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Publish Date: 9/24/2018
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on a u-turn to your notes what is the profit present truths volume four three the present truth of November 4 1886 we're on paragraph 7 I know you can't read the highlighted portions very well but halfway into the paragraph left-hand side the first word that I want to pick up is and and when the light rule there so bring on notes present truthful November 4 1886 its page six and it's the section that begins with Daniel paragraph seven halfway into this paragraph I'll read and when the light of the world the Sun of righteousness has once risen it's illuminating rays were not only reflecting light to the future but back through preceding generations giving significance to the whole plan and purpose of God from Adams day down through all the patriarchs and prophets the old ceremonies were lighted up these luminaries which God had placed in the moral heavens were never more to grow dim but were to shine with clearer steady arrays as the light from the cross of Calvary flashed upon the prophecies sort of flashed upon the prophetic past so we read this yesterday it was yesterday we have some questions about this during the class after the class so I just want to quickly go through this so brother Tyler if you could run through what we just read from and to essentially to the end of that paragraph basically yeah you know to where the depth you need to go in into each section so you have the Sun of righteousness rising and the Rays of this we talked about are going to reflect from where it is in the present and I think do we have it on the board not ready I'll put on the board so I've got the Sun is risen forward and backwards in time and she specifically highlights the past in the next the end of the next sentence and it's giving significance to the whole plan and purpose of God from Adams day through all the patriarchs and prophets the old ceremonious were lightened up so she says that these old ceremonies in the past let's say the you know Moses this time are going to now point forward I'm sorry let me let me finish on time these luminaries which God has placed in moral heavens were never to more grow dim but we're to shine with clear steady areas so they go so the light hits the these ceremonies and they get lighted up because you understand them and that light now becomes present truth in their presently shining you know they point forward as well they're reflecting that that light as well back to the present and maybe even the future so there's this light it's going to shine into the past and the past is going to reflect that light and point to what I'm trying to repeat what you say if I play if you find so what you said the light here is going to go to the past and these past is that what these luminaries are yeah is that the past things so these past things these luminaries are gonna then shine their light forward or reflect to where the future so I've got them reflecting back to the present anything else so then the past ones what about what happens about the future the future I'm still thinking about the future okay so why you thinking about that I've got next another related question this is the last part of the last sentence but were to shine with clearer steady arrays as so that's what she's talking about now she gives an example as a light from the cross of Calvary flashed upon the prophetic passed by the merrier that last part sorry I said it's a steady erase as the light from the cross as to me means in the same way it's it's she's making the comparison as light from the cross of Calvary flashed upon the prophetic past what does that last part me first time we wait to draw the cross on the picture where do I draw the cross what is as me it's like comparison so it's a comparison and they'll think that she's comparing this thing is talks about the cross so where'd you put the cross the crosses so you're gonna put the cross here yeah brother fit it there's just a way to put the cross first so you're gonna put the cross here for the Maria Maria why are you putting the cross here he's putting it here because it says they like it that as you have it here under under diagram it says it is compared to the cross but lighten up so if that thing is being compared to the cross then the cross must have been something before it because it's making a comparison brother Bob wait to put the cross right in the center Center sister Rachel why but the keywords us here is like as I was running he started to rain so it's like steady arrays were to shine clearest India raised us the light from the cross of Calvary felt flashed upon the prophetic light and it's like it's a cause-and-effect they started to shine with clear steady race because the light from the cross of Calvary flashed upon the prophetic past and keyword is fast because their life what he's got in the past it's got the cross underneath the past so why do structure different well it's what you pick what keywords are you picking out if I mean I think upon the past or something is shining upon the past so many weight says that what should I need you to hide from the cross of Calvary flashed upon the prophetic fat give me the key words to create this structure you I wouldn't know where to put the cross actually she lost you way to put the cross in the center so we've got this section begins with the word as so give me the keywords that you're going to structures but I guide you to put the cross in the middle know as is you're saying you've got one model here and that model is the same as the cross model but we don't know whether yeah but brother Mario can't see that you can't you say it was obvious because not obvious so I'm saying you must be reading in those words somewhere that you can show him if you see this word or that word it will help you to guide you it will help to guide so upon okay any other words besides upon I would have I would have gone with two words the first one would have been from the second one would have been upon so it says light from you