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I mean in the last class yesterday we were talking about Daniel 11:40 245 and we brought up the point that verse 40 takes you up to the Sunday law we understand early enclose the history of two historical battles rapture and Panem and it doesn't in fact end in 1989 on the board we've got two models one way of verses 41 to 45 all begin at the Sunday law and another model that verse 41 begins at their Sunday law and then 42 to 44 loud crime verse 45 sometime after that some he barely got any questions on those two different models have you had a chance to think about it like one's right one's wrong why they would be wrong why they would be right sister Elissa brother Phillip I don't have questions I'm tired I think I I think that the top model is I'll go for why is the bottom one wrongly I don't see why you would start verse 42 43 44 at the log try and 45 - later because when I look at the birthdays they seem to more start fulfilling at the Sunday rock to me forty-two short stretch portents and up to the phone countries and the land of Egypt shall not escape this is the Sunday law Universal Sunday law but we know it's progressive and if that Sunday know you've wrote that you have drawn there is I don't know is it the Sunday not for the USA if it does the USA something's is glorious land a okay okay so it's the Sunday law in the United States then the same Sunday law it's gonna progressively go through on her worry so this means that first verse 42 is gonna start being fulfilled at the Sunday law because Egypt it's gonna be progressive it's gonna become you know it's gonna start being conquered at that point so 41 and 42 at the same time that's how I see I don't know what it is but I recognize it to put the darkness in our period time there's something wrong what darkness so that 1989 to 9/11 that's verse 40 Sunday law in the glorious land 41 it's this gap here that she's referring to so that's what you're backing away from and I think that that's what I'm suggesting that 40 takes you all the way into this history really so you didn't finish a point we did I mean I probably I went to rapidly I looked at all the verses and I see them all beginning to fulfill we know this fulfillment is progressive as is the fulfillment of World War II we are still in the fulfillment of worst for it it's not like at one point in time and I see them the rest of them must be starting to be fulfilled at the Sunday law practice sister Lisa tempted to say we're in 41 specific question what do you think about no I don't wanna make you specific if they like hear what you're saying then I'll make it specific it makes sense to me okay tell me where verse 41 ends they tell me where the worst verse 41 ends and where does it begin and verse 42 when is he begin to take control of Egypt this is where I'm I'm not entirely sure but it seems to me that the control of Egypt constant or that before we fold this will be one like since 1844 so the burst 42 is gonna go all the way back to 1844 definitely not unless you did it in fact you trying to be 42 is before 40 okay so let's let's get in verse 42 and put it into the framework of Europe back in the dark ages where's the paper you're going to stretches forth stretched forth his hand also upon the countries of Europe so he's that what that's saying is that 538 I don't I don't think so it'd be p45 38 hate to see you do that and see how we know papacy not pennies paper lives and not paganism so you're gonna say he begins ruling in 538 well he's has he stretches his hand over all the countries of Europe okay so I want to take you to verse 24 but then if you know this verse last part of the verse shall forecast his devices against the strongholds even for a time 1124 so I think you guys chapter 11 24 she forecast his devices against the strong cozy do you understand with that that part of the verse means I'm not asking can you read the English I'm saying you understand what that interpretation that we have of that verse okay so yes one that will do me I know I've read it before but our understanding brother Gregory explained verse 24 he shall forecast his devices against the strongholds even for a time I don't know fulfillment of it just explain what it means historically and the time is do it as a sentence or a little story are not punctuated you shall focusses horses the notes I've got so you reading notes yeah but you don't know I just don't know how old they are you don't know off the top of your head you know I just know that whatever gram you know the verse go ahead cause the team whole run his city from the city of Rome it may be I don't mean finished Constantine will run his run he's city from the city of Rome I'm just making sure I heard what you said don't he don't you for I'm saying he's not believing you're something sister Rachel you know what that what this last part of the verse he's saying she said not really no brother Daniel 24 last part I'll give you a moment sister Kathy I don't eat punctuated I'd like just a narrative from where I picked up and he shall fall from there tell me what that I'm gonna call it a sentence he's saying what I'm not looking for is what that symbol means and this symbol means I want who and where and how long in your story you miss one bit who from where for how long hey the Romans group or where yeah paper roll pay the road and one more that's who and for how long from where wrong okay so just skip the whole sentence then please okay so sister Elissa if you read that part of the verse it says against the strongholds and there's a marginal reading there if you have it in your Bible if you don't it's fine the sister Kathy has changed the word against and turned it into from yeah upon or from so she's saying that this is pagan Rome is going to rule do its activities from the city of Rome for 360 years you okay with that so if we do 360 years we can create a timeline sister Bronwyn do you know where I'll put the 360 do you know any of those start on the end dates any other 31 Wow I'm let's fill it know 3:30 3:30 UK with that sister Alyssa not the maths and just so you okay with that a time 360 Year's Day for a year it's been attending 3:30 and 31 BC yep brother Graham what happened here 3:30 constantinos you see okay so this is Constantine he's going to move from where to where gives the