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Publish Date: 3/7/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English & French
Channel Group: ASOTP
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what I asked Tyler about up here was the the problem of looking at a fractal see them go together in fact I know without first making the big line the point of reference so the problem is that I can't afford anything else that's sometimes where we get confused in our application now who knew some cool phenyl news application and I was asking him about it in advance of this coming camp meeting they stole our Ivana TQ because I think there might need to be a presentation just on that it's put in the record so what are you saying up here just so you're you know and then we can move away from this this is the big picture here from 911 until Michael stands up dude but the Sunday law in the United States which we generally when we're teaching about the Sunday law in the United States we identify as the close of probation for Adventists in the United States if you're looking at the big picture then it's not really emphasizing a close of probation it's emphasizing the second way mark of these three way marks does anybody to see us it all varies so up here what he's identifying key no see it's 911 to the Sunday law and the point of reference is the Miller ID history the midnight cry that includes Ezra 7-9 first day of the first month fifth day and fourth month birthday and fifth month tenth they are not mutual you chromium waz I cam giorgia Whatcom usual do ii wide usually sits in one and this what would you call this for adventism but when you take this pattern and you're going to apply it to the priest down here easy then you you have to retain these four way marks and we've identified these four way marks as nine eleven 2014 prediction before midnight and then raffia there we go that's part of the problem by part of the problem I mean for years whenever the reformed lines were taught we would use the identical terms to explain him he's already tell me not you because I was the one that invented those terms and there wasn't it they may have been not so good or bad if that's not the point only one person had admitted him so that was the standard but then we noticed in this then we noticed in this ministry when we started this school that some of the personalities that we're showing here showing up here they see they begin to disregard the the terminology that we were using and make use different terms for the same way mark and we begin to we discuss that a little bit that it was confusing but you couldn't exercise kingly power over that if you want to call this way mark that okay go ahead but it's confusing the public audience that's watching this message did you've a Blissett Valley's RC deco felony sex and confusion Ludo ski could Sarah but later on we began to see that it even had a or sinister implications because those new terms would would carry with them some ideas scusi Nouveau demikhov e kuu that we're going they were going the wrong direction yeah all I'm saying at this point about that is the terms we use matter so we're talking in our history here of the priests and we're calling this midnight and what Tyler is protesting about is this way Marc isn't really midnight for the priest it's midnight for Adventism up here so if we can't lead the public audience along to see this distinction then we'll we'll grapple with this confusion and until it's resolved I'm thinking maybe at this camp meeting someone needs to systematically go through this and put it in the public record as a point of reference as an example when when I started on Isaiah seven through twelve here I said a couple times I know at the beginning I'm starting at the little picture I'm not disregarding the big picture but I'm just doing the priest here and I was doing broad strokes with the priest to by that I mean I was just taking things from the story of Isaiah to show that it's present truth for us but then yesterday my sister here she began to challenge what I was saying because we hadn't incorporated some of the finer details of that who that in 2014 you're already in the weeping for Tammuz so that means that the tares and the wheat they're bearing fruit so do we even give a layer to see and message to the tares at this point in time because they're already bearing their fruit a school nanami's a little basketball dish out of wheat okay and that was a worthwhile consideration to grapple with the fact I hope you understood yesterday as I did that was one of the lessons that was there accidentally oxen Alton is that when we're dealing with the wheat and tares we have to deal with the wheat and tares in context of the wheat and tares but we have to be careful when we suddenly say the wheat and tares is Laodicea in Philadelphia because there's some characteristics about the wheat and tares that are a little bit counter to the characteristics of Philadelphia and Laodicea so you have to be able to make that distinction okay different subject what's the what's the French food it's it's it's a real delicate pancake okay crepes you know what crepes are but you know what American pancakes are I don't want to admit that crepes are probably better you know that the United States is divided into certain certain areas one of the classic description breakdowns in the United States is the south of southern United States positional Americana loose judo where we're at okay most of the states in this part of the United States we're on the