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on me so I'm hoping you've all got your sheet for premature nope not maybe not make perhaps that everyone has Finnick probably won't have this is early writings it's the advent movement Illustrated I don't know if there may be copies in the cupboard we've been doing it for three week to three weeks it's you can look at it from his phone it should be okay oh we've got one we're fine so just we'll have a quick review remember this is the advent movement Illustrated it's the third time and then why it's going through the middle right history pretty sure it's the third time she went through Miller William Miller first angels message second angels message that's twice they have a movement Illustrated then another illustration and how did we start this chapter what are some things that we've learned let's start with that what things have we learned that maybe a new that we may not have noticed before let's book that the darkness that we see is not just one point up to a point in that that's it's banished the darkness is continuing all the way through and yet some people are brought out of that darkness by the light so I really like that point that this chapter doesn't teach your standard reformed line to say that there's darkness and I'll just put my it doesn't teach it that way that's how we would normally teach a reformed line this shows you that the darkness I don't have put a start point the darkness runs all the way through this history this this was the end all of this is a period of darkness it's darkness all the way through and it's just as much this is true as this model here when it gives a different perspective of it so I really like that from this chapter and if you see that it teaches you so many things that may not make sense why there's rejection why this hostility why there are even perhaps problems in our movement but what changes from this point to this point and just to direct us to what we're talking about this is first paragraph to 40.1 the last sentence is in bold I heard the voice of an angel cry fear God give great to him for the hour of his judgment has come so this is the arrival of the first angels message or what we would call the time of the end and what begins to happen from that moment onward what have we learned with respect to this darkness brother Bob just mentioned it's one who just reiterate what he said what begins to happen sister Sue Ellen from the time of the end onward in relationship to the darkness because there's lots of things that are in this chapter there's light so there's this light that begins to do what penetrate it's this light that begins to penetrate the darkness so even though I've got the line here I'm gonna take that line out and I'm gonna say there's darkness here and this light begins to penetrate the darkness and that's what this reform line is teaching us you know there's many details but fundamentally it's saying that there's this light that penetrates the darkness and this light grows in punctuated phases so we learned that what other interesting things that we learned so we've learned that this darkness all the way through but it's from this point that the light begins to penetrate the darkness in an increasing fashion where else don't we know that that you don't normally see in the reformed line sister Kathy okay so we learned before the time at the end there are people and this is all in paragraph one that there are companies so I'll do it from I guess the figure of shocks of wheat so here's a company and here's another company and it says that there are people so I'll just do like this through people who have got light and say where it's lights coming from it's just that they have they have light here in this history so that was an interesting thing it's not all pure darkness that there's like what else have we learned when it comes to this issue of light these people that have this like although before we do that what else did we learn about this now that we're here I added a bit more sister Kathy just said there were people who had like I've shown them bound together by in these varying groups where else did we learn about that history before the time of the end the use of light came touch some people there were some people you should speak a little bit louder okay so before this light begins to penetrate we're in this history here what else do we know about that history swamp or piece of information mr. Brittney it's in the first sentence so for all the companies I've got three companies here I'll call it C 1 C 2 C 3 the companies are bound together so one is to see that all the companies are bound together so at one level they're independent of each other because they're companies but they're all connected together because they're all bound so when we first read these people say also this is a binding off maybe things are out of sequence or something and then they're not they're all bound together here and during these different companies and each company has people scattered through that have got this light and what did we say that the variant companies represent and if we remember that what are the companies the church in we want to give it a different name instead of churches what we do nomination if we can do with that so we've got companies and I'm gonna call them denominations so this would be Baptists Lutheran's Presbyterians different denominations so if you've got different denominations they have nothing in common who do they still had their own different very different views but it says that they're all bound together so they've got a common bond of unity and brother Larry you said what was that what do you say about them did you said no you said something I decided maybe I did maybe I miss her I didn't hear you quite I thought I thought he heard bad but I heard about you said that I was running down your herb Babylon the back so they took tried together with these common purpose common idea so we could say Babylon so they tie together into a unit that we might call Babylon not saying they're all Babylon but they tie together in this unit that we could say