Ahaz & Hezekiah pt. 2




Publish Date: 3/11/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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so this morning I'm just gonna do a quick summary of where we were on Thursday don't assume attention fella they see me a lot beat this a goodness of you down here and then brother Jeff's gonna take over the rest of the class yeah play gypsy fever let's do that so so the first thing we we talked about on Thursday dope let me out shows good news everyone just beauty soo-ji we spent a little bit of time dealing with just the history this fic to toe a poly duelist wahoo of Isaiah 7 and I say a desire said to you ito and the connecting stories are passages for those stories he connects no I beg super-special likes like second Kings 16 do I say sir okay and I won't we're not gonna go into it much of the history I'm just gonna try to keep it to prophetic so in the summary don't go let's not visit me over Jesus it like a chica but one thing we saw in second Kings 16 me insistence of them dude don't do why says oh that you don't see in Isaiah 7 good ones like if I don't he said though they're the same story was the the breakdown of this Confederacy and of the Confederacy that stood against Israel is a confederation key c4 Mikoto Judah so in the Confederacy we have Syria and Israel the ten tribes don't Donna Oh confetti as soon as ever a city Israel Italy Buell and what happens is a has representing Judah its keep a secure a cos give a prisons you down this believes the prophecy of Isaiah Napoletana prophesied asahi in Isaiah chapter 7 selkies who dies is it that they'll be protected it's a wound interpretation and he goes to Assyria for help a easy to nevelocity - hope - no - later to deliver him from the enemy I found a delivery this is anemia and what happens is if I sell is that Assyria takes out Syria seek Allah Syria Valley you don't last City and he conquers Damascus a silly don't get kinky Adam a so then a has is gonna travel to Damascus the conquered sitting Yoshi Donkey a cassava Farah voyage of Adam as level catechism to meet the king I fed the Hokulea wall of Assyria dual Assyria and he sees this altar this pagan altar Allah is blessed to tell pea and he's going to build his own altar back in build an altar back in Jerusalem or a whole yeah build an altar back in Jerusalem based upon that one yah - ha sido el mo Avoca Pyramid El Colegio Adam answered by M so this alliance with Assyria directly correlates to him making a image don't confine concept aliens kill a contract avec la Syria booty ask if si you Nima in eternal within the sanctuary itself an interior mem decent you in the court don't about VL and we didn't say too much about it but we saw some of the prophetic symbols there Nepali beaucoup de soup when a means of you decide what Chico and based upon the the the normal application of Assyria as the papacy Anubis Osceola Pikachu normal don't call a City Committee on lappa booty oh and Judah / Jerusalem being being SDA church yoshida commit all assemble the legal system we saw that the connection but due to this axe due to this Confederacy against against God's people do come please notice that confession I'll come to pub did you they would be influenced by Assyria the paper sing don't kill the Pope the Jews life y'all see Paulo city don't kill a popliteal to make an image of the Beast a Fanta felony matter love it and all this was because they didn't believe the message of Isaiah a tousle idea of this donkey know that cool massage days I default so there's a lot there that we talked about at least for a little bit nokia buku choose a Kuna monsoon a I'm cheaper so let's go - lets go - second kings 20 we're just connected to these stories McNall or don't do without compatible yes it is two out and one thing we we mentioned it in dishes to new seven most Sunil was that or one thing I mentioned rather in dishes Kojima Sunil I won't bring you guys into this is that a has is typifying see Cocozza ETP CEO Hezekiah ATP physique yes or maybe typifies the wrong word they parallel each other mmm-hmm deep officially move em over to Sapa highly valued and we are gonna notice as we lay out the story and we'll do it briefly in Valu LaMacchia looking well Plus this at least well but family as more that a has is foolish and Hezekiah swatch is it yes and that they are father and son a key so badly fee so we mentioned though we didn't go there that we see this that we see the same kind of relationship with Belshazzar nebuchadnezzar new level most junior said member lockira Belshazzar any buchanan that they're both brought to the same test the seven times and one of them fails and one of them passes issue a look so when we see the same thing here with a hasn't Hezekiah a new value and I mention Sivaji it I think is it yes they're going to parallel the story there their stories are gonna parallel but one will be wise and one will be for tompa hi Lily that's how foolish pistachio and the parallel to Isaiah 7 elliptical Ella Vicki says it is in second Kings 20 so truth don't do it like Val so let's let's firstly lay out Isaiah 7 we'll just do it from memory about me do me more boosie's I said so we have this Confederacy that's standing in opposition to a house that was set to accommodate a silky suppose that Gaza and what's gonna happen is he he is gonna be scared excuse past aquí vive la well and Isaiah's gonna come to him is that year a video by the conduit of the upper poor local G or the lucky few have superior so Isaiah comes and he's gonna deliver this message Duke is that even if I did even me Sasha and who does he bring with him a key I mean Keela victory his son sheared a shop I think as I Sophie son and it means something like a remnant will return Aug okay mmm-hmm so we see that there's there's gonna be a remnant returning from the message given from Isaiah you a place to palpable massage GCE or connected with the message at least be on June 1 oh yeah I vaguely massage Kela delivering so we were saying that this is marking 2014 the latter rain news a voodoo curse Atlantic attire season and that Isaiah is representing a priest who's giving a message to Levi is a year local isn't a place Toki done musashi divita because the story really isn't about Isaiah but Scylla wasn't the story is not really about Isaiah let's go least omnibox after Mosul is a easy and we marked that the standing mitochondria of the upper poor the sheer dish of is their own own policy country de la piscina superior leader zhou city plow and my mind is blanking from it I think I'm good okay and then we see these he's gonna give he's gonna give him two signs a value donia do the senior and we're marking these signs over here where this at the PBM yo macka CC nah I laptop and what we said about these these two signs it so goodness of of us this is yeah is the first one is the 65-year prophesy see Kayla Mueller don't conceal a poufy CDs what's on second and the second one is the version the not virgin but the the conversion of this child a them since it like of SEO juice DISA FISA child so the first one to 65 year prophecy Columbia put me on we have this monopoly see this was on second II begins where a commercia come 742 and it says within 65 years Joseph S on second that Ephram will be broken if I am so happy Z and this is marking the 19 years to 723 she knows I'm in landing more said so went along where O'Shea has taken captured captive or killed capped over killed I'm not sure yet captive okay deeply Alam knee or captive e2z and then we have the 46 years that take us to 677 a plane yourself only Kevin season iake newest I mean I know and who we see in 677 a cake is key is super slow Manasseh lessee menacing this is the captivity of Manasseh by Capital y Manasa by Assyria La Silla captivity the municipal a serie so the first prophecy point system Manasseh Dhokla premier prophecy knew what I - Amanda see then we talked about the second one which was this sign about the the child yeah plentiful pallid legend prophecy kitty don't care Lucy knows I do not fall and we didn't