Confederate side in the Civil War and there's a distinction between the North and the South in the United States it's even here to this very day and there's a distinction with the what they call the Left Coast the west coast California Oregon and Washington state are more European than they are Americans in their liberal political mindset no notice people eat chicken me and I grew up in California which is totally foreign to the southern United States and they have a food down here in the south it was city's elite you and I I've only tasted it one time and it was when I was going to high school is he gonna do Coolidge I'm yeah I I like chocolate but when I had chocolate syrup on pancakes it was too much for me because you go go you should gonna silly funky little walk and in the South that's one of the things they serve is crepes with chocolate syrup but I was living in California and there was a family that moved from Oklahoma which is the southern United States and I made friends with this family when I was like the last three years of my high school and these people were really from Oklahoma which you would call Okies they have the the accent from Oklahoma like son Oklahoma and when they showed up and started going to the high school I went to skis c'mon yo cool Oly Oly Sujit a they stood out did you taste it out at a time when it's hard for a teenager to stand out but I made friends with this guy and close enough friends that I would spend weekends at his house and it's been weekends at my house even after high school I arranged for his older brother to get a job we stayed in contact for a long time there were two boys and two girls and for whatever reason we were good friends and after high school still interacted with them and there was a cult in California California it was the guy's name was Tony Alamo if you google Alamo you get the list of this cult in California and one of the the oldest daughter of that family she got involved with and although it was after high school and I never interacted with her I still interacted with that family from time to time it was a real burden for them because she reached the point in this call to where the the cult told her she could not interact with her family did you do the pre-authorized yes so they had no idea what was going on with her daughter and I still don't know what happened to your daughter you know can you do this kiss you if I see this went on for years yeah I I don't know I've moved away I don't know what the resolution of it was serve a colonial-era solution so what I'm saying is when it comes to a cult I've had a personal experience with people that get wrapped up in a call and I believed for a long time that all these cults that have popped up through recent history were preparation by Satan to attack this movement I don't remember really the details but when Bill Clinton was president he had an attorney general it was a woman I did that the head of their legal department her name was Janet Reno and she put out a document about defining a call a sect and it had like four primary points one was if you're homeschooled your children one was if you believed in the second coming of Christ and a couple other ones that were pretty generic does anyone remember that okay if your homeschool your children if you believe in the soon coming of Christ yeah we may have been something like that something that it's something that we do all right so what I'm saying is recently when people got off the platform here they begin raising the the cry that this is a call sector so I'm telling you for me I expect this accusation to get carried right into the courts of the land promotoras I talked we said that coz that song I usually cook on a TV no TV and if there's any element that is a problem about a cult it's your one sect I would think it's that the cult leader does not allow those people he's involved with the thing for themselves don't develop a steep excellent you swamp you have it killed apostate boy man so I want to emphasize it we need to be thinking for ourselves and the reason I'm bringing this up it's because I think it impacts where we ended yesterday service goes to laugh after I don't know somebody yeah on Authority so here the Lord wants to bring organization into the his movement and you can't have organization without acknowledging some kind of authority someone like me who's identified as the leader of this movement start to emphasizing the need for authority and you already see the enemies of this movement taking portions of what is said and putting them in a in the wrong light you can see something that will be said about Authority being used to develop this accusation about me okay so I'm going to put that in the public record you can keep my logic we need to be settled into these things from our own studies our own convictions I think that we're gonna wake up here in the near future and realize we're closer to the end than we really believed you posited I fuckin little mo there's a place and the spirit of prophecy when the latter rain comes the expression is that it's gonna go as fire in the stubble so I come to LA food on up are you okay in we're staying the ladder in started in 2014 come on solder me get those I mean this is one of the I've used this argument for years the seventh-day adventists reform movement teaches and believes that there the latter rain angel ki Sonakshi twice so I'd take this quote that the latter rains gonna go is fire in the stubble the reform movement came into history in 1917 or 1918 that's not really moving that