Publish Date: 2/12/2018
Speaker Name: Jeff Pippenger
Language: English
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it's not only that I haven't that got the notes prepared but I never intended to have notes the first couple presentations intend to do an introduction excuse every notes also defending your addiction it might be worthwhile if you take note of the points I make in the introduction great interior it's also only not deep workers we found a logic show there are certain certain points that I'm going to identify today and then Lord willing before I'm done teaching will will cover those points more fully yeah the pork is really Audrey just guest coaches Feeny don't senior or value party that performs yeah so I can go to a lot of places no points that I want to make but I'll begin with this shaking we're in the vehicle Melissa Powell she Blair's only Ken Newsom not gonna try to prove anything today Ludovico solji i'm gonna try to lay out where we're gonna go in this class which we see the moon clearly don't sit class and and hopefully as we go through the class will prove some of these things i'm in a layout jana classes of a certain shows one of the things is based upon the foundations no intrusive permanently from that show rather Parminder pomander you know a couple days ago the clay my wife and I were driving someone is it 100 country and I was telling her about through the years you don't own you do not travel isn't it when I'd be part of a shaking party don't oxidize either group of people or a good friend of mine a turn against this message and also City the person who did certainly control services and when you're in the the the middle of the the controversy with who's ever leaving cause it immediately averse to keep out often you often at least I will do some self-examination Dukes who though you know Big Show because you know you wonder well maybe they're right please listen because nine out of ten times they're not talking about the message they're talking about the messenger that's good new first releasing the Palpatine besides me Jimmy says you say you get a lot of a lot of reasons to look at yourself and I was telling my wife that sometimes when when I would get discouraged or depressed through the years before GTD quasi miracle very sunny there was always one thing that brought me out of it yeah visual issues kemo sabe it's what I quit looking at that see those critical you know I went back and looked at the message to massage and I look at the message and say hey this message is sound leader so I can't be concerned about what these people are saying lose input but it's only about security forces on the job and there's been a lot of that going on recently you see if I see if he some oh so I just want to put it in the public record Dumon P Beach with what's been going on recently I didn't get to sit in on all Parminder classes I didn't get this be here for all of Parminder vic-20 since I mostly don't know to take Leslie Pam in there and I had I had fully intended to before he got here I'm not sure but every time I said in here man every time I was here with two three four GTC I'd listen to him laying out the message is the present enemy says and it would just it would just resolve all this foolishness that's going on about character assassination he did a political experience pellucida I can tell you the kind of discussions I have with my wife on that subject my family or situation most of the time when my characters being attacked now people don't wash kimono character neck that icky the discussion I have with my wife is let this be some cushy havoc my family these people don't really know me CB mechanism oh if they really knew me see in the kinesin limo they would be attacking different points of my character easily I thank you before the shuttle there but where I get drawn into you know kind of the valley you know depression I know I don't get nervous to be some Amendola i thought i'd apprec-- you isn't so much that i believe what they're saying Snickers you're quite a few G's as I start thinking is it legitimate that that's how they perceived that experience as good Silesia team laughs I so don't you best well so now I give him the benefit of the doubt Ben if you do duty and that starts bringing you down don't give up but it's the message with super-missiles if you're right on the message see also a massage that takes you to the principal in the spirit of prophecy he romance or literally spit prophesy that if they can't defeat the message he defended missus they're always going to go after me after the messenger even tequila misses you so you you have to just put it in the prophetic context no new contextual footage make sure you're straight on the message and keep moving forward it's a bull shoulder massage I need level but I'm just here to tell you you don't you may have had been blessed by Parminder me I shoot up over you could lose a sommelier beanie papiamento but so so am i every time I'm around him me moto Guzzi Tino and the people that are taking what I've said in the past and what he said in the past and try to make us look like we're in disagreement with one another instead you don't persist because you didn't pass it you say the second it's incorrect on many levels see uncle Xu Hong evil okay one of the levels is that it supposedly everything I've ever said is correct no one's made that claim a bathroom that deformed you could choose crusade university for sumo collect this truth is progressive as we civility it was receivin and we've taught from the very beginning in revenue definitive you repeatedly in the first rippity that when a message arrives loss commissioner he arrives in 1798 right his business but when does miller understand the message component massage twenty years later vote anita so we have taught specifically on every message that arrived because I don't see any specific most your sack massage Kia even that when it arrives lost even God's people's do not understand it Papa is the third angel