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you Amane so we've got a handout that we want to go through but before we do that so new take us back to the great controversy chapter xvii around 308 I'll tell you the exact page in a moment I don't know if you've noticed but the problem with classes like this is that there's not enough time in the day because when a question arises and it's an afternoon class you just don't have enough time in the evening to research it for tomorrow's class so I don't know if you're all finding that so this handout that we've just got here there's I'm struggling just to get enough time to actually get some notes together to try and understand what this note he's talking about the day of the Lord because that's what we're speaking about in class and I presume you didn't have time either so side point for those of you who weren't in the devotion yesterday what can we say you missed a blistering study it went on and on didn't stop that's a call they have to call time eventually and that's what's generally the board worked there it was it was good study and it just highlights questions that we still seem to have in our movement which don't seem to have been resolved at least in my mind there are still questions that that needs to be addressed so I'm not going to go into it here what's on that board is essentially what was discussed in Italy and not only did brother Daniel make a strong case about what he was trying to show but the case he was really trying to make is we should we should watch those videos to check if they're correct I think that was the point he was trying to make he used the word refinement that the lines have been refined at those Italian camp meetings and what people need to do is observe them and say whether they're right or whether they're wrong or whether there's another way of understanding these line because not everybody is saying the same thing and after that came up yesterday people still and not 100% sure about what's what was being taught in his class it kind of just slipped into that really I don't think it was it was really aimed addressing this issue full on we just sort of turned that way and it's and it's because we're not all up to speed with what's going on okay just mistaken according to your notes okay I'll let him down let him do that because I'm not over I'm not going to talk about it in class okay I don't know just quickly change it on the fly in case it ends up being another mistake just because it so I'm going to just leave that that's that's what's on that's why that's on the board wherever gets taken on off it's just to address this issue so just come back to chapter 17 now I just want to make sure I get to the right place whether it's at the beginning of those signs they both can direct me to that it's before three oh wait I think they really know I'm talking about I don't think that's it doesn't 3:08 point - he says Christ has been these people watch for the signs of his Advent and rejoice that they should behold the tokens of his coming King click I think it's past that this is the pointless sister test made the other day where he says about the beginning or it may have said the first I can remember exactly so actually the people I've been talking if I just test oh it maybe it's just in the Bible okay yeah that's it it's not in the I think I couldn't find it okay Oh easily I wait - yeah so those who discrepancy or it says when not in script we observed this point when these things begin to come to pass he said to look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh and if you go to Luke 21 remember now we had a discussion of where to put verse 28 and verse 31 okay so 28 and when these things begin to come to pass then look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh so 28 seems to be here when they begin to come this is 1780 and this was 1833 and then in verse 31 it says so likewise when you see these things come to pass know that know you that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand and wit 431 here so I'd only fear recall that I didn't actually insisted upon it in detail that she wanted to put 31 here as well but if we're going to say it's a repeat and enlarge I think it's valid to actually put 31 here even though it's talking about the poorest I just want to move that there just to put that in place and the reason we want to do that which we've already discussed this at length where it says talking about the dark day what made that dark day so prominent or so special then if anybody can find that passage or I think she would use the word striking yeah 306 point 125 years later the next sign that mentioned the prophecy that after the Sun and Moon what rendered this more striking was the fact that the time of its fulfillment had been definitely pointed out inside his conversation with his disciples upon all of it after describing the long period of trial for the church 1260 years of papal persecution concerning which he had promised that the tribulation should be shortened he does mention certain events to precede his coming and fix the time when the first of these should be witnessed in those days after that tribulation Sun shall be darkened so what have we commented about that what did we say about that brother Graham what's the point that I keep him coming back to over and over again about 1780 what makes it so striking 1773 so we've discussed the aspects of 1773 brother Bob told me about it but I don't think I mentioned it in class and then brother Theodore brought it up again yesterday during lunch 1773 what's the date July 24th I don't if you mentioned that in classes I think we did but you're both fully up so just want to put that there July 21st which makes it rapid Daniel a sister Alyssa makes it midnight okay so this is when the Pope wrote a document disbanding the Jesuits this is the Boston Tea Party this is when Americans dress up for ready Indians - sort of like a decoy of plot so there's a conspiracy going on there against the United Kingdom but it's not the United Kingdom is it this is the British Empire could argue this is the one-world government of the day okay so there are lots of things going on there and I want to pick up I've ready three or four times now so without I'm not saying I fully understand what to do with all of this but I've already enough times for us to think about this it says it's definitely pointed out yeah we've read that and the reason what the reason when it says it's definitely pointed out obviously it's not definitely pointed out as a day is it doesn't give a date it doesn't even give a relationship between that event and 1798 if you go to the narrative it just says the sun's going to be darkened it doesn't give the relationship between this event and this doesn't tell you