quickly is it it's not firing this double so if we're in the latter rain we got to be right at the end we can see people getting off the platform phone you can see all the events in the world you can see Satan trying to prevent us from clarifying our message yes sir I think we need to get ready for something that's about to happen I see pardon me you have Reno's that you've dug it out okay was I it's been years ago so now correct me here's Reno's identification of a call hey koltes is one who has a strong belief in the Bible see what you can do does he get cookie and you fucked up a lot of you know and the second coming of Christ that I suppose we need a piece who frequently attends Bible studies he he they're children who has accumulated survival foods visit our greenhouse that's spiritual wickedness in high places did you a TV and you don't have to be sympathetic with firearms that comic is down to support the Second Amendment because we know the Constitution was designed by God for this country so we can be supportive of the Constitution and know that the Second Amendment is part of it by that definition scary definition and just to add a little bit to this to a suit off it was this Attorney General that went in the Waco and burn those people down key idea what we a policy person and there was all kinds of unconstitutional things that took place when that happened it goes to receive a satirical CT show that you're so messy and do you know why this Attorney General got pointed at Waco it was a focus because the secretary at the General Conference of the seventh-day Adventist Church called the Attorney General and since you have a fanatical group that you need to deal with down in Texas finally fukuju don't take it with excessive and they took it from there uncle Muzzy you know you know I have no sympathetic with sympathy with David Koresh David Koresh he was a whack job across the board I would say he was a he wasn't a Christian okay he was a womanizer but still they burning them down like that was anyway this will add to the accusation about what you said about ever might quote saying that when the latter rain is coming is gonna be firing the stubble I would say would it be shocking if we say that the latter rain didn't start then we can see in between that we can what see I don't suppose it's tough I don't know what you mean by steel you're saying it's yet future I'm asking we are still under the sprinkler but that the big rain is hasn't fallen yet no no I this here lysee for us corresponds did this here for them okay so if this is the message of the latter rain for the Miller eyes where did that message start whiskers to me says I can all see back here in Boston so the way mark before the PBM has to be where it begins okay Billy bellies everyone op-amps yellow psychobos am I the one you want to correct me now say at the time to do it when I think about the little rain I think about and it was a pun of time that this period can come even to them so so I don't see any foolish progression really you don't see any progression okay so Jesus comes down out of heaven he ascends from the grave she read resurrection she ascends to heaven and he comes down and he meets the disciples and he tells them tarry here in Jerusalem Terry and time begins and how many days were there there were fifty days before Pentecost and for the first forty Jesus stayed and interacted with them directly and then there was ten days leading up to Pentecost where they were really coming into full unity so what I'm saying is we've always taught when it comes to Pentecost that Jesus comes down after going to heaven right here at nine eleven disciples to tarry in Jerusalem you're now in the tearing time there's a an educational process that goes on for forty days then of pressing together for ten days if I can say it that way and then Pentecost comes so there were there's definitely a progression that leads to pentagons good over here over to share pod camino del upon could stay yoga progression by one point will reach the climax the biggest points of the line right international world in the back of the bottle of oil finds on this for example the one able to speak in tongues before it'll be awesome three thousand people in one day what's the point that comedic on is on a pizza assistance for more since you say we are now in the latter rain from josh is a pure my only per video as i set it up with a visa put dollars from word quiz on CTools episode we are but don't perhaps yes i think that we are in the to tearing times we are in the tyrion saying that we are in the tearing time it's different than saying perhaps we're in the terrain that after the viewing time then the climax of the come to believe us okay alright but just all right you the climax being pentecost fine all I'm saying there's definitely progression and during that progression period it's called the tearing time and it corresponds to the parable the ten virgins boys point I probably did yes we can mention John 20 verse 22 yeah when I'm answering him and I agree with you I thought all these these concepts were airtight for all of us the act of Christ breathing upon his disciples was as a few drops before the plentiful outpouring on the day of Pentecost here he brings upon them when he comes down out of heaven to tarry in Jerusalem here Ezekiel 37 verses 9 through 11 Ezekiel gives the prophecy to breathe upon the dry bones they stand upon their feet of mighty army so the tearing the breathing the sprinkling a few drops in advance of the Pentecost and you were here when Parminder