The Rebuilding of Jericho




Publish Date: 2/28/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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amen there was a story that I started off in the recent few days hey nice Kafka chicamaw seated guilty song and it's not it's not fully in my mind but maybe it was just in a group of people maybe it wasn't in the class but that group don't include me pally Donna class it wasn't a group of people but I was talking about Desmond Ford me nepali to this month fold yeah and many of the personalities that are associated with the disfellowship in a Desmond Ford a beaucoup de person responsible aha just on the Desmond photo for whatever reason I personally met them Poulin Rizzo no jealousy I'll confess on personnel and when he got this fellowship that I know some of you don't have a clue about who or what he is lucky lady Roger secrets afternoon that monkey needed a Keely kiske laughing they had a meeting in Colorado Glacier View yeah you don't turn earth Colorado in vain you I could have I do and it's at that meeting that were they dispeller shipped him Ishika Johan Cellini on Kilinochchi and out of that meeting yeah that's oxytocin meeting the the story is and I've never really heard anyone disputed Ellis twelve airasia incision is a metrology concomitant good or do two out of those you know I know know twenty thirty General Conference people that were interacting with him I don't know the amount either dongjun connais pas de nom de person Qian tell her she's a victory in content de penser know there was only a couple of them that disagreed with him yeah very simple moral chaos in Libya Thank You Taj is a Kovac like you know ninety percent of the people that were having this this fellowship in discussion with him agreed with his yeah Beckett Ryan disposed intrapersonal Kiev s at Reno sir Costa Hajj I saw it on a correlate Suki not seen yet but they went ahead and they disfellowship him Zoe did Lavoie Haji because they knew they believed that if the Adventist Church had actually said we accept what he's teaching the skills on GC illicit want Easter it takes I feel make WOM Asuka it's quite a decent that it would cause such a rebellion from the laity around the world that they weren't willing to deal with that shaking cosa Lila kozinaki billion to to to go to moon total advantage me Philippe Sharia Suki blush and so now he's he's preaching in Adventist churches again it make no it seasoned senior support over she's not send him over to de novo don't let Nazis one of the places you can regularly see him on YouTube is in Loma Linda no approval is not on see Lou Malinda in their City lumen in Dessel YouTube well the reason I mean starting with that is to answer a question by my French sister Lisa Pollock hello shall commence pehoe sassy polka pondrá in reporting services in case Jones I'm convicted that the Lord when he brought me into public ministry Jessica van cuckoo listener law schema I need on the minister to Bleeker gave me a three-year crash course Maddie Nia in in plastic wisdom on salvation theology sooner - Luigi Standish I'd been invited to go to work at Hope International Agency ten feet at Hawaii Island attentional but I was invited because of my prophetic aptitude mishit efficacy of alabaster miss aptitude prophetic about Hope International and Heartland Mia o international I have learned Trapster life step to life there were certain ministries at this that period of time that we're fighting against the influence of Desmond Ford's teaching of a certain minister on tape on donkey you techincally fiance's Austin you're not the Desmond father so for the three years I was at Hope International Agency tosin Abasi I opened on that sooner I was right there in the storm center of this argument of salvation theology GTO command module a contrivance access you hole so like that you were still on the sole allowing LaSalle you justification sell yourself doechigi sell you nothing we were having camp meetings to address these issues all over the world therefore we are committing pool above this again still to to to the mountain we were pretty in magazines this fom premiered a magazine and we were writing book in this have weekly daily we were bringing people into the studio would have Hope International and recording their presentation this is really presentation with the person who stood judo pattern as soon as in 99 percent of them were on this subject a cat mind is never saw such a shame but then I got fired Oh sweetie they don't care ho Yee from that point on uh I'm doing prophecy yeah but you'll do some of my less you Philip I've realized now is your realism at no in the current time period don't set period attacked you know that I didn't I didn't I wasn't very logical about what went on shouldn't apply more loses key speci I realize now as I look back to at it hey men okay sure what y'all don't have yeah home that the majority of Adventism accepted Desmond Ford's theology surely school a majority disadvantage to accept Allah to lose you to this month I serve you the majority of the leadership did a vehicle a majority divisional thing and there was a fight about it for a period of time yeah you neutered associate Johanna chatter Tom and the book questions on doctrine was a way mark even for people that don't study prophecy he focused on solid document in Belize bamboo tsukina to Japan a prophecy conservative Adventists will usually know that questions on doctrine in 1957 was a bad idea le cose Avatar Adventist have a live cast on solid oak tree node is not a concept in movies et but how many of you in this room were born before 1957 food on set salad Sonia don't Kevon deserve something consent and that were it's allowance on some of the majority of people now that are looking at this prophetic message a la medida person maitake regatta Oh mrs. Kofi Tico that past history is just past history satus party passes safety - star - Percy so sister white says it nyg old controversies will be revived Lisa sent contrivance for a trivia and recently the controversy of salvation theology has been revived Lisa Monaco - viola - Lucia - salut idea Lavinia and it has one of the places where I've been really dumb AC you need a place Lucius fear simply I made a valid conclusion she fit you know conclusive Alito that the people that the Lord was calling into the prophetic message curly person Coliseum a Peleliu mrs. puff Ichiko they understood the right and the wrong of this salvation argues the prosecution Campanella Galen move it you Katya the determinate LGD and I realize that isn't so easy ok at least Cassini past account that the idea that these people that are leaving the platform immediately begin to express the teachings of Desmond Ford lovely person kicks of the lap platform image at Mike's preeminence on your mother this month fold and I'm using him as a generic Asia UT discussion even there's many variations of of his what I'm using him as a doctrinal reference ya beaucoup de valiant para para su casa para para as soap when terrific horse associates adult clear all popping up around his name mimic no estas eclectic Padua and when it comes to the argument of judgment for a con una even so this month phone what are the places people like to argue it is not likely person and the algae moti is what is justification and sanctification means CSI significance and assist if occurs in the last certificates in so you get books and papers about justification and sanctification dokie ideally ladies a particular system a justification sanctification you get people arguing that they're giving the message of Jones and Waggoner and they're not yada person key jisuk al Donnelly massage versions of a good name often contain Aleph Appa okay so there's the the whole history that gets brought into this argument of justification and sanctification attorneys sake do a thumbnail OCA the Serta mystification significant loss Konami but they argue about that okay it's a dispute decision to sound and then they argue about the nature of christ in the nature of man on sweetie Ilse speech soul a natural to la melena to the Christian so I said I'm at the end of the class evidently yesterday donkey shows a lavender like last year huh that I've been asked to give a little explanation he invited the Mahdi to dunya please deformation and it it's just a basic observation citizen observe a soda bath we're arguing about whether Christ also the special effects were creased and took sinful flesh i pre love shellfish faces on when I get this question from the French I'm wondering does not the French Bible say that I love the conscious at customs upon a deal of concession mercy possession school a be blown a deep a solo sometimes the the Bible translations they they leave off but flatly tragic so for sense earnest on Potrero Schuester the reason that I use the terms and for flesh love Lisa Pollock is a lap lapis piece case now is the Bible says that's what Christ took is our sinful flesh that's because it's so cool I be bloody could please stop Reno to share pastries picture face and I'm having a mental block he said oh man a diverse sweet Goodman 8383 whom I eat there sit wah so what's