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so yesterday we were reading page two and three and hopefully we can see that the context of that discussion in 1890 this is review and Herald March 25th 1890 paragraphs one to five the discussion that's going on here is around the 1888 message and there are the leading brethren who are essentially telling people that they don't need to study for themselves that they can rely upon the previous experience of the leadership and one brother asks why can't we do that paragraph four brother asked sister white do you think that we must understand the truth for ourselves why can we not take the truths that others have gathered together and believe them because they've investigated the subjects and the we shall be free to go on without the taxing of the powers of the mind in the investigation of these subjects do you not think that these men who have brought out the truth in the past are inspired of God and she says no that they're not inspired in the fully sense of the word I believe that God has given them a work to do but if they are not fully consecrated to God at all times they will we self into their peculiar traits of character and what into what they are doing and we'll put their mold upon the work and fashion many religious experience after their own pattern and that's exactly what was happening it wasn't some kind of theory and this is this struggle between Radner and Jones in the leadership of the church so that is a summary of what we spoke on yesterday education page 45 page for his chapter six the schools of the prophets revering Israel God's plan of education was carried into effect its results testified of its author but in the very but in very many households the training appointed by heaven and the characters thus developed were alike rare God's plan was but partially and imperfectly fulfilled by unbelief in disregard of the Lord's directions the Israelites surrounded themselves with temptations that few had power to resist what is household training second sentence by heaven was to philosophy that definition I'm saying what is home training what is home training what do we choose all that general home schooling we call that home schooling today yeah so the home schooling that they had was actually creating a mess not sorting the mess out that would excite the mess that were born into and if we're talking about schools with the prophets and history repeating that we know they're ever home schooling we're doing today is actually productive of harm not good if people feel that's too strong a statement by unbelief in this regard of the Lord's directions the Israelite surrounded themselves with temptations that few had power to resist at their settlement in Canaan they did not destroy the nation's concerning whom the LORD commanded them but were mingled among the heathen and learned their works and they served their idols which were a snare unto them their heart was not right with God nearly as a steadfast in their covenant but he being full of compassion forgave their iniquity destroyed them not yay many a time turned he is anger away for he remembered that they were but flesh a wind that passes the way in cometh not again fathers and mothers in Israel became indifferent to their obligation to God indifferent to their obligation to their children through unfaithfulness in the home and idolatrous influences without many of the Hebrew youth received an education differing widely from that which God had planned for them they learned the ways of the heathen and if we believe anything about line upon line we know if you send your children to school they're learning the ways of the heathen and more often than not when you home educate it's not any better there for anybody going to comments on that the whole system is a mess with you home school or whether you send them to public schools because most parents have already imbibed the doctrines of the heathen that she mentions here and we educate our children using the same methodology same idolatry whilst at home then they would learn at school and we just come for ourselves because we use Christian education material that that's going to solve the problem but I can assure you why donate oh so I think he's inherently obvious it should just go back into the history they were teaching them from the scriptures they were teaching them God's Word God's ways they weren't teaching them how to fashion idols and bow down to them in this exact dynamic here and they still made a total mess of the whole thing to meet this growing evil God provided other agencies as an aid to parents in the work of Education from the earliest times prophets had been recognized as teachers divinely appointed ok so this is a the second paragraph 46.1 this is why we're here actually it's not the the preamble above from the earliest times prophets had record had been recognized as teachers divinely appointed in the highest sense the Prophet was one who spoke by direct inspiration communicating to the people the messages he had received from God now in that sense that sense of a prophet if you go back and see what this person was asking this is paragraph four the previous section a brother asked sister why do you think we must understand the truth for ourselves why can we not just take the truths that others have gathered together and believe them because they have investigated the subjects and then we will be free to go on without the taxing of the powers of the mind do you not think that these men who have brought out the truth in the past were inspired of God she said no they just studied their way through things they may have been directed but they're not prophets in the fully sense of the word coming back to the paragraph we're reading 46.1 and the highest cents the profit was one who spoke by direct inspiration communicating to people the messages he had received from God but the name was given also to those who though not so directly inspired were divinely called to instruct the people in the works and ways of God for the training of such a class of teachers Samuel by the Lord's Direction established the schools of the prophets is that relatively clear about the distinction of these different types of profits any comments or questions now questions straightforward we're not interested the week what would be not so directly inspired one has a direct communication the other one has one that's just getting this once in a while that's a good way of saying it yeah it mix once in a while don't be someone like you it's for Lisa what William Miller I would take us in it as a is it to be serious about it an example this man is not inspired it doesn't get direct revelations of God early writings I think it's in the back end of the of the book she talked about angels directing or guiding his mind this is not inspiration it's