can see that brother merrier so it's from where from the cross from the cross so the cross is memo is ear emitting light upon so that light is hitting something if you go back to what is compared to above it's the Sun of righteousness is illuminating rays upon the past and upon the future I don't think it even uses the word upon in in the original so can you keep use the words - yes we didn't so so I just substitute the word upon can you can you see it when you pick you start those two words from the cross upon the path just one question it says and when the light of the world Sun rises has arisen it's a luminaire rate it's illuminating rays were not only reflecting light to the future is that right it's reflecting light to the future sister Alyssa what does that mean so you're saying giving off me deflecting yes that's what you just say so I don't have people read that but seem to meet the word when it uses reflecting he's not the same way but we would use reflective he actually means emitting I don't think people have got another way of explaining AIDS she seems to use the word reflecting instead of saying omitting or giving out and I'm suspecting it may be the way that they just used their language you can mean that 19th century I'm not hundred percent sure but the Sun of righteousness is not reflecting light its emitting light book well if you look at in light of the prophecies that we're all pointing forward to the cross we look at the past as that past is illuminated by the cross which is in the center it not only that only chose the Rays directly going to the future that they're also those rays are also illuminating the past as they illuminate the past they're reflecting into the future so I still see the reflection being that it's reflecting not only emanating but it's actually reflecting because as you look at the past it's actually reflecting we've got that we can get that model but I think the wording says reflecting light to the future and it's not reflecting light to the future it's emitting light to the future and the future will reflect it back it's the future that there's a reflecting it's to pass that those are reflecting not the Sun right but it says here the Suns doing the reflecting so that's just a minor point the luminaries of the things in the past we made a comment on this what is this showing us won't we won't tab if we're going to use the cross that that's not the cross and we put a line here this would be four hundred and eighty seven or six and a half I don't know what we have we do that 31 to 457 it's not right it's four indited thirty four so you can't let you go three years there's six and a half four seven yeah so seeing that example what are we saying because that's where how we normally structure that if you're going to use the cross example but if we're going to use the millerite example we'd use the full 2,300 what is this teaching us what principle oh we do we currently use that is being expressed here in this difficult language okay so tell me what that means when you say light okay I don't think the ceremony in 457 perhaps we ought not argue that there is a case oh is that what we're gonna do so we're just gonna take it that it was the devil tone with nothing else no of course it did some more things I think what happening in the past is gonna shine light - yeah you just say David Tomac David Coleman if we make that middle write history but what I would agree do we go that as you look back at the past whatever the event would be so 457 if we're gonna do 457 and 31 that somehow are let's do 457 and mail all right I guess you know that as you go back to the beginning of the 2300 as we see the light of the 2,300 being fulfilled are in the process of fulfillment that special light is there it's shedding light back on the beginning of the 2300 which is 457 and that is gonna shine brighter and when we look at the history or 457 we can actually go into that history and see that okay there's more than just a way mark or an event there's actually a series of events that we can see the line up on line I think line upon line is the method that's being identified here bringing two histories together if we go with these luminaries which God has placed in the mold heaven we never were never more to grow dim so for sure we can just mark an event they ever Tommen today of atonement but it's also the history that surrounds that it's the whole line that being created from your present situation so the present situation is the end of that prophecy you go back to the beginning and we're not just going to take that event we're going to we're going to look at that in a lot in a much more careful way and as that light reflects back to your present situation it Den begins to explain what's happening in your own history in a way that's much more significant than we first give credence to anybody want to try that with the future so he says these luminaries contextually he says from Adam down through all the patriarchs and prophets the old ceremonies were lighted up what do you think yeah I don't have any objection that it includes more than just the ceremonies how do we do this with the future there's light here at the cross it's shining into the future and the future is going to reflect back we do that with Sunday Lord second I think so you can ignore the cross if you want you've put whatever you want this so run it give us the example that you want to give us so the future is the second day and we keep an even mark here which history anyway well we could and pallium all about management so our history okay so these things happen in our history and they're shining forward to the second eye thing and the second Advent is now shining back to us so how does that work what see what we learn okay so you've got second Advent and you've got pan iam sister Rachel Weisz is attested pan Yin why did he pick pani what'd she say even if you don't know why she's saying it what did he just say sister Bobby what did she say she said second admin and pallium what'd she say we're here for Nathan okay let me get let me give another example