7 Churches




Publish Date: 2/19/2018
Speaker Name:Jeff Pippenger
Language: English & French
Channel Group: ASOTP
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but especially do not you have the first 
the last I think I 'll do that more 
late what I'm going to do there it's 
put some features of these 
churches in place are also derived 
when we reach the symbol it can 
have multiple meanings 
after roanne and if you like to paris 
thank you 19 
joe wright so in verse 19 crisis 
how of agents to write he tells him 
to write what they see it what this 
who is and what will be by the future 
like those of waitress 
when we come to this church is 
nonexistent is that it is worn and 
represent the churches that was 
alive at the time of jean jean les 
sailboats in her day it was the 
things that were but then that they 
register at heroes would also be 
things that would be cost right from the 
early you can see that he churches 
have more than one meaning 
it was in this story but she 
represents the Christian church in everything 
if you do not accept these two logics 
correct prophetic then the study will 
maybe a bit difficult for us 
because we are going to approach this 
church one of different ways we 
did not show yesterday a part of the eleven 
September at midnight you have the four 
first these crises and among others 
things they represent a test in 4th 
step that arrives september at midnight 
effect its line with the image of the 
jealousy of ezekiel 8000 does not align 
with the secret chambers of the scales 
8 pergame with the tears to tamouz of 
that and you attract kneel in the sun 
is there and we showed even though we 
have not stressed too much about being that 
of the church and anti- seventh day 
was there and that this movement 
philadelphia the audi locates in this 
same story 
so we can all 
kept putting all the churches 
of the seven churches of September 11 to 
midnight ok it's also a story of 
the Christian church and the disciples 
until the end of the world and that's 
also churches that was alive 
to existing at the time of people when 
it was written have also used 
especially shown that the seven under the 7 
trumpets and this church 
Both cases produce a combination 4 
6 3 ok and philoctète de free if you 
look at all three matches he seduces on 
the end of the world 
while the first four antifi 
different lessons are where I 
say that you could have small 
problems if you continue in 
the study does not overhang nose is when 
even though I scored a 4 + combination 
3 needs help 
I will still use if this 
church and its way jumps 
I will put them on Valencian 
modern israel by then john thys but 
if the modern visual world mail israel 
modern began to matter what 
wants our present here and there on cause 
effect for example so there was a 
manifestation of justice at the time of the 
followers of the fmi if you know what I 
mean said amen the french 
include notes 2 timothy 3,12 
all who live godly 
jesus christ will suffer the persecution 
of the Senate indeed it is a cause that 
produces a week effect the facts if the 
persecution represented by lacoste sowing 
is the manifestation of justice in 
the history of the festivals that attract 
is the story of paganism 
goes down to place the papacy on the 
throne of the earth is 
the compromised pen represented by 
constantin who prepares the way for you 
attract the papacy and the way is a 
apostasy and in the weaving aunisiens 
during his ten fingers or 
firstly a bourguiba apostasy in 
file form then have revealed themselves 
that there is a cause-and-effect relationship there 
must there be an apostasy for 
peach column can be revealed 
I do not know I the common relation 
cause and effect that binds between these three 
churches but a combination of truth 
facts there is the message that is 
targeted assad 
he has the responsibility to proclaim the 
message but from philadelphia but there 
will have messages and faithful and unfaithful 
a relationship too much his two jumps 
factors so what your notes reflect 
confirmations of certain 
features associated with these churches 
and at his under we understand pretty well 
that these mines represent the persecution 
and in my chosen profession volume 3 pages 
397 it says that 
many will be imprisoned a lot 
were for their city life 
towns and villages and a lot 
will be martyrs for Christ in defense 
to stand in defense of the truth if 
it only says what's going on for this 
well will be repeated at the end of the world 
means that they have to at a 
manifestation of justice before that he 
we are told that the greatest 
persecution comes from within there 
will have a demonstration manifestation of 
justice inside before this 
manifestation comes to the world 
ok and then doubt if you have in 
the apocalypse this 6th 
you show a characteristic of the 
first as a version or two we 
could 600 and 2 spell so I said that 
if the first under examination of the body so 
the only one she will conquer by 
winner and to defeat the keynote 
pacific conqueror note 23 his share of 
disciples are at the time of two 
poles of dallas I'm saying the last 
sentence of the paragraph he would go for 
defeat and conquer and to defeat 
his fear and gas is the 
disciples brought revenge to the world 
when the message will be conducted in all 
the world at the end of the world 
