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you Oh me GC 3 1 3 paragraph 1 313 at the time of Christ's first Advent the priests and scribes of the Holy City to whom were entrusted the Oracles of God might have discerned the signs of the times have proclaimed the coming of the promised one the prophecy of Micah designated his birthplace Daniel specified the time of his Advent like a 5 Daniel 9 God committed these prophecies to the Jewish leaders and they were without excuse if they did not know and declare to the people that the Messiah's coming was at hand they're ignorant was the result of sinful neglect the Jews were building monuments for the slain prophets of God while their deference to the great men of Earth while by their deference of the great men of Earth they were paying homage to the servants of Satan absorbed in their ambitious strife for place and power were among men they lost sight of the design honors proffered them by the king of heaven so we actually get to this passage yesterday for those of us who were in the class yesterday study was not the easiest we didn't really come to a hard conclusion on some passages but the reason we went to numbers 24 the reason I wanted to go there was because it's 24 17 to refresh our minds this was the prophecy of Balaam I shall see him but not now I shall behold him but not now there shall come a star out of Jacob and a scepter shall rise out of Israel and shall smite the corners of my room and destroy all the children of Seth Jeff so as you recall we had a lengthy discussion on what that meant and what it didn't mean we went to other Bible passages and as I said we didn't really come to a conclusion so I'm not gonna go back over that at least it not at least not in this class because I think we need a bit more time to think about those passages that we looked at and how we were reading them so I did say we'd go back to GC 58 ish for a modern new in this class and give us a bit more time to really look at those passages we didn't get to these two viable passages Micah five Daniel 9:25 what I wanted to pick up yesterday from that study is that the Magi the wise men they knew that the star that they had seen was not the fulfillment of this prophecy in numbers 24:17 they knew that star was not the star that they were looking at that was the point I wanted us to see I think everybody agreed with that they had the Magi they had an awareness that this I think we read it we read it in desire geez that it would they knew that that was a harbinger something that was foretelling the star because they knew that star was the Promised One so that was the point I wanted this to bring up I wanted us to see based upon the study of 90 page 11 and onwards we were looking at page 13 in particular so hopefully that point got made we're here it gc3 one three paragraph one just want to read Micah chapter 5 verse 2 Micah 5:2 this is going to give the birthplace the cut from verse 1 now gather thyself in troops o daughter of troops he hath laid siege against us they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek but thou Bethlehem Ephrata though they'll be little among the thousands of Judah yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel whose goings going forth have been from of old from everlasting so this passage designates that Bethlehem is where he's going to come forth from and that's how it says it but thou Bethlehem though you be little after thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel so it's out of Bethlehem that that's going to happen and then she says Daniel specified the time of his Advent so she gives us Daniel 9:25 before we read Daniel 9 is though is the micah quote relatively straightforward fruitfulness take the eggs doesn't that passage also specify which Bethlehem because it is more than one the effort ah oh well there there was a southern Bethlehem in a northern without Bethlehem Ephrata though they'll be little among the thousands of Judah yet out of thee shall he come forth so there's more than one Judah sorry wasn't more mine Bethlehem and so it's marking the one that's in the district where Judah is based okay yeah that's good point Danu 925 know thou therefore an understanding that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and threescore in two weeks the street shall be built again and the wall even in troublous times so what event is that giving us for the merrier a history she says Daniel specify the time of his Advent so where'd you see that in verse 25 so you say 490 you just work us through that the last week of the 78 week so nobody's a 70 weight tree squirrel need some health help him sister olivine I can see he needs some help okay so the joke because it needing do it so know therefore and understand I rate the verse to us we can read the third okay can you specify the time lease bad--but Daniel 9:25 so it's asking where you see the age thing I've given you a line lay out the verse where some time through bein chased for 90 seventy-eight week 78 week so you said that before you talk the way you got that because in season of weight 70 anyway that's why just the middle of the paragraph where it says okay we're here where it says shall be seven weeks on tree score at two weeks so I'm just picking up that increase for a two week and under seven week what do I draw 57 set for 57 until the weeks fix to it what do I draw see you draw seven weeks then threescore and two weeks like it makes its own so we got very enough pressure so we add them together I'm asking can I add them together would that help okay so that adds up to 69 not 70 then what would I do you said something about 490 something would be what did that name how'd you get 419 had you form the number 409 that I'm asking I know I wanted to stay in the Carroll they do in you be where that being first 24 would give us I'm going to verse 25 but not in verse 24 25 but that's where I would pick up the 70 from and this is giving us the 69 weeks and it speaks about the last part of it gives us the information about the streets being revealed again I think with the 69 weeks that's what I'm asking okay and into the week sorry feels great so the 69 weeks we have to multiply by seven to give us 483 why because they're weeks and after tournament today's okay so he's saying seven days equals one week or one week for seven days so that's 69 weeks times seven these days just for 83 years because 483 yeah like Mario's already said it's starting at 457 and it gets us to the Ministry of the Messiah at his baptism in 1327 a day thank you for that and that gives us the last week of the seventy the last week of the 490 your prophecy which gifts to 31 ad been in the midst of the week we've got crucifixion you made 34 31 vs are you know for a day okay suddenly one thing you've got other verses to do all of that that's all you're gonna get from this sort of thing okay yeah sorry so I'm she says the prophecy of Micah designated his birthplace Daniel specified the time of his Advent so she gives us 925 