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Publish Date: 03/03/2018
Speaker Name: Tyler Sena
Language: English & French
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you amen good morning everyone happy Sabbath what you like to see boast about first thing put me up shoes I have a lot of reading to do Shibu could lick to my fear and for the French people even say my translators not going to read the whole passage after I read it don't you know you like truly possess key value what I'm gonna try to do so cliche seats fail is to paraphrase after each each passage should be bellyful Isaiah place a good possession which I do anyway so it should fit nicely don't cuz this good way to dress so say hello I believe that this presentation was done about several months ago in September said please don't touch 2015 one of the vanilla septum to the end yeah and I had pretty much all of it done then he's I think a Simo to would fade out and I just I've tweaked it a little bit something Ella she's just a magician took Tipu degree and I presented this with brother Parminder in Alabama Alabama victim until twice this for the first half and in the second half put me up party edition party I went once with brother Parminder and once with brother Luke Asia FINA victim and every detective Pennock unfortunately my name is mo no providentially I assume Covidien same ownership pose those recordings never made it online see somebody slow-mo knows I'm a tip ability or if they did they were subsequently taken down like they fail to your mother's idea deleted supreme II and I'm sure it was providential at some point at some level it's a Suzuka see proof we don't sell a certain evil so what this presentation is about is organization I love said to predict as simple organization so there's a lot on the board and I'm sorry it's kind of small yeah bokudoh shusui tableau issued easily apostasy booty so the first thing I want us to see on the board Romeo couscous America Nouveau no solitaire is leaves four lines here CC Catalina DC does everyone have notes that's good to know that a note of it if you don't have notes there they should be behind the there should be outside the door no Cassie did not so this Poonam la I don't say blah blah so these four lines dr. Kathleen no tableau represent the tempo cleansing Club please don't keep your focus on the topic if you look at the first paragraph it's evil gondola mere paragraph from review and Herald if you any like this is this somebody sunk Atlantis what sister white tells you sook Illinois ten G is that Christ cleanse the temple twice C cookies that people if you do find it on once the beginning and once at the end of his ministry oh c'mon smile offensive minister and it says at the end of the world energy G elephant a moon he'll do the same thing if a fella named shoes there were two clamp to temple cleansing if you had to appeal if you get some tongue and she she references revelation 18 you have Philly feed on Sabu capes tea sweet verses 1 through 3 Livia Senate claw and then verse for you no sweeter than Cecchetti so what we get from that so kinnou tou dunno normally is these two lines put me on mostly see do community and this is something we've been dealing with at least a little bit in the class Ian on that plan to keep you could but these two periods of time we see do period do tone parallel each other so Elaine new dude and this is the two temple cleansing in the Miller right history it's a level presently duplicates of the Tom Tunney started mini rate one for the Protestants from 1840 to April 19th you and Polly put this don't additional hotel undies enough every count cat where sister White says the Protestants were now passed by Ellen White D comma Tony put this to eat the middle cootie the door was closed on the port 80 fear me soon the next one for the Millerites alleges a map you get simple immediate and their door is then closed on October 22nd 1840 post I don't get you feel me Levin doped up can't get and notice how in all these lines a new ticket doctored Selenia there's always an angel descending immediate issue Okuma smelly linen on skeety so revelation 10 apocalypse DS 14 verse a cat tell sweet revelation 14 verse 9 applications nervous and then an hour line it is written at law and I understand that this is probably hard to see from that angle it should Paschal said they only need if you see live well to set on gala so another thing we see in nutritious canoe value is that there's a divine manifestation of the power of God in each history sickly and manifest assume that business even the shacking does not check in the system in the way one way mark were most familiar with with that concept it doesn't balance key at the clock in some peace Familia don'ts the so concept is the midnight cry salute in mini-me here I'm marking it as the living testimony ECC antiquey come eternity money as visa but this is the midnight cry may such did you clean mini-me so in each one of these histories don't don't shake in this is east well there's a visual test there's a visual manifestation of God's power and manifest has some visibility stones that you for the Millerites for the Protestants it was the 43 chart don't bully put a stone city like this is no current well the male rights it was the living testimony pool immediately luminous reason for the Adventist it's the 1850 chart police Atlanta city like out the decisions accounts and for us is priests upon newly played its the prediction performance Allah Pamela producer from in equivalent to the midnight cry okay don't kick even oh good mini or all of these points here OOP of to say point antique another one we could rent references the the triumphal entry in a neutral a neutral term computer and to Jesus in Oakley Triomphe at what I want to focus on system question by Phuket easy is these two down here CC dude annually and I've moved these two and made them bigger and put them here is she don't deeply Cicilline only second is don't dilute cootie so what I want to show seclusion remotely is how we can use October 22nd 1844 to confess on improvement to diesel event up W so can't get to 1863 line she's got this wasn't welcome item in Linea so let me go about showing that don't kill Shiva more please so now let's read our second paragraph you don't deserve it but I couldn't be sickly seconds in plan early writings 55 mmm-hmm I saw the father rise from the throne and in a flaming chariot go into the Holy of Holies within the and sit down this is October 22nd 1844 Levin Doug Doug Duncan katpa musically seconds thank then Jesus rose from the throne and the most and the most of those who were bowed down around him arose with him sorry I did not see one ray of light pass from Jesus to the careless multitude after he arose and they were left in perfect darkness so we have a group being passed by at this point dr. manmohan and as everyone coupe Katie meet cootie those would which we see on October 22nd it's the second by your own vent up top gallant get those who arose when Jesus did kept their eyes fixed on him as he left the throne and led them away out a little led them out a little way and he raised his arm and he and we heard his lovely voice saying said Ian we his right arm and we and we heard his lovely voice saying wait here I'm going to my father to receive the kingdom keep your garments spotless and in a little while I will return from the wedding and receive you to myself so the first thing I want us to see is we have a tearing time dopamine mocha chambray good new vehicle 9 don't that don't tell the first thing they have to do Lamia scale of fail huh after October 22nd I put a vent doped up gown guys wait see that don't they're waiting for the Lord to return from the wedding NOLA to Jason LG malyasia and we understand that this is fulfilled in the parable of the ten virgins on campaka still a complete up of a bull deviation these virgins are waiting for the bridegroom to arrive a Sevilla says that don't that livw are continuing on in poufy we also see that they're they're required to keep their garments spotless we love them on to see the gaudi love it know some - now if you go down to the next paragraph you might know symbol of kiss me there's a quotation from Christ Arabic lessons 3:16 see pupusas villopoto's it wasn't cast I'm not gonna read it Isabel yeah but what it shows mr. kelmot is that sanctification siculus scientific assume it's continual justification see - no certificate so I'll continue continual obedience you know based on continues so from 911 Luca Pacioli no septum V or from October 22nd des moines a party event doctor the injunction or the command Goolagong soon come on no is to keep your garments policy they are delivered most intention is to maintain your sanctification C dimension a little scientific assume so we know that this is the this is marked at baptism here instead focus illogical abet him an easy one to see is 27 ad with the baptism of Christ in the vessel custom did well see on events that I could attend at least so we have baptism we have sanctification doctors have only about them as scientific assume we have a tearing time is everyone that don't we know that they're in a wedding the Seven Keys I don't - I do - and then let me go back to the previous paragraph and continue as soon as I can't replace it down continue there I behold Jesus a great high