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Publish Date: 2/18/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
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alright I'm gonna do things a little bit different now we're gonna begin our study on Laird to see an emphasis we long ways from Laodicea and Ephesus there's some things I want to put in place this one handout has two types of fonts on it I'm gonna go through that but I'm gonna go through it very quickly I'm gonna argue that the great and solemn event is the events that take place in this history from 9/11 to midnight or even all the way to the end of the world but this is an expression in the spirit of prophecy great and solemn event so all this is is like a line upon line study literally of places where she uses this expression but it's not the only it's this isn't all of them if you know all about and what you see what she means by great and solemn events in solanell there's even more references that you can dig out because sometimes you'll see or say solemn event but then when she tells what those solemn events are they're the same events as great and solemn events so this is a word study or an expression study but it's limited but in any case one of these quotes is gonna say that we have to know what these great and solemn events are goodnight kisses even what I'm suggesting is that these great and solemn events is another witness to Ezekiel 12 25 or is it 23 25 the effect of every vision 23 and so I'm given a second witness or we've already given more than two witnesses that the entire Bible is gonna take place in this history and maybe you aren't convicted that you need to know this but I'm certain that this is a point of attack by Satan some point I don't like you know as one example everything that goes on here the tree of life ministry puts over here so you need to know what the events are and you need to know where they are to be paid super see okay so because of the translation because some of you leave early from this trimester what I'm gonna do is I'm not gonna read the statements I'm gonna give you some points out of the statement they're on top of the quote and then you and it can go dig them out in French and see if the claims I'm making are correct if this will help us move through this a little bit quicker surrenders a plat a passive privy to those issues okay so in the first quote from selected messages book 3 la cita so mr. Shue is even in wha it's saying Old Testament history repeats it used well and also this time I saw a pattern and you have to understand that if you're gonna have faith in the idea sivanna father don't do that the seven churches of Revelation not only represent the history of the Christian Church but they represent the history of the Church of ancient Israel we can mope with all these job duties milestone and in order to understand Laodicean ephesus we need to know that okay this first quote is a real famous one in this movement where what we use to show that all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world and when she quotes first Corinthians 10 11 this is not all these things happened unto them for in samples that word in the Greek is typos so it's saying these histories in the Old Testament are types and the type of type of points forward to an anti-type this is the anti-type of Old Testament history and it's for the last generation we're saying that this is the last generation of modern Israel as well as mankind okay and so you'll notice in the last part it says all the great events and solemn transactions of Old Testament history have been and are repeating themselves in the church in these last Don agrees on it in every one of these quotes you can find this expression great and solemn event even though pseudonym so I won't hit that any longer second quote from the book education it's a much longer passage if you go to the book education you'll find that she includes in this passage but it's not in your paper vocal include not SuperSearch Mississippi I'd only do chemo that she's speaking about Ezekiel's vision of the wheels within wheels okay so that that's a big subject sit down go through but we're understanding that this wheels within wheels is already ours also in this history would only get mono cities to up and she talks about links in the prophetic chain my you know notion of a seeker and it's a matter of public record that the links in the prophetic chain are the reformed lines we've shown that over and over again okay so the reformed lines are being put in here the order prophecy is emphasized as it often is prophecy is in a specific order and you have the crown moving mean by that I mean she's quoting where Ezekiel the crown passed from Zedekiah all the way down to the Roman power do you that's a big study but the crown to Rome when Christ came was marking where he set up his kingdom of Grace in our history the crown moves down through prophetic history Tamar can hear that he's gonna set up his kingdom of glory macula donkey by Marcus or we're not dealing with that in this study I'm just saying this is some of the references that you'll find in this passage but she says the winds are restrained magically also what on you and we're saying the winds were restrained in 911 and it's the events that precede the wars is even mucky please said like it now when we get to another one of these passages she's gonna talk about preparations for war in this history and when the Lord opened up the light about Rafi and Pinilla we realized that Bible prophecy was identifying the the bill the the the bill that passed in the United States last week which among other things bankrolled the military buildup that Donald Trump wants to do finance gave the money for last week they passed a law in Congress to give the military of the United States a whole bunch of money so they can start rebuilding their their military in advance of raffia just like Daniel 11 teachers these these pay are you following what I'm saying these characteristics I've taken out of these passages security Coos your soul to see if I search but each one of these passages has this expression second seed so line upon line it allows us to bring all these characteristics into this history but you're gonna have to test if I'm putting it in the right place one year but I am and I'm not going to spend a great deal time proving that what I want you to see here is if what I'm doing here is valid then it's another