even if you go back to nine twenty four seventy weeks are determined upon thy people then 26 to 27 is the miss of the week as you mentioned so what the people to do does it doesn't say the birthday is that he's the time of his birth pace sorry the you know the time of his Advent birthday the time of his birth he doesn't tell you that does it she seems to like say it's really easy there's usually read Daniel 9 so would we make of that and then now how they supposed to know it some 4bc didn't say no the sanctuary system it's Ramadan you specifies the time of his ID pain received to me 925 but are you gonna specify 27 which is not exact thing by a white lodging it begins his ministry we're gonna mark Advent Aziz verse depending on what we're gonna mark she's arguing that it is ease birth contextually that's what it seems to me because he says his birthplace and he's ad thing it's not beginning not she's not talking about the beginning of his ministry but she's giving us 925 like that'll sort it all out for us and to me it doesn't seem to so they need some additional information so for BC is he's what is his birth the date of his birth so Daniel saying brother Dan you saying actually what they should have known is that he can't begin his ministry until he's 30 years old I'm saying as soon as you start doing that doesn't all this something become really complicated because would you get 30 from white why'd you have to begin when he's 30 right cuz it Sampson no centuries-old sanctuary pretty okay so they have to know he's gonna be a priest not a Levi so he has to not only be a Levite which he's not he's from the tribe of Judah then they can't even just be a Levite because he was a Levite he could have been how old you can pick couplers i hate's really 2025 32p got some options so you have to know an awful lot more than just value night 25 anyone else but I want to point out is that she makes it sound easy and to me it's not at all easy the Micra one's pretty straightforward but Daniel doesn't seem to me yeah yeah but she's not saying that she she say Mike is gonna tell you and Daniel's going to tell you and what does tell you that I'm not the AG thing no I know but what I'm saying is they don't know they know that which decree that is talking about or that it's a Comilla simulation of three degrees yeah yeah I get that but whatever one it's gonna go you've got 9:25 they know it is some kind of calculation none of them in you to the Advent don't know though sweetie yeah near the time that's fine it's just the way that she words it it's just it's just it just doesn't do that for you I mean it's not like that Mike but he gets born in there in a little town just outside the best ahem I mean it's exactly as prophesied he's in Bethlehem everything gets set up it's all done and dusted in Bethlehem so Michael is 100% spot on that point but Daniel isn't there's a lot more information I think that you need to know to sort out Daniel 9:25 to get his Advent sister Bromley so that becomes quite complex because if you were just to read that 9925 and you could actually work out that this was talking about the Messiah if you could actually piece that together then what would that be marking would it be marking his birth or the beginning of his ministry you know it's easy for us I think it's very difficult for us to go back and he raised all of our memory banks and look at this objectively I think you think you go back two thousand years and you try to get them to do that I just wonder how how easy it is for them to work out all the intricacies but you say we when you say the time we decide then or it's a period of time where would you begin that because the only point you've got is 27 in that in that particular verse we know he's 30 and as soon as you're gonna mark he's 30 then people are saying you need to know the sanctuary system you need to know that he's gonna be a priest and then you gotta know that priests how can we begin their ministry when they're 30 I think that's the logic that people have just said it just seems a lot more complex than Alan white just describes it as brother Graham first and brother okay so it says The Anointed One Messiah or Christ so the passage is actually mark in know definitely understand that goes from from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to rebuild and to build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince shall be 69 weeks so it takes you to the Messiah and again are they going to know what that actually means that it's at to the baptism or they just going to say it takes you to the person who is the Messiah T in 91 the chosen of God brother Theodore well the other complexity is knowing when if the whole period begins - no I think that's what brother James will say yeah you got it because it does say from the going forth of the commandment yeah so you have to know what commandments are even been spoken of you know sagely work out that it's the Persian commandments which is I've know a fair assumption but you would normally think Cyrus yeah I think that was his point from Cyrus - let's do that I think you mentioned it in a class earlier so if we just do one two three four fifty seven what's this date five sixteen this one five thirty seven and five thirty five thirty six we would go the decree so this is 20 years yeah and this is well 59 so this is 79 years so that becomes a bit problematic because when we say they should have known the day you're not going to be children they're going to be adults who are studying their Bibles and this could take you to you know your grandchildren if person who's who's not alive here obviously who's alive in this history over here they know it's 536 they've got some kind of way have making some well they don't even have the doubt yeah how long ago it's been the only though that's the chronology but the few minutes they've got some kind of chronology and he's he's alive here he says I don't know how many years that would be but he PT says oh I think this this decree we're coming up to the 480 third year of this decree and he looks and nothing happens then this could be his son even we might be more mature and he picks up the second one nothing happened it could be his son his grandson by the time it gets on he might in all likelihood he's probably gonna have to start from scratch we all know that when you do a Bible study you can't just give it to your children then they'll say oh thank you forget thank you for this step up this boost that you're given and we're going to build upon what my dad did it's very rare that ever happens normally everyone starts from scratch so 79 years seems a long time for a singular generation to be able to work this out so all I'm saying is the point brother James make you're making the same point it's not that easy assuming they can even know these dates we have to assume that which one would it be so they'd have to know Ezra there's lots of things that they need to know to just get 4b seats2meet doesn't seem that straightforward I