it say in the friend shelter PC a sinful flesh Christ took sinful flesh who married wha crystal a share mistress in share what's employer share the PC Chris now you're at the argument of what does it mean that sinful flesh is but no not even still Cassini finish of the fishing and they really shouldn't be much of an argument it's a difficult of my mom the Bible teaches jesus never sinned lebih baik love cases in asia maybe she but that it took sinful fast may Allah pillage l-dopa she so there must be a way to have sinful flesh and not sin Doki dwell in face on that was a child appeared on the papacy that's pretty easy see because in most someplace pearl ok so my point my casual observation yesterday was don't come on observe a Saudi ascertain that the Bible is the Word of God Kayla Bible apparel juju and Jesus is the word of God it is xalapa halogen and the Word of God became flesh a leopard the jury the Venusian okay but what we understand about the Bible mr. Newcomb queneau sadly people is that it's divine cycle ability vino everyone believed that to not look wonky but who did the Lord use to record the writings in the Bible Mickey listen L Aquila TVs a Polish Israel is a critter Labib no human being they said to man but if you believe that sinful flesh is a type of flesh Doxey coca-cola shall depreciate and tip the share huh that is actually the flesh of Adam before sin kill a chef that don't Ivana be she you know that Jesus took of a human flesh it's cuz you see I put in Chevy man no but it did not have any the the tendencies that are passed down through our heritage our DNA mean a vapor USA said she'll keep occipital edition aerosol so designee the poster I don't if you believe that that's the definition of sinful flesh you're wrong civil Quaker see sad don't let definitional a shelter Bischoff was a veto but that understanding would also impact how you define the Bible that's cassette and canal silver effective accomplished underlie people it would mean that human involvement here savage Olympic assuming the profits were different than you and I could be profited difficult avoid Imam yes they were human beings Bianchi Saudis XML but there typifying the flesh that Christ took that's good he was incarnated ETP feel a chef Christopher oscillating therefore they had to be a step above everyone in this room somehow somewhere don't cut my light of a temper superior Oh a leak out the Dijon Kisa to vici I don't believe you can sustain that agent prospect confuse Suetonius the passage Parminder was using that I was kicked around the profits were airing weak faulty don't carry Kelly talks a passage government open air gospel welcome lippy chefs on a home for a Feb is Cecil a share of combined with divinity cake open a don't have a clay divinity that's to provide in the bible KTP few dollar people ok so where i got to yesterday which is the simple bible principle lousy a little yes it is super clean simple example if Jesus is both divine and flesh CGI laughs watch of Asia then the Bible is divine and flat Dhokla beep a consequent even a of share huh so I'm saying there's one part of the Bible that represents sinful flesh donkey impacted Allah be present clash of the PC and another part that represents divinity in a particular presently divinity therefore when Jesus says you must eat my flesh and drink my blood Costa Carlos Christopher Mishima sherab um well no song without understanding all that it means Sancho touch a significant son supersize it means we must eat his humanity savvy f-code washes on humanity and drink his blood a abuelo so song but the Bible teaches something about blood meal abhi blur onsen kikuchiyo so CJ song it says that the life is in the blood and you dick you live v it on a song and I argue that it's the divinity that gives us life a magic assay don't even eat a keener than la vie therefore when you come to his flesh in his blood don't los cabos a lead on society share his blood is the divinity and his dog so social a divinity a chef solution and it's sinful for a sitting share the fishies is that what you want me to explain yes yes and liquids also on your psyche last loopy Silla and that your precise number see boom no I mean okay because yesterday was talking also the sinful flesh and also the sinful nature what's the difference so we're you getting into another another area no clown on Sinatra does not ever where the people are going off in left field as far as I'm concerned it lightly person in front of sassari the circus compartment or dealt with that answers I'll give this a brief answer a pomander digit leaders that we posses we do need uncle in repose sampler at one level our nature is divided in the lower and higher dokin Evo sampling that naturally visit only not live faculty superior yeah and I'm arguing that the people that are understanding this incorrectly a surgically pysanky commensal edifice I collect when it when they say carnal nature Lockheed is Lana channel and they're viewing it as a singular entity elemental is ammonia no entity as Thank You Nico they're not making the distinction between lower and higher except a sudden apologies think so totally pissed on superior here failure and this happened in admin history its Alessi passes only saw the Letran sisters in the holy flesh movement which sister whether white address don't move mode deflation Ellen White impound the basic logic was that our carnal nature is everything about it a logical but Laloo chic but the bicycle and natural that naturally shows the do new see new and according to the holy flesh movement it's a lonely move more inflation when you receive the mind of Christ cover most of it ok let's play decreased which your to receive in your higher nature Qaddafi Roosevelt over to natural V because they don't make a distinction between higher and lower asking the opposite distance you're actually exactly TFE really ill V then to receive the mind of Christ is also the receivers flash the course of well let's play the cliche of civil service a share three has only flash donkey Lila only flesh a sight of the holy flesh movement Dhokla logic do movement santa deflation if I receive the mind of Christ she sure was swell is pretty creased and then I have the pleasure I don't shape acoustical a shelter Christian any kind of impulse that I have that comes from my lower nature don't be so cocky so she nearly fell on me faculty I feel yeah it's wholly CSUN because I'm converted that's Kazuko fifty know if I have a an unclean fart about a woman dossier impulse amputating fam'ly I don't resist it you know Larissa step out because I have only flash that's cuz she in a chef Santa and where the holy flesh movement ended up was right at that level it's a move mighty and it has to do with not being willing to see the distinction between the lower and the higher Isola defeat cournot duopoly distinction call difficulty superior difficulty and failure and I know that Parminder teaches it with different model than I do a Jessica Parminder laussane evicted Medela kadhi meow I like you tomorrow I am just in Moodle but we agree that means someone across the board so if you really need to delve into that you can go back to the last trimester in the beginning of this time okay dong-hyun MMO pretty disassociate fortunia dawn the three missed on Sept October Newcomb I intend to address this probably at this camp meeting from my point of view severe above the suit mo committing that's down the road a bit Melania on the people decision okay thank you a couple weeks a dot wha a semantical meeting okay so I didn't I didn't just to remind us where we're at don't go what just to remind us where we were happy who knew so no we're dealing with cabinet line New Zealand Alliance artists can be the rebels of Egypt it can be apostate Protestantism in the time of the Miller I don't sell separately labelled deeply protest on Aleppo it's a covenant people that is in the process of being passed by dr abdullah al de passe created on Kamiya ducotel and we were looking at Bates application of Zechariah 13 young students at MoMA gondola Picasso debate so this exact area where there's three parts he says in motion cloppety Sardis sound and Laodicea in Philadelphia now GC Philadelphia and I identified that Sardis among other things has a name that it's alive but it's dead on I don't if you cut out that unknown me alive even often concealed emo a name represents covenant relationship no sorrow present in horizontally on stone but this covenant relationship they're dead they're gonna die in the wilderness may is all evil movie dollar deserve magnificent Alianza but in this history where he's entering in the covenant with a new covenant majority SWA Cornelio sava carnival popular you have both Laodicea and Philadelphia Luna laughs well oh did you say a Philadelphia and this is the last this is the three churches of Revelation 3 it's a silly tois egg Lisa don't cook a lipst oh wow which you have a quote in your notes says this is repeated at the end of the world these 80 churches nine Silk'n Uchiko as if this was a repeat elephant removed and we pointed out that there's a distinction between with baits words yandy's thanks so much on the