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I had a few things that I was gonna insert into the class this morning but one of them was study that Parminder and the twins were doing down in Brazil and Parminder said he's not ready to share that at this point we weren't really gonna share it we were just gonna point it and let everyone be thinking about it but we're not gonna do that this morning mr. dinelli Tony Cal Cooper me ELISA Cosima whatever this matter but I also had a comment on Tyler sermon yesterday ah come on tear sound on the Taylor yeah and I thought something that he said was wrong or at least off a little bit she posted Kooskia Christina VCT fool my father dick elephant poo but I couldn't quite remember why so this first piece this is uh I think three pages and all we've got printed out is page one my internet is down until today in theory no kilometers not come when I see that pointing up at you do tois me that's no good and so is my network connection so I couldn't go get old notes easily so I'm gonna share this about what I told Tyler yesterday about him being wrong was wrong but it was right at another level so I'm gonna explain it to everyone but we got incomplete notes here means these notes that you have not when you get the rest of them you're gonna see the conclusion of this article it comes from review and Herald November 1st 1850 did you saw seconds November 1st 1850 but if there it really wasn't the review and Herald in that history at that point it was called the present truth I suppose the appealability present present truth only went a couple years and then they changed it to their review and Herald please not iconic el khazzani or society or who you are what do you point now this light isn't done the mic is this mic on ok it's on thick speaker on do you want them on we don't want them on ok this is page 2 and this is of course not on the subject that we've been studying but it is worth knowing ok in Tyler's sermon yesterday he was using this part in the box on page 2 ended up as dude and I knew that there is an evolution to this statement that's the part I could remember so it seemed to me like this statement was identical to what you find in the book early writings but it isn't ok so here's my point let me explain it sister white wrote this article in 1850 1849 did you saw enough cycle 2 then it was reprinted in the book called experience and views sweet deal help even though need weak spin you'll see view and then it was reprinted almost 80 years later in the book early writings and early writings the particular passage is one of them most important passages in this message key seen on Deponia massage because it's on page 74 where she says that this chart was directed by the hand of the Lord and should not be altered now when te kooti captain did you buy mine you senior high school and she was shown that those that gave the judgment our cry had the correct view of the daily okay but when you get to early writings what it says in there you know stupid I mean Uncle musically zucchini judo it's not accurate what it says here in review and Herald 1851 I didn't know what and if you don't take the time to go back and look at the original is you know and then step to and experience in views and then step three and early writings you can't see this evolution and it raises questions about what was going on with the the publishing work when they printed early writings musically but I'm not too threatened by those questions so we need page three okay I can point out the discrepancy but when I did this study a long time ago and that's why I couldn't remember the details when I was interacting with Tyler yesterday there's two things about this study that need to be recognized okay one is the evolution from review and Herald 18:50 experience and views I experience - early writings music this being said okay there's a secondary important piece of information in this history and it's where she says September September 23rd which equates to 18-49 even though gets put in the published in 1850 she's gonna say in this that she received a vision in 18 September 23rd and you have to see that date because once she has once she records this vision 49 when she records this vision at this point in time her husband changes some things certain shoes her husband has printed an article before this date and I really didn't have time to go make these facts clear he's printed a statement by Ellen White before she received this vision and in this vision she says let me read it on page 2 of your notes and the part that is in the box in the third paragraph in the box where she says then I saw to start it she halfway through says when Union existed before 1844 nearly all were united on the correct view of the daily but since 1844 in the confusion other views have been embraced and darkness and confusion have followed to see to go back to video perpetual me the PT so Karen Karen I confuse you don't confuse so I don't but I see so she says that since 1844 other views of the daily were introduced and she's writing in 18-49 so you got to go find out first off what was the the view the Pioneers had when they were united and that's easy to show from history they believed the daily was paganism but shortly after 1844 I mean shortly after crows here and I could be spelling his name wrong he introduced the idea that the daily Christ sanctuary ministry and there's a guy named Ron Arnold he introduces the idea that the daily is the sanctuary in Jerusalem okay so when sister White says in the article that you have since 1844 other views of the daily I've been embraced and it produced confusion and darkness the two other views that you can find in Advent history are crochets and Arnold's bad and here's the problem when crow share comes out with his article where he introduces the idea that the daily represents Christ sanctuary ministry it was in a publication called the Daystar and sister White says concerning Crozier's article in the Daystar that I recommend this article to every saint okay so here come this becomes a problem the people that believe in Adventism that Christ sanctuary ministry is represented by the daily they go back to sister White's statement endorsing Crow Sears article in the Daystar yamazaki la la la la Pira Cassandra cause in our load a star that presents the wrong view of the daily okay so you got to work through this one it's kind of tricky and the way you work through it is acro shares article the Daystar article this is the part that isn't fresh in my mind he has like at least 10 different subjects that he addresses and some of the subjects are so wrong that no one even considers that she was endorsing those ideas he still was believing that there was going to be a thousand years of peace the Catholic view of the millennium that was part of