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Publish Date: 3/13/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English & French
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okay amen I want to recap a little bit that I've done here this trimester so to mr. Marcos is gonna start tomorrow let's understand right Vaska seizure Colombia Markova quand la vie live do now based upon the the accusations that were raised to recently by people that left the platform anubis are opposed accusation Tamizh a palpable person junkie to the movement that were placing the reform lines above the Bible complacent in the reform of the co2 Liberia we started with showing that the reform lines are the Bible Kumasi amo trickle Island early from Celebi bro in conjunction with the fact that the reform lines are prophetic well that's not like you said Kelly leaned away from some perfect and therefore they deliver the power of God to those that will receive it is a consistent delivery lapis on soju for Sookie Louis when we went into the study of covenant lines new summer plans of our body a little internally also and visited the established subject visit a solution the Laodicea and Philadelphia contemporary Jalali low decision top woman in the history of ancient Israel Donley's toward Israel ASEAN layered Syria is the last period of time for ancient Israel no G C la Daniel period on police violence yeah and it parallels the first period of time for the Christian Church it's a parallel Apollo period the temple eglise kitchen that's giving us the witness that at the last period of time for modern Israel so new done the team went over a 10-year period to tom policeman moodle which is layer decir que aunque la GC it would parallel the beginning of the period of time of the church triumphant Kia's compile a navicular commence model appeared on the league history on Twitter's Philadelphia she don't feel added and I'm probably leaving some things out easy let's pretend issues the cootie I went over and I put this in place now continue on that missile on Plaza and I acknowledged it and this isn't to undermine any established applications it's an apology myriad recipe Kazan Kazan djw but we have the prophetic right line upon line means I've followed prophetic saloon emitted insulin when we see the first angel descend and began a temple cleansing Lazcano viola de Santi premier launch Pokemon scene purification the table from this history to this history the set Eastridge Don Quijote African cat then we can demonstrate the second angel descending and beginning a temple cleansing yompa de matrícula do the emotional revered asaji preferring to focus on the topic a memo from this date to this day the Davila current cat to October count cat and then at this day we can see the third angel descending even doctor can catch on fire it was emojis Santa and this represents a temple cleansing its a lapras optical magnification based upon the testimony of two teens Anubis Osceola to manage to do purification the tone from this date to this date I said that she saw some time you have a temple cleanse it's about to configure some time if it's problematic for you to think of this as a temple cleansing CC problematical would consider coming purification the Tom you can relate to it as the everlasting gospel don't give a because here you have the first step that's good laude sunken c'est la première Rita second step let the same account third word door closes it was him it up gonna pots of him we're two classes of worshipers are manifested God do category that delight also manifesting here you have a first step levels have been penita second step in dizzy Meetup third step where door classes door closes implement applause Kayla FAFSA film two classes of worshipers manifested do category that is the manifest here you have a first step down and it was him and from this a party odor lounge I put in the record she a meteorologist Tomo that this is this line cassette clean myself the hell memo is about Sardis look it's on sounder anyone explain for us what I mean let's go can come to SPG upon new circus a video series an n-bit sounded pardon me there was a name that sounded they have a name but they're dead so I know what do you mean look it's Casa latina she it's about a cabinet people that are being passed by 17 de Leon Suki meter cootie so I'm saying that this history is primarily addressing that dong CD cassette is to upon sipping much pal to solo and this history is addressing the sanctuary being open yet astrology xemnu pantulu via Childress on chair and I've said that is representing more than anything else ajju castle of a quiz on to total shows own salvation theology let you lose it you sell you and I don't know if I mentioned it is especially mas Sunni but some of these guys that are opposing the message me certainty person donkey super zum asajj I've reached the point to where they they've heard something that we've said oh look we sought on GOG keg shows and they're accusing us of saying that the cross that we deny that the cross is where the atonement is completed perfectly it is canoe cannula fed Casillas a memo aliquot Cola let's be assume it a complete Buffett mo and we do deny that a nuanced sister white says ask Ellen White d-class the work that Christ is doing in the most heaven at least in the heavenly sanctuary above love cookies to feed on the sons of Celestine is is essential essential as was his work on the cross yo sis on cell colitas on F SonicWALL so this sanctuary is representing his salvation 'el work don't listen to her presence on them soon saying yeah so I'm saying when we bring all these three down to the end of the world it can't my men to t29 offend you mundo you're gonna have a covenant people being passed by donkeys commit go to you and you're gonna have a shaking over correct salvation 'el theology yo no likely bless you volatility is used to do yourself but I'm saying that this line me a pleasure D cos it was M Nino is representing the prophetic light look please don't lend me a poofy Chico because with 1863 that's God Jesus also some 12 we have several several lines of truth its 1863 is that we have a civil war is ever don't like a Sevilla what were some of the other ones gets only so pretty mom what's the one about the the Jericho not really cool and the people that rebuild Jericho yes thank you accost we Jericho prophetically what are they gonna do come on team sample Fatima they're gonna sacrifice their firstborn in their last born even saktophe la première on Philo down here they're going to discard the principle of first and last evil negligently plan subdue permutation which is the primary principle of the reformed lines kela placebo placebo primo geology Linda reform and we've been spending a great deal of time in his life impossible coup d'etat under 25 20 June somehow there are other things here CUC at this time the light is given for this history as a moment le meriden in pesetas to what was given in 1863 duniya the health message vision don't see La Vie massage the life and we we know that sister Wade has a statement that says in esophageal enlightened Akagi song there are turning points in the history of the nations and the church yeah depois to not only startled and innocent the degrees and when these different crises arrive because it if you don't receive the light for that time is given lalume opposite i do nee that's a paraphrase it sounds in a top-class 1863 was the dead center of the Civil War don't so was it if you go to the historians they call it the turning point of the Civil War it was a Lea Valley City the sixth overlap and look what - not all I guess was a crisis for the nation it increase Felina soon for the nations plural totally Nestle Purina because whether people today want to acknowledge it or not totally so Fellini okay Linea Papa it wasn't just the United States that was enforcing slavery Sony Pecola citizen iki Oh blue shadow coolest love that you know there's some European countries that were making a lot of money off of slavery of a book with Paola pyaar kiya a very key key key key in Arabic who discovered by anyway it was a crisis in the nations and the church she taken more in prison Oh something nice to me I'll intelligence we did not spend any time you never pop a simple coup d'etat with the fact that in 1863 the church a church was started to Nagisa Ave como si I mean we understand that with Jericho oh now completely to Jericho but this here me Sheila represents a ceiling up uh I said I said mom I said mom this is a this is also an established truth see osya in Veritate Aprilia how many understand what I mean by a ceiling up cool Bianca when the churches started come yeah the person complained no sook esophageal and send mo conde discompose I don't raise your hand if you understand that no we're not just Nathan good for you Nathan remember the friend of the class yeah okay no Daniel I know Daniel Daniel 9 Danny enough in verse 24 don't leave your servant cat leave yourself encanta Danny enough it says