m dnxcorp experience at dieuze 
following Christian experience and vision 
in 228 I'll tell you everything the 
now sees in a terrible conflict 
and crisis that is the captain does not 
finish this Thursday at the last 
finally the victory was won 
the army followed the banner with 
the inscription the commandments of god 
and the faith of Jesus she was 
gloriously triumphant 
the crisis soldiers were near there 
gates of the city with joy the city 
received his king of kings the kingdom of peace 
of joy and eternal justice is established 
at the end of the world the first quote 
so peaceful competitors act 
it was from the beginning with the disciples these 
pages 24 in French but here at the end 
of the world 
this experience and repeat things 
that I'm going to see because of the 
controversy that msyah take place now 
crisis drove them where that led 
how was it buyster step by step ok 
of fraud and progressive because it's 
one is to count 
it's a gradual conquest let's say 
now we are told us and 
now 10 by the people who 
fight against this message of the church 
triumphant is the church in heaven sow 
even though she says that the church on earth 
and the church in heaven is the same 
these are her childish words she says that 
the triumphant church nothing the church at 
heaven and thursday that the triumphs the 
conquests what it is and slips 
accomplished it is a progressive conquest 
step by step, step by step and delors 
eventually they will arrive on the berd 
to ya of the new jerusalem 
if you owe it to this church at this 
work here you do not go there on the ground I 
do you want to see that the features 
buttocks of this expression in 
winner and to overcome the first 
jump and is given to the church at the end of 
world that manifests justice 
if you understand this logic says amen 
in the heart nax what quote next 
that is the end of Moses Joshua and 
joshua and fo second keeper of the seals 
in crisis and that god had placed his 
cannon people like like a job 
as a wonderful masterpiece to 
to stop the wave of moral evil so 
that he can not in them have removed 
the world if he was faithful to him god 
expected Israel to conquer and 
to defeat characteristics of the buttocks 
of the 1st souk to be conquering and for 
conquer that we would place here with 
the disciples and the trigger is 
also placed here see this argues 
so the history of the history of mu ses 
effects there are 
yalda yes if we win and for 
defeat we see the progress prog 
remains vague and where it is well noted 
the cases for my flip flops still a few 
features of the buttocks and 
first jump up graben capture no 
apocalypse this chapter 2 6 2 and 3a nobel 
works I know works and we 
work is impatient is that you do not 
can stand the bad guys and you have 
tested those who call themselves apostles and do not 
are not killed to find liar and you have 
patients located to support each 
fiction for my name is you are not you 
there it is in this story finally the 
infidels had to deal with both 
apostles who was debtor so I'm going 
start presenting a topic I had 
finished beat that two games that but you 
can do it yourself 
howard find her the word lie 
in Isaiah scriptures at 28 2 km which 
are on the wrong side of bath going on 
place their understanding on 
falsities since for reading the 
stranglers and whoever gets the 
strong force vision of weird noises 
he believes his sly jockey this 
lie that takes us back to water a garden 
of Eden through all alone so this 
lie sends such a beautiful symbol of the 
there were false apostles who placed and 
who placed their lies their 
beliefs or lies 
recently I think that moving and 
nobody listens to me a few months ago 
when I started presenting this 
about the people who pay he wanted 
think so thought I had a 
bad spirit I say that lies 
is a subject of biblical prophecy he 
you will receive a lie because you 
did not receive the love of truth at 
prince the apps or under sometimes 
was not aware of this after 
sauce make the apostles for example that 
means those who are sent 
you can be a disciple with us 
in your community and be faithful 
disciple until the end of the world is 
not fake but if you are one to cum 
of what you are going to do as paul 
you will work with a message 
you had to deal with so fake of 
fake people everything to teachers 
who was traveling to murder 
yes this men's fare to the isde indeed 
this had to deal with fake teachers 
bullfighting taubira what did they have 
signed Eric forest everyone says that 
there was no difference between those 
who are in this case and Moses 
and at the treaty museum with that ok jump 
in this story you have that too 
we want to put this in place because 
that we have it and its missions that 
this story repeat now I say 
that today we can be 
apostles always stayed with us 
because we can but our camera 
is theirs and during everyone 
we go through the apostasy omega said 
that we are all here high said it's 
we are trying to make olonne a 
parallel to show she was doing 
where from here especially sea ​​to the same 
and guess magna we validated this 
idea it's on the number four card 
who was in the public record 
then for years there is more than 
lips cissé qe2 soot and one hour face 
on the end time well say that 
it was in the recording 
you are going to have these churches also 
and philadelphia laodicea who are going 