the message of Sabbath and Sunday sq was a massage Salim Idris Elba eg demos did the third angel arrived in 1844 it's good massage positive cat did the Millerites understand the Sabbath on October 23rd 1844 qmue computers about even dr. Sankar message arriving a massage and and then there's a period of time where the message is clarified but from the arrival of the message to the clarification module on TV ooh missile a clarification there's a development of truth development ability and as you're grappling with that truth you're not could only see the composability you don't fully understand it will not complete by Blinn mode it's like type an anti-type become too cheap also cheap okay the fact that the lord has now clarified type and anti-type don't listen you know i clarify the cheap not so cheap i mean if you didn't see that what Parminder didn't hear it's even a few school pomodoro fishy that type and i type is from line to line to line to line the typical teach if it was old and it's not within a line it's the pilot in your memories well and tell that understanding was put in place here recently i've oq sit - no - conscience from his own place in serious mo i would the interview that we had with Parminder lot of you can we recorded Parminder while he was here i did an interview on the palm internal ski TC and at the very beginning of the interview you know I said 1989 typifies the Sunday law that's the way I've been relating to these way marks the first four years components about these policies on it but the truth hadn't been developed to where we could see the distinction between line upon line or progressively in the reformed line battle called the blue people confuse Wow so even though I said that in that interview member ceejeedee Serrano's technologies come on it's just a slip it's just a mistake on my part my power based upon what we've been saying for years by this your Schoology duties any this truth about typology being line upon line didn't come to light until recently unity solve it clear that's apology from under you so the fact that the fact that we had been saying it incorrectly for some time doesn't deny the fact the Fed could only legitimate reasons that we had always been teaching that these reform lines are progressive new cylinder reforms on police evil another thing that we thought you nutraceuticals emoji is that at the time at the end secret on the phone there is a truth that's opened up in your Infiniti convert that will test that generation keep a distance in general we would we would use the example of Christ is an example exist in his line delicious were tested artistic how they responded to the Messiah she's come on even that was not the testing message for Moses in the department is the truth that was opened up for Moses that would test that generation the ability was coming out of Egypt to the promised land silky soft you're dizzy Polly the truth that was opened up in 1798 it was the opening of the judgment city lluvia to Jerusalem the truth that was opened up in 1989 in a vegetative socket wonders was the close of judgment you delight so we've always taught it with progressive the devil to scenic city police chief and we've always taught that each reformed line has its own special testing in the message window missile tests so the fact that our special testing message is the Sunday law don't refer to notes on missile test in allergy demos is consistent with seeing something to do with the Sunday Lord every way mark Lucy coaster nullification I strike I was emotional shock values and we see it in new volume but because we were not clear about what type and anti-type meant me about scusi to proceed we would see an element of the Sunday law 1989 an element of the Sunday law in 1996 an element of the Sun la in 2001 many more diligent most on Dominica condos but there came a point in time even um poor and Parminder and I were both there at that point in time the about me knowing what it did Delano kasama mo we were in Wales unity no compete again the brother made a claim a clearance fear in the classroom and I knew right then and there it was the false claim sitting for the classroom but I didn't I didn't understand what the purpose of his false why he was making that kind major in component park a little bit for this in the classroom and in Wales is where we really seen the Omega was here he opens a silicon exam you cool Amiga Attila and one of the evidences of that was in do see is that this brother claimed that the reason that the Jews did not accept Christ as the Messiah molecule is reflexive to crystal toka me see is because they had not been studying type and anti-type see question about it you do TTP also cheaper okay that's a very specific and narrow definition of why the Jews crucified Christ in vegetable plants the hcg it's late what do so he claimed that the Jews could not receive Christ because they had not been studying type and anti type in God's Word we also questioned they paid to GD t don't eat it all at all did you and I knew right off the bat that was error he visited earlier the reason the Jews participated in the crucifixion of Christ like a little about speed on a crucifixion at least it's because they weren't studying prophecy at all period even if I do to that prophecy they didn't understand anything about provenance or a prophecy wasn't about an element of prophecy type anti-sniper nearly modern Apophis etiology chip so we could see this brother the square was building something on the idea of type anti-type it electronically actually did the chip or chip and he uses that to make the next step you know she's a profound it's up she felt that 9/11 was simply typifying midnight good little septum it is some people are cheap to me and the reason that you can't understand that you know I go for the kill when people come from so now it's because you're like the Jews to come to visit companies reef and you don't understand type and anti-time from the Apache penalty cheap okay so that's where it went