was here I mean oh I'm sorry for that don't get to pray though okay but when he was here he dealt with something that I've been dealing with three years and and I don't know exactly where the quote is but if someone has the ability to dig it out it's where it says the loud cry is an escalating of power increase of power and he dealt with that and I've tried to emphasize that for years that the whole outpouring of the Spirit has to be understood as progressive and escalating two months ago that I'm following this message so okay I've been there okay I'm not I'm not trying to be a pop in a perfume I don't want to bring confusion she talked about see a year oh wait a second what was her first name it was it if you don't agree with me anyway say no oh okay all right yeah she said oh yeah pop over for me I was thinking about yesterday's topic when you're talking of the foolish field only that coca or food or exactly one thing is it yes yes yes okay quickly that and the foolish field idea meets hezekiah naa has six you remember your chili honk oh he means them at the same place okay a casa seven birdies I guess he has is hezekiah father Cochino country do and when he meets yellow fella you got on lomi massage he gives them the same message me papa don't be afraid is it yes very quorum hey guys can you believe it Aloka cassava Pacwa and well a has wants that I guess I'm not kidding you adios Abbot Babylon anus is the natural covenant with Babylon it is a casa if I could you'd lend money to fail and hey guys gonna do what God wants to do pushin it Tata seeker Le Pew the next step is wonder is God I quickly play the weeping for Tammuz Miguel Manu is it crying against the walls of lamentation is crying because I don't know you seem to hold these concepts in your head better than I just even though my problem my fault when I was teaching this over the past few days I was just teaching some themes I wasn't trying to be perfectly careful to all the sequences and she started putting me in the box because of it and now you are too I'm gonna call this midnight all right brother Tyler okay so you're bringing up weeping for Tammuz so this is the image of jellied jealousy what I do Master this is the secret chambers Shambhala secret it seems like we're wanting to really focus in on this or maybe not wanting to but it seems to be happening this is the weeping and this is the bowing so you're saying that you gotta take both those lines got take your bring any you gotta bring Ezekiel weeping here digging a hole through the wall and he was weeping when he did so he sees he sees them weeping for Tammuz and so you're connecting that with Hezekiah weeping because he's going to die truly to love it easy just keep it up a scheme a movie yes because I've heard because God tells him I have seen and heard that's good it tells the Ezekiel that or Hezekiah is that Utah is a set capital we decided yes physik it is a u-shape horatio told you sir I guess we can is it yes I see you're 37 I'd say 37 38 5 go and say to Hezekiah the state the Lord the God of David thy father I have heard thy prayer I have seen thy tears behold I will add unto thy days 15 years so he's seen and he's heard Hezekiah is repentance yes I knew saying you got to put that right here hakuna matata see the lapidarist is also an earthquake ceccacci love you i'm chemically pure celebration that's what i thought that the latter rain was after that because after he seen then he can pour the rain on a steering most ridiculous peanut on go haha school of photographic exhibition because anointest and trained multiple on the forehead of someone who's lost I'm deal could not sacrifice I see life as rejuve one when I say in this period is where God sees it gonna fuzzy one and when he see if one a blasphemer he see the blasphemy good if one a product a Muslim he won our proton so he sees the repentance a la the laddoos IAM if we do some rapid analysis on a relic at km are painfully sunapee doses are painfully son epidural yourself after he brings down the ladder ain't a dog safe of silica jimmy tennessee BM lovasco allah PBMC cottage d she that's why I would put ppm there because I have seen Jeff Ruby ppm we're at the beginning or the ending okay you're saying this is the PBM yes do me at all so I just at home 2014 you would be before we lash a decoy you should poke a code for Laluna code column you next with your code column you understand that the expression against the wall Kanoa me pull a gun in your community acquit me me that we could switch between midnight midnight Christ have a could go merciful come is a person now you're going out to the to havoc but I'm chatty pick one see ya and you saying there's a wall here and a wall here I've executed everyone to bring this over here we pass code on a Linda Preta minimal equipment we so to do milquetoast a plumber as for the priests mean I mean I Christ 2014 premium sister coat a load is a total honor so it's either we're saying just it's your girl daily mimics Christian if we keep the same expressions okay make sure you hear your father's loudly this is for the priests it'll suffice thee therefore you're saying there would be a wall here what a wall here is it cool to shame you can't really care something that typify the wall I'm not so go ahead go ahead a doctor says you is equal to p del r says oh honey that way and because of the I say that the latter rain comes after not that 2014 the latter rain comes here voila this is the counterfeit doctor okay so the the counterfeit ladder rain and you're arguing me the counterfeit