preach two different messages and I 
am back in life that makes 
of them no effect of pouring 5 there is a 
fall is happening to who is going to 
indeed it is you from where you are fallen 
repent you effect the first works 
but they are the first 
except that had to forget 
we will not spend time on it 
but I will m what are the 
first works 
I suggest that most of the 
madness that is Thursday against this message a 
size contradiction 40 to 45 years 
all after the database 40 years to 
45 6 that verse 41 identifies the law 
of Sunday in the united states that 
the approval ends for the 
weeds and th day the united states 
tail and what has always been understood has 
tried against this truth it's 
that you needed to have a character 
prepare for the seal of god before 
paid 41 
these movements forget that mega store 
apple and all the teachings of 
the omega teaches everything 
between contrary to that and I you 
guaranteed it has always been 
the emphasis of this message elsewhere is 
where I always drove but 
otherwise of the hearing that says that the 
end of the grace time is about 
to happen that must be our character 
be ready before that the sure we have 
any price of the first jump if we go 
to the week on your notes of the seven 
sites is so the quote here you have 
on page 2 you have to read it but 
she's not of the spirit prophecy it's 
steven haskell I told you he 
was a champion on the controversy of 
it is the one who repressed the chair of 
43 are placed below a quote from the 
first writings 74 and in his book the 
seeing patmos 50 to 52 in English the 
beginners so bad at 32 years old french one 
who will name in speaking of this missile to 
persecute therefore represented in the 
first and second century but he 
identifies the clap the persecution 
principal perhaps by diocletian to 
this time that lasted ten years and a 
form of fulfillment the prediction 
who would be persecuted for ten 
experience lighthouse ormuz but do not lose 
not being this story 
young people there were ten persecution 
diocletian it was just the worst 
is happened for ten years at teacher 
school but it's prophetically 
but that I know there was a real 
number 10 years one of the ten who what is 
holds bigger than the others and a 
cab was the king of ten tribes and tram 
will be the king of the nations of the un 
dedicate king dadidou question it's is a 
of the ten persecution to say and saying this 
that most of us can be do 
do not understand 
and what will she explain to us 
history paganism was already joining 
to Christianity and this creates a 
mentality among the war Christians where he 
was becoming unnecessary 
martyrs what do you see these young people 
teenagers that they won in 
until then it was fashionable to sow so I 
will read the lions g and you will have to 
read all the passage under this name 
m during this period the martyrdom of wine 
popular which many by two parties 
of the Roman Empire 
as strange as it seems it was not 
not me true it was the result of the 
relationship that existed between 
Christians and pagans expire 
next paragraph 
often he led the persecution on them 
even when there was no spirit 
opposition in the spirit of 
leaders in illustration of this spirit 
the story gives the details of 
the execution of cyprian bishop of 
carthage when it comes out that sounds like 
he a general shout rose from the 
multitude of Christians who listened ten 
years we will die with him he commented 
on that anymore to suggest that it was 
this alliance pike and it was this 
unbalanced mind that wants to 
lead the persecution of diocletian 
the spirit with which is a lot of 
Christian prophecy had accepted the 
dead and even had provoked without 
require the enmity of the 
government probably has a lot to 
see with the passage in 303 after Jesus 
christ of the persecution edict by 
the diocletian emperor and his assistant 
gallery us 
a first time is due to piety and 
him this author says that my jump I say 
that the fair manifestation of the 
first church him neither of the 
persecution but because the true 
Christianity was at that moment 
weakened by pro paganism in this 
Christian bodies there were Christians 
immature of her from her red and iron man 
who decided in their own mind 
escaut that low martyrdom and that's 
cool what I do not deny the fact that the 
persecution came in relation to the 
manifestation of this story we 
teaches 10 points teaches us that the 
god people at this point there their cries 
center Christianity so and is 
weakened against a fordham machine gun 
that he starts making choices by them 
same who are not supported by the 
word of god zeus wright 16 he has us 
says a place nor the time of troops 
on us before the time of trouble 
we can bring in trouble time before 
that it does not make sense it is by the 
way we act in wang 
I have examples of zola but I will 
I believe that there is the connection of paganism 
and christ and nissan produced the 
contrary in fact the bed persecution 
that you have to see this I have a 
question to thiais possible that the fake 
apostles who teach error it's from 
make the difference you say but a 
element so those who were actually 
fake problems with fake taxes 
prophets who were close to nouba 
must cause us the most problem 
with these persecutions we understand 
we understand that but it's not 