no solutions Ali and in the meantime perm endured unraveled the understanding of type anti-time llamando domino I divide it look like on the geology but never in this movement measurement ensue movement have we taught you that when any truth is opened up to come infinity it will that God's people understand it right there and in there Cooper to do not control teach it there's a development that takes development keep on place okay so what I begin in a way how I gotta give you an overview for we're going to neon that best to do that I'm just telling you that this isn't going to be a weird trimester for all of you surveyed teammates would be zapped over to number one it's usually about three months this one isn't mwah mwah and number one this particular class usually has one teacher all the way through it to class particular but it's not that way me some advice if I seek himself so I'm just here to tell you know just really poor Fujio that I'm kind of missing that Parminder isn't here also Parminder amok empty poop but we got to move on I don't see so what we've understood and I know that I taught some of this in France is there at 9:11 secure septum the foundational work is going to begin Kumasi that's based upon line upon line see position in children in the reformed lines when the divine symbol comes down donating to a firm law school assembled even this foundational work begins yeah you know the sister positive for monkey kumo Parminder came to the conclusion down here in 2014 to ec on dominica toes the foundational work was finished la posta formal ID city and now the temple is going up amid no silly Tom Kiva como se hos ah he described a progressive development of truth that is the foundational truth Allah simply different for which you deviate its own ability from the Madonna and he marked certain presentations that were did publicly Marquis of Filipinos isochronism fit from 2004 the meerkats to 2014 just get Dominica toes I presented that in Italy that we notice on Italy and then from there I've been also making observations about this a visit or as a few cities of service yourself in this 10 years don't sit easily there were 10 different public presentation you have a presentation to breach I'm gonna put 10 meetings whose and I was at all those meetings a GTI to see my point here is not to put me into it but just to remind you that in these 10 years I was that many more than 10 camp meetings me don't see please do sit but we've selected these particular camp meetings the only selection in the party committee because they represent when specific truths were getting put into the public who cannot deviate a specific need or knowledge it's gonna be later on I noticed that when the divine symbol comes down sucralose Kulu somebody for diesel there's a there's a period of time in here again value to tone see okay that is marked as lucky for whatever reason and from the time of Christ's baptism ooh told you goodbye Tim to exist and tell the crucifixion you got three years good to be sure that way from the time that the angel came down in 1840 do you know who knows in this hotel until the Protestants closed their door on April 19th 1844 just gets good at reducing Tomcats you've got about three years with every thought in Italy I put said that looks much more in 1888 oh sweet the Lord kept Jones and Waggoner working closely with sister white listen yo a gal didn't kill John Siever gonna leave that fits Hawaii oh I think so wait and tell the persecution against those 3 persons well divided their ability to work together just gets good a persecution a little bit about your Samba and that was in 1891 about three years easy it wasn't so what I'm saying is when you get to 2001 Chris Koos IV do you know it's about three years later she was an epitaph at that first meeting in Ozone do where we had a summary of the message his image missus that had been put in place since 1989 Jeffy Jamiel plus the three meters of catalyst and in 2014 time period the mucosa and there's reason to kind of look at 2014 as 2012 to 2014 I will explain that you do that them in ketosis you have to set up you have another summary presentation which is called Habakkuk stables Apple early tablet the wreckage so this being where the foundations are laid Lucilla clearly foolish 'unity boozy and we're saying the foundation represents truth early philosophers on the ability there were ten truths presented in this history you deviated committee please don t know cities 12 the first was a summary of the message up to that point lumiose city me to massage discuss with Paul and the last was a summary of the message up to that point he massaged risk a support now this is we're switching gears a little bit no see that conversion systems yep it's good to cat corner for the milk at some resume ah II didn't mean yet I didn't get also as you maybe have to dig in and get to the yeah we point to 2014 because of the camp meetings that we had in 2014 that was about the opening the temple because now we are dealing with the temple could you come that's why that's why I'm saying when it comes to 2014 there are reasons that you look at 2012 to 2014 is do that though way mark but what I want you to see here is Kusum Licavoli she is in this history secured onset is 12 the Omega begins loom again this movement begins with the interaction that we have a Vicki's not actually with the path of the just okay and the ministry is associated with associat of a community a class of the gist and whether you thought about it or not yeah there's a distinct difference between that shaking and all the other shakings that went on before yeah so she kings of it I mean this message she was getting opposed back here strongly from 1994 buku position okay so it's getting opposed by self-supporting ministries say to position about the mission of the pond oh it's getting opposed by the General Conference that conference in your honor but here with padded adjust part of the juice something different is in that opposition yeah you should