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amen the notes are our three emails I will do with them in a second you're gonna lean on those in us don't I want to remind us of what I'm trying to do even though you probably don't know please ago they said warm up see myself with it bah one thing I'm doing is covenant lines new facility Leidner Daniels and I'm saying in 1989 Radhika the meaner circuits have enough emphasis if it comes in new history and it's a contemporary with Laodicea that's one line that's one understanding of prophecy gonna prove it see that the church triumphant that begins its history here also history see it's gonna give the Laodicean message to the covenant people that are being passed by missus realities superfluous kami ducati but the other thing I was trying to show no shows could you see the multi and we're not really done is that from 911 until midnight with the caveat that I know that you're supposed to start with the big line before you go to the fractal names you see Kevin Cooney Refaeli fukamachi Pollack only that this history has been typifies by the three histories in the Miller right time period that begin with an arrival of an angel each other his Tommy Aceveda knows 18:42 April 19th 1844 April 19th to October 22nd 1844 second angel October 22nd 1844 to 1863 third angel II I'm saying that the the first line I mentioned had to do with the Covenant people that's getting passed by City Park Ski Team akuti the second angel leads you into the most holy place and is identifying salvation all truth but the place where we've been spending our time is the third line which I'm saying is teaching prophetic truth khaosan ability prophet Chico one of the things that teaches is in in 1863 the light for that time was given near Port Authority Dooney and Satterwhite says there are crisis in the history of the nations in the church at that time the light is given 1863 the light was the health message at university to me surgeon SOT it was a crisis in the history of the United States it was the very center of the Civil War history Osaka mandala Regev Sevilla and it was that crisis that was the primary motivation for James White and those leaders to incorporate so they had a little justification that their children didn't have to get taken into the Civil War you see because well you know some folks are born in an idea so there's gonna be light here at midnight it's gonna be it's gonna impact the church and the nation's he unpacked and legally didn't assume whatever that might be and then we'll use this what we looked at the rebuilding of Jericho Jericho and there's three emails in this it was email added on and the one that that I want you to look at here is uh on page one the pages aren't numbered unfortunately and halfway down it says I've always taught that the gates is the name and the foundation of the organization no you mean you defer to show us a new could apostasy no no II know what this brother is saying he don't have a problem with what I was teaching the other day you know Mexico Johnson you delusional but I taught that the oldest son died from sleeping on the cloth they used to print the 1863 chart so they're laying aside the foundation know that his firstborn son and then I thought that his youngest son who died in 1860 was typify Dinh the Jericho prophecy by the gates and this brother says that he's always taught that the gates represented the name because in 1860 that's when they get their name seventh-day Adventist but I thought it was Church because that's when they just began their discussions on organizing the church and I know that the name is part of that history but if you go to the next page halfway through it says the gate of heaven did you know this is why I'm saying gate represents Church suppose I could release it to the humble believing soul the house of God on earth is the gate of heaven why not let me introduce your teleportal but you have both in that history there they begin their discussion on organizing a church you saw these pigeons causes a shaking cause they're given a name you lost whether one of the arguments against church organization was not easy mark that Nimrod built the Tower of Babel in order to make himself a name so when when you rotate when a church takes upon itself the responsibility of taking a name your parallel in Nimrod probably both what I'm gonna do perhaps it's both the name and the beginning of the discussion of the church but I have one problem with it that I just throw out there but I'm not really fighting it no Jamie salmon let me choose repel em all Nimrod was seeking a name for himself Aviano remember and sister white directly says that the name seventh-day adventists was given by God I see a little bit of a discrepancy there they weren't taking that name upon themselves it was given to them upon me no idea - nique I don't understand the gate is the name that when pile of the Bethlehem Mike when he it says when he raises up the gates of Jericho his younger sons gonna die and I'm saying that that was typifying the history of 1862 63 when the youngest and all the son of James and Ellen White got laid to rest their youngest son was laid to rest in 1860 no progeny did you so so so that's when the discussion for to organize the church began Church they're raising up the gates but this brother says no for me I've always taught that it was that they took their name in 1860 could be both or whatever you know I'm just putting the letting you all know subsequently do me now a few days ago we dealt with the chiasm of 1863 and rather Bob pointed out after the class and you know he wasn't looking at he wasn't working off a note he pointed out that as he remembered yet from here to here that this 1:26 takes us to 1989 and if you go 126 back this is what Bob pointed out a law school to bring today 868 and that this was the reign of Jehoshaphat and the there what Bob remembered about it is that Jehoshaphat was trying to accomplish a revival and that it was the leadership trying to bring about a revival and when you take this way mark and bring it down here to this way mark the opposite in the chiasm that here it's the laypeople trying to bring a revival to the leadership and he said he showed this to me at the end of the class the next day I came in and I pointed it out and the only thing I did is I went and you can type in on in google the dates of