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Publish Date: 9/18/2018
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your father in heaven we invite your spirit again as we open your word together we ask for the guidance in our minds that we can understand these things and that you can lead and direct us as we seek the unfolding of light of the midnight cry help us to understand this truth that's pivotal Christ being crucified in the midst of the week and we just pray in his name that these things can be understood amen so this study is stepping away from the book of Ezra for a bit because we have covered all the chronology of Ezra and now we're we're making a bridge in 2 Samuel snows letters and we're gonna look at his last letter a little bit not not really in detail so what we're going to be looking at is this where does this first show up visually in Adventism where does do where do we first see this diagram where do we see this know where visually for the first time that Adventists see this visually 1863 white Y 1863 sure so if we look at the 1843 chart obviously it has no reference to the 70 weeks other than I don't even think it mentions it at all it from what I remember so there's no MEC reference to the 70 weeks and we don't see the 70 weeks on this chart other than in the midst of the week we see this here it says in the midst of week 70 weeks and 34 AEDs so it has a t 31 but this idea of the three and a half and the three and a half visually represented as far as I can tell Adventism doesn't have this until the 1843 chart and this is in the top right hand corner of the chart just below the line for the 2300 days in the seventy weeks yes what's that 1863 yeah 1863 chart has this so the 1850 chart doesn't have at the 1843 chart doesn't have it now we know that the argument is that when the 1863 chart was made they rejected the 2520 and that's represented by the fact that the 2520 is not on the chart so where is the 2520 on this chart the 1843 chart okay well it's in the top right hand corner right down the center right this this is a 2520 chart because it starts with 677 ends with 1843 no it's not on the left so this one also has the 25 20 right down the center because it starts at 6 77 goes to 1844 it also has an explanation of the 25 20 in the bottom right hand corner in more detail so you know this is also a 25 20 chart but the 1863 chart they don't have the 1260 the 1290 the 13 35 which are on these charts they don't have those and they don't have the 25 20 and the argument is well that's because they rejected it and when they made this new chart it's like the chart is a statement of beliefs and somehow that when they made the new chart that means the church officially rejected the 25 20 so one is if you look at the 1863 General Conference the minutes of the the conference they mentioned nothing about the 25 20 and even in the making of the chart well all they're doing is they're taking the pictures from the 1850 chart flipping them over backwards for some reason and adding a time line up at the top just for the 2300 days in the 70 weeks and then they put all of instead of writing on the chart all these these words and Bible verses they had your eyes Smith prepare a booklet called the prophetic key or the key to the charts so it's just a key that goes with the charts and they also had a law of God chart which is important why is it important that they put the law of God chart the 1863 chart in this key anybody what is the law of God it's two tables right 1843 and 1850 50 chart represent the law of God in the two tables so they're they're in a sense representing the 1843 in the 1850 chart when they bring the law of God chart and also in the 1863 chart they have this which is as we know three and a half years is 1260 days so that's a 25 20 and so the 25 20 is hidden on the 1863 chart and we're going to look at that in a little bit more detail now there is a in understanding this what is what is this week doing what is the final week of Christ what is it about I know it's a really broad open-ended question it's the Covenant so he's confirming the covenant with many for one week and we've dealt a little bit with chiasm z-- so a chiasm you know one of the things and there's different types of chiasm z-- but you know literary chiasm it's the structure is there but it's not the structure that's important what's important what's that the information entity so it's giving you information now what kind of information is given us as we look at Christ week in this disc I Azzam and is it a chiasm you know based on what brother elder Parminder said regarding this week is it a chiasm what would make it a chiasm well it's the ending of one work in the beginning of another work okay so there's the whole thing is that confirming the Covenant so he confirms the covenant with many for one week and but there's a transition that occurs so when he's starting in 27 ad and he's being baptized he's beginning a certain type of work what happens in 34 ad okay stoning of Stephen so how is the stoning of Stephen related to the baptism of Christ how would it be you know if we're gonna say it's a it's a mirror how would the stoning of Stephen relate to the baptism of Christ okay well the baptism symbolizes death okay so I guess Stephen is dying at the end right there's another group of people involved so John the Baptist who is he who's John the Baptist let's go out a more simpler basis how buddy he's a Jew right so he's a Jew and what is he looking for what about the Messiah so when the Messiah comes what is he what is he's thinking that the Messiah is going to do worry King gonna conquer the Romans so he has the same idea as the people around him and you know Jesus dying on the cross would be a surprise to John the Baptist it wouldn't be something that he had expected even though he should know right the disciples should have known that Jesus told them it was gonna happen they still didn't know so at the end who is who is at the end so we have John the Baptist who's a Jew at the end who's at the beginning who's at that at the other end Paul right so we have Paul so at the stoning of Stephen of course there's Stephen there's Christ standing on the right hand of God but we also have Paul and Paul of course is a Jew but what's his ministry to bring the gospel to the Gentiles and so we can see that this that this is a transition from Judah Gentile we could say that's one way we could look at it now you know we heard of the idea of dispensations and it was talked about in one of the classes dealing with dispensations different forms of worship and there is a change in worship that happens here what's the change in this dispensation that occurs in this covenant week so we go from the earthly sanctuary to the heavenly sanctuary and we're gonna want to read a statement here so I don't know how to jump into it but it's from prophets and kings 7 13 to 7 15 and I just want to deal with some ideas here that sister white addresses in this well that's in your your web page 26 so it's lesson for study number four midst of the week that's so to be on page twenty seven it's on the next page in your notes should be in page twenty six in my proper notes so Ellen White says that which God purpose to do for the world through Israel the chosen nation he will finally accomplish through his church on earth today he has let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen even to his covenant keeping people who faithfully render him the fruits in their seasons never has the Lord been without true represented representatives on this earth who have made his interests their own these witnesses for God are numbered among the spiritual Israel and to them will be fulfilled all the Covenant promises made by Jehovah to his ancient people so I would think that this paragraph is easy to read and understand I don't want to go through it like Parminder would but who is Israel today what was the word so covenant keeping people right and yeah so these are witnesses for God who are numbered among spiritual Israel and God's gonna fulfill his covenant prophets promises made by or to them will be fulfilled all covenant