priest standing before the father on the hill and the hem of His garment was a bell and a pomegranate a bell and a pomegranate so that is marking the second angels message as a doubling yeah oh yeah Duplo noise and decode a message to Zmaj helping us place us at 911 it's Anupama - Priscilla you 911 super music recent concern Katie those who rose up with Jesus would send would send up their faith to him in the holiest and pray my father give us thy spirit so what we see here the way you know is that they're all gonna rise up keep on so dizzy and so when they rise up II love kids to live this becomes a prophetic symbol for us it's a simple the prophetic poonam and we see in a lot of different places in the Bible in you live what you feelin - I don't have people one of the easiest ones to see as Isaiah 60 verse 1 who live what don't it's a year 6 facility stamp arise shine for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee si si you saw something L see a lift well so what we see with this verse Isaiah 60 verse 1 loss convoy tsukumo avec subsidies for some point is a parallel to revelation 18 verses 1 through 3 si tu parle avec apocalypse is written that long continuing on in our in our paragraph above it some continues about love kiss what they pray young people is my father give us thy spirit people could look bellow done slow as soon as me this takes us to Zechariah chapter 10 verse 1 it's a new ximénez like a ladies a ski of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain so the Lord shall make bright clouds and give them showers of rain to everyone grass in the field okay ladies now the model epi mm-hmm so this takes us now what we see here is that these these virgins dr. viola KU SI fiesh are asking for the latter rain they're asking for the Holy Spirit the model Opilio season 2 Montes anticipate and we know that Zechariah 10 verse 1 in the 7k second ladies huh brings us to 911 once again no Simon de novo 911 continuing our it's a new post even then Jesus would breathe upon them the Holy Ghost you still have a Sufi civilus anticipate and that breath was light power and much love and much love joy and peace so what we see here no way you know is Christ is going to breathe the Holy Spirit upon us upon these virgins don't crease the vasu flee the sentence be super-severe so let's read at the bottom of our page don't kill ezel bed in the clip as you know this spirit of prophecy volume 3 page 243 I know spirit of prophecy volume 20 patience okay don't want the act of Christ in breathing upon his disciples the Holy Ghost and in parting his peace to them was as a few drops before the plentiful showers to be given on the day of Pentecost so what we see here is that when Christ breathed upon his disciples I'm before Pentecost to viola school is senior sue so CDC path what happened good this is the few drops before the full outpouring a pencil please don't don't Kelly Kelly a good of all early a severe so plainer to shoot it happen good again taking us to 911 de novo salon Himeno on septum this is where the former rain begins to sprinkle or the sprinkling takes place let's go see like you literally good let come on circle America mos so what I want us to see with that paragraph because you make every don't super duper musically sank it really obviously secret the festival if you don't points takes October 22nd new point the dawn event when dr. Brown Kent in parallels it to 911 Yolanda Melba halle-loo and 911 very clearly made the vessel quickly so now we're gonna look at that line McNown is a noble gasoline that it creates shaking quickly so it's next page page to don't find a pleasure to do so this book is kind of a gem don't curse Oh leave was to come and show you this I'm gonna quote for the next page and a half long service et al said passionately student from jail opera journal bubble with GN she an elk a twenty second twenty sweet and it's called the church it's organization order and discipline its Alessa Pelle Gleeson against that soon lovely la disciplina really good book on organization its it I believe those slogans as soon one of the reasons it's so good as he quotes extensively from sister white people against it doubly fresco ECT Nami Milan white so let's hear his word let's look at his words about 1844 I know who'll Galdo CZK see what Jesus okay won't get after the close of the prophetic period in 1844 until the light of the third angels message was seen there was confusion among the believers so what la Cruz saying is here is there's confusion after 1844 so canoodle Google ezekiah confuse you I could see some cuts and I want to equate this confusion is imminently deficit confusion to the tearing time of April 19th ooh thought that don't the Disney freedom which we know places us at 9/11 commit no new place' no septum and what we see at 9/11 itsuka new for you on septum is that there's a disappointment based upon the first day of the first month or april 19 security support most educational deployment will be entities never free and we see the same disappointment here at October 22nd 1840 in Vienna mem disappoint monkey Lu event October on cat so there's confusion no Keala confusion this confusion to some extent existed until they saw the real present truth so at this time the present truth becomes present truth locus Ouma mana la vérité please not even ability present and became and they had and became settled in the belief of it so not only do they have to understand what the present truth is no certainly do they complicate a liability please don't they have to be settled in it is a valid affair my own age and this is gonna happen during this time period here it says give us passage along said period Daytona and then once they're settled on it in focus on tteonan they're gonna eventually give a message even a fortune finally modern a massage so what I want us to pick up here so cos mi could nah believe Munna is that the ceiling she could loosen mu is the settling into the truth it's a 10 mm is not a liability both spiritually and intellectual I left was spiritually intellectually again which takes us to 9/11 the new country don't kill you septum Umemoto cinema continuing on it's a new post even the Lord was meanwhile manifest manifesting the true gift of the spirit of the pro sorry was manifesting the true gift of prophecy in connection with the unfolding light of the third angels message so notice during this time there's a progressive unfolding of this message I know a new ticket you lost it billiard the development they saved us a massage which is something we've been marking in our line for a long time ACK Kosciusko news anticodon totally independent oh those who are willing to accept his guidance now had the privilege of coming into the that unity of the faith which the true gifts of the Spirit are designed to promote so part of the objective of this history from 1844 to 1850 I know you the impacted you Buddha said histologies some cattitude ii wish to recognize what the present truth was it a double kinetically tell you massage the very tip results and they become settled on the veneer of fear Mississippi when that happened in focus Udacity Fuji they would now enter into unity of the faith midnight okay don't you need to do that flow and we'll see we're gonna we're gonna continue looking at that yeah they have a gas system that continues to Tim so now I insert here no less she and Syria now a passage from the review and Herald I personally do not leave you and I'll put me into vamp disease on second November first 1850 mm-hmm this is where sister white first says that they've entered the gathering time it said I put me on Flickr then yd like Esau like some blue mom now this is a longer passage it has a general message but this is the last several paragraphs of that passage Missy D downy about participation okay September 23rd the Lord showed me that he had stretched out his hand the second time to recover the remnant of his people and that effort must be redoubled in the gathering time notice there's a redoubling here lemona mark in the second angels message came out don't go to Zuma in the scattering time Israel was smitten and torn but now in the gathering time God will heal and bind up his people in the scattering time efforts made to spread the truth had but little effect and accomplished but little or nothing so notice in OT truth doesn't spread effectively during the scattering time Jolanda dispersed una very Tina see Tompa the pheasant egg Affectiva the truth is hard hard to spread la le difícil de la ville ET de seton where I'm King what I'm suggesting Saku Saku Saku is that from 9/11 see capital G on septum even though we have the present truth even mm seen as a vulnerability present it's hard to spread that truth elite if you see the reponsibility and the fruits are little fruits a leaf weakened because only

flee but their fruit mainly on

