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Publish Date: 9/24/2018
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amen just a reminder of for those that weren't here yesterday that these few morning classes I'll be doing aren't aren't interactive we have question time afterwards before breakfast for other questions and thoughts if possible if that's okay I'll just do a quick revision before we pick up where we left off we were looking at the great controversy in the largest-scale from the perspective of a proxy war so we saw that there was war in heaven christ versus satan and that war came down to earth and became a war between Christ's followers and Satan's followers their Kingdom or Church depending on what perspective you want to take we reminded ourselves that Satan has consistently worked by counterfeiting the truth and my proposition was that even in this large scale the path of the counterfeit lies closer to that of the truth than what we might think just on first sight to illustrate that point I wanted to have a short discussion on papal infallibility and what that means and I really had two reasons for doing that one was to show how the path is closer than it appears and and my other reason was really just an excuse to go over the last last 30 years of history I wanted us just to have a very very brief look at Pope John Paul the second how he wasn't allowed to use his claim to papal infallibility because he was opposed really by his own church how he failed in Eastern Europe really without even considering Russia as a failure he had failed even in Poland by their rejection of papal control and their embrace of democracy which was never his plan so to have a look at the current condition of the of the papacy we're kind of we went from Pope John Paul the second his failure there and we saw that in 1995-1996 which is a neat parallel with the formalization of our message the st. gallen group formed they called themselves also the st. Gallen mafia and this was a group of bishops Cardinals Godfrey de Neil's that kind of his kind of circle that would meet in the town of st. gallen in Europe and it was top secret the Pope tried to launch an investigation into it that was John Paul but he wasn't able to find solid evidence this group would fall fairly regularly from 1996 forward and their aim was to prevent a Cardinal Ratzinger becoming Pope John Paul was kind of grooming his Cardinal Ratzinger to succeed him and they could see that they opposed John Paul's conservatism really and the Ratzinger would essentially follow the same path they didn't want that one of their options that they wanted was a Cardinal bergoglio so Pope Benedict became Pope they failed in their work in 2005 and here was Pope through til early 2013 and we looked at the very leak scandal in 2012 as a main reason for him stepping down and I think there's more internal politics that went on there than what we are aware of but he stepped down early 2013 though is still functioning that were of the st. Gallen group stepped into action and were able to get bergoglio in who became Pope Francis the current Pope so then we looked at our just a few other thoughts to add to that it's really worth looking at the Synod of Bishops in 2014 this is when Pope Francis really shook the church in this it's meant to be a platform for bishops and Cardinals to express their views it has kind of a bit of a democratic function in that way where they can come together in groups of Cardinals and bishops and come to common points of doctrine and air those have them written into papers that would go out to all the different Catholic churches and flocks and what he did was completely silence the Conservatives him anything they printed had to go through people who were loyal to him that he had appointed liberals within the church they weren't allowed to print their own material they weren't allowed to speak that Synod descended into a screaming match hour for 15 minutes they chanted shame shame in front of the Pope it was a huge in the end he actually had to back down but that was really at the beginning of a simmering civil war within the Catholic Church that blew out into the open about eight weeks ago when Archbishop vigan Oh who was the same Archbishop heading the Vatican Bank that really started the chain of events that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict and he about a roughly eight weeks ago wrote an 11 page letter condemning point Francis and calling for his resignation and then promptly turned off all his communication and went into hiding it was afraid for his life but he has resurfaced since then Catholic books written by conservative Catholics on the subject the dictator Pope the lost Shepherd the political Pope they've been quite outspoken and these are loyal Catholics they're not giving up their faith but they are opposing the Pope it's very much a split between liberals and conservatives and divided inside those two camps particularly the Conservatives you then have semi independent and independent ministries some of those ministries share through YouTube where they have their own churches and platforms their video is reaching views of ten thousand two hundred thousand plus views one of the main main independent semi independent church groups its titles themselves the Church of militant they are based out of Detroit and have 60,000 YouTube subscribers and their own use news network so we're talking about a very fractured Church to get a better look at this we went back to 1798 and saw really how they are how they really are a counterfeit they went into apostasy they were in a gathering time though doing well in the 1260 but they went into apostasy they're scattered in 1798 for 118 years and that gathering begins again in 1916 by passing the leadership an angel comes down to three children in Fatima and this was a three-step prophetic testing message designed to resurrect the Catholic Church and I would like to suggest that it all really the purpose of it all comes down to step two that was the dedication of Russia which was what Mary asked for step one was a vision of hell it was a message of fear not with the hope that our first angels message gives the second was to dedicate Russia and the third is essentially and Lycia for the rest of her life taught this the third is what will happen if you don't fulfill step two and dedicate Russia kind of reminds me in Revelation how how the dragon was ready at the birth of Christ to devour the child even before he was born and this is before we understand the October Revolution of 1917 it's only really around this time that Lenin the Bolshevik Revolution takes place we understand in March its there is revolution but the Bolsheviks take power in Russia in the October Revolution Red October so they're really preparing he can Satan can see what's about about to happen the Bolshevik Revolution being the closest revolution to that of the French are since 1798 so we'll pick up from where we left off and what I wanted to do was just skip through a lot of history when we come back to this subject at the end of our time together we're going to look much more closely at the history after 1917 but I'm going to skip most of that and head to Pope John Paul the second so just a couple of highlights in 1929 as we mentioned yesterday she had another major vision where Mary told her that the Pope does not want to consecrate Russia he's not listening he says pope pius xi she says they will heed my request requests but it will be too late russia will have spread her errors throughout the world provoking wars and persecutions of the church the holy father will have much to suffer 1935 for she right starts writing her memoirs and she writes i think six in total 1937 she requests that same pope pope pius xi to consecrate Russia to Mary he he ignores that request in 1940 Lucia writes insistently to Pope Pius the 12th 1939 you have a change of Pope Pope Pius the 11th dives Pope Pius the 12th steps in in her letter to him she says the following she says in 1929 through another apparition Mary asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart promising its conversion through this means and the hindering of the propagation of its errors sometime afterwards I told my confessor of the request of our lady he tried to fulfill it by making it known to pass the 11th in several intimate communications our Lord has not stopped insisting on this request see lately to shorten the days of tribulation which has determined to punish the nations for their crimes through war famine and several persecutions of the Holy Church and your holiness if you will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with a special mention for Russia in order that all the bishops of the world do the same in union with your holiness it's important to note that this consecration of Russia there was a.m. there was guidelines and how it had to be conducted all the bishops of the world had to descend on Rome it had to specifically mention Russia in a certain way so there were guidelines that they had to follow and this is the reason that the Catholic Church from then on in has dedicated Russia six times because they kept failing to fulfill those requests 1942 Pope Pius the 12th consecrated the world to Mary part of the reason they were so they were really afraid to name Russia specifically in case that that brought brought an attack on them so he thought he was doing it in 1942 but he wasn't specific Lucia writes to him and says that failed Mary did not accept it 1952 a pro PI's the 12th same fellow consecrates the Russian people to marry that is failed 1964 at the Second Vatican Council Pope Pius the sixth renews the consecration of Russia in the presence of the bishops fathers but that also failed they didn't have everyone there and Pope Paul the sixth it wasn't what I would suggest is it was a real believer in Fatima so that was their attempts leading up to 1979 kind of half-hearted the best attempt was Pope Pius the 12th in two attempts and the Catholic faithful the real merrier nights from then on Ian blamed the whole Cold War the Iron Curtain all of that they blamed on fales dedication of russia if Pope Pius the 12th in 1942 had have just done his job they say that the Cold War would never have happened so 1979 I'll rub this out because that's okay I believe it was I think it was 1978 our Pope John Paul the second becomes Pope 1979 he's welcomed at the White House and this was unprecedented before this they would only meet the Pope's in separate cities in hotel rooms to start with but never at the White House because it was always recognized that that really gave the impression of the state recognizing the church so it wasn't until 1979 that that was permitted the front cover of Time magazine for October 15 showed John Paul standing in front of a sea of people titled John Paul superstar Jimmy Carter who welcomed him to the White House said welcome to our country our new friend Time magazine noted that just two decades ago this would have been inconceivable in u.s. politics may 13 of 1981 and recognized that is the anniversary of Fatima this really marking the beginning when they see Mary this was the angel so may 13 is seen as the date of Fatima may 13 of 1981 pope john paul ii is shot in his assassination attempt widely believed to be orchestrated by the Soviet Union due to his efforts already in Poland this was a 64th anniversary of Fatima he nearly died but when as soon as he was capable of doing so he called for the Third Secret see this Third Secret had been locked in the Vatican archives under under lock and key for ever since she wrote it down I think in around 1938 it had been read by the Pope's Mary had told her that it is to be given to the Pope's and released to the world in 1960 I think it was Pope John the 23rd he read it in 1959 locked it up again and refused to release it directly disobeying Lucia's instructions given to her she said by Mary and that the reason for that is pope john xxiii did not believe Fatima did not believe Lucia so it really they disobeyed in that history as well which will go back over at a later date so it hadn't been released and John Paul as of 1981 hadn't actually read it but he recognizes his his assassination attempt as being connected to Fatima he forms this kind of personal he feels like this was all for him so he asked for the third secret on jet which is on judgment he reads it and he interprets interprets it as a prophecy of his assassination attempt Lucia then wrote to early the next year wrote to Pope John Paul the second on May 12 she said the third part of the secret of judgment refers to Our Lady's words if not Russia will spread her errors throughout the world causing wars and persecutions of the church the good will be martyred the Holy Father will have much to suffer very various nations will be annihilated the third part of the secret is a symbolic revelation referring