bezel sooo holy poopoo debates the Laodiceans were the nominal Adventists no GCC T early seventies nominal nominal meaning name nominal savvy jerky I know they are the foolish priests of our movements only practical food the not one movement that have at least initially accepted 9/11 he only put me on my except you know septembre claim to be disciples of this movement is all a declaratory deceived as a movement where its name only may see the see a no say no say no say no and the five characteristics of them are in the Laodicean message elie-san characteristic the super-sensitive description dalhousie see their misery poor blind naked and wretches so miserable papa vaguely a new baby Emmanuel and that their only hope is the three angels messages in love so let's parcel a massage it was awesome gold white raiment and eisah oh Lola vet mumbling locally huh okay so we were there and we said that he identifies Philadelphia is a true Church of God in is its own I am in 7gq Betsy touchy-feely Philadelphia I'm not very tablet is that you so I'm hoping that as I'm laying this out HS pair I look kosher dissing so low that I'm not challenging some things that are already in place cuz you know shall inspire discus on this young class I tell you this is valid prophetic application measure modica sitting applicants sympathetic by the way we work it is line upon line right sano-sama you'll sit in Salinas power Miller right history we have three places where an angel comes down don't only Sunday meal irritants have no class on claw one knows this song first angel second angel third angels club me launch this a most twice among single line upon line we can take those three histories and put them line upon line don't lean soul in new pompons it was a struggle easy per person in Salina and we can easily it's a matter of public record that these two histories are temple cleansing a citrusy Turkish Toma dollars come up a big new condo Dzongkha say duly not somewhere in purification to Tampa we've taught for years and years do you want design a design in as a for Sydney this is the Protestant temple being cleansed casillo compliment estoy aqui a purity coming to its conclusion key are here as a conclusion the under the Miller eyes we see eliminated ski Aviv I love conclusion and we never really plugged this in as any kind of temple cleansing a new neva Jame missile economy turns out the purification to Tom Paine for a long time when I would teach it a July no more my location on scene yay I would put the 1850 chart here in 1863 I had not seen I hadn't seen the fullness of this history resources on chromosome atella that the distance and confiscation above a total a completed you'll a plenitude the city swamp and Emma and manager in Italy Mia Parminder Emma Amanjit Anita Lia llamo tracer Musa Medina and I stand corrected he surely is usually peak in anyone that thinks that that is something unusual for me is not reflecting history correctly a second campus Cossack echo shows the Janabi trailer demap Arriba Anoka flip at least well collect em oh I have never ever said that once I teach something it's unchangeable janeshia mathematical equations and cakes you see as Jean Jacques Jacques pépin OGC we have no reason to boast except in the cross of Christ you never Oakland residence on another year accepting like Lacroix decrees but through the years I've boosted me toward on design Asia miss fear boosted energy about my willingness silver novelty to hear some somebody teach something different than I and recognize that they're right and I'm not so I make it my own dakashin me to shul appear and now Sonia Marteen pysanka Kim assembly Bonnie a pleasure Lee feel me and said toss any ammonia settle cinema so for those people that watch our class Poulos a person don't kill a gardener class and then spend their time going through the archives of our history it keeps pass left eyelid on is achieved a new twist wanna try to prove where we're contradicting ourselves or each other Poulos is it the prevailing among coated easily Santa suit who have already acknowledged that I put this rating Elijah what connect other methods also Santosh emitted is business account okay so when we put this together the gloves Kaname Tosen ensemble all three of these illustrate the everlasting gospel don't see a linear Easter don't care live on she lay down a now yes we so I'm saying all three of these dr. chica seek wanting you are gonna come into our history so a vivid on at least one at nine 1100 septembre which we've identified as the first day of the first month is 7-9 goodness that what they say don't you come meet only Premiership to put me more dice I said nothing yes the day that Ezra comes out of Babylon celosia who as I saw the baby Luna and then halfway through he's gonna get to Jerusalem Oh Misha man laughs don't crush everything him the first day of the fifth month look let me show descent him while he gets to Jerusalem and then 70 days later he's at October 22nd 1844 with the door closes don't catch Ibiza let me a prayer Allah give oh I should be Salim Khan La Porte is filming but October 22nd 1844 maven tucked up Jesus oh c'mon can't improvise the Sunday law a tan tip de la nuit GG most applies a closed door keep your feet in pot filming so if we're going to do 9/11 for the priestesses this is where I'm worried doc sees no Faisal and never on septum polyploidy silicone this is a closed door and plant case it in pot fill me I'm gonna say for us this is midnight Shivaji Lapua esashi Domini acknowledging that the place to start is the big picture cocoon it's uncle Lord what we fool c'mon sissy Lala imagine and I'm gonna tire I even have some squishy Aries in what I'm gonna teach this morning squishy as wishes a Bolshevik acceptance shoes a top or a circus your sensei Matta okay so what's the French word for weird you don't translated I don't know what is the stress she sorry you know when you make bread just will confident bow and it is sort of you just put it you're getting ready to put it in the pan don't call it me don't pan Ying and it's soft Haley do you solution without putting your finger all the way in it I felt like that's squishy when I played on screen chica mozzarella oh my moley Moo okay softer is it soft with it's often no okay but it's not just soft it it could rebound it doesn't matter but that you got the point Melia okay okay Melia blue oh my dear my dear pictures the many of the moonship so what I'm saying here now so Keisha something too dearly Cielo is this line because settle in you is about Sardis cut the sounder do you see any justification for me saying that it's Kabul by interest if you can show up oh ma boo laughs it's important Islam this is where I'm squishy it's a la russa Prado don't put I just salah you say malayalam because I know the end of Adventism the the real ends gotta be the midnight cry more than midnight bus curricula friendly minion Pavla mommy me because the midnight cries where Jerusalem is chosen Pascal Oh kid mini solutions ulema choise IAM and jerusalem set asides Lisa let me meet a cootie but any in any case me don't kill kiss well count it's a progressive bringing down of Sardis don't see Tina Pugliese you shoot the sound oh so that's going to be even reflected in our history at some level it's a lava so if they test of tiny vote on the twist well so I'm gonna put I don't know what I'm gonna put I'm gonna put Sardis here don't you've a match sound EC I'm saying that when we get to midnight she loves cannot leave I mean me this history's got to be fulfilled sexy Strava etre accompanying door closes on starters la pots FM sound oh but I'm saying that they're here measure D : what this history is teaching us so Cassetti standards on Senya is about the sanctuary say to see jay-z song trail and by sanctuary a pound a song shel I mean the work that Christ is doing in the sanctuary lefke and peace the fear was song Austin song shel that there's a door of dispensation that closes on October 22nd 1844 yen but the disposal silk is a form of inductive current cat and that all the arguments that we're having about the nature of Christ and the nature of man is right now discuss some colossal and natural decree Sancho the de l'homme met no arguments that are associated with the work that Christ is doing in the sanctuary about to Salah a mr. Lefkowitz effaced on the sanctity of celesta okay and this is why we're saying the judgment of the living begins here and the other guys are saying the judgment living begins here it's a long example archaeologically she's not even come also nine eleven ecologies emini their misunderstanding something about the sanctuary it's all man come quick echo shows associated some change in it but it's got lots of parts to it maybe a beaucoup de Partie and so but here so excuse me could you please we explain why you puts out this at midnight and not on 911 because it's Protestant I'm putting Sardis at midnight book why did you ask us we keep up a lie please out that mean me let me stop that mean what disorders represent sound hope isn't qualms and over here lacus give a quiz on terms a covenant people who has been passed by who are being passed by we looked at the