Ephesus & Laodicea




Publish Date: 2/25/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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if you followed the beginning of the sermon yesterday it was a vcv local Muslim Jew 70 yeah not getting into the details how the first three chapters of Revelation are also an illustration of the three angels messages did I did I did it was a bit apocalypse but just keeping it simple it was useless in fact so Sam there's five times in chapter one yes sanctified on shibito where Christ identifies himself as the beginning and ending would Lisa dr. she call me Tony oh come on smile after he does it in three different ways he lifted the toughest ones you see who he calls himself the Alpha and Omega it's a paler life L Omega the first and the last the paella Dona and the beginning and the ending hey look mo smiler fell but it does it five times Mila fierce increased five times being a symbol of the virgins ad sank the sanctionable TV and then by context you have to determine whether they're wise or foolish virgin if a local takes food opinion CCTV on social food but in Isaiah 44 Medina account cat six through eight I don't remember which verse when he's identifying himself as the first in the last you see don't you feed remem cometo know pomelo down here he says ye are my witnesses did you guys see me tomorrow the five wise virgins are going to be witnesses to the fact don't Lee sanctum why do you say that he illustrates the end with the beginning so once you move out of chapter 1 of Revelation it comes to compute the places on Chabot and Apocalypse you find seven churches which will they don't set eight Lee's the first one is Ephesus for me a little a face and the last one is layered the seer that alone tells you the Ephesus and layer this year are the same dong-su level Pimentel company low DC but we've also put in place means that we going mommy applies the principle of covenant lines subdued in Daniels that whenever there is a the Lord is entering into covenant with the people and we combine that with the the truth that a new level convene of the seven churches of Revelation illustrate not only the history of the Christian Church but the history of the ancient Hebrew church when you saw the linguist Christian Mason leased out the Israel so this is the Jewish Church of a silly glitch and this is the Christian Church if I see Lalique this creature now we've shown that the the last phase of the jewish church with Laodicea Daniel fastest risotto DC and the first phase Ella plumbing office of the Christian Church the legalese the Christian was Ephesus I T and I think I don't remember but I think that I learned this particular understanding of the seven churches from a brother I used to work with in London is a a preset the Conklin so deceptively Civic a fair allocation of a year a key a battalion it isn't anything that I discovered on my own mr. javadekar thommanon and we quit working with him in 2006 in the semi I killed Jamie so a minimum we've been teaching this for over ten years of minima but it's probably right back at the turn of the millennium yo na kimochi siphon 1g so cool now come on connectivity Allah or lack is better to do but I didn't I didn't make much of it niushan SHINee Pabu coos evades minute I taught it to make one point majorly on that you could prove that in our history which is layered Asiya vicar Donnelly East while said the loads the laddering gets poured out because this is where Pentecost was prudence is Ont diverse a viscosity as much upon cut but it wasn't until Parminder took this this truth and took it to another level see a pocket bum and every policy on that we began to see the I don't know that we're even seeing all the implications of it yeah okay she come on see I've waffle is implicit so just like so over here don't acid W what I'm saying here for our consideration today so this is layer this year but see your load you see and if you have an Ellen White Study Bible is Susan be Brazilian wide and you look at the comments there under Revelation chapter 3 okay you'll find several quotes but by no means are they all the places where sister White says the message later sia is the message of the seventh-day Adventist Church well gee Kelly massage at least a low DC solicitous okay most people don't most administered on that own an Ellen White Study Bible don't argue that don't go please don't is gonna be didn't return some do no soap opera me cake semi surprise so we're saying they're in at nineteen eighty nine and it isn't good look at Sonya so the Lord began to enter in the covenant with Ephesus the senior-most on your psyche face but at this point he has passed by me um telemeter cootie the leadership of Laodicea LaShonda load you see but when did he really pass by michaleen OGE Teresa or maybe that's the wrong way to say her but I've seen movies until it's creamy when did he break the Covenant when did they break the cousin one contest easily see that y'all say to me was it in 1863 it tastes all these resources on top because an eighteen 63 they introduced a counterfeit table that's good oh this is also some clothesline conjuring and at minimum they removed the very central pillar of these two tables by rejecting the 25 20 mm it's uh it's over shorty and these two tables are typifies by the two tables of the Ten Commandment you see the table centerpiece a pallet of did you come on No and there's one commandment about not bowing down the images yeah c'mon na kijiye kita the new possession you eat Diwali which is what Aaron did Asuka Wafi at the time that Moses broke the two tables Oh Momo Luiza Brazil he determined to demonstrate the Covenant was broken for ancient Israel lava sea Breezie avec is nylon shell so probably way back at 1863 a minimum you can begin to see the broken covenant don't curse more volatile island like concrete soon and then in 1888 you gather all the material together seafood lasagna to lemon yellow song sister White's as an 1888 the leadership of the Adventist Church Ellen why he crucified the holy spirit on Chrissy Sheila Santa's plea rejected the Bible question Tila people rejected the spirit of prophecy Moshe Tillis with the prophecy and rejected the men that the Lord had chosen to bring the message to an elevation supported a massage and repeatedly she says it's a vessel depicted as they did that they were repeating the history of Korah Dathan and abiram cotizo camisa veggies or repeatedly start the kool-aid that Toya be Hana so you could point to 1888 as well who voice see a duty Shia like that did you suck at sovietic anymore and there's a quote in the spirit of prophecy where sister White says young citizens are let's quit prophecy will invite dikhhla about the apostasy in the Adventist Church Oh sue said de la Poste Ezekiel advances no she says they will change leaders and not know it even a leaky faucet Papa Lucifer and in 1919 a on Jesus on Disney began to promote a book by w w prescott sukemasa Fela promise soon relieved at William aw Prescott called the doctrine of Christ he sent it to adopt in that piece where he introduces the Protestant Christ oh Allah Allahu Teala christo.pas Testim and rejects the miller right understanding of Christ yahoo should tell a complete assumingly read the twist which was that he was also told his protest Oh at least immediately okay there's a famous Bible conference that took place in 1919 yeah in Co Pharaoh's Biblica serious Tony oh jeez no songs is not special ever ww Prescott was a one of the actually college trained theologians in that history CTL and dear to Lucia Cry dear don't use consciousness and before the 1919 Bible conferences I've all said to confuse nerves leading up to it he knew consciousness there was a period of time where he was publishing a newsletter in Adventism Ely event period the towlpb CA in a newsletter or at least that's what's called the Protestant discipline the Protestant and if you go and with discerning eyes a seafood obvious you did you send them all you read every one of those newsletters secundus a newsletter you'll see that his whole purpose in that newsletter if a very custom dozen newsletter was to prove that the pioneers were wrong on the subject of the Daly City Pope Ave luckily Congress indeed a lead em in irritative was the perpetrator they understood correctly the daily represented paganism and he was teaching that it was Christ sanctuary ministry