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you I mean we were in GC 3:08 paragraph to this morning we turned to Luke 21 if you recall and we saw that verses 29 and 30 were a parable and that parable was essentially a repeating enlarge or an explanation of the verses that had preceded it and you can essentially find that same parable in map in both Matthew and Mark its Matthew 24 verse 32 and mark 13 verse 28 both of them deal with the subject of this fig tree and then verse 31 of Luke and again you can detect the parallel passages in the other two Gospels he is an explanation of that parable 29 to 30 so we came to the conclusion that verse 27 is the end of that vision or the prophecy and verse 28 is a summary of that when you see these things come to pass just when we make sure we are clear on this when it says in verse 28 and when these things begin to come to pass then look up and lift up your heads your demson birth night why we only tying that back to verse 25 sister taste what you wanted to do why you only tying that back to 25 not further back into the prophecy this is when he brings me sometimes a little bit more shall be signs in the Sun Moon is bringing in the concept of self and how you tying that back to verse 28 verse 28 says when these things and then begin to come to pass it's nothing to commencement of those things which must be no sizes it must be anyone else why must it be 25 why are you not able to go further back verse 24 23 okay because in verse 32 it says this generation this phase we live so you're going to use the dentist generation to be your evidence anyone else Larry because the verse sign I mean verse 25 talks about the side no signs of 1780 1833 as these summits emitters is the test so we've got those signs how do we know that's where you we should be beginning these things anyone else this 24 is marking the end of a period of time Hey verse 24 is marked on the end of a period of time the truck trading down the Gentiles and they shall fall by the edge of the sword and shall be led away captive into all nations and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled so it's marking the transition from 2014 what is marking the transition well the verse was 24 is ending a period of time something new is begin okay so I what is that I just read verse 22 Oh what is it what is most 24 a period of time 1216 little six can you tell us what the versus and I don't know this is generally don't know yeah you don't receive new roofs and being torn down in the toxic state yeah go to Revelation chapter 11 if nice too with the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles and the Holy City shall they tread under foot forty two months they treading down Jerusalem for forty two months you okay with that yeah another verse but what I'm trying to read the same way you what every just a literal okay I can with let's go be careful realize when you say you wonder II like I'm saying time that I didn't say making about literal I used to make read the words yeah I know but I couldn't Matthew 24 talks about to place the abomination of desolation and I know that's talking about the papacy but you want to see that that's one second for me what I didn't say it was a 1260 CD and you know well now she started with the sister test she can explain their own offensively news reporter okay fix feels like I've got in the hot seat not hated I'm not here to defend her so you say you prove these two 1260 but woe unto them that you've sucked the children in those days so there shall be distress in the land and wrath upon this people - that's okay so that from verse 22 23 so he's a 22 23 and then they led away into captive and Jerusalem is trodden down by the Gentiles but it's trodden down until the times of the film so it's a time that has to be fulfilled it must be a time prophecy until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled then the times is accrual so if you have two times it's two 1260s so it's actually laughing hey you okay we do that happy yeah okay I don't question when you're in management or I don't remember which words that says that in a place when we therefore shall be the abomination of desolation I think everybody agree that's the papacy do we did we discuss a yeah okay they didn't place this right they write the right very good that didn't get to the practice Matthew 24 so you're saying this is what the papacy yeah I know Yogi's uppity yeah I know okay the reason why I don't think it's a papacy is if you go to Luke 21:20 it's the parallel passage that goes with this one and when you shall see Jerusalem encompassed with armies it's not your route this is not paper sleeve because armies before we got one tell me what why we're having this discussion but you said you were happy with her in their answer tell me why we have in this guy okay it's because and send that's the 25 training but I can't see when we talks about Jerusalem anything happened with Jerusalem by whom Jerusalem being tried out I don't know just thank you I don't see this verse the word is training for that's felony I know you proved me based upon revelation 11 verse 2 but I don't see me Cherie I don't know me maybe I don't know what's wrong but do you see something happened with Jerusalem in the child 60 okay so I don't know it's about history it's just I don't I don't have any information about that if we're in from verse 20 Jerusalem is going to be compass around with armies we're not going to go into Daniel because Daniel to explain this to us so we're hearing 70 I put 66 that's what the verse is referring to so 70 is pagan rome pagan rome is going to go to 538 you okay with that so this is pagan and then from 538 you're going to go to 1798 which is papal and this is 1260 this is whatever that is four hundred and something years and in Revelation it talks about the holy city yeah if we went to Daniel chapter 9 it would say the same thing it's a it begin here and it would end here so all the passages are saying is that the holy city is being trampled down for maybe 72 1798 that's what verse 24 24 that's what verse 24 is okay so now you're asking for interpretation of what Jerusalem means yeah that's fine but what I'm saying is this is what the verses teach this is what they say so now you're asking a separate question which is that you said telling me we're breaking some rule that I devised he