Falling Away




Publish Date: 03/01/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
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you amen type in Jehoshaphat reigned because I think he reigned 25 years pretty sure it says here in 25 years she can keep it I want to say something about it if he did anything about it don't boo chef Sheila Julia vendor Joseph a teapot Kosovan sake Annie don't see can't come okay so first kings 20:2 so brother Bob added yesterday so I just let you know the addition and and he learned this a long time ago when the 2520 was the beginning I know Bob as you tear cashiers every lap we said that we don't talk on the do me cell phone to come on dick oval and I've heard this before too but I'm not sure who initially taught it he jumped on to xalapa have Amish and super still tequila G I have a hunch it was Theodore Turner but I could be wrong don't curse in certain doesn't mean it's a tepee we're looking at Isaiah 7 no Cowboys are you say which begins in the year 742 yeah come on say oh no said some controversy creased and it begins that the whole 2520 chiasm it's a commis don't do classic joke is tea caddy jimmy savile which ends down here in 1863 like he said fini on meat we saw so sometimes but we came to understand that 126 means of all complete solvency so is a symbol it's symbolic of the 25 20 C assembler dear son to me system and that in 1863 it is my son Tom William Miller's dream that Jules began to be li Shiu you don't have the Miele went to despair see and 126 years later brings you to 1989 the time of the end yeah play Simon season a putana Simon Newton life and he's no sockets - and if you begin in 742 and go backwards 100 in 26 years it's you come on sir oh no months it's on kahan do you know what on I should solvency so now you're never even once we saw with some treat Danny pigeon put you I think like in the fourth year of Jehova Jehoshaphat's brain a sentence I'm Nov long like a tree I'm I need you and this is effort so Jehoshaphat this is what brother Bob was pointing out it's a kebab Selenia he was a good king she turn boom Wow he was leadership sheet and eerie song and he was trying to bring the lady on board with the revival and Reformation that he was doing he say intimately like don't only like a very funky let what you think but when you get down here in 1989 mokona Eve launch is no circuit - leadership being passed by DD riche also me - cookie and the Lord is raising up the the Larry Ellison yo la susa's Italy la Iike to try to do Reformation and revival fully see the fair enough telephone meet anything but if you include with this that Jehoshaphat reigned 25 years Missy was in Kiev excited fetishes effective in events Ankeny we know that there is a 25 year period here in the several can tell you da Vincent canítö that takes you to 2014 he knows I'm an ultimate ketosis and this 25 years is the the last 25 years miss events incandescently downey of a 126 the seven seas that began in 1888 giacomo z dokkan song ji-sun catch me so you can see connected with this 2126 don't believe well yeah Vicki solvency sir a second 1:26 it begins in 1888 in this impaired the San Francisco Musante sohcahtoa eat but it extends 25 years later makea tzitzit oven sink an airplane and you can see this 25 inferred here if we prove this event psycho don't city started the question is how how far does this chiasm extend if you had really good spiritual discernment don't concern said like a sushi school we don't know so chiasmus on a gorgeous something must be rich other and and brother parameters dealt with this 126 in his class so we need to go there if i Mendell apology something sees don't see class superpower so what we're dealing with primarily is joseph bates application of sardis diet Sardis Laodicea in Philadelphia so nappy Kazuma vaguely quasi please don't sound too Philadelphia alo DC and I've taken that threefold division into Isaiah 7 is appreciate why division sees Omni down is ie center and I'm approaching you're different than we ever have in the past because usually we see in Isaiah 7 external bus cursive Oliver dawn is a year said to me look at the extent and I'm saying its internal DC and tell and I'm saying that Isaiah in historian in chapter 7 are the faithful that are given the prophetic message thank you for delivering me such puffy chicken and that's how we've taught it for years see so conducive or significant is when a prophet becomes part of the prophecy he represents God's people at the end of the world and perfect a Thank You Donna prophecy but we don't live the joy defense and I pointed out that a house a sheep wanted you to a castle was a wicked King they don't want mission and if if you have the Ellen White cd-rom it says every listen to didn't write then you can go into the the the part of that cd-rom that has the historians if you prevail later on a party who yell is Astoria and look up eater shine if that's how you pronounce his name hey I didn't know Ito shines it comes Osuna and he'll give me the history of Ahaz sending I think it was his high priest I suppose if every journalist wachowski on vahik was some concrete come to Assyria I'll a Syrian maybe it's Syria but to make a blueprint of their pagan temple fulfilling portico don't cut the stump I am and then he comes back to Jerusalem he don't close the new Danka she'll resent him and he builds this pagan temple right in the courtyard of the sanctuary and shuts down the sanctuary service helical screw yasutora sado doughnut of America secure family some travel itself is dysfunction second King 16 verse 10 do you want to read that for us it was this deep and King Ahaz went to Damascus to meet the king of Assyria and saw an altar that was at Damascus the King has sent a Uriah the priests of passion of the altar and the pattern of it according to all the workmanship thereof and your idea the priest built an altar according to all that he need a has had sent from Damascus so your idea the priest made it against King a has made it against King Ahaz came from Damascus and when the King goes from Damascus the King saw the altar and the King approached the altar and offered their own Oh verses 10 through what okay so if you are just a piece of logic here soon I should suit logic law that can be developed much further Cepeda a few people ooh wow wow I'm just gonna reference it you should say look if you don't see now in this history I'm saying the Omega apostasy takes place in this movement Shadid on statistical Omega pistacia pre plasma and there's more than one Alpha apostasy ayianna pre-dinner apostasy Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning busca jisu come on you should see the be able to see the rebellion of Lucifer in heaven in the Omega Luka don't Omega V Lucey fail because that was the Alpha apostasy let's go horizontal apostasy and foul you should be able to see the rebellion rebellion of Adam and Eve and Leto missile to confirm that he brilliant that don't even because that's the beginning of the rebellion in mankind basilica most mortality billion to humanity you can see the rebellion of the first heresy in the Christian Church Pahlavi billion de la première it is easy stock Christian in the in the first century don't open your sacrum and it gets fulfilled here and then you should be able to see the Alpha apostasy of Adventism you know difficult on me to develop estación fidelity Sinestro and a classic symbol of the Alpha apostasy in Adventism yes simple classical apostasy al fadela twenties is the book of living temple sillily for living temple so i'm saying in this history don't set you stuff you're gonna see a temple over a table that's a counterfeit temple key and Tom culture thing it's a has temple sealer tom ties that casts and it's being built at the same time the church triumphant is being raised up it's a table a deacons common talk early like instruction telegraphy on focus of this temple construction there's two temples going on here at the same time donkey I do tom platt the key all kind of well you la tormenta and a has is a symbol of those that are leading out in this temple project yeah Casa Santa but the sucio countries don't suppose you course if you bring the Alpha of Lucifer into paseo de la la posta G alpha the Lucifer then you get to where does his where does his rebellion begin after Manuela where does Lucifer's rebellion began coup de Billy on the satiety not wear what manifestation have a can manifest as scenario beyond a certain tell como si mmm-hmm adopt the