witness about all the churches of Revelation 2 and 3 being repeated in this history you have to have you have to have that piece of logic to understand the relationship of Ephesus and Laodicea at the end of the world so this is a class and for the French people here you need to get these little notes that I have before each quote translate him into French French for yourself and go see if I was accurate in pulling these ideas out on page 2 it's because of the great and solemn events you know these passages she often says we're standing on the threshold we're in the threshold and we're standing on the threshold but she also talks about Christ being at the door so when it comes to Christ being at the door we have history that Christ shut the door to the holy place and moved into the most holy place typifying here so you can see Christ at that door he's about ready to close this door and open this door but I don't want to destroy another door in there in this history when Christ is standing at the door he's also standing at the door of the Laodiceans heart he's genuine you see I'm seeking for entrance okay but in any case these quotes about the great and solemn events say that we're standing on a threshold before the door okay so threshold it can be understood in the scriptures as a judgment which would contribute to the claim that we have that this is where the the judgment of the living begins in this first quote on the top of page two she teaches us that fanaticism that came in in the early part of the work gets repeated at the end any PT NFL so there's gonna be fanaticism in this history and the way she says it in here elegy see the first paragraph on the top of page two a message of warning and instruction concerning the work of some who are advocating erroneous theories as to the reception of the Holy Spirit it's okay you're not gonna translate the quote what I'm saying is this if and when you and I receive the Holy Spirit then what that is is the combination of humanity and divinity I know sir Daily News on duty mr. white repeatedly teaches that humanity combined with divinity does not sin so any theory in our history okay stop that's teaching that we still have sin in this history you wanna be she knows that is 12 and this justified sanctified experience doesn't take place till after midnight because just if you saw me she no surprise Bob is an erroneous theory about the reception of the Holy Spirit sit sit you know you initial because when you receive the Holy Spirit that is the combination of human and divine that's corrosive in result is P yes see that was ever coming news on your own utility and we have several of those theories now of people that were formerly supposedly in this message I'm amazed yesterday I heard that the Brethren in Alabama are actually arguing that the Romans 7 man is a converted man that's the premise of Desmond Ford syllabus that came out of the choice by the Adventist Church to publish the book questions on doctrine in 1957 the concepts I've been personally very naive I I never thought that people in this movement held to these erroneous concepts but they evidently do one of the Brethren in Alabama claims that part of his problem with Parminder the Parmer Mandir teaches that the Word of God really doesn't mean what it says and that's not what Parminder teaches it's any pursuit good I mean dancing that's resting his but this brother's argument is is it that's the same kind of teaching that he heard when he went to the college in on Oakwood college he said citizen you're mostly empty now and you don't know the collision and he protested against those new theology professors at Oakwood college because they actually do teach that the Word of God doesn't really mean what it says but everyone knows the reason the professors at Oakwood college teach that it's because they're sustaining Desmond Ford's false views so to say that Parminder is doing the same thing that they were doing and protesting his presentations and using a point of references I protested though that same teaching at Oakwood but they accept the premise that the Romans 7 man is a converted man and that you're gonna continue to sin until the door closes it's just an amazing contradiction for me I'm just anyway anyway I I trim I digress - sorry ok in this first quote she says it precedes the day of God which I'm marking is the day of the Lord these events precede the day of the Lord and yes the day of the Lord is when Michael stands up it looks good but as we back it up through fractals Law School aluminium the day of the Lord for us is midnight ok so these events are gonna precede the day of God the day of the Lord these great and solemn events the next quote controversies of the past are going to be revived fanaticism of the past is going to be revived but controversies are going to be revived in my recent digression I gave one to you in the 1970s and 80s in Adventism theologians were battling over the new theology of Desmond Ford it was a big controversy that controversy has been revived in this movement also moving on because that controversy consists of two definitions of justification different understandings of the nature of man and on and on all the things connected with salvation theology disconnected you sell you that's a controversy that when arrived that has arrived not sure about the timeframe but in the 1970s and 1980s there was a controversy connected with a man named Robert brims Mead where among other things he invented a concept called unknown sin and he one of his modern followers says that Christ is the heavenly psychiatrist and the Christ's work is to remove these unknown sins from you okay the same controversy that was in Adventism in the 70s and 80s maybe 60s mmm called Huskie any news on disk was introduced by Tree of Life ministry a couple years ago then after midnight there's hidden sin that gets removed from you like you there's old controversies old fanaticism and it happens during these great and solemn events which she associates with when the wind is restrained and which she tells us takes place before the day of the Lord so you following my logic quiet we're looking at these things in the next quote which is the third quote on page 2 she emphasizes quick succession my argument is that we're in the very last doctor no argument and I would suggest we're on the verge of prophecy beginning to fulfill very rapidly and in this quote she talks about the great in solemn events do