says then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains I think that's very literal like occurring Judea inference in 1870 which which book we in existence some how can we swap 16 ok so if you're in Judea flee yeah that's Luke 21 21 let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains so my mindset was less literal not applying spiritual but I never said to rethink literally are you said to read the map face value it's not the same thing that's coin if you don't see it in the same way but that's not saying that we're we're not we're now up with using some kind of different rules because I never said we have to read it literally so if we see seven thirteen and we talk about clouds so I didn't say that to be literal cloud so I just said if it says the cloud it's a cloud so I'm not trying to make it literal or symbolic but if you want to start explaining this which we didn't do it most of that those passages that's a different question I don't if you see the distinction between that all the passage says is Jerusalem starts here and ends here that's what 24 is going to show you if you drop back to verse around verse 20 that that's that's all we can pick up now if you want to explain what it looks like and what Jerusalem means then that's a different it's a different issue brother Jason literal and face value if he says Jerusalem it's just a ruse and that's what that word means but if we want to say well in the controversy in this history what is Jerusalem mean then we have to decide is that word being used literally or as that word being used symbolically that's what that's what I would understand at face value it says Jerusalem is all the way through especially if you tie a tie in revelation 11 it says the holy city dates Jerusalem but it doesn't tell you what that means doesn't it tell you what Jerusalem looks like is this the Crusades what it's talking about is that is this the Catholic Church and Islam wrestling over that piece of real estate that we don't know when you go to revelation 11 or this passage or we know it's that it's talking about Jerusalem that's all we know previous verse yeah which previously I thought okay verse 15 now all I'm reading is verse 15 16 I go to 20 20 says Jerusalem 24 says Jerusalem they're both talking about Jerusalem so if you're gonna ask me what is Jerusalem mean here Jerusalem doesn't mean the same thing here that it means here they mean different things but they're both talking about Jerusalem so I'm saying Jew you know Jerusalem here is God's people it's the church basically I was I'm just gonna go to another story but I was reticent to do that when you go to Daniel 11:45 if you went to there the glorious holy mountain Mount Zion you know it's it that's what that's what it is it's using that language so we'd have to understand that in that context but then we'd have to make some kind of interpretation about what what is it actually mean yeah but like who you brought up yesterday Mount Zion where he was standing facing this kind of kind of hearts do you believe that there is there has to be first a literal like he really is an amount or when do you know to jump symbolic question makes sense yeah so in the book of Joel my understanding is Joel's talking about some literal history that even though they're not continuing with it at that moment they're about to so I'm just gonna say he's dealing with his own history so it's all happening literally this is literal nebuchadnezzar babylon they're going to be controlling the land of israel I'm not saying Nebuchadnezzar's literally standing on in Jerusalem he doesn't literally stand in Jerusalem because he lives in Babylon and by the time he's going to breathe he posed he's not even alive it's his grandson so when I'm when my understanding is when we say literally fulfilled or are these literal mountains or is it literally happening the history is always going to be literal but depending upon the history that's being discussed then we have to ask ourselves is all of the language that's being dealt with is it symbolic language or literal language so in Joel I would take that as literal language you know they're literally dealing with that geography but when we come to Daniel 11 now we're talking about a worldwide phenomena we're not talking about Israel being the glorious land now now the whole passages all become symbolic but it's all going to be using a storyline that all sounds literal but the way to tie them up he's I think right Daniel asked it or the way he even expressed it is that you take the literal language as it's written which is going to guide and direct you on how to put line of line upon line together because if you didn't say the girl is holding amount he didn't mention a mountain we won't be able to even tie it back to to Joel but once talking about literal Jerusalem and once talking about symbolic Jerusalem because we're already in 1798 by time you get to Daniel Daniel we know Daniels prophesying about what's going to happen at the end of the world Zedekiah yeah he's sounding there but he's not he's not Nebuchadnezzar that's going to be sent off into the wilderness and stink it's gonna be his his grandson that only meeting that yeah at one moment he was literally there but Nebuchadnezzar becomes the symbol of Babylon Daniel chapter 2 vow down there we can narrow up the head of gold there's something unique and special about him but Larry I want to ask the question about Matthew 24:15 yes you said that the abomination of desolation is not the papacy and I understand the bombings and desolation to represent the Sunday law Matthew 24:15 is something that happened nearly 2,000 years ago not the Sunday law not talking about the Sunday law is it yeah this is AD 66 you want to make an application then then then these up for grabs were what that would be whether it's the paper church where there is posnick Protestantism open under dynamic whether it's the government that the papal church is going to use to do its work for it you know people are going to pass for we'd have to make some kind of application if you're going to bring it to the end of the world I'm not saying that we're not supposed to do that but that's the whole point of all of these three things that make them relevant to us but how we go about doing that becomes a tricky issue if we're not going to get the original correct I guess