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Publish Date: 2/12/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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I'm still giving an introduction but I am gonna do a study this morning I'm just telling you the introduction isn't quite done but I want to put something in place about lines I want to put something in place about lines those remixers on press a palpable union in order to develop a platform to speak about foundation and faith for developing that from totally do that fulness you do that for and almost every quote that we have in this handout they don't teach it a choconuvo do something that was in the very first presentation of reform lines et Dona premier presentation Katie virtually in uniform so this is old news don't see this was a nuva notion but in this movement now we'd also move moment no and I hesitate to say in this movement is it zero so movement and it's like saying of some of the people that have stepped off the platform so you can see on Geonosis all teed up at four still calling them brothers and sisters becomes you only zap into roughly so because in reality they're in a different movement oh and if you want to get technical it's your techniques you're either decidedly on the side of Christ or decidedly on the side of Satan SWAT only or defense or easily recruited at least we'll do settle they have different a different parent than we do so I don't know if I want to call them sisters and brothers anymore he's only different about the film it no Sebastian please uplift LT so that being said in the generic sense don't search it on G don't donate some general in this movement now one of the arguments is don't indiscretion Allah move martial Nazi they were placed in the line secure Molina above the Bible who do suitable and we need to understand that the lines are the Bible in the open curly linear solar beam because the Bible is our foundation for school a beautiful vessel and if you don't have a correct understanding of the Bible it's even apparently new compost will collect to the lab you then you'll have incorrect faith lose even one clicked and you'll be lost if you surely perish so this argument by placing the lines above the Bible's very satanic doctor decision the Priscilla we shall I be so abusive amo satanic testimonies volume 5 page seven or eight dude ammonia apology for you sunk by sits on it whatever may be man's intellectual advancement let him not for a moment think that there's no need of thorough and continuous searching of the Scriptures for greater light as a people we were called individually to be students of prophecy kukuku soir level c artilect will kidnap people to continue anymore oh sure is a teacher proverb in Konya Auto Cooper Newsome a individual more easy to join the prophecy now underneath in your notes you see several references that uphold the importance of prophecy on pseudo said not viable confusion over see he don't switch and set apart also a prophecy would you read just sister second Timothy 2:15 and then do you get second Peter 3 - and then my sister second chronicles 2020 and my brother is Michelle Matthew 1041 and then will drop back to Maurice and you can do second Peter 1:19 and 20 just to put these in the record what a momentous he takes the doors close second Timothy 2:15 we're to be student of prophecy a two-digit redundant prophecy and as students at prophecy we have to divide the word of truth doc if you don't have professional discipline sit what Mona probability we have to divide it correctly in the world I just concede what more second Peter 3 2 don't do PS quaver see do okay one of the accusations that's going on is that Parminder has hijacked to this movement in these accusations that you're having that he's taking control away from me you don't own the palooka cooler somewhat and he's done so partially because I'm getting old and feeble minded he left a package of the jump you should be on the Columbus emblem that's an actual accusation that's out there Luxio an accusation can you swim oh so I would admit I'm getting old and I feel the ravages of age just Kazuma saw you you could just tell me how much - but so what you know it's never been a human being controlling this work or this movement committee under clinical Calise so what is that what does it I don't know that you can do this what what is I know I remembered why I want to talk about my old feeble brain there's no simple question - eponymous a fool I forgot your name sister Julie Julie okay sister Julie what does that verse say that you just read kiss kissy Neifi so if you'll see coach Antonio and it might be more difficult for a French person to dig this out a political poll on Francis III of did you see the causes of arsenic there's an English word there that if you look at it and break it up it teaches you a very important lesson school Yountville your move on glass you will decompose it you know send you no no no guess principal there there you go what does mindful mean Guruji sin intelligence means your brain is supposed to be full of God's prophetic word so it's just good to me please do it concern who do it hopefully do not mind for let's plead with it so when we're supposed to be students a prophecy it's digital no prophecy study in the show ourselves approved you know what's a movie we're supposed to be filling our mind with God's prophetic word so home Kelley's piedra Pahoa village ok sister and how easy spell it for me is alene right okay what what are you reading your readings the last portion of verse 20 of second chronicles 20 done UFOs but you can read them obesity vodafone evil our prosperity is based upon believing the prophetic words possibility but there's false prophecy out there you see the first position if the work working we're trying to understand it in a controversy you see the component on the casa de la cosa yes Matthew 1041 much of this so to breathe to receive a profit no possible proof it is to receive the prophetic message right also want to massage the footage and that's where you're gonna find a real reward if they leave us alone Michael Paul's brother Maurice first second Peter 1:19 and 20 partner in French if you want that's fine but it would be better in English but go ahead we have a sure word of prophecy it's a light that shines in a dark place city miyagi believe on a new obscure it's of no private interpretation so next quote ministers should present the sure word of prophecy as the foundation of the faith of seventh-day adventists liebe still develop until opposite end of prophecy or talk to the foolish your prophecy is the foundation of our faith Dhokla VCC laughs ooh - oh no not so far and we're gonna look at faith going out enough for we discussed it a little bit yesterday I'm gonna parley I'm - oh yeah the devil's believe in tremble the job is quite a tumbler faith is not simply believing that's good for me personally Makua genuine faith is much more than that - torchic for buku buku solo in fact when when you take it really boil it down to its lowest common denominator the denominator come out when it says prophecy is the foundation of our faith no see Dina Bova see it I feel that's from the notice well you can show that the Word of God is the foundation of our faith Kayla pahala Gina for national forum which includes prophecy key unclear prophecy but the thing that we need to understand and have confidence in about the Word of God in EM do Oklahoma Rob deletions less your own spawn apology is that the Word of God represents God's creative power secure Pahoa do Joplin owns a person sketchy Curtis the very first thing la première shoes and the rule of first mention is very important right another coup de promotion upon the very first thing the Bible says is in the beginning God created la veta co d become a small detail and then it goes through in genesis