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Publish Date: 2/13/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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Amen sister Brittany emailed me and she made an observation that she hadn't recognized before in a scene of semicircle a balcony behave oh and I think she should have recognized it before because I know she's been there when it was taught in the past and every one of us you see a little Alice Casella et Ossa new but it's worth putting in the record here so what I'm saying is that the first thing I want to address is the lines policy Delino we've been doing that for the past couple days when a facade dooty dooty unusual and showing that the definition of prophecy is in the Bible see if you understand the Bible in the spirit of prophecy or both the Bible political ability overseas for a Bible prophecy it's a figurative delineation of events leading down to the close of the search history of Assisi in City given more somebody and what sister Brittany did we looked at that quote yesterday about the definition of prophecy don't click on the lessons for a definition that prophecy and then she went into the passage where you find that that is only passage though it can and it's on page 4 and 5 of your notes today co-op a sketchy sang-doo Venuto Georgie if you turn to page four of your notes you'll see you later on up a schedule notes the long passenger on the bottom of the page Lulu passage okay but lepers in the second paragraph you'll see the definition of prophecy in paragraph 31 a definition and we dealt with that yesterday you Nepali do sir yeah and what she was amazed at or what she realized he's killin easy if you go into this passage where this definition of prophecy is set forth she was a message with a definition to that prophecy I do need that it's placed in the context of people that are trying to change the message and destroy the prophetic understanding of the Miller I see personal context dude azonice A to Z like of course you did clear a crosswalk of achieved immediate we ended with a passage from the very first paragraph there yesterday tell me I compasses no kamae paragraph on page 2 of yesterday's notes don't wanna pass do not do year where where we ended musical meaning was taken from the first paragraph here on page 4 it did appear do chromatography see cattle I just took one little part of it you please put it found in that first paragraph it says the great way marks of truth showing us our bearings in prophetic history are to be carefully guarded do click on the manage the very take you do mo not quad on the laptop Kovacic drive it will go dig I thought if more so I put that in the record yesterday me said oh no just come oh yeah because we I was speaking about waymarks Pascucci tallied dude valleys and I was trying to get us to the point to where we're gonna deal with foundation some new poems that you probably do not feel that sure because there is a warning over and over again it's gonna have to smoke you do Leo cocoa that at the end of the world the way marks are gonna come under attack I moved on I believe it's a tacky and the foundation is gonna come under attack let's go that's too late i tacky and what sister Brittany recognized is completely who you is in this passage where we have the definition of prophecy don't sit those episodes are gonna definition with a prophecy it's full of direct statements about how people are gonna fight the prophetic message CD detect you calm down look this awful attack killer missus pathetic so I don't know the how to do the word for word processors as well as some so her email had some colors in it so I'm a dick yeah and I get rid of the colors so I'm not sure that I highlighted every point that she did in her email to me with colors she bailed on me oh god to scale mes could have a meal cooler but I want to walk down through these paragraphs and disappoint some things out Medusa paragraph yeah this has two issues and that first paragraph is talking about guarding the way marks in Oklahoma pile of pally finding out anybody's and she says that those are gonna those people that are gonna fight the message and easy person combat Ptolemy says they're gonna use the Bible in the spirit of prophecy even wanna be this prophecy but they're gonna miss apply and misinterpret them that's the bottom of that first Emily's Authority and they're gonna think that they're false theories are the very thing that needs to be put on the Internet in a big way even most likely our facilities Phoenicians kilobits me as your hotel it do you see that in the first paragraph on the bottom of good ways don't limp across about now it's outside the scope of what I want to say today you see all the old you cattle discuss video children but in the second paragraph we don't do some paragraphs where you have the definition of prophecy you have it a definition the prophecy are you guys okay what do you need you know I need some notes over who needs no no carries all the notes you'll see that underneath the definition of prophecy whom pseudo defense falooda prophecy it says the scenes connected with the working of the man a sinner the last features plainly revealed in this Earth's history locally same connectivity so medium or heavy little stability this was a foundational piece of logic to this movement it's this sentence she said class that caused the controversy in the book of Job yeah which was the beginning of the Omega J Omega in this movement don't say movement because when you came to the book of Joel no school no he believed - well you had some insects very diesel sicked where they insects the hundred and forty-four thousand goodies on sixth only so tell me that was a real minority view we're the insects Islam as goodies on sick - oh please oh please lab or were the insects Rome okay where this movement started was a movie secure the last scenes of Earth's history about Rome Danielson do these twelve and you have this reference also in Daniel 11 verse 14 we all seek at all where it says Rome establishes the vision we DQ home itta Bena vision that's outside of what I want to say here today but it's there Missy okay so if you go to the third paragraph it seems I didn't was in bags off and I may be missing some of these things you see where the boldface is in the third paragraph it's good way and I was younger huddle it was impossible take you see that component some will take 911 and put it at midnight I mean some will put victory over sin into the future so important object Oslo peace you've only passed it on to future events in the trainer prophecy that had their fulfillment away in the past in 2001 or made future and thus by these theories the faith of some is undermined system even on the prophecies you know a complete memory passes no feed only future Python septum and only Nativity positively life for the certain concern a meaning what I want in you to see is for you they're one of the most essential foundational understandings to this movement is the definition of prophecy see that definition Blowfish even sister white doesn't say here's the definition of prophecy in order to deprive one see that definition of prophecy but it is me see some historical events were set before the people and prophecy was seen to be a figurative delineation is even way to Eastwick multi-platinum perfectly we didn't even know somebody delineation means to set forth upon a line the original position lineal leading down to the close of this earth history accuse omen and I've found to destroy the detail ok historical event this event is to reach placed upon aligned flesh issue in Lydia so in this definition of prophecy don't say definition of prophecy we're now at the end of time something no and I found it on and it's under attack you see attack you are these brethren they're using the line upon line up over and above the Bible 15 easily usually do suit libel or these brothers are making a conclusion about the church triumphant who as if fearful cuckoo you actually get feel fault that is based upon recognizing that the church triumphant is represented by many symbols cube additional facilities for opportunity pas beaucoup do symbol and you have to bring those symbols together line upon line I'm this is somewhat awesome Selenia to allow the Holy Spirit to define what the church triumphant is mementos of the definitive circular uniforms and whether you realize it or not this this argument about the church triumphant has been escalated over the past 72 hours emotionally distraught come on Daniel but it's not about the church triumphant missing the pop caboodle it is your thoughts it's about line upon line it's about whether this definition of prophecy is correct exclusive definition in a prophecy it'll collect so on page five couple more paragraphs such ho be part of the the boldface Sookie these people that are teaching error you'll see person you know presenting before others truths which have had their place and done their specific work at nine eleven in the history and faith of the people of God you recognize these facts in Bible history is true but