the point I'm trying to make here it's 
that history identifies anyway 
super even those people who have been 
martin martin do not have a conviction 
they do not have a sentence comes 
live nor for smyrni for philadelphia 
he tells us despite everything this is 
Christians have produced decisions 
it is not necessary these 
historical records 
enzo says I had something 
hard for you to follow if you believe the 
ruler of the first of the last of the new north 
so you know that characterizes it and 
of the first mention will be found in 
the last one to start that first 
last do you do you guitar is what 
you understand that double to what you 
believe this for reasons of delay 
now it's attacking but it will be 
another story 
so it's biblical sylvain mimoun who 
is the first news you will see that 
when this subject mentioned for the 
last time and know to little consciousness 
to have all the elements that are at 
beginning and even if you understand that said 
amen ok so you so now 
you also know watts daz this 
than that what does that do you 
gives two witnesses - 2nd first 
last 1-2 
and the truth is established on two witnesses 
in lyon the last game book judge you 
21 25 c in your notes 
so do not know if you accept this 
logical that I will give you good 
but the valid ones 
this is the last statement of the book 
of judge is seized d so also day it 
there was no wheel in israel each 
man was doing what they were three 
in his eyes that tells me that the beginning 
two judges in front of the same 
feature and even though the first 
verse does not say it 2 there are two 
witnesses who clean up repair keep the 
your finger in 21 25 
hengbart judge 17.6 that I did not feel 
less a dose of a stay there was 
no wheel in israel but every man 
did what was right in his eyes 
judge 17.6 what I'm saying is that the 
characteristic of judges is that the 
people of god at that time we were doing 
what they thought was good batman 
it is smyrna the persecution of 
our national cadets of conviction on 
these people but they intend to give 
the idea that everyone can do this 
he wanted to do 
we know that will not bring the time 
trouble before the time of trouble 
because we know that the car we know 
that this principle is valid and even 
if it can so if this principle is 
valid at the end of the world this principle has 
been validated in any story is written 
like that the people to follow did not have to 
bring a time of trouble on them the 
why they were doing it 
his neighbors ok that's because there's no 
had no king and he was doing everything 
they thought was right in their 
and if you want haskell chapter 
it starts by saying that in the worsened 
Roman the Romans all accepted 
duets of individuals from all nations 
that's what the little people of the 
pantheon is actually a control of a 
nation he incorporates the top of this 
nation in their adoration and roanne a 
said amen if you know it saw 3d 
respect why then Christianity 
does not exist respected according to what 
is the story 
he was respected because he was 
not a nation but they were only one 
religion they were different from 
religions that were the regions 
national is neutral to mosman to to 
the time of 6000 he had no king 
have represented kingdom date this is the 
Lebanese who judge them safe testifies 
had no king everyone was doing 
what he thought was good in his 
mind so I said that at smyrna and 
when you reach the end of the judges 
where are you the common and the back 
torino that goes down in history 
now it's better samuel 
but that's what will ultimately be 
what a second witness for the 
haskell statement I am but 
when he leaves from the execution of 
cyprian the bishop of carthage this is a 
it's a historical record 
let's say I'm the bishop of carthage 
and rome 10 just defeated admits rear view 
none of you have been sentenced to 
I 'm just me but because will say 
that it does not matter you are doomed to 
to die but we will die with you 
it's a historical record in 
history and history prophecy 
agree on a minor why is 
what are you saying that the church remembers 
did not have what I did not have 
do not drive what we are talking about 
the following story for israel in 
science and the king of organic wines when 
Sam is far so that's why it's better 
samuel is irritated because he knew 
he had rejected time and 
aliou dia samu do not worry he does not 
must not be rejected as a profession 
rejected dozens of websites of 
it speaks of the history of this nation 
pass compromised and compromise with 
the other nations around her it's 
the feature of father jan is the 
compromise represented by constantin I 
see the words and clearly with 
the Adventist Adventist Church in 1863 
which becomes recognized by the government 
and the first time the light in his 
cellar as a percentage of French here at 
Levis do not excuse shares Tuesday 
next celine from the effect alliance 
it is hyper range and fez and the odyssey 
online before they leave for 
he reminded me yesterday why is it 
the doctrine of carnation is the 
state-of-the- art doctrine of age one can 
not to make excursions on the side 
preparatory jealousy for one goes there in 
I understand what you say in relation to 
the church of smyrna the logic 
I want to be sure I understand the 
tulle way explains that these 
martyrs were just martyrs but 
for me it seems to me that these fanatics 
