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Publish Date: 2/27/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
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we pray I mean he we have a question from yesterday right I don't serve one customer Papa D to D yeah Samuel 145 25 C SMU a live-in Sanka first time you'll chapter 25 or chapter 1 verse 25 Vincent what 25 verse 1 okay and Samuel died and all the Israelites were gathered together and lamented him and buried him in his house at Rama and David arose and went down to the wilderness of Paran I sent me advanced I come I see again my university huh and there was a man in Moen whose possessions were in Carmel and the man was very great and he had three thousand sheep and a thousand goats and he was sharing his sheep in Carmel now the name of that man was enable and the name of his wife Abigail and she was a woman of good understanding of a beautiful and of a beautiful countenance but the man was churlish her leash and evil in his doings and he was the house of the house of caleb don't see pastor joe victory lo it give me some explanation imagine nickel kisses because my conversion I said LaMotta Superboy adult wanna speak Hebrew Stoffel early on holiday in 911 okay so at nine eleven don't Cosette I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for but at nine eleven exact mo still just good shot Damiano septum we're saying that the judgment of the living begins okay you you follow that you know why it begins there so I don't have to explain that okay so in Ezekiel chapter 8 don't a secure lines and see coach Apter nine its echidna the people that are getting sealed are sighing and crying for the abominations yeah it was silly a new Jimmy see mule mule this is a type of morning it's actually achieved you okay so we plug Ezekiel 9 in here Doka new bosom as you can never see as a second witness you can go to the story of Abigail and David you come to Jim Emily Dundas not that big a lead and so in verses one through three where we just read maybe I can move until you tell me there are certain symbols that allow you to line it up with 911 yeah sometimes a volcano primarily Selenia v1 is per an anti sombody patent we go to Genesis 27 21 27 21 Genesis oh prince it I think maybe not 2721 that's not it pardon me 21 21 yeah maybe I can't read my writing my notes that's common cumbia yeah so if you yeah you could even you to get it in context you back up further no platform context the formal teaching about you this is about Hagar and Ishmael being driven out less is a cheetah I got his mail Keisuke so keep out and burst why says and God was with the lad and he grew and dwelt in the wilderness and became an archer and he dwelt in the wilderness of Quran ok lévesque event to you didn't it sent to you so paren becomes a symbol of Ishmael Islam don't give a toss and boiler don't dismay Islam and you can track at least a couple of the wildernesses that David was in a classy listen watch it is elevate that video in this history he's in the wilderness of Engedi don't see strongly lead on the desert they don't get G and here he's in the wilderness of Paran Eli lead on the desert the power and we're we're saying that if we go through paren and look at it it's a symbol of Islam energies Oh Casey Novak outdoor faucet assembly just one Eastham piece of information here you have three kings dying and Samuel dying love with every trauma clockwork you Somali some really good moves you got a death marker you got Josiah a hub and saw was a video shows a cabbie sayuki Malala Bally's dinner and then you have Samuel P Samuel and I can't remember but I know that you can I know I can go through sissy come to and look at those four deaths and line them up is the with the four generations of Adventism killed by archers yet they all get killed by archers in disguise don't go to sewing teacher about this I've seen QT t gz Josiah she's yes a hub and saw I can't be cited in their story of their demise don't know about the Diggy's mo they disguise themselves he says so confirming with a having Josiah they're actually disguised when they die it's a Saudi key self incontinent a little mo but Saul disguises himself just before he dies when he goes goes to the way to bend or Messiah Jesus Navas a Muhammad Ali don't live a less associate of bet they're all taken down by archers me so to strip out this I've seen and if you noticed in verses 20 and 21 in Genesis 21 you see what y'all did Oliver 70 edition isn't you the lad Ismael is gonna grow and he's gonna become an archer It's Made continue by definition of she so another symbol of Islam is the archer and its symbol Jerusalem see lashing so you have three of these four people that died here prophetically being taken down by the archers reservatrol thank you so much a prophetic more than after she emphasized in Islam sukyohama Islam I have Isaiah 60 verse one is that years and I'm not sure arise and shine for thy light has come lift Libre canta Lumia live in you and I'm not sure why I have that except maybe in some of these these words but but I'd have to go back into it anyway I'm not sure if we're getting into your answer if I still see oh nothing but time people so okay de la o 911 okay yep any other questions before we get started s continued sandal o that's what we're dealing with here ins in 1st Samuel 25 verse 1 don't you deserve a cat mala city locale like a locket MCT some you know okay everyone seemed to think we were done with the notes but me all right cuz ha I went a I want to spend some time on on these entire notes here and try to organize this diagram a little bit better before we get out of here a see you doc young jeezy don't sir jacket on the speaker but I want to start with this Miller right history obviously right this is Miller right history obviously ok so up here this line what would that be don't go la la in Tahoe Kelso a channel pardon me it's the Protestants this is where there's two covenant people there are two covenant peoples one's being passed by one's being entered into covenant with C lucky I do I prepare to meet Cody knows who I know so if you go to Revelation chapter 3 I'm saying the Protestants in the millerite history are represented by Sardis at this prophetic level Jacana prophetic at least well don't the protester focus on topologies the sound out and speaking this to Sardis talking out the sound down in verse 1 it says and under the church in Sardis write these things saith he that had the seven spirits of God and the Seven Stars I know thy works that thou has a name that thou liveth and are dead yeah I lost religious the sound releases it you just set this Betelgeuse at it was a cognitive could you are known to Aviv uncle Qin mo so Sardis has a name that it's alive but it's dead sound I know educate if you from Alpha Chi Li mo huh what I mean that it has a name Kiska Celestine a fickle I know it's a cabinet people años when you enter in the cabinet with the Lord he gives you a name come on knock on alien savagery no no no but what kind of covenant people is it because de Leon says they're dead itsumo for instance if we would put there gotta be a good label for the rebels that came out of Egypt that's a simple little tag subscribe yeah attack I'm going vanity catalytic ability some soft addition you want got a suggestion Esther can support me all right rebels move I hope they know they've got a lot of bad people are using too much power on these you're pushing the felt okay so the rebels Havana they enter into covenant with the Lord when they come to Sinai it's on triana Yosef avec les senior consultant evasion ie and by the time they get to the tenth test which is the spies going in and spying out the promised land Elmo will pave no GCM Tessio emotive a donkey Spinelli PTO here their rebellion has reached its height assume it's night time I push it lovely billion but they still have a name me some fault I know but are they dead me itsumo they're dead some are but they're it's gonna take him 40 years 38 years before their death is finalized blue mesa level upon country tiny evoke a little mocks what concrete is you right yes well they have a name is manuel but they're dead me it's so much okay so when we get to the time of Christ let's go not even approve the Keystone the Hebrews Lizzy blue I'm is that okay this is the end of this is Hebrews to but this is no system disapproval bring me to see time of Christ they've reach the same condition I put the kisses it will attend lament position at the time of protest and the time of the Miller writes a lip of the military same condition seal mmm condition right and what's their name Kelly don't kill oh no dry spell this right okay what's their name Kelly don't know Protestants the Sunni protest oh okay that's their name Solano but are they protesting Rome at this point in Miller right history Middle East I mean every Teske protest oh no no they're