do different position and that difference is what allows us to say hey he said this is can you pay me to do this is where the genuine Omega begins be like alumina Utah teacher Aviva so what is that difference sequestered details its internal look-see what does that mean coos whatever job I mean my wife my wife when I was telling her this the other day solidarity unusual what about Georgia Georgia because I was invited to go to Atlanta Georgia because ETA VT I lived on geology I talked out and do presentations we filmed the final test show and I was invited by several self-supporting ministries to go there eternal diploma and they asked me to do the presentation especially in order to prove that there was that this that a certain Latin pastor wasn't in error a certain pastor he's probably the most well known Latin self supporting pastor in Adventism the only and he was there and at the end of the presentations dealing with him - laughs - he stood up and said I will never teach that futurism ever again young fisherman or senior doctor future his moco he was dealt with satirically that Sabbath he was teaching his futurism in Atlanta again ii appreciate dog futurism after I wasn't done with my presentations but I was done with him - show me Jeff at that point it became apparent yes a mimosa - the knew that this meeting had been set up to see me so blessed to not only expose that pastor as a heretic person more exclusive Superstock Amanda teach but to expose me as a hair maybe ma come on it's from that point and that's what they tried to do to support excuse me see the sale and I will come back to this Lord willing maja venir esashi loosen your liver because they had one point of attack excuse every corner touch and we'll deal with that but my point is I made the distinction for my wife the other day is if in destruction like my family that wasn't the same is what brother Bob saying about internal misty but I'm truth because these ministries still those ministries in Georgia had previously been working with me see Ave Ave avec mocha vu all over planet Earth she only took nine planets but they were they were stepping away easy to undo Socastee and when they stepped away you know specialty they said everything he's teaching is darkness you know the to skeino say acidity neighbor with the emphasis on everything I think in the Fast Show - okay now what are you gonna say McCloskey Judy our towns could you just see I see the what was going on with the General Conference risky supercircular conference in Toronto they were opposing the message whoa Sookie suppose I'll massage your feet on top they weren't accepting any of it in Exeter hang on Jimmy sighs and yet when I say internal it'll tell me I mean that their brethren who have been walking with us yeah we did khaki available to democracy avec nous and at one level beyond a moment purporting to agree with the message gives you the on that colloquy me says and then from the internal perspective the perspective of hotel begin to attack it that's absolutely right brother Tyler is he exactly myself septum community yeah that's accurate to used to see when the shaking starts in 2012 those good looks logically lose all of us that are arguing among ourselves to suit you don't profess to be in agreement with 9/11 if the prophecy it acceptable and when we part ways in law schools some see party at least initially deep out we claim we still believe Daniel 11:40 245 who quit on day to squaw I didn't scare the council we still believe the reformed lines quietly don't need to squat reform and we begin to use those truths to show why Pippen juror and his ministry have when in the darkness see civility for most people people see so many still a little it enable it was totally different city to DiMaggio yep from that point on the arguments we're having is with people has I have charts behind them which is equal 0 syriza party me continue appreciable esha deol okay so you you need to see that movie what you know that with path of the just a victory first the Mesa press of the gist it marks a shaking that is going on within the the doctrinal understanding of this message Sebastian you have a cost reduction of the semi size now this gets me to the point to where I can introduce you with no super coach view to one of the subjects that I want to put in place you jqg muhammad saw christ you see the the argument with path of the just look okay we have a path of the gist began at some camp meeting out in the West a Comus another committee and waste and I very casually it wasn't didn't take a lot of time with it is acutally cute I brought up the fourth generation see about they don't did you like a minister and it was the first time we started grappling with the fourth generations he put me a commercial and at the same time we go to Joel Marino's well so there begins an argument over the first two or three verses in the book of Joel you have in Clovis you only do community of Jews whele are there for generations marked in there it's generally samake or are there five as pastor just claiming the son comes a passive the gist okay so the argument begins and whether there's four or five generations in the first few verses of the Pahlavi almost usual to DB and and then it it it goes further yeah personally pretty one too who are those insects kiss-kiss on season six are they Islam as coucil Islam are they Rome sqc home or are the minority I did they the hundred and forty-four thousand don't get me and that that's alright we're having a controversy over these things equal various issues but we're still thinking we're all on the same page memo and during that that period of time promises builder Tony we're emphasizing mikono face that when the angels come down law school or decent they always have something in their hand yeah sister white identifies that when the first angel comes that well Daniel revelation 10 identifies when the first angel comes down he has a little book in his hand okay - Jesus California house do so alone Pacheco