to this part of the message conditioned by whether we accept or not what the message itself asks of us quoting if my requests are heeded Russia will be converted since we did not heed this appeal of the message we see that it has been fulfilled Russia has invaded the world with her errors and we have not yet seen the complete fulfillment of the final part of this prophecy so she's saying that this work of judgment is only just beginning she says in the kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path the next day May 13 1982 John Paul dedicates Russia I don't think I read that I have to try and locate it but Mary did tell her that all they had to do was dedicate Russia if they just did that that Mary would step in and and assist so I'm not sure how to explain all the subsequent events that I do find it interesting May 13 1982 John Paul the second concert dedicates Russia but he sent out the invitation letter too late and not all the bishops had arrived so Lucia writes to him and said this failed June the next month Reagan and the Pope held their first meeting at a 10-day conference and this is in at night 1982 where they really started working out how they were going to take down the Soviet Union it's just the next month after this dedication March 25 1984 he dedicates Russia again but he's afraid he's afraid of the backlash that could come upon him already recognizing that they'd already tried to kill him in 1981 so he doesn't get very specific in his dedication he consecrates the whole world especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude and both the Pope and Lucia are initially uncertain that this has been accepted by Mary May 13 1984 I haven't left myself nearly enough room May 13 of 1984 one of the largest crowds in Fatima history gathers at the shrine to pray the rosary for peace on that day an explosion at the Soviets several several mosque naval base destroyed two-thirds of all the missile stockpile for the Soviets Northern Fleet the blast also destroys workshops needed to maintain the missiles as well as hundreds of scientists and technicians lost their lives Western military experts call that the worst naval disaster the Soviet Navy has suffered since world war ii december 1984 the Soviet defense minister who masterminded the invasion plans for Western Europe in the event of or suddenly and mysteriously dies March 10 1985 the Soviet Union Leader Chernenko dies leading to the next day the election of Gorbachev April 26 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster 1987 April 26 on the first anniversary of Chernobyl the Virgin Mary is reported to have appeared to a 12 year old girl and later to thousands of adults at the Chapel of the Blessed Trinity in a small ukrainian village the soviet union tries to shut this down but they cannot stop the pilgrimages about hundred thousand people converged on that village in the first month and after that about 40,000 to 45,000 visited the site every everyday 1988 may 12 the day before Fatima an explosion wrecked the only factory that made the rocket motors to launch the Soviets long-range missiles February 23 1989 so this history of really at all the politics that we have skipped over and Gorbachev Lucia has been observing this and on July did I write that correctly sorry July 29 I don't know what she writes a letter to a friend and remember this is a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall sheera said she says to her her friend sister Mary I received your letter and although I have very little time at my disposal I will answer your question which is is a consecration of the world according to the request of our lady made on october 31 1942 Pope Pius the 12th made the consecration I was asked if it was made as our lady requested I answered no because it was not made in union with all the bishops of the world later on May 13 1967 she is referring to another consecration by Pope Pius the sixth I was asked if it was made as a lady requested I responded no for the same reason on May 13 1982 john paul ii made the consecration i was asked if it was made i responded no it was not made in union with all the bishops of the world then this same supreme pontiff john paul ii wrote to all the bishops of the world asking them to unite with him he sent for the statue of Our Lady of Fatima the one from the little chapel to be taken to Rome and on March 25 1984 publicly with the bishops who wanted to unite with His Holiness made the consecration as our lady requested then they asked me if it was made as our lady requested and I said yes now it was made why this urgency of gods that this consecration should be made in union with all the bishops of the world because this consecration is a call for unity of all Christians so she says that she said yes back then but really there is no record of her actually acknowledging its acceptance until July 29 and I think that they held doubts about that and really what they've observed is the crumbling of the Soviet Union and I'd like to suggest that has swayed more than her opinion 1989 November 9 the fall of the Berlin Wall the beginning of the breakup of the Soviet Union which extends to 1991 in the year 2000 john paul ii published that third secret it's widely believed that he has held some back that it hasn't all been published and there's lots of conspiracy theories about that i'm not sure if they are cured or not Lucia dies on the 13th of February again marking the number 13 in 2005 she died only I think 48 days before john paul ii they both died a relatively close together so i kind of want to introduce a thought that might um might be worth considering it was already suggested yesterday that was jumping a little ahead of of kind of where i wanted to go with it but it is where we're heading that our history is being counterfeited closer than we might realize and somebody suggested accurately i would believe that lucia is a direct counterfeit of ellen white she is claiming to have visions throughout this whole time from the time when she's nine years old and that angel comes down that she speaks of numerous occasions that she hasn't necessarily documented and i would like to suggest that some of that's real I really do believe she was in contact with something satanic so if sane is in contact with Lucia and he is watching disaster after disaster fall on the Soviet Union and she makes the statement in 1989 that that dedication is accepted and that the King of the South has been