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Publish Date: 3/12/2018
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I introduced these three lines into our study - I should sit well internet list well these three lines are lines that Tyler's been using for some time now I see a linker Tyler which it is the peon kill kill kill code auntie Jean and over here is where I'm trying to illustrate the vision of Chapter seven through 12 of Isaiah Alalu courtesy laugh link kill appears on television do I you said I'd do them and I yesterday I added in Isaiah 6 yes she is I swear in verse 3 of Isaiah 6 you have holy holy holy oh and there is a passage in the spirit of prophecy where sister white connects Isaiah 63 with revelation 18 episode only limp spirit sue ellen white a whole year so they've set what is Isis abaqus I have a couple caps distrito so we're putting Isaiah 6 right there 911 I know new places Isis a 911 when the angel of Revelation 18 comes down car no stop okay leaves this with this song which has been typifies by the angel of Revelation 10 a long step okay leaves disa which was the empowerment of the first angels message key lumpification word don't get to plumb your house and it is correct to say typify don that one for sure it also muda lightly collect down don't buy a limo tpc the angel that came down at Billy right history is typifying the angel that comes down in our history launch the kid assaulted on his 20 million EGP facade wicked isn't it on the notification line upon line in that case that's colossal nutrislim OTP fear in selenium but when this angel of Revelation 18 comes down because they don't stop okay please read this song he gives the message of the second angel so he's the second angel also II dunno Cielo massage this emotional Kela Kelln massages MO and you have spirit of prophecy quotes where she says that very plain I want a citizen despot prophecy well declares electric 911 you have the first and second angels man don't sacrifical 911 another premier demos but when we bring the Miller right history together with our history macoco be nested ameliorative Eclair not in connection with the message of the midnight cry oh yeah a clue massage you kidding me then we have better 7-9 Oct 7 is gladness and the second angel arrives it's a dis emotion Eva first day of the first month let me show to play meanwhile when when Ezra is leaving Babylon goskino and he's gonna arrive in Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month II love Levi suicide lemon apply me she'll just thank you mom but when he leaves the babbling on the first day of the first month we can't you keep a bead on the plumie shield upon me moi he has the third degree in his hand Elam and it was empty so because this is the first day of the first month let's go see let me show you play me Mom you've got the third message here to news avoid gunmen it was a massage all three ain't late it was also to vlog I mean there's other ways to show that but that's one justification don't include me lessons justification for this illustration is ánotá you got it a temple cleansing here who's having Theresa Cassandra Tom now a temple cleansing here unit oshika so did Tom plow that's fairly that's established let it Russell see no we don't have a problem with that in this movement typically new not a problem excellent we see the Protestants cleansed here new viola put a song cue into Beauty fuel on Millerites cleanse here immediately so if we have three lines of sinners a faucet running and these two are temple cleansing easily diplomatically donkey

cats undertone upon the testimony

of to this is a temple cleansing that was a mean siegelman to africa so among other things not exclusively a palmetto shows NOPA exclusive small this history that's illustrated here sati sati displays your tableau is a temple cleansing history see tina.bill officially start a purification to tompa so when we get to Isaiah 7 loss canoe paavana is and Isaiah sent to meet a has a it's a yeah unfortunately I can't with this morning message I think so mrs. about his mom and he meets him at the end of the conduit of the upper pool Oh Buddha like oh dude a little superior by the high way of the fallers film yeah la would you shut you fool don't ever see twice I say the polar field connects with Malachi 3 no showed you foolin Tonya Vic man like wha where the messenger of the Covenant is going to purify the sons of Levi as silver and gold color mr. Shiva beautiful vacant do lovely dude look up the Java do lovely do you eat the lobster and it's gonna clean a massive with fuller so eval a purify avec la puta seafood so we've been putting the where Isaiah meet a has this have on me la longue plasma which I conquered a cancer at this end of the conduit of the upper pool Allah o bougie country a little superior I think brother Tyler put it here Oscar tiny like me now that's where I put it that's good my selection me long before we were in the fractals being a coma soon or Vicki practice we'd already understand understood that the message that Isaiah is giving is the latter rain message Asia completely let me ask you is that you done seated massage elapid ion system that's what we were identifying this message of that's associated with Shilo a-- a simple sentence every doctor some massage associate see Louie so we know that 911 is a volcano septum the latter rain begins in a generic sense I come OC utilizes a common citizen air and by that I mean it's that expression latter rain at 9/11 it's a test quiz show up you diocese your septum is making no distinction between an early rain and a latter rain the folk in distance your pious islami Aprilia Dania please this would be what we call the sprinkling a premiere party Cisco no sapelo Lila good clicked and then here is where the actual Lateran message is marked yada milquetoast illa-allah massage rapidly our career season attendee key so early rain dunk on a patio on septum Sela pre-applied a milquetoast xalapa diocesan doctor and then Isaiah when he comes to a house is a hill of skill Vallejo kun de casa he brings with him his son sergey shop element of admission fees Ashiya Sheba which in Isaiah 818 I believe Kia dawn is a fossa we're told that his sons and himself are signs a new sadhika some facility mm so this senior so there's a sign here no come on dummy catalyze represented by shear to shakeela please auntie Paula she'll shoot behind that sign it's a senior in his that's represented in his name Kela please auntie personal is a remnant show return Sapodilla mr. Hong Kong okay and this is also the the promise of Isaiah 6 c lappa messages a you see some but Isaiah 6 says the remnants going to return when the cities are broken down and there's a great forsaking in the land is a sister she California plan called kubrow right everyone with me we're just recapping stuff oh um and then AOC when I wasn't here caution eg family saw brother Tyler presented the the sign that a virgin will conceive technically something the senior lava Kosovo and of course we know that that is pointing forward to Mary and Jesus in this family but in this history he market as Manasseh me don't set East Rolla Atlanta cometo menacing and he it's been marking this is midnight right yes a light and she came in units power using him is the the whipping boy if there's an error we can say it with Lucci disco meat all gasp oh I've got becomes I see any reversal right we but I mean know that he's put Manasseh over here okay let me - Lila so how many kings are in this history don't come be under one in Judah how many Judean kings combien de why should I yeah yeah don't set East well there's three right you're not claw and I'm not I'm being vague about where I put this it's just like I know but if a Manasseh is the one that's predicted the child that's gonna be born don't see - a a long this in the feasts give a movie in the Veneto yabai has write this as they don't occur and what was they has it's icky I guess he was shaking as the leaves in the wind on a tree Alethia so queer commonly a facial and he was afraid elated a on fear God plenty to and then the next king is a lucky swiss a he's a guy that's gonna give God glory even though he makes a mistake AC equivalent load Rajab Genki lucuma ds-11 Hezekiah sees it yes and then is the Manasseh a symbol of judgment - assemble Jewish mob so we have these three kings in this history also upholding the temple cleansing doctors divorce it wonky but please not to seal a terrific essence because the temple cleansing is the everlasting gospel let's get some city fire I hear some of the critics a shop don't you sell time to keep out on the Internet should I tell Nate are are saying that I've changed my understanding of the everlasting gospel like that wouldn't matter a Dzongkha she saw Saint Michael if I if I go off into darkness and change a sausage of a donut in implications there's got to be a personal experience so detection experienced person if you think you're justifying yourself before