that what I want us to always be anchored in yep okay I'm product I'm trying to avoid going into these into these chapters and breaking them down because we could spend a long time doing that profitable work but that wasn't direction in which I was headed Joey's I wanted to go here but I didn't want to go hit otherwise directed us here in the great controversy and when we were here I wanted this to just have a cursory look of how we approached Matthew 24 Luke 21 and the reason we're gonna do we I wanted to do it obviously cuz were there in a narrative but as we go through our study we're going to have to come back to this passage why we're gonna have to come back here for and if anybody did and then if I actually set the homework that if you if you'd gone back and looked at the first angels message to the great controversy and taken all the passages if you had done that then that's right yeah I don't think I did cuz I only handed it out if you were to do that then you'll know the answer to my questions because the first angels message is connected to two major Bible passages it's got revelation 14 that's first angels message everybody agree with that and this message is connected to two major stories or chapters or I don't know how to explain it what the two models if I'll go with models what the two models are the two stories that revelation 14 is connected to he watched for all - lady Hunstanton or do they think she didn't why didn't you Matthew 25 and the other one mr. Elissa Daniel 8 so Daniel 8 in Matthew 24 for a Matthew 25 are the two stories that are connected to person and what we'll see this as we read through the great controversy she's going to explain this in the in excruciating detail so the only reason we had we spent some time now looking at Matthew 24 is because I already know we're going to have to come back to Matthew 24 to explain that so this was sort of just like foundation of work we covered a lot of the things that we need to in Matthew 24 because Matthew 25 is going to be connected to Matthew 24 so he wasn't with it of course I said no to brother Mario Matthew 24 obviously is revelation 14 but it's really Matthew 25 that's the premier chapter that deals with that history okay so unless anybody's got any other questions I'm kind of happy to leave this paragraph gc3 0 8 paragraph 2 we've looked at the parable the parable stands separate and distinct from the prophecy it's repeating enlarge I'm saying the prophecy ends in verse 27 I'm saying it's not 1844 October 22nd even if you were going to just make that the middle-right history wouldn't be the the way we've put this cloud I don't think you can line up the clouds as a singular event this two clouds there's one in daniel 7:13 and there's one in revelation 1:7 and if their history and run its course they would have had to experience both of those things and we're going to see that as we go through our study Lord willing okay so let's come back to GC 3:09 paragraph 1 but as the spirit of humility and devotion in the church had given place to pride and formalism love for Christ and faith in his coming had grown cold absorbed in worldliness and pleasure seeking the professed people of God were blinded to the Savior's instructions concerning the signs of his appearing the doctrine of the second Advent had been neglected the Scriptures relating to it were obscured by misinterpretation until it was to a great extent ignored and forgotten especially was this the case in the churches of America the freedom and comfort enjoyed by all classes of society the ambitious desire for wealth and luxury be getting an absorbing devotion to money making the eager rush for popularity and power which seemed to be within the reach of all is that like the great American Dream led men to Center their interests and hopes on the things of this life and to put far in the future that solemn day when the present order of things should pass away so there's a lot in that paragraph but I want to just pick up a few things if we would think we're talking about churches what is that what church does that sound like to you this church that's absorbed in the things of this earth fixated about money sorry Catholic Church it will notice soon later say in church hey right now that 720 so that they don't hear you yeah send that babies get it later see it sounds like later see I think he sounds like they to see yeah yeah is it later see ya you said yes they said ladies here the one we just read just ladies here he said yes yes what does that mean you cretin your teeth and saying it like a full still okay Brad James did you athletes it I thought based on the previous paragraph I would have to say that it's not later Syrian is later see why is it not lady to see it well because I attire we're just coming out of Thyatira because we haven't got to number seven yet based on the last paragraph we're not number seven yet looks like ladies here smells like lady zebra it's not made to see it okay really probably James is really really an AC no okay why because the last three churches they are they are their histories you have Cana logical order for the first four sequence for the last three yeah beer Marie says yes compare okay so we'll do a quick review first four churches you tell me their chronological yes Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira can give me dice kind now you write 27 a b27 yeah 103 3313 no 3:30 yeah 538 yep you have me that you give me that brother Mario brother Daniel all of those numbers you agree with tree training one anything else sorry okay start Ephesus at the time know me I have no problem with four okay so the first post church is a chronological that's what you say yeah then what you wanna do and then I'm going to see from 1798 you have the three last three can I just run in without fixed Dayton or that they are together like that I would say within within Sardis you have both Philadelphia under this year I'm making it effective making what making it a shape see so it's okay like that you want to destroy it differently you know that good not necessarily if it fits the picture that if what I'm saying if that is how it is then fine is that what your site I'm saying that within Sardis there is Philadelphia under this year at the same time yes mmm yes yes per game I wouldn't draw it like that but I don't I don't know how to defend it how