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you oh man when GC 312 paragraph 1 but I want to drop back before we continue in this study hopefully you'll remember 310 paragraph one paragraph 2 paragraph 3 and 3 11 paragraph 1 those 4 paragraphs they're listing the words of all of these 7 prophets that we've already discussed at some length now if you've been in the classes we all know what I'm talking about we're all familiar with that can someone tell me all these seven prophets that with Red Frog what are they dealing with what is the subject matter the destruction of Jerusalem one of them is dealing with the destruction of Samaria but we've explained that that can still typify the destruction of Jerusalem so Ellen White has taken these seven prophets and made an application of their words and brought it to what time period I think quite hidden face right so it's further than 1798 these particular passages she doesn't say 1844 that may be an assumption that we would make the begin of the paragraph she says it was needful that men should be awake until their danger that they should be roused to prepare for the solemn events connected with the close of probation she's known with the close of probation and his brother Stephen says it's it's the dead of the Lord the prophet of God declares the day of the Lord is great and very terrible and who can abide it it's Christ Joel 2 Habakkuk 1 there's many passages that she's dealing with there what she seems to have done top right-hand corner she's marking the destruction of Jerusalem we went to great controversy chapter 1 so we know that's the terms of her reference great controversy chapter 1 told you that the destruction of Jerusalem in endtime application is not the Sunday law but it's the destruction of the world it's the seven plagues mr. Bromley six sorry seven six it was six before so she's marking this as the dad's a lord she's not making a distinction between the destruction of Jerusalem the second coming and the plagues we looked at these notes there's 400 passages that deal with the subject and they all are dealing with this theme called the day of the Lord and it's described in different ways I'm not going to read these four paragraphs again but they're all passages that are pretty familiar to us Joel chapter 2 the back of chapter one the one that we may not be familiar with is how they Chapter eight or Psalm 16 or Amos five because they don't seem to be as popular as frequently read perhaps then she goes to Zephaniah Isaiah Jeremiah back to Zephaniah and again back to Isaiah and then back to Joel so she's taking all these passages and we're sure that she's dealing with the second coming is are we all happy with that the way she structured all of this yeah then we got two three eleven paragraph two to prepare a people standing the day of God a great work of reform was to be accomplished God saw that many of his profess people were not building for eternity and in His mercy he was about to send a message of warning to arouse them from this stupor and lead them to make ready for the coming of the Lord so if you were at the prayer meeting you'll know that we didn't discuss this at all it was a different study but it does dovetailed into this idea of these people needing to be aroused from their stupor this is pre time at the end it says in the passage he's about to send the message of warning to them and that message of warning is war revelation 14 revelation 14 is the three angels messages she clarified this in the next paragraph this warning is brought to view Revelation 14 here is a three-fold message represented as proclaimed by heavenly beings immediately followed by the coming of the Son of man to reap the harvest of the earth so I've got that picture here there are three heavenly beings that immediately precede the second coming and that second coming here is shown in this picture work here destruction of Jerusalem seven plagues the time of trouble the second coming it's all a singular event the way she describes it we've got 1798 first angels message begins and it's to awaken them to bring repentance and to lead them to the day of the Lord or another way to describe that is his coming there are a lot of years - is that pointing us to a future time our time going to be or am I just reading too what do you find problematic about that word you can't go to Revelation 14 14 and see as soon as the third angels message has done its work immediately you see Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven the passage structures it that way why are you picking October 22nd she's not talking about millerite she saying the warning is brought to view in Revelation 14 because of the mistakes that they make problems arise but it doesn't change the veracity of this statement all she says is this warning is brought to being 14 here is the threefold message represented as emit as being proclaimed and immediately followed by the coming of the Son of man me that's factually correct revelation 14 does that historically prophetically all fits the angels message comes in October 1844 and we're still in the third angels message once the third angels message is finished its work what happens immediately it's going to be followed by the coming of the son of man fair enough it is immediate yeah but let me leave it in her world and even in Revelation 14 if you go to Daniel 12:1 where the third angels going to complete its work what happens immediately well 1798 first angels message arise I've seen it all within immediately third ages Messi's not finished its work should it have finished his work a long time ago but sure but it hasn't finished its work so there's still integrity in the statement and in the Bible passage it just doesn't finish its work in the middle right history yeah okay I mean the first angels completed its work completes its work when I don't know what what answer would when did the first angel finishes work first angel making 40 you tell me so the first danger hasn't finished its work and what else no opinion brother when was that what one second okay April 18 44th first Angels miss and message finishes his work and then the second begin okay are they I can't see it hasn't finished its work maybe finishes work during the time of the Bell arrival but I mean if it's if the three messages were combined there at nine eleven I can't see that they're actually finished yet I mean it I mean there are still people that are even hearing the first angered messages that are coming into the message well bo-go-great toe grading 44 so we think have lots of different answers you're going to tell us what that means do you think that's what that means that they run parallel but daddy continues no okay if you don't agree with that when does the first day to complete its work oh it's just I was just rereading revelation 14 verse 6 and says I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel verse 7 saying with a loud voice fear God give glory to him for the hour that judgment is come and worship him to me having the narrative ceiling so in the verse itself I don't see any reason that it's stopped should stop until the judgment comes itself amen okay and we will agree that the judgment came in 1844 with it we didn't agree with that okay oh look weeks but we did structure that right we haven't proven it right so if the first time you've messages targeting this in vain it will have completed its work here right so it's the work is done it's in all the Bible stories and it goes out throughout eternity because we're always going to be fearing God and giving orders but we're not always going to be to pay you in the judgment alba coming so it's applicable to a certain history in a certain context not that wording the everlasting gospel it in and of itself may be genesis 3:15 the wording is completely different to the wording that we get in Revelation it may have a similar thread it may have a similar theme but the message of revelation 14 is very specific unique to a certain dispensation you can't take it all the way back can you I really think you could yeah but the language changes all the way through so this language revelation 14 it couldn't have happened before none wait for when we get to it she's gonna make that clear this message could never be preached before this event Daniel I'm sure most of us here are familiar with the study that was done some years ago on the hour okay and you think it says the hour of the judgment like in Daniel that same hour Belshazzar that same power but anyway whenever it says fear God and give glory to him for the hour of the judgment is coming worship I etcetera I at least it at one level that will be that that message will be given at the Sunday law the world will hear the message fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come even though we know that whatever it says the hour rejected has come in one way of looking at it that is talking about the beginning of the judgment which goes all the way to the end of the other judgment and the end of the judgement would be right there at the at the Sunday law and so all the world will be hearing that message especially the part about wearing the whole thing you know worship Him that made heaven