Parallel Kingdoms




Publish Date: 2/22/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English & French
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we're at the point of our studies do some only wouldn't let you know that that I want to get to when the vote was really heavy where we see the parallel histories of destroy this year Parnell the offense in ODC but along the way we've built some some foundations to make that study me pretty foolish opposite each other and we address the attack that is being the methodology of rescission Lattakia usually me to do regime usually this methodology is him in the our history through the reform lines he said me to do legitimate under his to are a very gingerly form and foundation of that any food that shows a definition of that study city to see that definition or a prophecy and we took time to put that in place you know limited to some place in order that when you evaluate this particular study today I know that evaluates attitude concern illusory you can either reject this concept or have confidence in it swell very artistic concept to solve that I have other coefficients also concept we've been dealing a little bit with the omega apostasy you know dualistic you city to do Delinda anos which is an extension of this understanding next option Lucette compulsion in Sharia provides God's answer for the big the first argument in the Omega and the last are he posted you for the community near Alamo activity TV cultura first public evangelism now organizations you could point out University the devotees national public utility uneasy T or la congestión and by using the lines for Moses and Christ and the Miller I know she's only in the movies requested immediate using the line upon line methodology which is on a methodology linear show linear we've identified certain characteristics in those three histories you don't see certain character signals introduced well you know my dog Anita's Katie mediocrity a litany of kondal clear Domino silicon good the person I don't think we put it into the record here you know spectrums only Dolores promote a sheep but there's a common quote that we use and I don't know the reference yeah you know countries or schools but it says in the last days of Earth's history it don't need any jewelry store God will renew his covenant with his commandment-keeping people jewelry stores a vicky Godsey common mo and we use that to say in the end of the world the lord is going to enter in the covenant with 144 alejandra moon roots in the okay okay so I would get meaner so when we're looking at these cabinet lines from Moses local school or goddess in hinder Daniel's havoc more easy Christ priest and the Miller right really medium heat we're using these three lines Luigi you don't sit well in you to deal with 144,000 properly this song can't get me let's test you see advanced even if like adults of your paragraph a silly paragraph feet see old dogs can learn new tricks I never I never thought we should be putting paragraphs on it you people made 30 paragraphs but everyone else has to put paragraphs on it me to have made for the back off my argument was if I gave you a quote we didn't see that soon and I told it on that page is VDC don't surprise I'd rather you go read the whole page and find out where that quote on at in that page merci Michel ez to klap Isaac who gets it citizen dollar past then you get in the context of a video context you're not just getting my interpretation of that one pass a prize you seem surprised sighs I give up it's in paragraph 8 we don't sit on the potty feet some some observations about this history of Moses calculus Chapman show evicted his table Muys and history of Christ said this one decreased the right the median heat our history look this 12 all of these histories no too cheesy straw begin with darkness kumo evict it enable and Moses is darkness you need to nip the movie is based upon the covenant prophecy of Abram give us yours done and so one of the things that we can understand from the fulfillment of that prophecy of should I can be small there's a prophecy the bomb is it this period of darkness to build to nimble darkness it comes in the fourth generation you know he don't I kept him University and if you track it careful that you'll see the Moses and Aaron are the 4th generation he's only got that evacuees inertia of those went down into Egypt the city saw Ali on Egypt and the bondage in Egypt was darkness he not so much on Egypt utility neighbor and from Malachi until the time of Christ ancient Israel was in darkness dumela she ceased to do it in only tenable of the Dark Ages when I need to name the Gimenez and you had darkness beginning in 1957 in our history you know some initial second city noticed well one thing I want to remind us of here the darkness is always about God's Word goods God's Word nuclear able to do at all did you which we spent time upon identifying as his prophetic word Roberto modafinil comatose apathetic his creative power is Poisson Stratos so in each of these darkness is no second does it enable you see evidence that it's God's word that has been deployed Casilla probably GID of it built in our history I've pointed to 1957 12 point valence was a concept it was an escalating apostasy in Adventism and 1957 is the capstone city you know I post a cheeky Gandhi said my apologies a lamb that will define a local set because here we introduced our church introduces the book questions on dr. and rescues here the thing is I did include evoke a social a doctrine throw it out the salvation understanding that we have in Adventism Latino commercial do you sell seasonal and accepting the salvation theology of Protestantism except Allah - did you sell you the Buddhists Oh side note I'm amazed that the Brethren that have left this message from Alabama is just Rios more so clearly what good is Michael Keaton mrs. Obama are reaching back to the theology that's in this book to identify what they understand about salvation comes from dissolute silky O'Sullivan's I took some things for granted this was critical security akiza I've been proved wrong over and over again this was a real cocoa anyway do you understand what I'm saying about 1957 it's gonna sue because you did show me the second set a better way to understand it a more thorough way investment is used to do the component is to go into the four generations of Adventism see they don't like a change in our system and you see that this is a way mark in that particular prophetic line it's as in Belize dulcet tune in the prophecy so darkness begins here don't need any become OCC and darkness is marked there and I've been saying is ug and and I'm not saying anyone else says this and you can decide for yourself to dvd/cd poem and I think it's the 13th century he's a you see the 14th century look at him shaking I'm sure someone will correct me did John Wycliff is born CEO Jim cyclical away cliff me and sister why calls him the morning star of the Reformation right lapel Lee 20 Madame de la reforma and what is he what is he known for he nearly Cooney Papua what does he do in that dark history just keep fiddle cities to host so more it begins to translate the Bible in kumo Trudeau Nabila so this is about a darkness nuclear silikal understanding this is about of darkness of biblical understanding in the TEM door across from V bleach yes we where is it in this history in whiskey little cities 12 I mean we would mark the birth of Moses at the time at the end of the Muisca beaten left us their their their time period in Egypt is darkness the we saw in Egypt until it but what evidence is there that this darkness has to do with God's Word mr. Lucas a tenable you know what I saw my recap all did you look at him sick ooh a kick new Stephanie told that funny let be ready to nibble I'm saying there was darkness before 1957 and after 1957 but this is a marker that is marking something to do with the revelation about God's Word yeah eat any more music on set I've acknowledged sugar apple did you darkness before and after the time in the end the telephone applicants I'm in very Tom Nelson but there's a prophetic way mark in here that's emphasizing that the darkness has been produced by young bodies free to do with God's Word I see brother Richard