defeated 16 years later in 2005 she dies and there is no other message coming to the Catholic Church there is no other communication with leash lúcia that that isn't true 2005 she still believes that the king of the south is defeated from 1989 to 1999 the Soviet Union that Russia now is incredibly weak they had 10 years to kill that beast and they failed to do it I think it was Yeltsin that told Clinton you keep kicking us while we're down you're not letting us you know rebuild our economy rebuild our nation but really they were only playing with Russia that could have killed it and they don't because the world believes John Paul believes that that work is done 1999 Putin becomes president I would suggest that after that it's going to be a whole lot harder 2001 September 11 the world's focus turns on Islam everyone's focus is off what is happening in Russia 2004 they should have recognized 2004 when there was that there was a hostage situation where over a thousand people were taken hostage many of them schoolchildren 300 and something died when Putin ordered tanks guns everything to descend on that school over half of that were little children he used that terrorists hostage attack as an excuse to set up powers that were dictatorial he completely changed the set up that that was 2004 really marks when he um he set himself up in Russia and he used that attack as an excuse to do so so 2005 I would like to suggest that Satan does know that the king of the south is coming back he does not understand raffia or pan IAM going by the history of the fact that lucia doesn't that the church doesn't and that they are completely ignoring russia in that history so what happens at raffia in the mindset of Pope Francis and the Catholic faithful who are still dedicated to Fatima what happens when Russia comes back well it all comes back into play they know this history and they know the message of judgment so when Russia comes back they have an intellectual reason to try and take it down again I'll just rub this out I want to suggest that perhaps there's one other proof we can give but Satan thought that work was done what what takes us to 1798 what brings us to that date of 1798 what time prophecy like I'm thinking of the 2520 I'm reading from 80 Jones 2025 twenty years before 1960 will take you 1916 will take you to 605 BC got accurate brother theater 605 BC the Second Battle of cockle ish and I'd like to suggest that this is a counterfeit 25 20 and what happened at the Second Battle of Kaka mich I'll quote from March 15 1898 80 Jones 170 2.7 he says and when shortly after this Nebuchadnezzar the son of knob of palasa conquered Necco of Egypt at Kaka missed by the Euphrates drove him back to Egypt and took possession of all his territories even up to the river of Egypt itself babylon secured they decidedly predominant power over all so the Second Battle of Kaka mich you have Babylon United in alliance with the two horned power of made of Persia united against a common enemy that was Egypt and nor what he says that conquered all of Egypt's territories even up to the river of Egypt itself what is that did I conquer Egypt no they brought it all the way to that River Nile but they did not take Egypt only its territories and Babylon secured the decidedly predominant power over all so when it comes to 1989 what does what what is satan satisfied with satisfied with taking down the satellite states of the Soviet Union the fact that Russia still kind of has this simmering communism doesn't seem to be like a major deal because who takes down bubbling it is an Egypt after this state I can't find another record of me to Persia sorry of Egypt coming back against Babylon and striking any any blow we're nearly finished with Fatima I just want to put one other thing in your minds to consider for what we're going to be looking at before we come back to this subject because we're going to finish with this subject just one thing I don't want to go into detail but I want us to have it in the back of our minds and that is when when did the papacy make their first attempt on the King of the South if we Mark 1773 to 1798 how many years is that 25 years here they stopped fulfilling their job function here they're scattered 1916 they're gathered when do they make their first attempt on the King of the South 1941 25 years after 1916 this is Operation Barbarossa in 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union I don't know how many have read the book Hitler's Pope but I would like to suggest that it's full of information that's relevant to our time in 1941 the papacy took all of this Fatima literature and flooded Eastern Europe with it not just Eastern Europe but Catholic countries and they had a definite goal in mind when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union it's recorded that foreign legions from Spain Portugal France and Belgium fought side-by-side with the Nazis when they invaded the superstitious Catholic masses rallied in medieval fashion to the anti-communist banner they styled this as some type of medieval crusade we're going to look into this history of 1941 later so that is why I I just wanted to put that out there for consideration so this completes our study of Fatima for now and we'll come back to it we will come back to it to close is it okay if I rub this out so I want to head back to Acts chapter 27 now we're going to head back into um back into that chapter just to pick up a loose thread I'm not going to redo the lines bad um that we did back then I just want to have a quick revision so in this chapter this is Paul's journey to Rome as a prisoner we made quite a few applications in those classes and we placed acts 27 and 28 on two separate reform lines both kind of as a repeat and enlarge from different perspectives verses 1 to 5 we placed on the first reform line we saw that it begins in Caesarea that you have two kings Felix and then Festus just the way you have Reagan and Bush that there's another Jewish king that headed the temple Agrippa how he rejects the message as well that we saw as representing the church and then they leave from Caesarea and land at Sidon we saw Sidon as a symbol of the United States the Bible always seems to mention tyre sidon and the coasts of Palestine or however they want a word that conglomerate of powers so after Sidon which was a refreshing Ellen White says that that stop gave Paul the strength for the entire rest of his voyage and we marched that at 9/11 then they