gonna carry the two primary doctrinal ideas of the papacy they're not gonna give them up in the from pop onto nearly do a Verity a Duke actually sees the state of the day and Sunday sacredness Lady Mary Lou cootie security subdued he knows they have a name is all I know but they're dead me summer okay now of course this is where we get nervous but long fight upon three witnesses Adventist Church here has a name sennosuke menage tois neuticle eglise Adventist on and sister White says the name that was given to them was given to them by the Lord alien you identical inoculated 292 Newman policy the seventh-day Adventist Church disadvantaged the system show but what are they may commence until their latest and their dead is so loud you see is some of their needing the remedy he's humble Angela made okay and what's the remedy me Kelly don't serve I made though what's the remedy Kelly don't kill my maiden gold why and what is that my blonde I could ye of secret sound pardon me three angels messages you're almost there let me search the twice--once on your plants go keep going with it the everlasting God she did tell me no you got to see that if you for us alone why do you have to see that book Wow because your message that's good with massage is there everlasting gospel Salem is silly Washingtonian externally defense them and internally Miyoshi our town our message is the everlasting gospel let me see diversity toenail which is a three-step testing prophetic message kita me Sasha to test the prophetic on transit app that develops and then demonstrates two classes of worshipers he develop a team under category the Torah to this is the only hope for less siliceous Buffalo DC or people in Sardis a the Paley percent isn't a sound it's the everlasting gospel seed leaf or CD toenail it's the only hope the sillas father that's why when you get to the time of Ephesus si la razón por la que las cannot develop in Galatians what is Paul contending with don't gal act of equality no false Gospels little Yvonne she know it's all about the gospel to holophone she know when these people leave this message and they begin to say all those guys are setting the reformed lines above the Word of God because a person Aquila massage on Jesus a person la la place Leland every form of the pseudo Labib those reformed lines are the everlasting gospel selling the reformed silly version attorney no we have to understand the the the three-step testing profess message is the gospel Infocom Wonka massage detest political closet but it doesn't leave a Sheila and we can't see it if we don't see the reform line in una pop I love watching you know violin telephone so whenever we hear someone say all those guys they're they're using their human logic to make the lines more important than God's Word eco notice a person Giacometti reason sasha cement poder de la linea lashes lap is important Caleb evila it's an attack against the gospel city not a controversial but in the history of efforts literally saw a face in Galatians Paul Paul lets us know that we will be contending with false Gospels pollution plunder and canoes oh ffs a fully functional and what is Paul says the gospel is a cappella concern allophones lovely functional it's the power of God seal episodes the Jew and what's the power of God sequel a person's the Jews it's the creative power that in his words seal a public release kiss a toad on somebody it's impossible for him to lie a lamp post about Joe DiMaggio so every word that he speaks is going to have an effect don't to keep a like a porno saw anything every word that he speaks his prophetic to keep our keep on or some prophet chica that kind of a hard concept to follow but it's true see time can see by C difficile a submissive totally therefore when we are confronted with false Gospels taco cyclist can do some fast and fluid machine what are we confronted with new some cop want a aqua perfect false prophecy I did first prophecy false power and full paint first be some counterfeit power counterfeit prophecies in Corinth I saw a deposit the capacity to confess where we're at Ceylon is awesome I want to show something from this history here hmm what like a coach's eye patch of the city stop and go back to yesterday's tuna a little tiara from here to here a party of the lamb is Jesus alcohol and then read come on cat and then from here they to here sweet succulent cat at Osaka octave Karen cat and then from here to here on sweet Deven dr. Brown cat that isn't well what do we have careful noon you have the everlasting gospel in there but I'm looking for temple Kansans lavash eternal major pound the perfect ice on the top is their temple cleanse in here squ table and here Allah ah this one's a harder question here malankov ng up top gotta do some talk okay yes there is there's a temple kynzie we we may not understand everything about what that represents oh no practice Kosilek result but was there a door shut in 1863 media TV and in part female just assistant well yeah they they set aside the tables we zoom it acutally champion okay they they set aside their first love it so mediocre till Allah meeya remove this is the first love that's alumina move on ok now I'm saying that the first generation now I'm doing with generation the first generation and here Shinya Yamanaka trivita second generation ends here business third generation and where's mo second SATA and that we're now in the fourth generation in McDonald Ventana Kathy I'm Ginny I assume so where's the first generation began I like a monogamous lab coming up senior SEO because usually about for me I would usually I would say 1844 by I think that's taboo modular Levin totally on catnip asuka's well a pardon me 1840 geez we talked about to dismiss by my logic Oh human logic Palin tell you g what let's hear your human logic by the motto you're avoiding answer don't you Evie da ponte de la montagne mad non-violence oh how is you lay the model out I know come on okay first generations got to begin over here Laconia junior high Sunday become also Tong fo why my brother Tyler you're the one that's saying you understand the logic don't because when you look at the line of Christ that's good let's go back under a ninja please de-emphasis begins when John begins when Johnny Chrysler born if Eskimo Salani sauce disjointed okay so if this is 1989 dokie says she did you said some cats twenties Rita for us who knew which is down here he even know what generation is that no Kelly sexy assume it's a fourth generation right see like a trium of Adventism delayed no cheese no it's you can argue it's the first generation of the 144,000 perhaps a Lucille a premium Gina my son it's not gonna get me why it's a for the nation for the two just became focus that comes in at some delayed Nazis mom well okay I will but in a second event family doesn't what I wanted to see in agreement with what Tyler was saying occasionally Canova Yanukovych sukadeva Tyler is that Moses clearly teaches the Kamui's incentive that he himself typifies Christ kill you mem GPC Cristo Moses is at the the beginning in this history Louise Alchemist Montessori strong and he's typifying Christ in this history at the end HTPC Christopher and as far as a special covenant people a Vikas Italian susceptible aliens mission Abraham's prophecy prophecy table of the bondage in Egypt consume knowledge slavish on his sheep the prophecy about the Lord gonna enter in the Covenant with a chosen people lapa physique he must encourage on Cahoon Alianza vacant actual see it was gonna come to pass in the fourth generation so lava Aviva don't caricature Machinima's and in that sense when Moses was born don't go don't sister Lanice awesome lease he represents the fourth generation of Abraham's prophecy he look like a champion in my son okay and he's typifying Christ a Lieberthal Christ so they're both the time of the end they just left so the time of the end don't go don't let sow you've got the one level the fourth generation and you folks are really catching arrest you but another level the first generation notion that Navona Lumias which is just another way to look at the the overlay between Ephesus and Laodicea see you notice until I see opposition ecology see faith so to answer your question clip on that occasion this is the first generation from here to here but see La Palma shanira's look at 2008 and this is the second but she don't let the same did you suck at my third is never let them give a Jesus in the course so what our justification for breaking about the history of Adventism in those four ways I know Kelly no justification for divisiveness total advantage the sick actors okay party why did we even begin that focal newcomer Seattle itself yeah you know there was my brother here my brother David and I he wasn't being critical he's being very he's been positive so the realities and he's struggling with his English is much better than my French so no