Delano CIT meter cootie progressive Puglisi they the leadership was passed by at the birth of Christ don't lie leader only Timmy the Kotel and he sauce the keister the theologians are passed by when he's 12 years old dr. DeShazo mitko take Attila to song at his baptism here in 1840 yes so bottom nah oh Jesus account he begins to select the foundations of the Christian Church it's going up don't lie Allah selectional a level of fun model eglise Koran tarantia he cleanses the temple a purely feeder tom says you've made my father's house a tentative evil idea of a felony so the apparent cafe owner the Buddha just before the cross he cleanses the temple she stephane like while a pitiful accomplices your house is left unto you desolate Allah what means or vasila say dessaline so there's a there's a progressive passing by no clay and police you and me a pool of mr. Cote progressive but in this history don't search is to allow the Protestants have closed their door to the message of the hour we protest on film in Latin I'll massage the liver so what I'm putting this here for dr. Camila is saying that the Adventist Church at this point has totally closed its door to the message and our dosa Kody Kasey Kahl advantage me to tell my family support to massage dollar I mean II but they did it back here already as well okay me in odisha Fiona more 9/11 and in 17 1989 so it's progressive don't know capsule enough doc envelop okay soon I'm saying that this temple cleansing chica certificates on the tone primarily speaking to this history as it relates to the seventh-day Adventist Church new policy pal not the SETI stock if emotional advantage yes yes okay but I'm saying that this history here machete Cassetti syllogism Nina that takes these people that proclaim the living testimony into the most holy place key don't go I'm ncpad Sankyo certain - vivo all you try sound it is talking about a truth is connected with the sanctuary and salvation neupogen very take on yeah a song Jeremy listen you and all of this has to do with salvation a to listen you have a class on you but what I mean by salvation here is the the ABCs of the gospel malessica shows video Tolosa lucila BC did you Julie for Sheila but this year I'm saying may I suppose actress Emily Nia has to do with prophecy so lac de la officio no I don't want to still Tyler's thunder and I don't even know exactly what he's gonna say don't currency pegs actor most Italian idea but it's in connection with what we've been teaching so I am gonna mention it dr. Roylott survey so canoe Association motioning in all of these histories of a of a covenant line - kisses - auntie Lindo aliens they're the work of organizations yeah you never talkin is I say don't you feel when you have this history here Kesava sexy strong now you can show the organization's beginning here boo boo a vocal against that sucker mosey on this riot I thought 1850 and it progresses all the way through what is a country support lease a tool alone so this is a little bit different don't see anybody fit on our approach to show that in agreement with what brother Tyler is going to teach us on Sabbath don't see in that portion put you on the circuit I love I knew was not Sinise's about but we already know that in this history I mean this I want a shocker don't set this slum now the tears are bound first lady oppan mean so on this line where would I mark the binding of the tear its acetylene us cassava McHale earliest a shell here here delivery I follow me Lou upcoming me okay and who we look at longing Nemo aka Dhokla Somalia of the tears being bound the leaves I kill ye she does she done we yes okay so who is Judas apart of she died he partied the King disciple which disciples likkle can't discipline 12 decide moon reduce DC we read a quote here in the past couple days in is a balloon citizen we don't issue proceed on this is the or day ordination of the twelve disciples La Cosa class ODG did you deceive or the deity ordaining of the twelve disciples was the it's in your notes the first step towards organization see don't do not see la première it Abdullah can is a Sunnah Kousaka children could do so the ordination has to take place back here don't cuss a caso drive well you iPhone you have to have all 12 of them in place before one of them can be taken out if O'Kelly do the disapper of a cossack a swamp lavake on the ankus wha Kashi but this is the organization of ordination of the twelve Molossia consecration to do so was there any other ordination esky Leonia oh you do huh yeah we have the 70 this was some G so so that the organization is going on in advance of Judas falling away lagoon's as soon you Ivana shoot la posada Judah this history apalta is less at Eastern you you follow me Loomis region upholds that the organizational work takes place before the door closed city stops ushanka love but door gains Sol your vocal iPods ephemera okay so I wanna I want to walk us through some things in this history I know Shimon I don't know three cake shows the center cities where I need your group participation miscibility voter participation what was what what was fulfilled in 1863 get skater Coolio Jesus also some tuam back okay I'll give you a hint Shifu done in key was the end of the twenty five twenty sila fancy do meself out okay where did the twenty five to twenty start Coty's cosas como si okay what else happened in 1863 case if I say uncle mo SUNY yeah what image of jealousy laments Alicia Lucy okay let's put chart me to last shot we we understand that mid-tone I can start oh cool what out and movement and church starts if Angie move mom early gliese come on so what out quite dude you may not be as you know this but it may not be popping your mind the light for that time is given don't have will savvy but that Kahuna Lucifer apophenia SS Pramila Lumia po so tiny what was the light for that time a Kelly Ted don't say to me up over set epoxy tiller massage the lazatti so there's a special like given the clay a new me a special key Denis okay what else Makoto there's something that gets built yeah Keiko cherski a coast we immediate jealousy I think we'd fall you can you can plug that into the chart don't commercial use the online me unless I clock out she Jericho get bill Jericho IT costly because God's prophetic word never fails that's cool a prophetic the June issue chamois my brother wants to know why I'm saying that Jericho was rebuilt in 1863 most of us have a poll question required typically on Jesus also some twelve how many could explain that to my brother after class raise your hand combien de Paris because raise your hands high livvie olam okay it's gotta be me looks like my low and it looks like everyone needs to understand that a sponsor co-producer but there's other things that happen in 1863 besides Jericho Nokia autoshow CC picea immediately county we have a phone it's in your notes from this class oh no - so sit down for note some days ago okay cuz you put it down where we use the the tearing down of Jericho as the Sunday law news a volte diesel a shoot the Shiva Co coming sister white says that Ellen White clergy that we use a quote where she says as Jericho was brought down so the third angels gonna go with power or something like don't come city quite the obvious it wasn't much value if you have a piece on sketches the show so we have taught on the seven I'll see you then in the millerite history from the midnight cry to October 22nd 1844 the seminary token malicious conduct up Karen cat which is the the manifestation of the power of God in that history manifested episode on cities that Jericho gets brought down right here que Rico a tale of your see now but it gets dark bright down progressively miss I should say typical receiver okay because the seven days they go around it that's good you can set Julie's on fellow to these marks they're moving into the promised land it's a la new Donna maxilla and Zico don't quit on the P go to you this is Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning it's a palooka most necessary would be typifies by their deliverance through the Red Sea out of Egypt socata peaceable idly Vasa the LDP de la cabeza de la Mer Cuccia they go through the water of the Red Sea it's la Mer usually they're gonna go through the waters of the Jordan and bring down Jericho evoke up silly so just you'll die obvious is Jericho enter into the Promised Land if what they don't really you so you got a beginning and ending there to two typhoons every dirt-cheap look at most my life father and sister white addresses Ellen White above the Red Sea deliverance the lady places it right there Ladell it was a la mayor who shall Laplace last acid beneath this is the disappointment of the Hebrews at the Red Sea is but typifies the disappointment of October 22nd 1844 ad : disappointment Mercutio and cheaper danke you gotta support move and dr. kahan so you got two witnesses in the history of Moses Sammy does Tim want only saw the movies and read see deliverance Latifah salami who's your deliverance LSU downsizes right there Kelly auntie Claire Levin doctor Congress the symbol of the conquering in the Jordan deliverance is bringing down Jericho Ellis sample telecom