for this sense he's not having dreams and visions this is angels however they do that may be inspiring him with thoughts probably then shal leadings you know he goes to a library or a bookshop and he buys the right book not the wrong book angels directing the affairs of human beings that's what I understand his the guiding of his mind to be but that's not a prophet in the fully sense that's receiving direct communication to meet this growing Eva Curtis reading the paragraph again to meet this growing evil God provided other agencies as an aid to parents in the work of Education from the earliest times prophets have been recognizes teachers divinely appointed the highest censor prophet was one who spoke by the direct inspiration communicating to people the messages he had received from God we understand that hopefully but the name was also given to those who do not bear not so directly inspired were divinely called to instruct the people in the works and ways of God for the training of such a class of teachers Samuel by the Lord direction established the schools of the prophets the fight I think interesting there I guess we don't find anything interesting the last sentence that's right first thing someone said something else interesting why is that interesting when he wasn't Samuel but did that was it how it was established did school is the schools of the prophets just get set up when Samuel came perhaps mr. al-libi repeat your question please Willis will ducati self percent of violation right theoretical violations Elijah Elijah to make sure that's before Samuel yeah they're right I'm just making sure that moves the last judge copy brother James so he's that what she says are you gonna say reestablished Sunday I just said it's leaving Siri just okay yeah he died he didn't said he didn't say great I thought I'd mess rent miss ready when he said that that's right so why is he picking that up for why Cannot going back to Elijah well Jane puffy with a gray so what are you asking exactly for such as the training of such a classic teachers Sam you by the laws direction establish the schools of the prophets establish them didn't Elijah Elijah re-established later on yeah okay so these schools are the prophets how do they function what's happening that these schools are the prophets will read before we comment these schools were intended to serve as a barrier against the wide spreading corruption to provide for the mental and spiritual welfare of the youth and to promote the prosperity of the nation by furnishing it with men qualified to act in the fear of God as leaders and counselors to this end Samuel gathered companies of young men who were pious intelligent and studious these were called the sons of the prophets as they studied the word and the works of God his life giving power quickened the energies of mind and soul and the students received wisdom from above the instructors were not only versed in Devine divine truth but had themselves enjoyed communion with God and had received the special endowment of his spirit they had the respect and confidence of the people both for learning and for piety in Sam Newsday there were two of these schools one at Rhema the home of the Prophet and the other one and the other at kiddush Kjus theorem in later times others were established so what do these schools look like how they operate in what they functioning as for Daniel we'll go with the teachers first because um the instructors if they were to be a barrier against the widespread it teaches councilís where did say that that's the schools that's the purpose of schools I just will ask about these the instructors it says it we have yes I can look it over yet I don't need to read what I could read his tell me in your own words White's actually convert it like an you be like falsely converted okay we're going to school just go with converted then this I don't know what what's truly converted means but I don't know what a born-again Christian means so they converted yeah okay yeah how do you know they're converted by the way we'll go with that how do you know they're converted by the fruit just a racial how do we know they're converted because they have the special endowment so these are their only leasing structures that can only be profits of the highest order because I don't think he directly said that you think that as their proudly profits of the highest for the Tyla yonder these are talking about the instructors the teachers of the school I've asked what characteristics that they have in the first one we've gone for is they must be converted don't say we have you know they convert you by the textured look our body takes did you read the last paragraph and then waiting food 6.2 okay these are pious and studious men and normally when you think pious you have a that's a converted kind of relationship with the Lord fighters and more pious correctly but there is a I don't know yeah I'll go with that pious saying you be fine by surprise anyone else take the Kathy oh well they were educated in the scriptures they had a relationship with the Lord and it says a special endowment and I don't know if that means special illumination like the definition because you're not using that interchangeably or not it seems like it would be special endowment special illumination anyone else his deck how these people converted okay you don't so I read the whole paragraph but I read it during that with someone else is entering I at least partly really has that you don't fully but she does say that the instructors had themself to enjoy communion with God and head I know that there's a special endowment part but I'm not focus on the communion with God that while they're communing with God in whatever way or time they are converted okay so you want to sign up for one of these schools with me yeah because you're at the back Education yeah how'd you know the teachers are qualified to do that work how'd you know they've done all these things while yes we can take the spirit prophecy at that point because this is way after but because certain reason I'm asking is because second from last sentence they had the respect and confidence of the people that's what that's what stood out for me the when you send your children to these schools you know that it's a safe place because everyone generally acknowledges that those people who are leading out in that school the instructors they have a reputation so who would send their children who would go to a school where the instructors have a bad reputation just worldly people I'm talking about our movement and look I'm not trying to shy away from what we discussed this is the schools of the prophets who would go to a school of the prophets where the instructors had not got a reputation and a respect and the confidence of the people generally I disagree I disagree with that because I think we