the Lord based upon what I do you're already lost don't give up deceive opposite Evo's Aliyev on the senior para bajar my poopoo but I've been careless ever evidently me a shitty tripod on the original definition of the everlasting gospel now the definite solution until eternal that I have evidently been dropping off Sula Kim I'm accused of soliciting being and these critics have seized upon this early critics on sissy Salaam is that the everlasting gospel Kalavati little nano is the work of Christ she left with the Christa I've left that out is she not a cootie IV the work of Christ left at least in developing and then demonstrating the new pope 3d Macomb two classes of worshipers to category that data based upon the introduction of a three-step testing prophetic message by this electric Sudha mrs. prophetic he tested positive but evidently I've left out the work of Christ sometimes when I've said it in my haste danke Aveda mama Christopher loss code is a definition del médico take a sea level the Christa and somehow means something yes a video donkey discuss average of kicks shoes okay so in my haste don't do my act it is hast a a symbol of this history s : that's the example just at least well what give me some examples of why haste is a symbol of this history I know Muslim are an example Abigail whoa okay so we're if we're gonna put Abigail in this history from here to midnight Doxey Foucault Plaza I began densities to our decisions coming me where's her haste going to be manifested at I know OS cursor at eight manifesting and or Arioch Arioch are young we are echoes in hastily to confront Daniel and then he goes in hastily to Nebuchadnezzar if I'm remembering it correctly he fast Keva depreciate the whole country or daniela where do we put let's convert danke plus a set actor and the story of air our yok don destroyed our yoke marks at two places a LaMacchia I just don't want does everyone remember that this is his old ultra-successful days I'll send a video campaign and Abigail makes haste Abigail don't you alone a soda pension isn't there a haste and Esther yeah yeah a fine actor see dawn you saw this there unfortunately I don't remember perfectly it was that I heard Bob say yes is there a haste and s or anyone else daughter give him a second witness Bob do we as cooking can permit another symptom well we got to it yes so where would we put yes okay so we got three witnesses we're also including in here what don't its innocently on quiet gangmo based upon these basses Salmonella away mark between 2014 and midnight in Belize Quezada milquetoast you mean me so we have a way mark here these are foreign band Islam where would we plug in the haste is everyone afraid to do that a skirt can can i pair with the new gear of an antique alias actor no our guilt wasn't at 9/11 no casa su Bianca begelli t+ to 90 live with Abigail's at nine eleven which he made haste to get off that donkey or ass or whatever it was right yes the depend upon the moot issue of Alana so she's she's a caramel I like a man when she hears about David come along top Ally the definite she's gonna go give David the offering EF I didn t Lisa font and she comes down out of the the covert so David isn't quite yet to Carmel don't blame this out right because I didn't plan this I'm just definitely correct now I'm trying to deal with Abigail she said bad the city the wh I'm trying to do with Chase she said the family do someone do that after in this one the hey sweetie I don't do me teto's okay now why wait we don't have to go there he's saying in the past when we dealt with it you did on the past it comes up we were dealing with a bigger picture well nothing you going to imagine where we would put in here and here correct una okay midnight midnight cry meanie I'm screaming but in this one it's gonna be here in here which is awesome and why am I even worried about haste a precaution kobato because when Isaiah meets a has here has Coco is that yellow coat a castle and brings with him his son sure - of elemen avec with Sophie so she uh Shuba which means a remnant shall return Cassini's festival of veneer and we've got several witnesses in this history of Isaiah in his effort resulting Madonna star design seven six through twelve actions she's a deuce ma'am that one of the prophetic characteristics is a remnant in take artistic a prophetic syllabus so it's easy to plug in sure just shop because is they means a remnant will return don't kill if I see that the Danji quiches a supercell guys battle Vania but Isaiah's gonna have another son me is a yeoja not kosice may her shall L a hash patch don't my L is Allah as basa and what is his name may be so no haste to the pray H to the pressure at ay papi so Wow okay so I'm saying that both of his sons are at the same place should you can lead only centric amendment welcome a time saying and I'm just dealing with the signs and another sign that's given is a a virgin shall conceive and note what senior Denise she laughs yes Wow go to Isaiah 37 I don't make not is a you consent I'm not sure I'm plugging everything in that I went to before we three of Isaiah 37 don't go by the liver seat was a concept when what's what's his name rat rib I better read it Rab Chaka comes to Jerusalem and blasphemes don't cut me in verse 3 it's called the day of trouble and rebuke and blasphemy a versatile digital implemented a blasphemer and there's a theme that Tyler used to address a couple years ago perhaps I am cute Aloha c'mon CIT DZ update to do song that I don't think ever got finalized a coercion prospectin is emotional easy but it's it's here will at least know that Maceo melphalan aki wherever we're going to place this day of rebuke and blasphemy Calchas were not long vipers classy socially promoted to bless him there's a berth about to take place I Nissan ski solo point of okay and and this birth is a subject of prophecy is that necesita still a prophecy you can't go to sleep in class so we're just noting that we're not gonna try to address it don't care oh not salami on vApp IG Lacroix but it's part of this story me Salafi party duelist wa these part of the story is the prophecy about a child being born the no funky Van Etten's imparted Islam and I think that Tyler's placed it over here in my son Kurt I know let me Lambie but this is kind of a tricky one me see in nearly my situation is because he's gonna get born Manasseh even but he's not gonna be a king till 12 years old we each live or do zone so do we mark him here at midnight because he's the king s cool antique I mean he Pascal Aloha or do we mark his birth back here as a different way mark that's unresolved o+ and it's also a platform in yui sassy pocket resolution looking at it how the virgin birth pointing to Christ I love silver God come on land it's also the largest aquatic least we know in desire of Ages that he showed up at the darkest point in Earth's history AOC key Solutions Inc is the liberal a fever and voila Puritan a borderless tois and we know that his birth in this a focus on this awesome um you know he didn't begin his public ministry in apakah Moses I mean he's terribly cow which would be like the enzyme he's like oh man I seen you he didn't begin that until his his baptism in a plaque Amasya pathos some bactine I don't know that overlays different things Jesus if I see Salah superposed shoes he didn't start administering - laughter now that's a yeah come on system needs to play that's an important subject see just example talk because it I mean if we're gonna deal with Christ and not try to look at Manasa it's Sifu compiler casino path is not the man I see a virgin shall conceive in gsy Kosovo when does she conceived Comtesse I tell you consume nine months before his birth Neff my Avicenna sauce so and that conception is said conception is one of the primary subject of prophecy Ellis is a principle a prophecy it is the final doctrinal shaking see Daniel doctrine keep actively the incarnation silicon assume the incarnation doesn't take place at his birth s so I can assume that value a sunny side takes place at his conception then you got nine months because I've been my plan thirty years colony and then seven years three and a half so in Isaiah 37 don't is that you to show consetta I made the case or I said yesterday I don't know that I made the case that in verse 30 she merely Ditka don't L verse it hot yeah says and this shall be a sign unto thee subscriber 12 and I made the argument that this is the sign of the Jubilee a méxico City less senior don't kedusha be Lea and the sign of the Jubilee is connected with Leviticus 25 in listen to CB League only effective achieve and sank and in the past we've demonstrated just as a side thought eeeh don't look I sing as a fundament please a sitting posture I could let the Jubilee is Pentecostal fellowship idea silicon quarter okay because you got the 50th year pointing to the fiftieth day Oscar nominee key new point Velasco Sankyo gym shoe so there this is a big a big reference this sign say - no