Covenant Line Part 1




Publish Date: 2/20/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
YouTube Title: (02-20-18) - Covenant Lines part 1-0TKT4Y4Nz_E
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yes of a houseboat did not finish the 
ours yesterday low so puts the notes 
of yesterday ended by saying how the 
jumps the churches are repeated at the end 
of the world and I think we 
understand all this ok here we go 
with that there is still something 
a few things to put in 
you demonstrate a history of buttocks 
for the Christian church and 
contemporary to the history of laodicea 
in the history of ancient israel but 
before we got to it was this 
windows 7 application 
we want to look at this story 
this one which is so it is this one and 
the mini rites that are so all this 
story but I only put 
philadelphia we wanted weighed 
we want you to see them we want to see 
which has the same characteristics 
prophetic I do not know if I have 
heard the way by gold mine say 
that I'm going little smart hand can 
represent his logic ball and may 16 
and says that when we enter this 
yes with certainly binta watts we have to 
accept what is taught 
I told him about this with him another 
that's what he means 
by that it must be accepted 
after you go home and you 
make two rooms to your own truth 
both of us but the reality is that we 
must accept it first in the 
kingdoms michael youn sure file and after 
if you do not agree well when you 
will go home you will not do 
it's your own truth but you 
fight and he 
he dresses the borde the way we 
discusses our test equipment 
yeah and I noticed that along the 
there have been essential points placed 
in this message and the people who 
would not even know that these 
points have been established i'm going to 
to show something here to a lot 
we can do with but we will 
show here at the beginning of our studies that it 
there was an angel come down one says oneself to 
40 with a book before the second 
in gt are due with a written in his 
hand and the third issue came down with 
a writing in his hand so we can 
look at the mineral history and 
learn things from that or the 
divide into three product lines 
so carry the purification of the temple 
Protestants from 1840 to 10.44 the 
ideas me the purification rites of 
thousand temple inherits from here here and 
then to transit 
of the church of a movement a church 
from here to here there are a lot of 
characteristics that we put in 
yes because there are a lot of things as 
as studying the prophecy that we 
can we do when we go the 
bible or mind find if for example 
if we see the montminy we can 
bring all those beautiful midnight into a 
single place 
the Arabs both of us is this 
like that you do it yes ok in 
this story three angels go down 
with something in their hands a 
third way not to address this 
history is that we place have all the 
years here at the end of the world 
all these six years arriving 
simultaneously and our justification 
to do that and two in two ways 
easy and told us that we of our 
offer is to combine the message of the 
1st 2nd and 3rd innings 7 9 and extra 6.9 
when babylone skis he has the 
third decree in his suitcase which 
represents these three messages is here 
because we can say a lot by 
report to those lines then what 
conclusions to be drawn from this 
and I will not make any conclusions 
with this here unless you see the 
meaning of those angels who 
go down with an open book in 
their hands when we identify 
this like and that these angels go down 
in apocalypse 18 there is no book 
in his hand that's where you allow us 
to understand that this is the hidden manna 
it's a test yohann cron ignore 
prophetic picks up if you do not have 
grown up in your prophetic ability 
than points that when these three years 
have come down having something on 
their ment that the bug of I had to eat 
of practice 
if he does not understand the logic 
prophetic to bring these three 
sets that you could not see 
that the hidden manna came down with 
this angel of apocalypse I want to talk 
so of this angel coming down with 
something to eat in his hand at 
that's what I want you to seek 
something that by radish mine all 
along and I said amen I do not teach 
nothing different that was not 
taught all round 
and yet how many people are struggling 
with the fact that by gold mine you say 
that for September it's baptism 
unstable downs settled to the cartel 
did not allow us to go to you 
show as we start we own 
the one hand when we understood 
only when the angel ten years the talent 
we have to take the little book and the 
book and when we eat it we 
enter into an alliance relationship with 
the Lord and in the Old Testament 
the symbol of the covenant and the 
circumcision is in the new 
m when we say 'oh my god that 
when we eat his little bed 
showing an alliance relationship while 
that athens and people say low he 
teaches anything 
totally different what are not 
never returned to do this 
message theirs it's obvious that 
when he left us he was never 
of us do a very truth 
important in the development of this 
it's a lot of notes I'm not going 
the books I will do as there are 
some days 
today the comments on these 
quotes was writing it in your own 
cat went to test it beautiful morning I 
I remember'm painting begins knew me 
resist now this being the 20 
September 2011 at midnight yes as in 
lost and we understood behind 
hamilton or 2012 2014 the youth share 
became the foundation was over for 
pitfall is the foundation work 
started in 2004 when we come to 
this period of time 
for the first time in this movement 
of withdrawal for froome of this movement 
there are people of this movement who 
will stand in front of these cards which 
will start argued against 
false information in this movement 
before this story critics 
were public 
willow interior ok we want nothing 
have to do with this movement they have 
wrong yet from 2012 2014 that 
