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I mean yesterday's class we were looking at present truth November the 4th 1886 and we were looking at paragraph 7 it's in your notes and we saw that the the light in the present is shining both back into history and fall into the future we gave an example of how that might work an example that was given was Pan Am and the second Advent and I asked mr. Rachel why Pentium and second Advent was selected and she wasn't sure so we were just discussing that and then we ended the class early which I recall and to try and give some explanation of why that was being done that way we had a look at Daniel 11:40 2:45 and so I drew just a simple timeline 1989 Sunday law close operation second Advent with loud crime between and I asked where we'd place certain verses so we had verse 40 41 and 12:1 so had the same line here underneath but it's expanded so I've just gone from son Lord to close probation and then I was asking sister Bronwyn where we placed those verses in that history in that timeline so we've got to verse 41 and she's placed verse 41 beginning at the Sunday law and going all the way to the close of probation first 42 and she's got mercifully to gain from the loud cry to the close of probation so she's managed to escape us and ditch out of this class so someone who can take her place so we're in Daniel 11 verse 42 45 so I'm not assuming that's correct that was that's what that's as far as she got so brother Larry you could pick up I say pick up from where she left but you may not have agreed with what she said so if you pick up if you agree that verse 41 is the Sunday law and 12 wines close of probation so I've expanded that history out here like this how would you do verses if you have verse 31 beginning here don't if you that's how you see that where does verse 41 to go to is it just that point how do you conceptualize verse 41 Lori's landed United States so okay so there's 40 up here so I thought glorious land that helps okay we have to save has to go all the way to all the way to the energy and then verse 42 to Egypt we know is the world and so it has to go to the close of invasion as well and it would be anyway now that's where when you're stretching forth his hand it could be now I'm just guessing here and I'm saying yeah I'm saying somewhere within the midnight cry loud cry period somewhere in there I said second sister mom we did you ever am i doing it correctly I mean I'm just guessing here so yeah that's 43 now this would be the poor the Ethiopians and Olympians I'm understanding are like for third world countries for the most influential countries of the world so I'm saying it has to go from midnight cry loud crowd also to the to the close of probation that yeah and you said there what countries there the Libyans and Ethiopians or the Libyans equal to four or third world countries even pull you have the poor third world countries and then the Ethiopians typify the most affluent countries of the world nice so that covers all of them okay that's 24:44 we know that the tidings out of the east is long my memory serves me correct place them after I'm just going off my memory is usually not that good you know some time and some time between assembly along the close of probation if you want to put them all at the loud crime and I don't really know for this for verse 44 I would just be guessing say say you wanted to be what you're happy to if I do that you want me to do that yeah I mean and then 45 know that the C's represent you know people the glorious holy mountain is God's here and that has to be right down there close to the to the uh through the close of probation so if you wanted to put it in the middle of yeah yeah somewhere there I mean you've got 12 1 it's really hard to think about coming shoot put those questions in there so I received a question indirectly talking about the baptismal vows will read them and guess what the question was no it wasn't that wasn't quite like that but it's it's yeah kind of ready to get basically yeah this is critics vows they said how comes one of the vows is not to believe or agree or assent some some kind of language to say then you learn fully there's no Daniel 11:40 2:45 vow in there so that's right looking just in time anyway that's it go either ask is because if we put it as a battle what you gonna do we know it over there they look up to the grievant so are you gonna give some arts of this probably that way put your hand up or eat is a question what's up there okay so I just want to give a couple of minutes for just a brought me to yeah talks together so we're going to do is win it we're going to finish reading off this passage and then we'll come back to 40 to 45 let me check if we finish I think actually we have finished this passage so what we're gonna do is we're gonna read the next one if there is the next one for you okay there isn't a next one for you I've got a next one because I put I got some additional notes which I haven't printed out oh you do signs of times okay how comes it's not here oh yes yeah nothing is signs of the times February the 3rd 1890 God's object in blessing his people so just recapping the reason we're looking at this is because we want to see when it means to be a prophet so before we actually read this one how would you summarize the subject of being a prophet we we're in great controversy and chapter 19 light through darkness we're speaking about the servants speaking about prophets special illumination we looked at special illumination we've looked at prophet as they've gone right with the Bible what have we learned so far about prophets sister Cathy well there are some profits that have special illumination and their servants and then service who also receive messages from but not special immunity I had they receive these messages so they can receive them through the prophets okay they're probably told them something and they read from the scriptures inspiration okay so if they just thought like mere mortals like us yes so separate projects like this normal people like studying and what are they getting from the Bible that other people can't get let me rephrase that how are they getting things from the Bible that other people can't get but make some profits because in treasure yeah I'm not what the gain how are they getting so I think I did say what to begin with how they get in there through the holy spirit so the Holy Spirit is guiding them to understand the Scriptures yes brother Phillip alright I think they're getting you through the correct methodology stance I mean when I think what before talking about this second straight prophets like those that don't have visions what distinguishes them from other teachers is the fact that they have a correct methodology of studying the Bible and they can draw from to our ideas which are correct or inspired that carries fire and that's what they mix so long as you learn the rules here okay not only to learn them just to learn how to apply them and actually take the effort to study the Bible