the Kings and I got a date where yeah I could see all right Jehoshaphat was reigning in this time but then I got an email and I this morning I also went and again the Kings here's what I have from today but what I'm telling you about the dates of the Kings if you go in and google them you'll find different graphs in some of the more honest guys will tell you that these dates are kind of variable some people just put it out like it's this is the way it is period so what I knew about that day about Jehoshaphat is any rain for 25 years so I I put the 25 years over here even though anyway it brings you to 2014 yes did someone say something okay so the brother that responded here says this underneath the little what I cut and paste is is if you add 126 to 742 you come to 688 68 BC and he's pointing out Jehoshaphat didn't rain during that time period he read from 916 to 893 which would be over here he's happy to Adam right everyone follow me which is the 11th year of joash however is we can see that if you add 25 years to 868 no monsoon as rusev on psycho I'm lost it brings you two here 93 IV so get LaVon Hayes okay so he's seeing the brother that said in the email maybe you aren't all aware of it but there's two values for the mennies 50 and 60 if you use the 50 here you get the 126 if you use the 60 it takes you it's a hundred and fifty-one and that's what this brother Xin is saying here the 151 takes you back to jehosophat and that actually the 126 ends in the history of joash that's interesting I don't think we have a problem here and the reason that I cut and pasted this if you're going this is reversed history right this is joash which comes after Jehoshaphat Jehoshaphat up here the end of his reign I guess would be here and what I found interesting is it although these dates here these don't agree with the guy that sent in the email this is this is something I googled and the reason I cut and pasted this was to illustrate that depending on which chronology you select you're gonna come up with different dates but disregarding the discrepancy of dates between what I googled and what the brother sent in don't think about that what seems interesting to me is that from Jehoshaphat to joash you've got a really turbulent time period with joram a has the hey zai Ahaziah and Queen Athaliah so this history here if this is a chiasm and we know it is we should be able to see that reflected in this all right and I'm not prepared to take a guess of what it is I'm just acknowledging the correction that came in on the Internet look look okay 70s you want on it yeah I haven't ever claimed to be real sharp on chronology now sister Manuela brought something up a few days ago and on the last page of your notes you got a fish to bite in it yeah well I'm not I still have a problem personally with one piece of her logic and I have the same problem with this person's logic but it's alright it's it's not a big deal I'll tell you what it is as we proceed if you remember sister Manuela brought up that Hezekiah was sick to death he's gonna die and he had boils okay and here in that's the symbol of the first plague okay and this brother is adding to it and this brother is he's not a he's not a critical that the critic this guy is on in tune with the message this is friendly fire so what I'm saying what have we been dealing with is the time period of a house doot-doot on that chasm and Isaiah meets a house where by the conduit of the upper pool in the Fuller's field and then there's a prophecy - a house from Isaiah saying hey the king of Assyria is going to come in all the way up to Jerusalem up to the neck and the fulfillment of that prophecy is in the history of Hezekiah and you know that because rabba shaka or however you pronounce his name Sennacherib general when he's blaspheming against the lord he's at the same place he's at the conduit of the upper pool by the Fuller's field and the prophecy was fulfilled 'ok he came right up to Jerusalem and Jerusalem and surrounded it coolly but he didn't go no further because in that that night the Angels laid the whole army so because we brought up Hezekiah the net then the natural continuation of thought of sister Manuela after this event in the next chapter Hezekiah is sick unto death it says and then he prays to the Lord give him some more life and Isaiah comes in and here I'm just putting these way marks just to make my point Isaiah comes in here they put figs on the boils you may fix your leave yourself and he's given 15 years more life and the sundial goes back 10 degrees okay the problem that I have with this email and with her but I've been wrong before as I understand it his sickness that's going to kill him is these boils I mean that's the most information that we have but his probations still open and he that's proven because he turns the Lord and said Lord don't don't kill me yet cuz I know I'm gonna die here in the near future I don't want to die yet and then all this process happens where he's given the other 15 years alive so my minor problem is saying that the boils represent the first plague because the first plate comes when probation closes and in his story the symbol of his closer probation would be his death and he's got the boils before he dies an allele is rusev okay no no okay representation of the first and the last because they mirror each other when his probation closes the real boils come and the place begin you see okay give me a second witness where the plagues come before the close of probation looks like a characteristic perhaps okay okay anyway I'm just gonna put this email into the record I pray all is well with you I was watching the video called Isaiah 7 and 8 on the spirit of prophecy page and while watching an interesting thought came up which I'm not sure what to do with after praying Hezekiah life was extended by 15 years we know a day for a year it is 15 days which represents the hour in the 391 year 15 day prophecy it seems Hezekiah Lakai as life was extended by an hour and this we place in the binding off from midnight to the midnight cry do Nicola you notice with me finish in Serie A Fella Vachel I provoke you know VDC cos I Tony Parker zone new 7 and rapport knock go see Joshua secure present loved only was the prophesied it wasn't at home so I can show it some color it is it yes 88 or did you know it's a sin you Laplace on an earlier stage of the new you're kidding