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Publish Date: 3/16/2015
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presents the first addition to us the Saline your servants pose yes okay before we go back to Esther babos sent this in on in BO a long time ago and wanted me to read it and I just read it this morning it's not long and it's very good and it's the type study that we're doing so in its there's I think pretty much everything that he's going to stay here we've already established but he doesn't maybe a little bit deeper so let's just go through this real quick and then go back to Esther I think you'll like it are you talking about the death of Sarah marking when the Adventist churches pacify you can see his little graph there so you want to read Genesis 23 1 & 2 there brother Michael Cera was 107 20 years old these were the years of the life of Sarah Sarah died and kiryat arba the same is here on in the land of an Abraham came to mourn for serve until you birth so we've been identifying that Sarah's death typifies the fact that the conference was passed by at nine eleven and she died in quor'toth arba the city of four okay that's what it means and he's saying to find that she's marking the fourth generation of Adventism because it's the city of four and city of four Giants place in path Palestine and then her jar bartha is also he Braun whose root meaning is to join by means of spells and charms okay this also locate Sarah's death at nine eleven as this was when the conference joined itself two spells and charms that are spiritual formation what's about 127 years old when when a hazardous had is the king of 127 provinces there's a second witness 127 right there at nine eleven but what it means is yet to be resolved we're going to say something I think I said exactly yeah okay so you want to read Genesis 24 7 through 11 brother mark the Lord God of heaven which took me from my father's house and from the land of my kindred and which speakin to me and thats where to me seeing what did I see what I give this life he shall say this angel before thee and thou shalt take your wife unto my son for this and if the woman will not be willing to follow me then thou shalt be clear from this my otha only bringing up my son fell again and the Sarah please hand over the thigh River his master and swimming that matter under seven to ten camels of the cattles of his master and departed for all the goods of his master were innocent and he arose and went to Mesopotamia unto the City of novel and he made his cows to kneel down without the city value well war at the time of the evening even the time that women were to draw water ok so Abraham serve him where with ten Campbell's camels to find a wife for Isaac camels are a symbol of Islam to find the activity of Islam at nine eleven when God begins together a new wife church after the conference was passed by and there was a sister that had has written in an email comment over the past weeks study here in this room and if you remember in the third decree when Haman offered to pay ten thousand talents of silverton ten thousand talents assets of silver in order to kill the Jews she pointed out the number 10 is testing processes he's going to point out here but also that the the silver that there's a the Hebrew word in there talking about he would weigh out ten thousand talents of silver and the weighing out in the scriptures is weighed in the balances and found one it's it's a symbol of judgment beginning at nine eleven and a testing process okay what does it mean just like on IV not in prophetic Green off by some traders don't bring his son in the bathroom don't bring his son don't take Isaac you know about with you yeah he doesn't want to Isaac to go into Babylon right where does it say it or eight cuz this ain't the woman does not follow you in the ODIs bit but don't bring my son and I was confused as Isaac's amber one first that's right I think would have saved the ladies willing to marry him but she doesn't want to come there but she wants him to go there for that not to happen that's what I'm oh that probably but is it mr. question the twin tower event is connected to screw spiritual formation issue yes yep no okay so maybe I didn't articulate it well enough to an individual in the church i was talking to in his case against that was that if you look at in the history of the Bible any time Israel did something wrong God punished them specifically so that they understood what they did wrong he said what I'm describing is not consistent with that because the parchment falls on the bigger us and the church is not going to understand that they're the ones that did something or office I didn't have a good response may be interested express it correctly and we can deal with this later fitness Wow well most people even some people that used to be in this message where they go straight is not understanding the day of the Lord and in Abraham's prophecy which gives you the structure for the day of the Lord and all the illustrations all the way through one of the things that's taught is that God's people probationary time is closing simultaneously with the land that they are living in when their probation closes so they not only is Adventism being judged and closing its probation from 9-11 onward the United States is also so to take 911 and demand that it speaks to the directly to the judgment of Adventism is missing the point that 911 is is more about a judgment that's coming upon the United States in the same time period okay so they're there they're trying to isolate the question into a judgment upon advertising when this is an attack against the armies of Rome you and I understand the two simultaneous judgment one the one is called upon the lioness by Islam no one is coming upon the church is a spiritual judgment by hope when we understand that these four abominations but the simultaneous the two different things and it C for someone to say that the boy yeah Twin Towers okay how's that a judgment upon a an Adventist Church but it's easy