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I've been dealing with the I'm gonna call them temple cleansing the three temple cleansing was if Ali did it what unification Ito from 1840 to April 19th 1844 dude is result counted is never read you so go on cat and then from 8th April 19th to October 22nd 44 and then 44 to 63 you know she did get what's on the wall and that's what brother Tyler was shared on his sermon on Sabah and I'm saying that the conclusion of the history of 1842 April 19th do these two hour is primarily addressing a covenant people that is been passed by value classy permanent before Daniel schema Ducati and that the temple cleansing that concludes on October 22nd ironic if you guess on you Tom key super sullivan do october it's primarily dealing with salvation theology duty to solution what I mean by that is there they were called to move into the most holy place occupied Sudeep blessed honor you trace on with Christ increased and they were we were as God's people called to understand what he was doing and he was he's ministering there but it's through the blood that he's accomplishing its analysis is also key a computer so the blood takes you to the cross Lucifer la mañana con prostates justification sanctification all those self vation themes la manna to see Alice if occasional sanctification to see tell me self and I've been saying that the Third Temple coincident heads in 1863 a jacuz that wasn't because when you Tom so tell me know sometimes the the testing of prophecy see the destiny so we went to 1863 you know we noted several things that had been fulfilled in 1863 prophetically complete prophetic mode and then we went to Isaiah 7 where the 2520 begins oh you know so many no I say he said loudly do Mississauga kumo upon the premise that Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning - oh come on small and then we're looking at more detail about the story in Isaiah 7 and my argument is is this whole vision of through verse through chapter 12 Monica Monica - Sid Vicious kosher pickle juice is speaking to the history we're in right now dude he stole that I can from 9/11 to the door closing dude your septum just cannot fail my children oppose so in in the in these chapters no sous-chef Peter where's the midnight cry for our history way to clean me me do not at least well I I asked you to look for that yeah nobody looked yes okay my sister wears the midnight cry that's a kind of a big question so it's a basis thank you up for a misconception whoa thank gosh do not see this he does you know cuz it's it's five pages it just takes two verses Isaiah 87 through a is a veto set a veto okay so explain that speaks to know since you paid doubly let loose you don't be afraid no chest eyes you if you're wrong the shipwreck of the king of the north class you know what you not ki tomba what does that mean it's good you get MA what Bishop I just marked where these we're jumping out at me to mark midnight cried so crisis okay I get your point that wasn't that wasn't what I was looking for although it's closely connected and you're in a correct okay so you're right there where I where I'm looking but you're not you're not given a key element would you quit edgy but you're there and so she you know what you know how if she's cool could you why'd you pseudo else the word she does everyone understand what see know what to do are you are you going to add some more to your Chevy tweets sit up here how that shook my Lulu she doodoo false music at least okay here a building and she's on one of the verses and what Nathan saying what I was asking anyway get him on that toys exclusion amount a based upon the premise that the history of 911 to midnight is illustrated in Chapter 7 through 12 of Isaiah don't compositional I sort of thicker than your septum I mean you knew that when he say he said I Do's because those that passage contains the starting point for the 25 20 past coaster passage the math could've wandered every day did you mince a sofa then in Daniel 11 I don't know the onions when we discovered that we had misunderstood the King of the South as the Soviet Union Soviet ich and that the King of the South was Russia you know what we see and that Russia was still an active prophetic symbol after 1989 and then was it 2016 we began to see Russia was still an active prophetic player prophetic active we came to understand that the Lord was removing his hand from the message of our day the same way he removed his hand for from the message of the Millerites and when he removed his hand from that the millerite history he was bringing to light the year day the the fullness of time mistake it looks casino Domini it's in a present the early how to do to let plenty to do long but for us he was revealing that Russia was still a prophetic player no city to do an activity and it's in this chapter where you get a very nice second or third witness to uphold that understanding and you find it in chapter 7 verses 8 & 9 with this formula of the head of Ephraim is Samaria and the head of Samaria is RM Elias son I think Luton defines yes Emily that did two cemeteries it officially Malaya but you also have to go to verse 8 of chapter 8 and deal with what it means that it comes up just to the neck II suppose cassava jerky just cool cool so I'm saying that this opening truth that is here in Isaiah is representing the unsealing of Russia as a prophetic player in our history and that this is cheek typifying the midnight cry message for us but we know the midnight cry message is something that develops over a period of time Semyon snows putting this together before he gets to the point that we would line up with the prediction before midnight okay so I ask another question yesterday it was a new Turkish - yeah Daniel 11:40 one dannion Oscar auntie em where's the the second witness - Daniel 11:40 one so - does empty one for Daniel's County out in 1114 yet oh why is that for the second witness u-dub more beauties often Emma again Molly on suki kio given duelist what spoil them at the East Miss everyone understand that answer you can say summer 16 this is what about it because this is referring to win Pompey so how does that give a second witness for verse 41 what chapter are you in Daniel 11 oh okay yeah I get what you you misunderstood my question you know Daniels my question was this where is the second witness for our understanding verse 41 in Daniel 11 that's in this vision of Isaiah thank you so see where it is empty Michael Daniels County I don't have these I know she's got the right verse brother Richard Burton sister Bronwyn sister Andrea her verse is verse 14 Sylvester seriously get those things get fact I always liked it because it was Isaiah 11 14 and you line it up with Daniel 11:40 1g2 Julie me service company axiom felony they also get those of it Daniel most County Isaiah 11 10 through 14 yes is it a vacant okay do you do you understand why why we're putting pointing to verse 14 Qwest canoes original photo vesicles okay