Amy you can also say so he was struggling decay convey a parting thought as he was leaving today alchemy publishes a fool a partisan no traffic mom and he shared something like you know he'd been blessed by the the prophetic teachings that ever went on here since he was here illogicality Bonita a little Salamanca fatigue the priests on TV see but I'm pretty sure I heard mrs. C I scoot about a very kind and nice observation in the web in Chukchi do so she assumed that maybe tone down a little bit because you live him now he can jump down turn down okay 810 meters the some of the more direct rebukes about the heresies that's going on Papapa CBC a Lily lip cream on top of a CBC Kiki listen easy consumer and I thought about it later and I thought it if they shut up you time he had a bummer he's gonna be gone in the morning see what a bump but you're still here it is about them now can because what you have to understand about these heresies that's a key focus is yeah this is a busy they're God's design Salida santa June we were not studying the way we should news et John Padula fastened to Bible and the Goethe prophecy is clear lability prophecy some claim we were studying the way that we should be studying sinew tenacity on the facade on new debris on there wouldn't be any Harrison's coming in you know canary she kissed everything but the heresies are allowed to come in literacy so total Isaiah at trantridge it to force us to study Palmilla mapa news obj2 G and Paul says to show who's approved a budget imatra kita proven when it says show who's approved a closed key diplomatic eat a movie it means these heresies have to be publicly addressed a de cassis a receipt whatever don't care about the public mo or you or no one getting shown one way or another who's approved and who's not a pro casino person so heinousness oh hey kita prevail so I contend that the Omega apostasy in this movement began like in 2012 dr. shakalu Miguel apostasy ah come on son ten mintues and it began with a presentation I did at some camp meeting in the western United States soccer most of it concludes on that so cause you fear to lose it does uni and I did something that I often do is your fake cake shows cashews face of all I'll just you know I'll add in some observations that I see off the top of my head should this obsession Kosovo Kosovo that weren't really in the note so much nicer path am i included only not and it began a controversy it's a lack of Eskimos and it's Joel chapter one he says she said that the soil because as I was doing something from Joel chapter one that's good look as your physical exertion I pointed out that there was four generations in there and there was the second witness the four generations right in the opening verses she a virgin and I saw on the same team one poor Melissa catching it has some diversity and the only thing that we had understood about generations at that point in time alas oceans conception condition and I saw and Sumomo now is that when Peter speaking about the Lord entering into covenant with the chosen people love Capri about the senior cotton encyclopedia because in the chosen generation Allah peleshyan has solutions so we've known for a long time that the final generation 144,000 were a subject of prophecy dr. sevinor Kula Danielson Ellison is so current military Shatila prophecy but we hadn't spent much time on making a distinction that that generation is the 4th generation meaning of impossible CUDA tone is because it is like a tree I'm generous so in Joel chapter one verse one well this is the word of the Lord that came to Joel the son of path you'll hear this ye old man and give ear all inhabitants of the land has this been in your days or even in the days of your father's zoella pounder soon akivasha elf is the pitcher or indecisive on my ship with Illinois but today's a bit on toes you don't tell Susie Tel Aviv impose you oh shoot of a pen so I'm continuing in those first two verses you don't know what the question even is don't you suggest I don't see deployment of Sun and cement back until I kissed you have what been in your days are the days of your father's at this point you don't know guess if I see don't boo julius moomer laugh another selfie pal but what i pointed out was the next verse mister Cochet multiplicity livia sake sweet says tell your children of it and let your children turn tell their children and their children another generation Olivia clucky dear I can tell you I was on funk it was so funny I can't I love home finally I'm finally I soon so this is me don't blame the West's generation lapa machine unless you know I'm supposed to tell my children this is super silicone time miss on phone they're supposed to tell their children these are fossils on silicon telephone and they're gonna tell another generation it's this awful oh dear I know genius so I saw four generations in there and there was no big deal unless if you catch any Abu Sitta pain included boom but I added one other thought on it Misha I am unconscious of the next verse Malevich sweetie this is that which the palmer worm has left at the locust eaten in that which the locust have left have the cankerworm eaten and that which the cankerworm have left at the caterpillar eaten so cool awfully silly Lucas la mancha so cool Alou crystal assalamo ji-sook Olivia Hallisey chenille emoji someone shot him out to me power power worm next one locusts don't lie laughs la lucha lasso trainer kanker I'm just gonna put cankerworm and let you kneel and well spell caterpillar for me Hey okay what a art er caterpillar that's good all right I said without no no the implications of it I identified in those two verses you have two witnesses two four generations so Savannah Picasso decision Mallika John Silver say you have a catchy name assume and immediately there's an argument image at my aid ensued one of the arguments was is no their brother pip and you're saying there's four generations in there but there's really five a lucky mum a test shall we see a flippin job decay eye catching it has some often coach on that Sanka I've never been able to see that fifth generation is Shinigami ito Monsieur de Vos Edson captioning but there began to be a shaking about it miss na kimochi I've welcome in control of your psyche bless yourself there may be nothing I know why the reason - but go ahead well I was when we set up when we demonstrate the four generations that's when that demo clearly catching yourself I usually talk about a progressive destruction when your family dad this looks awfully speedo and I see the logical a here is what I lose you could to please booze now but that progressive destruction say well this looks simple JC it makes a little difficult for me to see how we can line up that generation where the Lord enters into covenant people looks a little significant for month of love oh come on the City of Oakland well that's - naysha because it seems to me that would be for one of those generations that is involved with the progressive destruction missile M&S upon secrecy in addition in our sin template this looks you miss Lucas you don't see any destruction beginning in 1863 do you know what plane this looks awesome no I do but I wouldn't I wouldn't consider that those people have the Lord and they're in a covenant with the ones that were contributing to it the we should love one me Ashoke advocate a Tsukiko CBS la película it's their rebellion that produces it c'est la vie Billy okay uh quit smokin company the disassembly well I see people separating from that covenant is your weapon coach and super hot Serena yeah I don't I'm not trying to deny that you said they say but telling us what you're saying because of this you see five generations it's super sexy dick yes anka she never super boss oh no their logic came from a Protestant Bible Commentary know y'all Ushakov yeah do you come on tear Protista okay wasn't any revelation on themselves it was oh these guys say this I'm gonna quote these guys know she packs a parvenu dues giggle I don't confess city security they reached out to the theologies of pasta approximately it's aunt Olivia voila - Lucia set it up this way someone might say if you continued on to the last generation you could put the wicked and adulterous generation is being a part of that okay who is the wicked and adulterous generation in this model don't kill a Shinigami shot at Jill tell which side of what to do don't count me good thing in this basic model this is the wicked and adulterous generation Z facility Narasimha Vegeta when Christ comes on the scene he and John the Baptist come please don't give judge all consent you know they're gonna identify the Hebrew church as a wicked and adulterous generation is Jean Batista Chris why don't you feel egregious cometo lagina has some of my shotty a detail so this generation a generation is which generation Kelly don't say junior soon it'd be the fourth