ameliorative accompli a perfectly horizontal Pagani's mediatek City live with the crystal structure so there's been a big shaking about the daily in advance of the 1919 Bible Conference okay I you in grant polemic OCAD perpetual avala conference be big business on his nerve and mr. white commented about his view of the daily Ellen White Fang comatose sound interpreted she says that he received his understanding of the daily from angels that were expelled from heaven lgt level is a competition so he was he was known to be on the wrong side of pioneer understanding aleyko new Komeito salaamu alaik on you come no coupon opal I let up with an ordinary telephone tips on capuchin sister white died in 1915 Illinois Tremonti sniffs not cows 1998 they have a Bible Conference where they're gonna come together on Jesus on his nephew for said conference maybe we submit a song study what they understand is Adventist alergies only the precipitous no doubt and they have WW Prescott do its presentation a place that plays out this now if you go into that history it's super cool is at Easter you should take note of something you would like the the the leaders of the church that were in that Bible Conference they give me something disputed please don't know the second feebly yeah the greatest majority of them said leprechaun majority don't worry we know that what WW Prescott taught there was wrong Saavik asuka Prescott Arsenal Abeyta fool but we liked his style of presenting it so much Mina zoom your song still the quiz on town to plenty that we're gonna go ahead and trance we transcribed all his presentations we're gonna turn them into a book in as I know it was clear to see presentation really mentally computers and and the only thing they protested about it's just so good is it his presentations he want to remove all of this prophetic understanding Pescador isn't a sinful like to talk video daisuke's it was all a cow and they said no we're gonna reprint this but we're going to retain the 2300 days so do you know vamp you may move a daily do me twice on Julie meta but it throughout all the rest and they called it the doctrine of Christ easily doctrine the case and when you take all of this out and you talk about Jesus it confuses me to slake of apologies without the prophecies so now prophecy then you have the Protestant Christ don't clavo vodka vivec Lisp bitches love kale enjoy greys face okay so in 1919 they change leaders and don't know it shyness of it and the title of the book is marking that Lotito mm to leave Alan chica and then in 1957 and this is the part that I would throw in here there's kind of outside the scope of all this concept Mississippi on finding resource of party in 1919 at the end of that history there's another watershed book that's printed laughs and it is not his nephew uncle are not holy for Katie and Emily me called questions on doctrine key Santa to Casasola doctrine okay there's a book at the end of this history the book at the end at the beginning of this history I leave will come up on Ceti swami on offense artists are the ones that doctrine of Christ you know learn and live Zappala doctrine at least the other ones questions on doctrine a lot or Santa to castresana doctrine and when you lay these histories out Alaska vu + a don't cuss at Easter in the context of four generations don't know context delayed you catch it yourself you know what I mean by four generations that is such a solid prophetic argument don't salami on pluses an argument politically when you lay out these four histories of Adventism los que vous appluse cicatrice yzma then you bring in the four abominations of Ezekiel 8 underneath them on a life Lucy papazilla Pope Innocent II see Kelly to Selena and then you bring the first four churches Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira underneath Amana line if you superpose again no alley cats eglise FSS Milton gamja anyone that has a good prophetic aptitude each person can burn aptitude for fatigue they'll say man this is unshakeable this is solid given papyrus is my most salida and it is it's a length it's airtight C you're correct I think it's progressive don't compute your code isn't is enough silica mouse model apostasy denied what is me Dixie progressiva she just translated she so she said so we can say that the apostasy began in 1919 ok logic no no that's the year I I don't remember what you're speaking of but look what you pal but what what we're saying is the new Diesel's first-generation AB Adventism and in 1888 so tell me second-generation ends in 1919 3rd ends in 1957 with the book questions on doctrine and the fourth here begins in 1957 with the period of darkness and then in 1989 you have the time of the end and what I'm saying is and I wasn't gonna go this depth but I will this is Ezekiel 8 image of jealousy you see this is this the secret chambers of Ezekiel this is weeping for Tammuz and this is bowing down to the Sun it says Cecily this is Ephesus later she defends now Pergamus Thyatira no perfect Ephesus Smyrna Pergamos Thyatira it's me el gancho and to answer your question you can also put the first four trumpets because those first four trumpets are describing aid a progressive destruction like a competitive in the police just look super greasy so the number four you know what cat is speaking about progression fellatio and progressively going deeper and deeper in the darkness a Kia country police is more back here in 1863 see no moto in this history I would say it start should you lacy Libya when they throw these two tables away but it only progresses as you go down through history me see please see my token but here let me go to Galatians 1 I know don't you know and I'm not suggesting it's an example that I'm Paul I'm suggesting we're all Paul suggestion is some Tuesday okay see it in Galatians chapter one don't get lactose Apatow for me and we gotta get back to this over here yeah I get that but let me see where it begins verse 6 over 6 I'm marble that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another garlic gospel should know because I don't own a shop in Mosul it gives that person for me this word marble means I'm amazed savages listen Lewis Alicia Sicily or in the terminology of the 20th century 20th century America I am citizen II it blows my mind how you could turn away from the gospel so quickly miss Adella Fasano to put a little near the live on she'll syrupy no but it I'm starting to wake up to it me as you come on living because it blows my mind that's good summer see there how these guys that are getting off the platform kumusta junkies some softitler platform so quickly go to another gospel see it on TV I know and I want to try to make my point from this history if you say the family wants to see so if you have an aptitude for prophecies have been updated to a level to see and you see someone lay this history out with Ezekiel 8 and the four churches and these four generations before you in person I'm a position at Islamic at wrigley the cat well abomination dizzy Kelly leakage in Yazoo then you can memorize these historical dates the Poulet don't Melissa see that is the leak you can understand correctly what they represent please want effect Masuka the horizontal but you may not be at the level of understanding you need to be may even sleep or technical call some key focus ye because this book here busca solely voila questions on doctrine it's just so that dr. you know it was produced because there was two famous Protestants late April cheapest Kiev adequate esta a silly and the reason they were famous in the Protestant world prior to 1957 lovely support Kelly's it is select on the moon protest on I want is no source a concept is they had published a book that all the Protestants loved is importantly leave K to the protest on me called the kingdom of the cults Pierce a player William du couteau and they went through the various cults in Christianity is aa cuckoo did you feel altar sector Oh sentiment creature and they identified why the Mormon Church is a call is adopted shakily mimosa today sector-wide ahora witnesses were a call early to munch of IT sector it was the point of reference for every Protestant to know which religion was a call it a point of reference Kosovo a key carefully shown a techno CD recommends and they included the seventh-day Adventist Church it doesn't leave easily leading up to 1957 the leaders of Adventism that have already