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oh man we're in GC 308 paragraph 1 you don't have to turn there at the moment and from that passage it took us to the book of Joel took us to the Year 721 and in the book of Joel we had a just a cursory overview of chapter 1 then going into chapter 2 and when we got to chapter 2 went to verses 18 to 20 where there's this restoration that God's promising and also punishment upon the northern army and when we looked at this with seeing that there is this structure that we have from an asset enjoy a kindred from Joey akin to Cyrus we had these two 70 year periods where there's captivity and repentance being offered to people and I'm suggesting that if you fully repent in the first portion from a NASA to Joakim you won't have to suffer the second and once you pass that line and you're into the second seventy year then you're going to go right to the end of that and then there's going to be this restoration from verses 18 to 20 I just want to read from prophets and Kings page 407 paragraph 1 his chapter 34 Jeremiah has any we would have access to that I can see this is a PK 4 0 7 407 paragraph 1 it's basically the the chapter that sealing with the Ministry of Jeremiah now if we would look at this chapter and chapter 35 approaching doom its Delia go as I say dealing with the Ministry of Jeremiah and explains some of the statements that he makes so we're not going to read everything from here but I just want to pick up some some points highlight some issues paragraph 1 among those who had hoped for a permanent spiritual revival as the result of the Reformation and the Josiah was Jeremiah called of God to the prophetic office while still a youth in the thirteenth year of Josiah's reign and he went to the Book of Jeremiah and went to the first couple of verses he would explain this he'd show you where he begins his prophetic ministry so we're going to go down a couple of paragraphs dropping down to 408 paragraph 1 for 40 years Jeremiah was to stand before the nation as a witness for truth and righteousness in the time of unparalleled apostasy he was to exemplify in life and character the worship of the only true God so it gives lengthen his ministry tells you when it starts 13th year of Josiah and if you went to the first few verses in Jeremiah chapter 1 it tells you his ministries on the Josiah Joey Kim and Zedekiah dropping down a few more paragraphs so we'll go to the next paragraph 408 paragraph 2 was the right paragraph - yeah admit the general ruin into which the nation was rapidly passing Jeremiah was often permitted to look beyond the distressing scenes of the present to the glorious prospects of the future when God's people should be ransomed from the land of the enemy and planted again in Zion he foresaw the time when the Lord would renew his covenant relationship with them their soul shall be as a watered garden and they shall not sorrow anymore at all right 31 verse 12 so by this time here we're into the reign of Jehoiakim of his call to the prophetic mission Jeremiah himself wrote the Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth the Lord said unto me behold I've put my words in thy mouth see I had this day set the over the nation's and over the kingdom's to root out to pull down and to destroy to throw down to build and to plant she then comments on this last part of the verse thank God for the words to build and to plant by these words Jeremiah was assured that the Lord's purpose to restore and to heal which is where we've picked up in Joel chapter 2 verses 18 to 20 this art concept that he's going to restore and to heal his people next paragraph this is for a nine paragraph three as a wise masterbuilder Jeremiah at the very beginning of his life works ought to encourage the men of Judah to lay the foundations of their spiritual life brawlin deep by making thorough work of repentance long had they been building with material likened by the Apostle Paul to wood hay and stubble and by jeremiah himself to dross coach jeremiah 613 now they were urged to begin building wisely and for eternity casting aside the rubbish of apostasy and unbelief and using this foundation material the pure gold the refined silver the precious stones faith and obedience and good works by which which through which alone are acceptable in the sight of a holy God through Jeremiah the word of the Lord to his people was returned now backsliding Israel and I will not cause my anger to fall upon you for I am merciful saith the Lord and I will not keep anger forever I only acknowledge tiny liqui tea that thou hast transgressed against the LORD thy God turn O backsliding children saith the Lord for I am married unto you thou shalt call me my father and shall not turn away from me return you backsliding children and I will heal your backslidings in addition to these wonderful pleadings the Lord gave his earring people the very words with which they might turn to him so he's saying this is what you should be saying to me he's actually tells them what they should be communicated to him and this is verses 22 to 25 from chapter 3 next paragraph the reformer under Josiah so the Reformation on the ditch thought Josiah had cleansed the land of the idolatrous shrines but the hearts of the multitude had not been transformed the seeds of truth that had sprung up and given promise of an abundant harvest had been choked by thorns another such backsliding would be fatal and the Lord sought to arouse the nation to a realization of their danger only as they should prove loyal to Jehovah could they hope to the divine favour and prosperity so she mentions Josiah just like I had dealt with the apostasy in the land but the people's heart had not changed so is a superficial Reformation so this Reformation here we've got Jehovah Kim with Marx Ammon and Josiah Josiah basically takes us to the end of this seventy years and then we could depend on where we're going to mark our joy Kim's ascension or the third year but if we were to mark Josiah as the last portion of this history she's marking the fact that it says another such backsliding would be fatal and that's this backsliding that's going to go from Joey came to Zedekiah it's a fatal backsliding and Lord talked to a Rosen nation to a realization of their danger next paragraph Jeremiah called their attention repeatedly