chapter 1 yes and what does it say repeatedly GD difícil rippity he spoke and it was Impala is so official upon the rule of first mansion she reneged on a promise you the most important thing they understand about God let's use the principle total component about is that he is the creator suki dakara and that his word is his creative power he gives up a whole person Scotties and when we get to look at faith a little bit more perhaps tomorrow yes you hung out shoulder laughs what ya'll said to my party you'll see that when Jones and Waggoner deal with faith no screws only if I gonna pound ooh laughs well they identified the Word of God as his creative power easy don't you see that by all the do come Socrates and they go to Genesis chapter 1 the approval no solution and from Genesis chapter 1 they go to Christ the absolution is even more creased and they show that when Christ walked among men you don't click to looks good he's too massive ilysm every miracle that was accomplished by him was based upon his word truly me like you they are computed by Z showstopper he was confirming the very first thing that is in the Bible yo Phil Miller premier Schettino happy that the Word of God is his creative power La Perla Jew is a person Stratus so if the rule the first mention is valid and it is like the problem also a value deadly then the most important thing for us to understand one of the most important things for us to understand is that his word is his creative power in this was reported by component secured Sapa Hall it's a peaceful catalyst so he's gonna teach that to us over and over again in hopes that we'll understand it so here's your first test question for this morning there's one example of God's creative power your own example do the personal strategies to do that is repeated in the Bible more often than any other example galoot example what is the premier illustration of God's creative power in God's work gilli national officials country's dude you don't have to hold it you a new heart on the book Carol what are you just translating yeah that's not the answer I'm looking for even if it's true so we'll keep going what is that - what illustration is in the scriptures a hundred times more than any other illustration of God's creative power in Okinawa in something the father IV bless your son Scott sister Jude what light yeah would they the answer I'm looking for could be categorized as light but that's not the answer musica municipality sister Brittany take a shot at it that 10 commandments did you come alone you can kind of you can kind of get there with the 10 commandments Bob you already tried brother Larry there you go prophecy is God's creative power see a city like Tucson Scratchy's did you how many prophecies and predictions do you have in the Bible come yondu prophecy in the creation don't be blue isn't it God's creative power in this planet for some countries to do at first at the first examination the law school yanomamö we look at the creation of the earth community he says let there be light and there is light instantly created animal so we may think we may forget da cunha Peter to be there is the same power kusuda Memphis knows that Christ illustrates when he says in 2300 years then the sanctuary shall be cleansed you know it wasn't my time you sunk just so apprec but when that 2300 years arrived - Chris Dimitra so no matter even the creative power of his word makes that prophecy established personal strategies develop a call it a visit prophecy prophecy is the hands-down biggest illustration of God's creative power this device the episodes you don't have yeah I will take it - what is the other option okay so nice options there he speaks no ill pal and the blind man sees a vague Lavoie he that's his creative power no session efficient strategies meet the thief and the craft the Volusion aqua today you'll be with me in paradise today I say unto you you're gonna be with me in paradise oh Harvick model apology that that person was justified through God's creative power right then and it looks like government is refusing to do so we have illustrations of instantaneous creative power in the scriptures I don't deny but they don't come close to the illustrations of prediction happened on apology paparazzi's me but we don't you even if it takes thousands of years it is a constant key detail about did you know to imply reasons if even I've shown the prophecy this kind of thought to enter to speak to what you said Drummond this kind of this line of logic Linda logic leads to the conclusion that every word of God is prophetic check behold you do it poof it it okay and and that's that's where I'm trying to go with this you see luck as you see Delhi our foundation is prophecy our foundation is the creative power of God no trauma associated prophecy is still a person's crisis did you and minister should teach that the foundation of seventh-day adventists is the sure word of the health message the Basildon Sonique you could have foolish the sure word of country living certainly I'm not I'm not downplaying those things you see by these issues just trying to make a point musicians used to film the foundation of our faith there was a hand back there and this you I want to put in the record here momentum on that brother Parminder pomander he's pretty much a French person see he goes and visits these French brethren on a regular basis you know suvorov's utilities policy so he's got a rapport going with them ela sort of EQ which I don't have yet may never have goodbye you could participation ellipse at me but it's only the people that are always here that are interacting with me right now in the French people simply can't be kind of quiet and you're the students that have come all this way to be here so you guys got to start getting involved Ludovico mostly empty cute okay I don't wanna have to shut down the other people was there another compactor equipment daily all right so don't people are losing eternal life right now Sandow pero la villita Nelnet know by accepting the premise an acceptor no clue foot posterior that in this message reduce emissions we're taking a the law a human logic nutrional induce equipment of lines doodlee new and placing that human logic above the Bible II personal said to logic human who do sadhana be blue and if you accept that premise is seafoods activity superscalar then you're gonna die for eternity whose animal here for eternity that's how serious that is it is right now so you see still UKUSA no so this next quote looks it's to test you claim it's life or death in kitchen review demo and it's been in the public record since 1995 you dreaming of sockets wanna tell not only do men to bleach it's the definition of prophecy see that definition the prophecy okay so selected messages book to page 101 102 it's actually would even do pass only I'm telling you you need to wrap your mind around this quote a suggestion you'll have to decide whether you believe this quote or not will be the CDC vu that equals it stuff you're gonna have to have faith in this quote the V I'm gonna flood or sits tissue there are those now living who in studying the prophecies of Daniel and John received great light from God as they passed over the ground where special prophecies were in the process of fulfillment in their order go ahead Sookie he only to Johnny prophecy Daniel is also also the economy or do not even know who the prophecy speciality course issues do that could be small donor auto ok I stop where it says in their order materials good yeah math key there's two ways you can approach at that are both correct I think yeah defense on the

solo there was a prophecy that was