sailed to Cyprus which we saw as the two false prophets Simon Magus and by Jesus both from Cyprus and then from there which we marked as midnight cry to Myra Sunday law so he covered that history in between midnight cry and Sunday law you have the sea of silesia and Pamphylia selicia means to overturn Pamphylia means a nation made up of every tribe so it's this overturning of nations that you could take back to Felix Festus and Agrippa where we started the overturning of the United States the rising of the United Nations the nation made up of every tribe also the fall of Agrippa or the church and the rising of the twelve tribes as the joining of the two sticks occurred ending in Myra that isn't really where I want to pick up the second line we marked from lesya in verse eight and Lucia means two things it means wise and it means thick and we saw what thick represents in a couple of texts that that brought us the word thick one of them was thick fat kind of sin and also what I particularly was drawn to was it the verse that says the thick crowd gathered around Jesus and asked for a sign and he told that thick crowd no sign will be given you except for the sign of Jonah the Prophet they set sail from lesya we could mark this is a new line also because it's a new ship there's two ships in this chapter two lines setting sail from let's see out the next thing they hit are your rock Lydon 911 your rock Lydon is means east wind and it is the same storm in the same part of the Mediterranean that hit Jonah it's a yearly phenomenon now known as the levantar but back then known as your Rock Glidden it still occurs today and we recognized that this ship took a beating that it's bound together by these ropes or lines and we saw that that ship was a representative of the movement and the Ellen White says it's a good ship to skip most of this chapter verse 27 acts 20:7 27 the fourteenth night was come and about midnight the Shipman deemed that they drew near to some country so you have a marking of midnight a doubling and it's the fourteenth night and we marked that I know it says midnight but we marked that as the midnight cry still at midnight we could mark midnight earlier to this in the verses preceding I'd also suggest you can see that you can see a cry in that when they spot land that would have been a cry going up by this stage Ellen White says shipwreck was their only hope of survival so they had watches throughout day and night looking for land verse 39 to the end of the chapter gives us the shipwreck so twenty-seven twenty-seven shipwreck was a history of Sunday law between these two histories or just one other thought who did we make Paul to be we might Paul as a symbol of the priests I like that his name also means small we saw that with him on this voyage he has two companions Aristarchus and Luke Ellen White writes that Aristarchus was a prisoner by choice he never had to be a prisoner but he chose to so that he could minister to Paul in his affliction a prisoner by choice his name means the chief Prince I would like I did suggest then that our stockist represents Christ we recognized that Luke his name means I think it might mean a few things but it means a lot giver he never speaks of himself you don't hear of him speak of himself in any of the history of this voyage but we know he's there and he actually writes this chapter and we suggested that he was a symbol of the Holy Spirit so Paul has a companions on this voyage that are really there to support him so I want to mark those three separate to the rest of the ship so we can mark in this history the three groups quite neatly from the time that set sail you have Paul but then you also have all the rest of the people on the ship who Paul goes to with a message and then at Sunday law they go to the island and we suggested that represented priests Levites and Athens and I find it really neat that relating the lead man of the island whose name was Publius Publius means public so they went to the public and they stayed with him three days there on the island three months that there's so much symbology what we picked up the thread I wanted to pick up is in verse 37 it says and we were in all in the ship two hundred threescore and sixteen Souls two hundred and seventy-six souls and it bothered me why Luke would record this here towards the end of the chapter between when they spot land Paul starts breaking bread and feeding the crew or that symbology and shipwreck why would Luke step in here and say oh by the way there's 276 people on this ship it has to have meaning and it has to be placed for a specific reason so I think to understand this number we have to understand it in the context of our reform line that it is priva priests Levites Nathan um's so how many Levites are on this ship then two hundred and seventy three because you have to discount these there are two hundred and seventy three non-christians non faithful on this ship - sing out Paul our stock is and look the three Christians we went there two numbers chapter 3 and the calling out of the tri of the the Levites if you go to numbers chapter 3 starting from verse verse 11 and the Lord spake unto Moses saying and I behold I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that openeth the matrix among the children of Israel therefore the Levites shall be mine number 15 number the children of Levi after the house of their fathers by their families every male from a month old and upward shalt thou number them and Moses numbered them according to the word of the Lord as he was commanded then we have all the account of the numbering and we'll pick it up in verse 39 all that were numbered of the Levites which Moses and Aaron numbered at the commandment of the Lord throughout their families all the males from a month old and upward were 20 and two thousand so of the Levites there's 22,000 to fulfill the service of the sanctuary verse 40 and the Lord said unto Moses number all the firstborn of the male's of the children of Israel from a month old and upward and take the number of their names first 43 and all the firstborn males by the number of names from a month old and upward of those that were numbered of them were twenty and two thousand two hundred threescore and thirteen twenty two thousand two hundred and seventy three firstborn this left you with 273 to few Levites to fulfill the service of the sanctuary at the very beginning of their calling I'd like to suggest that God doesn't like incomplete