way dr. sounder questioning jealousy jealousy jealousy jealousy is that what you're saying see circuit evil idea not here you're not gonna hold out that what are you saying stop down don't doubt okay maybe it's doubt but I'm gonna go with jealousy we potentially have a cliche Lucy okay so the beginning of this rebellion should be jealousy Lumos model disability flesh Lucy and this corresponds to what we put on a few days ago it's a local response economy on plastically zq8 basically with the first abomination is the image of jealousy la première abomination city manager lucia aperture i jealousy Oh Mia inch easier to imagine seducing and in this history it don't set is to allow the true image of jealousy is the ten commandments and they typify those two charts HTPC to count and those two charts come in right here in this first generation fulfilling the image of jealousy this in Ezekiel a destroy me lad don't play secured sequa it's the secret chambers and in Matthew 24 don't you think Jesus says behold they will tell you to go in the secret chambers don't do it that's a paraphrase you jump up with some need only some secretly and when sister white comments on that it can attend white commercial solo she says it spiritualism edgy khazad-dûm kachou spiritualism disabilities now and we've consistently identified that as a leader chief Eastham placing man's wear about God's Word classy liberalism Oh juicy to sell juju and then in Ezekiel 8 yes we don't ezekiel you eat you have the weeping for Tammuz sousaphone early literally plop OH - Musa Paul's letter a message shaky Lopez on Duncan forcibly delay of season and then you got bow into the Sun yes I'll sit on isla - Vasiliy ok which is the mark of the beast model a bit these four generations see catching I assume you and I as seventh-day Adventists are not held accountable for those the sins of the Adventist Church in that history don't give a - about the new responsibilities but a 911 may on September we will be tested by each of those issues new segments a step a shocking to see of shoes them everyone follows this logic returned Montcalm callaloo chic we it's based upon the understanding of the 2520 soul a basis to determine something when the 2520 comes into this movement kali to me something in this history here don't sit is to allow then we understand that if you find yourself scattered in an enemy's land and we're not completely honest you lose it some to vgs passes on the pedal enemy that you need to confess your sins and the sins of your father if you fo don't confess see i laugh well appreciate from a foe pop capisci but we don't believe in original sin may new new client positioning we don't believe that i inherit guilt for adam's transgression you know Clark when I read the translation at them but still I'm going to be tested Maputo severe etiquette st to see if i will participate in adam's transgression well see survey participants Christian Tatum okay so the other day no closure we lined up ephesus with the image of jealousy na Alenia don't have a commercial you see smyrna with spiritualism and the second generations me own a fake spirit spirit teams that the same generation and Pergamus with the third-generation victims union soon a tire tire with the fourth-generation that it's like a team so in this history don't set this Flopsy all for those churches are gonna come into our history say Catholicism I leave it on at least well okay we're going to be tested by that very thing there's a lot st positions men so in this history that we're looking at don't only stocking some atlanta ligardi how many churches do we have combien degrees avenue we have ephesus is a vote on aphasia smyrna deserve osmeña pergamus gamma diet IRA it's yeah Gina philadelphia philadelphi Laodicea a lousy sing and Sardis a sound oh they're all their associate degree C 2 V in this history don't set is to allow okay now I'm not saying you can't lay them out a different way because symbols have more than one means but for the purposes that we're doing here we're gonna go with this Madonna be deleted consumer kind of an ally avec similar do you do you see of seven churches s-curve of why a to solicit eglise now okay up here is alone you have Sardis who's a vase Adam we're using your notes invite you deceive or not though over the past few days so it's under page three Wow joseph bates let's eat as soon as you suspect if you analyze volume and the Volvo keys we saw second three parts are gonna go through the fire but only one part is gonna come out good and chef don't collide on the food haha fini are you with me sister less empty was it devil mississippi Sardis saldo according to Revelation chapter three solo apocalypse clown they have a name but they're dead he's on a new me itsumo a name represents covenant relationship a new circle present in relation this is the seventh-day Adventist Church he says she don't get the legalese the Adventist Oh based upon the history of Moses of Christ and the Millerites that's easily stopped the Muys decreased it immediately when the Lord's entering into covenant with the people he's passing by a covenant only senior on osowiec and 30-meter Kutuzov Daniel's best this is the covenant people Alessi look Abdullah Leone's they have the name given to them by God seventh-day Adventist he is a Gaussian okay tequila right eaten apologies about their dad show me some off okay but down in here according to joseph bates meal a saloon there's two more parts yeah disco party there's Laodicea Duke yellow DC and Philadelphia and in the passage it's only passage he says that the Laodiceans are nominal Adventists nominal means name nominal savatthi unknown so at nine eleven of savages concept on these Laodiceans Elysia accepted the cabinet relationship except Italians they in theory ate a little book until these emotional / GG but when you enter into covenant you're going to be tested me come for certain aliens were solely testing these are those that fail the test this sousuke issue a taste of their own their Adventists in name only it's a disadvantage me don't know sir know where where he baits as Philadelphia me come back the motion Philadelphia is the true Church of God and if it's the true Church of God Cecil every tablet leads the Jew it implies there's a untrue Church of God so lying precursors Autopia in facilities which is the temple that a has is building right here please Uncle Tom a cantilever which I would call the living temple convey a plate don't live in Temple a counterfeit temple so a top ukuko thing so you got layer this ear to philadelphia philadelphi low GC and up here it's not Illustrated you got starters it oh say police women's that one sounded will be rebuilding Jericho don't that guy silicon-silicon seems reasonable to me this Asylum is some reasonably yeah because we're looking at this all prophetically that's good no look out though I said you start investing for physique it's completely symmetric construction that's what about if you got through three witnesses if you feel do 20 mile I'm expecting it till it's a different application my post en different applications but we started out this conversation a few days ago Eden 7 come in go SSA I can fish you looking at the overlap of later scenes being at the same time as Ephesus oh well don't Elizabeth mother Lucia fish montolo TC ad face I'm trying to find the differentiation she's a symbol of legacy in Ephesus I would say is is looking at it from beginning and end the pull assemble the load the beginning of coming in history at the end of cabinet history you're gonna have these two elements the lolly also no hostage I want to plug that back in here when it's all said and done a JaVale Ahmet will see thou settest welcome to scar it ugly you know those people who are being faithful that's cuz you seem so confident in the model this morning don't unload that this matter is Philadelphians better another level mandarin 30 visions yesyes no offense yeah we're just so thankful that Miller's rule says symbols can have more than one me in some silicone a song Camille I like the Malayan discus about power difficult to see if you consume okay so I want you to I want to start with a second okay no Babu kana play silly cat Lisa oppa go to Leviticus 26 34 hello I loved Olivet chick Vance's Venkata the first truth that was set aside la plana eglise Katie mr. Coty was the 2520 they do mean the system is a courtesy to Mesa so there comes a time in Miller's dream alive even Tony left Emilia when the dirt brush man