fulfilled on August 11th 1840 there was a prophecy the 1335 that was fulfilled on April 19th 1844 there was the 25 20 in the 2300 that were fulfilled on October 22nd 1840 so that's the order those prophecies came in don't see logo you can see prophecies but you can also understand from other references move approval seeking do saloon dutifully feels that when it comes to the prophetic lines kudos compile the UFO footage and the way marks on those prophetic line valleys Yoseob be no footage that they have a specific order there is no specific and you have to see that it would've a live well you have the the psalm 23 people I know Suki Sudan don't even talk there and the the Tree of Life people the surgery needs to do mr. morality of life they're taking the way mark of 9/11 dependable in September and they're moving it into a history beyond that play and in so doing Susan so the established order of the prophetic line is been destroyed not you it'll be political fatigue industry inspiration emphasizes the importance of retaining the order that is given in the word nuna spiritual amino fast relief it do the Lord Katy Dooney and it warns us that that order will be attacked chiku sudoko very Kentucky and we're at the time now where that order is being attacked I just wanna put mortar into the rocks Atticus I don't know this woman so let's read on continue they bore the message of time to the people isn't it Amanda Loomis a short talk the truth shone out clearly as the Sun at noonday lividity bleed on the classroom lab as we do silly now here's the definition the definition historical events even means to teach showing the direct fulfillment of prophecy it's a stolen piece mucuna prophecy were set before the people twenty presently develop and the prophecy was seen to be a figurative delineation of events leading down to the close of this earth history in a prophecy item click on my tone you know in delineation even more symbolic key I knew so many was kind of foundry Stockman now from the Webster's dictionary of sister White's day and age Webster we have the word figurative and delineation defined another mode of security for some belief a didn't yes delineation means to set forth upon a line vinyasa Virginia prophecy was seemed to be Luke Lavoisier team in Tacoma tone was understood as IT complete commit all historical event this event is to teach that are set before the people she saw Placido volapük on align continue going a specific direction et vous those intellectual specific its leading down to the close of this mystery and I found a list Rahman this is a historical event accessories you don't even miss to reach and what does this passage tell us about this historical event which is good news is it's even moisture-rich pardon me pardon me it's a bigger ative event Lucas y'all even more somebody what does that mean kids kusuda video type so cheap we've gotta be careful about how we use type and anti type but that's what it is she's all DTP little steep this event here look at Emily see which is the time of the end let's say he Lou told us all about you and in the line of Moses it would be the birth of Moses he's only in demonstrate lease or sublease so was the birth of Moses as a historical event it's good learning something we say don't even moist to each but was it a type mosquito cheap yeah it typifies the birth of Christ in his reform line it's also clean up if you go line upon laughs okay so historical events were set before the people event leaves even moisture acuity a placid develop and prophesy in a poufy she was seen to be right if you commit on a delineation of events a succession in even more and they have an order a specific order you're not a specie feature and the direction that they're going is toward the end of the world he likes overkill you don't see that so moved now if if I'm understanding correctly DoCoMo collectible the curriculum here this trimester brother Daniel is going to be teaching the reformed lines on Thursday in uniform this is the ad reduction I use when I'm gonna do the reform line Jesus could enjoy reform but I'm not gonna do the reform lines visions if I fail in doing so what I'm trying to get us to see Jim I can do for you is that prophecy is to be the foundation of our faith likova cigarette colorful modern as well so we gotta understand what prophecy is coupons to Kira prophecy all right and prophecy by this definition you know the definition is something that you set before the people see teachers could please it's how you teach the people Susan you put blue and how you teach the people is to illustrate with the line continues continue the historical events that mark the fulfillment of a prophecy please even mr. Ricky Matthew Modine coefficient and these historical events will see your called way marks and we have warning after warning after warning about the way mark everybody's attack you okay it's one thing to say I agree with the lines look you just read economic lady but I'm gonna move the way marks as I choose but it's a different argument to say we see on document if you hold it you that the lines are a human invention Canadian social novelty men that are being placed above God's Word we T plus C you just you do that power did you so you have to settle in I think a Thomason is opposed to this quote she test you is this an accurate definition of prophecy as Christian definitions used to do that prophecy and I'm sure that it is but this is present truth now we see there's a battle over this issue now yeah but is also problem is no and if you're not settled on this issue you see me powerless your problems your sister yet then you're not settled on prophecy watching this or a prophecy therefore your foundation is crumbling it was an resourceful to subdue can see cooler and you're going to be swept away by the storm and the rain in the blood evilly and by the power laptop it did you see lat trician to show us that is the older one who has been attacked because she said she just woke up a cozy love cake that I kept is easy to see but if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly I already addressed that scooter EGCG zapala deuce up and what I mean by that is as I said there's some people let's say we believe in the lines jeez McCoy rolling in you but they're still attacking the lines the way they attack the line personally attacking me is by changing the order or moving the way marks usually varies but there's another attack touch it says prophecy defining prophecies as a line is human logic of a community logic and to use those lines it's cheesy selenium in that fashion is to place the lines above God's words don't see a blessed apology and I'm trying to say you should say to do that if this is the definition of prophecy you see that definition with a prophecy then it is God's Word don't sign up a whole did you prophecy is God's Word we agree with that Oh Junior some duck oh I'm just saying that inspiration the spirit of prophecy has been as soon as we put she has told us that prophecy that is illustrated on a line life obviously knew it as a specific order having enough squishy feed the Lions heading to the end of the world the uniform just can't afford you mum okay and and we will develop this further as we go on but this is the point of attack we see the pork yeah I thank you this way when you speech these pigs arrows arrows you know like a bar and elegance okey doke Law School if you cannot see steel band in the valley flesh it is Ksenia of conformity for sexually together his prophecy he saw fit fabula prophecy having flesh up the flesh okay next quote from review and Herald July 31st 1888 savant of Utah gotta meet you got a wrap your mind around this one you see a Fiat was for sale now we must have a knowledge of the scriptures in Cunha song physically chill that we may trace down the lines of prophecy coefficient I see the prophecy where do the lines of prophecy come from do gently linear do the prophecy from the scriptures teach you to say that we're placing the lines above the scriptures of fujinuma Tolentino do city 62 satanic argument see an argument