would you tore it she hasn't defendi day why not wait still put them in order I mean that happen very quickly after that but I would just still put any more kqe date anyone else well are they a bit of both thick consecutive still but they're also parallel because they continue to the end end of what well to our time period for example so you go sadhus being Protestantism Philadelphia being the middle rights layer to say it being you Venice church so they still come consecutively but they continue on to the end Protestantism militarism and that's the ace so you disagree with that will be asleep or no obviously it's not like that it's like it's still consecutive because Sardis is first okay you want to do this yeah that's the one that way yeah so it's a bit of both I have no problem with the bottom drying but it's not the same as your drawing no I know so which one's right remember what I said I said all three were melded together so if you want to put it as he has just illustrated it I have no problem ho the first explanation with protestantism Miller is Amun st that would put completely different bits so even though you have it whirring where you drew my background that's not what I am saying okay this was so different to your one who's like the seer in 1798 Protestant in whose solace in 1798 seems it so the Protestants saw this and ladies here at the same time if Bertha says they have a name what night that's it they have a name which is like that yeah this yes Sardi's let me see it'll have a night like this is that they are dead dirt let me find it I'm the nastiest 20 they said I have named like to say well they do their name is that they represent themselves as our living people what they are did say what yeah yeah but that's not like to say or is it that saw this yes okay Danny what it still says though has a few that are first for which I'm not define their garment okay so they go you'll show me some evidence if show me any of you there's no but that's my point not within Sardis you have these classes Philadelphia's are people that are alive their garments are people if there's anyone in here who's pure they're also gonna be Philadelphia no that's not the description that the Bible gives for for any of them except for Sardis so just for someone's unspotted it makes them Philadelphia no you can study did I saw this I'm saying it it's far scientists but I'm not saying it is the same thing for everybody across the board okay buddy is for solace that's how I am reasoning it no and like I said they're dead I'm lost in they dead that's what the characteristics are lady safe ain't no healer DC has two characteristics one worldliness - they are two characteristics - they are worldly and I thought they'd assay me the church that comes on the judgment if this is a church that comes on that judgment if that's the only characteristics that you're using then how can you will not put there this year beginning at 17 is there's no judgment in night 1798 that's why but it then I noticed the announcement of the church I said there's no judgment yeah I know so while you pacing them there when there's no judgment how can you not because like I say means the church that is gonna be in judgment and I'm not wearing the gun here in right that's going to be in because they don't exist at the moment they can exist when the judgment begins can't be exist in prejudgment cuz there's no judgment there's no judgment in 1798 is it no do you agree with that yes so how can you identify a church whose name is the people of judgment when there is no judgment the same way I can pull back ephesus from if Graham's analogy which I said I have no problem with I can take it but from 2782 for two to four BC then I can pull their BC of the same team until it why do you walk he is 27 what you identify for 27 Christ Christ watcher so he began to lay the foundation for the Christian Church in the calling of the 5 he laid before the Sun and who is John baptizing people into before Christ ever came on the scene QT baptizing people into what would be the Amara awesome why Christ we know because I need you to answer my question to answer it not you can ask the question be the marker for putting me that 4bc yeah so before we get that while I said one you put 27 you said Christ I said before because he laid the foundation for the Christian Church the foundation is the way you begin the church you have to dig a hole before you lay foundation but that's a part of their foundation it's not yes it take these dirt out that's not quite your foundation then I ask the question what is John baptizing you interred and your answer is nothing because there's nothing there and we will know baptism is baptizing into the kingdom of heaven start baptism of repentance whether or not John realizes it or not his baptizing people into the church which is pre 27 so once you get forced into that then you have to say when when did it begin that's the argument about that one I was ignoring that argument wherever that one we want to make you showed me weight judgment begins because he doesn't begin before night before it begins before then you have to place a decir by its name you can't get away with you using that argument to do your argument any comments judgment doesn't begin in 1798 because if you're confronted with the truth you are judged on your perception of that truth so we're talking about that was the time of judgment that entire history right there am I wrong you're talking about this mercy six and seven where'd you get the term job to in any way from no I know I said this I said if you've ever what lady to see you here later see it means judgment and he says that's fine and I said there isn't a judgment in 1798 that's all I only say it from that name so you're asking me you think there is a judgment in 1798 so if we switch out of we pull away from the name and we're in this history 1788 1844 etc where are we going to find this concept of judgment being brought to you anyway thank you so this doesn't identify a judgment per se that's what that's what I got pointed to that revelation 14 6 and 7 but that in and of itself is not the sanctuary system where you talk about judgment and this we're going to we can argue that the Day of Atonement we're going to do that revelation 14 their god-given Gori for the armies judgment is come when we gonna place that okay first