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Publish Date: 2/27/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
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in great controversy 615 which isn't in your notes no uncle Vale c16 at 6:15 625 it's amazing how many things Americans have in common with French people and I know that when I say Americans some people don't you know they think the Canadians think they're Americans and the people in Chile think they're Americans they're South Americans dokyun Kapowski nicolas kazamia began secretly she'd never see Saldana Magda sued but I'm talking about people in from the United States and calling of Americans major about defense and a uniquely separate American and it must not be I must have the wrong page must be if someone has a device it it goes like this Protestantism the protest aunty's now in the new world the Newfoundland and Romanism in the old world it is an old world that'll probably pull it up and my point was to go there you know that particular paragraph where that statement is found dosoo paragraph Ngati kuia shows that in the Western Hemisphere the persecution is going to be accomplished by the United States its which page 6:15 she's so cancer ok yeah it's on technically on 616 that phrase I'm looking for hello laughs rescue ship Sudan aperture Allah position second control via Sun only see source wasn't written from say will she pick it back off so this is a point of reference that you can see the papacy is going to lead out in a persecution in the old world in Europe don't you see I will apply the mock company cool a puppet if I conjure up a

don't you know we've taught this

for years initially it's the the NATO armies that are gonna come under the direction of the papacy you know when the bloodbath starts Dhokla make even your sewer don't she want a laptop boutique that is no mercy but in the Western Hemisphere will be the United States mid or early mr. Scalisi testing and then when we started understanding the 45th president it's become a second account second please you don't we realized you can go into the French Revolution and lay out that timeline you know really sick impervious surface edgy dissonance at Inter tone and connected with the history of the first presidents of the United States and you can show that at the very beginning of the glorious land the United States if you look like a Moslem MGP you listening that the history the french revolutions taking place right then in there they saw the responses i come on comm tone and it's teaching the warning it's a long sentence mom what happens to a glorious land that rejects its gods its god-given calling suki surpass I appeal to you to go lapel to chew because if you look closely in the great controversy that's Kashiwa God AI vixx London France was to be the glorious nine of Europe was the very people they were they were the ones that were supposed to take the mess the light of the Protestant Reformation and take it to Europe si tu la Foskett of a pond and Emile de la reforma see from Protestant e la la - Toni Jota but they rejected that hi calling me disability and it led to the French Revolution yeah and the French Revolutions taking place right at the birthplace of the glorious land over here so my mom on t'lani sauce typically you see and sister White's is the the French Revolution gets repeated at the end of the world Ellen why do you avoid some Frances vagina so at the beginning of the United States we have a history of the French Revolution Oh continent American ally Scott the lava sue Frances warning us what's gonna happen at the end of the United States he knew was a visa so give us a pass elephant is it doesn't mean so there's these themes that draw connections between France and the United States nokia seat empty song collection of course it doesn't mean you know was pagan Rome that place the papacy on the throne of the earth gonna plump a endless up a booty salute under a tail but the premier actor of pagan Rome that did that was France me Lecter principal key official diplomacy left typify in the United States placing the papacy on the throne the earth at the end felicitations Akiva precipitous oullette on diamond I have found Clovis typified Reagan to visit achieved again okay so all these connections between the United States and France they're well established in this movement don't to click on excellent weather for cities it doesn't need some janitor bit Arsenal and when we first begin discussing about organization it Canseco most elite organization we see sent out a letter to everyone that's being misrepresented now news evolved IU Network I took monkey knee but chose not to know but all over the world people you know people we were interacting with signed up for the letter including French people to keep your psyche cannot have I don't know said they're gonna see we're gonna work together no I'd you cannot eat try awesome and now if you step back and look at it no come fool agouti you can see the Lord has established a group in Africa in Zimbabwe luckily Tony La Turbie and group on Africa Zimbabwe I mean there's other groups that we're working with in Africa but seems like to me the one in Zimbabwe is the center of Africa yeah I did Coppola cannot cover your own a freak me miss um Kelly Gruber the Zimbabwe Lesotho do nothing and then Brazil seems to be the center of South America commendably City Lusaka Duncan America secret there's a group in Australia Yankel Ponder's clergy and there's all kinds of little groups Caribbean okay donkey kie and there's all kinds of people that we work with in Europe to table the percent of a whole new look you know and I hesitated name the countries because I'll miss some but a Savita no millipede Pescara mochi Germany young man Portugal Spain Portugal Spain Romania many Czech Republic Czech Wales yeah Wales they beat him I'm getting to my point how's it all those little groups we work with her nothing compared to the French Julia Pacheco come on and and the French group can trace its connections to this movement back all the way back to like like 2000 probably Ryan 8 2008 is no separate classes on his travel a victory if I just continue to meet so what I'm recognizing for myself so cuz you're my man it's the French people that are here secretly Fonseca the purpose of that one of the arguments of that letter that we sent out a long time ago learned in Toccoa vs atletico news I'm over you know tom is it would be good for the various ministries around the world to try to send some representatives over here chickens I'm going to be avec early ministers Dumont's can see the wider episode I seem to get to know the people in this ministry so we can work together better cool ECU don't do connect coalition also Minister - tanu travail Yan song and I hope that's happened a little bit for the time that the French people have been here Asia special episode on oakley's on CeCe but I just want to put in the public record it seems to me Lisa Palacios met Don a demented B Keima so that the French people are the future for America ministry in Europe seeker coupon says he lives Minister future for America not by not by human design but it's just it's obvious no kapow holy this time you met me select some if you don't the only real you problem I see is that they speak French which means if you're going to be the hub of Europe see fufu 800 danke Lord's gonna have to raise up some good translators don't be eatable adjectives and he's already done that elegies official Oh so those of you that are gonna go home tomorrow don't keep out - no not that my opinion matters but I hope you realize so no bad person so don't mind me she posted clearly she did it appears to me that not only has he made the French Ministry seeker know some oil constitute a minister was that the point of reference for Europe and all the french-speaking countries around the