Gloucester they fit also senior so in verse 30 where you see the sign of the Jubilee don't curse it home today Satan said come over you Lucinda Jubilee then it says and the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall take root downward and bear fruit upward for out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant and they that escaped out of Mount Zion the zeal of the Lord of Hosts shall do this on a university continent Vacanti the zeal of the Lord of the hosts listen to Senor T sound me who remembered that and when did they do so Ikki so happens the select countess Cassandra Sophie at the temple cleansing I love you remember Tom key salsa yeah the disciples did you see no John chapter 2 after Jesus cleanses to the temple the first time don'tjump do that plecos you simply feel the top let me a flower this is a temple cleansing like I said she did no talkin to focus on Tom then they remembered that these passages about the zeal of the Lord of the hosts a solid in the temple it's a hotbed to surpass yourself a vasila and at that point a remnant goes forth assume Allah and Gracie do so and the rim that that goes forth in the terminology here alone I stick yourself so don't tell me no Lucius are those that have escaped of Judah Israel or Mount Zion sousuke sister a sepia Damacio if she dies lying and this is established truth in this message from from the Bible yeah possibly Labib see and also massage those that are escaped or also mizuki-san shoppies when you bring the line upon line together called the outcasts Suki Sousou leap Aria which is identifying the separation process key don t feel a push this is the CIPA is everlasting gospel deliver she did tell me about the outcasts of Israel this remnant mister peres Oh danke designer siesta are also the enzyme salt Eagleman a senior right so what he's dealing with here and are in this in all these passages so DUII Paulo don't to say pass among other thing is a remnant being lifted up as an inside me Toto shoes I see Alaska sky illogical minutes everyone seeing that logic eschaton mundo I said Lucy come okay go to chapter 12 of Isaiah no Matt no seppuku Tuesday thing this is still kind of a some of the things I'm saying here we haven't mentioned before acceptance just cuz you must only seen enough um yeah but it's still kind of an overview to get us back to chapter 22 me often consistently to me that's comfy

peaceful when you're shopping

when do design young then someone shop into some I want to go to chapter 11 me a funding solution Peterson and verse and well it's this connects so well with what we just read it's a lesser value P affix a canoe for no sister you know that I'm gonna start in verse ten Rebecca Massey I like to over CDs they say I was only gonna make one point but I want you to see the tie-in major would like of a year London it's the same vision as Isaiah 7 Sela Memphis oka said is that you said she's coming to its conclusion don't cast that spell first Hanna says that's edition is AG and in that day it shall be a root of Jesse which will stand for an inside of the people to it shall the Gentiles seek and his rest shall be glorious and it shall come to pass in that day that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people which shall be left from Assyria and from Egypt and from pathrose and from cush and from Elim and from shiner and from Hamas and from the islands of the sea and he shall set up an ensign for the nations and shall assemble the AL cast of Israel and and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth the envy also of Ephraim shall depart and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off Ephraim shall not end Judah and Judah shall not vex Ephraim and verse 13 is not what I was going to deal with city but as I'm reading it I remember something that's worth putting in the record me I love Coachella years immersive indications can additionally does everyone understand how sister white applies verse 13 Eskimo chameleons white applicants it uses this as a symbol and you Jesus adverse as a symbol a utility say our second example what does it symbolize where does it come from Savion dual it's only one other place that this envy of Ephraim is mentioned its allahu la fere don't defy a mimosa knee and it's in the story of Gideon see again more motion it don t stop the shooting and sister white and early writing is Ellen White Donnelly for music don't remember the page chinma Sylvia patella posh so this is is the unity that comes into the work education you need take care of Tony this is when people when God's people are unified CS when molecular pepperidge English whenever we unified got s some new you need is that Ezekiel 37 Ezekiel 37 you're gonna bring into it for unification full unity so to see this to stick ah the two sticks wait I forgot the to stick she'll be any did that to him alright you know everyone I said I forgot him so cuz you'll be what I passed by today so cause she Mikoto Shoji is this sign of the Jubilee sister Cindy Jubilee is the 2520 Seeley dimensional found because the chapter 25 of Leviticus my scholarship advancing delivery Chico is the context that William Miller understood see low context Enola Kelly William militantly that allowed him to see the 2520 in the four expressions of seven times in chapter 26 a parameter control it settled on Lily dimensions of entire context the Levite even sees Escrima cat fur when we when we see this sign of the Jubilee those kind of iosing Jubilee we see it's directly connected with the understanding of the 2520 why you can see directly also determines a sofa and then in ezekiel 37 you don't easy kill concert Ezekiel has two sticks is he killed at the bottom okay so this sign says senior to wherever we're gonna put it capital calculus one on to envelope lesser among other things is bringing in the concept of when the tooth sticks are joined so I'm in a local Sept dilash what you did do that to mom and what two sticks are joined a baton in this history what series one that you saw recently right don't curse this only criteria Leviticus OSHA but when we first recognize this principle mila kunis ever work on you fool i put me up for surprises what did we see the two sticks out new dkc2 battle the first roots and the net enemy the plum you free Lena Jinyoung so there it's it's in this history as well so there's a unity that comes in Co see Level II don't set this rakia unit a lucky that you can get from the two sticks and from Ezekiel 37 so don't pay up to kneel a partial they do batorj a difficult concept but that now what I'm my question mission Italy pass amicus in this history based upon the prediction before midnight the finishing of the foundational work don't destroy bases Xalapa LaFave well unity you need take up the scale of evil PBM why is it at the PBM pourquoi she Alabama okay because this is the over here this is the midnight cry that's colossi looki Domini okay what has taken place in advance of the PBM because it's impasse on that phone ivana panel pardon me fanaticism is wept away and that gives me belly a lie to T but what I'm trying to get out mr. cuz you say Davao did yell is there's a great forsaking in the land Sookie and I bought don't you pee aren't the terrorists bound first lily lilium for me and there's a separation of the wheat and tares gently pal I still don't get you anyway back to chapter 11 boom to Nova Scotia in verse 13 you have a unified people giving the midnight cry news that will act up you need to nan the massage the kidney and it says but they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistine toward the west and they shall spoil the aim of the east together and they shall lay their hand upon Edom and Moab and the children of Ammon shall obey them don't say ketosis so here you're seeing a message carried it signify you're a missus key party to a group of people that are gonna come into obedience of the faith include a person kiva a TV a la lu b sauce a la fois but this is directly connected with the foundational message missile ah yah yah a right of Italy massage for that Motala for this movement which is Daniel 11 verse 41 the same okey Danielle also County huh and I'm saying verse 41 on purpose is universal County uh the county a veloute Elmo because 40 to 45 is our foundational birthday Jamie Oliver say early Daniel osmotic a dongsaeng keynote a massage for demo tenants that message is about the closed door mr. Musashi Pataliputra tell me about the Sunday law Sapodilla Luigi monster and in that verse you have these same three characters does that fool it meant work idea with one exception I think unselect first forty one is the Sunday law in the United States the Vista county enter Daniel OC legitimacy destiny therefore it's the chief of the children of ammon don't become second Sajida chef this offered ammonium and cheap means first fruits Alicia philosophy eponymously first Nephi names that come out come out at the Sunday law in the United States don't clip community yang don't kiss out