read that paper because of time unfortunately she does show how they don't you Tom by brother Theodore pseudo but we saw that Manasseh was a was the the virgin birth that was being described here don't give my neccessity or said - yes your land is also passage as a key decreed on the possession and it talks about the the oppression that takes place in this time period when Manasa is taken captive a Seinfeld Lucas yonke ayudar a set period at all Ouma mana captivity the - Al and his subsequent repentance a Oh Sicilia so he gives him two prophecies that are pointing forward to Manasseh no coffin Kota is a Eid under prophecy keno Deary jr. - eel and that's where that's where Isaiah chapter 7 ends it select just to tell mean is that he said - so let's go - lets go to second Kings 20 I know make no I lose don't do what now and we'll just briefly layout that story as well it is that nobody is more so we see in verse 1 the violence that Isaiah's gonna come to Hezekiah is that year very sick yes and tell him to set his house in order for he's gonna die we deal only desandem it's a meson not caring family huh so we said Isaiah's representing the first angels message here dr. Dee's ok so eloquently massage deploy me along show a message of life or death and massage the view to move or of death brother you to the mo because of your sins you're gonna die that's good they don't appreciate you got movie and we saw that the first thing Hezekiah does is he turns himself to the wall Allah put me out shows Kofi's I guess it's the two novellas senior yeah first angle for the Levites we a new full clarity fricassee they're fully DeVito so he's gonna turn his face to the wall don't keep up to little visage mu we talked about what the wall represents news I don't believe they took up these up time you know firstly it the law of God put me on my oh please don't let move the Jew so he's staring into the law of God don't you which we see in the first angels message so you're confronted with the law so Canova us a passive ecla massage de première Hodgins some confusion wha or you're confronted with your sins a junk food you can do some cool floaty of a Koopa shell and we also noticed that a law could be signifying a law a wall could be signifying a lot in the same way last time a mutiny feel and WA and in 2014 we have there's a prophetically a law mark some sort of Sunday law a dong I'll a by Lisa to milquetoast en you are like a simple easy like what you do motion and there's several lines of prophecy to show that something happened there a in the prophetic in the monkey surpasses Abadis then so this is the first angels message for him for Hezekiah syllabus Kissimmee says people is it yes then Isaiah's gonna leave and he's gonna come back almost immediately even yup let's go image at small because he gets the work he gets he gets the message from God that he has that Hezekiah has repented that's good it'll SME session about the Jude Ouija zone I thought those dizzy cure so did someone point something out here at this point it's good I feel like it was you sister Kathy there was a point here that you told me afterwards that I think that's what it was he turned turning is a symbol of repentance Allah fat / sedona de tuna so visage she'll offenders to Tunis it has a bundle or thought on so and so he's gonna repent and Isaiah's gonna come back and give him a new message don't give a Ezekiel veneer all you do not new for me Sasha and the messages he can live let me say she keep the visa but in order for him to live he has to do some may I thank eel Aviva it was a psychic schism in order for his life to be extended for 15 years I think you savvy pieces don't work Anthony he has to put a lump of figs on his boil he you faster in Busan must defeat sooner sale and he's gonna recover because of it if I give you but he asked before before he actually does it me I the little fast he's gonna ask for a sign if I do not do a scene and the sign is this do you want the sundial to go 10 degrees backwards or 10 degrees forward SKT vocalist senior colossal a young adversity they were killed at you today and we marked that this is an obvious parallel to a house in the South when Tiki casita parallel if you don't Don T's to out that Casa because a has was also given a choice about what the sign would be that's good Oh elated oh nice yeah I guess ash washable detail Manila senior but instead of it being forward or backwards me Oh Lucas as well as I see luckily a has this was up or down maple I guess see oh wow I forgot the word words that we use but in the in the depth below and they don't the height above or something like that so we may see this so we see that obvious parallel that both of them get to choose and both of them are in relation to a direction if I can say it that way the senior silly dude was loose was easy seek so ladylike soon and Hezekiah is gonna say is it it's a light thing for the shadow to go to go down 10 degrees adversity degree so he says make it go backwards in my life and what we want to pick up there is one he accepts the he accepts the the the challenge to pick one day keel accepting and secondly he's say it's a light thing yeah play do certain shows Alicia I think if you don't do a has is going to refuse the sign guys don't go see that love she's in this you know and what's gonna happen what Isaiah's gonna say is he's gonna say is it a small thing is input to choose whispered those shoes so we see another connecting link between those two stories yeah and then Isaiah's gonna cry unto the Lord you know sweetie is a pretty loose in yeah and we're saying that this is marked at the PBM logic Alabama and the tent the sundial is gonna go back ten degrees in the slave I don't cook you lead this takes us to verse 12 cylinders I mean over seduced to do want them and what we said was grammatically we have a nice tie in a nice a nice connection it was magical magical moon of a in Bello connection and the connection is at that time yes that connection I see also told out now we we obviously know that this had to be sometime later on see Bianca so that's the best good because news had to travel and people had to come that's good news OT @ d % people a TV but what it says is at that time me all settle down so it's placing us at the time of the sign don't sign new place Oh Momo senior and at the time of the sign a DC no Babylon is gonna hear about this sign that be learned that odontologist seen you and they're gonna come inquire about what just happened even in public asleep a syllable and one interesting thing in Chantilly song is that yesterday and brother Daniel's sermon Daniella he mentioned something about the line y mas una cosa and he said something like education school one thing is very plain in shows it very clear that when the midnight cry happens take on Peter Minuit Aviva it's always broadcasted to other people who will come la - sha la Ponte recently Protosevich Elizabeth veneer the message goes near and far and draws people's attention that's good massage the Pleiadian un poco le jump we said to shape our meal in this case it's drawing babylons attention don't say la la satellite or shoulder Babel oh no and what we see here is that Isaiah was also malaria to see totally palpable on cities of Giotto Babylon so Isaiah is ie is gonna also make an inquiry which we said we mark often at least on the bigger scale at the midnight cry a su phone in Plaza de gallo not only does he make an inquiry no Selma if angel mountain at the doubling submitted in verse 14 over Cecotto what said this man Judaism from whence came they on TV and then Hezekiah tells him the story it is 12 and Isaiah's gonna prophesy Allah is the Eva efficacy and he says because you did this that's good too official ow you're going to be there may be peace in the moment but that Capulin Momo you had lap in but in the future Babylon is gonna come and take away all the children and take away all the things me delivery to Babylon revenue a pond on v2 lizalfos so he makes this prediction about Babylon donkey Lefou means that prediction was easier to