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Publish Date: 9/22/2018
Speaker Name: Theodore Turner
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well good evening everyone so we're gonna continue the study sort of that we did last night I'm going to review it because we needed this line to understand what I'm going to present now we know that Samuel Snowe wrote a letter on February 16th and it was published on February 22nd and this date here is the dedication of the temple because this is the third day of the 12th month in 1844 and we found in Ezra chapter six that the third day of the 12th month was the 12th day OUP's 12th day of the third month which is March 12th and 5:15 BC and that there was a Passover that followed forty days later which is of course the 14th day of the first month and this Passover is in 1844 he writes this letter on the on February 16th it's published in the midnight cry on the date of the dedication of the temple and then it's republished on the Passover but the incorrect Passover that is that's on April 3rd which is the 14th day of the 13th month but this is the date in 1844 that the Jews and the Karaites kept the Passover so this is the Passover in 1844 but it's the wrong Passover and then we have the first day of the first month and then we have Samuel snows second letter published on May 2nd which is Passover that is that's the Passover that matches the tenth day of the seventh month being October 22 in 1844 so you got the Day of Atonement and then we know that he has another letter so this is his first letter this is his second letter and we found that there was also and there's this is an imp repor shin here but we have midnight over here the fifth day of the fourth month which is July 21st and then three days before that he has this letter his last letter which is published on July 18th so this is his second letter and then there's his third letter is written on June 22nd and this is Pentecost because this is the sixth day of the third month so this is Pentecost it's Passover then is obviously the 14th day of the first month if this is the tenth day of the seventh month so April 19th so this is just kind of understanding Samuel snows letters that there is this chiasm from here to here it's two months in 16 days and from here to here is 2 months and 16 days which is this date 2nd month 16th day written the way we write a Jewish states right so we have this here normally Jews dates we do the day first but you know I'm using that system so this period of time here makes May 2nd the center of a chiasm and that chiasm is this which is on the 1863 chart and this chiasm hides the 2520 because we know that for 42 weeks is the same as 3 & a half years and 1260 days right so 34 apartment yeah and this is 31 here thank you so there we have this hidden on the 1863 chart you can see 1260 and 1260 equals 25 20 so even though they didn't intend to have the 25 20 on the chart they have it they're hidden in Christ week and this is going to be our study today so I'm gonna look at a few things regarding this so I'm gonna erase this again so we know there's this chiasm and at the center of this chiasm is the May 2nd date and so we're going to come back to that a little bit later but I want to to look at this and I did discuss it a little bit but we all know that we have the prophetic mirror 742 BC Isaiah has a prophecy in Isaiah chapter 7 about 65 years and that prophecy in Isaiah 7 I probably should do a more detailed study on it sometime but in Isaiah 7 we just read verses 8 & 9 that talks about within 65 years Ephraim shall be broken that it be not of people and we don't really go on and read the chapter but one thing we find when we read the chapter in Isaiah 7 is there's a prophecy there about a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel and there's an application that New Testament writers make of that passage that it applies to Christ but if you read it it's talking about a child that is born to within the house of David within a period of time which is this 65 years and then it says the land shall be forsaken of both her kings before this child goes through this affliction so when it says butter and honey shall he may eat that he may know to choose the good and refuse the evil people think this has something to do with the child eating food but if you do a study on the butter and honey this is about affliction this is about the being depopulated and you know I'm not doing a study on it right now but if you ever want to do a study on it look up who Manasses mother is and then look up that name because it's Hephzibah and then look up half saya but later on in Isaiah 62 and you'll see that what's happening in Isaiah 7 is a prophecy about Manasses birth so this virgin that she'll conceive is not a woman even though Hephzibah is the mother she symbolizes the land and just in as in Revelation chapter 12 where we see this woman with clothes with the Sun the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars and she gives birth to this manchild who is that woman in Revelation 12 I know I'm moving through stuff quickly it's not the church we often say it's the church but it's Israel right it's Jude the Jews it Jesus is born a Jew and so we can see that that woman is not an actual woman right it's not a person it's not Mary and so we can see that in the prophecy in Isaiah 7 it's not referring to a woman giving birth to a son but it's the Land of Israel giving birth to a son and that's why when the land is forsaken of both her kings this child will then go be converted he will learn to choose the good and refuse the evil he's referring to 677 so the lands forsaken of both her kings this is the prophecy in Isaiah 7 and we know in 723 the first king is taken that's Ho Shia right 19 years and then in 677 Manasseh is taken so this is old news for us as far as understanding this chiasm but this period of 65 years has to do with the land when the lands forsaken of both her kings so it's dealing with the kingship but also and and we know at the end of this we have 1863 1844 in 1798 so again we have 19 years and 46 years and there's things that happen here there's a civil war between the North and the South but here the north is Confederate talks about in Isaiah 7 and here there's the civil war between the north of the south now this is in the literal Land of Israel this is in the spiritual land of Israel this is in the United States and this civil war known as the Civil War the South is Confederate so it's a mirror there's things at the beginning and things at the end that are the same but different they're opposites but they have to be similar in order to be opposites and we know with this prophetic mirror there's nothing that marks the center of it but there are 225 20s there's one for Samaria or northern Israel and there's one for Jerusalem or Judah here and so these two 25 20 s help construct this prophetic mirror this 25 20 as you know in 538 ad it's divided into 2 12 60s and this 1260 this 1260 are a counterfeit of