promises made by Jehovah to his ancient people so the ancient people are literal Israel they have these covenant promises and God now has a church on earth today now who is this Church on earth today what didn't you so it's the seventh-day Adventist Church that's the church that God that she's that she's talking about she says in paragraph two today today the Church of God is free to carry forward to completion the divine plan for the south of a lost race for many centuries God's people suffered a restriction of their liberties the preaching of the gospel in its purity was prohibited and the severus severe sub penalties were visited upon those who dared disobey the mandates of men as a consequence the Lord's great moral vineyard was almost wholly unoccupied the people were deprived of the light of God's Word the darkness of error and superstition threatened to blot out a knowledge of true religion God's church on earth was as verily in captivity during this long period of relentless persecution as we're the children of Israel held captive in Babylon during the period of Exile so here when she's talking about the church now now she goes back what is this church that she's talking about is it the same church or is it a different Church rachel is that the it's a different Church okay right yeah so it's a church that's in captivity so the church today is not in captivity we're least in elamite stay it's not in captivity and we see that there was a church that was in captivity and that church was restricted so we so even though it was God's church it wasn't the church that's going to complete the work that God wants it right so she says today the Church of God is free to carry forward to completion the divine plan for the salvation of the Lost race so we know that there was this period of time the 1260 years which paralleled the 70 years captivity she says but thank God his church is no longer in bondage to spiritual Israel have been restored the privileges accorded the people of God at the time of their deliverance from Babylon so what is she paralleling here okay but more specifically we know that those are parallel but what is she paralleling that happens at the end of those things restoration restoration so she's not saying this here but when she talks about God's denominated people who does she label as God's denominated people there's two different groups who are they if you ever do a study on spirit of prophecy on God's denominator people who would she label as gods denominated people okay well she for us she labels seventh-day adventists Jews and ancient Israel does did God have a denominated people after 34 AD or 70 AD all the way up to 1844 he didn't right so the seventh-day Adventist Church replaces literal Israel as far as fulfilling those the covenants the promises of the Covenant so she's she's paralleling this deliverance in this restoration happens after these periods of 1225 20 years so there's the twelve hundred and sixty but there's also the twenty five twenty four Judah I'm not going to go into those in detail right now but the restoration that happens at the end is God establishing the denominated people who keep the Sabbath and have the sanctuary but in this case the sanctuary is in heaven not on earth she says in every part of the earth men and women are responding to the heaven sent message which John the Revelator prophesied would be proclaimed prior to the second coming of Christ fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come revelation 14:7 no longer have the hosts of evil power to keep the church captive for Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city which hath made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and to spiritual ears Israel is given the message come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues as the captive x isles heeded the message flee out of the midst of Babylon from Jeremiah 51 6 and were restored to the land of promise so those who fear God today are heeding the message to withdraw from spiritual Babylon and soon they understand as trophies of divine grace in the earth made new the heavenly Canaan so here we can see that spiritual israel is going to give a message to call people out of and so that's going to be at the end of the world and I wrote here to understand this simply we could say that ancient Israel is typical of spiritual Israel if we are to understand the anti-typical we must have a correct appreciation of the typical if we are to understand the confirming of the covenant we must understand what the Covenant is and how Christ's death upon the cross confirms it so I wrote that I don't think I really said it very well so I said to understand this simply I don't know if that is even a great explanation so how would you put it how would you sum up what Ellen White has said here James which partner you want just to sum up that whole section the whole statement yep in three words or less no we're gonna tell people to come out of Babylon it's present-tense okay and but who is this group of people why why can this group of people do that okay well that's true so we've come out of Babylon ourselves so there's this denominated people that has been set up after both 25 20 s and at the end of the first 25 20 in 1798 Protestantism which parallels ancient Israel because it's a two horn power right 1798 Protestantism comes out of the Dark Ages and it receives a message the everlasting gospel a three-step testing prophetic message which is going to prepare and I can't think of the word two classes of people are going to be she'll demonstrate yes demonstrate two classes of worshippers and did Protestants pass that test the first test no they didn't write most of Protestantism fell they had a spiritual fault it wasn't a complete fall and that complete fall is going to happen in our time probably has happened or almost has happened definitely will happen with the Sunday law and the the beast that had two horns like two horns like a lamb it's going to speak as a dragon in our time so the Protestants failed but a group of people arose from amongst the Protestants and what would inform the church and what would that group be be how would you label them okay so they're Adventists right now they become seventh-day Adventists because they have to keep the Sabbath and they understand the sanctuary right so that becomes God's denominated people and they have they rise after the end of the second 2520 right and that's the 25 24 Judah so Judah symbolizes seventh-day Adventism whereas no in Israel symbolizes or typifies Protestantism does that make sense I don't know maybe it's new to some people and thinking of it that way I don't know I haven't heard a lot of people describe it that way but that's how I understand it so when Christ confirms the covenant let's look at the verse in Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 Graham do you want to read that verse for us because the sacrifice and the oblation to cease and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate okay thanks so who does he confirm this covenant for what is he what does Daniel say okay so is would you call the Jewish people many so who would the many be many it's very well worth it can be used you know so many different ways there are many Jews when you consider them compared with the world there wasn't many Jews but there were many Jews okay it's a dispensation so it could be many dispensations so why would you say many dispensations dressing individual people as he's doing the work covering the whole whole span right so how many times is this Christ have to die once for all right so that means all the people in the past you know before Christ whether you know people before the flood people after the flood people before the flood worshipped at the gates of Eden after the flood they had altars and later you know they get a sanctuary a tent a tabernacle and then they have a physical sanctuary right so that there's these different dispensations and Jesus is dying or confirming the Covenant for all those dispensations all those people everything that he has done covers all of salvation for all times before him and after him