this article so when you go back in there you have this evidence that Ellen White and everyone involved except for crow sure knew that some of this article was wrong okay so that being said because sister white said about this article I recommend this article to every saint that's pretty much her words James white reprinted it in a publication before September okay and in the same month maybe it was September 1849 that he printed this I'd have to go back to my note mm well said buddy when sister white has this vision where she says since 1844 other visions of the daily have been embraced and it brings in darkness and confusion then immediately in this same month Girona men walk James white reprints this magazine and he removes coasters arguments about the daily in Christ thanks Rory minister the logic is James White is married to Ellen White she has this vision and so what he sees her make this statement the two of them they know what's going on they know it they were there so James White is is trying to clean up the mess here by reprinting Crozier's article a second time and removing his false endorsement of the daily so you have to understand this evolution of this statement just to see the evolution but if you don't mark this date when sister White says September 23rd the Lord gave me a vision about the daily the chart and the confusion that came in then you can't plug this September 23rd into the history where you see her husband removing the false concept of crochet and he did so right in this time period okay and I'd have to go back to my notes to give it kid I think it all happened in September so do you realize that did you follow the logic here of what we're dealing with okay so now I'm just gonna focus on that evolution and I worry about this here about yourself in the what present truth which is now in your cd-rom it's called review and Herald lumpy Macy does a particular dog please don't - three - it of you in the garden ok so there were two things that that didn't click with me and in Tyler's presentation yesterday yeah and in his presentation was fine I'm not I'm not have no criticism for his presentation he bunch about teaching and I'm not and I'm saying this that I hope this presentation gets out on the web yesterday and there isn't anything in it that needs to be changed I'm just noting some things that I knew that that we're clear in my head so in these notes that you have no see not goofy one two three four okay there's four pages when you get to early writing on page 74 in and that's on page four of your notes notes you see the second paragraph ends with the sentence that's in bold husky on ha time has not been to test since 1844 in it never again will be a test I knew this was the point of argument just a big steep wanagi moment and by that I mean the people that push the wrong view of the sanctuary they argue they argue strongly if you get into the biography of Ellen White written by her grandson arthur white seabass you're whiter and you see his commentary on what she wrote in early writings he will give you the standard understanding of early writings and it's wrong he and Adventism teaches that all sister white is referring to in early writings joining a family was the phenomenon of time setting phenomena Placid you don't okay so when I began to understand that needed to be addressed I went to the original article which you can see on pages one two and three of your notes and what I did if you just glance down through is I took note of every place where she says I saw I saw I saw I saw okay now you got to understand what I'm trying to show the false argument about early writings paid 74 is that all that whole article is speaking about is the phenomenon of time settings so I went into the original article and on page three of your notes the second paragraph I found ten primary truths that she's addressing in that article she told me very deeply but not that bad also text she's addressing God's love offerings prayer for the sick how to do communion service the seven last plagues and several things adjust with that new light and unity the gathering after 1844 the publishing work the 1843 chart the daily time is a test pilgrimages to Jerusalem my argument is this if she has an article where she's addressing these ten eleven twelve things for us to claim that the only thing that she's addressing in this article is time setting isn't accurate and the reason that they put the emphasis on time setting is to try to undermine the clear endorsement of the pioneer position of the daily beam paganism that's the argument against early writing 74 in Adventism she's not saying anything about the daily beam paganism she's just talking about the confusion that came in after 1844 and then they began to reapply the time prophecies off into the future that's the claim so go back to page 4 got a page for you have early writings 74 and in that third paragraph third paragraph it says the Lord has shown me that the message of the third angel must go and be proclaimed to the scattered children of the Lord but it must not be hung upon time especially ten minutes ago Sciuto so when you read early writing 74 and the second pair graph ends time has not been a test since 1844 and never again will be a test this idea is where the argument against paganism being the daily has made no comment on the packet is missing on time said and the next paragraph is emphasizing against time setting I saw that some were getting a false excitement arising from the preaching of time do you all remember that paragraph in early writings because that paragraph is not in the original that paragraph comes into this presentation and it's in a completely different page than where this original is found in experience in views you have this repeated and that paragraph about time setting is in a completely different part of this book but when it came to printing early writings they took that paragraph from over here they combined it with the statement that's here and they put him together in early writing and it makes it appear like sister white was really emphasizing time setting but she wasn't it was a an editorial decision to uphold a false concept okay so now now that you know that I can walk through this probably easily I can't either the question she's saying is she can't see the link between the statement about time setting why this would change the the comment on the daily it doesn't but the theologians and historians of Adventism in the attempt to undermine her clear endorsement of the pioneer position of the daily that's the approach that they took I know I don't think you knew I don't think you need an explanation of how early writings evolved and gets this extra paragraph in it to see that she endorses the pioneer position of the daily not ten articles ten thoughts by crow sure