you rapidly fulfill in the bottom quote on page 2 she says there's gonna be a scattering and a gathering at some remote energy spectrum I'd suggest to you that the wise priests are gonna be gathered and the foolish priests are gonna be scattered do something but she also says the wise priests are going to be scattered magically the faithful are gonna get scattered by persecution around the world so a persecution to carry the message so there's a scattering and gathering in this history and I'm saying it takes place before midnight and we know this from the parable of the wheat and so one okay I believe the tares are gathered first only Palmilla mom and they're gathered and then they're going to be scattered okay in the quote on page three she associates the great and solemn events with the light that lightens the whole earth la la la lumière came into town which I'm saying is revelation 18 and she's talked about the look these things coming as a thief in the night and when's the thief come at night midnight it's the midnight thief she talks about justification by faith and then this last quote she points to the anti-typical day of atonement and I'm saying that this is the the second dispensation of the anti-typical day of atonement which began on October 22nd 1844 with the judgment of the Dead but in here we got that judgment of the living which is part of the anti-typical day of atonement and she says we must be sanctified we must have the righteousness of Christ in this history if we wait to get it over here we're lost but also she says there's life descending from on high and that's all she says here and by that I mean there are passages in the spirit of prophecy if you look for them where she talks about this life descending from on high in conjunction with a power that comes from beneath I've a conclusion whistles Quijano bomb the life descending from on high is the latter rain the God's faithful are receiving but this power that is coming from beneath is the strong delusion that's coming upon the tears if you if you trace this expression life descending from on high you'll find that she uses this terminology to talk about the two powers satanic power coming upon the tears godly power coming upon the wheat but it's happening at the same time and we need to settle into that truth if we believe that we're in the latter rain then we have to believe several things connected with that one of the things is that those people that leave during the latter rain they went out from us but they never were of us and I guarantee if you were in this movement and you actually believed that the Romans 7 man was a converted man I love my city then you weren't of this movement I don't need you for the zoo because Desmond Ford with that concept teaches that you can't overcome sin that when Jesus comes he's gonna magically take away your sin she but this movement has always taught me so much to juice in you that you have to put away your sin before the door closes doovy with you but before Jesus comes and prophetically Jesus comes here so if this subject was never brought up in this movement the Romans seven men but then it's introduced and suddenly you see there's a group of people that are wrong on that idea they never were of us they never really understood they had to overcome sin okay and when they left Christ lost in the story where we find the expression how's it go they left us but they never were of us that's not perfect they went out from us but they never were of us is that how it goes okay in the time of Christ when that happened and he lost most of his disciples he made no effort to restrain them from leaving we have to understand that in this history we also need to understand that those people aren't our friends okay friendship with the world is enmity against God's to love the world is to hate God you don't say we understand that principle but we don't quite understand that if we were in a movement with people for a couple years and the testing process finally makes them demonstrate their true colors that we're supposed to let them go and they're not really our friends not that you aren't supposed to be friendly as a Christian you're supposed to witness to the world right but when you witness to the world we do when you are those persons that left you're supposed to be doing it with what sister call white calls disinterested benevolence this obsessive fear of a convenience dysentery see your spine Evelyn's being the love you're supposed to demonstrate God's love but you're supposed to be disinterested you're you're an avenue for God's love to reach them but you can't come so close to them that they're influencing you and in Titus he says when you reason with a heretic two or three times be done with them and you need to you need to settle into that I wonder how many people will lose their salvation because they determined to stay in these chat rooms did you mean delicious you'll see Oh see I defend the truth keep listening and listening to the garbage that's coming down the line disregarding Titus one two or three times they're done with him and disregarding the principle by beholding you become change this this friendship with these people they live needs to be disinterested benevolence and it has guidelines on how to in fact if you want to get really serious about this take your Ellen wanted to take your Bible cd-rom isolate it to the Book of Jeremiah and search the word pray because all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world and Jeremiah represents God's people at the end of the world and there's two or three places in Jeremiah where he's told not to pray for this people anymore dude why we usually mean the puppy episode what does that mean who are the people that you're not supposed to pray for how can that be Christian love if I quit praying for you okay this is serious business you need to wrap your mind around that okay that's this this is your homework assignment my prep my argument is line upon line this expression which is incomplete there's more of these lines in the spirit of prophecy it's placing all this in this history best to pseudocyst well okay and you have to have a settled confidence that in this history the effect of every vision takes place in order to have the logic to understand emphasis and there to see and the reason that I switched gears and I'm teaching like this is because I want to make sure I put emphasis and Laodicea into the record before the French