and you know he's embracing you know this this whole span when we look at what this week symbolizes it symbolizes all of history and we know that paganism is a counterfeit of what what's paganism a counterfeit of a sacrificial system animus right so sacrifice animals and what is paganism a counterfeit of papal ISM it's a counterfeit of what Church counterfeit of the church well if it's a counter if paganism is a counterfeit of worship what is papal ISM a counterfeit of worship and what kind of worship it's the counterfeit of the heavenly sanctuary it's the counterfeit of the work that Christ does in heaven now it doesn't come you know it follows after but it typifies that or Christ but maybe typifies the right work but it's it's related to it's a counterfeit of it so when Christ in his week when we look at this we see the first part is earthly and the second part is heavenly now Parminder said the first part was Jesus and the next part was the disciples so are we both right or as one of us right and one wrong earthly yeah Jesus is on earth there's earthly sacrifices those still are in effect when he dies on the cross the veil in the temples ripped in twain from top to bottom now Christ is ministering in heaven so we can see that both the broad dispensations of earthly and heavenly are represented here in this covenant week so we'd have to say the many is not just for you know it's not talking about many people it's talking about these different dispensations they're different all the different they're not different ways of salvation but they're different periods in which different knowledge and understanding and responsibility and and different covenants if you want to look at it that way are enacted in which God interacts with people and so there's different obligations that these people have in these in these different times right the everlasting covenant overrides all these because is anybody ever saved under the Old Covenant wine is so people are saying no because what is the Old Covenant that they're not saved under yes okay you guys have to speak up a bit more so it's olivine what's the old covenant it looked clubbing that do their clubbing mountaintops in flesh okay so what's another way if when the old covenant was made when was it made sign at Sinai and what was it based upon Pete the promises of the people all that the Lord has said we can do and be obedient so what's the new covenant based on the Greek so the old covenants based on the promises of the people what we did a new covenant be based upon promises of God yes Larry faith okay so faith in Christ so under the Old Covenant it will say under the times of the Old Testament people have claimed nobody was saved under the Old Covenant so if somebody in the Old Testament was saved what were they saved based upon what was their salvation based upon the New Covenant right because the Old Covenant could not save anyone all he could do is point them to the New Covenant so anybody who was saved in the Old Testament was saved by grace through faith that works by love to the purifying of the soul they weren't saved by their own works because their own works all of our righteousness righteousness azar as filthy rags so I mean this this idea of the Covenant most seventh-day adventists should understand it it's something that's been taught for a long time but it is starting to disappear with in Adventism a lot of people have misconceptions about the Covenant now I want you to go to your note to your paper the midnight cry what's that yeah AG one 36.6 okay what's AG God's Amazing Grace okay so it's a devotional okay what's the quote Mooji adg-1 36.6 degrees under the New Covenant their conditions by which eternal life may be game are the same as under the fold perfect obedience in the new and better covenant Christ has fulfilled the law for the transgression of law if they receive him by faith as a personal Savior in the better covenant here cleanse from sin by the blood of Christ yeah okay yeah yeah I mean a good place to read about it is the book of Hebrews the book of Romans book of Galatians Paul goes into these things in detail but often people miss read them because they just catch on a few words and read into it what they already believe so anyway there's this article it's the fourth letter or the fifth depends how you count it of Samuel snow that's on page 19 of your midnight cry booklet so it's the July 18th letter and we're not going to read it here in detail but I want to point this out that and we're gonna see this more when we go through Samuel snows letters the chronology of it and the structure of them he says here dear brother Southard I propose to say a few words through the columns of the cry concerning the week of the confirmation of the Covenant when I have presented my views with the reasons for them let them be tested by the word of the Lord and if then found to be unsound let them be condemned and rejected but not before the angel Gabriel says in Daniel 9:27 and he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease etc the pronoun he in this passage refers to the Messiah spoken of in verses 25 and 26 it is declared then that the Messiah shall confirm the covenant with many for one week the question arises what is it to confirm the covenant I answer it is to establish the gospel improving this it will be necessary first to inquire what is meant by the term covenant it must either be the Jewish law or the gospel as fully appears from Galatians 4 22 to 26 for it is written that Abraham had two sons the one by a bondmaid and the other by a freewoman but he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh but he of the freewoman by promise so he's going to go through this and explain some of these things and I don't want to read it all but I do want to ask you his idea of confirming the coven his answer it is to establish the gospel what do you think he means by this even though we haven't read it all what just just in what we have read what does it seem like he's he's pointing out that he thinks that Christ accomplished at the cross so if he's establishing the gospel then the in his thinking what is Christ doing setting up yeah so a new dispensation of how would how would most people think of it a new dispensation of what just think how most Christians think about what happened before what what what things were like before the cross and what things were like after the cross new dispensation of grace so in their view there was no grace before the cross there was no gospel before the cross at the cross now we get the gospel that's kind of the idea when you go through and you see this and and this is just a really common view right Samuel snows not presenting something new he's presenting what many Christians in his day would have thought they don't think like seventh-day Adventists do regarding the covenants and so his ideas are going to be the normal typical Protestant concepts of works and faith law and grace did you have something to say so I didn't want to go through that in in detail but to just just take a look at it you should read these articles all Samuel snows letters would be very very helpful so when we look at this week of Christ we can see that there are things that are happening there's this transition from literal to spiritual and this is confirming a covenant with all these different dispensations the ones that deal with animal sacrifices that is the covenant God made and Jesus is dying to fulfill those sacrifices and then even his work in the heavenly sanctuary this is so all that's sacrifices Christ becomes the sacrifice is there sacrifices in heaven when Christ goes to heaven is he doing animal sacrifices so he's not he's now ministering in the heavenly sanctuary the you know I can't think of the word but basically the the benefits or whatever of his sacrifice he's ministering those in the holy place and then eventually in the most holy place there's another word for it so this covenant here is is all-in company compass in right it covers everything both every kind of covenant that God has made with man Christ's death upon the cross accomplishes that and then the work that he's