to see the judgment in the Adventist Church because at nine eleven they passed the the ruling about spiritual formation I may not seem like a judgment but it's a waymark thats all has just went to the Witch of Endor and he's finished so it's you know but it took place at the same time September 2001 I think I have to express it more carefully than I did because I probably set up that by the way I said it but most people don't understand is the United States and Adventism is being weighed right now in the balances so okay so 10 Campbell's Abraham service camels Islam so next quote is brother Chuck Isaiah 60 verse 6 multitude of camel still covered in the dromedaries of mammalian teba all day from she who shall come they shall bring golden incense and they sell so forth the praises of the Lord ok sister Laverne Genesis 25 1 through 6 took a wife and her name was scooter and she bared young Zimmern and fans and dishwasher and jock jock shan't forget Sheba and Eden and the sons of GGN were just read to him and I don't know any young man yes to sit she said yeah yeah and the sons of Midian deeper deeper Enoch and provider delco ill they all these were the children of the tools neighbor ham can evolve classic to the sons of the country bands which Abraham had Abraham tech gifts sent them away from Isaac his son while he had Liam eastward and east country unto the age Kathy Isaiah 60 all the Fox of Kedar shall be gathered together unto the the Rams of the bay bay I oath shall minister unto thee they shall come up with acceptance on mine altar and I will glorify the house of my glory brawlin Tara x 4928 333 concerning kadarin concerning the kingdoms of halo and Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon shall smite the state the Lord Arai she'd go to kadar and spoil the men of the East their tents and their flock shall they take away they shall take to themselves their curtains and all their vessels and their candles and they shall cry unto them fears on every side flee get you a far-off dwell depot inhabitants of haze or save the Lord for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon have taken counsel against you and have conceived a purpose against you arise get you up unto the wealthy nation that dwells without care saith the Lord which have neither gates nor bars which dwell alone and their camels shall be a booty and the multitude of their camel to spoil and I will scatter into all winds that are in the utmost corners and other bring their calamity from all sides they're up save the Lord & Heiser should be a dwelling for Dragut sanded forever there shall no man abide therein or any son of man dwelling brother Jim and these are the names of the sons of Ishmael by their names according to their generation the force born of Ishmael neba Java and kadar and Edie Edie Beale and this is um and mid Misha and Duma and NASA haidar and tema jutt or not fish in Kenema so what is he saying by these one two three four five six different references no I mean talk what we just read from Isaiah 60 verse 6 all the way to the end what is our brother defining here pathetically the children of the east kidhar McKinney's associated them with the camels okay so and the camels or what Ely azer took 10 of to go find Rebecca for Isaac ok so then his comment is the Campbells nailed down to drink water near the city of Nahor to find the giving of the latter rain which comes in connection with the message of Islam at 911 there were 10 camels the number 10 symbolizes test and trial typifying the testing process from 9-11 to the midnight cry now what he's saying here if you're not pitching it I have been saying that the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca is the Sunday law and he's evidently arguing that it's the midnight cry but that isn't necessarily a contradiction is it it's a practical because there's a there's a marriage we're dealing with that in the stories Esther he's a marriage of both places okay so everything he's saying about this fractal from 9-11 the midnight cry would be valid from night the Sunday law these 10 camels testing process it's Islam their associated with the water everyone following up his logic you want to read oh you got a big one dennis's 2454 through six and seven and they didn't even drink you know what's going on what is he reading here is when ely azer gets to the point where he's going to negotiate for Rebecca didn't even drink and he the man that were with him and tarried all night and they rose up in the morning and he said send me away unto my master and her brother and her mother said let the damsel abay with us a few days at the least 10 after that then she shall go what isn't that kind of an obscure comment let the damsel abide with us a few days at least 10 it's so purposeful in there but go ahead and he said unto them hinder me not seeing the Lord has prospered in my way send me away that I may go to my master and they said we will call the damsel and inquire at her month no I'm out there there's the inquiry and they called Rebecca and said unto her we'll go with this man and said and she said I will go and they sent away Rebecca their sister and her nurse and Abraham's servant and his men and they bless Rebecca and said her thou art our sister thou art the mother of thousands of millions and let they see possess a gate of those which hate them I'm Rebecca arose and her damsels and they rode upon the camels and followed the man and the servant took Rebecca and went his way and Isaac came from the way of the well of love horrible boy and he dwelt in the South Country and Isaac went out to media in the field at the meditate in the field at the Eventide and he lifted up his eyes and saw him behold the camels were coming and Rebecca lifted up her eyes and when she saw Isaac she lighted off later off the camel for she said unto the sermon what man is this that walketh in the field to meet us and the servant had said it is my master therefore she took a veil and covered herself and the servant told Isaac all things that he had done and Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah's time and took Rebecca and she became his wife and he loved her and Isaac was comforted after his mother's death ok the tearing time which began in 911 is march in verse 44 is Abraham cerveteri des lebens home all night 54 as Abraham servants Terry that Layton's home all night in the morning there was an attempt to hinder Rebecca from leaving Mesopotamia Babylon the number 10 is also marked here as and attempted and as as they attempted to keep her for 10 days this typifies the call out of Babylon given by the angel of Revelation 18 verses 1 through 3 Rebecca left Mesopotamia and was carried to Isaac upon a camel typifying those who received the light of 911 being carried into the midnight cry by the message of Islam Isaac meet sir atlet LaHaye royal lo hará oh yeah hi which means the well of the living one typifying the revival of the living testimony that takes place at the midnight cry and then genesis 2520 sister Tanya and Isaac was 40 years old lady Rebecca to wife the daughter of Beth well the Syrian of pattern around the sister to Laban the Syrian Isaac was highly honored by God and being made inherit of the promises through which the world was to be blessed yet when he was 40 years of age is submitted to his father gentleman in the poignant his experienced god-fearing servant to Jews and white for him and the result of that marriage is presented in the scriptures is a tender beautiful picture of domestic happiness Isaac brought her in to hit her tent his can't kiss unto his mother Sarah's tent and took Rebecca and she became his wife and he loved her and Isaac was comforted after his mother's death Sarah's Adventist Church she gets passed by a 911 the church militant okay the marriage of Rebecca is the church tranny he's not necessarily disagree with you don't know it's it's a fractal of what we've been do we've been teaching it that it goes to the Sunday law he's showing it's a fractal at the midnight cry as well we already get that point I thought he was saying it I thought he was saying exactly Isaac was 40 years old when he took Rebecca the number 40 is connected to the Covenant Daniel 9 9 through 11 Deuteronomy 9 9 through 11 somebody want to be there deuter Tyler Deuteronomy 993 11 when I was gone up into the mouth to receive the tables of stone even the tables of the Covenant which the Lord made wouldn't you then I abode in the mount 40 days and 40 nights I neither did eat bread nor drink water and then 11 10 9 through 11 it doesn't have a therm are fun all right 10 check-ins and then was I'd go ahead read 11 and it came to pass at the end of 40 days 40 nights that the Lord gave me the tables of stone even the tables of the government okay so 40 a symbol of the Covenant coming it renewed at the Sunday law brother Jason Genesis 25 21 through 25 and Isaac entreated the lord for his wife because she was born baron and the Lord was entreated up and remember is why I can see the children struggled together within her and she said it would be so why am i thus and she went to inquire of the Lord and the Lord said unto her two nations are in the womb and two matter of people shall be separated from the bowels and the one people shall be stronger than the other people and the elder shall serve the younger and winter days to be delivered were fulfilled behold there were two twins Andrew boom and the first came out red all over like and Harry garment and they called his maid Esau so who does verse 22 mark the midnight cry in that story there's an inquiry and then and then the birth of the two is the Sunday law or the two classes are demonstrated go ahead I don't really understand the inquiry I understand there is more we're seeing more and more of it what is it exactly inquiries at the midnight time that's what the beginning of yes at the beginning there is Larkin inquiry marked over every all the way and then all the way through the men that cry but that's where it's at where's the midnight ride the parable of the ten virgins what in the story of the Paragon 10 Reds yeah there's the foolish virgins are asking the wise virgins for some of their oil there's the inquiry the first point of reference sister Tanya question on Genesis 2465 this is she took avail and cover yourself with the high yeah you might have idea hiding it smarter and also in this story he doesn't have in here but in you probably all familiar with this bit if we're saying that Isaac married rebecca when he was 40 years old and that this is the Sunday law but Isaac here in this last passage is an illustration of the everlasting gospel he's contrasted with his brother Esau right they born at the same time but what did he saw do when he was 40 years old that caused the just a problem for his mom and dad he married to two women from Babylon ok 22 he's and women so you got the Isaacs perfect marriage when he's 40 and Esau's unholy married 20 sporty now totally different subject we're done with this and we'll get back to Esther but I want it I I want to bring some up something out and maybe it's because my wife and I neither one of us were raised with any kind of Christian input and I will come into Christianity till I'm 25 years old and she's younger than that so we don't have a a cultural point of reference for some of these things that are automatic with Christians but we have a friend that recently got married in this friend I'm a Catholic culture and his brother has sent me an email question and I answered it a day I got the question about maybe two weeks ago and I didn't know how to answer and finally today I answered and said I know how to answer it but his brother got was married in a civil civil court and any plans that have a second marriage in a few months where his family can come in and do it in a religious setting and Kathy and I we've noticed that once we become Adventist that many of the people that come from Latin America they'll have a civil wedding and then they'll have a religious rep wedding and in touch from where I come from it's like there you go what for