satanic but praise the Lord Louisville is in Europe there's a group of people that have been following along in this message here Chevy services that are actually willing to take that kind of logic he saw no temple constitutive deluge it and run with it and and accept it in laxity praise the Lord the Lord is purifying his people we saw the senior could easily feel super blow that's what's going on ciske surpass you can look at it from the tragic side we got the festival classic as you look at the human experience involved no school garden experience you men Campeche or you can look at what God's doing with his church if we've done only this could you say and say praise the Lord Lucy no there's no no errors in him raising up the ensign in your pattern of skill available yeah that temple gets lifted up and it's perfect so told it could be very puffy but individual temples me a little jeweler they gotta be cleaned up it was a true neutral ye they gotta be separated separate and people that are willing to accept these foolish satanic arguments you don't even accept if she's argument who is that on each are a fulfillment of prophecy so an accomplished model a prophecy and when we say prophecy fulfilled in law school boy you'll have coefficients are comfy oh we should say praise the Lord Luis Valley senior I I know the human struggle I've not tried to update that but that's the reality human me missile a missile et the Adventist authors and teachers nucleotide multi-season senior and this one's okay to use even though lots of Adventists have used it who do that what is introducing solo because Jones and Waggoner use this agency vicuna cheesy Jones and Waggoner use the army of Alexander the Great that X only God they never lost a battle Yoshimi Belgian appetite they win this battle using convert a their confidence grows win this battle isn't gonna use it so their confidence grows more before long they're saying hey let's go find another fight not to loose a battalion it don't matter if we're outnumbered 100 to one will win them sea is so close I'm gonna get you and they did it lose it and if you can't see it she will be puff well that the Lord is winning these battles Kulu senior genuinely battalion then you're gonna get downcast and discouraged who's Elliot D quasi but the Lord's in charge Miller senior a and he's lifting up the ensign right now it's the beginning of the lifting up you don't want to live e11 Yarmouth no see the DB and he don't lose one in between but I not one but you and if you can see that is you weave Russell out what Jones and Waggoner and the Adventists authors all say so John Siever gonna ready to tell us to Jesus if you can see that God is winning all the battles we've worked to improve what could you again you took Liberty then you grow stronger your face gets stronger but what I call Geo so you gotta focus your attention who cares about that don't show on the church triumphant the only these few phones not on the individual temples but surely top on trailers that are trying to decide which side they're gonna stand on to kill Kuti even certain you we must have a knowledge of the scriptures that we may trace down the what the lines of prophecy and understand the specific specifications given by the prophets and by Christ and the Apostles that we may not be ignorant but be able to see that the day is approaching so that with increased dill and effort we may exhort one another to faithfulness piety and holiness hostility in Duke of AC component specification Tony poly profit backseat syriza put a vacuum Suellen patent yarmulke new swim cap observe Waukesha report eco havoc and Zell Oakmont a dizzy form pre-show news exotic soccer and a fidelity deputy in authority okay now let me put a thought in here Lisa Morrisey know CeCe we never seen this the importance of being careful about how we use the expression type and anti time next question keep your tip until we seen that it was being used to uphold error in wales discuss concerns because tonight easy obey yell papua suta near the level when we were told that the Jews could not accept the messiah los músicos no Papa except Allah Missy because they hadn't they had an incorrect view of typology of I collect the latter that's apology and that was used to say is relate to each easy people do that the problem with this movement will become lyrics a movement is they don't understand that 9/11 is a type of midnight in the compactor on symptoms it's not chip Domini then we realized that typology was being incorrectly used we had been careful to to see the distinction between type and type I'll never pass on but as you look at this passage says something very significant significative the word is specific okay I should have the paper in front of me I'm taking a guess at specification apostasy space if you guess yeah okay so just a few way marks okay don't receive so you get my point kid good beliefs bakufu she come home so Cujo video this at the time of the end are there certain specifications in prophecy that are associated with the time of the end I suggest you don't have obviously so as we share it we don't laugh oh yes what are they Taylor there's a prophetic message that's unsealed yummy so yes yeah don't be silly that message is gonna test that generation services verticity so general that message is going to produce two classes so mrs. voodoo class of worshipers reaches its conclusion wat oh okay is there are use 911 looks with cheesy in symptom is their specifications associated with 911 it's yet the speech she just wants to see you in September why are some of them kill some dinner always glory worldwide worldwide me Jenna okay you can show there with this you got worldwide the earth filled with his glory there's a divine symbol comes down although there's divine symbols that come down in other places yeah promise probably one that we need to pay a little bit more attention to is that this is where the test starts yes - kudos when Jesus was baptized did he go in the wilderness to be tested no screw you eighty but you know dizzy a political tasty this is where the test starts and what happens immediately thereafter do see like two Testaments get keep surprise you stop clay foundations are laid the fullness show some okay so are these specification excuses some specification this specification found in the time of the end so we don't own that firm a little bit but it's different you see the film does this angel that comes down here come down here it's good to see yes it does we do soon the first angel arrived at the time the end same Angels empowered here that's the same angel different specification specification arrival empowerment so this quote here is saying that we need to understand the specifications of these way Martin from the specification Dulce bellezza and midnight a door closes let's just leave it keep its image in focus of film and that door demonstrates two classes of worshipers yes is there two classes of worshipers demonstrated at the time of the yadu classical did include on the phone kind of but they're not settled into the truth right nice you need one identity many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased cool cool it's awesome that there's still a class there we know that we're running to and fro yet you in class Cuvier sila they're the wicked to be contrasted with the wise Daniel 12:10 okay so my point is this Portia stood up Parminder says loose we were loose in what we were saying about type and anti-type I said please she knows canoe diesel surely chipa chipa until the Lord opened up hey there needs to be a distinction just cuter senior I will be able to fit this trunk show how you're using type anti-type is not it's not valid anymore and it's being used to undermine the truth easy don't cheapen city by hvz dis credibility so what I'm saying in in connection with that Sergio national axilla is