forgotten about the Sabbath about before Moses is born right I've woken wheezes for me I mean they didn't suddenly forget about it when he goes off for 40 years they were already asleep our chief accountant de la vie de ja vu pareve is this the Sabbath loose Abba a reference circuit or a school salvation reference an apology God's prophetic word is his word it's his creative power and the Sabbath is a symbol of his creative power it was about the official status I was think that the line of the Miller I believe it is the same that rellenos in the immunity yeah yeah I'm found the Miller eyes the conclusion of the Protestants because I'm going to show to covenant people in the same as remove duplicate all Daniels memorable way to make probably seen it was only fair I didn't but that's not what I'm trying to do see that's because you seem to fail I'm trying to set up a structure here to where we can show to covenant people she saved the middle freshman company at the same time Daniels memorable and I would remind you is improperly that is the development of this prophetic message don't assume is prophetic we reached the point in time where if you go to Daniel 11 see that I don't Daniel where we were beginning to understand the last President of the United States Kumasi accompanied Angelou Danny please don't visit as you need and in verse 3 you do Daniel he says a mighty king shall stand up that shall rule with great Dominion and do according to his will he silver I want you to me like encompass or see from a secured rock and in the next verse verse or you'll see that you'll see cat it says no nor according to his Dominion I can read it all when he should stand up his kingdom shall be broken and she'll be divided toward the four winds of heaven and not for his posterity ignore according to his Dominion thank you look you know name so I oppose you persecuting me so maybe it's not this way in the French no it's not exactly the same but in the King James English the King James you have the word Dominion in verse three and then we're Dominion in verse four no mood diminish obviously 12 you get but they're two different Hebrew Hebrew words listen do a beautiful and the one the in verse 3 means Dominion power verse it was a Levite priests of the mean you domination but in verse 4 investigates the word means parallel Kingdom lamu defeated goyim panella so the Lord was bringing us to a point to see new news I'm Leon pool well where we would recognize that it is a revelation of prophecy the prophecy that some of these prophetic lines have parallel kingdoms into a certain decision fatigue we really got cemented into this understanding with verse 4 you know the movies that confirms to oversee cuts but then we realize the Lord had already been teaching us this miracle essence of addition is Allah because we'd already understood casualties accompli that at the midnight cry could exceed me to the Sunday law do you scanner Raja demos that the two sticks are being joined Lee Dumas was wrong that this is that this line would be whose before Djokovic in kilo and Zedekiah in the seven thunders that are represented by the last seven kings to Nerissa penalty parties sit down here what is Judah but this would be missile necessary gerrae Jeroboam 2:01 do and Zechariah right Zechariah second which is the the last seven kings of Israel the northern tribe he said Israel you know so we realized that in this history the original cities to are we had parallel kingdoms you do parallel so the Lord which is familiarizing us with this prophetic reality kristinia new familiar is a I've accepted heretic of a teacher later he showed us that not ISM the last seven kings of Israel and Judah to see do something awesome okay said only what did you do but the first seven kings of Israel and Judah overlap in here to merely sit down he said probably what she does she does I suppose you see and it's the same history where the parallel kingdoms of Daniel 11 verse 4 in America don't be partly poem parallel good an Euler circuit yeah that's over here it's good only what is one of them CEU no 6 then you have somebody how Mitchell Shalem they go down to Hosea no 5 4 3 2 1 Suzy yeah Pekka nyah Pekka okay so this is this is the last seven kings of Israel beginning with the seventh sixth fifth this is the last seven kings of Judah just only sit down your design you sit down the audios you down they begin over here keep the most easy and this is the sixth and the seventh this isn't you see the cesium you see Jim I'm just letting you know that the line of the tribe of Judah has taught us you would even think early on that Jimmy Judah never seen you that sometimes in prophecy he deals with parallel Courvoisier yeah Delilah so the idea that we're going to parallel Ephesus and Laodicea isn't a standalone idea no PD different ideology see if any part you need a key under MA so what do we have marked in here those goons of LaMacchia in the time of Christ we don't at least I'm arguing the darkness not arguing but I mark the darkness with Malik I know luckily Latino children - sheep no more prophetic testimony and you get to the time of Christ the timid excavate in Jewish catacombs are you at all exists so there's got to be some kind of way mark in here the marking that the Word of God has been corrupted or whatever these came home school a Paul DeJoria cool thank you yes because you got three witnesses of four parallel lines but schools every 21 do the kathleen parallel questions are dark we clip the Sabbath consume of the doctrine why Claire feels about so you guys aren't saying nothing so we'll just move beyond question or no plumber yeah Paducah motel - oh no paparazzi alright and then you reach a point where you're at the time at the end of these histories do clear those are evil prone somewhat table fantasies and we know what happens there in some skeevy superseded oh we did a study you don't feel it you do on the churches and sales monks you only degrees it is soup in order to prepare the way will clip again everyone for what we're gonna do over here just cuz I don't feel itchy and I still haven't figured out the best way to do this is intuitive anatomy of a salute fail so this would be up to you to fine-tune how I'm going to illustrate that easy life over there did you stay in the history of Moses the history of the movies and the the history of Christ and the history of the Miller I restored existence for the media elite we have to covenant people when I do see scenarios that overlap one another key to super poison right I'm gonna call this line in Moses just so we know it's easy to see the rebels the elaborately nanny India or Bella did the Lord enter into covenant with the people that ultimately are gonna die in the wilderness it's good Julian and also make you feel and only deserve yes we know I would argue where did he enter into covenant with that people I couldn't you know that knows havoc so popular at Mount Sinai accumulated and everyone's gonna hate what I'm gonna say maybe he's stretching it buddy miss Cruz video me they the Lord definitely entered into covenant with them in Sinai the Moses speaks the words of the law senior cleric you know that was in the end of mu is a pallid okay woodland WA and for the first of two times they said all that the LORD have spoken we will do what I probably phrasal the two screws you know IG knew that or sale but I'd suggest that the birth of Moses jocularly so Samui is the Covenant relationship starts good connection than yours Akuma see because this is the prophecy of Abram from back in this history sincere apology mm and it's a prophecy saying that for the first time the Lord is going to take a special chosen people and enter into covenant with us what she did you listen upon / especially in and he's gonna he's gonna save that people through the waters of the Red Sea and through the waters of the Jordan bring him into the promise even if occasionally muslim-led who's it usual now and Moses the people is marking the beginning of his work and entering into covenant people who's he been in covenant with before that time and I just have a key a vasila with all mankind a victor community the covenant of Noah was is I won't bring a flood upon the earth Louisiana push I made this history the first time he's gonna