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I mean so if we go to great controversy three four three paragraph two for those who are watching on video this morning's class didn't get recorded there was a technical problem so that class got lost and we covered a lot of things so it's not that easy just to go over everything that we that we did three four three paragraph two no truth is more clearly taught in the Bible than that God by His Holy Spirit especially directs his servants on earth and the great movements the carrying forward of the work of salvation when our instruments in the hand of God employed by him to accomplish his purposes of grace and mercy each has his part to act to each his grantee the measure of light adapted to the necessities of his time and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do with no man however honored of heaven has ever attained to a full understanding of the great plan of redemption or even to a perfect appreciation of the divine purpose in the work for his own time men do not fully understand what God would accomplish by the work which he gives them to do they do not comprehend in all its bearings the message which they utter in his name so this morning we looked at the first sentence that there's no truth that is more clearly taught in the Bible than God by His Holy Spirit directing servants on earth in the great movements for the carrying forward of the work of salvation so we discussed this at length this morning and just from that first sentence we see that there's a structure about them and us that then being these servants that God has selected and these are the recipients of the benefit that they're gonna give so we have we got a little bullet point list here where I asked people to comment on what that sentence was and it says that we must learn from these men they're sent by God it's always been this way it's easy to see that it's always been this way because the Bible talks about it at length and the issue of it being salvation 'el is not so much that we recognize this it this dynamic but the message that they bear that's what she says he's salvation or life and death but because they bear a life and death message if you don't acknowledge who and what they are these servants then the acceptance or rejection of them and their ministry becomes a life-and-death issue that makes sense the reason why this is important to see is because by nature we're independent people we tend to prefer to do things ourselves and not to rely upon people now this dynamic of a demo nós can lead to a a toxic situation where people say well we don't need to go to men because we can go directly to God and that's the argument that's I guess raging in our movement at the moment people who have left are all arguing that they don't need to listen to human beings because they can directly go to the Word of God they'll give you many spirit of prophecy quotes to defend or boast of that position and what comment did we make which is connected to the one above we must know that we have a part or a work to do in this first sentence so what did we say about that I mean that's a negative way of looking at it but what's the positive perspective we discussed brother James that we should all the truth that's taught in the Bible is that each of us has a part to play in the great plan of salvation - right you I had the same thought that we were each or each to do this work there we go how do we each do this work because world's got sending a servant to you how can you be giving you work once you learn that the truths are message that that so much rings and you are required to share it with other people as well Mikey you teacher already knew that service yeah I guess that's what we discussed this morning yeah and fully appreciate that in the context that she's thinking about their these special people that she's chosen and they wouldn't deny that really back away from that but when you go through the mirror right history more often than not you'll talk about until she unless she's talking specifically about William Mitchell so you say William Miller and his associate or the millerite movement it becomes a corporate work so it's not just a specific individual that's being used in that context so the other thing I wanted this to see he said even though it can be appear appear to be negative it's not it's not negative in the way that I would like us to understand it it's not at this demo nos it's each of us ends up becoming a servant and for me I raised it just the moment ago than if you picked up I'd had Matthew 13 it was just a reminder for me it reminds me of Matthew 13 now I can't remember if we discussed this in class I lose track of time where where I am so let's go to Matthew 13 Matthew 13 from verse 24 to 30 everybody's familiar with it the parable of the wheat and teased the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field but while he but while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way and when the blade was sprung up and brought forth fruit then appeared the tares also so the servants of the householder came and said unto Him sir this not thou sow good seed in thy field from whence then hath it tares said unto them an enemy have fun this the servant said unto Him wilt thou then that we go and gather them up but he said nay this while ye gather lest while ye gather up the tares you root up also the wheat with them they both grow together until the harvest and in the time of harvest I will say to the Reapers gather ye together first the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn relatively straightforward parable but it's caused us no end of problems in our movement I'm sure each of us has observed or experienced the problems that this parable has caused many of us corporately and individually there's many things that we can pick up and it's not like I don't want to go into a study on this parable but I want to just ask some questions verse 25 in fact I don't really want to ask a question I want to explain my perspective of it verse 25 but while men slept who are the men that are sleeping this is the pan servants look Stephen sorry right but you let's fake the time I waited but yeah that's lovely yes don't speak Alfred white brother Daniel yeah okay so everyone there's no uniformity to say that these are the servants okay so the servants leap and it's their lack of watchfulness that allows the enemy to do his work verse 27 so the servants of the householder came once they see the wheat in the tears bringing up and they have this conversation with him now if we were to go to verse 37 to 42 36 36 the last part of the verse says the disciples came to Jesus and they said declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field so 37 is Jesus's explanation and we're not going to read it but if you were to read the explanation so he's going to decode the parable if you go back to the story of the the tear itself from 24 to 30 if we go to there's one two three four five six seven verses verse 25 is picking up which group of people while men slept who's that the servants and dayne 27 the servants 28 the servants he's speaking to the servants 29 speaking to the servants and 30 he speaking servant so out of those seven verses five of them are dealing with the servants some shape or form if you go to the explanation I'll let I'll give you you can do it outside a cart if you read through that one thing you're going to notice since the Brahman is what there's no servants the servants and