relates considering this verbal agreement in 1990 on the expansion of NATO so that's some background into what happens next because we can see these Eastern European countries are allied to the West between 1989 and 1991 as they throw off the yoke of the Soviet Union I want to begin as I as I said to begin with all I wanted to do was lay out history no application let's just look at history we're finished doing that now and it's time to start looking at some applications so 1989 we have a change of scene theory is split into two factions you have the Democrats and the aristocrats a city-state with two factions one wanting the traditional alignment with their relatives under tarentum the other one wanting the financial benefits of an alliance with Rome where do we see that happen in Eastern Europe you cream first in 1989 first in 285 then they come back we want to have a little look at Ukraine Ukraine is split into two factions one one to ally with the West for the financial benefit one the traditional alignment with Russia this back-and-forth tussle accelerated when Viktor Yanukovych came to power Yanukovych was always pro-russian historically pro-russian another another Putin puppet you could argue he already had a reputation for corruption having engaged in voting fraud in a previous election and being charged with that but to win the presidency he rebranded himself as friendly to the west and considering serious integration into the European Union and NATO so first of all he runs as a political candidate making it clear that he is closely allied with Russia and Vladimir Putin that does not end well for him particularly when it's proven that he engaged in voter fraud during that election and his victory is overturned in a recount so he rebrands himself he stopped speaking Russian he learns the Ukrainian language which before he only normally spoke in Russian and rebranded himself as someone that was favorable to the West this rebranding was largely done by an organized by an American consultant Paul Manafort Manafort was suggested to you know kovitch by Vladimir Putin Russia told you no kovitch this man will help you rebrand and then Paul Manafort lobbied for Yanukovych in Washington lukovitch wins that election appearing to the people that year's pro-western that doesn't last long in fact it doesn't actually last past party hit past his victory speech where after the whole election he switched switches back to speaking only Russian the night that he wins at the election in November of 2013 the Euro Maidan protests begin with a small protest in Independence Square so now you have the fight between these two factions they were looking to ally it with the West they want stronger integration with the European Union on the 21st of November the same day as the protest Yanukovych abruptly changed his mind on an association agreement with the European Union deciding instead to strengthen economic ties with Russia a few days later on November 30 a group of student protesters were attacked by police leading to several injuries and the protests became a national movement whose numbers swelled to nearly 1 million by December 8 just a couple of weeks they continued to be attacked by police resulting in civil unrest and after the 16th of January 2014 violence escalated when you look of each signed the bond Bondarenko Alinea Claus also known as the anti-protest laws outlying outlawing protests political protests demonstrators then began to occupy provincial administration buildings in at least 10 Ukrainian regions the country's lawmakers repealed 9 of the 12 restrictive laws he had passed on the 16th by a show of hands without a debate so he begins to face opposition in his own his own party Yanukovych offered to reshape his government with more opposition members but they refused his offer to the delight of the protesters on the 28th of January his prime minister resigned and by February Ukraine was on the brink of civil war in those protests protests 77 people had been killed the evidence of corruption and regional cronyism in his government was building with a net worth of twelve billion dollars Switzerland Austria and Liechtenstein froze the bank accounts of his and his sons pending a money-laundering investigation they later realized that you were siphoning his own country's money into private bank accounts to the rate of 12 billion dollars on the 12th of January 2015 Interpol issued a red notice for him on charges of misappropriation embezzlement embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation if committed in respect of an especially gross amount for most of his career his salary never exceeded two thousand US dollars a month so to have a net worth of twelve billion dollars is a little bit suspicious if you ever want to go on YouTube and see a video recording of his home estate it's worth seen hundred thousand dollars for each chandelier a crowned copper roof a private Zoo an underground shooting range 18 hole golf course his expenses include $800 medical treatment for his fish 14th out 14 and a half thousand dollars on tablecloths and nearly forty two million dollars for light fixtures also also received were files on all of his perceived enemies especially media members some of whom he had been had been persecuted his cost the cost he was paying for monitoring the mass media was reportedly 5.7 million dollars for just one month much of the threatening attacking and torturing of Ukrainian protesters and also confirmed account of voter intimidation and attacking of election officials was perpetrated by the / cute the controversial national police force under his personal command on this 22nd of February 2014 328 of 447 members of the Ukrainian Parliament voted to remove him as president he was then disoriented by his own party the party of regions and an arrest warrant was issued