Publish Date: 3/22/2018
Speaker Name: Thabo Mtetwa
Language: English & French
Channel Group: ASOTP
YouTube Title: (03-22-18) - 126-yoCU6Wmq6hc
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hello to all people I will take these 
several classes up to the neck 
meeting I did not prepare anything I did 
prepared something specific for 
classes so what I decided 
that we would see these basics together 
studies because I look 
personally and some thought that 
I have it is that I hope to share during 
the big meeting 
so it would be nice to have 
the opportunity to decide in a 
classroom environment before it 
present themselves in the context of the committee 
that because many of his thoughts 
have not been introduced I'm watching the 
number 126 province attacks a role 
prophetic his symbols was a subject 
of controversy recently but I want 
let me recognize looking at her in the 
context to answer the arguments want 
not look at it that way but I want them 
give a lot to study for 
just look at oxo amelie will know 
so that they heard about that end 
know that if we talked about it recently 
classes are left and I know that 
some of us are initiating 
did not hear about hollister no 
match in Bordeaux or in any case 
incident know not much will be 
offer basic advice such 
that I understand them 
yes yes everything is so that we will 
work on the different points that 
I have in front of me enveitg a friend 
I have a garden I invite comments 
so many and 2520 watch 2520 begins yes 
of course we start the beginning in myself 
723 could also mark me 742 
provision of his flock 
that's where Isaiah proclaimed prophecy 
do our languages ​​and what about our 
professions since we are also 
conditional judgment code then for who 
the future on the carpet of god of course 
this is in milan 10h44 
but the end of this ensures that we 
are familiar with this case if you 
have in 1863 must kill them 
6 720 3 677 198 did you have 144 so we have 
46 years old and the 19th 
okay that's what we do 
reference as being a chiasm that has 
been in public relations since 
long time 
what we want to here but that she is a 
concept that we glean from this line 
let's see that the start of the half to 120 
heads living in the rankings to go 
the end this surprises in agreement with the 
principle that god christ is the alpha and 
he declares the end by the beginning 
months all sites in kinshasa at 
bottom of the hole what do we see who's getting 
pass in me 742 wakes up this moment 
the civil war that's what 
else here is the point and its boiling and 
other points this season - a sum 
crazy and a civil war in 740 28 
dead like it's worth for him what is it 
we mark what is branded 
others - it's a guy in two 
too early 
in Kosovo also gives patients 
all levels between who and who sees 
israel and syria m 
ok we can beat on two are seeing one 
civil war in 2008 the nov 
a message between north and south 
wendy's practices towards elected officials do not 
knows by titan confederation the name 
did our confers know the north 
being confederation wever granted with 
the kings of syria nbc wen has occurred 
but what happens with the 
2720 ​​here at 742 is almost already said yes 
for life 
it's a prophecy proclaims in its 
other favorites have proclaimed or decide 
I mean blue the language of 
unseal so by Dane Carlaw early 
parallel what but m 
because we are coming in 1863 
what are we seeing happening 
two parts will be who are the parts 
of the Civil War know and what is 
the feature identified not with the 
south of a confederation 
our colleagues received the ids ap the 
Confederate a box we are located 
which corresponds to the prophecy that one 
says this han 742 and decide a point 
none of these deaths proclaim them and one 
went on 23 Cecile and next on pc 
seals watou men here what is this 
what do we see if it is anchored in the DNA 
is in order right now and this goal 
principal is to talk about this principle 
that the laf in parallel in early October 
10.2 training is not 
news information 
yes as you file but now we 
let's come to daniel 5 
or of course there is the béchar party 
is not this a stage and in our 
study and 2 
2520 we used daniel alone 
that as a witness for the truth of 
this time prophecy as material 
1 km is theoretically never so 
the writing on the wall identified from a 
excess weight but was only a 
stuffing was removed from used measurement 
in the old world 
you have to put halak youtube thome and 
twice this is once more what 