to the counsels given in Deuteronomy more than any of the prophets he emphasized the teachings of the Mosaic law and showed how these might bring the high spiritual blessing to the nation into every individual heart and so nationally quote Jeremiah 6:16 ask for the old paths where is the good way and walk therein he pleaded and ye shall find rest for your souls so the old paths Jeremiah 6:16 what are the old paths mister Sue Ellen what are the old paths so the old part of the things that are on these charts by the grave so he finished sorry for the grain the old past the Reformation under Josiah sister Cathy okay I'll leave the counters under duty given in Deuteronomy brother Deuteronomy is a repeat of what he said of what Moses had spoken earlier so what are the old paths then okay so that was just that as I read through Deuteronomy you know it mentions that as Moses is not allowed to cross into Canaan he's going to repeat what has already been shared and so some of the words and Deuteronomy aren't different but it's a repeat of what he's already taught and shared with the children of Israel because like you have the Ten Commandments again and Deuteronomy but they weren't just given that the teachings of the Mosaic law the teachings of the Mosaic law I guess it's the it's a gradual certain I'll take a look I was thinking in particular like 25 20 in not keeping the service minutes smells awesome 25 point well didn't I isn't the rebellion the result of not keeping the not keeping the elese under this at the yearly service okay I'll tell you all now you get your clarification what you meant by 25 2000 just mean think that connection back to not keeping the rest okay sister bombing were they on the path previously and what is that path what we're reading what Ellen White's context is Ellen you have the passion in front of you a cuisine okay we're in 411 paragraph 2 also a paragraph why no miss you 411 paragraph 1 you should know that one it's for one one yeah and you lost your way or for one one yeah so it begins Jeremiah everything Jeremiah called their attention repeating to the council given in Deuteronomy more than any other the part of the prophets he emphasized the teachings of the Mosaic law and showed how these might bring the high spiritual blessing to the nation and to every individual heart did you quote Jeremiah 6:16 so she's making the connection that Jeremiah 6:16 these old paths she's saying that it's basically the law of Moses and they glow every all these writings essentially I guess okay with that so sorry and so that again and the Prophet where'd you say under prophet okay when it says more than the other prophets who's that referring to when she says more than more than any of the other prophets he who stir he that's more than the other prophets Jeremiah so they have all the prophets that came after Moses the one that pays more attention to the law of Moses is Jeremiah malt and all the other people that that came out and Deuteronomy is a book of reviews we could call it that so remote this is about to part from the people it's going to give a review of all of God's leadings is that how you would see it brother James is that the point you're making yes yeah and obviously in that review these things that are identified that aren't in some of the earlier books we don't actually see that information it's either clarified or it's it's not it's not new information but it's given for the first time there's things that aren't identified which is why you to focus on Deuteronomy I guess if you look a few few paragraphs up from where you're actually reading in like four oh nine point three it says as a wise masterbuilder Jeremiah at the very beginning of his life works taught to encourage the men of Judah to lay the foundation of their spiritual life broad and deep by making a thorough work of repentance decreed that passage when I read it right yeah we could go to that one but point you with 22 might the point I'm making me to talk about the old paths there's a thorough work of repentance and building building on the rock spiritual Rock I know you're trying to find out exactly what the old path is in this context it's not to say that sister sue Ellen's answer was wrong when we think about ourselves at least I go to the old pastor we make an application to these charts she wanted us to see what how Ellen White is viewing that so we'll make it clear this is how well then why is viewing that doesn't mean that's how Jeremiah is viewing that he may have made something different when he said old paths well then why is identifying that from her analysis it's talking about Deuteronomy I'm not saying it's not that Jeremiah may have had something some other symbology in his mind when he was thinking now okay the next paragraph on one occasion by command of the Lord the Prophet took his position at one of the principal entrances to the city and the urged the importance of keeping the holy sabbath the inhabitants of jerusalem were in danger of losing sight of the sanctity of the sabbath and they were solemnly warned against following their secular pursuits on that day a blessing was promised on condition of obedience prudential ii hearken unto me the Lord declared and Howlin Willis at the Sabbath day to do no work therein then shall they enter into the gates of this city kings and princes sitting upon the throne of David riding in chariots and on horses and their princes the men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem and it's the last part and this city shall remain forever so we've got Jeremiah making this statement chapter 17 and he's saying if you keep the Sabbath Jerusalem won't be destroyed so Nebuchadnezzar is not going to come and destroy it even at this stage however the prophecy would be fulfilled there was a promise that it wouldn't have the destruction wouldn't happen this promise of prosperity as the reward of allegiance was accounted by a prophecy of the terrible judgments that would befall the city Sheila's inhabitants proved disloyal to God in his law the abominations to obey through admonitions if the admonitions to obey the Lord God of their fathers and to hallow his Sabbath were not heeded the city and its palaces would be utterly destroyed by fire thus the Prophet stood firmly for the sound principles of right living so clearly outlined in the book of