world of which there are many a truly a PE of Casa de la Francophonie an official but at another level meter Sinatra Annette neva you're the representative of the eastern hemisphere physically so totally missed and we're the representatives here of the Western Hemisphere a new thumbnail is all totally me stare waste in the issue now is organization II like it still might not see and that's part of what we've been studying here the justification for organization it's the second is avoid it you jail party that's just if you get central organization in some of these people that jump ship here while you were here a 70% Keogh suited in a few podunk Anita lo debar they came out on the internet yesterday and they're rejecting the concept of no public evangelism is a telnet utility the people that were here the person Katie because I see and sister white houses in a variety of expressions it was affirmed on details explicit soon the final movements will be rapid one Kelly Danny moved most of intrepid so I'm trying to give a a rah-rah presentation here don't cuz you say didn't Nina please don't die so well well I don't know what's that that's where you you go and you pump up your your soccer team before the game okay you know please not that so clear Reggie you get it see me not messy yeah okay thank you because some of you are leaving tomorrow doctor do now and I guarantee Satan isn't pleased with what's went on with French brethren here Asia for guarantee casat only pocket avec Suki sebacic you get connected with connected face-to-face with people on this side of the earth let's go see connect if I suffer severely person to littell so although you know everything that could have been taught here while you were here was not todd doukasen impetus ki Tov Etan see nice if I don't quit Sasuke tell Sydney I'm hoping you realize that you've been given a job on the wall it's just ugh it was amazing so he didn't elevator door neck and you gotta guard yourself about getting down off the wall and arguing about these foolish accusations that are gonna come in your way a lava judoka door upon this is act as I saw further Kia arriva you're gonna have to press together if you've met awesome if I can see you're the point of reference for Europe a seizure pavakah was at the pontiff in hospital Satan's known it for a long time sat on we listened to phenotype that's my Rara system are there in I'm not gonna try to get to one of the things I said I was gonna get to a lot of if I see the poly dishes cause I'd occasionally see the party about why the doctrine of the Incarnation marks the final shaking Sula feta popular doctrine de la coruña so macula lutea meekly blush will do that after you're gone all the facility which will be the encouragement for you too in you to watch the classes as no poop of cotton we're translating them in the French for you only so is there any questions it's chiliad typically from those people that are heading home tomorrow Tom only percent people and I know that I I know that they're not we're not all French here it's a secondly but to small differences but of the the people that I'm calling the French brethren the percentage appellate leaf therefore saying how many are from other places other than France competitive owners now beat both goes three three and and are the Guadalupe is that to Guadalupe and one Martinique Guadeloupe and Martinique mm-hm and are they are they going home tomorrow - no okay I live in much okay any questions from those people I know it's chaotic as soon I'll leave in town tomorrow on what I've been dealing with okay do you have something back there there no okay I just watching body language to our notes I don't I don't remember because this is the day three on these same notes dementia I think probably the only quote that we looked at was on page one right she does something about this a to Vela patch up make it okay and then we stopped airplane little a per-student the this this quote that we have not read yet faith and works lousy tasuku not pal you a lot Felicity it's just one of hundreds of quotes where sister White's gonna compare the condition of the Jews with Laodicea will allow you see first paragraph is identifying the message to Laodicea such a load you see the message to the Laodicean church is applicable to our condition how plainly is pictured the position of those who think they have all the truth who take pride in their knowledge of the Word of God while it's sanctifying power has not been felt in their lives it's on page two it's it's the first paragraph of faith and works under the desire of aging how plainly is pictured the position of those who think they have all the truth everything who take pride in their knowledge of the word of God well it's sanctifying power is not been felt in their life that's a definition of the Laodicean condition Accela definition of conditional decision and then in the next paragraph she says let us consider our condition before God let us take heed of the counsel of the true witness let none of us be filled with prejudice as were the Jews computer please come this is one of several places where she's comparing the condition of the Jews with the condition of the Laodiceans Reserve XLT loud you see yeah okay so I don't really remember nowadays down the road all of these the significance of these verses but let's go through them real quick Romans 1:16 I know it's unreal how how this verse is misunderstood cement concrete and I'm using the word misunderstood is to give people the benefit of the doubt it's appalling more manual complete will do need a benefit to do to some probably the way to say it is it's amazing how much rebellion is directed towards this verse a mere facade you see Okinawa will you put my compulsive irse on a fat cow I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation deliver education of the Jupiler sending the gospel is the power of God that heals you salvation means healing deliverance a piece of the jerky of Giri don't collapse Austria and we're arguing about a moral and a prophetic gospel now omit no audible and if I see no prophetic oh is it one the other or both see you silly but when it comes to the morality of the Ten Commandments the Bible's pretty prophecy teach that it's powerless to save la la ba la oficina de coconut oil country's auspices so how could it meet this definition hello como kiss-kiss edition you soon darkness proportionate to the light rejected is what comes upon us we turn away from the truth okay so we were in in the other day about what audiences Paul had to do with a little yellow solution sleepy big Coppola via a Sharia Greeks and Jews glasses elevator category and a cranky decision but it was also struggling with Greek Christians and Jewish Christians may eat liver in the church with him Allah fair a fair Lucia ofhl greatly sorry so Romans 1012 is one of these places there's no difference between the Jew and the Greek so if there's no difference between the Jew and the Greek you have the same message to give to both of them - I love community right nothing nothing hard about that when Galatians 3:26 through 29 for you all children of God by faith in Christ Jesus from as many as you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ neither is there Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for you're all one in Christ Jesus and if you be Christ's then you're Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise Colossians 3 and all I'm trying to do is give references for the breakdown of the audience that Paul was pointing his message to Daisuke Dungey did you feel also super give agent Asano Jones a keyboard you know I've only newly recognized this this truth myself ommm Baku newly some more agility some some of us in this room probably have been familiar with this concept longer than I because if I understand it correctly Parminder is the one that opened up this