right after 1844 he laid out the very best presentation of Christ's moving from the holy to the most holy so she's recommending that to everything what they needed to understand at that time period is that he moved from the holy to the most holy he laid it out really well and there's just a small portion of his article where he inserts the idea that the daily is Christ's sanctuary minister in his article if there are ten topics and I don't remember what when James White reprint them he leaves out like six or seven when he printed the first time then she talks about incorrect views coming in after 1844 any reprinted again and he removes apart the crosier says about the daily a not a problem paid on every party do Kitty kosabu regarding no I don't think we're to understand it wrongly no we're not when have we done that now we're there the Millerites we're seeing time as the fulfillment of prophecy you see we're seeing events but when an event comes to pass even most of us after it's already in history if you look back and recognize a numerical revelation in that history see why any question that is not time setting in on the bottom of page three imagine a clock now notice you got you've got a little box here this is where the paragraph gets inserted this is the paragraph that gets inserted and it comes from page 48 but this article in experience in views that came from the vision of 18-49 you find that on pages 61 and 62 so when it comes to experience and view this is on page 61 and 62 here but there's a paragraph on page 48 that's not part of that vision alternately gets put together else are brought together in early writings but it doesn't mean that paragraph isn't accurate it says the Lord has shown me that the message of the third angel must go and be proclaimed to the scattered children of the Lord and that it should not be hung up on hung on time for time will never be a test again she's she's clear that we never have another message that's hung up on time or that is to test God's people the way time was testing the Miller okay Batista loop Abdullah manual or ratata still immediate okay so let me walk through this now this here the first two pages and the first paragraph on page three is this entire article and on page two and three I have in a box the portion that becomes the subject gets put in this book and this book okay so on page three you see this reference that is found in experience in views that's taken from here and if you look at it I'm showing you all the the editorial changes that take place from here to here I think we should expect that well sort out if the Lord published something in 1850 and he's gonna have it republished several years later there isn't anything wrong with going in and checking for the grammar one more time and that's pretty much what I think you can write this off here editorial cleaning up the the grammar a little bit and then in the box below is a completely different article you don't have what from the same book that's ultimately going to get combined with this article when it's printed in early writing so you have on page four the the final outcome of this evolution does it they were issue and what I'm saying is when Tyler gave his sermon yesterday he wasn't making a big case about it but he pointed out that there were four issues the the daily time setting going to Jerusalem and the charge okay that word that was a problem for me because this entire article there's at least ten issues he simply took the four issues that occur after she makes a statement September 23rd so I remembered there was more than four so I hit him up about it but I couldn't remember the details okay so this is a bigger subject than a lot of people recognize the evolution of early writings because it it forces you to think through the the editorial process how does this vision in 18-49 and then I this was shortly thereafter I don't remember the date unless I happen to know a teen what 51 1851 this is pretty and then it's in the 1880s I believe early writings is pretty too so you got 31 years from here to here and when you get here they've combined this paragraph and ultimately this paragraph in connection with the sentence about time setting becomes the historical and Theological point of reference for rejecting the pioneer understanding of paganism stoic at Ellucian 40 I love you capture so you have to think through what does all this mean that the Lord allowed this evolution to take place in the book early writing I thought we could trust the editorial process but secondarily to that if you don't understand this date in this vision and its relationship to James white print reprinting crow shares article then you're unable to see how quickly James White tried to clean up his mess okay and and I won't go there but I'll tell you one more thing image on shoes in then I'll say 1910 1911 when the argument of the daily was taking place there came a point in time sister white who knew who the bad guys were a noise of acute TV movies Bisson Prescott and Daniel's were the bad guys she has a statement where she says their view of the daily which is crow Shores view came from angels that were expelled from heaven if she knew who the bad guys were and there came a point in that history where she was talking to some men that were on the right side of it and she says they they've taken Willie he's on Pee Wee tea and what she meant by that is that Prescott and Daniels had won her son Willie white over to the wrong idea of the day let's go to the news again you know Queenie Sophie said within your occupation if you don't understand that then you won't understand why in the nineteen I think it might have been 1931 that Ellen White's son Willie white reprinted Crozier's original article I can't give me the logic and introduced it with Ellen White's endorsement that this should go to every saint aloud we don't have it not actually I know I caused a shock so there's it's a kind of a complex history to work through stop when you stop complex um but I would say there was at least ten issues in that original article Louise you're not young one CJ yeah yeah what you and I were struggling with yesterday is my lack of memory about the details woody Titan okay okay that's that I hope no one stumbles over that and the in Habakkuk tables this study is addressed you know I thought that my cooks it did you do know about him was about a week apart that the one article printed that he went back and reprinted it with like the following week he reprinted another article no I in fact wronskian Camille articular James wait so escapology repeaters Jasmine that way without going back myself and going through all those in the notes I have on my own I'm pretty sure that he did three because when I used to teach this when it was something I was teaching I would use an object lesson