they're held captive by Babylon or they're being bound together so they're at some level they all have this common perspective common view because they're all in it together if you like okay so now we come to the place where sister Allen was saying so in the first paragraph beams of light from Jesus begin to come so here are these beams of light that are coming and we said that there's light then what what comes off the light last sentence voice so if the sound is the voice and I'm suggesting that happen at the same time but it sequences light then voice what is interesting that we learn because remember look we're not reading all the things all the verses what did we find interesting we'll get there in a moment we're going to do that but just here in this history this light penetrating the darkness what did we learn about that remember okay it was for everyone was it Lloris like was it for everyone - in light where are you you're in the second paragraph suddenly I was in the first one just those who had the light so I'm going to redraw that picture and I'm just going to draw them like this they're not separated everyone's still there they're all bound together there's no change we've got this picture here but I'm just highlighting them because the lie is only going to be hitting these people who had like before so you know often we talk about someone being raised up here you know that they were they were in darkness they weren't there was nothing special about them is suddenly this light comes to them angels come to the mind of William Miller but what is this passage teaching us and of God's elect sir what's Alexis servants brother Graham is only doing white so he's getting he's got people here already which you might not notice because they're all they're just mingled with all the darkness but it's only these people before the time at the end that are going to receive this angel's message so if you're in darkness here can you receive the first angels message you can't even receive the first angels message it's not even for you think about that verse in Matthew where Jesus says that those who have more will be given to them and to those who have not yes so the first thing is message as they come down only giving to a select group of people are in darkness that are in Babylon and they come it's the light that's gonna bring you out okay so now with the paragraph - now what do we see we're kind of shuffled on a little bit now you speak just a little bit louder um the light came to those whose eyes were raised you paragraph one or paragraph two yes yes and it's all based upon our experience here it's not you know God is not partial is no partiality it's those you have this light they're the ones are gonna have it and so we've moved on a little bit now and sister Kathy what's happening now a glorious night came it wasn't do me it's enlightening all who would receive it no it's not doing quite doing that boys like rested down so when I what's happening the same light is coming on whom the companies which is everybody so first it's only a few and now everybody has access to this light the light comes on everyone now so those people who didn't have an opportunity before now they have an opportunity but only some receive it's I'm accept it and some don't so we know that the ones who who are in like before they're fine some of these people in darkness and that they're going to accept so say the numbers double it went from three to six all the other people rejected so we pick all of this in the second paragraph and then what happens what's the next major step this sorry yep OD peep only it shines upon everyone but not everyone accepts it so I'm double the number from three to six everyone else just studying darkness they rejected the light then what happens well Bob rip the cord no not yet no not yet so they're cherishing it I'm there's lots of details I just want to pick up the major points is to sue other not quite yet that will happen in a moment okay so we're halfway into the verse into the paragraph story if you look on your paper it's in bold here you'll see where I am some in the bowl and just above date says they've and their voices were heard in harmony with the voice of the angel so now what happens this angel is still speaking all the way through the light is the voice light is the voice first these people accept it then more people accept it and now what happens so I'll just do one person who's a symbol of all of these so I'll do it bigger so this is a corporate Pig person so now you've got the person Plus who plus the angel and the lights continue to come down remember so here's this light and now there what word does it use harmony so now there's harmony so now the people are saying the same thing as the angel their God give them glory for the hour of his judgment is come and what do we call that right so we call this the empowerment so we got to 1e and now what happens someone said said before and I said it happens in the moment who said what's gonna happen 8 the words of Marcus thrust now this thrusting going on so there's this thrusting going on and then after the thrusting as they doing this thrusting then what happens who breaks the chords those who chose like they break the cause of a separate okay so now there's a separation they were thrusting separation and then what happens we're down here in the bold part of this paragraph sorry the leadership starts doing its thing and what the leadership gonna start doing temple of the Lord the template loads from Larry so we'd pleasing looks so pleasing words wrathful looks threatening gestures they're going to do all of these for what why they doing all of this for just Britney to tighten the chords back and these people it says in the last part of the paragraph these are the leading made these are the ministers so they're going to begin to refasten the cause because they don't want anybody escaping and they say god is with us we stand in the light we have the truth so when they say we stand in the light what are they saying a lie yes Rob Daniel the temple of the Lord with what does that mean even temple of Lord don't know what