me is it valid the number 15 represents the binding are from the midnight of the midnight is that an established symbol somebody W and the people answered not a word pardon me where is the second testimonial okay now now what he's saying this is an hour look you know and he's saying the number 10 where we prefer also the sundial goes back 10 degrees which is another symbol of the binding off is the number 10 a symbol of the body so Tony doji to Greek you are not somebody for you 10 and 25 to 15 you don't know so it's 10 a symbol of the binding off okay so however I'm quite confused as how the 2014 impacts this model as I'm not sure if we reckon the binding off from 2014 which we say is the binding off of the tares then what happens at midnight to the midnight cry I'm yet to see this clearly define a sequence a demitasse como el impacto mood Ella come to caption Sebastian's in new place on a stage of the video milquetoast gosh this job I love Kiss Kiss episode I mean you kidding me you don't what so luckily I'm on TV is there any other information in this story that would help us put it in place it's curious how far my salsa cheese jockey news is no no mate complex on go to second Kings 19 where chapter 19 do what is nothing in chapter 20 where this story is it's also in Isaiah 37 and 38 countries I I don't have an answer by the way I'm just gonna add one more element anybody posit esta noche limo and it came to pass when the day of trouble okay chapter 20 chapter 19 is Hezekiah is confrontation with ravish shaaka have sake in verse 36 of chapter 19 Sennacherib goes back to a serious and his sons kill him no no Sophie Ellis if you cheat and then the story goes into chapter 20 a bit closer and it says in those days verse 1 Hezekiah was Hezekiah sick unto death and the prophet Isaiah the son of amos came to him and said unto Him thus saith the Lord set thine house in order for thou shalt die and not live and so now go to chapter 38 of Isaiah any man no I don't shop it it's the same story but I think this is where the element I want to add in here le moco's refers you to the day of trouble of Sennacherib chapter 37 dooblidoo century boo concepts okay it must have been back there there's the three days in here that I'm usually see in this story there's also three days marked and I'm not finding it no said you thought you get so much game is really cool car and this this whole story brings Babylon to to Judah yeah babe you don't know Sridhar in those stories no see these two are and I'm reading too fast to find it either in chapter 20 of second Kings swag ownership Utah to do what we know is a country or chapter 38 verse 8 okay and Hezekiah said under Isaiah chapter 20 verse 8 what shall be the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I shall go up into the house of the Lord the third day and the signs going to be the 10 days backwards and that evidently after that sign and there's gonna be three days went before he goes into the temple who I don't know what - no no don't or is it three days over here it be after right what's happening so all I'm doing is written in record I don't have an answer if I do they pose there's no doubt there's no doubt some some light here yes well you didn't click on me when I read the the email this morning why 15 is a symbol of the binding off of the from midnight to the midnight cry no babies no idea Isaiah 20 verse 3 in its it in connection with this story know that I don't think is because in Revelation 9 to be our because 15 days to get it downstream in the hour is something we see all throughout Daniel for instance he knows about to know anybody you have knew was astonished for one hour or in that very hour the furnace was heated yeah I get ice and and and we've determined that this hour is the binding off from midnight to the midnight cry we okay this is the the dilemma and where things open up so fast we move where we move forward don't even get him see man it into our mind but this brother issues are most mov commerce esse month on this P just a random thought would see comes up and the bound enough we know the bit tears about furs so you have the bottom of the tears that so I love it Hezekiah he's represented the wise in this sense then maybe see useful quiz on please satchel a reason to see how that bond enough to the midnight midnight crowd would you be different on the baton off of 2014 to midnight where the tears are being better and this three days when he goes into the temple mount Tom it could be from here to here from midnight to midnight cried number three and midnight cry can be typifies by October 22nd 1844 right temples open he goes and I don't know any probably two very hundreds about but my point is have these I haven't been shaken on my one point before you say something in spite of Bronwyn coming to your side of the story he's got the boils before he was gonna die yeah do you know these you know okay so for the boils Tyler said it's in Revelation 9 silhouetting me I see revelation 17 the UN okay well get up of your mass your community could anemia be a Louisville so we see the confirmation that which will midnight and midnight chrome of the hour I've got it I said to the detective thank you okay bit typically I mean you go no no man we put that our right here let me see this were the one our Labor's come in CW's we don't say medieval love and our workers for the priestess midnight okay then just want one for the priest is midnight what I'm saying typically that's the hour that's you know so if we're gonna bring this back to here soon immense Allah that this hour would be here so let's have oh no you can't do that you gotta work for all of them listening from midnight to midnight the details you need a window on that rises up one that goes down yep you're parallel kingdoms and the point is when you see that patello are they clear visitors unique it is something already too much 25 apparel kingdom is there that you have okay anyway any other thoughts I I don't see a you know it's like they tell the attorneys don't ask a question you don't have an answer for tried to teach some that I don't have an answer for it I'm only gonna go so far before we get back on target my thought is that symbols we don't have more than one meaning less we can see unless we can see clearly that there's that you're there's two or three witnesses yeah dude what do you want and that you