the lapa particular GG Moshe so this can't be the first don't son lesson two eight too tightly because it's not the chief ear of the children of ammon Pascal is a pal pallie chef desandem it's just either more than the children of ammon Oh f ck da me more abilities on Fordham and then in verse 15 it says in verse circus in the city and or Lord shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Egyptian see illustrates will not compare along the lamb and Egypt oh okay who's Egypt Sakina sheep down pardon me so well the world okay who's Egypt in France heikkila sheepdog of course Sookie knows herself okay a bad question okay significance ranch you got two horns enforcement knife wounds that we do come Sodom and Egypt so dummy Egypt who's Egypt in that regard is Lee ships at ISM it's a civil power isn't it sailor Percival bottoms a religious power Saddam Silesia because France is typify in the United States that's Kayla foster ple citizen II which is the two horn power okay don't confuse some Sudoku and those two horns are a seadoo council republicanism your hippie beacon yzma and Protestantism Aleppo Testament church and state legal easily Tom at the end of the world I laugh at you mundo is there going to be a civil power Aeschylus and priests nuns and priests of Sevilla that a world superpower sits in prison Seville Madonna I'm saying it's symbolized here by Egypt yogic assemble is a super-early ship time what does it do it calf 18 at the end of the world I love Angie mundo it speaks as a dragon doesn't it a pal comment Laguna spa and the speaking of the nation is the action of its legislative and judicial authorities in a Sookie in Natsuki bouncy italic Alvaro sees that lishus Latif is Adisa so what happened into this world power here Egypt in verse fifteen ekusou Bastilla said two priests also civil module Elizabeth on verse a cancer he's destroying Tom l did we are the Tonga Li Li longer live longer can you speak if you don't have a time Expo vivo policy would not be panda Lanka okay so what's happening here hello Kiski sir Fazle did the close of probation let's see laughs ng chontal class in verse 16 it says vs. and verse 16 has to be understood in the context of verse 15 Olivia says what it says and there shall be a highway for the remnant of his people which will be left from Assyria like it as it was and it was to Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt the lessee becomes selected police value 20 PD sheep what did Israel do when it came out of the land of Egypt because Kasai effectively so TDP went through the waters of the Red Sea silly soda lamby Ahuja what happened to Pharaoh because it especially after how is destroying elated III his tongues cut off don't say it's elongated but what's that typifying because electricity it's the final deliverance of God's people selective loss of energy polluted you so what I'm saying is chapter 11 leads to here don't so kosher food is Achilles a bit on the side you know kanji a mini which Tyler has set up with these three lines sickle taboo and Milosevic citrulline to show us here at midnight Tyler Pardo a silly a motley a mini is the close of probation so came Oh Tommy nice Allah ftg now chapter 12 so part of the vision identifying the message of God's people give me say don't even acknowledge me Sasha caliper Brigitte is repeating and large it is really small it says in that day thou shalt say also shalt not judge it ha and it gives the characteristics of the midnight cry loud cry it's a tunnel a characteristic do you meet the mini the Kingman and in verse 6 never ceases they say I do it says cry out and shout down happening of Zion for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee so I'm saying that the verses 15 and 16 of chapter 11 dongju dick Olivia seconds it says happy to take us to the close of probation no cement on Calif ng Tonto car and then chapter 12 Ella Chabot reduce takes us to where in that day new Simon ooh also Sheila it would take us back to here right no I mean nah I love palaces and that day here's the message you're gonna give that scale social of Wasilla mrs. Cody Virginie cry out and shout a key a clam but that all I want us to see at this point just occasion bacon viola as a point out is that this history here of Isaiah 7 through 12 don't city slaw is ie set Azusa for the priest Polly play it is from 9:00 11:00 to midnight see the 911 I mean me everyone see that to non-fossil can you buy that it's completely okay in this history don't set East well we have a has Hezekiah I'm not lying I'm not putting Hezekiah at anyway mark here I'm just putting number to Sonoma pass a casa and valleys que Consol Energy Committee on you mildew and Manasseh we have three kings is that like one which I'm saying is representing the three angels message is it okay to identify three kings as the three angels messages it's good on food don't you won't work on me telling me say it twice awesome that's established I see the jwu in the story of Hezekiah Dhoni's 20 success we have the story of the blasphemy of Assyria this is my least what you blaspheme the city and on the walls it's early mover you have three characters is that what person eyes is it Joab Joab alike human shebna sure lucky me a ship now so there on the wall it's a solid meal when the blasphemy is going on coño blasphemer you in this history the set is well do we have any walls as good as that one team you now when we first understood the two sticks joining together you're gonna cellphone complete boil I put me on finally du bateau key so Haji onion we would join them we would in its sound from midnight confirm the midnight cry to the Sunday law only suffer me to treat me I'll watch it demos and thereafter we recognize that the midnight cry and the Sunday law yeah plenty like what dijimos represent the twin institutions clear softly to social men of marriage and Sabbath DiMaggio disavow and that these are to all because seduced it they don't immune so the history where the two sticks get joined together don't kiss wahoo eyelash want you did just baton the way marks that mark the beginning in the ending limbo with Bailey's key and you click a mouse - found our wall so demeanor so if we're going to incorporate that big line of the signify couple they said continue if we're gonna use this CDC sound which is what we used to use when we did the two sticks this was a wall last time you and this was a wall now I acknowledge that Tyler has grappled with these fractal concepts don't shatter than I because y'all connect maybe some of you also have done so but as I said I'm gonna use him as my whipping boy this would suggest to me Salaam assume that the PBM and midnight are the two walls clapping Amin Michigan Molly to Mira do we have a problem with that my brother Tyler as conducive warmth over temple banks that I know okay this Sunday law is a law see on file that you do like what you Tim oh - noir Nicole clean what's the best good silk oh it's an event historical events were set before the people and prophecy was seen to be a figurative delineation of events leading down to the close of this Earth's history we just don't know what that event is Evelyn several pack illicit event nominees evoke a certain Ivanova skillet offices so this event moccasin so me a souvenir Aquino Jesus Calif and return to God so this event most sexy la la la FTCC taniwha so you're saying la la da cody ftg a LD l wah-wah-wah Sol Sol de l'eau de l'eau de marido C CIPA Donna continue looking nice it you know so you got my question yeah you're suggesting that this is a wall maybe all three of these are walls the particular TDD quite some time you okay he knows two of them are walls me II think I see partly Duke on Valley suit you owe me pal Jimmy really pursue are you denying that we originally understood that from the midnight cry not I'm not saying in rebellion but denying that from the midnight cry to the Sunday laws where the two sticks come together don't guess go to Manila fedka batula sir Hong Kong problem is identifying appears unresolved tsuki ng k all and if uncle easily Brahmin move has that problem me much event ever see it passes a problem the first thing that we understood that is still solid la première she's convinced is not the first thing but a solid Oh CJ did do bad case closed she won yeah this is a wall and this is the wall okay you got your hand up that's because we don't care if if we dredge this out so I'm suggesting my mind where I was going today but now he's got me nervous is it this is a wall so this is a wall it's good for my seat I'm merely lo signa at meal and what was the law in 2014 I love city okay so it'd be if we're gonna use a la as a connection with the wall see only chili slaw on Vic or taco connection pooling you at this point we haven't discovered what it was I suppose I put a milquetoast in seven power circa so in and we've looked in Suffolk County because brother Parminder developed a logic that almost demands that there was some kind of law here in 2014 I've