you still go ahead and apply them to the future penalty the very take your Laplace cure Philip Lasser don't talk II don't started I thought you preferred you if Willie Pless II don't know any future okay next paragraph those who are seeking to understand this message will not be led by the Lord to make application of the word that word that will undermine the foundation and remove the pillars of the faith that has made us seven made seventh-day Adventist what they are today Suki is a new component of a solution Apogee deep a listener affarin application durable cuba the minion iphone as shown in all they don't click PDF wide the second you know after the new day that on CDC team Jordan city power do you think trance I will paragraph captain Californian custody of it via the customs inevitably experience normal senior movie producer Lisa come Daniel Danny kimochi focuses as a teacher you saying they didn't have an experience in the middle right movement from 1840 to 1844 in a plastic film don't move a million cats which was a glorious manifestation of the power of God officials did you and because they weren't there bikini capella and seeing these truths arrived in history you know publicly released well that they don't have that experience you know percent experience to hold them in place that those things that happen in that history were actually way marks what I see don't fit is to us on the bodies Kingdom Yugi so they began to say no the 2300 days didn't end on October 22nd 1844 it's gonna end in divorce attorney Rita but what that means to us miss Kazue Nvidia ponnu is that message of 1840 1844 the musashi-sakai justified our message in cito chip do not so missus so the last 50 years is taking us back to 1989 Oakland secondi as an in news and those people that didn't have an experience in that history up to the present day Duke see Basanti open experience it is to ecology sociology as an example come on exam Tree of Life Ministries in the mystery of life the main man in there some of them weren't even Christians before like 2006-2007 impossible the smoothness initiative satella teaming package suddenly said the missus somewhere looks eternity but they didn't have experience in this message even if they were Advent in open experience also massage emcees it's advertised as an example of this example when they introduced that when you go in the midnight the Lord's going to remove your hidden sins look ask is ridiculous Conda even me listen overall video clip Ishika she this is a false teaching Duke cellphones animal that was identified in Adventism jte don't you see Dolezal Cheeseman years ago yet is Annie there was a guy out of brims mean that was famous for for coming to this conclusion given imputed at Iconium his name was Robert brims made he's totally out of Christianity now let him eat him in kitchen but when when he was presenting this middle C penalties alone even the theologians of Adventism Emily Toulouse young doesn't she's had the ability to blow that false idea out of the water event made the cookies official but tree of life they're not familiar with that hair straight not even our history just advent history meal fruit phone I mean yeah big cities so they can take a false teaching you keep your phones in your mouth say that when the door closes you still are gonna go into an investigated gate of judgment and the Lord is gonna remove hidden sin from your heart memory loss gonna party fail me oh yeah Joseph domestication elusive on video PC Casa de voto and they don't even realize that that teaching was exposed as error you seen ru splendid 60s and 70s in the last century sit on cinema of a desire Texas because all of these illustrations whether it's the past 50 years it is millerite history but the TV show because it's what don't click on Daniels I need only Saudi mediate they're all typifying our history is only cheap do not cease to up so there's going to be people at the end I don't have an experience in the beginning of this movement yeah these are your bodily movement that will be more susceptible to acceptable to move in the way mark for Babu Jelly Bellies and removing the pens on video click through it doesn't have to be that way send up as per second solo but it's been fulfilled miss it accomplished you the 2520 where is the understanding of the 25 2008 Marvel consumed amidst assimilation valleys we uh I think I have an answer for that personality but I don't know that it's for the public discipline this dissemination repost me to beach so in that the second to the last paragraph on page five paragraph swap as such many theories were advanced bearing a semblance of truth but so mingled with misinterpreted misapplied scriptures that they led the dangerous error could have on sick you have in Hosono solidarity meaty to tell me oh yeah big movie not a fetish or a movie that occasionally future kilojoules now the last paragraph Johnny Parker Fuji the leadings of the Lord were marked dokely like II don't see senior eighty Marquis what does that mean Chris Gosselaar video waymarks Duke city buddies the leanings though these way marks are the leading of the Lord there were marks and a millerite history those men that watch these way marks get marked don't immediately switch off you don't see but is it for Mackey they always got placed into the public arena through much struggle and controversies virtuality I mean only do mentally so when those those historical events arrived that were the way mark Las Cruces even know easterly qtd believe it they had fought for those truth he's kabocha possibility there's there's no way I mean there's ways but you know they're less susceptible to throw them out down the road who was receptive Dooley a balance point after point was established by the Lord God of heaven I play porcelain HIV policy knowledge or tissue that which was the truth then is true today Kisuke t lividity alone a very to jewelry but the voices do not cease to be heard this is truth I have new like me as if no possibility autumn they'd also do still abilities in Villa Mia but these new lights in the health message means in value me Antonio misogynist or t this is about the prophetic message mrs. prophetic these new lights in prophetic why don't the lines puffy cheeks are manifest in Miss applying the word in setting the people have got a drip without an anchor to hold them so manifest a movie replication weapon on me to do songs you know Polly suit Anya okay so I agree with sister Brittany is observations to Diavik look so much older sister Brittany this definition of prophecy is surrounded by warnings about false teachers dude diffusion of prophecy that we have to smoke before the foods on scene yo but I want you to see something because we've got taken to this level me simile kuvakin cashews in 1988 1999 or meet me in the circuit 1f I was already pretty much alienated from my church family in California immediate Edom fami degrees or California so we had Bible studies in our house on a regular basis do Conover don't easy to DBQ the other two Meisel the facade a good year and one day the usual I was reading this book selected messages book to jujitsu don't miss I see what you do and I'm page 121 it's for that Passover to know 101 I'm sorry so 101 oh the title says you know GG the three angels and the other angel list was on a lute home what's that Kiska six our mystery so it's the first reference to the three one combination see that plummeted films and a convenient what you saw I came under such conviction about I knew I read this chapter it's a long chapter is it uses a pizza no surpise I came under such conviction about this chapter but really didn't know why is he dead convict social suicide he didn't say mm Papa well that I typed this in chapter out kuzey - sapa - this is before computers city i've only sultanate l had to use a regular typewriter nevada mistake here with carbon paper do you remember what carbon paper a big zoo kept you company because when we came over to have a Bible study I was gonna give everyone a copy but who else could you VD to be big and under each paragraph I asked questions about the previous paragraph is your sacrifice acceptable indications retrieval and that's what is it aqua turned into this sea do the new some this is where the reform lines started in 1989 do not we Linda Lee from inner circle on this so I'm just gonna takes it to Brittany's observation a little bit further approximation to Brittany Israel a on tape you are the first thing the Lord did the promise was pollution you know I feel is he gave us the definition of prophecy in his I do mean a definition that I put in 1989 or Minnesota tremendous and that definition is being taught up to this very day it's a different HTML seen years reschedule jury but in this definition of prophecy that's given to us right here don't go see a definition to the prophecy community donation she I suspect that Jesus is illustrating the end with the beginning she speakers use what I thought about come on smoke so as we're approaching midnight a local news official mini what is now the focus of the attack secret no it's the definition of