like it's 15 years or whatever like you know it's actually what 18 years then until like 18 years before something's going to happen but all it does tell you is that it's a relationship to July 21st 1773 and it's a striking event and what Christ has done here is ignored the earthquake just want us to see that so the earthquake obviously is an event but it's not the premiere event it's 1780 we can now tag 28 and 31 to 1780 so we know this is before the time at the end and it's a striking event and it's the premier token that allows you to know what not at the time of the ends come in what's it what's it directing us to I can't hear you second coming is directly to the second coming as I was going through great controversy chapter 17 she's going to switch this now and not call it the second coming she's reintroducing this phrase the day of the Lord so we're beginning to see that and in connection with the day of the law she's introduced a new a new phrase called close of probation which he hasn't mentioned this in this chapter I haven't done a search if you use that concept before I were you okay with that so I want to keep that in our in the back of our minds as we go back to read 311 paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 which we're going to read in a moment so one ask us the question this is the premier sign that's going to bring you to 1798 and it's already here out here on the board which is the introduction the first angels message we okay with that so if we take this and bring it into our own history we spoke remember now I think it was yesterday's with about time setting time setting got discussed in our class there trying to avoid it and the whole subject of 2014 came up 2012 and you know what does what is the movement how do we define what the movement is and the reason why that becomes important for us to understand because partly because of what we discussed yesterday in the devotion if I can put it that way so there's I don't say confusion I'll just say discussion there's discussion about what midnight is and I think midnight is it's not as straightforward as symbol as we might think you know I've just done just before your eyes made 1773 midnight yeah easily done so midnight has more connotations than we might at first anticipate the reason why this becomes relevant is because and I'm just thinking what how to do that okay so I'm just going to just look at this part of the board here and saying try and ignore everything else you've got close of probation and Sunday Lord just put them to one side and what's not being put here is can everybody read blue really enough he's that dark enough yeah so I'm just going to put 2012 here only because we discussed it we've understood I wonder in blue so that you know what I'm doing compared to what's already on the board we've discussed that this was midnight was is midnight I think everybody's gonna be okay with that and we're also discussing that this is midnight and it seems to be sort of lack of clarity and what that means or what it's a weights about just need to ask a question briefly though are you intending to do PBM in any of your classes yeah okay so I'm not gonna new so he's gonna dip Bradley's are gonna be touching the subject of PBM what it is how it works but if we were to go back to 2012 because the discussion was was this with this history here the movement speaking or not and if this is midnight and we're going to just pick up the concept or the phrase PBM so the phrase PBM I think it's kind of been it's almost like folklore now I think it it's not been that long about where the where the term actually came from who invented it what it actually means so we've got this phrase PBM and and there's a lot of confusion about what it means so if this was midnight and go into any of this just take that that it is then 2012 we know was predicting 2014 so at that level this would be PBM four okay with that so I'm just going to put PBM there this is not impinging on anything that brother Theodore's gonna say just want us to think about something and if we're talking about raffia and we're going to say we're a Furies midnight and this was a subject of time because we're talking about time then what are we going to predict about raffia are we going to be predicting some kind of geographical event some kind of weapon that's going to be used what what is the prediction that we're going to make about Raffy that's attached to it so I'm suggesting that it's in connection to time maybe that's not the only thing that it's connected to but that's the I'm suggesting is going to be the premiere thing so if that's the case we all know that no one's predicted when it's going to happen as of wherever today's dates the 14th I think no one's looked at that yet all we've done as of June 2018 is now allowed the subject of time setting to be openly discussed and we're getting a lot of criticism for doing that from all of people from all people outside interesting enough it seems to be it have been accepted within people it by people within the movement who are sort of already here which has probably caught many people by surprise because if you had asked even the question a few weeks before June 2002 this year people are still objected to the concept of time setting they still use those spit of prophecy quotes but things seem to have changed in May in June so we're here September 18 and this loud cry I want to suggest is gonna be a message because we know laughs quite a message is a prediction about raffia and this can be predicted about raffia and I'm suggesting that it's gonna be a message on time we'll see if that's proven to be correct or not so if that's midnight then I'm suggesting that that would be midnight or the prediction throwing the prediction before midnight do you got prediction before midnight prediction before midnight does that make sense okay so this is this is not at variance with whatever brother Theodore is going to teach just want us to see that so we want to address the subject of the day of the Lord and all the imagery or the symbols here none of them say day of the Lord so we want to understand how Ellen White's using that phrase day of the Lord so just think about just keep that in the back of your mind now we went to Luke 21 and it spoke about the beginning of the signs so this is the beginning of the signs here and we saw that it had a relationship with 1773 in 1773 is bringing in the work of persecution into the story has everybody got those pieces of the jigsaw in their minds yeah so I've just laid out PBM there it's not directly connected to what I'm going to say but I want to make I want to make an assertion and assumption if you like so 1798 straight 1780 1798 ok so first of all I'm going to suggest that if this is correct 1833 in 1840 even