and also take the effort to present to others such as found practice makes perfect yeah practice embellishes the message for sure okay so you place Oh human endeavor no it's a combination romantic and what divinity doing the Bible that's okay yeah what I mean human endeavor maintained indefinitely yeah you read the Bible besides make the effort and the paint personally and the time to do it it's not like something that comes upon us first great prophet like Illinois's falls in the middle of a crowd and has a vision without her even like planning it or kind of seems like against not against her will what not yeah not using her own will to do just God decides to send her a message while on the second great project we have to decide to start digging in for treasure once you learn the rules and yeah I learned the first first time see the cafe you obviously disagreed with that Gujarat's was different unless you change your answer so how do you respond to that well we do have a methodology in understanding the Bible but ultimately it is the Holy Spirit although in love is to say they have the Holy Spirit oh right I would I would add them the methodology or understanding that we have learned in this time no adding is not what I'm asking I'm saying you disagree with him because he said it's human endeavor you're saying it's the Holy Spirit well there is a combining of all human and energy because we were not the divinity that he said right it's not a same divinity now he said the divinity was this book you say the divinity is the Holy Spirit well we are reading an event inspiration we agree with it brother Bob from this point not that the point yeah I believe that my understanding is that whether you're a prophet that this has has you know is given flat out information straight from the Lord there's other other prophets and I believe that they're still specially chosen by God and all the other things apply they they have that their hearts need to be right with the Lord they need to be earnestly seeking the truths and using the right methodologies but they're still chosen by God and and I would put I wouldn't put so much effort on or so much of a point on their their human endeavor I mean not that they they have to we're all supposed to strive with every fiber of our being to understand these truths and Tyler I think I lost the question at some point are we this is the question about the the divinity or at this point just asking back profits new types of profits it's one that has special illumination and the other ones and I just asked some some direction or some guidance of what hardly people become profits what makes them profits as opposed to a normal person they're not receiving big dreams and visions the normal people you mean herons acquire the normal people profits yeah as opposed to sister why or brother rakes okay obviously the profit gets a vision is you know that's an obvious one an actual supernatural event experience but the other one the other person who become the profit that normal person who becomes a profit it's a profit because of suggest is because definitely in part with the rules and that they're receiving a message that the Lord has for them and they've been given that message now it's not through a big and it's a methodology and you know by whatever means it gets communicated to them when they give that message they're just regurgitating a message the Lord gave them so I think just to be a prophet is really just to give the message of the Lord's giving you assuming it's legitimately from the Lord so what is all number two brother fill it all right rule number two rules paraphrases I don't are not work for work reveals things through the trend variance apparently mr. Reichel know all scripture is necessary and may be understood by a diligent application and study that's what you're saying isn't it yes what you said you said rule number two human endeavor hard work since the test that breaks our model what will number to break the model yeah the other white my perspective about what model is he breaking well God does withhold information I mean the Book of Daniel sealed the book of revelation was sealed these things are necessary Book of Daniel is sealed book of Revelation is sealed things other things Russia coming back was covered over to think that it could all just be understood just by knowing rules if it's that way then Satan and all of the angels over six thousand years would know everything it's what's your answer to that base I think that there's an element of divine revelation we'll fill it yes I'm sure you can ask me yeah they're obviously there are two ways of looking at the problem because well you mentioned the second role of William Miller and so they he applied these rules when he studied but Ellen White says that the angels of God or guiding his mind you know and it seems like will be art it is like when you read what Ellen White says about really a winner you understand that it was actually all you know divine guided but in the same time he was actually studying methodically and putting effort and almost like mathematically to the Bible you know so I think there is an element of Providence in that in the sense that God looks and maybe arranges the events providentially that some men go through some circumstances in which they have the opportunity to you know start becoming a prophets of the second kind for example William in Earth went through the war experience you know he was a deist and then went through the war and then some events in his life made him turn away from his ideas I think that was Providence but from that point on yeah he started started studying and made use of that Providence he couldn't could have just ignored the Providence of garden you know continued his own life but he he used his wind power to say yes I'm gonna start studying and from that point in the walk he developed these ideas he became a prophet hey have you done that sorry have you done that I'm gonna start studying properly new year's resolution you suddenly came a prophet if I start studying properly have you never made the resolution I'm going to start study properly and did you become a prophet I don't like that above myself it's probably Jeff better go ahead we read the croque quote great light only comes to us as the prophecies are being fulfilled in that time and then that helps today it's a sister Chester's problem that she had with the other arguments so Satan can't know them if the light comes at the time that the prophecies are being fulfilled so that's how we're receiving the red light no matter how hard you try I think people had really had where they Tyler I see that the commander - that both people both sides of this argument making but can we use Satan as an argument that this you know I wouldn't say infinitely smarter than us but immensely smarter than any human being and you know has had experiences with God himself and in all his different things and he's not even able to crack the Bible and all its intricacies and predict with certainty