is not new information 
I would like you to tell me watts is 
adapted its access figure corresponds to 
what is happening to 126 wave but 
but what is said but 
quatermain and shot down a menu corresponding 
and if that gives what 
melicie 53.6 kg and some roxy 
weeks inspect each bone but 50 
shekels for works be you 
ship it will give you 
information background that the 
end of life may be able to give you a 
psychic ticket a shekel it's half 
of a meticulous and from there we do 
we would convert converted according to sangara 
twenty gaza that twenty years ago gheyrat 
in a sleepy cycle this gives you 
seals what daniel identifies the 
chapter 5 and week and understand this 
that mines and measure meant the 
currencies at 120 shows the dispersion or you 
be evento but I men style stt it's 
why even if it was just 
measures that were listed here 
he supports interpret them and tell the king 
batmobile believe not to be scattered 
so we know vanilla we know that the 
figure from which we draw the 2520 
we will have 26 06 26 years old then becomes 
a symbol a symbol of the 2920 is this 
that makes sense what we see what is it 
that we see who is in the dna and 
2005 will be the return is important to you 
why are the mix but 
because a lot of guys years old and have 
in the opposite direction but mexes is since 
your but I have to be sure that today 
without concern for others I do not think 
that I pulled something to batna 
but if I do I would like to know 
sex lies the premise that the beginning 
and the end 
so sex with the name of 126 with the end 
our premises we look at the number 26 
in prophetic history 
yes if we see in different 
now when he pingping 
when a particular app perceived 
had been done 
heitinga is linked to 1888 
10 188 it was an important date in 
the prophetic story 
I would like us to incite 
the ischion the events that are 
arrived in 88 what we see very complex 
what we see happening 
answer is possible 
was she received at the mayor's 
current message was rejected 
what we call the fact that running 
what we call when someone 
project of what she did not use this 
word same and who are the parts of the 
the two leaders in France 
the conference at minneapolis of red and 
white who was giving this message to remind 
the season is saved or wang group 
come to your taste if you have one 
other face so what you see is in the 
night what do you see in 
this lecture is what they were 
united no no no but neither of spirit because this 
was not divided into several camps 
it was there were twelve when we see 
two categories 
a country where we wake up 
see two classes what is that 
the union being told I do not count the 
review of who corrida time and 
dwelling i will write the reference 
three winters 300k page 196 English serious 
from 3rd to find in this paragraph 2 1 
and 16 pounds of paris ensad not so cholet 
in the ground 
by the world from prada coming to test 
when I decided when I wanted 
minneapolis not just leave 
seniors stood near me and told me 
say no god to a work for you to 
to do in this place the people act 
according to the rebellion of korea dating 
riabi ram game move in your good 
place that those who do not have the 
light will not recognize it 
will not listen to your testimony but I 
will be with you my fat and power of 
will support it's not you he 
despise but the messengers and the message 
that I sent to my people 
they showed some but two they have 
shown from mink contempt for speech 
the lord expects to blind their 
eyes and perverts the judge of their 
judgment and unless every soul is 
repent of that sin they did 
their independence this of this 
a unsanctified penny insulting 
the spirit of god and will walk in the 
joe torre singing the candlestick out of 
their dishes from his place unless he does 
repent and be converted so that 
I heal them they have obscured their 
spiritual vision 
they do not want god to have me 
manifest his spirit and his power 
because they have a spirit of mockery and 
disgust of my word 
the lightness the jokes the jokes 
and that's his practices are practiced 
daily they did not place their 
heart to pick me up he marks a 
walk in the light of their own 
fire and unless it would be for them 
when they go to bed in pain as well 
said the lord hold on to your position of 
two voices because I am with you I do not you 
do not leave or give up ray these 
God's words I did not dare not 
and considered jumping to identify him to 
robinho in 88 parallel parallel 