take a special people enter in the covenant with them and make them a kingdom of priests yes it is trusted upon a foolish in your very own and you'll say camp eval fellow or indicator so I don't want to deny that the Lord entered into covenant with them in Sinai thinking about her nearly 50 saw a light but their covenant relationship we came back here at the birth of Moses me said well actually almost symbolically a leopard immediately jump on sparklin Oct compare discus connivance account and I shall the Jews also called okay so he's saying that okay millerite history book is called immediate 1798 DC Circuit 20 feet that it's over here in 1852 gqc old is resource our codes that the covenants complete currency complete because now you have the two table it's gonna lose that we do table but so I guess you're saying that this will correspond to sequester Lucy Knight yeah okay what this information on these two charts Duke season for my social Sidhu shaft how does it get there come on you see vessel by man that raised up the Judaism QTC City and he's used to put together a methodology easily teach easy for metal flashing me to duel Yugi and his methodology is called proof texting is it me to delicious Apple approach math text and what do you need if you're gonna do proof texting

we founded a footpath text but

what did you need back in Miller's day okay schools everyone like concordant when it is concordant you know you second call those 1798 just look at 20 streets okay so once again I wouldn't argue against the concept that it's not until the second tables in place that they're undercover net noise are evil meet Jesus are called progressive see police chief but I would also say that shortly after her a little general secure almost instantaneously they break the Covenant Hazira news and 1863 Jesus on top they break it because to break one laws to break more easily xenoverse whiskey but is it uncommon no see so when they set aside the twenty mostly to transition they've just broken one of the laws on those two tables holy do missus over is or you know what is it and they're out of covenant relationship and it's off to do very much let me I knew once again Lisa Monaco who is the leader in that rebellion he who is the worst offender he is Aaron but he did not die with those of a cleat Juanito because he repented the Apache okay so this isn't saying anything that the Lord didn't continue to labor and struggle for the seventh-day Adventist Church chapter 1863 so everybody just cruise you know that part continued at Sevilla in fact in 1888 he brought a message of the third angel massage it was demos and what's the the most fundamental thing of Jones and Wagner's message sequence was Epiphone immortality massage the Jhansi begonia repent open TV you got to start with repentance don't come on cpanel Pontos your Laodiceans you think everything's all right and everything's all wrong with it now the seventh consecutive only to tear movie what are they repenting for ISA la pomme de quoi back here in 1863 they broke the law okay so he's bringing a message of repentance all the way through our history I mean photos you scandal new twist Wow and this would probably be penticoff Duke exclusives can pump good okay we're working this out together so if you want to challenge this do it now don't see the pedagogic so la did limit know this will be the hard one where you get lots of those responses yeah read it for us No yes that's the proof that there's darkness that that precedes the arrival of Christ in the history cinnapup Kaimuki Aditya but if I were in that darkness you have three witnesses makutano sweeten it with every Fatima she moves that demonstrate a rejection to the moon illusion of the word of the Lord behold a senior and this one's a little bit obscure issue that you know to obscure that I think if I understand it correctly it's super collectible then it's a little bit obscure Kusum too obscure and if 1957 is a way mark in the darkness seen valleys does it enable that is demonstrating that the Word of God has been nullified to genuinely and if the Sabbath in the darkness of Moses history is doing the same thing Acey deucey BA doli doli tenable approach the museum Susan and if their arrival of Wickliffe in the history of the Reformation that will be the way trimmed only probably for most it's demonstrating the same thing the multi-beam shows was his way marking the time of Christ do kitty said buddy delete on the kissed the mercy when enjoy Israel was in captivity with the woman's maybe forget close Eggman Luiz brother Richard they lost awareness of the Bible when they were in the captivity of the Romans mosquito kept you take you home oh I agree see that go uh I heard someone mumbling alright go keep your meal what you but go ahead his hand was enough because he's right okay really then go down this road alright take a shot no it's one of Allah upon you the feast and before being in the bondage of women I've only been disbanded after Greek Hama it is gravity gravity stopped breathing like this is called Greek education it's not really do cash injection but sister why were called higher education Leila Leila root education and she calls higher education the mystery of iniquity he'll suddenly still divinity and 1957 is the fruit of Greek education ministers are content to live we do education connected but we're not trying to deal with that but may only be so I made a research about this period of history in English we've said when I'm in shock little DVD player as in a show on the Jews was in the same condition at the church two days they want to be accepted by the other nation Hisoka Masayoshi they begin to to mix with other people and to you know doing sports and Olympics games their educational system was was designed after the school of the prophets but when they accepted Greek education their whole education system was redesigned after Greek the bowel system negativity but Israel is equal to profit a place or definition actually dication Reggie okay this isn't where I want to spend the time this morning Priscilla but we got the one hanging Chad all right the one thing hanging here what would this be for our history where it is the Lord Kiska sea so I noticed well finalizes covenant Daniels with the priests have a clip plate is it a sandy long before midnight he left Alex Avila ue chip on this account can either about scale okay so you can say Sunday law and this provides us some wiggle room when we start dealing with priests Levites and nether names and a hundred and forty-four thousand this has to be you have to factor this way mark into the four groups of people at mean position violation said by Jesus sure Leah cat group the person LFO okay but now this is where we want to get our focus your environment also focuses your setup you got those people coming out of Egypt Vanessa person she saw two digit and if this is the Red Sea deliverance this is Ursula deliver solution two years in dues on the up clay ten tests in a z-test up clay the Lord breaks his covenant with those people here this was a big super PC and he enters in the covenant with Joshua and Caleb III only osowiec Zeus really caliber and of course we're understanding there was a internal work done in it 38 years later it'll treat any of Utah they're gonna go in the promised land is Ola donate beep for me and right here the Lord renews his covenant thank you it's already said he's in covenant relationship with Joshua he really on onions of each don't usually caliber but here all the people at the end of this thirty years they're gonna repeat the law me before they go in and I found in the country Toledo hippity live on Toledo repeat for me okay there was darkness up here look in every detail II see well the rebels are world while they were all in Egypt and luckily to Tucson Egypt rather than have a bad is a bad label is there a better better label than right rebels for these guys it's killing me you're horrible okay so this is the beginning of ancient Israel Dukes aloo did you do digital ourselves at the end of ancient Israel and I found a digital so we have a covenant paper in the book you tornadoes and here the darkness with Sabbath you see a little arrow city Saba symbolized by them forgetting the Sabbath day it is a municipalities