comes in called the belly of Eva and he's the dirt brush man she will belly oh and I'm gonna say he's coming in in this history it's very oaky lived on Ceti slow now because we've already talked about this history being a fire purification that's gonna diesel Seneca city style present in Africa and in Ezekiel 36 it does a quelle consistent or 34 though the sprinkling Punk's Ezekiel 36 it's a it's a water purification hey dawn is he conscious relate to these three pamela pugh if you can still do but in matthew we're not there yet me don't match you didn't see some punk Matthew it's in your notes three eleven and twelve not your twelve a Jews him he's going to take his broom and thoroughly purge the floor right here if I ponder Silvana beautiful if Sonia so when Christ is purging his floor here with his broom don't go please don't go pootie Felix oh man that's William Miller's dirt brush man I see don't Danielle do you have to William Miller so the first the first but what comes delight in this history Sookie I mostly don't set isla is that the Lord's going to restore the image of jealousy cyclists in your van I still they don't commercially shall you see that this is this is one of the the the crazy ideas that the other side has a see the sassani gtfo there's no way to deny that in this history after 9/11 these two charts become present truth yeah Oh confess Apollo closure till effete casita caps on the venue Verity please not to 911 even the guys that are on the other side now they still stand in front of these charts MMC memory junkie so delicate a met no cement do boo on faster sea captain but the tree of life stake in 911 me Minister Tree of Life a condom you've thrown it away Lukashenko and says all of the elements are 911 come in here after midnight a disco two little emo and included on 911 only plus upcoming me but these two chart me see the cap young you can't move him out in history who nobody Placid it's documented when they came into history as a subject of prophecy its undocumented Momoa sorry vadhana prophecy prophecy these are a symbol of Jeremiah 6:16 and 17c temple to Shiva Shiva Mia she says it Dan you in the ways and see and ask for the old paths and walk therein and you shall find rest for your souls but they said we will not walk therein Shiva Mia she says it is said so not isolation Cary Fukunaga may not see this is the old pal if I see the Chi okay and this is the restoration of the image of jealousy it's a silly measure that shadows you being tested now a Sony Testament no the same way I went ISM was tested in 1863 you're gonna keep these two tables are you gonna cover them up with the 1863 chart open a new tab will be on fooly cooly I've a clock out the saucisson so when we get to this history University store you can see that the central teaching of both these charts Supergirl loves animals so Tyler does she do cat is the 2520 said Lee doom it says so we began to look at the 25 20 doctors that will come on sourdough dementia so from 2005-2006 the mid sanctum in seize and when you look at Leviticus 26 it looks good yeah they met no I leave it chick Vince Issa and I put pointed you to 34 and I want to point you actually to verse 39 it meant no sovereignty over sickness it says and they that are left of you shall find a way in their iniquity in your enemies land and also in the iniquities of their fathers shall they pine away with them if they shall confess their iniquity and the knick of their fathers they'll secure on city of Caen facility Nikita Nikita doctor leave it advances God so in this history no set isla the 2520 comes delight lead to miss Estevez some time we were having we were not having perfect understanding a new no nevermind come call sympathetic we still don't have perfect understand Evelyn causing the compensator but we know that Nehemiah one and Daniel nine are the prayers that are based upon this passage in Ezekiel two early vertical twenties - Ivanka Daniel enough in a me and Suseela Priapus Isola passage the Leviticus ISA so when we get to this history Losco new path famous at Easter and we're gonna spiritually fulfill the demand of the 25:28 can you tell you I completely determine if you find yourself in the enemy's land sieve of age especially don't let be the enemy not only do you confess your sins but you can fetch the sins of your father no significant festival Pesce Mesa devote era in order to confess the sins of the fathers you have to be tested by those sins I found a cone facility sheet of a participant and this is the four generations of Adventism so where adventism sinned doko Lolita a transistor a fishy so we get tested that to see if we're gonna be faithful in this I know it a step of us in Cebu Macedonia are we're gonna turn away from the sins of our fathers or are we gonna participate in them lol new Daytona renewed appreciate the new Peru alone you a participant yes what she said that's why Fordism has come into this movement well I suppose a collision center motive force a movement for TSM never came into this new yeah don't live on the Phoenicians - ocean we're waking up to the fact that it was here don't listen Amanda this one father's don't conceal efficient appeal but those people that hold of that merely person donkey mentioned they'll go out is packed and then everywhere of us nitesh I met the new okay but this is Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira I see faceless men peg am cha-cha and it's a testing process that's going on there produces two classes of worshipers Quadra don't do category that one represented by Isaiah Philadelphia no please don't apologize Philadelphia the other a has look like ass which this might be a stretch for some but I'm gonna put it in the public system of public a has means processor La Casa video processor or or or seized but possessors good earner Apple sister so you keep oh said because these guys all become demon-possessed masculine position disabled by anbu MOBAs Chrissy C's junkie Lopilato cause my

deep a little these guys are

symbolized by Judas it's so simple is a parachute and when he left the Last Supper Connor White says a demon took possession of acanti like et la send you down a superior ellen white new jika and in my economy and up here we have going sorta so that we're all here in philadelphia latest here and then these so go to 2nd samuel 211 don't i know don't do some yeah ii samuel 211 do just some really awesome and says and the time that David was king in Hebron over the house of Judah was seven years and six months in the campano negative it reliable Amazon's issued a feature set went to SEMA how many times does David get anointed combien de fois David agility and when four times Quechua he said he is anointed in 1989 oh Jesus uncle - he's anointed at 9/11 who sipped on he's anointed the third time when all of Israel and Judah is united let's say it that way don't lie cause I'm trees Miley she doesn't you know Jesus it was soon and then he's anointed at the Sunday law but we just want to deal with 9/11 Mayo Vitaly Kazan in septum this is Hebron let's see it boom and he begins to reign over Judah Ilocano see a lanista and you see what he brought means it was very circus on the top of the handout today seed of Association not a good Association it's from 2266 it's as a society a spell an enchantment no shop no and that's from that was from and then it goes on to say to join specifically a compact a fellowship a league but there's something magical that brings this that's what I'm saying goes on at 9/11 supposedly Cova in Isaiah 7 so long as I said Israel the seventh-day Adventist Church Israel is a 22cm shoe in Isaiah 7 forms a consider Confederacy with Syria I for me don't in consideration of a city and it's through some kind of enchantment a say Suzanne septa on shot mo spiritualism the spiritual disabilities man spiritual formation left for my so spiritual so there's a satanic alliance marked here at nine eleven donkey in a Leone satanic NGK with 911 and I'm saying Isaiah 7 is speaking to that yogic ISA he said motion so long this is where the Northern Kingdom of Israel comes into an alliance with Syria see asthma molecular OMG no Salmonella avec la city and in this passage it don't say text we find a a an important argument to Daniel 11 Nouveau a now get more epic toppled on you know that's a the head of Syria is Rama liya and the head of Ramallah you know we're not only that I know but where did they get where did a has get the blueprint for the temple he's going to build here don't owe