the Lord autonomy but the conditions will prevail but the conditions prevailing in the land of Judah were such that only by the most decided measures could a change for the better be brought about therefore he laboured most earnestly in behalf of the impenitent then she quotes Jeremiah chapter 4 verse 3 and verse 14 and Jeremiah 3-4 is a passage that we use quite often and brother Daniel I was speaking about this earlier about Jeremiah 3 for in connection with the Hosea 10:12 and the necessity of really understanding how the agricultural model that we use needs to be really well understood but by the great mass of the people the court repentance and Reformation was unheeded since the death of Good King Josiah those who ruled the nation had been proving untrue to their trust and had been leading many astray Joe Hoya has deposed by the interference of the king of Egypt had been followed by Jehovah Kim and an older son of Josiah now he mentions jaha has like he you know did some sort of great thing but he's only been around for a couple of months is only there for three months he doesn't really ever chance to even do anything so it's Joakim that really is going to be the person that's been identified here he's an older son of Josiah from the beginning of Joey Kim's reign Jeremiah had little hope of saving his beloved land from destruction the people from captivity yet he was not permitted to remain silent while utter ruin threatened the kingdom those who had remained loyal to God must be encouraged to persevere in right doing and sinners must if possible be induced to turn from iniquity so we're in the second seventy and even now there's still hope for the people the crisis demanded the public and far-reaching effort jeremiah was commanded by the law to stand in the corner of the temple and speak to all the people of judah who might pass in and out from the messages given him he must diminish not a word that sinners in Zion might have the fullest possibility possible opportunity to hearken and to turn from their evil ways the Prophet obeyed he stood at the gate in the gate of the Lord's house and there lifted his voice in warning and entreaty and the inspiration of the Almighty he declared and she's going to quote Jeremiah chapter 7 gonna quote five verses and essentially well I'll just read part of the it says trust not in line words saying the temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord are these what does that mean when he's saying don't say the temple of the Lord the Temple or temple or three - what is he talking about but the Larry to those who say Israel I'm a Seventh day Adventist I'm saved I'm saying okay where have we read this concept before the temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord where we read that in class or we didn't read this passage off isn't obviously another passage that said that yeah yeah sister Rachel Matthew 24 the disciples say to Jesus cuz he says your house is desolate it's gonna be destroyed and what did they say the temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord what does that statement mean brother Bobby had your handout my answer applies now but I was gonna say if they were trusting in the in just the act of going through the motions of doing the service but their heart wasn't in it they were they were knowing though that they were pointing to Christ they were just going through through the motions so to speak mm-hmm Bobby J this is God's house it can't be destroyed yeah I think that's what it means you know however bad it gets we're the only church if he would the destroy us what hope would there be he's not about to let this place get wrecked because his temple has to stand for attorneys he doesn't it I mean that's all the promises that they've had and it's the same issue the same problem that the disciples had so come back to our passage for one three paragraph three the unwillingness of the law to chastise is here vividly shown he stays his judgments that he might plead with the impenitent he who exercised his loving-kindness judgment and righteousness and the earth yearns over reserving children in every possible way so in every way possible he seeks to teach them the way of life everlasting he brought these lights out of bondage that they might serve Him the only true and living God though they had wandered long in idolatry and had slighted his warnings yet he now declares his willingness to defer chastisement and grant yet another opportunity for repentance another opportunity so you must have had one before and I'm suggesting this was in these first time period from an asset to Joey Kim he makes plain the fact that only by the most thorough ha for a heart Reformation could the impending doom be averted in vain would be the trust they might place in the temple and its services rites and ceremonies could not alone could not atone for sin notwithstanding their claim to be the chosen people of God Reformation of heart and of the life practice alone could save them from the inevitable result can of continued transgression so that last part I think that's what brother James was saying can we can see that there thus it was that in the cities of Judah in the streets of Jerusalem the message of Jeremiah to Judah was he the words of this covenant the plain precepts of Jehovah as recorded in the sacred scriptures and do them and this is the message he proclaimed as he stood in the temple courts at the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim if you have an opportunity if you read through these two chapters 34 and 35 you'll see that even at this late stage there is this opportunity for them to avert the destruction of this of the temple of the city but remember they're already in bondage to Babylon at this stage because it's the Babylonians who have placed to wake him even on the throne and they're really just a puppet nation he's a puppet King just second if there's anything more I just read a couple more paragraphs for one five paragraph one the time had come for deep heart surgeon while Josiah had been there ruling the people had had some ground for hope but no longer could he intercede in their behalf for he had fallen in battle the sins of the nation was such that the time for intercession had all but passed by though Moses and Samuel stood before me the Lord declared yet my mind could not