you know so I'm thinking we don't get it because either the way that we were raised or because we're raised in Protestant America where if someone invites you to your to their wedding ceremony you don't even think about it just say okay where is it going to be is it going to be at the courthouse fine we'll go to their wedding ceremony if it's going to be at the church fine we don't even ask what kind of church it is you know whether it's Catholic Protestant but it seems to be a big issue in Catholic cultures and my answer is or what my thought is is Isaac took Rebecca and went into his mother's tent and they were married so oh I if you know the other thing that I thought about to the white dress ripped resembles our is supposed to represent your your purity and so you know when they're getting married for the second time with everybody there and they wear that white dresses like a no well also we're supposed to uphold uphold the symbol of the white dress all I'm saying tritannus that's it it's her magic on started it hurt I get married again nothing product who I literally just wondered that my brother was talking about you know he's getting married and I was thinking like one of the little difficult of marriage because he asked me to officiate what I've told no I can't and night the thoughts or think about like I don't know where all this stuff about the marriage even comes from all of the things that people do have marriages this is an example that pokémon times in 42 ish be read that's an interesting sense and it's got a nice tan dinner that's it he's make of it with her that's all right you you have told us before that we bury our dead because that's the example that the Bible gives us is that they buried their dead and I I wonder if there's any examples in the Bible of a marriage taking taking civil and religious where's the examples in the Bible of marriage is it always one day or a feast for a weekend everything perfect in vergennes I go to two places okay so we do have one married sarah me but a marriage ceremony is okay evidently from repairability well you don't really see a ceremony and isaac and rebekah know they say hello that's done Cuba he sees his first miracle was in a marriage he's so for what oh yeah it's one of the two institutions in creative images I think what it is it makes the put a lot of traditions in there to make right what's initially they just be a ceremony to make it I don't want pure or whatever that's what Jesus when he's totally the pilot inversions he used their custom to explain the parable whether it's you can see from the beginning it was never that way it is wrong my traditions are not wrong as long as they go with the gods with quotes well so you can brother Paul it's not a primary choice the father giving the daughter to the guy it was always a an arrangement there and nowadays people do that they just don't listen to their parents at all it's not even recognized either if the father says you know you're married you can marry my daughter and you can take her right the government will not recognize that you have to have an official doctor said well we're told were supposed to only the long do we have we have yes we had no option around I'm saying dude the other thing that comes in by my title I told this person is you know when these people decide to have a renew their wedding vows like maybe chuckling book Laverne when I renew their wedding vows how many years you been married 40 so the if there's a principle that's being possibly broken then it's wasting money yes okay sis is so dead if you've had a civil marriage and now you're going to have a religious marriage down the road maybe you got Anna money don't matter do you know I Kaffee but oh so anyway there is the idea you're you're held accountable for every penny you're gonna spend it for your parents or if you okay look at it this way right if you get a civil matter you're supposed to be done manage then you don't have any believe that it doesn't get enough you and you go and take charge you know I mean Indies for the gifts i think it's know what he's saying he didn't follow his blodgett cap for some people we've seen we know it's for the kids i was sitting you know someone that got married three or four times was it in a short period of time I want to point out that were mean yeah if you would have gotten married in the church the state will not acknowledge that doesnt terrify them wedding you had to go have gone through the court first in order for you to be acknowledged as being married and then you go ahead and get married in church in order for you to feel like you're married that's what that's what I said at the outset that's the story I hear from these Catholic cultures that it doesn't make sense to me because it isn't here but this what communism is an extension of Catholicism well yeah but I mean atheist and mimi de they will not accept you know what god had what that's the way it is in south america if you don't have the approval of the church your civil marriage is iffy at best so it's like the reverse if you'd only approve of the church in catholic cultures that your civil marriages yes good but anything I think the opposite i think that in a more deep ways that they were just taking the blessing of the facet of the blessing that you could get right cuz i know a lot of people don't want to do that because they want to feel that their marriage will start on a good foot you know being blessed by the way the logic that he started down but you didn't pull the trigger on is if you get a civil marriage and they're after you get the religious marriage then what you're giving testimony to with your religious marriage is it if you did not believe the civil marriage was valid that you've been committing fornication with your wife all the way until the religious what marriage took place that's kind of what you were saying right yeah I mean I stuck to your beliefs or if if you don't believe this feat is valid then you get the state done so you please the state and then you wait as far as you're