first from Rome to Constantinople okay this is Italy to Turkey UK with excess ELISA okay sister Sue Ellen what's 31 BC it won't be in your notes anywhere I'm just either you've heard it somewhere or you know or you probably remember then you may have forgotten do you know on the top of your head no sister Rachel yeah it's not easy to recall it when we're not familiar with it brother Larry okay so I'm gonna call this Egypt and there's a battle it's called Actium sorry Egypt is involved in this story Actium isn't in Egypt I'm not trying to suggest that this business there's a struggle that's connected to Egypt it's not in Egypt no it's a it's a battle somewhere else so we've got that structure and the reason I want to put Egypt in there is if we go to chapter 8 rather Gregory what verse about the Battle of Actium in Danish a time I'm talking about first I think of any more plays than that sister Kathy what's burst okay look that brother Gregory down you 8:09 that's right yeah yeah yep that's right so give me the three symbols dope dope you want to take from that verse I've gotta leave here and it's waxing right towards the south east and pleasant land okay in order south and then east oh okay you mean an order of history literal history sorry East hasn't lamb and South will change it to gloriously Pleasant man yes okay then south are you okay with that sister Alyssa okay so it says south and south is going to pick up here with Egypt okay with that so this was Daniel 8 verse 9 so I'm going to put 8 9 here you ok with that 8 9 here the south brother Tyler another verse from Daniel 11 the dis way mark that's not my man and this is a copy to go do but so I thought you do Oh Sophia hey oh I don't know which one you wanted I this one here 31 BC no no you could do okay okay yeah that's 1120 no sorry 70 anything or you can go to the next ones where you're in 20-something interest level or 25 precinct yes but what you can also you can do 17 or you can do 2027 you can do 26 and 25 is 40 so 25 26 and 27 you said yeah and forget yeah yeah I'll put them underneath because they don't run consecutively it's repeating in life and you said 18 as well okay so we'll just go with 17 and are you okay with that sister Alyssa so we've got 31 BC and we found it in Daniel 8 9 is that a thesaurus land the south the south is this fight against Egypt it's marked by the Battle of Actium but you can also find parallel history parallel verses in Daniel 11 17 and then also Daniel 11 25 to 27 I've given it two separate things in Daniel 11 because in Daniel 11 it's broken up into segments Daniel 11 is repeating in large and wherever you and they put that break if there's a there's a history that goes like this and this would be 25 to 27 and this would be 17 and it drops underneath okay so that's why I've done it that way you okay with that sister Rachel sister Sue Ellen are you okay with 31 BC the bath of Actium this is Rome fighting with Egypt the story of Cleopatra yeah okay so we're okay with that we had to 1117 here well sorry yes hey okay I'm not sure I'm second-guessing 17 like second-guessing 70 because this is this Caesar Julius Caesar that's not it's not Octavius and Mark Anthony and I just look I'm looking right now because I I thought it was but I think I'm forgetting but for sure 20 the same history writing I guess it's the same hits it's good years before about I'm gonna leave it at 17 because he's got the daughter of women if we're okay with that we had verse nine eight nine picture is all of this history here if the ACE and the glorious land okay with that brother Gregory what's another word for the ACE Syria this is Syria and this is Egypt and this is Palestine or Israel okay brother Philip give me a verse in Daniel 11 but this history that looking know as sure before seventeen it might not be yeah I know I know the one okay look six 15 and 16 you want to go all the way back to 50 yeah 6:16 for sure okay I'll go with 1616 is no glorious man okay so I'm going to do 1116 I don't think it's nifty I don't you go back to 15 so all we've just done here is just little memory exercise that we've got eight nine so eight nine is this history here and eight nine is this history here 1116 is this history 11 17 11 25 to 27 is this history so for those of you are looking or I'm sure about this one this one this one and this one this one I think it is I haven't checked I've just taken road tires word I'm sure it's right I'm not trying to down caste but I don't know that off the top of my head 25 to 27 but I'm pretty sure it's correct he says he is so we're gonna have that you okay with that sister Alyssa yes okay why have we set this up because we're looking at sister Alyssa's question where you're going to put verse 42 why we set this up brother Daniel you had your hand up all okay 17 where do you want to put 17 so why you work wave a key if I put 19 there why you're not asking about 16 because why happens okay what why have you not complained about 25 to 27 after that as well then okay so I just going to do it simply 17 says the daughter of with me not my understanding is that that's clear Patra and Cleopatra's involved in the history of the Battle of Actium it covers locally covers a lot of history which is wide rather Tyler was saying he's not sure at first because this has got Julius Caesar in this verse as well it has quite long history there so it's just that symbol that we're picking up pretty sure I'm pretty sure you rice Smith agrees with that in 25 to 27 I wasn't going to try and defend that if we have to wait 17 you okay with that okay so brother Graham what why we've done this in reference to verse 42 okay now only one more thing before you answer that question one more thing if we answer that question verse 24 he sure forecasts his devices against the strongholds even for a time for happy that we're going to begin that in 31 BC what is this 360 what we what what's happening this 360 brother Larry what is he 360 marking yeah it's the history of pagan road since the Cathy already gave us their the pagan roads been around for a long time we know pagans been around for a long time how do we know that sister Elissa how your pay groans been around for a long time it's on the board you give me the framework that on the board not some other story how'd you know pagan Rome's been around for a long time not who did that