numbers and when is that number made up when do those 273 come in and fulfill their calling between midnight cry and Sunday law is that okay otherwise we'll just move on because we're finished in acts 27 we too Missy acts and then there's 273 in numbers three numbers chapter 3 yeah that's the number of the first forum right so what the Levites were meant to do is man for men to step in and replace the role the firstborn were meant to have done in the sanctuary back in verse verse 39 there's 22,000 Levites and there's 22,000 273 firstborn so men for men they're meant to replace and that means as 273 firstborn who aren't fulfilling their job function it's 273 that okay might it be well this is where we left off last time where I want to suggest are these takes us I didn't think we would get this far otherwise I probably would have printed a couple of quotes for you and I'll do that for tomorrow where I think this takes us is to 273 BC what I want to suggest I went suggest it yet I'll read for you 1890 880 John's great empires of Bible prophecy page 220 paragraph 1 page 220 if you can get there he says and he's commenting on this history I on this year specifically the reputation of the Romans beginning now to spread through foreign nations by the war they had maintained for six years against Pyrus whom at length they compelled to retire from Italy and return ignominy Slee to a Pyrus Ptolemy Philadelphus sent ambassadors to desire their friendship and the Romans were charmed to find it solicited by so greater King the following year the Romans sent to it Egypt for ambassadors in return for this courtesy from Philadelphus in 273 BC this is according to the navies of Rome by Michael potosi in 273 base a Ptolemy of Egypt established diplomatic relations and friendship with Rome this is the first time Egypt and Rome forum really have any form of diplomatic contact and this is um they send ambassadors Egypt sends embassadors to Rome as eight a Giants points out in the following year in 272 BC Rome Rome returns the favor and sends embassadors to Egypt those ambassadors I led by a principled man known as Fabia's Maximus Jurgis maximum Maximus means maximum judges means flood the maximum flood what I'm wanting us to do is sorry once will take me one step back have you gone from max to this 272 get to 273 that would be initial contact each owners main quotes are 80 Jones or the Navy's are worn by Michael Curtiz I will print both wait why did a gypped establish a diplomatic relationship with Rome 80 Jones says that it was because of the reputation of Rome that developed due to their six-year war with Pyrus what we had prior to 273 BC was the pirate war this is the war that um this is the war that launched rolling onto the global stage this is quoting from a critical history of early Rome I'll print these up for tomorrow from press from prehistory to the First Punic War by Gary Forsythe he says Rome's defeat of Pyrus in the pirate war was a clear declaration to the rest of the ancient Mediterranean world that the Romans had arrived on the world scene of warfare and power politics and recognition of this fact was no long time in coming into 73 BC King Ptolemy ii Philadelphus of egypt santé ambassadors to rome to open up friendly diplomatic relations with the victor of Italy the Romans reciprocated by sending their own ambassadors to Egypt in 272 he lists them but then he says Fabia's Maximus judges must have headed the delegation he had been twice consul censor triumphal and was perhaps the principal senator at the time of the embassy the Parekh war came to its official end in 272 BC but it it essentially ended him really in 275 so this is the war that brought about the rise of Rome Oh being a little bit briefed on this history because what I want to pick up is the pirate war and I want to go back right back to the very very beginning and then trace this history from the beginning instead of picking it up at the end as that we've had to do here so we're going to go right back to the beginning and trace it and then cover this history as well just to give you an idea of what the pirate war was about you're gonna have to forgive me but I'm going to draw a really terrible Italy that's not to me Italy sorry and this is the coastline down here you have a country called a Paris in history previous in around 280 BC Rome which is up here head piece by piece conquered all of northern Italy so Rome has control of northern Italy and it starts to interfere in the affairs of the south and down in southern Italy it's mostly composed of all these independent Greek city-states and there's one primary city-state and that is 2 wrentham over here this is known as the Gulf of Toronto I think still today 2 wrentham being the chief city state really having authority or you might call a sphere of influence over all these other city-states and these are all Greek a pirate's down here is also Greek kind of almost like the embarrassing relative that the Greeks wish they didn't didn't have they're kind of related they related close enough to be Greek and a Pyrus is the king of Epirus during this time is Paris Paris where we get the word the name pirate war so down here these Greek city-states kind of are encountering their own internal problems they have two factions many of them have two factions within their own City and these are did a list who they are that they're kind of either the wealthy party or the I think they're known as the Democratic Party and one of these parties wants to ally with Tarentum and one of the other parties wants to ally with Rome for different reasons one is a composed of the wealthy sees that they will get better trade more wealth if they ally with Rome and the other party is concerned about Rome's behavior and says we're Greek we should stick together and they want to ally with tarentum so in the year around two to two eighty to eighty one I think it was the power in theory that gains control is the one that wants to ally with room and they do that that they're facing attacks from that the barbarian tribes there's Luke a nians other tribes in this area that are attacking the cities and they're under attack so they send ambassadors to rome and pretty much sign some type of treaty if you'll protect us we will ally with you this is the location of theory by the way and this is the city-state that is primarily are lying itself with rome during this time period pretty much rejecting the authority of Tarentum tarentum doesn't