kacha tanka do you see logo that's amore don't cut the silikal if everyone understands that say Amen AC to non compos a large Italian art are you miss refugee huh did you follow that logic s kavoussi visit Lucy Coe I'm looking back all the way to the back did you follow that large Asia I gotta toughen Salas cooties reset logical is everyone else just being a friendly participant it's good to know they're ac-lite participant Micaela did you get the logic I just employed for brother Michele s kevvu company Lelouch occurs on to a pool of permission Jericho is a symbol of the entrance into the Promised Land Jericho to assemble don't lead on the people do la pluma side before they go in the promised land God is gonna manifest his power Yvonne okay don't soupy upon me Java manifest disappear so he's going to bring down Jericho if I love their city cool and deliver his people into the promise night if I did leave they don't kiss me get that gone there don't do people delivering into the promised mr. PCC person key delivery key lamenting PWD you are the people forty years earlier he delivered from Egypt so sleepy uncle a delivery Kyoto evolved early Shipton and Moses was the human deliver a mu ECT a little sandwich I did Israeli mom and Moses means saved out of the water a missus in official video and if Moses had not struck the rock the second time a Simone is not a path copy no machine design flaw he that human deliverer would have taken them right into the Promised Land so liberate every merit is oh no don't repeat the leper Mason so it's unfortunate now you will see my Lulu cuz you might not get what I'm gonna say here sis of a pilot on tsukushi Virginia but his naming saved out of the water miss inovative sous-vide zoo he was used to deliver God's people out of Egypt through the waters of the Red Sea elated to this a portal envelop of the Ghirardelli shipped a tuna on the lam he was to deliver his people to the promised land through the waters of the gorge a divan equity reciprocity Leafly a PE le leopard is OG Judah both of these deliverances are the same deliverance ELISA duty live was solemn Emma and it's the beginning of ancient Israel's deliverance is ending sulukim hospitality difference Israeli Safa okay so there's deliverance at the Red Sea a deliverance at Jordan en deliver also don't o Allah Mercutio o suta there's a disappointment at the Red Sea yet disappoint Milam a who shows a disappointment at Jericho yeah disappoint watch it Riku is there a disappointment of Jericho own young achieve my mom no that's that's natural piety and disappointment okay we won't go into Eichen at this point in time Oh wobbly accomplice that there is definitely a disappointment in that battle may EF MOU a disciplined more there two there two histories hijiki a disease to us but one is the beginning Lind macaca Massimo and one as an end a lute LaFell you follow me a scuffle my CV okay now we're all up to speed on that's the that is the prophetic logic that I'm using to answer his question no Claire Solano she pathetically spoke upon the circus do you follow that logic as compensation if you follow that is related to me know okay after Jericho comes down there's a curse in the Bible application we could not see fully and magics undaunted people it says cursed is the man that lays the foundation of Jericho and raises up the gates Sewell a person capable of elephant mothers you be cool all of this EMU Jericho is gonna get rebuilt Jericho they don't co-sleep but the man that rebuilds it's got a curse upon him acoustics in the hearth consist of his firstborn son is going to die when he lays the foundation ulema lamellae kousaka-san call me a fish so Nene don't give a movie a lot about

life on the phone MO and hearing

last son is going to die when he raises up the gates Edo castle daily fee save ammu da la Steve Alcala Villopoto so as you're approaching 1863 a lock on the side portion like that is awesome right here in this history slot on set is to allow the discussion begins about whether we should get a legal connection with the government in order to establish a church in 1860 discussion protests rescue for no connection illegal avec le gouverneur mob who met complex in egg Lisa and we understand that a gate is a church a new Copernicus new component assemble it mala Potter's it league Lisa and when that discussion began James and Ellen White's youngest son died because a discussion Kumasi illusion fee sadaqa Dylan lighted two gems mo as the gates were being discussed huskily PO 20 discrete to Jericho's being rebuilt Jericho a telecon suite and then in 1863 ya play on Jesus also some point they began to print the 1863 chart and throw these away I lost Kazakh Messiah and premiu sleek asset canticle is along with me like I saw some clothes on utilities Ames and Ellen White's firstborn son let me feast the gem see Dylan white is out playing really hard issue issue a he's really sweaty elite it was it was spitting and it comes back into his house in Christian me and determined he's gonna take a nap a lie determine a colonoscope Uzi these were cloth let's say take the tissue so he goes ahead and he decides he's gonna take a nap on all these nice cloth 1863 charts that were just printed like this he did the sir what positio see Jesus had come to Jesus and like he finishes that empty me and they were laying out so they could dry I don't care as it a Pocket PC she's sick as though they were damn doc a CT muy so he's all heated up looking worried Ely telethon conspirator less on this damn chart alert an OG don't you see cat muy gets pneumonia dies Alima huh so his youngest son the solution fee sound eyes when they begin discussing the gates los Ticos come on say don't Cal Poly the log incessant illegally slip-up that is all the Sun dies when they're set inside the Foundation's a dunker so Nene in Malcolm to commence an affair I met the co telephone man so they rebuilt Jericho the Kissin cost we Jericho if that's the logic that's been in the public record for since a backstabber dr. Sheila Lucia key down languages from all too big to really tap the back all the references that you need to trace down the histories in there okay for Tony Danza really tap the back key Cobra to clearly fit on the city strong so what is Jericho Jericho it's a symbol of the rear of the resistance of God's people entering into the Promised Land see I assembled the resistance a pub that you don't we don't people know what it is it is justification you know I'm not I don't I don't have necessarily a perfect definition for whatever Jenny before team undefeated the circus also in the class on 220 February 20th we discussed we brought up that Jericho represents the Sunday law education Rococo so tell me why did you moss that mark it's marked by Jericho because of the beginning of public evangelism so macular deep you do lavage is that some public yeah something about the how they processed around okay that's probably part of it I'm saying here's what I'm saying so you can follow me and I'll answer quite accept what she's putting in there is jacksepticeye G if we take this line she knew Claire no dog said clean and we plug it in from 911 and midnight cannula meet on September mean me it's addressing what's going on in the seventh-day Adventist Church so la boca super suki surpass the central advances but if we take this temple currently missing quano certificates on the temple it's addressing salvation theology as represented in by moving into the sanctuary san new pal de la torre de salud de pez mandalas something I think this is addressing prophecy is your postcode twice a million pound Aleppo feyza when we bring this over here los canoe CP oppositely now in 1863 this incessant well which would be here Kiska don't mean me Jericho gets rebuilt city cool a local sweet and it's some kind of rebellion he sitting so an insult of rubidium okay we could keep it simple it's some kind of rebellion will put back in place pull a limit semantics in rebellion km+ and I'm saying emoji that the people represented by Judas Lepus uncle presently pants you down they're the ones that are going to rebuild it so Suki food was really cool you follow me full Mississippi I'm not I'm not applying this rebellion to Adventism should not be passed at play video I like Von Teese now I'm applying this down here to the Laodiceans in the philadelphians Kapoor only lousy say Yankee so truth don't Philadelphia do you you follow the logic it's cool Sevilla Lucy if you follow that logic saying man even if you don't know where I'm going don't know suicide pose your events it will feel a little sick determine I mean go ahead Oh are they are they then those the raise up Jericho or the church SDA church is raised up are they and representing Laodicea colleague Lisa cool sweet are they representing this their dision I'm trying to understand okay I'm saying they're representing Laodiceans so jokela please ugly notice increase leave plaintiff ooh that are gonna get spewed out of the mouth of the Lord keevon white of a middle a booster senior and their symbolically going to recreate Jericho and all that that represents a symbolic my fault okay Akuma Beyonce Pesce so please don't and