who took down the Sirians give you one guess which pagans and who took that in the glorious land so they've been around for a long time okay so brother lady they've been around for a long time we could go back a lot further than that just on the board they've been around for a long time so what's this marking before you answer that one will you guess who's around here who's who's ruling in this history after 330 ad sister Elissa Ignatian no pagan Rome so pagan Rome is here Pedro B's here pagan Rome is here pegye Rome's old foodies history so what's this marking brother Larry yo no se these take a rope a growing peg around but what is this brother Bob they they were lately ruling the world during that period of time what phrase you want us to put that did they were the world power because before they were sending to that power and and what doing what they were ascending they're ascending and descending descending so we'll do that I read through that picture work like this they're ascending and then descending correct and here one word sister Alyssa this in verse 24 the way that you gave us from your marginal reading upon okay so we're put upon there at the top you okay with that so here they're ruling supremely that's in the haste Bowl supremely another e ly you say hey sue yeah okay so they're rolling supremely here that's what that is marking so if you're rolling supremely we'll put a symbol for that and the symbol will put is crowned Rico with that this way sir so if we set all that up why are we doing this brother Graham what is it teaching us just in business to go with that history just so it's the concept but that you want sister Alyssa to get from that after the third geographical areas Concord can you see that sister Alyssa you got to do one two three den your rule supremely yeah okay so what we're going to do when we come to Daniel 11 then where we've got if we do Daniel 11 what does it begin with sister Alyssa devotees we're dealing with what's that first one nations or whatever which order you want us to go with so we'll go with Russia okay and Russia is an Eastern Bloc country okay so we've got the East and we've got the East yeah we've got the East in the second one now I'm wanting the fish for the glorious land but now we're not in verse 4 when you were running through the verses so you got Doris Lang with the glorious lad okay so that matches and the next one the South the South is Egypt so it lines up with Daniel eight nine eleven forty so that's 40 41 and 42 and then what's it going to do not the verses look at the board work then what will it do then it overall supremely and then what will happen okay then it will go downhill so it's rising up and then it will be what it'll be a pond and then it's going to be same so this ruling supremely here how long is that gonna be for is it over Bob one hour yeah one hour brother Philip reverse over Daniel the verse brother Bob the bird eleven will go with 17:11 no so 1712 is gonna rule for an hour who's even the rule for an hour with sister Alissa so it's going to rule with the beasts for one hour and who is that beast who's lafi I think you lost me there city states are we you tell me what who they're ruling with brother Daniel yeah so they're rolling with who's who's the king of the north is power ruling with in this history from verse 42 after it takes out in Egypt the king of the north he's in a rule swooping Lee who's new ruling with the state government which one with the UN so he's ruling with the UN UK with that yeah been said that like city-states in over the tall I don't know what double down means repeating in large okay I got I got repeat but I wasn't sure if it was enlargement okay so how do you know that Robert Daniel how do you know he's ruling with the UA who says we're which Chapter II are you in now go to another chapter which chapter do you want to take us dude you were take up to 13 so we're going to switch to chapter 13 for a moment and why we switch into chapter 13 which burst no not maybe not 12 come on why do you tell me what I was due to vs. Sunday law I don't know what that means all I want to know is all I want to know is that my question was what King in the north we're all supremely I said who's going to rule we you said the nation so why tell you which chapter you got with chapter 13 which verse 11 sorry well go with one so go to 13 1 why are you going to 13 1 brother Daniel no sister Alyssa why you got to 13 1 why she gone to 13 1 brother Daniel it's got the Crown's on can we see that so it's got the Crown's sister blow me where the Crown's on the horns and how many horns are there chump double-check ten horns so this ten horns now let's go back to revelation 17 we've covertly sister Rachel tell me where you've got lost because in 13 1 it says there's a beast just got crowns on its horns 40 you said no it's not Daniel 11 verse 40 dalem for a story is here yeah revelation 13 is what story just the chapter itself what is it what is it the story about there's a lot of history in the vert in the chapter not arguing there's a lot of history but what is the chapter about sister Sue Ellen what's Daniel what's revelation 13 about just that don't read any of the verses just just but if you gave me the title of chapter 13 what would it be about brother Larry that you're saying that's what the subject of Revelation 13 is it's about beasts rising up out of the sea sister Kathy I want to outsite if it's long then I'll stop you okay the sea beast and the earth beast father Gregory papacy USA and their interaction with a gray what you see me did the Beast description of what's been rubber finish yeah what is the mark of the beast yeah Sunday law so I'm just a Sunday the whole chapter 13 is about the Sunday law yeah that that's why we're that's what that sub that chapter was written about it has some history told you it's lots of things but it's it's the whole subject is the Sunday law it tells you the rise of nations but it's the whole focus is to bring you to the Sunday law so I'm saying Revelation 13 is the Sunday law you okay with that since to Rachel yeah the standard Adventist teaching in this story about the Sunday law now there's this beast that comes up out of the sea there's one that comes out out of the earth that's all good but when it talks about that beast that comes up out of the sea that's the same