Simone and in early writings you know politically sister White says when the second angel arrives he has something in his hand and when the third angel arrives he has something in his hand so you got three testimonies what ammonia that when the angel descends there's something in his hand and revelation tenses as God's people we got to go and take it and eat it I became so this dick you people - Julie so we've we've been handling this long well before 2012 Polyjuice a beautiful de Medusa but these issues with Joel they began massive problem care you have a cure and line upon line we see that there are other passages in the scriptures where God's people eat the message who mostly massage Jeremiah 15/0 me chose easy killed two and three if you can do it what and there's a period of time where we realized that in Ezekiel in the music is on easy channel that when you eat that little book of khufu mostly superseded evil it means that you got a message to carry to the Adventist Church a massage school to via posterity that not least okay so we're starting to get focused in that this message isn't for the world at large it's for adventism Kusumi says depart for the moon don't see me poor advertisement and I don't watch the internet even though I got bad issues she returned it but some people send me little clips from the internet me Justin the government of what did she keep the video tell it and someone that's in this room sent me a little clip iki kinki don't say yes from a presentation that the leader of path of the just did in Southern California in clinical tests show the dish on the pathologist or fail californee just ended a sermon you guys used tell me no Selma he was getting ready to do another sermon he got a fluke Osamu and in between those two sermons was to do Selma this is the clip I got super silky pajamas this is a paraphrase is in balance but what he said was this miss kill Jesus Allah this idea that's coming out of Arkansas so to do Keanu lock-ins us that were not supposed to be doing any public evangelism you can do some parcel suppose if elderly versus SOP bleach is up the devil Yaya blow oh is it okay pardon me in which year it was a I don't know it's in this history here okay so look city Killiney suddenly the pseudonym oh it's an issue Suton problem that needs to be responded to kid wait repossess it to Isis you and you know what the answer is that refutes that it was a V Kelly don't be too so low answer that was put into the public record that just blows that out of the water was kidding me don't know if you bleach its study that you need to do called covenant lines Isabella this is what we're gonna study in here is this can little eg you see it teaches us many things so lenders don't send you beaucoup the shoes and I'm sure we haven't even recognized everything that's in example cool new tools yeah I don't tell y'all the city children but in order to answer that argument McDonald dog sitter okay thank you mom at the beginning of the Omega Oh doodle Amiga in order to answer that we went into the cabinet histories some I didn't exist well granules of Moses the MU easel Christ pleased and the Millerites Eve immediate and we demonstrated in several demonstrate which is easy to do is if a cedar to fail there when the Lord was entering into covenant we if God's people in this history called a group called Jew hotel on Daniels original set east well that those covenant people he brought out of Egypt Duke sibbeston of Aquila fellow Sheila sorta to Egypt they broke the Covenant miscellaneous and that the Lord entered in the cabinet with Joshua and Caleb exuse via Canada so we realized from this history that when the Lord is entering in the covenant with the people kill Oscar Daniel savvy Kepler Joshua and Caleb available that is simultaneously passing by a covenant people mmm Oh Eva metal ducati a kiloton anos the covenant people he passed by a circular middle Kuti they all died in the wilderness this is or two smaller detail this is the beginning of ancient Israel in a solution and Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning he used to have some powder cumin smoked so we realized that in the history of Christ is a mosaic of only small decreased that when the Lord was entering in the Covenant with the Christian church or school a senior economist advocate his kitchen he was passing by the Covenant people that was ancient Israel Aminu Kuti notional from sook ET avec we have all this is the beginning and the ending of ancient Israel absolutely beautiful design I'll show and the Millerites represent modern Israel immediate result is a Moodle and when the Lord was entering into covenant with millerite adventism he was passing by the Protestant Duke Ooty Laputa Stowe who were his covenant people you discipline therefore upon three witnesses loose your twat tomorrow when it comes to the hundred and forty four thousand some can't get meal when the Lord enters in the covenant with them in Oskaloosa Navajo Tillman osowiec you he will simultaneously be passing by a prominent people cootie a ketone Daniels you see the seventh-day Adventist Church these are taught to do system job but that's go ahead okay so why do you use a quotation of Ellen White when she says a judge may appear to fall but she will not fall because you know this quote what church is she talking about the kid agrees palatal she's speaking about the church triumphant elderly these new folks okay so that that to get into the details of that is further down the studies do probably don't need only did I do - so now let me let me make this one more point do is very useful as we teleport because I have a point that you haven't no one in here is seen yet that I want you to see yeah I'm gonna call that view for you we use these three witnesses or notational to 20ma to demonstrate that when the Lord's entering into covenant with people he's passing by a covenant people in middle T psyche but more importantly really important we showed that in each of these histories of leuconostoc