people that leave early take off did you see how good it was in the past okay so now do this the true for this time very typical yes sister Manuela once at all so we listen there is emphasis on loud levity see at 9/11 Walker say Philadelphia is conservative and we understand that is Philadelphia who will be saved by specific risk in a bad machine because it's a church who doesn't have any sin it's good so then well are we gonna pass all the characteristics between 9/11 and midnight go through them symbols have more than one meaning so what I'm dealing with here is approaching the churches from just one application I think we're justified to say that right here the Lord is raising up Ephesus and it's gonna go forth conquering and to conquer but it's gonna receive persecution right here see where is the greatest persecution come from according to the spirit of prophecy from within the persecution we get from our co-workers is greater than the persecution we get from Rome so Smyrna is in here persecutions already underway cool cool look at the things that are being said about the leaders in this particular movement on the internet but there's a falling away first that's the Church of Pergamus in here there's going to be a falling away first that the man of sin will be revealed that's here the Sunday law that's piyah Tyrus so there that's one way to take these churches and approaches history that I think is accurate cosa correcta but that's not how we're looking at the symbols of the churches and we're not there yet but now maybe this would be a little bit hard to follow this comes later well there was this later so this is just kind of a preview to help you get there when we get there do we teach that Sardis begins here yes but would it be a problem for you if I said Sardis actually began back here also right I don't want to deny one truth the promise to Sardis is that the Lord would send them the bright and Morning Star and in the 14th century John Wycliffe comes and begins the Protestant Reformation and sister white calls him the morning star of the Reformation so I would argue that at one level at one level Sardis begins here but I definitely do not want who deny that it's ok to mark Sardis is 1798 so I'm saying that this is Sardis are you with me was it avec moi is it I answer us I and Sardis is going through history southeast WA but this period here it's still a period of darkness and this is the time of the end don't it um ok but here in 1798 you have a a movement that begins but this movement is like every other Church its consisting of wheat and tares so at this point you have Philadelphia and Laodicea that are going through this history and of course for millerite history will mark this 1844 I can get so I'm using I'm going to be using these three churches Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea as this study progressive and the pioneers understood and taught that these three churches were contemporary this church was to give a message the opening of judgment and the target for that message was this church this church was Protestantism all right you do you follow my logic and this church will call millerite adventism but this church like all churches has two classes of worshipers miss it sit closer to English come to take this adult class the d'amato so what I'm saying is this gives us a a pattern for our history that in 1957 the fourth generation of Adventism begins but before you get to the time of the end in 1989 that there's a period of darkness and there's a UH covenant people that are going through history here that is Adventism and it's gonna go to here wherever this remark is probably the midnight cry but right here there's a movement that starts that is if you want to call it Philadelphia and Laodicea fine but we're going to show that Philadelphia in this structure typifying Ephesus by the work that gets accomplished here and that they will have both a work that goes on in there in this history between the two classes but their target audience will be here and adventism Islay Odysseus and Ephesus we're gonna show is a contemporary with layer Tasya and there's some copy there's some tricks to this in terms of the eye the fact that we have a struggle going on in here between the wheat and tares but their target audience is adventism and it's portrayed in the scriptures as lair to see yeah so I'm answering your question I didn't want to go there yet the answer to your question is is the seven churches will have they have more than one symbolic application you can plug them in here but this is the structure I'm going for when we see the relationship of Laodicea and Ephesus I'm wondering to show this structure and you'll notice that this because we're here has to do with the Bible the title of the book in 1957 was questions on doctrine this is where the Bible doctrines get turned upside down and Wycliffe the Morningstar of the Reformation he had to do with turning the Bible doctrines right-side up but in both cases there's still darkness that come to the time of the end covenant people going to be the target audience for this movement that has two classes in it which is its own story typifying adventism covenant people target audience for a movement that has two classes in it do class in any case if we get to midnight if we call it Ephesus it's really Philadelphia okay pure if you're using Philadelphia as a symbol of no sin did you choose video there if you come assembled Ocampa that's fine there's a there's a couple places where sister white says the foolish virgins and for me I've always understood that if the foolish virgins the tears were Laodiceans then the wheat are gonna be Philadelphians I don't have a problem with that and the target audience for them with Sardis okay but I'm saying that Ephesus is it and sizing that Phillipa Philadelphian has overcome sin emphasis is emphasizing the church triumphant so by the context you have to determine what the symbol is teaching oh cool thanks joy boys now I'm sure all of you read this first quote on true through this time before but if you have faith to believe that we're in the time period of the latter rain then you must believe that those people that are rejecting this message are going into darkness and what some of us struggle with is the idea that well we can get them out of that darkness sister white saw some men getting back on the platform I'm gonna argue that the men that are getting back on the app platform