cannot only fit it with the big picture you know person oh yeah click on tanana's bring it down to the Levites in the priests unless it's all there it doesn't touch then it's just it's conjecture young fellow Newman people Levitas maybe it's there I'm willing to spend just a little bit more time corporately to work through this my brother Nathan also just as I was looking it up Joe was struck with boils and right after that you see his three friends okay so here's Hezekiah sick unto death when he's got boils milada mochila did you sir and Isaiah comes in and says get your house in order you're gonna die mometasone ah-choo a movie huh and then Isaiah as he's walking out the Lord there's a guy's prayer says go back in here and tell him I'm gonna give him 15 more years because redoing your castle so we'd have 15 from here right no Holly comes about to do that as well yes we okay and brother Tyler is saying that this is a symbol of an hour day not successor so Julia as the brother in the email based upon Revelation 9 but it's enough but there is to be a sign is it a neutral senior and that sign is the Sun going backwards 10 degrees Sasori Kyoto News degree so we got 10 degrees that plugging it right in here right huh ceci n'est pas same history and it's going to be three days before he goes in the temple it was revival keno want to learn it don't you so are those three days here suit was also off or they over here what all these keep someone up and this is one two three just fine you know that's the question in the hour yeah and what he's saying is job gets struck with boils and we're gonna take him at his word that immediately thereafter his three friends show up which would give you justification for saying boils three and those three have in this movement for years been identified as the three angels messages don't know it was because it was a three one combination with those three and Joe that's good so I would argue that whatever this history is this three is talking about the entire history of in the everlasting gospel being accomplished in this history for someone not only to the top it was a tablet motion eternal a complete okay I see unless you want to have three days right at the beginning I don't quite remember but is it the fourteenth day of the seventh month at Passover begins and then the fifteen first month of Passover said a they ate for seven days so is that that thing that I mean do we put the 14th right before that to lead into the kitchen what is the one right before the 15 where they eat Passover they eat the unleavened bread starts with the first desktops all right or you eat unleavened bread oh you're looking for 8:00 8:15 yeah sure what am i hot so you can know if you can place it there based on Ezzor 7 9 layout would that be would you be allowed to use that don't know would you I don't know what's that at the time on earth oh wait G unless you all do different very quickly you have a corporate decision here about this number three do we hang it up down here all by itself or does it cover this whole period that's being discussed and it seems to me that this whole period has two witnesses we're taking this 15 against him and saying there are two symbols for this history so why wouldn't this 3 be for this history I'm thinking it would be probably okay I would be hesitant I would lock it into the binding off because from my understanding a lot of the things we've thought were the binding off we're actually a misunderstanding of how we were looking at two levels of practicals at the same time you don't see binding-off up there so you don't have to get I'm just putting the waymarks up there Schuster liberalism and what happens from this whiskey surpass the EC Babylon then straws babbling into this is where babbling and you're trying to figure that one out where does Rome show up and Daniel 11 because Babylon showing up right here based upon this history could be done soon on PC buzzes your cities to our harm you've got somebody what added this because I'm about ready to move away from it I don't and you're the one that spurred this she doesn't understand the way marks the two way marks are you putting midnight midnight cry I didn't put anything all I'm doing is taking the information we haven't in saying him being sick unto death is a way mark and the end of this 15 years whatever it represents is a way Martin baddies oh we're just putting the structure and seeing if we can figure out how it fits no one else has anything else to say about this brother Richard death together that goes with like my Tyler was emphasizing when we when we used to uh a lot of things to put in midnight but when we were being more careful about what we were Sam and we and we were laying out the revelation 9 on the lines we had the 391 years and 15 days as far as dealing with the trumpets and we have the fourth trumpet lined up which was Sunday long it's uh just for argument's sake that if that fourth Trump is the Sunday law or midnight just for argument's sake we understand all that to say that we were replacing those events prior to midnight dependent on death you know and I was one of the reasons why we were we could say that we were placed in the day hour of month and year feeding in between nine eleven and midnight don't you so if I'm following your logic you would be saying that this is 911 in the beginning of the hour Ludi padula mmm titers quitting those bobblehead dogs dogs behind you you get sauce I got the I'm i'ma do okay we're gonna have to take this up at another time because we're all our memories are weak but we can finish it off some other time it says that we place this at the binding off so we play sweat it the binding up that's what it's like matter of fact we know we play and I'm just I'm just wondering who the we is we do place the 391 years and 15 days from 1449 to 1840 is as we've understood it up until this moment has always been from midnight midnight right girls rule that was bad you know so let me get someone if and you still cannot totally plus it to me new kidney the problem though is is we're gonna try to bring the only problem I'm trying to say is simply to make sure what about you're looking at because what we do sometimes as we jump between two lines because midnight for Adventism that's good meat you put it on seasonal isn't there close of probation see if I don't know funnies only class but their