be toward this people cast them out of my sight and let them go forth and it shall come to pass if they say unto thee whither shall we go then thou shalt tell them thus saith the Lord such as after death to death and such as are for the sword to the sword and such as are for the famine to the famine and such as are for the captivity to the captivity a refusal to heed the invitation of Mercy that God was now offering would bring upon the impenitent nation judgment the judgments that have befallen the Northern Kingdom of Israel over a century before the message to them now was if you will not hearken to me to walk in my law which I have set before you to ha into the words of my servants the prophets whom I sent unto you both rising up early and sending them but she have not hearkened and then will I make this house like Shiloh and will make this city a curse to all the nations on the earth sister Cathy watts Shiloh what does he mean I'll make this house like Shiloh we will amp a question next paragraph dosa stood in the temple court listening to Jeremiah's discord understood clearly this reference to Shylock and I'm suggesting we should've because we've been paying all this history into our history we should know what Schuyler was and to the time in the days of Eli when the Philistines had overcome ease or and then carried the way to art of the Testament it was familiar with that story so that's what he's referring to it's the sin of Eli the sin of the leadership of the church it's going to call the destruction and she explains this later on okay so I'm gonna stop there she does go on if you read through and you can explain that there is this idea on this concept that they can have this we pre that Jerusalem isn't going to be destroyed any thoughts or any questions okay let's just finish this section off let's go back to Joel chapter 2 Joel chapter 2 verses 18 to 20 we know that they don't listen we know they're going to go into captivity and we know that they're going to come out I'm going to come back out of captivity so that's how we're going to look at these three verses then will the Lord be jealous for his land and pity his people 19 yea the Lord will answer in Sion tease people behold I will send you corn and wine and oil and ye shall be satisfied therewith and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen when they get restored but he's gonna deal with the northern army verse 20 but I will remove far off from you northern army and we'll drive them into a land barren and desolate with his face toward the EC and he's hind a part of all the utmost thing he stinks shall come up and he's he'll saver shall come up because he has done great things so this northern army who is this northern army in the book of Joel where do we see this northern army I'm not trying to identify it historically but in the in the book of Joel where do we see this northern army identify so we're in verse 20 we started backing up nineteen eighteen etc first place if you had a computer you could just type in the word army in verse twenty army is supplied I do appreciate that boots is northern it's intentionally they're going to tell you it's the army it's anybody doing that yeah which first you gonna get to so we're going to go back to verse 11 so if you just went back it be verse eleven and they says and the Lord child after his voice before his army for his camp is very great for he is strong that executed his word for the day of the Lord is great and very terrible and who can abide it so I'm saying the army in verse eleven is this northern army understand it's the supplied word in verse 20 and verse eleven is connected all the way to verse three he's the destruction of Jerusalem and if you were to go back to Joel chapter one and you looked at the very insects you can see there's this progressive describe destruction that's happening and then it's going to culminate in chapter two the destruction of Jerusalem by his army which is God's army and then in verse 20 it talks about the destruction of the army and we okay with that sequence yeah there's this progressive work of the army identified as insects then it's switches to a literal army if you like who are basically immortal it seems to infer when you're read from verse Street so we love you know whenever you did to them they're just going to keep on coming at you they're not going to stop you just can't haunt them and they're identified his army then in verse twenty after the restoration he'll deal with their army and we've explained how that operates because of this self exhortation through okay with just that concept so who is this army who'd we say this army is brother James a Syria anyone else it's the test okay why would she say babbling you say Syria Sumerian 21 okay so it's the Assyrians that doing the work in 721 we identified that at the top right hand corner Jeremiah 50 verse 17 first the Assyrians then then you could dresser since the test way says Babylon so this is predictive it's not happened it's predicted of what will happen and chapter through 2 verses 3 to 11 this arm it's going to destroy Jerusalem is good is is gonna be a future event it's gonna be the second part of Jeremiah 50 17 which becomes Babylon and verse 20 calls it the northern army so therefore we identify as king of the north he said this is the king of the north are we all okay with that he's the king of the north I'm not sure if how many of us are familiar or even in the movement at the time where this became a controversy this book about who these insects were what this army was I guess a lot of us were some of us weren't and the controversy was who is being identified here is it Islam or is it Babylon that would be the argument we're going to I shouldn't say Babylon I should say the papers looking to the north because Islam is not even in this story obviously we know we know that isn't doesn't really even exist here so that was an application so is it the papacy through its military might or is the Islam that's coming to do this work of destruction and you pay on how you're going to run those symbols through you come up with different answers so I think what I would say the take-home lesson for that controversy is you need to be really careful about proof texting proof texting there's a rule but it can be easily abused and misused and I think sister a little