this these two 12 60s that is this 25 20 is the satanic covenant and this is Christ's covenant so you can see that these things are related that what happens here in Christ weak structurally is related to this and we know that paganism is a counterfeit of the earthly sanctuary and animal sacrifices and papal ISM is a counterfeit of the heavenly sanctuary and we can see here that Christ's ministers for three and a half years on earth and then heat ministers for three and a half years in heaven so this is counterfeiting and copying the any but everybody understands this quite well I mean I reviewed it very quickly but we should know this yes Larry that's a 19 it's very badly drawn there yeah so there's a 19 there so we can see they mirror and as elder Parminder has said it's not about the structure the structure is giving us meaning about events the structure itself is not the meaning the structure is there to convey meaning and make connections between events and so here we can see then in this structure it tells us information and it tells us that this is a counterfeit of this now this whole mirror from 742 to 1863 if you add them together you get five I mean I know what it is and then you have two minus one because when you add BC and AD dates you have two minus one if you subtract them you have to add one so from 742 to 1863 is two thousand six hundred and four years so I showed this earlier in one of the classes and we know then that that's the distance of time from there to there and so this is important for what I'm going to be presenting later I have to make sure that people understand this that this whole prophetic Mir is part of a structure and in 1860 on the 1863 chart they have this and this is and I did sort of touch on this a little bit so if you take he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week so seven symbolizes the week and twelve simple symbolizes the covenant and why does set twelve symbolize the covenant okay twelve sons of Jacob of all disciples right called yeah the 12 tribes so that's and if we multiply that together we get 84 so you can see on the 1843 chart they have this calculation but they multiply it by 30 because there's 30 days in a month and that's how they get the 25 20 as far as I know this is the only place that you can find this calculation though it might exist as a diagram somewhere but it I couldn't find it anywhere in the pioneers writings so only on the 1843 chart as far as I know does that calculation exist but if he confirms the covenant with many for one week what number would we multiply 80 by 84 by for the midst of the week so what's the midst of the week how about the number 31 so if we multiply 84 by 31 we get the number 2604 so this means that on the 1863 chart that has this diagram not only is the 2520 represented but in 742 this prophecy is revealed that gives the starting point for the 225 20s two thousand six hundred and four years later on the 1863 chart this is hidden the twenty five twenty is hidden but also this two thousand six hundred and four year prophetic mirror another way it could be done is you could simply say how many months is there there's 84 months and you could just say on either side of these 42 which is 84 months 31 is dividing it so you could kind of do it backwards and still get the same answer so there's two different ways you could do the calculation you could take the months or you could take this formula he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause sacrifice and oblation to cease so that's what we're going to be studying is the midst of the week this is just kind of a review some people might have been familiar with this but the point is that what Jesus is doing in confirming the covenant is more than just you know it's not a bunch of numbers I mean this is the gospel Christ is the true curse he's hanging between heaven and earth and he's the gospel and this is the center of all prophecy in this chiasm is the chiasm of chiasm z-- that is this is the most meaningful prophecy that we can have in the Bible Christ being crucified and hanging there as a curse for us now I've looked at this before that is some people have the objection I don't know if you've ever run into this maybe you haven't but people say well this isn't really twenty five twenty days that is on a Jewish calendar the years are not 360 days long they can vary from 353 354 3:55 or 383 384 or 385 if you have an extra month in there the year can be 380 something if there isn't it's 350 something because the months are 30 and 29 days and that's because the moon cycle is 29.5 three days so you don't have 30 days in your moon cycle so people will object and they'll say well this isn't really you know from when he's baptized to when Stephen is stoned and we're gonna look at that Estonian of Stephen couldn't really be 25 20 days if it's seven years it's going to be something more than 25 20 and so I've looked at it before and I didn't have enough information at the time when I first looked at it I knew that if I was gonna figure out how long this was I wasn't really sure when Jesus was baptized I was pretty sure I think when Stephen was stoned and so we're gonna look at that so we're going to draw this out again so keep this all in your mind if you if you can cuz we're gonna come back to this some of the things that are in this prophetic mirror so people say I tend to go too fast and I can go over some of these things if you have questions again so let's look at the week of Christ now in Daniel 9 verse 26 to 27 let's turn there and it says and after threescore in two weeks shall Messiah be cut off but not for himself and then the next part of the verse is going to talk about something else and it says and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary and the end thereof shall be with a flood and unto the end of the war desolations are determined this is one of those really cryptic sort of translation sentences it's cryptic also in Hebrew it's not the easiest thing to read for this where it talks about yeah so talks about he shall destroy the city in the sanctuary what is this talking about this destruction of the city and the sanctuary eighty seventy so who's the people of the prince that shall come that shall destroy the city in the sanctuary okay but whose okay so the people of the prince those are the Romans and then who is the prince titus right so it's referring to titus his armies are going to come and destroy the city and the sanctuary and it says the end thereof shall be with the flood and unto the war end of the war desolations are determined so this is a flood which symbolizes lots of different things but it can just refer to armies over spreading a country and then in verse 27 we go back to the first topic and he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease so when it says he shall confirm the covenant many people when they read this think it's the people of the prince that shall come so but the way that this is structured is we have the verse 26 goes a 1 and