a casa Allen from Damascus Allah who sweated a master from Syria II love us what does blast city so they're getting their information on how to build this temple see the lucky tourism for myself I saw the consulate opium from the papacy Allah palapa poutine and it really is only two churches in God's worth there's the church of human nature which is the papacy i League Lisa was the uniquely human que don't kill Appa pootie and there's the Church of divine human combination Lisa del accompany zoom in managing I just want you to see the Hebron Marxist this magical Association here in agreement with what we're saying about Syria and Israel Asia would like Aviv I used on cassette Association magic Keanu Cole effects goodness of vanilla Israelis luckily no does everyone know what church this is it can consider Khalil is asaji state loud did little ephesus efface do you know what abomination it is in Ezekiel 8 it's a V food the killer bonus a female soon attention calivita okay what church is this a lot I am NOT silikal and what abomination is it caleb on me not so awesome secret symbol and it represents itself up result of spiritualism let's beauties now okay so I want to just go through this this quote here before we return actually to our study I love my canoes an intersect you're saying if you got the blueprint for the temple from Damascus the Matthew which is serious yes hateful based on yesterday's application yes have we labeled Syria as people before and I'm just missing that no not that I know of so then we'll well we've taught it we have yes what happened here at 9/11 between the seventh-day Adventist Church and another power cuz it'll pass allow 9/11 I click aside noticing where the spiritual formation come from to Vienna for material from the Jesuits who are the Jesuits he saw Alicia sweet they are the army of the Roman Catholic Church the solo made illegally scatter leak they form an alliance and we already know that he forming a Yoshi only sedition so I'm just making an application now about this alliance that's threatening Isaiah and a hat Jeffrey token application des Italiens key if if I don't kiss ie okay but the closer you look may provoke like out that touch is no it's airtight SC Houston okay so in this passage here I'm not gonna read at all you know actually I don't sing of the time this is from signs at the times may 24 18 94 she's gonna reference spiritualism in the first paragraph don't call me Paradise FFA emotionally spiritually smooth disparities now and she's gonna call it the mystery of iniquity and Laplander mr. della nicotine she's saying that the Protestants are getting drawn into relationship with spiritualism adequately protest oscillate in consumer just beat it is now but he's also gonna draw in the political leadership of the world not just the churches me know Sigma s car Johnsonville assume a vicar degrees no see a vicar leader la política de mundo okay and it says as the Spirit of God in second paragraph as the Spirit of God shall be withdrawn from the earth Satan's power will be more and more manifest I know the same paragraph online news eg communist leader Joe sukhavati read a lot there la posada status over do please don't please manifest II she talks about Lucifer in heaven FF Luciano and then she talks about the synagogue of Satan a young sweet emotion a synagogue the septum okay she's talking about spiritualism don't dispute it is it's it's conveyed through the mystery of iniquity Kiev equally I'll travel to mr. Olynyk et Satan is the leader of it it's a totally legit reason for this but in association with spiritualism is the synagogue of Satan no necessarily spirit is me Lila synagogue the satin okay you see that connection okay so where does spiritualism come in and our testing process no I cannot mount on the process is the Tesla spirit Cheeseman even if you set aside the truth true image of jealousies if you meet the docket in a very tab imagination doozy then you go into Smyrna the booze elite osmium which is spiritualism is a now hey don't let spirit in this power you see in the logic that I'm laying out here Scavo file I loose you go to Revelation chapter 3 i limit note apocalypse Wow in Revelation chapter 2 I'm sorry verse 8 Lavezzi you eat them and unto the church in Smyrna I launched the league is the Smeal verse 9 the scene if I know thy works and tribulation and poverty but thou art rich and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews but are not and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan that's enough emotional that's not good to settle right here Schuester now is the synagogue of Satan see let's see not good this at all it's getting raised up he a CCTV with people that say I make the person kiddies that they're in this movement he sewed on some they say they're Jews and this guy so sweet but they've said it they put their word about God's Word made flesh neurologist shooter sent to Jews and they immediately begin to build the living temple image Atma F uncle's will don't kill the living temple it has this Damascus temple I can stomp the DeMatha which is the synagogue of Satan don't let synagogue this at all that's getting built at the identical time that the church triumphant is being ready a costly on them Tonka illegal is the Infanta a come sweet oh you follow that logic this isn't a coincidence that she's laying it out in this order I know I think on she does the people that reject 9/11 they don't know that either maybe they know only percentage at 9/11 but they're rejecting so much prophetic evidence me in WTO don't deploy the Prophet Chico when the time of the end magazine was published in 1996 it quotes from testimonies 9/11 scientists et a part of the team washable eglise 9/11 the means by 1990 1991 swallows testimony is 9 page 11 and onward the monopolies William Neff - oh it's FIFO was already being used in connection with the last six verses of Daniel 11 kisi down they should be done and there's a paragraph in that passage yep I got just a taste but she says the Spirit of God is being removed from the earth o LG les pido Jew cheerleader littell right in here the Spirit of God begins to be removed from the earth Allah 911 how do you know that a kimono savvy Foom and by the way effect this principle was taught years before 9/11 it is suppressive itlc need is any avoid the answer that I'm looking for was taught long before 9/11 Chateau La Casa new uniform septum and what it means is this here's the principle before we knew exactly when the judgment of the Living began I've woken assess your we'd already figured out that when you get to the judgment of the Living if my sister here is found faithful see my sister she's gonna receive the holy spirit in all its fullness but if in the judgment of the Living my name comes up Antonio she's wrong and I'm found unfaithful the holy spirit is fully removed from me for eternity so when you get to the point in the in the prophetic word where it's talking about the Spirit of God being removed from the earth it cagey little jewy it's talking about the judgment of the living hello Kondapalli Letitia and she's referring to this here in this history the Spirit of God is being removed from the earth valley subdued and those people that have rejected this begin to build the synagogue of satan yes Thank You mr. lamken so let's knock this off and then if you flip it over to the next page you should read this whole article she says on that top paragraph who the papacy is manifested his character and brought out the principles of his government of this power the Apostle Paul says receive the Sun cover on the motor so then she's gonna quote from second Thessalonians a versatility son who needs to go to second Thessalonians part of a part of what she is gonna reference and vanillin partly the circular motion now in that quotation don't let's eat assume I'm going to cut in and which she quotes she she identifies a falling away first and you don't you fina possessive put me on Madison's magazines gonna be revealed that in Thyatira effectively don't yet you so before you get the thigh attire there has to be a falling away okay for that live at dietary an apostasy but that's not my point I want you to see mission Apollo question reckon over you in let's start in verse nine Novica most severe sickness even of second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse nine disincentive even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be safe you know policy la mode la villita Frankie preset severe cities