everything that is gonna happen you know we've are we over the last week or so we've mentioned several things that Satan hasn't been able to know like well like the Russia thing for instance now you said over the last week it's actually make besides sister Texas studies I think once we talked about I if I believe we talked about him not understanding the plan of salvation full or the cross boy maybe that was a little more than a week ago or something but we talked about I think we talked about him potentially that you misunderstood he put Christ to death potentially because he misunderstood the plan of salvation what it was mentioned at least whether or not we we stamped that for the probe or not but that thought so my point is he knows a lot about the Bible one about certain things but he doesn't know everything some things that he has to learn from somewhere else and that he for instance something like he learns from us if we're going to say the Russia thing he learns that from human beings but human beings didn't will it you know we got it from the Lord through a combination of um study and in Providence and then he saw those things you know so I think at some level there's some things you cannot know but there's a lot of things you can know and I don't know the difference between the two of us okay so building of what by the grade was saying that it's only in a certain dispensation that you can understand certain things not disregarding Rule two rule 3 says rule 3 6 nothing field in the scripture can or will be hid from those who ask in faith not wavering so you need know okay honey no man the keywords revealed all things revealed in Scripture won't be hidden from you what is revealed and what's not you have to define what revealed means you have to ask him fight pretty can you read it again nothing revealed in the scriptures can or will be hate from those who asked him faith not wavering is everything in the Bible revealed out of every moment since the Bible's been written he says it will evolve it won't be hidden from you if you ask but I think that speaks very well to Graham's point about dispensation relief because let's say there's a lot of stuff in the Bible and let's say 90% of it is hid right now but for us 10% is revealed and we have the opportunity to achieve the highest 10% that the Lord has for us at this moment but the other ninety forget about it it's just not there you know you don't have that's like Miller there's certain things he couldn't have known you know about our history you know he just didn't have the high school like you had we know at least that situation he was given light about certain things or generally about revelation in manual but there's a lot of things you know he potentially I heard the boss the one the churches the churches and seals I think there's a couple things he gets running them I can't remember this specific so we can stack two things wrong what we getting Wicca and lots of things wrong in the churches for sure Anya but my point is there's my revelation 13 the third angels message hasn't arrived yet in 1818 33 right I'm the third angels message begins to arrive he would have received like kid asked in faith wouldn't he go back right first though God was about to come I'm not arguing that it had to come before it happen or if you know just prior to it but as it's as he's approaching anything made no mistakes did actually operated in faith not in the flesh which is what he was doing to a degree and all the mistakes that he's making appeared for the truth with faith it would have been revealed to him the third angels message relate to 13 before I don't know imminently before he depends where you're gonna mark the third angels message for one thing to market October he could have been before that or October but otherwise the rule doesn't work if we you know said nothing so things aren't reveal to him if it must have been revoked him the problem is his pet he's not asking him faith is it he's not what the problem is it's not the problems not revealed well good God was gonna return there Christ was about to return long before 1888 Christ wanted to come back but I think only the things that are revealed he could have known whatever like I was saying the 10% that he could have known but I think what's been revealed here Tran use messages they've been offered to you yeah yeah they were offered to him it really depends when you're talking about but yeah he kicked it back he said I'm only deal with one I mean he raised revelation 14 but he ignored the other two messages because he's got a fixed notion of what's right because he's not even he's not even living in a faith-based quick system whatever I maybe know there's a weird example because of where he lives but could Daniel have no moto could Daniel had known everything but Daniel had known everything that was going to happen in our day he's not required to he's required to know everything in his generation because you're not even asking him faith about our generation Moses knows what's happening in our generation he knows everything his skis given flash I was with a flashbacks but flash forwards of everything that's happening so he gets it but the world isn't about to end so he's not going to lid through that but he understands that all because he asks him faith yes okay did he ask yeah when he is it niebo it when he any and he said you're not going into Promised Land and because it means walk with God God shows him everything that's happened I think it's different maybe like maybe maybe to understand I mean I said it but I thought Dan you didn't know and when he really no he says I'm in about to tell everybody and God says no I don't need to tell then you can know but no one else can same with John John you wherever you think about the end of the world but he wasn't allowed to tell anyone you know if anyone was confused on in Daniel 8 but then 9 it's explained to him ok but if you're living if Miller is living before 1788 I think he can study ours won't be revealed for him because it's co2 17-year yeah I'm happy with that that's what brother Graham's point is we read that I'm not trying to argue about that I'm saying the third angels message is in his history so if he had followed through with faith he should have understood third angels message the Sunday law yeah if you followed it the whole time - because eventually Ellen White did and she did yeah but he breaks it he breaks that rule he rejected the first angels message so he couldn't be benefited by the second he's got that first angels message wrong isn't he yeah yeah but you got Blake some way got peace if he's the Prophet he gets it wrong and he teaches everyone wrong he said the same not a second he's a hit a whipping is what make it it's a reboot that second that they're gonna get God manages to get them through that history but they failed either they're gonna die my understanding is if you get the foundations wrong what kind of building you're going to have once they set on the wrong path they were doomed to failure do you