becomes an internal argument is salty 
to critical external 
always there too 
Ben here I know what I want 
you see wendy beings when this 
screening starts as early as the 2nd fdd 
so when we get to the lights 
prophetic the soul 
the answer was alone to love the 
wrong idea it was the variations 
now that we are here in 2018 
and dinac at the stadium and celine read this title 
it's an identical one that addresses a 
problem here hut jones advance and l 
public evangelism is there if 
the organization 
the study to which we are moving 
answer both arguments heinz 1 thursday 
in beijing that we are at the end of this 
sift not too much 
and the fact that the truth that stands at 
beginning it's the same one that stands at the 
end it's a real proof that we 
are at the end of may 
of the screening we call the 
micromegas and when we were talking about 
the omega someone had said six and 
we are to argue about 
last truth the organization offered 
a small that the public evangelism 
it was alpha and omega hockey a 
level of agreement noda note this but what 
is going on here at the hall with the omega 
you can go to several rooms 
times in history and let's start with 
there the alpha to heaven the first is 
reside at lists the Christian church 
of the first fanaticism that she is no 
he had to meet who was and we 
says that if it is wrong and same thing as 
in the apostate alpha of the 20th century 
the sports offered to because we 
missed too much post and so alpha and 
so we have these four things for 
see that they argue that they are 
stand right there is the leader of 
problems because he says we 
let's look at the spirit of prophecy 
alhabib in a different way that she 
help us could comment on at 
by minor and heretic to say that 
it says when my prosthesis or is it 
he arrives with toyer his ideas bac 
here we were already arriving at 
to understand that it was not allowed 
it started on sales 
this first quote on your arm 
the last sentence to be what exactly 
hard and does not reach this situation was 
used at that time he said then 
what the Lord has given his 
servants to speak today 
may not have been true 
present 20 years ago but this is the 
god's message for that time up 
this story we realized that 
we did not have to do a 
public ventilation you have the 
testimony of noah beds is still and 
again to tell us how to make a 
good public evangelism in doha remains 
so we had to addressed that to you 
teach something different you 
say no and that's what they 
accused by gold mines and Thursday that the 
IRS was present truth what had 
been presented different from what this 
they were twenty years ago we 
have the same arguments today 
and ocean or what and that's a 
new quote and in the middle of this 
situation is bad what fat you 
know animals so to say that a 
passage means game what he means 
and nothing more than you should have had 
not attach any more meaning 
wide to the words of crisis that we 
have not done in the past is to say 
that is to say that we have is to 
to say something that is not directed 
by the spirit 
he is able 
6 pence then the truth as it 
is in jesus is capable of expansion 
account this time of a new 
development is like his couch 
authors it will become more valuable 
is more beautiful she will have a hilaire ope 
she will reveal a constantly a 
deeper meaning 
but that's not how we are 
understand nothing 
if the triumphant church had always 
grant you the understanding 
of prophecy spirit similar to the 
start as we do on 
the organization 
it is you do not apply the Bible 
spirit of prophecy of the way 
I understand that that and it was in 
the past 
it's true we do not do and one or 
two per minor has spent a lot of 
time to explain that our life we 
have made and say they threatened 
we know it's when the loop 
in Japanese say they go down with a 
little life in his hand this is the first 
rank and then first writings of 147 2 
and the small blue prolongs it goes down 
with a little book from his hand the 
recitation here and we know that if the 
second issue because he says it's 
what his Babylon message has fallen and 
have quickly 
and she starts from the disappointment of nonac 
page to next page 
you have better angels than you 
have the third inning that goes down there 
is a parchment in his hand so you 
have doubted months to show that when 
the barbs of the sounds they wrote in 
their hand born in this story here 
that's what we understand it's 
when it's angers feel that there is 
something in his hand is that the 
God's people must eat and understand 
a message and I added another 
paragraph in relation to the third 
handle before yielding guard does not 
because I wanted you to see that 
in this story the faithful people of 
god had not once entered the 
goal remains 
remember the time you are supposed to 
enter the very healthy place sometimes from 
windsor then you do it according to the ala 
then that places the word of god who 
is his creative power these people 
entries actually in the game very simple 
is here 
the spiritual reality is also true 
that life the true reality that we 
surrounds and I took note of that because 
that when we talk about tracy in the 
heavenly places that qualifying 
to be among the galleries in France 
is racist or religious it's 
now actually a church member 
triumphant now not decide 
only that you do not have it 
that you wanted you must accomplish 
the records asks they live in 
I'm trying to remember a history lesson 
of this movement in this story we 
understand that the angel comes down with a 
little in his hand andrew we have 
summer jérémy note this passage which jérémy 
that it's a clear administration of 
the history of mines and we have 
spoken publicly again and again 
overturned village 15 minar 6-1 6-1 6-2 
strikes here these words have to be se 
are they found I ate them and 
your words have been for me 
the joy and joy of my heart because 
I am called from your internet name Thursday 