they're the exception to the rule the rule is that when you reject this light you go into a corresponding amount of darkness and you're doing it in time period when the door is about to close and I know none of us have actually done what I'm gonna say but if we were a medical doctor and there was a building downtown that just got blown up by some Islamic terrorists and we go to that building because we're doctors and we want to help the people that are bleeding and dying there's a rule of thumb that they teach doctors if that person there has no arms and no legs and you know he's gonna die within three minutes because he's losing blood so fast a person is someone to elevate uck removal and one for me let's go that there's nothing you can do for him then you pass him by and you go over and you take that beam off that person so they can get out of the building a beam off a person that's just pinned down you prioritize who you're gonna deal with and I'm telling you this message in this movement is going to sweep the world it already is worldwide and if you're gonna be a messenger of this message then your priority should be placed upon those people that want to hear this message not those people that have already demonstrated that they're comfortable in the darkness you only have so many hours in the day okay and there's a place in Hosea that says my people are lost this is a paraphrase because they would not frame their doings to know me what's frame their doings mean they would not put their life into priority we have to prioritize as Christians I'm telling you these Internet chat rooms although I've never been on one it was you can see uh-huh I've seen the result of them they're counterproductive two or three times the reason with those people then hit the road but if the truth for this time if the signs that are thickening on every hand that testified at the end of things is at hand are not sufficient to arouse the sleeping energy of those who profess to know the truth then darkness proportionate to the light which has been shining will overtake these souls this here see if you can see it is the history of the entire Bible and spirit of prophecy this is the greatest light of 6000 years if this light can't wake you up then you go into a darkness that I do not have the words to explain I know anybody more fully experienced all right so this is serious business we're dealing with there is no semblance of an excuse for their indifference that they will be able to present to God in the great day of final reckoning there will be no reason to offer as to why they did not live and walk and work in the light of the sacred truth of the word of God and thus revealed to a sin darkened world through their conduct their sympathy and their zeal that the power and the reality of the gospel could not be controverted what's the power of the gospel what's the power of the gospel Paul says I'm not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation what is that power it's his creative power and his creative power is in his prophetic word and it can't be controverted and if you do so you're gonna go into deep darkness okay Miller's rules we'll all know this those are engaged in proclaiming the third angels message are searching the Scriptures upon the same plan that father Miller adopted I'm putting that in place because I want to look at where Miller you know next quote this is Miller the seven churches of Asia is a history of the Church of Christ in all her seven forms I guess I'll do it down here and all her windings and turnings and all her prosperity and adversity from the days of the Apostles down to the end of the world how come you're not reading it you got it in French the Christmas a set form don't notice is actually co2 no no to the possibility soon adversity they show this that which is California no do you have it in French okay this is Miller and in this passage he's gonna say that these seven churches three four five six seven seven line up with the seals the churches and the seals and is even gonna mention the trumpet the trumpets and the plagues but what I'm wanting you to see is that it's millerite understanding this is the First Church of Ephesus corresponds in the history of the first seal the second Church of Smyrna corresponds to the Red Horse of the second seal third Church pergamus third seal fourth Church Thyatira for sale okay and when we get to here there's gonna be a break but we will deal with that I came in the post oh yeah okay so where it says internal and external when we talk about internal and external in this movement it came from this quote surely this is Uriah Smith he's building on Miller's logic Miller says the seven churches of Revelation parallel the seven seals so bad it was it soup and but Miller and them know where the seven trumpets begin what are the seven trumpets music oh this great compared to Kumasi pardon me they begin here you see right the first these are the trumpets and the Millerites understood the trumpets were the judgments against Rome and those judgments are in connection with the Sunday law and the first Sunday law came in the time period of Pergamus in 321 and so the judgments for the Sunday law there were for the first four trumpets bring Western Rome to a conclusion by 476 I mean Lahoma due west and then the fifth and the sixth trumpet our woes and the woe trumpets according to Pioneer understanding were raised up to chastise an apostate Church and this fourth church Thyatira begins in 538 and it passes the Sunday law and by 606 the first woe is raised up to deal with the apostate church my point is this millerite understanding the churches and seals parallel one another the trumpets are part of this history but they're based upon God judgment against the Sunday law so they're in this history but they don't run sequentially the first trumpet isn't over here second trumpet over here nabela Newseum and the plagues are the seven last plagues in response to the whole world pass in the sunday law because the trumpets typify the play all right but we're not dealing with trumpets and clay we're dealing with churches and seals okay so I seen a hand back there my brother did you have a hand did you it was you Michelle okay here's here's your eyes Smith the seals are introduced to our notice in the fourth fifth and six chapters of Revelation the scenes presented under these seals are brought to view in revelation 6 and the first of revelation 8 they evidently