though they've got these ticks which of the signs we saw that tells you that in verse 25 Luke 21:25 even though these are the signs that are going to precede the second Advent the one that we need to be thinking of is 1780 not these ones these ones are good but but they're not the focus of Ellen White's attention in chapter 17 as she's directing us can we agree with that okay and what's funny is that 1780 which is the premier one is before the time of the end yeah now if I were to ask you what is 1833 what would you say I'm going to ask brother Daniel because when daniel told us what it was I kind of laughed at him I told him office it can't be there obviously it's not that it's not the sign and then if it remembers or any of you remember what he said that's why what is 1833 you didn't say that that's what that's what Luke says that's what I've told you off about and no Luke says it's this it's the Stars you said it was Sunday girls yes informations which is what way mark what way mark okay so I'm going to put F for formalization so he says 1833 is the formalization of the message and what's 1840 okay that's what it's Luke says but as sister ELISA says this is the empowerment and we okay with that everybody knows what the formalization is the empowerment is I think at the think I've rubbed it out now I drew a line and I've made most of the way marks in them in the middle right light and we knew what they were I think I wrote them all out so everybody knows what the formalization is and empowerment is yes what's the premier when we're supposed to be looking at because it's not these our attention is focused upon these but the one we should be understanding or concentrating only 1780 yeah that's what that passage that's what this passage is telling us so let's bring this into our line for a bit of fun I just wonder I just want to make an observation I'm not doing anything I'm not going to teach us anything that's honest I wanted to play something for us to contemplate in relationship relationship to this PBM subject so this is 1989 1798 1989 and really okay with that I should be able to ask every single one of us how we do that and we should all have to give the answer but look going to because everybody I say we all I carry it and you're saying yes because my next thing would be to say sister Andrea you said yes prove it but we won't because we don't item Esther's too short we don't have enough time so I took the corner still isn't okay so 1989 we're going to bring this one down and we'll bring this one down okay so what the empowerment is the empowerment and here's the formalization sister Carol what's the empowerment in our line what would 1840 line up with when radical Islam here in 1840s restrained what does that line up in our line with what way Marx just the pan 911 I know you know it's 911 sister Carol so 911 Maria okay I think rather Daniel assures me it's 95 so I put my key five when I DC I don't know I'm gonna need that for him to explain so I'll put 95 96 it's not a problem I'm not bothered about that I just I'm dating so everyone's okay with that yeah we all know that 1989 that's fine so if we go what Ellen White tells us she's not really bothered about these ones issue we're going to be going to see that she's not even bothered about that the way she structured all of this passage for us so everyone can tell me what 1780 is with confidence I think you're going to say 1979 okay I'm not gonna say anything okay I'm not going to say anything but we've got 1780 and if you want to make 1780 prominent what you have to do sister Bromley what you have to do is you gonna make 1780 prominent in our line sorry you need to know what 1773 is and my question to this class is if we claim to be this far along in our line how comes we don't know what 1773 years in 1780 is as a movement so I might have their odd ideas because I don't think you've ever heard a presentation that systematically shows what 1773 is and 1780 is have we know and we've been around for 29 years now so I don't want to say something's gone wrong because things don't go wrong because God's got his plan he understands what's going on so I want to say this and then I'm going to move on is that if we're going to discuss this subject here about raffia and we're going to discuss some kind of prediction about raffia because there's lots of people who are doing lines now which are picking up numbers and creating structures to predict raffia I'm sure you're all aware of that if you want to know who is focusing on the the subject of making this prediction in a systematic and correct fashion one of the hallmarks of that I'm suggesting is going to be that they're going to tell us something about some history that precedes 1989 in some kind of systematic fashion as the precursor to our reform line and if that's not being done in connection with this prediction I would suggest that is not the movement speaking does that make sense the logic of that because you're going to get ten people coming up and saying I'm gonna do this whatever structure it is I'll get a number there lots of numbers coming up one five seven one five eight nineteen lots of numbers coming up and we can create structures and I think someone was saying correctly because there are so many events in millerite history and so many events in Adventist history from around 1844 to 1900 there is that almost every year is special in some shape or form there's lots of years it's very easy to pick up some of these numbers because it's not just one two six one five one there are other numbers that we can pick up and you can create dates from 911 I'll pick a random date 2024 you could probably pick up every single year if you wanted and develop an argument that something special is going to happen you go to the news something special happens every year our problem is which ones are pertinent to the line that we want to understand about raffia so what I'm suggesting is if we want to see what the movement is going to be saying I would contend that it has to be connected to some events that are going to precede 1989 and remember the way Ellen White is developing her logic is that these are not random thoughts they're connected thoughts she connects one event with another with another they're all tied in together in some shape or form so when he did introduce that thought because of the discussion about what does the movement even look like because I don't think the move is going to look like we're going to have some committee meeting and four people are going to come together and say yep we've all decided it's this is that this is the right model and we've got the date for this it doesn't that just doesn't happen that way people come up with ideas and it begins to find the acceptance we're in the time period now where lots of