for TM ancient Israel who is I lost what we're dealing with that guess the question you're raising is the overlap between these two lines hey don't go like a sucker to your level our sailors just opposite so called Oklahoma she never saw a a thank you see dolla this kook so progressive delicately and okay you get into level here there that's getting outside the scope of what address here Eska - I still don't lose oom coz she said the double-dealer but harm endur'd addresses that I think Misha Posca addresses it for me but I'm not really sure about your question tomandjerry Premiership a sea of the Turkish tomb he points out in this generation ELab 20 limited subset unions that were there were persons from this group here yes I participated in the work yadda person and also group black young participate live ok so he identifies and it was a he identifies that there were hired hands to build Noah's Ark allayed on TV Kiev ad % koe de la construcción de elastin we hired hands to build Solomon's Temple he have OCD person going down a construction - Tom - salut move but they weren't saved people may it's anything you know I know patty Sylvia she person and and John himself he's telling the wicked and adulterous generation their wicked endorsers John isn't a part of this out of the equation so in his message he shows he is separate from the message he's giving dong Jojo associate pastor this time you don't de legend has silky like use often so this is the wicked and adultery ordered wicked Docs Allah let you know as soon as well through a doTERRA generation right and in this generation is going to be confronted with that generation a century I surveyed don't like confronting a vicar lagina has some Jew but souls from this line are also going to participate in the work that's accomplished in this history pass cassava osya participate I love create a complete on his start on bow even in even in the the churches the four churches you see even within Ephesus he has something against them because they forget their first love concern even this chosen generation sorry translate don't remember electricians are about kosher see aesthetically the defenseman see if a Pepsi even this conquering horse has a problem by the end the scam in the sister Shiva cokie lord of young problem elephant but maybe I'm wrong but I think the people who lost their first love the technician tell me about my movie probably those people will pasta ties vocal sep 10 most he'll keep on posting and yeah everyone else kept their first love but it's definitely outside of our consideration see them all do all for Discipline eg other French people understand in this discussion as curly for second concert description no no how about over here no ok so I'm gonna pull out of this discussion don't you've a alesis a description Cote admit that it wasn't fully answered hmm session apathy complete people you can say that this when this argument began legitimacy we came to recognize that these insects coconu curse is Insecta represented a progressive destruction please don't that don't mean this looks ugly see though anything that was left after this guy was done was dealt with by this guy which was dealt with by this guy which was dealt with by this guy don't quote me on sexually syllogism idly T and C the sweetest guy look at him so we've seen it was a progressive destruction okay news evolve in Kiev a talk in this look simple decision which allowed us to see when it comes to Western Rome second affirmative one of the first trumpets followed by the second trumpet followed by the third trumpet followed by the fourth trumpet Caleb's American people a doozy meseta Dominic atrium and when you get to the conclusion the history of the fourth trumpet a conversa Ravana concludes on the line like a team contain the city of Rome has been wiped out through this history let's see today MIT diversity and by the year 476 there's never going to be a Roman that rules from Rome again yep a delicate social son says in your hot Prudhoe mancave a delicious de la vida romba so we saw the first for a trumpet dr. suppose you Kelly Kettle Malcolm identify progressive destruction of Western Rome you don't you don't curl a plug like this look some progressive de l'homme oxido Italian and then what brother Tyler just referenced a Sukkah Italian she's the motion e if you take the first four churches CC open a leak at la mère église o Ephesus Smyrna smear their gun and die entire you start here with the white horses conquering vamos a ver classified Blanca conquer going to a time of persecution ensued was out there dancing after persecution a time of compromise in epoch come to me that leads you to the papacy rule in the world for 1260 years so the first four churches are also describing a progressive destruction okay Kat Palmilla agiza danke dick evil see no discussion pocus Eva and then we will go to Ezekiel 8 young sutanu zero don't don't is it clearly written where you'd see the image of jealousy la varita magica lucia followed by the secret chambers shrevie par le shampoo secreto followed by the weeping for Tammuz history Palelei laputan moosa bowing to the sun a la posta hasn't even listening now in Ezekiel 8 itself danke is a can do it again mom as he kills as Ezekiel is being shown these abomination I love cursed assembly we are so intimately secure once he's shown the image of jealousy law school geometry dimensional you see the angel says now I'm going to show you greater abominations illegitimate or common puke on that blue mean as soon he shows in the secret chambers noises now I'm gonna show you greater abominations clearly champu sacrilege too much into canta albumin assume same thing with weeping for Tammuz mm shows Philippe your optimism until they're back to the temple and they're bowing down to the Sun this Komodo o me o tompa kill sat down listening so a progressive escalation of pagan worship dokyun class all support receiver diversify and these are all counterfeit it's our last sunday confessor okay so what we were seeing in what we came to see in the book of Joel it's a canoe sample become quantitative Geneva Johanna based on an argument don't get to select a Bezier apartheid Argentine cool events either our side or their side is teaching error because wanna to love cuchini le havre we were forced to understand that these four generations are subjective prophecy a news avoid taken canto come on Cassie catching it has social transition to love prophecy and when you look at when you look at the image of jealousy where it all starts the pride the jealousy a loss constable County a la première Lima - yeah Lucy logger yeah you can track these four steps in the rebellion of Lucifer very easily in approval classic athlete Apple every billion to Lucifer citrus right here the all of these for pagan worships me latitude say cottage eyes open they're all counterfeit the Dakota vessel they're not just concept since up at the classy boutique concept they are pagan counterfeit of truth the Saudi vessel pay on delivery to you so you gotta ask what was the image of jealousy that was being counterfeited if you fo like a so Kelly don't confess until emerged Elisha Lucy and what what we came to understand is that it was the second commandment a second some note that when you're compensated with the same common law right for the Lord thy God is a jealous God that's collude to sin Yahoo attention Shalu visiting the iniquity of the fathers unto what so even in this counterfeit it begins to open up about the four generations memory cassette Coco vessel Salvatore la lumière sodunke said cut the true image of jealousy is the ten commandments la varita magica lucidity come on no because the second commandment tells us that God's character is a jealous characters em come on Manu Dacula character of the judge secret Angelou a good thing to fight jealousy message in banner is some chief shall you see some TV but right from the start of the story of the Ten Commandments may lashes the debuted assault did he come on there's a rebellion yeah in rubidium what's that rebellion Kelly talks at the video it's Erin and the Golden Calf see alone neoui Lovato was the Golden Calf escalivada an image I seen imagine what wasn't it enemy job see in imagine a qualm an image of the beast city master lebesgue okay and when Moses comes down and sees it what does he do it come with the psyche la flaca fechino it takes the true image of jealousy the ten commandments and he breaks them upon a veritable mashallah Lucilla gee come on my lab really prism so what I'm saying is when we can when these four generations opened up don't caustic cochineal is only to that the kind of light that came from him still hasn't been internalized by it those of us in this movement danke la lumière Akita Raveena mental quality analysis okay so does the movement so when we get to the image of jealousy no apology first generation commenced in