like to make the point then understand what Daniels prophecies are in the time of Christ if the time at the end is a miller a time period not the birth of Christ well when we look at what's being talked about in Daniel this would be pointing to periods way into the future not the time of Christ you know the 1335 and the 1290 those are periods that end in the Miller right time period and he's a son still been done till then that's but I think with us I think I think would argue that Daniel 11 is an unsealed vein it gets unsealed at the time at the end so again you can't really do this but if we took all these if we approach it the way we would multiple time at the ends and then we'd go back and say okay the birth of Christ is the time at the end so it begins to get unsealed vania just on that just on that argument same argument the way Jews so you can infer that and it's probably even more than an inference even though we can't prove historically that's happening there you go back to the time of Moses there's an awareness that stomachs happening both with the state and the church we had dozer Simeon and Anna they have some kind of awareness God's already spoken to them that they're not going to die until something happens so there are things that are happening the Shepherds are having Bible studies this because there's an expectation that the prophecy of Daniel 9 is coming to its fulfillment in some shape or form that they don't they're not clear about it so maybe that's what's being brought to you there the unsealing of Daniel at the time of the end brother James you know we may say that they might not they might not know when the decrees went forth or whatnot but this passage that you read which one three thirteen point one is this God committed these prophecies to the Jewish leaders without excuse if they did not know and declare to the people the opportunity to be able proclaim yes I have it so and again you know we're looking at things just from a numbers perspective but when we're doing what God wants us to do he reveals things to us that might be a little bit harder to understand I'm only game by you know what Ellen White has said here because if she having if we didn't have my car we could have said you know God could have revealed that it would have been in Bethlehem because of what happened to Rachel and because we know Judah is the premier tried to could have pieced it together that it's probably gonna be in Bethlehem but we have a specific passage that that does that so that takes away all their excuses well you don't get the same thing with Daniel which you words it as though like it's black-white any isn't it's to me he's pleased that the time of his Advent is much more problematic than Bethlehem is and yes we know we've got a lot of evidence to show that the Holy Spirit is moving upon the people and upon the Romans to make people aware of what's going on who else had the hands up is rondalee I was going to see the point that from the passage they should have known that's what she pointed out that they had no excuse but this has always been something I'd already and I've gone back to Daniel 9 and always wondered from her inference it seemed he should have known from the real name the time of his birth and I've I've always wondered that it and wondered if somebody figured you know like oh she was we can we can we can put through a reasonable logic of how they would go about doing that we have the dates so we know that we know it's 27 we know it's the Messiah so we have all of that information we can i don't know that i don't think it's speculation but there's enough information in the old testament that he's going to be a priest and there's enough information that it's going to be out of there's going to be from judah so there's all of that information and you can piece together that you have to be 30 when you begin that work so you just go back so we can do the calculation to get that all I'm saying is it's not as straightforward as just going to 925 and saying that day is where he's going to B's advant we have to do some detective work and we have to know our Bibles really well easy for us to do it but not so easy for them so we're not told how they know it's obviously from from studying and I think brother James is correct when he says that if they had been studying the decrees they would have known to trace them down and so it's not just Simeon and Anna it's the shepherds as well everybody has some kind of awareness I mean they're not just studying they're studying the Book of Daniel because it's the hot topic even though it doesn't word it that way I'm saying that there's a lot of evidence circumstantial if it is that the whole nation is looking at these issues because they know the time is near they know he hasn't come yet because they haven't seen any messiahs but it's it's vague at that level now and no simian they give me a special gift the shepherds were never given that so I don't know if we can use those people as examples because that you know they just happen to be at the right place at the right time and the Saint you where they're going to see the child so I'm saying that 925 is the best most you can come up with but you have to put a lot of information in there you have to know that he's going to what what Messiah actually means I don't know if they've have the awareness of Messiah in the web same way we do or we have it in the same way they do are we okay with that Oberth Bob sorry yeah I just it seems really clear I mean obviously all of being saying that if you just look at Daniel 9:25 you can't you can't come to all the conclusions you need because it's one verse I mean it's a key verse but it's not the only verse they have the whole Old Testament Scriptures and and we know that that the Holy Spirit has to lead you to be able to rightly divide it to be able to come to those conclusions so the point I think that there is is you you have to be able to stop be studying the whole of scripture to be able to understand these things and and and the debts a really important point it's not just one verse even though this is a key verse it's not the only verses as you you know and this spirit of god has to lead them as they as they're actually diligently seeking to know the truth and we know it's from sinful neglect that the Jewish leaders were unprepared it says it right in the end the and the reading here was the same paragraph when Herod asks it's just like straight away isn't it where is he gonna be born they know so I don't know how they know that they're just off the tip of their tongue straight away because there's a lot of Bible passages why would they have known that's just immediately either they're really good scholars and they do know the Bible's really well or it's the hot topic that's going around and everybody's looking at these things and it's not just and we pick up some random thought let's have a Q&A and you ask me any random question and I'll be able to answer because I know my Bible really well or