people a time setting and everybody's got their own ideas and how rude how do we know what is the voice of the movement so I'm suggesting it's connected to events that bring us up to the time of the end okay so we need to if you're in the business of typesetting or predicting everywhere you want to call it I would suggest you need to start considering the events that precede the time at the end with relationship to 1773 1780 what they would mean what they wouldn't mean everybody get the point yeah okay these will be the hallmarks of what I've labeled here the PBM which is if you can see lining up with the loud cry okay so let's go to our document here IceCube rate maybe we're not gonna go to that let me just make sure okay three oh nine point two GC three or nine point two when the Savior pointed out to his followers the signs of his return he foretold the state of back siding that would exist prior to his second Advent she she talked about the second Advent talks about the signs that precede it we'll discuss that we'll skip three oh nine point three next paragraph three ten point one it was needful that men should be awaken to their danger that they should be roused to prepare for the solemn events connected with the close of probation so we discussed what those things are and we had all those Bible passages and all of them are believed is what's here they're all dealing with the destruction I'm myself Jerusalem I know one of the mr. merrier but I've explained that and she says it's connected with the close of probation but all of these passages essentially talk about the day of the Lord the Prophet Jeremiah looking forward to this fearful time exclaimed I am pained in my heart so she's gonna be introduced Jeremiah and then next paragraph Zephaniah and then we're in 311 paragraph 1 now she's gonna quote from Joel in view of that great day the word of the gods sorry the word of God in the most solemn and impressive language calls upon his people to arouse on their spiritual lethargy and to seek his face with repentance and humiliation next paragraph to prepare a people to stand in the day of God a great work of reform was to be accomplished God saw that many of his professed people were not building for eternity and in his mercy he was about to send a message of warning to arouse them from their stupor and lead them to make ready for the coming of the Lord I'm just going to read first enter the next paragraph this warning is brought to view in Revelation 14 I'm gonna drop down to the last sentence of that paragraph wearing 3:11 paragraph three the first one says the warning was brought to view in Revelation 14 and then it says revelation 14 six and seven first sentence the last sentence first angels message we okay with that I've really burned the same place let's go back to three level point two to prepare a people to standing the day of God a great work of reform was to be accomplished God's or the many professed people were not building for eternity and in His mercy he was about to send a message of warning to arouse them from this joopa and lead them to make ready for the coming of the Lord now it says he was about to send a message of warning I don't know where we where you want to place this to prepare of people standing the day of God contextually this is the second coming I'm contending he says in his mercy he was about to send the message of warning he hasn't sent it yet he's about to send the warning message to arouse them from their stupor and lead them to make ready for the coming of the Lord so he's about to send them a message of warning and this message of warning is gonna wake them up where we're really marking this so we marking this in 1798 first dangerous message comes which would mean that in His mercy was about to send a message warning to arouse them from their stupor their stupor is here pre 1798 it's gonna send them the first angels message and it is going to arouse them is that what she's saying or is she saying 1798 calms the people are in a stupor and then the first angels message you're going to be first given to them sometime in the future and we probably would mark 1833 maybe another day where do we want to place this that we want to place it pre 1798 or post 1798 when they're in this stupor and this message of warning is going to wake them up when it's the waking up happening 1798 post 1798 I asked a question again in a simple way this message of warning this year identifying the time at the end or if you identify in another way mark sister olivine thinking the Jegs well typically we put first angels message riding at 79 but as far as the angel speaking or message being aroused we don't you don't see Miller doing anything to 1816 date when we're faced with a passage like this we have to consider do we take it in its symbolic fashion or do we go back into the literal history and address it in that fashion that's why I'm asking the question brother James has picked up 1818 why would he pick up 1818 that's right Miller's conviction mr. Bromley what about may live in 1818 god hater he write a series of articles saying for the Gregory if you hold ya in your hand 18:18 not I'll give you a hat I'll give you a bit of help go to GC 3 to 9 as you turn you to GC 3 to 9 but I figured that what this pushes are speaking about the sentence is referring to the time of the end because that's when at least traditionally or originally in our reform line we put it as the increase of knowledge that's what my actually ok so 18 18 here devoted two years to the study of the Bible in 1818 he reaches a solemn conviction in about 25 years Christ would appear for the redemption of his people he's talking about what's the redemption of his people right second coming he says 25 years takes you to what year 1843 so you've got 25 years if we cheat what is 25 is symbol off binding off we've got 25 1843 1918 1843 25 years so if we were to use that concept introduction body binding off conclusion what's that saying about the Miller right line right if we use this concept introduction the body and the conclusion the conclusion is the binding off what's that saying about the Miller right message right first angels message so that's an important point what's new after 1818 nothing it can't be anything new kind of any new message after 1818 everything up to 1818 so the message has to mean that it has to have been developed up to 1818 and everything else after that can't really think new because all it is is must be repeating what we've already spoken about we okay with that when you just think about the concept of a binding off so this is the increase of knowledge once that knowledge has increased there is nothing new to think about so if you take that idea even though people disagree what people are doing you have left the movement