have a system that's actually set up that we do go to places where we have instructors who don't fulfill these requirements in my opinion James okay I get what you're saying but I mean just you look at the school here you're going to ask your your friends in the church where are they going to say friends in the church you're not the church then at least aren't quite the same I would suspect isn't the keyword though in your definition generally that there's always not always an exception to the rule but there's generally the system is set up in a good way but if you're using the word generally that means there's times when it's not are there people that are not you know piss but just i assume even in Samuels day there were people who are there who you know put on a good show and who were able to get by in some way but generally the school had a good reputation you know the may be Samuel or whoever was leading out but sister Cathy I'm not sure what you say things about you disagree with you put your hand up before I said that about you disagree that I want to speak twice you know okay the first disagreement about we don't have people qualified in the movement I wanted to they say we'd never go to a school we've got unqualified teachers and I said I disagree I think people do go to schools that they've got unqualified teachers instructors if we want to go with instructors just don't command the respect and confidence of the people the Prophet when that's come to the prophets talking about this movement I wonder if you're willing to have a frank discussion about the schools of the prophets that we're setting up right now brother James back to the question about what is it it looked like the special endowment of the spirit and the paragraph before it says that they were divinely home and instruct the people you know generally you can see what gifts people have you know some need to be refined or whatever but we're talking about people that were chosen for that you know and you think of Paul and Barnabus the church didn't have to him home they could see that they had a gift they could see that they were divinely chosen and they laid hands on an incentive other than they're worth so Paul and Barnabas had the respect and confidence of the Antioch church we can say in that context and Allen white comment on the commenting on that she says they received no new endowment by the laying on of hands it was a recognition of what was already patently obvious if she doesn't say that like in that in there that way but I think that's what you're saying it's obvious who these that these people are the right people to have for the toilet my only point of that last sentence that last statement that you said you didn't understand was that none Sam what I don't know you said they didn't you didn't understand what I said last all reset and ice having the grief oh my my only point was that the reputation of the school is is okay max olivia is that the the thing that that I know as I read it now she's talking about the individuals I think like each teacher has a reputation of being this perfect person that she's kind of describing you this converted person and you're saying that's not the case today didn't say convert it I don't think that way well first are we allowed to say that all those other things are all the other different things other than she's saying but the word conversion records yeah I understand with that with a statement they had the respect and confidence of the people just go there's the instructors people who were going to teach you the point is that just in a general sense at least and in general since I think ours our schools generally maybe not each individual in the schools has a has the respect of the respect and confidence of the people broadly she they instruct the individual they don't come on the respect and confidence that people should they instruct individually maybe they shouldn't but I mean I'm just talking broadly as the school like a corporate level is what all I was saying I think corporately these schools have the respect but there may be people in the school instructors who aren't this I mean the sanctuary has corporately the respect to the people but when the priests and levites start doing dirty work and they lose the respect the whole system becomes a stink to the people the schools are only as good as the instructors unless we come because we like architecture or something which in some places the architecture isn't very nice is this one if you've been to some of the other places breath it oh well I mean in our system I mean if you're talking about the system we have now I'm not even sure how it's kind of an ad-hoc system I mean there's all these different schools there's not really any organizational structure per se decisions are made randomly I mean who is gonna be an instructor I read 8 2 : well what's that and we date the colon wall schools of the prophets yeah well I think that's what you were making well I don't know if that's the point I'm thinking either it was all I'm saying is that you know there was an attempt to make schools of the profits and you know maybe we didn't go about it all the correct way but I don't know how else you could have when there was no organizational structure we just thought yeah so I mean what was done in the past it's getting better I don't think do you think well I think I mean I'm not an expert on all the things that are happening but I would think that it's it's getting better so this election the instructors is all under control that I don't know I'm not sure how he'll even occurs why would you think he's getting back there on what basis well I was here two years ago and I think it's better this year as far as what I see happening with the students tackling the instructors at the moment so got better instructor respect the respect that the students have for the instructors the students but people the people well generally the movement has respect to the teachers you know saying we're only having the respective teachers as far as I know I mean that's why they invited you anywhere else having to dig at anything or anyone I just want to say you know I don't think we have any frank discussions often enough about this thing and we and we raised these these ministries and we call them schools little prophets and it's just like if I paraphrase some Bible verses I could say this is my Bible version and you know elevate it to some high status like it's the Word of God schools are prophets if we're gonna use that term we should at least try and follow some of these rules I would suggest and the primary one or one of the primary ones is you get in you only have instructors just that this allows to that who whoever who command the respect and communists of the people which never bleep having instructors that don't have that to say if there's any