concerned you're not married and you get the judgments then you consume me I know I know a person from Columbia that did that very thing well they don't do that remain in any room that they would not be together until they were actually married in the church that's the others in India dentistry that's what they do that's not the case it is easy to the official that's not the case of this key okay so we've had the discussion it's interesting right but it's hard I think it's hard for Americans to fathom this because of the Protestant culture John just got a pastor you can marry legally in there guys just yeah anyway on record it's on record it to the book of Esther well this is really only one trappers two chapters with chapter 10 is kind of short right so before we start let's remind ourselves of what we're what we have in play is anyone remember we're in this time I started Esther before we left on a trip and then marked it finished it off and then we came back and we started at this time anyone remember where we started this time we didn't start with Esther we started with a distinction between the various way marks that are associated with the close of probation remember yeah you owe you were ditching out during that time variance okay what way mark is this which decree is this this is the last one that's the death decree okay and when does that take place after Michael stands up when's Michael stand up does a lot of one yeah but what what is the the universal Sunday law by that every country now has every country has a record an image of the beast and pass the Sunday law begins in the United States the United States here there is a Sunday law in the United States and what we're suggesting is what then it may be that at nine eleven the Patriot Act is a decree that would mean that if it's a prophetic fulfillment that there's at least four decreased alright but we are trying to use sanctified speculation and suggesting that there might be a decree at the midnight cry which means how many how many decrees I just answered it there would be five decrees and end time Bible prophecy if the Patriot Act was a decree that qualifies and if there is to be a decree at the midnight cry which evidence is is that there is this is when the movement to bring church and state together is initiated in the United States and there's going to be a series of sunday laws so there's probably a significant activity by the Congress of the United States right here and the reason that we started like that is because we think we're going to see a similar layout in the book of Esther good yesterday I was in a class this is this is what was in my mind that I was confused because i remember you put in 123 @ 9 11 and forth the midnight cry and so maybe you could explain that so that can understand I didn't put forward the midnight cry RS or the forehead we did you know anything about the Sunday law or whatever but they don't did you didn't put them one two three four five so i was confused about when we're talking about the decrees that go forth here at nine eleven in the book of Esther the writing of the decree when they're written or they're put in place doesn't eliminate when they are when they are fulfilled in history that's their you know the sources that he fit the fourth of the Sunday law because that's when it was wanted to play spit that's what it was me go to the police for little everything in the book of Esther the fourth decree that we looked at yesterday is made after Heyman's death right Haman dies at the Sunday law but it is a decree that allows God's people to defend themselves so it's not going to come into effect until down here at the end right and we're placing the first three degrees here but what's the what's the first decree afraid of no wait well it's to prevent me from coming before the king ok so it's what happens if someone said divorce it's the divorce abashed i right and seeking a new life you might be able to put that divorce right there this sort of she's divorced of him now he's going to go out looking for a new wife Sarah a whole whole list of of evidence that this is where the church is passed by yeah that's where the new new concert starts all out so the first degree its effect is right here the second decree is what called emergence and where does that where does that take place well begin to Maryland but it goes into place the first ones in place by the selection process so depending on the fractals you can have the first gathering of the Virgin's here and the second gathering of the virgins here or you can have the first gather into the Virgin's here in the second gallery into the Virgin's here but the call starts at nine eleven but the call starts at nine eleven no matter what that call starts yeah would it be better to say that it begins in the time of 911 and I should put it starts at nine eleven starts hey I don't know isn't that one I mean worldly-wise II that's where people were going out right after that happen on that day how many people how many people actually recognize what the history of 911 represented and responded accordingly but the Lord is much like he sent his call for right on time is what do we recognize it may get cold ok so the decree went is established at 911 but it's the it's what do you call it conclusion its climax climax or its its effect is either here or here depending on what fractal you're looking at you okay if you can see but they probably progressive open total sub you always take the truck that's where they start and then the world part comes later well the messages wait a minute there's there's virgins gathered in this history you know and then virgins gathered in this history yeah but at the larger level the virgins are gathered in this history and then in here okay okay okay so now what r you think under saying we allow the first angels message to start and be empowered me about the trumpets to start and then have the woes and this is the same thing it's the call right can I do any ideas when it started actually right you did we've explained