midnight is our it's telling two different stories sure what love their midnight let me meet okay I'll put one other thing on here and then dimensional shows this year what happens here this key slip sec this is Manasa see my Nessie NASA is the beginning of the seven thunders he's the beginning of the twenty five twenty did you mean so solemn I'm so Vanessa can also be nine eleven not just 1989 we might not see predict elma87 passes to get far enough so we have a lot of unresolved thoughts here the posse no easily see okay I'll try to get make my point over here your attention back this way just one point okay when I look at the third day since I shall go up into the house with the door removed on a speaker it's good how credit wise everything you no plus one so at the third day the tempo is to be seen the temples to be what see them you have to see the sample you have to see the temple okay it's their martial movie dr. Singh less senior I shall go up so it's the inside okay look you so the temple has to be ready so during this three days the tempo is to be ready so you're saying because at the end of the three days he's gonna go up to the temple it's marking the lifting up of the church triumphant as an ensign Chico pass California Vermont erm is only senior samarco not a sink utility duly noted it still doesn't solve the whole dilemma for me yet big spit on it it you know that the harvest is done for the thing whatever they recommend throw some thoughts like that up and I don't know do you conceal my DJ TV police video what's here with your figs cke okay you're gonna be they're gonna be used for healing but at 911 you got something to eat right oh cool septum is a big extras emotions oh this is lotta loose ends here okay read it what birth convinced 8 verse 8 of these IV so 2nd Kings the 2nd Kings right they do one is fall second Kings 2028 verse 5 turning in and tell Hezekiah the captain and my people does saith the lord the god of david thy father i've heard thy prayer I've seen night tears behold I will heal thee on the third day thou shalt go up to the house of the Lord verse 8 and Hezekiah said unto Isaiah what shall be the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I shall go up into the house of the Lord the third day I mean he was to go up at the third day he's told he's gonna be healed and after the third day is going to go to the temple and the and he asked for a sign to prove that I'm on a single Priscilla and the sign is this sundial going back and ten degrees I think that all takes place there you're saying the three days are before before it doesn't the grammar and the English doesn't come across that way hit me in the track that are all you English reading people and agreement with me that their grammar pushes it into the future look who's not future say man if that's how you understand me in France - in French - yeah you can argue that but I'm arguing about that this sign here and this time period our characteristics of this time period and therefore the three days is also characteristics of this time period and based upon the other Boyles of jobs basically with his three friends arriving on the scene let me give you a lesson that those we've always understood as the three angels messages so I'm thinking it's the everlasting gospel in whatever history this represents Kucera hawk results and we're not even touching the guy's concern here you basically see how this lines up with 2014 okay we're just acknowledging our lack of clarity so everyone know where we're at it's good to Mon say good news or something and it's unresolved is near bunnies illusion yes we okay over here you see one of the points that I wanted to make I'm just gonna say it here now the apocryphal affair a deal I was trying to show some of the prophetic application when you look at this history from 1844 to 1863 don't bless his daughter get house wasn't well the rebuilding of Jericho here we go you see James and Ellen White losing their first and they're last down Fe so I'm saying in our history that's least wha it's representing a houses ability in ability no no sir no hope is on my capacity that chasm to recognize the reformed lines don't go yet what do you mean do they form because the foundational principle of the reformed lines is Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning that's gonna possible because he's the Alpha and Omega disk we didn't find Omega he's the first and the last community and the first born and the last born died need a new face me in raising up Jericho those people in this history that symbolically raised up Jericho somewhat agnostic ooh their understanding of the first in the last is removed from them taken away by death what is it pheromone in so I was I taking all these things that we understand no GP to see shows good new component right here you're in the Civil War Londo Sano's India Savina 1863 dead center of the Civil War so Tommy module I guess you and I get it that this is more easily recognized as the external device emo Commodore Luneberg stamina but I'm saying there's a civil war going on in here Vicki Vicki suppose I'll tell you between Isaiah and a has is a yeah cancer it's a shaking sit down she pleasure so in this history no cities - ah we laid out that sardis is up here nobody could saw dtc this is a different let's do you feel that because joy this is the Covenant lines Lissa diamond Oh Daniel so we're just dealing with those two churches that overlap each other but in this one we have Sardis Laodicea minimal salad Luigi C vs Philadelphia oh yeah and we put in here Ephesus a new it's all no such a story face Smyrna its me on their Pergamus Belgium and tight IRA so in this study we're seeing all seven churches okay and the point I was trying to get to is this location did you see the revisited Sevilla the Philadelphians the Philadelphia who at this level are the Ephesians yes when you put a coxswain is aphasia they have a message to give to whom my missus at dunya key to Laodicea hello do you see Laodicea is what no this is equal seven day Adventists what's the message there they give to the seventh-day Adventist Church economies as keys of the new assessment system the everlasting gospel Devo she did tell me know what's the everlasting gospel seek wanna me socially phone sheet is down there though it's a three-step testing prophetic message where two classes are developed and