back in this history began to try to take on Protestant understanding don't kiss kiss Vienna don't consent is enough on these are senior Montpetit they reach out to these two Protestant dokey Zowie Wow don't put this on Teresa say let's have some discussion a nobody please explain to us what we have to do to get off the list of cults a speaking the sake new philosophy of this at least study sector and the representative for the Adventist Church the primary representative let everyone know it so don't don't go dear but he wasn't the only guy sanity policy owner is a guy named Leroy Froome see tell usefulness okay see you can know leroy froome's a bad guy in Advent history who proved its advocacy time knew in the Vespas personalities but you may not really understand the depth of why people call him a bad guy a potato and really see Paula Parfum Eau de cologne or local if he commits hangovers penalties but you don't really understand that history she went company passage east well then you really don't know what this book questions don't we know savvy problem cyka cyka solitude doctrine is so present silifke solid doctrine it's the statement by the seventh-day Adventist Church Sheila declare assume the legalese at least that we've rejected the salvation of understanding of the Bible and accepted apostate Protestantism Tennyson amanu sallu doula people accept easily DePodesta okay so so maybe you can receive that and you have a certain amount of confidence in me and I placed it in the context of four generations and I've shown you the third generation begins with a book ends with a book it's a tell me nigga I'm African and as a student of prophecy you say Amen I get it I'll talk you teach other pervasive oh did I mention comp law but what I'm amazed at mister so question specifically is after 1957 ii say there begins a big shaking in Adventism yakima centrality fighting over the idea that we've just switched to the protestant understanding you talk locally the canoe venosus the passage so that compliments imported and there came a champion a champion for satan side of the argument you could take the motifs on this name was Desmond Ford I'll a city Desmond phone and he's going to come into our history he's still alive electrician field on the tree so he's gonna come into our history and start promoting the doctrine of apostate Protestantism Yakima CFL emergency doctrine Protestant and through the the 60s and the 70s and the 80s this battle is fought don't design SOS on Cisco anacott Rivera said said that IIT money there was a guy that was working at the General Conference yeah venom Kobayashi he was working at the review and Herald and they were getting ready to select who is going to be the next editor of the review and Herald

avoid it aha was it going to be this

guy subscribe or the other guy oh yeah and the other guy was sympathetic with the teachings of Desmond Ford a looker passionately on sympathy of a kiss I'll send him on to this one phone but the guy that was supportive of the correct view of salvation in ogaki certain elico you collected they already knew he was opposed to Desmond Ford it's a very shaky Latino person to this one because he became famous ask you silly if I recall right it was at some meetings in Canada Desmond Ford had some meetings in Canada this month father you didn't know Canada I could be wrong in the place and he taught his heresy to several hundred he lost something that Von Teese and the guy that had the possibility of being the next editor of the review he available opportunity he met him in the foyer of that church Allah sorry he met he as the meetings were over I local I mean meeting City Germany where the church was going out I look illegally sought a Ron Speer once Bela took on Desmond Ford it's about Desmond filled with hundreds of people standing around listening I think this uh kinda person a Kia Cote and Ron Speer chewed him up and spit him out a colonial plasm showed from the Bible and spirit of prophecy that everything that Desmond Ford was teaching was error procedure Labib co2 skin loss in a tofu and that's where spear got famous it's his successful more like okay he said he's in the running for being the next editor of the review and Herald Ron spearhead Donna Cooper : Lenovo editor : validity of the love of you a new Honda spear and they picked the four died heizo don't cash was a little gal and Ron spear went in the self supporting ministry a spirit of valued the minister and again to oppose that guy Allah , says suppose II a system run spear later reads an article that I have written on players beauty like a lunatic a Jaffa vaguely about the last six verses of Daniel 11 surely sit down if you have said to Daniel he said we need this guy at my ministry a lagina some basanta said Tom Tom I mean it's the best thing I've ever read on the last six verses of Daniel 11 lemme obsession is gemellus only season if you set it on yet so for three years I worked with Ron spear don't you have a conspirator ears it wasn't he that ministry that I worked as I mean it's its whole purpose was to oppose this book and Desmond for its teachings so oppressive pilot my mother suppose a live cast your soul a doctrine he said we do this month or so because of that three years experience don't go please don't us it was a neat experience I can see catchphrases chipper assistive class a' and know instantly that's Desmond for a said well image at Nokia deposit the desert as I've watched these people leave the platform Iloka Selig a DC person Katella platform people that will say Amen and teach these for generations if your son kitties are many of seen Jessica generation and now teach the book questions on doctrines is the the end of this third generation doctrine elephant was in Geneva soon and they'll teach that this is where adventism fully embraces the Protestant understanding of salvation a circle on your local advantage my complete more akia no Laputa love you your Protestant but as soon as they step up the platform meet a cozy person is Abdullah platform they begin to express the very teachings of desmond for a Como's donkey as ice cream mealeasy I'll send you more men to Desmond phone which tells me that I don't even know what really happened here shaky man the people sick and I'm also kisi pasilla how they read it come also like I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel jam-pack of was abundant in see rapid muscle akula-class the crisp passionately Wasilla it blows my mind that's these guys some mushy delicacy gal don't even understand what they're expressing Nicole quiet no complaint passive kids extreme oh ok so I'm telling you you can look at this history and you can be dazzled by the consistency of it kuil also the city strong but you need to settle into what it represents me before I think I'd be so circular present the atonement is finished and completed at the cross Dhokla Jason wanted this one for cyclists because lesbian you know if he near a Lacroix when you told me about what we got on Facebook don't and then Tabo sent it to me it's a Boomer love ye and I was given her a lecture about don't be following Facebook me emotions but I'm sitting at my computer and I open tabo's issue female lamentable and I start scanning and I thought I did scan down I usually scan knee and there's some bullet points about what future for America is teaching that is erroneous yeah depois a key speakers Lawson Kelly no señor monkey if a false and key foo and one of those bullet point says Atlanta see a future for America is teaching future for America saying that the atonement was not complete at the cross let's be a Sunni part of finial aqua and I'm thinking yeah we're teaching that is a do we knows I've seen yourself because sister white says let's go Ellen yg the work that Christ is doing in the most heavenly sanctuary is as essential as was the work on the cross live decreased on the song just a celestial sign it OC is so sensitive that quote from great controversy etcetera Sunday let's quit prophesy was the the primary quote for three years that I was at Hope International say que la cita so geology easier these guys don't even know don't see gallon s of men they can teach that book keep FOC nice relief and they don't even know they're expressing the sentiments of that book anus of men packets Auckland ice-cream merely possum in the city and condemn you nuts in the container for opposing that