issues or questions with them I don't think we do that brother Graham I was asking where are you picking up the word command they commander I didn't I think I attack and if you've got the people I'm picking up from tag had they had the respect they come are deep in respect so they the teachers had the respect and the confidence of the people does that mean that the problem in this sentence lives with the teachers or lives with the people so the people the ones who have lots of respect oh you mean if things were not going right well the context how it's all going correct isn't it the instructors that are being there would only select instructors that fit that bill because you know in any period of darkness or whatever there are always people that you can highlight and say that is a pious righteous person they've got a good reputation you know in any generation you're always going to find that is it the way you framed your question it seems to me like some of the people are bad and they look at these busy struct and say they're not very good instructor so it's B the problem with the people or whoever runs that school selects hires bad instructors and so then it becomes the people saying these are not good instructors but in the original model there is no failure so I'm asking if we're going to in our fulfillment of this we can get problems at both ends but often it's it's not the people that are making the mistakes you know if you get 15 people and you say put a list of all the pious people in our movement they know who the pious people are they know the people who are who to have confidence in you may got the odd person who's got some problem with a with someone you know personal issue but that normally is is visible it's not like an individual person I mean this is the people generally the people no I would think even in a wiki generation you know the whole system that they have when Christ is there on earth he dies the whole educational system is is corrupt but they have some pretty decent teachers and everyone knows who the best teacher is and who is that Romania that everyone knows that he has a reputation not only for being a teacher of high quality Gamaliel paul's teacher but i've been a righteous man you may have some defects he needs a understanding of prophecy but he's character is unassailable I'm not saying you can read it in a specific passage but that's the context that I get when he speaks he's as one having Authority not just because he's clever but because he seems to be a righteous man the people that you select as teachers cover more of the aspects required yep Pavel re hygienic question is how do we or how can we say that they were divinely called how are they divinely called because it seems to me that they're divinely called and then they receive the respect and conscience of the people so that's the first step for me but before we delve into days I don't mind not doing it if people that feel I'm digging anyone or having a go at anyone because I'm not we're setting up schools you know pretty rapidly in our movement and a brother Theodore they said he doesn't even know how the system works and it's kind of like ad hoc and the people over there are just doing their own things without without any control of supervision and if you just rephrase that it means these people over there whoever there is are out of control because there is no control there is no supervision so and I'm like not talking about it but it's it's right in front of us I just thought maybe we could so but brother Larry I agree that someone has to have this endowment of the Spirit you think well that has to happen first then they have to have a period of time whatever period at that time is and people recognize that people see in their learning and their piety so I guess to me that means in their knowledge and their behavior that these people are qualified to do this work so he would have had to be in that way they would have had to receive the endowment of the Spirit and they would have been seen and then they would say let's choose this person and you know this is not something new adventism has got you know hasn't done well in this educational system even in the time period of ellen white but one of the things that they did know is when they set up an institution they would get the best ministerial talent or that's what they were instructed to do however you only define what best minister lee talent was I would go with learning and piety you wouldn't get so lucky you got a minister if you load you wherever you want to call them pastor and you've got 20 of them and some of them are say like you've got one who's the top-rated evangelist or the best pastor of this church in the everythings war and the tithe is coming in and everything's going good Ellen White today and they say well we're setting up a new facility who should we who should we call to lead out or head out in that school and the temptation is to say well get the get the get the the pastor or the minister who isn't doing a good job and they filled them in that school and and she doesn't do that she says we should get the top talent the very best people to run our schools she understands the importance of education because if you have top people running the school instructing the school they have much more influence in the church at large than you do if they do an evangelistic series as an example so everybody put their hand up who had a comment because I'm just making sure I didn't lose it one two three all right yeah I wanted to make a current I think it's the the subject it's alright what caught my attention of in this sentence is that you know they had the respect and confidence of those people and usually stop there but they said for learning and piety and sometimes it happens that there are teachers who have the respect and confidence of the people but for the wrong reasons because I'm not always until just one of them or just one of them me okay nothing like what wrong reason for example and yeah maybe I'm going out of I hope I'm not good for example there are people who have really good speaking skills and people use they draw attention to themselves you know but they actually may not have good foundation in the truth from the prophetic perspective or maybe even questionable piety and still they manage to get the attention of some people are not the attention the respect and confidence so maybe this is also this is the part of the people they have to be careful to respect and have confidence in teachers who you know fulfill for learning it quietly pilot so in this in the model that she's talking about because we've been saying that you pick you find the converted person you find that you find the finished products and then you take a finished product or you know the converted product and you then you put it into your school you know and