not explained explains virtually everything else about the parable tells you what the field is what the householder is what the tares are what the Reapers are everything except the servants and the servants of the most important symbol in the parable where's a verse 39 39 the enemy had sowed them is the devil the harvest is the end of the world and the Reapers are the Angels who reserved the servants nope if you go to verse 30 but let both grow together until the harvest and the time the harvest I will say to the Reapers he's speaking to the servants and he said that when I told the Reapers to do their work do different people I'm not making application I'm just saying it's a straight reading of these passages yeah the Reapers are not the servants if we okay with that the explanation doesn't talk about the servants the servants of the primary thing or symbol or objects in the parable so for any curious posted they'd want to know what that was for those who missed the class cuz video we did speak about repeat and enlarge and chiastic structures to explain that which we'd picked up in yesterday's class and okay I'll take this out we did we discussed all of this as well we discussed the page number that was GC 343 paragraph 1 we discussed that as well in in some length so Matthew 23 Matthew 13 we've got the field with these two plants and you've got the servants as I say if you check what Christ says he doesn't tell you who the servants are and what their what their role is sorry what what they're a symbol of them we know what their role is what I want to suggest is this dynamic here of them and us that we spoke about this morning we have these servants here and they're going to be sent to teach us it just so happens that when it says in GC three four three paragraph 2 directs his servants that in Matthew 13 it's those servants I'm not saying be servant to equal that I'm not saying that's exactly what it is but I'm making that application I'm saying be servants at these servants here and the ass are the plants so I'll do that the plants are us and this is the them which is the servants everybody okay with that straightforward and what we found this morning which I asked by the James and sister Rachel to explain is that the reason why this is not as ugly as it looks like we're all going to bowing to men human beings to teach us is that we all end up being those servants so what I want is to see in Matthew 13 a number of things first of all these are symbols these are human beings and these are human beings there are a number of applications that you can make from Matthew 13 this is the one that I'm making and I think it's the primary application these people which would be these ones these are the recipients these are the ones that are receiving some kind of benefit and they're being taken care of by whom by the servants the servants their job is to take care of the plants and the role of these servants is to take care of these people that people who are receiving the benefit from them so if this is the recipients INTs here so these are the recipients and I just put these are the teachers or the caretakers so these people their job is to take care of these plants and what I want us to see is that they're both there at the same time when you see it like this obviously you have to be there at the same time you have to have a teacher to teach someone so in the natural in the real world that's obvious in the parable they're there at the same time now when you read this statement here these servants what's their job function simplistically in the great controversy not in the Matthew 13 what's their job function this one carrying from carry forward the worker salvation so if we were going to put it in the context of messages these servants would be promulgating or giving what in the context of the Angels and messages what what message would they be giving who would they be a symbol of so we could say the three angels messages we could just combine it in a simple thought essay or just the three angels who go to Miller write history first angels message yeah it wouldn't be the second because the second is like condemnation failure and you know history it would be the third angel so these become a symbol of angels or the caretakers people who have got this message that are going to help these plants to grow take care of them so I'm just going to say in our application this would be the third angels message now if we take the second angel and turn it from something negative Babylon is fallen to something positive how would you turn it into something positive sister Brittany of the secondary to become positive or negative because Babylon is fallen is like a negative statement right the aspect of righteousness the aspect of righteousness so we could have justification sanctification glorification or sin righteousness and judgment so if I did sin righteousness and judgment brother Stephen what Bible verse would that be John 16:13 John 16 verse 8 another one acts 24 25 so it turns out that we should be familiar with acts 24 25 in John 16 a and there you see that the second age of messages is to do with writers as the experience that you have so these plants they're all receiving the care and attention of these servants we know that there's good that they're going to grow note this parable doesn't teach about rain we could bring the concept of rain into it but we won't we just say that they're growing and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to say these become a symbol of the second angels message or I'm going to change it action not even to call it the second angels message I'm just going to call it the second angel and I'm going to just call this the third angel so these servants are a symbol of the third angel these plants become a symbol of the second angel these plants are going to grow under the tender watch care of these servants just like we read here so when you see that the parable teaches us a number of things the primary one identity I think it was Saturday evening the tail end of it was still Sabbath when we did that when we had the devotion will be had or evening devotion I think it was then we spoke about I think his brother Daniel brought this up the messages that run parallel and someone spoke about combining those messages than if you remember that discussion so all I wanted to see is the parable here and it's literal fulfillment here once you see that the second and the third angel are both there at the same time you know that the second and third areas messages are combined it's all I want us to see there that there at the same time and when you see that it forces you to go back into reform line and make some refinements to that on how you actually understand the construction of reform line so if we just took this line here normally we'd put a 1 a 2 and a 3 like that it's a close of probation third angels message 9/11 was the second in 1989 the first so this is a simplistic perspective of the 1st 2nd 3rd angels messages I just didn't I'll do it here just really simply you have 1 2 3 and this would be close of probation or the shut door then you've had the second and then you have the first which would be the time at the end so this parable teaches us one thing that this simplistic model is that it's it's too simplistic and in fact this third message begins before the second has come to its end so if I were to sketch this out we'd have the first the second and often we talk about the third being a point in time but we've had we've