with the rebellion of bullfights time 
as Brahim Ben Ali and what 
was at the heart of the Korean rebellion 
nathan and avira diallo sickly jealousy 
to the chelsea match it's foul 
jealousy is going to be like the motivator the 
motivate and in this jealousy case 
the argument he presented and you in 
will know everyone and his 3ds looks 
it's thierry are neither to both 
winners of stoke city the fact of 
not that they did not consider the order 
that god had established because god 
in his stable israel organization 
is bad and represent a real 
hymn to the x as his representative 
so of course arezzo statements 
make these statements we are 
all at jackson hole to the synergies born 
in red is around 
the organization when we look at 
the revision of bullfights toyas turns 18 
mint with water is the rejection of 
agencies appointed by god jackson off and 
rejection of the organization at 28.16 
something important that I say 
am 16 dozois so those who participate 
to this rebellion 
they have obscured their spiritual vision 
men and I who from this postponement of this 
sin and working man statement is 
so does 29 probation classes only 
not that they closed their probation in 
leave the French but to me who do not 
divert from the course of practice 
that they followed 
the statement is made at this time 
that they are lost or that they are going to be 
lost ok so now when i look is the son 
from valmy to brive has flaws of max 
nagl is because this development we 
identified in 1888 
we had sex and we add 126 2014 
an important year in history 
prophetic nicosia fofonov of principles 
also because we accomplish his 
fulfillment of the principle that we 
have seen twilight or tea in connection with 
the two thousand years before the beginning 
2000 guineas of makeshift hospitals 
see the events of 1888 parallel 
little parallel in 2014 we have is 
does we have a phase of light that 
dreamed who dreamed network serena 7.9 who 
is put in the public register of jo 
these ghosts and either 7.9 of the slaughter 
if the rain behind stadium season the 
stage how are we 
establish it starts that we 
establish the fact that it will be 7 9 
sel supported season 
yes that makes sense of Quebec sq on 
quickly understands the season for them that the 
prison was paid before the end of 
grace time and their looting of crime 
unheard their first time will be one 
would be that then lapidary message because 
we have seen of it but not in our 
line man times more can 
to be done must the priests 
especially the first so 
it's the concept is the proudest if 
we hold before the closed door and we 
mark 2014 as the beginning of 
then this seasons and season 
is also based on the 7 9 6 1 
does that make sense I make to 
hockey diagrams 
what do you come from three months the 
title is 13 years of crisis thanks to 
back of his accounts because a glass 
of cider cute little mourning game 
thanks for that thought by it's oh so 
when you look at the end of 
conservative zen agriculture 
understand that there is a first and then 
which comes at the beginning of the period of 
growth since the season that is 
given towards the end of the ski season 
has been there for two and a half seasons to 
do what you can sometimes for the 
prepare for the serious seco for the 
prepare for the sickle sow bradeuse 
atten to beat Fang 
identified as the first then it will be 
on August 20, 1840 well over 6840 9 a 
strong power 
we see that from there this 
begins to grow rapidly 
the movement develops under the folds 
prison 10 of this first rain and 
towards the end there is another from another 
spill of afp spirit / 
closing the movements of the story 
of this reform movement 
it's the midnight scream it's not in 
rest 15 august 
been a madness for games 
he must bring what corresponds 
at the sum the a7 finnair season which is 
the incredible crime it is based on israel 
nine young people learn start up but 
we when we bring that in 
our history 
practice the gain level on little more 
especially for the history of 
Arab priests is the harvest of 
medals these mini is a 1840 fade 
mark where we mark Islam and 
we seized for ten said that 
the beginning of the first then for the 
sow then of what will follow this has 
tried to have the punishment for them 
priests or 7.9 the basis of merit 
we're the basis of a new app a 
light outsourcing happened 
in this movement 
this light was put in place in 
2014 sobeys tons 10 men based on 
the repetition of history and we 
understand that the light 10 breeds is 