the eyes of a progressive destruction receive we realized that the counterfeit image of jealousy jealousy is counterfeit in the two tables of the Ten Commandment a coat of a coat affect our holy Gita LED c'mon MIDI data which was the symbol of the Covenant relationship for ancient Israel he till assembled Alianza Publius I know Co and it typifies these two tables of Habakkuk it's electric beefy leader tapped a vacuum that symbolized the Covenant relationship of modern Israel he sample is la jolla some talents Africa is rang Madonna so in this first generation das said communion as soon in 1863 on Jesus saucisson tuam they set aside these two tables is omitted courtesy due table count and they introduced the 1863 chart cycles we don't kill a cop the Jesus incessant well and remove the 2520 from it it's totally delicious Infanta said captain and at that point in the con in the terminology of Ephesus soon it will not only tell my defense in the first generation Donna put me on a resume they lost their first love is impaired jewel upon me remove because their first love was this char that's California animosity said character that's here Alessa surpasses in the first generation don't have communion the Palmer worms already eating la la Fatima samosa that I guess if I'm gonna respond to Nathan's observations its apostasy financial report I love service on the net I'd say the structure of this prophetic these prophetic lines here let's look to the settling prophecy cloud isn't speaking to individual experience Nick didn't experience any feature now even in 1863 you know there was some righteous people in Adventism that's conducive oki'll exist a disadvantage that you can name one really zero on the Piranha me upon doe me in passing on the spine so it's not speaking to that I don't believe don't catch and focus upon the Salam but in 1888 know how you eat oh it's clear if you haven't checked it out you need to check it out a book of 80 people full of fans sister white says that they the Minneapolis L session Illinois nudie Colossus of the monopolies they threw away God's Word is some kosher don't kill apology they rejected the Holy Spirit is a lawsuit in a sentence please they rejected the spirit of prophecy let's be the prophets they rejected the Lord's to appointed messenger is elicited a decision about you and other things it delicious but why did they do that in 1888 what what's the evidence in advance of 1888 that tells you that they were gonna do that Kelly don't kill if you don't stop this is sungki sungki trying it no more talk easily commits us alone I said period it's back here in 1881 in that time period it's more than one year see done set period data first off Uriah Smith has been rebuked by sister wives Kamiya mom if you ask me say don't keep him on tape a villain way at that point in time you Raya Smith is not only in the publishing work but he's the head of the Adventist University I said I said period lie in a panic you know son Molly Dietrich or the life if you may Lucia I like that doll in VF city so he represents the educational work a focus on publishing work a OC level the publication and his toes have been stepped on a la Assisi person la pesca 800 nemesis if you mean it's amazing about how many people have been in close connection with this movement a cm personal you know the person PTO colossal attacks a movement that are now fighting against this movement he made no convert assumes no that got rebuked before they went the other way a cure easily anticipated every Monday I volcano chitlin because that's what happened with your eyes miroslava curious so he began teaching at the school in a camisole cine le coup know that when sister white says an angel told me or the Lord said come in NY key idea a notion MIT Department knows who the senior I imagine that that inspired a caseta speedy but if she just sends me a personal letter Macy logic asiimov wat don't connect a sanella that's not inspired last packet coaches the spiracle so he began attacking the inspiration of the spirit of prophecy Hamas attack a don't care let's be rational SP prophecies and sums inspired and some ism or disoriented let's with prophecy can spirit attic in Aleppo and she responded to that a that's satanic octopus ocellatus it occurs participate after that me up I said that Butler Butler who's the General Conference president leprosy don't the lack of it's not the head of the educational publishing work the head of the organization nope I love Leela University who deliver the public assume me like that de la structure a twenty he has a sir of ten articles in the review Allah and Corinne City the disciplic don't have you I think it might be in 1883 is Alexei tongkat slant club but it's in this history missile I suppose on cities where he he informs the readers of what portions of the Bible are inspired and what portions of the Bible are not inspired idea electrical party Della bitta spiracle party Nalepa so 1881 to 1882 that's where I got wow you have the leadership of the Adventist Church saying that sometimes Ellen White's inspired and sometimes the Bible's inspired but sometimes they're not really delicious as Montesquieu discopath well is a clear SP the lab it's intense period the less prophecies of the spear about that palmer worm a la silla larvae and it reaches its its climax in 1888 it's at a sauna or some cat survived it we're in session as a group as a body come don't go come doesn't see soon they take the same position that Smith and Butler have taken back here is okay Lyman Posey silca said the butler II the your yes mister please don't say that and now you're into the secret chambers element known as Shambhala secret because when you put your word above God's Word you're in spiritualism and secret chambers can be shown to be spiritualism Alaska boom placebo palo de su de sel deja vu - Madonna spirit is no politically some sacred seal ability but this isn't really what I want to get to miss allow me Eileen but I'm trying you can show a progressive destruction throughout our history for generations mr. picker oh you know what they saved on the catching and my pseudonym that being said there's always been faithful all the way through Mia Tricia would they Fidel to learn all the citizens what your what's the basic argument can prove that can be lucky mo a basic you want to prove that there's always been faithful people from the beginning the end of what point of reference is Adventists do we often use to make that point if you kill him or why they're gonna be at seven thousand is involved in either fail okay 7,000 popular when I go to Part B there's been a knock see in every age yeah you did Anelka don't traditional assume there's always righteous all the way through this is not speaking about personal experience here alaya to Shuster dr. Tolin city-style Palpatine experienced personnel this is about covenant people laughs Algie pepper Dahle awesome okay so what I want to get out initially when I want to get out is these temple cleansing no coffin consequential a more traditional settler purification to talk because I'm saying from here to here Bosco Shoji capacity 9/11 I mean there's gonna be at a temple clans yokai don't compute if you catch it don't okay and pardon me yeah cuttlefish in Yokosuka Kosuke know you chica so when we are doing this generation we can see that it's canola chicken typical people cut your booty with series you got your beautiful camasta nitrous on to opposition why don't you uh stop the personalization in time of the end and not in 1863 I did from from here to here is the first generation yes why why you did it okay that's where we started this morning see lacunae comma Sigma Tau is the birth of Moses Renaissance the movies in his cabinet history don't so nice model Alianza was marking that it's gonna take place in the fourth generation iiiiit Misaka Misaka TM genesis of the deliverance of God's people don't let anyone sleep up the Jews from Egypt Egypt to the promised land she's got Lil piggie I'll put me is gonna take place in the fourth generation Ohayou don't you wanna catch him junior assume we're in Egypt you some money cheap they're about ready to go the Promised Land it is some solid point a leader it takes us out of Egypt into the Promised Land it's taking place prophetically at the fourth generation so - Sookie - I totally ships a your promotion a resume I've adopted on Pig believe love you but in the fourth generation Madonna cat comes in you'll assume there are two covenant people Illya took the Italians and the one is being passed by Jana Aki meet Coty they're in there for generation of progressive destruction comes you don't let this cook some hope they see okay so even though we're the and I said this earlier even though we are the fourth generation of Adventism issues in the MMC know some rocket engineer essentially no cheese no Ephesus offense now would actually be a first