and earth referring to the Sabbath etc so in in that in that respect also I would say that the first and second angels message are still true with this time and our children parallel with these which follows the third angels message proclaims he's born with a loud voice after this thing's Sam Jones I swung another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory in this elimination the light of all and what does that mean the first message had they go back they have their place I think you say okay so a line of prophecy is what prophets who was seen to be delineation of events so now you're going to take the first angels message take it out of the delineation of events and say it never rains it just goes on and on is that what you're doing I'll basket him yeah and you're saying it doesn't it just carries on carry on carry on the way along so when she talked about it runs parallel and it talked about in the illumination of that angel that all the messages combined sometimes we use that language in a loose way and just say we can just eat some kind of ad hoc fashion just sweep all the angels messages and make them run together you know you know in our message then we take these these verses all these paragraphs and we make many applications but I think when we make applications we think that's what the original passages were saying and I don't think we recognize that they're not saying what we think they're saying Revelation 14 verse 7 the hour of his judgment is very specific what that judgment is and what the target way mark is once that angel is completed its work another range will pick up that work brother Daniel all I'm dealing with is just you know that the first angular's message has not completed its work that's all I'm tall I'm addressing that's why I read this one another passage Matthew 24:14 in this gospel and the first English message is a part of the everlasting gospel of course and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall be income and that gospel is preached some limits that end that would be at at the Sunday law crisis at work there well I mean you could just say at the close of probation but we know that's not correct because that end is 8070 you can make an application for that but that end on in verse 14 do not decide they law not the second admin it's the destruction of Jerusalem yeah I understand but sister-wife I'm not arguing back making applications we do make application that's not what I'm trying to direct this class to do is to make applications because we're experts at making applications but we're not very good at read read in the original context and some of the applications we make often are wrong because we don't read the original context correctly I think most people can admit that yeah I understand the ad 70 thing I understand that but at the same time mr. white is clear and the desire of Ages I think also a great controversy that Christ meeting was twofold we're all familiar with that okay so that's what that deafening the application at the end of the world this ultimately will be fulfilled there when mainly at midnight I would argue it wouldn't be Sunday look we could Dan you twelve one second if we down you twelve one not Sunday law okay I get that I just would include the whole time period of the son-in-law to the close of you figure that that gospel of the kingdom it has there are people yet in Babylon that have to have to be called out and that gospel has to be preached to them and then the end comes that's why it couldn't be the Sunday look okay if you're gonna make the application you have to break your line it has to end somewhere to run parallel without follows there has to be a great I I would agree with that yeah without you diagramming them look sure what if everybody understands what you actually mean where would you put the brake I guess yeah I think that's what brother James are saying is that we use it I understood you correctly if you've runs power will you have to make a break and she wants to make the brake in October which is where we put it couple of days ago just then okay the reason why I wanted to stop there um this is probably going to be problematic because not everybody's got a device can we get access to 90s mid search volume nine you able to get access to that beginning page 11 if you can't get access to it please put your hand up so you could just sort place it with someone or I think most people seems to be okay section 1 for the coming of the king so before we read into this we've all this document and the last one at the back I sneaked that one in nobody complains because it's 90 page 20 but I did highlight that it was page 20 and I'll read that and wait to wait until the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end before we say anything concerning them of what value will our words be then shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressor before we tell him how to avoid them where is our faith in the Word of God must we see things foretold come to pass before we believe what he has said in clear distinct Ray's liked has come to us showing us the great day of the Lord is near at hand even at the doors let us read and understand before it's too late so I'm saying this great day of the Lord is talking about the judgments shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressor so I did say at the time I sneakily put it as plagues but that's what it seems to me to be the God's judgments that are going to fall upon the transgressor and the plagues everybody agrees with that yeah that's page 20 so if you've got access to system church volume 9 gonna be lit begin 11.1 sorry and it is good that the judgments are the plague because it says that when the judgments are in the land the people who will learn righteousness it's too late when the place start falling to learn righteousness did you have the is that Bible verse you're quoting okay I couldn't we can try and find it well we'll see that in a moment I think in this patty if we were to go to Joel chapter one as an example yeah chapter 1 and chapter 2 we've got Joel here and she quotes from Joel chapter 2 in at some length I'm not going to read the passages from Joel I think most of us are familiar with it maybe I'll read one or two verses only because we did cover this in class I know everyone wasn't here Joel chapter 2 verse 1 here this you old men and give ear all the inhabitants of the land had this been in your days or even in the days of your fathers you reasonably familiar with Joel 1 and 2 not in any detail but yeah so Joel 2 something make something made you of some major event has happened because the question says have you ever seen anything this bad before it's agree with that we read in the great controversy passage and if someone could remember what page 3 0 something it's in this section about the relationship between 1780 the dark day and the book of Joel and she says it's two and a half thousand years before 1780 so it's a GC 3 or 8.1 she's going to take 1780 and connected to the book of Joel and if you go two and a half thousand years back from 1780 you get to the Year 720 BC 721 sorry 721 BC and we can connect 721 BC with the destruction of Samaria thank you familiar with that 721 it would be 723 to 721 this is the siege of Samaria and this is the destruction of Samaria it's a says it's three-year period there's a siege for three years so Joel is talking to the southern tribes and he's saying have you seen what's just happened to Samaria if you're not careful the same is going to happen to you if you're okay with that idea and then he talks about these four insects and the work of destruction that they're going to do and you know that this is Ho Shia in this north and who's in the south do you know what king is in the south it Hezekiah so this is Hezekiah and you know who Hezekiah sonny's Manasseh so once monastery's reigning after death Lee's father there is no northern tribes anymore the ten tribes have been dispersed and this is where we begin to do the 2520 if you're familiar this is 677 and we have 46 years here and we can go back 19 years and we get this 65 years which you're probably familiar with so if you go from Manasseh to ja hier Kim Johan akin and Zedekiah these four kings you see this progressive work of destruction that's happening and that's what we identify those insects as being this progressive work of destruction this is the judgments that are in the land that are already here but this is their the kaya and when you get to chapter 2 from verse 3 to 11 so this would be to 3 to 11 that she's talking about the destruction of Jerusalem by the king of the north so this judgment in the land before the destruction before the great and terrible day so yes we'll we can read some Bible passages that talk about judgment in the land and that judgment is to awaken God's people to their danger that's about to happen the great and dreadful day of the Lord Ellen White often talks about the shaking she'll say the shaking is about to come it's going to be really bad but you see it's already here she talked about the judgment come in and then she'll say it's already here so it's this concept of these warnings of things getting progressively worse they're