this to you before yoga hey on october 22nd 1844 no no I know the counter never eat you went forward no that's what I'm saying is there the the wise virgins at this waymark are gathered when they move into the most holy place yeah it doesn't go pasta that's up no together right there so put together the call of the virgins is at nineteen eighty I'm saying it's empowered okay yeah the first angels message is empowered there but when it's empower that is the calling so the first degree so there would be some that recognized no well we don't know buddy we don't know any but we didn't know the 7000 be there what no there wouldn't be okay because the the reformed lines teach you that the message always arrives and God's people do not recognize the arrival till they're after its it's in there every time 1798 was the time in the end Miller doesn't start studying until 18 18 or 1816 the 2nd angels message arrives on april nineteen 1844 and there isn't any miller right on occurred that right there on april twentieth start saying Babylon is fallen it takes a period of time the third angel arrived on october 22nd 1844 and they didn't understand that you can do that still be there after good so but what i want to get the first degree the divorce that's right here the second decree it's going to it's going to reach its climax in here what's the third degree the hanging of payment this is this the decree that has the seal with it and so does the fourth degree had to seal with it so can we say that all three messages in Revelation 18 arrived at 911 because that's what we're saying about these decrees in the story of Esther says all frequencies of confinement blended the angel came down and 911 and that was stupefied by August eleventh 1840 which was the empowerment of the first angels message so the first angel arrived at 911 and when he came down what was his message was fallen that's the second angel but what can we prove now about 911 that the United States was fully prepared to pass a Sunday law 911 the third degree was there too so how was he means hanging decree ready and Madeline and one wait can we prove it out of the strike a strike and see how is resulting all the decrees and and what you're saying is the progressive judgment the United States but how is Heyman's actually showing up in Esther it's not at nine eleven yeah it doesn't oh no only I definitely it is the sense that that his decree comes from xuxa and the palace is it all coming from the same place right location of its yeah I start playing my contact he's there now it did creatively kill him that that process has to be worked out a couple time periods before it actually goes into a decree well because of the other lines of prophecy that we know they were all three here then we can read in that you shine the palace in that story is the the marker for the decrees and ok so the well let's read should we do we want to put the the dates up here again or the time elements no okay so let's go into 9 and 10 of Esther chapter 9 and 10 and there are three verses in chapter 10 and 32 verses in Chapter nine that's 35 vs and there's roughly 12 of us in here let's do four verses each I'll start no there's 12 of us three verses each I'll start now in the twelfth month that is the month of ATAR on the 13th day of the same Esther chapter 9 verse 1 now in the twelfth month that is the month of adar on the 13th day of the same when the Kings commandment and his decree drew near to be put in effect in execution in the day that the enemies of the Jews hope to have power over them though it was turned to the contrary that the Jews had rule over them that hated them the Jews gathered themselves together in their cities throughout all the provinces of King Harris Azeris are having Carthoris to lay hand on such as sought their hurt and no man could and then for the for the fear of them fell upon all people and all the rulers of the provinces and lieutenants and deputies and officers of the King helped the jews because the fear of Mordecai fell upon them so this is a literal story that is typifying something spiritual at the end of the world our God's people at the end of the world I'm going to kill their enemies so what's being typifying here spiritual death the sword of the word easy kill my cousin Caroline says it's a son maybe one there's no body nothing shall convey so it says when the original saw the instant that he just bought dinner feast parish that's there but it doesn't say that they have the gods people do anything no no okay so we're not good but this is a this is a decree that allows God's people to actively participate strikes stone that strikes the feet yeah but it also might be the final deliverance of God's people in the sense that they're finally delivered from sin and that you have an active part to overcome sin so this would be a restaurant between those people have synced up interesting yeah just they're actively participate participate in work in defending themselves and if you read it they don't just defend themselves they aggressively take the attack to the enemy so this would be the scapegoat and the fit model so you're saying that the enemy here would be Satan and it's God's people's activity to resist and overcome a subscription Satan we're to have a destroying weapon in her hand it talks about yeah they go to work the promises of God's Word or what nominate cheese out of your life he's sharper than two that's what Jesus had in his hand when he fought the day in the role in this it is written every time and we know that we can't take any of that literally have to be sure or you have to sit in the back of the class ship or draw take doublet yeah Shepherd Rob's take that literally okay brother Michael four through six from what I was great in the king's house and his fame went throughout all the provinces where his for this man work i waxed greater and greater thus the Jews no other enemies with the stroke of the sword and slaughter and destruction and did what they would unto those that hate them and in Shushan the palace the juice