precedes the true pardon me okay I don't know which hand was first brother Tyler let me say one thing I think when we work we're coming to across new lines apply we have the responsibility of testing them based upon the established and the pattern of the latter rain being here for us is is well documented I don't think we necessarily have justification we just automatically changing it but we see were brother Tyler and he established pretty thoroughly that 2014 is the Sunday law on the big line which is where the latter rain begins to pour out so I would say the latter end has to be at okay so here you're saying he established that on the big line this is the sunny law in the USA okay so what was this in the big line iconicity to concrete and what was this and what was this 911 yeah so if his lineup online application is sound and at this point I don't think we have any reason to not go with that as to point I didn't post back when the fire exit out what you're bringing in here has to be squared up with that so could you I mean you see - ah coolio vixx lr - I thought you said way I look at you where yeah we consider the beginnings or boats is a fish addiction Adibi anyway yeah there that's fine beginning to the latter rain is it okay then to say it's the end of the early right Yayoi noxee life on that for you and in this sprinkling okay so this is the lighter rain for us - okay follow up there's a and nuance I don't know how to translate that of the love crime in its it's the you have to connect it with with with the Sunday law but in then in some levels they're separated and I don't know the best I don't understand the relationship yet of the two but the loud cry begins at the Sunday law and it does swell and that's kind of what's illustrated by that middle wild cry but there's a connectedness that you can't remove this here is the swelling and it swelling goes all the way to here but but the swelling here is a characteristic of this prophetic sequence that's happening here this is Boston this is Exeter same message different effect more powerful effect over here than over here sekolah so I think you have I think you probably have some some nice insight onto terms of plugging in Hezekiah the weeping here but I'm not prepared to you know I bet I've been thinking about this over here yes I see Manasa is preceded by Hezekiah who's preceded by a house so there is probably a sequential line here that takes us to Manasseh and just to sort those that sequence out I I'm not prepared to do it but it seems like the Lord's taking us there me so Christine as long as I'm in now it's just a little TV but I have been struggling with the idea of the false claim for the truth and in the context of 2014 work in the true ask the true side of the laddering I was wondering I wonder okay well how does the false come before the truth in that particular content and I felt like I got at least a partial answer Larry does and I've been in 2012 with Habakkuk tables and people starting to war against the message made I help because you know you have the ten presentations you have the ten years from 2004 to 2014 so for me it helped me see the validity of 2012 being just just a symbol of the false cover for the true because I was talking with it 10 years 10 truths at the end of that 10 10 being a symbol of a test people begin to fill the test and where do we get the counterfeit preceding the true from where Elijah because Elijah said you guys go first okay so maybe it isn't that rock-solid but did goosey-poosey solid kusa we see it with Moses to come oh he's a baker so Matt oh if I don't know the money double dual affair really I thought Moses did it first that's a Moses throw his ride down and it turns into a snake in the breeze oh we can do that - they throw dominant poses and snake eats their snake um yeah yeah player led by new simple fairy sauvignon simple but we better check that or do we know know who's talking about Korah Dathan in the Byram moses with casting his rod before Pharaoh turns into a snake and she was saying the priests rods became snakes 10 to 12 exodus 7 10 to 12 Moses goes first we see also in Christ's story Conley is a put until only the holy sweet huh yeah yeah question if give Lily the LAPD will animate off his own tsunami and the DC ravika the panel governor political told you there is one that stood up and said let's be careful not to war against God Baskervilles it's advanced it said to the contingent of a neutral because before this um Christian cult there was another IKEA sale available in the stream here as you can see our videos here so before Christ there are other mincing your Christ okay I died and now I got your point there is false christ before christ back bible do we have justification for using the story of Elijah here as a point of reference component velocity series daughter is the last promise in the Old Testament there before the Great and dreadful day of the Lord Elijah will come what's the great and dreadful day of the Lord in this line it's here seesee know maybe go ahead let's hear your two cents the day of the Lord even on the Sunday morning in there's parts to that day okay there's the parts to that day I'm defining the day of the Lord as God's executive judgment when probation is closed and there are closes a progression progress probation progressively along that line and at those different closes of probation the day of the Lord at that definition can be plugged in there so is it okay to suggest that this is the great dreadful day of the Lord because if it is then Elijah's gotta