think they felt the first day on the second you thought you felt they failed the first you felt the first you cannot be benefited by the second benefit medicine no no the benefit of the second is you're gonna be translated because you're gonna get to the third day would supposed to be the final generation you told me that it's supposed to be the final generation it wasn't supposed to be anyone after them this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled because they make a mistake on the first they can't be benefited by the second and they totally flunked the third they benefited by it in typology I'm not arguing that I'm not arguing they don't go through a dispensational or a reform like for sure they do but this place would be the final generation that's why we struggled in Matthew 24 because you want to go to Matthew 24 and you want to put verse 31 I think you have 32 and make that 911 you can't do that you can't make that 911 like that but it's a repeat and enlarge and now you have you know you've run out of history because those who saw the stars falling they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven so then we have to kind of budget because you have to make that into a type and then you come to an antitype and when you come to the anti-type then you're going to have to ask what is 1780 wait 1773 it becomes much tougher for us to work all those problems out it was easy for them to do that anyway we dry grace you mentioned the studying faith versus studying flesh or something like that you say flesh on the inside I know you said that what what's the difference how do you can say she's diligent application to study okay so that's that's you I just need studying French yeah and if you if you've got five talents if you've got a really retentive memory okay you can if you went to a good school and they taught you proper grammar and you learn Latin or Greek or something so you understand the rules of grammar or he brought you know foreign language some language English is not a good language to learn grammar I don't think you get other languages which is much better they're more precise and that you can bring them that that's why people used to think they still doing that back in some countries they teach people Latin because if you can learn Latin you can understand the English better even even like French I've noticed French people their grammar is superior I'm not saying other languages on and and when they so they complete they know things you know I say the rect object Islamic they know what that means up if someone asks me or direct object is I have to kind of like let me just double check refresh my mind because I don't have a working knowledge of it the your intellectual Europe yeah that's right well how what is the face like how do I study in faith faith is a gift isn't it what major a fight so I I just saw that when I look through this it was the closest one that I could get to the Holy Spirit this idea that God irate okay sister probably forgot the verse 41 yeah say Nolan back you know can I go back just a second okay what we talking about no no no - where where did I get yeah yeah start yeah is that what I did you need to purge already one unit yeah and you only give me the option of the Sunday live at the clubs of any option you want okay I think I think I want to restate that verse 40 start since 79 ba okay Paul I yeah just a first section and then it's going to run through to 1989 and in 1989 it's the B part it's gonna run through tump gonna mess this up are you gonna fix it when I'm done it's my question we're gonna work it to get back we'll do our pet shop so I can I take to the oven for the B part okay so well redraw that name because I wasn't even doing 40 so I'm gonna do 1989 - okay so we're back here okay so you want to do that okay so let me ask you let me ask you one question then Oh then he's Matthew 15 yeah Matthew 15 we'll go to Luke saying the same story go to Luke Luke six so just don't look six I'll give you the verse in a minute put your fingers in Luke six I'll just want to tell somewhere else first okay so I'm going to go to John 14:6 keep your finger in Luke 6 John 14:6 John 14:6 jesus saith unto him I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me ok with that so sister Sue Ellen 14:6 John 14:6 Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me what does that mean that means that you accept Jesus that means that you accept Jesus as the Son of God and believe that he had the authority that he has the authority to forgive your sins you tell me when you're finished and if you want to go to be one with God or to be on the path to communicate with God that you follow Christ's example and and accept the fact that he Cassie's Artie forgive you of your sins and forget cleanse you so that you're restored so I'm just looking for a really simple answer which you gave me so Jesus says he's three things he's the way the truth and the life okay with that so he says he's the way so I'm seventy seven thirteen Psalm 77 thirteen all we're doing is I just want to explore something that sister Bronwyn said that's why we're looking at these 77 13 byway oh god is in the sanctuary who is so great a God as our God sister Rachel what does that say to you how we see God or a a visual visual way of understanding God we've seen in the sanctuary it's a model for us anything else by the Gregory we read John 14 contrary it was now fourteen six help me to draw a picture of that by the way the truth and the life knowing content father by me so for example you want say picture of a path picture of the Bible that's what we want to do well it's all those things isn't it I don't know you tell me we have to get Bible from well he the truth so he's the word so I presume it would be through the Bible for example that would be a shock to the Bible means yeah okay so I've got a Bible here we've left it a straight and narrow path or cut that as well thank you Paul yeah and a wife sir well that's that's a lot of things that's to cross the resurrection there's a lot to do four things representing that okay and no one gets to the Father except through what he's represented so I don't know how the hell would that would be displayed but yeah it is that what you're after is that yeah I've just tried it I was trying to understand how you conceptualize that verse yeah I still draw it out that's that's kind of our how I conceptualize ER and that I suppose these are the mechanisms well that's a single mechanism by which we get to to the Father to heaven through salvation it's a trumpets okay so I don't think there's any right or wrong way I just have any trace into how people think about that whoever gray how would you draw that verse out draw a line for three way marks on and you've gonna put way truth and life so go like that I'm guessing yeah okay I don't take too long so I'll tell you what I'm not saying they're all right there's no longer right answer what you look like to me is here's Jesus so flat and here we are walking on him and we're going from