on the 24th of February on the 21st of February though he decided to take a presidential inspection tour that conveniently took him outside of the country and into Russia he was desperate to make it look like he wasn't Russian running away he asked the governor of Kharkov to pick out a few factories for me to visit on this inspection Presidential inspection tour on the 26th of February Russian media company RBC reported his presence in Moscow on the 27th of February a report stated that Yanukovych had asked the authorities of the Russian Federation to guarantee his personal security in the territory of Russia a request that they accepted now wanted for treason he has remained protected in Russia ever since on March 4 2014 Russia's permanent representative to the UN a chicken displayed a photocopy of a letter allegedly signed by Viktor Yanukovych on the 1st of March requesting Russian military intervention in Ukraine to restore law and order an alleged request that they certainly fulfilled in 2014 Russia invades Ukraine annexing Crimea so you see these two opposing factions inside Ukraine this battle that's going on and the winning party out of that essential Civil War allies with the West Russia doesn't tolerate that and in 2014 Russia invades the Ukraine this desire to join NATO in the European Union violated for Vladimir Putin an ancient part so he come to 280 BC and we see Pyrus arriving in tarentum when we start dealing with the arrival of world leaders we have to be a little bit careful because we might see their arrival as their election to power and we know that that isn't always the case we can see that us raffia we mark Napoleon but Trump is in power since 2016 what it's marking is a change in that government structure in that power and I'd like to have a look at what happened in 2016 with Vladimir Putin this is Pyrus taking control of Tarentum taking control of the south so when does Napoleon arrive we know he arrives at raffia so what we're sorry yeah yeah just marking that that when we say world leaders arrived on the scene 2011 we saw we saw these building revolutions we saw what's known as the color revolutions and this also takes place in Russia what happened in in 2011 with those color revolutions also in 2011 with Vladimir Putin announcing that he's coming back for a third though non consecutive term caused the largest protests inside Russia that had occurred since the breakup of the Soviet Union Putin's own words we see what tragic consequences the wave of so-called color revolutions led to we should do everything necessary so that nothing similar happens in Russia he's watched these revolutions go through many of his allies particularly in 2011 with the the death of Gaddafi in a CIA orchestrated coup so 2011 is a very interesting year to get inside Putin's mind he is watching these these protests these people rising up across many of his allied countries particularly he's observing Libya as an ally of Gaddafi when Gaddafi dies and it's a horrific death he's dragged out of the tunnel and abused and and murdered by soldiers all of that was taped insiders in the Kremlin claimed that Vladimir Putin sat down and watched that tape three times over back-to-back of his allies death and he stood up and said never again never again what is happening for Vladimir Putin never again in 2011 never again is the CIA or gate orchestrated coup actually done overseen by Hillary Clinton which is another insight into his mind which becomes relevant later on never again is the u.s. toppling an ally and we see that his behavior here change changes from Ukraine to Syria since 2011 Vladimir Putin has not given an inch 2011 he's also is watching these these protests which he publicly says is all fermented by the United States and then they happen inside his own country the largest protests since 1991 and he blames that also verbally publicly on Hillary Clinton so what he does over 2015 and established establishes in 2016 was the establishment of a Russian National Guard this was composed initially of a hundred and eighty seven thousand troops under the command of the ministry of internal affairs but it soon blossomed into an army of 350,000 to 400,000 troops loyal and answering to only one person Vladimir Putin what he has done is created his own personal army this is his Praetorian Guard its commanding general is Victor volatile who was a Vladimir Putin's bodyguard for many years since 1998 actually the National Guard has the right to arrest anyone without a judicial order to shoot anyone without warning to disband any organization considered dangerous to him or to Russia's national security if anyone doubted its arbitrary toughness it moved quickly to absorb so-called cadre of ski or Chechen troops loyal to strongmen and cutter off and known for their brutality into its ranks like most autocrats Putin has come to believe that he alone can save Russia from internal subversion and foreign aggression though he had and still has authority over an organized military force numbering seven hundred and seventy-one thousand troops sailors and airmen a domestic police force of nearly a million officers and an untold number of security troops he still wanted a personal national guard of 400,000 troops for his own personal protection what he's doing is not protecting himself against the United States against foreign enemies but protecting himself against his own people so Pires takes control of Tarentum and according to the historical accounts he set himself up as dictator from the time he arrived Putin sets up his Praetorian Guard and he's protecting himself against color revolutions inside his own country we then get to our three battles also if you want to list the the military changes he made in 2016 just in October alone he brought all nuclear capable is scanner missiles into an enclave in : rad