in the city now let me let me point out something let's see my family cashews when was the Book of Daniel sealed up context can you leave the daniel at ET dt city in daniel chapter 12 right Daniel do some feel the book cell Oliva until the time of the end she's gone 2004 the Millerites the time at the end of 1798 bully me lyrically a fancy but the revelation of the 2300 Year prophecy for the Miller writes me lovely fella so cool when a poufy see me twice on shoe Polly milliliter had been typifies a TTP she by the history of Christ tally so decreased because when John and Jesus were saying the time is at hand Tuscaloosa she's really salutary Pasha the time they were emphasizing was not 1798 loot ankhila Cellini Anita patty said saw in 1719 g20 seat it was the end of the 70 weeks city life and his face on the discuss indecent men so when John and Jesus are presenting this light in their history shines on said Camille don't know he's 12 mr.white uses Ellen White utd bad history set East LA and the opening up of the seventy weeks of Daniel 9 aloof f tilde last Sunday's I'm cement on Danielle nerve to parallel the opening up of the 2300 days in the Miller idea Oh Makka pakka al Louviere chilled elicited Dimitra sangsu-dong so in order for John the Baptist to understand Daniel eight and nine I think Jean Baptiste fisken want Daniel Wheaton if the Book of Daniel had to be unsealed they lived at an end of it decision because it had been sealed up in Daniel 12 very silly Daniel do you follow the logic now notice verse 24 Newton of every event at seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to what she seal up the vision in the prophecy

Lila vision Aleppo fishing when

did the seventy weeks and Curtis cosa tell me nice Vasanta Guzman 34 ad tonk at what happened in 34 ad capacity don't know Khan Khattak logistic least it's the beginning of the Christian Church she look at most mother ladies kitchen yes it began before that with the you know the development of the disciples and the structure we Basilica must say I was like the last agility stoning of Stephen Miele Lapidus yonder China ancient Israel is fully divorced from the Lord is like a long shiny to tell motive of C or D senior and it's the beginning of the Christian Church you see look almost not religious Christian oh and at that point the prophecy is sealed up as a new model a prophecy see if it was unsealed for John the Baptist a see the prophecy I made a tidy silly for somebody's it has to get sealed back up ed wha-at de nouveaux Vasily in order for the Millerites to have it unsealed for them I frankly merely read preset mislead easily was the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus the time of the end s : nee-sama TC this is your purse on the table found yes we it was the time of the end in their history see T little offend on your Easter and at that point the book of daniel was unsealed yes mo monitor daniel it is silly but in a t-34 me all know concat at the beginning of the church Okemos motherly Christian Church legislature the Book of Daniel is resealed lifted an le done over cilia in 1863 you know some tois we haven't spent any time with this new never possible coup d'etat silsila the covering up of Miller's jewels lee lee gyu the miller begin yeah come on why come on because they introduced the 1863 chart la ayuda william LEF commissary politics on the lock out the distance Joe it's a li li Shiu you to Malaya 1863 what is saucisson tois they introduce this counterfeit charge on on toward reset two-shot control fate this become sealed up I love si do si si cap 20 silly in agreement with Miller's dream on that convict arrived a William Miller in 1863 Wow the Adventist Church becomes a legal church leaders vanilla gala and the Book of Daniel is sealed up Allah lifted Daniel eighty silly has to be sealed up it what that silly and order for it to be unsealed in 1989 I think you sweat this silly oh geez let's not get to enough so if I understand correctly what you say still earth mean that the compression of the PC and the question is a wish which what prophecy what prophesied and the press is talking about it does carefully syllabus a mentality and also it mentioned that there is a vision it will see the most ridiculous vision and purposes of two different things and visual a prophecy so tell me what what prophecy is in the verse how can that be a question what prophecy is in the version don't get prophecies at who've done the very same 70 weeks ok syllabus on decent men that prophecy will tilde she said Co physically sealing that vision with the other she said visual Katie syllable in the time of Christ and epoch the priest is this prophecy has been unsealed yeah of course I prophesied easily see suka Cheviot idea 34 ad hoc concat is the end of what Salaf and aqua league yeah it's the end of the seven years that have been cut off range in israel the lesson this Emmanuel iti don't Akashi but it's also the end of this week mr. eagle mullah Fanta said some n-nothing back here Maceo one more correct me on that date if I'm wrong don't coalition wants to let that simmer to Christ in John the Baptist's are born um one cat colony sauce the shabbat acidic least that's the time at the end for that history a PO news alert EDF at this point The Book of Daniel is unsealed along this also don't believe that Daniel it is silly it had been sealed up in Daniel chapter 12 elevate a silly - Daniel do so but at the end of this period of time may Allah fantasy toward eternal calm can't you have a church that begins the anaglyphic Hamas and the prophecy and the vision Allah prophecy Aleph is a sealed up a silly the prophecy is this history here la profe acc set Islam Allah and throws the vision it's the okay so the visitation of the wise man yeah I did we see possibility the silly component was it possible because a wise man was able to understand this vision because it was unsealed yes that's what it's very prophecy says we pass csoka glxp prophecy what are they been studying k2 jet Tila what prophecy make a prophecy to the prophecy of Balaam the prophecy mm oh okay baylin's prophecy sit Allah prophesied about wise men of the east were studying that lism saddle s to dementia she said prophecy like why would they be studying that I know okay it's only t2g because he was one of the children of the east Vaska if as a part it is often too Janus Bellamy was their most famous prophet City love prophet leprosy label does the prophecies of Balaam have any reference to the birth of Christ escalatory see the Balmain reference colony sounds decreased or a star unique you know it wanna check it out vide see what were they weren't the only ones that recognized it but anyway i'm the same when somebody said kokanee me 63 wow this period of time is not emphasizing a covenant people that are being passed by know Selena laniel skatey meter Cuchillo it's not emphasizing salvation theology in the student panel Latino shiori-san you'd like them soon it's emphasizing prophetic truth sueleen Navarrete prophet chica and I'm not trying to separate them imagine it's a budget super I'm trying to bring them all together as you say the limit ensemble so from there we went to London there's other things in 1863 prophetically oh yeah but from there we went to the twenty five twenty promised a party of the son who's Somali I've done a prophecy to the missus of vows that began in 742 yeah come on say don't go no one said sunk I won't do and went to 1863 a Kia's if you know this isn't wrong and we took this but this end history these are complete life and us at least one and this beginning history I look at most mothers at Easter we didn't we didn't go in depth in this Italy on poor food of society Stargell and me but I'm saying that this is the beginning me Masha g-code Adventism ila fella a silica most model advantage but at the end of the twenty five twenty missile quiz on to see elephant assume it's a cell phone therefore this is the beginning of the 25 2006 dilib angioedema somehow Jesus illustrates the end with the beginning alchemist MO and this being the beginning of Adventism it's a seat on a toe comment allez-vous cheese now when we get to the end of Adventism lost in the semi-final offender that we will have two witnesses who don't do team one to illustrate what happens at the end of Adventism pool illustrates a capacity elephant you have the history of 742 to 677 least what the law said okay I won't do that's also some deceptive on she's icky stuff and then the history we were pointing to over here I played you know some Priscilla when an angel comes down kata knows this song this history city swallow from here to here dude you've end up kahan cat I just saw some claw by line upon line male in selenium which is the the methodology of the latter rain doodle Opilio season we bring all three of these temple cleanses together new meat also bliss eat what we focus on the top and identify that all three angels are there at 9/11 you see don't you feel girl it was also to Flossie oh oh septum first angel arrives when