doing in the heavenly sanctuary that work of a high priest covers all the different dispensations Christ has always been the high priest but now he's actively in different ages he's doing a different work and here he begins to do the work in heaven actively as a man the god man he now has human flesh and he's ministering as a high priest who can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities so there's there's a lot to understanding this midst of the week now I want to deal a little bit with the chronology of this so why is it that Jesus is crucified in 31 ad that's that's the question why why 31 ad that an arbitrary date could Jesus have been crucified if art exert cease decree had gone into effect earlier let's say Arctic Circle YZ decided to give a decree in his fifth year could Jesus have been crucified you know in 29 ad I mean this is kind I hate hypothetical questions most would think so but I think the timing that God has and and we looked at a little bit this morning with par mendes presentation which has been lost that that the events that happen these external events that we have no control over that affect us these are guard guided based upon time God has this external timetable that he has set up in prophecy and there is no happenstance that Jesus is crucified in 31 ad we're going to look at this a little bit more but I just wanted to touch on that and we're gonna see why 31 ad is important and we also know that this the midnight cry a particular thing which I've talked about before is that this truth that Christ is crucified in the midst of the week is a truth that was not understood by Miller and was presented to the millerite movement by Samuel snow and this is really the focus of his message even though you would think the focus is Jesus is coming back on the tenth day of the seventh month you would think that would be the focus and it is in in a way but this understanding of this week becomes extremely important for a number of reasons so I don't know if I could even have time to go into all of them but one of the things we see about okay let's look at it this way if in if Miller had originally come arrived at the right date right he didn't miss you know he had noticed there was no zero year and you know he had said that Jesus was going to come back about the Year 1844 and and they figured well it makes sense that he's going to come in the seventh month because you know that's the Day of Atonement but they're not really concerned about the types right they just they kind of get the right date could God's purposes have been worked out I know that's a really bad question but was it important for them to have the disappointment I guess is what I'm trying to say so it was important why was it important this is this is not an easy question tat to answer why was it important that they had a disappointment what did the disappointment caused to happen okay they searched more right so they have to dig deeper and deeper into the scriptures as they progressed so if they hadn't understood certain things like typology the spring and the fall types could they have understood the great disappointment I don't know if I'm putting that I don't know how to put it as a question without sort of giving the answer but did they have the correct understanding to interpret what occurred when Jesus didn't return on the tenth day of the seventh month did they have enough understanding to know that he was now our high priest in the heavenly sanctuary did God give them enough background information for them to make to draw the conclusions that Christ was now beginning a day of atonement in the heavenly sanctuary yeah did that yeah did they did not just that did he give it to them but did they have enough in the light that had been unfolded to them prior to October 22nd 1844 I don't know if you've read all the Miller Wright writings yes Andrea yes I think so doesn't even though they didn't understand you know the disappointment they that the century was an earth God had do enough foundation for when all that was clarified in I can't we have the receive division in the fire medicine then they saw Kate because from what I understand they understood the types have been fulfilled the spring types and they were just looking for the fall times to be fulfilled so then understanding the types of spring and fall then after they got the earthly sanctuary out of the way to know that there's a heavenly sanctuary they could see well this is the fulfillment of the Day of Atonement the one but fist you see that that has not yet been fulfilled but we see it has right so they now understood the spring and fall types and Samuel snow makes this really clear in his August 22nd paper the true midnight cry where he has a section dealing with the types and so that the spring types were fulfilled in in the time of Christ and so now the fall types were being fulfilled and so if they had really thought about it which some Adventists did it makes sense that Christ now is our high priest ministering a period of time in the heavenly sanctuary now how long a time you know it was they should know that it's not one day that it's all gonna happen that there would be a work first in the holy place and then a work in the most holy they should have known that because they had all that information in the midnight cry even if it's just in a very basic form you had some thoughts on that James the Bible gives them all the information and the letters of Samuel snow show that at least by the end of 44 they were recognizing what the Bible was already teaching and it just Bullock didn't fully put all the pieces together and that's dude preconceived ideas they've been thinking Jesus was going to come for 20 plus years it's gonna be hard to turn there right there a little bit myopic they're just looking to Jesus coming back they're not thinking about the work that he's going to do so you know nearsighted he's myopic right very safe so when we look at this we know that Jesus was Jesus was crucified in 31 ad and this understanding that snow had was different than Miller Miller believed that Jesus was crucified in 33 AD and there were some people who had a date in 30 ad and why did they have 30 and 30 ad as dates for the crucifixion of Jesus does anybody know yeah those are the two different dates they had to choose from nobody had 31 except upon what's a dr. Hale he can't think his first name but not Apollo sale that's an Adventist it was a guy who wasn't an Adventist to chronologist they can't think of his first name but Hale Hales chronology mm okay so that's not the reason they've not it's nothing to do with the zero no zero year or no zero year they had 30 and 33 because what day of the week is Jesus crucified on Friday right so he's crucified on a Friday and so when they would look at the Jewish calendar and they would look at the various years in which Jesus possibly could have been crucified they found that there was two different years where the Passover fell on a Friday and that was 30 ad and 33 ad in 31 ad the Passover would fall some people calculated on a Wednesday and some calculated on a Thursday now if you go to your Skyview cafe and you look at the year 31 ad and you look at March and you look at April so one of the things that some people put the crucifixion of Christ in March and we're gonna deal with that a bit later on when we look at one of Samuel snows letters so one of the things that Samuel snow did not do is he did not figure out exactly when Jesus died he had the year 31 ad and he got that year sort of in a roundabout way it was he doesn't have the right information to actually come up with 31 ad and so when he comes up with that year he doesn't even really know which day whether he actually has a dining March as well but it's it doesn't work out all of his if you look at his math it doesn't fall on a Friday so that's a problem that he has but that's that's the reason why they choose 30 and 33 so to get Jesus crucified on a Friday in 31 ad he couldn't be crucified in March he'd have to be crucified in April and that's one of the reasons when we talk about the biblical calendar some of you have noticed