looked others have looked a pomander medieval Peleliu Shiki do I have well meanwhile on to milquetoast yawns another gaudi me on that taco so there's there's some things that aren't quite finalized by the line of the tribe of judah okay Christina Lizzy but I'm gonna go with this here right in our survey valle de la palma de mean really jimmy of loud that this is for two sticks are coming together slowly do batu massive Ashwani oh and this is a wall allah don't sit on you and this is a wall loc and now you have to determine where which wall is shebna alaikkum and joah standing on when Rebecca blasphemies blasphemes oh lord kesava Okamura Eliakim mojo a bishop now suppose eco Arab Sheik Abdul blasphemy language and it's deep trouble I see a shoe that would be a blasphemy the blasphemer and a day of breaking down the walls a Jew who would eat really meal so do you follow the the the illustration I'm putting in place civilians by some kosher meal planner so go to Isaiah 22 I know things are even Jeanette know and I've taught I'd say 22 for a couple decades is it a Johnson II series I even do that on film but I have a new Bible machine nouvelle be my old Bible it's when it comes I hear 22 I got all my notes there Javaid ominous interior corner if I say vintage I took me not now no notes in this Bible me dumb a new version you cannot even do I haven't looked I haven't transposed those notes into this Bible it shouldn't affect I suppose I mean that don't suit me but it's worth looking at what cheb his name means he like hymns name means donkey lagoon de la Garde ossification Dino the shopman alike his father he'll kya a Ocilla not repaired eliakim they're part of the story that's good to see pastor National Party be strong so yesterday we started through this very quickly okay Yahoo come on sit copied ma now verse one their sick leave FC and Isis their sicknesses led them to the rooftops don't like Esau so much it's so literal their sicknesses led them into spiritualism Dhokla malady is a conscious alert result value spiritism because when you worship the Sun Moon and stars you were on the top of the houses that's la Li la lune LEC 12 zetsu caller Twitter is Damis and many Bible commentators will tell you that that's what's represented here isn't easy it's a Tumulty city a joyous city sits in velu anton visuals pollsters hopefully I don't go demo in every wind of doctrine is blowing to live on the doctrine sooth now but it's a city that's been shaken message in will collectively smokers ready to meet you I'm saying the city's adventism Dixie live in cities why is it a joyous city occasion do I use if it's got all these problems why is it a joyous city CL consensus a problem polka is to Zubin village I use them because the religion that it is practicing is an emotional religion that's Kalevala show chaotic city nobly Seamus and it produces this false religious excitement lproj we don't Corrine bollocks in in force excitation militias and all the leadership is gone they fled a to earlier resources so I'll feed that one verse three that's it they're still there but they fled it's so true Sholem isn't she they've set aside their responsibilities it so mediocre tell you let's possibility they're bound by the archers easily change a poly a she when when are the archers marked in terms of God's people attempt dr. kanta Scalia she's so lucky I mean archers are Islam so it's it's easy to put it here at 9/11 from that approach don't go opposite approach the Liz Lemon is a she's if I sit on metal on septum but when we talk about the leadership of Adventism being slain McConnell polities leash on the late twenties who commit torture what three kings do we put at nine eleven Cantwell want me to new also September who so saw yeah hey hub how did they die come on something mom by the archers Saudis have she okay so they've been bound in death it's all year Donna mom by the archers Palace a she and they can't see the message of the archers which is Islam Navarro massager diesel Shaquille Islam acceptance and in verse four Isaiah's weeping bitterly Aversa cat is ie a play a memo why is he weeping Portillo is I see a good guy excuse is it a bunt a son what begins here cat Kazakh Mozilla the judgment of the living this is multi from the ceiling of God's people let's say multiple did you who's gonna get sealed Kiva it was Sidney now in the story by Isaiah that we've been looking at Donley Sardis I Iike Ali Judah there's two classes of worshipers yeah do catch a good lead at the hotel and one of them seeks after spirits that mutter and peep ritualism do Keanu Aki hoshide shall spirit is now and the other class has is sealed with the law of God a neutral category cilia do you remember that passage I thought you'll just suppose a man if you remember okay so why would Isaiah be weeping here but what is a EP of hot tea till now who receives the seal of God kiasu during the judgement living on your shoes Monday those that are signing crying Sookie a Mesa Mesa what are they signing crying for poor quality vision misty low the abominations that are done in Jerusalem because this about me not Sookie sous-chef is a name so we have an illustration of the abominations done in Jerusalem at the beginning of this chapter oh come on this is Shepherd is Evan a discussant is about - okay so come Israel and Isaiah is weeping a player what is this universe this I eat at Oh in verse 5 I oversee Sanka well verse 4 nope you Tobias a cat what's happening kiske surpass I will weep bitterly Chevette really a mailman labor not to comfort me me painful mikumiku Selene does Isaiah get comforter comforted me ESCA is a aito-kun Sunni pardon me Nevada NEPA that happened to me at 9/11 the comforter comforter is poured out Oh on septum loco solitary Diversey comfort is a symbol of the Holy Spirit collector or citizen bulgy statistically and but what's happening in that last phrase because the bastille don't sit down your eyes the spoiling of the daughter of his people across the LA Windell I filled them up the church appears to fall la-la-la-la-lee simple to me but it does not fall mannitol the time it remains and hey stop while the sinners in Zion are removed from it I luckily a piece of the seal some got you laid I know this is a trying ordeal let's see are the expressions sister white plugs into this history in the prophecy let's pursue killin white to plasticity East wha it's a day of trouble this attention are treading down the kitchen mom and of perplexity by the Lord of Hosts in the valley of vision breaking down the walls and crying to the mountains Damali song alumni clearly Daniel okay so where's the day of trouble secretly sugar to Byung it's when Rab chica sicko Arab Shekau is blaspheming a bless Reina and shebna Alya came and Joe are on the walls it's AB knocking is you absolutely me so I'm gonna suggest it's here what's happening to the walls capacity ludmil they're being broken down merely demonium isn't that what we understand you know we spent time suggesting that there's gonna be a law about gay marriage perhaps this is the breaking down of the law of Mary on a passenger car Jackie oh hi new Osceola Maruyama 6 will give a super Yasha and we know there's a law against the Sabbath in the cell phone key again my walls are getting broken down in this history don't leave milky somebody money I'll set this wrong it's a it's a day of blessed blasphemy and I'm suggesting you have to plug in now the story of Hezekiah and rabbika lladhi Casillas you or don't do the blasphemy I don't well apply sedona stop the rock a dacha into this history where the walls are broken down that's casino city son I coulda married a moody if we ever find a law that's broke down here perhaps we'll have to retract a little bit new novel Paco - villa wacky demo Lila pitiful but I wouldn't be threatened by that personally mission superflee percent of people because all these issues are progressive in any way that's good to see okay still some poor deceiver okay so she said the massiveness Guatemala's such a meat cancer when we start understanding that goodness I won't come a second one sit down ok she's saying that we were understanding about the two walls in the marriage law in 2015 hey Dixie about you the Democrats gonna come on see I constantly merely peeling our Yash and you got to understand it in advance right I mean the folio component on that falseness surely the Lord thy God will do nothing except he rebuild it through his servants the prophets good listener finally releases the crises are vitally perfect so the choice is it it's there in verse seven the enemies are arrayed at the gate don't go there see searches and missile a proctor was rabbika a raid at the gate a second et palapa what's the game sequel about the church La Porta silly Lisa is the religious crisis see Yankees lava and and he discovered the covering of Judah and that it looked in that day to the armor of the house of the forest you have seen also the breaches of the city and David there are many and you've