does new suppose they are sativa it so this comes to this looks a lot of Assam I'm waking up to this shimmer leave a Aslam all right I thought about I didn't plan on having this little lecture here on this subject this asian of a pop livid everyone was super to yoculan but i thought about having this lecture at some point in time me jellyfish years so lafitte la voix de bois de lance and I was gonna bring the book the kingdom of the cults and questions on doctrine shall a a patella leave know why um detective Castillo solo doctrine and I was gonna bring a book by brims mean it's a little silver yellow leaf what the don't need only for the windspeed because when this omega apostasy came out into the open Pascack on earth said the disc is social immediately post as ec2 Valtor and mark Bruce and his ministry began to teach about unknown sin Alchemist a plea she saw leap Ishika she already knew about that apostasy to Joseph a girl or Zuko necessity' pasta chicken it was put in the admin history by a gay guy named brims me from Australia Satan could you don't let this behind us colleague whence Mina and he had a movement they called the awakening movement 11 move monkeys up remove not everything in the 60s and 70s and he began to teach at a final work of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary come on Elsa Nikola final decrees on this unjustly list is to remove unknown sins go she stay on VP she no good news so if you go back to when we started having a shaking with Mark Bruce's minutes drink don't cover what vanilla Monica Mustafa Angie I'm shaking of a clam in Easton right off the bat I said this is brims mean a lad Delta beauty Cecily procedure brings me and this is what what these guys have recently laughter doing is Desmond fourth element Nellie samosas Kosygin phase Oh cam neely doctrine the Desmond phone mr. white says old controversies will arise Ellen why chica - chica vessel TV and that's what they're dealing with it's okay we're doing so well Colonel Kratos but you know I I have paid attention who's in Mark Bruce's ministry now Asian but initially the handful of guys that were in it mia initial my lap when you dumped chico citrus I mean there was only one that had been a Adventist for any period of time but he was a young man so he wouldn't have been aware of what went on in the 70s in the 80s and 90s and Bruce and the other guys they came in Adventism you know post-2000 you see Lisa sometimes V up quite a lot to me so they'd have no idea about the 70s and 80s okay no okay no sense in these guys that are starting to spout off about Desmond Ford's teaching agency some lucky production the Desmond fell down they obviously haven't went back and seen with the controversies were in Adventism a little nipple Sava Hotel available at what is now okay so I gotta get back and focus here DoCoMo to Neela if I can all right and I and this is where I was gonna have you guys participate 1989's local vendor so the leadership of the Adventist Church is passed by don't clearly showed 11th is Masumi toku team based upon what that's it so qualms what's your first answer for that one Kelly don't level come near her because at the time of the end but until I found sister white Towson said at the birth of Christ Ellen White ng colonies also pleased the leadership was passed by Christ is our example in all things and in the time of Christ you had a covenant people that were being passed by and accompanied people that are entering into covenant Enochian a vacant lot on aliens yes we okay so brother Parminder is good to point out I love Amanda planta that their final warning was ten years avetis my GOG Sonny from 1979 to 1989 there's a war in Afghanistan teens get on Afghanistan it's a proxy war between the United States and the Soviet Union but it's taking place in the geography of Islam mr. lile you don't lie Shoukry feared Islam and the United States is training Islam to fight don't kind of Afghanistan for combat laughs you see so all the elements of our message are in this 10 years don't you listen citizen because our message is expressed in Daniel 11:40 for Minnesota screaming Daniel Austin tidings out of the east and the North shall trouble him knows the listed you-know-who notably the message of the East is Islam the message of the north is the message of the papacy and the message of the papacy includes that when it comes it brings an ally musashi lapa pootie and kook Alaska and Elvia a like you and Jared ships and horsemen the shallow the nobility cafe and the United States illicitly is going to be the power they don't like croissants that retaliates against the King of the South is at this time is Russia evasive motion controller what do you see do you see all of those elements are in this 10-year war a to see silly monster don't set the design last call for leadership of the Adventist Church to wake up see Latonia helpful addition to serving but they don't may in the survey vapor but in 1989 enough the Book of Daniel is unsealed they leave the Daniel it is silly and there's an increase of knowledge on this very thing in a cosmic lagoon is no suspicious men using this hiding from the north a no don't clean it against in the north of the list did you know from 44s so Daniel Oscar won't catch the tidings a pop quiz on please lemme look at to this season yep because because Islam is the children of the east the slam seal is off on the list and the papacy is the king of the north a la puta salut but for you say don't come let me just throw out their disciples have more than one meaning assemble a booster does go ahead see if you came in recently Jeremy session the east the East is where the angel is ascending from in Revelation 7 and represents this sealing message you don't curse I hope we don't get lost anymore you can launch me under let me sing so if each can represent both the the ceiling don't let's be open until the Sandman Islam me again one Islam and other things it closes and the North is that way to it or not we'll see you at remember I'm saying taking it at the level of Islam and the papacy and the papers this connection with the United States in bringing down the Soviet Union vibhuti see Milosevic is it doesn't improve FC this 10-year war in Afghanistan had all those elements if anyone wanted to see it don't go ladies I need again Afghani small Afghanistan Watusi Zulema second are you with me on this let's go to mastery of exam ok I'm telling you when you start studying east and north sukemasa GG lay still you know in the context of prophecy prophecy such as Isaiah 41 Isaiah 41 is that Christ is the righteous man from the east please salem's you stomp over knows the list and how does it say that he comes from the north a community kid you know he's a bite he's associated with east and north and Isaiah 41 though is a County at least as to see I list it again Muno but in Isaiah 41 made Isaiah count he's the righteous man from the east so east and north can be the message of Christ's righteousness don't symbols are more than one meaning December non-christian such significance tell you even look at the true king of the north don't forget the very w1l so there's a it that's what's so profound about that verse simple sake don't the poor fool don't serve si is it it speaks to a lot of things that's good emotion booklet issues okay so we're going through this history and we come to 911 in a TiVo or septum and the idea that people are saying the angel of Revelation 18 didn't come down at 9/11 is Idi Amin's box of 10% is donkey launched a podcast is written it but it's not you own septum there's a quote we use you can use it to use that most of you will know the llama sure it adopts of you could be a paraphrase just can perhaps class it is there are crises in the history of the nation in the church yeah decrees delay not suing on Lisa Lisa when these different crises arrive see the light for that time is given la lumière pas was a toy for Italy there are turning points in the history of the nations at the church we are deep want to know yeah deep want to not only stop the National League Lisa when these different crises arrive constantly feel on Chrissa Eva that statement is so profound brothers and sisters the process is support for me friends I won't go into that mr. Peggy but at nine eleven mid-september was it a crisis in the history of the nation it has been quizzed on early start in ASEAN and what did the Seventh day