Islam is restrained second angels message is proclaimed at that time Allah does mo she put cameras at epoch and when Ezra comes out of Babylon he's got the third degree in his hand you have all three of those histories dukkha don't sit was this one right here moolissa point only and we acknowledge the error of our ways by not taking the big skill first on the Columbia mall I can't imagine but simply because of time and other factors the auditory factor taking this history of the priests disciple pre these two are deeply and there are that can be problematic a celebrity problematic but we kept Tyler around to keep us straight because he can hold these concepts in his head well don't go news that won't fit this office as well sadly director so in the history of 742 he stopped the one sets a cocoon 'due to 677 ing said we identify that there are three Judean kings this event on TV Kiev eight wah-wah she D a has a casts Hezekiah easy casts and Manasseh Amana see which corresponds to all three of those because I spoon to sit one out first the third way Martin bellezza on three witnesses subtraction wah so these three kings sits wah wah say that this history here is the everlasting gospel nude eco-city swell a silly partially tell me no okay and in this history don't set East wha Isaiah is going to give a message to a house is a matter a message is a bad enemy sasha caylo missus rapidly offseason I argue it's the Lateran message based upon where he gives it to him a sadhika see the massager that PDF says oh I don't why will you a delivery some massage meets him at the end of the conduit of the upper pool by the highway of the Fuller's field Ilario country the little superhero tradition dismiss a house has a has has been a as in this history is being threatened by an alliance of Syria and Israel density Strava a casita Filippo Brunelleschi Alioto a FEMA a city is fearful la illaha the first message is fear God Allah premier mrs. Chicano June Hezekiah is he casts he's gonna glorify the Lord if I could if you listen you if it is glorious that the Lord can give you 15 extra years of life I know I moved the son back in the sky I love single unified color seniors I lose your cancer can sign a Davi ocular early Salinas did you took me and be the king that takes the advice of Isaiah that wipes out the whole Assyrian army including their King Aquila know why he broke a pillar me Sasha don't code is a year cute a ballet year like Siri she loved a procedure says so can say but Manasseh me - agree he is a symbol of judgment seal assemble dr. Susman so in these three kings we have the characteristics of the everlasting gospel don't see why one who serve only characteristic the leaf on CD tell me everyone followed that so far eschaton Mundus reaches TCO so in this history dose at this time we have several signs who's that one preserve senior we have Isaiah's two sons and is that one early doofus this ie church's job means a remnant shall return vineya any how do you say that in French no you ought to give that a shot other ones harder yeah I know but I will we did as ie 8 1 ok so when he comes to give the message to a house go example Danilo massage a casa he brings one of his sons with him illa mainland to see physically and in this in this vision which begins in chapter 7 it goes all the way to chapter 12 it don't set the V so he can also shop etcetera kissed almond ownership introduced on chapter 8 verse 18 live Chabot with this region says Isaiah and his children are signs in India is a EEOC fees assume the senior so he brings a sign term at this conduit dokie lament song see no oku country we understand that this whole history can be called the history of the latter rain to settle a potato a little Opilio season but when you look more carefully at our history McCluster know what y'all do I think of a close this window no twisting this is the early rain in here no good Sylla la première booyah and the latter rains beginning here ill Abdullah Azzam commence a plane so I'm arguing that Isaiah a has and she urges uber right here don't go Gingka is ie I can still ship so easy and there's some kind of sign there Aleya insulted the scene now because he's given him the Lateran message but killed on the missile Opilio season but that might be a little bit off Mia Santa oh maybe I'm gonna maybe I am applying it specifically to this latter rain a particular shall I plead the vessel specific asceticism when it's really addressing the whole period of the latter rain I love Cosabella period elihpa diocese where in any case may calculus well he has another son that comes into the story in Chapter eight he has one through three yeah a note was physically Vash a patrol desai ratan at hua Mei her shallow - man okay mashallah a spasm it's Shalala okay he's also a sign see it got my senior and his name means make haste to the prey let's see ITIL opposite IANA prompt and haste is one of those prophetic characteristics that we've seen eat this scenario Allah absolutely characteristic and a cell phone video so see now it's one of those characteristics that happens twice see Linda characteristic he surpassed this one Arioch comes hastily to Daniel Oh yogi vaudeville dunya and he comes hastily to Nebuchadnezzar it guy move that one if you can it sound and we mark those as the beginning and an ending of a period in this history in this avoid don't you Celica me Tony oh come on spoiler founders said periodontist well sure just shot by remnant shall return Shuba mr. valor vanilla has to be understood in the context of isaiah 6 do i have to complete our local taxes is success and in Isaiah 6 it is a cease after Isaiah is empowered to give a message and agrees to do so yeah plague is a EIT and people don't miss a sheik is laid a couple of fences how long do I have to do this dishes Kakashi o FF sulla and at the in the last couple verses of Isaiah 6 it only do down if you said is that you see some references that a remnant will be developed a new fee sahadeva loopy and we place isaiah 6 at 9:11 a new place oasis on 9/11 so and there's a promise there that are remnants going to be developed dokyun commenced like yeah Isaiah 7 sure dish is a second witness to that promise he or she obtained say he said to you to symptom to my people said promise regarding 2014 so don't do meat cut off I know we've been wondering if there was a Sunday law there see my cousins I won't post it I can sue my ski lodge on your class you're in so who goes to the comment about Obamacare key I feed don't come out there su lengua to bamboo cat Obamacare he said that that that year was when the provisions went into effect see secondly proviso Satanism with the effect and one of those provisions was that you were forced to buy health insurance alinder exited on Connecticut can't - Danis you lost the salty or face a fine paddle or face fine like monetary policy no they form on it there and when I think about the Sunday law crisis a conscious postal a crystal and what did you miss Mercer well that too who we open yvan EHT so see we think a lot about worship and possible who was still at alas young but it doesn't deal with being forced against their conscience me as I try to see Allah please okay missive with concerns and then with the Patriot Act as well a letter articulate sassy but not that you the Americans were forced to give up their rights early American folks a new dawn a new dawn a lot wha call of does not work for a call the Korean terrorism whoo $1 billion new petition contains now and and everything in love it's the essentially song two years before 2014 does any Avanti milquetoast the Supreme Court we're deciding whether Obamacare was constitutional doe calico sleep remedies the weapon ideas this is not see like the lolwat Obamacare debate constitutional all the conservative said it it wasn't a up high to to to the Cosa I told you no but the other five said it was a lot party I do we so it continued looks a cuchini and we know that the son de lausanne constant in this a vocal a legitimacy care issues the key NEPA constitutional and we can see that Patriot Act a new volcano Kilpatrick technical issues the know that constitutional so I think personally you can see that Obamacare don't people to buy health insurance or face upon Constitution don't cut look back my caps up with it you're entering the presidents of the United States into the prophetic narrative don't separate Castillo these don't achieve we met closer a little bit I can look busy don't don't have proof II see no just when I saw that coming I thought I said that makes a lot of sense don't concept idea what are you saying about 13 could you tell me - what happened with Obamacare in 2004 because it especially I've a good celexa ATM you know only thing say I need to respond in 2018 me off you girl say T senior Demeter's okay pardon me that's what progression Jayceon yeah it's not typology it's broken apart apology see KO dusim okay that that 2012 well Patriot Act yeah I bet he attacked ruling it constitutional when it wasn't constitutional you know