I'm gonna I'm saying they're gonna do it progressively in my show jokela pussies they don't just get to here and do it he knocking style I mean you Yvonne fan because we know they've already been bound off over here that's evanka so digital libyan a phone but this history says missus islam Motlow that there is a curse upon them killing malediction places to who and what they're cursed a sequela malediction their children die you're almost there love some for male te plaire sons dire step closer we need to play oh let's not say they die no decent packing now let's say they're gonna lose lose their sons Oh Dickie Van Pelt laughs ISA but you're not there yet Melanie a phone call huh when they lose their sons love keep a bluff ISA this is a curse against them sits in malediction kiss you what do they lose may impair the qualms what are their son say qualify so okay so somewhere in this history Calcutta Don cities throughout their gonna begin rebuilding Jericho even come on Sal Vulcano city cool all right and what I'm saying is it's okay so Jessica this is prophetic simplify chica and that the premiere the premiere point of reference l upon me ponder if it also for the reformed lines Kali Linda Reforma is the first in the last seal upon me le Johnny and they're going to set aside the reformed lines it will make complex met acutally Linda affirm and thus destroy the principle of first and last it's a lava did you can subdue premiered on e they're gonna lose their firstborn son and their last born son if only boil up on me face a level down if it's as they go into darkness I look evil adalat enable and rebuild Jericho a locust tree hirako do you follow what I'm saying it's Lucy viscosity okay so I'm excuse me I'm saying this is all this history here is the rebellion against the prophetic message set astrology Lalibela massage prophet chica so when we go into these elements that we've already identified with 1863 a law school on Paco little Iman - I don t fear kisses some pathology saucisson toin the history is gonna have we should interpret it symbolically city Steinem Lefou anta prettier difícil Sam booty cow I don't know if you watch it but the the the households that have left Lambert Church here in the recent past is a suppressive is every few million percent you only see don't Columbia Fellowship the list of truths that we understand that they're rejecting it just continues to grow la lista de verite kids unconscious they continue to count you it's it's amazing see if I mind please you know but one of the first things I don't know that it was the first thing you need a plumber Azusa is the accusation that these guys us seekers Lakeisha so pop sumu are putting the methodology of line upon line above the Bible soul emitted ownership in slowly no decision and that's where I started in this class it's okay she come OCFS to show that line upon line is the Bible simple material emitted insulin celibate so when you throw out the understanding that line upon line is inspired don't complement it to curtail a spiritual dilemma to dilution in saline I'm saying the absolute foundation of line upon line is Christ surgical food SEO absolute emitted insulin secrets because no other foundation can be laid except for Jesus Christ Oscar okay not okay not okay not phone on the phone on the papacy of me Christa and in Revelation chapter one when he introduces himself to us a debacle of skill sopressata new he identifies himself as the first in the lab it's adoptee fika metallic premier attorney when you're throwing out line upon line you Scavo wash attained in Saline your carrot killing your firstborn and your last one Gucci vodka pour me a physical toil down if you're eliminating your ability Buzzelli me never to a capacity understand prophecy the company la policia and you're building Jericho a focus position all over again uncle a second series so what we presented son is a prophecy we know that a daughter it's a chance producer well symbols can have more than one meaning decide what the prison cell significantly a a girl or a boy in prophecy I usually identify as the last generation in fee one and gas unemployed lead on TV come that Daniels in Arizona but when you have a firstborn son and a last born son mokona and call me a fish down this is what you've got in there is the principle of first and laughs conceived on a silicon super-dee-duper meet you Danny okay you follow your follow how I'm approaching this s kavoussi we come on Shabbat solo even if it's not all totally worked out mem Sheba uncle too tough a clam it's a little squishy cmp malleable it's new girl simpleton want go to Isaiah 7 I know Dinah he said everyone knows Isaiah 7 right cinnamon kinesia he said nice bow Isaiah 7 is the beginning of the twenty five twenty is a selca must not assume it's a sofa now if you haven't killed your firstborn son and your last born son if we have a pop culture but for me between able to identify so then you know that everything at the beginning of the twenty five twenty is going to be illustrated at the end of the twenty five seventy mock yokomo small determinants of that right can you still have found in Isaiah 7 it don't is that you sent the twenty five twenty little missus of now begins in 742 come on decreased that's when this vision is given to Isaiah to give to a house see like I said we joined Ania is a petunia a cats and then in verse 8 I believe a oversee Rita there's a time prophecy Yenko feces at all that says within sixty five years GD dust on Seco the Northern Kingdom will be carried into captivity why y'all meseta on mill captivity 65 years takes you to 677 so some think I need as I mean I love was indecent and the northern kingdoms taken captive in 723 why you know I - on captivity or my settlement that's giving us 19 years from 742 to 723 so landed and is nathaniell good once it's okay I won't do my settlement and 46 years from 723 to 677 come on seasonal come I said servant why you say this begins the 25 20 against the Northern Kingdom that my said servant welcome most early lie captivity Paulo why you're mad you know this begins the 25 20 against the southern kingdom a appliance office and he said lemarchal Linda Beauty dimensions of ample opium to suit the one ends in 1798 the other in 1844 I love you Jana in linky so tell me now said sunk at 26 years Kamakshi dudette liquor on season II but the absolute end of all this me laugh absolute us alone because it's a chiasm basket thank Yasim has to include this 19 years at the beginning do I talk and clearly it is not vanity table takes you to 1863 so the news that may not be sufficient well we get this time prophecy of 65 years some man is that one preset prophecy dirt on this what's on second which marks the starting for both 25 20 mark oh don't let abugida me system from Isaiah 7 a party OT say so whatever is going on in Isaiah 7 don't quacky space on don't is they said it's gonna be going on here and in 1863 soul of a supercilious also some time yes we but I'm saying that 1863 machete continues no sauce on 12 is also gonna go on in our history over here Sava OC a lead on new twist well so let's see if we remember I know why y'all see new new signal Isaiah 7 this is it this is a matter of public record for years now let's see Don Louis is from up you big dope it isn't him at no verse one and it came to pass in the days of a has a center Jonathan to Sunday Uzziah king of Judah that resin the king of Syria and Pekka the son of REM Alya king of Israel went up toward Jerusalem to war against it but could not prevail against it and it was told the house of David say in Syria is Confederate with ephraim and his heart was moved and the heart of his people as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind is they said Anna - what do you have there Kevin allow you have a confederacy in the northern kingdom between the Northern Kingdom and Syria oh nine coffee that I saw to Allah Syria why um do you know against the southern kingdom of Judah kuqali why don't you shoot those you down okay so you got three different client symbols you need to plug in in our history key new food don't commit or don't at least well okay now I'll give you a clue where I'm going with it I shivered ania ania monk don't love it go to verse six go to verse 5 and 6 of chapter 8 same vision I live Donovan say thank you Susie Shapiro you it's a lemon vision a has is the king of Judah I guess Allah what a shootout in the first two verses he's being threatened by an alliance Donnie took for me they're silly free you probably not yawns between Israel and Syria oh please I Lila silly yes we okay now if you're being threatened by an alliance she was actively about Lena Jones you don't like that Alliance we named it peseta Leo's right nice bow okay notice verse 5 and 6 of chapter 8 note any vessel sank a sea Shepherd to meet the Lord spake also unto me again saying for as much as this people refuses the waters of Kailua that go softly and rejoice in resin and Rama Leia's son now therefore behold the Lord bring it upon them the waters of the river did you follow that mischievous allow a has in his people I guess it's something our rejoicing so leisurely in this Northern Alliance