if the costs of compounds that 
passage Thursday that 
I had to take this little book of 
the apocalypse are saying and eating it 
stagne and sneakers 
he talks about time going on and finding pretty 
Sunday as the verses continue 
because after three is caused by a 
misunderstanding of the 2300 plays at 
the dnb gémenos Beijing but in the end the 
review by the rail will not lie 
will you be for me like a 
liar and 6 located faithful to but I 
will make you the instrument of my mouth 
these stories of jeremy of millet 
movement militates but when we 
let's see if he understood any 
those words ended up I got them 
eaten your words were gladness 
and the joy of my heart because I am 
called by your name your ipad louis 
so lhi suri we will have determined and 
mark the brand name change 
the giacobbi alliance changed to israel and 
bronte arm to brax abraham in arabic will be 
saraya sahara everything else mark one 
entrance into the carmen halls alliance 
wenger hama and to the robot we have 
determined that when Jeremiah ate this 
little book t papa and na li na loba at 
canada who terrifies us eat according to 
day this little book during September debt 
this marks where we come in onion 
this for this people who is called them 
144,000 huge bikers 
at that time the person had no 
problem of the price charts jean prat to 
everyone was teaching them about 
pressure cards of those there and wasabi 
if you were not there at the time you 
do not understand their doing that there 
had on the eating of small books the 
meaning and the entry into 
the alliance by combining in connection with 
would we also found there 
which two because the word of 
god is going to be eaten here too and especially 
one 2 1 and he tells me son of gold matter 
everything on your feet I speak to you I 
will speak with you and as they tell me 
spoke the spirit train in me and me 
made to stand on my feet and I heard 
whoever spoke to me we already have 
understood well before this story 
ridiculous 37 that the vision of the bones 
desiccated the vision of an audience 40 to 
45 brings the waters together but it's not 
before there is the vision of the wind 
masses and reproductive message is a 
strong message but stand on their 
body on their stand stand an army 
strong and it's that he does not want to be in 
disagreement with him and both 
turned sweet he stands on trust 
here in Cairo 
before that it's an ad 40 to 45 
he knows he is now pulling himself out of his 
feet and the spirit comes into him because 
the liane the rain of jeremy and if 
someone we place jeremy there we are 
place amadou gon jeans 
we continue until verse 11 of 
chapter roof and its fangs 
it adds 0 6 2 
thank you for being here so he will eat the 
small lim it will also receive a 
message that must give the people of 
god is very specific to guard is 
very specific to the people of god 
yes we are here and we understand that 
two points 
and then ithaca thanks to September at this 
moment there if we eat this message this 
message to the people of God 
8 however we never reached the 
threshold of our understanding 
three steps made in usa 2 and means 
that we do not do anything else to 
outside of atlantic hockey enso 
this story we who complained about the 
way in the Lord led us 
in this truth but someone has me 
gave the video clip of the leaders of 
fear of God is one of those darknesses 
who came from the arkansas 
not Chinese public vocations is 
there the screening was going on the answer 
that I gave this study in 
which we find ourselves as 
lines of alliance to be thing from the 
early israel former drummer and the 
exclusive between new york 
the manga press text that this wants 
to say that there is an internal new idea 
exclusive for the god people before 
he takes it to the world 
she is here without error n is not so 
the first people who went out 
of the boat that proved sequana on 
this target and youtube to ningde all a 
son of understanding to come to the 
obama lose everything at the bottom of the page of 
the busy quote if you have not got it 
seen that circumcision in the old 
testament is a symbol of relationship 
the New Testament building flies away 
relay on the saona alliance one 8 to 
their box 
teachers already it was at the time 
than what we eat this little book of which 
yes which jeremy 15 16 it says I 
found your words and I ate them 
your words have been for me 
the joy and joy of my heart because 
I am called by your name to the eternal god 
armies so there you have your name 
well yeah knew it alone obock but 
when you eat this little book 
google and gods will give you a 
other name hundred of his something 
who has to do with his happiness 
you are in an alliance relationship 
began to study 
we started to study this is 
something that started to be 
studied right after you enter 
in a covenant relationship in in 
the story it screams you're testing us 
are not builders yes it's 
a phase where lives always saved with I 
am accepted by jesus I do not do too 
alquier not yet what I did a 
Once you are in Lyon it's 
well you are seized by the lord 
to see if you're going to support this 
alliance in this story where the 
tessin started in this story 
so that's all or always zune 
many simple material 14 do not have 
say all is poured because of the time 14 
10 reindeer failed a few is the 
server breaks the seventh test dr breaks 
the third 4th test just comes 
to fail at which test so this shows 
only when they are alone 
Egypt they entered a relationship 
that we all of us that we Signiant 
said we will do it but against that 
the Lord does not speak to us 
because we are afraid of tests but they 
are mostly alliance at that time 
bottom of fourteen they failed in the 10th 
test and the lord said will destroy 
this people keeps destroying because 
you otherwise patients see you they go 
to say that you do not have that you are not 
able to get your people to say this 
what to do what you said to bring 
falls in the promised country says sessegnon 