Earth to heaven and Jesus says if you want to get from Earth to heaven I am the way to get there this is the truthful way and this is life that you're gonna get no man can get to the Father except if you go through me you may have seen pictures that he's got one hand on earth one hand on heaven he's the ladder that angels climb up and down on he said brought to my mind like we're climbing on Jesus could have done a picture of a ladder and he would have been that ladder so that's why that's what came to my mind when I thought about that so what about this one Psalm 77 13 by way of God is through the sanctuary so sister Rachel said this is how we learn about God through the sanctuary so to me I would have taken that picture out and would have got a house I'll just write this way which is sort of not a very good way of drawing it and this house connects heaven and earth and here you are on top of this house or walking through the house or climbing on the house because it's through the sanctuary that you get to heaven by rail lorries through the sanctuary so read one more verse and this is we could have a number of different ones will do Matthew 3 3 Matthew 3 3 we went I read this verse but we've read a verse simmer to be similar to this one which verse 2 I say to put your fingers in oh yes yes we'll get there Matthew 3:3 for this is he that was spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah's say in the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord make his paths straight so how would we draw that but today I imagine somebody like writing in the channels and somebody in front of the cella to go on a road it's a lot of potholes and kilns and some servants in front of the channel covering the hopper to poison Sodor out yeah okay and there's a king course in a chariot yeah and they saw me front of him a servant was making the header it yeah yeah so I've got two people yes ladies a serving and so if I've got the servant and I've got the royal person where would they go on that line Matthew to heaven yeah to heaven oh my bitch admissions give me a quick fix em I got me but the violence a can we tricking you it says he's crying in the wilderness yeah I'll go going to heaven because Christ came to send people to the kingdom of heaven sighs yeah okay so we've got the servant here and we've got the King here and they're headed in this direction right yeah yeah I think this is it which you disagree with the directional for the whole thing how do you see it how can you disagree preparation for the second owners message it's not it's not connecting out of him okay so are you out so I just get rid of earth in heaven don't that baby this is look that's good there people in a framework now you keep be any answers in police there's no that's not right if there's no framework I guess it just doesn't say Kevin that's all the ordinate Oh Gregory yeah how would I depict this well this is about preparing the ground for the coming Coon so that would be making the hills those are bumps but like I said we agree with that yeah so you can pair you all the hills here build the potholes or get it all fixed you look a little fix here all the Packers are done all good that's right and where they will have you - well cross-examine the scripture you would suggest heaven I get a slight bullet okay so this attacks you said this is preparation for the second angel so we said yeah yeah and that first angel where did he come from so that's heaven day heaven on earth thank you and heaven here yeah I'm not being funny but I had kind of heaven here and earth and you said you disagree with having a framework it's a separated the frame of our weekly just she's a victim mayor around okay yes thank you coulda just picked it round that's why I'll run what you would disagree with that's what I say you said there is no heaven and earth I thought it's not healing to heaven it's not that direction that's why I asked you what your problem was you said took me well together okay okay so you sort of stopped this thing around he says I think brother Gregory said becoming king where's he coming from Matthew 25 isn't it coming from heaven so lucky we'll swap this round in make this the earth yeah we'll make that to heaven are you okay with that brother yeah yeah yeah okay so what we picked up from this story the way so the ways all the way through this okay so let's go to so what is this way you know the way to get to wherever you want to go the way this is a symbol of something we obviously in this little sensor journey what what what is it how'd you get from this space of this place with all of William Miller's rules what you have to do okay proof six you have to proof text it's the Bible isn't it isn't which is what Robyn Gregory was saying you know it's really a symbol of the Bible all of this so if you're happy that the ways really through inspiration in some context you can say that if we're building it was that human person that came Christ so let's go to which book did I say Luke's Luke six Luke 6:39 Luke 6 39 and he spake a parable unto them can the blind lead the blind it's a rhetorical question there's always the answer is yes or no I guess shall they both not fall into the ditch so you got led somewhere by and you're blind by a blind person what would happen you both fall into a ditch pretty straightforward so now we've got a ditch so what is a ditch sister Brahmi real life what is a ditch I'll taste not a hole I say a pit was a hole what would a ditch be but he says can the blind lead the blind good Society it's the culvert on the side okay so if we look along that path this would be the path and there's a gully or a ditch either side like the drainage culvert so this is the path so if the ditch is this bit that's either side of the path what's another way to express a ditch if you fall into a ditch brother Tyler you're 48 we did what would you be falling into I'll give you context Ellen White's vision first bigs only keep your mind off the path so the kind of the work so the ditch is the world so if the bitch is the world what is the path to heaven the path to heaven we could say maybe it's the church we might call it the movement depend on the context but I call it the word you stay in the word you stay on the path because as soon as you stop having faith you're gonna fall into a ditch into the wicked road below just while we're in Luke 639 how comes everyone's blind brother brother Rob why bill blind in Luke 639 you don't know the truth you have a big bit more of that answer than they don't know the truth because it's been hid from them has been blocked from them by former generations everything you said is correct brother Larry why is it go on blind darkness okay I'm gonna go to Isaiah one six Isaiah one six you don't have to turn there if you don't it's just a simple it says from the sole of the foot even to the head there is no soundness we're familiar with that verse the whole thing is sick so when it says let me go to another verse I should have gone to the other one I think it's the matthew