a 2 the topic here is in the midst of the week right so the first the verse says and after threescore in two weeks so this is the Messiah being cut off so that the topic is the cross and then here the topic is the destruction of Jerusalem so maybe just a simple way to put it in 70 AD and then since verse 26 and then verse 27 the topic is I shouldn't say to you that should be be one there we go and this is a two so again the topic is the cross in verse 27 so in verse 27 it says he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease right so that's going to be a - right so it's the same topic as the as the verse above and then the last part of the verse and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate even unto the consummation or the end and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate so this is dealing again the topic be - which is 70 AD does that make sense to people what's happening when you read these verses so this is what what did we Parminder call this in his classes repeating and large right it's also a parallelism it's just a parallel the verses are parallel to each other and if you don't recognize that you can get mixed up on who's being talked about now the interesting thing about this and we're going to come back to this is that the cross of Christ this midst of the week is written with this destruction of Jerusalem together with it now why would that be why would the destruction of Jerusalem be the the subtopic I guess when we're dealing with Christ confirming the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week him causing sacrifice and oblation to cease so why is why would you think the destruction of Jerusalem is connected to this dozen it's kind of seemed odd you know when you think about it it was okay they killed Christ so I mean we all killed Christ in a sense but yes the the Jewish nation rejected Christ they had a period of probation and in 34 AD when the 70 weeks ends they have time before the execution of the sentence so in 70 AD the city in the sanctuary are going to be destroyed so they're not destroyed right away in 34 AD okay and if somebody could somebody have their hand up so I mean there's a logic there but when you people first read about it they read it they don't think about at least I never thought about it maybe you've all thought about it but why do they put that there now I think there's reasons that that go beyond this the God is he doesn't just do things randomly in his word and he has purposes that sometimes we don't see and and we're gonna see how this is all relevant a little bit later on but I just wanted you to think about that now I do want to look a little bit at the destruction of the temple just some interesting facts so we know Allen white writes about it in the great Conover sea but there is an interesting fact that the first temple Solomon's Temple was burned to the ground on the tenth day of the fifth month off in 586 BC and so we find this in the in the Book of Jeremiah so it's Jeremiah chapter 52 verse 12 and 13 so let's go there Jeremiah 52 verse 12 and 13 now you will find there's another place where it talks about this and it says it's on the seventh day of the month so there's a reason for that but anyway we're gonna look at this verse so it says now in the fifth month in the tenth day of the month which was the nineteenth year of rezar king of babylon came Neb userid an captain of the guard which served the king of babylon into jerusalem and burned the house of the lord and the king's house and all the houses of jerusalem and all the houses of the great men burned he with fire so here we see that the temple was destroyed on what day according to this passage on that tenth day of the fifth month so oh and I'm just gonna here's the passage from second Kings so I'm just gonna read this here you don't need to turn there but it reads almost exactly the same it says okay actually I don't have the whole verse there but what happens is it says the same thing but it's not talking about the end it talks about when he first gets to the city so he gets there on the seventh day of the fifth month and begins to work and then three days later he burns down the temple so but it's in second Kings 25/8 if you want to look that up yeah so if you want to look it up you'll see that it says the seventh day of the tenth month but it's actually not talking there's some wording difference and I can't remember what it is right now and I'm not going to turn there here let's turn there second Kings 25/8 because I can't remember what the wording was yeah yeah it's yeah it's a slightly different so second Kings yeah and it's different like in it's not just that it's an English translation different so 25 verse 8 yeah so it says in the fifth month on the seventh day of the month which is the 19th year of King Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came nephews our den captain of the guard a servant of the king of Babylon unto Jerusalem and he burnt the house of the Lord in the King's house and all the houses of Jerusalem so here it says he came there and this one in theirs what's the difference there and all the hope which what it doesn't have came okay what's the difference see ya into Jerusalem the other one says unto Jerusalem right and that's what it says in Hebrew as well there's the difference so coming into Jerusalem is different than coming onto Jerusalem first he just comes up to the city on the seventh day of the fifth month but he goes into Jerusalem and burns a temple on the tenth day of the fifth month and so some people see this as a contradiction but it's not a contradiction it's an apparent contradiction but it's not a contradiction it's complementary so it tells us something now this is from Josephus war of the Jews and if you want the reference its book 6 chapter 4 paragraph 5 and this is about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and says so Titus retired into the Tower of Antonia and resolved to storm the temple the next day early in the morning with his whole army and two encamped around about the holy house but as for that house God had for certain long ago doomed it to the fire and now that fatal day came according to the revolution of Ages it was the tenth day of the month Laos which is have the fifth month upon which it was formerly burnt by the king of Babylon so was Bart or destroyed on the same day in 70 AD as it was in 586 so it's a very interesting detail about this now the Jews celebrate the ninth of off instead of the tenth because that's the day that the the siege of the temple started in both histories so the tenth day is when it actually burnt but they keep the day before for some reason I'm not sure why they do I've tried to figure that out but it doesn't really make to me it doesn't make sense just because they start the attack on the temple that day but anyway it's the tenth day of the month so the fifth month so in 70 AD it's the tenth day of the fifth month that the temple is destroyed an L white gives a really nice account of