Daniel 11 verse 41 it says and these shall escape out of his hand you could I sit upon the sama okay even Edom Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon don't be a put these off for them and when you're teaching Daniel 1141 you know schools I'll send you that nano-scale tio you got to prove that verse 41 is the Sunday law what you do motion and in the in those verses how would you prove it you know say we're sick of my school I don't know if you can fully prove it but the key is the word escape just let me know mostly see yuppie in verse 41 you see the word escape in verse 42 you see the word escape but they're two different Hebrew words no mercy County under Danielle photo via the moisture peel the second do you get mama see do a movie body film and in verse 41 it means escape as if by slipperiness Missy County so it's a big company say and it implies that whatever is escaping has formerly been under the control of the power it is escaping from sit over there cause see - a PD Tavern on the Concord electrician to the KDC shop so we bring other lines of prophecy to show that revelation 18:4 the messages come out of her my people so in Daniel 11 verse 41 when there are a three-fold group of people that are escaping from the hand of the papacy Yankees chapter diamond up a booty you know that that happens at the Sunday law in the United States because the papacy is also modern Babylon let's go to pop with teetee c'mon baby done motel which is the Beast the dragon and false prophet inna fatahna effects that are represented by either mob and the chief of the children of Ammon it does more be possible for them and there's only one difference between that well there's there's one difference between that verse Daniel 11:40 one Isaiah 11:14 yeah yunji Fiona's on who Daniel is Katya is a us cattles and what's the difference Kelly daddy feels cheap little Cebu okay and I am Daniel m41 it's the chief of the children environment the nose county or city plus he pulled it off for them and what does chief mean it was it was your question what first first fruits so you know that it's Sunday law in the United States because it does you need the first people of those that escape from modern Babylon Thunder Suki sous-chef do have you done with them are Edom Moab and Ammon so it mm but here in Isaiah 11:14 you know then you're ghettos it's the same but they're not the chief policy what are they you soak well they're the last fruit so why how do you know that go my school is heavy because in the following two verses in Isaiah 11 verse 15 and 16 yes it goes it says you see typify the final deliverance of God's people well you did you did you all I'm trying to emphasize at this point is it Isaiah 7 through 12 is directly connected with Daniel 11:40 245 do you like tomoko Nick tear McDaniel its Scout accounts like it's a it has to be studied in the context of this movement in this message and you can see in it the the the justification for our understanding of the midnight cry message so me says you kidding me you can see the connection between the threefold enemy yeah they can me we're looking at the Confederacy no confit de las tomb but what else is in in Isaiah miss Kazue 12 I say seduce kiski Bianca that is a very key truth that we preach in this message to show that all the all the characteristics of these chapters are speaking to our history what else is in there avocado sushi because it's the enzyme now see no it's about the enzyme getting lifted up and if you study the ensign who who composes the enzyme keep it back to you do not seen you it's it's the scripture says two different where that what one characteristic but it'll be expressed two different ways in composing the enzyme priests and levites probably so that's not what I'm looking at brother Tyler the outcast and what ok the remnant and the outcasts that I was looking for outcasts and there's another expression for outcasts profit choose those that are escaped Sookie so a shabby ok they're cast out there escaped you so who's your tea sweet happy so who are they ok so cheap dog are they Sardis excuse or saddle or aren't they Laodicean and Philadelphia down here there'd be people that escaped from Sardis were they not shabby due south and they would have been cast out of Sardis a sweetie you know shorty dis out if we're using Zechariah 13 and Joseph's Bates oh come on tell her the bitch is a carrot race everyone straight on that sir yeah I agree that I'm supposed to be teaching the relationship between Ephesus and Laodicea in the Covenant lines Acapulco at once in years children Leticia Faye selenium doraleous but we've stepped out of that consideration days ago and we're working off joseph bates commentary on Zechariah 13 you only believed she was that Gary trace which is still the church's but he's dealing with the last three churches and he's identifying for us the characteristics of Sardis Laodicea and Philadelphia and what are those characteristics in this model that we have up here I guess we'll see characteristic no no more good news everyone now I get what you're saying but it's not speaking to my question I'll help you I'll get you started on this I've been saying that Sardis is the Covenant people that's being passed by and in the messages to the churches it says that Sardis has a name symbol of Covenant a name that it's alive but it's dead okay so what does Bates say about layer to see you what's he called them nominal Adventists and what nominal mean name so these are people that profess to be in covenant relationship but they're contrasted with Philadelphia me so young and what's it called Philadelphia kuhmo the only true church so you got the true church you got Laodiceans and you've got the Old Covenant people so when in this passage of chapter 7 through 12 where we've migrated to who's the remnant and the end time I'll see you with these guys right okay and they are escaped from or they are what what's the other one outcast they're outcasts are escaped from where from here right they're all seventh-day Adventism okay so just make just to refresh ourselves we're dealing with churches and symbols have more than one meaning so we also plugged in here the other four churches in this history what does the other four churches in this ok Ephesus you know that the churches what are they representing this history for generations for generations gonna be right here what's Ephesus in the what first laughing okay you guys are going really deep prophetically keep it simple did this is the church this is the first seal right so it's a white horse that's going to go forth conquering and to conquer but what Smyrna the next how do you get into Smyrna what not how do you get in this manner yeah okay let's do it that way how do you get into Smyrna pardon me for that person smyrna is persecution but how do you get there that's means me okay show me come i spawn yet even ephesus forgot it first off emphasis forgot our first love all those that live godly in Christ Jesus will one