one yeah Matthew's a better one actually Matthew 15 is the same verse Matthew 15:14 this disturbs my point better Matthew 15:14 this is going to tell you he says can the blind lead the blind it's going to tell you who that first blind is which is we could have we could have worked it out but we'll just do the verse 15 14 let them alone they are blind leaders of the blind and if the blind lead the blind bro shall fall into the ditch so you've got two blind people who's the first blind people 15 14 Matthew 15:14 who's the first blind person the leaders so I would argue that's the head and the person who's leading is the soul yeah so everyone's blind brother Daniel this is the church that's sick all the way through what was this blind that's all about so this is later seer that's what I wanted to see so this is the time of Christ and the church in time of crises later seeing and what makes them lay the scene no yeah what makes them lay this in there okay so I'm going to argue that it's false doctrines it's false doctrines that make them lay the scene which make them blind and those false doctrines of the scriptures so when you're out of the scriptures when you've lost your mission your purpose in life depending on what church time period written but you've been your labor seein you could be another Church but it's the latest in experience so what I'm arguing is or the point that I want us to see is that the latest scene experience is not someone who is materialistic it's not materialism materialism is when it looks like and it looks like that's how often we think let me put it that way materialism often looks like reforms or you're not keeping the reforms so if you wear if you have a fancy car or if you wear makeup or if you buy expensive clothes or a fancy watch or something which say delay the seeing because they're not keeping the reforms and I'm arguing that's just like the symptom of a disease if you like well that's what we're picking up you know some has got a fever that's the problem isn't it got a high temperature this problem they've got some viral infection so the real cause of later series the doctrinal problem because they're no longer in the word if you're okay with that so these blind people are not in the word they're out of the word and they're going to drop you into a ditch because during the wicked world below will give another verse for that express the same store in a different way we've read this verse before as well this is Romans Romans chapter 3 rather grain which verse Romans three nine Romans three nine what then are we Jews better than they Gentiles no in no wise but we have before prutte is somewhere between chapter 1 2 and half of 3 he's already proven this we have before proved both the Jews and the Gentiles that they are all under sin if you're under sin where are you we know we Gentiles live in the wicked world below and the Jews are with them in the wicked world below because they're all blind and have fallen off the path into the ditch so all in this ditch and I'm saying you're in the ditch because you're not in the word and we okay with that so that was like a long proof just to make this simple observation if we're gonna do this verse 40 and verse 41 are we in the Bible are we in a verse no because there's no verses between here we're in between verses if I can express it that way in military terms where would we be if you're between something no-man's land buffer zone maybe it's demilitarizing the way we may be so our language I would understand it to be no-man's land you in the middle somewhere you're not on this side though you're not in that side you're somewhere that doesn't belong to anybody so I'm saying if you're here and there's no verses it means you're not standing on the word it means you must be in a ditch so I'm saying if we if we had this model we must be in a ditch and we used to teach it this way for a long time wherever we finished verse 40 we would say we're between verse 40 and verse 41 and it sound it sounded good for a long time but we spent a bit of time thinking about it and I'm suggesting if this were true we would have been in the ditch and maybe I don't want to maybe I want to temper now what I said it after all that build-up and I'm saying I think we were we were in the ditch for a good while don't say we were in the wicked world below don't go that far but we were we were in a in a mire we were in a problem because we were directionless here so I would suggest that verse 40 actually takes you all the way to here because in fact verse 40 which which way mark does it not have in verse 40 so verse 40 is the story of the king of the north and the King of the South if we're okay with that King unlocking the south straight forward and there's a war between them 9/11 is what story it's who against whom these customers yeah okay okay so we're gonna write king of the north against Islam yeah okay with that's just a robbery yeah so I would argue or suggest the inverse book - you can't see Islam in that verse unless there's someone's gonna said that they can't see it so I'd say verse 40 doesn't give you 911 so I don't think that's it would give us a 911 but it's certainly dis sorrentinos king of the south so let me ask you a related question not threat not so it's not dealing with this logic but it's something that comes up the king of the north is the papacy if we're okay with that yeah I don't if we all agree that the papacy took the title of the king of the north from pagan Rome got that title from pagan Rome and you might go to different verses what verse would you go to brother Philip Daniel Daniel no I managed in better Daniel yes I was thinking Daniel 11 30 and 31 when there's this okay you go to Revelation or here or or 12 mr. Baba will get up here stand at verse 11 revelation 13 sorry so 13 - yes we got to 13 so you go to 12 11 do you mind if you have a little digression so you go to twelve eleven and twelve eleven says what brother Tyler what's 12 11 I've got I got a framework now this what is twelve eleven okay what is twelve eleven that is five away but when the dailies being 508 so I've got what I've got 508 and the setting up of the abomination that maketh desolate 5:38 Sokka okay so I've got framework with 508 five thirty eight thirty years Rico be that mr. caffee you could with that just cap use me studying this that's my last dinner so 508 538 down you 1211 it was my question just now with that no before that it's wit Michael sweet okay so so you're saying you're suggesting sister probably suggesting that the titles which happens here 508 to 538 yeah let me go - hold that thought there I'm going to come out of that and we're going to come back to Daniel 11 for a moment and I'm just going to read the words I'm going to assume that we're all comfortable that Daniel 11 verse 40 has got only two people not three because if you read it there's three there's the King of the South him and the king of the north there's three people in the verse if you read it straight but you have to read it you have to do a bit