Moises indeed flee so I want to look at I want to see that comparison don't see a conveyance at comparison continuing on Shinobu season but in the gathering but in the gathering when God has set his hand to gather his people efforts to spread the truth will have their desired or designed effect all should be united in zealous and the work I saw that it was a shame for any tour fear referred to the scattering for the examples I'm gonna stop on to reread that in a second don't you fear my little apple it's it's it's changing thoughts a little bit situation so that the efforts to spread the truth during the gathering time don't Khaleesi focus upon tabulated you want it until I simply more are met with success soon kombucha souk say we understand that from the PBM a new component capital upon or from 1850 about the decisions account the message goes forward with much more power the massager kvitko Cooper's officials here were marking the call of Zack Zechariah he knew SAP aluminum macula lepelt is Akali and miss calls to the Levites Isetta Pellissippi Lila Vita and what we're seeing here is that it will have its desired effect a my nakayasan effect Kousuke on PES and there's a more we could say about that Cooper said the Association but continuing on make books even I saw that it was a shame for any to refer to the scattering for examples to gather us govern us now in the gathering this is a really interesting sentence sitting president it isn't and I'm not entirely sure what it means it's just super suit on montesque Nvidia there's seems to be something really profound about that Sonny's zombie lucky cuz she's a triple forces you but what she's saying miss O'Callaghan to do is don't look to this time she'd neva go deeper I said period legit I despair soon to figure out how we should operate in this time poor detail many co my new phone you can feel do you want to Tony like something and again I don't know the significance of that statement it the new version a palace if you get some to sit down there mr. kusuda ela so what she's gonna do now look scale that famine no and this is really interesting it's the present in a song is she's going to list one two three four four things a valley stick at choose them for controversies that were taking place catkin Clovis cat put him in Kia's youth and she's going to give the inspired view of those controversy if I do need in a template a sueance period the sequel to this she's gonna talk about the 1843 chart Hippolyta lock out the Jesus account the daily the perpetual that time is no longer a test the test to do Tonkin appear taste and that Saints are going Saints were saying that they had to go back to Jerusalem he sank it is key for Tony this is another not I haven't cracked so to speak Asian tip-off limo ET donc incisions now but I see that there's much significance in it measure luckily abou coupe is the significant sentence issues she's she's telling us a lot and she's making these four controversies often contain presidency cat contrivance present truth Ellie Ellie made don't commit ability plays out so in again that seems like there's a lot there that we could look at some of later time don't lysimachia boku choose okay Lena fool Academy puto so what I want to gather from this passage so cuz you're the last don't be absurd massage is the scattering in the gathering second cylinder this person you know has some bloom and iMac waiting the scattering time to the tearing time I'm equated the scattering time to the tearing is Yoko Khun Ella tanto de su edad I saw blue moon and the gathering time I don't you had some limo to the midnight cry a clean mean me and I in in this history here it don't set this to a large assembly Nia you see the same thing - vanilla mem shoes they tried to spread the truth is this April 19th to the midnight cry about Judy's nephal countess cook administered upon delivery tea but I only had a little bit of a fact me and in other stuff too calculative and they were in confusion a pseudo nakusoo zoom they were in doubt in perplexity is only $3.00 perplexity but once they get to the midnight cry I'll of squeeza is that then Lachlan Minnie and they fully understand the message a complaint of it mana massage and they're now in unity Ahmet no it's a to von unity they give that message it loo Clemson massage and it spreads like wildfire illa illa Seto avec folks and that's what sister was saying happened from the from 1850 forward its Asuka leonid llyich he surpassed about the distance unconsciously though so now we're going to go back to life roseburg don't go to no live with the GN logo good the twenty second twenty sweet bottom of page two and offended our page two okay to illustrate the difficulties to be overcome brought about by the confused ideas of those who had just accepted the Sabbath truth so notice here note II see that the confusion cannot confuse you as among those who have accepted the present truth is a pammi sucio accepted lividity present because only this little group of Adventists let's assume Oh supergroup dead not East had accepted the present truth of Sabbath of the Sabbath Hugh accepted lividity please don't go so noticeable we refer to the first general gathering of our people in central New York in August 1848 they request they requested elder and mrs. white and elder joseph bates to come from massachusetts to give them instruction in the truths of the message concerning this meeting we read that about thirty-five were present all that could be collected in that part of the state but of this number hardly two were agreed some were holding serious errors and each strenuously urged his own views declaring that they were according to the scriptures testimonies for the church volume 1 page 86 the lord through the gift of the spirit of prophecy gift of prophecy instructed this people respecting the truth and contrast with their errors and when that series of meetings closed they were a united people you need company so what i want to see with this whole paragraph sokka's jamaican of a young pop us to supply curve is an example of their confusion during this time period sits an example of confusion you don't see a definition so this is two years before 1850 don't see a pastor john does not want is something called as to the kind of instruction given at that time to correct prevailing errors and save the ranks from confusion we read an experience in views page 53 to 54 published in 1851 such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the 2300 days the command commandments of god the faith of jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is established the faith of the doubting and give certainty to the glorious future fees I have frequently seen were principal subjects on which the messengers or ministers should well so what we see here in this paragraph so canoe violence it also takes down is he's gonna reference a book called experiences experiences and views they feel on scientific accepted experiences view and it's published right here a Sallee vpb issues that produces a second in 1851 oh this is something continue you know it second question talking about this history he lived on the city's talk and what we see is a canoe volume is that she is going to tell she's gonna say these are the list of subjects that will help remove confusion it is facilities D'Souza qadi Atilla confuse you so what is the cause of the confusion Kelly don't clarify soniku silicone fluids reading the next paragraph it's a new lease on the paragraph key three page three - Johanna past month we read in the same book the necessity of harmony among the teachers first of all I didn't I didn't change the title cause of confusion put my emotion upon zhang zhe KU's acoustic confusion that's from Loughborough himself elasticity telugu remember we read in the same book of the necessity of harmony among the teachers some who had formerly run deep into fanaticism would be the first now to run before God before God sends them before they are purified from their past errors having error mixed with the truth they would feed the flock of God with it and if they were suffered to go on the flock would become sickly and distracted and death would follow so what we're going to see sakuni's anova from these next two paragraphs about geodesy to push a paragraph is that the problem the problem were the people who sent themselves problem the person kisses on a table you me and sister White's gonna call these people Illinois I please see person self sent man the person kisses so a table Perelman result is a suitable member and self sent messengers ad message a otaku clammy orphan so let's continue in continue this being the situation we can readily see that the fur the very first thing wanting instead wishing order among the seventh-day Adventist seventh-day adventists was some regulation by which the flock might know who were approved ministers who not thus approved reliable to teach them pernicious airs about the year 1850 to the Lord gave the following instruction which was first published in supplement to experience and views in the summer of 1853 so what we're gonna see shakuni's anova what we're gonna read next so Koontz a lonely little Palace Rita is that this is 1853 this next portion control just two years later does any Patel so what I want us to see in this paragraph because Jamaica New Orleans about the first thing they had to do with organization the plum sisters own equity on video games and soon was figure out who was approved of God and who wasn't CD tell me Nikita pave dododo key Nellie pal it was the first work she tilts ITIL aplomb yella let's read the next paragraph it is o men only paragraph t3 this is now sister white again lemak nice as she do lesser white I'm gonna Loughborough quotes from supplement experience supplements to experiences and views experience abuse citizen simply model