has everybody's attention being focused on this issue so they've already been considering and thinking about these things and if they if they had done Micah and it was that it was that turn of event they would also been studying Daniel no they would not have separated the two so every day do we do have they holds a lot of promises that is fine let's not mistaken this is helmet yes I think that's why she yeah and things they know their location they don't even mr. heartbeat that he says where is it and they said it's in Bethlehem we know that and it doesn't seem to be any reference that something's happened that they know about investing if they have no idea that you see do we know he's embezzling him straight forward but the timing they're a lot more or obviously doesn't know he doesn't tackle them on this thing but they must have known about 9:25 if they had spent study Mike I'm suggesting there must be some awareness to even look at these things she struggling that's that the Lord by Providence was pressing them to going because Herod compelled them to kill him from the Scriptures then we had the testimony of the mother or Magi they had the testimony of the Shepherd's and they also had the events the different events terminals that were taking place she said all those things should have led them to herald the birth of the Messiah so God was kind of saying go back and study our be honest with yourself yeah absolutely just never studying before or at least someone studying the day is brother Nathan into the next angel appearing to Zechariah about the birth of John the Lord was making notes of the people when the Advent was and on what says in desire of Ages that when when the priests the Pharisees and the Sadducees found out they wouldn't believe because it going to believe that the message had not come to them but it came to these the separating a common question sister tastes when the magi because we went to what we got directed to desire ages when the Magi come to Herod and Herod presses the priests is John already born so it's important to bringing that idea about his father in the prophecy and he's one of the leaders so the question is this son who's about to be born did they all know that that's not the Messiah it should from their mother's distant woman yes oh I'm just making sure that the person who's born that they know it that's not this person that's someone else they have that awareness they should because the angel told Elizabeth that he would be what his role was in my project at first you would think that well I mean they should know that but by the time these baptizing people they're one yes and the reason for that at least is because Jesus has been getting to secular employment for too long and not been doing his job right John the way she worked at when Herod ask them about the birth of Christ implies that they would have had to go and study it first got my second question they give the question straight away or do they say give us a day or 30 minutes or whatever they don't know they're not arts and straightaway no okay so they don't know straightaway ting while she connect the mica how is his work was born until other 70 weeks let's auction that connected were shown at under and what this message we had a chance to grab reveal just this message we're here so we will to understand recognize that movie Tamar priest emerge as the white origin so we recognized this Oh God you know it's conducted in order was to be the white and is connected to the time at the end to this message don't really get that they can't eat something cardigan Hey look exciting okay and something understand what you saying so she connected my god to 70 weeks and we could go to the 70 weeks Jesus had to study the Bible to understand that he's the Messiah 270 week John had to study that 70 weeks to and and all of the Jews leader they would study so they would know that the Messiah but is she connected to Micah and a 70 week together once you get to the 70 weeks that is you figure out his baptism then you connect John prophecy to it because John and Jesus that 30 and once the 30 you bring it back to what Jesus is born and that's what you get for PC and then it will bring you to the time at the end and then they will recognize that they reconnected to that recognize that they know that at the time to end and they know that Jesus was I was born in so if you connected the two then you come to the conclusion but they have to study a Daniel 70 how to connect with Micah to have this is to then you come to that conclusion I can summarize the study of Daniel chapter 9 ends up giving you the time of the end and it's the wise the understand the time at the end is that sort of a short summary of what you what you're suggesting yeah what passage is that that you just read one six three one six three it's not desire of Ages the truth about angels ta ya but the woman may not be the same I think this is not deserve ages I pick up from paragraph one the arrival of the Magi was quickly noised throughout Jerusalem their strange errand created an excitement among the people which penetrated to the palace of King Herod the wily Edomite was aroused that the intimation of a possible rival Herod suspected the priests of plotting with the strangers to excite the popular to mold and unseat him from the throne he concealed his mistrust however however determined to thwart their schemes by superior cunning summoning the chief priests and the scribes he questioned them as to the teaching of their sacred books in regard to the place of the Messiah's birth this inquiry from the usurper of the throne and made that the request of strangers stung the pride of the Jewish teachers the indifference with which they turned to the rolls of prophecy enraged the jealous tyrant he thought them trying to conceal their knowledge of the matter with an authority they did not disregard he commanded them to make clothes search and to declare the birthplace of their expected King and they said unto Him in Bethlehem of Judea for thus it is written by the prophet the priests and elders of Jerusalem Jerusalem was not as were not as ignorant concerning the birth of Christ as they pretended the reports of the Angels visits to the shepherds had been brought to Jerusalem but the rabbis had treated it as unworthy of their notice they themselves might have found Jesus and might have been ready to lead the Magi to his birthplace but instead of this the wise men came to call their attention to the birth of the Messiah and it's paragraph three that you're picking up the indifference with which they turn to the roles of prophecy enraged the jealous tyrant thought them trying to conceal their knowledge with authority they dare not disregard he commanded them to make clothes search and he declared the birthplace of the expected king they said unto him in bethlehem of judea but that he said i see it's written by the prophet this is desire of Ages yeah 60 61 62 it says that they 60 4.3 it's not a great lighting design of