cover events which the church is connected from the opening of this sensation to the coming of Christ now here's the nice sentence while the seven churches present the internal history of the church the seven seals bring to view the great events of its external history let's assume initially to a god sake assisted apocalypse they send croissant is who say so so I'm now on video apocalypsis Cicero from UBS a no-pocalypse Ovid epidermidis even make like Le Creuset connect a fool you've acted as a disposer social scale Avenue de pista so this creates eglise present level and turn the legalism instrument on the necklace he said so clip Amen because if I notice one is topics down these are parallels the churches and seals are parallel but one's internal ones external now James white also a pioneer he's gonna add to this what we're dealing with here is millerite logic because those that proclaim the third angels message are gonna be using William miller's rules so our message is going to be based upon his logic and he identifies these seven churches seven seals is running parallel your ayah Smith standing upon pioneer logic helps us to see this is internal/external same history and then James Wyatt is gonna identify within the seven that there's a 4-3 combination that we have to factor in the last three churches the last the last three churches are contemporary we have a quote where Joseph Bates is going to tell us that Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea were all there in millerite history so the first four churches are running sequentially but the last three are all together twice with awesome and then with the first four seals there's a horse that introduced this is the first seal a horse that introduces a second see the horse the third and a horse the fourth but when you get to the fifth salon where there's no more horses and when it gets to the trumpet you got the first four trumpets but the last three trumpets are whoa so in these sequence of seven in the book of Revelation you have eight four three combinations and this is James white we have now traced the churches the seals and the beasts or living beings as far as they will compare as covering the sames same period of time sorry Betts who is at home even as far as the seals and trumpets and churches compare line up with one another they cover the same period of time for church ending in 1798 but now he's going to tell us that the fifth sixth seventh church I'm going to drop down to no I'm not going to drop down the seals are seven in number the beasts but for seven seals what's the first four have these four beasts and they all say come and see so they are all these beasts also say the same thing but you're not going to see the expression come and see in the fifth sixth seventh seal neither do the last three churches and the last three seals compare is covered covering the same period of time as the first four churches in the first four seals do Louisiana's Sunnah Sukumaran AFRICOM Cavalli member auditor coracoacromial eglise we kept Connie sue but they cover the same period of time for about eighteen hundred years Ebru Cooper let me show that off okay next page rule number ten William Miller symbols have more than one week meaning we've already dealt with that here in terms of putting churches all in that one period of time we see in the controversy in the beginning of the 20th century the false view of the daily was introduced in 1901 by Conrad II and it began a controversy in Adventism that carried on for many years and one of the heroes heroes that was defending the pioneer understanding of the daily was Stephen Haskell sutanu Union and one of the aisle Eyck him I don't know him but I like him when that controversy was going on sister white rebuked him for doing something so well cause she was thinking she was because he was just agitating the argument and what he did is he reprinted this chart there trying to change the pioneer understanding of the daily being paganism to the daily being Christ sanctuary ministry so Haskell reprints this chart but on the bottom of it he puts the quote from early writings page 74 which sister White says I was shown that those that gave the judgment our cry had the correct view of the daily you going to look up a trainer so to me he was a hero of that shaking oh my Tonya would escape - he was on sister white side of things did you could he had his spiritual head on straight did you booty even though he may have been too zealous in terms of a controversy and he wrote a book about he wrote more than one book but in his book about revelation I've taken some paragraphs out of it to show that this idea that the seven churches will apply down here at the end of the world was already an Adventist understanding at the very beginning of the 20th century now Haskell wasn't going to teach anything about 911 and midnight but easy to teach at all seven churches are typifying history right here so what I'm wanting you to see is that Haskell operated upon william miller's logic he's a defender of william miller's understanding of the daily defano and the conclusion he comes to in his book this story of the seer of Patmos paid 69 it should be remembered that as the experience of Ephesus Smyrna and pergamus will be repeated in the last church before the second coming of Christ so the history of Thyatira will have its counterpart in the last generation I won't be decreased City stolid trt 1:15 on I don't know Ginny roster it says these first four churches are typifying and experienced in the last generation and the last generation is in this history on page 75 he says speaking of Miller he Miller applied the test but all pointed forward to the year 1843 is the time when the world must welcome its Saviour the condition of the people at the first advent of Christ was now repeated in me can you test me to studio G on Christy Dimond not a pity now if Haskell's right and he is C and you think this through we haven't proved it to you yet but the purpose of this study is to show that the last history of ancient Israel is the experience of Laodicea but in this identical history you have that this is the seventh church for ancient Israel this is the first church for Christian so he's saying that this history of the early church is repeated in the history of the Miller right therefore in the history of the Miller writes you'll see Ephesus and Laodicea DC and Jesus's signature is that he is the beginning and the end