of all two questions who is the way and where would you been placing that where have we always placed it you're going to say except to thank you going to say that and so when we place in 1798 first of all we've got to ask ourselves where did you get that idea from the gallon white tell us that did John the Revelator tell us that when we pick that out so as we as we could get threes passage perfect message we're gonna see what Alan White says these verses meant or me and once we see what they say she says then we can say okay whatever she says we'll say what we want to say but what we take to do is we say 1798 obvious because that's what it is until we start looking for the evidences I'm not sure if the evidence is there to do that so I would argue the sadhus when you read the passage has all the characteristics and labels here but it's not made a seer it's a different Church with its own unique history and its own unique characteristics which are very similar to made a seer brother Graham said the other day when we mentioned flight IRA he mentioned about Pergamos and he said there's a relationship between Pergamos and Thyatira and we didn't go into Ephesus and Smyrna but what's happening during the history of Smyrna right persecution and fight IRA persecution they're almost the same now the the cause of that persecution is markedly different plume you'll have some kind of idea of that this is faithfulness persecution this is compromising persecution but they're both being persecuted so the fact that we see characteristics of what looks like later SIA in the passage we've just read in this middle right line I don't think makes it later SIA we spoke about the subjects at the beginning of the class and I directly this sort of vaguely to test mr. Church volume while I can't remember the page and you can clearly mark that on the white around 1857 he's already calling the church later see you by that stage you can trace 141 you can trace back James White I presume he's the writer of this that he's talking about the church being ladies here by 8:00 in 1850 so I personally mark lady serious coming in 1850 some people might argue 1844 but I don't think you can get it cut earlier than 1844 just from its name and not only that when you start going to early writings and you see the structure of how that book is put together spiritual gifts Volume one you begin to see what lady seer actually is so I'm just gonna go too far into that subject but I'm arguing that later seer is not Miller right history it's it's it's own unique separate history and if we're not all okay with that but I don't to get work willing that spending a couple of classes trying to show why I'm saying that which I'm trying to avoid doing but there in this world in and the love of Christ and faith in his coming had grown cold absorbed in worldliness pleasure-seeking people of God were blinded to the saves and instructions concerning the signs of his appearing the doctrine of the second Advent had been neglected the Scriptures relating to it were obscured by misinterpretation until he was to a great extent ignored and forgotten I want to go to the last sentence it's a really long sentence I'm gonna cut into that sentence are we all there it says lead led men led meant assent to their interests and hopes on the things of this life list but now and to put far in the future that solemn day when the present order of things should pass away ok it's that bit there what is that that's code language for what we're in the Miller right history you've got to know a little bit about Miller right history to know the answer to this they're gonna put far into the future that solemn day when the present order of things should pass away what is that code word for what doctrine is that this is the Millennium this is the Millennium doctrine I'm suggesting and if you once once someone says that's really and then if you can read that into that yeah I think that's uh I think that's a fair assumption so this worldliness that's been brought to view here where did it come from why are all these people so worldly just say yes right they just want to get rich they just sort of like say we want to be nice people just want to get rich so we're going to go to we're going to go to revelation 2:20 gonna go to revelation 2:20 notwithstanding I have a few things against thee by Tyra because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetess to teach and to seduce My servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols so we discussed this already I can't remember the context in when we brought this up can they remember so we can act why do we look at why do we read this earlier couple of days ago great yes I remember you're right it was about the Kings it was revelation 12 revelation 12 the serpent and the dragon remember that and we weren't sure what was what and then since the test said is it verse 6 maybe she says that Satan is identified not verse 6 verse 9 she says that Satan is identified as a dragon and a serpent singular person has got two identities which is the priest King which is church and state that's the argument that we're going to develop and we're saying the dragon is state and the serpent is church and then we looked at the persecution that's coming on both of them the Kings are the dragon is obvious it's got his sword was to kill people but the serpent is a bit more subtle and then we went to revelation 2:20 to see that in that same history Thyatira the persecution that the serpent is bringing is teaching and seduction and we okay with that that's just a real quick refresher of why we looked at that okay so now we're looking at Miller right history we're here in Sardis and these people are worldly my question is why they worldly and I'm saying that worldliness is connected to the last part of the last sentence which is this millennial judge this millennial doctrine judgment dysmelia doctrine and so I'm saying their worldliness wearing it stemmed from did they just become like worldly sister list we say no this worldliness stemmed from Jezebel Jezebel is the one that's seduced them into well Venus and Jezebel is here so this history of Jezebel tight IRA the dark ages is going to create a culture or an atmosphere in the church that's going to produce an effect here in the Miller right line when Sardis comes and what is Sardis about the name she's