okay so there is an element of Ephesus that is what it's manifesting righteousness right here see and it brings on persecution and persecution brings in what to this to this history what comp oh yeah it leads on to Pergamus which is compromise though what happens in smyrna it's out in that history tribulation from why who brings a tribulation the Jews isn't it the Jews that cause you tribulations well they're not really Jews they say they're Jews but who are they who are they actually connected with Nicky often the synagogue of Satan so right here you have two churches that you can see the synagogue of Satan and the church triumphant what did a has do I guess he laughing whoa Church he built a temple right in the courtyard and shut down God's truth worship that's the synagogue of Satan right there in the story of Isaiah okay and then there's gonna be compromise of pergamus which leads to Thyatira the bowing down to the Sun so all seven of these churches are in this history and I'm saying that yesterday I was claiming that the people that are on the wrong side of the issue remove it Kuti instead of placing their confidence in Christ they're gonna put their confidence in Confederacy's and the thing about this Confederacy is its worldwide it's from head to toe you can show in the scriptures the the ten Kings the civil power at the end of the world that's the evil Confederacy mr.white also identified the beast dragon and false prophet as the e-book Confederacy but yesterday where we closed in the the last quote that we were on under bottom of page four Satan has a large confederacy his church Christ calls them the synagogue of Satan because the members are the children of sin is a pillar synagogue the same name similar Sunnis up on your bishop so I'm saying the United Nations Catholicism apostate Protestantism and spiritualism no Jessica what is autistic a true disease I finally got one okay yes that that's all the synagogue of Satan but that's the external but we know it's internal also because in the Church of Smyrna Biggie's this man those Christians during that history to define our history are dealing with people that profess to be Christians who aren't they say they're Jews but they're of the synagogue of satan' this this story in Isaiah could no doubt be external or internal it's also comes with X down what's Ailin we're approaching it from internal and a has his temple is a symbol of the synagogue of Satan you know I guess it's about you - snake Oh so all those was escaping out of the hand of the papacy now we see in Daniel 11 41 so a sound Oh would it be Sardis and we see in I see I 11 would be a level five workers the beginning I'm saying the 11th hour workers they first responded the message at the Sunday law in the United States and that's Daniel 1141 but they progressively come out about them and the very last of that people that are you haven't are workers that come out of Babylon are Illustrated Isaiah 11 14 through 16 is a schedule this is did the same people it's identifying a progression because you see that those coming out of soreness or those who are escaping right yeah have you studied the ensign okay one of the characteristics it's nailed down in the Bible of the ensign is it's those that have escaped from Israel and that are the outcasts of Israel unique character sousuke so it's a pity so these are people that have come out of sardis that speaking more about the covenant lines about a covenant people being passed by and a covenant people being entered into covenant with when the Lord was passing by ancient Israel and the time when Christ walked among men the Hebrew church would have been Sardis but the Christian churches begins with the disciples of John the Baptist in Christ but all those people were from the Hebrew church they've been I don't know outcast is the right thing to put on him but you know there's definite stories about was he the the paraplegic that was he'll and when they went to ask his parents is this the one that was he'll they were afraid to say anything because they didn't want to get kicked out of the temple the people that were being called into the Christian Church they knew about this relationship with the Hebrew church so different different coming out as a 11 14 through 16 in Daniel 11:40 one is about the Nephilim's the remnant is about the priest and the Levite Netanyahu a Sipapu quickly Levite oh I'm still on this quote on but on the bottom of page 4 yet the people that are in this synagogue of satan' are the children of sin be she so you know in this dualism that goes on in these symbols in here who are these the children of Turkey so now if this is the children of sin that are in the synagogue of Satan who's this it's the children of righteousness right is that the right counterpart to sin and righteousness so righteousness becomes something that you really need to understand what it means okay and then she continues on the members of Satan's Church have been constantly working to cast off divine law and what confuse the distinction between good and evil okay so a has the tares the children of sin Castle and he's awful GP she why do they confuse how whiter not why that's motivation is what produces okay these people are also symbolized by Nady I'm gonna buy Hugh and they couldn't make it they couldn't see the distinction between good and evil thanks Ianto Lovejoy no mana why they're drinking at this point in time we're called to eat his flesh and drink his blood but for some reason right here at the outset people will profess to be part of this movement but they lose their first love they put their word above God's Word and at that point they lose their ability to make a distinction between good and evil brother Michele so you say that in Revelation tonight the juice it is talking about is the Christians who are not actually Christians that's not how I understand it because according to Roman's 2:28 the Jew is not the one who is from the outside in here and it's the circumcision it's not the one you can see on flesh Joanne Cooper is not believed innocence I can see the difference between the Jew that is born as a Jew spiritually and the spiritual Jew a player available after the cross yeah no I and in revelation 2:9 if you see maserati calumny it's also mentioning the blasphemy from from the Jews so I understand it to be the real Jews here easily creature that are blaspheming or harming the Christian despising the Christians you know the creature and not talking of the Christians who would be false Christian not talking of the Christians who would be false Christians by talking of the Jews so in the recent past only possibly saw some days ago we mentioned four categories of of humanity that Paul has to deal with Monica to achieve many personal fordwick witty the external is what NIV extends across the Greeks and the Jews but the internal what's he doing with Jewish Christians and Greek Christians and we bar Y bar I've tried to say today and for a couple days that the synagogue