for for us to print a newsletter you know we send it off we got articles we send it off to Britney Britney does the copy it in you're not the grammar key and then she'll take two or three articles whatever it takes to make a 24 page newsletter so there's work along that line then you send it to the printer which you can do on a flash drive you can do on a flash drive of a computer then he prints it but it wasn't that way back here in 1850 if they're gonna print a newsletter if I if I understand it right there happen to set each letter individually therefore to see James white print I believe three newsletters back-to-back to deal with this problem do James White I'm prima don't wanna sit down and it comes in just a matter of a few weeks time there was a guy that was really motivated to correct an error it wasn't so easy to print a newsletter and as it is now so I remember that I used to use that story so I actually think there was three Bam Bam Bam on this subject vehicle just in user lash across school you never eat wah it's on page 34 of a backaches notes check out all this information plus some more the Lord showed her a whole bunch of different things related to different subjects as you turn it out this morning and somehow as everything editorially took place they some of it got mixed up and and and and while here together you can't see I think they I think here they cut off everything and begin with where the paragraph that says September 23rd see if you don't Russkies Mosquitia voice or just mean a paradox come on save a good event wiped on here they use that same thing that was in here but they added a paragraph from a different layer fit I mean I stopped out I got you feel waters up all right how are we coming on the other notes did anyone do their reading assignment it's gonna get caffeine alcohol Duvalier children you forgot just go to the back of class my brother I'll be there with you I forgot my glasses and my Bible this morning oh thank you okay well we've been dealing with this joseph bates as a point of reference he takes the last three churches of Revelation upon uzuki's that will cut yourself anybody puts them as contemporary churches in the history of the Miller eyes and this is justifiable prophetically because we see a distinction between the first four three seals and the last three seals a distinction between the first four trumpets and the last three trumpets so upon the testimony of two when it comes to these seven entities in Revelation you see a 4:3 combination working on the beta's logic motivates in connection with the study of covenant lines that when the Lord is entering into covering it with a people he is passing by a former covenant people kunos go to senior Alcorn años I think you know Daniel C made up of Daniels I'm saying that the covenant people that are getting passed by in our history I represented by Sardis who have a name you I know that's a symbol of covenant relationship to somebody else but they're dead and then in here we have the everlasting gospel which is the message to lay it Asiya it's a three-step testing message gold white raiment and I say oh that's my boy Coolio so in this history we have the everlasting gospel messages that wash it down in an everlasting gospel develops and then demonstrates two classes of worshipers janello develop your sweet demon called the demo and bates identifies those two classes as a base note if you do class Laodicea we don't know DC and Philadelphia and of course we would call this wheat and tares and this is the process where these two classes are going to get separated new class might separate and this class is it from the prophetic testimony is ultimately gonna go join this class clerical photography now mohos want to sell them so in Isaiah 7 guys a set I'm saying a has should you cry chasm is the latest and city loud UCL and Isaiah is the wheat in the Philadelphia now we're trying to get to the point to where we're just dealing with to to churches Ephesus and Laodicea if is it I would you see this is a different study in terms of symbols can have more than one meaning oh damn good is someone power pretty see if you get some but I think we need to see this history in the scriptures before we get to that so I ask you to read chapter 7 through 13 I believe of Isaiah yeah 2:13 and one of the reasons I wanted you to do that is because in Isaiah 8v tow we have the evil Confederacy everyone I movies and what I'm contending is is at the end of the world everyone that will not receive Christ comes into a confederacy against those that receive Christ and there's no distinction between this Confederacy at one level they're all part of the Confederacy yeah person even though they may have lots of ideas that disagree with one another what is that college univocally hood they still come into this Confederacy against God's remnant people you don't a guy knows it control configure a symbol to look up to you because it wasn't want to be searched well I'm Jews neck in kind of a casual way judgment or something but to focus it in those people that have Christ setting upon the throne of their hearts peace be a sees return the doctor through the infilling of the Holy Spirit they're part of the Church of Heaven and everyone else is part of the Church of Earth Judy Sebastian ladies do that there it's about two churches so the dilemma I raised for you whether you got it or not oopah was that a has is threatened by an alliance between Syria and Israel safely also to Israel a lesson but when you get to chapter 8 let's go Daniel Shapiro read them there's gonna be a condemnation against a has you like chasm because he rejoices in that's Confederacy you'll see it chapter 8 verse 6 for his mitches for as much as this people refuses the waters of Kailua that goes softly and rejoice in resin and REM Alea son how is it that a has was rejoicing in this Confederacy commotion as fatigue is AE so we started off in Arizona I guess but because he didn't he didn't come join with them what did he do ahoo ahoo kiss Qadhafi what is inspiration tell us that he did not speak Iroquois pardon me he made a confederacy with whom Assyria there's a difference between Syria and Assyria so he's threatened by a confederacy - a pineco feel a strong but he's gonna be punished because he rejects the message of Isaiah and in his pronouncement of judgment for rejecting the message of Isaiah it says that he rejoices in this alliance between us between Syria and Israel but the only way I can understand that is he's rejoicing in the Confederacy Kofi the hostile that's where their strength is no Falls he's entering into a confederacy with another bad guy just like Israel entered into Confederacy with a bad guy you don't wanna kick on the movement to come in I love it it's the Confederacy that they depend upon and this is the the