going to wake you up to the situation that you're in trouble here if you were if we went to another passage this would be Luke 21 so we we discussed this in class as well Luke 21 verse 25 Luke 21:25 I'm going to skip over most of the verse it says and upon the earth distress of nations Luke 21:25 I read the rest of the passage it says there's going to be signs in the Sun in the moon and the stars and upon the earth distress of nations and then it says verse 27 and then they shall see the Son of man coming in his glory so he okay with that there's distress of nations and then the day of the Lord is going to come so contextually that distress of nations that's been referred to there is 1840 you could go back to 1838 it's the distress of the European nations because of the work of a radicalized North Africa countries Egypt Egypt has become radicalized and it's causing distress in Europe and that distress of nations has brought to view in verse 25 is the history of 1838 to 1840 that's what's been discussed there and distressed of nation is trouble in the land and it's before the coming of the Son of man in the clouds or in his glory oh oh you okay with yes so it's coming back to 90 I'm not going to read every passage of course now the reason why we're looking at this is because when we read this passage we'll get to the passages that we're all familiar with we read it with a certain perspective but I just want us to see contextually what we think Ellen White is saying before we read I just want to refresh our minds that we read GC 310 to 311 we read it's it's one page it's four paragraphs and it's quote after quote from this from these six Old Testament prophets remember that okay if we had oh I don't take the time because we read it three times now if maybe you can flip back and forth but you're okay what we're reading in your c90 11.1 we are living in the time of the end so I just want to make one point here we often talk about the time of the end and Ellen White saying we are living in the time of the end we talk about at the time at the end so I want us to just note that this is not the only time she does it she does it in many many places that she's going to take this line and bring it all the way down to the end and whatever year she's talking about even if we say 2018 where we are we're still in the time at the end time of the end began in 1798 and we're still in the time at the end she uses it as a point in time and as a period we living in the time of the end the fast falling signs of the times declares the coming of Christ is near at hand where do we see the coming of Christ is near at hand Bible a Bible passage we can we can take many Bible passages that talk about the coming of Christ is near or the coming of Christ there's a number of passages we could go to Revelation 1:7 we've already discussed that every eye shall see him we could go to mark 3 Matthew 24 mark 13 Luke 21 all of them talking about the coming of Christ in fact the chapter that we're dealing with great controversy chapter 17 the whole chapter is dealing with the morning which is his second coming title is the Herald of the morning would discuss what their heralds are and the morning is his coming but when she talks about the coming here we're gonna see what passages she uses to talk about this subject the days in which we live our solemn and important the Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth plagues and judgments are already full falling upon the despisers of the grace of God so this is the point that you're bringing up sister Karen that the judgments already here that this is not the Great in terrible day of the Lord even though these judgments that are already falling these are to wake us up if we like the calamities by land and sea the unsettled state of society the alarms of war are pretentious they forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude this is a nice paragraph that we often use the agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating their strengthening for the last great crises great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid ones paragraph 3 the condition of things in the world shows that trouble as times are right upon us next paragraph which is paragraph four he's going to quote Isaiah 59 the enemy has succeeded in perverting justice and filling and in filling men's hearts with the desire for selfish gain he's going to quote Isaiah 59 14 the great cities there are multitude living in poverty and wretchedness destitute of food shelter etc and because of this injustice dropping to the air towards the end of the paragraph the cries of starving humanity are coming up before God while by every species of oppression and extortion men are piling up colossal fortunes so she's contrasting the rich and the poor and she's going to explain she's explaining here why they're so poor because of the extortion of the rich and then it's 90 12.1 which is the passage that we often not often will gravitate that he's one of our key passages on one occasion while in New York I was in the night season called upon to behold buildings rising story after story rising to towards heaven these buildings were warranted to be fireproof they were erected to glorify their owners and builders higher is still higher these buildings rose and in them the most costly material was used to those whom these buildings belonged sorry to those to whom those to whom these buildings belonged we're not asking themselves how can we best glorify God the Lord was not in their thoughts then she asked herself I thought oh that those who had us investing their means could see they cut their course as God sees it they're piling up these magnificent buildings but how foolish they are in the sight of God they're not studying with all the powers of heart and mind had they made or fi God because they've lost sight of this the first duty of man next paragraph as these lofty buildings went up the owners rejoice with ambitious pride that they had money to use to gratify self and provoking the envy of their neighbors dropped down to the end of the power of that paragraph for in 12 point three the time is coming when in their fraud in insolence men will reach a point that the Lord will not permit them to pass and they will learn that there is a limit to the forbearance of Jehovah so what is she talking about in that last sentence the time is coming that because their fall in the influence they will reach a point that the Lord will not permit them to pass and they will learn that there is limit to the forbearance of Jehovah what does it mean when is a limit to god forbearance Daniel just reminds me of just thought at least their poverty brings us out that it's and I may be may not be wording it the same way that you would maybe but she brings out that when when when the laws of men make void the law of God which of course is the Sunday law that is the limit of forbearance whenever it's like this passage I read this this morning in Sabbath school their port 5t about when the nation's when America repudiates every principle that was Constitution did we may know that the end is near but the book forbearance is motivation slow down you twelve what not Daniel 1141 well is forbearance but if you read the spirit top he talks about the forbearance that the individual men and women cross and that the nations cross so how are we applying it right now sagat's limited forbearance okay anyone else got any comment any thoughts okay we'll read on the scene that next passed before me was an alarm of fire men looked at the loftiness supposedly fireproof buildings and said they're perfectly safe but these buildings were consumed as if made of pitch the fire engines could do nothing to stay the destruction the firemen were unable to operate the engines I'm instructed that when the Lord's time comes should no change have taken place in the hearts of proud ambitious human beings men will find that the hand that has been strong to save will be strong to destroy no earthly power can stay the hand of God no material can be used in the erection of buildings that will preserve them from this from destruction when God's appointed time comes to send retribution on men for their disregard of his law and for their selfish ambitions so if we go back to 12.3 and he says there's a limit to God's forbearance they asked what is when does that limit happen she explains it in these two paragraphs she says I am instructed that when the Lord's time comes there's no change no earthly power can stay the hand of God no material will preserve them from destruction when God's appointed time comes to send retribution on men for this disregard of his law and of their selfish ambition so when does this destructive work that's appointed by God when God's appointed time comes of the destructive work when when to be marked that the place so if that's the place I would argue suggest the 90 12.3 the time is coming when in their fraud and insolence men will reach a point that the Lord will not permit them to pass and they will learn that there is the limit to the forbearance of God he's going to say our four born are long enough and forbearance stops we used the phrase probation stops Daniel 12:1 and then