come in this history and with the story of Elijah the prophets of Braille and the priests of the go go first in the story of Moses the leaders the leaders were protesting about God's choice of leaders - what did you park in a papal judicial they not been complaining and protesting synonymy positive apply never put ISTE god witness said give me a rod for each family in innovation projects I mean you and that the rods taking into the holy play most holy place god it's it's Aaron's that but this is a down key Vicki so there's an argument by the the rebels that precedes the manifestation the identification of who is I think expecting that the counterfeit precedes the true I said okay what is this what happens in this movement at 9/11 to those people that are priests in terms of this papal ice with a stop what are you tested over the chart the foundations the old path when we become queen contest called Roberta is when we start to become or when some - you naughty komo-tv bleaker well tickly Indian Traverse City Film Lab EDC's when we try to link or deceptive even based upon what we discussed but this was criticism we talked about their egg the way that I understand it I'm analytical pulse it out the way that I've taught it know what y'all singing is Jeremiah says thy words were found and I did eat them deeper with joy and rejoice in the mine heart okay before I'm called by thy name o Lord of hosts that's gorgeous really - no senior these are me at nine eleven no septum if you eat the little book but you might end up being made abandoned by Hugh boo boo boo boo tamanna palette or phenomena w but were they priests how many sons did Aaron have that were priests Oh Michael beautifully a plateau half of them were foolish other half wise please you know what says am am i answering you or adding to your confusion it's good to report that that confuse you or not okay am I really a precept I'm in the message or family members of mine who came to a camp meeting or listened to true but didn't really grasp it all the priests all right who my answer to that is that when the Brazilian brothers were here a couple days ago they shared a discussion that they had with Parminder and Brazil and I was gonna let them introduce it just for discussion and permit to develop it on tape or disk issue and they spoke to Parminder before it happened so folks will assume as farm induces we haven't figured that out clear enough to put it out in the public record by yesterday someone told me or maybe the day before yesterday it was when I had referred to Alisa sister Alyssa and their there their expression was based upon the logic that brother Parminder was putting in place when he was here if this is the lighter range and sister Alyssa is responding down here in 2017 sorry boys elder Mindy says is she really a priest or she's gonna be held accountable as a Levite a scary way to escape so hard on us that was just that was an inference that was drawn by a student from what Parminder was saying and that same Parminder taught that Katie or Philip initio Thomas Cooper Mondavi de Pompadour said you saw but the discussion that they didn't want to share that took place in Brazil she possibly zero was similar it is imminent and it had to do with what we understand about plowing and sowing and reaping noiselessness amasa and we've been teaching that the plowing for the Levites begins at nine eleven right who's ever seen you can watch Pallavi Tacoma so September and the question that they were grappling with that they don't want in the public record lucky lucky lucky is that maybe the plowing through the Levites is beginning over here further along this line like here look all I'm saying about this it's obvious that the Lord is trying to bring some clarity into the sequence of events clarkey knows it sickens even though and so I think some of what we're discussing here is that very issue is Joe memo we we admit that we're moving in at a time where the Levites are going to be coming in okay so how do we make a distinction between who's the priest and who's the Levite if it's possible to make a distinction it will be made from the line but these lines are developing missive in to develop them I don't know that the Lion of the tribe of Judah has really nailed that down at this table sabja plazas along okay but you can see this discussion with you Brazil another student it's it's coming to the surface real fast okay so I don't have that answer personally I'm just about sick people sniffs with anymore but back to here meal what dole no Stan you in the ways and see and ask for the old paths where is the good way and walk therein and you shall find rest she says with who did you like pussy okay but they said we will not walk therein Mazal do you need my showing Bob okay so you're brought to here I was brought to here at 911 ma GTM you know septum someone else was brought to here at 2010 they're still brought to here when they're awakened to this message I mean I know Sammy says they got to determine if they're gonna walk in the old pass or they're not if they choose not to they go into spiritualism and spiritualism is placing your word above God's Word and if we're not too threatened by the generic definition of a prophet it's right here you see whether you're walking in the old path or refusing to walk in the old paths you've max SOT what you're teaching is your prophecy prophecy okay if you're if you're on the old pass you're teaching the prophetic message of the old pass but if you're not you're teaching error because you placed your word above God's