it in the great controversy 32 and 35 in the chapter that the destruction of Jerusalem so now what I want to do is look a little bit deeper into this week of Christ right I do give you you do have a page there with a really nice drawing of what I'm gonna do here and we have the cross of Christ here so this is the 70th week and what ends the 70th week when does it start when does the 70 weeks begin 70 weeks in the 2300 days begin together when did they begin in 457 on what day do they begin we did the chiasm last night and we shall showed that between the first day of the fifth month and the twentieth day of the ninth month is the tenth day of the seventh month and that becomes the starting point for the 2300 days in the seventy weeks so when would the 70 weeks end the tenth day of the seventh month now we know Stephen is stoned that day and what does he see and what else so he sees heaven opened and so that's in Acts chapter 7 verse 55 to 60 let's go there it says but he Stephen being full of the Holy Ghost looked up steadfastly into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God and said behold I see the heavens open and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God then they cried with a loud voice and stopped their ears and ran upon him with one Accord and cast him out of the city and stoned him and the witnesses laid down their clothes at the young man's feet whose name was Saul who later became Paul and they stoned Stephen calling upon God and saying Lord Jesus receive my spirit and he kneeled down and cried with a loud voice Lord lay not this sin to their charge and when he had said this he fell asleep so we have this death of Stephen but he has a vision he sees the Son of man standing on the right hand of God and what would Jesus be doing standing why is he standing what's that he's standing he's sadaiva Toma the high priest is doing what he's ending the work of the Day of Atonement in this case he's pronouncing judgment against God's people against Jerusalem so this here's of course it's the day of atonement and we would have to assume then if this ends the 70th week ends on the Day of Atonement when would it begin on the day of atonement but that's the assumption I'm making but I'm gonna put this here so we're gonna say that this week here begins here and ends here now does anybody know when Jesus is crucified what date he's crucified because if he is crucified in the middle of this we're gonna see how in the middle he is crucified so we got the tenth day of the seventh month beginning and ending this 70th week so it's a period of 70 years this would be of course 34 AD and this would be 27 AD so when is Jesus crucified okay so he's crucified on the 14th day of the first month and this is in 31 ad now what we have to then determine is what these dates are on our calendar and so with the students this past week we've been or past two weeks it's hard to believe but we've been going through how the calendar works and understanding how to place these dates so you could just go to a some place on the internet and look up the dates on the Jewish calendar but the Jewish calendar that we have today was created in the 4th century actually in 360 AD by Rabbi Hillel so it's a modern calendar it's calculated and it doesn't follow the rules of the Bible it's based upon a repeating pattern of 19 years and it can be off by a day or so and also the Passover can occur much earlier than it can on the biblical calendar because they the Passover can occur before the spring equinox when in the biblical calendar the Passover the earliest that it can be is April 5th so well okay the carry calendar by this red wine you don't know that's the rabbinic calendar yeah so the Karaites they made a calendar in the 8th century so about four hundred years later where they they didn't like the calendar that the rabbi's were using so they created their own group their own sect and they started another type of calendar both these calendars even though they disagree with each other they also disagree with the biblical calendar that is in 1844 you would never have on the care right calendar you would never have the year start as late as April 19th because when you have a late year like that you will always have ripe barley in the spring it would only be some earlier months if the year was starting earlier that the Karaites might start a year a month later than the Jews than the rabbis so in order to mark Jesus crucifixion in 31 ad on a Friday the only date that will work is April 27th so that's a Friday that Jesus was crucified he could not have been crucified in March because in that year March would have been too early so it just wouldn't work now what I've done is you have if you have the notes you have this calendar which in color looks really nice it doesn't work great because I have this key or legend and the legend is in color and so when you try to match them up it doesn't quite work some of them sort of disappear but if you turn when we see one two three four so you turn to the fourth page and it would be like this on the fourth page of the calendar and you go down to the fourth group of calendars and you go to the one on the far right you'll see just above it it says 31 ad and then it says ni which is for Nissan and April so the top date is the month nasaan and it goes in that one it shows 29 but it continues on the next line and then the date underneath it is April 14th so Nissan one is April 14th in 31 ad and you can see that Jesus then that dark which is supposed to be blue with a red outline it has the 14th of Nisan which is the 27th of April so that's when Jesus was crucified so what I did is I then took this and I decided I'm going to count backwards I have a program that I can do that but I actually physically counted and I counted backwards this way 1260 days from here to here now I get the date well I guess I'll do it up here it's November 15th 27 ad and the date on the Jewish calendar if I remember correctly I don't I think it was the 26th day of you know the 26th day of the 8th month I'm just gonna check this again yeah so it's we can find it here on this page so if you go to your your calendar here it would be I don't even think I marked it on yours so it's going to be October that's October November yes it's way easier for me to see I can't even see this properly if it's not in color so yeah it would be yeah 27:15 and that's because it's not in color it's just outlined in red so it's it's the 27th day of Heche van and it's November 15th so it's at the bottom of that first page of the calendar right in the middle and it's the second line from the bottom there so the 20s so it doesn't really matter but it's the 27th day of the eighth month so this is 1260 days so you can see I'm short going backwards from April 27th marking this as the midst of the week the midst of this week is the cross going back and it's 1260 days but then I count the number of days from and this is October no it's not October its September 30th yeah so this is September 30th