she has the paragraph 13 one and then the next paragraph 30.2 this is God's appointed time where retribution is going to now happen and the passage that we use the scene that next past is sandwiched between those two phrases and if 13.2 is closed on probation and 12.3 is closed at probation we'd have to ask ourselves what is 13.1 now this is all scenes that Alan White has got thoughts that she has next paragraphs 13.3 there are not many even among educators and statesmen who comprehend the causes that underlie the present state of society those who own the reins of government are not able to solve the problems of moral corruption poverty pauperism and increasing crime they struggle in to get businesses on a secure basis next paragraph the Scriptures described the condition of the world just before Christ's second coming so how what is she doing in the paragraphs that precede this we're in now 13.4 she says the scripture described the condition of the world just before Christ's second coming what has she just done before this statement sister Cathy she's done the same thing in her words so she's done the same thing in her words plus a vision that she's received she's received a vision and then she's going to put her idea or her concept of what's happening in her words and now she's going to do a repeat and enlarge and say this is how the scriptures describe what I've just explained to you I don't if that's how we see what what we've just read the very first paragraph first sentence the lead sentence is the coming of Christ is near at hand the section is called for the coming of the king I didn't I forgot to read I should have read Hebrews 10 37 yet a little while and he that shall come will come and will not tarry the end of the terian time okay so we're in thirteen point four the scripture describes the conditions world just before Christ's second coming of the men who by robbery and extortion are amassing great riches it is written you peep treasures together for the last days and she's going to quote James chapter 5 verses 3 to 6 and I just want us I'll read from the beginning of James you have heap treasures together for the last days behold the higher of the laborers who have reaped down your fields which is of you kept back by fraud crying and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of what's that word sob you of brother Theodore what is Sabbath is that Sabbath no what is that well yeah it's sorry like holding Oh hosts so the Lord of hosts I think it's just it's just another way of saying that the Lord of the church hosts yeah but yeah so it's I mean it can refer to armies so what do you think it's referring to here for other Daniels clearly saying armies it's useful if you say he's the Lord of the church he gives a different context if he says now he said if entered into the ears of the Lord of the armies the actual meaning of the word savvy off is armies or something that's my army with you Dorian that it would be the same thing as saying yeah you could use the word house I'm not argue with you with it but the word house is benign armies he's not burn I read the next sentence you have lived in pleasure on the earth and they've been wanting you have nourished your heart as in the day of slaughter you've condemned and killed the just and he do and he does not resist you so the connotation the worries host and not argue that brother just want to make sure that we see that the connotation is this is a God of vengeance that's been brought to view here yeah so this is not talking about the goal of the Sabbath it's not the Sunday law this is the God of vengeance that's being brought to view here so what she's describing is all these people who are building these rich mansions these lofty buildings that were oppressing the poor those cries of those people have come to the Lord of vengeance the lord of the armies and he's gonna deal with this now and all the way through from the very beginning this is talking about the coming of the Lord but who reads the warnings given by the faster filling signs of the times what impression is made upon worldlings what change is seen in their attitude no more than was seen in the attitude of the inhabitants of the now a KN world absorbed in worldly business and pleasure the antediluvian new knotless knew not until the flood came and took them all away so when the flood took them away this is the god of savviest forgot of vengeance because of the armies so who is his army in that story the flood is his army they haven't sent warnings but they refused to listen and today the world actly regardless of the warning voice of god is hurrying to eternal ruin 14.2 the world is stirred with the spirit of war the prophecy of the 11th chapter of daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment soon there seems a trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place what do we know me do with this passage this paragraph what do we say it's talking about brother Larry you'll use this paragraph I'm sure talking to a fellow church brother trying to persuade him what do you say why would you show him this case your cheer do you want to show him Daniel 11:40 2:45 why and what you trying to show him by bringing his passage to him what trouble 1989 raffia pan iam Sunday law yeah you're gonna you're gonna take him through these verses you're gonna take him through the last six verses of Daniel 11 verse 40 to 45 brother Bobby had your hand up okay so the world he stood with the Spirit of war the prophecy of the 11th chapter of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment well his fulfillment mean sister Bromley means end so she say II chapter 11 his nearly reached its end the end ease verse will defy then she says soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place what scenes of trouble is she referring to here remember she's just quoted James Phi she's just quoted the flood and now she's bringing in the eleventh and Daniel right where do you see that Daniel 12:1 he's referred to down to 12 1 the length of Daniel is almost finish you were born were nearly at verse 25 and then soon the scenes of trouble the time of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place because she's bringing us down to Daniel 12:1 she's not bringing us to verse 40 she was bringing us to verse 45 and then the time of trouble just as she's running all the way through this passage from the very beginning 90 page 11 then if we anybody got any comment on that this is the class where we want to try I want us to try and read as written I'm not trying to undo any foundational work whatever whatever we have to however we go to explain what we've has said in the past I'm not trying to attack I just want us to read as she wants us to read what she is telling us not what we think she's telling us and not what applications we want to make we'll read on behold she's quoting Isaiah 24 verses 1 to 8 behold the Lord maketh the earth empty and making it waste and turning it upside down what is she talking about here I say she she's quite in Isaiah 24 what is she talking about go back to the previous paragraph what she identified over Bob no I want to wait to tell me the phrase that's in the paragraph before what is she talking about behold the Lord maketh the earth empty not that bit scenes of promise spoken in the prophecies if I were to say to you the Lord's gonna empty the earth that's pretty troublesome and that's what she says soon the scenes of trouble spoken I mean the prophecies will take place and then she's gonna say I'll tell you what they are she's taking Isaiah 24 Isaiah we've already discussed he's ministering when over James Isaiah Jotham Ahaz Hezekiah and Manasseh kills him so it's these four keys if we take the same four kings and we go to Hosea here Hosea 1:1 he gives us a little bit of probation we don't need Jose to do it because we could just check the chronologies and it would do it for us but he's gonna mark that it's not only the same four kings but it's also another king in the north and who was that that was Jeroboam I put the two in because he doesn't say that but we know it's Jeroboam so we don't need house.they to do that we could just go to Chronicles and Kings and we can work that out and we also saw that Hezekiah is going to line up with ho share if we okay with that now this is Isaiah if we ran this line all the way down then this would be zero kya and this would be the destruction of Jerusalem we agree with that so historically Isaiah is nowhere near the destruction of Jerusalem his messages are targeting that we agree with that so when Isaiah is talking in Mathew Swain Isaiah 24 behold the Lord maketh desolate it's very empty and making it waste 20 upside down he's talking about this it's not talking about us we know that all the prophets spoke more about our times in their own I'm not trying to undo that but I just want us to see what Isaiah is doing now if we want to make an application of this I would suggest the following we've already said that ho Xie here is Sumeria that's this the destruction of Samaria and the destruction of Sumeria goes from dura bone to - Hoshi and how many kings is that this is seven kings once you can see the relationship between seven