then demonstrated resistant was it up who do it class or develop us with the multi this is the gospel that Ephesus is to give the letters here salami such good episode only a lousy see if they can't see that they have no hope today nobody spoil their Laodiceans you so now it easier what's the message that is supposed to save Laodiceans in the message to layer to see yeah see can be such cute decency Savino Cola you seen on miss Elodie see they need gold he's on booze want white raiment and I say they need the everlasting gospel he's already down there that's why we see in this history that there's one true gospel and a bunch of false gospel that's Galatians chapter 1 but when it comes now to a different level not the Adventist Church structure but the damn dynamics of the priests you know genomic the pretzel now we're not Ephesus now we're Philadelphia right are you following the logic at that level who are we to give a message to a suitable donor a message icky Laodicea Logie see it's still Laodicea c2d see whether it's towards the Adventist Church structure or it's in this movement it's the Laodicean message every time and what is the latest thing in message economy cejudo DC it's the three-step testing prophetic message was it tougher is it any wonder it's Casilla we'll see that that's one of the main attacks right now it's all these guys they're setting the reform lines above the Bible cdblum because the reform lines are the everlasting gospel they're based upon the three-step testing prophetic message Kieffer's a sort of misses prophetic do tests don't was it happened so I want to make sure the what one of the things I want to put in place about from isaiah 6 was it it doesn't matter what target audience we're giving it to if we're given the message to the priest to the Levites of Adventism or to the Nephilim it's always the same gospel it's the everlasting gospel and it's a prophetic gospel how anyone can't understand that han Solo how does sardis fit into this what you're talking about right now how does it fit into it yeah okay there's a service at one level delay of the seasons what is this what have we establish your recently about this process where's it it takes place at the fallers field and that takes you to Malachi 3 where there's a the Levites are cleansed by fire and that takes you to Malachi 3 takes you to the two temple cleansing sister white directly connects Malachi 3 verses 1 through 4 with the two times at Christ cleanse the temple so we have a temple cleansing going on in here and the division that's taking place between the wise and foolish priests between a has an Isaiah it's taking place where the confederacy of mankind is getting off the ground he has his erecting the synagogue of satan' right in this history connects all the way up to the 10 kings in the end the papacy so as we interact with priests all I'm saying is disappoint is our message is the everlasting gospel but what Tyler was pointing out don't hold him to what I'm gonna say in this the middle of this history is this chart if this history is 1844 to 1863 and that for us this equates to the prediction before midnight and the prediction before midnight is typifying and correct me if i'm wrong because you get held accountable for this not me I'll dodge it that's a midnight cry in the middle right history therefore right here there's a calling out who's getting called out is a house getting called out no well perhaps the the priests have a brief moment of time but isn't this where the priests get bound at midnight yes I'm asking you sisters if you're the one that was hesitant do not the tears get bound first let me say it that go right to the punch and I do not say tears get down first the tears are bound here brother Tyler is that what you were teaching tears are bound here you know yes no thing but I was mostly just dealing with the fact that p.m. tears don't be around here tears get bound before the weeds so the tears in our history are the foolish priests if there's a calling out in this history it's not for the priests they've already been bound as tears you can't call them out of that condition so who are they calling out the Levite okay and where are the Levites found in Sardis okay so what I was trying to put in place is it doesn't matter whether you're in this history here where there's the shaking is going on within priests or any other history their proceeds it's always the same gospel right and the gospel is the message to Laodicea and I just find it fascinating that when you take this model of the joseph bates select and you bring it into our internal priest history that we're still to be given message - it's not what I said because you know it's not exact clothes coming up with you know and the foolish cueca can you come back no I'm sitting this history engineer sir yeah I'm not saying this whole history is Pergamus backwards - okay you use the answer as waymarks correspond to this these churches so that's why I've done it this time yeah I agree that's why I don't understand why he said as a foolish come back because we are silly capitalism winner for massage the Left Alliance isn't in a problem okay so laughter so if we're gonna put the prediction before midnight here so mengapa me see and say it's a calling out panel so we want to correct that concept it's good Google juice with your sips no correction there the question is Thank You sorry up to the prediction before midnight scallop ammo can foolish people that are living the foolish priest Laodicean experience it's good you see turn around Philadelphia and I say yes we at a real iffy level and you would say a sub secret and she's bringing my testimony to say you're contradicting yourself which is okay all right but I'm gonna try to answer her so go way off the chart Nathan the chart put out on the wheat and the tares but this really shot though the tears were already sold leave ladies are plotted so yeah it sounds real nice that they can get back on but they've been tears since the beginning right yeah yeah didn't even let the Peter give you yes yes they go out from among us because they never were of us you so Percy that means about me new baskets I mean it's a weird argument but it's that argument is created by Ellen White mister you might keep on any new items she says we stood on the platform and rehearse the past history that led us to this point and some of them got