approach new testament history see a palin ducky I don't care a lousy don't Cosette that pushed and if I had heard him teach it before this beginning of this trimester I don't remember it Beliveau don't appreciate yourself on the debates that we missed maybe was in the last trimester but that kilo Nepali but when I when I heard it taught lights clicked on me coach Don do you like yeah you gotta kick you okay here's Paul in Ephesus let's see but I don't a face up dealing with Laodicea the end of the Jewish Church of a cloud you see elephant illegally seized and suddenly you go through Paul's writings as we are issued a notice a little secret lonesome and you realize he's repeatedly breaking up his target audience into these two categories if I Iike definitely PTC person to become do category and thus it's it's the two audiences that we have to deal with AC can only do to be a vertical infiltrating if we're Ephesus giving the latest in message if this and I don't I know let me say it this way there's times where where you come across a nice jewel in the Bible yeah Defoe who is I mean Bush way you don't have people and usually for me if I do that the first person I talk to about it as my wife she never know cause you're gonna pull me up Epson occasional passing my thumb and many times I'd say you know to her I don't understand all of this but I can tell this is big and I can tell that when he gets put out in the public arena it's gonna cause a shaking what you don't then you get a sense for these things about clear shaking issues and I can tell you I have not come to understand all the implications of this yet but it's big major position super fan Li consultancy in Michigan if nothing else what it does ACI kick shizuka-san fame it takes almost the entire New Testament xalapa Oh Marc let's go to Los Santos them cuz Paul pretty much wrote the entire New Testament that's good but yeah Cassie my clitoris among other than the Gospels you know oh but it makes it present truth mr. Lando hopefully I mean we already knew it that all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world more than the days in which they live in these are simple effective values for life and eat okay Poli shield only Kelly's etiquette improve ah but this just seems to be so much more specific and direct to what's going on Mesa let somebody specific if you like my pasta you particularly in the argument of a covenant people being passed by while one is being entered into covenant with particular monopoly Mickey D camp Abdullah a Tamiko theologian nuclear hot corn aliens that's what Paul was dealing with it so quickly but retain okay so did we do Colossians 3 10 or 11 there's neither verse 11 there's neither drew Greek nor Jew go to acts 10:45 just do and I'll see maybe we put enough of that in the record acts 10:45 Schoen stock they and they about the circumcision which believed were astonished and as many as came with Peter because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit here's the Jews or the circumcised ones but they're they're the ones that believed he's talking about this group down here don't come see me so Tsukiko the circumcision so this is just more on the group's eleven two and three and when Peter was come to Jerusalem they that were of the circumcision contended with him saying thou wentest in two men uncircumcised and did eat with them there's a controversy now the investment between Christian Greeks and Christian Jews immigrated to each other and it's it's brought to the attention of the leadership of the church it's like please don't tell don't did you recently please so there's a there's their struggles going on in that history that are illustrating struggles that will go on in our history let me jump to the end quote there romans 4 19 and 9 through 12 maybe this is just the conclusion of circumcision emphases uncircumcision okay so that's the these are all quotes on the two classes in the time of Ephesus now on page three for manuscript releases vol 18 oh what a description how many there are in this fearful condition I earnestly entreat every ministry to minister to study diligently the third chapter of Revelation for in it is portrayed the conditions of thing existing in the last days okay description comparisons in no condition the second t-shirt Arriba Shaco hey Shaco mini-site to judaism oh that was my piddle apocalypse can only add acrylic indecent issues exist on Dalida initial study carefully every verse in this chapter for the through these words Jesus is speaking to you hej attentive militia condors diversities to shop eat caviar CIPA orgies Apollo so revelation chapter three is illustrating the condition of things existing in the last days don't care about the condition the existent dishes don't need an issue and what's in Revelation chapter 3 because a to be scooped up oh can you strong no do you see three churches east was it Sardis Philadelphia layer to see a South Philadelphia OTC and at that level if you're looking at the three churches yes never less evil counted twice eglise this is Sardis later she just sounded other I would propose suppose and in Ephesus you're gonna have Philadelphia and Laodicea a life essence of the Philadelphia DC you follow the logic s caboose evil allergic know when we're taking time to describe the 4-3 break in the churches sills and trumpet over some point eternity DD t-- g lossy para so got twice early completely silly easy Gleason we use this quote by joseph bates and we want to put this in the record and then discuss artists Philadelphia in there to see it in all the lands say at the Lord two parts therein shall be cut off and die but the third shall be left there in God says he will bring the third part through the fire and refine them they shall call upon him and he will hear them he will say it is my people and they shall say the Lord is my god first part Sardis the nominal church or bow second part Laodicea the nominal Adventists third part Philadelphia the only true church of god on earth where they asked to be translated to the City of God in the name of Jesus I exhort you again to flee from the Laodiceans as from Sodom and Gomorrah their false their teachings are false and elusive and lead to utter destruction death death eternal death is on their track remember Lot's wife and all the the emphasis there is is Joseph bait with the cap letters and stuff la ilaha illa li sapelo harvey in the sultan allah sultan allah tantra LVDS mo indeed upon the sinner emoji la première partie sale is nominal babylon la seconde partie low DC the adventist nominal that was m party Philadelphia LaSalle very tablet with the Jew solitaire calendar month a translated on acetate apocalypse produce produce van driven car dalla no decision was exotic Oh Avira Laodicea come upon Sodom a como los any emotion Phu Institute a it countries Allah description Allah moral immoral a movie terminal some lamb or eternally solution happy full of them to dilute joseph bates volume and oh bom jesus a second joseph bates is quoting from Zechariah chapter 13 don't just have Betty seed and he's making the application to Sardis Laodicean Philadelphia based upon Zechariah 13 if in application silver sound of Philadelphia loud you see but this was a character so if you turn there don't see news I know those are carried crazy first one says the VESA emoji in that day there shall be a fountain open to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness so surely eventful time isn't that weed it was a bit on two series a lamp or a bishop or lassu you what day would that be no no 911 you're gonna put that as 911 ultimate so 911 the fountain is opened at 911 to the house of David laughs Oh tentative autonomy so the Davido on septum explainer especially as peculiar Oh Deb you delegate a fountain of knowledge for tender lacunae sauce it to them on Vasya longer than David my own on Septimus happened