Ages so Jesus is already been born the wise men have come and now they've been forced to make some statement about this paragraph 4 is interesting they're not as ignorant as they pretend to be so they're basically lying any more comments all I wanted this to see from this is that it's easy to go to my occur and then say Daniel 9:25 but it's not actually that easy to put all this together and work it out especially the timing you have to know a lot of information and it's really easy for us to say as she says they're ignorant was the result of sinful neglect now if I brought this to our time nice and hat comes we don't know I can list a couple of you know things mistakes that we've made things that we've got wrong what hakam's we aren't clued up about what's going on it's simple neglect isn't it what excuse do we have and it says the Jewish leaders and who the Jewish leaders today we pronounces with a fanfare self-exaltation you know where the leaders all died I had died Josiah guy and we'll go dying at 9/11 so we've taken up that mantle and so therefore we're without excuse we don't know where we're supposed to know and we're pretty clueless and this late in the game but you know unless these sheep are cannibals are you out there leadership are creatures okay so who's she talking about not us talking about the conference structure this early in the game and yeah of course that's what's being referred to me you can't blame John that means only I don't know how obvious maybe year I don't know how long how long is John now this point in the magic coming left me more than six months because Jesus is already been born we just read that I 20 wait when Jesus was born - then the magic come serving me an answer most great statement at most okay I want to go into the chronology of the star and everything but it's a bit more than six miles east do you have to do anything more than a few days with you man yet the Xigmatek to their prophecies and rich studies as the game they study very talking by no I say takes a walk again so yeah contextually this is the conference structure that's this is this this the ignorance what you thought of simply day this is this is the bipartisan leadership they've all to be bypassed by time I can point to GC three one three right I'm actually pointing to these overrated by that time they've already mean bypass that they not yeah so by the time Jesus has been born it's only too late because the shepherds are beginning to do that work and that forces you into a position because brother Nathan mention this but what do they mark John's birth has it would be imposed to go back now and say actually drug birth these as much time of the end as Jesus is so giving them up John's first the birth of Jesus would be like to eat these are not each get you something to good traits up quite so this is talking about them agree with that but if we're talking about the events that we having to deal with just poke fun we've got all the private passages but if we've got computers they only even attack and what so be talking resources and I'm just wanting if we went back there and we went spoke to some of these men I wonder if they would know more in their sinful ignorance than we do today in our piety and our righteousness about their even I don't mean just like Bible scholars I mean about even what's going on and how to apply these Bible passages and musk I wonder if they actually know more than we do yes and followers elevators one of the brightest minds this one I've ever seen and Christ could reveal more to Paul than equal to any of these disciples so I'm making the point that they taught him and he knew how to work the Scriptures he knew so I am saying yes we took so why'd you get Christ we being what you said like that because in the next thing that you said he won't even be anything you said disguise up hardcore I will study yeah because it's been trained then all that he need to do we just get rid of his self what self is out the way then the powers of the scriptures just do their work in his lie you know here 99 of the Holy Spirit isn't there in the garden directly but it is it you know when I said revealing I mean through this scripture he was able to open more because of his way of study and understanding so much yes start day to your previous question or comment I would say that they didn't know more and the general school of things because their economy with baselines wall nowadays we're some water to me this message to really come up to speed but they that's all they might be drinking sleep that was their system yeah sometimes you've got the 79 years for the three decrease and no they've got long it's a long time period we've been doing this for 29 years you know some of you might say much don't blame me I'm gonna get a cup of you really go for a long time to it Nate 29 years is 78 degrees you can bear here's a long time of study and then we still don't know a lot continue and it's not just the Jews we've got all the New Testament writers we've got spirit prophecy we've got all this added light and we're still struggling to know some basic things you see how many mistakes we make hey well I read long you know I recognized that as the point you're trying to make the sentiment in having true humility the godly humility that we can do we can only understand the Scriptures and rightly divide it by the power of the Holy Spirit leading us and in that humility we have to look at the whole sum of sacred history now and all the mistakes that have been made in the past and be asking God to help us not to make those mistakes and not have the wrong spirit the wrong spirit is to say look at look at Adam and Eve or look at the Jews and say man if I was there I wouldn't make those same mistakes that would I would have had it all right I would have understood all these things so we look at them like they were just bad people that's all my no we just need to make sure that we're not judging them because the only reason why we have their director of the mistakes they made is so by the grace of God here at the very end the week that he can help us to recognize that and not repeat those mistakes just a couple more points before we move on we also have another line of defense excuses for ourselves the legitimate one is because what generation are we with the fourth generation and when you know we come into our own what condition are we in he's even worse than bad because we're Ezekiel 37 so we await waiver work from dead we just dry bones disarticulated we're separate from our members and who did that to us great Jezebel who without years our goal to do that Jesus I said our fathers our fathers the angel into the Church of Thyatira God is questioning why you let in Jezebel do these things to my people so the leaders have allowed this to happen our fathers our forefathers have killed us they took us into the valley and burn our bones there in fact they actually burnt us they made us walk through fire and they killed us so it's not our fault really if we