gathered together the waters of the lower pool and you've numbered the houses of Jerusalem and the houses have you broken down to fortify the wall you've made also a ditch between the two walls for the water of the old pool but you've not looked upon the maker thereof neither had respect unto him that fashioned it long ago mmm-hmm what's that saying Castle energy Lelouch is Colossians how would Jeremiah express those verses commercially mere experimental severe saying I'm saying to me it's obvious that the people that are on the wrong side of the issue in this passage don't come on TV Don Kelly person is a 2d movie cootie or the density straw or putting their confidence in Jerusalem last love confessions no Shibu Salima not in God ain't no power G not in the creator of Jerusalem no Python you're clear I tell her this you the same and Jeremiah would say it this way a shitty million I just said fie soon the Temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord the tongue the tongue decennial it's time to sit on it don't you sing awesome there's a people that are trusting in the fact that they're God's covenant people yeah the person capacity of conscience on 50 solar Daniels the Jew and they're not trusting in the the power that confirms and establishes that covenant in the coop all a person a person Calissa it's a bit unsettling are you following that logic a logic long but there's something about this lower pool yaki curse is a scientist at a time family uh-huh it's in here here I want you to think about it is you make of God I didn't have it solved yeah persevere Cena maybe someone can solve it a patek can kazuto salah in verse 9 they gather together the waters of the lower pool of S&F is oil hot zombie really so delitos a failure would la piscina failure I'm not sure that the that I it's I'm / I believe that the lower pool is in distinction with the end of the conduit from the upper waters is your post courtesy laugh do kanji O'Keefe Yin Tong but what did this king do McAfee Sawalha he's a good king but what did he do Satan from Guam McAfee Tina he created a conduit for another pool in Jerusalem Laconia not la cascada Concha people will not be seen I don't claim there was one for the upper pool and the lower pool an event a little superior really time jr. and to me prophetically it will muffle physique mark that corresponds fact that a has is building a temple right when the Lord is building a temple Tsakos a significant casa duncan costly and topple okay Judy mmm config and multiple mem tone and the latter a message is the one that comes from the upper pool Elam is a xalapa diocesan centric even delete all superior but these people that are on the wrong side of the issue here any person key certified you know faculty they're gathering together the waters of the lower pool eli sambala sambala sua da little fear false Lateran message dr. o present a full Mississippi deluge in the photo illusion don't you what I say you are there 22 verse 11 don't go ever see a vendor it's a event it's a vendor also previously mentions the lower pools verse 9 okay I've only found early time for yoga sinners verse 11 it saying that the enemies are creating a ditch it is killing me okay don't laugh you see that between the two wall kids at Keuka college immune oh don't pull or deviate uncle's your doc Olivia it unseemly sauce and some cheetah a availa Nabi I agree with that logic see the convicts it but I'd also argue that in the context Machado secured on the context the first mention of a pool la palma su Adderley tong is where Isaiah meet a house Salah who is a year how could a chasm so in that context that's the old pool don't get all soaked yeah and so they've got a new pool a tall don't lie it comes with a new van and Valley time and it's in the context of verses where they're trying to save themselves it's the down-low context we see say this is su departamento without looking at the Creator so again don't care - and what you're suggesting if I'm understanding it right it's okay to suggest is you come pump yow if these pools represent the latter rain seeker set a tone oh please don't laugh alliances on the true latter rain la varita and the weeping for Tammuz false laterally pure potent Lucifer's Reliance's of these people that are alongside the issue is a team of equity are creating a false light rain message by mixing okay and for massage rapidly I insist on me no jelly doom on me not only do missed a show and it's that it's too bad we don't just have a few more testimonies me selected esta mañana to be have absolute confidence the question will have well in coefficients absolutely that this is the wall and this is the wall because so that it can merely lousy we got some you know it's still maybe this is the wall me pesco own blood Oh Stevie calcium you mean because there's a ditch in between the two walls Basquiat for sale totally do me yeah there there's something in the middle there in that ditch yeah cakes just immediate the surfacing yeah for so media but we don't need to know everything by the way milky-white says we don't know need to know every symbol to teach prophecy that's good ellen white know a person to survive basically not to join a person to serve our tool assemble can send a prophecy don't confirm the language Amica to was read when we say that the caliphate Odie's economy Catawba Valley Calif at City Basilan well there is many historical events that have been dug out that took place in 2014 boku even my story cocoon a cuvette kisses some personal to me cat oh but I haven't heard anyone say that the Caliphate was a law mission apparently person but if you got a context to make that stand go for it Doka cgi low context or saliva see now you're becoming the whipping boy that's good no seed lucky Vadivelu come on cow David Duke you mice to Lincoln for what I understood we were the the leader of the calendar Apple vector he was saying he he made a declaration Lolita ah danke do caliph Abu Bakkar life indica as soon so that declaration was the the law dog said dick Lahaie Zumba quiz don't learn well they were now unified is it you need that's like a quote he said I make a declaration but perhaps defended yourself does everyone know anyone or everyone else remember let's go can't cast Oracle so that context look cooties delete this city strong anyone willing to support my brother Richard hey I can kick even early shouted we needed we need to look that up that's good you know for God s loc verse verse 12 the vet seduced him and this was always the point of reference and years gone by when I would teach this it's a very little point of the philosophy designee consciously remember this is just one chapter completely lies nostalgic essentially it's the burden of the valley of vision Sealab Shopzilla Valley Division chapter 13 is a different prophecy a different burden don't cash I Peter 20 note what prophecy and not not a chance so when it says in verse 12 and in that day continues idea versed doozer on social lash up adventure it's gonna say in this history we're considering the onset Eastern you consider the did the Lord of Hosts call for weeping and to morning and to baldness and to girding with sackcloth what is that Kiska Selassie Neifi Day of Atonement salute is SP assume put in a way of sayin médico de l'épée she but what does he get from God's people first 13 / citizen and behold joy and gladness slaying of oxen and killing of sheep eating flesh and drinking wine let us eat and drink for tomorrow we shall die this season so when he's called for the characteristics of the Day of Atonement a local apple pulav alak artistic Judas SP assume God's people are partying down the j-pin party and when I when I first came across this chapter if in fact Akasha Steve it also shopping one of the issues that was confronting adventism in some of may not be aware of it now Luna de suki sequela devotees me pathetic effeminate pocahontas una was the introduction of the celebration George you move mother silly Basu some empty some of us in this room remember that acceptance under justice that's where I would point to this bozo Puente Sula here we are in the Day of Atonement well I know some Amit knows your DSPs inhabit ISM is bringing musical instruments into the pulpit with with balloons and a lot vote yzma ameno or Nevada - air or the zest lemo affected some testimony and I agree that that was an I still believe that was an accurate application agency uncle Shakuni shaquan coca-c tune up you guys soon with valle de but now we're in the the perfect fulfillment of the Day of Atonement we met none the summer don't I come please smoke puffs I that is the the conclusion of it doctor lash of Egypt and some as a conclusion were sins colapisci your names are being blotted out only no avoid if I see a day of trouble and a blasphemy I shall de toledo blasphemer in one class in Category pest is manifesting an emotional religious experience that manifested in inexperience kaliesha's emotionally and the other class isn't