of Satan is the encompasses the entire rebellion of planet Earth synagogue do Seto come to Tel Aviv native from the leadership of the United Nations and all the world churches but right down to me they just come off if I'm a child of sin then I'm a member of the synagogue of Satan so you just you enough on your fishing I was just your mom will do that snake oak this at all so if this is the real Hebrew Church of Christ time period yeah they're part of the synagogue of Satan we've seen a snake on this at all but in here with Laodicea and Philadelphia me Giavotella DC philadelphi these layered Assyrians are professing to be part of this movement see there's a movement in this in this history here in the time of Christ this would be the 12 disciples do CC blow right let's bow okay was there one of those disciples that illustrates this did he profess to be a disciple of Christ is keep office it what do you see predict least yeah he profess it that Jesus was the Messiah we profess a cozy - let me see so I think it's both I think that's what we've been teaching this at the synagogue of Satan she's right here among us awesome units notice that DC power even the story of the wheat and the tares way it goes external me Eddie you gotta like step and then in Galatians 3:29 you know sweets don't get its tois madness let's let's go to verse 27 of Galatians 3 get it once it's for as many of you her as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ when are we baptized into Christ got this canoe somebody's increased on 9/11 sipped on and we put on Christ what does that mean in all of it on Kris Ketz goes whatever G huh pardon me combination of humanity and divinity yeah that's probably they're the perfect and correct answer but that's not what I'm after I'm saying yet that your your professing a belief in the Christ Oh your professing a belief that when Christ was baptized himself then he changed from Jesus to Jesus Christ because he wasn't the Messiah he wasn't the Christ until his baptism me see Christ I've also met him so you're putting on Christ is most perfectly understood as the combination of humanity and divinity we prophetic L'Ouverture Christa come quick on the companies don't even deliver but I'm marking the point that these disciples all got a profess that Jesus was the Christ CDC to squaw and for us this group consists of two classes if Paul knew glucoses don't do class that have acknowledged that 9/11 was a fulfillment of prophecy at some point in time you know what Canas at that point our talk kunos it don't wait done that cookies man that movie so verse 28 says there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ Jesus and if you be Christ's then you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise so if you're a Christian you're Jew a Jew is Abraham's descendants as you've seen at this Ono's okay so what I'm saying here is in the time of Christ if you were professing genuine profession to have accepted Christ level activity Christo then you become a spiritual Jew spiritually and for us that would mean if any of us that have professed to accept 9/11 new physics appear on septum we come into this history that's represented either by Laodicea or a Philadelphia okay see that's okey partying is good what is it what's the reference well it's not Kat this and also read away it says the church of the church is God's fortress his city of refuge which he holds in our revolted world any betrayal of her sacred trust is treachery to him who has brought her with the precious blood of his only begotten Son treachery inside with judas people's check out the translate this I've got a coarser necklace Allah - lets do - Savino a fish kill Satya kill channels a multi-voltage can cut hides under the Sun to suck the second feel sexy each in sync I saw Olivia fatty last tips for Christmas on the surface unique don't you cool uniting the church on earth with the church in heaven yes only Angels Church da new person is a Madonna constituent list your teenager aphelion and jános inhalation Daniel select remember no Pablo do legless Yorick a certain critical a synagogue de Seto say vamos ahora de su b soz sousuke choise is the pc have a pond over 200 kg class at hua Zhu se la votación de menos de lluvia de Laval a duty logistics holiday Novello Cristo vivo vivo in English it have a poxy penelope animal dolly Mona so novel pat o leary laguna man fair leave early la la vida que la vie you snip a Tanaka hormones economy surgery naturally - TV Caribbean osemosys at historical materialism mmm want a dog in kasi towards the last sentence in that there's something in implicit I think is the right word in the sentence Donna shoes - laughs she says the church should work to separate the good evil Cavani Parsippany lluvia de Melo what's implicit in that pop you have to know the difference between geology see also economy so the sentence where sister I says confuse the distinction between good and evil no classes we invite tick you love uncle fishtank short college I know man we're in Genesis 3:5 it says rottenest what security your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as God's knowing good just want to very calm jim cornette Halabja hermano and they're incapable a so I kept it I'm not myself aesthetic in a movement BAM you mean you're gonna spike animal attacks not jalapeno tamales in the court that he read to things it's hard to hold they did in my head but there's two things referenced in there yeah this is the expression good and evil takes you to where explain Malvo Simon o to the Garden of Eden oh dude I know right so you have the first rebellion in mankind that's pointing to this history where the issue of good and evil is an issue again why'd you manage a problem de nouveaux so at that level the first rebellion in mankind is illustrated here in the last rebellion and there was a sentence in there that says Satan is seeking to bring the same rebellion that he brought in heaven memo video collab newest yellow so you've got the Alpha rebellion in of Lucifer's available that's also going to come to its end here in the Omega in this paragraph here on page on page four and at this time the power of his satanic inspiration is moving the living agencies to carry out the great rebellion against God that commenced in heaven he also told Philip resources on a spiritual satanic as you saw he thoughtfully country but I concur video called Cujo Giacomo see yellow so there's passages birthday you can easily put in this history sister White says things such as this when there's a power coming down from above to God's people yellow pepper did you there's also a power coming from beneath and this is referring to this satanic power you feel if you also that's coming upon living agencies keep you so essential human where is that sassy ooh what is our power sequence would be sells a lot of good answers their question what strengthens us to stand through the time of trouble Justino fifty people Newtonian eternal cool the latter rain the