testify our last school to the Prophet back in France we saw this over and over again when you proof text how easy it is to come to the wrong answer it's really easy to do that and I think it was that wasn't the only issue that we that we had four years ago even it'll be longer than that but it was one of the things that drove a wedge between brethren is how do we use those rules it seems kind of like a minor issue really but it really wasn't it's all about the methodology that we use in so is that it was an argument about methodology so just because some accesed doesn't mean locus equals Islam you have to take things contention alee any questions okay so let's look at verse 20 but I will remove of far-off from you the northern army and sister Brahman if you can remind us how you're going to paraphrase that portion and we're back captors I don't know how I said it have another go there they'll let me cry me with any words do it from scratch captors of the so we're going to take the captors away from you so yep and where are the captors with then and where are they so some people saying this was Babylon and some people saying this was Jerusalem or Judea so I don't if there's consensus they may not be because we haven't we didn't come back to it does any is anybody saying Babylon and we are real saying if this is Judea Stroke Jerusalem its Israel is the Israel or is it the country of Babylon that that's been identified here because this was this was the discussion about is this land barren or is it not barren and I took us to Joe to Habakkuk 1 6 and saying yeah at one level the land's gonna be barren because it's gonna be under arrest for 70 years you can have 70 years of Sabbath rest but the Babylonians still hold are still dwelling in that place it says that in back at 1:6 and so they're parked here over Israel even if they're not living there literally and now they're going to be ejected are we okay with that concept the Babylonians the king of the north are going to be ejected from Israel first 20 is the key verse when you want to start trying to decipher who this army is whether it's Islam or whether it's the papacy with an endtime application so I'm going to remove far off from you the northern army so the northern army year in your land and I'm going to move them up I'm going to drive him into a land that's barren and desolate into some kind of wilderness place with his face toward the East Sea and his hind apart hind apart with his back toward the utmost sea okay so we'll stop there so we've got geography here can you see the geography we've got two seas and it's the land of Israel so my artistic skills not very good so this is the coast of Israel and so this is my schematic of Israel a lot of people just laughing it it's good okay so what's this then because it's lovely eyes helping you look at that they always say that the cup will always consult with each other teamwork yeah I don't ride okay so the answer is good see anything the graphics work then yeah so this is a sea of galilee and this one would be the Dead Sea or the salt sea and this would be just be the Jordan and then this would be this would be the Mediterranean so there are a number of famous localities across Israel where we might focus our attention on but if we come back to the verse it says I will drive him into a barren land a desolate place so if you're here in Israel and you're going to be driven into a barren land where would you be driven to it could not be it could not be in the West could it because you'd be driven into the sea so South just so you're pointing down so it could be south it's it's a Sinai Peninsula it's pretty barren there so you can be driven that way could you be driven up here it's not barren up here is it no this is this is fertile land what's up here Lebanon Turkey outlets Syria this is where Abraham used to live the first trial that's right yep we're okay with that this is the Euphrates is gonna come up here somewhere so it will be up here what about here pretty barren over here yeah so when we talk about the king of the North Babylon where is Babylon geographically from Israel sister Bronwyn North okay so we automatically think it's north brother James so Babylon is actually east not north of that not north of the land and the reason why it's called the king of the north is because they have to come and drop down from the north because of this desert here they can't cross the desert if you can't take an army with you so I will drive him into a barrel and he's either gonna go east or south with his face toward the east and his hind a part to all the utmost see so here he is he's I just put an eye he's looking eastward okay with that and here he is and I'll put his eye here so he's looking this way and his backs toward the Mediterranean Sea and he's facing toward an eastern sea so he said if he's facing toward the eastern sea where is he going to be driven back to not South but East are we okay with that yeah so we'll cross that one out and this is the one that he's going to be driven into it's gonna be driven into I guess you call this the Arabian desert put it on what kind of name you want to give it so he talks about in eastern sea how many seas have we got in the East the Gulf of Aqaba I'd say from one of these two yeah it's one of these two seats because he's in the land of Israel and he's pointing to what he's looking at one of the seas in the east and he's going to be driven into this desert because the sea that you're referring to would be over here which would be after the barren place yeah so he's over here or he's here okay with that so I put I'll put his face here he's either looking at this sea or he's either looking at this seedy sea of galilee or the Dead Sea one of these that's where he's located in two parts of the land one of those two we okay with that it's hind a part toward the utmost see the Mediterranean Sea then it says and he stinks shall come up and his eel saber shall come up because he has done great things what great things has he done who's the he so this is Babylon the Babylon is the hey and he's and he's going to be killed because he killed the Assyrians okay so he's going to be killed because he's done great things self-exaltation he claimed that he did great things he exalted himself and so he's going to be punished are we okay with that Bob