prophecy that definition of prophecy is prophecy Illustrated on a line it's gonna confuse if you use that technique of line upon line seafood reaches a technical initially new is that human logic or is it biblical as Casilla losses you men who asked you see by bleach and what I'm saying is this entire chapter emerges at institutions to sabotage it was the beginning see to the DB now it's become present truths at the end it could be present a song and it's placed in the hacks of false teaching easy blessed only context concerning the prophetic message I'm saying the fact that we're having this particular argument now it'll fit collusion you know say just to show actually mo is identifying that we're right on the borders of midnight so that showed up on Olivia meanie now I wanna summarize a little bit about what we said yesterday looks real humility Palooza unusual dream I'm saying the definition of prophecy diffusion the prophecy that God gave it to us good Jew news I do name that it is the correct definition so that if initial correct and that he also led us through this very chapter here in Geneva so Chabot we see to recognize that the structure of this prophetic line occurs in every reform movement for molecular structure blessed linear prophetic dosac movement reform and that was under attack he said he actually more attack II and that we've taught these kind of things for quite some time now vomit no but what I've been trying to add into the mix along the way scusi see des jeux T could you see that UT is that God's Word is his creative power secure lab all the juices efficient strategies okay so III intend to deal with that a little bit more directly to subdue delectable incoming classes don't only class a veneer but turn to page two three up today's knows me who y'all be the best watching notes to Georgie I want to make sure that your your understanding my emphasis is if it's your company mono father so this is eighty Jones no class ehe Jones you just I'll do one paragraph and then you can do it okay faith is expecting the Word of God itself to do what the word says and depending upon that word it's to do with the word says no classy satin ask Soho position about the gentleman scale variable six oak LG deep onshore f8q la power and memory kept up dude that can feel so guilty faith is not simply believing that the Bible is inspired first but simply more quality be transparent the devil's believe that W Lacroix faith has to do with having an expectation about God's Word accomplishing what it says it - is it that don'ts do kill a power alpha I completely pour le fit when when this is clearly discerned it is perfectly easy to see how it is that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen yellow special a commendation ec3 facility work la fois in a substance dishes khan asparuh Olivie don't distress call me papa since the Word of God is imbued with creative power and as so-and-so is able to produce in every substance the thing which the word speaks and since faith is the expectation that the word itself will do what the word says and depending on the word only to do what the word says it is plain enough that faith is the substance of things hoped for you hope you do prisons countries le don't cap de foudre sacristans the circular pathology communi Allah taught lesbians the cool apparel Elma computer speakers ecology al de palma de memoire accompli of secular power G in cinematography Allah ships tones dishes can you spell when it comes to eighty John's Gospel the detergents and I'm reading him in English usually on Oakland you got to think about what eighty Jones is saying regatta school as a Jones G okay he's he's saying some pretty profound things clipper folder and we're probably losing some of that as it goes into the French but it could be MC pootis qg so i'm just saying that to the french here don't you disappoint for CC what I'm saying is tsukushi GC even those of us that are reading instance straight English members only you have to think about what Jones is saying the DVD official ask you dr jones and you need to remember that sister white puts her endorsement upon what he's saying even right I miss on that car it's just killed easy since the Word of God is in itself creative and so is able to produce and cause to appear what otherwise would never exist nor be seen and since faith is the expecting the Word of God only to do just that thing and depending upon the word only to do it it is plain enough that faith is the evidence of things not seen did I read that but last time no that's kind of a repetition of the paragraph except even on Elm am I don't silly kappa podría is a fair appellate Sookie no Peppa exists wait review a priest could have won Latins the less people de la Powell did you give a fair lashes soul more on the pond of the secular apology do Keeley perfectly ocular fois it woke livid all this shows Kalamata thus it is through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear oxy a sovereign a Ocampo new Kalimantan 24 me para biology a funkalicious kiss wacky some of you with the Fed party shows come to Papa now is he who exercises faith know that the Word of God is creative Saluki existence a farcical apology excessive in the next couple days we'll have a presentation that focuses in on faith do clean clear notice shortly so I focus this or that form and how I'm going to start that in Kumasi Salah is with the short eighty Jones quote - oh cool - data Jones and in the code recode sister-wife don't sit in seat Ellen White and she says something like this issues come solo the necessity of teaching God's people how to cultivate faith Duclair necessity don't see new people you do komoku Chavira fois is the most important lesson that can be taught see Larry solitude opportunity presence in you okay because faith grows butt's gonna for it Golgi and you have to cultivate it it would be like you TV okay what what well we're gonna have it in our notes the sister white says the necessity of cultivating faith is the most important lesson that can be taught that's another phrase Angela a necessity to achieve it so Katie Jones takes this quote the tea jump on successful and he has a little statement about it even declare a short poopoo and here's what he says because of what sister white said I could discuss Eden right from this point on in the review and Herald of Union of which he was the editor at that time he book youtility tale he says we're gonna include a little passage on cultivating faith in every issue from here on out and he does so and if you go through and you read those comments on the importance of cultivating faith its Jessica more about the kuchibiru for its powerful CP so okay so that's where we're going looks illusional this is part of it looks Fe party Lucilla what I'm wanting you to see now they gotta see excuse my curve over a curve de Vivar is that God's Word she could at all did you is his creative power she said resource countries whether it's the Bible or the spirit of prophecy is just wanna be Buddhist people fishy and this is where these people that are going off in darkness we see like you supersonic evil deleting them stumble over the idea is tribute surely do I've some summer saying the Bible is a dead letter becomes equal ability to network this is this is dangerous for you si vous if you don't understand that this is God's creative power seafood Coppola Kusadasi laughs you saw Scott he's did you if all you do is believe that it's the Bible c22 fits across to see that it's never going to accomplish in you what it's supposed to accomplish in you can envision a complete home who's Cruces Shibuya Tokyo vu because what's supposed to accomplish in a scary scary societal me is that worse to be recreated in His image we could see much and it requires creative power to do that food resource please professor now but if you don't believe that this is creative power switching one point backs it up resources then you don't have the faith to access that creative power Lagoon a pineapple a CD I said piece on strategies and this is a dead letter you see little not not a dead letter because of a problem here little note I could the problem do don't it's a dead letter because of a problem here problem and there's no there's people that are unwilling to see that yeah the person to develop a voice oh no I have a reason for emphasizing the creative power here this morning how will it get to a conclusion easel occasion me know first what happens because relevant confusion he who exercises faith knows that the Word of God is creative and that is and that so it is able to produce the things spoken therefore he can understand not guess that the worlds were produced were that the worlds were produced were caused to exist by the Word of God Junichi exists laughs Wow mystical apology excessive EQ alia cap Abdul polishes twenty did they don't give me no in Cooper in giving pap you compound curly moon on itapua analogy saucepan about did you he who exercises faith can understand that though before the Word of God was spoken neither the things which are now seen or the substances of which those things are composed