latter rain is an empowerment preemies officials so what is the empowerment of the living agencies that are in the synagogue of satan' dog sequela miss official satanic solar league leaders at a synagogue to set off its pergamus see the false ladder a message moving to the next page to make one more point and then Isaiah the top of the page it says at this time the church is to put on her beautiful garments typically visual places domain Metro Cebu baisemeaux Christ our righteousness okay so this time period you're getting garments for eternity debatable eternity and the towards the bottom that paragraph everyone's gonna know it okay I mean God's Word never fails so this principle you really need to settle into your mind all men shall know who are the disciples of Christ two days I'm so easily deceived to Christa how's that happen go my scooter so fast do all men know who the disciples of Christ are today it's good to miss a key so needy subdue Christo Georgie ha but this is saying that in this history all men are going to be made aware of who are Christ's disciples to note sake so needy seem to crease them how does that happen and where does it happen Cortes kusuda super Sakuma excuse to desert us brother Richard has to be connection with the PBM so nice ed Daniels gonna think it won't suck on ya big that bad connecting with the PBM well yeah they clap fathers are the prophecy about Rafi will be Seri cut off - yo uh are we all settled on the PBM reducible to C tablets will happen I would not have put it there where would you put it you don't I'm you when the in sign is seen when the in sign is lifted up that's good I seen you do to be what how is the in sign lifted up guys gonna see it's one word I'm looking for yeah mukusho progressively OKC mom right is that some wrong to anyone so where does the according to Tyler sermon that we're still critiquing when he was dealing with the history of 1844 to 1863 Loski Paulo due east well what was this the middle step in his story city quality up Jimmy you know son is 12 the 1850 charge counter circles right does everyone know what I'm talking about okay what was his claim that this is marking in our history the PBM okay so what happens at the PBM yeah I maybe I'm wrong I don't think oh but what happens at the PBM that allows all men to see who the Christians are in the world Vicki skip Alabama voix Kissin - Lucretia non-runner Christ's righteousness they lift it up okay so we're we're all comfortable as say perhaps we're all comfortable saying that this is the beginning of the lifting up of the inside all men have to be able to see the inside because the Bible says all the world's going to respond to the inside so what happens here not just for people I mean you know when they burned down Waco servido skis on booty welcome all the world saw that but did all the world think hey that's a bunch of Christians what happens here that according to sister why all men shall know who are the disciples of Christ mr. kusuda individually nearly two million tsuzuku massage committee he used one word there that was the the word you know it see good and it's a common Christian understanding what is it chicken soup kitchen Corina sequa unity unity you that's what the Bible says is that when they see when God's people are unified the world is going to see that Oscar did you so I mean you know not know Veera you go it quit nice oaky crew so what do you get unified up I mean what do they see yeah okay I'm saying that the methods of the PBM cheekily research department it has to be so provocative that the whole world is least drawn to what are these guys saying good keep diesel we're not quite there yet but they're gonna represent message with this message see I made me such it's gonna be alarming perfect it's somehow going to be an attention grabber that was the next thought how do you get unity according to what we've been reading over the past few days you have to be organized so when do you get organized you gotta be organized the organization has to begin before here your pokemon speak without a body so okay so you're you're just agreeing but you're agreeing provocative for each intended audience double-check with y'all so are there Levites around planet Earth so it's got to be provocative enough to sweep around the world and it's probably gonna be something in the context of Advan like hey here's the evidence that the seventh-day Adventist Church is being passed by look at what they're doing right now they're gonna be doing something coming into an agreement with the laws of the land of the United States you know semi clearly what CVD - we need the PBA is a prediction before midnight laughs yeah even for Piazza de Parma rough yard patio more porn of the PPM field and yet people don't see it is it because it's the beginning of the PPM people don't see what if were quite because we say that you said the PPM that we see a people lifted up so if we put this at the PPM I say that we are already in the PBM and yet do we see God's people I don't think you're in the PBM I think the PBM is being developed right now but in order for the PBM to be fulfilled I will suggest you have to have the message of raffia then that's what you're saying you follow me says yakushiji but you also have to have unity may forget my validity and in this history right here that we're in Satan's doing everything he can you know cities down to some ethanol set off a to scheme to prevent the unity he's doing more against the unity right now than he is against the message from my perspective so yeah we're understanding Rafi and penny I'm back here but there's other elements that need to go into from my understanding the PBM is just another way of saying the midnight cry no general opposite you know about each other kidney me leukemia come on sale about th me yeah which for us would be 2014 people knew so my tummy kettles but during that time in July that's gonna be such a plum unit my tiddler for yet it's specifically noted by several pioneer authors so they do tip up is your kidney I'd noticed that even though they have the crap they have the midnight cry message committees never look like to be such to kidding me they weren't they weren't in unity unity and it's not till August 15 its Deepavali can suit that all the little bands of Christians come together good to tip Latifah not the kid just so in technically we're in the progressiveness of the PBM already don't do many uh technically awkward do classy funky don't carry Kazuto and in connection with that well yeah big Sula Samuel snow was understanding this back here Simon snow Coco this what I see you know it's progressive see pull this useful that's I got to get through this quote the second paragraph page five don't bash recycle the language of the psalmist may be adopted by the commandment-keeping people of God thou has commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently oh that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes then shall I not be ashamed miss