East wha there was a period of time living Peduto while the Lord was entering into covenant with his people who say no no no Saavik where there was an exclusive internal work no Schiavi you know here it went for 40 years you see an agile accountant forty years of training them do count on document before they go to take down Jericho I won't keep this really cool and enter the promised land use this forty years there isn't any work going on for those people outside of Israel Pelosi Hamilton yep I do designer internal work Lucy Neven tell me in this history it's seven years doodles it is to actually sit on it and sister white repeatedly says this facility that for these seven years that Christ came to confirm the covenant certainly Pollock at least even newcomer Daniels for three and a half years in person followed by three and a half years in the person of his disciples it wasn't it means don't have custom to CDC sister white says the gospel was exclusively for the Jews you know a GQ limousine exclusive there was an internal work item for the Covenant people before they go to the world I won't use a dollar movie in this history cities twelve from 1844 to 1850 there was an exclusive internal work that took place in Miller ID Adventism as they got organized I don't use it they did not go to the world Ali don't move until they were prepared to go to the world and when they wanted to go to the world they needed a visual aid Israel and what was the visual aid kill it alleges well right here you see the 1850 chart is marking the Jews encircles much when the internal work for millerite adventism was finished is it tell me okay so upon three witnesses your team well when it comes to the Covenant line of the hundred and forty four thousand even a linden of this what I wanted me first there will be an internal work I want you how you live on tell me you got to eat that little book do be mostly superseded evil and take a message to adventism misogyny I couldn't lie here's here's what I want you to see you scuse my canoe vo this study 32 is what which destroyed the idea of public evangelism okay back here at the beginning of the Omega db2 luw me go the issue was public evangelism the coulomb city of course this was particularly hard for the leader of path of the just is just because before we got to that history ivámonos edges well he had determined to give himself a title when he would sign his letters law school he would call himself an evangelist except Lee and he became known among his comrades as the evangelists so when you come up with an understanding that there's no public evangelism at this point in time in yes-mo to someone's that itself identifying themselves as the Evangelist if you don't speak of it or leave it was there's a hard pill to swallow okay so I'm saying that this here do you see this history here where it begins is the beginning of the Omega C Omega and I'm saying down here right now 2017 DVD sets that the issue isn't it doesn't matter your thoughts it doesn't matter the the dirt that's being thrown at this message right now to see iti do some assessment know if you boil it all down to its lowest common denominator vanilla takuma then the issue is about beautiful food organization organization this is why the brethren that are living at this point simple circular leaf tea party with no there's one thing in shoes that they all say these twos along with other things kingly power because if someone's kingly power it identifies a kingdom and a kingdom is something that's organized and it has a throne and now one thing that always comes out is kingly power to tow C because the protest is about the organization I think so but here's here here's here's what I want you to see students of prophecy well Silicon Valley on Tokyo Dome the prophecy there is evidence if you deliver prophetic evidence the prophetic that this is the end of the shaking she replies that the wheat and tares are in the process of being separated to separate and at the beginning of the Omega the media the argument with public evangelism in among city even sees a chakra bleach now the problem the argument is organization it with no seal organization and what I'm here to tell you is this is this without the answer against this foolish idea is the identical answer is the latest foolish idea people's books it Edie for Eagleman the study of covenant lines lady Linda yours upholds what we taught back then about public evangelism suit Onizuka for Jesus or bleach and the identical study of cabinet line limit reader upholds organization suture look at you gesture so what I'm saying is because you Jesus you know in this Omega rebellion that's been going on vindaloo media key and you know the argue the correct argument at the beginning human collective ODB is identifying the correct argument at the end because these three histories makuu seat was east well specifically mark on organizational work that goes on in each of these three history organization therefore there has to be an organizational work that goes on here you see again and the fact that this is what's being argued against here a Sasaki idea and that this is the answer to that argument I love you know it's telling us that we're at the very concluding moments of the Omega kokujin Omega my brother Lupe's showing fusion we said : you Keebler chopped off when you further develop you lose your ID that we are at the end of the chicken yes yes ah this is an introduction with you not Hajduk show what I'm saying is we're gonna study covenant lines here no II didn't do Daniels but we're not just gonna study the study from Fremont you do we're gonna put this truth into the prophetic history of I met civility don't least wattage and because this truth was the first of the Omega becomes agitated and it's now the answer to this argument it's at a Pullman no you're at the very end there's other renounce to do some enough oh yeah dude for about another way to look at the common denominator mean that cooler is that they're they're rejecting