some time ago yeah kakouton Sula when the Lord brought us to fractals Palestinian is a country of a fuckton and we began to see the different lines in the Bible it conceived oh come on stuff well did you feel unclean dollar people and pick up words that allowed us to bring those lines together together you know when I hear the Moo police I'm known some tanta genius one of those words of perish a landing Musa TPD the brother Tyler can you give me some straight ins of those that perish in God's work at Le Bernadin a nice as soon the zookeeper is da da what about Esther can I taste them she's she's told to go in and make her case before her husband oh you had Monte Dallas a quiz on t the plea did he catch of us unum do Nucky and she says if I perish I perish we lðcia to appearance appeal a doubling yeah mm OH Abigail's gonna perish okay yeah so we know that they'd hear there is a testing question the 7 QC and Cassandra test us one class is gonna perish in one class is gonna be faithful in not perish dokyun category akiza apparently looking a pinata and now follow me on this don't carry them worship so loud does the true there's the class that perishes escolar Catholic let's keep it e in second Thessalonians have the truth don't the saloon is a lividity my brother Bob's crying like this which I think means no no bourbon so could I take for noon they don't have the love in no pile of their cities in the pegasi Ramudu therefore they have the truth don't care Allah is Allah Verity but how are they holding the truth this is the point mekomo attila two new sad very tasty salad one in in unrighteousness don't let you see so just diesel Isaiah is AE he's going to be unrighteous evita's used a has design righteous I cast it as you stir and whether you're aware of it or not cavolo sash you pal we're dealing with this very issue now nice emoticon decree t disappoint lemon is sin simply a choice escalope Ishi's implement a schwa or is it a choice and a condition o as a schwa a condition because the Bible teaches that through your own choice you can give your sins to Jesus and receive his righteousness Caleb news on sin Chi Chuan NOP it was serviced Issa but it isn't really his righteousness means my mustache is D so if you receive it civil level severe and you still have this sinful condition it covers every to talk on Carlos ethical decent business part of the Omega argument is about unrighteous and righteous in fact legal argument uncle omegas justice elasticity's and those that perish in 2nd Thessalonians and receive the strong delusion Itsuki Perry said don't do this Aluna say it was having 40 resume they believe a lie equal almond soups what's the lie it's a Quentin no solution where's the first lie what's the first lie on planet Earth Kelly don't go look for me right there in the Garden of Eden don't shout don't attend no and what choice is it what it doesn't what choice is even making their quechuan ever tell fella a choice that's going to allow her to continue to eat from the tree of life for eternity ash rocky do permit come on continued emotionless we'd allow the lava pond own eternity more to eat from Satan's counterfeit tree oh the messiah allah wa koko Phaedra Satan and his lie was is some fish mlct you won't die to know moo-ha-ha there's probation after midnight yet la población upcoming ok so I want you to see this righteous and unrighteous element don't you like this story kabuki savarkar Lily MOA as you see Shuster sleep after the satisfied in the time of Korra was that everyone was righteous the whole congregation dönitz optically to as to compare against him but here at the end of the world we're dealing with the opposite of that man effective mode the sinew possesses enough that were all wicked and adulterous generation own it is not the engineer telling the same thing only reverse coelom emphasis man and how that sister white takes choreo days ended by room she places them in the rebellion of 1888 so they are specifically marked in this history danke ellen white reply so Corey did Kuwaiti Tom that don't yeah but I be Rama don't set this to allow 911 but if you suck at my wit keep up it's not anything if you want to insert the history of Moses in here miss evil a sadist what the movies now and use your two illustrations it is it does it is costume we're outs and Moses is your two illustrations addressed calso leaders illustris on Cassandra Scylla and Louise if if I'm saying the congregation is all righteous or the congregation is all wicked cease ridiculous simply is to choose omission in either case I'm claiming don't tell cazuelas Washoe gee there's no distinction Kinya oaken distinction who was unable to make a distinction in the story of Moses Keaney tape on missile defense thanks Enola sciotti Emily's nade AB and a by Hume City abhi you inaudible they couldn't make a distinction between the sacred and the profane in the prove a peppermint essential exactly aleppo fan why pourquoi you see two because they were drinking wine isn't beautiful what wine is being consumed here at the end of the world Kayla van so me Monta I catch the wine of Syria levander City the temple of Damascus the thumb the DeMatha Babylon baby okay so I'm almost to the point that I want you to see here it's just an evil sister white leaders in the second Thessalonians the strong delusion I know Ellen White new country and she's already marked this as the synagogue of Satan official a comet or a synagogue the Satsuki's iet anxiously a kazoo see when it comes to the argument of salvation in this movement come on don't say move money pal you like it don't you said you it all boils down to your definition of righteousness do you believe that when you when you confess your sins that Jesus is faithful to forgive your sins it's good to come to confession if you did because if he forgives your sins he gives you his righteousness casitas Tisa but there's a teaching in this movement that's saying that even though you confess every one of your sins to confess to Tippie shame you're still a sinner by birth and there's variations the Brethren and Alabama say those those conditional sins get taken away at midnight the brethren in or the the sister that left here recently she's not sure where these conditional sins get removed it's somewhere in the future and if I see like a mimosa do some pictures and I'm saying that if you believe that then you're destroying the correct biblical definition of righteousness righteousness is to be sin free so when you see the people that are gonna receive the strong delusion they have the truth but they don't love the truth they receive the strong delusion and one of their characteristics characteristics is their definition of righteousness their defining righteousness as unrighteousness whether they are look my new noon okay which is okay for them to do because they're already here they've already filled this test and when you fail this test you've demonstrated that you're willing to put your word above God's words you're willing to manufacture a definition to suit your your model if we said to plan a coluan to finish silky seductive with Madonna and your model it is the temple of Damascus Ivica mode NC so we do top leader dumbass sister bro you forgot no I'm just wondering there in 1888 that was the I died I'm not without the identical same argument it was slightly different it seems like no it's there's there's elements of 1888 that are it's the same here and different key so la meme chose is seeming OCD film there's elements here yeah emo now with Cora that are the same but they're different a brother Tyler already pointed that out for you yeah in one case Cora sane we're all righteous but the Tree of Life Ministries is saying this is the wicked and adulterous generation and everyone here is wicked a salami solo so there's there's differences but those differences get brought together through prophetic applications 1888 is a rejection of God's chosen messengers and I'm not saying Ellen White is in Japan right now I'm saying Jones and Waggoner okay the chosen messengers that did not have the same spiritual authority as the spirit of prophecy Masashi you can open a memo to it it was a rejection of the Bible the spirit of prophecy let's prophecy and the Holy Spirit it's me and that rejection was solution by the leadership of Adventism all these kids played out here again to security to select Ramiz my chapter rightly divide the word maybe Fuji visa collector Monica wanted you to this I gotta get through this did you have