reg constitutional allocation in Paducah and putting it into effect here a la Mettrie or we go home to make a toast it's not only unconstitutional sony pass sampling more Texas kept a constitutional its anti inspiration seek unko let's be on soon as the Sunday lawyers come to come language is emotion what does sister white say about insurance could do de LAN why Palacios oh we don't want to get there because some of us have insurance Felipe de la Paz concept and oh to new avenues I suppose okay so pardon me well there's different kinds of insurance yeah different tip that's about when it comes to life insurance we're not supposed to get it come on partisan see only on top 11 most I think probably most states in the United States you have to have car insurance when you drive and I don't think that's a denial of the spirit of don't presume said America on driving assurance palacios CIPA godless prophecy so because that's designed to protect your fellow human beings that's cuz that's equal super apogee of Atocha from your carelessness the food market that don't seem but life insurances mean that she wants V place in your hands into the god of Mammon as instead of placing it in the hands of Christ let's see what man Oh Donna mental memo I owe you the passive would comment on lamented you inference of life insurance its primary yeah Obama go ahead and show us your loss because it's done in France does not make it right anyway did you have a comment back there all right so we have two sons in here lender cell phone to Center both signs so to do this senior and then we have the sign of Hezekiah Oct 7 a synthetic acid which is the sundial going back and they have in 10 degrees it's Alisa Leakey hope you like Yvonne to D degree and then he gives gets 15 years of life your city hosts Watkins I need what's the other sign that we have J notice in Avenue the sign of the Jubilee listen GCPD okay it's in there and then we have the the battle on the walls of Jerusalem where we see two characters new personage shebna and eli ahem una voz character the person is really representing Laodicea and Philadelphia if you're willing to see it and they're both on the wall when rabid Shekar le do social Amir Khan Chaka SEC Sennacherib z-- general comes to besieged Jerusalem Jerusalem and when he does that it's a fulfillment of a prophecy that Isaiah gave to a has a local facility like investment in prophecy cliche yeah dinar casa and what was that prophecy EK lita dong said prophesy Oh I just mentioned it I don't know Sydney I'm for nowt getting it it's the midnight cry in our history don't look this lousy look didn't mean me why me poo clown what was it that produces the midnight cry in millerite history castilla would you kidding me Johnny something me narrator the Lord removed his hand from this understanding up here notice I meant opposite Coakley on zoom' down they misunderstood the year they they misunderstood the fullness of the year is on my principle Annie and when the Lord removed his hand from that understanding let's go listen you notice Amanda said conclusion then they could correct 1843 and make it 1844 account cut so there was a mistake in the foundational understanding of the mill arise fortold immediately that the Lord held his hand over it could listen y'all have a mint a new cement and when he removed his hand it produces Samuel Samuel in our foundational message with the last six verses of Daniel 11 in the common such fundamental selamat Lee sit down if you say it wasn't till 2016 I think at the end of the year sunita of alderman says Allah Thunder honey I could be wrong wasn't 16 that we were in Wales CTL didn't mean that the Lord revealed that we had that I had made a mistake about the King of the South in Daniel 11 verse 40 listen every leakage of a communicable see what you see Danielle Oscar that the King in South didn't represent the Soviet Union cooler what you see no people you know seviche it represented Russia and when you get into Daniel 11 and see that revelation is a tribulation you see that the prophecy that I they gave to a house vehicle a professional about the water coming up to the neck so you look at if she's cuckoo in the conjunction with the doubling of the principle uncle that the head of a nation is its capital collected and in essence it's a Capitan and the head of the capital is the king capital don't see the wall that we had then it was part of the understanding that Russia is the king of the south Joseph is I thought you just said cochlea what you see for me it wasn't strong it was the strongest of the three witnesses in Isaiah chapter 8 chapter 7 sorry in verses 8 & 9 it says the head of Syria is Damascus de la salida mas Syria is a country Damascus is its capital city city the capital and the head of Damascus is resin Damasus don't see red Cena so they had a head of the capital is the King don't like the capital C look one the capital is the head of the country it says the same thing in verse 9 only about Ephraim a new deal mm shows a couple I email so when you get to chapter 8 and Isaiah is giving this pronouncement against a hazardous rebellion in verse 7 it says Assyria is going to come against you you know the news ridiculous city but he's only gonna come up to the neck me I'm not a simple nauseous cuckoo which means the head is still there to Zola and the head of Judah elected Judah was Jerusalem the capital and this is the story of Hezekiah it's right in here so when Sennacherib comes against your salam in this history don't set you straight out this record in Isaiah 7 & 8 self-service SEDOL Kota noodle is a certain veto it's part of what confirms our midnight cry message 1830 tsuki confirm missus didn't mean you follow the logic logic okay so in that history when Sennacherib comes up to the head we see two classes no way you not do get to go to you and what's gonna happen to this guy can I see I should know he's gonna be cast as a ball into a house it's a a field wilderness or something come the invited stones don't dis there isaiah 22 it's a year vendor but what happens to him mean really I came just the pastilla he's gonna have a printout he's gonna receive the leadership that is taken away from shebna if it was valid you like so Katie oh please demand to ship now sorry this is being passed by that's outdated music ot Laodicea is being passed by og CIT mr. Coty Philadelphia's being lifted up as the church triumphant colleague liane font and we know that I like him is Philadelphia in SF okay Eliot because when this blessing is being pronounced upon him for his faithfulness here oh these are the Sapodilla tale of in this crisis don't sit turkeys and where is character demonstrated it let's go look at the agility crisis doesn't crease and I forgot what I wanted to do here I'm a tell you what I wanted to do wanted to do major ever just occurs if would have failed okay if you think about it seafood city fish you see I don't know if the laws of probability are actually a mathematical reality so couldn't find a mathematical or they're just an unconformity formula that equates to the laws of probability okay that don't matter if there's if statistics are there proof for a seal is that so impossible so now the laws of probability Litella probability tell me if you take all the stories in the Bible massive upon a total is it this table be that reference something tangible keya fully feels like a pushes the toshiba has made thousands of them it will not immediately don't trailer when Sampson pushes the two pillars and destroys the building come some saw a

LeDoux Polly I did tweet him a

little bottom of our day if in our day and age they actually find that building that Samson destroyed a seat on the tree buggies on to visit you so much among did we possums that would be amazing right that's nice about it it can't confirm it was really that building a filmmaker says well there's all kinds of little details in the Bible gonna be real so what are the laws of probability the kilcher I don't let the probability that in the British Museum Donna Musial Brittany come and the reason I said I forgot what I was gonna do did this morning it's important is you pious Christian if is in the seventh-day Adventist Bible dictionary the dictionary advocacy systems I found a biblical relic of shebna Yaakov a token relic Biblica shebna and a liar cam again not in Yakima to relics of two guys from the same story at this crisis do a Balika do their Sundaram Emmys two opposite chrislam the laws of probability tell me that's pretty pretty it's more than a coincidence don't clap Cooper became poof Cass a pristine coincidence but if you want to magnify it further miss Eva vanilla man if you cook you so the the condemnation against shebna if you remember yesterday don't condone a sous chef not a souvenir yeah in Isaiah 22 guys I eat when do is that he was building himself A Grave a Sepulchre tequila a costly is a cosmeceutical in a crisis don't say please he's making a covenant with death Allah phenomenological Imam a grave a to do and what they