if you count from September 30th the number November 15th you'll find out this is 46 46 days so we noticed something here and I'm gonna erase this I'm gonna need this space so what do we notice we got 1260 and then we have 46 days so what does this look like okay so this would then be 538 and this would be now I could be going this way but I'm gonna go this way and the reason I'm going this way should be obvious because 18:44 is the tenth day of the seventh month right so this would mean we have here this is 538 and we count this way and we find that we come to 1844 being the tenth day of the seventh month now we don't know exactly when Jesus was baptized we know was in the fall the Bible doesn't give us a date so you know we could maybe argue maybe he was baptized here you know we we don't know for certain but what we do know is that if we take this 1260 it falls short of the tenth day of the seventh month but we got that 46 so it's kind of an interesting idea it's not it's not it's not complete yet but this was intriguing when I first looked at this I thought well here we have the prophetic mirror so what would you do next okay you're gonna go the other way yeah that's what I did and so I did 1260 days and I came to date here which is four days short that is this is October 12th and this here is October 8th so there's just four days short so it would be nice if it landed right on there right but God always has the way that he does things now there's an interesting fact that if you go from here to here from the tenth day of the seventh month to the tenth day of the seventh month and you count them you find that this period of time here is 25 seventy days and of course all we we have here at twenty five twenty and four and forty six so we have 50 days added to complete the prophetic mere and fifty days of course is the cycle of Pentecost it's also a jubilee cycle so the fact that it's twenty five seventy is still really interesting and if I go from any date in 27 ad to any date in 34 ad that on the Jewish calendar it'll always be 25 70 days so I'm gonna continue going this way so I thought well I got to finish this off so I know that this is over here I have 46 so here I need 19 so I get I have to add 15 days to get my 19 years here right so I got 46 go park me damn I doing this right yes yes I'm doing that right and then over here I'm gonna have 46 days so I'm gonna have 46 46 so that means that this is 742 this is 723 and this is 677 right so now I'm taking these days of Christ week I'm basically laying them over top of the the counterfeit of this week but I'm doing it backwards and I'm doing it backwards because that's that's what indicated here by this being the tenth day of the seventh month I wouldn't have the tenth day of the seventh month fall in the right place if I went this way so I'm going backwards this way it's interesting how God has designed this so we can follow this so far this kind of makes sense what I'm doing so I have these dates now going this way and the date here on the Jewish calendar is going to be the twenty-fifth day of the seventh month October 27th but it's the 25th day of the seventh month on the Jewish calendar now remember what we did with numbers see how we have twenty five seventy and two five seven you know so we have this connection so this date doesn't end up being just some arbitrary number it's something that tells me about this number here you know this here to try to sort this out there's some stuff in here that you know we could look at but I then put nineteen years on this side alright so now we got this completed so if I put nineteen years here what do I get as that matches eighteen sixty-three I get September eleventh okay well is it just do it this way nine eleven in 27 ad that makes sense so now this tells us something about our message so we have bits and pieces of our message in here we have the prophetic mirror but we also have 911 being marked by going to the end of this chiasm yeah so the first time I showed this to someone and she always does this every time I show her something to ask me a question and the question was well you got these dates here what happens when you put other dates on this timeline you know do they produce like other years are they going to produce interesting dates so I thought about it and I thought well what date would be the most significant date that I could put on here and see if it matches a significant date so what what date would you choose in this whole timeline so you got remember this here is Christ week but this is going through the whole prophetic mirror so I have all kinds of dates I could choose from but what would be the most likely date or the most important date that I could choose going you know anywhere on this these this period of time okay well yeah 4:57 ends a beam way over here so it doesn't go in the realm of pardon me ya know 457 s here you're right I'm going backwards yeah so 457 s here so yeah I think I did look at 457 but the date that I thought would be the most important is the one that's mentioned in these verses what was the date that was mentioned in these verses 70 AD right so I know this isn't quite to proportion here so but between 70 AD and 538 is 468 years so I just counted back taking this as 538 I went 468 years it'll do it up here 468 years back to 70 AD so here we got 70 AD and on the calendar here you would have to go to I think it's the fifth page so it's the fifth page the fifth page we'll have in the the second row to the to the to the right column it'll have a t32 and then you go all the way to the bottom row on the left and you can see there that's the month of off and you count one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and that date on our calendar is August 7th but it's the 10th of off so which date was what's that yeah nope it's August because July ends 29 30 31 and then it starts counting August so August 7th is 468 days way from April 27th so if you used a calendar converter the calculator you can count the Julian day numbers you can count how many days it is but it'll bring you to August 7th but if we use this time line here the date we get is the tenth day of the fifth month off so that's the date that the temple was destroyed and that's the most likely date that I should find in this week because that's the one the verse talks about we're both in 586 and 70 AD the temple was destroyed on this date so now we see that this this means that this sort of speculative kind of timeline that I've drawn is confirmed that this then is structurally sound because the chances of that occurring it's just not likely so the fact that 70 AD lines up with the correct date that it was destroyed on tells us that there's something right about this now what would we do next so now that we have this covenant week we have the whole prophetic mirror what would you do next well you know we could try going back in time but what if we go more this way what if we start looking at dates in the future after 1863 so what would you do 1863 and