Babylon oh and he's pointing forward a well and so we're saying that this is predictive in nature a big sign that you're addictive and the chapter ends in the shop it's that L mean with Manasseh and reigning and Hezekiah dying Enderman se la mode is it yes so we we put Manasseh here right at the end where the prediction is gonna be fulfilled don't do me too - yeah I found and what we said was interesting that's not compute outdoor new diesel I saw was that in Isaiah chapter 7 c-could I say you say you have two prophecies that point forward to Manasseh lose that voodoo prophecy a keedysville - see and then you have in the end of the story in second Kings chapter 20 Manasseh reigning a life and release well don't do that La Silla Renderman Ezio so we saw that connection between those two chapters and we said that we weren't totally sure what Manasseh symbolized but that he was present in both of those stories don't kunai Deacon save a path i'm also cool oh please don't they might not see me luckily please don't see this is go unless somebody solved it or the open weekend yeah we also we also saw in the story and this will be the last point we'll do these gondola down a plow that Hezekiah life is gonna be extended for 15 days or 15 years sorry la la Vida Kelso ha I told you and I said that if you plug in 5th the number 15 into the Bible you see a new cancer by itself by itself there's only a couple references to it don't see we're chillin on Kanzler new vodcast dollar baby me on that kapoor and one of them was John chapter 11 a university feel Aussies use them which is the death and resurrection of Lazarus he loved Lisa and if we jump to verse 14 or 17 sorry I suppose I never said he said and I'll just read two verses it says then when Jesus came he found that he Lazarus had been slit had been laying in the grave for days already and we identified that these four days they don t fricassee cat cause you don't USD said might be symbolizing for generations dude what that sample is a poly-cotton assume that that's Lazarus representing a Levite has been dead for four generations laissez peasant a Levite key modification you assume and then verse 18 it says now Bethany was nigh unto Jerusalem Oh about 15 furlongs so the distance between Bethany and Jerusalem is 15 and we said Bethany it means a couple things seen issues one of them is a house of dates the video let me so did that or a house of figs with a maid so did she go which connects is very obviously back to the story of Hezekiah he knew connect if it is that the remedy for his the remedy for his sickness that's lament possum elegy is these figs a figure and Lazarus is gonna be resurrected at the house of fix and then there's a lot we could go into in the story which we didn't cover but the punchline is Lazarus gets resurrected by Christ me look and what we were we were suggesting it's a good news that VOSA judy is that in this in the application of this story for the Levites don't let because he'll just City stop will he live veto Christ is representing the priests who bring a message to the Levites that's going to revive them and right after that happens is you stop like a cylinder surpass so the Jews begin to plot against not began they were probably doing it before but they start plotting against Christ to take his life don't care if commence a computer system and that is from John 11:45 some dogenzaka which is probably significant in itself 11:45 a Oh Scott one sack through the rest of the chapter is just kind of Center set beat and that is a brief overview of what we got - and there was a lot more we weren't able to cover don't bless the template resume desuka newsletter to cuvette and we yeah john 11 verse 40 said jesus saith unto her said I not unto thee that if thou wouldst believe thou should see the glory of God that's a nice point uh and we also we marked also just before I forget it we mark that this was the midnight cry and we've seen this for as the midnight cry for a long time a son who loved ones Yukiko meat on your kidney but soon I don't know the raising of Lazarus and I think that's it I forget anything yet I was in here out there this oh I haven't had a chance to second Kings 20 verse 4 it says that he was going out into the middle Court and I was considering the middle middle court as similar to the way we applied Midway and then when Isaiah goes and gives the message to Hezekiah first by said that he's the captain of my people let the word captain to see what has a crime I represent and the first definition says that he's a commander a religious leader etc come on when do you know what he chose but the roots if you continue backwards says a couple of things it says properly to front to stand boldly out an opposite to manifest figuratively to announce always by word of mouth to one present specifically to expose predictor explain etc etc it might be signifying the message itself CIBC midnight cry but I haven't laid it out anyway this I don't know but I thought that might be it might be referring to the message suppose initially musashi-kun menuing yeah that's those are those are good points especially the middle court in the middle of the court don't I see what you're saying they're middle of a city okay in the middle I think the main thing we're pointa is the middle don't look classy Palacio meet you so one last thing before I forget this one quote he reminded me by reading that don't this is prophets and kings 342 paragraph 242 paragraph 2 this is a this is a commentary about second Kings 20 don't see effective is also under paragraph get off Jose and in some things that may complicate things but in some ways it it could it could fix things so complicated shows me or make it a little more clear blushes quickly okay it's a short one like Moses in the land of Midian come Louise on the be done made me meet John like Gideon in the presence of the holy messenger come mushy do dog lap please also do me such a c-list Oh like Elijah just before the Ascension of his master Camila le ELISA Duvall la Sol Sol de sumit Hezekiah pleaded for some sign that the message was from heaven is a case a PAP Isaac a supply depot Monsignor to let me stash when additional so she's gonna line up Moses Gideon Elisha with Hezekiah right here allium OECD whoa la elizy Iveco is it gasps uh and the most obvious one that we see at the midnight cry which is where we would be a circle around the facility luckily Dominion is when Elijah when Elijah goes to heaven and Elijah receives this sign seco Elia Muto Celica elizy of us was no see it's often pointing to the the descent of the first angel and the rising of the second angel declared upon me alone she loved Eva Judaism and if I remember correctly it's the most selected I could be wrong though I think there's a doubling in that story okay don't posso motto a crapload of WA is he at the Jordan is that the Jordan so the Jordans another thing that plugs in in several you can plug the Jordan in a couple different places but it's often at the midnight cry no comply sellers your dad different one me sue vonlee plus a cleaning wish so but the other ones me loot Gideon in Moses she do in movies though those ones are often placed at the formalization so do la Sol super implies say that for me sighs now one thing we have it we haven't even mentioned it's just good enough I'm a Sunni but the PBM Alabama and there's a discussion on this so this isn't nailed down yet dokyun discussion was a pseudo so my soul and if it had V but the PBM in some cases seems to be pointing to the formalization for the Levites don't let me be la palma dossier up the ridge viola for Matsuda massage me poorly leave it so by that by that way you could see it you could see it being you can see the these stories being for the Levites don't go ppm para para easily manpuku conscience that is to accompany de lavit Alabama okay any last questions before I turn it over to Jeff yeah it's you I've opened up less tell me what your draw the conclusion of everything I know I'll a conclusion to to steal a motley Ivanko Jeff the conclusion would be