a little class NOLA fatale and this is really significant when you get down to the depths of it is even more significant if a law student Don Facundo recently samo one of the persons that left a platform recently don't be needy person keyaki tei platform le Simone when out and put in the public arena las cosas letting me down you do mentally that what we're teaching is the holy flesh movement caso kanuha doukasen ue basicially move model a chef's hat and the holy flesh movement manifested this emotional experience of tambourines and drums yes Imola manifested on cassette experience avec la musique Lata whoo but the holy flesh movement was based upon a wrong doctrinal premise may dhankasur movement Elijah's entity versus super dizzy to the doctrine and fulsome and it's the same wrong dark no premise it's a so same emphasis doctrina that this brother that's excused accusing us of the holy flesh movement has accepted because of karkinos accuse that don't remove moral do lasya Center I accepted him and that wrong doctrinal premise is esc first the pre-nursing christ nature was the nature of Adam before the fall Kalyan a child is conceived initial I tell it a cell the kiss that damn about don't have foolish it and that's the foundational premise of the holy flesh movement it's a Cielo doctrine fundamentally Danka do move more delicious and if you have that premise a civil service at Gd and there's lots of variations of it ilya beaucoup de vuelta a salah you're saying that you do not have the ability to control your emotion the court when it was in was soon until the lord does something magical for you just got goodness in yeah well fat cake is just the magic fool if you don't believe you can control your emotions if we look like a pack of vasectomy so the co2 levels mo soon you're going to be what you believed was i let's apply yet and you're gonna have an emotional experience it was okay don't you know experiencing listening if you believe that Christ overcame a super quiet cookie sample taken sinful flesh as we have don't a shellfish and in so doing gave us an example the office also lines are done an example then the example is an exam seeker that we must control our lower nature our emotional experience New Delhi uncle Tony I know a faculty a fairly on the same assume these two classes are in this passage it's a category to pass on those that are signing crying sue keep Level II apna do you are not having an emotional experience like some people have that they're always crying about everything buying experience in Mehsana come a certain person who you know people like that who can isn't a person everything that anything happens to him they get all weepy attack a kosher salami VLC person play these people here are signing crying the person kiss Ola and plainly is amiss because they recognize God's church Khalil is the Jerusalem Jerusalem is transgressing and blaspheming the Lord cause crazy blasphemy online and it's based upon an intellectual understanding of intelligent that the emotional response is following Kelly Ripa's emotional sweet and sister white teachers Ellen White Oh Sonya if your thoughts are right Siva posses all done your emotions will be right listen Monsieur Superman so by recognizing the serious condition that God's people are in Oaxaca Nissan do some crafts on you Caleb did you say it's gonna produce the legitimate emotional response so let's applaud uncle a proposal easy team that you see of those people that are still in Ezekiel 9 kawaii XP my party person silly dance you can have and the counterfeit professor are those people that are running on their emotions schisandra person kiss episode of Mo soon and they're doing so al Lefou because they don't think they have the power to control the skeletons back until a pistol - Coco Lisa nice to do with the false understanding it's a lot of man but it's also de la natural and that's the last doctrinal shaking it's a seal at Daniel a doctrine a given creep when these issues are being brought into perspective in our history you know you're at the end can see ok still saw please don't insult I told you don't know close East 107 couldn't see my laptop now in verse 14 after he sees this L miss Lucia catches a prick he leaves it'll be revealed in his ears Vanessa Sylvania surely this iniquity shall not be a purge from you tell ye die saith the Lord of hosts such a nicotine evapo and capriciousness qu'est-ce que vous a movie edulis what iniquity katie nicotine having an emotional an unsanctified emotional experience in a crisis avoir does increase in experience emotional Santi she based upon the context of the passage is so low context depressed and what is this word purged can you don't say Malucci translated as in other places it Clyde Redondo Cantwell kamaitachi POC down to condense the word translated as a tone I'm in verse how'd you come fourteen longer Salem o XP doc o MF c for this sin to say your sins your sins will not be atoned for ah don't go poopy share of a vocation a sope xpe what day are we in don't get you some new now we're in the day that the Lord called for fasting new sauna - ooh-hoo licinianus a painful journey in the Day of Atonement donor shield SSPs you in the perfect donor application of the Day of Atonement own epic assume perfect usual this especially in the judgment of the living don't know shoosh Monty FIFO when the Lord is blotting out our sin condition yet it's a Snoopy she he called for a sanctified experience in a separate proven experience auntie she but all he got was from his people was an emotional experience okey la what to do about the subset aneema su in the Isaiah's ears it's a la amid on its own idea this idea there's no atonement for this religious experience often culture led keenya oaken SPI simple corset experience collisions I will not blot those sins out should never pass a pill chief a CCP Sheen okay so that's a context that we're up to at this point it's a local takes on Kenya neutral for my soup for now in verse 15 our to the point that I want to get to Leviticus chapter in Alaia can say yes I believe oppose your visceral shebna Ilya kima verse 15 let's say at the Lord applause go get the son to this treasure even unto shebna which is over the house and say now I'm saying in this history sokka's shall indeed I'll set you strata shebna shay nah is contrasted with Alya Kim yong-chol cassava kill yakumo and it's obvious to me that we all understand that japanese the foolish priests it for one Oliva Duncan can conquer some nasty little fool and the liar Kim is the wise priest right iliac in mercy look do you see that let's go for a yeast because this is the history of the everlasting gospel escalation telephone telephone she returned to classes of worshipers will be developed in the ado category double choc is condemned for pain and demonstrators Yoshida Motoya host shebna say kiss him now we just read it of the idea he's the treasurer Selena trisomy who's the treasure Sakina krisily Judith Sita who is one of the word sister wiki one of the 12 disciples it's a party they do so GC so being the treasurer is not a good good characteristic it's not easily easily find one characteristic the work of nehemiah left enemy included the casting out of Tobiah say a vicious to to be hung and where did he cast oh buyer out of Elijah say Elijah's Chasse do out of the Treasury do treason where the ties were kept loser God led me so upon three witnesses don't steal 21 Judas shebna and Tobiah you - if not it - by beautifu those represented by this they get cast out don't go please don't a passive nestle she's chassis who gets cast out keys IT laodicea chassis load you see you yes she load you see we okay verse 16 what has out here and whom has thou here that thou has hugely out as here as he that he without a Sepulchre on a high and grave of the habitation for himself in Iraq yes she says behold the Lord will carry thee with a mighty captivity and will surely cover thee he will surely violently turn and toss me like a ball into a large country there shalt thou die and the chariots of thy glory and the shame of the Lord's house I will drive the from the ice station and from thy state shall pull the down oh now you should see Jesus he's going to be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord if I have a meetin ah a booster senior huh you see that who live for you now you got to bring it to the end of the world because all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world for me to sign a fancy moon pass go to the effect on a pool offensive Munda so he's the guy that gets spewed out of the mouth of the Lord at the end of the world don't see little um kvitová meet Allah Bush's senior an offensive Munda but he's been a leader male 8 a leader his station his position suppose he shows up plus he's going to be taken from that position oh why don't we just set position and it's Benny gonna be given to Alaia Kim a said position well it's a dunya chi minh so at at that level I send evil out who is he kela well