anyone else you jump a follow up know what I want you to see on page two she quotes from second Thessalonians she says the Confederacy Confederacy of evil will not stand and then she's gonna quote from Isaiah aid adversity is a Evita which is part of the prophecy of Isaiah 7 Danka deala prophecy desire seta she's saying that the alliance the confederacy of syria and israel a new decal Alianza confidence of ik israeli LA City is the Evo Confederacy silicon fidelity manner of which is threatening a house it's a Sookie I see ya Kassim but he's still gonna rejoice in this Confederacy me if Apple Torah so they said he's gonna join it was one man and that's just what the prophetic testimony is it's the second Alliance 250k when the disciples of Christ turned against him Kali disobey Jesus the kisses on did too literally they returned and began they return to the Sanhedrin the Pharisees and the Sadducees so what to navel is sunny dry valley from his and he said you see on that light that darkness said Satan and was threatening them lives if ta but when they step up the platform because it's so dis indeed Allah platform they go right back to the vomit it's all got to reject the money okay so I want you to see that evil Confederacy as part of the prophecy that we're dealing with the workers that configure I still do monthly parties that prophesy attitude okay before we get back to Isaiah seven and eight that's where we're going but let's go to Hebrews 5 I know I don't it was a Sankhya I is everyone following the logic here or am I going too fast it's cocaine cancel aloo gobhi veto veto okay Isaiah 5 is a blue Hebrews 5 it goes Sankhya and we've used this passage for years in New Zealand Asia this shoppi deputies and it was present truth but suitability prism but now is present truth verse 12 it says for when the time you ought to be teachers you have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the Oracles of God and become such as have need of milk and not of strong meat for everyone that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness for he is a babe but strong meat belongeth to them that are full age even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil strong meat la salida is consumed by those that haven't been drinking the wine that Nate Avenue buy you drink su casa mocoso me pursue keen on papua Vanden that not a bead in this history if you for at this a senior when we used to teach this Alaska newest Austin uses will go back here the 1989 new Havana circuit rule and when the book of Daniels and she'll leave the Daniella DCD many shall run to and fro boku-kun sila and the righteous ones with China stars forever and ever Alicia's debris room complicit I love you too and that word stars means teachers Illinois it to Allah so Jerusalem so in 1989 the first angel some cats 9f8 daddy really pull me along you're called to be a teacher love was a tough life at 9/11 the first angel is empowered me Oh 911 appoint me I'm gonna see Tom please now you're really called to be a teacher love was a because you take the little book and eat it which means you have to carry a message to the Adventist Church how can you carry a message if you're not a teacher teaching becomes present truth reality right here I'm not the 9 1989 but this is the the potter's field where the testing process so reading on cochinita verse 1 therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go on unto perfection not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God of the doctrine of baptisms and of the laying on of hands and the resurrection of the Dead and of eternal judgment this we will do if God permit saying that if you're going to eat strong meat you have to already have mastered the milk even footage of this weapon personally even though I've taught this many times this is something that I didn't get I figured anyone that came into this movement was eating strong meat but now we're waking up to the fact that the majority of people that were in this movement were milk drinkers and they couldn't discern between good and evil and they didn't know some of the basic truths that have been established in Advent history kanou-kun is poverty a basic the best committee pilot won't teach me so now in this history it don't set the Solomon know I'm marble just you emfe like Paul marvel come come funny silly women that you can so quickly leave the true gospel and go to the false gospel via a big market a lovely fall sheeple I live under food but the reason you did so example I can effect so low it's because you never even figured out how to drink milk correctly in the first place that's good I'll put me a live one supplement back on movin back on mobile and upon delay you picked up these these ideas of salvation because every don't go please that you did you sell you because you're living in this history that's just a lot more not all of us but many of us are Adventists in this history here in 1957 1989 may beaucoup for those of you that come into admin history after that a Sookie saw everything a price that is 12 G's you're learning from the Adventists from this history Mousavi appear like Von Teese Mapuche of the city strongly by the time adventism gotta 1957 mio mamola twenties meet Olivia Jesus also consider they were in darkness let what is emitted a little you know what their children learned here dr. Scully so far advantage so Aprilia with darkness they don't enable but those children are the ones that came into this movement missus also and now that it's time that you should be teachers in McNally PACU and what they don't deserve senior you gotta take time and teach the first principles of the word of God info passage you Tom Watson irrepressible apology this is a prophecy about this history it's a simple decision we get call back and begin to have to instruct people what the basics of salvation are some appellee listen Selassie nearly bass mental advertisement eighty Johnson he wrote a little book yeah he he puts these first seven chapters of Hebrews is the primary place in the Bible where you can get the correct understanding of the nature of Christ so for me it's really interesting sorry dr. John see if the Seibu sector who will the Pony a new component is interesting that this argument is right here in the primary spot where the nature of Christ is exposed tell me more it takes fuzzy da or member lenarcik okay Bronwyn is referring to a book by a t Jones don't wanna link that if you don't sign leave that to Jones called the consecrated way to Christian perfection the consecrated way to Christian perfection leave wakisaka a poem nella perfection kitchen and this is the the pop quiz for the class today it's a sea lock assume that classes oh gee what's the number 13 represent colloquially known portrays rebellion bob says rebellion do you agree with Bob Bobson so be forewarned before be forewarned I thought that 5 ft that 80 Jones was not correct on the daily at Ajanta passes to her perpetrators of that book is excellent so leave the X alone til you get to chapter 13 and he introduces his idea of the daily Jews cannot leave over said oh sure P presidental GCC disorder perpetrator but that is a chapter by chapter overview of the book of Hebrews don't classy in Sapa top except it's an opportunity for discipline and what he is doing in the first seven chapters albergue it's a kill fade you only said to me sherry dissolute he's identifying from God's Word he don't you see a touch of the apology that Christ took our sinful nature with its weaknesses and tendencies don't Christian eternity or mistress of a canoe Tonto Sanofi blaze he never participated in sin in a shammy participate on fishing but he gave the example that we can have mastery over those tendencies if we have Christ setting upon the throne of our heart in Islam or temple of a la victoire so Satan don't see positions I'm pretty sure don't occur so in this these two chapters that we're dealing with don't you see - a bit gothic attitude according to 80 Jones the new antigens the primary doctrine of these chapters is the nature of Christ by the Sapodilla notch of the brother Bob I'll speak for myself shikaku mwah since I've come into this message does she type it as massage I've realized I have much more to unlearn she really thinks of a book ooh Pusa discipline you've got a lot to learn but I have to unlearn the deven discipline buku false ideas diversity that's because you were born into the darkness period of Adventism that's Katrina Donna period attend a delightful chisme