been forced to change that now that concept that idea so we'd have the third like that and all I want us to see is that the third angels message has to be brought into this line before the second ends so there's this overlap so what I want us to see without explaining the details of what that means or the implications of it so the third can't look like that it has to look something like that so this is what the third would be and not even discussing the relationship between the first and second Matthew 13 teaches us this can everybody just see that why that would be because this is the second Angels history this is people growing in grace they're grown in righteousness they're going from strength to strength from glory to glory until they come to maturity and the people who are helping them come to maturity and these servants is very clear to see it here in this story here straight out that passage that we read God has these chosen servants and the first one it says we must learn from them if you learn what these servants had to teach you what experience would you have you would your heart would rejoice and your soul would be converted yeah we can see that and it says rejoice and conversion of be converted soul all of this is experience of righteousness you're going to have an experience of righteousness under the guardianship of these servants when they take care of you take the same model and bring in to Matthew 13 and it's exactly the same this is just a parable that explains this dynamic hopefully we can see that and the parable says they're both there at the same time the servants come off the scene when when all the parts come to maturity and then the hot then the reapers come now again I'm not breaking down all the symbology in the parable just reading it as it is the servants are there when the seed is sown they slept so in anybody could do the work so there they're there from the very beginning to the very end of these plants or the life of the plant because when the Reapers come harvest comes the plants die and when they were born or putting the seeds in the ground when they germinate the servants were there so they're there from the very beginning and I'm saying these are the caretakers the men women the people that have been chosen by whom it says in the parable a man who had a field so the man who had a field verse 24 gets these servants and say can you take care of these plants in the field for me just like disturbance from God by the Holy Spirit have been selected to do a work so hopefully we can see it to the exactly same parallel so there they were here at the same time as the plants are so that's where this come work of combining is coming the third or the servants are there from just a simple level they're at the same time as the second the plants and the servants and they're at the same time I'm saying the plants become a symbol of the US the people are receiving benefit we've been taking care of the servants I will pay with with that concept yeah so the third angel is the one who does the teaching and the second angel is the one that receives the benefit the recipients so if we had teachers here this would be students so we've got a teacher student or teacher pupil relationship just as we got here so if we were going to use that dynamic what happens when you get up or you go and ring someone Lord speak to your friend family member and you start teaching them what do you become you become the servant and they become the plant so if you can envisage that what this parable is teaching a number of things we can we can draw from this is that each of us is the plan and each of us is a servant each of us are the second angel we receive this benefit and each of us is the third angel and it's happening before the close of probation before harvest happens the third angel is already there doing its work of taking care of the plants taking care of the flock and each of us has that role in a particular dynamic so when you go home or wherever you go even this evening you speak to someone and they say I didn't understand that class and you explained it to them you suddenly become this person then they become that person can we see that so this rigid perspective of first you have the second then you have the third isn't correct the perspective that only good people like good plants are going to go on to become the third angel so the third angel can only be formed or made up of good people isn't correct because they're all there at the same time it challenges many of the preconceived ideas that we have brother Bob you had your hand up yeah I was going to say what you just got done explaining how you end up becoming plants become servants all their plants it's happening seamlessly at the same time it's not this you know you you're a plant for three years and then you graduate to teacher level or teacher status servant status it doesn't work that way it happens at the very same time depending on the relationship that you have and that's nothing new we say that all of us are required to be teachers so we can you can just see that conceptually why that would be really we'll go meet happy at the same time I don't mean literally at the same time so in this class dynamic you have a teacher and you have students but when you get home and so many family says had the class go then you suddenly become the teacher and they become the student that's what I mean at the same time I don't mean literally in the same second but I mean in the same history in that same dispensation that same period of time maybe that's a better way to express it it's not that all of us have to go to a three-month 12-month training school and we graduate into teachers I want us to shift away from that thinking that the only qualified teachers are the ones that are good people doesn't work that way everybody becomes a teacher and if you can see that this is why you see so many bad people who are teachers doesn't say bad teachers but they're not bad teachers so many bad people that could be teachers because he doesn't matter in this period of time all of us are called to be teachers we will take that role of teaching separate and distinct from our morality our morality has an impact on reform like it does get sort it out because by time you get to harvest with all the plants our car they go in different places so it gets sorted out at the end but in this history here being the teacher is up for grabs everyone is required to be a teacher whether you're a wheat or whether you're a take doesn't really really make any difference and we do know that everyone knows that if you just go to the story of the 12 disciples Judas Iscariot had all the benefits and all the advantage and all the responsibility that everyone else had even though he was a devil they make any difference he was still required to teach the message and did he teach it yeah he didn't put any spin on it not any more than any of the other eleven did because they've all got misconceptions he taught it faithfully as fast the record that my reading of the record is he taught it as faithfully as everyone else did he didn't sort of say you know if you give me extra money I can give you some extra benefit he didn't he didn't purchase doing miracles and people didn't say you know pay me and undo your miracle like Simon Magus he's not doing any of that well if he's ill-begotten gains assets in to be separate and distinct from his role as a teacher and he so I've not seen any record of him doing any criminality at that level when