Bob Thibodeau jockey galley come on mo Jack can you accommodate reality preceptor Judaism Oh Oh commit was what jealousy poor God it is that you I love to do so type a motive if you're manifesting genuine righteousness see manifest a of lemonade risky so la varita beasties what are you experiencing whose experiment equal the gospel and what does Paul say about the gospel of Christ apology cooperative Oh Gino I'm not ashamed so if you are ashamed in this history was it all to knows it is to r which gospel are you feeding on do we see the kelipah I don't think it's that at that level to be ashamed it's not necessarily to be embarrassed in the context of how I'm applying Paul Domino's epic porno to be ashamed is to be experiencing a false gospel of which there are many experiments here for OCD you're never cool but the true gospel is the manifestation of righteousness so the false gospel will have to do with an incorrect righteousness and unrighteousness and if you and if you have that then you are prophetically ashamed that's what I'm sorry no Povich ignosi with a vessel I was it took off a signal pardon me so you so coils that fool mr. noodle you know that's his point no no I don't think it means that maybe it does sort of but did go Fuu what what I'm saying is Paul is us and we're not ashamed of the power of God that produces righteousness in it but we're surrounded with other guys so mote we go to a son that one of the things they do is that they did they define righteousness incorrectly Thank You Tiffany's man so even though they may profess to have the power of God and be keeping the right gospel push it away for you I'm saying there prophetically ashamed okay but brother Tyler it almost seems like there people are ashamed I'm sorry I believe that I believe that the glory of the Lord was at 9/11 things like that still septal yeah where's Italy where does it lead to where does it lead to if you're on that track where is it it leads to here right and in the story of a has this is when the waters of the Euphrates are going to punish you the king of the north glassier love lily so the Rakata modafinil but in isaiah chapter 4 we know he's a cat verse 1 yes yeah those people that accept the false gospel see except truthful they say we will wear our own righteousness our own clothes we want to be called by your name we went into a covenant relationship with the papacy we will eat our own food we will define what we're supposed to study to take away our reproach what's that reproach it was it clip wash if you study it out see it's the Sabbath pseudo Supper they're ashamed of the Sabbath so they accept Sunday ah their reproach is like the end product being wrapped up in the false gospel which prophetically they're ashamed of but I'm only using that based upon the definition of Paul my brother absolutely unbelievable yeah listen to children with my friends well when you're saying it's unbelievable for my side but do you understand that it is so miss could you the bible says so are many witnesses but they're prophetic witnesses so you have to understand them prophetically but if that was the case if the Seventh day Adventist Church is on the verge of accepting the Sunday law and you have seventh-day Adventist friends and family better in the seventh day up in his church and it says up then this is all true are you gonna give them a warning message are you gonna let him know you need to get ready for what's about to hit this church opposite degrees that is here Cecila okay because what happens at midnight and what do we teach happens at midnight in the United States Judith is gonna come into relationship with the seventh-day Adventist Church and they're gonna reach out to the government of the United States to persecute Philadelphia that's what happened at midnight when the Sanhedrin and Judas and Rome came to arrest Christ that's about to happen again in an order for the seventh-day Adventist Church to lean upon the laws of the land would you be they will have formed the image of the Beast because the image of the Beast is a church state relationship and that's what they're entering into in order to accomplish persecution he's also stirred up a lot of the heretics in their midst they tickle me you do if we understand that this is the Sunday law probably by bad word using typify anymore but in any case at the Sunday law the door closes but sister White says the Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes for it is a great test for the people of God by which their eternal destiny will be decided Beijing closes here before you get here Amy do the beasts test has to arrive and the image of the Beast is the combination of church and state any measure that accompanies it if this is the door closing on the ark then the image of the Beast test is the animals getting on the art that cities any monkey mom in this history here adventism is gonna have to see what it means that the animals are getting on the ark they're gonna have to see that there's something happening right in this history that's proving to them that the door is about to close you know about this oh look what's a family know if they're gonna be held accountable for this light over here that's one thing but some of the priests that are standing in the valley of decision they're gonna have to make their choices right here on where's the other before the door closes and the place where they're making that choice is the image of the Beast test this is why if you will see it and I don't know that you can see it you know every one of us has a different perspective but we got external we got internal nothing if you look around in this movement one of the primary testing points in this movement is the marriage relationship Celeste was about Yasha you have husbands that have refused to fulfill their responsibilities of the priests of the home quite good for you and they're the ones that will be held accountable you have wives that are refusing to submit to that spiritual authority they'll be the ones held accountable for that rebellion and you've got variables above that across the board and when you see the the tensions that are going on among the people that are professing to be in this movement 8 out of 10 times it's traced back to that issue probably wrong on that on that formula but 8 out of 10 I don't know but it's over and over again why we're being tested on that because this is the history we're going into the history of the route that being tested on the relationship between church and state mr. sweet is it up who's the state Adam who's the church Eve if we don't have the internal experience straight then the route is not correct and a fruit can't be correct it if we dope about it okay so it's your what is the what is this struggle if I'm one of these men that for whatever reason I'm too timid to exercise the authority that I'm supposed to exercise as the priests of the home told you for you or if I'm a a wife then lifts myself up above everyone including my husband