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oh man I realize we only have a short semester and we have from I can see a mixed class some people are very familiar with the message and some people are not so familiar so what I want you to do at least to begin with and we'll see where the class takes us is to look at some introductory material and we're going to just focus on the great controversy the book and we're going to be looking at the first angels message so in your notes what you'll see are I think it's the first five references to the first angels message in the book the great controversy and all we really want to do is to read through those paragraphs to actually try to understand what the first angels message meant to the Millerites what God's design was for that message the successes and the failures that the Millerites had when they received the message and then shared it with their generation so that's that that's where the class is going at least to begin with before we begin reading so we'll be in chapter 17 and the original is page two nine nine that's where and again it's in your notes it's there's a there's a small header there the paragraph that we're looking at is GC three 11 paragraph two but the chapter begins page two nine nine before we look at the great controversy I just want to make some brief comments and we'll come back to this over and over again really to see the comparison now we know that the great controversy the 1911 version am i loud enough for everybody can you it will still hear me at the back was essentially the last book that Ellen White wrote on the subject of the great controversy and it wasn't her last book on the conflict of the AG series she had one more that was after that but when we think about the great controversy from the beginning to the end this book was the final version of that it begins in the destruction of Jerusalem the first work that you see where she's talking about the great controversy is in the book called spiritual gifts Volume one spiritualist vol 1 again is a series of articles that were put together from slightly earlier work but the earliest place I think that we pick up this content with a great controversy is 1857 just after the 1850 charts not longer after that and it was put together in a book called spiritual gifts vol 1 and and if we're familiar with the book or you've read it there's another book called story of redemption story redemption is a compilation it's not an original work and it draws heavily from spiritual gifts now the book spiritual gifts I'm pretty sure it was 1857 is around the same time as Westminster to church vol 1 test mr. Church vol 1 is a series of testimonies or articles or statements that Ellen White writes over a number of years they collated together and put into what they called vol 1 and you got to volume 9 a lot of the early material in testimonies to church volume 1 is contained in spiritual gifts vol 1 now as the years went on we know that the church lost its direction I don't know where how everybody sees the transition from Philadelphia to later SIA maybe I could ask where would we place our church coming into later seer what year did people have an idea on the Gregory to start way back in okay so most people are going to perhaps think 1844 so you said 1850s so anyone else Bob don't see the early eighties early 1850s sister Carol I just be guessing I would say probably a lot of part of the 40's or you know 18 well I know that okay maybe the late forties brother James okay it's not easy to find that the other and there aren't that many places that you're gonna find the actual statement sister Romney 1863 so it's it's a lot before 1863 and then white actually starts talking about the subject at least you can pick it up in 57 you could pick that up from test minister church volume one you see articles in 57 where she's already talking about the church being in the latest in condition I'd go for 1850 who are going to look for a date I pick 1850 as a way mark it's connected to the chart and if you're going to pick 1850 or maybe some time later at least we're in the same ballpark I'd go for 1815 anybody else got any comments on that yeah I think you can find some hints to it but prefer to get I'd be marking it with the 1850 chart without going into the details of why that is but I'm sure we can we know for certain it's in the 50s because by the time you get to the late 50s Allen why even is stating it as a matter of fact that the church is already in the latest seeing condition and spiritual gifts is written around this kind of time display the seen condition we know goes from bad to worse and by the time you get to 1888 I'm sure most of us are familiar with the at least a some level of the history that's going on in the church the fight between the leadership of the church and the two men that have been raised up Wagner and Jones I think in this movement all of us are familiar with that story and perhaps most of us are also familiar with the lead up to that story so if I were to say 1884 what would that mean to brother Clayton 1884 no idea brother Larry 1884 brother Daniel okay sister Kathy last open vision okay the last open vision so does that make sense to people they heard so Ellen White has a vision an open vision would be visions in front of people she has the first vision is it December I think 1844 it's in 18 fully formed that the years push certain I think it's December it may not be December and she has this in public in front of people and the last vision that she has that's in front of people is in 1884 and people have used the term open vision after that she continues to have visions but they people would call them say night visions she has them in private by herself people are not there when she's having those visions so why sorry why is it that she has the last vision in 1884 you'll have noticed that it's 40 years so it has these 40 years ministry and then we'd pick up the year 1888 and it won't be a coincidence that it's a 10th of that if you just want to lay out of structure I'm not trying to lay out anything significance he's just an introductory thought before we start reading the great controversy there's information there that we'd need to really dig into and understand about the relationship between the 40 and the 4 does anybody know why this is her last open vision a long white had a bad habit we can put it that way of openly criticizing people church members particularly the leadership if they were doing things wrong she would correct them and some of those private letters found their way into the public domain not by accident they weren't leaks they were done deliberately and they tended to be put into the testimonies volumes one tonight we're not we're nowhere near volume 9 at this