Christian experience view Laplace conserve and do the loop oh good and this is that this is that passage if I that's the passage but I'm gonna quote more of it than he did major face it if you screen anything okay so this is the year 1853 new sometimes I need to do some seconds long the Lord has shown me that gospel order had been too much neglected and feared that formality should be shunned but in doing so order should not be neglected there is order in it so what she's gonna do next so kids my family plan is she's gonna go line upon line for us and the family need to do in sibling Tony there's order in heaven yeah the low to us don't see them there was order in the church when Christ was upon the earth yeah they do loved only Gliese conclusively suit them and after his departure order was strictly observed among his apostles he have christened a parallel idea to stick to my Pikachu beep a CDC so she gives three witnesses and you don't want it nice and now is gonna give the fourth it met never knew Tony look at him and now he met no in these last days while God is bringing his children into the unity of the faith there is more real need of order than ever before no Danny Julia boo Cooper's wet dog or katha for as god is uniting his children Satan and his ain't evil angels are busy are very busy to prevent this unity and to destroy it therefore men will be hurried into the field men without wisdom lacking judgment perhaps not willing well their own home or their own house and not having order or government over the very few that God has given them charge of at home and she's gonna quote 1st Timothy 3 3 through 7 yet they feel very capable of having charge of the flock they may they make many wrong moves and all the messengers are thought and all the messengers are thought by those unacquainted with our faith to be like these self sent men and the cause of god is approached in the truth shunned by many unbelievers who would otherwise be candid and anxious to inquire are these things so what she's telling us here tricking new DC is that we need order chickie new food allowed to deal with the self sent man Pula Julius Caesar moutoku Clemmy and one of the first things she mentions a la pluma shusuke emotion his first Tim is the first Timothy 3 3 through 7 the ant imitate what was it this is a this is some of the requirements of the ordained brethren CL and II disagree she also did clear looking for a minister who this woman is and what it says sake tila one of the things that says in dishes created is that you have to be able to roll your home correctly tsuki leave is that the rhythm of the religion with me so collect MO and the reason you have to be able to do that 11 it's important Caliphate commercial the blood of fear it is because if you can't take care of the little thing that you have she will play pop once when they put you to scoff was heavy how can you take care of the big thing come on Polly if you want us want a pic on shows oh if you can't take of your couple your couple children and a wife you play pop once wonderful does not find the vertical fan how can you be entrusted with an entire church come on Polly who Aitken feel a responsibility to to to Nicki's and what we what is really interesting it's a croissant alyssum is that we understand that what we see here rather du moyen supernova you know is that the marriage lamellae ash or the home relationship will assume becomes a symbol of organization de viento can assemble the Logans assume but the marriage maloo maloo ash is also a symbol of something else see it again most about the issues of the Incarnation Laguna soon were to become one called do division were humanity and divinity combined oh yeah the company's known to humanity to diva so the marriage Dhokla malli ash is a symbol of the Incarnation and organization still assembled ananka Masumi you see the login is as soon and if you can follow me it's a vous pouvez muslima then what we see so canoe where you wanna play is that organization secured organization is a symbol of the Incarnation solution built on Telecom assume that to be correctly organized event a token is a collective moon is to be correctly said that wrong to be correctly organized Poulet organs a collective mo is to exhibit a form of the Incarnation siddig CBO info medical illness of humanity and divinity combined in combination with the humanity divinity and we see this in two ways in love what you want to do for soon internally and externally the first so I tell me extent internally I tell me about the facility your soul temple has to be organized with little lambda we could listen the length of atoms that they talk and easy your higher powers will have to be in your higher powers have to rule over your lower powers Lee effectively super you have to have any difficulty and failure in Christ needs to be enthroned in that relationship it please well 800 ton deceitful assumes if you don't have that Sifu Navy personnel your internal organization is in disarray don't give food organza so Antony issue booty and sin is produced a low pitch it okay push and we see it externally in new Leroy you again modifies next time that in the church Donna Gleeson or us as a body of believers a new otaku : if we're not organized correctly sin in the Sun balconies a collective more then we fall into the problem that sister white is dealing with here no don't go to bed only problem collect 1900 Dixieland that pernicious errors are produced the zeal of a permanent system to pujita legit which is saying PA don't occupation so what you need internally and externally so don't assemble the vessel until next there is to be organized see that without organizers accomplish correctly its onset organs that some kids were fit to follow BM it's a symbol of the marriage relationship don't it's a la moto sample de la jolla santa maria that christ church cycle eglise decreased or in submission it assume assume to him as the husband uh I'm assuming so at least I'll talk list it on the lumati and this was part of the problem with Adam and Eve it's the imparted you probably avocado if the relationship was flipped la jolla soon whatever see and we see it with the papacy in the Louvre you again mother kept uppity she's in control of the she's in in charge of the relationship see a kiosk included I would assume so let's continue continue men I saw who live not who are not living holy who are not whose lives are not holy who were unqualified to teach the present truth enter the field without being acknowledged by the church or brethren generally in confusion and disunion is the result so these men she's just saying it another way that these are self sent men who are not acknowledged by the church Oh Atticus is amiss assume Oh to click ok municipal Coon apologies and it results in confusion in this Union la cosa cosa don't conceal a disunion it'll confuse you jump into the next paragraph is still on so to these men who are not called of God are generally the very ones that are the most confident that they are that they are so-called and that their Labour's are very important they go into the field and do and do exert and do not exert a good influence generally yet in some places they have a measure of success which leads individuals to think that they are surely called of God I saw that it was not a positive evidence that men are called of God because they have some success for now the angels of God are moving upon the hearts of his holy children to an lighten their understandings their understanding honest children have it's honest children to enlighten their understanding as to the present truth that they may lay hold upon it and live and even if self sent men put themselves where God does not put them and profess to be teachers and souls received the truth by hearing them talk it this is not evidence that they are called of God the souls receive the truth from them receive it to be brought into trial and bondage as as they afterwards find that these men were not standing in the counsel of God even if the wicked men talked the truth some may receive it but it does not bring those who talked it into any more favor with God wicked men are wicked men still and according to the deception that prep they practiced and as they deceived those who were beloved of God and brought confusion into the church so will their punishment be greater and their sins will not remain covered but will it be exposed in the day of God's fierce anger these self sent messengers are accursed to God even that's a easy sentence Lee sees miss Asia or two of a year sometime an addiction aku's that's the inspired testimony it's a see a luminescent spirit the last bill assume honest souls put confidence in them and put confidence in them think that they are moving in the counsel of God and they are in union with the church and suffer them to administer the ordinances to be to lead them down into the water and baptize them as duly is made as Duty is made plain that they must do their work firt first works and then when light comes as it surely will they are aware that these men are not what they understood them to be God's called and chosen messengers they are thrown into trial and doubt as to the truth they have received and feel they must learn it all over again and are troubled and perplexed by the enemy about all their experience whether God has led them