people Kim isn't a 911 he's anointed king over what's he anointed at 9/11 over le well so can Missoula concept thank you pardon me he Braun apron and and hebron means when it gets any feeble confederacy confit did hustle anyway so your may your odd does everyone comfortable with her claim that this is 911 s Kosuke says she G on septum because it's not good enough to be comfortable if you're gonna stand on it you got to be able to prove it yourself pesco sannita back to that comfortable food and you're going to go on okay that's what's my point don't tell about that tempest girl but I don't want it to be she see you later to think not a baptism NOPA but it seems to me the key is the sin and uncleanness basketball my likely cielo fishy last year what happens at nine eleven that has to do with removing sin and uncleanness Kisuke special on septum effect olives not appreciate the less who you covenant en años entre jeweler what begins there Caskey Kamala temple cleansing a perfect catch don't you talk about that judgment of the living publishes motive useful ain't in the judgment of living what's he doing casket fishes on TV fell he's either blotting names out of the book of life or blotting sins out of the book of sins I still appreciate you leave to pursue no no they'd leave to be he's removing sin and uncleanness okay so verse two we're gonna put that we're gonna say this is 911 if I can see that will symptom anyone want to oppose that application st I can't okay you got to know shop you do it directly Nasri defendant separately from across Illinois diamond director moon annually I was gonna start there but I did pass by because at the time a judge always gotta read context right minou folio local Texas but there's something even more significant about context in that first verse what is it mean if you catch if no context no super may be a sequel what's it say Kiske Luigi right at the outside in that day on socio law so what's that grammatically don't seek welcome it it means that day has to already be identified in in a preview passage savage residual and what that you don't you fear don't lose your Placido and sometimes you got to go back several chapters to see where the vision starts in a flavorful attorney epistle ship it on now yeah pokemon savvy but how far back do you have to go in this one Madhavi la is she scooting for mutti just back to chapter 12 you know sure people do though because why Wow the verse 1 it's saying here's a brand new prophecy the burden of the Lord or the word of the Lord for Israel saith the Lord which stretches forth the heavens and lay at the foundations of the earth and format the spirit of man within him mercy apple juice in your Israel and city listen yakitori zookeepers left on that Sunday like there if so Zechariah has introduced a new prophecy here a burden is a prophecy don't cloudy nouvelle prophecy there's no chapter divisions for Zechariah yep so when you get to verse 1 of chapter 13 don't come without a veil and it says in that day you shall present in order to establish what that day is I've had in that best possible way Kelly don't you tell I mean office office even you're required to go back to where it starts and see what days being mark if we see the model of atonia ODB to this issue and in verse 2 of chapter 12 verses shabadoo so he says I'll make Jerusalem a cup of trembling your father chose a lemon coupe the compliment in verse three Wow and that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people of Sociology father said in verse four and that day verse 6 and that day verse 8 in that day he tosses you allow verse 9 it shall come to pass in that day and verse 10 and I will pour upon the house of David and upon the habitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and supplication verse 11 in that day of FC Osasuna so when you get to chapter 13 verse 1 know confusedly bishop it cauterised FC up and says in that day you got to go back to the beginning of the prophecy aquino zgo social animal sorry you argue in that day is 911 still I love visual Costa juicy 911 who said it someone says I'm over here verse 11 shouldn't open 911 deliver seconds really hey when she sees verse 11 of chapter 12 she doesn't see 911 : my brother Michael Knight up in a Picasso diversity sodanope I mean like why don't you please okay so you're saying verse 10 would be over here so uh Paul I know you can't see it because of the post but here's midnight and then midnight cry you don't say okay in the millerite history egq dong Donna Linda critically in mini maverick if I can uh limit only something military what's the midnight cried pointing forward to in our history look at me nice bamboo download twist well no answers on you're looking for I know I'm talking about the the basic meaning not to the way mark they gave the midnight cry in their history we give the loud cry right no children and sister white compares the the midnight cry to the loud cry eskalene white compiler could mean you cooking so they are is that fair just to the basic level midnight cry miller right histories speaking to the loud cry in our history okay neva basically couldn't mean me as I thought you don't lead on it stop yes we okay so what did Parminder take time to teach us at the beginning of this trimester about the loud cry Parminder ha killer Taunton Sonsini Cosell no conch really Beauty tree miss it's progressive seafood crisis so even if you take verse 11 and place it at the triumphal entry the pensive Open University conformity its most essential element is that it's a progressive this is so sexy pervasive and III I don't have a problem with a bit starting at nine eleven a sham problem to the mental nine Yin do you have a problem with him do you have a problem marking the loud cry at nine eleven it's good problem Dillon tequila 911 yes okay because sister white says that the message of Jones and Waggoner was the beginning of the light that was gonna lighten the earth with its glory look a mortal enemy she also says their message through applying her Scripture she's marks 1888 with 911 that's Camacho just don't get why you traffic therefore this is the beginning of the light Doc Ock she look a mortal enemy of the third angel that's gonna swell to a loud cry it was the Muscovado Kofi Annan Coxie because in 1888 Jones and Waggoner brought that light that's good or did some cattle evaluate Jones avec une my party said Lamia okay I didn't see it this way I don't want to meet her what don't you understand watch me watch me did you could mean if you did you can mean a new faucet on so I wish you said to put the beginning of the midnight quite at midnight not at nine eleven okay I don't have a problem with you doing that any but problem I think to officer but Parminder was showing that he started with the big picture thumb and our como Civic ischemia and he shows the lighter rain going up to where Michael stands up and human probation closes leaves discuss kami Kayla saliva remember that Sunita Schneider rain comes before Michael stands up Lapita of society by volcanic else to live that's the big picture say silicon dementia but as we back it down into fractals I look at all the subdivision of fact Anna where's the ladder ain't gonna come for the priests Lapua of season Curtis kalapa leap red car he's gonna market it 2014 yes Academy get awesome and that would be an illustration of the midnight cry alone a nice I still do your kidney the loud cry the cocky but I'm suggesting that if you're going to treat the loud cry as a progressive development of truth me see okok see come in a development okay sister a Verity then it comes back word to it backwards to a lesser degree to each one of these way marks don't know what I see on now tiara I do agree want a shock bellezza okay so let me try to use some prophetic logic for you go to Revelation 8 that okay live sweet down II I'm sure that some of you have