of you have to really carefully and when you're really careful you get two people to him he's the king of the north that's what is how I understand it the King of the South shall push it the king of the north and then he says the king of the north shall come against him and I'm saying that him he's now the king of the south it's not the same to him and their him he's not the same person yeah if you proof text that verse you'd get into a mess yeah we smile and and I mean it in a serious way because thousands of Adventists proof texts that because that's what hoo-dee-hoo proof takes that Uriah Smith proof text it I'm not saying he protects it in the way that I'm suggesting didn't go to the verse and took the word him and said him and him but that's the conclusion that he comes to proof takes that and you come to the wrong answer proof texting is is dangerous if you don't do it properly and it's easy not to do it properly it's classic example is your item if he doesn't do it properly so I'm saying verse 40 says the King of the South comes against the king of the north then the king of the north comes against the king of the south if you are you okay with that sister Bronwyn yes nothing funny that's straightforward how we teach it so who is the king of the north verse 41 verse 40 as we read that this is France coming against the papal Church that's what we teach then we're going to say that the papal Church is going to come against King of the South which is Russia okay with that and it's going to do that with military and economic strength United States that's that's the state bit so the king of the north bit is papal Church you agree with that yeah so this is 1989 this is verse 40 then you've got verse 41 and I'll do verse 42 like that this is the USA and this is the world the glorious land in Egypt and the King of the South I'll take 1989 now and put Russia are you okay with that so one two three takes down three horns or three heads or three territories takes down three and once he takes down three what's going to happen okay Sencha he's gonna rule supremely so we can go to this story here you've got Daniel seven ten horns Daniel seven seven horns in the little horn you've got down you two ten toes and three of them and cut out here so you've got the same story three things need to be taken down to her alive vandals and Ostrogoths you take down three enemies and then what it rules supremely agree with that okay so in this story this is our history he's talking about the papacy is going to take down three entities what's the name of the papacy in this verse a symbol for the paper seats look called the papacy in verse 40 what's it called in verse 40 what trick question is king of the law so he says the king of the north the first thing it does is what the first thing he does is what Russia okay so I'm saying he's king of the north here king of north before he takes down three territories that's what that's what the verse says yeah okay so if you come to this one here this is 1211 what I'm gonna do is I've got 538 here and I'm gonna run back and I'm gonna put the haroo lie vandals and Ostrogoths this is 538 and what's this date for the Vandals what date you want to put for the Vandals can you read it so I've got Ostrogoths 377 okay so that won't work rough dates so we'll switch the video off to hide our shame no okay Danielle's going to save us arrow loads or 93 pan those 584 okay so we should we should have really known the Vandals ones because we were talking about it a minute ago but it's okay so the Bandol are put 533 534 wide on to put 33 for sister Kathy I wanna make that five years okay so that's just in the end and you say 493 cell right yeah yeah okay so you've got 493 so sister Bronwyn if we just take this pattern and bring it from here where must the king of the north be has to be before 493 do you have to have king to the north here just from that pattern without understanding the history if we just have faith rule 3 that the structures are correct that they're going to parallel one another if we did that if we agreed with that so it couldn't be 12 11 so this was a digression but it's an important one because I wanted a Wollaston we should just we should be able to hopefully see that once we get these patterns right again it's all dependent upon careful reading if we just read the verse he's called the king of the north gonna take down three he would say this we must have been the king of north take down three who else takes down three we've done modern road paper and rogue pagan Rome so if you go to pagan Rome where's the verse that they will be pagan Rome taking out three territories rubber bobble you Daniel eight nine so Daniel eight nine you're going to have these three don't you late nine okay so we've got one two three who's this one brother Larry that would be the first one himself it's not in the same order historically as it is in it's out its out of order because God wants to make a point so the first one is in Egypt okay swetha I just thought Babylon medo-persia Greece but that was only because oh the boat yeah let's do it this the territories like the north and east and the south yeah I'm looking for the knives yeah you're right just give me a moment okay the textarea okay got that serious serious yeah I understand no we're just saying I was looking at the dates thirty where the journey starts with the 60 so you got Syria it's got the glorious line and then you got Egypt okay some dates for Egypt with the 31 Laureus land would be 63 no 63 yet and then 64 I'll put four or five because if we're not sure about that so if you're going to base it upon this when this pagan Rome become the king of the north that's been before here and that's right if that's correct then that would be correct and that will be correct perhaps three to ask why you don't think I'd agree the research problematic in Daniel 11 you're going back into literal this gene it's the only one that got here buddy got little histories then easily you clear the knob do we have Syria right then he kept picking the north till he's actually has the moon doing eruptions he can't become kingdoms until he takes the king of the north to 33rd how would it work on this one there so when would the papacy become the king of the north that's what I'm saying it's before is it however he got they it would be before the takedown that's what I'm arguing just one the wording of adverse grammatically when you look at Daniel 11 verse 16 15 and 16 I don't know I just thought that 15 says it's still the king of the north shall come and that's an eon that's the whole Panem problem you know there and then you get to verse 16 it says but he that cometh against him she'll do according to his own well and the him that he is he is rolled right we all as does that and I understand that correct he is wrong yeah that cometh against him him being though who was just being referred to the king of the north and so picking up at least in that verse and not and this is verse this is 65 or 64 65 16 yeah 16 actually 16 16 includes