each one of these way marks on a prophetic line second disable easily link ofit each have their own peculiar specifications your post specification and that is what we're to look for see even if they have similarities because this is the same message the same time period this immediate risk you see remember our time period the question can be summarized as the close of probation no the don't see me commit or definite on guys the time period for the millerite is the opening of judgment it's alluvial Childress is mo are the clothes for Lucy Liu these are mature the message for Christ's time missus pollute on the Crist was about the Messiah city lemme see message for Moses getting out of Egypt no easy to social visit so in our history we're going to see in each way mark von Schaack bellezza inferences to the close of probation cause that takes place in connection with the escalating sandy law crisis I wanna show I've accepted the most kisses cognate but that's not type anti-time missing Apache penalty tip okay next quote national Siobhan's sister Natalie I forgot your husband's Natasha not your husband's name pardon me David okay my brother David either can you come up here for a min minute we're gonna break through the French China's perhaps I want you to do some board work Jim look at you face are you tableau you do fine don't you become young I'll lead you through it nice and easy serve it to serve it to the GDG the first one don't don't be laughing at him because if he doesn't jump I'm gonna take someone else I need a French person up here I would prefer to start with brother David who has a powerful biblical name about having courage yeah okay my sister Natasha do you want to cover for your husband let's go choose near poor tonight it's an it's an easy question I think I'm only gonna make you do one little film and then I'm gonna ask you to do one I'm not gonna make you to do anything she's the Lord willing she's gonna give us an example and vanjani on the example and then another French person's gonna jump up here and give us another example yeah we're not gonna spend time debating about whether we should do it or not we're just you know Cassandra do not exalt the next quote says national G revelation is a sealed book but it is also an open book it records marvelous events that are to take place in the last days of this Earth's history the teachings of this book are definite not mystical and unintelligible in it in the book of Revelation the same line of prophecy is taken up as in Daniel Apocalypse attorney Vasily me severe in the Hajis Noxzema me feel given disturb you at there no please don't say no more this does leave some clear in Samba mystic I can't conceive SIL mm window Cove Ezekiel Daniel show us a line a prophecy in Revelation that's also found in the Book of Daniel in the prophecy don't live the apocalypse key you see to win or leave do Daniela take the easiest one because the next guys will get the harder ones exactly ok do you see her dilemma for the French people you can go ahead and start do you understand the question it's only like it's true is there a prophetic line in the book of Revelation that you can also see in the Book of Daniel it's getting in Kovacic Donna didn't leave the bouquet it's good for you but she don't leave to Daniella you could've did it right ok ok so there's the line what line is that in the club you got put a couple historical events on it in order for us to see it to completion as well because historical events were set before the people that's Belize evenly so we can we take please don't eat the volume on that line where this Oracle event are you gonna start with don't kill even moist to achieve a middle 15 years do you know do you understand the what I'm asking it's good you can call su casa de menthe for the beginning in the end we're not gonna fill in the details put a line this way away mark here and a way mark here and I run over here you see is there a line of history it's June in ds-12 in Revelation that's also in Daniel that has a starting point and an ending point you say no oh you give it away to put 538 above that line yes in 1798 are both those lines or is that line in both Daniel and revelation so when sister white says the same lima prophecy is taken up in the revelation is in Daniel what is she defining prophecy as Tiffany comet or a prophecy a line prophecy is a line and it comes from the Bible la policia Trini if you do not beep thank you yes okay who's next Kusum is there another line of prophecy as here in Lutra Linda prophecy in the book of Revelation is also in the book of Daniel 2 don't leave the apocalypse by Charles right did you say we okay do we do you know that from the floor come on up no John the Seven Keys Wow I'm gonna go to a really even deep level this seven thunders no no the Seven Kingdoms Justin that's the seven kingdoms of Bible prophecy oh okay okay jota's yeah I just put babbling babbling good this is a good one you've seen bun Silla put em be modern Babylon yeah but you didn't move down no that's babbling this is modern Babylon let's see a baby didn't look down right okay what are the kingdom's tell us I don't kick Sonia why you babble on me do five would be you up and not paper home keep a paper rooms the king over that me and Oakland Papa still watching this video United States six UN where is it in Daniel mugam where is it in Daniel okay the head gold everyone see that Gupta moon for so long thank you there see there are others nude just need to see the prophecies Illustrated on a line keep continuing that quote of a culture news it's tissue some prophecies God is repeated that's showing that importance must be given to them the Lord does not repeat things that are of no great consequence could you apt move on up or toasted whether it would only listen your lipid pad issue skin oppa do hongcun sickos a a team with this that's connected with the word figurative Luciano makes the mood ensemble each prophecy was seen to be a figurative delineation of events obviously mostly comment on this even more somebody could figure a chief that's teaching us that history repeats repeats there was an enemy of this message that was lived in this area about five years ago yeah million meters a massage Keith even all senses only see yes uncle and he argued that history didn't repeat ages it could be Swami soon every day pal and for whatever reason I started trying to pull together all the places where sister White says history repeats he's totally special in what way DQ at least two after a bit and it's under this format I gave up after four pages of quote y caperucita Co study the revelation and connects with Daniel for history will be repeated the epic apes of what I saw gallo counties telepathy what is history see queries 12 I don't know that this doesn't convey well probably in any language but English but history his story say son is 12 and James White says the James White's G prophecy is history in advance and the opposition these 12 or levels prophecy is history history is prophecy strong nice toasted apple and Miller says in rule number eight that God takes care that history and prophecy agrees Jisoo 13 says rule 13 I said rule 8 okay now I want to make sure that we get focused in on this order this line has a specific order see see feature and what we know is that when that angel of Revelation 18 comes down he gives the message of the second angel lost up okay don't let me say GMOs so we know the second angel arrives here so when the psalm 23 group puts the second angel over in the future over the 2014 or the Tree of Life guys put the second angel over here at midnight it's an attack against the order see you know tactical alert it's moving the way mark see boos anybody's using these identical same quotes to say that they are somewhat disadvantaged people just really fund a lot if you see new key for me you know I don't