all be raised about here Greek education education rich and they're coming to the point to where a Geneva poor they're gonna be passed by its medical day where were they passed by I can move until 8 for mediocrity the time of the end who Tom - oh yes we so at the time in the end tumble fo where these people passed were the rebels passed by here it's currently have a Lolita mediocrity see pardon me ok they're still gonna they still have to die look into Camus here but their pronouncement me love show me see okay I'm probably gonna make a mistake that would correspond here - uh second Luigi aqua the time at the end you told us all because we read yesterday bikinis I'm only a year that at the back birth of Christ the leaders were passed by authorities Legion is only to meet cootie okay so at the birth of Christ which is the time of the end and this one's whiskey to table structure these histories and then we'll go back in and give our justification for items Vita is fairly structured SAT story approval veneer for GCC so what's happening right here when the leadership the first covenant people kiss-kiss with Pascal loop for me pub kid Allah knows and I'm gonna have to do it this way is read what we filter citrusy ancient Israel Israel also gets passed by a mediocrity what's happening here case kiseop sec the lord's entering in the government with the christian church no animals awake ladies kitchen it's this is what he's born he's he's not even gonna begin his ministry for 30 years no lineage I promise it's only sorrowful totally but I'm big arguing the covenant relationship begins with the Christians right here Maj Gen o'clock you know most likely kitchen you see that's part of the reason I made the argument over here with with Moses simple cycle GG Apple pulled my easel that was God's Word to see Tina Powell did you in the fourth generation he's gonna enter in the covenant with the chosen people and I got em - none of those have become but you got but God's dealing with men is ever the same majula Memphis on havoc so he's gonna have to raise up a human representative to accomplish this covenant work diversity Millennials and the the things that happened at Moses is birth it is with Jesus or Priscilla this won't do Louisa are speaking to the to the deliverance of the people from Egypt through the waters of the Red Sea you don't do divorce Deuteronomy illusion so we're not we're putting the time at the end here to me Tony told us when she and parallely not paralleling it with this history you know the mill family big cities - but this is really the time of the interview back here is the city strongly Tom therefore so hasty did you get the problem I'm creating and it's good we do the tape okay I argue that this is okay image of Dixie because this is the very beginning does your CD debut this is this is where Abraham's Abraham's prophecy is taking effect si la lluvia de bomb Hawthorne effect so anyway sister Manuel so on the first line I don't understand what's begin before the two years and what yes what begins and where do you put the two covenant okay let me do it this way okay you couldn't hear back here she doesn't understand repeat it so she doesn't understand where to mark big happen yeah to make the Covenant and to begin what marked the beginning of the two years so what I'm saying here is this cyka Judy Susilo that the Lord raised up Moses at his birth the senior in Sioux City Louise as any source and this is the beginning of the cabinet prophecy for ancient for ancient Israel dr. Lisa didn't confess to do Daniels please - yeah but it ain't in Israel doesn't actually enter into covering it at one level until Sinai me Israel Schoenfeld patent años victim or a certain evoke Umoja male questions okay let's put it here horrible horrible but they break the covenant measles is Allah knows immediately thereafter immediate more okay and it's not until two years later see some of this on the uptake that they failed the tenth and final test you issued ISM you testified Allah and when they fell how many spies are gonna die a lot of kids is freaking me on the disprove a mu here ten this okay and and there's gonna be a plague but those ten spies died the CG is this proven Maria he breaks the cabinet with them and he enters in the Covenant with Joshua listen Arabic Allah knows exuse me so this is the beginning of the Covenant of the Avenue cabinet Lupo CDB Dolorosa which are Aluva pub keys are optional a nose represented by Joshua he hoped a hypothesis we okay but the problem that I'm pregnant trying to point out I'll go ahead follow-up question kikuchi phousi the way you were doing nothing a pastry can be design you're so welcome we make the impression that there were two covenants at horrible Attica imbeciles meet the line of Joshua and the line of okay specific to blue multi it is what you wanted to show this is the cabinet with the rebels you excited annuals are basically a hotel and this is the covenant with Joshua SSE Daniels and but there is a problem here your problem you see with the beginning and the ending a big blue D beautiful the way that we're applying it laughs a sumo new leprechaun I don't think it's a problem in perspective of who I'm just making sure that I acknowledge that I see it as you small clickers remove well is our focus off because I'm saying that right here at the time in the end because you do you see you Tom that from ancient Israel is passed by is I don't sell Amedeo cootie they're finished as God's people you still tell me Neil dr. peplau any guy the close of probation is progressive so you've got to qualify include what you're saying the founder do Tom Garcia to hopefully achieve don't move it because he knows good with it I'm saying this is a Christ's birth though much as you see this also kissed so right here the Lord is entering in the Covenant with the PC Anderson your abdominals have a Christian Church league is kitchen but MIT where is that cabinet according to our logic this morning leo jululu six Amato Wiscasset anos where's that coming it going to be confirmed for the Christians it's with coffee only Portuguese kitchen a pentacon upon codes yes and let me think this through because I qualified this this morning saying I haven't ever laid this out so we're getting to work through this together somebody else table the close of probation for ancient Israel in this history of covenant people that are being passed by okla finito no somos it is tois was it progressive exclusively progressive where there passed by Christ's birth is a miracle penal colonies of the kissed but I'd argue they were already our covenant relationship with the Lord DQ DT these are older than your service if they've been in covenant relationship with the Lord they wouldn't be in bondage to Roman names could be following Greek education a benediction shoulder cook the details open-ended diamond but there's also a story of his death that marked the Saints gonna be removed from the temple pours that his blood stains couldn't be removed from the temple for Zechariah and you see these small boys different a pariah but no matter if anything it's a Zechariah kudos October or is that the same Zechariah I don't ask you see the limbs that can heat but that's not the noice only deal feisty so what are you trying to say about his blood gets good you if they do job who puts also it's a marker prophetically especially considering that Christ says one crisis pronouncing the world's Pharisees a lot a couple 52 screwed up spooky still comatose it'll be mighty funny - you only a funny joke about the blood being on their hands Sushil don't know which is a demonstration that they let their past buyers let's try to do good today be killing the prophets all the way through these actually prefer to the 300db where did they break the Covenant I can more easily see Daniels where did they reject God I can more easily taeju okay well you could they rejected him back here in Horeb but okay now they come into the Promised Land and now it's Joshua's covenant people he's all just you know Hemi the commlite so I'm exaggerating only people meet King saw don't know what cellular they rejected the theocracy and said we want to be like the other nations Rutina to conceive it will come into kinesio and from that point on there