or not and are not satisfied until they are again back and begin anew so what we're seeing there is that these these self sent men become a curse to God's people don't kill my knuckles mrs. akiza so to poke at me something the mallet example occurs that you read a book did you I've seen that happen is if you solicit Missy you've seen you've heard of people risotto deepali - oh we all probably know this this group of people in Oconee sympathetically benson who have been baptized by former Brethren community back you see Palladino fell asleep Chrissy don't know Camilla and once they realized that these men are now who they say they were it come to see personally I discuss isms somebody - so keep so keep it on it they desire a baptism if they still don't at Hobbit easy we've seen this play out a new level food urge we Sula there's only one way to fix it yeah consent Fessenden illegally next paragraph the polakov kissy again there's a lord repeat anything that's a little consequence Aeschylus in yep edition skinny on Budokan seconds no no nor does inspiration no Poulos no a lesbian I soon improve the danger of those traveling whom God has not called was shown me if they do not if they do have some measure the qualifications that they're lacking will be felt and judicious moves will be made and some precious jewels may be driven off by a lack of wisdom where they never can be reached I saw that the church should feel their responsibility and should look carefully and attentively at the lives the lives qualifications in general course of those who profess to be teachers and if unmistakable evidence is not given that God has called them and that the woe is upon them if they heed not this call it is the duty of the church to act and let it be known that they are not acknowledged teachers by the church this is the only course the church can take in order to be clear in this matter for the burden lays upon them it is our duty to know khludova as a church AutoKey eglee's them to say who is and who is not approved relocate approve a dock in Aleppo now if I said that sentence madness is a decent ransom without a sphere profs equal so lupus Angeles with the prophecy I'm sure the words kingly power would be used so circular move prison squire gratitude easy but inspiration says it molecular so no G now here's the only problem Vasilisa problem inspiration says it let's be rational G but we all don't agree where we place inspiration meaning some pad to Sonico allow new plays soon has been assumed if you don't understand the lines correctly with no company profit maligned include going to misplace inspiration was that Liam and Priscilla citizen this velocity because I guarantee that's cause we got young when somebody reads this who doesn't understand the lines correctly see can candy Salah some coupon collector money Linea they will say that doesn't apply to me or where I'm standing even deal castle on a septic pala hulu plus but as we understand it rockin the pseudo new component as the line show episode Ola Linda Mumma it applies to this movement now so let's oblique Ahmet no massive movement continuing on see new post each one I like to I saw that this door that the enemy comes in at to perplex into trouble the flocks can be shut there's a way to fix this Josie Gleeson oh I inquired of the angel how this door could be closed said he the church must flee to the God's Word and become established upon gospel order which has been overlooked and neglected this is the indispensably necessary necessary to bring the church into the unity of the faith you cannot have unity of the faith with the puffs well you need to do left flow without gospel order saw Lola Yvonne's unique it doesn't happen Silencio Vespa the angel setting lawns Mooji I saw that they were in danger in the Apostles days of being imposed upon and deceived by false teachers and men were chosen by the Brethren or church who had given good evidence that they were capable of ruling while their their own house and preserving order in their own family men that could enlighten those who were in darkness Inc inquiry was made of God concerning them and then according to the mind of the church and the Holy Ghost they were set apart by the laying on of hands having received their commission from God and having the approbation of the church they go forward baptizing in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost and to administer the ordinances of the Lord's house often waiting upon the Saints by presenting them the emblems of the broken body and split spilt blood of the crucified Savior to keep fresh in the memory of God's beloved children his sufferings and death the answer to to self sent teachers don't kill our apostle Oh Masashi Kishimoto proclaiming the way that the angel says we shut this door Allah fastened owners launch D confirm set bhakta in which the enemy comes inner ear Dolan a kill enemy totally is through the ordination sip la cosa calcium of select ministers the Musashi the minister the mrs. Swasey what sister white realized so good Illinois Atreides and the Millerites realized it sook eliminated Tony Lizzie was that they had a problem Siculus have a problem they didn't all agree in a teapot to stucco and the only way to fix it Allah self asunder logically was to ordinate and organize sitted constructed a person a defend against as soon we realized we had a problem in his evangelization some the problem came first the problem it arrived upon me the problem came before organization the problem it Aliyev an organ is assumed and we did what sister white said and example physical and white idea we organized some organism that was the answer is it is a lovely possum that's how we clean the mess up and shut the door see they said so conducive own it ye leds articles i fulfill me that book I saw that we are no more secure from false teachers now than they were in the Apostles days and if we do no more we should take a special measures as did that as they did to secure the peace harmony and union of the flock we have their example and should follow it brethren of experience and sound mind should assemble and follow the Word of God with fervent prayer and be and by the sanction of the Spirit of God should lay hands upon those who have given full proof that they have received their Commission of God and sent them and set them apart to devote themselves entirely to the work and by this act show the approving voice of the church amen well okay so what we see here in this quotation new voice a pallet citizen is again she's saying that in the Apostles day they had a problem at a new variety Katan issued is apathy Sonia problem and they solve the problem through ordination is only so do the problem Pelican second soon just like we're solving the problem for ordination communal a movieclip a lock on secrecy continuing on see new post even I'm worried from actually apostles now know vaguely about the Camino Pacifica as an important factor in the spiritual growth of new converts the apostles were careful to surround them surround them with the safeguards of gospel order gospel order is a safeguard lon Logan is assume a lot Loggins associate in the security since of God cookie Hong Pacific suffered some cat well organization Logan is assumed is a hedge that God puts around us city nobly era in echo listener mio to the new churches were duly organized in all places in Laconia and mrs. basilia where there were believers officers were appointed in each church in proper order and system were established for the conduct of all the affairs pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the believers this was in harmony with the gospel plan of uniting one body of all believer one body in one body all believers in Christ and this plan Paul was careful to follow throughout his ministry those who in any place where were by his Labor's led to accept Christ as the Saviour were at proper time organized into a church even when the believers were but few in number this was done so what I want us to see here circa Jamaica Nouveau you know is that sister white identifies that Paul understood Ellen waited on TV couple of a company that gospel order was a safeguard to the difference she loves vasilica teaching surf count and that gospel order led to the uniting of the body of believers because they totally fortunately a country a unification so next quotation is about is organization evil they don't like citizen k CC Eskil against a sunni movies is it a sin to organize it's in the sender organization evil does not result because of organization I know Holly Lee lemony back early Zulu okay so the login says soon that's all I have to raise about don't know you manipulated the dual of consistency Christian education so don't get but because of making organization everything in a huddle godliness of little moment when form and machinery take the preeminence and a laborious task is made of carrying on the work that should be done with simplicity evil will result and little will be accomplished in proportion to the effect put effort put forth and you can you can translate this the object of organization is just the reverse of this vital organs as soon is used to control the Sunnah will have F and should we or disorganized it of a annuities organ easy it would be like tearing down that which we have built up yesterday on put the hogyoku no 72nd