Adventist Church do it 911 it gets colleges Adventist my fail on September spiritual formation la fama so spiritually this suddenly is not a fulfillment of prophecy n'est pas an accomplishment of prophecy what does this spiritual formation ruling do for Adventists Casca a set to form a spiritual affair don't let your faith tell Donna twenties it teaches that if you're gonna be an employee in the seventh-day Adventist Church L Johnson can see info let's compile the legalese I don't see stuff that you have to be trained if you fight for me in the hypnotic practices dollop a Cheeka Cheeka of the Jesuit Order this is Rita and when seventh-day Adventist hear that for the first time it currently is that what you saw don't you sell approval a plum flower oh that can't be true this appetite play but you just send them to the Adventist bookstore or send them online to the General Conference and say look it up fool is off i-80 leave so la bibliothèque on línea de la conference if you load it again after September 11th after September 2001 I play septum Jimmy now you have to learn to hypnotize your congregation as the Jesuit don't care if you're gonna get your paycheck if you pho don't go a limited if no ticket all I'm saying is this way Marcus said bellezza is a continuation it's in continuity of evidence that this church they plan Cosette eglise letici is in a Laodicean condition so cool don't like insist allowed you see he's promised Erica co-composer Kijiji just say that to be a pastor in a church don't you Dickie pastor I wish you with that limited upon well aquatic Mystica dishes which oppose July sweet Texas was me an employee who get up ye not only a pass that says my pastor to be an employee who wait I know ye yes I am saying that we see tsukushi with great confidence in consumption I have the document Sheila do chemo there there was a couple here Yaya and coop leasing he'll be here at the camp meeting Lord willing is how committing but he is from Mexico ill gentle Mexico she's he's Mexican she's anglo-american Mexico and she was raised up by Andrews University elate elate a and in Jeff City don't let her her own families that's cuz he lack is a tufted sofa and she went to Andrews University a leg and mighty low she's a Drury University educated in education and when she heard this she thought it Kyoto G Saladin I'm not so sure about this and shortly thereafter that they went up to her family's a spend some time elective what's up amigo Pacific atomic and she went into the Andrews University Bookstore hey lady don't hola don't losing this and if you've been in a college library Buzzelli don't let me protect you could I have the books organized where you have certain books you have to buy for this class or this class or this class yes I'll tell you've got to do I don't give a sh t Patel cool tell kotelko so she went to the place where you have to we can get the books you need to be trained as a pastor okay lady don't you don't lie category deal if he knew fresh nipple that capacitor and the required reading with all of this spiritual formation foolishness yes it a deep potency oh don't cassette for my so asperities there's a guy young nuns that recently left a platform yeah Lisa mo don't cook et al a platform and there's a sister in England against Iran of the tale who's never really ever been on the platform ever MIT don't solar platform but she's got a big following on Facebook Miele beaucoup discipline Facebook so people like the the videos she puts on Facebook Coakley persona Emily video Kelly and this guy I said Tom his claim to fame was that this sister from England interviewed him Eli it a celeb consent Sarah Donatella at MTV and he'd been going to a Adventist University in Alabama he later don't University Adventist an awkward kiss Apple Okuda and he was confronted with having to take courses on spiritual formation a lady facet for mazuma spiritual and his interview with her was exposing how this was genuinely genuinely what you had to do if you go to that unit Venice University a letter of you have a cassette farmers petitio said conditionally Donegal City how many have seen that interview several yeah that's what got both of them famous she didn't get famous for interview don't name names open Amelia she didn't have a connection with him yes she's yeah no she had an interview with him as well yes yes yeah not the lady way okay well what he got famous were I don't know where the fame came in for certain but she interviewed him also and in Europe they know more about that interview than they do with Bill Campbell they don't know Bill Campbell the European are you already named and you gave me in trouble for that anyway anyway yes get off track here Ellie person key source of Tudela platform loss on your model advocate classification advisor that's in the public record but not anything that was really focused on but it's in the public records you don't know what she's accomplished yourself and complete person ticket lap it for a hotel don't see us anymore the point I was heading to but I got evidently got things the history a little bit cluttered but my French sister is supporting my position oh just a position paparazzi lajiye so laughs for my suspicion is that recently this guy that was famous about the most of Yankee Tiffany protesting spiritual formation a POTUS telephone mrs. Sparr among the group 232 group that's propagating this foolishness of Desmond Ford Kia Phillip Thomas Thomas Anderson Yamada Desmond father okay so you could protest spiritual formation and still hold on to the teaching that you cannot overcome sin don't approve a protest Allah for my spirit mmm talk to Newton announced any amake do come to Pavan capisci because that's what dad's been for teachers Paskus is a constant this month you can't overcome soon Filipovic just everything was done at the cross too tight a phallic law it's a legal salvation see salut le gun Christ is not our example please defendant legs elf he is our legal substitute C note was 62 legal and at the second coming he will magically changes even you if I knew a surety magic wouldn't it be nice if that was so no sleep until it's no CCT I see because we could all be Baptists that's computers add veggies and say I believe in Jesus oshizu and I'm gonna party on until the second coming and then the Lord's gonna change the simple so the progression of apostasy continues on Dhokla horizontal apostasy continue and we've understood in the cervical clean that based upon Judas good basis of Ceuta the Sanhedrin the Sanhedrin and Rome that there's a three-fold Union secure that took Christ to the cross he meant Lisa Lacroix and that there will be a three-fold Union elusive on that take the faithful priest give up into the courts of the land early of HP dead police on new tribunal and when the Judas the Sanhedrin and Rome come to deal with Christ kimochi dilation and trying home see some ultra tape over to evict least at midnight city conceit I mean me so most of us have been teaching even those that have left the platform okay a little nuance in emmc chef town Katella platform that up here at the seventh-day Adventist Church I mean helium in association with those that leave the platform of this message on associates of exocomp ETL applied from the semi science are gonna reach out to the civil authorities oh my little iterative decision and bring persecution if what you don't like about the Facebook okay so what I'm saying is in this history tsukushi-chan Jessica densities 12-layer decir lo GC represents the foolish virgins so please don't leave your food so go to Revelation chapter 3 okay I thought wow and verse 17 verse 16 is a warning if you continue to be lukewarm I'm gonna spew you out of my mouth and verse 17 says met no application what you said no demon because I'll say that I am rich and increased with Goods and have need of nothing education series yaku ambiance your neighbors don't allow you don't need the salvation of Christ Juniper's what you said you decreased you don't need anything - Nabu so Angie - you're the member in the church that is the remnant of Bible prophecy should be mumbled early Liske let's Donna prophesy be weak in the church appears to fall but does not fall so I'm gonna stay in the church and I'm gonna go through with it don't colleague Lisa a pom little bit about that don't cuz you're nice to know that's the attitude of the Jews in the time of Christ it says they let