generation now I can imagine we should pretty much in a that some of us want to struggle over this what I just said okay cuz I'm veloute Papa that's Christian to jail but I don't think you should because this is what we've been laying the groundwork for first a couple weeks now is your perspective as Casilla for not conducive and positive we just managed to parallel kingdoms yeah do like untiring Lion of the tribe of Judah has been introducing the concept of two parallel Kingdom did you die could you look concept Judy my young Pauline we're saying layer decir episodes you geez on loud you see face but at this level I soon even now we're saying Sardis you just don't stop down and then what are we saying in here it cuz why your new ICI latest a and Philadelphia loud you see if that speaks to brother Nathan's cept I do is partially sab alternate Otteson go back to your notes seen you got you know I don't know page three a la pêche squadron another the joseph bates joseph bates he's gonna quote from Zechariah 13 if I see tears that got and then in the middle of the paragraph he's gonna comment on it it will meet you geography faculty he says first part Sardis the nominal church or Babylon this is Sardis don't clap for me about this allele is nominal Babylon now I'm gonna speak about three parts if that probably to talk to you but only one part is gonna come through the fire on the right side of the issue meuk inside particularly don't go did you do that question second part Laodicea nominal Adventist does empathy low G cle-cle San Francisco Manila and Philadelphia the only true church of god if you doesn't feel a cellar it gets very tempted you so layer the seer the clergy see and Philadelphia in this layout by bathe a Philadelphia sheep updates Philadelphia is the true church Philadelphia very tablet Lisa Bob what is Laodicea we can't connect to the low DC its nominal sale at versus nominal ad Venice what does nominal mean Gustavo GM no mean I love well I don't want to go to Sardis where my brother Bob just went as soon as I know I sound louder babe it's no doubt accurate like yeah Oakland toots issues but I'm saying that these two in Bates model from exactly 13 should you see dual a saloon model debates basically train that these two groups are different than Sardis see do glue so you feel under sound oh okay and though these two groups I'm gonna say are gonna be in this line is ojika sudoku Donnelly and the people that are on the wrong side of the issue the veteran Laodicea le % Cassandra Nova Cote Ludlow GC he says their nominal Advent indeed Castle Adventist no me neither and that means name it celebrity I know so what's he saying about this group esquina lenders also glued the load you see he's saying that they've accepted 911 eg skis like safety and 9/11 Adventist Church has not accepted 911 let Von Teese disadvantage is not accepting 911 but the people in our movement both the people that are in it and the people that have left no to voice a key some itsuki some party at some point in time before they left they accepted 911 and September my full of the bodies except ear 911 911 the angel comes down it on septum launches a soldier and you take the little book out of his hair if you corneal approach it if just somehow and you eat it if we let Moshe and what happens to you it was a diva you're giving a name I know visit Denis you're a nominal Adventist was that what is nominal in name only the no signal you're professing to believe with the reform lines who a prophecy quarreling the reform but you're not the true church it la varita big ok and in the history of Christ don't you start a crease down when he lost the majority of his disciples in John chapter 6 Xochitl a Belgian I'm not sure that's adhesive don't you see so all of them confessed prior to that that he was the Messiah juice on prophecy Oh dick logically telling me see a positive in MA when did he become the Messiah I came on my to Devon you let me see at 9/11 9/11 that is baptism has some bad time until Jesus was baptized he was just Jesus I funkiness facilities he's the Messiah in the Old Testament he let me see Donelson testimo he's the Christ in the New Testament look please Donna means that's the Hebrew and the Greek for the same thing is the Anointed One it's a look like a leap would look like a poodle mmm shows Lola when was Jesus anointed I came emotions a chilly one that is Baptist I some bad time at 9/11 9/11 there's a group of disciples that believe that Jesus is the Messiah Jung kook the person key Caucasian see they just either been out or heard about it so she sits alone don't you tell it Salaam that Jesus took just a few loaves of bread and he fed 5000 people because you see a pre-k Commission up I knew Lisa Miller son he crosses the lake he comes to the synagogue ilaha illa-llah alighted on a synagogue in his system you need to eat my flesh and drink my blood he loved ideas for motion Michelle Obama song and they said no we apply prophecy literally not spiritually so people do not know Napoli clap oficio don't want the village there are no possibility and we have a different prophetic understanding of what the Messiah is going to do in a sovereign and colossal defeat on the circle let me see that fair he's gonna set up a literal earthly Kingdom if I may compress my your mutuality and we're not gonna we're not gonna follow you any longer hey on the fabulous treatment no because we apply prophecy literally that's an aseptically prophesied in facility and we have a different prophetic model of the end of the world in is that vow and modelo de hijo de la Fuente moon but all of those people that left had it formally accepted 911 Mateus a person kinesio move moron they avail Kaku Oh 911 to see demo they accepted his baptism as they accept dissipation under that it means that you and I have eaten that little book it's the last significant for - a few emotional for TV from Jeremiah says thy words were found and I did eat them and they were the joy and rejoicing in my heart for I am called by thy name o Lord God of hosts Elijah Jeremy can say to vog pretty powerless emotion when you think it's a little boy commotion supported Eva you enter into covenant relationship was intelligent aliens but this history here tells us missus well and it'll be there when you enter in the covenant relationship with us and Alianza you will be tested this early testing and you're either gonna pass that test or fail that test Buzzelli please see us attentively issuances so when Bates says that the lair the scenes in this model are nominal Adventist I lock our beds beds ajidasu model kaloud you see I see no me neither he's saying this is the people that profess to have accepted this covenant relationship on this line in dhikr salawa presently person peon declare a course of well lollie ons don't set Linea but they're not the true Church of God may see person the horizontal a veritable I see you shaking your head it's got you boo stahma - I need to clarify something okay any questions or comments at this point s kiaa tikaa motor with the question pardon me it's amazing Sam super know if if Bates is correct and I believe the years relationship on ski day is millerite history going to be repeated to the very letter s colleague Lisa Aeschylus contaminated by trip eternally so on our history don't don't know twist well we're gonna have a covenant people that have a name but they're dead kawalsky no mokemo they get passed by right here la is a is super parameter kuchela but they're not gonna die fully I mean the SEPA mujer met gnomes but at the same time we're gonna have a new covenant people mium mko la nouvelle a new vocab Dali also and there's going to be two classes of worshipers in that new covenant people they don't know so new vocab Daniel I do category person because they're realizing gospel always produces and then demonstrates two classes of worshipers Vasiliev Vasily con el padre de montausier do category brother Larry Sundance is competition leave us alone yeah yep they have a different gospel so go to Zechariah 13 and and we'll try to bind off this sakali prese in verse nine yes senior and and Bates quotes this verse a bit we see that servicing says and I will bring the third part through the fire and we'll refine them as silver is refined and we'll try them as gold is tried they shall call on my name and I will hear them I will say it is my people and they shall say the Lord is my god is that kinda ties nothing so what Bates is suggesting which seems to be accurate to me so good bet sir don't suggest kima some blue stuff is the philadelphians are the ones that go through the fire successfully Sealy Philadelphia volkov silver Kia vanilla and that fire I would argue is you like us of food because all the prophets agree with one another that's Cotulla Profeta secondly suit isn't I have yeah I have it right chapter 3 of Malachi verses 1 through 4 see my last sheet