discovered in Israel a Content a cuvette honey try it was his grave they don't consultant in the British Museum it doesn't miss a buddy technique they have chipped out of that cover of that grave is owing patita says so cool after certain boo his name hey I've EXO no they have they don't just have a relic of shebna ino compliment own leadership now it corresponds to the curse pronounced against him in isaiah 22 so luckily spoiler maladies simple no secrets holidays I eat vendors but he's being spewed out of the mouth of the Lord real a tiful me de la bouche the senior and he like him is taking his position in Yakima Paulo hopeless and a leader in that history allegedly sunset East WA would have a seal well I don't consume to prove that he's a leader Popovic Ely don't condition they've also found a lie conceal is illegal motive in a surgery I need him also in the British Museum it's Alessa to began not on the museum and they're strangers of both of him in the seventh day I've been his Bible commentary that's Kelly so where does he like him end up in Isaiah 22 22 it was fini eliakim days I even defended he ends up on October 22nd 1844 Levin dr. Brown cat go to Isaiah 22 we read this yesterday record news for myself and Avenger and the teeth and the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulders so he shall open and none shall shut and he shall shut and then shall open where do we find this verse there's only one other place who Tuvalu severe salience and salon Wow a message to Philadelphia salud condo acid on a massage degrees the Philadelphia what we were staying in here it's a canoe 7dc is in this history Sica Dorset Isla at one level an evil a has a chasm is the foolish priest sealer pledge Hezekiah is the wise priest is it yes he look at Lesage shebna and he like him two more symbols from the same history dong said nah Ilya Kim seducible to be multiple mm Isla identifying that at a crisis character is manifested don't you see dr. Terry manifesting balada s kavoussi disallow but what we were dealing with may serve a chronic region is bathed City la cita pseudo shows have dates and what did Bates color a kiss kibbutz the new G that in this history seek audacity strong by the way theta betas quote let's eat as soon the bitch is in this history surpassed onset is to Allah okay when bait says there are three parts go Ezekiel Apache from Zechariah 13 oh on Zika Sardis Laodicea in Philadelphia sound low DC Philadelphia he's identifying that I think in 18-49 soaked luckily she said oh sure he's not doing it before 1844 to Kayla Japan County so he's saying that in that history because I saw an agreement with Zechariah 13:1 that God is a cataclysm you have three churches that they don't plague Lisa you have Sardis who's that this out later this year no in Philadelphia okay so we've been plugging that in here as well this I've got no place is another saying we were doing it for this reason a new level family opposite reason for the priests who lip read the messages the massage the message to Laodicea still a massage school Odyssey but for the seventh-day Adventist Church Nepali lives advantage the system starter saldo the message for them the massage pool is the message to Laodicea see let me Sasha do know just because when you deal about when you address giving them a message that's colossal or deliver a massage covenant lines show us Linda's new moon that there are two contemporary churches let's go top Elena Ephesus and Laodicea yeah it's a lousy see and the Ephesians elesif is young are the conquering horse see elusive a local care and they have a message to layer to seer which is obviously the Laodicean message is I massage Pelosi Sikhi massage allowed you see sister White says Ellen White no deal that the message of Jones and Waggoner massage the John saveco Nell in 1888 is the Laodicean message in massage Dalhousie see she says in 1888 oh Jesus that's why we take the mighty angel of Revelation 18 descended no stop focus is on pointing forward to 911 he knew a point of acceptance when the mighty angel of Revelation 18 descended no stop okay it is Sanji and the layer the seein message becomes present truth Akala massage the lotus seeds of an ability present to both the external Iliff Lapua nextel Dardis sodom and the internal priests me again ma Polly plate at Anna its lair to see and message either way the dolly do Cassie let me Sasha load you see that that's you the reason I brought Bates into that let me support like a central G Bates what's to identify that fat City Polly don't you see something the message for this movement is the Laodicean message the movement salami Sasha Lodi see the message to give to the Adventist Church the massage I do new illegally said Matisse is the ad is the latest in message silly massages allow GC and when an angel comes down in Oscar no g.od song what are you supposed to do Kiska said suppose affair huh eat the little boy does emotion Apache diva how many times you're supposed to eat a day it can be enter Flavell forty Lola machine twice this Wow okay wait you know some people that have a problem for with their metabolism keeping weight on maybe you can eat three times oh not for me Smee for you three but you got to translate it we don't want how to sucks about the Hat helpers each year sure I know I misunderstood your question sorry what translate whatever my question so a new food Masha Petula okay my point is is for us to know how many times we gotta eat go beyond finding 14 mochi three times minuto fois all three angels are there okay about that okay we have to eat here mm-hmm which means we enter into a covenant relationship emotion that's a vehicle on wontons in Alyosha and it means we have a message to give to the Adventist Church it's a video Kaname such a denial a disadvantage nowhere else in new new tire because she says if I'd sent you to another people ask a decision what they would have received a message it's ok Costa Mesa but the Adventist Church will not receive the message because there is stiff-necked hard hearted people that's go until I let Von Teese know a person let me suspects a and purple kool-aid oh so at this point we gotta eat three times don't as a plaintiff emoji traffic methods to not only adventism a amina misogynist and mile advantage but an internal message in this movement me and massage OC attend a dosa move though but now let's just I just want to use a general thought here Java you to be seen the position in hand now this is the for the priests right let's see Polly place about the fries supposed apprentice but we know about what when we get to this history here the Lord is preparing the Levites to respond a consonant audacity swallow senior propel a livid book report as a massage where who who and where are the Levites moving from well who are they Cecily leave it to V until now layers here ok but who are they event allowed you see the comic isn't there seventh-day so okay so our message among other things is a shut door message permeate Auto Show set a massage teleporter male it's the message of Noah Scylla misogyny we get on our car you're gonna die uncle die national TV movie no it's the message to Sodom and Gomorrah get out of town or you're gonna die see me Sasha Saddam ago most of the love you see not even real it's the message to the Jews say let me say sorry come into the Christian Church or you're gonna die in Jerusalem Odalys Catalan from URI don't you lose a limb so in our history as the priests are being separated donít we slapped on Tiscali please don't read one sipara and the wise priests are now going to give a message it can leave quickly Asajj moment no tsunami Sasha and they know that Adventism is coming to its conclusion over here ASAP cool advantage multiverse a fella interpreted well why do they know that pourquoi lucifina because one of the main subjects the Bible prophecy esculenta sucia principal don't could the principal don't go to Zechariah chapter one I lived on Zachary oh I know John Zakaria in verse 16 and 17 says a descent Sicario therefore thus saith the Lord I am returned to Jerusalem with mercies my house shall be built in it is his house getting built in this history I know it's a meson cycles we don't set this well okay and there's also another house getting built in that history might not Mizuki sweetie he has his house see let me so that gas which is the synagogue of satan' sat on my house shall be built in it saith the Lord of hosts and a line shall be stretched forth upon Jerusalem Alenia Soha Jerusalem cry yet saying thus saith the Lord of Hosts my cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad and the Lord shall yet comfort Zion and shall yet choose Jerusalem that's it is it Jerusalem gets chosen right here Jerusalem a tissue as Elam and the choosing of Jerusalem is now a singular verse this is just what I went to - what - IRISA Laemmle possibly mom ever say unique on a few dude when did Ezra get to Jerusalem can't ask as loud if till I see Brazil him on the first day of the fifth month the plumie zelda ii when was