does that mean I am son of Abraham but Philip what is temple the Lord made yeah that we cannot be because we are people after where's does God help besides from us doesn't matter how bad we are he still has to work with us if you want so there is no remnant pace okay maybe we can I was thinking of when they say this we stand in the light we have the truth they are find these words they are proving that the right without a shame notice your condition because loud seems think that they're rich when they can leave me like the scenes if you make an application they can see and if we don't well they are from Sardis Saudis yeah same same table it's the same problem first Ali isn't this only a half line because they are standing in the light they're just going they're standing in the light they just don't have the truth they are technically is wasn't that the last picture you drew a minute ago cut the lights coming down on all the companies yeah that's you know that's besides the point but they are in life okay sister Rachel's gonna say something you get the old sister yep there's a counterfeit they're not so brother Tyler saying they're in the light what you saying sister tell me where we are here turn it around and shut point point it second paragraph around here at the top of the paragraph we're going to read something and it's going to say the light passed away from them and they were left in darkness yeah so we did go through it carefully before but because we're only going so they're not in darkness out what you going to say sister Brittany yeah so they're not actually in the life so they full of their fall on Liars and what else have they done the last part of the paragraph paragraph two we did with in fact here what have they done she's asked who they were tell me what they were and what they done so they've passed on the cause but in the very last part of the paragraph it says it said it's right Brittany they don't want everyone else to receive it they reject it themselves they reject the like themselves which means they're in total darkness and they don't want anyone else to receive it so we picked up a number of key points here in this history oh by the way where is this what did we say this was this this this way mark here that was faulty here this one the thrust thing the separation okay so what do we call that tight that that the work of the enemies this is the work of the enemies and in this way in this time period the people are leaving themselves because they've been pushed and thrust and mistreated all the companies from the varying denominations are all tying these cords back together making sure they don't lose any people they rejected the message themselves and they don't want anyone else to receive it so we did all of that next paragraph what happens next the disappointment where do you see a disappointment soon a cloud passed over them and their faces were sorrowful second sentence I asked the cause of this cloud and I was shown that it was their disappointment so this is the disappointment and what waymark is this so I put disappointment brother Gregory like the day thank you this is April 8th April 19th we'll go with angels awesome ok so I've opened a second angel I just put April the 19th because we haven't seen an angel yet it but it's at you're right it's a second angel and what causes this appointment what's caused the problem they're expecting Christ to come he says the time when they expected their Saviour had passed and Jesus hadn't come and there's this discouragement that settled upon them so we've got the disappointment because Christ was about to come so this was the supposed to be the second Advent and what else is happening now sister stop mocking the last part of that paragraph says that there's a mocking it's next paragraph so this is a two-for-one paragraph - then what happens so now this is what brother Gregory said now we've come to the arrival of the second angel so then I heard a voice of another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen so this is what sister Rachel had said here's the voice and the next sentence says a light shot up on those desponding ones so there's the voice and the light and I'm saying there's a chiasm right there that you can see light voice voice light so here's these people the same group run all the way through there's no apostasy there's no people leaving you don't see any of that the good people run all the way through here you see I've put a doubling but the numbers increase when you join and you get this light you you it remains all the way through so this this story this chapter doesn't teach you about two groups or two virgins good ones and bad ones you're gonna get that if you read the next chapter you'll see in the next chapter another illustration she's going to tackle the same history in a very similar fashion but she's going to show you this these two classes of light people you'll see that in the next tab but you don't see in this one so there's a voice and light and now what's going to happen the light shines upon these people and then what do they do they look up and their eyes are again fixed upon Jesus so now they can see Jesus again then what happens say that they were no we haven't got there yet that was this one here that was the window were in harmony or always see now is that the angels come down this is two for one paragraph to heard a voice of another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen I like shines upon these despondent ones and now what's happening brother Bob what starts I would think that the second angel just think Babylon has fallen and then is Larry saying that then others he's then consulting with other angels okay that they all start singing a different message now other angels come on the scene I saw a number of angels conversing speaking with the one who cried Babylon is fallen is fallen and these United with him in the cry behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him so first you've got this ain't you the second a you then you've got these other angels and Alan White's consistent on this she talks about it in this chapter to talk about it