security beautiful and the beginning of Adventism was the Miller eyed history so if you have Ephesus and Laodicea as counterparts in the Miller ID history then you've gotta have it in our history because Jesus always illustrates the end with the beginning so I just want you to see that Haskell would not know anything about the claims we're making here but he's upholding this very concept me super scepter men and I haven't proved it to you yet that the time of Christ was layered to see it for ancient Israel but also Ephesus for the Christian Church but this is the study we're doing now that we're leading so you may say well he has it proved that but just hold your breath he also says on page 75 and 76 there was a time in the history of Pergamus when christianity thought paganism was dead but in reality the religion which was apparently vanquished had conquered paganism baptized stepped into the church in the days of Sardis this history was repeated many Idaho dezhong Kiev Apache are they a paranoid evacuee konkey Rebecca is my but is a technologies or shoulder service offered a pity now I don't want to argue against the idea that stardust begins here in 1798 I I'm pointing you back here to Wickliffe because he's the morning star and the promise to Stardust as he will give us the bright and morning star saw seeking a little honey why'd you mess up but I'm not addressing that at this time how school is saying in the time of Sardis in here millerite history I see so there's some that pergamus is repeated beg an itty-bitty okay so over here you have Laodicea you have Ephesus and you have Pergamus logic would you say okay last quote page 69 same book upon this last church the remnant shined the accumulated rays of all past ages so say Daniel is locust oh really then you actually need the tweezers pressing and in this passage is talking about the church's so he I don't know that he believed what we're gonna teach but he just said it he said the accumulated light of all past ages not just back to the beginning of the Christian Church the light of the entire Bay Bible is shining right here he may not have placed it like we do but he's upholding the principle that we use Masucci Lou classic annuities so I seen some here brother Larry yeah we got plenty of those coming you wonder I'm sorry what's the v t5 38.1 are you wanting to read that are you just receiving the party he read did I see other hands while she's looking for it senior agility some purple ear pain see topic I used to do a coin in you there yeah all right is everybody okay that's mark all right now this is sister right now my nose is still whiten the trials of the children in Israel and their attitude just before the first coming illustrate the position of the people God people of God in their experience before the second coming of Christ this is the time of Christ this is the time of Ephesus for the Christian Church and it's the end of ancient Israel we said 34 in what she's saying in this first paragraph is the attitude of the Jews in the time of Christ illustrates the same attitude of seventh-day Adventists as they approach the second coming of you see that snares are laid for us as fairly as they relate for the children of Israel just prior to their entrance into the land of Canaan we are repeating the history of that people suppose a pool no civilian immaculate upon history no libido canal you repeat on each other superb life now you got to see this she's got two paragraphs this is the time of Christ this is the end of ancient Israel as God's chosen people and she says the same experience that was that had right that the ancient Israel had here is typifying the experience that adventism has at the end of the world but in the very next paragraph she goes to the beginning of ancient Israel and vows design also when they're coming into the Promised Land on a VW and what I'm saying that we're going to show you is the beginning of ancient Israel is Ephesus and then you have smyrna pergamum thyatira sardis philadelphia this is the time period of moses who said surely the Lord thy God is going to raise up a prophet like unto myself and he did in this history because this history at the beginning Allah straights this history at the end of ancient Israel and she's saying the same temptations here overtake us at the end of the world and the same temptations at the end overtake us at the end of the world because the beginning of it beginning of ancient Israel illustrates the end of ancient Israel so if nothing out she's saying that the history of ancient Israel gets repeated in here even if she doesn't put it in the context of the seven churches like we're going to do then she says their history should be a solemn warning to us then there's one of the songs of Moses that she's gonna quote and after she quotes some of it which is the history of ancient Israel the entire history from Moses to Christ she says this song was not historical but prophetic the song of Moses that lays out the history of ancient Israel in advance is prophetic and each of the ancient prophets were speaking about what the end of the world so she just taught you that the entire history of ancient Israel it's gonna take place at the end of the world and that's just with Stephen Haskell taught us using millerite logic I'm not trying to show you that ancient Israel is governed by the seven churches at this point start that tomorrow and the next day I'm wanting you to see that inspiration and pioneer logic teaches that the entire Bible comes into this history you follow me and then the last paragraph this song and the last two paragraphs this song was not historical but prophetic while it recounted the wonderful dealings of God with his people in the past it also foreshadowed the great events of the future so what and of the future not ever see all right so that pretty sick I'm gonna cause even wonder future I gave you about eight quotes on these great and solemn events okay then she says the Apostle Paul plainly states the experience of the iller Israelites in their travels has been recorded for the benefit of those living in this age of the world those upon whom the ends of the world are come we do not consider that our dangers are any less than those of the Hebrews by greater expense a little voyage a vti which is triple beneficial so given all set - German so sake de Franchi won't solve any quiet kusuda for me why are they great are you listening why are they greater we have