you do dis you finally popped at least because they were later to see it that's cuz it to load you see but then it gives a description of them Oh sweetie news done in description you know it's not that thou are wretched miserable poor blind and naked it since it back to Tremont lemme see lemme perfectly new five is a symbol of either the wise or the foolish virgins for census one sample deviance is a chauffeur no the Laodiceans are the foolish virgins loud you see a little Odysseus initial for now they can't see they're in a salon because they're blind basket avila they think that Christ covers their sins with his garment of righteousness a posture Crystal Cove alopecia is modesty's but Christ never covers our sins with his garments of righteousness jameshopkinson he exchanges His garment of righteousness for our sins Alicia's associational the hanabishi but these people don't understand that Mississippi is a new complaint personal that's why they're naked like Allison what don't they understand me kiss kanakam Quinta why does sister white say that Jones and Wagner's message to place the message to Laodicea GK Lou massage the Johnson vicuna healing massage that whistle at Lisa why does she say their message is justification by faith and Verity what'd you take a salami mrs lammle mr. certificates Impala from Verity they don't understand what justification is asking no confessor casella's just if you got some falafel and with these ministries are stepping off the platform you have XM in East Ebisu subtitle a platform and they're saying that sins get dealt with after midnight Aquila declare colapisci so retreat they are claiming me they don't understand their naked tsukino coupon policy person no complaint packet soon sink a layer of sins here in the Adventist Church is that one I would you say Allah Allah kiss at Easter and you gotta lay the Syrians down here miss ivy Almonte load you see a lot of statistics to different manifestations of this layer decisions they do Manifesta so different Dalhousie SIA sister white says the Laodiceans are foolish virgins lny de la GCM so deviation follow and what is it that is going to remedy their condition if they choose to be remedy a case Kiva a solution a lock indecent Gary Locke on the social stresses that Giri hello the victim employer Kuya what is this thing what do they need there is gonna say the spirit of prophecy right so bizarre daily speed the prophecy gold Ellen gold white Ellen White right Ellen a bright and shining line that you merely optically taught but what also is it make well Kiska sea don't we get more the Bible and spirit of prophecy in EBS prophecy the Bible spirit of prophecy and the robe Christ's righteousness okay everyone understand how this represents Ellen White right come on come on seat wamu hopeless until enlightened but you also understand that symbols have more than one meaning if you can see so we're looking and I'm saying that what we need to see here isn't simply the spirit of prophecy it's something else donkey knew full well we'll see and if if these five conditions it's unconditional wretched poor miserable blind naked if because there's five of them it represents five foolish virgins let's key on that sanctuaries on sanctions I know then as a student of prophecy don't get you jump that wolfies what are these three represents please don't what I almost heard it there that three angels messages such notion soldier peace almond kissing if you set up a different study missing nucleated your classes you said that the golden the Laodicean message was faith which works by love and peer advisors don't compute on tonita tragical of the sister-wife therapy a beautiful on what does that mean mckisco Celestine II feel annoyed what does it mean because Cassini fee because she speaks about Christians let's get out the creature that talk about faith faith baby laughs whoo laughs whoo laughs Wow but it's not genuine faith it's presumption missiny Paulo photopigments true faith the very table flaw is faith sila flaw that works by love she Paulo Mumma and purifies a purely fee so what is that don't kiss go six you know faith is believing that you can live sinless laughs what's a cockatoo poo Aviv lost Appa she my brother you're gonna go with her I know I would say that see the lava sea vivo some fishing okay faith that works by love laughs wacky I see pal where do you get love ooh a full moon you and I do not have love in our human condition don't let condi same amends women in heaven plan a move we have brotherly love perhaps the Savoy animal fattening we have romantic love is a projection of google monte encoded in us olaf editor song but we don't have godly love meaning never polish that I move up you how do we get that come on up to newness those retreats - how do we get we pundit legend how do we get that love come up to the new system oh we've been teaching it here over the past couple of weeks so I'm waiting for the answer that I want then tell me your name again yep yeah and then Richard sister Kathy God puts em nity in us amia dhakini me Joanie and that M nity is supernatural it's that enemy Chiana to genesis 3:15 Genest like cancer where does that happen who solicited by see pardon me without your answer counting money till Davina take on that part of the process Sophie party do for sissies what were you gonna say my birth genesis 3:15 where does it take place who shall I - yeah pardon me I got the coral as a cause cause cause cause at the cross yes okay but I'm gonna go with court the court yard severe a vacancy which is the cross in the courtyard it's good luck what's the truth Don little puffy okay that's where you gotta go see lucky with Eileen and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit you're gonna repent it Sula convicts on Justice Scalia and the Lord takes your sins a listener who level especially gives you his righteousness a food done such as this and when you realize he's willing to take those sins they come Felisa Keely play upon so fishy and replaced them with his righteousness alien Plessy of Exorcist ease and you understand the significance of that a colonial eccentric asunder sit down it's born in you Salah a love that you could never have so Lenovo animu cousin to Ajay Mehra afternoon until you see what really happened at the cross discuss Kivar and Moustakas if I said and your direct relationship to that acre was having no direct effects so the faith that works by love Dhokla frackie I see Paulo Muja is the faith that takes you into the courtyard Cielo fuck you cement on the toffee and allows the emnity to be placed into your heart Evo family limited that lasted over cacao and with that love you have exit time which constrains us the Bible says Kinuko scream ooh what do we do it's gonna fizzle we purify the soul nope you don't condemn that faith cette fois is what it allows us to understand the second appeal mental component through Christ's righteousness catalyst is decreased and we can live sinlessly new proof oh I've worked in a visa machine this is justification it's a salacious difficult and at this point is the point now what begins kaske come also sanctification less sanctification and that's in the holy place it's a sit down on yourself and it leads to it Solano country uh glorification I like Lord if you consume in the most holy place does the white raiment that your counsel there's a Laodicean to receive correspond to the holy place in sanctification that Mont Blanc allowed you see to a horse of Arcola small you say Allah sanctification yes does the eyes have a locally correspond to the glory and the most holy place what is the Isaac sequela Julio pardon me the discernment to know the difference between good and evil let's sell them all Caligula mana but what is the eye SAP miss acquire Coolio how do you get this discernment how do you what do you need to be able to see the difference between good and evil okay have a new bizarre pathology she also told me any man that's what that was that was the answer I was looking for a Venus always say the Holy Spirit advantage deep-tissue DeSantis me no way Jame the Holy Spirit is not spiritual discernment such as principal oh geez on the most spiritual oh that's gonna cause people grieve hey let's have a cozy deeply solution this right here say sauna this is spiritual discernment but see legitimate spirituality this is above the Holy Spirit this says you must test the spirits kanuda