he takes up the role of being a teacher any questions or comments on that sister ELISA and the Reapers a category of servants who instructed or set aside for that purpose or are they separate okay so why wasn't trying to do is go to the parable and lay it out it's been done in a number of places you can see those studies online all I wanted us to see was GC 343 paragraph two first sentence the servants and the US so demo not ask this relationship here is not something that's ugly if something that's beautiful it's built into Matthew 13 and the comment that we made the all of us end up becoming servants if we follow through is demonstrated here in this parable even though perhaps at first sight you don't see it the discussion about what the field is and when the fruit happens and the maturity and who the Reapers are was out the scope of my discussion but I would say which is I think you sent you what brother Daniel was picking out although technically it doesn't say that in the passage that the Reapers are the servants they're just the servants having a different role and once you see that explains more about what's going on so I don't think there are exclusive category of servants they are the servants they just pick they just got a different hat a different role and I before but there is a discussion about the Reapers and the servants over there the Reapers so that was that was my question but that's not what you're trying to discuss so and I don't know Ruth chapter two enough to give any kind of meaningful response sorry he would you keep popping up and saying as it depends what role you're playing which wall you're fulfilling and in a situation depending on where you go from hour to hour in the day you could be you could be fulfilling the role of being either the student or the or the teacher or being the servant or the plants and so that's how the simultaneous yes yeah are we okay with this first sentence I'm she came to nothing else God through the Holy Spirit teaches human beings who is this God Jesus revolution the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John that's sailing that's head tennis walk that's that God reveals to Jesus Jesus revealed to the angels in the angel review - John okay so you say above here there's the father that we meet yeah but I don't know what to do mr. for this period no okay anyone else who is this cold see Jesus the father both of them John 15:26 Jesus says when the comforter is come whom I will send them to you from the bog and that means what in this context the genus and we should eat with people and spending we'll say from the father Disney say from the father says from the father I will send from the father I guess it's in the talk you're saying maybe father's up he just says God so God says the Holy Spirit why doesn't God communicate directly the Holy Spirit lower or what mr. Baumann is he sending that the pattern that were to use to when it comes to our communication he's setting up a pattern in the way we're supposed to communicate don't you sit yeah and what is that pattern there it is transmitted okay so it is transmitted in a certain specific way it doesn't come just directly from Jesus there's a pattern to the transmission and he's following his own cutter everybody got that any other perspectives it's just our living and I have an opinion few thoughts they're very cool but could you explain what this mostly sentence means God by His Holy Spirit director main Network the servant of the Lord says that this fruit is imparted through his angels to human religions so similar to the factor and that Buddha James are you Danny Danielle same she also said that right through the biodiverse that we are hearing at the voice of Christ I don't think of it as high a lesser it is just each person has their work and the work together as one party make anyone got any comments or questions if you can turn back to two chapters back chapter 17 a great controversy sorry great controversy gc3 one to paragraph one this message is declared to be a part of the other lasting gospel the work of preaching the gospel has not been committed to angels but has been entrusted to men holy angels have been employed in directing this work they have in charge the great movements for the salvation of men but the actual proclamation of the gospel is performed by the servants of Christ upon the earth faithful men who were bleeding to the promptings of God's Spirit and the teachings of his word were to proclaim this warning to the world they were those who had taken heed to the SHA word of prophecy the light that shine even dark place until the day dawn and the day star arise they had been seeking the knowledge of God more than hid more than all hid treasures counting it better than the merchandiser silver and the gain thereof than fine gold and the Lord revealed to them the great things of the kingdom the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him and he will show them his covenant so it speaks about angels he doesn't mention the Holy Spirit so you'll see this over and over again there seems to be this relationship that says God angels and humans right says God's Spirit I'll read it again I reach one is there as well the work of preaching the gospel has not been committed to angels but has been entrusted to men holy angels have been employed in directing this work they having charged the great movements for the salvation of men but the actual proclamation of the gospel is performed by the servants of Christ upon the earth so one talks about the angels to faithful men who were beating to the promptings of God's Spirit and the teachings of his word were to proclaim this warning to the world so as I say sometimes you have this model where it's God angels and humans and sometimes it's God the Holy Spirit in humans and you can go to a number of places particularly in early writings there's a couple of them where the angels are going to receive communication from yeah I think that the ones that come to my mind they actually they say Jesus they're not receiving a communication from the Holy Spirit when those angels are brought to view it's God angels men and in fact we read that last Sabbath if you recall there's this angel that comes down from heaven this is the Advent movement Illustrated prayer-meeting lastly and did and we'll just read again in paragraph two and the one we read before God Holy Spirit humans so sometimes it's the angel sometimes that it's the Holy Spirit men are instruments in the hand of God employed by him to accomplish his purposes of grace and mercy each has his parts to act to each is granted a measure of light adapted to the necessities of his time and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do so just this one sentence here we know that she's not talking about the Miller right movement yeah she's just talking about different histories after semicolon to each his grantee the measure of light adapted to the necessities of his time and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do in that time before we read the next sentence does anybody want a comment on these two sentences we've just read men are instruments in the hand of God that pretty much to me says that them on us roll the servants and the recipients it seems to have the very very much the same language there and there someone wants to make a comment and then it says each has his part to act to each his grantee the measure of light adapted to the necessities of his time and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do