looked at the public presentations on this subject if it's not that something because of Sousa and their and their incomplete as far as I'm concerned complete we got to the point of discussing the number eight and seven and a half and it kind of stopped me a cycle P that that pursuing the logic of that history which is the opening of the seventh seal logical decisions revelation 8 verse one yes and when he had opened the Seventh Seal There was silence in heaven about the space of a half-hour and I saw seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censer and there was given unto Him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of the Saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of the incense which came up came with the prayers of the Saints ascended up before God out of the Angels hand and the angel took the censer and filled it with fire of the altar and cast it into the earth and there were voices and thunderings and lightnings in her earthquake so I'm saying that without getting into all the details of the Seventh Seal so what could don't you see Jim sue that the fire that gets cast to the earth in response to the prayers sukhiya typify was typifies by pentecost HTTP Ship Island could where in response to their prayers the Holy Spirit was poured out only Pisano placentas created devious and to symbolize that event there were tongues of fire on their forehead it was even more so I'm saying that when Pentecost is repeated in our history it'll be corresponding to these opening of the seventh seal which takes place for the priests in this history leading to midnight door closes are you fully protected Chaka Khan gee I mean me law school a person projected out for the the levites the Netherlands and 144,000 co-operative Amalia lividly Latinos ml that is a it's a development an escalating city alphorn citrine diverse mo Kiyosaki on key question but here's the prophetic logic may I see if you can if you can stand on that that the Seventh Seal is the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon those people that are praying that comparison Coliseum Susi diverse emoji said do Santa's piece of CPS on Capri but these characteristics are Illustrated for the hundred and forty-four thousand the net names the Levites and the priests doctor says Salah eighty do strip or it's a computer Polly Platt lenity nearly live it and you read it back into the history with fractals a CEO noticed artifact and then right in here the Seventh Seal is being open for the priests that's good stuff on me neither City I'm sorry to via Polly plate yes we is that a bad piece of logic s Cosima visa now here's the prophetic logic I want to share with you if I see logic for education project well it's probably the most important prophetic argument of all of them it's a problem all of you notice on poverty clip is important to Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning Shizuka Massimo so the ends gotta be there in the beginning life and waited please don't come us mom if the Seventh Seal is Duff the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit under people that have made themselves ready see less HM so CLE fusion with dona orderly leaf is on the sentence people Sookie supply power where's the person open don't count a scallop on me so actually to where 20 ghost Pentecost no no no no no Pentecost who said Pentecost you know there's a logic there I could uphold but that's not my point we were talking about the seals me la parte de su how many seals are there here the Seventh Seal is being open for the priests you see the city I'm sorry to verbally plant where's the first still open don't kill upon me so Kentucky Louisville 1989 oh Jesus look at renessa so in 1989 he's not stuck at Sylvain if you have typify dan outpouring of the holy spirit is that the keep you fear and SP because Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning piscazzi least I look mo small so when you understand that companies alone from here to here is the opening of the seven seven seals you total offense Domini salute your decision soon and it's a progressive development of truth a CT and development progressive the lividity and the climax of that development development of truth Allah plan economy notice the development ability in the millerite history was the midnight cry dolly started minutes it didn't mean me so the midnight cry is typifying this outpouring here upon the priests don't curl up in me near TP feet on set if you miss you Holly Petra but because this is the seventh seal me Pascal says did you see em sue the midnight cry began back here look at me New York come on Cilla don't laugh but it's an escalation of power all the way through may sit in the priests all sake Kwok a quest some to learn additional I really have some difficulties because if you were stopped as the latter one in 1989 because it's the beginning of the seventies in its a Pentecostal Recife even voids progress if a couple is pretty capisco OD colossal lavage how can you explain it because we says that it's a flower girl I won't be sharing and Allah once a week a God cannot put his seal upon a person if Swiss person eyes as a scene inning I seen you're reading it you're demanding characteristics to demand a characteristic of the 7c of the seven seals that I don't think are there do you see em suckers in the prospects the seven seals the sea chimps ooh opened by the Lion of the tribe of juda beat you down we're understood by the Miller right concrete pal immediately to be the same story as Daniels book being unsealed commit Allah made me Slavic we have children if Daniel with Daniels book being unsealed at the time of the end Escalade lifted Daniel idea over to Tom laughs ow it doesn't say there is a piece of knowledge AG pacquiao Buddha lacunae sauce it doesn't say there's one truth that's opened up a g-pack you you can sell a very to vent and says there's an increase of knowledge educate not that goodness and then in verses 9 and 10 of Daniel 12 Yap love we have seen Nephi do the knife edges that Daniel do so based upon that increase of knowledge Cooney sauce it says many shall be purified made white and tried educators also won't be leafy a beautiful blonde she a poofy did I say it backwards or something no okay I think it's move you think it's what I think it's Mooji then put it in say order purely fine made white and tried yeah are not understand your question okay no it's okay okay okay so what I'm saying is so Casey Jessica you can look at Daniel 12 in the Book of Daniel being unsealed is your pocket Daniel juicy lifted Daniel acted easily and you can see an increase of knowledge improve on a question that kun is awesome you don't think much about it on young prospector when you get to verses 9 and 10 becomes a revolver CGC if you understand the everlasting gospel company leave a CD toenail purified made white and tried police your DUPLO movie then you realize that this increase of knowledge really sick ascetic responder kinesins possesses possesses the 3/3 testing process that is the everlasting gospel possesses the Twizy tab key position so it's saying from here to here don't laugh I mean me you're gonna go through these three steps is a little obvious it was it up but the pioneers understood and that the unsealing in Daniel 12 helmet Italian twosome is illustrated in the book of Revelation by the line of the tribe of Judah it is tripled only lived Aleppo Kelly's valiant attributes you down taking seven seals after Bible one at a time Kia Auto set Sheila said so Lisa Kelly Sutra one two three four five six seven and triquet sank seasick so so it's confirming the increase of knowledge is Saku Saku nice it's a progressive development of truth sit on disability so what I'm saying is when we bring other prophetic characteristics Jody Seay La Scala characteristically cheek and expect to see all those characteristics in the story of