that when you have the spring equinox you have to have the first day of the first month begin after the spring equinox and that would happen in 31 ad but we still have some other problems that we have to solve so one of those problems is that even if you did it that way it'd be a Thursday that you would have the 14th day of the first month so that had to be moved over one day and there's different ways that that could be done one would be that the full moon has to fall on the 13th so in 31 ad you to account for the full moon being too late you would have to move the the beginning of the month one day after the visible Crescent so even though you could see the visible Crescent on Wednesday or on which evening would that be yeah you would see the visible Crescent on Thursday evening and that would make Friday the first of nasaan they would actually have to wait one more day to make Saturday or the Sabbath be the first so that it would also be the 15th so Friday would be the 14th I don't know if you all followed that so when you come along here in 31 ad you have all these different days and we have a new moon a conjunction over here on a Tuesday so you're gonna have the new moon the the conjunction is when there's no visible moon and then on Thursday evening you would be able to see the visible Crescent so this is Thursday and you would see this Crescent and so you would normally have this the Friday be the first day of the first month but in 31 ad now there's a number of things that can happen one is you could just have it cloudy and if it was cloudy and you couldn't see it and if this is the 29th then this they would add an extra day it'd be the 30th and then this would be the first right so we don't know what you know there's no way to prove what the weather was like back in 31 ad well that's one possibility but this would also have to be the 29th and this would then be the 30th so in order for this though to be the 29th you would also have had to have the beginning of the previous month they would have had to have bad weather because there'd actually be three months in a row where you have 30 days I've worked it out I have a chart where I've done all that so I know this is a rather bit of a problem grace ammidon works it out by saying that the they know this in advance because they understand the moon so they know that they're going to add an extra month and they all sit and they know this long in advance just by their observations and so they know that they're going to have to start on a Sabbath the first day of the first month and so that means two weeks later this is going to be the 15th and this would be the 14th and then Jesus is crucified here yeah they know when the full moons gonna fall because they observe this all the time and it works in a very regular pattern it's called the moon's anomaly so you know we're not going to go into astronomy here and how that works yes and the full moon is always the day before Passover and most of the time that will just naturally happen if you see the visible Crescent because you're if you think about it the full moon is opposite the conjunction right so the conjunction is when you don't see any moon at all and the full moon you know is going to be the opposite but because of the moon's anomaly based upon the perigee and Apogee of the orbit that it sometimes is a shorter period between conjunction and full moon and sometimes it's a longer period so in times when it's a shorter period or part me when it's a longer period which is what would happen in 31 ad they would need to move the beginning of that month one day later so that they don't have the full moon on the day of the Passover but it occurs the day before most of the time it will so there's about six percent of the time that it's not going to and that they would need to add that extra day even though they can see the Crescent yes started the day on the 13th of the evening of Wednesday or would have been the evening of Thursday the full moon is over here you know in in this night between Wednesday and Thursday and so and how they determine when a full moon is it has to actually if it occurs before the evening it's not counted until the next evening so it has to be a full moon before this evening because when they slay the Passover lamb the full moon already has to have occurred and they slay the Passover lamb on the evening of the 13th they don't slay it at the time Jesus was crucified that was the evening sacrifice that was slain at the time of Christ's crucifixion is everybody aware of that or did most people still believe like I used to Jesus was crucified at the time of the evening sacrifice Allen white is clear it's not the time of the Passover lamb being sacrificed the Passover lamb was sacrificed by families individuals in their homes on the evening of the 13th what they say is the 14th because it's between the two evenings it's between sunset and dark which is called twilight in English and it's called between the two evenings in Hebrew yes James I was doing some studies and I don't remember where it was that that is pretty reputable that the conservatives always did it on the evening like they were supposed to but this a lot of the sanhedrin or the more liberal ones would do it during the day sometime you know the next day and that's possible I mean the temple would have done it the temple did it the temple would have done it during the day so they would have done well nobody knows for sure there's a lot of guessing so some people think that everybody sacrificed the lamb here as the 14th began and then they would have to sacrifice that lamb dress it cook it and then it would be about midnight you know before midnight that that lamb would be ready for them to have their meal right and that would accord with what we see happening in in the story in the Gospels right they're not having you know having supper here at 6:00 in the evening they're having supper in the middle of the night and this goes back to the exodus story as well that most people don't realize that they had slain the lamb here they had to wait until morning they have to stay in their houses until morning right so they couldn't have left as spoiled the Egyptians gathered in Goshen and then left Egypt here right now we know that they fled Egypt in the morning of the 15th so some people think that they slayed they they had the sacrifice of the Lamb Passover lamb here and that they waited all night and then they just left in the morning but they actually had from the time that they slay they had slain the lamb so the time they left Egypt was a day and a half and that's just the logistics of doing it you couldn't do it any other way you have to think about the fact that the people died Moses has to go to Pharaoh Pharaoh has to tell him to leave he has to go tell the people and these are big distances people have to walk these distances and then you have to give that message to everybody and then everybody's got to go and gather in Goshen now they organize them in a military fashion so they were able to do this the Bible uses the King James uses the word and they were harnessed and that just means that they were organized in in a military fashion so they are able to do this if they weren't organized would have taken them weeks to get ready to go so so they had an organization to do this but it still took a day and a half so there's something that you know we all need to to understand these things we need to spend some time looking at these whether we want to look more deeply or not I do have a chart on page 30 of your notes dealing with the week showing the conjunction the visible Crescent when the lambs chosen which is on the 10th and I don't I didn't go into this in detail but we know that when they had what they call Palm Sunday you know I don't know if you know anybody knows what Palm Sunday is but on the tenth day they would they would choose the lamb and some people think that that was on a Sunday now Jesus when he you know came in and they were saying Hosanna to the son of David and they put palm branches that was on a Sunday but that's not the tenth it's that evening when he goes into the temple after