you want to look at our time right you want to see where we're at okay the fact that these dates go backwards yeah I know it confuses me too but the reason why we have to do it this way is this is the way the calendar works if we went the other way we don't get any of this structure so this structure is created this way and it's a mirror so mirrors can be backwards right yeah so anyway what would you do you got 1863 and you want to figure out how many days you're gonna put well yeah so you could put 1888 on there and and you can figure out which date it is 1989 you could put on there what about 2014 okay so let's try that so we're gonna put over here 2014 and I was lying in bed and I'm thinking about this okay so I'm over here on September 11th and I'm gonna be in 27 ad and I'm gonna go back a hundred and fifty-one days right so I'm gonna or forward if you want to think of it that way so I'm gonna go back 151 days from 1863 to 2014 and that's really close to the Passover right wouldn't it be cool if this landed on the Passover right so I counted it back and you'll see it on the first page of your calendar it's not marked but it's on the Sunday and it's the 17th of Nisan not the 14th and it's the thirteenth day of April and so here's where I ended up I ended up with yeah so the 17th day of the first month and I fell short and that really annoyed me right because I I think it should go to Passover that would make all the sense in the world because when we when we dealt with that Samuel snows letters remember we had all these Passover's right the April 3rd one and when the May 2nd one and we came to understand that May 2nd was this chiasm right and that's what we're doing is we're doing this chiasm and we came to understand that this is 2014 that this PBM you know so we could mark you know not that it's really the PBM but this doesn't really make much sense sometimes when we think about it because this is this whole this whole increase of knowledge that's predicting some event but we know that this chiasm is right here and so that's what we're studying and this is the Passover and so I would have really liked it to end on the Passover it didn't so okay now when I was figuring this out was in August yet Daniel something that you can see because this is going this way and this isn't January this is April April 13th because the dates the days are going this way the years are going this way so 151 days from April 13th to September 11th that's how many days it is if you count on your calendar April 13th the September 11th 151 days yeah you know if begins in the tenth day of the seventh month should the ends and the tenth day of the second month if begins in the first month should the end in the first month okay so these begins on the tenth day of the seventh month and ends in the tenth day of the seventh month these are seven years so now I'm just got counting days back from here nineteen days brings me nineteen years eighteen sixty-three 151 days is going to bring me to the spring right cuz this is only a hundred and seventy days from here to here right so it's not three hundred and sixty one hundred and seventy days that makes sense okay so now I'm here and I have this problem it doesn't work and while I was in Alberta the first thing that elder Jeff presented was a study from a brother in Ireland Stephen and he was doing something kind of odd you know cuz he's kind of like me he doesn't know all these number things and he had just counted all the days from Pentecost so he he went fifty days after this and he counted all the days from here from 50 days after the cross so this is the sixth day of the third month Pentecost to the tenth day of the seventh month in 1844 so he counted all the days not by hand but using a computer program and then he divided them by 1844 and and I wasn't really to me it didn't really or no what he divided them by 359 so I can't remember the number of days that he had I should be able to remember every number but he divided it by 8 by 359 so what he figured is that in every year there's 360 symbolic days and one of them's the days of atonement so he took that day out and then he divided the number of days and he got the number 1844 with a whole bunch of decimals and I didn't like it because one is it's not precise but also didn't really make sense to take that day out so what I did is I made this calculation 18:44 times 360 because if I'm going to represent 1844 years prophetically I'm going to represent them by the prophetic year not 365 and a quarter so I multiplied these together and I got six thousand six six hundred sixty-two thousand eight hundred and forty days and then what I did is I counted back from here the tenth day of the seventh month and I counted back just like he did and I wanted to see where I ended up so when I did that I found so here let's I was actually sitting here in class doing this so I counted back and you know here's the cross and we have you know twelve hundred and sixty days we had these 19 days we had these 151 days and we had this representing 2014 so this is just a simplification of that and when I counted from here to here this is the seventeenth day of the first month this is six thousand sixty three thousand eight hundred and forty days so that means that this 2014 is connected to 82 the tenth day of the seventh month in 1844 by simply multiplying 1844 by 360 so this then told me that there's a significance in 2014 in its connection to October 22nd 1844 I know this may seem a little bit esoteric II know it's not a day of atonement this is three days after the Passover so so this date here what this was April 13th which doesn't really matter but what I did as I said well there's three days to Passover so the 14th day of the first month would be 2017 and this would be Passover now this doesn't mean as much maybe to everybody here but it means a lot to me because what happened in 2017 lots of things right but in relationship to 2014 what happened in 2017 because what is 2014 represent in Samuel snows letters 2014 is May 2nd it's a Passover not I thought 2014 should be the Passover but it's not it's three days short of coming to the Passover so we had labeled it as the prediction before midnight but in 2017 that's when we came to understand it and you know I sort of unless you're really familiar with the history it's kind of hard to explain but when we look at Samuel snows letters they do this progression so again Samuel snows letters have the first day of the first month here with a Passover on this side and a Passover on this side this Passover is not the correct Passover and so the people who accept this as Passover could never accept except October 22nd as the day of atonement because if this is Passover September 23rd is the day of atonement so in order to get to this Passover you have to go through the first disappointment and this first disappointment is a separation between what what is this a separation of who's on this side of April 19th give the Protestants right who's on this side the