know that you have to define order don't you suppose you'll do a DVD or although what you have to acknowledge it is key food come home secure that sister white identifies in white I don't you see that our great work level that's her words no CC move is the combining of the first second and third angels message to company enough of you for me to Jamaica demos there is an order you know but there's also a prophetic command to combine the messages you don't do community massage but when you combine those messages community massage you must maintain an apple book correct order yeah the Lord clicked so Psalm 23 do all of them no I don't know about loop do something well many of the people that are part of the Omega apostasy who do something for $40 left who says you Omega use these very same quotes you Jesus mmm citizen isn't that the way it always is this price set up at usually take himself Satan never introduces an error never introduces an error of in device a miracle using the oil that isn't attached to truth Ginebra atashi dude ability you know an error that has no relationship to truth isn't going to have an impact on God to people what kind of backstory pepper did you alright so the order know all that God has in prophetic history specified to be fulfilled in the past has been and all that is yet to come in its order will be to schedule and also nice are prophetic a species feed on so nice a prophet ISA accompli hello tooth could you adult son is a prophetic specifically sat appeared on a pasty ita2 skied a veneer does it you see a complete doesnot how far the jury will be Daniel God prophet stands in his place John stands in his place a surplus its a surplus in the revelation the line of tribe Judah has opened to the students of prophecy the Book of Daniel does Daniels standing in his place calypso known that ribbon Judah where digital a prophecy of the Danielle it will see Daniel such as a plus where's the line of try at the tribe of Judah in Revelation we see Dan only lived apocalypse he comes in in Chapter five if you don't except it was such and he here we're told he's going to open you know the Book of Daniel leave to Danielle so in the book of Revelation where does the line of tribe of Judah open the Book of Daniel don't leave that book le camion that she believed to Danielle how is that illustrator camasta mystery partner okay she's going to August 11th 1840 when Christ puts his foot upon the sea and put upon the land so I won't increase me so she managed for a tail which is okay he skis used but it's like four chapters later Lisa gets a patrovita where does the Lion of the tribe of Judah I opened the Book of Daniel I came only Nunatsiavut Judah you do believe the Daniel a revelation 6 don't stop it will cease one feel at a time a big sue absolute and those COCC sue are the parallel histories to what so these two are parallel ducroix to the churches don't disagree so and he opened up the trumpets and so on and so competing MO but you got to see that if we do Soula the Pioneers understood the puny cookie that when the book of daniel was unsealed in 1798 law school you leave do daniel itd silly that the Lion of the tribe of Judah was removed in the first seal that it promised to do you understand what I'm saying Sugie in the revelation dune apocalypse the same line of prophecy that's taken up in Daniel LeConte no Daniel okay she just said the Lion of the tribe of Judah which comes in in chapter 5 and didn't exactly feel always happy to co-sign opens the Book of Daniel we only live to Daniel and the line of tribe Judah the book he's opening is the book that sealed with seven seals let me read out the leaf tea Lucilla dosetsu and she says that the Book of Daniel he lived you Danielle okay and you need to see that it would be worse alone because the argument that we're gonna get to in this class let's go sit class is that seventeen that in 1989 circuit on earth the Church of Ephesus arrives in history with these defense I lived on Easter and it's contemporary to the church of laodicea le Colton for him I give the note you see and you you're the prophetic logic that lets you establish that logic Ursula requires that you understand and complete that the increase of knowledge you look Motor Show lyrically sauce that began its in 1989 equals or meter socket Randolph is also Illustrated it was seriously by the removal of seven seals that it's a progressive development of true development progressive divinity and both Daniel revelation are teaching the same thing Daniel Kelly Johnson Elam in shoes and you gotta see that these seven seals if we revoke you see sits ooh represent the truth that comes into a reform movement okay so TV reticulum does a movement or a foam it's one of the keys to understand the distinction between episodes and layer to see it down the road in our studies clip or component this actually phase it I would see a predominant rich widow he bares his testimony which the Lord revealed to him in vision of the great and solemn events which we must know as we stand the very threshold of their fulfillment ammonia's in your vision see only goal yes soon and then even more Knievel goodnight I found a looky-loo to noon I'm sure so there are a few small in history and prophecy the Word of God pray portrays the long continued conflict between truth and error that conflict is yet professed process those things which have been will be repeated is trying to provide you don't conflict in your own ability so coffee Kohaku this was Quixote's vote Tripathi we must know the great and solemn events that are ahead of us only God is still an even low-key sort of on this is part of faith see to be partied left one Johnson Wagner will teach you don't even go ahead and focus on seniority that there's two elements that two three yeah do anymore I'm gonna treat it as two elements is result is anymore of faith before the first is is you have to believe that God's Word is his creative power of security a confirmed quark lap all the juices efficient strategies the second part in a gym party is that you and L say both expect and depend you have to expect and depend depend upon that prophetic word accomplishing what it is supposed to be or a powerful physique do i compute circulation feel if abraham didn't really believe God do see when God said I'm gonna make your descendants so so many that there'll be as the stars of heaven is also seen on which is one community told you said if Abraham had just said I heard what he said I'm not gonna argue with him because he's God see bozlovski teach me about discrete epochs Chrissy Jew it wouldn't have been an example of righteousness by faith you know I pee on the example dude if you get so powerful the example was a he had to believe that God was going to make him the father of a multitude and he did he debate a quality found a Belgian Institute so here we are at the end of the world is she new some honeymoon tremendous crisis ahead of us know me and she says we must know those events as we stand on the threshold of their fulfillment Kunitz even though I often do some if we don't know what those event events are some pockets which is even more then we can't expect them to be fulfilled and depend on their fulfillment satins kiss well completing the pada pada lockup is more therefore our fate is incomplete Duke not sweet or complete we have to know what's ahead of us do come home Suki Devon and we have to believe it's going to be fulfilled in the quark oosoo levator complete that's to expect that it's going to be fulfilled is acetone as good a complete but Jones emphasizes one other thing in connection with that the meatloaf as Sean Calcasieu dude you have to depend on it being deep oh you know you know the the psychological thing that they do there's a thing they do and in psychology caucus whiskey fun only cool diverse ecology my brother come here yeah pardon me Carl