new and our time 
more if he supported if they are all 
priests the scavengers strong price 
their confessions switches now that there are 
just before the harvest which is midnight 
despite the appearance it is clear that that the 
brittany has arisen elaborated on but 
it's actually the line of thought that you 
es to share 2 in mexes has a moral sense 
which stable me this point there is more 
arguments to establish this point by the 
thanks of us can cover alone to 
2014 and the beginning of the season puye 
pope and his customers the first point 
correct is not that 10 88 represents 
after the season they are six years after 
his worst season 
a tribute to jack hill on 88 the message 
was rejected 
you neither metz d'oise has been 
accepted by not accepting all by all 
the world 
No, but I do not know when it was 
rejected by many more direct by many 
view and for the first time in this 
ping baseball network hbo that will be 
it would even be necessary for those between us 
and an excuse he was selling to union between 
unity between the home ministries and 
for the first time in 2014 a 
separation in the movement 
yeah you say it develops or 2 clear 
two clear camps was divided and the 
line of division oise messages these 
two different messages were 
developed hold john had been based 
on yes or no the message of israel has been 
accepted or rejected 
guan cut accepted with the project group 
and accept the other rejected him of course 
the wider concept is of course waiting there 
had other concepts at that moment 
was the battle of sursee which 
this separation is easy 3-0 in 
league 2 june day of the lord is put 
does not seem like a few things 
battle topics 
kouici yes are all subscribers but 
we see two categories visible 
now I hope he added the 
spill of the holy spirit watch the 
rebellion have in any case meeting that 
one more thing 
so if you look at these committing in 
which control and monitoring account at on 
refers to explain why why not 
to explain what was happening 
on 5.2 explains ella robinho's 
bullfights time is to say to a game over 
it's a rebellion against the order of 
god organization versus organization 
from god again 
he's a roger from his designated agencies and 
the same argument was presented to the back 
from the french and go median under a 
different angle 
corrida your rabbinical opinion we are 
all to socoa your mother the lives of 
about who you are beating to rise to 
above us and the argument that she 
was there in 2014 
queen-mary and stay there at a correct 
action against kiev why are we 
says that I will have started before 
concert mix 2014-2016 arm cause 
wright sly because the same argument 
2014 was presented yes to the precise code 
that we are all ages of all 
the instruments of god do you do 
command and who did that for 
order to correct us actually the 
beauty and things and people were 
applies to rectors heretics and 
other things a novice to flee for 
america this has ramifications 
terrible since it is strong because 
in this robinho that she was starting in 
2014 towards rebels and who did not 
finished we are in this city to 
start in 2014 
it continues until today the 
statement of limitations that those who 
participate in this missive senghor 
and offline will not receive single radius 
of light and will walk in 
unless they rethink themselves as well as 
nine preparatory tournaments and 
interesting important when we the 
let's bring back another is what it says 
on rolle lava the situation of the people 
of god of truth in this rebellion 
even until today a bike night 
grazing right what falls 
sow explained i think also enough 
clear yes so loud let's see from this 
are 26 web and utters been killed in 
the prophetic story 
does it go so that the beginning by going the 
end to AIDS 
I hope we see all this paid off 
10.9 was the line of thinking that 
was originally put in the registry 
public teen note scott has been chief i 
do not know if this next thought has 
been shared here at brighton and what has 
we are going to elaborate more on what in 
December closure or transfer these 
symbols 126 kg 
if you accept by fundamental to 
major if you accept the prince the 
fundamental principle to the trial 
stands behind our approach to the 
Bible prophecy one of the fundamentals 
leading lesbian standing who 
is the understanding 
you know what am I saying that 
history and is sacred repeats itself to the 
times in the sequence and nature of 
events not described 