beast as chapter 12 and you're okay with that in Chapter 12 it's called a red dragon and in this one it's called a leopard beast but they're the same animal if you look at all the symbology it's the same except in this one it doesn't mention their tail it mentions a town in 12 and in chapter 17 it's exactly the same beast again there but now it's called a scarlet coloured Beast its scarlet colored beats leopard beast a red dragon okay with that now in 12 verse 3 chapter 12 verse 3 if you read it it talks about the same beast but then it says it's got seven heads and ten horns and what's the last part of the verse a 12 3 so if there is got the crowns on its head in 12/18/13 the crowns have shifted to the to the horns you can see that you go to 17 verse 3 where the crowns in verse 3 of chapter 17 now I'm asking where the crowns are okay so there's no crowns in chapter 17 so each of those three chapters he's talking about the same animal two of them got crowns one dozen the ones that have the crowns are in different places yeah okay so back in 217 those horns those ten horns if you go to 12 1712 it's going to tell you what those horns I will be fine for you sister Bromley what are the horns powers it says straight in the verse kings so those hold the Kings we learn in an earlier class from sister tez that a king is a kingdom get that straight at Daniel - so these are ten kingdoms okay with that and what does it say about those kingdoms sister Rachel in verse 12 so if you don't receive a kingdom sister on this and what don't you have no if you don't see the kingdom what don't you have a crown you don't have a crown because you're not ruling yeah so we know that here it's going to rule supremely we've read that and some are said in 1712 it's going to rule supremely with these ten Kings but in verse 12 they actually haven't received the kingdom yet they don't receive their crown so the question is when do they receive their crowns where you're going to run a story that says that they're gonna receive their crowns the answer is 13 1 and 13 1 they receive their crowns so you've got to be careful how you go through revelation 13 all of these chapters are problematic if you're not careful I'm saying the theme of Revelation 13 is the theme of the Sunday law that's why it's marking that the Beast has got crowns on it I'm not marking when it comes out of the sea not like doing anything like that all I'm saying is that beasts power has crowns on it indicating to us that the ten horns are now ruling because they've got crowns on them you okay with that so just that that simple level you want to keep it that simple that Revelation 13 is the story of the Sunday law and it's a time period when the ten Kings are ruling and they rule one hour with the papal Church if we can if we can do that so the question is in Revelation 13 what Sunday law is that is it talking about is it talking about verse 41 or verse 42 I would argue it is talking about verse 41 yeah yeah and verse 42 where you're going to place verse 42 are you going to place verse 42 here or you're going to place verse 42 here so you're going to place verse 42 here after this one yeah so you don't want to place it here now make sure you don't want a patient you don't want to place it here this is wrong so you want to place it here so the Kings rule with the Beast with the papacy no I'm saying the Kings they were already from here to here so how long is one hour so you're saying one hour isn't this period one hour is this period so right yeah Oh buddy you see the problem I see the problem brother Tyler let's say the one hour starts at the Sunday law so your boy started I think that's true why cuz you've always told me you'll busy kill 27 where we got that one hour from no sorry that one's gonna turn up a blonde but the woman's gonna sing like a harlot and she's gonna regain her prestige 23 um what is that but anyway this is where the the Sunday laws were I think you can even see in Revelation 13 did you tell me what your logic is I understand that but so what do you understand I understand it one our thing but but but it's verse 42 it's like it has to be first in the u.s. can be the same day or in the same week but has to be first in the Congress and then the UN as I see can be the same day okay but first Ashby paraphilic you know I think the one hour starts at the Sunday law because in revelation 17 it says that's when the ten Kings are gonna roll with the Beast and we know the ten Kings are the United Nations with which are the seventh kingdom of revelation 17 and the 60s the fastest if off the start that not so again the ten kingdoms are the seventh head the seventh king of revelation 17 the UN and the six are we okay with that the ten Kings is the seventh head you have a beast with seven heads and the seventh head is the ten Kings okay that with that with that sister Alyssa yes sister bromley yeah okay so it's a seventh head and the sixth had is the United States okay and you know the United States sort of no it's basically the role of the United States in Bible prophecy ends at the Sunday law and in the United States that's when the six kings okay so let's hold it there the sixth kingdom ends at the Sunday law I don't know the Sunday know in the United States yeah this one this are they low here yes so the role of the six head ends here not the role like it doesn't have any role America does it but the six tell me exactly what you're saying okay the sixth Kingdom environment Bible prophecy ends at the Sun Devil right what did I say that was wrong then serious when you say when you say about the role maybe I mean the United States still has a role after the Sunday law but not not as a sixth Kingdom he's the king of the United Nations that's their fault you know but I was specifically so when you say when you said United States yes what do you mean by the United States the country the country here I'd say it's been around for about I don't know maybe four thousand years six thousand years in a very long time well what they mean is you mean how do you mean well I mean from the point of time when they started they rose up in Bible prophecy in 1798 they've been around for a lot longer than 1798 they're around in 1776 so what you say no news the United States because they were United States before 1798 1798 is not even anything to do with the United States