covetousness it's not simply the spirit it's an oppressive mlsp it's the Word of God Xalapa hundred June and the Word of God is the great detector of sin detector GPC it's the the standard of the judgement seal apply syllogism oh it corresponds to the most holy place Sulaco is for you I know and I know that you can't understand the Word of God without the presence of the Holy See they're connected let's go select on you I'm just making the point shouldn't fish is something it's the Word of God so in this history your searches to Allah what these layered Essenes need so don't Abbas on LGC is the three angels message let me search it was also right okay and in this history it don't set this to a lot offense there's gonna be people leaving the platform in your heart a person keep on keto what are they name a what does any what do they need kiss kiss on Balaam do you see the distinction between two lines yes the violet is thanks totally to Dina were there two lines okay let me say it this way are you following the Covenant lines let's go Lindell Allianz is that in your head that in the time of Christ you looked at least the Jewish Church Lisa was being passed by hi Timmy - coochy while the Lord was entering into covenant with the Christian Church in your Cornelio cycling is Christian but we have the prophetic justification in is difficult you say that the Christian Church is Ephesus so delicately sketch and see faith and that the Jewish Church is layer the series you say loud you see okay so Paul is dealing with don't find a traitor and in the time of Ephesus Deepak defense giving a message to those that never were of the Jewish Church to know any massage a zucchini Tea Party to party delegates and those that are in the Jewish Church a circus and onigiri so when Paul is in this history company does such a strong defense what's his message to the Jewish Church and they don't show me such a legless Revo it's the Laodicean message she let me Sasha load you see it's the three angels message it was awesome you follow that okay so in our history as in Paul's history note we start to come don't sell 2.0 there's a layer decisions here yeah I don't allow GCR now but there's philadelphians and layer decisions here oh yeah again MIDI Philadelphia latisha do you do you know your justification for seeing those three elements its coverage if you get simple verse it was it in Paul ferrino layer the same low G SIA and secondary layer the scenes a don't this amount is a load yeah what's your justification for making that claim Kelly don't suggest if you get some professor declared so I already told you daddy my thinking of Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea shoulda stopped the Philadelphia okay okay but we're gonna get to there oh hi Ellie at some point in time here at midnight I mean you know you got Christ is have increased and he's getting arrested by whom a vitality Bucky a simple power we're not dealing with the silver power oh but who's bringing the civil power against Christ kela men I mean Lela specifically Krista Laodicean CeeLo GC the Sanhedrin the senator and Judas is she down who was one of this group here so you've got a layer to see here a secondary layer to see if you're willing to see it was that vog CLS and a layer to see you up here again my lord you see yes we just speak just so you think it through when it comes to Paul don't just go prevail if the show Law School Paul is our point of reference let's go funding the club monthly fee knows he is the one that represents the work that were to do so how many categories of people was Paul dealing with a low have a common category the person Petula two categories of people what are the two categories okay so Kay no pardon me okay the Greeks in the Jews the exactly Sheree so are there any other categories that Paul's dealing with today all his friends okay so how many categories of friends does he have dokument category than me of Atilla good ones and bad ones that's not what I'm looking for even if it's somehow corrected Christians his friends are Christians what kind of Christians are there that he's dealing with a vacated accreta there's Greek Christian education Greco and Jewish Christian isn't there this bah what problems did the Jewish Christians create chemical TV they're telling the the the Greek Christians it's a secular kitchen you got to keep the moral law not the moral log the ceremonial law ok Paul has to do with this a bunch of what's he dealing with in our history what he's doing what's he doing with I'm sorry pas de quoi okay in this room that's it yes there are two people yes sir we're a little bit different but they came directly into this message they're not ad they weren't Adventists maybe there's others that I don't know about one brothers in here that came to this school yeah I know when he went to Lambert Church it was the first time he ever went into a seventh-day Adventist Church there's a sister here that I think she may have went to an Adventist Church before she got here but whatever maybe not AC and so we'll see you a new tip I don't see stuff awesome so what are they so they're Greek Christians but there's some of you such as my daughter is not quite there she was three years old and we became Adventists she doesn't know any better she was raised as the seventh-day Adventist she's a Jewish Christian the things change so what is she telling our Greek Christian well there are some traditions that we have in the Adventist Church you need to keep yeah but that's a different he's dealing with these internal dokey but at the same time he's trying to present to the the gospel to the Greeks amen and the Jews look like malifaux schrieffer and what's his message it Kelly talks a massage it's only one message in your concern massage it's the gospel it's it did doesn't matter who it are who they are if this is the message a massage now okay that's our message this is the categories we're doing with new tricks did you get to go eat Benson so the point of it is look once Alessi the where I want to get to today and I'm not going to we're gonna have to do with it next time don't go is when you take the line of Moses Cannella Linda movies which is a covenant life in Daniels meaning you have a covenant people being passed by and a covenant people join savage opieop Daniel scheme it kotya not P and you take the line of cry for cornelian decreased same story that may miss draw the line of the Miller I said immediately to same story see them in East LA and you bring it to our history same story what you also have in there so could was a vegan or is it here in the time of Moses they were raising up a tent temple is easy equals was their Tom printed in Miller ID history they're raised in a temple it don't sell the deities Uncle Tom yeah and in Christ history it only started they were raising up a temple its own again more doesn't sister white say that those first five disciples were the foundation of the Christian Church Illinois a detailed package they sang for me is a dissipated leaf on Monte Tom plume so there's going to be a temple raised here Doc Savage okay don't know twist I know again my Tom please Betsy but in between Moses and Christ may also music list was there a temple raised excavate Tom Katie go swing yeah whoa how do we want to call it Nehemiah after use the streets and walls but that story plugs in here as well right it's the city Stalin well immensely because upon the testimony of two thing is established to select among us to do CTW and there's a temple in the story of Nehemiah that's being brought to a conclusion yeah chunky Donnie sudden Amy yes mm-hmm so and here you have a call out of Babylon doctor was a Vienna Bell about your cause is everyone heartburn a cicada of a moment detective Jonah and here you have a call out of Babylon me lousy Demetria episode be more heartburn you some agitated but was this Babylonians that were being called out with Nehemiah me escalate Babylonia song appears of TLC it was God's people not city lipid did you hear yeah with people that were in Babylon lettuce or D percent done by building was Paul calling people out of Laodicea in his history as Coppola Appalachia so Chioda low DC and don't loose it also nice truck yes so there was a calling out he here dokyun a fellow citizen is there gonna be a calling out in our history I'll just get to the bottom line is there's gonna be a calling out in our history on