that city calm August 15th 1847 canta what was that it kids casitas at the midnight cry Jerusalem is chosen Oh Kidman we chose a limousine so at this point I said for now you have two stories of Jerusalem Buffy this is 12 tons of whose name you got Jerusalem Sardis with a vision with Selim sabda going down forever he declined PO - Sookie and the church fancy going up forever a league list real font like ISA left too soon why would why would the Adventist Church go down forever at the midnight cry epic Riley disadvantaged despair pour toujours Oakland mean did the Hebrew church go down forever when they crucified Christ Oh colleague Lisa learn English with a this a I you so declare pour toujours la scala crucifix was the belle of the temple rent at that very point in time it's gossip when PC a loved one do tompa not in this little pad initially proving that the Shekinah glory was no longer with them Ponca dilash a keen on ET pruna the coup so were they passed by then sq centimeter Kotel similarly they passed by three and a half years later at the stoning of Stephen obiano today tamizha court it was all a player in me a privately breath the the ten support Lisa so I understand don't joke on Paul there's still a little bit of conclusion for the Adventist Church over here at the Sunday law yeah I'm completely and put the temporary back concludes you I like what you do most people treated life until at what is now why am I saying they go down Foley right here maple questions antique appear this sound la or MIT was kosher shall send digital I'll tell you why this is a prediction such introduction a human prediction from human logic dachshund prediction Amen apart iljin logic human what is this Kiska see Casilla it's the first Sunday law Sheila put me on legitimacy in the United States owes it doesn't he the Adventist Church is going to agree to it I think like elderly advantage like Nazis Vasa Cody they're going to accept her lead Von Teese Malik safety and for us a seventh-day Adventist if who knew advantages which I'm sure to set aside the Sabbath and accept the Sunday la Mettrie deliberately don't disobey except till I die so do your demotion I'm saying parallels shigeko so light on pahala crucifying Christ I vaguely fed the crucifix Easter you see the logic there violation out in summer fashion when you say they're going to accept the Sunday law don't you know except Allah Leonard Amash America Tillis about I'm looking at the history of the Christian in church Sherlock out doggystyle eglise up to China and seeing the time of Pergamus is arachidonic called the Bergama there they accepted the pagans to come in he's accepting a lovely pea ontologies and in great controversy it done I got cocoa brown so it identifies that there were those who were honoring Sabbath yeah they say thank you notice about and Sunday so I think it is a training mission the clash Paschal night it's not just the thing where they're just denying onyx don't think that passage in great controversy is what we use for them in the past Becca sister passage I computed Isla I remember part of an expression AC to see to be valid possession malsu V engine party it's the reader should that would understand and you say Casilla Daily Show okay complete she's talking about the Sunday law a popular team on phrases if the reader would understand edgy see it so my conclusion she goes back to the history of Constantine go to any subject part and progression of the Sunday law a McClure policy we did the lack whistle and what did he mean if we would understand how it comes into our history and you say so no come on c'mon Celeste Ivan autonomy have a layover Constantine to the papers these history right in here you know for just opposed any sort of constant thank you lady it's a wireless amudha so quietly but we've already got this in the public record many times you know Nepali appoint means your vehement well if the Adventist Church is coming to its complete conclusion right here see that what this man Eva suffer to tell now if this is where sister white says sec so Kady Ellen White speaking of Adventist pastors about the pastor at what she has a statement where she says alanda class olg our pastors will be in large open-air meanings and that you cannot pastor fulfill the meeting click on their teaching that we need to keep sunday dzongkha new for observing a demons that has to be fulfilled its acid wa8 larceny accompli evidently there is such a crisis going on here don't be any fee that money and take this value now and everyone thinks the thing to do is to bring morality back into the society in the United States Alicia apostasy come kneel immorality dom anna tell your dissertation II that the Adventist Church is going to agree to this Sunday law Alette what is Vasa Kody I said what did you moms but do just what Bob says is in the great controversy may so good they're gonna say we're gonna keep Sabbath as well but we need a Sunday law for this nation eg so Calvo observing us about me on Oct much more sadness you and I'm going through some old materials right now Elijah what you don't they don't do dis on Sam do you material oh I mean anyone that's been in my office recently su cuenta dambulla Osama we'll see the great frustration of my wife who very like confiscations I'm a fan my wife is one of these sisters that likes to have everything needing neat and tidy who am i a party this is Africa to swine I have a corner my room about here to here is she I'm quite on my PS LA full of piles of paper that I'm going through in books a complete in Peter poppy relief and it's been that way for a couple weeks the priapism NS audacity Tao and I have a paper age I do chemo where the conference president in the United Kingdom oh please don't do lack confidence do you mean II 2530 years ago van van sank I know parvo he sent a letter from an official letter from the seventh-day Adventist conference alone over you think in electrophysiology launched in Iran to Parliament Oh pappu pollen no because they were discussing a Sunday law I see there are condoms Papa lamotrigine ygg mosque he's doing a talk on this cutie and his letter was saying you need a Sunday law go for it a selective sabres went into a GT motion LEC so anyone that's thinking that this couldn't happen I lost you can't keep Oscar Solano pepper soup I see that's old news that's it these don't see a new plane happen suppose but see no UFC if you accepting Sunday as accept ology Moscow a Sabbath just about just as a sacred reverence day to God come on shoo books come and live belongs a clear on few ideas on Kentucky new ffz sister new similes a lizard I adore EOS from - I see the transition already don't you what disease let me say something about our German brother here listen my food addiction sooner favorite animal there's some things about Germany they just blow my mind yeah I'm okay cashews acetal and man yo kima Subhan you know if you build a house in Germany with a VC focus was in my zone and man the German governments are going to tell you what color the tile on your roof has to be don't go got em up infidel cooler or what color the houses devotee ler in France - in France - oh also see ok in Germany so online man you they've calculated how many computer personal computers there are don't calculate come be on the OT Natalie yeah and divided it by how many German citizens there are a division of the situation MA and you get taxed for a computer even if you don't own one if we set tax upon not that time I'm Sifu nah nah there's a lot of things like that it just blow my mind about Europe I'm picking on Germany right now no ya beaucoup choice come sake I miss elaina occ at the Mannion but get your stones ready me it'll help me boom us ye playing because there's one thing that's the ain't show the kind of makes a little bit of sense to me put this on spoon mwah if you if you drive down the German highways sifu a country they assume little Bhutan Mound they're usually pretty congested it's so I see congestion except on Sunday softly moans because they don't let any commercial vehicles travel on Sunday that's Korean no less oka the area yes some in France okay okay okay come you avoid emotion so there's a Sunday law dokyun what dijimos it seems to be logical to me he's some ecologic when I'm driving somewhere as takashi-kun G can happen to go around a line of truck a cautions right down into communes so the Sunday law is going to include some human logic don't let what you dream of a Cuban Lucia cumin that isn't directly related to religious morality keen a pal connected yet to make a move a little issues and that seems sort of reasonable he some entities enough but it's all part Satan knows where he's going with it Mesa don't see we've a vasila all part of this progressive thing I got yeah that's the about see us it's just book they see there's a whole notes I've seen a hand with Nathan he explains well you got a one pot at a time has an article in the National Sunday law the name of I love epigenetic law where he talks about Doku emoticon mo can