that wants to kill a hat and replace them does that Alianza do not give you a tree a castle hompless a good question you're getting my point I love kiss kiss of this we know he has the southern kingdom is rejoicing a castle away um do you Sookie service there celebrating the alliance of the North that is attempting to wipe them out each city is saleable Alianza do I am Janaki uh Kiki a boo-boo Delia let's see is that how you understand it as I said if I soak a fool don't component by your brother Tyler is that how you understand it it's what I do it's good to come come come so don't be distracted just read this little swap out okay if you guys if you can't get this little nuance in here a seafood approval a beer will go further in all this c12 vapor captain shall i bountifully pure on you all seems kind of subdued who's that come and to do deputy chief do you understand what we're doing a scuffle company so comfy we're taking the 25 20 and we're trying to make a present truth nope no lead emissions of only see on the favorability present this is old news for us to Sin City Nevada Johnsonville back to chapter 7 go over tuna versus theta a has yes the king of the southern kingdom look what do you what do you I am to see them in verse 2 of Isaiah 7 over cedar this I said to my reader we yes what's happening to his heart curse a pastila song Kara sacred and his people's heart yo Kefka super-plow there move like the the trees in the wind Esau so quicker municipal de la foret they're scared he's super huh they're shaking its own a bond a so quick they're being severely threatened is all it so after year some crazy fee but what I showed you that in Chapter eight they're rejoicing Mitsuko seafoam aqua velveeta installation we send this power that is threatening them the sir just said piece of scale is afraid you've got to see that if you focus you gotta see that if you're going to be able to identify who's Syria the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom are in our history if you fo vassal as papa valle dr. Vickie lassie peel away um do you know Don atleast one ok verse three the website wha now the Lord is gonna send who may not kill us in your van until my year is a Isaiah if I alpha is a ye okay so here's the first pop quiz of today's class let's see look Weez does do children how many characters do we have in this story so far combien de personaje phone Udacity strategies casino the suite three and one three annual so a 3-1 but forget the three one alright even if it's there okay I'm see little eyelet la ilaha illa it's for isn't it you're not Katniss pal five did someone say five yes you can can ji-sun you say fine a 2ds thank you okay you got Syria yeah City the northern kingdom know why um do you know the southern kingdom who I am do Sita and Isaiah is ie maybe you want to argue that there's a distinction between the king of Judah and the people of Judah and the king of Israel and the people of Israel I'm not making that distinction don't cuz if I said this thanks y'all I'll tell you why it's so popular there's for ya cat person I should say three judge it what are they win Cheney pad see really I love ya saved in alliance with Israel announced on Israel oh they're coming to attack judah the southern king he want that case you tell my young ji pseudo and then there's a cat a sang-hee I'm saying that if this is the end of the twenty five twenty Salafi let me send someone who knew the vessel say was the end here in 1863 and Miller right history a city life approval isla de Mille retorted some very sorry find something here mr. lucky pithy concussion as we begin to grapple with what it is enough goodness I don't complain Sokka say we got to see four players means I love what character huh right okay so Isaiah sent to him okay is that about you then said the Lord under Isaiah go forth now to meet ya Wow is they sit I mean Isaiah 7 verse 3 mm-hmm it's a set well thou and sure Josh of thy son at the end of the conduit of the upper pool and the highway of the Fuller's field what does sure Josh of mean kiss Kesava dealer she is a tsuba a a remnant shall return nice to that live in you so what's the message at Isaiah's taking to a hat Kelly don't let mrs. Keyes Airport our casa that a remnant is gonna return can i stir that lava Nina where is the remnant gonna return that Lavinia I mean if we're gonna plug it in here if you like it for the metal I don't satisfy I'm saying that should G Isaiah JDK ze is the wise priests sealer Plato Sasha that's an easy one right let's see fussiness pal and he's got a message for a house eel and massage pool at Cannes oh and the message for a has is that there will be a remnant that returns and the message is represented in the name of his son is so my stash pocket secure on eschatological veneer lisa lopes auntie Polly no distance fee so is this about a remnant returning in this history or this sister OSS develop to need or SETI song ooh app you download restart her up limini after after okay is everyone settled on that it's good to know the FEI miss yourself so who would the remnant be the kiss of a little Arista okay the Levites will return leave it Vanya Vanya this is dangerous which are the small fractals it is a big picture as I've acknowledged that don't curse II don't sleep as controversial apetito fact it's like Tallulah Isola contra will do with this I can't broad strokes and clean up the mess down the road may see alpha see furniture year infinite we are making the connection Lafitte the surface we're going to be the only one that is saying hey what is he saying it is some catchy let's sail at Jamaica ski Dean and if you don't think that one through is sitting Coco Coco then I don't think you can rightly divide with the four players are dong suppose cotton palapa a DBZ determine a kiss only character who is who would the northern kingdom be in this scenario donor citizen are you like he said I don't know why young do you know so our story yes for our story who would be the Northern Kingdom in our sorority songs dear and who did they who are they an alliance with listen wins a fake email I saw Nelly on CEO love I am generally of aquiline alien spoon at least wah Lilly's advant ista and they've come in the Confederacy with Syria vulcanalia avec la serie who's Syria say kiss / Siri is it a state as Lolita just formation formation spirit Union even they've accepted the methodology of the Jesuit Order is known except Allah methodology the lotto decision Allah who on September they're in an alliance now it's on a Leon Smith no ok the Adventist Church let Von Teese League disadvantaged team secrecy have formed an alliance allopathy on forming aliens isn't that what we did this bazooka nuisance in you that the Sanhedrin Colusa nidra is going to come an arrest Christ the venire reality Cristo okay do they bring Rome with them when they do that as kingdom mental Paloma velocity from Silla so this isn't anything new doc said nearly at the new moon but my brother Larry so if I can follow your logic the foolish priests now buy them going back to the theology of dead reporters typifying spiritual formation of 9/11 Sita Sita Lucille impactor if you vote even availa to Lucy the Desmond for the Katyn tibialis formation spiritual enemy see pathologic if the if Israel in this history sees il don't set this to allah his was israel was already gone at this point my leadership out there in sense of they formed an alliance with an enemy of God a friend compass reason for mean Alianza they can lend me the Jews okay if if this is SDA people they see lights ISIL advantage Mireille Appa Pucci and we know that we already got evidence they come at midnight to deal with Isaiah in his I've only proof given a mini pose key I don't care cancer who is a chasm is Kia Castle King of the South here's Isaiah Langdon a look face to face is the evil County I catch Moses Isaiah Murcia is AE he's got a message for Eli massage pool for a house to a chasm pardon me he has is the triumphant Church I guess it is beyond fault what today has do Caskey fea cos he's seen in history what did he do that was so such an abomination it does he was a wicked King she tells and why mission he sent his high priest to I don't I think it was one of the northern kingdoms he loved a year she played on the way um do you know and had his high priest make a blueprint of the of this pagan temple a professor a she mph include the tompaaa and when his high priest came back it comes to calm some company he shut down the worship in God's sanctuary alas tell me about the LeDoux licenses until did you and erected a replica temple of that pagan temple in the courtyard Don Lollo Parvati sanctuary laughing reproduce a Templar don't pea and instituted pagan worship right in the courtyard don't kill a dog assume PN o pass women he's not a symbol of the church triumph dachshund upon sampled early Christian folk a he's a symbol of seal assembled someone that's looking face to face to Isiah Kankakee log alpha safari injecting a message cautiously massage and establishing satanic worship it's a Breanna do assume writer eyes areas a is ie tsukuba pardon me lousy see we're all right layer this is the layer to see