in apocalypse is the distinction between 
sections of the Jews who are not not 
in his tea that is to say that they 
have they been accepted from tubes to 
quettehou and I will do it and 
we are judged by the light that 
we left ten missionaries are 
went into tribes that was in the 
tone of luck they studied with the 
tribe and when that's over the 
tribes accept the message battleship 
but the leader is pretty fast so he if he 
is not condemned this project by the 
lord for did the dola sort with 
six of his seven women give up the 
white said judge by the light that he has 
to what she says that in this climate of 
the worsened roman dating in the lord 
is not guilty of that I'm already 
agrees to take the haskell logic 
but I do not know there is no 
it is us who are gasquet the reason for 
hockey that attracts do you follow 
the logic 
so I try to put the gap was 
also first cyclists first 
are in place yeah but not all 
let's go back apocalypse 2 m6 they are well 
sure we have everything is calm in 
all the features but the one 
what I want to set up ok 
versailles 9 4 apocalypse 2 9 
I put writing an analysis to ok just to 
your own eyes 
benoit lamine ba da you know what I 
mean by those there but treat 
of the synagogue 
senegal hockey is the gab say 
if you are looking in the spirit of 
prophecy the synagogue of satan you 
did not find five or six quotes 
but a lot of quotes and 
surprises between them and present severity 
now we are an argument whose 
compared to the church of god 
yes good we were all the characters of 
take a quote or two of mind 
prophecy and want to teach that 
the triumphant church and strictly heaven 
do not consider all the others 
information about churches 
we are a church of god is this 
that there is a triumphant church a 
militant church 
ok there is a synagogue of satan the 
synagogue of satan is in contrast with 
at the church of god 
dayraut has completed several references to 
for god church and you have to 
define those who want to say it by 
context our history dice his apostles 
who are liars ah yes show 
that they are in the synagogue of satan 
not only because we know that 
satan is the father of the national lie 
from Senegal 
but because of the main definition of 
the synagogue of satan stupidity and florida 
if you read it all a man arnaud 
labbe keeps his 2 m 
dominated the law of god and so that makes 
present truth today death of anna 
16 oft but sometimes said often that 
the offer of the synagogue of satan and 
it's eliminating our ability to 128 
go of free it is necessary to discern between 
the blues well and the bad really ok 
what does that mean 
because you have a church a 
church in heaven which is the church 
triumphant and on earth who we know who 
consists of good grain and tares of 
distinction between winter is not the 
ability to discern the good grain and 
the chaff 
see that when you look at this 
synagogue of satan that to do with a 
poor understanding of the church 
attempt of two blind and your 
managerial ability to do a 
distinction between the church of god and 
satan's church and it's me you 
ask this question in the definition 
militant church is telling us to 
repeatedly that it consists of 
bongrain says true name yes I do not say 
that he is good grain and tares 
but this book is just 
no no no no they are not 
are they in the church of god 
There is also yes ok c is what some 
unjust thing that will go to heaven 
repeatedly says of glad to people 
that should not have more than god 
signed with the sky and then you better 
and that this one 
that's the definition of the church in heaven 
you are part of the church in heaven 
you experience Christ's righteousness 
and then one morning if you do not do it 
no food 
you are 100 delivered and the church 
activists you have a lot to his second 
within and not just the synagogue 
of satan underestimate the law of god 
but they are trying to undermine the 
design of the wheat of the chaff 3 
way sli t32 senegal where was the 
synagogue of satan and waluigi when 
we read and with the huntsman has 
ceded to smyrna wiseman a and giove b is 
what is good if there is 
god - when i was happening jane rhodes 
manawan and kris jenner when she 
lived in the days of jean and well to 
this church was a real one 
church of god is he there fighting 
with individuals that was part of the 
synagogue of satan and if I defined 
this is the way the church of 
smyrna and chuck her activist vegetables and 
good food she had delivered from 
good fats in if not smyrna message 
and dixit yves rey in a church 
different his satan church 
what I want you see here the study 
study of the triumphant church or that 
what is the church like any other 
prophetic subject 
you have to say you aim correctly 
word of truth 
free and bongrain opposing two churches 
who are also but simultaneously to 
the foreigner twitter is she called here 
the militant church but delivered if the 
synagogue of satan and wheat sylla 
the sky church that links them mythical where 
the ten minutes we can get close 
from the bentzmann space to the 
responsibility of the good fat smyrne 
would decide to save these people from the 
synagogue of satan d save the second 
jump to these two chapters also this 
verse 3 located in the other we live the 
peace of the earth program in you not 
you do not have to perco craft attracts 