Street what have we built a Avenue closely we built a platform there's a vocal swing platform and if we start removing those Timbers its Anu come on son danke on these issues through this organization new Sawant is organizing it would be our demise it says have them all pain bunches thus next quotations from the review and Herald January twenty-fifth 1887 Alessi tsuki sweet really the review in advance it God is leading out a people to stand in perfect unity upon the platform of eternal truth lieutenant cogent attorney a tuffet my initial a platform did Verity tell Nina this is the platform we can't tear down he said to platform compute poverty and you know Christ gave himself to the word to the world that he II might purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works this refining process is designed to purge the church from the spirit of discord in contention and from all unrighteousness that they may build up instead of teardown and may concentrate their efforts their energies on the great work before them God designs that his people should all be joined together in unity of the faith jumping down many do not realize the sacredness of church relation and are loath to submit to restraint and discipline their course of action shows that they exalt their own judgment above that of the United Church and they are not careful to guard themselves and are not careful to guard themselves lest they encourage a spirit of opposition to this voice so we're going to see something here and you said no Val cake shows now and not it's the church because city Glee's is the voice of God Kaleigh laughs what did you we're gonna deal with that momentarily in the saloon Oh Polly of a mutiny mum but what I want us to see here tsukushi Omega Nova you know is that the platform the platform is in direct relationship it's a holistic to the unity of faith of a community love flow and organization you look in these assumed next page left pesky see you and these are just a couple quotes that are going to add some some extra emphasis it's the cake because it has so people don't get on make them festive school nudism as we near the final crisis instead of feeling that there is less need of order order and harmony of action we should we should be more systematic than heretofore all our work should be conducted according to well-defined plans and the final during the final crew as we near the final crisis order is required I know canoes not even one is a position to like Christine I love a look yeah next quotation that's it Kazuki sweet oh how Satan would rejoice if you could succeed in his effort to get in among this people and disorganized the work at a time when thorough organization was essential and will be the greatest work the greatest power to keep out spurious uprize in refute claims not endorsed by the Word of God so what we see in this so far dongju Scecina seventies is that gospel order collude LaVon shady organization Logan is assumed is the greatest power to keep out spurious uprisings Searcy's la pregunta experienced key a new pyramid an account is it it is e we want to hold the lines evenly that there shall not be breaking down of the there should be no breaking down of the system of organization and order that has been built up by wise careful labor license must not be given to disorderly elements that desire to control the work at this time some had advanced the thought that as we near the close of time every child of God will act independently of any religious organization but I have been instructed by the Lord that in the in this work there is no such thing as every man's being independent the stars of heaven are all under law are all under law each influencing the other to do the will of God yielding their common obedience to the law that controls their action and in order that the Lord's work may be may advance healthily and solidly his people must draw together in order for us to draw together I think a new person Porsche is a diesel we have to do with your organization in full organs as soon see TT monopolies volume no flippers just a second set it is a second we're going to switch gears now met Nova pass CI new 3d on and we're gonna deal with the voice of God even apparently don't deliver what did you now what I want us to what I want us to see through this next couple pages this next two pages because you're makin over you or does he do vascular system what I think it's time for us to do Lou talkie case Kelly told another film its to self-identify see the Newsies on TV and if anything gets me in more trouble it's Suki done the problem sorry I don't think anything will get me in more trouble than this last piece last passage production quick sis to I do look you dony who's the problem cuz the potion passes Campania there's several hard sayings but yeah the usual of classic red you if you didn't do but it's time we say what what role is may seem at no I totally know Hotel Jeremiah 1519 don't you let me cast therefore thus saith the lord if thou return then will I bring again bring the again and now shalt stand before me and if thou take forth the precious from the vial thou shalt be as my mouth let them return unto thee but return not unto them what we see here Saku nuva you know is a couple things yeah piece of shoes firstly home llamo if you want to be God's mouth she to read to la bouche to senior it's conditional sequency Sunita if see if you do two things see to fit douches if you return to the Lord see to Latinos in yo and if you're able to separate the precious from the vile it ctrio module discipline look Lisa do you have to be able to discern good and evil if fill a coma so that it cell near loopy a tomato you have to be able to discern good teaching and evil teaching in the food coma so that is only bozo Senor no more the movie you have to be able to discern who the vitamins of the discerning who is sent by God and who is not he ate away about you a keen Aleppo and if you say you can't it's seafood get canal Papa or you say you can't do it till a later point didn't we Paulo fella Votel plan you take Jeremiah 1519 open it don't you leave me cancer is now which is in a larger context she does not contest relish which places us in the time period of nine eleven he knew Lamia donkey noopy appreciating Mackenzie's nephew 911 and you remove it from present truth it don't it was on visa passage delete it because it's something in the future if we only place all kill keep out on the future it's not present truth its future dongha's kappa in very tip please of me in Verity few so for us to be his mouth the new pocket her own miss you that laboux she's be able to separate the precious on the VAR info a coma so that hood the separate video Chris you and notice in Ooty let them return unto thee but return not unto them Kokila tone to not Swami popular you have to let them go it fully Lisa party you can't be the prophet who prepare felt yet little too fatty to be so when Christ separated the group come juicy pizza polygroup in John 6 Don John sees he said let them go along ideally silly party and he did it for a reason a lava pool recently see if those unfaithful this if there was unfaithful disciples she CDC pure every day who would have stayed all the way to the cross so that I stay or she's gonna claw the the faith of the disciples the twelve disciples left where deduce discipline would have been so shaken okay to see a sue qui that they may have fallen away he's only purpose disease so it wasn't mercy dog city does a miracle that the group was separated good look who participate it's not an act of violence Sunita movies at it's not an arbitrary works anybody never betray her it's a work of specificity see you know Florence Pacifica that specific work he said tell particular is to guard the flock Cebu a Sufi LD little pool and the same thing happened on April 19th la meme chose a pathologist FF discount they were separated is anticipation for their well-being pulip Iannetta the passing of the time was well calculated the passage to table you need to calculate to reveal the character effectively looking like that sook Illinois decline it's separated to class that's it pal he took a tegu here and so we find ourselves today a cement known in Vantaa mmm suggestion in a time where character is being revealed donut on Donny beaucoup the collectivity video where choices are made being made choices are being made ooh - was son son son Cocula next paragraph a epitaph kiss feel you are constantly inclined to individual independence you do not realize that that independence is a poor thing when it leads you to have too much confidence in yourself in to trust to your own judgment rather than to respect the counsel and highly estimate the judgment of your brethren especially of those in in the offices which God has appointed for the saving of his people God has invested his church with special Authority and the power which and power would no man which no one can be justified in disregarding and despising for in so doing he despises the voice of God to despise the organization of the church me please Lila gains a silver league Lisa it's despise the voice of God save me please Eli what do duty Monash apologies William club basket somebody set on ugly next paragraph the paragraph kiss me Christ gives power to the voice of the church kids I don't need epistles I'll have what the league