Millerites so it separates two classes they both have information and but this group doesn't accept this now some of them might have initially accepted this but once they got to the first day of the first month April 19th they're gonna say no that all was a delusion right and they become the mockers and so Samuel snow deals with this this idea that we needed it was necessary to separate these two classes so that God could continue to give us light so this Passover is May 2nd and what I was saying last year is that where I Passover that is in 2014 we began this separation in 2017 we recognize that the separation was still happening so for three years there was this large groups of people leaving this message starting in 2014 and definitely we hope I believe ending in 2017 we still have had some remnants of that in 2018 but really that rebellion was in 2017 correct when people see that is what happened so 2017 started a new rebellion that ended a few people left in 2018 but basically was here and I was saying in 2017 that we were at Passover but on this chart 2017 is Passover does that make sense so even though May 2nd is the Passover date it wasn't here until we realize that this separation of the two classes which occurs at Passover Judas you know he betrays Christ at Passover so your question is dealing with this 360 is that what you're focused on so here we have 360 is the principle from 360 days in years multiplied by 1844 this is something I wouldn't have thought of doing this is the number of days and so if you start here and you go back you get this date so for me personally that'd be stuck with this name stuck 17th day of the first ones being 2014 me wanting it to be Passover but the prediction before midnight what's the symbol of the prediction before midnight what was what did we have in the chiasm in 457 BC what did we have what's that okay but what what number did we have we had this 3 right 3 days so remember there's three days there at the river I have a three days after they get to Jerusalem they you know before they bring the goal to the temple and three days call to repentance and those three days mark these chiasm so the three days here which is three years this way but three days that way this three days a symbol of the PBM this is understood last year so the fact that there's three days from the seventeenth day of the first month to the fourteenth day of the first month and that the 14th day of the first month is being Passover this to me ties us into this timeline it's telling us something about where we are at that is it's telling us that 2017 was Passover now in Samuel snows letters what was the next letter which date was it on what event so this was the June 22nd letter and what date was that on the Jewish calendar he was Pentecost so was the sixth day of the third month so this was Pentecost so in Samuel snows letters we have these two Passover's that cause this division these two classes in our history that goes from 2014 to 2017 and then the next way mark is Pentecost and what is Pentecost if we're gonna look at it as a symbol what is it about what happens at Pentecost the Holy Spirit's poured out on the disciples right what's happening at Pentecost how would you describe Pentecost anybody got any ideas what's that prepared to go forth and spread why they have yes okay they're going to spread the message worldwide so there's some work of repenting setting aside pride and then God then establishes his church when he's pouring out that Holy Spirit Christ is setting up his work in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary so he's beginning his work up in heaven so there's a change of dispensation that occurs but we also know that he's establishing his church on earth and that's that would be described as the work of organization if I was going to put it into our history after 2017 now I know we started the work of her organization earlier we talked about organization but now we're in the work of organization and what had to happen in order for organization to occur according to Samuel snow what did he say that had to happen in his June 22nd letter the mockers had to be separated from us so in order for us to have a Pentecost experience what had to happen for us there has to be a separation the false priest has to have to be separated from the true priests am I making sense is that that makes sense of what's happening yes these are the literal days right up here and these are going this way you know from 27 ad to 34 ad that's literal days from April 13th 27 ad to October 22nd 1844 that's the actual number of days on the calendar which is 1844 times 360 I did this is Stephen Stephen Jameson from Ireland he came up with this idea but he was multiplying 359 and he was going from Pentecost over here to 1844 but he had decimal places left over and I don't like having decimal places leftover he was actually falling short because his 1844 and to get to October 22nd he needed decimals right that's a good question but he was just thinking well the days of atonement I'm gonna take those out but to me that makes no sense they need to be included right to have a year you don't take out the days of atonement so I just when I was stuck here I thought of this doing this and seeing where I would come to you just in my head I do this when I'm lying in bed so I knew I came really close and I figured I was probably on the 17th as I counted it but I wanted to be sure when I confirmed it with the computer it was the 17th day of the first month but to MOT it to my mind it was three days short of where I wanted to end I wanted to end on the 14th day of the first month but I didn't because I wanted 2014 to be here but 2014 is not there it's here so this is 2017 and so you know I think this is better you know once I look at it because it's telling something that I already knew is that in 2017 I was saying at least that we're in Passover that's the way I looked at it we're in that in Samuel snows letters we were at May 2nd last year when we were discovering May 2nd when we were discovering you know the center of that chiasm calling it the PBM that's where we were we are at the same place and I dealt with it when I looked at Samuel snows letters because in Samuel snows letters he uses a fake news story called the death warrant of Jesus Christ to come to the date 31 ad in a very roundabout way and I went through it in the class in an arc and so to him it was a confirmation he had this fake news that was a confirmation of what he was discovering that Jesus was crucified in 31 ad he also to used William Hales chronology that has Jesus crucified on March 27 31 ad which is a Tuesday so it doesn't doesn't even a line up with the Bible but Sammy snow didn't work out all the details in our history we were talking about Russia and our church in Russia and the Jehovah's Witnesses were getting their churches taken away because they weren't following the rules and there was some fake news regarding that that that was happening to seventh-day Adventist churches in