throwing me what Assad is not just called out because the call that one is not the one you're gonna find in Scripture keep the one is read me just briefly it's in the name you have a name that your lie dead so their name that they're alive what does it mean if you're alive where were you okay if you're alive you're not in the grave I'll just pretty simply like that you're not in the grave okay so I'm gonna use this idea you can't get it straight from here but they're resurrected okay so I'm going to say that so if their resurrected what were they here they were dead and if you're dead where are you in the grave so here they are in this grave dead and they're going to be resurrected here in 1798 the time at the end so there's another story that talks about people that are in the grave and they're going to be taken out of the grave and resurrected where's that Ezekiel 37 so Ezekiel 37 when you're in the grave where are you you're here this is the grave experience and you're going to come out of the gray here we're okay with that so the grave is what grave equals captivity Babylon you're dead now Sardis was supposed to when it came out they were supposed to be alive but they're not a lie they're only got a name that says they're like they dig why they still big we've got no bread they're still dead because here they were taught and seduced to hold on to doctrines that they're still holding on to and what is that doctrine that premier one that was just mentioned the Millennium so what I want us to see is that this worldliness that they're experiencing that they're living is not just people who are bad Christians you know in a knob themselves this is something that's been pushed upon them forced upon them if you like and it's a doctrinal problem it's not a moral problem does that make sense when people become worldly they don't become worldly because they become immoral they become worldly because they hold on to force of doctrines who gave them that false doctrine Jezebel now this thought okay let's hold on to that thought we read Luther we targeted the Day 1540 he said in 300 years Christ is coming back that takes you to where 1840 so there's Luther believing the millennial doctrine he didn't I shouldn't make my best you screw it the millennia include he doesn't believe in that why would he not believe in that because he's part of what the he's part of the Reformation what comes after the Reformation the something Reformation the counter-reformation the Counter Reformation is what it's a Catholic attack upon God's people and who are the people who are going to instigate perfect prosecute the counter-reformation the Jesuits the Jesuits now we begin to see why 1773 is important because what you have to do first before you can get Sardis to come up you have to get rid of the Jesuits and the counter-reformation did that sort of piece of the puzzle Phil yeah so not only what you've got in the United States 1773 Boston Tea Party we've got the Jesuits coming out the Jesuits have to be ejected out of the story because they're the instigators of the counter-reformation but by the time they've been throw now it's too late the doctrine has been fully absorbed fully imbibed into God's church here it was taught and seduced so now it's fully invited by time to get 1798 there are people that have come out of their graves they're red red means life red means humanity so when there are lies they're still dead because they're still holding to the premier doctrine that they were taught and seduced which is the millennial doctrine and the millennial doctrine says what I've seen your hands it says put forward to the future the solemn day when the present order of things should pass away so everything's gonna change right in the distance and what's William Miller saying right now and what's his argument what's his argument not revelation 14 what's his argument right Daniel a document is Daniel 8 Daniel a is a message based on time so the argument that they're fighting over is the doctrine of time the counter-reformation the Jesuits have introduced Oh teaching into the church which says there is no time and if you don't believe in time we experience do you have of your own leader but it's all this what experience do you have you're dead what makes you come alive it's fine yes specifically time the doctrine of time is what makes you come alive and that's what's being discussed here in 309 paragraph 1 if you just read through my paragraph one you'd never get that I don't think I'm sure we've already before you've ruined it for a coach Moses you read it you just don't see it till you start digging into it and for me when you start seeing that and plas start playing on the line you begin to see the significance of what the Millerites were dealing with and the warfare that they had to prosecute if you look at at the Jesuits in 1773 they are ready they arraigned done their work they were doing their work against the reformation and in 1773 went when Pope Clements the 14th or whatever his name was you know suppress the Jesuits if you look at the history you find out that there were two nations that didn't comply with that but they were the Jesuits activity was never suppressed and that was in the United States and Russia the Jesuit activity was not curtailed at all right I'm asking about John Paul's refugee suits here the Polish there are no yes there's Venus a great struggle between the Jesuits and the papal Church we know that I don't remember so that's what that was asking all of when John because it came to man before but uh Bob City I was asking when did John Paul abolish the district order okay because it would tie in nicely with 1773 and over history we know we've got the first Jesuit Pope don't we I'm trying to remember if it is if it is 1982 I don't know you can tell us and when you find out the primary thing he was teaching though so that when the Jesuits come they're not necessarily teaching against you said they were teaching against at least it was a really studying time no she's bringing a Reformation oh do you point I was trying to make in that statement was that part of the counter-reformation is to bury prophetic truth it's there having a multiple point but it by the time you get to 1798 the thing that the premier doctrine that's going to come to light is this issue of time it's them it's the Millennium that the mineral