Lisa verily I say unto you whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven no such thing is countenanced as one man starting out upon his own individual responsibility in advocating what views he choose irrespective of the judgment of the church God has bestowed the higher the highest the highest power upon under heaven upon his church it is the voice of God in his united people in church capacity which is to be respected I saw that he would that so there's a quote here and she does soon there's a passage in between these two passages ya know closely do business or one paragraph does nothing she's talking about a brother like a pantygram brother be lift can't be I saw that he would question the men upon whom God has seen fit to lay the responsibilities of his work he would exalt his own zone opinion in views above the light of the light which God had given through them and would boast of his knowledge and he would be an accuser of his brethren not expect not accepting the expecting sorry the where am i accepting hmm oh not accept oh sorry not exact accepting the ambassadors of Christ okay sorry all this overbearing influence to be to belittle the judgment of the servants of God and to accuse them of weakness and err exalting his own opinion above theirs if not repented of will be found written against him in the books which he will see with shame and the day of God so again what we see is now so Canova you the church is the voice of gods it's good eglise enough and we can't despise it in the new proven plan am i pleasing so next on suite number 17 eight nobody said to beat City - public easily basket something comes Iike this is the story of Aaron's rod that budded either-or lastly we start the battle against a monkey a foolish what is this story about a pal a pup sequester distance about two groups of people I thought the Duke of the person who both who both claim to be chosen of God he sunk into so Tuesday clearly disappointed you who both claimed to be his representatives key addicted to a party or the oh please not on the June and it's only through this through this test it's the cadets attest that God manifests who is the chosen messenger could you have manifested evilly Katie so missus regime and it's seen by the fruit its allah if you belief real the rod buds and brings forth blossoms and yields almonds the battery la la bouche on a la parte de food is a desire mountain and we normally place this a new place also low at the midnight cry oakley the mini now i forgot to do something down here it's a beautiful cake shows Lamba there's three lines here yeah twenty Nina and I know it's small and it's just a do you have nine eleven midnight midnight cry Sunday law Mr Bowen no September mean weekly mini Sunday Lou what Duty mush then three you have the first day of the first month the first day of the fifth day of the fourth month the first day of the fifth month in the tenth day of the seventh Street own a local official diploma - and kimchi look at him when the permission just thank you - I'm Judy City Mo and finally a fine animal you have our line this f-102 Alenia 911 on septum 2014 milquetoast PBM PB Pama and midnight aft she the three lines brought together same in will eat well and sue me on some the top line line Linda who is the line of Adventism Zealand in de Letran chisme the bottom line is the line of the priests la linden bacillus is aldehyde and what I want to see in this line it's the question Wachovia das at Linea is the midnight for the priest sickle emini pulley plant was in 2014 I don't go to milquetoast that the midnight cry for the priest it could mean acrimony polly plate is the PBM SI la palma and that our close of probation it could not ho f TG is that midnight seemingly the problem with the word midnight there no problem a Vakula tell me no no she don't mean Vila it's it's the midnight for for the levites Cielo mean we deploy is the midnight for the for the church sorry see the mini Padraig Lisa and there's a real cop you gotta it's a complicated thing to explain it's a complicated speaking but what I want us to see so cuz you're Monica vous voyez let the midnight cries the PBM say Tokido mean me la silla PBM new kid mini the midnight cries the PBM here the kid mini La Silla BAM boom this is where Aaron's rod is gonna but it's alekhya louboutin de anza effluvium and it's before midnight it's the best album in me next quote let's see tsuki sweet Zakaria 916 secondly Nev says not only are we no sunmo Aaron's rod robot la da da da da hua Zhu Li but we're an ensign lifted up before the people may say tennis in the interview osuzu de peplum and the Lord their God shall save them in that in that day as the flock of his people for they shall be as the stones of a crown lifted up as an ensign upon his land and what does an ensign do it could fan and senior it brings things people to it luckily Johnny so at the PBM don't call a Pam this is where God's people are lifted up that's when when I could look up the jew ET la vie and men are drawn to them equally some Santa Julia now brother Jeff mentioned this one Jeff adage emotion is Villa and the Sabbath I believe don't tickle the service qua Deuteronomy 18:15 18 15 through 19 the table numbers with cancer is no now there's a way we can read this and fasten the leaf severe say where you can individualize it won't pull and you visually see how what I want to look at Mitsukoshi umbrella County is how it applies to God's movements you come on on that picture of F say Oh move multitude the LORD thy God will raise up will raise up unto the a prophet from amid amidst the the midst of thee and thy brethren like unto me unto Him ye shall hearken according to all that thou desirest of the LORD thy God in Horeb in the day of the assembly saying let not let me not hear again the voice of the Lord my God neither let me see this fire anymore that I die not and the Lord said unto me and the Lord said unto me they have well spoken that which they have spoken I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren like unto thee and will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him and it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto my word which he shall speak in my name I will require it of him so what we see here so good new value EC is a parallel to Jeremiah 15 family live actually me cancer that God is going to put his word in the mouths of his people because you have made see belladona boisterous in poop and they become his prophet it's super villainy of simple fate they become his spokesman it won't veneer so supportive whoa now this one's gonna get me in trouble he doesn't have a move Cousy deublin but God said it not me me see the senior college is anupam on exodus seven one and two exerts it an Edith and the Lord said unto Moses Eliseo tetum you see I have made the Agharta Farrah well should be sure to feed you poof alone and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet yeah only to facilitate improve it thou shalt speak all that I command thee I command thee and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto them on an errand thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh and he's and he's and he send oh that he said the children of Israel out of his land okay taught Judea to sequester Donovan yeah don't care feel that I found pokey lesser Lily some fund Israel autism P there's a hierarchal relationship yeah in the novel assumed appellate Yaya she ain't gonna sue your ass cheek Frank you between God and Moses also Julie Louisa and relationship is sexual assume symbolizes symbol is the relationship between Moses and Aaron LA Coliseum moo easy some flavor and that relationship second assume I'm suggesting to Suja it's my suggestion Seneca Mizuki soon typifies TPP the relationship between the priests and the Levites never necessarily Platini leave it that we are Moses in some movies and they are errant it is and that's the relationship between the two of them a sea level at some key existent what he do now if you want to put it in the stronger words that God uses memento civilly lamenting the FSOC fault Cassell did you he says a God in a prophet a Jew allah prophet next quote next paragraph next verse the some cattle event do I think I eat Psalms 82 5 through 8 they know not they know not neither will they understand they walk in dark they walk on in darkness all the foundations of the earth are out of course I have said God has said this year geology and all of you are the children of the Most High you want to just read that sentence okay who said did you was that Tuesday please do try to tell sissies but this is what happens to them if I'll ask is lovely television but ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes arise O God judge the earth for thou shall inherit all nations what we live the abscissa - you eat gone what we see here so good new for you II see is that there's a great privilege given to the people he's talkin to ya come clear Valesky I echo deluge on a key in Filipinos now someone's gonna misquote me I'm sure suspense a dick you can't caveman mentality and say we're calling ourselves gods you know the song canoe new Zeppelin do mem dude but God is making that reference me Suzuki physically feels and he does it a lovely to show something put new more criticism not that you are where almighty infinite beings no Packer was it