stage but they're put into the public domain and even though they may hide the name people who knew who they were talking about and there became a resistance to her ministry and this resistant needed resistance needed to be justified the justification of the pushback against her ministry was that not everything that she wrote was inspired some of it was her opinions so if you're behaving badly it's my opinion that you're behaving badly and I could comment on that but it doesn't mean God told me that you're bad now they started off not on that track but a nun easier one for instance her relationship with her children her spouse and the communications that they may or may not have and it would be I think I don't know I'll say I think it's obvious that those statements are not inspired and she writes to her sons and says be good and I'm missing you they're not inspired statements as a prophet their statements that have been written by a mother and without looking at her ministry in that perspective I think we can get into some problems the people recognize that those people who wanted to use that as leverage against her so they started off gently and then they'd end up getting to a place where they'd instead they did bringing doubt in the minds of the people about which bits of her work were inspired and which bits are not inspired and it doesn't stop there because you know a normal person like us would say hold on she's a prophet everything that she says must be inspired and so they go one step further and what they end up doing is saying by the way you know that not everything in the Bible is inspired either and then they have to go to justify their and they actually going to print to show passages in the Bible that they believe and not inspired statements their opinions of the Bible writers so you get by the time you get to 1884 God's had enough of all of this so as a punishment or a break to the church here we draw the prophetic gift in this open setting so for those who know I think is that anybody want to add any more for those who know about that story if I miss something good so we'll put that B so it starts in Portland Maine any aims in Portland and then it just pork means open like a door okay so we'd have an open door and then I guess you're gonna say a shut door and then we can do an Alpha and Omega so there's a number of things we can say about that so essentially the churches there is without a public voice of rebuke Ellen White's ministries in the change subtly so well spoke I mentioned briefly about the book spiritual gifts it's her first work on what I would call the great controversy it begins with the fall of Satan and it ends with the second death to the end of the millennium it's not a long book but it covers essentially all the history that you need which is covered in the conflict of the AG series now our focus normally is on the great controversy and it deals with all of the highlights that you find the great controversy the 1911 Edition in this book spiritual gifts the church has gone from bad to worse as I say from 1850 we're going to speak about 1850 and the the issue of going to lay the seer as we go through our classes now before we're going to get to 1888 God is going to begin to prepare the people and I'm suggesting one of the preparatory works that he's going to put together is the certain book and what book is that I mean I know some of this material are covered in recent classes before so if you already know the answer you've already watched those classes or you're in those classes please don't answer is for those people who are new what book is he going to introduce into the church to prepare people for 1888 because that's the narrative that I want to introduce this book as that it wasn't just a random book introduced randomly into the church it was premeditated by God it's famous book early writings do you know what year obviously it's close to 1888 it's in the year 1882 so the book early writings is exactly what it says it's a collection of early material that essentially had been forgotten they put two books together experiencing views and spiritual gifts there's a supplement it's called the supplement which is an explanation of some passages that people didn't understand in the earlier works they collect these three pieces these three books essentially put them together in the book of the early writings and I'm suggesting the reason or the purpose of this book is to prepare God's people for 1888 1888 is the call for God's church to get its house in order before the Sunday loss coming any questions or comments it's experiencing views that's that that's one of the major book the other way is called supplement it was a supplement because in her early works she's not an experienced writer she doesn't have a team of copy editors there's only James White that's doing that work for her and some of her language is problematic it's difficult to understand she would say as one example I saw a time of trouble and people didn't understand what she meant by the time of trouble they thought it was what we understand the time of trouble from Daniel chapter 12 which is what your natural assumption would be and if you believed that you'd see that there was some contradictory statements that she was making so she has to go back and explain herself and said when I said time of trouble I didn't really mean time of trouble I mean a time of trouble before the time of trouble it's things like that her language isn't precise enough because she's got wide audience and people are really analyzing what her her writings are so she has to go back and put some supplements or some explanations of what she wrote by the time she gets her team of copy editors into full swing things get a lot more precise and and there's not that much explanation explaining that needs to be done because they go over that they review the material over and over again before it never gets published right it experienced some views supplement and spiritual gifts Volume one and I'm suggesting that the reason these books are being given to the church is because they've forgotten the foundational material and the leadership are no longer really doing their work and so these books are gonna serve as the tools that God's people can use to be prepared for what's about to come now that's true and I think that it is the book spiritual gifts would actually be able to prepare you for the latter rain if that if that assertion is correct and I'm arguing that it is that the purpose of these books were to prepare you for the latter rain and if that's the case then we know that the context of the ages the five books which you're a far more expanded version of spiritual gifts are also the books that are that God has designed for us for his people to