rights are fighting against that's what they're um it's the premier Catholic doctrine there are three doctrines that's what the premier one is the issue of the Millennium the other two estate in the dead and Sunday just ever so briefly I want to say that the reason why the Jesuits even came up with this dis millennial idea you know put it in the future is because at one point during about the 1500s there were there were two there were several types in the Catholic history where there were rival popes and we're rival pulps each call each other the Antichrist and they were trying to get rid of that stigma and so in order to do that they had to either say that the Antichrist was something that was already way in the past and Titus epiphanies for it had to be something way in the future to dismiss that and so this millennial doctrine was written and it's sat in some oxford universities in Europe for a period of time and then you had a guy named Darby who was over there studying and he dusted this thing off and thought it was the best interpretation he ever saw and he he's the one who brought it to the Emeco to the United States and he shared it with Dwight L Moody and he shared it with a guy named Scofield and Scofield was the one who wrote a Bible called the Scofield Bible and he put all these study aids in there embedding all of this stuff about this millennial doctrine in the in the Bible and so that's why you have the most of Protestant America have have been inculcated with this for a long time Moodie the white L moody ends and Scofield and that's about as much of it as I know but I know that much the reason why Luther no use 300 years is because of wall want to see what's he using to calculate 300 to 1260 using the 1260 because he knows it's the Antichrist so the story that brother Bob has just given us ties in right with that if you you need to get rid of the who the Antichrist is because it's connected to 1260 and that that's what's happening here in this history even though the Miller rights now are not even going to be dealing with the Antichrist I don't even care about that they're using this for a totally different purpose when they're gonna draw a Daniel 8 they're thinking about something different so may I think that gives a much better picture of of what the counter-reformation is and even though Luther's primary argument isn't time it is the Antichrist or it develops it morphs into the Antichrist even though he's was justification by faith because when they start attacking him he saying well I've got justification to separate from you because you are the Antichrist therefore you have to be connected to 1260 there which is why I can get time if you get rid of the Antichrist you get rid of the 1260 so I like that answer brother Daniel it's interesting that says if therefore thou shall not what I will come to thee as a tee and thou shall not know that what hour I will come upon thee so the Miller right they knew the hour Sartre is they don't know that that and I think we should yeah I'm just gonna go i read the paragraph before and this one so I'm okay I'm done with 309 paragraph one I unless anybody's got any questions I've it talks about the worldliness and he talks about the millennial doctrine and I've tried to explain like conceptually how it fits into the story that we've had and we've tied in again the story of the Jesuits the counter-reformation so this condition is not moral that's that's the point I want to pick up obviously it becomes a moral issue because they're just worldly but it stems from doctrinal errors I don't know if we're going to have time this semester to do this so I just add it in here if that is the case it's not a proof but it can be proven I can't prove it if this is the case this problem and morality that stems from doctrinal problems when you come to lay the seer and so I'm arguing later series isn't it's postman right history dick this their condition is exactly the same as you find in the middle right history sorry listen ladies here have very same have very similar characteristics it's all worldliness so what produces our worldliness why did we become later seer the answer is it's not just because we became immoral it's because of a doctrinal issue so it's a doctrinal issue that produces this experience and all you need to do is just trace back what happened between the IRA and Sardis and you'll see what's going to happen or how we're going to get into later seer all this is going to come back into play and just to say it succinctly the reason we're in later SIA is because someone has attacked us and who is that James Wyatt that does know James who I did not attack us no he did not attack us say he's too vague Catholic Church I would say cat even if you have more Protestantism I say it's the Catholic Church they're the ones that have attacked us and that's what has brought us into the latest seeing condition it's not just some kind of let's become worldly because we like our house is it was the doctrinal attack Andy and if you see what the doctor and attack was by the Jesuits it was what no time start ditch time and that's what's going to happen to us we're in the ditch time because we've been attacked by the Catholics Jezebel if we're going to feel if you want to do if it's a more palatable way of expressing that okay next paragraph if you use Jezebel as in the Catholic Church will you be forced to use the Jesuits again you why I'm asking if you know like um within our church most times things happen we see here's a chassis and it just it just switched the big that's kind of the answer within the church you'll see this person high-ranking in the church emergency how do you heard that where the Jesuits the answer for all our problems are seventies yep every time I hear in the movement I find stamp on him no that's why I'm asking because if we say okay it's the Catholic Church remember we just defined the person that the Catholics urchin used for the counter-reformation they were the Jesuits and again we say it is the Catholic Church that are topped listen the Adventist Church did not identify the Jesuits all would hear and the Jesuits of the armies are wrong last time I checked okay we're not in paragraph two there's no Jesuits in our church when the safety pointed out to his followers the signs of his return he foretold the state of backsliding that would