later in early writing she'll talk about it in the great controversy over and over again she'll make this distinction between the angel and these other angels that join in this one here when the people come in harmony it's with that same angel this one here so it's a single range of all the way through this one when you get to this history you have the second angel and this is not the second angel want us to see that the way we normally teach it we just say it's the empowerment of the second but she's really clear about this and it's not that we don't know it's just the way we phrased it sometimes I think we don't give a full picture of that that this is separate angels it's a separate message so this one says Babylon is fallen is fallen and this one is behold the bridegroom cometh now by the time you get to this stage here this angel has changed his tune he's saying something different and now these angels are doing what what what what condition are they in they're not in harmony they're in unity so I'll read that to us it says these United with him in the cry so there's this unity and then it says the musical voices of the angels reached everywhere so where we seen this everywhere we normally go to August wouldn't we August 1844 is now spreading everywhere then an exceeding bright and glorious light shone around those who had cherished the light which had been imparted to them so what light has been imparted to these people know which light had been imparted to them had been past tense Babloo knees falling second angel sister Brittany okay so it's this light here that's now going to be imparted to these people so here we've got a singular angel we've got multiple angels and these are all in unity these people had light and now they're going to come into this story and it says those who had received the light what happens to them they receive an exceeding glorious light so they have another light on top of the one they already had their faces shine and what do they do and they United with the angels in the cry behold the bridegroom cometh so they're going to unite as well and in the next sentences as they harmoniously raise the cry among the different companies so there's unity and this harmony and what cry they're gonna get why they don't same Babylon is fallen because that's not the unities Angels that they were saying okay so the Angels not saying about wife's which now I read the next sentence as I as they harmoniously raised a cry among the different companies why they're not saying Babylon is fallen brother Tyler because it's not for people who are in Babylon they're talking to people have already left okay remember here the people have got lighter all the way through this separate is from the companies the companies are all tied up together so degree you've got companies here okay so let's draw the companies one of the companies look like compared to before obviously there's like less of them what do they look like it's different sorry fit angry what they look like over here some way and what they look like over here we don't know they're in how do you work this one out most elusive delighted enough okay those who received alight you're not mourning more okay so why they saying to the people in the companies behold the bridegroom cometh so I kind of like rubbing it in we're like you folks he's coming in tough luck on you they are hiding in the courts of the state so you say this is a different company don't tell it I think we might I mean we might be overlooking the progressiveness of the how things develop because you have you asked you asked before why why do they say for the dragon comment might actually be that this this crime was the one which was designed by God to actually shake the Protestant churches and as they were coming with describe to the companies companies yes as they were coming with this crime to the companies one by one people would get out of them because it says what's the difference what's the difference between Babylon is tall and behold the bridegroom cometh fast babylon is fallen tree who is Babylon in that sometimes it's Protestant churches these like person churches in this story the company the company so this one says like companies are falling and this one saying why China you just said a minute ago because it's being designed by God to have this effect to shake the companies and and make the separation between the wheat and the tares from the companies so is redemptive I'm sure like positive yeah I can look at it both positive or negative yeah it's more negative that's negative because it's just saying let's take you out yeah the other is fun this is positive yeah so there's a negative machine a positive message and the only one these people are going to say is the positive message they're not going to say negative one because they're saying behold the bridegroom cometh okay so we're going to stop there next week we're not going to revise the line without the three weeks now so hopefully we've got the sequence of events and we're just picked up on the things that look different to normal they're the ones I want to highlight the darkness you've got to have the light before before if you want to be part of this group everyone has the opportunity the first angel is all singular angel and then you join the angel by time you get a second it's the second another angel it's two separate independent messages not connected and we normally call this the empowerment and then once these angels join this one changes his voice to this one so by the time you come here there is no Babylon is fallen message anyway now angel the same Babylon is fallen by time you get to hear and we haven't even reached into the chapter yet so there is no Babylon is fallen message as well as to see that the messages is this redemptive or positive message and then that's why time if people get on and now they're going to speak to the people in the compass when we have to work that out that one out sort that problem out because it appeared like everyone had left yeah everyone's left who you speaking to will think a little bit more about that next week anybody have a repair request