prepare us for the latter rain and most of us haven't spent enough time reading those five books I know today with raffia you know harden our heels and we really people are getting nervous we don't eat as much time people think that it's perhaps a waste of time or there's not enough time to read those books and I think I'd argue otherwise that those books are essential for us to know and in fact this movement the message that we teach forces you to go and read those books over and over again but there's still so many things that we're missing from them so that's one of the reasons why we look at the great controversy just wanted to make that parallel what the reason we're looking at the great controversy is - I want a tough to encourage us it was like the forces to encourage us to review that book and to begin reading it again any questions so I'm saying which is the great controversy so that would have also been preparing people for yes yes so the great controversy doesn't begin and we know it's not 1911 in 1888 version there's an 1884 version and there's this preliminary one as I said spiritual gift so I'm suggesting that early writings is the Alpha work G C 1911 is the Omega work they're both covering the same material and when we look at any particular chapter in the great controversy it's a good idea to go back to early writings to see the differences and the similarities between those two books and how she approaches whatever subjects she's dealing with the language in early writings is a lot easier the chapters a lot smaller a lot shorter so you know we can get lost as an example and though at your fellowship you're doing chapter 40 chapter 38 39 and 40 are important for us in the time period in which we're living and sometimes you know those chapters the pages and pages long we can get lost in the detail of those chapters particularly chapter 38 and I think a really nice summary is if you were to go to spiritual gifts Volume one and see how well and why it deals with that same history and she does it in really only a few pages and when you do the back-to-back comparison you'll see the similarities and the differences and it really gives you a good anchoring of how to even approach the chapters in the great controversy I think it was mentioned yesterday even about not taking paragraphs out of context which you'd read them in context and see the flow of what she's trying to show us and I agree with that concept but on top of that looking at a parallel book and seeing how she approaches the problem then is really useful aid so if we turn to the great controversy we're on page two nine nine paragraph one it's chapter thirty-seven issue of pagination in your books are different by and large spiritual gifts vol 1 and the great controversy are in chronological order there is some overlap there are some chapters that stretch over dispensations over histories so you'd be following a sequence and then you'd go to chapter say 15 16 17 and then chapter 70 might take you back a bit but it essentially still follows on with a nice flow so there is this sometimes she does flashbacks in the chapter she'll take you back as a flash point to give you an introductory thought for that chapter and then she'd pick up again obviously when the movement realized and recognized where she does repeat and enlarged so she does that over and over again but it's not repeating in larger time addressing when I mean that she does flashbacks or that she goes back upon herself and then continues the thought I'm talking about in the in the actual narrative of the book so chapters 17 heralds of the morning so the first thing we want to do because the titles themselves are very instructive is to ask what were the heralds of the morning so before we tap we've got to there's four words there two key words what the two key words we want to look at the Herald's and the morning so what is the morning before we deal with what the Herald's are what is the morning that's being dealt with it's the simple answer nothing complicated brother Richard okay time off the darkness mr. test the time at the end the increase of like doing a put like a an event a date so we've got time at the end time we the end anyone else okay so what is it okay so we place it at the birth of Martin Luther why would we not do that brother Bob no after you said beer we will brother Jim why wouldn't we place it that far back we haven't read the chapter so he might be correct but as a first assumption why would we not do that okay brother Clayton why wouldn't we do that what he's making that connection so he someone said morning comes after darkness so you've got the dark and the light we talked about the dark ages I'm assuming that's what people are thinking the dark ages they can take you up to 1798 but there was a light that began to shine in the Protestant Reformation so he's saying maybe we could pick it up from even the Protestant Reformation that this light began to shine even though the full brightness we know that there's a period of darkness preceding the time of the end when we do a reformed line we say there's darkness and then there's the time at the end we do that so that's why people have I think said time at the end listen well actually there was light even before that so why would we not go so far back brother Tyler that's the period of darkness okay add optimist that's why he's saying president Reformation so when I ask questions they did I try to have directed questions so one is to become familiar not only with my teaching style but perhaps your own teaching style and how you would teach someone so if you remember what was the introductory thought I gave before I asked that question we went through great controversy I said early writing so I paralleled the two books I did that and then I said that the great controversy is being written in a particular style just like holy writings was and that was in chronological order and then I asked a question so we're at the Herald of the morning what would the morning be in some people said of time at the end and some people and someone that said perhaps it's talking about the Protestant Reformation and I said why wouldn't it be that so what would we be looking at we're in chapter 17 so you go to the table of contents which we probably would argue is an uninspired thing it's a construction and if you went back a few chapters you went to chapter 10 the title is progress of the Reformation in Germany ten oh sorry eleven protis at the princes the French Reformation so you can see the Reformation has already been dealt with structurally in the book now as I say we haven't read the chapter so she might be doing sort of she may do a flashback to the Protestant Reformation but the title is going to be the theme of the chapter and because