loves about to be punished and Babylon is in the Land of Israel and he's about to be ejected and we know where he's standing yep he's either standing here already standing here one of the two so if we go then we'd have to go to the geography a bit more so if you're on here where would you be standing where would be the important place now we'll go to this one first where's the important place that you'd be standing if you were if you could span and you could see this see here in front of you and this one at the back and the important place in Bible prophecy in Galilee which part of like just any rain like Galilee right Nazareth you say okay anyone so if you check your geography you'll see that there's a mountain here on the coast remotely nice this is Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel is connected to what made your prophetic event that we understand the application right application not the history this is the hill of Megiddo or Armour Armageddon so you can but you can develop a good argument that Armageddon is here okay what about here and the important places between Mediterranean and the Dead Sea this is Jerusalem another mountain we could call it Mount Zion Mount Moriah depend on what you want to go for a bride just put Jerusalem so where is Babylon standing would he be here at Mount Carmel or wouldn't be here at Jerusalem be here at Jerusalem how do you know be there at Jerusalem you know he's trying to be the king on the sides of the north okay so he's here in Jerusalem just at a basic level because this is the capital of the land he won he wants to take the capital so this he we'd place himself you can make an application here but this is Ruth this is the capital so this is where you'd want to be put in his place okay so you want to say here is the merrier I thought it was somewhere over here who says who says not here okay right here yeah in the middle okay okay we'll go with Jerusalem here so where is this northern army standing since the bombing you said standing in Jerusalem so here's Harry standing so I'll put you here this is Jerusalem and you're saying this is Daniel 11:45 we'll put that we're going to make an application so runs through that verse then geographically no did you've got the verse 45 and you've got your job where if you set up so you just get the verse and just run us through the verse and tell us where he is okay so what's that where if you plant something okay so you're going to set something so I'll put up I just put a flagpole I know it's not as if what flag post he's going to get your flag pole then what okay where between which seas so between the Seas between this C and this C okay so here he is he's in Jerusalem in the glorious holy mountain between two seas and he's planting his tabernacle there I just brought these back for notes talked about Tabernacles of his palace Church of state and all of that but he's planting his standards here he's he's the sign that he's in control here in the glorious holy mountain between the two seas so when he does that that's where he's standing in verse twenty two twenty to be destroyed from there and he says the same thing he Danny 11:45 so are we okay that Joel chapter 2 in its literal application he's got control of Jerusalem and he's going to it's going to be he's gonna relinquish control he's going to be taken from him then back to God's people and he's gonna be thrown out and he's gonna die somewhere in this world Ernest they will make an application of that she's Daniel m/45 he's planting his standards between two seas and the glorious holy mountain yep okay with that any questions oh is that relatively straightforward on so you're saying he is in Jerusalem and he's gonna move away from that truck place with his face or the see he's looking at he's he said he's looking here he's looking this direction and he's gonna be thrown out of the glorious holy mountain into this desert place to come to his end to die I thought he was going to be taken to a place where which place would he be taken to if you go back to the natural story he came here of his own volition nobody brought him there and just reading the the natural geography of the land it's the only place that you could be standing between two seas one towards the east and this utmost here to the left we were I mean we're not even going into these verses in any detail we know we're not looking at the Hebrew and seeing the definitions of all of this is just a basic geographical thing so to me this is the place where you would be s he's gonna be moved from here taking off somewhere else yes verse 45 says he's gonna come to his end why he's made while he's here I was gonna come to his end standing between two two seas and in Joel it says he's going to be ejected from that place and the place is going to be ejected - is this desert place over here if everybody's okay with that all question look they stink what he's done reputation when you burn him maybe the it's not a sweet odor I don't know yeah it's that it's the it's the rottenness of you smell this he's dying which is which is not anything pleasant but Bob there's a slight digression just as a point you had mentioned you said it so quick I didn't write it down when you're referring to Mount Carmel is being wonderful place you thought you might have been standing I mentioned Mount Carmel and then you refer to it as something else okay good so I was a bit tricky there Carlo is not technically the hill of Megiddo there's a a plateau there where there was a fortress which was on the hill of Megiddo but it's all located in this area Megiddo is the place where you do battle there's a flat plain there where where the armies would meet to fight and Armageddon means the hill of Megiddo and I'm just making the application that there's a fight here we know this is Revelation 13 this is this is where Josiah dies there's lots of things that are happening here so there's that there's this double application depending on the story that you want to run through you want to talk about your Elisha you'd have to come up here but if you're talking about daily level 45 you're going to come down here so it's just an it's just two different symbols have the same application at the alien when I say the same application they're going to it's about the same battle Battle of Armageddon so the Battle of Armageddon