apocalypse 2 12 to 19 you have several 
writing references of 3.8 after 
13,2 I tell you that each of these 
references life 
the stories of pergame and tia shot 
decrease of 3.8 says that the 
paganism to leave room for 
hour to the papacy 
after stress two says that the 
paganism times the papers gave three 
things to butterflies the papacy 
his seat is his authority 
ok and durable power and see it's 
several references that shows what 
this transition between pagani would be 
not tempted 36 to the customs of lyon 30 
at 31 6 will tell you well in daniele 
the apocalypse for 30 and 31 c the 
transition between the papal company 
pay 30 yesterday when you 
will set the abomination that makes desolate 
the past paganism place the papacy 
on the throne of the earth in 138 savior 
story of his goals so green 
lemon the subject if it rains paganism 
kid pergame pour 38 30 31 sorry that 
pass to the papacy and at the end of the verse 
31st place to chat on the throne of 
the earth in 68 20:54 and verse so 
32 36 broadcasts from 238 to 1798 what I 
you see is that below 
that's so 
manuscripts countries this volume 13 pages 394 
so we have no time to lose 
and troubled times are before us the 
world is agitated with the spirit of war 
soon leave no trouble which he 
spoke in the prophecies will take place 
the prophecy of the 11th chapter of daniel 
after what we do we understand 
what awaits its complete fulfillment 
a lot of the story that took place in 
fulfillment of this verse will be 
repeated in the 30th verse he is spoken 
of one of a power which then 
pay 30 to 36 are quoted he pour 30 
here at the end of pergame pour 36 ha 
but until this story and she says 
then that scenes similar to 
those described in these deaths instead 
says that this story repeated at the end 
of the world and attract to it are repeated at the 
end of the world and this story here in 
pergame c1 paganism that gives leash 
both to the popis of the figures of sochi 
and the historical figure associated with that 
it's constant 
brown forman who led this compromise 
poor's is the first law of Sunday 
this story will be repeated because 
it must be said here I say 
that this story has already been tipi proud 
in the history of ancient israel but 
whether it's skinheads what his 
wheels in fact since that screams up 
give way he's his side of lille we do 
a compromise with idolatry and this 
conducted them in captivity 
babylon for 70 years anat cervin said 
yes to tango and dance for this 
captivity we will often enjoy it 
king page in English 714 and 7 this 
period and sony were built by the 
mines 270 6 70 years of captivity has been 
brought by the compromise of this hero with 
paganism and pergame it's a one 
symbol of compromise between the people of 
god and paganism the captivity of 
one thousand two hundred and sixty years you 
be followed logic 
actually brothers and sisters I you 
give in science and design 
you follow logic everything you 
need two or three witnesses 
two or three tags to confirm 
this has already been established but what is 
than mozilla with a little potting soil 
18 18 seniors to quote you a 
prophet as 
and what is pierre dinon at phuket 
in act iii here you say that chris and and 
to bring about an accomplishment of this 
royal arc prophecy 
why ben because jesus illustrates the 
end by the beginning and the pac in 
this story is it proud tpiy 
of something in the history of 
christ to cross the cross before the pac 
he had to choose a lamb for the pac 
was christ chosen the day 
even before the passover their here in egypt 
point to the triumphal entry here 
because he told us that the entrance 
triumphant simplify the criminal 
the story of the beginning tipi crack of the 
hungry here and the beginning and the end by of 
mischief and the audi it's ok why this 
that I like to have dropped here because this 
story it was on darkness to 
mathieu letters if you want you 
correct on malachy does evil act at 
settlement and the osm and the last 
testimony of the Old Testament is 
place marking one of the darkness that 
settles on israel old boats the 
stupor this dakar but the last two 
verses of evil to cyprus anywhere to 
age is heading towards there is when is this 
that both there they get there 
yes jo 
coward it will be someone's voice 
who will cry in the desert 
our own and who prepared the way 
for christ the arms and third thursday 
I know people have placed me 17 
198 inhabitants 
but I said that the promise for that 
these were the shining roofs and who 
illuminate and 'weekly' done in this 
story and that's marking a 
progression in the story of this is 
so this study that come from the 
kind of those darkness 
she is near Aix and that's the credit 
here john paging not mature but miller is 
what he says to me you do not say that I 
say miller was looted by jean elie 
baup him and his city philadelphia who 
so was that led to the audi it's 
around 1850 at the caisses aux 
if the bomba in this story in 
this study 
you know where we are going and what does 
represents that history of this 
church that is this not the time of 
disciples until the end of the world 
babette and high schools rebounded but that this 
represented on the lists at the premises 
from the taught of israel alumni up 
Moses until the year 70 under 34 - you will have 
ben laden strong you know this one 