she's already dealt with extensively the Protestant Reformation before this she goes to the Pilgrim Fathers so the program fathers is what it's an introductory subject to what to the heralds of the morning but what what stories a pilgrim father's about because historically what he said what is it sorry the founding of America so that it's the shifting of the story from where to where so we go from Europe to to the United States if we were going to look at that prophetically we're going from the sea to the land so she's already introducing just from the structure of the chapters where she wants to take us so The Herald of the morning we could be wrong on this because we what I want to do is I want us to try and view her thoughts see how she thinks before we actually read what she's saying how he wants to guide us and I'm suggesting that the harold's were the morning is something that's going to happen in America because so shift has now gone from Europe to the United States we're not even in 1798 yet although you could argue prophetically we may be and so that's why I would say it's not the price of Reformation her brother Gregory sorry Graham he had you had it before what were you going to say okay so if the warnings too far ahead he doesn't serve the purpose the perhaps might want it too brother Tyler okay so we've gravitated to the time of the end and now you're suggesting actually maybe not the second Advent so a time at the end maybe it's the second Advent so I'll put the time at the end and the second Advent any other peep any other thoughts of what it might be not Sunday law or anything like that no ok so we'll work with those two at the moment and there's someone's got any strong opinion so we've dealt with what the morning could be the next word is Herald what is a herald but other grains told us a Herald it so if you remind us what he's a Herald so it's a person who brings the message anyone else adds every agree I think that's not that that's correct anyone else give one give a definition so you want to say an angel so an angel is what a messenger that's what the word itself means so I put angel brother put a messenger so it's a messenger obviously who brings the message any other thoughts about heralds a harbinger so we've gone from one perhaps not difficult word but to a harbinger what is a harbinger maybe not everybody understands what a harbinger is a warning sorry to foretell okay a watchman someone had their hand up about Harold who was it okay so then you'll disagree that wouldn't the time of the end it has to be talking about me before if it's a foreteller the men would be here saying time of the ends coming with that yeah if we're going to use the words as a foreteller us what is a herald the context of Harold we know what they are personally brings a message that's correct just an hour I thought you had your hand up yes tidings today new and news okay so I'll keep with that thing because I think that covers that any other okay so now you want to introduce the concept of a king it's it's this desert there's a specific relationship about where Harold so I just put the word king it's something to do with a king so if we've started thinking about a king which what person would we think of that heralds the king in the New Testament who's that person that does that work John the Baptist yeah why would we say John the Baptist brother Gregory why would we why were you label John the Baptist what what does he do that would be this work of a herald it's the time of the coming King because he doesn't even realize Christ is Earl and he actually thinks like the rest of his nation that he's a king warrior King to come and do some work so he's a herald at that level so it's a prophecy someone says foreteller so I put it here going back to John John picks up his he's his license to preach from which book two books he uses Malakai and Isaiah I thought the Isaiah was gonna be easier when Malachi thought was gonna be the hard one so in Isaiah was his job function because in Malachi it's about not a king really is it you would identify the king in Malachi did this person who's going to be the herald who comes before what what role is that the persky's introduced he's introducing the king in malachi brit to do with the covenant so i think you could argue that he's the introducing christ as a priest in malachi even they doesn't realize it what about isaiah what's his job what's Willys pickup his role from Isaiah he's a voice crying in the wilderness what's he doing in the wilderness what is in that wilderness let's go to Isaiah 35 verse 8 well let's find out what's in the wilderness sister Bronwyn what's in the wilderness a highway so this highway that's in this wilderness it's also introduced in Isaiah chapter 40 they forget - Isaiah 40 so I'm saying John Baptist we said I'm in the wilderness and his job is to do what if we go - oh actually we didn't we let's read 35 8 and the highway shall be there and away and he shall be called the way of holiness the unclean shall not pass over it but it shall be for those the wavering men though fools shall not earth there in chapter 40 so we'll pick up from verse 3 the voice of him that cried in the wilderness this is John the Baptist and the self identify here prepare ye the way of the Lord this way is that way that path that's in the wilderness make straight in the desert that's the wilderness a highway for our God every Valley shall be exalted in every mountain and Hill shall be made low and the crooked shall be made straight and the rough places plain when Ellen White comments on this work talking about John the Baptist what imagery does she use brother James are you familiar where she talks about the worker John the Baptist and she focuses on this work about the valley and the mountains and preparing the way brother Theodore set up so we pick up this word the forerunner and what is this what's the work of the forerunner so she's gonna use this literally you've got this road it says mountains and valleys but they're really potholes and bumps and this forerunner is going to go and cut down the bumps and fill up the holes so that the ride or the travel of the King behind him is smooth I think we're all really familiar with that but maybe we just didn't remember it yeah is that that is that new to anybody that idea yeah okay I think it's indeed I raise you that she comments on that so I'm suggesting this height this idea actually know who who said King yes so I I think this idea of a king of our Herald is this person who prepares the way for the king and this is why John the Baptist thinks that Christ is a warrior king and he's about to destroy the Romans he's picking that up from this concept here I know the nation has already got these wrong ideas as well but he doesn't fully