historical dynamics for bringing me key stoichea a Syria against Hosea in Israel I'm beginning the 2520 so Simone so when you get to chapter 8 verse 7 after it says rejoice and says now therefore behold the Lord bring us upon them the waters of the river strong and many even the king of Assyria and all his glory and he shall come up with all his channels and go over all his banks and he shall pass through Judah and he shall overflow and go over he shall reach even unto the neck and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of the land Oh a manual you guys don't gonna read that enfranchise the the curse against a has is it a serious going to come Emmanuel got carcassi coolest even you where's it gonna come to school just to Jerusalem gonna come and surround Jerusalem gonna take everything out when was that fulfilled in Hezekiah I did poke dizzy Kasim where was it fulfilled Oh God we won't go into some of these things but you got to get these in your memory bank where in the Bible it would be a starting point but no where I'll show you what I mean go back to chapter 7 watch all-new Chevy twist it's in verse 3 it says then said the Lord unto Isaiah go forth now to meet a has thou and sure just shove thy son at the end of the conduit of the upper pool and the highway of the Fuller's field where is he when Isaiah gives a has this message cause II don't I can I guess so massage is that the end of the conduit what the conduit sequel and connect could you pipe and where's the the water that's coming out of this pipe come from a low key so decide to VN do it comes from the upper pool Kendra what's the upper pool it's heaven this is the the the ladder the angels go up and down on silly ships like LEDs on them this is Zechariah's two pipes that brings the golden oil see the second reel of the water comes down from the upper pool and it's by the folders field except dooley don't superiorly Sam yeah use the folder Shawn - or say cute of Malachi 3 keep your finger in Isaiah go to Malachi 3 verse 2 minashi 20 but who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for he is like a refiners fire and like Fuller's soap ok what don't you understand I'm not trying to wear more information in this history Isaiah's gonna bring the latter rain message to a house I guess and where he's gonna meet him at is the end of the conduit that comes from the upper pool kisses yeah and in the folders filled it don't shun you fool and I'm saying the fuller is the messenger of the Covenant and that Malachi 3 is pointing forward to the two temple cleanses in the time of Christ to temple cleansings in the time of the Millerites and this temple cleansing the reference to the Fuller's field is saying this message from Isaiah today has a yeah cos it's taking place in this temple cleansing right here and the message that's given to a has has come from the upper pool it's the latter a message from heaven that he's conveying keep done and when that water comes out of the pipe it goes it also that pool is the in the Old Testament is the pool of Shiloh ah but in the New Testament it's the pool of Siloam II don't know a disturber noxious Yui where Christ tells the blind man though Washington pool of Siloam and he's gonna receive his sight so where the end of the conduit would you call G is the waters that run softly city zoo Kiev on to smoke which a has is gonna reject Authority and because he rejects it he's going to get the waters of Assyria because the king of the north comes as an overflowing scourge you know what you know if Leo keyboard oh so I'm saying all of this history is locking us in from 9/11 to midnight salmon no septum I mean you pull apart and you all agreed that this prophecy right no if you all agree we we said that this prophecy is fulfilled by Assyria coming up to Jerusalem yeah she was at it what was that story was it when when when Isaiah tells a has because you've rejected this message guy said yeah I guess basket massage Assyria is gonna come and it's gonna come right up to Jerusalem and surrounded Jerusalem Eve analyst eg where is that story in the Bible you know it's in a couple places it's in second Kings I believe and it's an Isaiah 37 maybe it's is that right okay and you know the story the general of Sennacherib comes and he's standing in front of the walls of Jerusalem he said chef Estie mule - it was at him and who's on the walls there's three persons there's Alya Kim area chemo there's shebna ship na and there's joah is you up okay so they're all on the walls and rubbish a cop Chucky the general of Sennacherib he's blaspheming the Lord blasphemer senior and he like him to speak to us in the Syriac language because I don't want the Hebrews to hear what you're saying in Hebrew yeah Kim yeah I knew all along shitty passcode is a point so where does that story take place Wes cause it used to are you pardon me at the gate an apple orchard us say at the Lord for that sequence embarrassing yourself okay go I think it's chapter 37 let's go there Bosco's - a big concert look is 8 concerts yeah and if someone know this story is gonna be fulfilled if I'm wrong about chapter 37 the quicker you identify my wrongness 36 in chapter 36 when when this prophesy against a has is coming to pass I got soup ah so it has is no longer the king uh who's the King Sikhi don't what Hezekiah is it yes okay and in verse 2 where does this story begin in verse 2 it says and the king of Assyria sent Rab Chaka from Lakeisha to Jerusalem under the King Hezekiah with a great army and he stood by the conduit of the upper pool and the highway of the Fuller's field identical place okay in Isaiah 7 you have the beginning of the prophecy is a a36 you have the end of the prophecy Stefan and it's telling us if we'll see it that perhaps the most important element of this prophecy it's where they're at at the beginning and the end see we saw the VFL and they're here I'm saying Isaiah in this history is given a has the Lateran message which is the message that comes from the upper pool darn I guess so gloomy cell appearance isn't you know message or a piece in superior and the fuller the field where you get cleansed yes and what is this based upon what we have been discussing for the last week beautiful nights mundane yeah this is the temple cleansing of 1842 April 19th 1844 it's the temple cleansing from April 19th to October 22nd 1844 because it's the temple cleansing from October 22nd 1844 to 1863 so this is a temple cleansing and the temple cleansing is illustrated in Malachi chapter 3 mwah where he's going to purify the sons of Levi as gold and silver and as a fuller soak the fuller soap at least in that history it was primarily dealing with clothing material in the temple cleansing he's making sure that if we're on the right side of it that our garments are pure white it does it so the beginning of