replaces new king show then you 
can you 
that the emphasis of israel the facts and 
placed in the Community and to 
read old rails that was where you 
here to read the old and FES to 
modern israel 
that's what we try to put in 
place here is not yet in place 
I 'm just telling you here we're going for 
that you do not wonder what is it 
that he's doing ok 3rd and 4th and slip a 
relationship cause effect paganism 
gives however for the written papacy 
this story at the end of the world but that 
it would also be the pole vault 
3 of your notes and comments on the 
lion of the tribe of Judah who opens the 
leso but you'll get to the other 
quote from the page here i know this is 
that same spirit and seen today who 
represented in apocalypse 6 6 to 8 
the story must be repeated what has 
been seen will still be seen after she has 
talked about the lion of the tribe of judah who 
detects the book apocalypse 
6-6 reviews will be repeated at the end of the world 
after those latter 6-8 actually begins to 
verses have shed 5 
I know that so early to this is also his 
life first six deputies therefore puts the 
verse 5 part 2 of i 6 of the ca of the 3rd 
I will start with verse 5 is 
paid 5 to 8 
and when he opened the third jump 
I heard the third animal saying 
come and see and I live and here is a 
black horse and the one who was sitting 
on it having a balance in his hand and 
enjoys like a sail in the middle of 
four animals ten years a measure of 
wheat for a denier three measures 
barley for a penny and does not harm 
the oil nor to the wines and when it opened 
the fourth jump I heard the path of 
fourth is the animal saying come and 
see and I live and here is a horse the 
empty the name of the one who was sitting 
on it and death and hell followed 
after he and he were given power 
on the fourth of the earth to kill with 
the sword by famine and by death by 
the wild beasts of the earth no 
only is it that the story of fathers 
and of pergame and ti attracted repeated to 
the end of the world but also of 
third than third and fourth 
jump and I say it was here early 
also from the history of israel 
why does this have to be so 
and I have an answer is that because he 
will be the old being because israel 
old duarte modern 
we have already seen some passes to play 
we are logical and 2.6 to that israel 
a model represented 17 c slides then 
the church where this ted in Israel 
old is the last illustration 
of israel in stupor the last one has to 
to be based on the first one you follow 
this logic see the features 
cyclists seeing the principle of 
israel ancient and modern we can 
see if you want to see it and it has 
to do with jumps and if you think 
that it's my invention it's not I 
can you tell where I learned 
this principle ron johnson and johnson & 
I'm not gonna talk about speech 
of god a week and then they would go 
to chain 3 15 everything that needs to be 
known in both the gospel and 
in this one verse and say it they 
say that's the case because here the 
huge place is wearing dna so that for 
to arrive until the skin of the fruit 
and shines by hand any food of the 
story 2 when it's first 
introduced to oppose certain must 
possess all the elements 
that are there if you understand that 
the seven churches represents israel 
so you understand that israel old 
must contain all and tmn eidos and that 
the airlock at a time if you look at it 
and the people who were in this 
besides its 9th 10th and there that but I 
tell you that when we finished that 
these prices they will start to withdraw 
of that exposed because that exposes 
a lot of the follies they teach 
at crates people like a lot 
make me fat the mistakes I make that 
does some more as if it proves 
something is what you know 
a human being who has never done 
before and not me I only knew one is 
today does not work on the earth 
I struggle with this next quote 
to know I could not see him at 
part in the works 
I think it was a mistake because if 
you have some of the old others 
that I sometimes put I like and I 
I was wrong because there are two 
quotes here compared to that 
when the seventh seal is open to 
the end of a wing but apocalypse more 
has four and in another it's 
apocalypse 18 versed in has five jumps 
apocalypse haga 18 years to an accent that 
I understood I understand 
and why how does this relate to 
the opening of the fifth jump but I 
did not understand the relationship with 
apocalypse 8 1 to 4 so because 
I had a preconceived idea aside to 
I thought it was a mistake but 
now I understand it is that 
the opening of the seventh seal between the 
China and the receiver of apocalypse e85 
atypical and by the opening of the 5th fights 
and we understand that this is a thought 
unique complete of this treatise and the beginning 
wifi type the end and apocalypse 18h05 
who made the law of Sunday 8 has four 
the creep i feel opening lashings 
of the seventh seal just before the law of 
sunday savaigo look so they go 
butter set and the correction of a 
mistake and be sure to put it on 
so go to apocalypse 6.9 
if we look at the fifth what 
is her sister won share in a moment 
when were they killed here 
here the fifth jump will be open if 
you want to argue with my logic 
it's your opportunity to do it 
I said that the 5th safe and open here in 
17 98 is to the body and it corresponds 
I say it does not start there but I say 