Kansas Apache Apache lodges emotion SS up on Twitter and he talks about the progressive nature how at first some things were permissible until it became you know entirely if you disobey dhoka emote la policía de kinshasa jessica's la disobey sausages kalamullah person and and then he ties it in nicely with explaining the this how that's gonna happen in the United States yeah Melanie Apple I speak Iike mostly leva surpasses it doesn't he how following the Sunday law is not going to be such a strange thing it's gonna be something that people see as something very logical and so no much locally severe wound at what you do most come Keiko shows nobody told me to cry Lucia key is the best passing no different than any law and law that we follow right now multi feel it working woman no I just wanna see it also has to do a lot with you know the civil civil unrest and bringing the world and said I have one point to make here and then I just thought of another point as he was speaking ok donkey are not a variance in a pond hockey polishes are not well people are saying that we've called the seventh-day Adventist Church Babylon listen this canoe applauding this advances Bible oh no we're calling the seventh-day Adventist Church Laodicea this applauding disadvantaged Lodi see if you have a seventh-day I - or if you have a a a Bible what do they call it Bible with Ellen White's writing an Ellen White Study Bible series a savvy be bloody - dillan white look in the comments under Revelation chapter 3 look out then do come on tell how can miss apocalypse long you're gonna see about ten places where sister white says that the seventh-day Adventist Church is layer to see you cuz I live well home what a decent logically disadvantage is the sampling molasses just an example initial to you she says it probably 50 times eligium where a second flower that's all we're saying the villages Canada zone on cabinet lines don't see Linda Leon we have an understanding of what we mean about layer decir that's different this a phone company I'll sue the circus a signifi that loud uck then what was record vile and white the Sookie hakuna panel in white but new truth made the new valve it is okay it so valid if it doesn't contradict old truth she said Nicotra dispel is essentially and it's not contradicting all truth is a new cottage appalling assumption though what I'm saying for the priests here so Coshocton do Polly Platt Allah as they see the end of Adventist I love right here kid well I felt a lot want is Maggie Villa and they reach this point in time akiza tense up wanna don't talk which is typify dat PC with Zechariah's history Osaka he where he says Oh hopefully from the land of the north Kochi ho ho Feud you paid you know or the Miller I'd history who said the military where they say come out of Babylon Loski Jesus opted to that be lady in the middle right history it only stopped the meeting when they were calling people out of Babylon cut Isabella show of the baby dunno where was the primary focus of that call wait they don't love focus the principal cerebellar the Protestant churches valleys eglise Protestant and who were they a kid that Elam they were Sardis is it is sounded they were the Covenant people that were being passed by deli on ski talk and that middle cootie so when we get here I local news a tavola there is a calling out yeah Annabella Sochi it's a calling out of Laodicea see LaBella so give the Leticia why would you do that pourquoi flavor salon because you're constrained by the love of God pass curve was that column or did you you realize they have a very short period of time because the final movements are rapid ones food really secured I slept on basically move mafioso canopy them to awaken to the coming crisis and prepare pornography here I like this I've been nearly new paper so we're not denying that there's a calling out doc no no honey opener fethiye Annabella so calling out of Adventism I sake of delayed Von Teese now but it is not calling the seventh-day Adventist Church Babylon Miss Anita apply League leads advances babylon babylon is a different entity busca babylon said do not eat a difficult one thing I want to add here you know Kosciusko same way as you Taylor at nine 1100 set down joining is that as of David he Kelly long hunter Davila it is second anointing see don't like this among soon and what were they gonna rain now hey children IAM at know he's gonna rain over hebron even yeah it won't and what's hebron mean it Cassini fable association in that secession and this is where we're marking an association it's a lot canoes and the queen a suggestion this history of Isaiah 7 through 12 it's at least one desire set a deuce it is a warning against the association to smoke or coal association walk not in the way of these people that say a confederacy no much spot on laughs what a junky decent coffee did I assume this history is about human strength coming together with human strength Buster set is all about the dollar for cement kisum Lee avec une autre force amenable to oppose the strength that is represented by the combination of humanity and divinity boo boo CI laughs Oscar please auntie Paula company so do Devane don't you know but there reaches the point in time where the priests and the Levites are going to come together is that a new early live Italy played for su-metal Samba and David's not gonna rule from Hebron ain't I've been have a bad unique more initially born where is he get a real from then at the end of the 7/7 and a half years elephantine me Valley New Jerusalem if I arena so series a name okay so this histories in here as well don't curse at you started to get more do don't you see a question I don't know where to go if I down super well you know one level is the surgeons the hardest church dokin Evo ELISA do see a solid is the sound so don't get the sound are they are they representing both that are actually in Babylon Natsuki so don't babble on or are they babble on I mean I'm trying to associate that we're so - babbling bestest you say that that's a sister Protestants being passed by I think you protest don't give me the booty what the inspired definition let's let it finish noise pity to become part of Babylon Party the Babylonia includes Thank You Duncan the two pillars of Catholicism and it did belay jacket release yzma what are the two pillars of Catholicism that Samson took down don't get so don't Kelly do a period you catch the Sonny sacredness of the Selita dilemma okay so the immortality of the soul that doctrine Kindle immortality dilemma is representing an experience that is a spiritualistic experience look please also don't in experienced spirit through two great airs that's it so two concealers and the sacredness look but she also says that the papacy takes the world captive by spiritualism menudo see kalapa pootie a Chinaman captive like a veil the Spirit is working on what we've been saying here is in Ohio sousuke itd see if adventism accepts a Sunday law here at the midnight cross yo kid I mean he'll adventism accepted uncle alleged emotion then before that time here adversity audit on there has to be a falling away first a premium on apostasy which is pergamus he don't pay again and the falling away is representing the strong delusion in a pleasant life illusion so before they get to the Sunday law took a photography Awaji team are gonna come under strong delusion it's called dong-su set thoughts you see they get wrapped up in spiritualism if I copied on the spiritus mandate then they accept Sunday sacredness it won't accept Allah character secreted emotions that point they become part of Babylon yes sir point ie little party the baby they are not babbling in this may avoid no listen pal okay but what what is everything me sequa to slough it's progressive lash of sixteen you go way back in this history they were already building the foundational logic to do that very thing Watson mmm don't set history so this battery set lucy parr Havilah catholicism guitar you lick italic video that it foundational doctrine is what kelly don't collect info to Metallica to league video until the Trinity liquidity you can get you can get Catholic statements if you prevail upon dick dick Asuka to dick that the Trinity is its foundation but many commentators me booked a motel will tell you the real foundation of Catholicism education is one that is mentioned by John link a link dailymotion a passion has to do with the nature of Christ dwell anyone that does not accept that Christ came in the flesh is Antichrist to so connect set back your Christopher new dollar share it on take Christo in this history the set is lava we're gonna see that the final doctrinal understanding copy also doctrine the final that shakes this movement and Adventism if I don't kiss a quiz I move mummy again includes the acceptance of the idea that Christ did not take sinful flesh and you don't kill except a sudafed Krishna vapor on to seal a share of expressed in many ways pre-major different vessel but it all goes back to the doctrine of catholicism