anywhere appeared simply because they did not exist yet when that word was spoken the worlds were simply because that word itself caused them to exist exactly conquer a travel at all did you Katie barley cooking dishes key so met novel exist a veritable supreme opus can exist a path met local apparel item I teach it follows it the moon shone up a school Simone appalled and memories analysis this is the difference between the Word of God and the word of man see that if you pull up all the Juniper all the Loom and he says if I say something surgical cashews if it's gonna happen look sister I suppose I'm gonna have to go make it happen the world-famous or should i surpass not what God be perfect you if he says something it happens GU GU GU shoots or a surprise he doesn't have to have a second step so Jones here is making a distinction between man's word and God's Word the paragraph couple dollars is when God speaks the thing is boundless exists and it is because simply he has spoken it accomplishes that which he was pleased to speak it is not necessary that the Lord as man must do something in addition to make his word it is good he speaks the word only and the thing is accomplished Buda Palace which exists is Sunnah is supreme Opus Dei family so now accompli secure Schoology snipah dr. Lucini on a publisher column the sexuality so popular so fast you bound supremo Allah surely the comfy now pay attention to the next few paragraphs please push a paragraph because there's an important point about faith and about God the point is God cannot lie the prosecutor poop emoji oh it cannot lie you primal to you if you believe that he can lie so you call you you promote you then you don't have the faith to access his creative power do they buy a CD as a resource this becomes an issue right now at many levels probably but one level it's an issue do you believe that right here and now you can go to your knees confession confess your sins confess if you PC and Jesus will take your sins and give you his righteousness for those sins at that point assuming in reality your righteous the juice okay but if you believe receiving for you that you still have sin gives a total GPC that has no way to resolve through choice there's no way to resolve this sin through your own will if you believe that sin is both a choice see you quake you'll appreciate a few hours well and also a condition you seen Cody sue the condition being a sinful nature look like initial solution that your business has guilt and condemnation upon it BT lacunae Deschanel but because it's in your flesh you consider over to share you do not have the ability in your own power to do anything about it they passed it over so the swap all you can do is wait for some time in the future when the Lord will take that sin out of you uff II don't I don't know a few chocolates in the office on v.i.c appreciative if you believe that's the definition of sins you want secrecy saladin fishy there is both both choice to CLF well as well and a condition in a cookie so then you can go down on your knees really as you exercise your will exhibit veloute ask the Lord to forgive you your sins the möbius in your dough and give you his righteousness for those and you do Lisa justice for specificity but you know it's lying but you know that he's lying loser Vicky look because he's calling you righteous loser Belarus where at the same time he is supposedly saying you still are a sinner because of your condition mmm III I wish I could look the condition okay God cannot lie Luke Judith I'm not sure if he says that he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins if we will confess our sins that is true to be a fetal position of appreciate this is an issue about that includes the understanding that God cannot lie no don't see a legitimate Co but it's not really what we're dealing with this morning so let's read the paragraph exactly most consumer tomoki's only paragraphs and so it is written for this cause also thank we God without seating because when you received the Word of God which you heard of us you received it not as the word of men but as in truth the Word of God which effectually worketh also in you that believe in you that exercised faith lapa all did you tell confirmo in Vallejos you know pecan Nepal jeezum become Lavinia till after all the Jew he don't have a cookie Jones and Waggoner are going to reach a point Jhansi magnaphone item hop one when we look at faith a little bit closer see Jana Wadud please mom they're gonna take this statement even promise it's the classroom and they're going to show that this principle is repeated throughout the Bible even liquor CPT PT are available and they're gonna identify if we don't if she that this is two parts I've got the definition of God to see I am is identifying that he is God that I am is identifying his character and they're gonna show this twofold expression of Christ throughout the Scriptures okay so what there when he's staying in here look Sookie DC is it him he's gonna say is video it's impossible for God to lie possible a Jew DiMaggio because when he speaks whatever he says automatically happens my school Sookie Palace who told you to match it no because he's God but he did you but it's also impossible for God to lie we see impossible a Jew demuccio because his character is reflected in the Ten Commandments a special character omitted only D come on mo and he would not lie because it says thou shalt not bear false witness so when we get to the Jones and Waggoner which segment in his study where could it break down these two elements of God's nature it's just short of idle but decompose easily model a that y'all did you that Jones and Waggoner emphasized John if I go there only no father yes so he's its own testimony of to perhaps do duty more this is this also is how it is that it is impossible for God to lie it is not impossible for God to lie only because he will not but also because he cannot he will not because of his character he cannot because he's God I know see to see impossible adjud demuccio son upon possible sample Shivaji Pascal in Lucca music's pupa and it's impossible because when he speaks the creative energy in is in the word spoken so that the word only causes the thing to be so it's eaten little soul keep affair good I should exist okay next page still this still 80 John I made this point yesterday did you probably do say yeah Jones is gonna make it I think I did that when we think of God's creative power volatility some countries did you he speaks and it happened in Bali in Silesia Fuji but when it comes to his prophetic word ministry publish a foul prophetic he speaks in power but if he says the thing was gonna happen two thousand years later Missy Savita then it don't happen until two thousand years later than this the best part okay so the Jones gonna make this point this is also how it is that when the Word of God has spoken for a certain time as in a prophecy for hundreds of years to come when that time had actually has arrived that word is fulfilled and it's then fulfilled not because apart from the Word of God God does something to fulfill it but because the word was spoken for that time and it in it is the creative energy which causes the word at that time to produce the thing spoken COC Duke postal oculostaple do a Bali port on sector dokin Cove achieved on for the Sultan Denis a veneer law school Tom Arriva lapa holy it a poppy in Australia area complete no Papa schedule and infectious on the other support pole like opium a particular power KT do NEPA suit on elbow cleaner secret risky a feral sort q lapel posted on porous lashes don't date a Polly last paragraph oh the Word of God is divine in it is creative energy it is living and powerful the Word of God is self fulfilling and to trust it and depend upon it as such that is to exercise faith has thou faith apologize even a linear attractive and if you want it result Nepal deduce a 20 mm the Apocrypha on CD poncherello sister exactly la fois it's good with a villa for i'm convinced on many lines of prophecy yoshikawa akio different in the prophecy that were in the conclusion of the shaking can some and I found do seeking dude tonight and we either get our heads on straight now is well or we're gonna be lost Swami everything that can be shaken will be shaken to ski-doo it was sooo quiver it was so quick and I'm saying the shaking of the Omega in this movement is ridiculous to lumiose began about six years ago roughly Kumasi don't keep yeah she's okay and now we're at the end you know I'm someone I thought okay so I have the responsibility to give you that that warning doo-doo-doo-doo-doo initiative FC small and I'm saying the definition of prophecy is ridiculous definition the prophecy was pretty much the first thing the Lord gave to this movement and now it's under attack from people that profess to be in this movement or formerly in this movement in Nazi at a key party sake and it's causing a shaking and his sister Brittany pointed out you come Brittany that truth is surrounded sit by warnings about false teachers to redo the verses most of the food on cinnamon and