that can you fulfill this this worker with you have the learning and the piety they command the respect you know that one thing but I guess what we do often at least in the past maybe still you know is we use the school as a testing ground for instructors and students on digital training on-the-job training where you take someone you say your clothes sethius and you know there's no one else looking we got a shortage of Labor and you put them in a school and you say see how you did and what you mean then that from I'm not saying it's good I'm just saying that maybe that's what we've done ok wait we did that broke we learned that from how we run businesses cuz that's what I do when I hire employees ok I said Christ because he sent out his to sockets - Hattie P cycles that was a day um I just had a question about the the people and the teachers and their relationship to one another kid junk Jairam and Rama were only like a day apart they weren't that far apart and the grand scheme of things I know people didn't travel as much as they did and you know today as they did they didn't travel back then isn't like they do today but today's journey isn't that far it's this is this talking about the the people in their locality had their respect in their confidence or because so-and-so says that they have the respect and confidence of the people to trust that judgment you know what I mean because because today we have people being sent you know all over the world but where they're being sent a lot of those people don't know anything about the teachers that are coming to them so in in that respect they don't have the respect and confidence of that teacher does it not know prova Larry what's going through my mind is still back to the divine recalled if we look back in the past we've seen that several brothers who were good instructors brother hands brother see brother team brother II but yet they begin to teach error time and they stepped away from us so how do we know when someone is divinely called which it says right here they were divinely called to instruct the people how do we know it's not by the respect of coldness of people is that that's not how you would know there are many pastors in a church that they have compliments of the people in learning and impiety yes right I mean I mean I don't think we recognize someone that is called just because it has respect and haughtiness I don't think that's the way we should I don't know what is their suggestion how we should how we should open this schools you knew tell me no you just said you shouldn't be that way I I don't know I don't have the answers that's why I'm asking I don't have the answers I'm just saying do we follow these rules someone over here said something so how they will teach truth if they teach truth yep they seemed good but then they started teaching error they couldn't be divinely appointed just God wouldn't put confusion or error um but Jake is it just because somebody ends up not teaching the truth does not mean that they're not divine at all you mean I can do direction yet on the right we have that with Wagner and Jones anyone else left I'd I might be totally off-base per sentence but you said where do we get where do we get our justification for what we do today as opposed to what she's saying here and like I said this might be wrong but it's at least what I'm thinking in the moment is if you treated this school like you treated the movement I think that's an accurate equation at some level you know they're of equal importance at least then if you want to build a school and you get hires you get you get laborers some of those laborers are you know like with no way you get good and you get bad laborers but they're all gonna do it work and they're all gonna contribute to building that school or building that boat or building the movement just like you see with Wiesenthal's Judas and the rest you know Judas did of work he converted people he you know baptized he did whatever he was supposed to do and I think there's a following that logic we at least have can see several witnesses to we're bad people and good people combine to do whatever is supposed to happen now I get that might that might just be at a movement level and that doesn't apply to schools because it just doesn't work the same way but maybe it does I don't know maybe you maintain Judas and the disciples in Noah and I guess you could bring in higher and the laborers who built the sanctuary so everyone say like Judas who who who hired Judas the other guys that wouldn't make that happen and Hiram was that was the basis on which that contract was set up correct for money money is bad but you know the Lord blessed all of it you know in terms of the product that was being delivered you did the best work you know and that's what you need I guess you don't you need a not good workers and like physical ability but I mean in the terms of the wherever the work may be but he made that there was a whole problem there because people are seeking money there was you know promotion and rivalry the whole culture they had been stopping the construction of that temple just defiled the whole project if you were if you really if you're willing to see that just under the surface so are we doing a really good job or the best job that we can do cuz really human the thing is how do you how do you do different than what we have done at this point like how could we have done it differently to start out I mean because we are just starting out so like if there's a hundred people in the movement saying Dane structure isn't very good the instructor should be removed like a hundred people in the movement saying instructor isn't very good I might answer that question so what else guy we had that problem with Private Pilot yeah we have if you remove the instructor no eventually enough no we didn't we didn't remove the instructor you have to remove themselves yeah then get fired they voluntarily left okay so we've looked at the instructors what about the students and was watching the video and you decided this out for scope take heed because they when they zooming in on you and we're going to start checking your instructors the people who's coming the students were back then what they coming for we tease wall in this context party and learning so is that why you come here were you students you come here to learn piety to become different people or just to learn some information what's the reason that you come here for Rafael why did you come here not days now yep four of the reasons actually the first is other this is a very good place probably the best in which to understand you know the present truth like intellectually why is this the best price and and that now it's the best because of the second reason because the setup that's here is not buildings not necessarily nice buildings where they're located