don't know anything is it brother graves all would have been a fourth generation saw would have been a fourth-generation person so if we couldn't make excuses and others then none of us would have nothing to worry about we would sail into the kingdom I'm gonna argue the soul is here at the back end of this story we're talking about the people at the front end of the story a Simeon and Anna you know it's tough going when you're a fourth generation person so you need some help so you need to do if you're a shepherd you need the angels to come down you need some miraculous thing going on some divine intervention above your Bible study at those in those earlier stages don't you yes because it's not it's not that we know weeks a woman we're without excuse in the mature movement thirty years on we might be without excuse like Saul until house how old Saul is around perhaps the same age as Christ perhaps so you know he's had 30 years of training in this history in this reform line if you like so when he comes to his own he's at the back end and he's sort of ready to go at the front end it's not that easy it's not so maybe you need some divine intervention so maybe if you're doing a Bible study you're having a conversation with someone you go to bed and then you wake up you look at your alarm clock and it's 4:18 in the morning I think what does that mean 4:18 I'm having this thought about the study that you had and some thought pops into your mind and you realize 4:18 taken backwards he's 18 4 and your discussion the previous day was about revelation 18 so think about the loud cry and you have this store about that discussion so is that God speaking to you would he do something like that I will to Jake yes right depends on the purl okay if you sell DJ with that word you said it depends on the person's I'm doing the mostly all of you people talking you the person everyday which Satan be doing that to you would say I want you to think about those things no no I would say you know when we're struggling because rep them beginning of this thing that we don't even know how to study properly we claim that we do we have all the the tools on our desk how to use those tools takes a lot of practice so maybe we do need some help that's a real life story by the way mentally he had this dream for eighteen because we need some help and then Simeon needs some help even with their studying but Saul is in a different category Saul has had enough time to study his Bibles so all I want to pick up cuz he's talking about the conference leadership but I'm asking ourselves what excuse do we have 29 years on and the answer is not much so it seems to me some of this simple neglect we have to take a board we have to take upon ourselves with profound next paragraph with profound and relevant interest the elders of Israel should have been studying the place the time the circumstances of the greatest event in the world's history so it's not just the place in the time but the circumstances so what are the circumstances gc3 one three paragraph two what circumstances would those be wait the street shall again the street in the walls the street shall be built again in the walls evening traveller time so you bring a couple of times through the ends or the beginning the mythical reader would be really at the beginning of that I think if you make an application any well as well I don't know the reference off the top of my head I know it's in desire of Ages that it was when you look at at the light of truth that God wants his people to have and you look at what was actually happening with humanity and the planet that it was the darkest period of time or Christ arrived was very dark spiritually anyone else okay so this so the circumstances we're going to bring in the taxation and look at what what's the major circumstance but Rome isn't it just she talks about the shaking of the nation's that's a major circumstance as well which would fulfill the full taxation and Bethlehem experience or daughter she speaks about those external events which were like heartbeat urban areas are harbingers for they know about the history of the Maccabees they know about the lead with the Romans they know the interference of the Greeks into their economy there's now dividing the church over this issue about how you even study your approach to life are you going to use the the Jewish way of doing things or the Grecian way of doing things there's a Sadducees and Pharisees there's a lot of things going on the Romans are now in total control you've got either Mike King who's ruling the place the temple is has been revamped it's been going on for around two decades just under at this stage 15 years perhaps so there's lots of things going on and now you've got Rome basically controlling your movements so all of those things it's not just a place in the time they're not living in a vacuum momentous things are happening they should and they should have been aware of those things in fact of the moment 22 speaking of Christ when he would be crucified and the Kingdom Kings yeah I mean obviously he's thirty years before his crucifixion before the filming of that verse but they can still pick it up so 1122 and with the arms of a flood shall they be overthrown from before him and shall be broken yay also the prints of the Covenant so depends of the Covenant he's being brought to view here which is connected to 9:25 the Messiah you could make that connection and what he's saying the rest of the verse is talking about 22 so you got to 21 and in easy stage you'll stand up a vile person to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by flatteries verse 20 verse 20 there is a good one since the times of already mentioned this then shall stand up in his estate a razor of taxes in the glory of the kingdom but within a few days he shall be destroyed either in anger nor in battle so they could have picked up from Daniel 11 the circumstances particularly the taxation that was they could have they would have they should have known that that was a subject of Bible prophecy wasn't just some kind of taxation are we okay with that so I'm picking up circumstances is Rome not just row minister in the generic sense but you can trace the interference of Rome and how it's controlling the circumstances that are going on and you can begin now actually to highlight in the more detailed fashion if you're going to take up Daniel 11 verse 20 so the taxation in verse 20 is this the taxation that's going to be brought to view at the birth of Christ so how we line that up yeah look I didn't get enough people say yes because maybe we're not sure you want to make sure I don't just say yes and it's not my understanding gives at verse 20 he's the taxation dress talks about how he commanded every family to return to their homes so commenting on verse 20 okay maybe hey teacher in your ass without innovation Daniel 11 verse 20 or Gustus the Razr of taxes appears Octavia succeeded his uncle Julius by whom he had been adopted he publicly denounced