understand Malachi no one seems to understand that but evening Isaiah he doesn't understand that the work of the land yes so so yeah so we're going to move on to that trumpeter because that's what a herald normally does but I wanted just to see in different perspectives so in Malachi he's not introducing the king he's introducing the priest from Isaiah 40 and 35 it's this man who prepares the way and that preparing away is a workman he's actually going in with a shovel and he's cutting down those bumps and filling the holes in he's this workman who prepares the way and we also have this other idea now of a herald a someone who's going to blow a trumpet so there's this trumpet that's going to be blown that's going to prepare the way or let you know that the king is coming so we can pick all of that art just from the title which i think is is useful to know it's a useful exercise to do so we haven't finalized what the morning is time at the end or the second Advent just picked up this word Herald and you'll notice it's not herald in the singular it's Herald in the plural so there's more than one of them and as you go through the chapter it will see it's pretty self-explanatory what these heralds are once we see what they're heralds are we'll be able to determine what the morning is $2.99 paragraph 1 first sentence one of the most solemn and yet most glorious truths revealed in the Bible is that of Christ's second coming to complete the work or redemption who said second Advan by the way is that where you picked it up from all you just okay so once you get to a mature work like the great controversy compared to an earlier work like spiritual gifts Volume one you'll see that Ellen White because she has these experienced copy editors really follows the rules of grammar pretty well and you know when we think about an introduction the body and the conclusion she follows those rules pretty well the lead paragraph the lead sentence they follow those rules most of time pretty well and they and if you know those rules I'm really bad at grammar but if you just follow the simple rule of one two three the introduction the main body and a conclusion you can preach you'll see this you pretty much guides and directs you in how to actually read what's the difference between these three things a really simple level what sitting between an introduction in the conclusion nothing when I was at school they said tell them what you're going to say say it and then say it again so there's no difference between them all you're going to do just let people know what you're going to talk about then say it and then just summarize what you've already said so if we were to take that rule we have to be careful because we can get caught out it would appear that the morning is dealing with the second Advent just from the introductory lead sentence of the first paragraph it's the first thought that she's going to give us what would look for further evidence than just the grammar so I'm saying it appears that did she's talking about the second Advent we've got a number of other clues we know it's about the king we know that Christ when he comes in returns he's going to come as a king because if that was the second Advent just before the second Advent is Daniel 12:1 and why would we connect Daniel 12:1 with the second Advent with respect to the concept of a king so we've got Michael standing up and what happens when he stands up what does he do he check he changes his garments sister Pramod he takes all these priestly garments and puts on his garments of vengeance or he's garments as a king so a coaster of events happen we know mark this is the close of probation he changes his garments from a priest to a king and there's one more other major thing that he that pansy what else has happened about his so the costing down of the incense is connected to a similar I guess with the close of probation it has other connotations to it I was seeing about marriage this is where the the marriage is consummated it's all done and dusted now he's finally married his bride even before he gets here because we're not the bride so there's some other garments that he must be wearing I'm suggesting which wherever bridegroom's way he must be wearing some bridegroom clothes you can see that when he comes can't remember what chapter is in the in book of Revelation when he comes he's not dressed as the king is he he's resting all this white robe very similar to his bride who's also dressed in a white robe I don't know what Jews war for their marriages and if they wore the same clothes but there's a cluster of events that happened at 12:1 so the fact that we've got a herald the fact that he's now a king and the fact that she says in a first sentence that it's the most one of the most solemn er yet most glorious truths in the Bible is that of the second coming it seems to be inferred that the morning is about the second coming but we'll read on to God's pilgrim people so long left to sojourn in the region and shadow of death a precious joy inspiring hope is given in the promise that he's appearing who is the resurrection and the life to bring home again he's banished the doctrine of the second Advent is the very key note of the sacred scriptures from the day when the first pair turned their story wind steps from Eden the children of faith have waited the coming of the promised one to break the destroyest power and bring them again to the lost paradise holy men of old looked forward to the advent of the Messiah in glory as the consummation of their home Enoch are either 7th in descent from then that dwell in Eden he who for three centuries on earth walked with his God was permitted to behold from afar the coming of the deliverer behold he declared the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his Saints to execute judgment upon all the patriarch job in the night of his affliction exclaimed with unshaken trust I know that that that my Redeemer liveth and that he shall stand in the latter day upon the earth in my flesh I shall see God whom I shall see for myself and my I shall behold and not another how many times has she given how many I heard three who said three mr. three out oh he counted as we bet as I read along okay first one that's right I don't need Adam and Eve where do we pick that up from the day when the first pair turned yeah from the day when the first pattern so you are Adam and Eve next one he knocked the seventh in descent the next one the patriarch Joe in the night of his affliction okay with that so we've got those three and God's pilgrim people to gods pilgrim people so long list to sojourn in the region of shadow of death for precious joy joy inspiring hope is given in the promise of his appearing who is the resurrection and the life to bring home again