alright Carl let's stand here and face the audience jungle don't look back face the camera fall backwards tomba on our yeah have a seat he depended on me he depended on me catching him he's deep own edification a cop whatever it is about the prophecies that are ahead of us the popopo po v CQ soda for me it's not enough to know that they're gonna take part if I I see Joseph Walker evil elf accomplice we have to be able to depend on the fact that they're gonna take deep Omo defeat kill one second feel we must know as we stand on the threshold of these things that are about to happen some solace to do that country small okay three angels messages there's a specific order okay another specific but now here's another line of thought the proclamation of the first second third angels message has been located by the word of inspiration my shoulder massage committee met for the most IT look at what does it mean located so we just quite look at using specific place first angels message arrived here it was empowered here located in the inspiration look at second angel message arrived April 19th empowered August 15th tells me these messages have been located who seem especially to look at easy not a pager pin is to be removed the only one it's on VG what's a peg in a pin Larry in the back before he came here he he had a business where he set up tents you know if Walmart was gonna have a big outdoor cell they would hire him to come set a big tent up in their parking lot so they could put the merchandise under the Tennessee Vonda muscled is my Allah and he brought we've used this tent here at our camp meetings many times universitas a series of and you got the tent itself you know I thought the the vinyl thing that is the tent it's the big stuff Duke Leto it's the important stuff then you got the big poles to hold it up it's a really a PGA polar suit on you and then you got the ropes to tie it all together but you're gonna fasten those ropes in the ground of it Saucony fully mitanni long solo solo with pegs i've a caddy coupe and the pegs and pins nuclear are the minor part syllabus you know the big part is the tent in the end the post so what she's saying here about this this structure you can't even move the most minut element of it you can't say all where I used to believe the second angel arrived at 9/11 but now I'm gonna push it off to 2014 security Mazon available septum--ah no shouldn't Miata Mike at all second angel is not a pig or a pen the most NEPA it's not a pig it's a primary way mark buddy fun and she's saying we can't even move the little details now I'm emphasizing that because this is the warning of prophecy you see people are saying oh they're taking the lines and they're putting them above the Bible you can lean a limit with this video Bible but in so doing also know they're they're attacking is structure I forgot where my thought was what I'm gonna move on it's Nick's because I'm running out of time and because I forgot what I was going with that next quote first and second message yes the second half of the last quote oh no human authority has any more right to change the location of these messages in the substitute New Testament for the old who would who would ever do that who would substitute the New Testament for the old today an ad substitution of the New Testament further all is it substitution happens in Adventism how CPUC don't let Nazis in the corner oh yeah that's a different subject we're going to talk about the relationship between the spirit of prophecy in the Bible at this point do you explain the fact is that we used to put the three a arrival of the service at midnight it could make not only the talk huh and now we put the I wondered if you were following that I was wondering if she was following Parminder logic cuz I wasn't in here for all his classes but he brought that up once in the department to take this one out and you interacted with him and I thought is she kidding and if you remember his argument is dispensation he almost did our disposition okay he's saying in the middle right history which comes to in conclusion on October 22nd 1844 yeah all three angels are in that history nuclear twins no cities 12 okay and that the third angel arrives prior to October 22nd 1844 and it's empowered for the millerite history on October 22nd 18 but at the same time that angel systems is arriving to begin a new dispensation for the end of Adventism which is going to be a hundred and fifty years down the road but what sister white said could have happened right then and there if they would have followed on by faith so that third angel arriving in 1844 it's paralleling the arrival of the first angel I don't know I can't say it that way I can't say it that way I'll get in trouble out from all over the world let me say it this way Miller says symbols have more than one meaning can have more than one so he's dealing with both the arrival and empowerment of the third angel and Miller right history and for Miller right history that empowerment of the third angel is on October 22nd 1844 and those of you that have been following Parminder correct me if I'm wrong but on October 22nd 1844 the third angel also arrived to begin a work for the next dispensation we don't so you start telling with one symbol that has to application do someone incredulity gesture I don't say that I'm against but people can say that we are moving the way marks we can be they can say lots of stuff Thank You Susan but we have to determine if we are or we aren't and as I watch Parminder you know something though he maintains the order that has been identified four notes Katie you don't see she told me but sister Bronwyn considered any chosen live in your view now you've got more detail to the point of 2014 then on a broad scale you can that's gonna be low quality milk at all only Pasadena anyway I gotta make a toast only City PD tell you okay well we finally drawn Tyler out this model what do you got to say in my present some collect on diesel community looks another video Quasimodo Kenny's individual mini portable tees and so it's the arrival the third angle for Adventism not a bigger line see it me see that not even 20 much for that point I don't see it's still a mini pig home no it isn't a cop out a defense Sunni part you know default the what's being leveled against us like you just get it for sticking to me is that we've claimed that we are we understand every element of light right as it arrives secure Oakland a q-tip Condor trees anymore do you know the kids are even we've never made that claim mimosa me play told you sooner that claims directed against us looks it and then you can go and look as where we're coming to understanding an unfolding piece of information for my support on this that at the beginning we didn't understand it perfectly this wooden component part of it ODB when we get down here we're we're understanding here perfectly composite more people can go back on the internet and say looky there we've always understood that unfolds one two three four five six innocent and I'm saying praise the Lord Louisville is in you the the class of people that are gonna fall over that argument do clippety papacito unfortunate my lord cleaning house 72 is I thought we'd get through this much easier much quicker the first and second angels messages were given in 1843 and 1844 we're now under the proclamation of the third but all three messages are still to be proclaimed Karen cut you some slack I'm assuming it was yummy Toledo massage me it is just as essential now as ever before that they shall be repeated to those who are seeking for the truth see you see we social midlow ever to in philippi tip of sireesha stability now notice what she says we have this you can see by pan the ligature and voice a part of well this is what we're supposed to do Duggal fail by pen and voice where the sound of proclamation' do need a