that these two stories Luke is also a caseta paralleled some parallel the the story of second Kings 20 and Isaiah 7 least web design I think there's more parallels to it and with other stories that are around it though expressly up Tuesdays d stahp pls the police is luckily so too much like the invasion of Sennacherib or essentially the problem of the Confederacy I think those parallel to select boss but for what all we just laid out these two stories Masuka newsela are paralleling each other and one a has is representing a foolish version don't you need a castle up with something Joseph Isaiah's rapping representing a wise version is that ye envious eyes or a house sorry it has and Isaiah's representing the priests who were giving I guess it's a foolish hey has this foolish Hezekiah as wise okay is it yeah I can see if lashes fall a is it yes la Vieja such is that such and Isaiah represents the priests who are giving these wise and foolish Levites the message is a yellow presently Petaquilla did leave a massage oh I see phooey a cessation in this parallels the the the Daniel four and five it's a parallel east of the Daniel Cutlass on with Nebuchadnezzar Dan bell shall ring it's where we see the same dynamics a London boy and I mean I mean Daniel represents a priest giving a message to either a wise or foolish no please don't dunk and quite key deliver a massage a little food and what we said secundus a foodie we laid out the different way marks beliefs but one of the biggest things we saw was this prophecy of Manasseh she said to prophecy demenna see and that you see Manasseh and both these stories in the VAIO - II don't see disease and that it takes you to the conversion and captivity of Manasseh salon is America vol I captivity which is interesting it's okay Teresa because in both of these symbols you have that's good don't seduce somebody who's Evan you have a positive thing in that Manasseh is gonna be converted these avalanches positive like all the assumed Amana see but you have a negative thing and that he's gonna be taken and he got mine shows negative is supreme and Isaiah predicts Babylon is a year PG abeba Luna but we know that Babylon is also a symbol for Assyria I mean this evoke Babylon Sita's a polygon mapa velocity so in one instance there's a conversion in one instance there's a captivity Danka on associa in captivity Miocene conversion and all of these three are these stories pointing bring us bring Manasseh down over here to them to midnight if we're lining this up correctly you see these funders I mean don't go I might not see me at a base I mean and I think that's the gist that's the overall theme of it is but I don't I don't confess to know what Manasseh stands for me as your confession I suppose so good man señor now so deal yes okay just if I see a veil on Follies that I can do to help Jojo I'm submitted for your consideration because this isn't what we're teaching here is not an established understanding the second is Austin your CSUN if I take your shoes in contrasting that integer it's our attempt to show that there is a present truth prophecy see doctor keep them quickly yeah you know please Khaleesi please hope that we expect the line of the tribe of Judah is going to open up it can do that uncle they did knock people over and he began to have these things years ago LLL not come o cf1 o su ya designee when he opened up the 2520 because the 65 years and the relationship of Isaiah and a has surely dispersed on 2nd Ave keys are ya guys we recognize that early on after we recognize the 2520 can you say oh yeah I know tom complete and we recognize it because we went back to the pioneer understanding of the 25 2011 wa kunu Baskin is important and I can clean also deep you see genesis of our and Hiram Edson article elastic particles leaves active dimension where the 2520 is set forth where it was discovered by us Oh Lily do me some pills with the 65-year time prophecy palo de la bufa she did on this one second so from the very beginning of our understanding of the 2520 we were grappling with Isaiah 7 8 compliance Euler the limits and some vendors of apologies ah he said sweet so what I was telling Tyler yesterday and and I realized he he didn't give a complete historical overview he didn't have time la illaha on Cassandra turn Tony nice talika the to set is twelve and he doesn't know the complete history so he couldn't do it perfectly anyway doc eno-kun is but atleast are talking to the back we still haven't put all that together but in 742 this time prophecy begins 19 years takes us to 723 navab cleave I know said solvent another 46 years takes us to 677 and this 65 yeah this 25 20 let's see the moisted solvents it takes us to 1798 is immense just go know he said some cattle and Di's reach out and this 25 26 us to 1844 does that mean not just be so count cat and because we understand that Jesus illustrates the end with the beginning kokomo smell 19 years later brings us to 1863 she's never nip you down as a man now this resource with some 12 so what I was telling Tyler yesterday is if we can ever get a clarity about this history here which we're not there yet that's going to padrone ain't leftist that you stop asking me Paco that history's got a correspond to here don't set these clouds are cool I spawned I've excelled Oh laughs ow cuz jesus illustrates the end with the beginning small but this is the beginning of Adventism so this history here it's got a correspond to our history look sexy swallow cool I spawned a big day and in here and should give us two witnesses about our history and that's what we're we're dealing with a Yoshida mrs. Nevada lafalot when you do need do them once Papa at least well it's a Mexican Cosmo stop I'm understanding what Tyler saying over here cease your composure curtain LG Lau he's saying this is the the midnight cry egk sealer okay didn't mean me you know at one level a certain evil some of the things he hasn't addressed me in dishes kidnapper and there's a ton of them you see and there's many of them who is it in this vision of Isaiah 7 to 12 said recently that you said I do so you got the evil Confederacy which he's dealing a little with here yes a monopoly I'm cheaper but you also have the two classes of worshipers repeatedly Illustrated means that for the facile deputies clearly to category they do that and in that vision it does a jury the one class of worshipers is gonna go into spiritualism in class decide on the spirit is not the very time the other classes be being sealed emm tone categories we read that the other day when I was teaching you know what I'm talking about so this is this is the ceiling time begins here so we know it's gonna be in this history is a mocha mostly don't eat wha we know a has and a has represents those that are gonna go into spiritualism vocal plays on Sookie even I don't dispute ease and we know that it's okay for a father to typify a son in this efficacy okay compare TPC a FISA cuz we taught that in connection with the 2520 that's cannula force in y'all yeah Vic you do me so well for many years when Tyler's talking about Bill shares are being typifies by Nebuchadnezzar go tell about the bits executive upon if you can itself the reason that typification was discovered Lama Zopa like a certificate equivalent is because Miller used as a second witness to the seven times that's Camila ha gd0 come to symptom one fully set on the seven times that Nebuchadnezzar was eating grass Lisa don't you never Canada emotion to the other and then his grandson Belshazzar it's all feel of his judgment was the handwriting on the wall which equates to twenty five twenty it is more please until I make Kiki vessel Emily do so as we were studying the twenty five twenty a look in this it usually do miss lacerva Miller points the Nebuchadnezzar as a witness to the twenty five twenty melody severe Nebuchadnezzar come out it item what will he do miss us about then we seen the connection with Belshazzar Macbeth shuts out and then we discovered that sister White says that Nebuchadnezzar typifies Belshazzar airplane o7d Kouvelis