and don't lessen allow GCM this is the Philadelphia it's a yearly Philadelphia okay this is why when it has salawa cow is in the chapter 8 IV for Chabot elite and says they're rejoicing in that relationship over there it's of this Jesus said to what I soon out thou do you remember that inspiration tells us clap if you can n'est pas une yugi that when the foolish priests second influential who they cut fou separate from the wise priests s about the plates and where did they go move on Tina they go back illa tuna to the bomb attila ego tuna oval Mickey's only sing at 9/11 on septum okay they're gonna rejoice even so please really grateful in that alliance they said Alianza is they put a better place here GI you you're now on septum can you see that s curve of is your love there's more there's more in here that's Keanu let's try to get a little bit further through you see you're dead no I'm through on okay notice in verse five I'm not gonna read at all just make some points don't look out the over see Sankey's that he said you've ever truly a part of Isaiah's prophecy says in fact Idol Apophis it is ing Syria Ephraim and the son of ramilya have taken evil account evil counsel against them yeah you can say edema a CDF Rehema Elif is a family on this is Israel in Syria - versa Israel is Sarina they take an evil counsel against a house la plana can say you move there I don't conclude I can see that's what Isaiah is telling him it's Asuka is a young candle video yeah you get to verse 5 & 6 of chapter 8 sinners alone versus ankus is the Sabbath or eaten his rejoicing a cash like soul is we why does he rejoice me proquest okay sweetie now go to chapter 8 I lived on calsilica for you go to chapter 8 I want I knew it oh sure pitifully eat oh yes - DK sarcastically she's in verse 3 of chapter seven first overstate what is Shepherd said unto me where is it that a has meat Isaiah with the message ooo-ooo-ooo is a iran-contra till I guess I pull you Denise Oh massage it's called the upper pool a new CD kasi like it Oh Buddha like a Duke and a polar sphere in this ad lab LaShonda foolin whatsapp or sequela for Gleaner what kind of cleaner a polar soap la patate foolin but a Fuller's cleaning work is foolishly tuned into a Yi more often than not associated with with material C suvat Cecile my team yellow the Fuller's feel lousy foolin is the field where your dirty garments are removed and you're the garments of Christ's righteousness is put upon you soluti is that masseuse on ot lashes LaVette modesty sapristi jaundice LaVette maliciously so cream I'm saying that based upon Zechariah 13 and Ezekiel 36 so the capacity was like Alcatraz Ezekiel consists at the potter's field Vasilis shoddy foolin where they're being purified by fire currently pure she pounded food by water a power loom so Isaiah's meeting a has in this history is that you don't conquered a cast on set aside o Allah o Buddha like to dig the little soupy had a conduit are gonna buy the upper pool the the pipe that comes from that Koji Oh Buddha laka booka and it produces what a SAP would equal the spring of Shiloh ax in this passage Fuji junkless salut which is the Old Testament name for T Siloam he lost no the nonsense s time mob who was Siloam in the New Testament don't know Nouveau Testament pathos and what happens it so alarm in the New Testament it is spicy I see low I'm John de novo testimo Jesus Jesus runs into a relay of the sea and does he know Luke please he cited earlier lousy ce n'est pas he's blind he says go wash in the pool of Siloam Allahu Allah Hong Kong creative ad vitur la vie I left for 10 days salut this place where they're meeting is the place where you see Lily and from your Laodicean condition if you choose to say logic to defeat a conditional dcn sativa but you have to choose to say John have said me first Avila velocity Lewin hands on the right exercise of will that's kalasa de pon de la banda banja bone exercise 11 aunty there's more to say about this it will have to do tomorrow Mia beaucoup push ideally on fountain now what I'm doing is so cachaça unfair now I'm suggesting and among other things these three histories so soon she'll kapow me auto shows it was this long now that it we're justified on many witnesses for lining them up new songs of oil divorce is difficult only Shalini they're all begin with an angel coming down a camo suit palette isn't an ocean they all end with the door closing it's a charming tooth Bala fo la loboteca swam and they all have a symbol of a visual revelation in the middle of them hey sorry I assembled you test of Israel and it's in this history that the effect of every vision takes place its identity stone and 11 a minion Cochiti vision loss on you so we're putting that over here pneumatosis alas this is valid don't know I'm saying that this history primarily is speaking to circumstances that connect with the Adventist Church a surgical upon me at least well about the circumstance key tidal advantage now the covenant people that are being passed by I looked up daily on skia meter cootie I'm saying that this history is talking about salvation it's a thicker said did say me stop pal Giselle you know there was a living testimony in here brothers and sisters a lads on such a sunny and ammonia Jesus place resistor white says I long for the time when the living testimony will be revived la nuit lien on low LDL pass apocalypse we've also a living here living testimony is the definition of the combination of humanity and divinity a definition duty - reversal accompanies intelligent Illuminati and sister White says the combination of humanity and divinity does not sin heal and logic said company so imagine even a pesckow this history as its about salvation theology lol said East a new party Latinos you decide you know first and foremost is teaching that your sin has to be put away before the door closes yellow sin cannot renew pay laughter - mediocre Teavana how much of the lap of to head and that's the Omega argument it said don't cut don't see looming lucky mo oh yeah doesn't matter you know it's like an ice cream store a campout to see yeah yeah an ice-cream Stone magazine to glass there's lots of flavors of ice cream yeah beaucoup de Paula Paula glasses but they're all the Omega Missy to Cecily they're all still ice creams mr. skunk July class and all these different things that are popping up now it's the defense's a no-show Zakia's movement no although they do it in different ways a case where fed in facilities in their teaching that you can wait until after the door closes to deal with your sin please don't send your money this computer accomplished amateur della porta poopoo located in the program to pitch in this history is speaking about that issue yet this one about the super now this is respeaking about prophecy eliquids my new pal deala prophecy organization the login' is as soon okay so we're we're taking one of those in its incomplete new upon normal certain diseases some it's uncle and complain now read chapter 7 through 11 a lowly Salish a bit set down was this Agee before class tomorrow I've all like Lester do now and let me show you something Elise my formal ticket cashews huh a bite there that's where we're at is that you see London soma and I was gonna say 12 and I should have said 12 a invite on to ideally shop it set a dues I'm on a class 11 through 12 is one version Pascal a lovely shop etcetera dues no pop quiz on consumer I go to need to know two thoughts the bossy sister white says that they're in Binda in the 1840s there that that living testimony was something through the primitive do was a contrarian enemy primitive Gosling's it was not seen since apostolic times right and also when I see the issue here with you showing the sanctuary and prophecy I'm also seeing at another level I'm seeing humanity and divinity you know in the innocence the Madonna's on the prophecy value menu to give you a tip we are pledged if I come for you you okay shall we pray feel Heavenly Father we list we have plenty of physical rain and it looks like you're sending more book ooh the Priya physically some kitchens of we can do nothing but accept it in the prove unfair oh yeah dude cool except T but we do have a choice about whether we accept the waters of the latter rain means devilish wow seed accept a la piel is eau de Lappe diocesan and as we further study this passage we see that a has represent someone that has rejected the latter rain utilitarianism is rejected 9/11 rescue till your septum we ask that we'd be not among that number nucleon Dan epipheo party doesn't know that we accept the waters of Siloam canoes accept only soda see Louie and reject the waters of the Euphrates Tony to the fight I think for the time we spent study in your word this morning yeah cipolla talking seven per se to de Tocqueville sometta asking a blessing upon today's activities for everyone here the modern benedictions was activated the to Mondesi and we trust that you've taken everyone home safely that left yesterday see some party yeah and we've asked a blessing upon them as they take up the task ahead of them akin to the mandala be near a lucky to have a fairly to Achilles at time in Jesus name I mean