sunset that he's now chosen as the lamb and so it's at the beginning of the tenth day of the month and so some people put the Friday as the 15th because they put the Sunday as the 10th because they want that lamb to be chosen when he he goes in riding on the donkey right but instead it's he's chosen when he goes and enters into the table and the next day the next morning he cleanses the temple right I don't the Second Temple cleansing so I know I'm passing over some of these ideas and you may not be all that familiar with them now we're going to jump a little bit into something else and we're gonna deal with the twenty five twenty prophetic mirror but just very cursory so this is that prophetic mirror that does not have a center of it if you remember this morning's class so we know that there's 225 20s this is 742 723 677 so this is the prophecy in Isaiah 7 this is the captivity of Hosea this is the captivity of Manasseh when the land that Dow the poorest is forsaken of both our kings that's the end of the 65 year prophecy so he'll che is the first king and Manasseh is the second King Manasseh is the one that's born to the Virgin and the virgin is not a woman it's the land the Land of Israel and then this 2520 ends here in 1798 and it's also divided into two 1260s and then this one here ends in 1844 and it's divided this way and then this is the end of the chiasm in 1863 and here we know that the prophecy is revealed the starting date for these time prophecies of the 2520 is basically being revealed at this period and we know that this is dealing with literal Israel and it's in the literal Land of Israel and that they're not going to be established and they will not be a people and over here in 1863 this is the literal land or the spiritual land of Israel and it's the spiritual people and that they're going to be established and they're going to be a people and this is during the time of a civil war between the North and the South and in this case the north is Confederate and this one's a civil war between the North and the South but the south is Confederate so we have the principles of being Emir not just structurally here with the numbers but also with the events that happen here and the events that happen here and when the prophecy has proclaimed here it hidden here and it's hidden on the 1863 chart in this form did I go through that too quickly so here the prophecies proclaimed and here the prophecy is hidden so here it's revealed and here it's hidden and it's hidden in this form now how many years is it from 742 to 1863 742 when the prophecy is revealed okay you're wrong okay so all we would do is we go from here to here is 25 20 years is this 65 years and how many years is this 19 at 19 right so if you put them together 65 plus 19 that equals how many right so 84 and so you add eighty four to twenty five twenty two thousand six hundred and four years so this is the two thousand and six hundred four year prophetic mirror so really we should be called you know the two thousand six hundred before movement has more ring to it I think but anyway this point here that this period there's lots to this period of whites this way and it used to bother me that this was nineteen and forty six I didn't like these numbers nineteen things just didn't seem to fit but once I understood that this was 84 when I added this at the beginning of the end I noticed in the chart here so the 1843 chart has this in the top right corner and and that's a really weird way to do the 2520 isn't it as far as I know this is the only time the Millerites ever did this calculation you know it might exist somewhere in a one of their papers as a diagram but I haven't found it but on the 1843 chart they did this calculation now let's look at it this way what does it say about confirming the covenant in in Daniel 9:27 just read the first part of it again can somebody read that okay so what is the number of the covenant so if you're gonna use a number that symbolizes the covenant what number would that be okay somebody says 7 how many children did a Jacob have how many disciples were there ok how many gates in the the city right so it the number of the covenant is 12 right so we call this the covenant and how long is he going to confirm the covenant okay so we're gonna go a week right and then we can multiply these now we could also do it this way how many months is there in three and a half years and how many months in this three and a half and how many months is that equal 84 right so this week already has 84 built into it just in the number of months because seven seven years times 12 months is 84 and we could see the week and the covenant is symbolized here now here they did it just 30 days in a month but it says he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week what's the midst of the week according to this chart 31 so if I multiply 84 by 31 I get 2604 right so that means that this here on the chart symbolizes not just 25 20 but it also symbolizes 2604 and that is from the time that they proclaim the prophecy or revealed it to when it is hidden is 2600 and for years and it's in the very year that it's hidden that it's on the chart in this form does that make sense did I go through that too fast so it's not chance that Jesus is crucified in 31 ad because if he was crucified in any other year well maybe 30 ad might have worked in the sense we would have had at 25 20 you know we would have just had that all built into it and would have been kind of nice in some ways at least in my simple-minded thinking but having it in 31 ad now connects both 25 20s together so when it says he confirms the covenant with many for one week you know one of the many ziz we have Judah and Israel right both of those groups are included in this prophetic mirror and we also have you know this this two 1260s which is represented here are also included in that whole prophetic mirror right so when we say that Jesus you know this this is a counterfeit of this right so we can see 25 20 but we can also get the 2604 and I always think it's interesting because the time when I found this out I presented this at a Bible study of the guy's house that we always do Bible studies at and he was quiet the entire Bible study and at the end of the Bible studies he goes like this come here look what I had worked on this week he had worked out the exact same thing in the same week and we he's not really a chronologiste guy he just started working it out so he came to the same conclusions I did in the same same at the same so here we can see that this prophetic mirror and what occurs on the 1863 chart are not just something that happens by chance now I've also done analysis of the seventy weeks and in the seventy weeks and I'm just going to do this really really quickly but because normally I do a bigger study on it but in the 70 weeks we got 15 you know seven weeks and the 70th week that's seven years and then we have sixty-two weeks in the middle right so you got seven times seven seven times one and 62 times seven and 62 times seven is how many years so it's actually four hundred and thirty-four years right is that correct because this is 56 and you take 56 off 490 and this is a jubilee cycle and this is a sabbatical cycle right you understand what I'm talking about Jubilee the land has to rest for it rests every seventh year but after seven times seven years it rests again in May for two years it's actually a year and a half but anyway this is a Jubilee cycle this is sabbatical cycle but why is this 62 weeks you know what you think it's just arbitrary God just put a jubilee and then a sabbatical seg and he just has this here in the middle for no reason one of the things is if you take 434 and you multiply it by 6 do you know what you get anybody know yeah yeah 2604 so that means that this period here is exactly one sixth of this entire prophetic mirror so it shows this the simple ratio shows that this is not just some arbitrary period of time so it ties again it's time we already tied this week in with the whole prophetic mirror and we can take this period of time and show that it's one sixth of the whole prophetic mirror right so that's very