kings and these four kings then you go to the history of the southern tribes we have Manasseh and I did this a moment ago when we went to the book of Joel we went Manasseh Kim kin and Zedekiah which is four kings but Manasseh to Zedekiah's how many kings seven kings so that's how we can tie up the relationship between this history and this one if we do line upon line would break the line so it's not a line of progression if it comes on it becomes line upon line we can take there are seven under for the 7-under for and line them up so the destruction of the submit' of Samaria lines up with the destruction of Jerusalem for okay with that so once we can do that then we can take Isaiah and say even though Isaiah is back here a long time before the destruction of Jerusalem is coming we can bring his ministry into what I'll call present truth present truth to these Kings did they really understand what I just did I've taken this down here and I'll redraw that we've got Jeroboam to Tuhoe Shia that's that I've broken the line I'm going to get these seven kings and bring them underneath so who would be here sister Karen good she can say Manasseh then I'm assuming everyone's keeping on where we are so this would be there the kya you've got seven kings and seven kings Isaiah's ministry is here this is Isaiah he's not doing his ministry here he's dead but because we can do line upon line we can get Isaiah and drag him into this history and the reason we want to do that is because we're so familiar that Manasseh marks a time at the end and Jerusalem marks the close of probation so now we can get Isaiah bring him into the history of the southern tribes which is where a lot of his work is being done anyway and then we can do Manasseh to Zedeck I am we've already most of us understand that we've done this before that we can bring them those seven kings into our own history and how do we do that how do we bring those seven kings and we're going to drag Isiah with them into our history what's the process of doing that seven thunders we're going to take the seven thunders and we're going to say well if this is seven Kings then we'll do seven thunders but seven thunders is Miller right history and it's not Manasseh to Zedekiah it's 1798 to October 1844 and then we're going to go from Miller right history to our history then what's going to be the connecting link to do that how do we jump from middle right history to our history what verse do we use for that sister Cathy sorry I was thinking of brother James what's the link to connect Miller right history to ask Daniel 11 verse 14 we've got a lot of logic but Daniel Liverpool D is the key verse that we'd go to at the time at the end to events happen so this becomes 1989 and this becomes wherever you're going to make October 22nd and in our class we've been discussing what would it be would it be the Sunday law or will it be Daniel 12:1 okay so I'm just going to put COP because some people are gonna say COP is Sunday law so I'm gonna say it's down you talk one but I just keep it co P so now we can get Isaiah and bring it into our own history I there is targeting what event the destruction of Jerusalem Ellen White says the destruction of Jerusalem is the end of the world's great controversy chapter one so the end of the world is this close of probation which would be anyway they had the Lord because that's what she's be talking about all the way through for the coming of the king she's quite in Isaiah in the context of this day of retribution the day of sadness or the lord of Savi earth the Lord of vengeance so she's bringing us here Daniel 12:1 not to the Sunday law I'm not arguing that we can make many different applications I just want us to see what other white says so she's created Isaiah 24 1 to 8 now she's going to if you go to 15.1 look at the passages she's using Joel 1 15 to 18 and then verse 12 Jeremiah 4 19 and 20 have we seen that before somewhere yep we read that straight out the great controversy Jeremiah 30 verse 7 we read that straight out of the grave all of those passages that we read in the great controversy she's using them right here that's right I've talked this out I thought someone said something so when we went to when we were in the great controversy we saw what the context of that was clearly okay the day of the Lord's second coming and that's how she's using these passages here in exactly the same framework with page 15 all the way through 15 point 4 alas for that day is great so that none is like it eat these even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it so she's even telling you it's Jacob time of trouble all the way through this what she's been talking about 15.5 not all in this world have taken sides with the enemy of God not all have become disloyal there are faithful few who are true to God for John writes here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus soon the battle will be waged fiercely between those who serve God and those who serve Him not soon everything that can be shaken will be shaken that those things that cannot be shaken may remain Satan is a diligent Bible student he knows that his time is short and he seeks at every point to counteract so at the counter work to counter work the work of the Lord upon this earth it is impossible to give any idea of the experience of the people of God who shall be alive upon the earth when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions of the past are blended they were walking the light proceeding from the stone of God by means of the angels there will be constant communication between heaven and earth and Satan surrounded by evil angels in claiming to be God who work miracles of all kinds to deceive it fit if possible the very elect God's people not find their safety in working miracles for Satan will counterfeit the miracle that will be wrought gods tried-and-tested people will find their power in the sign spoken of in Exodus chapter 31 verses 12 to 18 sister Cathy I want to ask you a question if you followed that have you followed that passage yeah so it says okay I have to go back over it too quickly okay and Satan halfway into the passage surrounded by evil angels and claiming to be God work miracles of all kind to deceive if possible the very elect hey with that yeah tell me who the very elect our sister Kathleen okay so so we've got the elect and you're telling me it's the hundred forty-four thousand from the take all of that and sister Kathy so Karen is showing the same thing yep at the port you give it a label because I mean where I do everyone would agree on that I'll come back I'll give you a moment to think brother Gregory Traphagen what's the question in for the elect just tell me who they are elect equals I'll read the passage again I'm Satan surround by evil angels and claim to be God will work miracles of all crises deceive if possible the merrylegs I can't think of anyone 24000 for the Pope okay bro James just tell me who he is not white why are you gonna give me the answer that you're gonna give me okay but that's that's what my brother said because people is a big term then narrow it down for us I'll give you a moment yeah cuz in the paragraph it's - you're late 144,000 are in the power of my part so I would just tell me who's that elect I'd give me a name for the elect only have to pay it's outside the paragraph yeah elect is a symbol I want you to tell me you can get 144 thousand is a symbol does not identify anything particular there specifically and say someone who lives in America or something like it like an American you said hundred it's a symbol so you're saying this is priests mr. Bromley so not 144,000 let you get away with that one okay you're not sure you know you can beg me okay ladies the electives everyone that's faithful okay okay you're saying everyone faithful faithful I'm not yeah everyone okay I'll just surprise sa Ryan's everyone who's faithful I was just thinking I mean say that's going to be do you know that just give me the answer Oh a lot of people I never get an answer whatever the label is that's wider than 144,000 everyone what that time the priest not the hello everyone it runs faithful I guess fitting that time that's relevant yeah okay brother Bob I'm gonna go with everyone yeah program there people hundred forty-four Daniel resident that's everyone 144,000 I brother Larry sister Alyssa sister right you ok sister right - sister Alyssa brother Theodore Sami you're gonna build are you gonna pass the Sunday law test yes well no I don't know why you love you already passed it having it okay that's a private joke but it's those it's the remnant they keep the command everyone Jesus 144,000 priests I don't know why why why we want to sound like everybody like in generic term we have to be specific ok 144,000 Thursday sister Brittany thank you okay give it second sister ELISA like you need a bit more time come on brother Steven I couldn't I couldn't think of what you don't know who I'm thinking this is star children but I just sister Rachel okay you wanted abstain do Perry in one moment with his father sister Brittany Hydra 44,000 for now you can change you the minute you will change in a minute Alyssa but it is great now y'all let you do the great