I think I pre maturely rubbed out that picture work that we had there so we've got age to age a 1 a 2 a 3 and we already commented that this was a generation and now she says it's it's what what word did you pick up before age we put the word generation and she said she says what time so I'm going to call this time as well time one time two time three and you've got these servants and what are they given sister Brahman well they've got get there no trip late night so each of them has got light so brother Greg we this light that they given tell me a little bit about the light its characteristics for the time where you seen with relevance adapted to the necessities of his time adapted necessities he's relevant so this light is connected to this age it's relevant the big say it's not relevant to another range so it's rather than anything else a measure of light so no one has the whole band off okay so it's limited if I can kill use that word yep it's limited and relevant is that relevant you're a hey easy so it's limited and relevant to each one so the light that his god is limited it's not dealing with out it's not dealing with the full measure of light but it's relevant to whatever needs to be addressed here and one more sufficient it's limited and relevant and sufficient which means that it's not lacking whatever needs to be sorted out in this age in this history the light is sufficient and it's targeted for whatever the issue is here but it's only limited to that history it's not going to take you further than you need to go to a pause we didn't discuss the title of the chapter light through darkness so here's a line and brother Bob because you just you mentioned this I think this morning or yesterday about the title I've got a line show me what the title put them title explain the title in written pictorial language on a line how what do I do light through darkness so I I can you can look at one level see that that darkness is actually the events of human beings that don't even know that they're being directed by God doing things panel and and the different that events are happening history is taking place and so way marks are generated by that history so tell me what to draw which time period you want to go to it doesn't matter what we don't have to label them or if we label them they can be generic labels like if I did one I or one a be any history the matter okay because I'm looking at it more specific stuff like we're try keep it general okay party I'm not sure where you're going with it like I'm thinking like you know one in a country I want to explain this title in a graphical form but when a drawing of a ball with no title would look like I'm not sure this is text well they've got me set the begin okay so there's darkness at the beginning and then you'd come to a point where you start having increasing raising you judge the time of the a and progressively I don't escape sir I guess aqua diaries and all my much Aqua Terra like that we what's that indicating life not like coming down and you away mops like that profit on you how would you through you draw this title you're trying enough food in a line that's what I like doing so if I would read just a title I would think he was talking about the Reformation because the darkness and in 1798 so okay so got the darkness yeah the life has to start time at the end but it has to start in the darkness because real darkness isn't it would you tell me yeah I would do like this if I just read the title where you're weak so a Kyle door here did you say coming yet there's a darkness throughout the dark wait did you say did you say copy they don't understand I didn't say anything okay so darkness here during the darkness you have light the Hyrule I would make our items outside light from the darkness Jenny out from the darkness so this light is coming from darkness no I don't know maybe start this and the bikes coming out of it let out a Fiat but from me out of ya I can say you think the lights cut me from the darkness like that through the darkness I don't know I don't know why you wanna draw this I don't know why you tell you I could try to do I say 28 9.9 I kissed okay I do everything on a lot if you do it this in the line do you have the darkness or have the time of the end and then you have light if you want to do that because that's what's it the test see if that's what you send me that title says the reason why I didn't do the title first is because I think it's not an easy title so I've waited to do a little paragraph and a half and I think we've got enough information after a paragraph from the heart to tackle the the title that's why I waited and I didn't know what it meant also some good in run the hot air graphs of the title news like that they keep really bet it's out did you tell me what your week went you through each one you already have sister sister taste yeah brother James you're the artist strengths I didn't want coming out here's what I picture then you can try to draw it I see I see a man inside of a dark cloud and he could be standing on the ground so you might need a bigger cloud in the body if you need his clout and the big bigger cloud he turns on the flashlight and so that flashlight starts smaller but it gets bigger as it goes away from the person the head of the darkness and there's no darkness where there's like you know like where your light comes on okay so I'm very submitting what brother Daniel doing who likes coming out of the darkness ready just looks bad in that picture because he was on a line he's standing on the earth that's a lie you could put a line under it why is that look worse than your wife well it's just I guess it's just not the way I pictured it that man and his torch right for marina I think our problem is we want to make that the title seems to make the darkness in the light over start using today our problem is the title makes us want to put the darkness from the line at the same time it wants to make you do that yeah maybe well it just reads that way for you as well yeah but I kind of picture it differently okay so if we all agree with that the title seems to place the light and the darkness at the same time they've read okay similar to what you do for last week Wednesday the concept that it creates is similar where there is darkness easily because it like but it's not yeah the time of the inner curve okay so when I picture when the light comes it's still not that much right like you still have a period Twilight darkness yeah from the time of the end there's still some darkness so you don't mean they know that person that's not accurate why just one no it's accurate it's just it's increasing so it's still coming through darkness but you le the darkness here you didn't know I think with the title there is overlap like Twilight it's increasing if it if it doesn't increase it can't all be there at the beginning as I like Twilight because I don't know what that means it just wants to apply stick to the police it would be so how you doing all that picture would I don't think you have to do good the lights increasing but this picture works if the doctor stains here because every forum line I've ever seen so you have to carry the darkness and then you get a hard way back there time in the end and yeah we have our reform like but if only we don't really know that we use the concept of like we just say it's the period darkness and this is what the period darkness we that's how we drawing I think of the verse it says until the day dawn and the