exist just prior to his second Advent there would be as in the days of Noah the activity instead of worldly business pleasure see combined selling planting building marrying and giving in marriage with forgetfulness of God in the future life for these for those living at this time Christ's admonition is take heat yourself lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life and so that day come upon you unawares what she therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of man Luke 21:34 236 so we know that this is after the problem of the fig trees just a couple of verses later the next paragraph is going to talk about what we just read the condition of the church at this time that was just read about is pointed out in the Savior's words in Revelation thou hast a name that thou livest are not dead and to those who refused to rouse from their careless security the solemn warning is a dress bow fair is if therefore thou shalt not watch I will come on thee as a thief and thou shalt not know the hour and they shall not know what hour I come upon thee ok so we went back 3 or 9 paragraph 1 we're here we've identified that it started some arguing that either side is it's not later seer we've talked we're talking about in the back history of how you go from Thyatira to start is we briefly mentioned very briefly is equal 37 always dangerous to do that because all we've done is just pulled that out made some ad hoc application without going back and checking exactly what the original context was but we have done that you know this places and it is ok to do that which is why I just dropped it in now we're in this one it says when they say you pointed out to his followers the signs of his return he foretold the state of backsliding that would exist just prior to his second Advent this is Miller right history I'm arguing this is Miller right history explains all about the condition again and then it says Luke 21 34 to 36 take 8 yourselves unless your hearts be overcharged wishing it we should pray without ceasing that we may be accounted worthy to escape all things that shall come to pass and stand before the Son of Man was it made to stand before the Son of Man judge me which judging is that when you stand before the Son of Man vestigators judgment and if I have to worry about that investigative judgment any other answers second coming exactly whose judgment well yeah we just don't want to make any judgment in that you sort of say she's the second coming you have to stand in that day Jesus who's gonna come and if the wicked are gonna be destroyed you wouldn't be I'm not sure if that's what it's referring to okay it may write hastily where would you be standing here Toba poby 22 or post October 22 somewhere in that history we're okay with that the condition of the church at this time he's pointed out in the Savior's words in the revelation thou art thou that liveth and not dead what's that revelation we want that did you Saudis so she's specifically pointing out that everything that we read in the last two paragraphs is the condition of Sardis those who refused to arouse from their careless security the salat and to those who refuse to arouse from the kelie security the solemn warning is addressed if therefore thou shalt not watch I will cover near the thief in the night and you won't know the hour when I'm coming so to those who refuse to arouse from their killer security who's that who are those that did arouse from their careless security it's the Millerites this is the people has it say in Revelation 3 verse 4 thou hast a few names even in sardis which have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with me in white for they are worthy so there's this group of people in Sardis who have aroused from their careless security they've got white garments these are the virgins if we want to place their mastery 25 there in white and today others the careless people who didn't arouse from their carelessness what they not going to know they're not going to know the hour when Christ is coming someone said when judgment so he says I will come on thee and a thief and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee and if I'm not mistaken brother Daniel wanted to pick up this passage in connection with to put far into the future the solemn day and say this is about time the argument is about time and his use and and I was I say he's using it but and the white is using this the way she structured this that this is a message on time when it says thou shalt not know the hour again I don't think you have to read too much into it but a surface reading you just missed this the the implications of what it means any questions okay we'll read this parable next paragraph and we won't comment on it because it's quite lengthy it was needful that men should be awaken to their danger that they should be aroused to prepare for the solemn events connected with the close of probation the prophet of God declares the day of the Lord is great and very terrible and who can abide it who shall stand when he appeared who is of purer eyes than to behold evil and cannot look on iniquity to them that cry my god we know thee neither transgressed his covenant and hastened after another god hiding iniquity in their hearts and loving the pars of unrighteousness to these the day of the Lord is darkness and not light even very dark and no brightness in it it shall come to pass at that time saith the Lord that I will search Jerusalem with candles and punished the men that are settled upon their leaves that say in their heart the Lord will not do good neither will he do evil I will punish the world to their evil and the wicked for their iniquity and i will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease and I will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them their goods shall become a booty and their houses a desolation let's pray our Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy it's my hope and prayer Lord that the millerite history your reform line that we're all familiar with is beginning to take shape and beginning to become clearer in our minds not so much the dates and the way marks are attached to them but different thoughts different ideas different concepts that have significance to us here at the end of the world we ask him pray Lord for continued guidance and direction in Jesus's name Amen