on on the past one I'm gonna take this for fifty seventy one out because I don't think that's maybe as simple to see we'll put the cross back here okay and so in the past we'll have an altar and we'll have an animal that's on the author sacrifice so you come to the history of Christ and when Christ is 12 he goes to the school of the rabbi's and again to a discussion and he wants to explain to them what that past men and have no idea of what's going on so it doesn't nothing happens but when you get to the cross this light of the Cross does war it emanates from the cross and shines back into the past and it's gonna hit this sacrifice here it's light and the sacrifice is going to bounce back so what is that model doing there brother Gregory well it's showing the ultimate real significance of the sacrifice when the real comes about but you can only understand that once this event happens you know we what what can I think what can confuse us sometimes especially me I will confuse you and I explain what I mean by that I'll say something in that in a way that I don't mean I don't mean I use force the law strong language but I say something in inner in a fashion that this is the correct way of looking at this thing and you can be deceived into thinking it's the only way of looking at any one thing so if you give the example now you go to Miller right history and we say these people are without excuse simple neglect laziness carelessness they've got no reason not to understand what's going on so I've said that a number of times the disciples John the Baptist and I believe that is true but because this might be the latest or the the most recent version of those histories that you've heard you might tend to want to erase all the other versions of those histories that you've heard in the past so make sense I'm saying the version is these people are bad people no excuses and you think that sounds right it sounds convincing so all my other versions of those histories must be wrong poor people it's not therefore let's blame God dates must be wrong this one must be the right one cuz it sounds right that's the deceptive bit I'm saying this is right but it's not the only right version there's another right version and we read that I'm gonna read it back to you if I've still got it on yeah this is 17m our one point three we read this it's not in your notes there are those now live in who is studying the prophecies of Daniel and John that's the in Trebek introduction receives great light from God without looking when did they receive this great light from God it's in this lower picture there when did they receive the light from God you can really finish the last bit there is these great light from God as so it's here the special prophecies as they passed over the ground and what why did we say that what point did I want to make from that anyone what what was the point I wanted to get from this quote from 17 1.3 brother Philip so I think that was too fast for you but you didn't hear it okay so I'll repeat it for those who heard the most important words to me was only that's the most important word he said is only so what this passage is telling me is that you are only going to receive special light on the prophecies when you're living in the time period of those prophecies so here they are three prophecies p1 p2 p3 they've been fulfilled in this history and as you're walking on this ground in this history in this reform line it's only then that you could ever even understand what was happening if you're here there's a cross it means before this history before this ground you can't understand what those prophecies mean afterwards it's obviously too late you learn what the prophecies mean and their significance as you're walking in them that's what we that's what we said yesterday so hopefully we all agree with that so I read the quote now you've heard brother Phillips of my explanation they received great law from God the great light is we know what's happening I'm going to add a word only as they passed over the ground where the prophecies were in process of fulfillment in their order so as they've been fulfilled and your experience in this real-time present tense it's only been that you could even ever understand them okay so we've got one story you're in this history of the cross and these people have got sinful neglect they should have understood I say and the should have understood what a lamb men mean doing they've been doing it for centuries how can they not understand able understood Abraham understood he said Abraham saw my day and he said I could be a cadaver I've seen your day you're not that old he says I am so all these people have a glimmer of that Abraham does but so those is another story so now there's another story the cross comes here and you're only going to understand what the what the past was as it's going to be fulfilled so there's a special prophecy what's the special prophecy the sacrifices for special prophecies not time prophecy special prophecy as the special prophecy is being fulfilled and you're living in that history then great light the great light of the Cross is going to stretch back illuminate this sacrifice it's going to reflect back and now you're going to understand that all those lamb sacrifices are now being fulfilled here and you could not have done that beforehand so you can't go to Daniel 9 and it says in the midst of the week you can't work all of that out because it can only be worked out in the history of when it's being fulfilled to me that's what this passage is saying so you've got one story that runs this way it's not your fault you can't work it out until you're living the history and there's another one that says these people should have known what those lambs were doing it's not that complicated simple neglect is one and it's not their fault because until the light comes until you coming to the history the past doesn't even reflect because the past these sacrifices have no light in and of themselves choose two different ways of seen it then we know the first one I said simple neglect do these sacrifices