technique he has to happen here but he's standing here okay so we've looked at prophets and kings I didn't want to go back into that anymore it would be nice if you have a chance to read chapter 34 in chapter 35 just to see in fact even after 36 and 37 he's got Jeremiah the approaching doom which is the destruction the last king of Judah Zedekiah then they're carried into Babylonian captivity chapter 37 that deals with great controversy three-hour weights paragraph one where she introduces the story of Joel and all we did was I just wanted us to give up give us a sort of a brief overview of the book of Joel how would we or how we how we'd approach it and what some of those symbols mean and then we can tie back the book of Joel straight into Daniel 11:45 so the king of the north is in the glorious holy mountain it stands between two seas and he's gonna come to his end their sister Elissa from the smell 6:31 talks about making the city's waste bringing your sanctuary into desolation and I will not smell the Savior 2631 so that's just thought that I was having when it says you're going to get this stink is when he's going to be destroyed by fire that unlike a sacrifice when you burn that fat it's a swift look as we savor to the Lord but when he gets burned it's not a sweet savour it's anybody got any questions anything that I thought I'd say is not clear the probably lots of things that aren't clear isaiah 324 it was three four it was sorry 3:20 after I was in the wrong book Isaiah 324 and I read from 33 the glasses and the fine linen and the hoods and the vowels they shall come to pass that instead of a sweet smell there shall be sting and he said of a girdle a rent instead of well set hair baldness instead of a stomach a girding of sackcloth a stomach ax and girding of sack cloth and burning instead of beauty so this instead of a sweet smell there shall be a stink so when you offer these sacrifices god's gonna find it repulsive so i think it has that imagery about his think is because he's gonna be sacrificed and that sacrifice won't be found acceptable by god it's rejected I love you sense those the last reference we great controversy 3 0 8.1 that was the one that we we launched into the book of Joel we brother Daniel but where's that one the beginning of the verse which was it is in Jerusalem isn't it ok so the Bible is saying I will remove far off from you and love ya and I will put a blog in another place yeah so if Babylon is already Jerusalem how that's gonna remove Adam from Jerusalem and burn Babylon in Jerusalem that's what I'm not gay sister Tate's sorry I was thinking the same way you thinking the same thing as him okay so how you reading this verse I'll go with sister test does she agrees with you God is saying that he's going to remove the king of the noise drive from weight so if the king of noses in Jerusalem is going to remove him from Jerusalem to wear okay are you reading it that way but okay lots of places for Bible I found that the Bible you know will say one thing and it kind of jumps back and forth for whatever reason the Lord has so so the way that I was looking at this verse it says and I'll put it in the way that I would write it but obviously I will remove far off from you the northern army with his face towards the EC in descender Park toward the utmost City and will drive him into a land barren and desolate and his thing shall come up in his little saver shotgun because done gravely there you go this takes a bit of rewording sorry now I mean I didn't mean that even funny Lee I'm saying seriously I mean in a serious way I'm not going to inject just takes a bit of rewording you just have to reword put the words in the different order and it all works out fine probably James says we can sister Bromley and then if we skip like he said that and it'll drive him in and we just skip that then it goes through this three body parts so you could do that just based on how you diagram they say this guy has these three body parts here so they're going to be facing and they go back it would allow you to with how the sentence is set up it talks about space it talks about its backside it talks about the stink of those things so those three things that are almost separate from where he's going to be driven it's like here's the northern army here's how we standing here's what he looks like here's his smell and here's where it's going to be like maybe enough yep I can't gonna move on if we're I know you're not okay I get I get that okay go back to GC 308 paragraph two Christ had bidden his people watch us or have maybe a bit quick 308 point to Christ had witnessed people watch for the signs of his Advent and rejoice as they should behold the tokens of his coming king so when we were looking before before at signs and tokens and if you remember that comment 303 I think it was three or four paragraph one when it talks about the signs and the tokens and if you remember sister Bronwyn said actually he said as you're struggling with that paragraph 304 just jump down to 309 any tags them together and it's any it's self-explanatory so that's where we've got to now Christ had been these people watch for the signs of his Advent and rejoices they should behold the tokens of his coming sakes the signs and the tokens when these things begin to come to pass he said then look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh he pointed his followers to the budding trees of spring and said when they now shoot forth ye see and know of yourselves that summer is now nigh at hand so likewise ye when you see these things come to pass know that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand Luke 21:28 30 and 31 any comment but it's bulb my comment is if you look at their counsel to spout it far as the direction they're gonna face they're gonna be facing upward looking for their their Redemption the contrast of a war we were just that the king of the north was set in the direction he was going to face knowing he was going into the wood going into the desert which was on the other side over Jerusalem was this is a contrast did you say that again yeah if you look at what this passage you were brought to now is saying is that God people are instructed to look in the direction that their redemption comes from okay okay in contrast to king of the north who is pointed in the direction