appellative Evelyn how many come down to you know I do what are they who's canceled I mean if you're good if that was either a guest or you know what they are don't cuz now you can ask me a question with a question not remember person cassava can consume what are the two primary calling out okay Sony do is I've been principal pardon me there you go no GC sister White says of the the two angels in Revelation 18 two distinct calls are made of the church's judgment begins at the house of God there's a calling out from the covenant people here are being passed by jana pelo suki some pulip abdullah are sketchy Micucci and at the Sunday law there's a calling out of Babylon they're distinctly different it's different so when these people are out there misrepresenting what we're teaching concepts of Mexicans on sin you claiming that we're calling the Adventist Church Babylon Dzongkha new subfloor legalese advances Babylon and calling people out of they administer a decent ocean so 200 degrees Adventist it's a lie see time Moses often you ready the lies from the other side we're not calling anyone out of Babylon yet new knows not punish our children Babylonian no matter we get to the Sunday law but we're calling people out of Laodicea newest consciously I'm not denying that should know honey pesto and sister White says Jones and Wagner's message Eden was the Laodicean message i massaged atole loud you see and who were Jones and Waggoner giving their message to acacia Johnson beckoning I did massage the leadership of the seventh-day Adventist Church and all the members associated with them oh dear isn't only disadvantage me actually monkey Tessa Civic in 1888 there was a call out of the Laodicean condition oh jesus oh my you t an apple decepticons you so loud you see an and we're doing the same thing in Universal mmm shoes you can see it right they live on its bomb but when do we really do it anymore I mean we're talking about it now I'll make no no if a seven-day a minutes later the seeing was to watch this cles a 20 slow descent of a bug out this allow and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit a legend says they would come into this movement no but there isn't that earnestness yes that hasn't if I'd by Zechariah saying ho ho flee from the land of the north now you said sincerity as creamy pasta currencies oh-oh-oh feud you know or that was typifies by the Miller during the midnight cry eliminated Panasonic reitman me when does the earnestness come come Tesco sectors massage me okay you're wanting to put it at the PBM but I'm not gonna put it at the PBM that's accurate epilogue it's in this history city stronger output PBM to keep discussion you show me lap clinics are forming me out of it but right here miss Allah when the wheat and tares of this movement are separated Oh lassie polish on you don't call a lagoon condos and the door is closed at midnight a kelipot FL me I mean me then you're gonna be forced loves pickletown to understand that the very last opportunity for the Levites to get on board is here Caledonia opportunity only leave with the vanilla submit no and you're gonna have to say get out earlier this year or you're gonna die a lifer druggie assaulted allow DCC no easily maryam and what is Laodicea it's equal OGC it's the Covenant people that are being passed by sealed Alliance k2 meter cutting widest sister white say that Zechariah was impelled to say ho hopefully from the land of the north talk waynenwendy cuz who is a career IT Fox's that the ophea paid you know okay well let me give this and then we'll take a question I understand I think oh she gives that call he Zechariah gives that call second yeah Denise a tepee no because of the coming crisis across the lackeys have any story of Esther don't you stop this there he gives that call because there's a coming crisis pesky Lyla a fish at the pelvis T of a increased geography that's gonna confront God's people unexpectedly Kiev o'clock Ella publishes a hot idea Maya is us in a mission Zachariah is a Zachary Seenu and he's given Advent in the last issue okay you see you shows a to a message one live search out as one lives laude say and one leaves the Babylon too cold yeah they live literal Babylon here lights on kitty Babylon detail on a spiritual Babylon here Babylon spiritual here they're leaving the the Jewish Church down poor Christa this reef is on kitty no cloudy see so loud you say it's a contact mean kitty laude see so it's a 144 thousands they get out from Leticia before mu is but formalism for Moses yeah if you look at the rebellion Selig and I love the video what was the beginning of their rebellion Kelly don't look at most model of the video because it should illustrate their whole rebellion because it does curse a video and you could say the beginning of the rebellion would be though the waters of Marah jibba jabba city Luda maja and then their complaints about not eating look plantain upon machine but I'm saying the beginning of their rebellion is the Golden Calf me my shitty Casilla Fudo and and when Moses comes into that situation it come early Maurice professor said situation what's he say to the people did you look peplum separate from those rebels say Parsippany vu de Cicco Bella get out of there Shakti de la there's a call to separate from the rebellion yeah analysis apparently billion because the the the the Levites are gonna cut down 3,000 people that's gonna live on a tree immediately I wasn't gonna use that because that's a little bit more obscure all you need is two or three to establish there has to be a call down here revelation 18 talks about two calls picture this without the Josefina the first call is to Laodicea lamella Pensacola GC the second call is to Babylon in the sample Babylonian okay but seven-day is this which I'm sure this is what my daughter would do she's sick of my fever fell this is she's raised the seventh day adventists did you Quixote's should take the two Greek Christians in this movement and that one lead and she'll say that I know is the seventh day adventists that sister white says repeatedly you're never supposed to call the seventh-day Adventist Church Babylon and call people out of it Magellan why he cannot wash I'm a solid legally San Francisco me Tom Babylonian devotion to sort of the rule in Adventism chisme but that's a tradition and custom that has to be put in the context we live in Gladys orchid white mist on the context Donna clip ok we're not calling anyone out of Babylon some of our teachers were kind of cross the line and say Mesa tenderness on some new clothes I'll send you more of course Italy Nina diesel based upon this development of apostasy but it's a developmental apostasy that the Adventist Church is accepted the doctrines of Babylon that since we're calling them out of Babylon dos ángeles applause oh no don't do it no effect on ours is the Laodicean message she let me Sasha loud you see ya and you're either decidedly on the side of Christ but we decided that you couldn't or decide early on the side of Satan who did that you could tell so anyone that's not on the side of Christ at one level is part of confusion babbling don't Kazuki saw and magically saw it don't accept any void don't babble so you can justify that generic claim the vision see visitors declare assume but the prophesies are teaching that it's about Ephesus and Laodicea Mila prophecy or senki says she de la dia de fazer we never got to our notes shall we pray Heavenly Father we want to be among those that rightly divide your word and the truths that were understanding at this time are profound but they are serious some poor fondest yes I ask that you'd put conviction upon everyone that's hearing this material from this ministry um Neela conviction focus on Kikuta cemetery on apotheosis a minister to go back and test these things understand what your understanding it's not enough to be able to identify the books question on doctrine as a historical fulfillment you feel you've got some solid income a knock Oh kiss my stomach you need to understand that what went on with that book was satanic and that the teaching it upholds is satanic we're not going to go through without an intelligent understanding of this message but this message has to make its way all the way into our hearts we ask that your Holy Spirit would accomplish that with our participation we ask a blessing upon this coming day and this coming week in Jesus name