said ok I will not destroy everything from 
based on the number of days that the 
spy files have been in the laughter and 
in the first country well I will do them 
each of these rebels died in 
this alliance story set aside and 
a covenant people who are two who 
wait for which we enter into alliance 
this story here to pour 22 of 
Many 14 do not choose either you or you 
and verse and - verse 21 many 14 21 
just to agree with me and I do not 
not going to destroy everything I will leave 
the rebels die for 40 years and I 
will enter into alliance with Joshua 
caleb the lord said I forgave 
according to your word bastille but also 
truly I live all the earth 
will be filled with the glory of the Lord 
queen's when is the earth 
filled with the glory of the Lord has no 
this verse connects this story 
with ours and only act in 
this story 
in their last cabinet born a sign 
enter into alliance with khaled and put 
aside the rebels also say 
concept by signing alliance entry 
with a people and not put aside the 
rebels because it's always this 
he makes potato round 5 
but it's a tough statement but 
I was surfing because the 
scriptures says that the Lord does not change 
never ok sonar says scott these quotes 
now to do what is up 
from page 3 so the provisy spirit 
volume 1,294 
he says that all rebels will die 
during the 40 years and then 
if we are ten years old ballack man and if you 
get you want 
and then if you go into exodus 16.1 
at 35 1 and 35 thing 
is that at the beginning of his 40 1 to dance 
until the end of a hop def symbol the 
test symbol hu this area 
it was manna this tenth test the 
kapisa hockey here and in the incident the 
second year forty years without 
from the moment they came out of 
Egypt, even if the probable pronounced 
what they will die in desert these two 
years later from tonight is the wizo 10th 
test in this story what we 
say at the time and that's when 
the lord between the two the time that 
it was a real land for his 
alliance people he does not know 
besides desert gold to conquer 
to some tapas no I resume alone to 
try to conquer 
you will die in the desert for 
not having taken the promised country of 
albert and annick deaths this morning 
they're going now we're going to go 
take the country benefits they were 
miserably defeated of god for against 
the public imagination 
what is God's plan for 
the imagination is here at the end of 40 
marc cherry like marc that ok that he 
quoted these quotations soulama did not see her 
exodus 16 h 35 Thursday manna is 
a symbol of this test time was 
helped did I know of the 
quote sign times with April 15 
1880 and iphone merkel knows it's a 
triple miracle I try to transform 
that the field the mirano trip of the 
gold manna to the canadian 6 from the sixth 
game you have a double quantities have 
announced no 7th 
during the Sabbath stayed cool 
while normally the other days 
they would not be fit for 
the used was designated for a price 
impressed them and the Israelites with 
the health of the sabbat cyclamens site in 
test a triple test followed me messages 
y three years if the three temptations of 
crisis desert and 
israel children in the desert at 
crisis baptism if we were in the 
desert during confident league 1 
forty days it was tested how many 
times three times ok I hate this word of 
this test story 
riffaud is triple it's a test for 
the people who have who prophesied 
entry into alliances knot hedge 
I also like the fact that she calls 
to the manna the food of the angels 
the amanita a triple test but that's 
also the food of the angels is 
the message of the three years and the stakes 
put us something to eat and 
in screaming 254 to 261 says that if 
you do not come here succeeds not 
at the first tests you do not get to 
and if you do not arrive at the second you 
do not participate in the third set is 
ready to onex corp that's what they have 
says that if I had been faithful that 
would have taken 11 days to go to 
promised country I do not know if he says they 
would have been faithful but it's only 
a big day trip ali ben jemaa eyed 
peas the end of california i lived 
in the desert without really the desert 
from california the californian and like 
the children were small 
we liked to go to san diego that you 
could there was a park there was 
and I'm not saying it's an art of 
entertainment felt proud now he 
a long time ago from my experience 
Christian and in my opinion for valley to 
san diego and we started from 
desert mountain and to live between 5 and 
5.5 hours 5 and a half hours of driving 
we got to san diego so we are 
all the hotels were booked we had to 
return the pines near the final on 
managed to get a hotel but it was 4 
morning hours is said and what we want 
really a hotel at 4 am the 
sun will save that from everything like the 
it could have been the first points 11 
days for the eyes 
it took them 40 years it's the 
God's providence it was the father of the 
modern comparison starts with 
the christian church but israel 's 
our party is modern israel and if 
noah and we and we talk about 
deployment of the Red Sea with the 
disappointment of high no 44 who takes 
this story to say that she 
corresponds to licitation arrives at the end 
from the modern israel ancient times the 
christ yoav echoes unarmed man 2 
antoine you have a quote from jesus 
christ in this 21st century where she takes 
the 40 days of fasting and that 2 
and she links him to the 40th israel 
what is the test for old israel 
win manager 
what are you going to eat the 
first test for christ christ Ghanaian 
are you going to eat 
comments tells us that it had to be 
the first goal because they had to 
learn how to take the work back where 
man wisches yes it may have 
with the appetite of banks and men 
without vest 40 crystal journalists 
and it's also a three-way test 
but it's a heart attack and history 
whole of lensois 
34 at the beginning you had those forty 