on Europe's doorstep and pointed them west he moved to carry a battle group into the Mediterranean Sea to support his campaign in Syria he announced a Russian naval facility in Syria to be upgraded to a full permanent naval base he announced that the Russian air base in Latakia Syria is a permanent airbase military exercises were held with Egypt and talks began with a view of reopening an old Soviet base in Egypt and he pulled out of three nuclear agreements with the United States that's marking his behavior in 2016 and I'd like to suggest that just like Pyrus arrives in prepares for war putin arrived in 2016 and prepared for war both with the west and also protecting himself in his own country what we see shortly after that in the line of Pyrus is three battles we'd already marked the Battle of Benevento as Panem and we'd been able to mark the even know the the the name pani benevento as the Italian Salem and not a personal expert on that at all but I know studies have been done on Panem and the word pan and it was interesting similarity Pyrus they're losers and we know here that at Panem Russia loses to the United States I would then like to suggest that there is an alliance here formed between the United Nations and I'd like to suggest that in this context Egypt is not the king of the south as Russia is defeated but becomes the United Nations in the same way this is not the armies of Rome it isn't the armies of Rome that come as the flood and this is the rise of the papacy Sunday law we can mark the 46th the final and complete and total fall of Russia where it begins to be ruled by the United Nations and also Rome goes back sends embassadors back to Egypt as read by Fabia's Maximus judges that whose name means the maximum flood so we have two battles to contend with if this is Panem I like to suggest that this is raffia in between raffia and Panem we see Pyrus desecrated temple we say his behavior as a dictator noted it being a dictator long before this but this is when it's particularly noted in history and I'd like to suggest that we have one more battle and I would like to suggest that this lines art with a loud cry it's half the size of raffia Putin is not yet ready but it's forced on him when we see this smaller battle we know that all of our internal events also also a mirrored by external events so it's not a new concept that when we have an internal event that it is also mirrored by something externally and I would like to suggest that is Heraclea another thing I'd like to suggest is that while Russia loses at Panem it's the client is progressive between midnight cry between Panem and Sunday law and at Sunday law it ceases to exist it's fully destroyed the mistake of 1989 is not repeated there's no stump left in the ground to regrow they don't make that mistake again in Sunday Lord it's the jobs complete so we know from our kings kings of Epirus that Pyrus is Vladimir Putin but we also noticed that Putin is Stalin so if Putin is Stalin what is this history here we've made application that this history is this history but I'd like to suggest this history is unjust this history but it's also this history here and if it's this history here it's this history here we have four lines and what we need to do is cut them and overlay them where are we going to cut them change of scene this is both an end and a beginning this is both an end and a beginning to save time I've already drawn that up and we will go through it slowly in the and the time we have left just spin that and what we're going to do is take our our lines cut cutting them at the change of scene and overlaying we'd already made application of one history and that's this history here what we need to do before we continue is note a problem that you've probably already seen first line Pyrus versus Demetrius second line Pyrus versus Rome third line Russia versus Germany fourth line Russia versus USA what we have is an Alpha and Omega of Pyrus --is life and what we have is an Alpha and Omega of the king of the south but what we need to note before we make application is that between and alpha history and an Amiga history there are some changes some differences for example here Pyrus loses orbiter parse but does he lose his own Kingdom no here what does Pyrus lose everything 1989 does Russia lose everything no in our history at Sunday law loses everything up here who's defeated Demetrius who's defeated Paris king of the north defeated King of the South defeated king of the north defeated King of the South defeated back here dimitra's invades a Paris this is king of the south to faded king of the north defeated king of the south defeated king of the north defeated Pyrus invades Thessaly he never has to fight in this battle in this battle I'll bring my but he is driven away I would suggest that this was a victory for Demetrius king of the north king of the south king of the north king of the south what we noticed between an alpha history and an amiga history is we need to change the victor and also the antagonist so to make that clear I just want to draw that up that this is partial this is a partial victory for the king of the north this is a total victory for the king of the north this is a partial victory for the king of the north so this way mark must be a total victory for the king of the north this is a victory for the king of the south this is a victory for the king of the north this is a victory for the king of the south Panem a victory for the king of the north Demetrius invades Paris this is a victory for the king of the north the Battle of us column this is a victory to the king of the south down here this is a victory sorry up here Operation Barbarossa king of the north down here victory king of the south and whilst one last one this is a victory for the king of the north easily expels pyres from his territory pyres