they're murdering the prophets children truly prophet so anyway they're already out of out of the genuine covenant relationship but they are still his chosen people do logically so to Joseph Bruce was he and it is birth there passed by sister White says he saw me do cootie she says the leaders maybe that means the political leaders we do savage energies don't put it because when is 12 years old is in the temple Polaski reducing it on the table and I think you can make a case the religious leaders are passed by right there in particular religious or middle kutia Asuma moe and when he's baptized but lenses the temple you've a beautiful table and he says you've made my how my father's house a den of thieves they feed them is on the moped in the villa but then he's gonna cleanse the temple a second time just before the crown a pure if you don't do them for just a block and there is your house you desolate Luton is also a DC desert so the temple is past viable for the cross a media cootie don't have one aqua and did they close their probation at the cross excuse or Daniel or Tom Povich Show aqua yes we well that's not an agreement with Daniel 9 Luke's knee bone a convict Daniel if you know close their probation they're not divorced until the students need divorcee juice cattle a potentially channel so it's a progressive cause the probation I just want you to see that don't you see in the funny tone class police even and in this history no cities to uh they're dead right here is some more you see but it's gonna take 38 years for them all to die me grasses certainly popular to see possessive right you see that voice you know okay so if we're gonna mark Pentecost here no cinnamon up punko GC is ancient Israel still in this history it's good either I don't sell it to 0 cities 12 yes yes yes okay right here you've got modern Israel and ancient Israel you see with every Israel modem Israel also parallel kingdoms do in parallel Christian Church don't leave this kitchen and ancient Israel Israel Osseo Jewish Church lili-beth C mu 0 where's the Jewish Church come to attend I came on O'Leary's River Hamas a phone and we went through this and you give me the right answer but I'm gonna remind you that it certainly was all conditional 70 80 70 Lucas on this it was really a t-34 Leo 5000 tommcatt the Lord could've destroyed Jerusalem in a t-34 at the stoning of Stephen was in your opinion between cattle at Lepidus coalition but to give the children a chance he landed at the 87th we put only in short offer it on us Kyle and this was on Jesus so they come to an end down here Luke is a heave an FEC so in the beginning of the Christian Church utilities kitchen there are two cabinet people yeah do you saw Daniels and when we say covenant people don't on GPB scenarios we don't necessarily mean that the people are keeping the Covenant service pages for similar to Daniels they just they are the covenant people that the chosen people it's only put blue yonder Leno's okay have I have I got some of you a little bit confused systems I do let's answer some questions before we go to the next chapter on tipper Confucius el carro Viper Lucas you have on the divorcee escucha played poker cellular or parallel avec well if she's asking the question over here it was like a show is she if this is horribly enter in the Covenant blue nice motion Allah knows which was the first Pentecost Sheila put me upon good and if that stupefying Pentecost in the Christian Church he said upon Kuno ladies kitchen is that where we place all excuse in Oulu press or cellular and the answer is no in every person though this is 31 to access your hotel and Saul's gonna come into history in 34 she piled your horse are you Oh King Saul I'm alright what about it now let me well what's your question again now you gotta hold you like it you answered the wrong the I answered the question wrong it was Mary pollyannaish ELISA CDs are super now yomo Neuville anos well I'm arguing there isn't a new cover now well I'm arguing he does it he gives him a time period of ten tests and then he starts his coming to detest yeah play it come back to the Xu's week she supposed to get an epitaph yes absolument easy is in Pocahontas California which is when the spies go in and check out the promised land huger for the zest fuel for very few repeat-x Penelope let's go hey metal power Levesque you're who I sell you look how would you do that kimochi feel right so you're gonna use if I claim against me right judges given años okay so maybe I'm saying it the motion control horeb okay and you're using the logic I put out which you choose the loosey-goosey me to say that King saw will just good or what say you would be typifies by this so typically pasilla how would you prove that make a motive a movie set up by the history's okay but I mean I wanna hear well how are you gonna use that industry to prove that you should welcome on to which is easy to topple cuvee so now anyone know how to prove that that's good because diplomacy will suceed ah you see the Golden Calf Dhokla food or was the image of jealousy city emergency it was the counterfeit sitting confessor the true image of jealousy is the Ten Commandment images as easily decomposed because the 10 commandments tells us that the Lord is a jealous College iike manju jelly so at Horeb I you have a counterfeit image of jealousy in confess under images an Uzi but what is Aaron's pronouncement upon that image of jealousy Issaquah declare shock of affair I'll show that image doulas an Uzi part me this is the god they brought you out of Egypt Virgil Siva salute you jerking us off to Egypt Saul is the first king I really salute come here walk right first king of Israel noxee loop Emir Hajj Israel is there another first king of Israel it's Janet premier what Israel that's the real king of Israel there's only one first king with champion so premier Wang Samuel Samuel it wasn't a king he was the Prophet David don't be David was wasn't the first king he was the second King wasn't he you tell him on the spot okay Jeroboam no zero Blom Jeroboam is the first king of Israel no bomb salute premier what Israel and what did he do right there at the beginning Jesse laughs it would be B he made two golden calf he let me do food or and what did he say we consider G these are the guys that led you out of Israel Vasili of Egypt Egypt C LED chips say you can connect this first came with this first King metal - ensued homophobic Supra neowa but you can connect this rebellion with this rebellion implement all that you said to me you have excited to be new and there's other ways to line those up at that one for me that's the easy one for me yeah doot-doot-doot for selenium is arrested a professional so what's your point look it's Gucci video now that we agree we can do that the realism the confessional King Saul would be over here good what's a waitron Oh see I'm not so sure that we would be plugging that information into these lines because we're looking at it French subject sometimes your meta deformation or sit in Pasco and God knows who did you feel all right any other before we move to next line sj-o mark I want to pursue alanine savants okay this is the beginning you obsess irritable and I got a qualify it is it look le whew it's a beginning of modern Israel Luke cdbg smile modem in terms of Adventism otaku advertised mr. white tells us that adventism is modern Israel look in LA to DQ Israel's Falcon that is right modem so when I'm referring to Adventism beginning Lucas really fair D beauty that autism as the beginning of modern Israel should talk EW dude is right moodiness I'm not trying to deny that the beginning of the Christian Church is the beginning of modern Israel vulnerabilities kitchen you know diabetes I'll Madonna it is silly cow but I guess maybe it'd be safer and say beginning of Adventism viciously proved it community indeed advertisement but this is about modern Israel may only Palestine Moodle so what would we have here you kids can use only see you got two witnesses already that is a duty more you can have a period of darkness and then period duty neighbor and this is what we would call the Protestants look system a pillar highly put a stone yes but I'm an economist artists we mostly that please sounded are there covenant people it's good