but let's read our mail ISM verse for the vesica vs. 4 it is difficult for those who were once enlightened impossible for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost when do we taste the heavenly gift and receive the Holy Spirit local tesco new Guto don't silastic an aversive wound on the Santeria 9/11 let's talk about this history here sorry pal Jesse to swallow and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the world to come if they shall fall away to renew them again unto repentance scene they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh and put him to open shame say a CSUN if you taste it was this Sankey season they didn't manner here Civic utila man Kushina which is the reception of the Holy Spirit Sheila reception the sentence and the Word of God Allah Powell did you if you fall away seafood to be pergamus purgin it's impossible Allah possibly for you to repent that's pretty serious it's passages like this do you texture Tilka so you see that make you wonder about where sister white says some people get back on the platform voulez-vous like a so million white a jihadi person kill of mon-sol a platform when is it too late to get back on the platform contessa to cut out the rotten soul a platform read the verse again listen Livia said the new film versus the vs. 6 if they shall fall away since the pasta see there's a falling away first yup Lamia mine apostasy where is the foul in a way marked om Aquila pistachio pergamus a pargana see supposed as italy germany the novella Watanuki crucified anew MMF is the Jew a less person don't manifest mercy still open here like it uncle velja you could taste the heavenly gift who proved it they still do celesta and in theory reject the heavenly gift utility locust atrocity and still get back on the platform a missile a platform door when you get at this point make up with a TV except for now it's impossible it a tempest if you're nothing to renew them a little I perceived early on Delisle didn't know how you said understanding it brother mark cecum section come Paul Malcolm okay now notice verse 7 no tendency sent further earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it and bringeth forth herbs meat for them by whom in his dress receiveth blessing but from God but that which bear a thorns and briers is rejected and as nyan de cursing whose end is to be burned set Evita so what's happening in here capacity see now the earth is receiving the latter rain like Turkish well appliances how many classes come be under category Isaiah is AE and a high a casa and what's a has secured choir cos he's a terror see in the evening destined to be burned kid wa atubu lead st night bully isaiah sweet it's a easy laugh c'mon do you see that s curve of is allah o you can see the wind tears of we can see this because it's all nice egg way that she was segwaying into my next point the possum apostle prema point the paul in a way is a programmer see a la la la poses it appear it is a silica that this is also the weeping for Tammuz see again more le plug the tongue which is the false light arrange jail a full speed liar system if you get wrapped up in the false Lateran message receive ascetic rapid only massage the lava speed liar season your set as a tear rosetta Bianca if you can't repent if we do be Parvati ha who just remember coupla fool I'm not saying this Paul is and we have confidence in Paul's Sunita macula GC pollen is often confused now if we continue to read down it's a new continual elective it's in this passage where Paul's gonna talk about two witnesses see the passage capella don't pop out Leda duty my God's oath and the fact that it's impossible for him to lie Aug Kadampa suppose we are not young and this has bearing upon righteousness it's a la Potts elasticity's if God tells me in his word that Jesus is faithful and just to forgive me my sins a la única Jeffy dead polka dot enemy Pesci it's impossible for him to lie donkey the impossible with the pitch the nazia so if I confess my sins she shall confess me P she he will forgive me if I'm the Denis and give me his righteousness if I'm honest about what do I have to have in order to confess my sins mukeshji focus a poker chip is confession appreciation I have to have a knowledge of what those sins are in the flatline Kinesis desuka so CP she and to identify that sin is something that is nebulous and theoretical machine Abhishek on captures the nebula which I can't confess the cushion through comfy C is to make a minimum a God a liar see crystal minimum a motel but even if you work around that and say no no no I'm not saying God is a liar mm so at least it's a motel it destroys faith said did we love you have to believe if you fuckwad expect and depend upon him feeling fulfilling his word in Funes act on a deep anguish you'll reap our computer holy and if you think his definition of righteousness in the word it's evil particular definition is an apple is it's you know just kind of you know just foolish no not foolishness just kind of uh what I'm saying a partial a partial definition it's in a definition part sienna then you can't have the faith required to actually receive that righteousness don't go and that was said to focus of our searches but go to Hebrews 10 may I limit not it was ISA 26 Vinci's through 39 Matt nothing this is Paul saying the same thing let's see pokey noodle mmm shows up and it's just as scary its COC if the young and this is biblical Alessi Biblica I don't mean that Paul is not biblical I mean this is the Old Testament system there was no sacrifice for willful sin in the sanctuary service in Yavapai the sacrifice approval II appreciate a get out and that's all Paul's doing is he's echoing the Old Testament Commandments he says for if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth there remaineth no more sacrifice of sins the Latino guys be the second but a certain fearful looking for judgment and fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries he that despised Moses law died without mercy under two or three witnesses of how much more of how much sorer punishment suppose ye shall he be thought worthy who hath trodden under foot the Son of God and hath counted the blood of the Covenant wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing and had this done despite to the spirit of grace when do we have the knowledge of the truth come to Tsavo new Lavinia 1989 there's an increase of knowledge Nephi on across one that Cooney surpri becomes a testing issue here in a tester on 9/11 okay so I want to add this into here before we return to Isaiah 7 let's return the Isaiah 7 don't go to no don't easily set questions comments strd commentary question okay you could fall into the hands of the Living God and yesterday you said their hearts were so winter stands at the Felina weights on the burgomaster so we can understand it's now can we say can we show where's mean is how can we understand that how can we understand that it is now Pergamus know based upon apostasy we are dealing with but I'm just trying to put your question in contact you're saying that we're in Pergamus now and then what was the last part of her question where will we place this meal now ma'am where do you place it in our history I haven't thought that one through but I think I probably put it in 2012 if we're using 2012 to mark the beginning of the omega apostasy see own me to me Jews on map let me get apostasy this is where publicly for the first time put me off law people that were associated with this movement began to argue with this movement yes thank you test to see how Mooka Massey a debate topics they begin to put their word about God's Word so come on say I'm a hollow to see the center which is spiritualism don't let spirit is now and it began the slander against this message and movement which is only escalated the persecution it's a sses Khiladi so I think you would plug it in there don't you post commercial look at me now where would you plug it in me too I would look like you me yeah even my argument at the end of the ten messages that were the foundation named Simon a few more securely Jimmy Sascha telephone mo the end was Habakkuk stable which was a summary of the message up to that point and the beginning was the 2004 prophecy school which was a summary of the message up to that point but I think that tobacco's table was actually 2012 Lisa boscola talked about quick city ordinances but there's a you know you're you're moving from the foundation to start raising the temple there