one time if you go to 36 I know the Ezekiel consist okay and you go to we should have found it before oh here it is okay does he kill 3628 see is it kept calm since men treat them it says and you shall dwell in the lands that I gave the land that I gave to your fathers and you shall dwell and it should be might be my people and I will be your God it was something willfully schlep with juice you got your finger there does that people dwell out then go back to Zechariah 13 Matt no I need does that count you praise them which is I will say it is my people and they shall say the Lord is my god Lucas I'm a listener lemon juice that's enough in Zechariah they've just went through the refiners fire osaka' even the Pacifica afina but in Ezekiel 36 they don't Ezekiel consist he's just entered into covenant with them Iran Houston announcer a vacant and given them a new heart a logged on a new vocal specifically his sprinkle clean water on them engage 25 Olivia 7 SEC new Jiki love done a good leg do and we know this is 911 for long times in the South Mookie says she did you own system to clean up Tom so this this clean water is probably the same fountain that's in Zechariah 13 dogs a protector a member for tender kiss akuto as a carrot raisin for 10 do did you follow the logic there viva la musica okay the the concluding thought in Ezekiel 36 is the same concluding that in Zechariah 13 la policia the conclusion could Sicario Tressel mmm Cassell physical conscious but Zechariah 13 I'm saying Misha jika does occur your treasure is addressing a cleansing by fire alas a neupogen purification policy but Ezekiel's talking about the sprinkling me is it Kelly Pollard a good letter that begins at nine eleven he camasta to build 911 but here along with the spring clean Melania Vic you look good lately the Lord gives them a new heart licinia well done a new book a cabinet relationship is it invalid son Daniels but a testing process meiosis is the test continuation will ask a question later on okay I bother okay cut off what yeah yeah now DC internal design of an OTC Olympic novelty see a cheating setting leesport Caiaphas so we invite laude said to leave this job to come into Ephesus chirps no cloud Pahlavi discipline so now we can see the decide on a skirt kawaii face a local Odyssey in Philadelphia manifest no offense sir so when side with offenses and loudly say and offenses are revealed in a physician s consorted oh dear kosuna ODC Keith anaphase not broken shot song are we saying that voice loud you see now DC and who are in Ephesus has no chance anymore Roscoe suppose our analysis of Allah because I'm thinking about analysis a few ha tennis at agree sir well in this church they fell off and they died it's good see yeah they physically died yay it's a more physical yeah what's the question sequel appears request job seeker on an episode of odd do not assume MMO we it seems that we see two lousy syrian church as a cell now seeking yes be a mediocrity so loud you see and covenant people who are set aside me a first you got here will ask you have a crystal but Ephesus who get into a covenant with Christ makutano this is a man Christina : but Jaffa laude sayin is still manifested in FS mother Giovanni Lippi tofu by the foolish priests dog esker socially DoDEA curve set C to assume a little anymore tell so is it a way to say that V situation is that it's therefore is that is it it's a deadly situation to be no this you know I don't think you have the prophetic justification for making that kind of respect I should see if you consume apple physical just declare assume what can do what can reach a layer this in so keep a timeline OGC is this see some the everlasting gospel live on Sheila turning and say knows it it's at only let's say that's why he's clouding our history here with false gospel Salah são Paulo Kelly locked in a Bordeaux cannot be Slavic a fully functional but we have to believe that even if someone is in a Laodicean condition here Minu folk welcomes inter sensitive delicacy solo GCN they profess the belief in 911 see personal prophecy concept on when they think everything's all right when everything's all wrong a policy person could to t be on okay - t foo if they can receive the three the message of the everlasting gospel CC % first of all a massage delivery later nella they can move from the Laodicean condition to the effusion or Philadelphian grabación de sólo tiene la condition T face but what is Laodicea mean maquettes cassini fellow GC are people judge at the place you see there in the judgment process it's not only position and when they get to hear what happens to him if they haven't received the everlasting gospel echoing sorry Bimini case he lives in opus 11 CD tornado there spewed out of the mouth of the Lord so for middle a booster senior and okay I don't that answer question okay Malachi 3 verses one through four my last sheet wha anakata behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the Covenant whom you delight in behold he shall come saith the Lord of hosts okay yeah how many people are in that verse commanded a sensitive the severe saying did I hear someone say one Cathy oh it was Anthony Jie okay we're counting and I just heard the first one not two okay there's two in there Ryan is found there's a messenger that prepares the way for the messenger of the Covenant yeah where's the messenger of the Covenant arrived Kotex Aviv the masajid Allah knows who is the messenger of the Covenant secure musashi Jalali awesome when did Christ seek in his work as the messenger of the Covenant callosum 27ad unloved and said he's gonna concur confirm the covenant with many for one week if I can feel milosevic fish abundance Amina so when's the messenger of the Covenant arrived areevo 911 911 that's where you can enter in the Covenant by eating that little book let's go Monica local 9 yo someone show me pictures what has to happen before that it gets good specia oh so there's gotta be a messenger in this history he toid me says she don't set you strong that prepares the way he picked out Alicia now okay yes everyone see that two month Western Oh verse two who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for he's like a refiners fire and like fuller soap and he shall said as a refiner and purifier of silver he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness date wha so when Bates is using Zechariah 13 go that is a carrot ransom to identify three classes who lead octave we category Sardis sounda the old covenant people no no no local Longchamp Abdul Ali Anza and then the line of the new covenant people that has both latest scenes in Philadelphians in a linear donkey new for pub Delano's Donna Kelso - offense allowed you see the one group that is the Church of God Philadelphia and New Jersey that did she it's the one that successfully goes through the purification process see Sookie prophet said don't go this is the purification ok and what I'm saying it's a kosher Pangaea is that you have three witnesses think it was every clutc imam to this purification process in the beginning of Adventism plus this is the purification look at most mentality in 1840 we saw a hot August 11th an angel came down with a little book open in his hand I know somehow the testing process began the test the testing process begins because when Christ was baptized he immediately goes into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil the process is that Eskimos must go bottom to krisily party director mala don t support st pauli jump and how many tests does he get confronted with a later call for Tia come be under taster 3 o'clock taste them this is the everlasting gospel that's going on here lastly for eternity on the second test this is go to the third test I know it was him the third test is represented as a door closing it look let's all take on the epic fail me on April 19th don't know 1844 the door closes on the Protestants on Sardis don't Karen Kackley puts the film so sadly put a stone they've rejected the first angels message isn't going to put me alone okay so there's a door ain't bakla close in here dr. Phil Mila and this test does it taste the reason the first point of reference we have for calling the second test a visual test is don't pull a cologne Appel let's do some tests and tests of Israel it's Noah's closed door seal a pot to fill me de nuit but before the door closed in the story of Noah made vocal opponents of filmed only stop the nuit you have a visual test with the animals getting on the ark was that via tests of Israel avec les animaux key undone ouch okay so in this history for the Protestants for sardis don't let you stop Polly put a stop on their visual test no test of Israel was this 43 chart see lock up the G so count wrong yes we okay so you've got one witness here doc disappoint my now of a temple cleansing that pep top purity which is the everlasting gospel kid okay what should I