and from there you can designate 
so story models and place 
his stories about each other 
three tons of line to show he is 
there the pattern of events in our time 
and was accepting of this phenomenon to the prince 
to the pot if you accept this principle 
fundamental that we identify as 
prophetic line on a line 
prophetic but is not it in a 
month but who did not create it then it's 
the same as we do are clear and 
it's an hour and blindness 
volunteer is going to be like learning without 
me who come on someone wendy but 
it's a social nano 
when they say no nothing serves only one 
trio is nothing that valid injected the 
twirls sex and out tonight from 
projects to save 619 no it's not his 
valid prophetic voice boots life clames 
joy but that appears like it's worth 
but the statements we make to 
a conceptual level have been confirmed 
not been confirmed by the repetition of 
the story goes to chords but the day 
applications and that's how that according 
miller we have to apply 
the good the right application of 
the inspiration of the concept frame you 
now in a diagram the concept car 
the application you have a mind 
and if you find that it's if you 
accomplished in the history of the club bichot 
is correct you can be sure that 
it's ok if line of thought but 
what have we said about the number 106 and 
symbols off it's a da symbol 
nang and the two saved me the beginning 
parallel at the end of May east of 2620 
it's an organ will have its structure formed 
mailing we see how and how much 
de lille is composed of how many 
Live Mesh lines two lines 
one line president you have noting the 
end a well worth a bring you tube 
doctor lautrec and the other at October 22 
a pistol these two lines have their 
point opposite what is the line 
from the top highlights one of his four nieces 
scatter the line or 10 th you 
presents the dispersion what does 
we draw from the second line 
the establishment has two lines 
sylvain distin flies away from 2520 
explain then we can we 
expect that they want to reflect the 
structure of the half sisters of the collection 
is it a logical expectation 
peceuse homs men a v6 because I 
say that this line from 126 to 2.88 to 2014 
and in parallel with this free 220 
so does it take the second they are 88 to 
2014 to 2014 in parallel with the 22 
we have to spend how is 2014 
in parallel with the 22nd of October and a 
for pelts in 1844 said that on August 22 
1844 men marking the beginning of the 
purification of time free access 
in fact the weather is open said to share 
identify them the opening goes back to 
sources and meeting our top 14 
now I would like us to read 
apocalypse then say themselves after these 10 
verse 11 and 12 10 and 11 
after they say themselves 10 and 11 and 
apocalypse had 11 1 and 2 I believe 
Monday 16th to Saturday 
the sale was so it could it be 
say that and we have both 
men of discernment he had been 
presented immediately after the work of 
in beijing is a pro no it's the work 
of the soul to measure the Hindu temple 
watch is warned and those who adore 
this issue of building the 
temple of numbers and 2.2 of the account 
people who love presents the 22 
October 1844 
it's also the Adventist church 
this sap date are engaged in ghana which 
later was organized by omnium 
however China so when you 
arrive in 2014 the work of beijing is 
simple the work of measuring the temple 
Hindu now and those who worship and 
present truth wants to put his words and 
to care koch mehrin taxes I say 
that this work of measurement is the 
temple identifies a work 
organization of the world ends and the 
measure of people who adore and a 
judgmental work is going on you 
have two categories going sting network 
hbo that have become visible as the 
good grain and tares 
it also marks that it is from 
beginning of the judgment of the living I know 
not if we know how we are coming 
to this conclusion 
robert gibbs reiterated that vo and 
arrives at a simple level teaser work of 
the work of there is a work of measuring the 
time that I say so this is 
the organization is a work of fall 
of judgment that identifies who loves who 
in this temple it's not a coincidence 
than in 2014 for the first time we 
have both classes the good one and 
tares that are visible and no can 
judge if of course go on the face 
prophetic that he carries word antoine 
is strong October 22 
in parallel with 2014 at the clear pad 
I hope so clear when we 
look at 2120 of lines due to the wind 
what to do for us what is 9 