I don't think not waymark for United States you picking a spear a proxy quo to do that but I don't think you can go to any kind of timeline of the United States and you say oh look 1798 this great thing happened I'm not saying something didn't happen but I think some made you think happened so why are you marking 1798 to the United States that's what my question is what probably this doesn't answer would be the same as why marked Sunday law at the beginning of the seventh King because what it seems like when one Kingdom receives a deadly wound the next one hops in and continues the line for example in 1798 the fifth kingdom the papacy received the deadly wound and then the sorry type seen it anyway yeah in 1798 and then America was right there to continue with his kingdom the papers this is the papacy yes yes these United States said that the the papacy wasn't alike here sorry piping he wasn't here it was dead they received a deadly one in 79 Tomas can you is the papacy not around here they are around but they're like almost dead in 79 no I'd rather describe it as like the they don't have the state part of the government to which they power don't they have I don't know specifically that we say how it did they have that they don't have the governance of Europe and ways that were my gonna write the governance of Europe on this story here I don't know well I've got the USA what the papacy where do I put Europe I don't either I mean if that line is is the line of the kings of revelation 17 there in the 17 ITA yeah two ways Europe Europe is not one of the kings of revelation 17 Kings yeah cuz I was thinking you are trying these are not Kings these are heads yeah but um he hates yeah so Europe is not one of the heads now that I know so let me ask you to explain then verse 217 to first part of the verse explain that to me we through the kings of the earth tell me who those are yeah there are the kings of Europe where a day during the time of the papacy I mean symbolically in this chapter where are these Kings got woman yes riding a beast yeah where these kings in that pictorial representation you mean yeah they're to be the kings of the beast so he just say yeah alright so we see the deadly wound sorry who received the deadly wound that's always as long as been confusing to me because I'll tell you if you like it says in verse I yeah not the best so here we seek the deadly wound the based yeah and who with the Kings do you just help me a minute a guy who the Kings I'm not sure verse 3 - in this pictorial representation where the Kings because I I saw revelation 17 us like a woman being a church you know see my question is then hand the Beast being the state that's why so tell me then you said the Kings are the Beast yeah who received the deadly wound this seems to contradict that the deadly wound story which we know like the papacy actually the wound seems to have received and say that in the verse yeah in the version says the Beast received anyone yet so as you can do this the one day sorry how you can do this one well I don't see a necessary contradiction at what he just made this a that day what would you put like the kings of Europe well I don't know it's just if you're gonna kill her here you're gonna kill the woman yes so she cheek you killed her here yeah so she's not she's not interacting with this person here the Bible says their deadly wound is going to be healed way we know the healing of the deadly wound marks a Sunday of the United States so she's dead here the woman you could say you I mean I always imagined it like somebody who's almost dead and he's slowly recovering so it's not like fully there so he never died I don't think she she never died anyway because he said the Beast died yeah and he says it resurrects resurrection means real day sister brought me you're in your grave right look that's like saying Jesus was about 30 years old but not exactly verse 8 so I shouldn't I didn't give a I don't mean to retort back verse 8 17 8 the Beast that thou sawest was and is not and shall ascend if you're saying that me what's the sin mean is his resurrection we have many many verses many parables stories miracles to talk about resurrection if people are really dead who really died and resurrect it's not means it's not alive deadly wound is deadly wound I'm gonna say this this is not the papacy this is Europe I forgotten even why we're here but okay so this one-hour Sunday I don't know okay so it's just because we got here some abort is here if this is Europe this is the USA oh I remember why so the USA's been around a long time yeah I remember now what so you when does the USA begin like as a nation or in prophecy you've got this beauty days I didn't you telling me the USA begins in 1798 so right yes that's really telling me yeah it wasn't around before yeah I cannot say it wasn't around this like existed you know for example we look at the image in then you know the geography they there's a piece of land but that's not the six head or Bible property that's what the USA that we talked about yeah I want to know when we say USA what do we mean do we mean on a map on Google Maps you're going to see like it says the USA is that what we mean by the USA just the wrong means say no trace the political entity it is there it was a political entity here and there when that when the Native Americans were here it was a political entity it's been around for a long time I want to know what we mean by United States do we mean a country that comes in to Bible prophecy in 1798 okay so if we mean that where you're gonna mark the end of that okay so the Sunday law so if you put the Sunday law here and then this is your argument you wanted to be violent you want you to make that sever I presume and you want you to make that you aim yes that's what you have sex to say yeah so I wanted this to make what I wanted to make another point just based upon that who makes the Sunday law based upon that you're well the US brother Tyler this is Black Tie they say no geographically it looks like the UN know the us better Sunday law that's when they fall I'm not gonna be debuting in the past your Westfall when does the USA for when they pass the symbol of national plasticity the national Austin C means national wrongful yes national for maybe when republicanism Protestantism are both Concord which is actually it's