program as soon showing the order to load one two three four do to work at the place where these way marks are located know what we see buddy so local easy and also you see the prophecies that are fulfilled that bring us to this way Martin Ximena see very easy there cannot be a third with our 1st and 2nd 2002 Jim these messages we are to give in publication in discourses you see a message I do need only PBS show this symbol in publications appear appear to be casual voila my French word bueno and discourses you see the discs were showing in the line of prophetic history not hold on a Linda stop you teach what we're supposed to do by P an invoice is show the line of prophetic history the kitchen of one killer in ds-12 that's our command looks innocent when we use these lines of prophetic history which is also ninja stop profit each to show that the things that have been will be publically security soon so I got this line doozy city and I bring another line that's just like it underneath these two witnesses now do-si-do tea moment no line upon line Lin xiaoli are illustrating the end of the world used to model we're commanded that that's our work but now we're told to do that we really do feel so alone it's simply human logic that's being placed above God's work you see logic you meant it if I seduced you do but the very reason we're doing and he's all for weekend official solo is because God's Word commands us to discreet apology and what we're doing with this line is gonna fizzle of exit is we're taking prophecy the prophecy this is the definition of prophecy that definition in a prophecy this line is prophecies it's inside the prophecy and put in prophecy upon prophecy made for the provision of coffee see to illustrate the end of the world it used to feel a full moon so I don't know if you're there if you can get this yet dude especially for ponzu now but these lines that they say are just human logic miscellaneous is used to the music you man they're not simply the Word of God soon so pastor Mona Powell did you this line represents the three top results the creative power of God that resource carries did you that's why it said to squeegee we can show by this line remotely possibly the things that were in the history of Moses we should cuted only stories but because it's prophetic becomes a prophecy it is therefore God's creative power series did you and we can take this history of Moses you put constitute all the movies and identify what happens in the history of the hundred and forty-four thousand surprisingly strong don't get me no and we must expect it to happen yield was sat on a scooter and we have to depend on it happen to Depot knows you're actually going to have the Louisville prophecy is the foundation of our faith the prophecy comet hola - hola Kerry do you do velu sale ok let's close on this one look over term initial sale of these lines here that are going up down there way marks see link over yes since the great way marks of truth showing us our bearings in prophetic history are to be carefully guarded lest they be torn down and replaced with theories that would bring confusion rather than genuine life values divinity keymod followed for a province of Cavite do at Galatea totemo I'm working uh swa-- home every hopelessly part of the TV he will unleash the confusion Lou totally Mia now I want to work some apart through here and closing position so pathetic when did these waymarks arrive like a mimosa Bally's Hotel a TV you could you could say from the foundation of the world and probably be right edge of the pillar foolish ones removed but the reality of it is brothers and sisters hate institute these way marks see belly's arrived in 1989 so avocados this methodologies Italy to delusion of recognizing these reformed lines hakuna cylinder reform came in the history in 1989 so visual is 12 meter circuit reduce their always been in the Bible Italy to gonna be always been there it will truly t low but it wasn't until 1989 that the Lord brought them together and identified the significance of them right only you guys sure you following the logic you can put in a lose it do you get that logic open institution we that means that we do when sister white says lost Illinois's G where the guard the way marks will get deliveries she's speaking about the way marks help all the bodies of this specific study do certitude specific if you're professing to use the lines the civil prophecy which easily lineal but you're opposing what future for America teachers live was it a Buddhist consent with your formation what you need to remember with Vivid souvenir is that future for America was used to put these way marks in place in future family ki t which easy permit or plastic bodies so if there's a warning about the way mark is being attacked universities most relief it could be buddy's voice Kentucky and the way marks were not present truth until 1989 malignity politically don't juice then the way marks that would be attacked are the way marks that were put in place by future for America dr. bailey's avoid Atticus mastectomy impressed by a future formula job so it's telling you Dukes refugee that when you get to the end law schools are better so that this message these way marks ingenious I believe would be the point of attack with LaPorta touch that fulfills the warnings against moving the way marks I visit every small so if anybody's do you follow that logic s kavoussi visitors each K gotta you gotta follow that logic to achieve solutions because it's your responsibility to guard the way Marcus Christie vote in sincerity to get anybody's yeah there's we've got a few questions if you add anything to his word or take anything from you will receive the curses of this the first thing is his creative power these lines are his creative power and if you're gonna move on it's really bougie you're gonna receive the curses I understand that we begin to you know put remarks online beginning at 1989 but what when when sister when she says a great remarks of truth what she's talking about her history books one is twelve her history typifying our history so nice to our little chip do not stop and this is something with that we understand generally their message was based upon time time is no longer for us people our message is based upon events okay so their message of time is typifying our message of event they had to guard the way marks of their history because after October 22nd example after October 22nd 1844 there were people that had been involved with the movement that started putting the time prophecy pop in the future 2300 days didn't end in 1844 it ends in 18-49 that was those way marks for them that had to be carefully guarded sexy 2d bunnies but their typifying way marks in our history that aren't time our way marks our historical events for the people and prophecy was seen to be a figurative so it was it was a truth for her I'm not denying that but no one was teaching the significance of the order and the way marks on a line shall we pray Heavenly Father we went to obtain the experience of a student of prophecy and we understand that the prophecies of the Bible the nucleus you are the most the most the the largest illustration of your creative power so we want to understand the prophecies only prophecy but we understand that as we're studying those prophecies that we're bringing the creative power of you into our experience but we know that that creative power is a dead letter if it's not allowed to go beyond our understanding and take its position upon the throne of our heart we ask that the study of prophecy for us would not only allow us to settle into the truth intellectually but that that power would let us settle into the truth spiritually to that we might have characters prepared for the seal that you're about to place upon your faithful people and we thank you for this opportunity in Jesus name Amen