this prophecy and they enter this prophecy I'm saying is this history okay it's in its the temple cleansing history because you talk and I'm saying the the confidence that a has develops feels good I guess develop though isn't in the latter rain sleep I don't have trees it's in the Confederacy and so I want to show that element and that's what these notes are for and these notes are we often use these notes okay so I'm gonna back would you be saying that the prophecy of Isaiah 36 is at midnight yes wish but I'm not sure I'm not sure how to apply that no come on up you keep because there's a deliverance loss alright in the story you remember this story right you used well that night the Lord's gonna slay the entire Assyrian army and the lepers are gonna go out and discover really poor indeed coolest equivalence hola so the next thing we see is Hezekiah you know bringing Babylon to Jerusalem you don't know his foolishness I hate to say Hezekiah foolishness because he's a good guy just about 40 days it yes it's your buddy I fully disagree Dubois but he should have died it's okay to die in the Lord right pleases the Lord let me live a little bit longer that was a headache for Isaiah right because if he had died Manasseh would have never been born and what did Manasseh do with Isaiah in - F aquatic is a he cut him in half Yakub p.m. on watch it because Manasseh is really wicked let's go burn a CD without mommy show here Zack I would have died what what happened so in any case the idea of I'm putting it here at midnight in terms of coming up to the neck Roger to me I mean you got the whole focus after school coup but it doesn't seem like a conquering this doesn't seem like the Sunday law conquering miss Edna Paris I know I'm acknowledging that Lots I don't understand yeah but Cuckoo's come papa I understand what you say a little bit about midnight to Momo easy guess what's what because we can see this time when a Takaya receives you know the plague on this but whatever Hezekiah or Uzziah and can we Nikki with the first plague which is when you receive like boils on your body I didn't get that last thought can we leave the fact that Hezekiah gets disease a plague with the first plague I guess of the seven plagues maybe so but I've never looked at it that way but I'm not gonna fight about new light is that how you understand it you should probably back on a new billion years cuz he comes at you come on then Hezekiah is Boyles could you decide is it yes represent the first plague please sometime cornea play is that what you're saying I understand it a little bit that way why because in there seven plagues your first one is the boils and it's true that Hezekiah repents and ask God to remember his past it's also the fifth plague for the Egyptian templates and this play come when there is smoke in the temple and for the ships in this when there is dust that's coming so I'm not sure I'm trying to understand night it comes at midnight here's a kya you'd have to plug him in in this history right before midnight okay so I thought the seven last plagues came after probation was closed he said please apnea peritoneum class if you need so do you mean after midnight or after close of probation midnight is the close of probation you see life TG closes a little bit before midnight in reality midnight simply where you're gonna manifest which character you've developed leading up to midnight I mean which is the most like a character chuckles we are as well as asking if you're placing the end of the prophecy at midnight I don't know about the end of the prophecy is the king of the north coming and surrounding Jerusalem yeah poor vc0 why'd you knock y'all to lose at him and this is marking Sunday law crisis at the end of the world the whole world's gonna surround Jerusalem we're told so and at the end of the world the world is not going to prevail they're gonna lose and that's the story of Hezekiah is told is it yes my difficulty is is that generally at midnight we're seeing Russia I mean you what we see conquer at the Battle of raffia and begin a persecution based upon Ptolemy to me and a persecution beginning uncle knows and up for me to put Hezekiah here it doesn't seem like the persecution is being Illustrated it seems like a victory a procedure plus easy guess top 11 persecution mainly - ah okay anyway that's up in the air someone will clarify that as we move down so I want to I want to show you some things about this Confederacy and all I did here was cut the the notes I have in Habakkuk stables about the ten Kings since and so these are familiar notes to everyone in this movement generally but I want to select just a couple thoughts out of it for this study so on page 1 of your notes you know in the the quote on the bottom that's talking about the 10 Kings of revelation 17 that's rule number keep I did you why that book he said she says it's a universal bond of Union a confederacy of Satan's forces okay gee cozy excedrin condom onion confit de la Sol default is that all in the next paragraph she repeats that gushy final episode ah she says in the last days there will be united in opposition to God's people all the corrupt powers okay Daniel Schuler so on you know and opposes your preparatory reasons going on here so when you're thinking about the ten Kings at least when I'm thinking about the ten Kings coup policy with you what I'm thinking about the civil power the one-world government that is the United Nations but here she says all the corrupt powers so I would go also to Isaiah chapter four sure I get one I see yet where it says in the last days salmon with seven women will take hold of one man no skeezy Daniel set fire on so there's a unification also of the religious power is not just the civil power episode how do you spell Mississippi but she says all the powers stop I'm saying it's every single human being on planet earth gets drawn into this Confederacy doesn't receive the message also doc okay so I want to show you some things about that in the next quote on page 2 from Bible Training School December 1st 1902 that first paragraph she says the power of Satan are mustering for battles stern conflicts are before us pressed together my brother press brethren and sisters pressed together a doubling bind up with Christ episode on so little appetite the Confessor vex on the volume I push a woman I push a voodoo bromo and then she crystal and then she's quotes from isaiah 8 in isaiah 8 verse 12 do so she's gonna go all the way down to verse 16 but these particular verses missive a sabbatical year sister white will repeatedly use these verses to identify the confederacy at the end of the world but we don't teach you that Kofi there last one I thought you meant so what I'm saying that a has mmm is going to rejoice that he's not rejoicing in the alliance between Israel and Syria