the whole thing everything up in it the first two of these not the thirds of the first two ok say say it doesn't work here I mean with that verse if you can use that verse like that it would feel the human centered that one grammatically well okay because the king of the north was come against the king of the north that's how it sounds here I think that's what he said okay I don't know maybe doesn't work okay so dirty - I'll go for 13 so just just to finish that off the dragon gave him his power seat and great Authority see he has you see so cut me back to here so I'm saying verse 40 had all the way to the end and it's not it's not it doesn't include 911 but it includes two other way marks which we call raffia and panty em because they're all battles that deal with the king of the north and the King of the South and panty em really takes you all the way to the Sunday law so who got verse forty doing that it's okay let me just come back to this one so we had verse 41 42 did you say 43 was like that or oh yeah 43 44 and 45 yeah I was the only one that was different oh okay yeah and then 45 was half and you've got one two three four five sister probably have it that way and this was verse 43 yeah this with Brad the bop you had some comment on that yeah my only comment is depending on which like you're showing Sunday loft loud cry close of probation and and I'm seeing I've seen that the loud what went in the model you have there's that that I'm seeing in most of miles we've been drawing DIF a lot of cry is after the close of probation I hope not okay we'll be seen that line like that when when we when we draw the line of the priests and the Levites and the nothin um's that's showing the close of probation or enjoying the loud cry after the close of probation and so that's what's confusing me brother Larry the line of the priests run history midnight midnight cry what's that lame up yeah midnight you're what is that way mark okay okay choice just a midnight yeah the priests Oh show me the last one for Robert yeah we're going to put that here yeah there's a rubber grab for the priest hi 11 2014 my cry probation we'll wrap the air control right a second answer so we've got loud cry before the close of probation okay and that model it is okay so if I've got that one okay I don't want to do this because I know and I know what it's going to go oh why are you saying what you said fuse - I'm just looking into different wines yes I have to explain that I'm trying to avoid going into into that so I understand what your why are you saying that okay I'm gonna I'm gonna leave that if yeah I'm gonna change it to the line of this line the line that we're doing 144,000 so this way markings wah so this would just be Sunday law if I just did that take Dracula Panem out then it's the same live for the priests or 101,000 and we're just clipped it from here to here or to here so it is it is in the right place I agree okay adult Joe any question that was my question and then but as far as the the lines I still see that they all start I see the model word they're all starting at the Sunday law like this one going forward and I'm I'm more in agreement with that and I am with the one where you're parsing it out aloud cried mr. brought me is that one underneath there where it's just forty two forty two three four is that's a lot for my favorite yes okay that's true that's what that's true too so brother Philip more I do pull that out versus I'm seeing I think them being parallel the from verse 41 up to verse 45 maybe verse 45 starts maybe ends later than the other one what lighter well you say maybe verse 45 extends later than the other ones stops like that no it's they all start from from verse 41 to 45 I'll put the pasta don't start that the Sunday law but maybe verse 45 ends at the second coming includes the plagues oh thank you okay so your sir oh I and say what you're saying you're saying 45 goes like this yeah what's 45 on the bottom with some art to explain all the times of probation no no the start winner there wasn't one it was just some point here and the problem with that is so you start doing that what what you haven't what does it force you to do forced you to create a way mark because you have to be able to define that so that would be an extra way lock not a problem because they make me extra marks and we haven't seen yet so tomorrow we'll just have a quick review of of what we think about this line if it's this model or this one because can all read tallies people are drawing this line like this they've refined their thinking because two three four five years ago we wouldn't have drawn it that way we would have drawn it differently I think many of us would have drawn it differently because we were a scene first in the United States then in the world we would have had this kind of by level of moving 42 like it just just like it is here 22 was it would have been shifted so because we would have done that I'll just add one point here to think about you have we've got the four countries and the most affluent countries so if we were going to say the most affluent countries is here what acelin countries are we talking about would you include all the appellant's countries except the united states well including the United States when we when we have affluent countries and Libyans could eat says everyone's going to be at his step and if you're going to make his steps that he's been the papacy then it must mean United States at his steps so verse 43 would have had to include the United States and United States were at his steps back from here so does that does that logic make sense that that's why it begins to be you begin to get you have to you begin to get problem when you start doing it like this I was picking it up from the very source says Egypt yes Egypt took me by that that's the world so that's why well pray oh sorry brother so in 40th verse 43 where it talks about the power of the treasures of gold and silver so that's the economy does the papacy have control of the economy through the US so for example when they're enforcing Sunday law like is it or does it have to be direct oopsie direct to the economy can they go through it can't be considered fulfillment if it's true the third party it's either directly the countries or through the United States is that what you're asking yes or just it cannot be considered the papacy in control of the economy even if it's true the papers the earth through say the US at somewhere law ok we'll address that tomorrow if you let me your question Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness we ask them pray that you would give us the blessing that we need we desire to honor and serve and glorify your name please direct us in the studies that we have both in our personal and in our group studies please help us to have a clearer understanding of your word and in particular with respect to this class help us to understand the role in the nature of the king of the north in the Terra fashion we ask him pray for this blessing in Jesus's name Amen