it identifies the techniques that they will use is you know you don't if you that technique is easy and those are the techniques that are taking place by those that are fighting this message usually technique he liked my cheesy puffs Tsukiko but this is one piece of evidence in prove that we're at the end you knew someone that song so yesterday we walk through the definition of prophesy humans embodied the definition do not prophesy we gave you several passages that sister white uses the term line of achievement if you don't pass a twin which is gloomily near the same line a prophecy that's in Daniel is taken up in Revelation document in the policy to avoid known apocalypse Udall Danielle she emphasized the order in a million official order has to be in a specific order he fixes one of the normal specific she warns us the way marks will be attacked in the giclee Belize attack II we can't move the way mark she says into baboo jelly bellys she says we can't even move the pegs or the Pens goodbye ma'am you need more clue the definition of prophecy no clear definition which produced the reformed lines it can't be moved but is it the Word of God is it the Word of God let's go see the power did you because if it's the Word of God you see the power then these lines possess creative energy and brothers and sisters in this argument you don't say just show house itself you gotta know that who do good stuff well you have to believe that we do villach well this is the attack see that touch if you're squishy on that you're in danger see that path shield ourselves it allows it if you're wavering she was it you see anybody around you that's wavering on these things well you do what the sister white say about those that waiver just Kyousuke so veccio the Angels cannot put the seal of God upon men and women that are wavering the you have to get decidedly on the right side of this thing or you will be lost so where we cut off yesterday nuclonium allottee yeah just a few more concepts your concept when it comes to understanding how to use the definition of prophecy do come home Komodo glad if you see only the proof is on the top of page one the point of reference it says in the revelation all the books of the Bible meet and end so when we take the prophetic lines that are in the Bible the close Califano Leland Kovacic ISA Mona be blue and we're gonna bring them together at the end of the world don't you move what's our point of reference for bringing them together killing one of the film's fully Omni ensemble oh it's the book of Revelation the leaves apocalypse okay that's where they all meet nan and she says that selected so hungry so tell me though the revelation is the complement of Daniel Geale apocalypse you look up promote do Daniel and that calm or in complement means to bring to perfection a complete most evidence should we kill them in allopathic all I'm saying here I think brother Daniel probably hit this is what you have the definition of profits definition of prophecy and then you develop the way marks there are believers established by God the three angels messages the three primary way mark the toy bonnie's Cosabella and then you put the pegs in pain and all in place immediately clue Ilias if Wrangler and then you begin to do line upon line contention in your line upon line application has to be in the context of the book of Revelation it's the point of reference the target let's see blue what I mean by that excuse video persona is sister white in this passage is the prophecies present a better reader succession of events leading down to the opening of the judgment and equally policia bueno consistent even amend oh okay so here we are back in 1989 the prophecies are leading is to midnight is there a judgment there occasionally see how about the midnight cries their judgment their Sunday law close the probation second coming to Christ so the prophecies are always leading down to the opening of the judgment for the millerite was the opening of the judgment of the Dead did more what is it for us is he performing the opening of the judgment of the living our message is about the things that happened during the judgment living okay if you don't Parminder dealt with this one this next quote yeah someone did suggest we can team up clear recently he said move we're supposed to look at two things when we consider prophecy going out the truth was going out on a cookie see the prophecy the prophecy which is the event is even more and the circumstances that surround the Prophet when he got the prediction given to him you got to see that Daniel wasn't in England he was in Babylon Daniel needed public identity permeability a Babylonian you got to come to understand what's it mean that he's in Babylon the component kaseylee and he gets transported to meadow Persia because that happens in the Book of Daniel and you know just understand are just supposed to understand the prediction that he gives their City I do need but what does it mean that he was taken from Babylon to Mehta perjury to get that prediction kusuda ejaculated transported oh okay she often says I'm on the bottom of page one from the rise and fall of Nations in the books of Revelation is the legatus what I'm saying is then in 1989 - okay - enough when the truth about the last six verses of Daniel 11 were opened up law school officially done even Sudan you know 18 verse that true says civility Mooji that at the Sunday law in verse 41 Lalaji Mogis a camel - if you don't have your character prepared for the seal of God you're gonna receive the mark of the beast neighborhood character separate pulusu the Judeo serve wha and I'm not grab it this whole history is about the judgment of living it's about the message that awakens people that the judgment of the living is coming because even in our even in my very limited understanding of things many years ago all these truths I knew I would argue you're Jesus you can you can test the logic buta still I lose each did if you and I are seventh-day Adventists because somebody's I wanted to see Jim jewel Ida received the mark of the beast or the seal of God at the Sunday law swell imatinib it's well suited you and Raja demos they were in the judgement living if you go because I'm alive because Russia vivo and I just got the mark of the beast you geo street I'm not doing a bit as a living person I just got judge otaku person vivant gtug same with the seal of God lemon truth I'm a kusuda juice so even though our understanding of the judgment and living has greatly expanded we've seen at MonaVie from IT ecology I taught from the very beginning she only needed abuse that this is about the judgment of the Lucifer party so what I'm saying is this whole history teaches 12 the truth it's opened up in 1989 it's gonna test this final generation ability to view ahsoka tano Kiva destinos in generational finale are the issues connected with the judgment of the Mooji connected which is motive evil up to at Deering and beyond so when she's talking about the rise and fall of Nations is made plain in the books of Daniel and revelation she talking about external no scale GQ don't kill a multinational human and these are form lines you're gonna have external events that are fulfilling prophecies that you need to see but in the next quote on the top of page 2 she says the student should learn and we're all called to be students of prophecy new Jordan's lit up home the student should learn to view the word as a whole and see its relation to its part he should gain the knowledge of its grand central theme of God's original purpose for the lower world of the rise of the great controversy and the work of redemption in Kuna sorghum son Kyle the prodigy original problem mode lamilton concluded he don't show so I'm saying the great controversy those digital compositors that's external extent but the work of rent redemption he lived rhythms show is internal see tell me there's an external and an internal line of truth yeah external term in these reformed line no single affirm because these reformed line proceeding to affirm our soon prophecy the prophecy there the definition of prophecy that's what they are Disney soon the professor and she gives us she gives us guidance on what we're supposed to look at as we handle these report now I'm at the point I want to get at to make this just she give you a point usually a TV go to Ezekiel and this is old news for most of us easy kill 12 we're all familiar with this right some family of extraneous well I'm gonna read it into English but we don't have to read it in the French because the French can read along with me I'm gonna start in verse 21 local Vanya VLC voting on you know biomorphic instead you saw Mowgli and go to the end of the chapter your value and I found is a beautiful and the word of the Lord came unto me saying son a man what is the proverb that you have in the Land of Israel saying the days are prolonged in every vision fella tell them therefore thus saith the Lord God I will make this proverb to cease and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel but saying to them the days are at hand and the effect of every