it's one per dollar knows yeah there's this covenant people it's all super freaky Donna knows yes all right so what's the Lord gonna do at the conclusion of this history just go to see Nova fell at a follow cities 12 he's gonna raise up a second covenant people Eva she didn't do simple Daniels and I'm gonna suggest he's regenerate that it has to be marked as beginning 1798 so that do I Kumasi look at what is it because this is the beginning of this prophecy come sassy to debilitate prophecy it has some some variables to it yeah Devon yeah blue that prevent everything up here for from lining up perfectly with the following lines he basically said in profit more of a clinic you guys fever but it still sound application means it's Ruben application we've already media visit application birth of Moses at the beginning of this covenant relationship do clean this all the moisture lead abuse it celestial Daniels the birth of Christ Lana so decreased the leadership of that covenant people is passed by the Jews on some mythical T both of those our time at the ends in the reform movements don't see doing the reforms so to do Barry so they don't less in 1798 is gonna be the time in the end okay 2224 going to be the beginning of the Lord entering in the cabinet with millerite Adventism Lisa way to do do senior Quijote Daniels awake immediate Adventist and we should see what what did we determine was here Dominic et Cie Paul ameliorate 1850 are we gonna go with 18 Schoology Jesus are called you word because that was your choice look up school city to swamp or maybe you would because it was right so where does this covenant people this Sardis and up to a conclusion I came no Dukes LD super kid on a nose like a mimosa LFO 1844 when in 1844 I can no more juice account cut April 19 yes everyone knows by the logic to Monaco so they're coming to a conclusion the design that's all so somebody's asking why why a prisoner tonight Nathan this is where they reject the the message of the second angel they reject the message of the first angel he's all shoot em inside you pull me home if you like you to hold you till you inside you do GMOs which prevents them from accepting the message of the second angel OPC dr. tiller is a Judaism owes its entire how will you understand you this becomes action looking for okay so they were being tested the fifty who ended their testing process began I came you know causes you to taste Akuma see August 11th 1840 the Lord is now cleansing the temple of the Protestants senior Coody foody Coody stone and on April 19th is gonna cleanse the temple of the Miller ideology in volute on food immediately they have the identical characteristics the characteristic adultage begins when an angel comes down that this Akuma is called a lost diesel it ends with the door closing it's a certain windows compulsive film their door closed right here look what's the film you see and there's a visual test in the middle of those two way mark yeah test of Israel Aminu to see do bodies for the Protestants it was this visual cities to test of Israel for the Millerites with the living testimony that's established at the midnight cry eliminated to duty des moines ia's vivo aqui TW hit me so here we have a covenant people coming to an end you clever the Via Dolorosa key thre merciful and here we have the ECU level a covenant people a perky terminals which I'm on call Philadelphia a particular cause very fear defeat the it's not matter we put these lines in place this unique economy toxin in your place they will be at the place where we can go start considering the two parallel lines that are Laodicea and Efes campano clear duly in parallel key so if is energy C so I just want us to see you Jim revolver you in these lines no silly parallel kingdoms the the whole internal Sardis in Philadelphia known as South Philadelphia and Philadelphia this history here dog cities to Allah is gonna go through temple cleansing you had cash on the table and what I'm hoping that you will all remember is this perk of the live souvenirs allow or that you all know it gives a visa it's when you take a prophetic line this will decline only in the lingo fatigue looks apollyon info fatigue and then a second prophetic line will induce them in Kovacic and a third prophetic line in total in Cavite they're all going to contribute their own special teachings it will contribute across a new more specific that you to incorporate into the whole keep watch it with only two okay so what I'm talking about temple cleansing Zin here law school is about the purification is not easy I'm doing that on purpose because it becomes part of the the testimony for us you know philosophy part ammonia super naturally okay so we're using 1850 time at the end look Jesus a concert on NASA and I'm gonna argue a lot that we need to deal that they broke the Covenant right here he's a little and yours easy so at which time do you put the breaking of the Covenant for service where did Sardis break the coven ikemen Mossad Brazil anos nice question seen baumkuchen progressive probably the first polish evil but I wanna point something out to you too that similar to click exclusive clip on that occasion in revelation 17 verse 3 a bouquet be said Gossett wha John is carried into the wilderness so it'll need only detail and when he's in the wilderness he sees a woman inviting him Barnaby's contribution bit in the on our forehead it says Mystery Babylon I'm a skier Babineaux no mister the mother of harlots lamelle depository okay so we we put in John being carried away to the wilderness at the end of the 1260 loss crucial Edie I'm need only desire only for blossom you can do so which is right here cutie she and we've always taught in the Methuselah this expression on her forehead the mother of harlots be successful Imelda - it means that by the time you get to 1798 just got 20 sweets some of the Protestant churches that broke away from Rome certain disagrees participate in the home have already returned in income your daughters so these are not only isn't when you Sofia so they've already broken a covenant relationship here he's only a breezy summer family when I tell you no because they're already returning to Rome there's only a home so it's probably progressive Duke see probably more police chief but I would suggest it right here major jealousy cqc that they fully reject the first angels message - Tom oh ho - till you become a host and among other things the and we've taught this for many years the most senior solutions and the millerite history is the climax of the Protestant Reformation restored immediate see a look for cumin on the lab - protested you know you took you have to have Luther's righteousness by faith honey and justification for do you tell Luther's was an immature understanding that for the people at the way Bob dotted or Z Luther's understanding of salvation know that we don't like to do just what we sell you but in the present Reformation you got to get away from sprinkling people for a baptism me a lollipop uniform if Ellie deserves two children to sit happy to do there's a temple especially there's truths that have to be accepted to come fully at a Babylon you have a DVD ticket via taxi PeopleSoft to that money baby doll and the two truths that are the the pillars of Babylon he only divinity kiss only plead Babylon is the state of the Dead in Sunday sacredness character Chaka Demus edited emo and in the millerite history he saw the immediate the Lord is bringing the Protestant Reformation to the capstone listen your men do Claire - Protestant I saw me know he's going to show that Sunday sacredness is not sacredness it's Sabbath sacredness family kosuna Pyro's get the most meat characters I could you Saba and there's a pioneer in young opinion before 1844 iPhones useful common cat named George stores is how I pronounce Georgia stuff but I could be wrong on how to pronounce his name Edsel no and in that history he has a very famous set of sermons don't you know does anyone know how many sermons there were in stores we call me evolution sauce okay probably six promotional and what was his what was his famous sermons on the Millerites accepted you colesium get a sec lyric you eliminate what except a state of the death little more so you're getting to the very