have some lie of course they do because if they didn't have any like what was the point of doing them for so long it's two different ways of looking at the same history and sometimes we can say it's only one or the other it's both ways Tyler because they appear to me at first glance as mutually exclusive maybe they're not because I see the wisdom in both of them I see the logic the leaders say to say something come I think they don't say something like in the time of Christ are we without sin or are you accusing us and Jesus says if you are blind you'd be okay but you claim to be able to see when you when you make this claim about something then I'll judge you upon your claims so if you're going to lead out and you're going to say we'll do all these sacrifices and people are saying why do we do any sacrifices you kind of set yourself up to say we know why we're doing all of this then you left without excused but the reality is every single one of these people is a fourth-generation person and what's happened to all the people who were the 4th generation what happened to them they're all dead yeah they're all later seeing and who killed them their fathers killed them so they've part ate their partook of their sins and so on that level they've got no way of knowing what's going on because they're all dead in trespasses and sins they have no light they don't even know how to read the Bible but they claim to be able to read and that's their sinful neglect if you claim to be able to be to be experts all of these things God just takes you at your word they are mutually exclusive I don't know how to reconcile the two but but it is there that way okay so that was an example of the past the example of the future is we've got second Edmund and pan iam so my question was not how does that work but why choose those two way marks that was my question why choose those two the past ones I think it's obvious to see we all know that the cross is the sacrifice so if the test is correct and it's years then I could put an equal sign here that's equal to power line so we could do the same here it becomes equal so pani M equals the second Advent Bob this is it because by the time we get to pan iam whether you were depending on your looking at the line of the of the 144,000 the priests that's Levites or the netha dempster to close of probation for the world a tional thing so if I were to we took it off the board if we began this in 1989 and we had the Sunday law the next way mark would be what here if I did that hope that would be something Nike Nike nice Sunday law that crying no no I'm not sure what verse is that I'll give you a chapter Daniel 11 what verse is that 11:45 that one and at the time of the end yeah shelter King of the South isn't that Daniel 11 that's why I said that you levered but which verse 45 46 that's verse faulty on Kenny 11:40 excuse me let's go storage it I'm sorry and that verse that would be Daniel 12:1 it's a little so I'll also where I think well I didn't mean to call me your sister Broadway this is verse 41 okay this one so this is 12 1 so this is close of probation we'd have to kind of back out of Daniel and go somewhere else but after that is the second Advent yeah so the second Advent isn't a close of probation the two separate way marks nothing to do with what we're doing but if we've got 40 41 and 12 one I'm gonna get this and expand it Sunday law Co P and this way mark here I didn't put it in but this would be the loud cry okay we got sister Bromley yeah 41 12 one so I just got that and the made it bigger you're happy with that where do I put verse 42 now don't answer that quick let me ask you another question different question there's verse 41 and I'm going to start it here where do I end verse 41 where would you end verse 41 in this line you could just say it's a point or you where however you want to do it I don't to direct you in any particular way where would you how big would verse 41 be in this line the reason I'm asking the question I want to see how we conceptualize these verses so we'll see what models we've got in our mind so how far you want to go along when you want to leave it as a doll so verse 41 looks like that you're saying yeah so verse 41 is the United States verse 40 is king the South Russia and verse 42 is Egypt the world where would you place verse 32 to start in the end so with how verse 42 here and we're how far would that go I don't know but don't say sorry I'm just what I mean I got it yeah it becomes really difficult when someone calls you and says give me a visit visit a visual representation of what you think it's a lot harder to talk without a board and we can kind of smooth things out with words and cover stuff and it's a lot hard to win because this is what this is what happened in 42 isn't it when they do this this is what they got Miller and they put him to a corner and they forced him into a situation that he never wanted to get into but you know he never he never time say in the way that we think about time saying you know he says around 43 he was very vague he didn't want to get into it and then when they made the mistake in April he was like saying didn't literally say this I knew we knew this was a bad mistake this chart business it's really bad mistake because we made all these we've got it all wrong noon with snow starts time setting again he rebukes him and says stop doing this because we should have learned our lesson by April because of April I knew we should have done this in the first place so when you start doing these this board work it becomes problematic you know when people say like this forget the structure and they just put harvest here or often they'll they'll do it like this and I always want to know what does that mean are you placing it here or in the middle because a suture put something on the board I want something specific because I think it's showing me something it's the it's the danger and the power of doing graphical representation when you do a picture really does tell us speak a thousand words okay so we're you and pop verse 43 hadn't forgotten he be a steps