what you have to do if you're going to remain in the movement is check everything that's been taught post 1991-92 everything that's been taught post that has anything being taught that's new or that changes or that disturbs all of these studies that were done then if there is this is not the movement that's been led by God no I'm saying this no I'm saying that's what I read happening here in 1818 he says it's 25 years 25 years we're not gonna study this either binding off it's the conclusion he says I know that Christ is going to return here the story's end if he has no new message to give them everything else that happens afterwards it's just a refinement maybe some correction or an agreement with whatever with with what's already been taught so there's nothing that happens in 1833 we know that 1833 he just starts talking about what he said here in 1818 there's nothing happening in 1840 all that happened in 1840s there whatever he said here he's now being confirmed and I mean what else is there new all they're gonna do from April to July to August is just correct the anomaly of 43 and 44 so when you think about this they don't have anything more to say it aside that people reinforcing what he's saying or just tidying up some loose ends basically so from this way mark there is no new message so if we understand that then to know whether or not this movement is in apostasy today all you need to do which sounds an easy task I think probably relatively is that easy if your objective is to see if we say anything new that was not already tucked into this message here and I'm saying there is nothing new what we're doing is just clarifying what we said and if you go back to here dick leeching we're teaching the movements teaching that a Sunday laws about to come and even though we don't want to say just like Miller doesn't want to say yeah may be approximately were not sure his time setting right back here whether we admit it or not we time say right back there but we just want to call it event setting which one call it event setting because we haven't got our act together you can go on through anything I don't think there's anything new that we've taught since then so yeah that's what I'm saying based upon that logic okay so coming back to our passage sister Andrea is saying for sure we can pick up 18 18 as the increase of knowledge but she used the word traditionally and I'd only use that word because if we say you know traditionally in contemporary it infers that you know one is archaic and one is modern but both concepts need to be held together this idea that the increase of noisy and I didn't mention this before looks like this as well as a an event we have to juggle both concepts at the same time if you remember prayer meeting which is not related to our studies it sort of a standalone study that we did but we went to the advent movement Illustrated for those who at primi to remember that and what will you notice in that passage when it talks about as far as we got he spoke about the first angels message that we all agree with that if you were at prayer meeting but it mentioned it in how many steps two steps we picked up first step was home the angel the second step was to throw away the people said the angel under people and we said the angel was what event what waymark brother James everybody hear me okay I just think we said that we said 1798 Shirley's in 1798 and the people that was 1840 remarks and the reason why through people is because people are saying it's a bit further along the line because the angel is doing what's right the angel was speaking so that's why people were suggesting that well the angel doesn't really speak here because it's silent it's it's you know it's the point zero and they were trying to push it I'm saying no it is 1798 the angel comes down and he speaks in 1798 regardless of whether we have William Miller here doing his activity in 1818 brother'd okay so the speaking of the angel is the taken into captivity of the Pope so what brother Theodore is now introducing is that when that first angel comes it's not as simple as saying fear God give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come yeah so if he said that and you can agree with him it's no one's objecting he's saying the angel says put the Pope into captivity that's what the first angel is speaking here if you can agree with that sin but if anybody's disagree nobody's disagreeing it seems reasonable I want to say the first angels message he's also saying this Revelation 18 verse 4 which is what come out of her my people so is that verse being fulfilled in 1798 why sister Bronwyn nothing you got it you said yes Tommy oh look let you get away that easily the left wall before you say move on who is the day you said Dave left ok so God's people have left something here what are they leaving here revelation 18:4 says come out of her what's her so what are they leaving the leaving captivity can give us a Bible verse revelation when you say captivity who told you who's holding them captive her revelation who is the her in Revelation Babylon so whose Babylon in this history pre 1798 heard you say revelation 17 papacy revelation 17 verse by Mystery Babylon right here papal Rome Mystery Babylon so they're going to leave Babylonian captivity and coming to a different experience so they're not leaving Thyatira cuz Titor is who they are they're leaving Babylonian captivity and when you're in Babylonian captivity you are Thyatira but the same person when he leaves she leaves becomes Sardis so could we conceptualize the first angels message is saying come out of her my people so we've got speaking here and then it's to hurt the papacy the message to hurt the papacy it's speaking so this is on top of all of fear God give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come etc some people believe that and I've seen what they do when they when they go from that stage just saying that our judgement is targeting the papacy and is that what you meant when you said that and where it leads you to do is when you go to Daniel chapter 7 I think verse 10 let me make sure I get my verses correct verse 10 the judgment they end up getting that judgment and making it 1798 because they're saying the person who's getting judged here is the papacy because it's delivered this deadly wound and they're thinking I think it so I'm gonna say no I don't I don't think that's correct I think the hour of his judgment is not talking about the papacy it's talking about the God's people they've heard heard that you're talking about there he's also in relation to the message it will be developed because it's the emotive brand and it says reward her right must've hurt her I'm there for the person that would be doing the hurt he's the development of that message which would then