that he's going to be going to and it's under the deserts on the other side of Jerusalem okay anyone else let's just go to go to Luke so I'm always used to going to Matthew so go to Luke 21 we'll go to 27 21 27 which is the verse before now I'll go back to verse 25 and there shall be signs in the Sun and in the moon and in the Stars and upon the earth distress of Nations with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven of heaven shall be shaken and then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory then she quoted 28 and when these things begin to come to pass then look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh so we read 28 and then she 329 and he said unto them behold the fig tree and all the trees when they now shoot forth ye see and know of yourselves that summer is nigh at hand so likewise ye when you see these things come to pass know that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand and just wanna check something so we just read 30 and 31 I'm just checking if it's the same in Matthew and Mark it is any significant difference so I don't think there's any significant difference between any of these three passages so Christ has bring his disciples to watch for the size of his Advent and rejoice as they should behold the tokens of their coming king when these things begin to come to pass he said then look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh so they took about the budding trees of spring what things when ye see so when these things begin to come to pass he says then look up and lift up your heads what are those things that it's been referred to here this is that was Luke 20 21 28 and when these things begin to come to pass then look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh when do these things begin to come to pass but lit a Detroit brother okay she's Kwame right so the beginning of the signs at least according to this passage is going to be 1780 the Sun and the moon when these things begin to come to pass they're beginning 1780 surely mentioned about 1755 which was revelation 6 Johnny's doing that work Christ doesn't mention it here and we already identified that what made 1780 so special it was 1773 remember that so 1773 becomes the catalyst for making 1780 so special so when these things begin to come to pass 1780 then look up and lift up your heads for your Redemption draweth nigh he pointed his followers to the burning trees of spring and said we need when they now shoot forth you know and for yourselves that summer is nigh at hand so likewise when you see these things come to pass know that the kingdom of God is at hand so very familiar with this concept of the budding trees of spring I know some would say I'm not I don't know are you talking about NOLA yeah terrain that makes the tree Ranjith tablets that's the last generation okay so before we go to that let's just if we're okay that in her context she's talking about 1780 or not not hurting even Christ if you go to Rouen verse 28 and when these things begin to come to pass then look up and they look up lift up your heads for your dem shonduras tonight so it begins where okay so we're close with that so that's the dark knee and then we had the Stars and then we had what's after that 1844 anyone else distress of nations extreme verse 25 when verse 25 we've got the Sun in the moon then the stars and then the distress of nations and the distress of nations is the last part of 25 and into 26 and then 27 and then shall they see the sign till they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory so what were you saying about 27 verse 13 isn't that when your redemption is drawing nigh it is 27 not the the culmination of this not one of the signs I don't know written role but I officer read this as Daniel 7 verse 13 when Jesus in the kingdom okay yeah but you just said 27 is Christ coming in the clouds and it begins with that and then he's not saying all of the things we're pointing to 27 twenty-seven isn't one of the signs 84 in our generation 1824 and that happens you're gonna make twenty your eyes so you're gonna make 27 1844 okay yeah okay you're saying it is I think it is because after day you have nine eleven I say you thinking sorry carry on III think this is 1844 Miller right history and then you have our generation with 9/11 with the body of strings alright so the these body trays isn't even 1780 okay so 24 what's 2025 in 1780 yeah okay so you got 1780 that's one sign 1833 another sign they damn universe 27 1844 another side 28 29 30 so 29 it says that still of the last generation who and then it says that's the last generation went inside action which is unit 33 so then you've got 30 which is 911 yeah and then 31 just say 31 he said clothes and then 32 from which verse are you only going to start from verse 13 yeah I don't know me them wrong but I okay I just say you're wrong okay maybe no okay so we have a quick look at this tomorrow if you're able to read Jeremiah prophets and Kings the chapter Jeremiah come remember tap to the number it was 34 35 if you can read those full chapters least the first to 34 35 you can you get up to 37 it's good have a look at Luke 21 or Matthew 24 is the same one just want to point out one thing so he gives this prophecy or we Arkady's given a prophecy brother Daniel yeah so tell me when the prophecy ends which verse because we got up to verse sort of 3132 so where does the prophecy end 31 32 okay maybe 32 if we go back to 29 he says and he spake to them a parable so you'll just say in the parable is just a continuation of this prophecy as opposed to the parable being they're aimed or marking the end of the prophecy and I think you just said a repeat and enlarged or he says let me give you an example of how this prophecy works and then so can explain how that prophecy works if that was the case then the prophecy would be ending in 28 so we'll stop there and we'll look at that tomorrow Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness we ask and pray that you would guide and direct us in the study of your word help us to come to a correct understanding of the things that we're reading the reverse is that a problematic verses that we don't understand various ways of looking at these things and it's our hope and our prayer that we come into unity on these truths we ask and pray in Jesus his name I mean