they're rejecting Authority yeah which I know is part of organization but I mean the basest level your basic same thing that happened in heaven you see if I sit on this gym you can't have organization without some Authority number five well can you that's also utility if you don't have it you have anarchy see no they pass that Wilander see but the authorities got to be based upon God's Word literally to do it but it's for the power to do and everyone's gotta settle into that and have you faith in God's words its needle so that we intend to cover covenant lines in here la vivienda Linda años but it's going to be in this context this is your heart also context this here no this is our message no Santino's missus okay and I don't know I'm sure you all heard it because I heard it see but you just shook whatever dzong told you but in great controversy 3:29 Parminder made a very significant piece of information when he was here and he made it the last time he was here - LaDonna me - no see and I understood it the last time he completed but it really clicked for me this time in in great controversy 3:29 speaking of William Miller says he had devoted two years of study of the Bible when in 1818 he reached the solemn conviction than in about 25 years Christ would appear for the redemption of his people I know it was a consistency in so consequently to do that we do deliver on a conclusion solanell could only delayed advance I call it historian reporting on shoulders on that okay he he he's not gonna go public with his message in baba auliya pubic bones a big swami says tell 1831 you successful not evil and sister white tells us this in this passage if you read all the way down through the parma nurse point was this a loophole Parminder ethnicity sila that the message of 1818 release a dissolute it's the complete message see the research completely everything that came after it to Steven you upset was simply expanding that original message you don't show me such a vision okay and and once you get that you know screw that the company so now it's a really important piece of inspired logic and I'll try to explain why in here even if see these people quite easy but I'll tell you something mr. kusuda we began studying the reformed lines user McComas original in the reform in 1989 I know that you Lucy because a brother that was studying with used our backyard to get married that's good avec ma yi-san you know and he was married in 1989 he mario music at one dose and he still remember studying this with us there's a brother that has been following this message for a couple years now yeah to me such a good cousin who lives up in the northwestern part of the United States and when I tell the story he comes if I do these twelve about why I started studying Daniel 11:40 2:45 Kwasi come on say to do Daniel count at once and I know why I started studying it juicy for firm 1 is equal masala 2 G but I never knew when those years back there I just you know you're studying something you don't tell yourself ok I'll write this down but this brother up in the northwest track you don't know several of you have met him he came here and visited University has several children you know ok he and he's a doctor the doctor you guys know who I'm talking about very dukey's about ok any in any case he has a brother Yong Claire that lives in Loma Linda TV aluminum dock and I'm assume he's a doctor as well but I don't know the Polsky doctor mission special ok so I'll get to my point I began studying the last six verses of Daniel 11 so you can all say to Julia she tell you because I went to some meetings just really meetings that were the speaker was unknown pejorative I could people didn't know the guy look only say but they got to know him akira-kun it when he went to Loma Linda luckily Aluva Linda the weekend after I met this guy weekend application system and he challenged me to go study the last six verses of Daniel 11 Shannon geometry nobody did it to Daniel's he did meetings in Loma Linda California Illinois Melinda and that's where he got famous he liked available and he was he was a shaking in Adventism for four or five years he was shaking adventism for power five years so cool as I can because he was laying out all the sins of the seventh-day Adventist you don't conduct with utility she's an artist and what he did in Loma Linda among other things is kill afeard Melinda able to shoes is he took time to show how the time you know the tie that people were cut could appeal his own limits and the wedding ring that they both come from Rome to home and they both have some very corrupted sexual connotations de Kloet su6 Fela so he went into Loma Linda Luke even aluminum he's laid out all the sins of the Adventist Church excluded to utilities and he's saying you guys are wearing those wedding rings and this is where wedding rings began and you're wearing these ties and this is where this comes from Eva do some yoga and I'm not saying that I know that his connection with Rome was accurate do Genji paksa Celico next O'Keefe is a video I'm just saying that what he presented in Loma Linda was a shock to the Adventist Church get up in hotel he ends up calling the church Babylon he gets disfellowship lady Raji but ultimately the per the gets in financial problems you know you did problems no see kind of problems you go to jail with over no but it's the kind of problems you can go to jail over if you don't typically the Adventist Church comes in and helps them get through that crisis because they don't want to see a famous Adventists push people to basically Park or whatever I don't really know anyone's motivation but that was his ride through Adventist me when I suppose so a couple months ago it's one experience Northern California California you know and this brother was there at those meetings is serenity la acción called the one that has the a brother that's in Loma Linda Saluki atoms of aluminum de Annette at when we were eating lunch he lost control condom OG he says my brother was in Loma Linda