controversies with the leaders what church is is so the leaders of the SDA s Tyler Perry everyone Robi James Oh it's 7:20 and about to close a bird we can either stop the study or we can carry on for a little bit longer okay I'd like to carry just as long even if you're just finishing this passage you're okay yeah so where's the gym would you mind okay everyone okay would you mind closing Sabbath for us we're going to just pause the study and would you close the Sabbath for us you with bread please all right thank you brother Jake's saved us two days anybody else want to say something but Daniel I know this is gonna sound general but I mean I like to stick with the with the context just raise your voice a little bit louder doesn't sort of I like to stick with the context if you're gonna ask a direct question like that if we look at the passage there jump if you tell me he answered first because I wanted then I'm gonna ask you about the context in the minute come when it goes to the context as well that's important shares God's people so with that you see everyone all of God's people like that in that context yes okay okay so someone says everyone who's faithful to God I think it was that so that would be everyone there okay so all of those people just just the way you like sounds spiritual to me homie maybe everyone everyone in that situation easy legs and they're all praying to God they don't know okay no no brother James Bobo I was being stoner on you that's why everyone okay priest I'm still staying with everyone because because I see that you know we're supposed to make sure our calling and our election issue or the very elect are those that are elected for salvation versus those that are lost and the ones who are gonna be deceived because they'll do the one though people are gonna be saved to be deceived you want two people who are gonna be okay I saw you had I just wanna read this little bit again cuz before we before we before we answer our question I'm gonna get the context Satan surrounded by evil angels and claiming to be God work miracles of all kinds to deceive is possible the very lake God's people will not find their sake in working miracles personal counterfeit the miracles that will be wrought or tried and tested people find their power in science spoken of in Exodus 31 12 to 18 they are to take this down on the Living Word it is written listen the only foundation upon which they can stand securely don't have broken their covenant with God within that day being without God and without hope so what I want to do we've got the elect yeah what's the context when is this father Daniel you want intelligent context wait is this this would be during that test that's son Jamal chest you say he Sunday look here this is the Cathy why is it time to probably not a Sunday look because the things that Satan is doing it goes back down effort I read further on and talked about the mark of the beast and the song of Moses when she calls it foretelling the trouble you went down to a beautiful chastened trials away the next paragraph or you say Q you read on you went to 17.1 yes yeah okay so you're gonna be 17.1 and you're saying this is the time drama brother Daniel why you saying something low a lot of time of trouble because of the emphasis of their of several things Exodus 31 that signed exercising the Sabbath because it's the Sabbath test she speaks about the tested people a wheat waiting 16.1 you know wait wait you said where'd you see Sabbath Exodus 31 12 to SEP 12 2014 dad that is people that's that's their that's the sign is spoken over there so let's quickly go to Exodus 31 12 to 18 the Lord spake unto Moses saying speak also in unto the children of Israel say verily my Sabbath's you shall keep them to the sign between me and you throughout your generations that you may know that I am the lord that does sanctify you first of all to keep the Sabbath verse 15 work six days verse 7 to 6:15 that was verse 16 where for the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath verse 17 is a sign and verse 18 and he gave unto Moses when he had made an end of communion with him on Mount Sinai two tables of testimony tables of stone written with the finger of God so I'll go back to her writings God is God's tried to test these people find their power in the sign spoken of in the Sabbath Exodus 31 sister Cathy I'm a trouble still well they go through the time of trouble I mean through the Sabbath thing sweet little bit louder well it don't take the mark okay the reason why I'm bringing this up is Seita surrounded by evil angels and claiming to be God so Satan says he's God that's right I don't like this is the person personation it seems like it is that's why that's why I'm asking the question when is this happening you're saying this is happening a time of trouble are you still persuaded that way this is not happening during the time period of the Sunday law so after that after that but the Graham I think it might be subtle okay so who the late we still keep you still want to keep the same answers that you already had just the bromley what's your answer who the elect is now it fits the Sunday look do you think it's a sign during the time of trouble okay so you've made this Sunday law if you want to make the elect 144,000 did you have your hand up Oh concerning the elect that last sentence in the paragraph let me read that those who have broken their covenant with God that was yes will in that day be without God and without hope okay I was speaking firstly a bride is an elect right she had been elected as a bride so those who have kept God's commandments are the same as those who are the elect members I'm sorry those who have kept God's covenant is what I mean to say I'm not Marilyn it and of course that referring to the Sunday Sabbath issue itself and the Elector therefore the Elector we have kept god's covenant and what sim would you wanna get to them I can't member what your answer was everyone everyone brother James also you had your hand up sorry ok grosgrain Netherlands that's a new one I'm gonna call it Edom Moab and Ammon so Satan is a digital Bible student he knows that his time is short and he seeks at every point to counter work the work of the Lord upon this earth it's impossible to give any idea or the experience of the people of God who shall live a portal she'll be alive upon the earth when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions of the past are blended when is that gonna happen when is the persecutions of the past gonna happen so are we looking at just at what terminology she might use or what we might use today I say that her ones yeah I mean we got you what we've got you'll often do that I know but so how do we how do we know how to process that what what do we need to be guided by we've discussed certain rules of grammar like the lead sentence and we know she often is going to walk us through a period of time paragraph is he seeks at every point to counter work the work but the Lord upon the earth and so and then we'll add with the next the next the next sentence we'll be alive upon the earth when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions in the past or whether so when's the persecutions the pause it happens and it says they will walk in the light proceeding from the throne of God and angels will become in constant communication between heaven and earth and so when I want to put all of those things together it sounds like when it's starting when the former rain starts to fall and we start getting the glory of heaven falling upon its new light is constantly way the former rain well why not you in a cup so a 911 we're going to experience the repetition of the persecutions of the past the relative persecution started with the church this is cited not adventism brother Daniel the first verse s okay now I'm good when we run out of time I want to try and wrap this out tell me when the persecution of the past were no works right you say like first it says repetition of the persecution of the past when was the past persecution okay so this is a 1260 you're saying anybody disagree with that it's right so maybe one who's persecuting Abel that the papacy okay I'm gonna suggest in agreement with then brother Daniel that this is talking about the 1260 persecutions of the past he's I think she's quite specific are gonna be blended with celestial glory so I'm gonna argue that this is a Sunday law period it says at the beginning Satan's a diligent Bible student and he knows his time is short short to do what who he's got early a little bit of time to deceive the very elect because once close of probation happens there's no deceptive work going on it's all everything's finished so this paragraph is pre close of probation I'm suggesting based upon the lead sentence and the persecutors of the past I'm gonna skip the next sentence Satan surrounded by evil angels and proclaiming to be God will work miracles of all kinds to deceive if possible the very elect so there's these elect people who potentially can be deceived it's going to tell you how he gets to how he's going to deceive them God's people will not find their safety in working miracles for safety will counterfeit the miracles that will be wrought so