what's the problem on either side its authority and I don't mean Authority where you twist someone's arm to do what you want I'm talking about genuine spiritual authority the greatest danger in a test like that is to not recognize that you're being tested and the fact that you're not married doesn't mean you're not being tested because you're still being tested about Authority are you gonna submit to the authority that God has placed in his church even a single person they're being tested by that that's what's shaking this movement right now is this very issue of authority Authority wasn't part of it if Authority was something that didn't was not an element no one have problem with Church organization my problem with church organization is I don't want Maurice to be my elder that I have to listen to it's all about Authority and you getting tested by it even if you're not married now why did we go there because of the image of the beast this is this is what we're in right here no and if you when did the wheels come off the axle when did the wheels come off the axle do you know yeah for this shaking last camp meeting I'll say the wheels came off the axle sorted Euler hot so when we started looking at fractals good when we start looking at fractal we reached a point in this movement where we quit finalizing prophetic ideas we have all kinds of prophetic lines that we began to study and we never finalized them and then there began to be confusion across the board and on these ideas people began to jump ship what I'm saying is once we hit that history Satan is doing everything he can to prevent us from understanding this testing process that we're about to enter into how many of you remember when we recognize that the midnight cry for our history marked the image of the beast test for our history and because of the marriage relationship associated with the image of the beast then we expected some kind of legislation on the homosexuality to come into the United States gay married and we were there at delving into that it took us to the French Revolution okay where we could see these elements in the French Revolution they never got finalized from my perspective it's not the only thing but what I'm saying is there's nothing satan fears more this is a paraphrase then when god's people become acquainted with his devices he's been creating a diversion tactic since the introduction of fractals to prevent us from taking this history seriously it's about authority and we're all subject to Authority okay so back to here second paragraph I'm saying it's talking about a false gospel and in the third paragraph his church is to be a temple built after the Divine simul 2d and the angelic architect has brought his golden measuring rod from heaven that every stone may be huge and squared by the divine measurement the church is to be fed with manna from heaven clad in the complete armor of light and righteousness she enters upon her final conflict the dross the worthless material will be consumed where would you place that history there's there's one key in there that the the manna who said the matter okay covenant lines for 40 years they were fed manna it typifies the testing of that whole 40 years and it pointed forward to the week that Christ would confirm the covenant with many and what was the symbol of that week the manna only it was called the bread of heaven you must eat my flesh and drink my blood in the history of the Millerites you have the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels come down and they always have something in their hands that they're supposed to eat so when she's talking about this particular Church here and she associates it with manna this is our history and the Lord is building a temple after the divine symbol tude and at that same time a has is constructing a temple that is the synagogue of Satan and we're gonna end up in one of those two temples and okay so go to the next paragraph on page 6 she said God has in training a people elect and precious and then she's gonna quote from Peter you're a chosen generation it's this generation that's chosen Peter's talking about a covenant relationship and then speaking in the middle of the paragraph she says about Jesus he's effecting transformation so amazing that Satan with all his triumphant boasting with all his Confederacy of evil this is all one article she just identified the Confederacy of evil as the synagogue of Satan I just and that's not the only place she ties those two together so let's go to Isaiah now all right if nothing else I hope you're seeing that Isaiah seven through 12 is present truth for us and when we get to the passage where a has is trusting in a confederacy I say is going to make a condemnation against this Confederacy and you find that in verses 9 through 12 of chapter 8 and the Lord tells us not to worry about this evil Confederacy because in verse 13 and 14 says let the Lord be your fear and he shall be for what a sanctuary okay and what is this sanctuary going to be it's the stone of stumbling okay so the argument of these two churches you can follow this logic the argument of the synagogue of satan' or the church triumphant and the church triumphant is based built upon the foundation of Christ because there's no other foundation except Christ where people stumble in this history is over the church triumphant it's over this argument heard any arguments against the church triumphant teaching this particular doctrine becomes a a point of controversy and it's right there in Isaiah in verse 15 those people that stumble over this have the same characteristics is Isaiah 28 three cities are you there the people that have rejected the line upon line methodology which is the refreshing the latter rain so people would teach Isaiah 28 two ways they'll say Isaiah 28 line upon line is the latter rain but it is also the methodology of teaching the latter rain message it's both okay so those people that reject the latter rain and the methodology of the latter rain are the same people that stumble over the understanding of the church triumphant and they're building their own temple right in the courtyard they're instituting another type of worship a type of worship that forbids anyone making a distinction between good and evil this is Atiya and what I submit is that the way to do that is you have to do it with the two charts and with the blackboard Logica new cafeteria table broke and so these things they've come up with with all these people posting these little clips and doing these PowerPoint like presentations see video easy to PowerPoint doesn't do anything to Jerusalem County we've got to cut so far out on a limb on this that there there is an angel that goes through Jerusalem and he's got a writing implement in his hand the suggesting that the message that is taught she's a white board and the writing implement is what is marking the distinction between those that sigh and cry those that don't and they don't because they can't recognize the