nobody's writing a city he's rejoicing in the strength that comes from a confederacy major - laughs Oh Kofi do not stop his answer is I'm gonna go into a confederacy with Assyria vilifying coalfield elasticity and this very chapter is identifying this Confederacy Kofi the last room that is the primary point of reference for the evil Confederacy that sister white goes to repeatedly key to prove a point knife and also get a new mission Kofi the awesome so I'm saying that my justification for saying that a has his confidence is in the Confederacy is by the context of the chapter like a magical a confused easy cases so like a pleasant Confederacy papal context you share people but notice when she's quoting there in that first paragraph no Sukanya paragraph that she goes all the way to verse 15 if I just go vesicales and it says and many among them she'll stumble and fall and be broken and be snared and be taken shape how many things happen to these five things it's the five foolish virgins but more important why I don't know if it's more importantly but also me prison apoptosis keep your finger in Isaiah yeah avocado is a veto but go to Isaiah 28 countries which is generally understood by us from verse 9 onward as the latter rain the methodology of the latter rain in verse of Isaiah 28 verse 12 it says to whom he said this is the rest wherewith you may cause the weary to rest and this is the refreshing yet they would not hear so we understand that Isaiah 28 is identifying those people that reject the latter rain message and I'm saying that's what a has is doing back in Chapter 7 and on where it is good I guess we're gonna shut because that this revolt and as Isaiah 28 identifies is a multi fee those that reject the Lateran message secularism in verse 13 it says and the word of the Lord wasn't to them precept upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here a little and there a little that they might go and fall backward and be broken and snared and taken do you see the connection there so if you go back to Isaiah 8:20 no noise a you eat them these people that stumble fall broken snared and taken are the people that entered into this evil Confederacy and rejected the latter rain message to mr. despotism you see the the connection there well you don't you see okay I'm back in chapter 8 but I'm in your notes no probably not smart enough and I'm gonna skip over the second paragraph because I want you to see in the first paragraph she's talking about this Confederacy and Isaiah ain't a father second fiddle as soon as I eat them but in the third paragraph she says this God you stood up and I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the Beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet it repeat was his pure pure Kaneko no he said that I pushed you too hard go until I boosted I bet you that I boost you for Corvettes and she's quoting from Revelation 16 says what plague is out my brother that I seen him yawn and so I thought I'd put him on the spot okay keep your finger in Isaiah eight go to Revelation 16 am I going too fast for you to follow the logic what I want you to see here is the e-book Confederacy of Isaiah 8 according to Ellen White is the threefold Union of Revelation 16 confident as soon as I reach a Latino dude it's it's John's illustration of Isaiah's Confederacy city whose customers own and so in verse 13 of Isaiah of Revelation 16 okay she says and I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the Beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet my brother Richard which plague is that gilaflame the sixth place do you believe do you agree with what I was saying about sister manuela that probation closes and then the plagues come how do you explain the warning sister white quotes gates eat them that's in verse 15 behold I come as a thief blessed is he that waiteth and keepeth his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame you see all see that way to sit up this is a warning in the sixth plague a smaller simply how can you lose your garments in the sixth plague gold mines go veg well nice isn't it you've already closed your probation for the first place now we're in the sixth plague and here's a warning about keeping your garments what I never smelled a gal Devo vet mom how do you answer that one my sister Manuela come on scooch Ilya point seven you know it's just simple oh I thought you said simple I thought I heard simple over there okay so pardon me perhaps is an application we can make between 19 Evan and midnight okay okay I have an answer but active a hominid Pascucci Latonia got a school said today okay you use a good logic about a watchman she's up on the cheek body but you can't get away from the fact that this is be marked in the sixth plague vessel so do you fix your mechanized is your bed go ahead so maybe someone like you just the plank you're receiving the the plagues are a reward right for what you've already done so I think you can't you couldn't negate that fact that the plagues are reward also all right is everyone understand in his logic it's good two months I can please a logic we don't understand your logic can you be like Vanessa you know he was a hunter koi people test you and he repented I don't know but let me tell you how I understand this composite up is this is an emphasis in the book of Revelation serisouly know I lived in Africa deep so saying that when it comes to the subject of the threefold Union girls Knievel's you generate revenue and the Evo Confederacy age Allah mobis confident awesome we have to understand this particular Bible doctrine the local wanted doctrine the big party two year before probation closes I focus it down before midnight I've only read before he comes as a thief a volcano Bianca Moreau in it it's connecting us with this history so I knew connect these two when does he come as a thief got this cute vehicle at midnight in this history their realest training so before you get there you have to understand the significance of this evil Confederacy and this threefold Union different components this you just said people in you endo said to convey their roster you have to reject that Confederacy composite coffee do a stroke like a has did not do 40 guys it up a face okay so it's a warning about the significance of this particular Bible doctrine certain abilities Moses a doctor and a big party - yeah but in any case recap the threefold union of Revelation 16 is the same evil Confederacy of Isaiah a la confederación Kyprianou depuis que la même coolican Fidelis ELISA she says these subjects are of utmost importance urge our people to consider them carefully Daniel citizen Avila slowly perispirit yzma suggests on the leprechaun importance do not that component of barbecue for the consider X 1 okay so I'm gonna jump forward because of time to show what