the Seventh Seal a constructive well Tillich artistic don t stop jisu my argument is is that primarily the seven seals they put me among the city ensue in connection with Daniel 12 Daniel Jews the primary teaching of the seven seals Lausanne your mob classified usage em sue is a progressive development of truth sit down develop more progressive don't the liability and that truth is what we call the loud cry yes agility see second is that prone to conquer and it develops progressive it so developers but with really a dead does that not satisfy you it centers such as PayPal she continued to fail continually thing voila okay yes question Antonia has a good explanation for it all Tunisian bun is because suppose fire away circular system like the William Mila propose some problem don't despair come come back a suburb to evolve appreciable significant but they so let's because some catchy factor based on the application that's do you understand different room buddy so let's be consumer creative autonomy so to come from different Verity in a system like the million do chica Geneva delicious Avenue about the V so they figured about a super uncommon and convenience of those issues that we're able to understand the various complexities that are assigned to that you can do some a mess of the component Lee complexity disability Lacan film color miss escape of annuities Neela process is the - a CIT uncouth you want to try the internet from a see so compress became okay going back to my sisters comment come up to my cell about 11 verse 11 of Zechariah don't live there say oh this 12 under the end of chapter 12 I love fancy shop in twos she doesn't she see the characteristics of this morning I mean these last verses that's what the emphasis is morning morning morning okay I don't critic did you go yeah and she does that those characteristics don't line up with 911 for her septum I think they're the perfect argument for 911 April Marcia Cross Kasilof give up our faith we understand that right here the judgment of the living begins and then an angel is gonna go through Jerusalem I knows about are you gonna put a seal upon those people that are what if I don't Capozzi I saw a silly junkie quoi those that are mourning the Sookie better sighing and crying I think if you go back in and you use prophetic application even if the one verse is talking about the midnight cry because you ponies up you can still MEMC the midnight cry is pointing to the loud cry and the loud cry is a progressive development of truth could mean the key development lividity that's you could be able to see those elements all along the way you'll miss easily not to do so to it the morning yeah focus it testable you did that Lesley Visser two on septum Israel a tailed a pony you get that fun sister Jia conclusive wanna okay but Samuel is a good one okay so back to chapter 13 we got to catch up with joseph bates there's a fountain opened at nine eleven don't concept Tommy and Fulton verse 2 in that day at nine eleven don't covet she do on social on your own septum he's gonna cut off the names of the idol LaLanne she knows she does down the pee he's going to cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land of the GPE and so there's there's a an argument here between true and false prophecy let's keep it simple right hello yonder belong to Luke effective effect on this sample and I think I think you have to look at it both ways it's your PA's canoe full of Gaudi did you could tell here see oh there there fully settled in their false prophecy now it's all I might a beautiful fish you know they have been from way back here a Daniel town but when they use spiritual formation as their point of reference at this point that's all going to the Witch of Endor Emma conscious entities like Infante fearlessly format so spiritually and tip the soul cave at the psych eval I love donto but when did the fanaticism come into the millerite movement mechanical affinities Marathi Vedanta start immediately it's very specifically marked when the fanaticism came into the millerite movement and even when it ended sanity's macaque is so tell me no it came in at the first day of the first month let me show to plummy mom 9/11 acceptance and you're gonna have this true and false prophet controversy all the way until the midnight cry alone no lights at Koko Vasanta live life vocal fed to the losses cochlear I mean you know because that the midnight ride the Exeter camp-meeting let's go come each index it a clean Minami that Confederacy that was over in the Watertown tent certified there are so q-tip please also let down the down to what your food their fanaticism was melted away like the morning frost when it comes up sources so some finance the finite teens will see your own theta okay see that's cuz I will get to you but while I didn't go concrete look uh como si uh no so does it mean I'm still thinking about what you said does it means that's a lot while it's old wedgie started based upon the line Amen sister white says the loud cry began in 1888 the light brought by Jones and Waggoner was the beginning of the light that would lighten the whole earth with its glory si la lumière omnipotence Eva kunikida vague latitude letter said WA and based upon that I argue that the loud cry of the third angel began on October 22nd 1844 OG Caesarea como si Levin doped-up gone because it's about the light of the third angel de la lumière question that wasn't opened up until the way into the most holy place was opened up it's a lie - welcome - and all that's been happening is the line of the tribe of Judah has been developing that truth asic all the way to our history secretly with a developer as it is so saturated to delusion that don't satisfy you though does it missile intercept is reppin ESPA maybe I understand wrongly we says that's a lot quite even though it started in the 8 million right story it's a lot qual we start again in our history but if when you said the Seventh Seal if I understand the beginning ng and so I said to myself since the beginning time of the end we are in on the loud cry but we place it at the special web apps in our line yeah some some symbols have both a progressive application and a point-in-time application to accept a seminal in application progressive if i'm on climb up here and the quote that we use about the loud cry citizen introduced concern this is the loud voice of the third angel meaning increasing in power edgy cool I watch it was emotional said leniency increase on sequester loud cry is a symbol of an increase in power Pascal I look on KC in an assembled in a piece of sky soft and power is conveyed through God's prophetic word Allah person see if equally pahala pahala did she it's his creative power see separately at ease and at the time of the end you don't allow the prophetic word is opened up lop off a ticket to that and there is an increase of power yeah not from here all the way to here and you can call that power the loud cry it's opposite fish sauce looking but at another level you can mark the loud cry at a certain way mark when I know Tony vote you auntie killer cocky and he sees them but ok escucha deal of Scovel exposition on social interceptor 2013 it was specifically only to apply to 9/11 or it can be as compared coccidia on social Arredondo shop it reduces our cutting the syllabus applique about 9/11 Mesa police episode Advani's solanine I'm saying that when the Bible marks a point in time collab UNT Caledonia Zechariah 12 verse 1 seduce the burden the prophecy of Jerusalem Jerusalem that when it says in that day after it's been marked continuity all social application later on GK it's gonna give you this information and when it says that day again it's gonna give you this information that day again it's gonna give you this information that the Prophet is using the principle of repeating and large the prophetic series of conceit but