day star arise in mountains that's that dawn is a process of time and that light is a process it's not one what so you want to drag the darkness into this history I think you can conceptualize it both ways but in one way yes brother beau I see it two different ways we're using the pattern you've got drawn on the board now that if you're looking at the concept that that when people are in darkness they're just in darkness they don't have that light they don't have the light and at a certain point in time the light starts to come and it might be increasing light but the light starts to come so it's available so in that sense it's cutting through the darkness so it's light through darkness if you want the title that way is that how you would look at it I I at one level you can look at that way but the other level of looking at it is I just draw that metal yeah so you've got this darkness and you're saying light is penetrating that doctor yeah we find us to that you've got light that's doing this because if you look at it an individual level there's people who who see the light and they reject it and what everything I read tells you did they go into perfect darkness they go back into darkness because they date they will do wrong want to run away from the truth to run away from the light so I see that there's there's an accountability to people have a choice if they're gonna accept the light then to them they go from darkness into light and then then you have the time of the end I can see darkness and light but but to say the whole world is light it's available to human beings but you could reject that light and you're still in perfect darkness ready you go to hell how it I don't know if I agree with the ones on the floor maybe the one on the right that you just drew that's good if you don't look great that means you must have an opinion or you can do LD Jess exist I know you're wrong but I don't have an opinion on the verse 6 I don't know what they mean but wherever you're say he's wrong if I just read the title right through darkness the word through is implying like it's on both ends and it's penetrating something okay divisive both ends and it's penetrating through maybe not like that we're just like this I don't know okay sister Lisa where I was seeing it with prophecies carrying their light through times of darkness and then so I know it's going to go from of season Daniel - price time but then the prophecies that Christ gave into melih right time I don't know how to draw it but that's what I equate to the light is the peering forward and then the darkness going away as the light hits Clear Lake Larry okay we're thinking this so - wish you'll go to sister Brittany those writings right 6:9 in it Brett what to run to the title app so let's go to the early right is 2 6 9 earlier whities 2 6 9 and with all their gut paragraph 2 evil angels crowded around these people tells you the people are above pressing darkness upon them to shut out Jesus from their view so I want to suggest that this picture work where a man is in darkness it's probably correct he's correct that their eyes might be drawn to the darkness that surrounded them and thus be led to distrust guard and murmur against him their only safety was in keeping their eyes directed upwards angels of God had charged over his people and as the poisonous atmosphere of angels of evil angels was pressed around these anxious ones the heavenly angels were continually wafting their wings over them to scatter the thick darkness this is a specific story this is not direct answer to this title just making sure we understand that as the praying ones continue their earnest cries at times a ray of light from Jesus came to them to encourage their hearts and light at the countenances so we'll stop there so it seems to me that it's this kind of model that we've got and there's a person in here there's a person in darkness and this darkness is produced by its as evil angels here but obviously some kind of misconception just like we have here the mystery of iniquity and this light is going to penetrate this darkness to clear it up and as a number of you have already noticed when we go to the title it says light through darkness it appears that this light is penetrating the darkness and if we go to the passage we read before this is GC 3 4 3 paragraph 2 men are instruments in the hand of God employed by him to accomplish his purposes of grace and mercy each has his part to act to each is granted the measure of light adapted to the necessities of his time and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do so what is this measure of light or the light sister Elissa just told us a minute ago but prophesies all the messages so these messages is this light and each these servants has only been given what in their particular age what they've been given a prophecy that's uniquely adapted for their time period they're not dealing with promises that are outside of their history so they've got a prophecy for their generation so this prophecy is limited it's relevant and it's sufficient to produce the work that needs to be done so why I want to suggest most of the pictures are correct I'm not trying to rub them out to say that they're not correct but what I want us to consider is when we normally play the period of darkness and we say proceeds the time of the end like it ends there there's a number of you have expressed in different ways that I'm saying that this darkness runs all the way through this history and what what we're seeing is that from I say the time of the end even though it's not explicitly stated thus far although we can infer it by the great reformer tree or religious movements which we know is a reformed line that this darkness now is going to begin to be dealt with an address from the time of the end onwards so there's this light that's coming down from heaven if you picked up the early writings quite and this light as it moves progressively will progressively dispel this darkness so it really is light through darkness but the light begins here at the time at the end and before that it was just totally dark so some are used to the eyes or the concept of Twilight you go from I guess it would be dawn really if we were going to do it that way it go from darkness to light and they should go through dawn and into the morning so just the title itself I'm suggesting is changing our perspective how to Doris reform like because we normally say the darkness ends here and I'm suggesting that it doesn't end here it goes right into the reformed line and gradually gets dispelled you could say as there's an increase of knowledge that would be one way to express it if we just think about this model I'll take all of that out and I'll say this is a story where you've got priests and levites just that just a simple thing I'm not trying to define where they start this begins or end now the priests if we can say they've come out of Darkness if we're happy to think about that prophetic darkness we've come out of Doc's it and we're in the light where the Levites they're still in darkness the light hasn't penetrated them yet so you can see just at that concert the darkness couldn't have finished at the time of the end there has to be these doctors still progressing and these Levites will get drawn out of the darkness much later stage so this darkness doesn't really end at the time of the end in the way that we would normally think these matter these servants here have been given light limited relevant and sufficient and