streaked 126 1863 
it's a coincidence then identical 
I do not think it points 4 on you 
in face and the dispersion of spas and 
we see that the opposite point of the 
ubs aline at 2.88 to 2014 expectations 
it's a logical expectation to see that the 
duet line with that of 1863 we have 
the dispersion this dispersion and 18 
divided into two phases 
excluded two pines equal period of 1260 
in this dispersion what is 
would write the first phase 
ok i'm a Nazi From Within has the sea 
destruction of the outside or 
inside the insulation of 
outside coming from outside 
i'm from home who put us in his 138 
graf and in the sky and space and the 
papism within all the numbers in 
currencies say saturation of the interior 
already trained 
how does the papacy correspond 
to the desolation that comes from within 
she took the form of Christendom 
it's the desolation inside the 
Christianity in opposition to the beach at 
paganism which was a religion 
totally different now when 
we look at this line should see 
it emphasizes dispersion yes it 
what we see is what the 
two presented dispersion of 1903 1989 16 
cat scatter quadruple 
jewel truths jewels of miners 
crime if you study the dream of miller 
18 years right this is the beginning of the 
dispersion of jewels of truth bah 
wakamatsu that were given to him 9:30 
and it started with the 2520 ninety 
nine to the three Oscars and you come in 
1989 where the toys scattered you chase 
really accussed the fact is there the 
dust and crowd of false things 
and covers heads and dust and 
all these bad things and the 
calls for errors and 
interpretations and we mark 1989 
for a viewer h even at the 
cohabiting the leek or the sweeper 
post-crisis what is christ like the big 
and sugar comes in and starts to gather 
the merry again so we see that 
this line emphasizes dispersion and 
it's also a dispersion 
maybe she expect me to dvd but 
can we expect to see two 
divisions inside 
this has it completely of structure 
from 2005 120 us 126 divided by two these 
two periods of 63 10 863 if you 
add 63rd but we 1926 is what 
someone knows what happened in 
1926 defense and stories 
of wait-and-see I will describe jump us 
have two faces of desolation 4 
in this line we have the first 
phase of the inside of 
the outside and the second league 2 
inside of itself nothing but I am 
to say that in this league 2 63 81 
deficit and meuse 
it's a mirror of this half it goes away there 
an epic games 
it starts with the direction of 
inside and then the desolation of 
the outside because from 1863 to 1926 but 
the sioule and dispersion 
the places she came from 
inside the church 
this appointment that could yield 
others dominate over peoples who 
sorry what he calls the burrow 
went to know he's old 
young and some a list here is that 
means when some people say 
important developments that had 
course said martin is limited in ten 
years and one in 1898 he married so his 
view of the perpetual and later he 
exposed daniels and john c wagner to that 
that while they were necessary 
he established his ideas by broadcasting 97 and 
started publishing in 1903 and that 
it was pantheistic pantheism in 1905 
it was the doc and sanctuary 
the 1919 Bible Conference 
anything sad and leave a day 
sad for the front 
I was very much roger 
of mind prophecy bike jackson would have 
uttered Corsican for the rejection of the blues 
prophetic gospel prescott so be 
that many more ours this is a lot 
even more if it is daylight that 
the dispersion of the jewels of truth has 
been driven mainly from 
inside the first half of the time 
26 years old is involved in France but in 1926 
at 89 we see something different 
healthy pickens 
marini and it starts with some 
thing that the general conference did 
in 1926 jump what I'm going to read there 
it's coming from the duality of the website of 
the Atlantic conference 
- abl and a weight quoted rizzo 16 and 
martine turn 6926 viggiano france 
executive committee the executive committee 
of the General Conference adopts and 
who mania coking coal adopted the 
policy of the markets policy 
public that says the church recognizes 
no and here is the quoted part is a young 
6 9 7 
rightsflow even any agency that place 
crisis in front of men back product 
line plant as part of the plan 
divine foundation of the world for 
the evangelization of the world esteem and 
hold in high esteem 
coming from other Christians and women 
Christians in other communities 
sunrise gaming who are engaged in the 