how the schedule is win the country the country we have the culture cultural work okay so we got the structure every school virtually is running the two meals a day two classes a day in the devotions and some work correctly every school in the morning that do mess all this profit okay so why is this the best oh I'm not making a strong point on that I mean I'll say probably I just for me at least that I'm just wanting what will make it best accept the building and the facility because all the stops are all the same that the schedule stories about the teachers right the teachers I don't know yeah Arsenal depends yeah okay so it's a little it's a would you come for ya so from this two points the teeth these two perspectives to get the intellectual training and also I don't know if I call it physical training work to getting the right intellectual training in the right framework so to say not only intellectual training like we meet up in the town in the small you know hired you know place we set up some meetings there people come state one hour listen to the truth go back to their own business which is fine we I mean I don't say it's wrong to do that but here is a goals yeah they are not school so then it goes yes so that's why I came to school I think I liked it more sister all the day when he caught me to be trained pick up they were quite now on this subject the same reason you come to be trained what kind of training you expecting whatever training it is that the teachers should give or has to offer I fully agree with the statements we made your teacher should command the respect of the people and they should do the work that God has designed for them to do and I also believe that they come the respect of the people in as it relates to how things are it wouldn't be the respect of the common persons within the movement as you made the point that within the movement you have persons who would know the teachers are nor bore them so yes those things can be controlled it's not an it's not something that's a hit and miss so those things are not things that that need to be guessed at its right you I came because I wanted to - I knew that this was the truth and I wanted to learn it better and more fully and I wanted my life to be change by it you told me you finished sometimes people want to pause I will trying to elicit moist this is the Cathy I originally came because I believed it was the movement of God I didn't really understand what a school of the prophets was I never heard that before it was only after I was here for a while that I realized it wasn't just the need to gain information for myself but I was to learn the prophecies that I could give to others and I saw that been as an unexpected responsibility that I hadn't anticipated when I came originally because I just want to learn Adventist history and I've never read the prophecies before and so now it's to gain an experience from others who have an experience themselves in the work unit prophecies and and their life reflects that the effect of that for in there they have fruit that show they have a relationship with the Lord they understand the scriptures they have teaching ability and patience and so now I'm here to in accordance to life to think that double inclusion to see his faithfulness and fulfill to trust him that he has is doing this and that I find his strength and the Holy Spirit and diligence combined we would be able to fulfill that work to me Jake don't look directly me here so first off as always to be a servant but also to speak up this first off to be a servant that secondly to become a better teacher okay sister Elissa let me try and intestine you could have that in the world baby ever ever you go you gonna be well I'm you speaking we take tried and tasty this this means like provoked tool poked spiritually try to make sure that my understandings of God my relationship with him but who he is was accurate and to deepen and strengthen my connection with what was true who is true and now to continue that and you learn how to teach rather Gregory those are your full experience of sort of profits your opinions as an observer of what you've heard on the grapevine or what you've seen these schools were intended to serve as a barrier against the wide spreading corruption to provide for the mental and spiritual welfare of the youth and to promote the prosperity of the nation by furnishing it with men qualified to act in the fear as leaders and counselors do you think our schools are fulfilling that purpose what's the reference which 16.2% you think our school to doing that where they're serving as a barrier against the wide spreading corruption the world of Adventism and it provides for the mental and spiritual welfare of people of this movement and the people have come out of this these facilities that the movement is being furnished with people says men today we have men and women who are qualified to act in the fear of God as leaders and counselors you think we're fulfilling that I think so yeah no you see you see results sort of people who come out of these schools or you've heard of them there than that with how much interactive had with people that this you'd say yet this is happening I think there's plenty of transparency about it all to prove up and in this efficient plenty of people getting together and discussing things to about it to happen this is a weapon you have any thoughts about being a student at one of these schools well I fight like that word transparency that's something I appreciate about the teachers in the school we go to I can't hate so well sorry I got it so far just before you playing down okay about the school in the fellowship that you go to uh-huh and the transparency in it about you know what what we're about here and what's being taught and I want to say that the reason I came was because I became a seventh-day adventists and and I started reading Ellen White and little by little you know came to believe that she was that everything that she talks about points to the Bible and the Word of God and and then in reading her experience and the experiencing Miller writes and learning about how they studied the Bible to find out about the prophecies and stuff I wanted to learn how to read the Bible that way to to get some information to find out what God was trying to say to us and to me and then when I found a thing on the YouTube presentation about that I prayed about you know wanting to learn how to well when I pray sometimes it's a formal prayer and sometimes it's just I you know I wish I could learn how to do that and then I had the experience of seeing a presentation about it even though I didn't understand it at the time I could tell that it wasn't a way to to study the Bible and organized way to sort of understand it and so little by little I watched up many more presentations and found out