sukemasa no only Bakula fun mop of Kosala table so there's a transition time that we acknowledge so 2012 2014 in that history dokey I thought the cause is sunken cocoon a academic jersey to me brother Michael isn't here Michael but he asked a question the other day and I'm gonna answer his question milla Posey in case you were not fry is very politic is to make a point but Phillips law but and we'll get back into Isaiah 7 on Sunday on vial of vanilla emotionally that he said so in Isaiah chapter 2 Newsome don't don't is that you do in verse 2 it says and it shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains is a e22 isaiah 2:2 it's only that is that you did double interpreting okay is that you - yeah so what I'm saying verse 1 is an introduction of a vision don't let see Oscars djanet rejection television concerning judah and jerusalem in Vasuki kosan shita jerusalem verse 2 says it'll come to pass in the last days Olivia de la riva Tony Dunne is you know so simply as a Bible student a separate mode talk it you don't let be if you if you start flipping through the chapters now it's evil pass a mat not only difference if you go to chapter 3 Seema's element no Shapiro - ah it says for behold the Lord the Lord of Hosts to take away from Jerusalem and from Judah never see em it's a continuation of this vision is my point Newton television so when you get to chapter 4 to Caprica Bassanio Chabot rocket in Susanna in that day inner city it also Shula what day is that me to kill Shuhei so the day that the Lord's house gonna be exalted above all the houses of the service which is the last day Kate Oakley down issue so all the way through this vision doctor no no just said resume when he uses the expression in that day continually satis resources you know you have to return to the beginning of the vision in the photon cotton oh come on television chapter 2 verses 1 & 2 yep it's all dirty we'll see any dinner now now notice let me finish off don't listen much L mean II chapter 5 there's no break Lavezzi oh sure Peter Steinke yeah Oh concussion it's the song of the vineyard solution-driven Union but in chapter 6 Oh Shep it was Issa there is a break la en casa he says in the year that user iodide in the city Elena de la moda was just different different point of reference yeah I know plentifully fiddles so when you're reading through Isaiah's prophecies the scuffle easily prophecy design you gotta watch where he starts for the very few like a mouse and take it all the way to the end and see where he starts another vision yeah come on cece skyline for hours just cool if i it will come on say no to vision so in Isaiah 2 verses 1 & 2 don't know is how you do and not do since in the last days the Lord's house gonna be exalted above all the other house educate on eat initial I miss all the senior executives atomism that's the church triumphant lights as it illegally scream from and in chapter 4 MIOSHA Pete Licata it says an N that day seven women shall take hold of one man saying we will eat our own bread and we're our own apparel only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach oversee and Shepherd cat mm-hmm what day is that - Attila Osceola 911 if you're gonna put it there it 911 if you're understanding that this is where the Lord is accomplishing the everlasting gospel who copernicus alekhya listen you are completely facility owned a no and it's ultimately in the everlasting gospel a tell me that you gonna separate these two classes of worshipers oh don't go see Isaiah and a house is that yeah Isaiah is gonna be in the church that's lifted up above all the other mountains but in that day may also show love there's a confederacy Ilion Confederation because it says that skin is edgy in that day seven women it is a deceit fun what a woman gets confirma it's a church 27 a sequence a complete see complain that complete to them they're gonna take hold of one man if I even see and Salaam who's the man they take care of me see okay um if upon the king of Assyria know why the city the papacy lotta pootie the man of sin lambda P she now seventy I'm in this Bible commentary will tell you that this is Christ look I'm okay would you kiss a she decreased but this isn't Christ may now significantly it says they're gonna eat their own bread egq for Michelle Papa what does it mean to eat your own bread Savage aqua machine otaku Papa means to go into spiritualism so we just come fight on the spirit I'm gonna put my word above God's words jeff alessi my famiiy pathologist I said you and they're gonna wear their own apparel evil vigil a pop of it mom what is our apparel sequence of it no it's filthy rags is it more a soui okay these seven women don't see set fam these aren't Christians innocent fact it's they're walking in unrighteousness I'm not sure Duncan unloading their word above God's Word is a cat and let us be called by thy name e XY pelipper to new course the nimrod he wanted to make himself a name Baskin mo naman vallecula Avenue Avenue that's Babylon sassy Babylon about what's the name of this church McKenna don't you know the city Gleason's that all the other churches get drawn into connection with at the end of the world is one connection of a caliph Angie mundo Catholic silicates a leak which means what Seifer Jaquan Universal notice the next verse ain't no tale of that sexy street in that daesh is a branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel EFC dude is a country that's isaiah 2:2 let's say those that are escaped of israel are the ensign that is lifted up sucio a shepherd is rightfully so senior so as the work of preparing the ensign is going on i'll okay i never the people are still the long stinky scar if he there's an evil confederacy mmm is being brought into conclusion Oh mint oh yeah you know Kofi Danso domeki Aviva succumb to zoom and I would suggest it's a vestige give me that the last Church they let Daniel eglise and that the papacy needed to bring under its influence yeah papa Susan control son FG also happened right here se passe loud now the purification process is beginning Matt no but this is the purification commence to lift up an enzyme Effendi lava and a senior that's the the external thing that's going on Cecily extend ketone we're dealing with the internal may new nuclear told the let down and as the Lord's building a temple yeah local listen yo don't go striatum hey has is building a living temple I guess it's all kind of course we Tom place the bottom blueprint of Damascus that's its you holy protocol don't cut the damn madam will go back to Isaiah 7 yes I know go to need emotional is a Eason I have not left the the the purpose is Jenny Papa you love you once we put this in place gun design omits alone plan so and you may not remember what we're putting in place now I'm saying that 1863 Jesus also some qualms this period of time is identifying prophetic issues II don't you feed to get some profit chica this period of time look period at all I will come on cat of and salvation because socialists and this period of time look tell your daughter passing by overcoming the people tab dalliance emitter cootie these three lines get start together here seat while in Petco mister don't set this what the concept album you know we've been dealing with so far is what was fulfilled in 1863 it so conducive won't but Lisa don't sound palaces kiss it accompanies social sont wah and so we have a ways to go don't know Co dishes once that in place then we're gonna try to see if we can bring in Ephesus and Laodicea a consul a strong person very simple I'm new CA Faisal OGC Heavenly Father we do not want to be among the group that falls away Senor Nunez a party do Gopi apostasy we know from basic prophetic application in Tsavo a party of genetically prophetic the Bazza that if we can demonstrate that we're now in the latter rain entire season then the counterfeit Lateran has to be among us don't you like um Cassandra Elias isn't it coming which means at this point Celestine if you get sick or now if we turn away from this message and movement Seenu did to notice a move moisten massage we're walking under the the testimony of the book of Hebrews no insanity money acidity boy we ask that you help us not to make any mistake along that line interpreted and the path committee rustling pray blessing upon this day service for you Capricia I put a matron benedictions of social the service boat well we thank you for all these things in Jesus name until most important issues don't you know decision no ma'am I mean