he's vanished the doctrine of the second Advent is a very key note of the sacred scriptures we've included there's a fourth or not yeah so the whole paragraph is dealing with two subject the second Advent the lead sentence lead paragraph sister test you said time at the end you want to change already so I'm asking what the morning was you're saying the morning these need is pre time at the end okay so we know that the herald comes before the event itself so your place Herald and the morning so this would be the morning brother Theodore I think you said the same well originally but yeah I would change it you you want to changing that to that okay and you still want to keep it at the time of the end sorry I didn't catch it also you're saying The Herald is the time of the end and that is heralding the second Advent potato that's what I would say to you so I'll put Harel and time of the end there's this relationship like that that's what you say yeah and other people are saying the herald is the time of the end and it's heralding the second Advent anyone else left Ali I I see I'm not necessarily change my position but I definitely see some good arguments for what what sister Tess is saying with with this The Herald's are the things that point to the future thing yes you have many signs and wonders and things like that that are going to point to the time in the end or point to you know even after that you have more signs that point to the second Advent but okay so I put Harold we've got told off yesterday it should be Harold's so it wouldn't if it wouldn't just be the time to the end then would it if there's I'm assuming there must be more than one trumpet sound we're going to use the word trumpet more than what someone used word harbinger a foretelling there must be more than one thing that for tales so either we can know if we put in Harold there it's either that marks the first one but it's not the one do you agree with that can't be it can't be a singular thing second paragraph 300 point one the coming of Christ to usher in the reign of righteousness has inspired the most of Lyman impassioned utterances of the sacred writers the posts and prophets of the Bible have dwelt upon it in words with glow with words going with celestial fire so hey she's going to give some Bible passages that deal about the coming of Christ next paragraph now she's going to deal about some more she's going to use Isaiah the first one she's going to use 300 point one of the Psalms then she goes to Isaiah then she goes to her back ik so all she's doing is developing this argument about people who I'll read the sentence again 300 point one the coming of Christ that usher in the reign of rightness has inspired the most sublime and impassioned utterances of the sacred writers the poets and prophets of the Bible have dwelt upon it in words glowing with celestial fire and it's associate that all these men are going to be talking about the second Advent 300 point 301 point 1 when the Savior was about to be separated from his disciples he comforted them in their sorrow with the assurance that he would come again let not your heart be troubled in my father's house and many mansions I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself so then she switches to the story of Christ when he is about to leave she quote from John and Matthew next paragraph the angels who lingered upon all of it after Christ's ascension repeated to the disciples the promise of his return the same Jesus which was taken up from you into heaven shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven and you cos will Paul speaking by the same spirit of inspiration testified the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the Archangel and with the Trump of God says the prophet of Patmos behold he cometh with clouds in their V I shall see him so here she's quoting or referencing the angels Paul and John the Revelator 301 paragraph three before we read that one oh sure you'll read it now we pick up the words Herald so the Herald's it infers that there's more than one thing so when people are saying time at the end are we going to change that to doing this Herald in the plural beginning from the time at the end is that how you want to structure that sister-brother okay so you've got a third option so you want to do it sorry like this even before the time again I didn't obtain your logic and also the time at the end and how you can apply that you said John the battles in the wilderness and Wendy the entrance to the wilderness give a rough guess because what you've done is sneaky you've got the time at the end and you've got wilderness here I believe because that's what he's doing he's putting world in us here saying we have to have the herald here in the wilderness before the time of the end yeah when John born he's born here so you could never have been here could he he ain't into the wilderness I've known one age maybe 12 maybe when he was born because they're going to the country I think even before he's born so he's in the wilderness here you know we've put the 1216 we bring it into our reform line you've probably seen that done even if you don't know how you do that even without knowing how you do that you know that you have the license to do that why why brother Daniel I'm just saying I'm just asking you to not stomach new I just making sure that we're understanding what was your favorite okay so I think most of us if you've been in the movement for any length of time we've got the time of the end and we've got 1260 and we've said in various ways we can put a 1260 here because 1260 is a wilderness yeah and this wilderness can be considered 1260 what else seventy I put three and a half as that I'll put 126 as that Israelites leave Egypt and they yeah so it's 40 years so they're the three major ones the 1260 seventeen forty and we can easily put a forty years here so we can mark this is the wilderness so you might say well how do you do that how'd you put a wilderness after a wilderness so my question was based upon what brother Daniel said because he said what did you say okay so I did a little picture here so what's the easiest evidence that we know we can put a wilderness in this story rather than you know really really easy Robert Tyler John the very argument that you gave because Johnny's born here and as soon as he's born his parents have been I mean before he's born I think when she's impregnated they leave and they go to thee I think the hill country of Judea so they go into the wilderness and he's born in the wilderness John and he says I'm a voice in the wilderness so he identity his old ministry so identified he's been in the wilderness and you only see John here so just a really simple level you can see that so the other arguments become more sophisticated