just that the graphic that you produce here says that the United States doesn't do that work can the what is the United States that makes this beast okay got verse eight says the Beast shall ascend out of the bottomless pit when does it send out the bottomless pit Sunday law what makes that happen what's stopping it from rising up what's in the way it's the Constitution of the United States that stopping that isn't it so once you destroy the Constitution right what's ever destroys it I don't know whoever destroys it once it's destroyed then what happens the Beast rises up doesn't it so the Beast rising up is what it's the Sunday law so once America has killed itself I think you're gonna you about your argument it's dead then you get the Sunday law so the United States can't make a Sunday law because the United States the defining the definition in like States you just told me now was the Constitution so once you take the Constitution away or abrogate it ignore it United States is no longer the United States in Bible prophecy because you said the Bible the United States is the six head and this is the healing of the wound and the only way you can have that wound healed is to be for the United States to kill itself isn't it if you rip up the Constitution the United States is not the United States it's something else what is it it's a dragon yeah 13:11 it becomes a dragon he's 13 11 so once it becomes the dragon it's no longer the United States it switches from the six head to the seventh head if you go to Isaiah seven how many people you got in verse eight when I say people I there seven verse eight groups if you can think about is groups how many entities sister Kathy how many entities have you got in verse eight just tell me the number Bava Larry give me the number you can see ten knee this is the coffee why'd you get three read them out the three out of Syria is Damascus he's at two of what I was counting Syria is one okay just just list out the number not the diversity just told me that what number one is Syria okay number two Damascus resin and resin anyone else where'd you get to so you've got to at Syria and Damascus since the head of Syria is Damascus and the head of Damascus is reason so you saying all of that is one and within threescore and five years shall be free and be broken then it not be a people so that's - okay with that very okay with that and then verse nine what so between verse eight and nine you've got three things yeah three groups so yeah so it's a premise repeated so FM is repeated yo immersed in alone and in verse 9 when every breeze repeated it now talks about Rama Rama liya son and whose realm Elias son you go to verse 1 we see that you know pecker so if you go to verse one he talks about resin and pecker and in verse 2 it says Syria is Confederate with Ephraim yeah so when he talks about Ephraim he talks about pecker and who is pecker the head of summer yet as a matter so he's their head of Samaria and who's Ephraim he's real robber Larry told us a minute ago a from his home Israel that's what brother Larry told us he said it was ten tribes so you've got pecker is the king both ten tribes yeah I think if anybody knows what tribe he's the King off or what tribe he comes from didn't really know no one knows that's right yeah what actual tribe because he comes from one of those tribes because there's ten tribes he comes from one of them so whatever tribe it is we could research it he's only the he's only the leader of one tribe you agree with that so has he become king of ten tribes because each one of those ten tribes what worse each of them has they all have their own leader so each one is greats own leader so you've got ten Kings there and he's King of Kings yeah so this King of Kings at one level is Sumeria or ephraim but on another level it's those ten are we okay with that so when we switch from this history to this history and we've got the seven and you've got ten Kings if we say this in a very simplistic way who's one of those kings yeah not only is not only one of those Kings he's the king he's the king of kings that premier king so it's him plus nine others but the Bible doesn't talk about it like they doesn't say like the United States plus nine it just says ten Kings because he now becomes not only one of the ten he becomes the ten because he speaks as a dragon just like Pekka can be substituted for Ephraim you could interchange them in this history now you could put the USA here couldn't you but why can't you try can't you bring the USA into this because we've tagged USA with number six the USA was back here in this history the earth helped the woman revelation 12 but when the earth was helping the woman it wasn't the USA as we understand it in this framework for sure it was the USA when he had his constitution and the Pilgrim Fathers trying to escape persecution but that's not how Ellen White's marking it from 1798 and how we market and the Sunday law the United States as the six head finishes its role and now the United States is going to be in this history but when it shifts from this one to this one it becomes a different entity completely different entity we can't I'm saying we can't we can no longer call it the United States if you want to define United States as a six head then you have to call it we call it pega Road papal Rome and you know we've invented that term modern Rome you could call it whatever you want to like pay Paul to or something but we call it modern ro I'm saying if you want to talk about United States here you need to call it USA - or something or USA corrupted that you have to give it some different title to distinguish between this United States on this one because this United States what is it doing yeah this is this power is hindering the man of sin and you know however bad you might think things are if it wasn't for the United States and all the institutions they're here we'd be in a lot of trouble although things have to be taken away and once they get taken away the United States then becomes USA - or whatever you want to call it but we call it the dragon power or the UN so even though we say the UN's around it's not the UN of Bible prophecy because the UN of Bible prophecy don't that haven't even received their crowns yet have they who gives them their crowns yeah do United States that hands them out the United States