be doing the work it relates to the judge okay okay so coming back to our passage I'm suggesting that 311 paragraph two E's the time at the end to prepare a people to stand in the great in the day of God a great work on reform was to be accomplished by the first angels message God saw that many of his professed people were not building for eternity pre 1798 and this is the captivity that they're in and it is mercy he was about to send a message of warning to arouse them from their stupor 1798 first on whose message and to lead them to make ready for the coming of the Lord so if we go from the beginning of the chapter all the way through to here then what she's doing I'm suggesting he's identifying 1773 1780 and 1798 they're the three premier way marks that she's focusing on and she's brought us down to three eleven paragraph two she's also mentioned the earthquake 1755 she also mentioned the Stars but you'll notice she never mentioned I don't think directly I don't think even I don't think even mentioned it the distress of nations reintroduced to distress of nations because we looked at verse 25 does she actually mentioned verse 25 in any of her I don't think she's mentioned verse 25 so we tucked in this one because we tagged it into verse 25 and 26 so we've put that there I'm not saying we're wrong but I'm saying is we've got to think what other white is directing us to so when we make application it's not that we're going to ignore 911 it's just that the premiere size that we're supposed to be looking for are one two three that's the summary of where we've got to so far you might think well spent a long time get in no way but I don't think that besides the fact that we've covered lots of other things and seen how to read things clearer it's setting us up I'm not setting you up along YT setting us up to consider these things which in our movement we haven't considered properly up till now brother okay I have no idea I'm gonna make that a type of a Sunday law revelation 18:4 is not the Sunday law connected to the Sunday law pen so you ask okay so you asking these pens what time of day it is for Elam wife and what I mean by that is she uses 18 for in different ways I always try to I always think it's the first place you should go to is a premier books you go to a premier books first to see what she's saying and then you can go to other places and her premier books are what early writings and the book we're reading that great controversy and if you go to early writings you'll see that 18:4 is not sunday law what is 18 for sister Alissa remember 18 4 is the loud cry who said that Oh 2 people say it's loud cry if you go to the chapter called the loud cry page 277 early writings when you go through that you'll see this she's talking about the loud crisis it's the loud cry the reason why that's interesting is for the people who said it was Sunday law is the loud cry can be understood just with this picture work strip out all the days just look at the pattern the loud cry is this was ok yeah I'm gonna take this out cos if this was the Sunday law because he's gonna say see I told you the sudden hey so did I do them that's the Sunday law that's the loud cry something law now my close probation we okay with that just what we've got here Sunday law what loud cry toes our probation but you can also put the loud cry as a swelling so what I want too so sometimes it's the Sunday law and sometimes it's a standalone waymark I think more and more now that it's a separate way mark why would we say that why should we be looking for a separate distinct way mark for the loud cry because Miller right history teaches us that yeah just a simple level you've got July and August if you want to not even think about it that way there's a chart that's been produces but it's been out for a number of years now I think it's called like the Miller right chart or something I don't know works remember the name of it it's got them in the right line like this and it's got our line like this remember that line did that chart yeah okay since brought me somebody so I'm gonna ask her what waymarking is that one middle right line no Sunday London middle right line no April this one you just told me that's the midnight cry this one October online what's this one this is the Sunday law this one is the loud cry and this one is but valeri what does it say and when you do when they do that because it's this is the problem with charts I don't like charts I've got to tell you I don't like yours is that they're gonna put a cloud here and they're gonna put a cloud here is that right yeah and the cloud not close probation but they kind of just tuck it all in there so it needs unpacking from with charts tees they need unpacking you neither an experienced teacher to UM to decode what's on those things okay so all I want to set all I want us to set sighs I'm not saying that's wrong and I'm not saying it's right it's right okay just stating it as the fact that's what we've got a chart that shows if you are from a Daniel he might say that looks a bit wrong to me would you okay that's what I saw he'd say he's from it wrong because anyway don't go into that all I wanted to see is that okay so what kind of excuse is that why have you not updated the chart sorry I don't know I don't even I'm correct or not but I thought it some at the bottom place of this chart it's got that on it which says little book and you pop the little book ministry on you so you're the representative you actually blame someone okay so we haven't updated this chart but that wasn't the point I wanted to make all I wanted to make is that the chart says they're separate events April is not August and Sunday law is not now crying yeah just from the Miller right line we would be able to see that that's yeah that's all that's really well you don't want to put that there so we should be thinking about a way mark for the loud cry okay with that the reason why that becomes significant it's because if you come back to this line here this is the Sunday law you've got a loud cry here this is the way mark that we need to understand yeah it's not okay nothing I find interesting e unless someone says the loud cry happened last year or something we're already in the Sunday law and we've been going for four years now and people used to tell me that they still do the the final events would be rapid ones and if I told you the Sunday law is four years long and you hasn't even finished yet like here the Sunday law - this would be four years people would be telling me from here to here he's like a couple of months whatever but really four years in our line so when we think about time I don't know if it's that straightforward to understand what rapid actually even means I'm not saying it's not going to be it's going to be this much I'm not