about in the midst of the week go three and a half years and you can start using arguments like that to develop a wilderness but the simple one to do is just to see John was in the wilderness he testifies to it it's a plain reading of Scripture it's not complicated we could see that okay so we're in 301 paragraph three about his coming cluster the glories of that restitution of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began next 3:21 the long continued rule of evil shall be broken the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ they shall reign forever and ever the glories of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it so I won't carry on reading is the first sentence about his coming class to the glories of that restitution of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began so he says God has spoken by the mouth of his holy prophets we've seen multiple evidences that she gave we didn't read we didn't actually read the Bible passages but over and over again these holy prophets have been speaking about what subject so cannot vineet says about his coming clustered the glories of that restitution of all things what does that phrase mean about his coming the second coming that's straightforward it's the bit that follows that so about his coming cluster the glories of that restitution of all things obviously restitution of all things it is picking up acts 3:20 once it hits into a Bible passage how do we read cluster the glories what is that so you say cluster has the connotation of rapidity rapid miss anyone else it's the groove so it's it's a group any characteristics about this group just from the word sorry they're together so it's essentially a group and in some shape or form sit there together so it could be geographically it could be conceptually so we would say that this movement is a cluster even though we're not geographically together we spread all over the world but what keeps us together is you know our belief systems our concepts or truths the things that we hold to so a clustering of the cluster of about his coming cluster the glories of that restitution of all things so what does that mean what are the glories it says cluster the glories so I do a little picture if we if we use this concept the brother Clayton just gave us so I'll do people and they've all clustered together or gather together I'll be okay with that concept and that's what clustering is yeah so what are the glories how would how do we read what concept I'm not asking you to define you know specifically what they are just conceptually what would the glories be in the context of that sentence I don't mean it in that sense he could well be but conceptually if we're going to say it says the cloth cluster the glories truths truths someone say the messages about his second about his coming it says I've added the words second about and second coming cluster the glories of that restitution of all things so would you be happy in this picture work that these are the glories is that right so if there were people coming together in this group each of one of these people would be a glory does that make sense whatever the glories are I'm not saying it's not truth I'm just saying just conceptually the way I the way I would read that is that these glories have all come together in one place or one time in some way and what are they doing what are these glories doing rather Richard about what if we're going to pick up this idea of heralds and prophecies and Watchmen having just what are they doing okay so each of these glories have come together and they're going to speak about the restitution okay about his coming cluster the glories of that restitution of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of his holy prophets so the restitution of all things what is that is that a specific specific event a way mark or what what are the restitution of all things that's right paying did you say paying through sin of pain for your sins yes okay so what is restitution mean okay so some it's gonna be restored that's not in its original condition it's going to be taken back to its original condition wherever the process of that is about his coming cluster the glories of that restitution of all things do we agree that's the second coming I keep on saying second coming so I've got second coming and then I've got the glories we okay with that the second coming in the galleries what is the what are all of the things that are being restored says restitution of all things what are the things that are being restored under some unless you read it differently I don't how we're reading that the people redeemed the earth remade the kingdoms restored brother Tyler everything everything that they said sister Bren what bromley from that big divine institution is to be restored look one other spot here that came to me is when you look at the fact that they're flustered if something had in the cluster were prior to that baby it was scattered but now they're Victor's clustering so it I think that ties in as well go from a scattering to a gathering okay so you said a lot there so this idea of clustering is a group and so you've picked up this idea that all these things that were separated have now come together these glories and someone said you said my sister what were they the glories what would you say they were truths and then brother down you picked up the first sentence in the paragraph in the chapter so we'll call it truth okay so carrying with what you said with what you said brother Bob all these things are now coming together you said a bit more than that yeah but I interrupt you prematurely perhaps yes okay so you want to pick up the concept of scattering and gathering so we can pick up that concept from this idea of clustering brother Tyler that everything kind of converges I don't know what that what does that mean effective every vision first of all ways that taken from okay so it's Ezekiel 12 maybe we'll read that I've heard the phrase sister Rachel do you know what that means effectively revision okay so I'm not the only one there together verse 22 the section begins in verse 21 Ezekiel 1222 son of man what is that proverb that she have in the Land of Israel saying the days are prolonged and every vision faileth tell them therefore thus says the Lord God I will make this proverb to cease and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel but sand to them the days are at hand and the effect of every vision you said you said I need help to do this son because my memory doesn't work that well you said this looks to me what we're reading from a great country like the effective very vision and the thinking of what you're saying is that all of these prophets these holy men from the beginning of all put their two