just turns tail and runs victory for the King of the South and heraclio Russia suspended trade that the economic agreement Russia got out of that suspension was better than anything they'd have before and they did not have to pay their debts this was a victory for the king of the north and in our history at the loud cry we will see a small victory for the king of the King of the South is that confusing so I have Macedonia Italy World War two and modern history Pyrus at versus his first enemy demetrius but then we see in this history that his enemy changes from Demetrius to lysimachus down in this history we see Russia versus Germany but their enemy changes from Germany to the United States and I'd like to suggest that also in Russia in modern history it changes from the United States to the United Nations there is another change there we've already made application of one history so he can essentially drop out dates we know this is 1989 can we mark 10 years before 1989 1979 beginning of the Afghanistan war war in Afghanistan is that a proxy war that ends in 1989 at the same time we note this proxy war we also see those satellite states of the Soviet Union changed their allegiance to the west from Russia question we lined up Tarentum attacking Surrey with Ukraine so 2014 we see civil war in the Ukraine and the invasion of Russia what about these two what about an alliance between the king of the north and the King of the South what would that alliance designed to enable what threefold enemy does the king of the north need to take on in 2016 I'd like to suggest the three branches of the United States government we saw an alliance between the king of the north and the King of the South created to take on the legislative the judicial and the executive branch of the United States government executive judicial and legislative Hitler took Poland and that it was a prolonged war with the west Trump took the executive branch and then it's a prolonged war with the West one was a fast victory it was done in a day the rest is a process but he entered entered this battle with an important ally Putin I've suggested before where we made application of this line that their relationships ours at our loud cry Pyrus invaded Thessaly up here then we saw the battle of heraclea here king of the north king of the south russia suspended trade and then down here at our loud cry we have a repeat of the battle of heraclea where the king of the south has a pirate victory we saw then in this history that pirate says allies who'd held off begin to join him and he begins to have much more support from the surrounding countries that have seen him win this victory but he holds off over winter and then they meet again at raffia a battle twice as large twice as big what one heraclea elephants what wins raffia elephants what wins Benevento pan IAM to say mode of warfare all the way through question where did we spurs to see elephants in our history the battle of ipsus right here this is our new mode of warfare elephants won the battle of ipsus just like they won Heraclea ask allah man benevento we have Epps's heraclea ask ulam and Benevento not to battles not three but four in our history that we need to understand all of these battles have one common denominator they're all decided by elephants this new mode of warfare this first battle the king of the north and the King of the South enter as allies world war two gives us one interesting perspective it shows us that this war has two fronts it has a Western Front and an Eastern Front that Western Front began in 2016 this is a Western Front of World War three the Eastern Front begins at rafia in earnest and what does the Eastern Front look like it looks like the Western Front so when we turn on our news and we see our journalists frantic and we see the world in a storm politically and we see two sides split as much as they are what are we watching we're watching the Western Front of World War three what 2016 looked like is what raffia looks like if we want to understand raffia before we get to time we need to understand what happened in 2016 and 2014 they will tell us the future that we're expecting to see this same mode of warfare carries us all the way through and what was 2016 it was an information war we say in this movement readily that between 1989 after 1989 in a increase of knowledge this movement all of the information that we need in this movement was planted it was it was in that increase of knowledge we have no new message then I would like to suggest that if we're looking to know what the future holds then just maybe externally with external events with raffia and pallium the seeds to understand that go right back to 1989 we're not going to see some new weapon that hasn't already existed in that history I might close for time because we want to look at what information war is and that is a line and a subject in itself we need to not go back to 2016 but to 1989 so if you wouldn't mind we'll close early today do your Father in Heaven thank you Lord for your blessings thank you that it in these histories Lord and in just our last 30 years as a movement you don't leave us in ignorance of what we're facing what we have faced what is happening right now Lord today 2018 in the world around us I pray Lord that we'll be prepared both in heart and mind I pray for our families Lord our loved ones each had bad Lord has those on their heart and mind that are not prepared for what's coming and I pray O Lord that you'll give us wisdom as we interact with them and that you might send your angels to work with them too or draw their hearts and minds after you I pray Lord for this mission that you've raised us up to do that individually and as a movement we will take our place in that line of soldiers Lord and fit ourselves for the coming conflict I pray this in Jesus name Amen