it introduces a new symbol God's people so I guess people who are like new people who are doing this everyone you're going to end up saying they're God's people are the elect because that would be everyone because we know everyone includes the elect and everyone close God's people but Satan is going to do miracles for whose benefit for what purpose is he doing miracles in the Sunday law period we'll take out the world elect let's just think about our concept or idea about what his gender is who he's going to try to deceive in the Sunday law period right and who is anyone that he can don't say do hates hairy people have we got we've got one person Satan here Satan he's on the ground doing his job who else is on the ground doing their job the the priest okay so if you allow me I'm just going to call them SD ace so these people are doing their work and he's doing his work and who's their target audience the net earnings and what do they want to persuade them Sabbath it says exodus 31 12 to 18 they say you keep the Sabbath and they say based upon what and we say we'll do a magic trick for you to persuade you to keep the Sabbath is that what she said we should be doing no she said the Word of God that's enough to persuade them Satan he's gonna he hasn't got any Word of God so he's going to say no we'll use a different technique to persuade whom you'll say target audience and he's gonna say we'll do some miracles and if it were possible he would deceive whom the Netherlands that miracles are the way to go so the reason why I wanted to introduce that just to go through that in a bit more detail than we need you to do for 90s because people use this elect often and it becomes an all-inclusive term and you're not alone whoever the you were to make it 144,000 we often think we are the elect and we're not the elect there's no deception going on here for us we're not going to be deceived for one thing our probations already closed whether you're a priest or a Levi and you're doing this work you're on the ground you can't be deceased there's no there's no interaction between you and Satan y'all got re on a mission and he's on a mission while there is still time so I suggest I think program said that that it's the nether names that are the very elect and it's probably a thought that most of us wouldn't even perhaps think because they're just kind of like bad people but revelation 18:4 calls them my people yeah come out of her my people cause who already identified them as his people any questions on that this is the cafe okay we're speaking about this overnight that's why the worshipers next paragraph 16.2 the worshipers of God are will be specially distinguished by the regard for the fourth commandment since this is the sign of God's creative power and the witness to his claim upon man's reverence and homage do we notice it says his creative power or his miracle power it's the Sabbath that's the sign that this is a miracle working God it's not those miracles that Satan's going to do is kind of like magicians tricks wherever they look like how are they going to operate this is a battle between the Word of God and Satan and this battle is going to be between real people and Satan and his angels however they're going to come to earthy and I don't know what they're gonna look like then she's got a quote revelation 13:16 although the church in the state will unite their power to compel everyone to receive the mark of the beast yet the people of God will not receive it the prophet of Patmos be holds them that have that had gotten victory over the Beast he's immediate know his mark over a name the number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God and singing the song of Moses 17.1 fearful tests and trials await the people of God the spirit of wory stirring the nations from one end of the earth to the other but in the midst of the time of trouble that is coming a time of trouble such as not been since there was the nation God's chosen people will stand unmoved Satan and his hosts cannot destroyed them for the angels that excel in strength will protect them 17.2 God's work to his people is come out from among them and be ye separate second Corinthians and then she's going to go into first Peter you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood holy nation God's people indeed we distinguished as a people that serve him fully wholeheartedly taking no honor to themselves and remembering that by a most solemn covenant they have bound themselves to serve the Lord and him only and then she's going to actually quote Exodus chapter 31 verses 12 to 17 she's referenced it before and now she's actually going to quote it do these do not these words point us out as God's denominated people do they not declare to us that so longest time shall last we are to cherish the sacred denominational distinction placed upon us seventh-day adventists that's the denominational distinction our name the chosen children of Israel were to observe the Sabbath throughout the generations for a perpetual covenant 19.1 in a special sense seventh-day Adventists have been set in the world has watched when and light-bearer's for them has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world on Demi's shining wonderful light from the Word of God they have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the first second and third angels messages there's no work so as there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention so it's it's not I don't normally do this but because I guess it's Sabbath off evening oh and we've got visitors coming who don't only attend class what I want to say is this the passage that brother Daniel gave I just wanna give my opinion on that you don't normally do cuz I'd like us to read the passion and work through it but he said he didn't he read the passage that the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels messages are all present truth and has to run parallel that's essentially kind of he said and what I want to suggest that that means is that here in this history we need to remember first angel's message and what was the first angels message so it's targeting this event here and if we forget how the Lord has led us in these past dealings and we don't remember 1844 and keep it in remembrance as we go through this history under the dispensation of the third angels message the third angels message loses its relevance I'm going to jump ahead in our class this judgment here of 1844 what judgment is that this is the investigative judgment and so what we're supposed to be doing in this history under the administration of the third angel is always to remember what that we are being investigated miss even if you forget that we're in the day of atonement the third angel's message has no relevance to us because the third angels message is marking war it's not marking the beginning of the day it's marking the end of the day and that's what our message to the world is the message of the world is the Day of Atonement is about to end and they're going to say how do you know and we're going to say because the first angel runs parallel to the third we're going to say what because the first angel was fulfilled October 22nd 1844 so we're keeping it in our mind so that when anybody asks does how do you know but coming to the end of the day we can say because we know when the day began I think that's what it means to have the first angels message running parallel I just say with the third I can't remember how that passage itself it's not in the same way that we use this first angels message is going to suddenly come here in our reformed line in 1989 and that's what she meant me said that I think she meant that because there's no first angels message here pre 1989 in the sense of a reformed line in the sense of the line of prophecy it is in the way that she would explain it but she says we're in the day of atonement and you must never forget your roots where you came from we were created our church was born in this melting pot I'm not saying we were born in 1844 because we were actually born 1798 because we're in the time of the end but we must remember we're in the day reading the investigative judgment now what we are not doing in our message is this we say this investigative judgment was for whom was for the dead this is the investigation of the dead and so we're going to create a new line a new message that remember me did the time of the year when we did how we get to those seven northern Kings seven southern Kings seven thunders and coming to our line we connect them with daily 11 verse 40 what we end up saying the reason why the first day use message becomes present truth for us is because now we're talking about the investigative judgment of the living but when Ellen White use is that parallel statement and the combining it's not in the same way that we're using it we're using it in a totally different context because she's talking present tense and in present tense the investigative judgment of the living hasn't even begun so she couldn't be talking about that in the present tense she's talking about the judgment of the Dead not of the Living when she says it's running parallel because we must always remember the day of