it as you will and when Deacon abhi Canada I don't think she uses the word typifies but it's a word that means typifies it and it is beefy missus any fish at all so a has typifying Hezekiah is perfectly allowable don't laugh at ICAST apiece fear is a kasi C habla so for sure we can identify this is the ceiling time don't Ave kasi awesome food your cassoulet don't you feel a period descend on this vision it's taking place in the ceiling time that visual allude you only told you Selma it's clearly the everlasting gospel it's a lie a clear moral Yvonne Sheila tell me now right because you've got the to two classes the students have only do catch agouti and the two classes are repeatedly marked in here a leader category soon repeated super now and then you've got signs your sweetness have already seen you one of the things he didn't do well in dishes like like le Napa doing up apologies in this history C code or SETI strong is one of the classic verses about profits being signs don't laissez le le LaLanne so conjugally lipof etsu the senior women when we teach that the profits when we teach that when the profits become part of the prophecy the sauce in eucalyptus a tree parte della prophecy that's based upon the Bible teaching that the profits are signs see bazooka deal a biblically profit so this Union I didn't finish the thought when we teach that when the profits become part of the prophecy they illustrate God's people at the end of the world don't consider cacao feta I hold on a prophecy see Lily slip-up dojo Aleph Angie mundo that's based at least in part by the fact that the Bible teaches the prophets are signs but a syllabus Isola fat girl a blonde cencula profit so the seemly profits and in this vision it does a GU is where Isaiah says somewhere I and the children the Lord gives me our four signs do you 818 behold I had the children the LORD hath given me or for signs and wonders in Israel from the lord of hosts at dwelling and dwelleth in Mount Zion SIUE distrito so the signs is one thing don't listen seeing shows that's in this story peace Islam but when Isaiah comes to a house here at the end of the conduit of the upper pool God is a EVF well I guess I'll have fun to consider like a do come he brings his sons surges shop look along many lament Susan FISA and that's in chapter 7 right super so shop it's a sadness bomb but in chapter 8 he's gonna have another son MIOSHA Pitino coffees mayor shallow hash pass still officially longest name in the Bible see don't leave so based upon the application that we're doing here new bazooka new for Zula and I'm not I'm not settled in this even for myself I feel missus philosophy Savita I would suggest that if we're gonna put sure dish up here as his son that mayor Sharla Hash bash should probably go here as well don't cuz I feel a desire my FC allah akbar sword wiley lousy but in any case you got the two classes repeatedly illustrated here in this history maybe I really do category like this little sexy strong now and when it came to the two classes in Oscar on that level do category when we were beginning to understand the twenty five twenty come on you do meself out the 25 20 against the Northern Kingdom of Israel we began to see and and the other one against Judah we began to see that there are several illustrations of these prophecies that are represented by biblical characters we said this was Belshazzar represents a kingdom that's removed and never restored that's Kentucky when Belshazzar dies on that very night that's the end of Babylon that's good Oscar been shut down now I said don't say doom MC life and a baby but Judah miss you don't look that was never kanessa typifies Belshazzar Nebuchadnezzar represents a kingdom restored it's - I still don't want you because at the end of your seven times does she sit down in 1844 Oh God Israel's restored but Belshazzar was never restored so we begin to see me bitches on the pedestal a new self oh come on see different characters in the Bible do you feel about soon as you don't I be even that would represent these two time prophecies these two time prophecies come from the marriage of Jacob DiMaggio Jacobs and so I would suggest that this was Leah Lyle injeel or presently out and this was Rachel and some people argue against that I'll tell you what the argument is and I'm not sure I'm spelling Rachel right no second a okay Oh in either case I'm positive booyakasha she positive that these two women produce the twelve tribes that represent these ten tribes and these to try okay so Jacob loved Rachel Jakub really meruchan so my logic was is that she represents the Judah because that's the one he loves see laughs I'm killing me and you know Leah was teary-eyed and he just got stuck with her but tender ID okay but but the argument against that application male vocalist it up because she is he ends up burying Rachel by the side of the road and she gets put into the family tomb she when she Rachel dies she just gets buried under a tree on the side of not a lady's Kaleo Familia and Leah gets buried in the family tomb so I wouldn't argue which one it is while I'm saying is we seen that these two time prophecies are often represented by two opposing characters me also cover secrecy the prophecy dirt also to Shula but is not about the person I should be so close though so we put she urges job and I'm sure I'm shel spelling this wrong okay we're not dealing with spelling today she urges job wallah a remnant shall return this is the return of the remnant that's enough in terms of the 2520 time prophecy and may her shallow a hash badge and I know this is wrong too we would apply up here oval applique and there there's no doubt others that there isn't popping into my mind right now so when we go back to the very beginning of the twenty five twenty and we're seeing the everlasting gospel Illustrated all over the place if I only tell anybody about - well I'd argue that in some way mayor shallow Hash bash and Cheer - of are connected with these two time prophecies see that okay so you can't separate when the professor found ya the everlasting gospel from this history live what she did tell Nell to seti's 12 was the everlasting gospel fulfilled in millerite history yeah and it was fulfilled with temple cleansing which is part of this story because I this here is the Fuller's film that's cool a sea shanty faloona where Malachi 3 is being applied in a temple cleansing la banish it white applique committed a purification you don't so with that in mind fictional history signs everlasting gospel listen little nail let me throw one thought in here listen ma as you take note OCC in history Isaiah's come into a house in 742 the least well is that year so please on the view I guess or not my said son Kevin do right and how old is Manasseh when he begins to rain came and SAT like a misogyny 12 years old do so and he's gonna rain for 55 years even about the 55-inch thank you what are you rolling your eyes for when he begins to rain see ok I'm not dealing with that I'm saying that now what was I gonna say how was I gonna say it I had it in my head yes good man I see here's where Manasseh is going to get taken captive selected - if I tell captivity and I don't think the Bible tells us what year of his reign be Mooji ok Lanisha take I like I'm certain that it doesn't she su can because there's all kinds of conjecture about what year it was that he was taken captive that's key education to us a captivity but Manasseh is going to come from who me - a if you do has a Kyle if so dizzy cast so you've got Hezekiah in this history don't set it on yourself or is it just then Manassas in this history even before 677 a - it'll satisfy me my firm once it's also Sunday and you got a has in this his in his every gangmo I guess I'll set this one and all I want you to see it just occasion like this point I support out is this pronouncement against a has she said declare a strong conclude that guy because he rejects the message of the latter rain telling mrs. Delatour is the water that comes softly no Loki yeah too small then the Lord's