even talking to shorten but we have to be careful as we consider some of these things okay so the reason I mention all of that is because when you come to this thing here the increase of knowledge is a way mark 1818 but the increase of knowledge is also an escalation of information when we think about the loud cry it's a swelling that begins at the Sunday law and escalates but it's also an individual way mark but the Daniel not the active rub 1798 out I said I knew that's why right I knew you're gonna do that okay so when you do that well I'm not sure what's wrong with him so I think so what I want us to see is that if we're going to take this PBM here and connect it to this loud cry and we're going to see the loud cry is a swelling then you can get argue when we're thinking about this is midnight that PBM would have begun here in 2014 that's what I want us to see just from that concept of a singular way mark so this is loud cry Sunday law the loud cry is also this escalation beginning here if you can mark that loud cry is the prediction without with it with whatever we're going to put at the end of this is predicting this then you can argue that the prediction of this event actually began way back here yeah see that logic said that gay what does what message yeah but what message is swelling into a loud cry what is that message because it's well into okay so are you saying that outcry is just a singular event no I'm see swelling from this something larger they are frightened and then what happens at the loud cry and then what happens horizontal so you want to do this and then like this it just stops here what's going to happen here which people the people who proclaim you're going to listen to themselves what you can do that let me do it this way that dotted line indicates number of people would that work babe yeah yeah okay I've got 15 minutes let's treat through there's only a few quotes the day of the Lord so what I've tried to do is highlight the day of the Lord highlight what I think each passage is dealing with and give a title for it so first one clouds of heaven while laboring at Thessalonica doesn't like a letter Thessalonica Paul had so fully covered the subject of the signs of the times showing what events would occur prior to the revelation of the Son of Man in the clouds of heaven that he did not think it necessary to write at length regarding this subject he however pointedly referred to his former teachings of the times and the seasons he said he have no need that I write unto you for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night for when they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them so I'm saying the day of the Lord is connected to these clouds of heaven and what I didn't highlight is also this sudden destruction so the day of the Lord is connected to the clouds of heaven and the destruction that's going to come suddenly next one Peter kept alive in his heart the hope of Christ's return he assured the church of the certain fulfillment of the Savior's promise now go and prepare a place for your I'll come again and receive you unto myself to the tried and faithful ones the coming might seem long delayed but the Apostle assured them the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long-suffering to us-ward not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise the elements shall melt with fervent heat the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up if you just remember that passage that Paul's speaking of when it says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long-suffering to us-ward we're going to come back to a similar passage like there's this one which is Ezekiel chapter 12 when we get to Ezekiel chapter 12 I'm going to remember what Peter wrote here about the Lord is not slack wait a slackness by the way you're slack loose mr. Bromley slow it's basically laziness when God gives a promise he's not lazy or slow to keep his promise and this is what Ezekiel chapter 12 is talking about this slackness not only xethru 12 also Habakkuk is also talking about the slackness as well number three the flood fearing God how little of it there is there are those who will be like the men and women who helped to build the ark they hear the truth they have every advantage to become people of moral worth yet they will not choose the good society but the corrupt if there is an influence that he's not heavenly they will gather to their side and unite with them and although they act a part in the preparation of the truth that is to fit a people to stand in the day of the Lord they will perish in the general ruin like Noah's carpenters who helped to build the ark god help you that you may not be of that class just in this context what is the Ark sorry what word did she say the carpenters prepared the ark it says and although what's the Ark the truth and although they act apart in the preparation of the truth the carpenters acted their part in the preparation of the ark so our Ark is the truth the truth which we have been building from the time of the end that truth is what the Ark is for us but it's to help them prepare to stand in the day of the Lord they were approaching the general ruin like Noah's carpenters who helped to build the ark so the flood is the dead of the Lord hopefully we agree with that next page time of trouble I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful and were looking to the time of refreshing and the latter rain to fit them to stand in the day of the Lord and to live in his side oh how many I saw in the time of trouble without a shelter they had neglected the needful preparation therefore they could not receive the refreshing that must that all must have to fit them to live in the sight of a holy God so simply okay with the structure of that the refreshing latter rain if I just go with this what list this line here here's a latter rain this history here I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so all of this is preparation they're looking for their refreshing or the latter rain to help them to fit them to stand in the day of the Lord oh how many I saw in the time of trouble so you've got time of trouble here so she's connecting that there's the Lord is the time of trouble we were okay with that next one a battle I saw that none could share the refreshing unless they obtained the victory over every beset man over pride selfishness leveled the world and over every wrong word in action we should therefore be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord let us let all remember that God is holy and that none but holy beings can never dwelled in his presence so the day of the Lord is this battle what battle would that be rafia motivation so I'd probably say the Battle of Armageddon whenever I point this out people get