where were they given that like not given the light before the time at the end they could because they're raised up at the time at the end we have a number of witnesses to show that number of stories so we know that the light begins here and it's going to penetrate through this darkness it's a gradual process it doesn't all happen that day one so just in these first 1/2 paragraphs there's a lot that we can learn about reformed lines its relationship to darkness the gradual nature of it then it's human agents that are going to be used we've picked that up I can't think of any more I'm sure we've picked up more than that brother Bob just to tie in some other things that you talked about that did fit this pattern you're talking about with as far as the darkness being dispelled over time you know you brought out the concept of the second and third angel and that the role to people play and the servants you know are attending the plants and then those plants then at one level end up you know being servants to other people and you brought out the concept I don't remember them trying to look at my nose you're talking about the two different maps the one math we had showed the light and other math if they had hardly any light and so I mean that also shows that there's darkness and their dirt can be light different place you can have light all over if people are fulfilling their role do what they're supposed to do because that way it gets shared and more of the darkness is dispelled to Broadway based on what you're saying I don't believe that darkness ever gets to spell compared individual walking at any point you can fall back into the dark world below so it's always that darkness has to always be available yes so it never goes away it dispels for you individually but as a reformed line it's the foundation of the Lord one line is this darkness which is going to cut into the and it depends how we conceptualize what this darkness is if we were going to conceptualize the darkness as doctrinal issues theological issues I would suggest that by the time we get to the end whatever age we're in the light that was limited relevant and sufficient it was sufficient to bring a people to a place where they have now reformed so the light would have completed its work and the darkness would have been totally expelled at that simple level yes but not expel it there it's alright it's still available if you want to fall back into that oh yes but to no man however honored of heaven has sorry but yeah but to no man however honored of heaven has ever attained to a full understanding of the great plan of redemption or even to a perfect appreciation of the divine work or to divine purpose in the work for his own time so she's going to go back into these histories and she's gonna say even though these men were honored of God none of them have fully understand have understood the plan of redemption so that's one point and the other one is which is in a we will exclude understand that wouldn't it because they've already got limited light it's only relevant for themselves but it's sufficient to do the work now the plan the redemption is not ending in age one it takes some steps to get there so we can see that but what's more troubling to me is the last one it says they don't even properly understand what their own work that's what's the most troubling for me is that in their own history they don't even understand what they're supposed to be doing and we discussed this I think it was I can't remember which day it was it was when brother Poulos is the Karen were here I think he was on Sabbath evening or he made me Friday night at Vespers I can't remember which one and I made the that made the point that John doesn't understand the role of the Messiah and he teaches his disciples error they imbibed this error didn't even get it from me my argue they got it from the bolita structure the conference structure than the leadership but he reinforced that and it was really hard for Christ to get this out of them in fact he doesn't really successfully do that until the very end and they have to go through this tortuous experience the great disappointment and if they're going to go through the Millerites have the same problem the Millerites don't even have a proper appreciation of what God wanted to do in his in their own time John didn't the Millerites didn't so the question is do we do we have a proper appreciation of what God wants to do for us so men do not fully understand what God would accomplish by the work which he gives them to do they do not comprehend in all its bearings the message which they utter in his name when it says you know all of his bearings what word is bearing what does that mean they do not comprehend in all of its directions your location okay so you said it's a campus code so if you want to do what's that gonna do it only be some bearings if that's what bearings is I think that's what you mean this is s are you going to look at the spirit of prophecy quote define what power you these bearings well I was going for the dictionary first but since the test was it meeting all these berries your position I think I agree with on this in I don't women going within your position explain that who say you're the it is not you is it this is the all its bearings we're places like a sheep at sea you don't really know what's around do you that lost okay for the Gregory ultimate my bearings first of all what is what is the eight when Bob says work we have where calls think looking at comprehension for a second but they don't understand in all of its bearings the message so he says work you breathe it's work yeah it'll be the work what message okay yeah yeah thank you well working messages that kind of the same thing they relate it you know I'm surely not to me it seemed to be message can be other aspects of the message aspects so here's one aspect to so we've we've got four aspects I don't know why you want to go with more of Southeast and last sounds halted yes so you have four accidents over that way I was thinking of an actual bearing as a piece of machinery or typifying Ezekiel's wheels in because it's a wheel within a wheel we see it working even though we don't understand every aspect of it I've got Wilson I'll do a compass then like that so you're saying it's a ball bearing so when we normally do north east south west and we've got for submit tricky doing that but that's what the bearings is a compass the bearings of the compass you don't actually have just four do you you have at least eight now say it's that would be north east and then you'd have is that north northeast so then we can certainly go to sixteen and then you go to infinity and infinity is what it's a circle so when it talks about in all of its bearings brother Larry says bearings if we if we go with this compass model means directions he didn't say this I'm gonna use the word I think he said aspects so when you take bearings and it's a compass I think sister Alice is right in that which is all the directions it really means all the aspects and you can get an infinite it's got many aspects but we pick up the four because four is a symbol of worldwide or complete or everything it's all inclusive so it says that these men men do not understand what God would accomplish by the work which he gives them to do they do not comprehend all the aspects of the message which they utter in his name so brother James then brother Bob thank you the definition says the situation of an object with respect of another object by which it is supposed to have a connection with it or influence upon it or to be influenced by it