vision I'll stop there yeah how do we understand that last expression in this movement a kimono kimono set expression both leafage the two TVs oh and don't say move move I argue then when sister white comments on this chart in the great controversy yoga Ellen welcome o guest you like kasi dish it she says this chart was produced based upon two passages in the scripture a back at two one through four about you do via undercut in Ezekiel 12 21 through 28 is it you haven't read and when she deals with this in the book the great controversy he lost a bundle suddenly leave Natasha DD she just doesn't reference the verses she puts the verses in their word for word look no said morphine if you ever see me a mini muumuu Habakkuk 2:1 through for an easy kill 12 21 through 28 is connected to this chart I'd like you do on a cat Ezekiel do devotee I have a treat so all that strikes its out but I understand these two charts at the same chart at one level to see do shots all mmm satin you got the first four commandments in the last six commandment yeah leaked at home you come on Murray she Danny come on mo but they're all one unit right it's the Ten Commandments was only G come on mo okay these are are different they're separate but they're also the same assume see paramecium chosen so early on for me boom Waddell de-puff I understood that her back at two verses 1 through 4 is more associated with this charge is emitted dick you don't and the objective every vision is more associated with both of these charts a leaf a dosa vision it does to see assembly because on 1840 the school do some counts the 43 chart comes into history but when we repeat this history at 9:11 cudapah tools it is 12 acceptable both of these charts become present truth and therefore we mark the effect of every Asian mafia sexism beginning at 9/11 septum okay and but you know the other guys now the zoomit know because they move 9/11 Viscusi little septum they'll move the effective vision up after midnight even little if it's like visual opportunity but that's not my point listen the person before I can agree with them on one level geppu attack the car because she or an evil when we speak about the effect of every vision cupola orderly fit or psyche visual our argument is is that every vision in the Word of God seen the most acute vision about the Jew is it produces an effect right here pulled really fit you see right isn't that how we understand it the second component is that how you understand this component right here this is where the effect of every vision takes by some of the visions go all the way to the earth made new so there it's extended but this is where the effect of every vision present you just kind of Allah dr. Satomi CBO knows who loves it oh no that's not my point Missy problem pool and you gotta get this point if we compromise go to video whether you're sympathetic with what we understand googoo salsa projects compliment or your some of the ministries that have got off the platform and they're fighting against this epitome Miki Matsu now we all agree that that expression the effect of every vision to sit exclusively fado suck vision is saying that the prophecies in this Bible ridiculous provisional said be blue they reach their perfect effect even is that unknown if a person in this history knows it is 12 they may argue about which history in fujian but it is 12 but everyone agrees that saying the whole Bible to me like oh cool to club it gets opened up in this history but they also don't sit is 12 right that's common understanding in this movement city Kisuke any feared also move it's correct it's just go go to Amos 3:7 I know you all don't know this I don't know almost too obvious is it but unless you're at this level of consideration miyamoto mucho y es una vu perhaps you cannot get Amos 3:7 petite given component her more and most father's assets in a way that I'm gonna suggest it don't have a son who's really surgery surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets can we see a little interference Oliver heavily so such as he serve eternally profits therefore which that means to the video in our history the notice to up which is the anti-type of all the other reformed lines in the reform in our history noticed well anything that happens to escape he has already been revealed here in God's Word decisively it's known about the Jew he will do nothing in the info that has not been recorded in the Bible he only by theology sit with only sweet prophecy you ever thought about Amos 3:7 that way as a Zeppelin SIA I must was said to sit vessel it's in perfect agreement with the effect of every visions you know perfectly fit do sexy sue I'll give you one more witness you got to see this make this point a little Timor now remember I've mentioned a couple days ago Lucilla Bujji Mosconi el Cuchillo we showed you a place in the spirit of prophecy where she says that in the revelation Luigi Cadorna apocalypse the line of the tribe of Judah Judah Judah Judah open the Book of Daniel evil evil do Daniela and you have that in your notes they sort of looked and what I said is where did the Lion of the tribe of Judah open anything in the book of Revelation Oakland that's gonna be Judah move Alexis why don't you leave the apocalypse and he took the Bible out of God the father's hand in Chapter five Labradoodle repair daughter's hepatocytes and he begins to unseal the Bible he removes a disability blue and I said is Yugi in this terminology that sister white uses also tell me Lulu GQ Illinois treatise that it's the illustration of the book of Daniel being unsealed EDC Daniel 12 Daniel dues at the time of the end who told you last month The Book of Daniel is unsealed do the LED City but when that unsealing is illustrated in the book of Revelation the same one only lived an apocalypse it tells us that Christ is the Lion of the tribe of Judah illogical Christian attributed ah is the one that unsealed the detail and that it is a progressive until you can see this elusive because it takes one season at a time enough Wow and I mention that again I'm mentioning that again is emotion so don't go not so much for what I'm sharing today about as usual G but I want to keep that in your memory bank Museum look you've got the tsunami muah when we get to the point that showed that the seven churches of Revelation those who use animal equally City Iggy's apocalypse illustrate not only the history of the Christian Church you used to know Somalis 12 villages kitchen but the history of ancient Israel Mini's 12 design I'll show because this is the argument now but see you have to understand that who do we consider because once you have that study I'm referring to down to pad you see the Ephesus in Laodicea our contemporary churches don't say Tuesday what if is and you have to understand what's happening when the seven seals are removed to get that study correctly even sake surpassed Oskaloosa team so it only Pokemon to the city to do now back to the point where I want to go do clue to me there's a passage here in your notes you know pistachio who knows where sister White's speaking about the book that sealed with seven seals in white pounded you leave a key city to set su and that the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is Christ or khanoom that CBG that she kissed takes from God the Father you to fail so she's commenting on that this book look I'll pull a few commercials to use and other passages show you that it's the Bible SuperSearch it removes Priscilla be blue so she's commenting on the Bible Noel come on Shauna be blue and I want you to see something she says is America view of where UK cruise khalji about the Bible a copula be blue in this passage don't supersize second paragraph I'm on page two the long quote at the end second paragraph paragraph aluminum secession pursue their in his open hand lay the book the role of the history of God's provenances the prophetic history's history of nations in church kno-ec don't said no it didn't and even lulu destroyed the providence a jew in his to a prophetic the nation ideologies she saying in the Bible the Calico dollar Bible the prophetic history on a historical footage of the external the next time the nation's leadership and internal LLL attend the church degrees is recorded it was history okay you see that voice you know hearing hearing was contained the divine utterances you see declare on TV no in this book is contain the divine utterances co-led commercial TV know is that what the bible is exclusive in this book that's under discussion is the Bible doot-doot-doot open syllable last sentence there you know in that paragraph puzzles about love in symbolic language was contained in that role the influence of every nation tongue and people from the beginning of Earth's history to its close oh no gasps somebody get a cotyledon so you know nothing of the sickness you do pillow debuted at LG's califo the influence of every individual and every nation and everything in between is in here in symbolic language come on Joe no fear of the second national check on the video it is Susanoo gas storage notice the next paragraph the