Word you follow that logic okay so where does that message of error begin kosumi says do not come also back here you see back here the counterfeit is in it begins back in this history as soon as you place your bird above God's Word if you were someone that has acknowledged 9/11 how could you know you've it entered the covenant relationship now you're being tested then you begin to develop a false light or a message here okay it's perfected over here which is the strong delusion I thought you saw I don't think it's a problem at that level to show the counterfeit proceeding the truth right this bar what okay what loose ends do we have on this thought another subject with the big we're on the line do you play stupid deception with the strong delusion yeah disappointment disappointment that's one of those things that you can probably put it at every way mark boat so what disappointment are you looking that's the first disappointment it's the tenth day of the seventh month there's there I'm sorry anyway what did disappointment are you looking for ships good deeds up what my the big ones like like I saw that on every from lines there was at some point disappointments like in the Red Sea when Jesus Christ died for the disabled and seven right here yeah and right here and for right here for the priests yeah and for online what this is a quite wonderful present okay that's a common answer or common questions and there may be a way to determine correctly what the disappointment is the deterministic but the disappointments that we know about in sacred history are at least partially produced because God's people don't know about them in advance equity power levels okay so maybe we don't know till we get here I've sometimes argued that it's not the same for the hundred and forty-four thousand you won't get me know that they're required to know these things but Kiedis also second it was issues oh that's one of those questions that I don't have confidence I can answer any coming back on the line is everyone okay with this stop we're having a question and answer period okay all right I was gonna I was gonna dead end Isaiah so we can start into a different thought it's not getting dead end of the day that's fine with me Germany is a year per computer you know shows Northam in thousand BC okay okay the power binocularity me so the pre the midnight the coming back of the line the midnight for the priests so much Raja could go Satsuma Malek is a Ivoire I realize that it's at that point that I say a C's SS Monica said that Isaiah but is that even one can see something even when I left was it just so you can see the boils on easy Isaiah can see the boils on Hezekiah is a body please virtually as it yes but success upon incapable of well this point he can see it pasque-dieu has can eat it on at this point I said well say we must assess it consider that are you okay cool Kiriko huh so is in the core it could jewelry G and God tells him the dish I ever eat veggie Isaac as Molotov a movie even before it says to Hezekiah you will die it consider that a couch over to new MIDI cable la auto julep Rioja el Aguirre when he's there he stole to come back and say um you will have Moyers go ahead I don't think your sequence is right but that's all right right there goes in says you're gonna die and then he walks out and then the Lord say go back because at that point because she was in the passage they are two different things you're two types of boils in the French King James yellow cell see look at easy specifically cell research you look at is easy sucker is it yes I set up on your plane so the one that Hezekiah has is located in certain place me Paco don't apocalypse says auto part the research a genealogy when revelation 13 we talk of it as being in general like everywhere hello Doctor mr. Pooh's in a question asked us it found ESCO is it just your presence because you're cuckoo is it yes I do that that you did self isn't something I would like to have the explanation of why does Hezekiah have the boils and low California pressure many shoes well the difference is your loved one you got married more easy and we see it also in Moses took off earlier she was to pose in a kiss - you know there's a quote for sister white says something like this you don't need to be able to explain every symbol in Revelation in order to teach it to Lisa bird apocalypse Apollo Sydney some of these symbols we can't explain right when we want to explain them they require further light he's always on the presume yet for me the way that you're going after this problem oh my man y'know charissa problema it's okay evil but it's different than how I would approach this problem doing the problem the way I would try to unravel this is I take I take the the the conduit from the upper pool by the Fuller's field called Ricky about a piece in superior can you show any food on and so show it in Isaiah seven and then in Isaiah 38 yes Rita okay so I'm saying this is the beginning and the end of a prophecy so it's putting a has king ahaz in the beginning and King Hezekiah at the end and you have to determine then is it a sequential prophecy or are you supposed to bring that conduit right over the top of the conduit line upon line the pseudo-code reading selenium that's where I will begin and if you bring it line up on line then you have a has a foolish virgin receiving a message from Isaiah and you have Hezekiah a wise virgins receiving a message from Isaiah and then I would say that they're both the Lateran message yeah go to do some analysis on that they're grappling with