first before you do that it has

to go you're going to give us I have no idea what that mean I might be the only one but you have to simplify that really a lot tell me what that means you've got two words or sentences on me have two things influence each other so they don't understand how them how the work that they've been given is going to influence things around them so did I summarize that by saying they don't understand the implications of what they're doing yeah so implications sister Lisa heraldry yeah so a part of the definition it talks about heraldry bearings are the coats of arms or figures on like the shield or something that distinguishes nobility common person so it adds another late to being described so if I can summarize that you say they don't understand you portents yes I nee says they don't understand what God would accomplish by the work he's given them to do he's got this great work for them to do and they're going doing this light little bit of no work if they realized the importance or the significance of it of how high this work is higher than the highest thought is the work that God has for us brother Bob hang a little bit of what everyone's saying when you talk about bearing if you're on a ship and you're bearing your bearing in a certain direction you're not just bearing gifts we're not talking about that we're talking about it you're bearing you're heading somewhere and so that means that you have a goal or a purpose in mind so so you're heading summer so to say we don't comprehend its its bearings I don't think that we understand I don't think a lot of times we understand the way God is trying to direct and guide us on the course that he wants us to be on the good side one of the directions yeah but not all of them we have this very narrow perspective of what a reform like the teachers as an example of the work that we have to do very narrow and we don't have to leave vacations so we don't understand that God wants to create a new church because we don't want to get into churches with the last Church stayin here so we say we're not going to do with that ask me so this reformed line is just to warn the seventh-day Adventist Church that the Sunday law is about to happen and that's all we were called to do and then we realize that's not all of the bearings because we're headed in another direction direction that we never thought to go we thought we'd just market events repeat of history we didn't think about all the bearings like maybe we're going to have to do with time that when you look at when your paragraph starts out you know it says from age to age I see if you're looking at how God has been trying trying to to fulfill his purpose in humanity and to restore us to the image that Adam lost in order to do that you have to navigate if you want to even use that term you know because it's nautical you have to navigate through this darkness and and things are happening and God is directing the human family to - to the perfect fulfillment of what he's trying to get us to do and I don't think that we can comprehend all of that I don't think in from one little age to another little age that men understand the full extent of it here we are standing at the end of time and we're looking back on all this stuff and I don't think that we can even we can even have an appreciation of what God even started to do and how he's gonna wrap everything up on this planet that makes any sense they still going to come to fight you know it's gonna come - it's gonna come to us you know it eventually it'll be fully comprehended but not until we're standing in eternity but God God's going to fulfill his purpose it's gonna happen we're just not understanding how he's in exactly all doing it how far the 30k away not very far well you mockito to where you marked it like here yeah yeah we're very marketer it will be same eternity for the state it happens he it has to refer to the same words are those that did are that are not lost and it would have to be at their clothes information so we've got months to go yeah the gal Behrens correct I understand what you're saying you don't excite grab their hides up from the Alps is the text if this if wearing the time period is a back to memory and we have every prophet and everything is taking through this time we shouldn't like anything we shouldn't be lacking a single very that could have an excuse they want finishing the work I think this last so the question is I want to be measured about this because if you go to the next paragraph she's going to kind of qualify what she I think what she means can spell by searching find out God can spell find out the almighty and to perfection so we understand that hopefully but in the context of human beings the servants all of these people didn't fully understand what God would accomplish by the work which he gives them to do so then understand all the implications so if we claim to be the final generation are we not required to understand fully understand what he would accomplish you know in our history because the others don't and they kind of can get away with it so assume that's what you meaning that we have to quote his equal 12 is equal had to deal with defective every vision but he didn't have that many visions to just have to deal with that he had a few which were marking the Babylonian captivity then in the New Testament Paul and the others they've got a few more to deal with because they're going to deal with the Roman captivity and in fact I don't know if you have seen that statistic that I've mentioned once or twice in the past 60 percent at least 60 percent of the Bible is dealing with the singular subject of captivity whether it's the Babylonian or the Roman captivity which in essence is all the same but both when you combine the New Testament the 27 books all of that all of those books are dealing with one subject the captivity in my opinion from beginning it starts with captivity and John the Revelator is on Patmos because of captivity the whole book is about captivity alt when it's a hundred percent of New Testament is Roma captivity and actually I think the number is higher I think it's 60 percent of all the books in the Old Testament sixty percent of the 39 books is all dealing with the Babylonian captivity I think when you combine them I think it's actually 75 percent of something the vast majority of the Bible is all dealing with God's people been in captivity in these two specific ones Babylonian and the Roman captivity so when you see that and you approach it from that perspective we start talking about the effect of every vision that's what Ezekiel is dealing with he's dealing with all the visions that deal with the Babylonian captivity New Testaments dealing with all the additional ones with the Roman captivity and what we're required to do is take both those captivity the effect of all those visions and bring it into our own line to to do that Stowe's you prick oh I've given you notes sorry by the way we'll start going to them in tomorrow's class Lord willing let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness we asked and pray that you would guide and direct us if at all possible we hope and pray that you'd be able to recover the video files if not then we know we must have been according to your purpose to allow this to happen help us father to focus upon the work that you've given us to do and bless us we pray in Jesus his name I may