nervous so I'm just gonna bar going to point it out I thought that none could share the refreshing unless they obtained the victory over every beset man over pride selfishness love of the world and over every wrong word and action where is the refreshing here it's that good because put the passage before says refreshing in the latter rain we're looking to the time of refreshing and latter rain so lateral rain is refreshing if you get that and bring it to here here's the latter rain this is a refreshing I saw that none could share in this refreshing for the past four years you can't share this experience unless you've obtained victory over every beset mint over pride selfishness and love of the world and we're really four years into this thing into the refreshing second coming in this age just prior to the second coming of Christ in the clouds of heaven such a work as that of John is to be done this is John the Baptist God calls for men who will prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord as a people who believe in Christ soon coming we have a message to bear prepare to meet thy God our message must be as direct as that as was the message of John he rebuked the kings for their iniquity notwithstanding that his life was imperiled he'd not hesitate to declare God's Word and our work in this age must be done as faithfully just want to pick up one point we didn't mention it the other day John the Baptist is Elijah and Elijah was William Miller we picked it up from early writings but in the same book who is Elijah at the end of the world three some movement it's a body of people so when you feedback that back into John Johnny's becomes a symbol of a people not an individual today we are you mentioned that the other day so the last one I've got is the plagues so I've not given you'd it I'm not mention the references in any of the other ones but I'm going to mention this one because this is ninety page twenty paragraph one so why would I mention that okay because this is ninety eleven or nine eleven so what I was going to hope to do maybe we'll do in this afternoon's class is to go back to ninety from the beginning and read through this passage by the way you know we talked about ninety page 11 does anybody know what this section is calling it runs to quite a few pages really on page twenty to the same section and it goes on for quite a while does anybody know anybody know what the section is called this is section is called section one for the coming of the king yeah you not know the section this is section when all of this is contained in the section called for the coming of the king and she quotes Hebrews 10 verse 37 yet a little while and he that shall come will come and will not tarry so maybe we'll have a look at that so I'll read this section anyway this is the plagues as we wait until the foot sorry are we to wait until the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end before we say anything concerning them of what value will our words be then shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressor before we tell him how to avoid them where is our faith in the Word of God must we see things foretold come to pass before we believe what he has said in clear distinct Ray's light has come to us showing us that the great day of the Lord is near at hand even at the doors let us read and understand before it is too late so she's talking about the great day of the Lord and she's connecting this she says shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressor before we tell the him how to avoid them and then in the next part she says until a distinct Ray's light has come to us showing us that the great day of the Lord is near at hand and the judgments that are falling upon the transgressor I've she doesn't use the word plagues it's the only one that I've reworded what she says I should have actually just put God's judgments but I'm saying this is the plagues contextually come to my understanding if you agree with that it's the only one that I did change the statement with or to so if you just take this statement I wait to wait until until the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end before we say anything concerning them of what value will our words be then shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressor before we tell him how to avoid them so the question I would want to ask us is what are the prophecies that she's talking about and we to wait until the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end before we say anything concerning them the Demi's the prophecies they're going to be fulfilled and should we wait until they're fulfilled before we talk about them Tonica questions he says if we did that what a point no point talking about the events after they've been fulfilled so what are the properties that she's talking about so that statement is in this section so make it simple for people what you say what the properties that she's talking about I want us to think about this what prophesies she's referring to when she says this because this is 90 page 20 and how we go about understanding the whole passage as she takes us from the beginning all the way and leads us to this to at least page 20 she goes further along so I'm saying in this passage the prophecies that she's referring to the prophecies that are connected to God's judgments which is the plagues these are the plague prophecies in this context and there wouldn't be much point in talking about them to people once they've begun so we want to warn people beforehand about their coming if you get a chance today and maybe look for the day of the Lord in spirit of prophecy and see what quote so you can come up with I'm suggesting by the way even though I've got clouds of heaven Christ's return the flood time of trouble a battle the second coming the plagues all of them are pointing to the same point in time same point in time and what she is doing is Oscar Sura is just going to go back to this chart is what the chart shows actually because you've got close of probation October and then you've got the clouds and then you've got the clouds and she's got all of this and May into a singular event or what we now famously call in our movement a point not a period let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask and pray that you would bless us as we come to terms not only with our own humanity but with your divinity Lord we have still so much work to do but we now we know we are living now in the latter rain and even now things are moving both in the world and in this movement that we have little idea of help each of us father when the cry is given to do be able to discern who speaks for God and who speaks for man that's our preparation day that's the food that we're to eat we pray in Jesus his name I mean