interesting isn't it I would hope you know if you know math and you know statistical probabilities that's not very likely now I can also take this which is seven times seven and multiply it by seven does anybody know what forty-nine times seven is you just go seven times fifty yeah three minus 7 so 343 and if I took this and added it to the center so that is if I multiply the two outside time periods together and I add it to the center period I get 777 so again there's structure here in the seventy weeks that's mathematically unlikely unless there is design so God has actually put that design into the numbers but if you had you know 50 weeks or you know 50 time weeks of five days or you had some other kind of structure you wouldn't get this happening and and this is actually connected to the Thule mix so there's everybody knows the Thule mix in in the story in Genesis who they are there is blame ik who's Noah's Noah's father Lamech and that's the one who lived how long 777 years right and then we have another Lamech who's a descendent of Cain and he says you know I've killed a man he killed a couple of men and he says just like Cain had a curse that was seven times he says if I'm gonna have a curse upon me or up somebody who kills me that should be seventy times seven and what seventy times seven that's actually seventy weeks right 490 so the Thule mechs have the number one has the number seven seven seven the other one seventy times seven or seventy weeks and so those two lamb X are pointing forward to this which is the curse right Christ is the really this is the true curse I don't know I'm kind of jumping through that quickly so the studies in the in notes now I want to deal with another concept which is a little harder to so I'm gonna erase this okay I'll start erasing over here we all know the prophetic mere yes there's a whole bunch of symbolism I don't want to go - yeah if you look at it there's tons and tons of things about you know when we start looking at these prophecies that go very deep and I just kind of touch on the surface some of this structural things instead of dealing with all the details okay so I'm gonna try to do this here now we do have charts of this in your notes but for the benefit of people watching so this is Christ week now we know it starts in 27 and we know it ends in 34 and that the middle is 31 but we can find out that this is actually April 27th 31 ad okay that's the date it's a Friday that's the date Jesus was crucified and when was Stephen stoned like what what date do you think he was stoned as far as on the Jewish calendar okay you say it has to be around the day of atonement now we already established that the 2300 days in the 70 weeks begin on what day the day of atonement so if we have 70 weeks ending in 34 ad what date would they end it would be the day of atonement so the tenth day of the seventh month so over here we got 14th day of the first month here we have the tenth day of the seventh month maybe you can answer that so expense always comes back fling to me why are they doing the nonsense list even if they're supposed to be afflicting their souls that day while the high priest was doing he's supposed to be doing what you can't be do it is that why they're doing it because they can't can't be doing the Day of Atonement yeah I'm not sure you know the Jews at some point start doing a mock day of atonement even though they don't have the ark because we know in Ezra's time and Nehemiah Stein they didn't have the day of atonement they didn't celebrate it maybe or something I don't know it's a good question I don't I don't have the answer to it and they may have spent some time of course they may be fasting when they're doing this but yeah so now this date in 34 AD is October 12th so I have actually in your notes in the appendix all of the calendars worked out based upon the correct biblical calendar and it really only looks good in color because it's hard to see some of the things so you really need to get I really need to send everybody the color PDF though I think you can download it online with the videos but this is October 1234 ad and so when would the 7 70th week begin if it ends on the tenth day of the seventh month when would it begin right on the day of atonement tenth day of the seventh month now the thing is we don't know Jesus being baptized doesn't say it was the day of atonement and I'm not sure if that necessarily has to be the case that he's baptized on this day but he could have been right so that's that's always a possibility and then what I did is I counted the number of days did what's that this one would be I think it's September 30th September 30th I remember correctly yep September 30th my brother's birthday so here we have this and I wanted to know because we now know that there is extra months added and in a period of seven years you're going to have at least a couple of years that are gonna have 13 months and then the months have they're not 360 day years because if you have twelve twelve months they're going to be 30 and 29 so it's probably going to be 354 days in a year so I just decided to count the days so I went from here and I counted back 1260 days but I didn't get all the way to here I got to here and this date is November 15th so you know I was thinking well maybe maybe Jesus was baptized day or something but then I wanted to see how many days it was to September 30th and this is 46 days so then I started to think about this I noticed something I said well this is interesting because we know in our chiasm we have 46 years we have left 1260 so if this is 1260 and this is 46 well this would have to be 1798 and this would have to be 1844 which of course on the tenth day of the seventh month that's when the Day of Atonement began so the thing is we're going backwards in this but is that a problem it's a mirror right mirrors you can look at things backwards so then I also counted 1260 days this way and I came to October 8th so I noticed that there's four days here at the end and then I thought well I need to finish off here I need 15 here to finish off the 19 on this side and then I have 46 here now that means 6 6 77 so let's look it this way this is 538 ad right because if this is 1798 1260 years brings us to 538 and then this would then be 723 BC right everybody see that because this is this is just taking that prophetic mirror that we had but of drawing it backwards so this would then be 742 and 677 would be here but this this here is the 212 60s so you know if I have to put the 25 20 it would just be over here it wouldn't really fit in with this week and anyway there the 212 60s are the counterfeit covenant The Satanic covenant so these are counterfeits of the earthly and the heavenly that makes sense so then I well if I put the 19 years there I'm gonna have to put 19 years here I put 19 years here it's not in proportion and I'd come to 1863 so if I go back and count 19 days before September 30th I come to September 11th right or 9/11 so I could see here there was some significance in looking at Christ's covenant week that symbolically it represents our message but it also represents the prophetic mirror backwards and then when you look at this one this here is the 25th day of the seventh month which is October 27th on our calendar in 34 ad and the significance of this is that if you go from any date in 27 ad to any date in 34 ad you have a period of 25 70 years so this is a 25 20 plus 50 right so that means the week of Christ if you go from the tenth day of the seventh month there is a tenth day of the seventh month it's going to be I should put this here it's going to be 25 70 years but even if I went from the first day of the first month in 27 ad to the first day of the first month in 34 ad it also be 25 70 days right so I shouldn't put years here she put days for years right does that make sense to you that that we can do that now it means this symbol here 25 day 7 months remember how we did we did that with 107 days and we could turn into 10th day of the 7th month so that means here this final date represents in a symbol the period of days the 2 5 7 that makes sense I know it's it's it's rather obscure