through announced his adoption by his uncle until his name Augustus he was emphatically a razor of taxes Luke speaks of eve of events that took place at the time of Christ at the time when Christ was born says came to pass in those days that they went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed looked to verse 1 so you're right Smith is tagging the taxation in Luke where the 11:20 he's just saying to see even without making any kind of application to our history so if the Millerites know this then then the leadership or the Jews should have known that they should have known Daniel 11 is being fulfilled in the taxation in Luke chapter 2 so if you know that then the indictment is even worse for them isn't it it's not as loose or as vague when we went to 925 and we said well you know they've got the 79 year period they don't know the birth it's not that easy so when you start thinking about just that word circumstances and we start thinking what circumstances are going on and you pick up it it's Rome and their interference in the nation you see the division that's in the church then you pick up the taxation specifically then you can tie back with with precision that we're coming at least a verse 22 and the events are already happening so that that's that's a lot better I think so now we can begin to see that they actually are without much excuse even though even I'm not willing to give them much leeway now still got these 30 year to contain with when the Messiah is going to come we still might be vague on that but they should have known about the birth of the Messiah interestingly he uses 9:25 I don't think she's got much choice whether you got to do 925 because it's the Messiah because she could have just said 1120 which would have not been that easy to do because I guess superficially 920 is for 1120 1120 and Luke 2 doesn't have a time attached to it a prophetic time it we have to do some construction does that make sense what we've the what brother Nathan just helped between sister test and brother Nathan what they did for us yeah she mentioned that taxation then he says go to 22 and it picks up the Prince of the Covenant and if you go back to 20 you've got the razor of taxes who's coming up and these the Roman emperors they're living this I don't know how far before the birth this decree goes forth but it must have been a while to get all the nation in some kind of order you know weeks if not maybe months so they could have seen this happen the circumstances and they're not even in a generic sense in this very specific way that this is leading to verse 22 all of that could have been easily understood if they were thinking about what's going on brother Bob to head out to what you're saying then if you look at the prophecies that they would have gone or that they could have known with Daniel if they were to be able to them with all the other things that they were events that were happening in their day then would they not if they were studying being able to look at the at the Persian Kings and the decrees and if they could do that and if they could know that it was 483 years to the anointing and they would know the anointing has to be a priest the priest has to be thirty years old and then they could actually go back and know that it was 4 BC and they would have actually known the time then because the you can connect the dots then yes you know theoretically yeah more and more as we just reading this in 1122 to me it's a really strong argument to say that when you get to 1120 you know this is a fulfillment of prophecy and the size about to come and then when the Shepherd's confirm that they are totally without excuse because even though they want to bury this because the decide the Shepherd's told them that it was investing him which is another interesting thing is if the disciple and the Shepherd said it was in Bethlehem they go the desired values those uses have to search their scriptures for that or maybe they don't because if they're expecting like a killing they're expecting this person that's going to give them position and money and power and they don't want this from the start someone that'll play them from Roman yoke so they're expecting a warrior king so why are they not looking with excitement to work all this out to do something with the Messiah why they're not approaching it positively with all their misconception will their wrong thoughts why they've been indifferent to it so do you have an answer what do you mean by that they don't know they don't know that he's going to pass them by reject them tell them all that he does they don't have John condemning them no success rate or positive news so you have an answer to your question or so why would they be different why would they not be interested in any of this if with it with this wrong view of the Messiah brother Bob brother James sister living you alluded to it when you talked about me like a Roman interference because in the same way that Rome has had been interfering all along the way even in our own day you see you see that Satan doesn't want them to know these things we're told in the 28th chapter of the great controversy titled facing life's record that Satan has invented unnumbered schemes to divert the minds of men from the very work that we're supposed to be doing and that was going on back then as well and so the people when you look at other circumstances there was a lot of other influences that were there that were leading the people to not be doing the work that they were even supposed to be doing and and so I just see it as a repeat history repeating and seeing the pattern going way back all the way through even it matches perfectly to our day okay I'm just going to read to the end of this paragraph then brother James insist on the base with profound and relevant interest also a reverent interest with profound and reverent interest the elders of Israel should have been studying the place the time the circumstances of the greatest event in the world's history the coming of the Son of God to accomplish the redemption of man all the people should have been watching and waiting that they might be among the first to welcome the world's Redeemer but lower Bethlehem two weary travelers from the hills of Nazareth traversed a whole length of the narrow street to the eastern extremity of the town vainly seeking the place of rest and shelter for the night no doors were open to receive them the wretched hog will prepare the cattle their last fine refuge in their the savior of the world is born heavenly angels had seen the glory which the Son of God shared with the father before the world was and they had looked forward with intense interest to his appearing on earth as an event fraught with the greatest joy to all people angels were appointed to carry the glad tidings to those who were prepared to receive it and who would joyfully make it known to the inhabitants of the earth Christ had stooped to take upon himself human nature he was to bear an infinite weight of woe