days with a triple test the beginning 
managers who connects with the beginning 
of winter she had to win there that's 
the beginning of the week 
and that's the end but his 40 years of 
tests here and the equator its coming to the 
end it happens when he reaches 7 years old 
units or two thousand five hundred days to 
set up at the bottom of the page 4 
so down from the situation of my 
testimonies or pastor 410 the victory 
will accompany the message of the third 
perfect sleeve of the third messenger 
sleeve is then that the like the 
captain of captain of the army of 
the eternal destroyed the walls of Jericho 
so the god people who guard the 
orders will not triumph and all 
opposing elements will be defeated at t1 
the political presence of blood in the 
end of this story Algeria course 
represents the ceba sunday law 
you see that two representations 
does year 34 represent the law of 
yes yes to stoning hold 
jerusalem could have destroyed that moment 
I am here and tells us that they have been 
they will have been sweet nor a period of 
two miseries and rope for them 
make their own decisions 
because of the mercy of god there the 
punishment that was to happen in 34 was 
repelled in the year 70 which was of 
proposals to go children of 
here if you hear exclusive for the 
shortages of this table is in the middle of 
this to 3 at the companion cross was 
confirmed as mercy and extended 
in this period of braindead ritchot 
adele at the age of responsibility 
destruction of Jerusalem and the 
no doubt a type of the law of the 
Sunday by the end of this period 
of time this record it's jericho 
this story is not a parallel to 
share go the wave 
not because you know all these 
prophets that leads to destruction 
from Jerusalem 
he 'll go there and you say to the message of 
gilles from the east of the north west to 
mangani he gave this message for 
How long 
his coming he has for seven years his coming 
when did rome place so 
the anthem the flag the fruits of his 
authority and jacques pradel henriquez 
days exactly me 260 days before 
titus do not destroy it probed this prof this 
expert prophet give a message 
warning that lasts seven years one of 
roma angel ros and generous generals 
in cfm title cestus it's titus it's 
all this history in 1260 1960 deaths 
fooled that you see you 're talking about a 
alone and that's it it's identical to this 
that fathers have received seven years christ 
came from data confirm a 
crucial alliance in the middle of the 
week crucified Christ to destruction 
anyway stoning be destroyed 
but the mission to give the children 
a chance to govern by the same 
prophetic line to the crates at the webinar 
number 14 39 years 
45 academic rebellion if the day the 
next day when they said we 
prefers to a promised api that to die 
in the desert and cabanette games 
sting times he rebels against the 
test period of the alliance 
between abstraction that have been placed 
in this story you will notice from 
what they do not do in this 
they will go they will not do the 
human battle even threaten god 
and sign will have never asked to do 
that if they did not know that's what 
said test process in the country 
promised badge agreement as this is 
illustrated by gericault of the lords of rock 
and Jericho the Lord did all the 
hard work to jericho they simply 
did not do any greenhouse operation 
looting in fact it's just cleaned up 
in fact after so after sir ben laden 
he rejects when god 10 compared to 
the organization of the evaluation is this 
that ricoh is the law of Sunday 
thank you gift when good messages 
for the more than 7 menti stalin people 
of God in hard of the wait-and-see attitude 
robots these rebels show their 
trust in their own human strength 
instead of confiding in the lord 
is the best feed is clean and 
I use rest in a voluntary way 
because when for the common on 
this story of a book iii and iv 
they know each other they could not 
enter the promised country because of the 
credulity hate that they should have done 
the round back 
it's confiding in the Lord because 
that we at the end of the world what is the 
rest is the refreshment and 
it's the high season the majority 
of us but we will reject the 
serious lapidary message of two years 
and make an hour in our own 
human strength is what is illustrated 
in this in this rebellion to the crates 
at the beginning of ancient israel illustrates the 
and you will see that in your quote 
not for patriarch and professed not the 
will of god that they inhabit this 
page 6 the first 40 years of life 
of Moses stutter he demonstrates the 
rebellion that is based on its own 
human strength in at 40 and you 
the Egyptian this story with luis us 
have an illustration of 40 years and at the 
end is a rebel and with Moses he has a 
other 40 years and at the end of this live is 
submitted to them is subject to the will of the 
lord sum to the watches in the 
forty years two categories 
of worshipers for a swing a single 
character a person to show two 
categories of worshipers then the dr 
stone did it then on nov 11 2nd a 
stone was both the public and the 
Pharisee just not been justified to nimes 
ribery and robben ribery militated in 
dresses they were justified beef 
tribune to his teachers so when 
we see 40 years in florida where 
forty days of iberian newsletters 
a 2 million part 
we know how to confide in one's own strength 
human instead of confiding in the 
God's word not yet we can not 
separate Moses from this story of 40 
years because they in 40 years and are 
3rd 40 years what's going on 
unfortunately for him at the end of this 
third 40 in euros he allowed his 
humanity to say dominated it is not 
allowed to go from a promised country but summer 
resurrected soon after in his quote 
compared to me - a very resort 
important in the middle of page 6 there 
importantly belongs to 6 before this 
story there are several illustrations 
when I'm going to use someone to 
to do a mighty work for him is 