pennies worth in and you're saying it sounds like effective every vision so I'm saying it sound like a Bible verse it's easy to twelve so saying what does that mean what do you mean by effective every vision I'm not trying to force you to use his equal twelve in in its original product but just I hope it was a Bible verse would you think would you understand that okay here's this one moment and this is Ezekiel I put one moment okay that we with access Rachel and you wanna tell you twe bein so this is singular event and the definition of a vision we can substitute the word prophecy is a prediction so there's V 3 V 2 and V 1 so there's these multiple visions that have been given and they're all targeting this one event is that what you say so it says the effect of every vision there's three of them and they're all going to go into effect so we don't know we use the word effect what word do we normally use fulfilled so all the visions going to be fulfilled here is that how Ezekiel is using that is he that's how you're using it is he's really using it that way I'll give you a choice yes or no multiple choice okay so some any knows who said no someone said no to this do you say no yes you said no how is he Zika using it okay I would argue that yes he is because this first vision who gives it you could I don't say you can then name anyone you want it sorry okay so I'll put I'll say Moses here so I put Moses then we'll put Jeremiah here and maybe we'll put Isaiah here all of these prophets are targeting one event draw talking about singular event even though we don't realize it we could put Daniel here as well as an example so all these people are targeting a singular event and that's so you're saying sounds like effective every vision okay so in this thing what is the glories so here are the glories and the glories are all going to cluster is that you say and you didn't want to make it a singular point then they wouldn't be glories or day they'd be glory singular because he says okay did you have your hand up brother zero that effect of every vision the word effect is the word the bar which means word or matter and it's just saying that all of these prophecies are going to be fulfilled and Ezekiel specifically dealing with his time the destruction of Jerusalem are you happy with that concept does that fit in with what you've just said yeah yeah that's an agreement okay so the question was going to ask that just now was what is the event and brother Theodore saying this is Jerusalem Jerusalem is going to be destroyed are we all okay with that that's what is equally speaking about whatever we want to do with that that verse we will do but that's what he means so when Moses talks about it Moses might have a spin and some kind of idea some kind of thought that is not exactly the same as Jeremiah that is not exactly same as Isaiah so as an example and I'm not don't use these these three things as examples because they're not when we talk about the destruction of Jerusalem we know it's a singular event but there's a clustering of things that are happening there aren't they so you know the simplest way you can look at it you go to Johor kim there's some kind of captivity that goes on there Daniels taken then johor york in and then Zedekiah so there's this progressive eating away of the freedoms and the rights of the people in Jerusalem and it culminates in the final destruction when they you know literally take down buildings so there's a clustering of events and perhaps Moses is focusing on one idea I there is focusing on another point or concept or casting around this singular event brother Clayton you're looking trouble the singular of glories versus glory when you were talking back there what I'm saying is whatever Moses is saying he's not saying this on the first day of the first month Nebuchadnezzar is coming and he's not saying on the 1st of the first month Nebuchadnezzar is coming they're not all saying exactly the same thing that's what I mean if they were all saying exactly the same thing there wouldn't be glories it would just be one truth and there's no clustering because they've all come it to a singular point that that's how I've understood that clustering they're all saying something slightly related to this event anyone more directly and so God said you would he would use people you'd raise up people to speak his words and they would be his words and I understand that what we're talking about here is that all of God's words that have been spoken through his prophets are gone coming to pass we haven't finalized that sentence yet we haven't finished it if you're still struggling with that so I want to just summarize will pick up in afternoon's class we're looking at the first angels message and we're going to look at it through the lens of the great controversy the first time the first angels message is mentioned these in chapter 17 we begin with being an at the beginning of the chapter and in the midst of just looking at the subject of the first angels message what I want us to do is to think about how we read how we approach inspiration so that we can come to we can begin to use better techniques about how we read what's written so that that's going to be the main idea about our classes what we've seen is just from the title it talks about the Herald's of the morning these are messengers that talk about or predict something that's about to happen we're not sure what that thing is whether it's the time of the end or the second adilyn there are more than one thing that talked about this morning we've then come to 301 paragraph 3 now talks about a clustering of glories so I'm suggesting even though I didn't say explicitly that the heralds are the clusters these cluster of things or causes of glories people are suggesting that their truths are a certain body of evidence that we're going to come together in a certain place like this and these are the things which I'm suggesting the Herald's we haven't finalized that yet and we'll try and nail that down this afternoon let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy we want to ask for a special blessing upon us as we begin our semester please direct our thoughts and our hearts and our minds to the most holy place where Jesus is ministering on our behalf as we consider Lord the great second Advent movement and how those truths are being fulfilled in their own history and how we are participating in these things we want to ask for a rich blessing upon the classes that we're going to have in the coming weeks we ask Lord that we would have an atmosphere of love and respect in this school that we would share our thoughts and our ideas one with another be with us father and bless us bless the food that we're to eat now and we ask all of these things in Jesus's name Amen