gaining clusters upside down 
this is the end of the esso station 
maritime roof nor sex good 126 x men 
echo the general conference accepts the 
the ecumenical march policy number 725 
a bep of our languages 10 nominations 
these domination sevens in holland 
paulino long table in libya at night 
fallen we do not recognize now 
we know that people 
have to come out of these two seasons 3 2 
to be the truth at least manon 
the idea is that they are all engaged 
in the same won all of Christ 
who is talking to us adopting this 
of this work of pau 17 politics of 
walking was a brother is a prerequisite 
and that had to happen 
some of the developments that had to 
happen this period after 1926 well 
sure after 1926 we have the desolation 
from outside and the main event 
that I identify and its conferences 
evangelical or frau husband d anderson 
cautious but at the congress there the frida have 
had secret meetings with walter 
result the secret was the book in 
question his doctrine 57 certain 
fundamental understanding of 
atlantism touch of palestine has been 
oil rich 
we saw what this led to 
the adoption of evangelical theology 
what other important developments 
have passed after 1926 name hamid grine 
in context of british legion of the china 
context that says you the desolation of 
outside the church rather in the 
the biblical community also the 
war on inheritance and new 
commissioners link will be the role to 
the Bible research institute where 
frolic that that encouraged or 
advocated for non-Adventist hermeneutics 
I say it's the desolation of 
the outside we can show so there the 
War is the accreditations 
it started with appointed institutions 
medico medical chessboxing october or 
rather of an institution who are who 
trained doctors 
they adopted the methodologies with 
accreditation of the world knows this 
leads to the same thing with the 
theological seminary 
I think writing is not a clear case 
the stand for the identification of these 
periods of time represents the 
desolation from outside 
yes it's okay see that just like the 
first line ends at the time of the 
end is this one too autumn so 
men now be pepsico foods before the 
papacy to be able to do its work in 
138 of preparation does not it need 
appropriate care and it was 
preparatory tweet persecution preferred 
to 6 taken persecution that started 
in 538 
this is a little buzz 30 years so we on 
expekt here so we should we 
wait to see one and there it's the same 
a preparatory event for this 
period I say it's not a 
well yes we have become a sport that 
it's a year before this hen 6 
1926 and take you to what happened 
in 1919 men what was introduced to 
the Bible conference that paved the 
way for this desolation of 
this desolation by the eclipses 
fallen is close to prophetic god or 
pitiful almost there prescott introduced 
the book the doctrine of christ and what 
i was the ones who made 
essentially adventist regarding the 
body to put aside the design 
from the gospel to the adopted Adventist 
our pursuit race and adopt the 
Protestant version of gospels and this 
had to happen like that was too much 
set up it needs better than 
from here but ivan joe french school so 
that since before before 
evangelist conferences 
the door to other biblical translations 
important also 
there is not a development 
important development does not recognize 
the door is open for visuals 
for the revised version of the Bible of 
his daughter and my life is simple and the 
mussels and the predecessors of the 
version ny go to the text versions 
which are not based on las the 
text also developing 
essential to development the 
Protestant theology is accepted this 
than to open the parallel with the 
structure of the two lines later 
in parallel with the 2529 rosalie six 
new mutual pass 
it was shared spaced but yes no 
it's also interesting that in 
this seven- year period advances in 1926 
two years before 1920 if the latter for 
two pioneers jean labrot died the 
freedom the essentials his party a party 
of preparation period Segovians 
preparing its case of for the 
second phase of the desolation of 
sexes and the same thing and that the 126 
do you want that's why is this 
that everything else in fact and in 
parallel apart inside and out 
outside it's upside down it's a 
mirror and exhibits the explanation for 
this new look at what will lead 
when we see what we place with the 
calm in the concepts that are 
represented bad buzz of the name is 