always a period of preparation of 
sportsmen his 40 years is a period of 
president george wenger awards for that 
the people introduce you by joshua case 
caleb baker before taking jericho 
boonen ruled out severely but it was 
exclusive an exclusively internal time 
just for the people of the alliance 
you follow this fibrous logic 13.8 
I'm always the same if it's like 
what serves in high school reported to the people 
of alliance so many words will be the same 
for 144000 hockey and aisin isaac 
a symbol of someone at the end of 
forty year old krumm who has confidence 
so my old how many of you wen 
the web - you would like and an employee of 
your father zap our country and close 
of a woman for you but he had 
he is confident this is only the so the 
servant of his father eliezer who 
represents the holy spirit - and 
find the perfect thumbs 
ok ok me here or bomb in his tent 
they became an ok I want you 
so see that 40 years old represent to 
both rebellion and early fidelity 
when it started here by the public 
in public management 
the sale of which the brother said to summer 
little sisters of arkansas by 
report to the public premium evaluation 
before that time when he was sending a 
letter from his ministry he had only 
hardly but in this story 
inside the dead he decided he was going 
do a Sunday gospel work 
that he started putting with his name 
evangelists of the rebirth that the 
furrow in stands as 
evangelists we know what is happening 
present as evangelists 
and there he hears like that camp 
tornos public evaluation if the 
everything started going in the church 
in the crisis story and show 
why it was not a concept 
valid but it was absolutely clear 
in the spirit of prophecy efforts 
serious to 34 kilowatts hour of play was 
exclusively for Jews at kef rome 
and I have three quotes here you copy two 
tricks quotes three quotes i 
knew he did not have too much but I have not 
seen all the first is the point is that 
rome 2-2 in beijing 
one comes from Jesus Christ one of his 
peaceful competitors and the other of 
slats of tragedy and century of 
savennières period he addresses where this 
period from 27 to 34 
this is the beginning of life will be the old 
guerrini was refused at first it was 
a period that is exclusively for 
the alliance cob in this story 
is a little alliance that has been put of 
side and then we have that the lord 
in alliance with a new step 
more of the alliance there is a revision 
that was manifested in relation to 
the last evaluation that I have so to 
cadets they want to go conquer the 
promised country jy 
if ricco is the symbol of conquest 
of the promised country of 40 years and can not 
not intervene who lives so his 7 years and 
in relation to that we had to be 
really black on white is going to be clear 
that these seven years and exclusively for 
the Roma Jews of apache is this one 
was going the videos in israel had received 
christie would have honored them as these 
messages there to carry the gospel to 
this story is to stir up a people 
who is going to bring the gospel to the world has 
could not arouse a people that will do 
public evangelism and the border 
at the big band office of it will have allowed the 
Jewish people to be these evangelists 
arlidge boot acts by year earlier 
but they rejected the opa opportunity of 
do that yes to two things we 
agree that he had to choose to our 
people of the alliance the beginning of the people 
of the covenant which is therefore Christendom 
this weekend in namur 
so we have the same dynamics here 
to help gas in lan 34 the gospel 
nice valeo jack to the chirico gones 
are you going to fall from shopping minister 
bruce golding 
there is a fight that will make this 
jacques the agreement and the first people 
puck of the alliance rejects this call a 
point at one point they want to do it 
anyone 2 he wants to do it with 
christophe bigot 
because their understanding of khomeiny 
the gospel to the world was to go from 
destroy the Romans he was 
if jesus would have worked with us 
so yes he could have brought her back 
dead to life cure diseases laure 
was invincible 
he had a bad idea of ​​what 
meant to carry the nice gospel so 
he lives to the rebellion who are fighting 
that's the way he wanted to do 
a US public evaluation 
how what they have they would be wanted 
remove the city romans even had the 
same meeting that if gainey was born on 
early the end does not matter you have to 
understand this little paragraph solberg 
henning generation so like the 
light of light and the life of 
men been rejected by the authorities 
ecclesiastics in days of crisis in 
heaven was rejected in all 
future generations in this story 
so from the year 27 before 34 when the 
light comes to the leader of the church he 
always rejects handsome hyundai have 
that it did not start here until 
tomorrow because if the woman has happened 
early israel old 
when the moon it's time that the 
light comes a little from the alliance that 
is supposed to receive this light is 
according to this paragraph each time they 
have rejected at a good price for the Lord has 
had to stir up a new people of 
the covenant and the prophets by more 
for the end of the world that the period in which 
he lived when seniors to enter 
alliance with the 144000 csbj this 
process begins there will be a little more 
of the alliance of the ecclesiastical 
around the halls and the authority 
ecclesiastic to reject this 
light be put aside and wait for a 
test a statement form like the 
who can receive it 
ok this is neither in this passage at home 
the year 27 before 34 the clip then to the computer 
longy will confirm the alliance with 
a lot for a week seven years 
for seven years after the challenge 
savior entered his ministry 
the gospel had to be ready at 
especially to the Jews because during 
three and a half years by christ himself and 
after by the disciples of the cottages 
prodigious especially for the 