conclusion of the Protestant Reformation in the Miller right history and I focused on list all the minutes and the last two truths that need to be put in place to really fully free of Rome Italy or do you have any take you with me timon Ibrahim are her two pillars Susu see do PDA state of the Dead Sunday sacredness nuclear security most elite a demo so they're closing they're shutting down their probation here is a term you know Tom Povich we see but when the Protestants reject the first angels message middle school a Buddhist was Attila massage polly hose they put themselves in the place where they can't see the truth on the state of the Dead that Gorge stores brings or the light of the Sabbath easily don't wipe with Pavano calico just rose I'm nice related emo in any other Sabha that answer your question is an important issue we so 1863 would be horrible I do sources on Twitter so that will happen yes so it would be Jeroboam like up all kinds of illustrations of rebellion here the shoulder open you see cabinet broken for Philadelphia yeah lioska precip of Philadelphia and I know you can go into the writings of Ellen why is your simple very knowledge he didn't write and you can show that it's back here in this history that she begins to say we're Laodicea the scene onset is talking como set up lilo GC but I'd say right here from this point on me to do supona adventism is Laodicea and I don't in the viola you see you follow the logic you see Villa usage okay this information here these three lines don't see quality she bring us to our line use them in a neutrally which were no doubt happened to deal with on Sunday it is a holiday motion but okay I don't understand why we line up or have with 1850 and on this diagrams we have the to date 1850 and 1863 with away why don't why you line up or have with 1850 here okay and there is not what happened at Horeb no kiss kiss if I see our habe Moses comes down with the ten commandments no more easy dishonor a vehicle Edie come on mo but Aaron's built the golden calf Yahoo consider food oh but those two tables we see do table typify these two tables so on do-si-do table when did the last of these two tables come into history I can only see tablet even in college twelve eighteen fifty or Jesus records so we're suggesting that the symbol of the cabinet from ancient Israel see Uncle Sam balloons for Israel oshio was the two tables of the tank a man really do tab the do come on no their particular the symbol of the covenant with the adventism the Daniels advocate what were these two tables it is you do table and this one is Allah is incomplete without this one he took a plate salute because not only does it correct the error of eighteen and Coolidge the current one this being the foundation miss acidophilus sure this puts the pillars on PDE data fenestra and does that satisfy your question it's good to have a point at Horeb the Covenant event is completed as entered into so you need to put horrible over eighteen fifty and I think you to metalheads 63 is when they're actually breaking it though for many years and you're only seeing what okay what's 13 is symbol ax I don't guess somebody's a little crazy rebellion no hope in you okay history's rebellion but this is where it leads to I'm glad you asked that I'm just and what you're asking is and completely funny guy that straight yes this is Horeb to the Moses is coming down nope that's it with me table this so ethically do table but this is the rebellion that's very same history that happens in one day missus is it convenient key supersede no clue member Schewel my brother George those O's okay so let's go to these notes no don't see not Sandy we pull this together mix with some place and and we bought some time actually in did you talk because I didn't realize until I read an email this morning that I get to do the sermon tomorrow japonica see monkey fiddle clues Sabbath remember the Sabbath day all right the sermon on Sabbath see mercury for example so we're gonna follow ah no doubt with this theme and put another piece of information by Steve Arkell phonetic system has written to inform us show what I wanted to put in place here about Laodicea and Ephesus metal possibly cloudy see Faisal the sister white in this first quote on page one is saying that eighteen Jones and Wagner's message was the message to Laodicea in ridiculous as deny parity Jones if I got a little massage Paula would you see you can see that in the second paragraph with well dilute dues in paragraph but if you if you begin at the beginning she's saying that's one of the things connected with that in this was a whole Islamic Sunnah is that when this message came in the history in 1888 las casas massage therapy on sockitumi meet the Brethren fat the message the person of Lily fell too much ill massage and ginger eating Musashi okay so what I'm saying is look super judgy and we've we've dealt with this many times in the politics of what is that nine eleven septum is 1888 suji's no kotoba leads and this is where the Laird is sayin message a silicon research allows EC becomes present truth but the very tip results yeah I would argue it's been present truth since 1863 is a junkie a tip it on the PG sauce on top but the perfect fulfillment of the Laodicean message Lee computes Muffy mr. geol-chi see it's when the angel of Revelation 18 comes down you know school knows that bouquet be decent and sister white says he came down in 1888 in this only don't you suck at wanna meet and she also says he came down when the great buildings in New York City were brightly and you succeed isn't you love currently drawn to the New York idea stop it so whatever message you're going to teach after 9/11 no problem is equivalency neoprene septum it falls under the category of the Laodicean massive a hotel or a category two massage and I would you see it is the third angels message see the research was in motion it is justification by faith soon as you see if you can show power flow okay it's many things Cebu could choose but we want to look at it as the Laodicean message in voluma Gandhi come you told me search porn I would you see because I'm Sunday we're gonna take a school Oh Josh the concept of a covenant people being passed by while covenant peoples be known as Kimmy do cootie alert to the level to where we're dealing with Ephesus and latest Parliament not allow GCE defense we want to show that the message for the Ephesians to proclaim Lulu looks like Ulysses crew a phased array programming is a message to Laodicea EMFs energy see it is the Laodicean message you know massage so if you read through this long quote the CDC said Lucy test you you'll see that she's saying Jones and Wagner's messages the latest in Watkins you can massage the Jones miss Angela you see she puts an emphasis that when they're given their message the message and the messengers are being fought against Angela schedule a massage mrs. Ely Seiji ozawa tacky but in the fourth paragraph she suggests me don't look at him para el disallow the Laodicean message has been sounding the message aloud you see I typically take this message in all its phases kaliesha massage doc it's aphasia that tells you that the Laodicean message some ridiculous message allow GC has more than one application a pre-sale application it has several phases in a pooja father we're supposed to teach every phase of the layer to see don't you need to cliff files do massage do now GC justification by faith Lazarus if you get so far for you're about to be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord for eternity literally point it to validity which is in your for eternity so presenting the legacy and message look Tony me is more than one singular idea the coop is concerned Edie I want you to see that because we're gonna present the Laodicean message Jamaica voice all applicants are no penalty to massage allowed you see in the context of two parallel kingdoms only context to do parallel Ephesus and lettuce here if you see a cabinet people being passed by boot key to an unoccupied medical team while a covenant people is being entered in the cabinet of a killjoy vamonos so just want you to see it's acceptable to reach it that way you know who more secrecy I kept up do the appreciated vessel because the latest in message