is he she'd make his soul an offering for sin yet angels desire that even in his humiliation the son of the highest might appear before men with a dignity and glory befitting his character with the great men of Earth assembled at Israel's capital to greet him to greet his coming with legions of angels present him to the expectant company an angel visits the earth to see who are prepared to welcome Jesus but he can discern no tokens of expectancy he hears no voice of praise and triumph that the period of messiahs coming is at hand the angel hovers for a time over the chosen city in the temple where the divine presence has been manifested for ages but even here is the same indifference the priests in their pomp and pride are offering polluted sacrifices in the temple the Pharisees are with loud voice he's addressing the people or making boastful prayers at the corners of the street and the palaces are kings in the Assemblies of philosophers in the schools of the rabbi's all are alike unmindful of the wondrous fact which has filled all heaven with joy and praise that the Redeemer of men is about to appear upon the earth brother James so the sentence right before where you started reading you know tells why why they're not looking at her coming absorbed in and in their ambitious strife the place and power among men they lost sight of the divine honors proffered them by the king of heaven that way right so so their lair is here so you know they're they're asleep they don't they don't realize what's going on so they've got distracted but after that desire of Ages brings out why they won't accept it once it's brought to their attention 62 it says it could not be they said that God had passed them by to communicate with ignorant shepherds or uncircumcised Gentiles they determined to show their content for the reports that were excited King Herod and all Jerusalem they wouldn't even go to Bethlehem to see whether these things were so where was that palace desire of Ages 62.4 middle of the paragraph it's only that was it a sim passage just a little further where she said the Jews were building monuments for the same prophets of God while by their difference to the great men of the earth they were paying homage to the servants of Satan and the word difference when you had retired look Tito it says it means I yield in an opinion admission submission so be they had no need for the Messiah because that is brought on their attention was already seeking to be to be recognized by the world we just read that is in jc3 one phrase paragraph wonder ignorance was a result of simple neglect the Jews were building monuments for the slight profit by their deference to the great men of Earth they were paying homage the servants of Satan say it's right here in the Jeep in DC so there's our answer the question no okay a little bit so a little bit what was the answer I get why later on yes but before the Shepherd's leading up to it the only thing I can think is that that really didn't mind the ignorance was the result of simple neglect the Jews were building monuments for the same prophets of God while by their deference to the great men of Earth they were paying homage to the Satan servants of Satan absorbed in their ambitious strike for place and power among men they lost sight of the divine honors proffered them by the king of heaven so in one level they hate the state but on another level they're happy because they're getting enriched by it they're going this in this union with them so it's kind of love-hate relationship maybe like what we've got we we hate this earth we want to go to heaven but not quite yet until you know some events happen she talks about how the Jewish system the the Greek philosophy emerged with the the Jewish system and it's all about you know power gaining in an ascendancy position Rome had taken that as well upon themselves and they became and they scheme them and so really the Jewish system and everything disparities and Rome's the same thing you but you have the church and state their Jewish Church the Roman state the same form of worship in hop to be very even believe in a resurrection so that even there anything they lost the doctrinal bearings they even sure what's going on so one level they don't like the Roman oppression but another level they're all in rich in themselves and you know when it says the leaders often we do sort of tack the Pharisees but the the Pharisees gave a lot of their money away and they were fasting and praying it's the Sadducees that really control things those rich wealthy families the aristocracy even the priests he says they're offering polluted sacrifice and Pascal says when the Greek games were going on the priests would run out leaving their sacrifice just in straw Hut's to be able to greet games it's so hot it Justina it's just easy in hats just in hats in this in the book the story of Daniel he tells that when the bells rang for the great games they would go out just and they would leave their offerings on it they were really in apostasy so they too were enriching themselves they never cared so just summarizing the class today we looked at Micah we look at Daniel 9 and Micah's relatively straightforward Daniel 9 is not that straightforward but the more we look the more we can see that they really were without excuse it was not that difficult to put the pieces of the puzzles together even the decrees could have been worked out especially by the time you get to 11 20 by time you see these Roman emperors coming up they're easy to identify you're right Smith could do that and he has no understanding of the applications that we're making because it's just pure history so the Jews could have done all of that work the circumstances of the Roman occupation all of this was enough for them to know about the Messiah being born and I just want to close with one passage if I can find it yeah GC three one five paragraph one a short sentence or what a lesson is this wonderful story of Bethlehem Harriet rebukes our unbelief our pride and self-sufficiency how it warns us to beware lest by our criminal indifference we fail also to discern the signs of the times and therefore know not the day of our visitation Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy lord help us to have a clearer understanding of your word as we discuss these familiar passages from the great controversy things that we've read things that are not new to us as we consider the Book of Daniel we've read chapter 9 chapter 11 Book of Micah the more we see father the more we understand that the plain statement in inspiration that these men had sinful neglect help us Lord to understand ourselves not only as a movement but also individually where we stand here at the end of the world we we read this fearful statement about the potential of us having the same sinful neglect as our forefathers did maybe we think about these things as we go through our day we ask for blessing upon the food that we're to eat and pray these things in Jesus his name I mean