I think okay because it's pretty easy to show that shiloh are the waters of Kailua which is the waters of Siloam in the New Testament that's what it has is rejecting it's the water that comes from the upper pool so somehow if we're gonna place Hezekiah here because he's weeping against the wall is that your argument yeah okay then I would think a has has to be here as well I guess the right louis ii and the boils I don't understand at this point as a plague but some kind of marker providential leading of the wise virgins represented by Hezekiah we don't yellow but there's this there's another story that I never went to and I go to it every time I go down this line but I didn't go to because I wasn't trying to get to that level Hezekiah is not on the wall is he yes the vessel removal Rab Chaka is by the conduit of the upper pool in the Fuller's field he's blaspheming the Lord which is probably a way mark and on the wall Hezekiah isn't there it's a liar Kim Syria kima shebna ship now and Joe are you up and when you're gonna see the story of Alya Kim and Shem no you go to Isaiah 22 a communal event and I shebna and Alya can become the wise and foolish virgin and they're on a wall here I saw you I knew Lisa so you got Hezekiah SWA you got them standing on the wall of Jerusalem music yes another and you're saying that he's eco which goes through the wall to see the weeping of Tammuz and the the culmination of Isaiah 22 is over here because he says I will lay upon him the key of David and it shall shut it's the verse in the Bible that is used in the Church of Philadelphia so III think I think if I was gonna give you counsel on how to unravel this I think I would place Hezekiah Ahaz at the same point in prophetic history stop poverty and treat them as the wise and foolish virgins illustrating how they relate to the Lateran message what you have that in place then I think you might have a point of reference you know if they're at this point in the wall or this point in the wall what should we know they're between two walls the way you're applying it because you wanted to know what the ten degrees in the fifteen years and the three days are and if depending on whether he's here or here it's gonna make all the difference in the world right to depose him you get those bumps is I've had a tutor geology moon second kings 2020 I'll do what mama he talks about the rest of the acts of Hezekiah how he made a pool and brought water into the city and you just complicated things that you're done why did she complicate things I mean not what was your motivation but why am I saying that it's complicated scoff it's a quest commando saico-tek see a has comes first right I guess you don't prove you this pot and he's standing by a conduit a subclinical G where the upper the upper waters come down lovely so don't worry son hezekiah next is it guess it was Shiva cynicism and it says he built I can't do it this isn't the same conduit see if I didn't cool G can't be so here's the Chi is not in history yet is he kissed a phone call used well and the conduits already here so here's the Chi is built a secondary conduit and where you complicated is good chuckle Hezekiah is a good King because he gets tumble wha I just made the case that he's the wise virgins in relation to a huh Sasha Papa raucous but it seems to me like he's trying to manufacture the latter ring and on his own human string before me we see the manufacturing a conduit that conduits already here right this box out what you're saying sister Kathy oh here's a guy I built this one and this one is already in history before he has a chiasm just cuz he built it that will necessarily be bad all right no it might not necessarily be bad but you see a prophetic relationship between these two well you know political suppose he do if our application of this is this is actually the pipes that come down and bring the holy oil if this is actually the ladder that the angels ascend and descend on that Mollie duly the tree or does that equal C gal malicious or like le sauce multi disowned what's he building two pipes okay Polly don't do so this is one side of the ladder here and this is perhaps you put in this activity in a positive light that's my problem is I think Hezekiah is a positive guy I guess it doesn't but but we're dealing with this we're trying to place this in this history and this history is full of dualism if that's the right way to say it you got why it's pretty spoolie sprees you got the temple that is the church triumphant you've got a house of this temple don't be you've got all these dual isms and in the history where the counterfeit ladder rain is going forward and we're teaching that that message has been created by human wisdom we got a human being that's building the second you're probably right there was a hand back there to close did you have your hand up though Richard no one okay we didn't get anywhere shall we pray Heavenly Father we understand that we are on the verge of a tremendous crisis we recognize that there are still elements of this prophetic message we need to understand we thank you for being patient with us and ask that you would open this message up clearly and profoundly by pouring your ladder rain out upon us we ask a blessing upon these day's activities for all of this and as we see this crisis approaching we ask that your Holy Spirit would use this reality to make us more serious about our Christian experience because there is no one priscilly your vibe on that clicks feel so me thank you for these things don't mess up positions in Jesus name