of original sin doctrine a católica and it prepares you this analysis level clipper for a spiritualistic experience who will experience the spirit that led you to the strategy mashallah so now i know what i'm saying is like no security saying this is why sister whites is the last doctrine that shakes us suppose sake Ellen White that way I say it that way say mochila Jesus at Faso lasagna tink even you so Queen is the doctrine of the Incarnation doctrine d'Alencon a song okay the fact that this is being agitating us right now a little thicker so later she T is an agreement with those people that are getting on the wrong side of the issue in this movement now I'm not talking about Adventists I'm gonna talking about this move don't clash your paddle advantage mr. lockwood I spoof ethically junky so don't sermons more Akita their understanding that they cannot take control of their lower nature yo comprendo koena mitra sea level faculty failure and the emotional experience that is generated through your lower nature experience emotion el cajon irreparable faculty feel yeah if you do not exercise your will to govern that lower nature it's even accessible for veloute a güven a don't cut reduces the strong illusion see so keep what you don't said forty diesel or the spiritualistic experience will explain your spirit that leads to the Sunday law karate team so it's clear they go in that order Ellen White a class 11 on set all the falling away precedes the Sunday law la posta simply said anyways the strong illusion love lapis sec laughs fat illusion at the bar anyway is the spiritualism don't kill opposite Susilo spirit e so when we're having this this issue confront this movement no come on I said Kazuki comforts us a movement it's proving that we're in the strong delusion salon do proof can do some decide what it is you in it's proving that there are people that are now preparing it's a land Oh poof key I meant no the person is a creep out to be on the wrong side of the issue right here a cement demova cote de la casa because midnight is one of the stepping stones down here possession of San Remo Manisa Luna desert a perky a monopolist analogy dommage especially a sofa like a like a sir so as we said this had completed I super speed this is optimism is that ye have was celebrating the Confederacy he was trusting in it look plus s a conscience allow Donna confidential he was trusting in human strength in Laplace executions on a 40 men which is all that you have see to secure Vasavi if you do not believe that Christ is your example in all things she would know quite a back occlusive would example to choose them if you believe that Christ is your example in all things it's evil quite a conclusive example to choose than the example that he gave to her okay some kid knows I do name is the divinity and humanity combined does not sin Kasich a la cabina so deliver did event alumina pêche pop if if you think it's impossible for us to have the experience that he Illustrated it's impossible impose upon the devil experience Keeley list because he truly did not take sinful flesh that's curve irritably Moyna the papilla not to piss Christ and the power that's derived from the combination of humanity and divinity doc Lipinski episode of the combination well dude if I tell you now can I be your new Papa actually vote therefore any power that you have don't go 2nd calc astral epistles kavoussi Dre human strength Sonny Corinthos amen and that's what this Confederacy years it's a sook sook web as I said consider human strength system and a has was fearful got a repeal of the alliance between Israel and Syria otoscope an Israeli LA City so what he did took circular thing he went made an alliance with Assyria Allah finally osowiec last city to deal with Syria in Israel I found the clinic at the city a trusting in human strength plus a conscience Allah force you may know anyway it all fits in there is this where the vision sister white had were those who got up and moved into the most holy place but those who stayed received the false light and power the counterfeit and that's is that the spiritual Sookie celestial you say no / - Vicki's undiluted Sun what happened at 9/11 is suppose John chapter 20 gossip esteemed on 9/11 advocacy so so found Christ breathed upon the disciples may be pleased to see okay he breathed upon of his disciples which was as a few drops before the poll outpouring and Pentecost Christa souffle COC discipline Lila got a vessel upon coat and those people than today in the holy place in a vision in Johnson V junkies arrested on yourself Satan breathes upon him them his spirit sat on souffle supersonic spleen and there's much power yeah book license Lumiere just lighten power know what yeah but no love joy peace for the people that move into the most holy place okay but they also get lightened on the circus I said no you don't you so much when this angel came down and had a little book open in his hand revelation 10 don't collect on CDs on jewel of a city launch apocalypses have a clipper to leave John's Togo neat adorable oh yeah own ideas on the motion of chili when the second angel came down here Conley did say mostest so now it had writings in his hands Ilana credo somehow that they had to go and eat a full upon de la mancha The Little Book the writings is a message the perty believe realistically see Thomas I had to become part of them so in the vessel party you are what you eat she basically mulch when this angel came down a concert on Shoko this song here a scroll in his head somebody had to eat it it was emoji so when we put these three together Dunkleman is it wha and we can show that all three angels are here at 9/11 confirm otakus it wasn't solo concept on first angel restraint of Islam look at me autistic so that Islam he proclaims the second angels message April clam no Digimon and when Ezra came out of Babylon right here he had the third degree it's gonna be awesome ticket all three angels are here don't leak wasn't sure they've got a book dogs I'll put you leave you got writings cle-cle and you got a scroll each I looked awesome man and I I just said you have to eat three times but it was not a good idea obvious don't guys did he come to them oh what we're missing it beneath me a plastic mop well cuscuz Papa Doc escuchan whopper sake to do a machine now what are you supposed to eat here casket I suppose emoji long okay but once they leave this city in when when these three angels come down constituents this sound in Revelation 10 you see a little book Apple kept resistive and positive in early writings you see the writing no touchy annoying put mr. kitschy fellow listen here you see the scroll one who knew but when the angel of Revelation 18 comes down no supper caves this with this song and he represents all three of them you could simply Twyla he doesn't have anything in his hand yeah now and all samake to demand emotion so what is in his hand don't kiss me I don't stop man the hidden manna lament what is hidden manna see lament Kashi and what is the manner its equal a man now think back to here Kavya Allah in the cabinet I'm dolly Lynn Daniels the testing process for ancient Israel the process is the textbook Israel oncea was the manner Lamanna when they were entering a new cabinet 40 years Yasmani cottony for the end of ancient israel don't prove my life until Israel for the seven years that he confirmed the covenant you only sit down it confirmed Allianz that testing process the process is the test was that they were to eat the bread of heaven the lucky dog machine lapentti seller and for the Miller right it will ameliorate it was to eat the three angels messages it is mostly massage it was but those messages missing massage are just what we eat subsequent motion there identifying the testing process sorry dr. feel opposed this is the test shall we pray it's come to create Heavenly Father we thank you for letting us consider the vision of Isaiah 7 through 12 messengers have a family to consider veil of his own desire a juice for taking us back to a message that we looked at briefly years ago me such good news if you use any that we might refresh our understanding of these things celebrity aficionados issues and we realize now that we're on the verge of a tremendous crisis you know the I don't consume about you know please okay example don't and that we have a message to give the conserve I massage I do nail to this movement as a movement and to adventism yeah in either case it's the latest in message hey don't do the Kasumi says you're loud you see that our brothers and sisters might accept the gold the white raiment and the eye salve I think you know for yourself to accept elo love it my boiler Coolio before probation closes I've owned a fundable Bastion we ask a blessing upon this day before us new to the modern benediction positooni that what we do and say I'm clarify you I think you sue can you jeez only for some peace to do we thank you for all these things and time a simple decision Jesus name don't you see I mean I mean