abominations that are done in Jerusalem because they can't see the distinction between good and evil but thank you very much allowing through this and then when there's a festive twistle concept wander and this is and when these angels empty from themselves to go to oil of truth into the heart of know who is teaching the word then the application of the truth will be a solemn serious matter et discusses on fetal fetal la vita whole video head o la vérité no lado de servicio say develop a whole anova la pre Cassandra Verity so as to gestohlen le Cygne unless the door of the heart is padlocked and Christ is refused admission the last census high school withdraw himself from those who persist in refusing the heavenly blessings they are so freely offered a lowly mr. Jessel esto message it is only voltage occur among Cola Porto seguro no suave ooh yay Kristin s wahoo Nerissa official admission mr. kataoka remember Sookie persistable fizzle early benediction Zaleski saucy liberal more effects use that so many times you see under Sabbath could not be seven that above only cheese except animal swap to bring home how the latter rain was being poured out by the teachings become now pronounce it DVF sipping on sin you've apparently ended that was that was a lot of rain I'm based upon the context of that passage what is that light arranged a season it's the message to legacy you see me said I would you see he's standing at the door and knocking to the legacy portfolio you see okay so that's the message that we need to give this belabor Ephesians but I'm gonna finish off this passage in Isaiah these people that stumble and fall in verse 15 it then says bind up the testimony and seal the law among my disciples okay God's people get bound together in unity and they're sealed upon the truth which is the law what are they sailed upon in our history part me verse 16 they're they're bound together by this law it's only if I said no he did that might cause people some heartburn this is the prophetic message is typify don these two tables we're typifies by the two tables of the ten commandments the unity that comes in using Tyler's illustration where does this unity take place whiskas it you know are you on this chart okay she'll sit find them together still the law among my disciples and I will wait upon the Lord winces take place no senior in the tearing time verse 18 behold I and the children good lord give me for signs and wonders in Israel from the Lord of Hosts which dwelt in Mount Zion and when they shall say unto you seek into them that have familiar spirits and unto wizards the peep and that mutter should not have people seek under their God from the living to the debt for the living to the dead to the law in the testimony if they speak not according to this word is because there's no light in them in the history where he's binding up and sealing his people but he's 12 this history said you saw how does Satan try to undermine that work comescu said I said to mediaset over through spiritualism I travel dispute et smoke and you can show that in so many levels there's a quote in great controversy she says not until this condition shall be reached you see she'll survive out though the kings of the earth show you a night you know that quote okay if you go look at that quote she's talking about the the Sunday law but she's talking about before the Sunday law wash there's strong delusion that produces spiritualism depo Jesus purity because the two pillars of Catholicism are Spitzer spiritualism and Sunday sacredness but spiritualism precede Sunday sacredness the spirit is procedural associated with emotion so if I'm gonna have a character to uphold the law of God give a suit on you like what did you I have to settle into this character before the test of the law of God don't say 12 all the tests what did you find up the testimony seal the law among my disciples that's in here let's see see I'm gonna manifest that character over here and in this history the synagogue of Satan does at all it's going to attempt to prevent this work but don't do don't be she's it dug through spiritualism cleverness Beauty cheese milk I have you have you ever thought it's cause image that me policy I have while we this history here that we're in has been typifies by the history history of Christ City so I can do some mighty TPC if I saw the Keystone and I know for whatever reason in the history of Christ you see a lot of demons hazel society start the Keith book with the devil I mean you don't see a lot of demon possessions in the rest of the scriptures rightly to dispel but in the time of Christ you see in Christ's be confronted with actual birth on isn't that going to be happening in our history it's personal taste well yet Christ is our example in all things I would think that we should be aware that right now what we will be confronted with is spiritualism suppose co-co-co co-co-co co-co-co team I know Sara spiritism and we define that at a simple level as put in your word above God's Word a new Zelda finish around you with some copies knocks em it was that power did you order to see that power did you and we don't take the next step you open it up she's also the next step is sort of scary that's great that's you've got the Opry fields that being you that spiritualism is going to be a temptation like to test you for those of us that are in this movement it's gonna be a test it's gonna be whatever it's just like this though okay okay we didn't accomplish what I want to accomplish but yes zero Heavenly Father we see that we're about to come to the way mark that we call the prediction before midnight masala for viola berries good news a plural a prediction from you and we understand that one of the things that takes place at that time is unity separation takes place at that time super hot super slo-mo and we understand that unity is accomplished through organization and from your prophetic word we're understanding that there is an internal and an external external work of organizing and movement will only be accomplished so when the individuals in the movement allow you to organize their personal temple family tornado tornado in agreement with your will my colleague TT learned all these issues or present truth and we know that the truths that you're bringing us is the knocking of your upon our hearts happy so let's hope God give us the discernment and willingness to open the doors of our hearts the door of our heart this unity to do lap okay that we can begin the work of organization in our personal experience come on say level can use this you know that's like Spiros banana that need to take place in order for this movement to be organized into a super Kosovo's walk and easy in advance of the prediction before midnight I want a prediction for me thank you for this morning study people say did you do serve Atta ask for a blessing upon the day of service that we all render to you you know to the modern benediction so legend in the service canoe Toronto in Jesus name