respond very well to theory along with rome and what they do then is they send they send and their army to theory they conquer it send away those a roman garrison stations there they expel them they attack roman ships down in this Harbor and rome declares war on Trenton so Roman 2 wrentham over this issue of thery Roman Tarentum go to war Trenton realizes that they're way off the deep end they are not nowhere nowhere near powerful enough to wage war with Rome so Tarentum sends embassadors down to a Pyrus and they ask the king of Epirus known as Pyrus to fight in this war for them Pyrus agrees he set sail lands in tarentum and what the pirate war is is a war between Pyrus uniting with these greek city-states and rome and i would like to suggest it is the war for italy between the north and the south this battle that this war between the North and the South ends in - 75 when Pyrus is finally defeated and this is the Battle of Benevento I want to suggest we're marking midnight cry and Sunday law and once again the 273 in between is it okay if we leave it there and go back to the very beginning what I want to do in in the next couple of classes is trace the life of Pyrus right back to to the very beginning Tracey's life from the very first steps forward because what we're looking at here is the end of a fascinating history and it's to work forwards and backwards is that okay so what I want to do in the next two classes is really just cover history I don't want to make any application and I'm going to really stick to that it's pretty much just going to be tracing history on a line with way marks but making no application so to do this I want to give a bit of a of a background to Pyrus what's happening in the world at this point in time if you turn to Daniel chapter 8 so in our remaining time I really just want to give a bit of a background to who piracy is and where he comes from Daniel chapter 8 verse 5 so parse was a relative of Alexander the Great I think it was a relationship like that of a second cousin Alexander the Great's mother Olympius was a princess of a Pyrus and Pyrus is born four years after the death of Alexander the Great so Alexander dies in 323 BC and piracy is born about 319 parce was one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen he modeled himself after Alexander the Great that was all he wanted to be was the next Alexander the Great and he was a fantastic general it's been debated by other generals from Hannibal through Napoleon who was better and some placed him if not on a level with Alexander the Great as almost a good a general a Daniel chapter 8 verse 5 we'll read 5 to 8 and as I was considering behold and he goat came from the West on the face of the whole earth and touched not the ground and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes what is that notable horn Alexander the Great and he came to the RAM that had two horns which I had seen standing before the river and ran unto him in the fury of his power so this is Alexander the Great leading Greece against me to Persia and I saw him come close unto the RAM and he was moved with collar against him and smote the RAM and break his two horns broke me to persia and there was no power in me to persia to stand before Alexander the great but he cast him down to the ground and stamped upon him and there was none that could deliver me to Persia out of the hand of Greece out of hand of Alexander therefore the he-goat waxed very great and when he was strong the great horn was broken Alexander the Great died and for it came up four notable ones towards the four winds of heaven so this is the life of Alexander the Great up till his death when that great horn is broken so we understand that those verses to describe the death of Alexander the Great and the breaking up of his empire into these four winds of heaven and can you name them for me Seleucus Ptolemy and Lysimachus I find these verses fascinating for the history that they skip so between 320 after 323 BC and Alexander that greats death was his kingdom divided into four no it was divided into possibly dozens of segments between many many generals at his death these aren't even necessarily the most notable of his of his generals what we have skipped in Daniel chapter 8 is 22 years of history known as the four diadochi wars you don't have these four generals taking over north south east and west until 301 BC at the battle of ipsus at that point in time you finally get the five broken down to four generals and how long do you have four generals for about about three years so we go from the death of Alexander the Great we skip 22 years of history we have four generals for three years and then we they start I think it's on the first one today's kiss and we lose Cassander there are five generals five General's ruling Alexander the Great's empire for a much longer period of history than there was for ruling that Empire but I understand the Bible is making a specific point and it's directing us in a specific direction I don't doubt that what I want to go into though is this history in between this is the history of the four diadochi wars and in those four day turkey wars his kingdom goes from dozens of generals dozens of splits down to in 301 at the end of the fourth day turkey war you have four generals remaining so just to explain a little of this this history further where I want to pick it up is really we might have a brief look at the end of the third Dido Kia war but we're going to look at the fourth diadochi war this was where Pyrus comes on the scene so for the fourth diadochi war we have all of our four generals Cassander this for the third and the fourth Dido Kia war it's Cassander lysimachus Seleucus and ptolemy all of our four generals have united to fight one common enemy one last general he's trying to unite alexander the great's enemy and it's these four versus Antigonus by far the most powerful general through those first two Dido key Wars war one and two also known as the successor Wars Antigonus has amassed an empire that is so great that in the third war these four unite to take him down and they can't do it so his army his empire is pretty much equal to that of these four combined and he's joined in this war by his son Demetrius it's really the two of them so Antigonus and Demetrius against Cassandra Lysimachus so Lucas and Ptolemy and the history of the third and the fourth is the history where these four try to bring down Antigonus in the third Dido kewal