gonna send him the waters of the Euphrates doing the king of Assyria listen eval you do Neelu a campervan also the look lighter look what the city so he rejects the water don't kill a cancer project Lu and it's gonna be cursed for it it's kimochi hungry sons but the curse is carried out in the time of Hezekiah me l'm an addiction a peculiar dreams just Kalibak Disick yes and so I want to add the the component of Hezekiah Jim - you tell anymore DISA chasm and so turn to Isaiah 37 I don't in Isaiah 36 no it's in the fourteenth year of Hezekiah 36 verse 1 and Azaria comes up this is Sennacherib don't catch it and they're gonna blaspheme God evil don't bless you meet you and there are three persons that are noted that are on the wall of Jerusalem interacting with rubbish chica and Burt in chapter 36 verse 11 of chapter 36 because I pointed you to verse chapter 37 initially it says then said he liked him and shebna and Joya under rabbit rabbit car I love the Yakima chef Joshua chica so you got three persons there in this crisis don't set teeth and then if you go to chapter 37 yeah place it was a little shabby concept in verse 3 verse 2 oversee one main evented a liar cam goes to eyes the profit Yakima veil is a illa prophet and he tells I say the proper what rapture car is doing idea is a healer professor so I want you to see what he like him says to Isaiah him like a fool of why you could yakima say it says does say and they said unto Him thus saith Hezekiah Hezekiah is saying this to Isaiah she decides I II this day is a day of trouble and of rebuke and a blasphemy so surely tell her the truth delivery money to blasphemy is a concept Wow okay so II like him shebna and Jonah Ezra there on the wall they're interacting with this blasphemous Assyrian they carry the message to Hezekiah Isaac yes and Hezekiah tells Isaiah is it Gatsby if Angela is ie this is what's happening Vasuki surpass now Isaiah is gonna give him a good message is if a denier Bumi's - and if in verse 21 it says thence Isaiah the son of Amos said unto Hezekiah saying thus saith the Lord got to be Israel whereas thou us prayed to me against Sennacherib king of Assyria this is the word which the Lord has spoken concerning him the virgin the daughter of Zion hath despised the and laughing to scorn the daughter of Jerusalem has shaken her head at the whom has thou reproached in blasphemy and against whom has I exalted by voice and lifted up thine eyes even against the Holy One of Israel and then he's going to say he's gonna deal with Sennacherib he ain't gonna die I play really look at the Shanna Sheena shun should he be fed moving and what I want you to see in all this it's a good chef why you don't - Salah is verse 30 because there's another sign in this story that's cool ah ya know Ksenia just how many signs that we already dealt with new seafood dish Ippolito company enters senior a virgins gonna conceive envious give occlusive laughs and you can relate to that as every unmarried woman in this room is a virgin yeah yeah okay so I'm not denying that this is pointing forward to the virgin birth of Christ is your nominee benefit Castle oblivion but still a word for an unmarried woman is a virgin what's the other sign that's in this story it can they don't listen to us intensity strong sundials gonna go backwards right ten degrees don't listen looks like you've a luckily the greenest pal but now here's another sign Milano seen you and this should be a sign under the issue eat this year such as growth of itself and the second year that which spring earth of the same and in the third ye years you soyeon reap and plant vineyards and eat the fruit thereof yes it is a transit that's a sign she's a senior that's also going to be in this history sillas inky sky again not on set it's because what Tyler is claiming that's occurred o'clock Tyler it is history leads to Manasseh because that is luck on JAMA nothing but it begins with a house me a car most have a car and this is a story of the history of Hezekiah you see this what is it yes so it's the same history look often conceal I'm a mister so we got three signs deceitful question you know what is this sign no Kelly don't see senior and this is kind of cool to recognize alas eatin a pelican for a cuneta this is not a sermon this is a class what is this if I say I will sit in class Skelly so senior that's the Jubilee sailors Jubilee on in the fiftieth year Alison Kemeny the Jubilee celebrated in the pronouncement of the Jubilee in the scriptures you be lazy lately Elias you should be back there in the writing of writings of Moses so truth not only succeed the Muys and the only other place it's referenced in the Bible is right here is story because in the sabbatical years Dolan ISA bat chica you were to let the land rest every seventh year LAN Lila tell you I saw opposite to t2 this at all and on the seventh year the land was to rest hey Manila like Templar so where is this where is this set forth this principle Lucilla attila plays on television as van sank Leviticus 25 don't leave it Sigmund Sankhya but it also includes another seven cycle Missa and qci note was sickly to say that every 49th year after a cycle of seven times okay the secret is set off after you repeat this a bit of a sabbatical cycle a up seven years seven more years do you all set Ani then when you get to the seventh time you have 49 years velocity my own Areva account Annie and because that 49th year is a seventh year in a cycle a pass cosecant of second event in Germany a result set on docility set the land was to rest at 49th year okay let them die so what was it you always said but it was alder also the rest in the 50th year Militello sister papazilla second semen to mark the complete cycle of the Jubilee fula antique a total Jubilee and in Leviticus 25 it don't affect events you'll see the promise who vial upon me that when you get to the fiftieth year Oscar was before Niall a second Germany what normally would cover this year of rest Sookie who lived on cassette and Idaho - the promise was that in the sixth year Lapua Mexico often caught last season you were gonna get enough food to take you through this year that you let the land rest who's Alan Watson in Sufism on the new retail passes that such a man need litera Tonto and you were gonna have enough grain left over to start for the next first year Missoula Sufism oh come out Emil I which a money but when you get to the conclusion of this 49 year cycle make up without even a computer secret account to celebrate this Jubilee cycle who celebrate don't listen to Billy the land was gonna rest two years in a row don't cough and cook like that I stayed on food designing and the promise in Leviticus 25 Allah promised fed only vigilance Anka is what Isaiah is saying here is the signs now in in chapter 26 of Leviticus the ownership advances delivery Chico is where you have the seven times mentioned four times this is the beginning of the twenty five twenty and the theologians of Adventism zarg youment against the truth is based upon grammar by man they argue that the word that is translated as seven in leviticus 20:6 these cookie cutter popular music Oh dolly vitamin C represents intensity please don't let Oct not duration no pilot Julie but William Miller me William me laughs who discovers the twenty five twenty he's shootin using a Cruden's concordance he like to do student has no reference to the Greek in Hebrew a vacant little soul exactly he's making his understanding of the twenty five twenty based upon Leviticus 26 that's it so live it when she's not on the grammar not on the Hebrew language is no personal an occupying but upon the content made so no local text and the context for Leviticus 20 series of context only fatigue fancies is chapter 25 alivelu Shep adventure so when you go back into chapter 25 leadership advance you'll see the punishment that they're receiving that they would receive in chapter 26 the loss of well don't know Shep advances is based upon these 49 year this 49 years cycle GA so let's see critique out niveau okay there we've studied that it's