greater lives okay so he Paul says the history of their travels but he stole it off why Yasha where what were their travels oh yes here the Lord is organizing a church this the period of Moses but they're gonna go into the Promised Land they're gonna travel through the promised land alternately they're gonna travel to Babylon and then they're gonna travel back out of Babylon this history here between the time of Moses and the time of Christ she's endorsing that that history 2 applies to us at the end of the world follow me okay if you want to see the song of Moses she referred to it's in Deuteronomy 4 this song was not historical but prophetic and then the next quote is in your influence in what we went through this morning it's the first one it's been one that we use that the prophets are all speaking about the end of the world but that second paragraph it says the Bible has accumulated and bound up together its treasures for this last generation all the great events and solemn transactions of Old Testament history all the great and solemn events of Old Testament history that takes you back to where we're told in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth Daniel generation truly conceived in no it is su transactions or energy Lawson there is 200 also this demo two seconds even menorah men who do commence Montclair see right there was it a great event don't even know to speak let there be light and there was light she's just saying if he will see it that the entire Bible how she sayin has been bound together for this lad last generation but she says solemn transactions of the Old Testament history have been and are repeating themselves where in the church in these last days repeat two men only studied unusual all the events of the Bible get repeated in the final remnant church and then you have a similar quote from selected messages book two and I'll read the second paragraph I got to read this I got to read the first paragraph this is the punch line to this study because she's gonna use this expression but she's going to give a command to you and I so where I'm starting at the beginning all that God has in prophetic history specified to be fulfilled in the past has been and all that is yet to come in its order will be Daniel God's prophet stands in his place John stands in his place in the revelation the line of tribe of Judah has opened to the students of prophecy The Book of Daniel and thus Daniel is standing in his place he bears his testimony that which the Lord revealed to him and vision of the great and solemn events which we must know as we stand on the threshold of their fulfillment we have to know these events good necklaces even as we stand on the threshold of their fulfilment those things which have been testimonies volume 8 page page 301 the solemn messages this word but it doesn't have that expression but it's still a good quote the solemn messages that have been given in their order in the revelation are to occupy a very low priority in the minds of God's people in the first place in the minds of God's people nothing else is to be allowed to engross our attention that will keep it up for the jaha Toshio the messages that are given in their order well one of them is the churches one two three four five six seven the seals one two three four five six seven the trumpet yes my brother oh okay that's what we're supposed to be looking at first and last that's probably where we begin tomorrow morning let me summarize this we're preparing the platform to show that the seven churches of Revelation which illustrate the history of Christianity from the time of the disciples to the end of the world also illustrate the history of ancient Israel from its beginning with Moses to its end during the time of Christ the reason that we're doing that is to reach the point to where we can show that Laodicea for ancient Israel - yeah with contemporary with Ephesus and therefore it's pointing forward to our history where the Church of Ephesus will be contemporary with the Church of Laodicea and the concepts we've been dealing with here this morning are needed to be put in place before you get to that subject directly someone down here a gentleman also soo-ji one level can be understood that you're talking about two different dispensation where I'm heading is that this is a covenant people and here it's getting passed by to another covenant people and Laodicean our history is the seventh-day Adventist Church which is God's covenant people but the Lord is going to enter into covenant with the hundred and forty-four thousand but as he's passing by one and entering into covenant with the other there's an overlap in history you see superposing and Ephesus and lay out is the is a symbol that will identify that you know Jesus talks about kunu zealots if you it's good you have gue remote here in a skill with Haskell did you want to show good if it's me on AP exams on dots let's hear the emphasis Myrna and Pergamus are in Thyatira Oh from South in dot yet you and that service is entire Terra no katanas sound savage hakuna duplicate Wrigley's disagrees DISA meaning that when we have Sardis we have all the five churches what we would do with Haskell if we were going to use his logic is say that at the end of the world all seven churches the experience of all seven churches will be in the experience of the hundred and forty-four thousand I'm just using his prophetic logic to show you that it's a valid logic but where we're going with it is way beyond where a Haskell went with it me Luciano see beyond odor luck dude shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you for another day of life this morning that you've given each of us we thank you that you've given us such great light but we're fearful because we understand that when this light is coming down from above there's a darkness that's coming up from beneath and we're in a testing time tour where each of us are going to choose you to the light of the darkness I ask that those of us in this room and those that watches on the internet would be among that group that's called the children of the day the children of the light ask that these principles that were handling would settle into my brothers and sisters minds that we can understand the distinction between Laodicea and Ephesus and ultimately understand what happens when a covenant people is being passed by we thank you for your presence that's you to bless us the rest of this day in Jesus name