also that something with wickliffe 
there ok maybe it's something 
wish you to you and presto I see you again 
men constituted for the testimony 
thank god what is written in this 
story here videos she did not 
given no questions 
the question is just that five years and 
we will deal with a till 5 years tomorrow 
until holidays is a profit symbol 
and no matter where you see the symbol 
up to the akans in writing the 
answer is always the Sunday law 
history of the law of May 10 at the pier in 
water up to the heinous akans saint-just do 
will not kill he will not eat will not kill 
our meaning on what remains on the 
earth up to 5 years before will punish kills 
not the papacy beat that's the question 
the answer is given to the versions and 
flowers white dresses were given 
to each of them they were told 
that he is resting still a little 
until and their companions 
until their companions 
the slave their brother who was to be 
killing as a complete son the 
of this story asks when is this 
that you will judge the papacy to have us 
killed while a second group of 
martyrs of the papacy and you must you 
rest in your teeth let's vote until 
that this second group of martyrs so a 
only one of his quotes in commenting 
on the fifth below this threshold 
this one what we just read there 
these are belts presented to jean 
who was not in reality but who 
should that be a period of time 
in the future cit and cit apocalypse 8 1 
at 4 and progressing 8.1 to katsina where the 
5 the seventh seal is open which is 
go down in our history now 
intervention rugby the cetim mouse 
all green and green before the law of 
Sunday in the following elections summer 
when the fifth sophie all verjans 
the revealer in life vision under the altar 
in the company of those who had been 
killed for the word of God the 
testimony of Jesus Christ 
after that goes the scenes described in 
the eighteenth chapter of the apocalypse 
when those who are faithful is true 
are called babylon gold and source and 
if you are then apocalypse 18 1 to 5 
yes that 's what's the law myners had 
everything from Saturday is the story of 11 
September to the law of Sunday or to 
midnight until september to 
midnight and if you 
verse 6 that she did not see that he did 
not mentioned I'll start so the 
second afternoon call to 6.4 and 
play another time coming from the sky he 
came out of the middle of it my people 
so that you are not participants 
of his sins that you did not receive 
of his wounds because these sins are 
accumulated until 6 alley god was 
remembered these iniquities give him 
as it is given to you and forgetting him 
the double according to his works in the 
cut that man she gave you 
to the double of Tuesday is the 
response to the martyrs who was under 
the altar under the fifth under when is 
what are you going to punish the beauty we are 
could stay in the pack 
another group of Pope Pope martyrs 
did not kick who must be at 
1 - k jaws of pc and when god judge the 
he will give a double a double 
punishment for martyrdom is the same there 
martyrdom and this at the end of the world 
the canvas joe boehner that's why 
it's forgetting hockey at wall street 
one more thing is dead kroes I you 
bring another thing and we will finish 
then significantly more so from until 
to caen tomorrow and catch some oven 
heroes of page 4 
this style by woody which attracts king has 
won two trophies 3,614 the season 
you know he says the people of god 
was also truly in captivity 
during the 1260 nullity the children 
Israel held captive in Babylon 
during the period there is exile 
justin bartha 
he just took that draws and said 
that their captivity to babylon is the 
put at roof height or it's just 
after the 1260 there will be martyrs pose 
the question of up to five years so 
if you have in the back 
we will finish with that and we 
will resume tomorrow God willing and 
zachary a Hebrew must pour 12 and 
the stake the eternal spoke and said 
the eternal armies 
until when da costa there is this 
question until sync will not kill 
mercy to jerusalem and back 
the cities of peepholes against which you 
was indignant at his 70 years 
then in a curry comes after 70 
years and it just fits that 
I wait here after you attract seven 
books illustrated by the seven cyclists 
apocalypse just like the line of 
modern israel does not tinker with what 
would be the old guy i feel israel 
ndm hilal to illustrate by the 
beginning of departure and you have to 
you are fine in this fact in order to 
seize the tech understanding 
when we take the buttocks of 
the christian church we half time 
with lahoud here of the Christian church 
and bree brahic because those in there 
it's a very deep thing and 
provided with truth present I would like 
pray to break through the training for another 
quote day to serve you training 
for the power and the light that are 
in your word to help these households 
have installed five applications have the 
discernment as we study these 
discrete man things so we 
can understand the importance of these 
things in our current history do not 
disburse is now a 
blessing on the day that is in front 
We pray for the employees 
around the world who works them for 
you on this day propose we pray for 
those of this school who still struggle 
against the flu 
for all these prayers answered the name 
of Jesus