back on the Platte City lease are you talking was that cool she saw me she says they were off there were never a tear there was some wheat that got off and God we got back on that's a different level I'm not trying to deny that I believe that I've seen that with people that have left that I had conviction they never were settled into this message I mean also massage and they left because they never were of us I have one more answer for you that isn't along that line yeah I think that the Laodiceans and the Philadelphians you see right there together you know would you say they think the way the scenes in that part they're represent those of laodicea that the church corporate who are never gonna change and they're the ones who to go back and get get with going back to the church and they're the ones that because they're joining together okay you better see go back but the difference between them yeah do you feel most inclu what makes it an indistinct direct connection why it isn't a direct connection is we've been defining both of these classes do class as people that acknowledge 9/11 70% your goodness you're safe this church doesn't okay so these these have a connection just like we do we're all seventh-day adventists so now in clinics you have a connection with the structure so to say the least and they're gonna return to the bomb it even an oval meat but mmm you have Ephesus Smyrna and you notice I'm not taking Thyatira all the way over here scoot out I'm saying that for me I was in this movement in 9/11 and I'm confronted with Ephesus receptive aphasia individually and then I'm gonna be tested by all of these sins of the fathers as my personal history begins but how do we relate to someone like Alyssa here that wasn't an Adventist a year ago she's coming in in 2017 and she's gonna go through all this so there's another factor in here about this being concrete way marks in a specific sequence but still people come into this light at different points in their individual so I want to stand by what I said the other day if you're receiving strong delusion you're not returning okay you have trodden Christ underfoot despised his blood according to Hebrews and and you've rejected this this the Holy Spirit so if we're going to do it this way you're saying based upon my logic that if their door is fully closed here that Pergamus has to proceed that yes all I'm saying is someone that came in here may had that Lord in his mercy they may be not quite into Pergamus like everyone else's at this point in time but I get it what she's saying is that if their tears their tears they were sowed by Satan they were tears all the way through but there must be some kind of lesson in this ambiguity that relates to have to how we're supposed to relate to those people were given the Laodicean message to see and and for this reason when we're giving the everlasting gospel in this history to the Laodiceans are we to believe that not any of them accepts it is it just an action that is good for the cleansing of us to give this message so are we genuinely giving it to layer the sin and some of them you would think have the ability to take the gold the white raiment in the ice Abid we not call a Laodicean a terror and a Philadelphian a we good your neck let her go let her fire away because I'm didn't really do were never they never see you they were always Philadelphia and their heart doing what they the she doesn't get Philadelphia is the white inside there and gave him the latter this here is what produces the true okay but am I somehow arguing that I'm going to say yes that's why maybe it's not over it's over and you see yeah yeah duty yes yes yes surely we can imagine energy there are two types of people in nowadays here those who will not change mr. coach if he proposes sure that we see because when he God comes he gives a solution to this inna da Cunha openness Popolo DC no you're proposing there was no hope for her in the vehicle should we count on it you do blackboard on he says we know this it really do that's why I disagreed with her it's because I know there's a quote that says something like this the Laodiceans have some hope hope is one of the words I think Laodiceans one of the words and she says they're not like the foolish virgins the foolish virgins wake up they have no oil but she suggests a layer to sea and still have hope ok so but they're the two symbols of the same group they're describing different aspects of the same group though I think you still hold your questions she wants to do a follow-up on this but is layer to see you ever positive the only way the Laodicea is positive if you get out of it yeah it's negative it is foolish Laodicea is never a good thing there is never a good thing it's always foolish but if you call it a tear then you're going to say that Satan sewed the tears and their tears from beginning to end you can't come out of your Laodicean condition well then I don't need to give this you're giving it to a mix you don't know what this is the rain therefore the fruit is being borne by the wheat but at the same time the fall slider rain actually has to begin before and the fruit of the tares is to be seen as well okay I have a problem with that okay if I'm teaching against that I don't mean my problem is how you make the distinction about these stalks John you know the way you're making the distinction okay maybe that there's two categories of Laodiceans and one of them is a Philadelphian but you see that that's kind of squishy which works on buffa Oh Bob it seems pretty clear to me we know listen I think next we talk about a first fruit Lamia Queen okay and if the priests are the first fruit see they play clothes will be Pony a'queen then you got the foolish priests which our first fruit but their first fruit is showing that they're a tear the rector that's her and so he's my understanding of Laodicea is they're born blind they don't know and it's not even their fault they see their outputs according to scriptures so a Laodicean has the opportunity to become a Philadelphian or - or to be a wise to become among the wise or to be a beat of the foolish they still have to make that decision so there's that's why they're given a decision the lay of the scenes have a decision okay they have a decision and what we're seeing manifested you know right here between 9:00 11:00 and midnight we're seeing even if it's dealt