definitely modern biblical scholars would not think that this is is kosher stuff they wouldn't like this but we can do this again and again and we'll see this in Samuel snows letters as well so this midst of the week this covenant that Jesus confirmed with many shows a whole bunch of connections to all different types of periods of history and so it it ties not just literally going from Jew to Gentile you know from Earth Day heaven from literal to spiritual but even in this structure here it it adds symbolism that shows the whole period of time all the way up through the Miller right time period up into our day so then I started thinking right now this is 1863 and if you're familiar with the hundred and twenty-six shekels and 151 shekels I thought well I could add 151 from 1863 to 2014 right and when I was lying in bed doing this in my head I thought initially I thought well I'm gonna get pretty close to Passover or to the first day of the first month or something I'm gonna be in the first month and if you understand this where we have days going this way you know literal days and then I'm taking years being represented as a day going back this way so if I'm at September 11th and I count back a hundred and fifty-one days I'm gonna come to the date April 13th okay so if you count on a calendar April 13th and you count you're gonna come up to September 11th if you count 151 days and so that means April 13th symbolizes 2014 but this bothered me because this is not Passover it's the 17th day of the first month and I'm still trying to work out some things with this of what it means but the 17th day of the first month is one day past the feast of unleavened bread you know even if it was the 16th I would have been happier yeah first fruits partner and it's two days past the beginning of the feast of unleavened bread and it's three days you know sort of get to Passover which is April 10th I'm just gonna put 410 here so if I had these three days that would be 2017 and this would be the 14th day of the first month which is the date I wanted to get to but to get to that I have to go to 2017 so how much time do I have not much okay so when I was in Alberta at the last camp meeting Jeff was there and he presented something from a brother in Ireland who had and this didn't make any sense to me he counted the numbers of gays not from here but the number of days from Pentecost so he says Jesus began and Pentecost he began his work in the heavenly sanctuary and he took out all the days of atonement between that and October 22nd 1844 so he counted the number of days I can't remember the number it was like six thousand six hundred and six hundred and sixty-three thousand three hundred twelve or something like that anyway it was a big number like that the number of days and then he divided it so he took this number of days you know it's six hundred thousand or something divided it by 315 oh no by eighteen part of me eight 1844 so he divided it by 1844 is that what he did no he divided it by 359 I don't remember what he did yeah I think he divided it by 359 that's right and then he got 1844 plus a whole bunch of random decimals right and and that I didn't like the fact that he just has a bunch of decimals like if he had got exactly 18:44 then I would have said okay that's that's really neat so what I did though is I took his idea and I I go over here so over here we have the tenth day of the seventh month in 1844 so this is a long time in the future but I'm gonna count the number of days from 1844 well the way I'm gonna do it is I'm just gonna say if I take 1844 instead of by three 859 I multiply it by 360 this makes more sense to me why would I take the days of Atonement I'm just gonna say this is the symbol symbol of a year in the Bible and 844 that's the year that you know Jesus began his work in the most holy place and I multiply those and I get this number six thousand six hundred six hundred and sixty-three thousand eight hundred and forty right days and then I decide I'm gonna count from here back and find out where those days end right and we can use the calendar converter that program works really well you take this date and you subtract six hundred and sixty-three eight hundred and forty days from the Julian day number and then when you go back it'll bring you to this date here so from here to there is exactly 1844 times 360 to this date 2014 now I haven't really explained all the significance of it so we see some structure here one of the things we see about this prophetic mirror and we're gonna look at it in more detail again so I'm gonna come back to this is that this prophetic mirror represents 2014 and we came to establish that on an on other lines and so we're gonna look at that when we look at Samuel snows letters we're gonna see that this chiasm here of Christ's week points to 2014 already so you know I'm not just proving 2014 by doing this I'm showing that this this structure is establishing or confirming because it's confirming the Covenant it's confirming 2014 in a way that we didn't expect and so we're gonna look at that as we go through Samuel snows letters so you're gonna keep this in mind you're gonna check my math if you can use the calendar converter try to see if we go from the tenth day of the seventh month back here and you could get confused because you have to make you have to remember this is on a Gregorian calendar right and so then these dates are on a Julian calendar so you're gonna have to make sure that you're putting it in the right calendar if you put it in the Julian calendar you won't get this date because you're not counting the correct number of days because the Julian day number counts the actual number of days it doesn't care what date it is or what calendar you're using it's just counting days so the actual number of days from April 13th 27ad to October 22nd 1844 is six six hundred sixty-three thousand eight hundred and forty days okay so I know that's a little bit complicated see a little bit puzzled looks but all I've done is I take in Christ week I put it on a line I've noticed that there's details that symbol that are symbolized by that or parallel to the whole prophetic mirror which is in years and then I could extrapolate these dates on that line and one of the things here just a final note is this I this whole prophetic mirror this date 2014 was first presented and understood in 2017 right and the symbol of this what we called at the time the prediction before midnight was three years or three days notice that there's three years and in 2017 I was saying that this here was this chiasm that represented the PBM so we're going to look at that in more detail so I think also the fact that this is Passover I was saying in 2017 that we're at Passover so 2017 is Passover so I wanted this to be Passover but this is Passover which makes more sense and lots of times when I want something to fit and it doesn't fit the way I want it's because God's found a better way for things to fit all of eating canned of understands a little bit more than some of you what this means because she was here last year when this was presented the idea of daniel samuel snow's letters and the significance of passover and we're gonna see that when we go into samuel snows letters you're gonna see why this is significant so right now you see the structure and you can kind of say well it's kind of interesting but you don't understand it yet and we're gonna go into an understanding of this so let's close with prayer dear father in heaven our minds are stretched to the limit here this afternoon and we know Lord that we have not studied your word as diligently as we should have and I have not presented this as well as I could have but we know Lord that you can help us to study into your word and to understand these things we just pray Lord for you to be with each of us throughout the rest of this week as we continue in this study in all the other studies as we absorb these different ideas as we test them by your word and we ask Lord that we can come into an understanding of the truth we ask that you can be with us now throughout the rest of this day and we pray this in Jesus name Amen