don't you ever sleep emotional issues and on page four of your notes go ahead couch boy XP cuckoo Montreal University Council effects adonis siempre I'm saying that in the quote we were just reading magical you do that the evil Confederacy the movies copied a roster of of Isaiah eight it is a veto is the threefold Union see that sleep union of Revelation 16 and in Revelation 16 it up okay Jesus says there's a warning but in Revelation 16 in the sixth plague nope okay just says the SECC mornings are meaningless is another example of that is that sister white says nyg Satan ceases to do his miracles cetera to fill simulacrum when human probation closes call have fun there's no reason for him to be doing any fantastic miracles during the seven last plagues because there's nobody left to deceive say but I pen Keefe acidemia Clemente shows Matthews but he said Daniel flip asking a person that comfy so this morning has to be understood by the context is one its complete back on context and I'm saying the context is this you know call take serious you don't in this history no suggest well I say has represents people I guess on this job that are going to reject the Lateran message and they're gonna place their trust in a human Confederacy a plastic aluminum and this is the dividing issue at one level it's a city kitv's on you are you gonna follow man are you gonna follow car okay so this Confederacy of this history go feed and I saw the cities dwell we have to understand what it is even before it materializes in history maybe I might tell ya he's done he's 12 so when you get to the revelation 16 no cross gonna be a book a deep success it's telling you the fruit of this Confederacy the seven last plagues laughs would you seek what we call a story sit down your plate but for a student of prophecy why did you join that prophecy it's saying that you need to understand Isaiah eight seven eight seven through 12 you compromise a set I do so in order to keep your garments before the Lord comes as a thief in the night I found a gal even know about tomorrow vocalist come on you I'm saying what I'm saying is it's emphasizing the importance to understand the significance of this Confederacy so let's read Nevada so what is the point of yeah that's what most people would say most people say the Confederacy is the best dragon false prophets all the churches but the point is this on page 4 fresh gets bottom of the page about Satan has a large Confederacy his church Saturn Kong Confederation sonic Lisa this evil Confederacy is his church Christ calls them the synagogue of Satan history Zappala synagogue Lucetta because the members are the children of sin pass go see mom when he's off on the bishi so what I'm wanting us to see and this is too too long to get done in in one minute is this temple that a has built in his history cackles tweet also nice tois and this Confederacy that he trusts in yeah so Kofi is the synagogue of Satan that's not going to settle at the external it's Revelation 16 when you've wakes downsample calypso says it's Assyria and Syria and Israel Syria make you smile but even individuals join this Confederacy when they enter into the synagogue of Satan cuz it's all his church so in this history we have two churches that are going up but there's two churches that are being focused upon in this history has build the synagogue of Satan I guess could I go to satsang with the blueprints of the Damascus temple I think no more don't you talk to them as at the same time the foundation and temple that is the church triumphant is going on lyrics interpreter a mystery on put on you and a house yeah cos represents those that enter into the a confederacy key on taco feed alas you and that's why when we bring other lines in here that in the time of Christ it was that good lost good was that the disciples that left Christ did you see decreased they go back and join the Sanhedrin so the Pharisees and the Sadducees Pharisees and Sadducees do not agree with one another the only thing they agreed upon was crucifying Christ but together the Pharisees and Sadducees make up what is called the Sanhedrin now so many families guys so did you see the Sanhedrin is not a biblical term it's a greek terms stomach like that identifies their structure of education so as Christ's disciples return to the Pharisees and Sadducees they're placing their confidence in the confederacy that is the Sanhedrin but the Sanhedrin is connected with Greece which is the world so this Confederacy this trust in Confederacy children.i Covidien I assume it's like the people that have got off the platform here you know enough of him personally what equity person involved to know that she doesn't believe this well said well I know co-op I stood up and she doesn't believe that and he doesn't believe that the three of them are doing on disagreement on certain doctrines and you know it also deduct any but they've agreed to come together and form a confederacy against Isaiah okay so this confederacy begins right among us but I'm waiting to see it extends all the way out to the ten Kings of the United Nations I don't use code gyg because it is the synagogue of Satan synagogue acetone and it's illustrated history state in Isaiah eight now I know I'm a little bit late but let me just make one more point in time you're not done yet did you go back to Isaiah a go tune in Isaiah veto in verse 15 when it talks about a has the five Falls listen Sciuto and many among them shall stumble and fall and be broken and snared and taken verse 16 contrasts that this is a cool top it says bind up the testimony seal the law among my disciples when a has this group is falling called coupe that customer because of their trust in a confederacy like Isaiah's being bound and sealed it's a silly in the same history which is this history okay so we got more to say about this video now preset you said yo and we'll take it up tomorrow Lord will shall we pray Heavenly Father we wish to be among the church in heaven about two degrees you CLO we know that the membership in that church is accomplished through the the presence of divinity in our humanity we see a complete power presence of humanity that divinity we ask that you would lead each of us into that experience who knows at the experience finish that work in us if you set the whole knew that we might be among those that are represented as a manual when firuzan them is surrounded by emmanuel college it was enemy totally we want to understand this light for this history was a totally opposed to us we ask that you continue to pour the latter inner out upon us that we might do so no kioku cheap is daebak's it was a don't tap today is also no poke an abyss your affair we ask that we would be faithful to our calling in this history Vado conditional fidella not happiness that you swap in Jesus well - amen