cracks the whip it says you will do this and when will it say you will do this right here it doesn't just say you know we'll have a practice run it says everybody will do this thing at the same time that we're doing it that's what that one hour is and it's the same history or the same dynamic because you have here but in this history the sequential events with dates in our history because the verses run this way for only forty one forty two we tend to think that these two are separated by time you know then we'll say well even if it's a day it's still time but the model teaches us that they happen at the same time they're not separated they're consecutive not consecutive they're okay yeah that's exactly the same time someone had the hand up and horns receive the power and that's when the UN start ruling has to be there has to be together yeah I just want to suggest this you know when we say one country after another I question even that even that model that we have all the countries are going to come together and they say we just do what you tell us to do and everyone says we agree then they have to go back the UN ambassadors or whoever it is and they have to go back to their countries and they have to implement that and the implementation of that may or may not be problematic depending upon the individual country the people the demographics that's what that delay would be it wouldn't be that you know a government says well we maybe we don't want to do this thing everyone's gonna buying at the same time it's just that the the the spreading out of how that looks possibly will be different sister ELISA already discussing enacting a Sunday in lots of places that's happening but you know years ago long long while ago they had that you know people would get lynched or hung in even this state over Sunday law issues the fact that those things are happening are indicative of the signs of the time but they're not prophetic in any way I would argue brother brother ty earth timer so do we just misunderstand the Sunday law in the United States we always thought it was national or is it when the you know you gave this point that they all go to the United Nations decide that we're gonna make the Sunday law together and then they go back to their places and make one is the United States is that when they knew theirs as well or have they already done theirs or because there has to be I think maybe it has to be is wrong something but I've always thought there has to be with one in the United States passed in Congress so so once you do that then then you're saying that this model is correct because this is the one that was in Congress and then this is the worldwide Sunday law so verse 42 comes out of st. with verse 41 but my yeah yes I see that I see that dilemma and so my question is is the United States just like everyone else in that when it gets past the United Nations that we're going to do this they make the plan are they just the first one to implement the plan or you know because we have the idea that the whole world's gonna follow after our example or the United States example we have very few spirit of prophecy quotes on this and the food that we do is sort of indicates that like we do it first and then everyone sort of follows but these models show something different they don't show it that way and the other thing that they don't that we often don't talk about but we should if we can take anything from our own history that when the Sunday law comes in 2014 life just carries on as normal if we're in the midnight cry it's four years from the Sunday law and we say that in verse 41 either movin em and come out we often teach that they come out you know here at the Sunday law and I think you've in your own fellowship we were finished verse 39 great controversial into verse chapter 40 I think and now you finished chapter 38 at least so you definitely please chapter 38 and when you read through that the way I see it is that this way mark here is a separate is separate from this way mark by a period of time and we've seen that in their own experience for us it's been four years it's been a fair length of time and if that's the case then for us to say come out of Babylon here you think why why aren't we saying it here what why have we been stalling what we've been waiting for because we often say day one where I've got all our books packed we're ready to go and we're going to charge out and we haven't done that in this history and this history if we just took this kind of concept 2014 is gonna pointless to the Sunday nobody's gonna reflect back at least one thing we know from the Sunday Lauri's when it hates window can be doing much it's gonna be sometime after that we'll give a loud cry so you know this idea that first in the United States is gonna be chaos and mayhem and we're gonna have a are loud cry here and then there'll be another one somewhere else and there with other ones somewhere else these these models don't seem to indicate that to me they don't especially this one here when you see what we're marking the six and the seventh speaks as a dragon here it becomes the dragon power you see this story from Isaiah 7 which is you can take this straight hair straight here and put it here at the end of the world that this loud cry I think is a universal point not first allowed cry in the United States then the loud cry in the world no I'm saying if we're going to mark verse 42 as the universal Sunday law this is Egypt being taken down yep it begins right here Egypt is taken down yes so what you're referring I think is that we say to Sunday laws we say there's one in the United States and one in the world if you did that as you had done that kind of melts away you'd have to build a model like this first in the United States then in the world but as soon as you start putting everything back it becomes hard to do that you know when we go to verse 43 and it says the Libyans and the Ethiopians March it his step who's gonna make them do that he's gonna force them to be in step someone's got to do that the United States that are forcing all of that and I'm suggesting it does that when it speaks as a dragon it speaks it a dragon right at the beginning it's not something that's happening afterwards it's all happening there okay so it's just a bomb you said at the very beginning of a couple of hours ago I