certainly lashes and the expression in that day means you come back to here is the starting point let's pursue the all social SEO clubs you do that and you start that particular thought there and carry it out and then when it says in that day you go back go suicide passe kanji allegiance echelon called yeah that's good also Susana much of what you see in front of the class we know that the focus of our Silla it is it on the Premiership it quite second coming there is a great great lamentation because people are are lost because I love the symphony the Chrissy and super Scalise also know that's why for me like a crudo predation because then you see that spirit is poured out some people don't give up you scum and find a topic as Pascal obviously G so let's play a Divya Sicily job it sailed upon the house of David in Jerusalem in verse 11 we see this lamentation reproduce on Amazon Davidi lamb is a potential is a value then obviously also was a kilometer soon and I'm open for correction but it it seems to me like you know people that didn't receive the outpatient is closed I'm not threatened about seeing a close of probation there yeah but what I'm what I've will have a difficult time breaking away from is the grammar the Kamiya lassie in verse one it introduces a new prophecy about Jerusalem unsuited ontogenesis or Srisailam overseas that's your point of reference wherever you're gonna put that it nothing too friendly field on suit if I mid-south that's how I would understand it welcomes you gotta have a point of reference this is the this is the burden of Jerusalem okay that as this vision goes on to its conclusion sometimes it goes for many chapters reserve leave us afar every time you see in that day it's pointing back to this day I suck to be like the more social level of confidence that says you know but this history here miss Etta slow know is a history of the close of probation city so did I this is the message of the closed-door see let me tell me and you can see closed doors on every one of these away marks as you go through tell me I suck in D by D's I look at you well what's it they're closed door at 9 1194 saw and Josiah Samuel the seventh-day Adventist Church geez okay now I get your point that that if you if you read it sequentially and Passover that in that day it seems to fit well so that's some bleep yes a coffee and I don't have a problem even with going back to in that day and seeing that upon repeating and large it fits well even at that level no problemo city over to NASA's you lied elemental Africa so if it is only the largest notice cuz I said up to see but in verse three is making Jerusalem a a burden them stone for all people media versus wife is a lemon in person I'm saying it's still a testing process Elijah and I'm saying that what you're suggesting is that in in that day that it's after the close of probation is when there's no more testing like that you can see left which suggests that an open for correction yeah notice that means that they could be addressing various way box in surgical social leper yeah I agree bunnies don't let me if you go back here to in that day she chief that down on social now it's gonna tire there's a fountain opened like that did your careful tango sale then you go back in that day it's your to know there's gonna be a morning in this the same history it does it let me sorry you until you I'm agreeing with that but what I'm saying is you have to determine what that day is before you even start me just like a meaningful it Amina Kelly also you like a significant is it 911 or is it when Michael stands up and it is it if in that day of what I'm saying about in that day is correct before you say something let me ask a question or you and you in my grammatically in error here it's good sweet I'll come at you can mount on your I see okay so brother Bob then brother Larry in that day says you're now just a choice you you recognize the choice to remain in laodicea to Oakland English was like the listed on the DC who tell you thank rested its upon this to hear it and see it understand it there's several elements in these two chapters about that history says behold the day of the Lord coming the close of probation I see my dogs on seeker is a dealer Judas in Yvonne Yvonne secrecy elephant eat on the ground let me make some points because I'm gonna watch that clock nah fret least at this angle that clock gives me more minutes than that car Zechariah 13 verse 4 don't cuz that it's it's talking about a room a cleaning up of Jerusalem and in verse 4 of chapter 13 it says and it shall come to pass in that day that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision when he prophesied neither shall they wear a rough garment to deceive the prophets here the false prophet the prophet Daniel even are ashamed to what I tell you Chris Gosselaar Fuji weird their visions are failing that's Qaddafi Zuma issue I swing but they're preaching another gospel it's about another gospel Chris Paul says I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth to the Jew first and then the Greek these prophets they're ashamed of their message isn't alone massage so these false prophets offical fet are the people that Paul speaking to in Galatians that have introduced another gospel he's don't elephants you know which is no gospel no do you see that logic if you really see that logic there's something that that is secondary to seeing that that is really nice why you kick shows also condemn Kate Clapp job well in in Zechariah 13 here these false prophets they're they're illustrated as presenting false prophecy right so they pack on the illest Carmel County first prophecy yes but they're ashamed of their false prophecy Mesa for perfection under love with Buffy see and the word ashamed lets us understand that their false teachings is a false gospel Ksenia more focus therefore this gives you a witness Selena Tonto catch him while that the gospel is prophetic even the false gospel is a false prophetic gospel even though those guys don't know it mmm see me Bianca la foo-foo in first coffee CMMC Sifu covet Naraku n'est-ce pas do you see that it's there okay but we got to get down to Joseph bait verse 8 verse 7 awake o sword against my shepherd very 12 become a pastor who's the Shepherd secure pastor LaBelle she Christ and there's gonna be a sword awakened against Christ when was that city go stop at the cross Wow when did it begin you can't ask a second OC when he was born no yes no yes midnight he gets arrested at midnight yeah it I mean me the sword is awakened like this Olivia when do the virgins wake up that's gonna be us Olivia at midnight I mean there's a sword awakened at midnight against his Shepherd what happens to his sheep they get scattered all the disciples except John please okay so and I will turn my hand upon the little ones and it shall come to pass that and all the land saith the Lord tooth parts therein shall be cut off and die but the third shall be left there in he's gonna awaken his sword against the shepherd right here do we all agree that Christ is the shepherd good news mr. Levinsky and we're his flock but he is the high priest merely locally and we're a kingdom of priests in some way I'm different so right in this history of midnight persecutions gonna come let's take a shot as well and there's three groups and two groups are in the wrong place and joseph bates takes this passage is based upon us and he says when you get to hear me Philadelphia's gonna be on the right side of the issue layer the scene is gonna get cut off she and Sardis is gonna get cut off and so we're stuck with the dilemma of identifying who Sardis and Laodicea are elusive oh c'mon Salem Toledo chief al dila if we're saying the wise priest it is okay if you pray our Philadelphia lip plates are so flooded they're gonna come through this correctly evil are availa but who is Sardis miss out Sookie we're