atonement is this long history someone had to hand out when you were talking about the message we are to repeat the messages from 40 to 44 believe that's what she concepts and that is yes so what we again when we take that spirit prophecy quote that we need to repeat recent we end up saying we need to live the repeat now when it comes to our line we're going to live the repeat some of us are and some of us are not because what exactly what you said we need to remember these because here I pick 1888 in 1888 you're going to have a new generation of people come and what are you going to tell them what is 1888 with respect to the Angels what about the third angel the empowerment but if we're okay to use that the third angels message about to be empowered and who you're talking to talk to a brand new generation of people and their question is the empowerment of the third what about the first and second so what we need to do is remind them about this history and in fact the arguments that they have is because they're forgotten demillo right history it's not even that they forgot it it's because they never experienced it and Ellen White's going to talk her in this period this is why we need to dust off on one of those pioneers and put them in front of everybody so they can remind them because they had the experience of the first second angels message and now the third is being fulfilled it's being empowered and that's what she was talking about about keeping these things in remembrance it's not that they be fulfilled her per se is that all the people she's speaking to didn't have any experience in the first and second angels messages and most of you us who not even in this room but who are watching how many of us had experience in the first and second angels messages how many of us were here in 1989 hardly anybody's were here in 1911 most of us have come in post 9/11 and some of us have come in really light many of us have come in post 2014 which is the third angels message don't know whose messages come we haven't even had an experience in the first and second angels messages and if you see the work of scattering that's happening our movement the vast majority of people not as a reason it was almost like a hundred percent now it's like 99 point something percent all those people who left this movement never had an experience in the first and second angels messages because they never came in at 911 very few people came in only of all these people have left and the reason they left is because of this very issue that's canno that's been discussed in 1888 they won't take the word of people who are there and experienced it because they didn't experience celestial glory 1842 1844 the giris man installation the power of God because they don't want to do that and they don't want to take your word because they didn't experience themselves they end up fighting and arguing and that's what she's saying here and that's what brother Paul's just mentioned when he said we need to keep these in remembrance and I think that's what this parallelism is talking about the problem that we have in our movement is very few people were there when the first and second angels messages not were being given but will even being experienced and people objected a while ago and I stood up once 2017 June and I said you've got to trust us but people say that is crazy we don't trust man and you go to desire of Ages chapter 50 and you even did you've got to know he speaks for God and who speaks for themselves and people won't accept that because they say this is self exhortation and everyone needs to decide if that is self exhortation or not because is Haskel and all the other men who are in living here are they exhorting themselves when they say trust us we experienced this it was real clear statements then the and Jesus were leave on their me I'm just about finished I'm gonna skip down a couple of paragraphs and we're gonna go to ninety twenty point one which is the one that was in this document are we to wait until the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end before we say anything concerning them are we supposed to wait till the close of probation before we tell people by the way Jesus about to come or what value will our words be then be no value shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressor before we tell them how to avoid them all rhetorical questions where is our faith in the Word of God must we see things foretold come to pass first before we will believe what he has said so we have to believe that codes of relations about to come and you need to warn people before that even because there's no point in telling them afterwards there's no point in telling people about Rafi here after Rafi has come if you want to bring this into the line of the priests we need to warn people before that by the way this is Ezekiel chapter two and three did he specific reference back to Ezekiel two and three because his equal two and three begins when brother Theodore Ezekiel two and three begins on July 21st which is midnight if there the fourth month which is what in our lines 2014 he has a specific even though we've taken it back to 9 now in specific reference to 2014 and there's no point in going to our church once raffia comes because all the priests that we've left out are going to die and we we are duty-bound to inform them before the event she says a week to wait to live fulfillment of the prophecies before we say anything to those priests that are still there because they're still priests in the church the answer is no be a waste of time shall we wait until the judgments fall to raffia comes before we will tell them how to avoid it all those priests in the church they're transgressors they're not coming into the church tranfer did not join us where is our faith in the Word of God must we see things foretold come to pass before we will believe what he has said I made allusion to this a number of times already raffia is not going to look like we expect it to I think I think it's the the DVD that's about to go out the harvest one that older Jeff I think did in Lambert before he left I think it's in this one he speaks about 2014 and he references back to the flip they failed Blair bill 1888 and he says it in this very simplistic fashion so that we can all understand 2014 he may not have used it this way I'll use this phrase was a failed Sunday law and if he quite says it that way a hidden Sunday law so I'm not saying based upon that but suffice to say rafi is not gonna look like we expect it to and I read into this where is our faith in the Word of God must we see things foretold come to pass before we will believe what he has said in clear distinct rays light has come to us showing us that the great day of the Lord is near at hand even at the doors let us read and understand before it is too late this passage goes on and on and I'm not going to read it because it is late now but there's one thing that I wanted I just wanted to leave you with for you to read in your own time if I can find it okay I can't find it everything that I'm going to keep us any longer towards the end of this passage oh wait there let's search for it yeah this is um page 28 paragraph 228 paragraph 2 she's gonna speak about a map she has this vision about a map and in fact what she sees is two maps a good map and a bad map and basically it's foretelling the future in a conditional fashion and she basically says which map that we want to have the good map or the bad map if you'll read it's an interesting statement about the work that we have to do whether we're going to create this good map or despaired map 28.2 ninety twenty eight point two and goes if you go out if you read to the end of the section he goes to twenty nine point one twenty eight point two to twenty nine point nine so if you begin that page 28 and go to page 29 you'll see this three of the map and and what is what what it means for us it's really asking us to be diligent in the work that we're doing because if we don't work diligently we'll have a map that is sparsely populated you'll see what I mean by that and we should have a full map let's pray I'm sorry I kept you so late our Heavenly Father we want to thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to thank you that you can teach us to be diligent Bible students that we can through the working of the Holy Spirit coming to unity but how often can it be that 25 30 35 people can all come into unity on a portion of inspiration would we know that this is the work that you want us to do there are many things that we could disagree on but it's upon this message that each of us must come to a place of unity on we thank you Lord that once again your graciously pulled out the Holy Spirit upon us as we discussed yesterday angels are guiding our minds like they guided the mind of elder Miller and we want to thank you Father even though we're not aware of this mystical work happening in our lives we see the effect of it and we see the demonstration that we're all together a demonstration that the Holy Spirit has once again blessed us we continue to seek your goodness and mercy as we go through this new week we're asking pray for these best things in Jesus's name I mean