European Jews and for what purpose 
13 grandpa for the square of ace gates 
gender to arouse a people that will 
wear the 
the message to kind caring month to 
the law of Sunday to stoning 
hold to jericho to our problems and 
probation was about to 
to close 
ok you can see here that when they 
have brought the gospel to the Gentiles as 
in jazz country on fishing 8 do 
exclude then the lord of the will do 
nothing that wakes them up so his secret to 
his servants the prophets that while 
that secret things belong to the 
Lord our god these things that are 
revealed belong to us and our 
children forever god gave these 
things we had to god gave us these 
things and his blessing will wait for the nab 
study prayer study with prayers and 
with reverence the prophetic scriptures 
society that's what said that this 
history here the British must study 
with reverence because that will show 
the future if you study with reverence 
north and 6 2 in two days you know 
that this story if the end of israel 
old ones you know I 'm illustrating the 
fanfare starts it to study with 
reverence in this story you have to 
find two witnesses who show the 
same thing not a public imagination 
to arrive at Jericho 
in 34 victories there is a work that is 
goes especially for the people 
of alliance kill you ok there are a lot of 
good things in 
pezenas special thing for jeff 
Christ promised in person and then 
by his disciples being told the book 
an invitation of the gospel by 
four other jews 
just for Jews an action 
the new vision so of the wii marked in 
34 the vision of stone coal the 
animals that goes down it's going to be sent to 
the crow house and does not want us 
to say that cornet is the first kind 
who accepts and the gospel and it is in 34 
what he did here 
when it starts our competitors 
I know it so far use the 
waters known discipline had preached 
the gospel to the Gentiles in their minds 
the dividing wall that broke through the 
death crisis still existed and their 
work had only been entrusted 
was only restricted to Jews 
beginning and end of the story 
so we can do both shores we will analyze 
a modern n would prevent one time go 
I took this story and I will put it 
1850 but we have correct this 
error not even this error 
white one leap the light is devoted to 30% 
that's why it's in the sub 
title from 1844 to 10,850 deaths but that 
it's a complete story 
a lot of things happened in 
1863 arm but the team is nice but 
I will keep that simple and dresses and 
helpers if all they did was 
to reject the 2520 then they all 
conax is here why can I 
say that quickly because more than 
time why did we do that 
can not exist 
what does that teepee son and two table 
alliance tables in relation to his 
alliance relationship with ancient israel 
can not be useless to science and two 
alliance tables that represents 
the alliance with which I made 
enter distribute these two tables we 
was represented by both tables 
of covenant two of the ten commandments and 
one frequently and in relation to the ten 
commandments we know that if we in 
prison to we all break in haiti 
it's to be in condition 63 they have 
all rejected 
quaden if you understand it or not 
and the miller dream starts ok the 
modern visual begins at the bottom of the 
page 9 
from hell driver in this story 
since the foundation of the map 10:50 
to have all these basic worries is 
recognizable with fury but here makes 
the pillars except Rome and Tripoli 
firmware 1944 he starts to start 
what the pillars of this sanctuary the 
sabbat the hole but this is three years I 
the opposite sanctuary during a 
some time the spirit of the web has been 
blocked two contests it's only 
So when they have therefore established 
Biblical verses to take in vision 
to help them establish its pillars 
for two or three years the second 
paragraph on the page says his mind 
was blocked we come to understand 
here in this story of seniors 
between only knew one way 
special he enters an alliance to a 
coach knew that here 
he tested them and wine bar beauty this 
to do if you were not involved in 
the first test would not be here 
german and you stand up 
but if you were jeremy had passed the 
first second chapter 
the promise is in chapter 15 of 
jérémy and pierrick rangers 0 is that 
it's true you go back to Tangier 
first derby as madoff 
I become drama 
the mouths the heroes of 16 dead and yeah 
because that's where the vision goes 
Jeremy brings us up to the third 
age arrives nahd and press pieces 
the people who have succeeded apart 
time in the very simple place that is 
that she had to do with those who 
knew how to have this third round he 
had to take this parchment and eat it 
what they have in another relationship 
of God's covenant they will begin to 
set up and when we get to 
1846 we can there are reasons to 
understand that the testing process is 
ends for them why wa and married in 
art is a symbol of life when its 
was married are unchanged from harman to 
white the name at the name change a 
Chinese political alliance relationship 
ripd rest conditions 46 has been renamed 
symbol of a covenant relationship that's 
there but only the month of June the customs in 
in addition I started to look at the 
know they are 46 who is also 
a symbol of the alliance 
those who entered the place very 
nice faith are now in the tea 
of the third inning 
they are tested on what friends of comines 
the practice stand they include the 
message of the third round of five 
players are more sanctuary in the 
the law of assab god of saba as well 
speak the eternal for what I am going to say 
but the head 
they are here on what the spirit of 
prophecy to grab the jacket he studied 
wall of speed 
and when he got to a point where he 
could not go further 
the teacher talking by this man 
build confidence in the mind 
of fight I can sold 850 his mind 
was unlocked because of the weather I 
did not have in the disc in the 
versions but if it's interesting to 
see a penalty 