slew destroyed 500 men ok we'll put it up there I have no idea what 500 min and sushant the palace gate in Slough represents but will will mark it brother mark 79 a passion downtown and doll phone and ask petha and para up añadir me up and hide after and party mashed up and parasite a hard day and adjust the bodhisatta brother Joe tend to throw the theaters amazing the son of him adesso the enemy of the Jews fluted but on the spoil and they knock your hand on that day the number they were slain in Shushan because was brought before the king and canes an ethereal queen the Jews have slain in the short 500 minutes ish and appellant long have you known in the rest of the Kings provinces now what is that petition and it shall be admitted me or what is that I request further and it shall be done so let go ahead the destruction of payments ten sons go ahead hey um 500 is it's there to chance it's a five foolish virgins they died in the general destruction of the wicked at that point if your marketing man who was it was it maybe that's not what you gotta think things through with brother Tyler so we're dealing with the with Heyman's ten sons dying where are they gonna die on the gallows so but it's not going to taste those and the last case we see in the Bible in secret this message we come to those who I was when angels wanted gordo ever goes people must drink this is tasty okay you're talking about j time jacob's trouble yeah this is time of Jacob's trouble yeah so are you saying that this is when Heyman's ten sons get cup this is Jacob's trouble everyone to understand that yeah we put this in Placerville I realized well this would be a revelation 1740 nothing when the ten Kings eat her flesh or no fire here you're saying Heyman's ten sons is the papacy if everybody's punished that this is not just a single point in time this is a a period of time period of time yeah when's it start that's what we're I'm they make the antique read and they're all still at 10 start one at this point so it must be something shortly after that I'll do you realize they'd be soldered okay you're talking about somebody that down the road what I what I want to do if I can we grow to do some conclusions about what Heyman's hanging back here at the Sunday law represented what did what did we say even if you didn't settle on it what was this the the the gallows if this is the gallows okay you know the gallows is what the image of the Beast being set up from from here to here okay but his death is the mark of the beast it's the Sunday law and at the Sunday law what starts the image of the Beast of the thing well yeah this carries on to country after country but but what's what prophetic expression begin to that doesn't life that does not begin at nine eleven the day of the Lord this is the executive judgment being executed upon the United States so when we get down to here what is the gallows and the hanging gonna represent the nether expression another way mark in the story of the day of the Lord what's the next primary way mark the day of the Lord is progressive to be right here that's a little time because it's the gallows firsthand King you think is the design because we're told that they die they kill them and then they put them on the go yeah it's it's weird if you don't watch it sister timing this is also as the third request because the King comes back and ask what is your other requests so far you know they'd hang payment they reverses that decree and then what is your other requests and that's when she is requesting that the ten cents to detail so this is esther 30 request and what does that maybe third so um okay i'm sitting the gallows and marking here when Michael stands up but yes the 10 represents a testing process and we know that the day of the Lord is progressive and the seven last plagues time period is part of the day of or the day of the lord goes all the way to the end of the thousand years when the wicked replenish their so what what are we labeling on that understanding what I'm enabling Taemin's ten sons as we could it the ten Kings but the ten Kings go on at the death degree to after they ruled eight they burn her with fire so they're still available to do that kind of a spiritual path I mean yeah the United States is hunger the Sunday law but he still lives he's popped in Kenya it's a guy that said the no longer got a chance provision even even when it comes to dealing with Shepherds rots teaching shepherd rod takes Ezekiel 89 it says that the Sunday law there the Lord's destroying angels they're going to go in literally to the Adventist Church and kill every all the unfaithful seventh-day Adventist and the way the easiest way to counter that is when sister White's commenting on Ezekiel 9 she has a statement where she says that those people that are slain in Ezekiel 9 died in the general destruction of the wicked the wicked they received a mark of the beast and Adventism at the Sunday law don't die right then and there they die down here the general destruction of the wicked so too with the pants under whatever the ten sons symbolize that dies Ben is that he goes forward yeah ten Kings so kind of like the United States died at nine eleven and she's still actively moving forward the United States dies at the Sunday law but as far as what we've been teaching to her last horn was conquered at nine eleven yes roasted dad was alive if she damn it a lot of cheese wed in the the notes that Brittany and you were working on to me the key to this is the Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh ok so the United States spoke at 911 with the Patriot Act identifying that it has switched from English law to Roman law but it's not going to pay homage bow down to Rome until the Sunday law and that's the same thing with the illustration in the middle right history on the first day of the first month in April nineteenth 1844 the Protestants rejected the first angels message but it's not until October 22nd 1844 that sister white shows them praying to Satan and Satan answering their prayers they're