bold-faced illegality epigraph evil is kidding huh the destiny of the United States was contained in that book let this teeny digitize kotinagulu is that what she said exclusive kildee she says the destiny of every nation this you need to sickness you so here's what I'm saying whatwhat is coogee the entire history of 6,000 years of sin and even up to the rebellion in heaven is in this word least well do similar need to hope you'll appreciate you may not have been okay with all this it also leave but this word is illustrating politically where this entire history will be repeated right las cosas to cities to abide Ripa Tec therefore dude is there anything in this book it's be a cake should know so leave that isn't prophetic typical future it's all going to have an effect dude saliva of work only fit in this history no such is 12 how does it have an effect in this history commercial appeal of well me finish it is 12 pardon me because it's God's Word Priscilla behold a Jew and he spoke it Allah family and even if he had the way thousands of years were the effect to be accomplished Alafia didn't e he's taught us the effect is the perfect effect immediately leave a person is right here it CC so the reason it's getting accomplished you can even pull a killer sheet a complete it's because it is his creative power produces a person strategies do you follow that you see visa no you gotta follow that because I'm gonna make an argument now that if you deceive service cumin knows vehicle cashews we haven't brought in no calls to this clash yet I haven't go to Romans 1 16 and 17 Allah says it is it okay here this is this is a class right Lucas it you know class here's your test question for today's class no but she were to kiss your test for for that test yogi what is God power required Larry songs did you his word that I got to get the right answers about I'm looking for an adjective is associated with power me an object an adjective is easy a vicar it is creative power that's what I'm getting it what look seesaw strategies that's in his prophetic word she knows about prophetic okay now here's Paul dr. Cipolla verse 16 for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation uniform delivers you see in piece of the jewelry Sally what's the gospel of Christ sequin limos you do exist it's the power of Godzilla prisons did you what's the power of God sequel official did you it's his creative power sister trees on status where do we find that creative power with kulu kulu citizen sketches in his word don't zap a whole what is his word Chile said pahala it is his prophetic word sis about profits each you just agreed his word is prophetic from beginning the end Yakub sapa holy pathetic dude abuse califo God's power is his creative power do kill a few songs reduces that so when Paul says I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation law school teacher in the poem delivers useless also do police on you how could anyone dare to say that the gospel is not a prophetic gospel commercial computer conversion apparently vocal fatigue the power of the gospel is the power of God's prophetic word resource delivers insulin prisons the level zero fatigue which is his creative work he presents a Pilates la verse 16 says the vicinity under salvation to everyone to the Jew first and also to the Greek Peninsula turkey kumquat reef come here mama do you like what salvation sequence are you healing legit assumed we were dead in trespasses and sin beauty mode only PC but we're made alive we need some hanji of evil how are we made alive on the Christ come on some new vivo vivo released through their creative power of God that's a very clear the pieces countries did you where do we find the creative power of God he was good at Whoville pardon me Ezekiel 37 easy kid come sit you find God's creative power lots of places in Ezekiel 37 is one of them but that's not good is it just wanted to see you find it in his word we would have in Osaka holy and you find it therefore in his prophetic word if we do know about prophecy how does it how does it here you become boogity by faith not a flaw you have to believe would you require not just that the Bible is the Bible but she's gonna be in a be blue but that is it is his creative word you see some pahala trees and that it is going to do what he says it's going to do Calvados secured the decal video we are going to emphasize you have to expect it to do what it's going to do that on a skillfully led but you also have to depend on DVD poncherello okay you can see we're in the omega apostasy we work on it on la pistachio media you can expect that to be humble it's in the prophetic word signal a powerful feature but you know when you're in the battle me gonna battle over the false doctrines that are waging its you only a foods of kinky for guys you have to depend on that word you have to know what do we serve well that God is in control to do it oh cool and then what's happening is by his creative word they soon as the best possible strategies you have to be settled on that it's a vicious hola or you don't have faith we're often a product whoa but if you have faith received a laugh wah then you have accessed the creative power of God's of access and a piece of cotton juju and it produces in Fuji a righteous life reduced Romans 16 again for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ janeshia nipa also delivers it exists for it is the prophetic word of God pass consider prisons and appalled prophetic juju under cerveza to everyone that really salute the keikain quoi to the Jew first and also to the gray G from Yemen projects like for therein mm-hmm the prophetic word but Scully is the righteousness of God revealed a prophetic a Dhokla heavily from faith to faith but a for Ebola for what's it mean from faith to faith because every depart for a polar form it means its brothers and sisters sort of Jerusalem the Bible teaches that every man was given a measure of faith libido simcha second I host you Monsieur de Foix but eighty Jones is gonna quote a spirit of prophecy pass it you'll see it it's jang yi-jeong Vancity or less prophecy where she teaches will you something that the thing that we need to do above and beyond any other thing good as yours couldn't warfare or policy to is cultivate faith secret even a flaw because faith grows but good a flaw and gandhi the righteousness of god logistics to do is rebuild Rivoli in the growth process don't like whistles from those that have accepted the power of god the switch you'll accept it at all did you which is his creative word he's the whole treatise which he defines as his prophetic word Tiffany comatose a package are you following this logic is cushy recent usage because some people say that the the gospel is moral position is cool leave Anjali Mahalo not prophetic by prophecy and I'm telling the pulses he not ashamed of the gospel because it's the prophetic word is apology apostasy lithography teach the gospel is the power of God levels inside you from beginning the end of the Bible the power of God is his word that is creative power a personal apology but you just accepted the concept that everything in the Bible is prophetic lives every accepted local seppuku structures on a beautiful physique that's crazy to be saying looks even more footage let the gospel is moral evil genie Mahalo does the prophetic gospel produce a moral person ask you live in poverty Mahalo we it's that how its revealed from faith to faith she comes Exeter villainy - laughs what a powerful by those that have accessed the creative power of God at safety don't seize did you Habakkuk 2:1 - for I bet you do mercy on a cat this is Miller right history right this is this chart yeah city Swami it's it okay I will stand upon my watch and set me up on the tower and we'll watch to see what he shall say unto me and what I shall answer when I'm reproved do you tell me put such a moot initialize to or vehicle was a key time in Manchukuo pick you up come appellants sister white said some were based upon this passage some were led to produce this chart visage skill can I take on GI Steve first itself it was produced in May of 1842 so before May of 1840 to do so can do there was some millerite in every Domini leads that came under conviction we need to write the vision into a Aquila vision and make it plain based upon her back in a mid plane that verse 1 I mean they're gonna ask the Lord what we're supposed to do you inducing your kiss cleaning what fail that's before the chart is pretty exactly I think analogies and then in verse 2 it says you've actually do and the Lord answered me and said write the vision and make it plain upon tables that he may run the reader that for the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak and not lie though a Terry wait for it because it will surely come it will not tarry Sharapova signal actually table for college Cuomo the facilities are fixing mouse Russell motapod sheltered at or not is a computer is a computer certain mo there's the history of 1842 1844 and three verses when you start Calhoun I do so I can cut obviously but when you get to October 22nd 1844 