about the school of the prophets and they wanted to be here to learn I began to understand more and and I appreciate many things that I've learned like things that stick with me like that I have to make it my own you know I have to whatever I learn here I have to make it my own but I don't make it my own through my own power I make it my own food trust you God and praying and asking for guidance so that the thing I appreciate everything points to the Word of God and you know Ellen White points to the Word of God or last another question go on the student brother Gregory no brother grams right are you a son of a prophet in I'm not sure the context so I'm just gonna say yes context a paragraph indicates point soon that's dangerous brother Daniel yes you are yes what's the qualification okay and said I've got your son of God different the first sentence the ring I'm asking the questions is that the purpose of these schools was to promote the prosperity of the movement first sentence and the reason the way does that it promotes the prosperity of the nation by furnishing the movement with qualified people who will act in the fear of God as leaders and counselors to this end samuel gathered companies of young men who are pious intelligent and studious these were schools these were called the sons of the prophets so that's that's the context of that so your pious intelligent this and studious that was the qualification to even come to the school as a student he didn't if you didn't hit that target you shouldn't be coming to the school that one okay he'll be a man in that generation yes brother Tyler I just wanted to qualify are the the sons of the prophets are the students or are they the teachers and I only mean that because as you get a little bit further switches nouns or something in it reads different it seems like it really their way okay so today same Sam you counted companies of young men who are quite intelligent studious is this the instructors are these the students these were called the sons of the prophets as they say the words and works of God his life give him power quicken the energies of the mind and salt and the students received wisdom from above they gets me in there and I said you could read the other way so tonight well as they studied the Thunder the pockets they disturb you girls right there the students well that's my cuz they you know kill students is after yeah you know she's she'd have to be referring to something she said before birthday though you've been missing and how he reads grammar that's all I think it's pretty straightforward with the students it's the same way I do and sadly the students are the sons of the prophets that's how I read it I don't see how you could read it any other way but I do you do yeah I'm not saying young wait was right but I can see are you really the other way okay we're not very good with all this stuff at least I'm not so I want to go with the sons of the prophets they study the Word of God and they're the students so it's got all that that little qualified qualified to take these leading positions in the movement but they have to be pious intelligent and studious it is that the requirements that we have for our schools and we just solve take anybody so how's that working never Daniel I don't know how to when you go to the school of the prophets you have just sign a lot of documents and you have to have some recommendations so I think we are fulfilling this you have to have a recommendation of someone else actually three people in so I think we are doing since right you yeah I didn't get that you can do it I did really kick but I don't know how you're gonna wanna fight someone as intelligent yes you know how do we never this how empowering in a measure in the world oh you are intelligent you can come on though you are not that good how are you gonna do that I don't understand I'm just reading what he said but this is common sense people should you say yeah you can come that's how he wants pious and studious so he seemed to me he entered am so that's the first go we could say that's the kind of the first you know calling that Samuel the Prophet is a prophet he's doing this so I think he's kind of trying to select and this going to be correction facility and if that's a term that you UK people know what that means they take wayward people mostly young of the day the most wayward okay let's get a bit older you hide your made witness to sort of straighten them out it didn't seem to me that brother tighter than brother Felix I as I read and maybe this is controversial say but it I don't think the schools are the puppets that we have today are not the schools of the prophets that Samuel and sister we're talking about and one reason I would say that is because and I don't mean that to say what we're doing is bad I mean I think we're meeting different ends we're going to different directions in terms of the people that are being furnished here are leaders and counselors with teachers only it's it's like when you leave this school you're a teacher and now you're gonna go fulfill the role of a teacher doing some teacher League thing and it's again and you've got to be converted and the teachers got to be converted and we don't do that today we're more of a or more of a what if they look like uncover it grope taking another unconverted group a general education a general education kind of school in terms of you got your TV sure thing yeah but so what but I don't think it's wrong what we're doing I just think it's not this it's not this it's not this model Freddie regarding your question on whether our schools are correction facilities are or here she says that and I read it as being students Samuel gathered companies and young men were pious intelligence and studios so this may be this man they were untrained men but still they were as like empty vessels ready to be filled in you know really they had the potential of becoming great teachers and not only the potential they had the willingness to form to pertain to that potential and the the school was the means through which that potential could be attained Timothy didn't go to school but I'm just thinking when you say empty vessel but he's a vessel that and his mother and grandmother they've done this great work upon him so he receives maybe the finishing touches or this feeling yeah I agree I think that this is not the place where people should come where they don't have the disposition to you know obtain that you bring me pass this one listen he's not I said we should come too if you don't have the disposition to be a student to fulfill this role whatever that the bit is that this position I think we know what the disposition is the faint she'll be coming if you don't don't got them faint in that direction groove with that rather Larry you agree with that so if you had the facility like that