has several phases that's gonna be surged you know do you see detail on father this isn't a denial of anything else we understand about that Laodicean message SUNY Polytechnic open all desires only message I would you see okay next yes paragraph 1888 911s when they pull me back off let no man say that this conversation is in heaven well he is manifestly groveling in the dust and his thoughts and feelings are as far separated from God as the east from the west discourse Apple versus truth sentence before now that's two sentences before the tuna magically delicious goodness a G Cooper some new post Korsakov especially on UCL and a keynote on the home will appreciate equal support system also you see see peridot Duke who left laid waste this is similar to put in paragraph eight do Apple were discussing middle paragraph sweet what I mean by this because we have secured for me boom wha when I put a passage in your notes excuse me a passage don't in note and because of time I only read one sentence he told you no in fact if that sentence was the only sentence that was important for me to sustain my logic st said to concertina important puma punku TMI logic i would just put that one sentence in there present so I'm hoping that you go back and read through these notes because there's a lot of important information for me to establish my logic my heritage is that he who absolute best confits Yabu the four most important but that's what I was saying the attack is against the message in the messenger and this is one of the places where she could really do believe that tax was shown in this house it was she told me Sergey and this is this by the ways are pretty sure she's speaking to Uriah Smith is she Cosima's joking pal your yes miss okay - she says his book is how's it go good God's help in here look and you can so leave a llama you don't do do your books God's help in here but you're rejecting the Holy Spirit to leave a lanai don't do Julie pathologically so to speak okay from Ephesus Papapa de fazer we're gonna get we're gonna get to where we're saying we're to give the Laodicean message to the Laodiceans looky-loos a little Miss Angela you see now you see but we're the New Covenant people and we are Ephesus some into some aphasia and I'm this first quote from desire of Ages dog's attention to this list it says as the disciples search the prophecies that testified of Christ they were brought in the fellowship with the deity and occasionally prophecy key similarities with the amnion coming you availa divinity this was the time of Ephesus City Luton defense and the way that you get brought into fellowship with the divine did Neil cumin you have accrued evil is to study in his prophetic word see only two John's about prophetic the bold faced with amazement they read and reread the prophetic delineation of his character and work how dimly they had comprehended the prophetic scriptures I think you a memo is really no clear delineation who fits into some character into some level next sentence looking upon him in his humiliation as he walked a man among men they had not understood the mystery of the of his incarnation the dual character of his nature Hado valya Vicki minister Anokhi Devi Marcia communalism in the VIP accompli mr. Hassan McAlister a character or La Jolla to do so character no see the director duplicate a lesson that you okay the double character is humanity and divinity combined dog the humanity dv/dt combini she's saying that in the time of Ephesus and he could do Toby Faisal and today is the perfect fulfillment of the time of Ephesus Peduto defense if you're gonna get connected with Christ you have to do it through the prophetic scriptures who didn't exist would have an affair at the Depot fidget and when you do you're going to be brought to an understanding of his incarnation you know school a little film that equipped home locker-less you and it says their eyes were holdin no it the veil what's holdin mean in French Houghton you remember you remember when Christ was walking with the disciples on the road to Emmaus soon enough Kissin of Marxist Rahu demon use he prevented them from understanding who he was until he got up and left Alisha do serve a key detail she's got his key part so it's saying that looks really new DQ in Ephesus don't--if is our history noticed well we will be prevent prevented lulupapa from recognizing the doctrine of the Incarnation connected to communication and tell a specific point in time discount one specific Naruto their eyes had been holdin evade the family so that they did not fully recognize divinity in humanity in Hakone to allah deviated all humanity that's what I was saying in a study a couple of days ago she's gorgeous a donkey the only to G y-axis year the last doctrine ladonia doctrine the doctrine that's invested with a soft halo Duke doctrine to Honolulu as was the Sabbath at the beginning come to Saba ODB is the doctrine of the Incarnation do not count as truth and I'm arguing that the Lord doesn't even allow us to focus on that he owns a pop a middle easy to see until a certain point of time she's got Sefton pollutant our eyes are holding family but when you get to the point where he removed his hand from your eyes he loved could only do so much you lose you and you're confronted with the doctrine of the Incarnation before t advocate looked into like a lesson other lines of prophecy say yeah dude in the Kawasaki diesel you're right on the verge of the prediction before midnight only vamos sur did a prediction a vimini you're at the final second with it ooh Danny qiblas and at the final shaking one of the places it's illustrative ooh the unlikely blood in the ordinal whole city three is the story of Gideon City strategy deal when you get to the final shake those clues on TV with the only key Blanche I'm arguing is the doctrine of the Incarnation is ridicu see that duck Cinderella Canada soon and I'm arguing that Christ purposely makes it the last doctrine in the shape is it most ridiculous laughs it affects all voluntary so doctrine pemalak applies when you get at that point the schools are very poor you should see 9700 people leaving the 300 all by themselves one uniform they don't keep up it lately twice always thought to say if you ever reach a point in this movement similarly at a point of the movement where you see people leaving this movement see what the best way did I think she keeps a movement like rats jumping from a burning ship come the hockey killing of you then you're at the point the little pool of the final shaking dude and he blows okay I think we're here Oscar leucism and we leave this till Sunday fairest future demos yeah you know I I everyone needs to be careful about their words no I don't wanna move that was a bad metaphor there if it's a metaphor moon sitting moving metaphors in metaphor I was actually seeing in my mind I don't know if you've ever seen animals scurrying out a fire the best they read anymore so fierce aside you know dog food there was nothing intended about the word rats they all do more ha but I guarantee on a wooden ship Sugamo chicken about the war it's got rats yeah uh-huh if that ship starts burning those rats jump out see lead okay Isis ugh I'll catch them grief for that shall we pray Heavenly Father you've given us a work to do that was to provide by the work of Jones and Waggoner chipa chipa live or the Jhansi begonia a work to present the Laodicean message to the Laodiceans the penalty message oh no you see but we can't effectively present that message if you guess unless we're participating in the mystery of godliness I'm work unless we secured for ourselves the experience of the combination of divinity and humanity we ask that through the study of your prophetic word lutein Monaco solitude the powerful fatigue that you would accomplish that mystery and each of us through the power of the Holy Spirit we might be about our work of proclaiming the Laodicean message lamella me sad you know DC to covenant people on perky on a dose that has been passed by he came into cootie we thank you for the studies so far new to home for easy to do skeptical as that you continue to clarify these things as we move forward ya know could you continue Eclair if you see true that organism also in Jesus name no no Gigi I mean