using Joseph's face now so this is artists and he was able to see it's full of deep you see it son so don't just have bitch it with you who are they he's so chill and listen to me now okay that you're you're saying this is Sardis don't you gkc sound then we don't want to say that yeah I know what he says that's the key the nominal church don't please no mean I know what okay let's go to the quote Sardis the nominal church or Babylon no we don't want to deal with Babylon but we would want to deal with the word nominal me aliamanu Manila that's Sardis he says she the South has a name that it is alive but it's dead yeah I know TV TV from muffin content emo so you got Sardis you got Laodicea in Philadelphia and the characteristic of Sardis is it's got a name what's its name donkey ass a Philadelphia you see la cactus the star Sookie I know sequential no his name is seventh-day adventists so no say it that way the name was given to adventism by the Lord it's an occasion apologies it has a name I don't know does this group down here have a name it's good to know whether they're Philadelphia layer to see or do they have a name maybe they got some derogatory labels thrown their way but they don't have no name a no button this is this is Sardis let's see seldom yes so that leaves us to determine if the wise priests or Philadelphia whose layer to see you don't you think it's a Philadelphia key allowed you see and sister white says the layer decisions are foolish virgins so in this history the set is 12 the layer the scenes are the foolish please don't kill us yes only starters is adventist corporate structure a sassy last 200 couple active a twenty three parts swap ft only one coming through on the right side of the issue me on a cheeky a leave Kissimmee difficulty and in Revelation or in Zechariah 9 it does that Kathleen that 13 verse 9 I'm sorry says I'm gonna bring that third part through the fire and we'll refine them as silver is refined and we'll try them as gold astride come on I'll show a Lisa Cooper come on a pavlova where's that hat sequelae Co so Malik I see my last XI 3 verses 1 through 4 wow that cat there they're going to go through a temple cleansing right here and when they get to here because these are typically when we've taught the temple closing typical Tesco no significance and we talked we said there's two classes on this elevator category the wise and the foolish but this is actually saying that the foolish category has two parts miss a new GQ like ethically D phooey on ado on whether there was three enemies or in that story it was don't sit Tobias and Blatt and Gretchen the Arabian okay so so you may have a very nice application that's a little bit beyond the simplicity that we're keeping this that sounds interesting cleburn a picasso me co de la de la simplicity confer counties but we're not there means so I'm a we will return to this tomorrow because the Lord's gonna take his fan listen you're Silvana and thoroughly purchase floor if I feel so so no right here she's still I mean but if we're going to be given the message that Paul gave me no food on a lemon then we got to know what our target audience is dokey a new focus a volcano Johnson Saturdays and the target are the audience is two groups a Buddha said to Joss a division to the Jews he is with the people that were given the law to be the deposit or deposit areas of the law le persone Aquila YT deliberately depositor huh and then the Greeks a league Rekha and we're gonna struggle in our own internal experience and as I know don't with Greeks Christians and Jewish Christians a vicarage and at the temple cleansing you're gonna have to mark two parts that get cut off and we typically have not emphasized that through the years in Avenal you only Sonny and if we had tried to do so through the years it would have been difficult so like did you see them but now that you see that Ephesus is contemporary with Laodicea madoka no veo confess a contemporaine allowed you see it's it's crystal clear see try Cleo so I'm encouraging those French people that are going home tomorrow to stay faithful to the mist if you Daniel don't get distracted by these brethren that want you to get down off the wall and discuss things with them alone oh so I purchased a policy person a Kiyosaki Edina Viereck evil kilos de Pury the discreet a barbecue uncle because leprosy is sin Pascal ellipse Allah fish and the leopard it was to cry out unclean unclean in Lilliput the Venky ampulla telling you that he has food that is unclean that you're not supposed to eat food is all a newbie jerky and puke of money donate Percival's emoji but when it comes to leprosy lesson there is neither solo you can just barely touch it vous pouvez tushy and become infected if you prove yet to treat effecti so when paul says these other Gospels are accursed accursed don't call but the anatra if I see Mooji Mooji we have to be careful in the photo and I'll be upfront with you it's just this kind of teaching what I just gave you say is the kind of logic that were people so that people will use consents Abdulelah subdue logically person italy school saying there's proof that Jeff Keppinger is a cult leader assassins Vasily Plaza dzongkha Jeff Keppinger Gita Google he's now developing a message it development now massage to tell his cult followers who deal ICT subdues last sector only listen to the cult leader it could take unique more early just any amount you don't listen to anyone outside Nick with a palace of sentiment is a person but I'm giving you fair warning Misha food is done this is a hefty small schuster that these histories about a cult Cassetti sauce the only sector were all put into human history only Timmy's don't Don least remain now to be arguments against the final development of the hundred and forty-four thousand who die toward the ovum co-developed no finality so can't get mean to you need to look at this closely looking for a desolate is not our work now is to organize our own temple no climate organ is in the photo understand what the distinction between the higher and lower nature are composed a distance totally present superior understand the true force of the we'll want a table for celebrity we got to come into an understanding of how our temple is organized in the focal plug locomote the confessional topic NEC and that work that we're doing internally it's at africa new facility takes place at the same time that God is organizing his church temple a severe mental okay listen you organized organism to accomplish those two works I felt that confuse it deserve we don't even have enough time to accomplish it the natural passages I'm on to topic it's only going to be accomplished through divine intervention so love us affair look demo songs even but to get off the wall Mia so chill Jim you to listen to this leprosy pool equity asset label is a fatal mistake tsunami even more so now that you can see that the Bible is plainly warning you that way okapis evolved way I met no Caleb I believe was that form and was ever please just love shall we pray see on a Heavenly Father is my brothers and sisters prepare to part ways tomorrow we ask that you allow them to get everything they need organized that they take what they need from here and we place them under your protecting care and ask that you'd give them traveling mercies back to their home it's clear to me that you've brought the future for America ministry from France together with the future for America here in the glorious land I don't understand all the implications of that but I do understand that this particular ministry here it seems to have perpetual shakings going on The Clash perpetual or perpetual testing and therefore I expect the same thing for the ministry in France did you watch over their brothers and sisters here that we can all meet again on the sea of glass if we don't in this solar glasses of it there in Jesus name