with your first cruise of the of them of the Philadelphia the white priests and you're seeing the firstfruits of those who rejected the message will be pious if you've ever lasting gospel and they're and they're manifesting that they're a tear you see a false temple being raped yeah true temple being raised all these parallel surrender I think this is what you were referencing 18 and our 41 and it said well the message to the loyalists and church now be heaving Christ represents himself as being disgusted with the churches of today he cannot endure their chase but yet he offers for them a word of hope do you enjoy the whole thing there's I don't know if it's a quo but there's a quote which ends with Sam 500 please don't go so they're not in such terrible condition as the foolish virgin is that in that quote later on but read it to us if you would reference five suck assets get the case of those are rebuked there's not a hopeless one it's not beyond the power of the great mediator he says I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried to fire without may it be rich and white raiment that thou mayest be clothed and that the shame of thy nakedness come out of here and in my eyes i sat down man seen though the fathers of Christ are in a portable condition they are not yet in so desperate a straight as were the foolish virgins whose lamps were going out and there was no time in which to replace their best oil that's beyond any vodka sauce is pop in apology I call mediator in Genosha to consider citizen whether it could be part of a faculty soares it revetment brown faculty suave to a cola unit a unit in a palace but in one what is during you Khalil I forgot you what jackal if we disapprove obviously the Christmas includes only probable in a soprano second decency dip the Spirit is spirit could eat Olivia for moon along city did turns in a bikini by the tofu home we are long past Villa what she didn't say they're so kenapa DC was layered see an a and later CNB C Leticia I'd be there just Laodiceans he saw just don't send dad you see if she just making the distinction justice oh that old information hasn't happened yet no super so she's getting fish especially for Kohaku and that's why she didn't call them fools so in other words she had time to get things right no I don't think that's what she's saying she's saying it was too late for the foolish virgins believe me I'm sure funny but the lair the scenes it wasn't too late for mr. Merkle WGCL because the fool is bird she talks about them going into the door that's yeah but typically we'll say la the scene is a foolish virgin okay and we're discussing about I'm discussing why would I want to give the Laodicean message to Laodiceans if none of them can respond because they're all tears underlay okay and she's saying it's different now because we've moved into this history that may very well be we may have a present truth application to make right now because we're in the false latter rain in the genuine latter rain but my point that I was trying to start with will apply make look as you see the Kumasi is whether you're at the internal among the priests so you want to know the family pet the the Levites thereafter will evita play or the Nephilim it's always the Laodicean message that you give and I found it interesting that with carbonate lines you can show ephesus giving a message to Laodicea this is between new covenant people old covenant people but then when you get the Bates application of Sardis legacy and Philadelphia the school not even a precast on the base the South Philadelphia DC and you really lay it out you realize the Philadelphians here are also giving the lair to see many such loads you see what I would see where we're at in time no no saw something on top that's what my sister here struggling well I get that point chuckle possible but I also hold that one one thought about that did you get a weak pulse if I pass it out is that the Lord is judging the people that come into this movement from the point they come in about you know you hold they have to they're gonna be held accountable to this light but this light has to be presented to them so when you divide for it is deep and those of us that have been here since 9/11 it's different than someone that came in last but anyway I wanted to say that when like you said the message goes to where the CIA and then it's up to us to assimilate it went into our hearts and minds or really never have been settled into it of course says those tests come from 9/11 to midnight manifests but yeah you never really were convinced and I realize like what you were saying yesterday about not being able to discern between good and bad but to me that made me think there's still and Laodicea they never accepted the I saw Goonies or the bullet right in the fire cuz they you're not willing to and obviously they're not accepting this message of righteousness so they're still making I'm thinking when you look at the arguments that are being brought against this movement from people that were formerly in this movement you can break down the three steps of the Laodicean message and all that rebellion is covered in those three steps whether it's the nature of man sinned after mid sin dealt with after midnight the reform line it's all there to see message you retract your pedagogy your bad logic is is what we needed to discuss this is a dilemma of this message to be so sure I get it when she was just talking about the Laodiceans that they have opportunity to respond well how does that how does that square with the biblical teaching that it's Satan that sowed those tears they weren't there to respond to the message every day they were there to cause a cause corruption is a live show it's just a hard wonder Heavenly Father we thank you for another day that we might serve you master point I know cause you're a new pool to serve you we ask a blessing upon this day Dominion Benedict she also said Joanie and this particular class we dealt with a few subjects that to me just demonstrate we haven't organized all the truths as we should have we have we asked you to help us bring these truths into a clarity German civility Allah Allah crafty that we can present a united front to those that we give this message to please note they are in yes so a kid no presents also massage thank you for all these things in Jesus name dubaku's issues are in oh geez