think this is the right model that everything begins at the Sunday law we see in this story that the one that we've just laid out we see in this story quite clearly we could go to the story of the papacy which we didn't do the same story of the papacy if I were to do the papal story actually I think we did this yesterday we have the Heru light vandals and Ostrogoths the Bates brother Graham three dates from memory you remember three days I always figured these gravid grame three dates 538 paralyzed by middle month 533 496 yes 493 I'll put 34 cuz you can put 34 there 493 533 for 538 then what happens sister Alyssa what what's that this one and this is 1260 and what's it doing okay so we have a triple application now once we mark that ruling through Prem Li to 1260 this history here my understanding is we've always marked this is the Sunday law you can mark it in different places but this is the Sunday law you get that from Revelation six you can do a study on that to show that this gets fulfilled here at the end of the world and when we mark this is the son in law history what we mark in this point as we just say this is the Sunday law it begins and it runs all the way through or this is the one hour and if you start moving verse 42 and the other verses forward you have to ask what point are you're marking here because you can't mark it here I don't think because here it's who is it ruling supremely with it's all of the kings yeah it's all of them obviously this is Europe with all of them and there's this preparatory work that's being done before this by a number of them including Clovis but all of the Kings are there so whatever history this is you've got to mark all of the Kings for the whole time period because it's captured them all if you have this model you're saying that it's only going to rule supremely here whereas this model says this history here is the 1260 or this one here or the 360 where rules supremely rules all the nations it's got everyone the whole world including the night United States because when you do this who's that who's the engine behind all of this work that's going on here they're the biggest inner controllers who's the driving force behind this the engine okay the kings and you can you can split them into two simple ones really it's the Byzantine Empire or Eastern pagan Rome on one side and the Seven Kings on the other side you can just mark them simply that way and then you can also say it's just Clovis it was especially at the initial stages and its eastern pagan Rome at the on the other side so if you did that you did seven kings and then you've got pagan Rome Eastern pagan Rome what are we now created how many entities not to three because who's in the middle the woman or the king of the north you've got a three-fold union and when was the three-fold union formed here agree with that Seven Kings is one so you've got the Seven Kings on one side so that's one two three the dragon the beast and the false prophet they're all here for this complete history so if you take that into our history when you get the threefold Union it's a Sunday law it's not halfway into it it's been there for the complete period all the preparatory work has been done before the reason why we're struggling with this concept this one this is R always right one the reason we're struggling with you I'm going to take this out people complain the reason why we struggle with this is because we don't understand the concept of parallel kingdoms and what I want to just show you about that briefly if that's the Sunday law and I pull back here we now know that the United States is going to go down to zero here and as they're going down to zero the United Nations is rising up here so this is the USA and this is the United Nations now whatever the start point is it is but I want to ask you that USA who is that USA who is it what is that USA Constitution it's not it's not tagged to a president this is the Constitution so this is USA Constitution okay with that and I'm going to close on this this UN what is this UN this is people nations whatever what UN is this sorry I want to say this is the United States we can call it - but we'll call it dragon it you're okay with that this is both United States this is not the United Nations that we speak about these all these hundred and summit countries all coming together climbing up to power suddenly this is the United States that's rising up as it's falling down it's the same entity it's the same geographical thing but it's the Constitution and the dragon power it's beginning to speak like a dragon and it will speak as a dragon here the sixth Kingdom the United States that we define as this one can't make a Sunday Lord by definition it can't can't do that brother Tyler so good instead of dragons when did you call you know you do USA Constitution can do you USA Sunday law don't be in USA in the sunday long necessarily but I mean yeah doing the Sunday law the USA that makes a Sunday law this speaks it's not the same USA that's here and so that's what I would say the United States doesn't make a Sunday law because people say of course it doesn't White says it does and I'm saying it might be the country that's called the United States but it's not the United States as we define it in Bible prophecy it's not this six head six head can't make a Sunday law the seventh head has to be Europe you the move will take the seventh head isn't the United States is for un now I'm saying the seventh head is the United States it's these different United States it's I've rubbed out its pecker its pecker that's going to drive everything but Peck is just a man he can't do anything he needs to have all of these people around him to make it into the UN or the worldwide movement so hopefully that's made it even more confused hopefully not great so if this helps someone let's pray Heavenly Father we give you praise and thanks for your loving kindness and watch care over your people we ask that you would bless us and help us Lord to have our hearts and our minds in heavenly places to meditate upon these truths the glorious truths that have transforming power that can change us Lord from weak and feeble human beings to kings and queens sons and daughters of God that we might fulfill the role that you have given each and every one of us to do this has to be praying Jesus his name I mean