an echo pre saw Anthony because we're not that's good no no listen pal the quote says let's eat as soon G or malleable something a long and what's the last one week week a fibula but when we come into contact with God Minister knew someone contact as a Jew and humanity and divinity unite it companies lala-lulu Manila divinity so Tunis we become children of the Most High the vanillin some fun to your jutsu and our position is becomes much more exalted in that position so a book cuprous XLT but may there's a group here young cupola that reject that blessing kilo Jet Set Benedict soon and what God says it's a good Yugi is that they will die like men sick even movies come dishonor because they don't understand that's Kino come Quinta what it means to follow God Tsukasa cine field follow man but oh you drift ISM next quotation let's see tsuki sweet what is organization for can you know beautiful organza soon the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men don't colleague Lizzy large also this in a particular sense elitism complete on Pacific food passions there is one appointed way yeah conserve were a Disney and that appointed way it said welcome Sudan is the way of salvation she loved what you said you so what we see so good new volume is that God's people she could have picked achieve his church Sonique Lisa not an individual but a collective group of people no pen and if you do makeup Coco will be lifted up at as an ensign so ha Olivia talking signal at them and the message that they bring in a message given Omni becomes the only way of salvation for the world the viondra don't kill us self register you pull the moon it is the appointed agency for the salvation of man that's casillas also dissing you about your pool of salad is over as we gone forward as we go forward in this truth yellow canoe a pool a summit of the turbidity and in the crisis it on akiza there will be no truth on earth you are opening the verities of their outside of God's church don't go to leak least at you because everyone else is dead that's because to to desert sumo there in darkness Sudan it enable that's what the time of the antigens it's a cooler tumblr fan who wasn't saying that the world is in need of revival but school Munda Bolivia next quote let me finish that quotation of Athenian citizen CP also the church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually will eventually be made manifest even to the principalities of principalities and powers in heavenly places the final and full display of the love of God what is that it's good seekers so it's the living testimony seal it ammonia she's wrong it's humanity and divinity combined seal accompanies until you mad you diesel next quote let's see that Sookie sweet you say euros is it GG sunset this is about Thomas now pop the Tama during this time he repeated he repeatedly declared except I see his hands and hands the print of the nails and put my fingers into the prints of the nails and thrust my hand into his side I will I will not believe he would not see through the eyes of his brethren more in the villa park avenue discipline or exercise faith which was dependent upon their testimony uxm salaf wa kiete dependent Kida ponte de los demonios after Christ ascended to heaven applica Chris what is nontraditional there were twelve people there were twelve people alive a dispenser know who gave a testimony he owned only don't kill him and it was the only testimony is it Tillis ultimen Jesus Christ had risen to Chris it elasticity because they saw him but he loved you and they became a something to finish the test for everyone else the test proved to the sutra would you believe the words that these men were speaking a quadruple hole to see so no because God gave them a tech gave them a testimony kikuchiyo ha do not ammonia's he gave them a gospel aloha didn't even see the good news Lubuntu venom and it had to be given to other people it's a ton of elevated dunya sutra and if they did accept it through God's chosen messengers its ceaseless impersonal acceptable so mr. schiavelli Musashi did you they weren't going to get another gospel in Nalepa up to nila not leave us you know and what the lesson will read the life yeah did I I didn't really oh oh he ordered loved his Lord and but he had allowed jealousy and unbelief to take possession of his mind in heart kousonsan Yamanashi Lucia land created upon position thus encourages on a screen this next one is the real problem they don't get a suit admonish police William Clark it's okay to say to him you cannot understand this next paragraph on the Campania paragraph kiss me outside of the lines or duodenal iniya correctly the fashion collector because I'm not claiming what it's gonna sound like I'm claiming OSHA particular suki some at all declare soon but there's a principle here I want to I want to look at me apply CPC Colonel don't think you huh I have been shown that no man's judgment should be surrendered to the judgment of any one man but when the judgment of the General Conference which is the highest authority that God has upon the earth is is exercised private independence and private judgments judgment must not be maintained but be surrendered your error wasn't persistently maintaining your private judgment of your duty against the voice of the highest authority that the Lord has upon the earth after you had taken your own time after you had taken your own time and after the work had been much hindered by your delay you came to Battle Creek an answer to an answer to repeat to the repeated and urgent calls of the General Conference your you firmly maintained that you had done right in following your own convictions of Duty you considered it a virtue you considered it a virtue in you to persistently maintain your position of Independence you did not seem to have a true sense of the power that God has given to his church in the voice of the general car you thought that in responding to the call made to you by the General Conference you were submitting to the judgment of the mind of one man you accordingly manifest in independence a set willful spirit which was all wrong what we see here in the principle I want to see here ljubka new regime cocoon of Iona is that in God's church cheekathon agrees the Jew there is sorry that God's church is the highest authority he put on this earth don't cook leg little jewy little little epistle Vicki let me so tell huh and now when the when the when the church says something you can't League listicle cashews private interpretation let up with us simply V our private judgments foolish Mulleavy must be surrendered what that to sue me but to do this we profess to know my sister white says chameleon my clergy is not to follow man since consist of passivity so because what who are you actually following but something kinky Oh Steve even the voice of God they don't care laughs what did you offer Salah in closing particular all of that takes one thing to select insert Susan it takes one thing to make that work cease if we couldn't shows Booker's to love a swirl plus and it's this it's Islam do you have faith Aviva Lafleur do you actually believe it's good for choir awesome Imam that God is setting up the church around good you know innate ability stream phone that he's polishing off the enzyme he likened the new boolean pure carnosine you and that there will never be another apostasy of God's church ever I think you piece the opposite agrees that this church will triumph I think I said dig Leigh's be streamed all the way to Eternity to learn oceans tell eternity because if you don't believe that that's conceived on clay apostle ah then these quotations that sakata's you see citizen don't you can be seen with doubt but that hope you come avec du period you have a clue toot and you can expect if you prove it was a Tundra with that false idea have occurred the first CD that you would see apostasy in the movement curve lose a layer voir Dhokla post movement and that you can't actually trust God Church a on fete given to be path less it would confuse non-existence because it's not his church triumphant Bhaskar Solano glaze on path so neatly through him because it's not actually the voice of God that's good any pal faith love what did you dear Heavenly Father soonest Lord we thank you for so much for this day no time soon phonemic Pazuzu Lord we pray that each and every one of us would come into that unity of the faith that you nucleon cachaca not a new piece of Avenue I said unity the

tune is upon me

we pray that you would forgive us of our sins notably don't get too pissed about the need in the PC and that you would create a new heart in each and every one of us it could to clear a new vocal second who knew that we would follow the command effect a new person sweet lord well to keep our garments spotless the Gaudi no fit Muslim - we pray that you would help us to press together in the reunification CD edmo union soon become into perfect unity I felt a balcony line in a tip of it upon the truth that you've given us soon ability Katinas attorney and upon the the principles of organization it's only principally logins assume Lord we thank you so much new to me some tungsten we ask that your blesses congregation into the mode on the benefit assembly and that you would be with us Lord it could be preset effect no sin in Jesus name no no no disease I mean you