what was happening in 1850 for 
you gave me five more minutes here 
what I want in the dispersion at 
early israel knows what has happened 
a scattering yes says that their bodies 
were scattered in the desert a 
dispersion in this story the 
persecution in 34 to disperse the 
followers in the 
in eighteenth the 1144 effort in the euro 
flac ogg 
abuja - this setting the little flock of 
dubious Adventist was dispersed n63 
would help him at 4pm and payet black of those 
there and our passages very well known my 
first script at 74 wever from this map 
and the most correct of the perpetual and 
November 10, 1850 what she means 
by this 
they were scattered 
ok she gets there stop the dispersion 
he wants to gather his people to his 23 
September sign I was shown that he 
had extended his hand a second time 
to cover the rest of his people and 
that it is wrong that efforts must 
be redoubled in this time of 
gathering in time of 
dispersions israel were hit and 
torn but now in the time of 
gathering god will heal and read his 
people of next the dispersion so many 
modern israel 
I mentioned it's the other day there 
there is a dispersion that comes to the people of 
god and says it 
so at the bottom of the page in both wars 
arthur white sogo ap Page 11 
Girard lady seeg the foundation of handed 
his Adventist resignation 
here so he was shown black debt 
that the dispersion had passed and that 
it is now gathering time and 
so we'll say that when and where 
walnut is going to recognize that theirs 
dispersion is over he knew that the 
things had changed 
those who say it's so after 10 
849 of different Adventist it goes from his 
baptist realize that it was said time 
dispersions had spent that time 
of gathering had started at the beginning 
of 1850 and the walnuts is to emphasize the 
need for a mission among others 
Adventist who were these Adventist 
especially this Baptist Adventists but the 
difference is that those who realized 
that their dispersion was finished this 
Theater 6 at Baptist Edition 49 aimed 
56 said we have to get to sit at 
to achieve its not kiss weeds 
not keep the Sabbath of the exclusive 
neighbor is a strong gesture so there was 
an in-house work done for israel 
and a modern port of 1800 and a lost 
from 1840 to 4850 and what is there 
passed in 1850 because of that they have 
produces this card 
this map is and why it's for 
public evangelism and 
territorial one in 34 games of 
records it's jericho do not know anymore about 
the testimony of three dead and nine and 
this triple witnesses 
a flood of waters etc also includes 
the testimony of beginning and end 
she's at the swing club and did not know that 
also includes sheet metal testimony 
Israel in fact you will be finished 
you have two months when signed between 
in alliance with a people to put 
side another people of the alliance to 
tarbes there is a work in two years 
exclusive dull for this people of 
the alliance before the public initiation of 
weeds that did not follow in the 
very symbolic place it is aventis who 
kept on Sunday at 9:30 tried to 
bring the message to the world and we 
automotive ribery and in particular lots 
presses in guarded rebellion 
to enter the very holy denis is this 
that you pointed out at the 
stewart downing 
so I saw January 51 for 
to be sure that people do not argue 
believe and we could buy this card 
January 1st, 1851 
that is to say that this charter was to 
to be produced before the 
January 1st played sure everyone 
know it was there in 1850 
ok that's without his mistake yes because 
that if not your nas with a people he 
about twenty is happening among those 
of the alliance to propose benchmarks if 
this valley prepare to do 
the public assessment drummer bill berry 
guen stadium 
excuse me always the rebellion against 
7.21 and it represents people who 
will take this work in their 
own misfortune human strength d oise d 
enter for the first check in india 
movement here is the answer for the 
first the first screening in this 
this study quoted the answer ok I 
support of 2 what we intend to do 
stop in it's happened here it's 
scenes taken and say that these three 
stories here to identify a 
organization happens in the three 
stories than points that when we 
let's get to the point on Thursday his baptism of 
christ who in September two unique 
twitches and November 21st 
an exclusive internal work that in addition 
a work of President's organizations 
but nerves that precedes midnight or even 
jericho he's in hockey 34 because we 
have that in place d so we're going 
to align here was also sure 
that it will challenge your faith a 
main thing it's something that 
happened in this movement in 1989 the 
definition the prophecy events 
historical records were placed before the 
people and prophecy was seen as 
being a figurative designation 
of events leading to the end 
of the history of the earth is what 
it's a human application we resist 
four o'clock where is this the 
word of god and pitt cade world 
if it's the word of god youth and if 
we believe it's true story 
so have to believe who we had nine 
of organization while the lord 
enter into alliance with the 144000 it is 
why this study responds here to the 
rebellion against the organization 
here and that's where it will be also for 
we distinguish between remote 
Laodicea was on traoré and lahoud 
here it's not beautiful beaton pray to us 
are amazed at the consistency of your 
the word bakayoko ago 
as such I am amazed 
way he shines a lot more than 
when we first saw them 
hot quassam and shana braille bak dan 
evening of course they showed this 
plane just not the ability to recognize 
this light 
yes hence the signature strong course 
confident of being able to get you back 
now by combining ask to be 
faithful to our call is made of 
work in terms of symbol 
we also pray for the process 
of visa that is tempted so that our 
brother can come here during the committee 
visionary in the name of Jesus