you wouldn't need to do seven times you should the people who have come he would have the faint they do wouldn't ever need to be treated like that where everybody knows that's not the case obviously have the seven times if that's not the case you should eat corporal punishment upon people is our you I don't know what corporal punishment for punishment it's like beating what do you want to call it we call physical labor I think brother Philip told us was to educate the mind and you can do a bit of the body as well seven times it's not educating your mind it's causing physical pain teach you a lesson it's corporal punishment yeah but you know if I beat you with a stick corporal punishment you straighten your mind out or is that what the school of the Prophet should be training you you got mechanism of training no why do you do it probably daddy what was just going to say what was the school of the prophets established or originally was to bring reform and why was it reached it was to bring reform and I think that the same reason it's why this is established to bring about a reform so at that level we're fulfilling that role to try and bring about reform so I hope people haven't found this too painful dokin criticism of what we do I think brother Gregory said it nicely for me transparency we can have a frank conversation we've got schools coming up we've got schools just starting and it's easy to lose our direction unless we have some kind of direction in which we're going and we're not doing what brother Theodore I said he does now he's got no idea how it's all being put together people just doing their own little thing over there without any kind of direction or or discussion which probably doesn't sound good it seems to me summarizing what people have said that we call these schools schools of the prophets but they're not really based upon the model that that's being presented here that the schools that were discussed here were to train teachers to promote the prosperity of the nation and movement it doesn't give you any indication here about time about how long those schools ran for or the training program for a school but I suspect it wasn't as short as we have in like three months so even though we called these schools of the prophets and it can lead you into this idea that they're based upon these this original model if it's not really based upon that in many many different ways the people that are selected to come it isn't done in that same way the length isn't the same way there are many things that are not the same as this kind of training this will pick up just want to make that point even the things that you teach you at the school is different we haven't read that because I didn't go through the rest of passage that's right poverty they studied the Bible anew and the works of God yes so did nature and available yeah there are other things that that they learn these five things that they learn but we already picked on some of them so if you wanted to think about where our schools are headed if we're running along this model if we should be running along this model maybe we shouldn't maybe what we're doing is the right way to do it because we're at the end of the world things are different the purpose of these schools is different but maybe we're doing everything correct because every single one of us is a priest we can go with that and these priests are who did the born leaders stroke teachers of the nation aren't they and it's really easy for us to just be too introspective of ourselves and see how bad we are we don't think we sometimes appreciate the great work that we've got to do in the nation that's just about to come so maybe what we do in is right maybe we are all intelligent studious and pious maybe when we talk about this is a correction facility maybe that perspective that we have isn't right maybe his brother Daniel said for sure he's the son of a prophet not because he's the son of God but because he does fulfill all these requirements is every single one of us do because little do we realize the high calling that God has given us and it's really easy just to think we're just like nobodies but maybe we're not nobodies and I think I rubbed it out on the board so you know it's really easy just to think everything's just a mess this will disorganised and we're not following things right I'm not arguing that we couldn't improve things but the perspective of priests stroke prophets people are being trained for this great work to come maybe we are actually following this model we all know it's dangerous to you know to understand the whole system of Education just from one paragraph you know it's only a skewed vision of or perspective of what's being discussed because she wants to make a specific point so I did see some hands up but we'll stop the reason we were here wasn't for any of that really it was paragraph 46 point 1 because what I wanted us to see was the following as I read the paragraph again second sentence from the earliest times prophets had been recognized as teachers divinely appointed in the highest sense the Prophet was one who spoke by direct inspiration communicating to the people the messages he had received from God but the name was given also to those who do not so directly in fired were divinely called to instructor people in the works and ways of God and then the paragraph that we just read although I've read a lot of that last sentence for the training of such a class of teachers of prophets Samuel established the schools of the prophets so you've got these two types of prophets ones that are trained into the job and ones that are directly or divinely inspired then you don't need any education for that anybody can fulfill that role but what we're talking about people who need to be trained to do this role and they're trained to be prophets doesn't talk about priests here but if we overlay the concept of priests then maybe everything that we're doing in our schools is correct is exactly the fulfillment of what these of what the school that was just discussed now really should look like and it's not this dark ugly picture that perhaps it seemed that was being portrayed let's pray Heavenly Father we want to give you praise and thanks for your goodness and mercy we asked Lord for the blessing of the Holy Spirit as we prepare our hearts our minds everything around us and even this facility for your holy Sabbath day is we walk through this day be with us and guide us and Lord is we have discussed the subject of the schools of the prophets which is the aim and the title of this ministry help us to see as instructors and students whether or not we individually and corporately are fulfilling this role the role that you would give us we ask them pray for this blessing in Jesus's holy name and also a blessing upon the food that you have provided for our needs amen