manifesting their heart here but they got to come to this the cup has to be full right here and sister white says they do not fill their cup until they pass the Sunday law I'm going to do the act okay yes so they're their hearts willing but it's not until the cup is full and the cup is full at the Sunday law sister might say but they still go forward that's what I even though your cup is full and you've been hung you're like good Heyman yeah I'll be going you know you're dead but alive when ya when your when your story showing the relationship between the United States and Egypt Heyman's one of the classic examples because Heyman here this is his ten sons their family their family law-related so everywhere you look at the relationship of Tarshish to the ships of Tarshish how many merchants are there in Ezekiel 27 is it 10 merchants but the primary merchants is Heyman it starsha SH but there's still the head of the UN yeah they're so they're still down there they live off with a blank have their public line the Bell has been put over their head um one of these thousand the names of the ten Kings and the definitions and the ten sons fit n sons and the sixth son I don't know what the 6s significance of but his name is the Lion of the decree it's and there's several that are associated with the Lions I am the Lion of the decree hours Babylon's the green there's a decree so I thought in a six would be 16 in the united states within okay we have five minutes who's who's turned re Laverne you're doing three versus me 1450 13 14 and 15 yep Vincent Astor let it be granted to the Jews which are in Shushan to do two morrow also according unto this day's decree that happens 10 son we hang above gallows and the king commanded it so to Lisa and the decree what's given at shushing and then hang tangles ten sons or the Jews that were in church and gathered themselves together for teeth day also and slew 300 men and shushing but on the prey they laid not their hand are the other Jews that were in the provinces gambit results together and stood for their lives and hand rest from their enemies and slew of the folks sending in five thousand but basic they leave not their hands over right okay you read one too many but that's all right but ok so now we see Haman sons are killed and then they're after they're put on the gallows is it valid to say that the gallows the Sunday law here is marking the day of the Lord and therefore the gallows down here is marking another wait significant way mark in the day of the Lord and if it is what does it mean that Heyman's ten sons actually died before them who are who are humans if we're correct and saying that Heyman's ten sons are the ten Kings in revelation 17 then who are the ten Kings in revelation 17 the United Nation but in revelation 17 who are they never says United Nations and regulars and who are the ten horns the United States is the six who are they they're the seventh ah when they agree to give their Kingdom to the Beast the eighth takes over their Kingdom is Pat is is no it's now 28 Kingdom there's some place in this history we're right here the six kingdom gets passed by it becomes the seventh kingdom which is the is Heyman's ten sons but that Kingdom dies at some point where the eighth kingdom who is of the seven becomes the eighth kingdom okay go ahead I understood when they made the Deacons naming the decree when they put this on the old place that's when the PVC its back on top of them that's when she say so you're going to put this right here that's how I would understand okay this so you're saying the eighth kingdom is a kingdom that only exists after the close of probation don't know it toward marks the close of probation when the papacy sends back on top of that moving the daily with you Michael so before now also such a short space time on this this is something that I keep trying to understand how did they reign an hour with the Beast but that's not the eighth kingdom yeah so that is the eighth kingdom with an eighth kingdom start this Sunday like the United States drive and understanding the hour because Ivan understand the hour starts at the Sun the hour is the Sunday law crisis to hold the whole time yes oh ok so good this is the 16 then start there that's right yeah but it's not it's not so much market they'll bring it with it for the whole piece in that one or later a week that's how it says it says they rain within one hour they ran for one hour with the Beast well just because they can rain together even so where's this where's the 7th Kingdom starting and stop so just cool it starts right here this is the beginning of the seventh kingdom because 66 Kingdom just died seven Kingdom begins and Iranian custody anniversary something lot finally she's completely here that's what that's what he's kind of implying that makes sense though because everybody else is out of her way but that's my stroke understands that how how they rate yeah I don't think it can be that way because she's-she's raining during the time period of the persecution of the Sun is ended at the same time six seven and eight come together at the Sunday law the dragon de misa falls probably know that's true and one sense you got spirit of proxy quotes to back it up sister white talks about when the United States stretches forth its hand to class the hand of the papacy and she ties that into the Sunday law and she says and it stretches out its hand to glass the hand with spiritualism under this threefold union right here this is six seven and eight at that point in time but it would be on time yeah okay no problem is just the amount that in the United States as being fully polka because she implements is something wrong yeah okay so something our defeat to see is ruin their before the world's nations of actually we have that's where the h we put it right underneath that gallows right before it yeah we see we've got names you'll have to resolve this tomorrow but Heyman the 7th Kingdom payments ten sons they died before they can put on the couch sister luzerne you want to evening you