if you can remember he started she sound the church appears to fall but it does not fall la ligue Lisa some little magnet on the town it remains while shebna is cast out l writes the Bianca shebna a Tanvi this is at most trying ordeal sassy d+ there's a covenant people being passed by yeah and putilovsky Motoko t he had a position of authority 11 position to Tahiti it's gonna be taken from him and given to Alliance evaluate ot polite well dunya eliakim notice the next verse it regarded us a kiss we love them verse 20 festive and it shall come to pass in that day a lucky flower Susheela when I spew thee out of my mouth Concha ah this it that I will call my servant alike him son of Hilkiah it's not in there okay the French do you got the French left that okay I love you call social conservative Imelda my Bush missile a shoot a ketchup la Mesita iliac him and I will clothe him with thy robe and strengthen him with thy girdle and I will commit thy government into his hand and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah Pesavento what's he receiving what's it like him receiving here Kiska ilium Khimki swallow the government of Jerusalem yes okay where does that happen a cop this capacity in this model where does that happen da de la Comtesse castle Estevez where's the first day of the fifth month in this model calendar permission deploys Thank You Madison Modelo the PPM Alabama is this when Ezra gets to Jerusalem it's like it's marked here Jerusalem me and Shekinah okay right here just along he spewed out of mouth Lord Oliva middle opposition yeah and this government is established it's a good amount a t-table me but it's got a new leader now me la la Nouveau a chef in the context of this story don't look cool Texas satisfied but the next verse in the vesica Stephen dude and the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder so he shall open and none shall shut and he shall shut and none shall open and I will fasten him as a nail in his sure place and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house and they shall hang all upon him all the glory of his father's house the offspring and the issue all the vessels of the small small quality the vessel of cups even all the vessels of flag flag guns in that day saith the lord of the whole shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed and be cut down and fall and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off for the Lord has spoken it only losers who have savants sank right here just al Alabama complete separation between shebna and a lie account PNC Park so total enclosure nayaki ma and he's going to take the government if I don't cut punk look around them all and there's gonna be a door opened and a door shut in your import over to import family where's that miss sequester since October 22nd 1844 in Revelation 3 see a couple events on Karen cat where is it in here me Lucilla sort of till now I'd put it right here look black slimy knee what's it gonna do right here according to the verses that we just read a kiss keith ellison only their second granted all the glory of the lord's put upon him good god you seen yourself i miss only young yes the philadelphia vr7 do it's 20 to 22 see vandevander so what do you want to say about 22 guess got your video c11 do okay no Dania teams have achieved you have me up last item I always went with God establishes say it say it loud all again so we could reapply later be laugh it's Olivia so we could eat up II so it's being a stab that church triumphant I know that gives some people heartburn don't cough addounia a to show me sitting established here c'était tabula but it's being lifted up as an answer I'll eat a bill I'll a permissive 18 is it okay to throw this concept of an ensign into isaiah 22s csoka de mental concept the lesson then say you've been duly that's the whole story we pass QC totally straw now and the glory of his father's house is going to be recognized here like brothers sympathetically limini and what is his glory me sequestered la it's his character see some character and in christ object lesson what this sister whites say the last message of warning to the world is a Catalan wide open positions committed any massage services Nepali moon it's the message of his character Silla massage so some character that is glory that goes to the world it's acutally a mountain so we got some some fuzzy areas in here this avoid the sunnatullah' magia you see but there's a lot of clarity and me yeah again my beaucoup de Klerk - you see and it's becoming more clear as we see this shaking proceed it's a lot basically I'm still I look look look Elijah so because you check it out brothers and sisters that's good I would have very few friends this is the glory that's put upon our Latin eli him like rocky on condo sur le akima has to do with his character avoir vixen character huh and if you and i are going to reproduce his character its if we minded Avianca producer character huh we have to understand the organization of our internal temple a new focal point against that Sultana to top and tail now and there's a controversy going on in this movement and Colavecchia you don't see movement among people that I don't really believe her in the movement don't kill the person occasion Quebec you from party do movement but it's over the character of Christ may Allah to slow character at least even if they don't understand it mcse person the local Quinta you can only achieve to prove a sample more lvl easy what you understand is your goal okay attend vote rebukes accompanying lavalla Bukavu company vous pouvez light and even in a secular world name's Don Lamont security psychologist which I have no confidence in the obscure logged on occasion in Oakland commissions they understand the human beings are go motivated creations content collective master so the deeper sank recently avec de beauties objective and the Bible says in Hebrews la biblia jitta a blue that a reason the G could go through the sufferings of the cross now it's awful I killed you I put Revere silly so costly Menezes cuz the joy that was set before him that's Colette leash walk away - please incentive on me so we have to have a goal dokie new phone video and if your goal and my goal a super computer Lumia doesn't recognize the Expo that the organization of our nature okay so denote Renacci requires that our higher nature rules over our lower nature exists cannot faculty superior Alania Dominico faculty failure then we have an improper goal alone the servo an objective kinabalu boom our goal then is Pascal neutral beauty to wait for a period of time in the future that's the best I don't that don't prove in Periodontology where there's a magical change of our name Aloha and shows more magic the neutral net children it's about our character meets a lot but sonic character and in the organization of our temple is about elegance Estella being a character that glorifies the Lord elegance s internal top at yeah but if you can show the logic is we have to finish that work right in here a logic Sakina for veneer set denying that supposed to have and the prophetic model is you know any kind of fitting for here is what's supposed to mark that it's already done for you Pascal Abed looked at em light NGK side is officially drop off ooh but I'm just saying the logic for us here moduli Lucia Paul Newman know if we're gonna get lifted up and give this presentation of Christ's character to the world see nuvvula elevate a motley services presentation character the priest o mundo we have to secure that here a new folder secured is a asilah and I'm arguing SOG that the doctrine of the Incarnation kill a doctrine kaput so like Alison is pointing to this very final shaking delicious turkey blusher sedan ich liebe last this issue select present true Casa Turkish no a very to present and any teaching that goes against this a today's on señor monkey from Concorso massage is under the umbrella of the Omega a sewer-pipe you delude me go shall we pray Kiel Heavenly Father we thank you that you are leading us to an understanding Isis we're in Paris on Sunday nuclear deal doesn't comply on tsunamis I can you soon we're amazed at the consistency of your prophetic word newsome a tornado luckily lost the typography chica and it's clear to see that within Adventism a LeClair or de Vaca don't know and also within this movement me again my child assume all that there's a mighty shaking going on gee I don't you bless ya two classes are being separated do category some superhero and that we're on the verge of a tremendous crisis you can summon a future will board in please important we ask that your Holy Spirit would take these truths a nucleon pocket incentives creep responsibilities and move them from our mind into our heart a lease I'm need a little Kelly donut ice cream that we might stand firm during this crisis effect a new present in your films you all said crazy let me thank you for these things told me a supposition Jesus name well no did she see I mean