Russia and so in our prediction there was some fake news associated with it and so to me I'm saying this means we're repeating Samuel snows letters we repeat where have this parallel with what's happening what was happening to samuel snow was happening to this movement and it was about our prediction which our prediction is rafia where their prediction was the second coming tenth day of the seventh month so I know there's probably lots of things I forget to to include in that but for me that's where why I was saying we were at Passover and the next step would be Pentecost the next step would be organization and so to have those people separated from us was necessary to get to where we are now and we couldn't have the discussions we're having and the studies were having if there was that rebellious spirit in this group you know we've presented some pretty you know controversial I think you know things to say the least maybe a bit incendiary but and it's creating a big hubbub on Facebook and social media people attacking us for time setting and other things but we're we're accepting these things because God has removed those people from us and so I think based on this line that we should organizations should be happening but that means there's also this work that's happening we're coming to Pentecost are we you know at Pentecost yet I don't know but we've we've passed Passover in Samuel snows letters we've gone from May 2nd and we're now moving toward June 22nd if we're not already there and then the next way mark is the fourth letter which is three days before midnight it's on July 18th and that letters the end of the chiasm I showed you that at the beginning so that July 18th is three days and again we have that three days symbol so that three days keeps showing up it shows up you know in the chiasm Zin 457 it shows up between the chiasm and midnight in 1844 and it shows up here between 2014 and 2017 three little literal years but three days and so that means we're moving this way now I did present so I'm going to present something this is a little bit speculative I hate speculating and I'm not saying it means anything but last night we we found that William Miller used what date to start the seventy weeks I always thought it was the first day of the first month but what date was it that he used the 12th of the first month the 12th day of the first month because that's the day that Judas sold Christ to the priests correct and that's two days before the 14th so if I went here the 12th day of the first month and I put these two days in here I come to 2019 as what who's selling who in the story in the 12th day of the first month what's what's happening what's Judas doing and how would we parallel that with our history I'm predicting something in 2019 so it's speculation yeah so somebody's gonna sell us out to the authorities this would be either somebody who was in the movement or somebody or somebody maybe who's in the movement now an individual I'm not certain right but if we were gonna put a parallel to that would that make sense so and that would fit in our with our timeline of where we are at that something's gonna happen in 2019 that's going to affect this movement with the government with the authorities yes Daniel 2014 what we did in 2014 on that day to me okay I see what you're saying you want to have all those dates on our calendar line up with you know events in those years because I did that with yeah because we did this with these other ones so this one we found a date now I don't know what happened on April 13th I would have to look at that and they need to look at what you know April 10th would be in 2017 and then you're saying April 8th and 2019 we could maybe make a prediction that on April 8th and 2019 Heidi and I are gonna have our 6th wedding anniversary which that's the date we're gonna have it but you know maybe something else will happen that makes sense not the wedding anniversary part but that's our anniversary so yeah so if we're gonna look at this in 2019 we could look at April 8th we could also figure out which is the 12th day of the first month in 2019 because it won't be the same you know the same date in our year as it is in 27 ad right you understand what I'm saying so we'd have to look at both dates I know it gets confusing that's why I had the students working through these calendars to try to sort that out but this is a little bit provocative I guess I mean I'm you know I'm not really sure on this but this is what I would do logically like you're asking the right question Daniel you know would we then put this into actual dates and make a prediction about an event you know I I don't know if I would do that but it I'm just thinking of it now right so this is just an aside but you see what happens as we do this this does give us a model that we could theoretically use to predict something and it's not it's not like we're predicting the second coming of Christ we're just looking at what's coming in our line for us at this point with this with this model so I hope that was interesting I know you're not gonna remember it all but you can always watch the video or look over the notes the notes here of course don't I didn't put everything in those notes but you do have the calendar and you can do the counting and you can try to figure it out and see if it makes sense now there are some odd things that I did that you might think I'm one day short because the one thing I did is I didn't do it fullness of the year with the days I counted a day as a year I didn't start in the middle of a year and then so my 25 20 days is actually 25 20 whole days it's not starting in the middle of one day and ending in the middle of another day I couldn't do that that was too difficult so I think you might understand because if I counted how we count the 1260 if you counted from 723 to 1798 there's actually 25 21 years involved you know if you counted the first one as one but we counted as zero so I counted it as one so some people might think I'm one day short but there's a reason why I did it I know so for those of you that are gonna go through on the calendar and count everything okay so thanks everybody for that and let's close in prayer and Philip can you offer prayer for us have any father at the end of this seventh day and at the end of this study we come to you to thank you for these wonderful numbers that you've shown us the way that they are lying to the histories and the teaching that you're trying to convey through this we know Lord that you present yourself in the Bible as harmony as the wonderful number and thank you for this wonderful revelations we thank you for the setting that we have here the framework that helps us build the character for eternity please help us have the willpower to do every work that we need to do to perfect our characters and our knowledge for your glory please be with us as we go to rest for the night and please help us come back in the morning refreshed for MU today we thank you for everything in Jesus name Amen