couldn't even do up top juice or Tomcat you have two classes managers IV do catch some money fifty first for glossy cattle behold his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him but that just shall live by his faith was he sometimes it awfully but what only malicious de vivre pasta for who's the just secure just someone that's justified khakis you see few what does it mean to be justified especially we do it cause you see few it means to receive Christ's righteousness you know Savannah's received at least what is illustrated about the Miller right history here kiss Chris really saw the molarity see the people in the Miller right history we presume is what immediately that are demonstrating righteousness by faith Damona justice powerful what is their faith based upon in this passage you know ye but it's your quadrant supersized it's right there in front of you see it's prophetic faith still of a prophetic they received the righteousness of Christ is a whole village is Suzuki's by exercising prophetic faith only asana for profit each and they were the beginning of Advent is until you do that autism and where they end of Adventism some left on delayed Maltese so what kind of faith do we have to have do kill chip do for the removal well prophetic faith for profits each but they're called justified me some a plea tomato juice to see which means to be made righteous civilian introduced which is accomplished by the gospel he accompanied von Sydow and we're not ashamed of the gospel nope it delivers you for it is the prophetic word with its creative power Cilla Donald prophetic avec les personnes accessories that allows a human being keep your men on this window to reveal the righteousness of Christ in their life Viva La Juicy dildo savvy data back for or to one through four bakudo satanic at and it's confirming that the gospel is silica fume kuribohs is the prophetic gospel syllables in prophecies that separates hyssop are two classes of worshipers do Claire the daughter one that has been made moral by receiving the very righteousness of Christ in exchange for their sins Joost is decreased only songs do CPC and the other class that doesn't have the righteousness of Christ allude to a cleft in a palace you cease to exist because they got pride in their heart Kadal do you get that you see that weighs it out how about Matthew 24:14 and 15 documentary from cats get those that kills now I know that you you were I I think you were probably expecting do that on G a very systematic class study when you came here to the glorious night class for a more systematic community and and I think we're gonna get there is reposed over yeah if it but we're still doing an introduction little some logic show and it's a purposeful introduction easier a bit I want to put some of these concepts in place which is a little sequence if don't bless before we go to the study of the Covenant lines in Daniels but in this climate climate climate of the shaking don't see Topo Gigio just you keep lies there are certain errors that are being taught in your disavow key small city such as that the gospel is a moral gospel don't you little evil that you hit along the way because there you're passing by a good argument right where you're there you don't want to pass by it so I'm adding things in that I didn't necessarily need to add in this was Cruz new path for Simone Guzman desert a but I've been challenged about this message visitations approximate size for decades to be decently they didn't express the argument the way it's being expressed today I know one guy got under conviction of this message is you conviction is a massage well known health reformer seek to take with you and every time he and I have interacted face to face each second surface yeah I like the prophecies not sure that's right vision specialist receivables used but then when it gets opportunity is going to tell me about why the importance of the health message should take the preeminent developers reteamed is a pourquoi dr. misogynist wanted to vape on positional organized meetings one time you know can you see the whole floor fortunately we hadn't bought the airplane ticket VW and he sent me an email saying in my email on the dissolve I decided to our group doesn't need to study the prophecies because it's the health message that fit you up for heaven covetous casino miss adversity and sister more up to policy Anna sister white says something almost word-for-word like that okay so I could click I'm sorry okay so I'm just given that an example then from the very beginning do qdb the the role of the prophetic message has been attacked the whole new musical physique attack you and those in Adventism that style themselves as the champions of Jones and Wagner's message of 1888 Hisoka don't commit only shopping do you massage the socket origin see if I go near they're gonna talk about the cross even Polly do that qualms and and it's so doing they'll confront you to try to downplay the prophetic message mrs. puff it's because Jones and Wagner's message was the gospel rescue agency vaneau City Virginia so for years this is where I go didn't even consist you know Matthew 24 the achievement gap verse 14 and 15 we all seek at all obvious accounts and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come said bonne nouvelle volumes are placed on mono cheapo ceremony that took in as shown I know a few Ankara phone so this is about the gospel right devotional is the gospel prophetic moral health message is reliving or some other animal it's good you don't see a prophetic message sot i compiled a great controversy sister white specifically says that here Jesus is speaking about the end of the world no Natasha DD chick in the jacuzzi super specific moon seeded I found you mundo so this is the gospel at the end of the world DOCSIS 11 seed Ana de mundo and verse 15 versus council G when he therefore seppuku ah what's therefore do not go to kiss Covidien Oscar connects verse 15 with verse 14 Sarah Jessica talk iconic type 2 verse it comes this is the gospel that goes to all the world nukes Olivos Akiva go to the moon therefore suppose qua when ye therefore see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place whoso readeth let him understand Kumi Naidoo - oh multiple prophet Daniel Auteuil it happy on yourself as a Toshio verse 15 is the gospel no previous accounts it evolves in saying you got the gospel the carried of the world very Mosul a portable model and you need to see this if you live what you know what do you need to see to deliver the abomination of desolation leguminous on that issue - oh they came from where give zombie the Book of Daniel do you Danielle what's the abomination of desolation whatever you do - oh well you and me we don't know what it is if we money someone fusca see the only way we can know what the abomination of desolation is so faithful duelists have well is if we study it out prophetically mutual defense on prophecy Jesus is here saying the gospel that's carried to the world is the prophetic gospel Susan G Komen Seth Gilliam OGG of a yeoman Olivos he profited and this has been an argument for 20-some years it's a inverting the NICU WM o iniquity sister Brittany it's an answer to verse 3 he falls for a free quote and as he said upon the Mount of Olives the disciples came unto him privately saying tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming in the end of the world that sign dong-su senior is the abomination of desolation see let me assume that desert as shown but you can only understand that we provide similar come home through his prophetic words that's obvious about poverty and that's the gospel of the king Nivens you know they get swearing the mankind yeah the humanity it's the prophetic gospel evangel prophetic and we should all be settled on that it was you need no solo it produces morality dukes will approach with the morality because they're in the school is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith Co each individual as you see the do table for a for a for for it's been written but you delete the just shall live by faith lose your power for okay let's pray don't feel heavenly father we want to understand that your word is your creative word but we also need to understand that your word is your prophetic word and when you tell us that the ministers should teach seventh day adventists that the foundation of their faith is the prophetic message or placing an emphasis upon a prophetic gospel that must be understood but we can truly only understand it the way you design if we bring that word into our hearts and our minds and allow the creative power there in the only fully changes into your image we know the time is short and we need to be prepared for what's coming and we asked it as the author and finisher of our faith that you would continue to finish the work in each of us that you have begun as we participate with you in working out our own salvation with fear and trembling for we know in your word that it's those that tremble over your word that are the students of prophecy at the end of time help us to fulfill our high calling in Jesus name