very often a mirror yes and no the 
taps station 10 to 20 on the other side it's 
Upside down 
the same concept that is expressed in 
future philosopher is desolation 
the application they are mirroring justin 
chatwin crushes everything as we see it 
in the locker 2520 jump that does not pose 
problem by gonzague saint-bris bill 
because if in mines 2520 m 
ok points versus second here by 
the radio but that I had not done 
any moral reason here ben we're going 
moving forward 
nolasco can go see ok that's it 
that his coming 
144 the second goal here is what we 
we said that his point in the face is 
what does it emphasize that it emphasizes 
of course the alliance gathering is 
he at the gathering of a people of 
the alliance 
we knew that the priests started to 
be finalized in the room they have 
started being dumped at six seven i 
sava 677 marks the beginning of the 
king of pop spread with aulas him 
the idol and leadership that are treasured 
of this not the pride of 2.2 
peephole is broken this was marked by 
the dispersion of manasse on what we see 
what we see so is we 
should see at the end here 
ok on wii if leadership be here we 
see a leader who is dispersed 
well yes if the eu nor of chefs ping 
pong up and there we see at 
new leader setting up nicole 
note your handbag is a madness 
strong because on October 22, 1844 or 
giraffes that we had right away because 
that you predict dynamic and that you 
have it here that tells us what 88 'roger 
leaders of the pride of power 
of Atlanticism and vridi and who I hope 
that we will have the opportunity to 
check this point we mark the my 
leaders of wholesalers as being 
rejected for seven years concept in 
first turned the argument that this 
happened even up to dijon 89 
but we can actually see that this 
goes back in say 88 sow is one of 
united states of this project which 88 there the 
leaders are rejected because of their age 
and lapidary season he said if 
you do not repent meander well 
you walk in darkness our bts 
who feels repentance 88.0 I have some 
leaders turned four times 2004 
at marc by should put show the 
setting up a new leader that's 
a fault and what we see in 2014 
and the organization becomes truth 
present and then you have 7 7 
this principle who and who then implementing 
action later but we see the 
jumps high level at it hammered in 2014 
mark the establishment of a new 
leadership and so instead of football 
ask this same line of thinking game 
so I 'm going because we have more time 
so I 'll see you again what we saw 
a word when they come out or not and we'll 
continue this afternoon so the jumps 
but it's at the restaurant and I have all that 
to the body is a path infringement 
it's an introduction actually it's me 
taken his wheel is in this regard where I 
want to go for a shower of plyce have 
because where I want us to go 
I will really ask your 
participation and your turn 
I will not say too much what I think I 
would rather say what you understand from 
this to see if what you are saying is 
in keeping with what I did is that 
we identified 126 as being 
a prophetic symbol based under for 
once everything was based on the 2520 
we saw that the beginning of the 2920 and 
in parallel with its end but must 
stop why the 126 a320 is from 
yes if should see with his own 
there are many many perry 
periods of 126 in the history of our 
family is very strong so we take 
it was less than 10 years old 88 to 2014 who 
confirms this idea that the beginning of the 
the beginning of d2 somatise parallel so 
to be next we looked at the 
structure of the 2520 you start to 
identify how even the structure 
but finds fulfillment with 
shoes there Adventist history and 
10.4 at the time of dispersion in 
dream of williams yesterday in Cairo so good 
again we will continue to 49.3 we 
let's not come we hope to come by 
God's grace 
let's finish with prayer not 
of intervention for your word that 
the opposite to him was thanked for his 
wake up early this morning you have 
afraid we are going to say that you can 
VAT is your mind on our studies 
please bless our time together 
gb price you bless the 
records pope my fingers they 
can accomplish a great work of 
fortification of your people you go up to 
feel your direction during this day 
so that I have to do you since directed 
not necessarily 
our thoughts and words to do 
that of our influence or may be 
a flavor of life for life and for 
each of the museums week ahead in 
all these things in the name of Jesus