in the matter of the public record disciple DJ to GSA so later on you do mentally what I want you to see if you see beautifully is in this history seeker don't set you saw now the third sign Lacroix's I'm senior when you bring the story of Hezekiah into it las curvas ethnicity strategic asset is the sign of the 2520 cillessen determine cellphone it's and this is the history where the 25 20 ma begins its elise welcome us to do me 742 723 677 one set so kahan do my said servant why my sources on to say in part of the promise of the 25 2018 parte de la promesa achieve Odom itself is sure to shop yeah she is Joshua and what sure do shop is pH a tsuba a remnant shall return Cassini's feed don't look okay and where do you find that you to vuvuzela in Chapter 7 verse 3 of Isaiah is that you Towanda is how you suggested it's about a remnant soul apologize a stone so I'm putting up here that another one of the themes of this prophecy is the remnant anak attempter said prophesies about you Lester and you see the remnant marked in verse 3 of chapter 7 yes the tangi can overstate what is Shapiro said this ie but where does Isaiah first understand about a remnant returning me I can no longer say yeah complete boil I put me on fire go to John Stowe in chapter 6 and on live Shapiro sees chapter 6 oh sure Peter 6 the question is raised how long like it's still a position I say a chapter 6 I know my guys that you seek so I mean you need to see this I think we need to see this info box Elijah bossy new full of wha Isaiah's told just what we're experiencing today don't is a year jesus tasuku news expiry Moto's eugene isaiah since the glory of the lord venkateshwara June and in Isaiah 6 it down is a verse 3 that's it wha and the angels say holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts the whole earth is full of his glory that's it twice a season so in verse 3 of chapter 6 where's Isaiah verse it was I so truth is ie he's at 9/11 elio 9/11 when the earth is lightened with the glory of the Lord tell God you senior okay and then he then he's gonna be humbled in the dust aw sweetie vasu media la Pucelle agreed to take a message Aoife Ponder's so misogyny deco but he's told out front just what we're experiencing today me if i just experiment a circle new aviv otogi when you take this message of openness to me Sasha to Adventism be careful amny I'll advances now hearing they won't hear it's not on me not on and seeing they won't see it very easily super firming of wata in this little community here the state budget community and around the world it's amazing city know why Adventists won't hear this message kill that what is enough about Anza massage that always knew my mind mrs. salmon soup want to shoot the message from the very beginnings been very logical and understandable and an agreement with Adventists a lemma says desuka most my trial Aashiqui on that convict led want it's always been about the Sunday law that's good the language is emotion Irina's were supposed to understand there are the people of the Sunday law time period a disadvantaged African funky soul bill Doolin what do you Adventism wouldn't hear it may let what is not on top ass right now we're at a point of time we may notice some ativan and point on top where people that were once supposedly on the platform hooli pysanky so suppose a certain your soul a platform now they don't hear it not on path you think you can keep him thus saith the Lord after the stay at the Lord it is a citizen Elias it's in yeah I remember one person that left recently Asia masovia Jim Pearson kakoton Avila and the complaint was it's a plan C T the Bible and the Bible only Lobby Billa Billa sana and then it was presented to them oh sweet Aloha please aunty that you're leaving this platform it is a platform and you're going and joining with people it was a little want of Virginia a deeper so that you have clear doctrinal disagreements with of a click L was a via did this occur clearly proof on the doctrine oh and you're saying the Bible in the Bible only a fool a bb-dub you sir and the Bible says can two walk together unless they be agreed Allah BBS Qaddafi smell the person P smash awesome I'm making a sweater and you're telling me yes I'm worshipping with them and I know they teach things different than I believe it's just the Cajun dishes do on this occasion but it doesn't mean that I'm in agreement with them missile and everybody's on that God can two walk together except they're agreed it's good two percent of mushy I'm someone went Daytona there's a supernatural blindness that has settled in on these don't yeah in a sec tissue so not you like AIT places in and Isaiah 6 when he sees this when he is told in verse nine go and tell these people here he indeed but understand not and see indeed but perceive not make this the heart of this people fat and make their ears heavy and shut their eyes less they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand what the heart and convert and be healed that's an easy entry visa molasses opposed onset is to allow and Isaiah's is the easier how long do I have to do this easy well she's got concepts along and we know that Jesus takes this very idea principle from Isaiah in several cases possibly disciplines if it says it was repeated in his history upon earth that's Alaska repeated are Sunnis cities of them but the question about how long do I have to do it me like a stewardess Kakashi live life else allow the question how long takes you to the Sunday law like a stewardess kakano salmon island watch it emotion and what does it say it gets can you say G in verse the answer to the question how long is verses 12 and 13 days I see so and the LORD hath removed until they're at verse 11 until the cities be wasted without inhabitant the houses without man and the land be utterly desolate and the Lord has removed men far away and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land but yet in it shall be a tenth and it shall what we turn Gentile sure Josh of a remnant shall return I know what live in you know and shall be eaten as a teal tree as an oak whose substance is in them when they cast their leaves so the holy seed shall be the substance there of the remnant that returned to kill of young are gonna have the holy seed in them so most sent on there represented as a combination of divinity and humanity so what please don't think I'm inconvenient imagine Jesus in Isaiah 6 is placing us in this history is new new plasticity strong so when Isaiah is giving the message to a house katisa he don't get done Lamesa shocked and he brings with him his son she urges job Akeelah men effect with some fish he's tying it in with Isaiah 6 Halle advocacy so the remnant is part of this story as well l don't Laura's theta C party this long we'll see okay so if you I didn't quite get to where I wanted to get but let me move there just to give an overview for tomorrow don't conceal all my food do not assume it what do now there's more elements of this history in chapter 7 through 12 of Isaiah that we haven't dealt with episodes element onset destroyed entire set I just have a click and a vampire Polly and those elements are also found in second Kings and Isaiah what is the 36 Tsukuba sadhana do guava don't do why don't is a heat concept but I want you to go to Isaiah 22 miss my canoes I know don't even know now I've made a point from brother Miguel before he left about where a vision begins I will I found for a vicar my cure como que que la vie sukemasa you have to mark where the vision begins a new frontier Kokomo's and it may not end for several chapters a particular said vision of opposite minimums a bid me don'tcha people want and in that vision it does that vision if if I say our prophet says and in that day it doesn't resources ie D don't see Shula you got a return to the point in the vision where that day is defined if you focus more television ad fini on sees you blah but one of the ways the prophets say okay this is it's a standalone vision a lock on you do catch each individual star down kiss Chapel mem is where it says