they fail to do that and it ends in a peace treaty neither side can doesn't strike a decisive blow so they enter into a peace treaty that holds until the fourth day turkey war begins Pyrus comes into the scene as I said in the fourth war by uniting with this side here he goes into an alliance with Demetrius I might started over here one second so this fourth diadochi war begins in 307 BC the the third ends with a peace treaty in 309 then between 309 and 307 you have the Babylonian war which is the beginning of the solution Empire this is when Seleucus takes Babylon but this fourth war begins in 307 and remember this is against Burfoot between our our four powers against Antigonus and Demetrius in 307 BC Demetrius attacks Athens he frees Athens from a dictator placed there by Cassander so cassandra is placed a dictator of puppet king in athens demetrius comes against it frees athens and really unites those particular greek city-states are going to alliance with Antigonus and demetrius they're so grateful to Demetrius for freeing them that they deify him they make him a god Cassander placed this dictator exactly 10 years earlier in 317 so he can mark a 10 and this marks the beginning of the 4th diadochi war this upsets our four generals so they unite once again to take down Antigonus this broke the peace treaty this action of demetrius broke the peace treaty that had been signed in 311 what i want to mark next is 303 bc in 303 BC Pyrus goes into an alliance with Demetrius Paris's sister died Amir marries Demetrius and pyre serves as one of his generals pirates at this stage is a very young king he's about 17 years old a Pyrus has been fraught by conflict a lot of his family has been killed and that's why you sends to the throne at a very young age so 303 BC Demetrius and Pyrus going to an alliance this alliance is tested first in 301 BC at the battle of ipsus this is known as the battle of ipsus and the end of the fourth day turkey war what it says is our our four generals Ptolemy doesn't show up in time so what it is is our three generals Cassander Lysimachus and Seleucus in history they're known as the Allied forces and these three unite against a common enemy Antigonus plus Demetrius and they're backed in this war by Pyrus so in this in this battle Cassandra and lysimachus face off against Antigonus it looks like it's not going to go well for Cassandra and lysimachus Ptolemy here's a false report that the battle has been lost so he runs back to Egypt and doesn't take part just as the battle is beginning so Lucas turns up this is what turns the tide of battle because Seleucus has established the solution Empire he's undergone his Eastern campaign and it comes back just in time for the Battle of our it's us with his estimated 400 war elephants and it's Tori's elephants that turned the tide of battle and our allied powers defeat Antigonus and Demetrius at this battle primarily because of these elephants this this was the end of the for Dido he was and this is the battle that gives us our four of four generals of Daniel chapter eight the day before this battle Antigonus named Demetrius as his successor Antigonus here he's 81 years old and he knows the chances of surviving the battle Arum always there's a high chance that you won't and he knows he knows he is facing a difficult battle so he names demetrius as his successor in the case of his death Plutarch records his history he says he presented Demetrius to the army and declared him his successor and what everyone thought stranger than all was that he now conferred a loan in his tent with Demetrius whereas in former time he had never sent entered into any secret consultations even with him but had always followed his own advice so even though Antigonus is defeated and dies in this battle demetrius really becomes king he still has his own fleet his own countries he personally isn't so badly affected he still has his own army Pyrus in this battle it was undefeated even at 18 years of age roughly he's undefeated but Antigonus dies and he dies because of those 400 elephants that cut him off from his army so I'm going to stop now and just conduct a little a little review I've been through three different topics which I was hoping to avoid doing after confusion we finished up Fatima we then went acts 20:7 had a quick revision of those lines and picked up the number 273 and we placed it between midnight cry and Sunday law as a symbol of the levites we then took that to 273 BC and saw that that was a fascinating time in history and that we could also place that date between a midnight crane a Sunday law the defeat of Pyrus which launches Rome on the world stage and Rome going to Egypt as a flood I then suggested that I would like to take pirates back to the very beginning where he first enters the world scene and just trace his life if I can make that process a little simpler what I wanted to do is what historians tend to do and divide Paris's life into two parts Macedonia and Italy so what we're doing now what we're going to do tomorrow is trace Pyrus --is life in Italy sorry in in Macedonia through the fourth day dokie war through the subsequent was as he takes part in the squabbling really between these four generals and then it's going to mark a shift he goes to Italy and then we're going to trace his time in Italy so there's really two separate two separate divisions of Paris's life we just want to cover that history without making application just yet so if we might close in prayer now and we have time for thoughts or questions if you do Father in heaven Lord thank you for your blessings thank you Lord that you don't wish to leave us in ignorance of what's coming what's happening and coming on the world I pray that you'll fit us up to be Lord your your proxy army that we might be fitted with that armor that you promised us through the sword through your word that we might be able to do this work Lord and bring in those people who who you love who Lord want to accept you you don't you don't know may we reach them Lord may we reach those in the churches and I pray that we're all alone that we will know how to do that what your will for each one of us is please guide us through today pray that you will bless each head bowed as they face their own personal battles Lord in their their personal lives in understanding your messages and also Lord that you'll continue to bless and guide this movement that you have raised up or this good ship I pray this in Jesus name Amen