tell Nana three steps was it tough and when the door is closed here it cannot touch the film now two classes are illustrated yeah uniess i soldered category they don't have more time afterwards in the toner player they've they've already settled into their rejection before the door closes as a matter of fact he saw effect after me don't logic sewer of a Mankiller putnis of film but right here where the door closes on the Protestants Millau Mamula post FM solely focused on the 19th of April 1844 don't kiss a freaking cat the temple cleansing of not Sardis purification to talk no Potter saga of the combination of Laodicea in Philadelphia black companies on to Philadelphia lousy sick Emmaus right we and the door closes for them on October 22nd illapis offender abducted some come on cat and what angel comes down here a colossal Arizona on April 19th ludis Nevada second angel legit emotion sister White says he has a writing in his hand or parchment so under the other a key it's the writing the writing mmm Ellen White psyche dick Ellen White tequila Nikki and this is the first day of the first month let's see let me show to plummy mwah yes everyone following that he didn't see some and when you get to the first day of the fifth month a caboose are revealed let me show the second one there's a visual manifestation that we identify as the midnight cry manifested so we said Connie don't if you commit a little mini and what is manifested there is the living testimony it's ok manifested a solution - Rizzo and what is the living testimony it gets color - money as your own okay is is it incorrect to say that this is the testimony of Jesus did you manage this is you know this is the Word of God not as you see that pathos did you okay so what does this word of God here teach us about the testimony of Jesus Kiska said Pat long news essentialism Anya's decision that's a combination of humanity and divinity again combination G major G found okay so in this word of God don't say that what did you you're gonna see humanity humanity and divinity yes okay so the humanity that participated in this was a tearing faulty weak humanity a suja left foot okay no repeat we Peter was the humanity that is part of this word of God ask illuminate if about teachers said did you what is the statement where sister right says the prophets were week airing he had just been well callable there's the word fallible okay worthy was the humanity in this testimony of Jesus s consumed a new technology - to see perfect humanity like Adam before the fall it's a pathetic am seldom even laugh suta or was it week airing and faulty Oh alloted danke Feb 28th IFA blah okay we're the Miller right week airing in faulty eskalene millimeter to see a family law a failure how did they give a living testimony I love come on keep it down a little - before ok the testimonies testimony of Jesus luminosity monasticism the testimony of Jesus is the combination of divinity and humanity little menage the CCC la compañía Matthew found so when Jesus says conscious Yugi you must eat my flesh to draw emotion Michelle and drink my blood it was so if you're gonna eat Jesus flash civil emotion what kind of flux you're gonna eat consult the shell a little machine sinful flesh is the way Paul calls it don't pull a pedal applies lung share or peach ice isn't the flesh in here sinful flesh SQL in sharpest eyes I hope everyone's listening carefully to what I say because I know how about the grout that people are gonna start saying that I'm ace / there is the divinity and humanity in this word Escalade chef's don't set company so Amanda Ventura flesh-eating fish in shellfish guys were the Millerites before Exeter estate for fire leave me dear eat of all ex the Commission dexterity in Shep is fresh but sister wisest at the midnight ride I gave a living testimony NID Koch in Minnesota ninety minus V so what do they have to have they give 11 testimony let's kill the valve without initiative on Yasha the active life it de Vivar Lavie how do you get the life it Kemal until avi what does the Bible teach about blood kiss girl send a beep solo song that's where the life is c'est la cosa - la vie this is humanity and divinity Salem any tale I definitely complete humanity a sinful flesh you many tasty like Bashar fish face the divinity is his blood elegy vanitas's so so that's where the life is c'est la cosa - la vie am giving a living testimony here is a donating money for now is symbolizing the combination of humanity and divinity beliefs on a company's knowledge affinity to humanity and it was the visual test it's a test with Xena pointing forward to when the end sign is lifted up at the end of the world GB Shaw o Mamula since Olivia elephant because the living testimony is the enzyme the skeleton menagerie from a less senior and it is the combination of humanity and divinity still a combination illuminated eligibility and then one more thing in closing in cesspool Affinia the third temple cleansing here begins on October 22nd 1844 right where this door closed come on slack call a pox FM on a comb and it goes to 1863 when dr. B's the challenge is consistent well where is that visual for that history present perfect I saw a candy don't go don't go Lou Thesz Vaghela that's at this drop this also count the count the same cat what door was closed there Ken Patera film ela lots of things came to a conclusion there ya beaucoup justice some paavana and conclusion so now cap movement came to an end the movement I thought if a staff at a church started a niggly jacquimo see and we're told the God's gonna finish this work the same way he began it Yo no Central Java come on sis vitamin es una de Memphis ankhila Kumasi he began it with a movement like a mocha move no he's gonna end it with a movement if I Lafayette have it come from in 1863 yeah it's awesome the movement stops they become a church they move my CC the Venini Glee's no typifying what in our history Kiska select EP feet on the tree star and we have more to say about this piece a decision what angel came down here kaylynn CDs on July 3rd angel that was a no 50 chart lack of the distance account visual visual door closes 1863 lots of images on top we're gonna take these three witnesses new footprints it what tomorrow which we have the prophetic right to do in his novel Isis if accustomed profited then plug them in here le ly ly see papazilla dolly store the 911 I mean me among other things Tommy dr. Susan what is 1863 represent here Casca Jesus or Santiago please don't let some like to say about Islam in me the end of a movement life and remove now and the beginning of a church a local most modern agrees but is it a church mason agrees that reaches out for a legal standing with the government kyo-chan does in position legally the kukuana know what kind of church comes to light there I love cats up dig Lisa Auto Villa this across people heartburn but a less of a the mood to tattoo shop this is where the church triumphant becomes visible Oscar says no one actually exists in front of you and visible it's being lifted up as an ensign Skelly LF you command a senior ok and the people that are in the church triumphant the person exit of the Center City please now are the Philadelphians so don't leave Philadelphia that experience at experience with Laodicean have a cloud you see young people that profess to believe in 9/11 the person key professor or symptoms and both of these Philadelphians and Laodicean AC dual a Philadelphia a geology say they were supposed to be doing a work is it taste I'll say a fairy never and their work was to carry a message to Sardis lol was it did that the Cosmodrome is such a sound eat a little book and you take that message to Adventism moshe patchouli flee approaches to me session and not to those that are outside of Advent is no persecution Taleggio cheese that comes later let's go exactly free talking so we're not quite done with these notes when I power cuff in Iran Novak book sweet Heavenly Father we we wish to be among those that navigate safely through this testing process Mississippi us and Keenan figured on security - Yolanda C tester we understand that this testing process is the everlasting gospel okay suppose this is the testing facility and that the gospel is the power of God we need that power of God but we need to meet the conditions of the gospel in order to get that power of God completely so deliver Kosovo sausages I ask that you'd convict each of us of the areas in our individual experience they need to be overcome and put away we know that you're about to unify this movement and do a mighty work on planet Earth but we know that unity comes through your word and also through organization we ask that you would bless the work that you're doing among us know clear that we might go to work and hasten your return effective new idea and bring to a conclusion the sin that's going on in this world in Jesus name Amen