the burden of this or the burden of that burden is a prophecy that's Colossians lacet in prophecy a in verse in chapter 21 of Isaiah is that ye yatha tuya it says in the burden of the desert of the sea in oozy deal a chance to do a little mmm so there's a prophecy about the desert of the sea yeah dummy but Isaiah 22 made it's a even do it says the burden of the valley of vision la vallee de la vie Isaiah 22 is I even do leads to Isaiah 23 momentum is a event Wow in Isaiah 23 says the burden of tyre so I'd say 22 is a standalone vision don't care it's a year vendors a chunk I mean visually Nika you get my point company moola and it's the valley of vision it's alive Valley Division and I'm suggesting it's the valley of Laodicea it's a sukiyaki sea level it allows easy because Laodiceans are blind let's go load you see of it they have no vision noticing a pattern but they need vision but this story Missa tee straw is this story she says it's this story of hezekiah de casa when Sennacherib comes to Jerusalem up to the neck gongchan chittibabu xylem she's cuckoo he'll cry or a liar Kim and chevre and Joya are on the walls of Jerusalem don't alaki me Joe ABI Lutz asalamu Jerusalem and Isaiah 22 is I even do is about shebna new pajama and he like him a lacking and shebna or the Laodiceans they get spewed out of the mouth of the Lord some nice ele slowly sank eventful meet Allah booster senior and a liar Kim is identifying the establishment of the church triumphant eliakim of a presently that this model exists okay so we will deal with this more in-depth tomorrow but let's start through it doctors I know apparently a piece of watermelon and my Aunt Polly knowing that it has to be placed in this history Sanko said she started Placido Sethi story this is the story in the time period of Hezekiah Ellis Ellis cloud Ella period Ezekiel I read here for you that when rubbish rubbish Rebekah is blaspheming God on a few lies seek a cup shaker but if it lets them do it's a day of trouble see as you do a day of blasphemy you the blessing they have one other thing it said yeah yeah kasha okay so let's let's go to verse 1 of Isaiah 22 vanilla vfc antes I even do the burden of the valley of vision what Ella thei now that thou are wholly GaN upon the housetops this is Adventism selectees this is Laodicea see loud you see where are they where are they Oh Santino I'm there on the housetops it's socially tois why do you go on the housetops in that history pourquoi motive was solely to attend city so you can worship the Sun Moon and stars you can see dummies astrological signs booty up there wrapped up in it's only Kelly spiritualism two classes here look at the Galina one class is gonna receive the seal of God and the other class is listening to spirits that mutter and people I know in Category Kosovo pseudo jury not category Kiva I'll turn on the spirit there are full of stirs a tumultuous City a joyous City thy slain men are not slain with the sword or dead in battle all the rulers are fled together they are bound by the archers all that are found in thee are bound together which have fled from far that's it wha so in Jerusalem this is Jerusalem by the way which is Oh lines up with adventism she said in don't have a clarity it's in this history it's a lesson personal Sethi swamp and the people that are wrapped up in strong delusion lepo Sankey's Ibiza Cappadonna

around the housetops we worship in

the Sun Moon and stars it's so solid a doodler so lamely Luna Lizzie - Alan they've been bound together into a bundles easily to do so via by what meep aqua remember this story begins here qapla futuristic a Muslim in Isaiah 6 that is Isis because Isaiah's first gotta be ordained to give this message to a s that's go is that you'd like us a clip from your mobile doing this a massage a casa okay so what is it that has bound them Catskill is Italian I mean you're rejecting like you're rejecting like you're rejecting life ooh gosh you're telling me for what you're telling me about finally you're bound if in love with Italy what is it that binds them it gets kill easily the archers what's an archer in Bible prophecy seek well enough on a prophecy be they've rejected this message is amiss and they rejected the message of 911 is Alicia tender massage do septum the message of the archers of you follow that don't offer c'est ce pas bien Qadri it's a it's only a palace a she in front is not translated correctly omitsu okay verse 4 therefore said i look away from me i will we bitterly labor not to comfort me because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people for it is a what a day of trouble and of treading down and a perplexity by the lord of hosts in the valley of vision breaking down the walls and crying to the mountains f ck did you say been do this is this day of trouble but the two blue pool is it gasps no okay it's gotta be in this history sky don't don't set you swap because it's the history of Hezekiah bacilli Scott Disick yes and the day of trouble in the story of Hezekiah is when Sennacherib comes to Jerusalem Elisha due to political conscience agreement on a Jerusalem in with the logic viola Lucy okay so we'll take it up again tomorrow of a book sweet wanna do now but you should realize they're 22 meaningful foot rally of donkeys I even do and know that the the everlasting gospel it's a live on she did tell me know in I see a 22 is represented by Alya Kim savoie Casillas Antipa Illya kima and shebna iya ship now and seven is going to be taken as a ball and thrown into the country janessa Opry coming and in Bali lost it on appeal and when revelation 3 says that I will spew thee out of my mouth it can't apocalypse positive Emile de malucia it means vomit me something I want you out of my mouth but it doesn't just mean vomit so if I do something more for me it means projectile vomit so the deal of course acted on so you know when you're so sick because it my lad loves us so shebna gets thrown as a ball don't care Phil said not a lhasa common belt on the show and he was the leader and a leadership that he used to be is given to ally of Kim don't curse at you like Zeus on leadership Sardinia yeah kima this is the end of if you can receive it dog seal offensive is the very end of Sardis see family fantasy and the establishment of Philadelphia and Philadelphia in this context is the church triumphant it also called for and the condemnation for Eli acam is in verse 22 Ella called on a super for who very like him they call a lamentation not condemnation combination pooja Kim severe see is in verse 22 so it's Isaiah 22 22 no classy is I even Devender and that verse is severe say it's only found in one other place in the Bible it's Victor doesn't wanna be blonde in the message of Philadelphia cooling massage the Philadelphia that they're gonna be a door opened and a door closed you're at in the thought fill me in so we'll deal with this tomorrow shall we pray seal Heavenly Father were amazed at the the light that is in the story of Isaiah's interaction with these kings see no no some silly eatin a pouch it's a to Mia or kiss at over don't have it is a ye can tell ya Victor so what but we don't have all the prophetic symbolism figure it out I mean nothing pal call it up the tool is about procedure but it seems clear that you're attempting to bring that clarity in at this time me some beautiful new Catrice a dune dune II don't like like this your seekest us a memo we ask that you'd pour the waters out upon us that are represented by Shiloh a new tree on the DVR see so new looky-loos on tape our see Louie and open our understanding you know so that we can move further into this I'm developing truth I knew pshaw I won't see don't see really develop we ask a blessing upon these days activities the modern banaji so is activity to say Tony and a blessing upon those around planet Earth that are laboring in this message and movement as in a Benedict socio to Sookie travail dawned on the moon don't cheat to come need some thank-you for all these things don't support its issues in Jesus name who knows easy for me I mean