when this guy went there and did that inner demon fairy tale uma indelicacy tamale official ah and my brother told me when he did it he laughs it was 1989 city leaders circuits of others so both of these truths new civility began to be dealt with in 1989 Kumasi I I never knew this until a few months ago and I said confirm that with your brother and he has not yet confirmed it as you say but I fulfill my victory SAT confirm me when we went to a self-supporting ministry those who believe well mr. Maldonado it was based upon this study did you buy this your city to do the leader of that ministry read this study the general desalius evaluate each other and invited us to come to work at his ministry he knew the RVT traveiied or some nice tail and through a series of events david mo i i've given opportunity to give my very first public present in Adventism at that ministry contestants emini stale this is the handouts from the very first public presence Italy notable are coming up in Odessa the very first thing that was taught was a reformed line lipolysis Katie unsolicited internet forum in 1995 for millions of Americans when this was being written those cassettes a THC and by 1996 this is complete c'est termine therefore what I'm saying is do G don't secure by 1996 a Minnesota man says the message is complete delicious a complete its absolutely finished determining if we're gonna believe that Miller right histories typifying our history he knew who could lease to our Dominion its ability store everything that comes after to Tsukiji on a plane is just an expansion the expansion of this methodology set me to do G and this message is assuming says okay methodology message me to do G missus okay what that means sukhasana video it means a lot of things salvageable chosen but one of the things that it means and I don't know that I can turn to it possibly but I know where I always used to start when I was teaching this course in you see Susan review and Herald March 22nd 1887 review and Herald March 27th 1887 once it announced it a revival of true godliness among us is the the greatest and most urgent of our needs to seek this should be our first work so we don't evade repeated commit evil so that the writer not purity later I came to realize this quote was in selected messages book 1 page 121 was it no it did no me first receive when you and here's my point when it came to Daniel 11:40 245 law school you know Daniels Celtic alum starts from the very beginning Dalida pal I understood that this was the message it was to produce a revival among God's people she configures in mrs. Kealey so I told God's people our greatest need and our first work is to seek for this revival community and once they got that logic in their mind you loose a clue signal is key then I'd go to testimonies to ministers page 113 which says when the books of Daniel and revelation are better understood there will be seen be seen among God's people a great revival not good leave the poor caves complete so I would argued with them komomo to my Laodicean seventh-day adventist audience of which i'm not saying that i'm not a lair the scene you see that our greatest need is for a revival and then I would take them to the article in selected messages book 1 page 121 where she says our greatest need is for a revival with and I would scan down through that article Sigma 2 page 128 and a personal treat where she says with a revival represents a renewal of life so I would look the audience in the I do John Doe needs you and say if our greatest need is for a revival see the cucumber's won't sit on TV it means we're dead so we just do some more if we need to be revived we only need to be revived because we're dead see you do it clay via phone I wanna leave a secure some more now it's doing that on purpose you for this because for me as before the last six verses of Daniel 11 least she didn't even see Daniel it shrunk down to one verse see convenient a silver see verse 41 mercy capital and he shall also enter into the glorious land elope UDP and many shall be overthrown boohoo so thank you and I would show the audience illusions that the glorious land was the United States of America you see damage and that this was identifying the Sunday law when the papacy conquers the United States a lot emotions good but who didn't and it's and that at this point God's people either received the mark of the beast or the seal of God it gets the more I look up to Josephus Wow after that bitch who the Jew and I bring many quotes to show it movie set up so I'd say we're living in verse 40 we're living in the history of verse 40 movies only structure secure and we still are and the next thing that happened is verse 41 he leave us the county where probation closes for seventh-day Adventist also tell me and you either have received the seal of God or the mark of the beast supposed to be sued you William up till a bit and I've watched Adventists it they understand this is if you do peninsula I've watched him break down and cry when it hit him is your rotator skis office well I was teaching this in Tacoma Washington one time to a Latin group ungroup the militant and so was being translated Duke city Haji and I got to this point you support this piece of logic set loose it and the translator the trajector he didn't know the message he was just translating goodbye miss you did you saw some Cod real he understood it he's not complete and we had to stop for like 30 or 45 minutes because he broke down and crying and weeping because he real to admit I didn't conform to new tasks and easy especially and here's what it meant if well let's go to the video and here's what I always talk evita's could use it even before here ma'am I've only seen the essence of this teaching was Lee Sora's do signal syndrome or see that our probation closes at the Sunday law of Westeros to tell me that what you do most but may in reality it closes before the Sunday law because you have to have a character prepared for the seal of God before the Sunday law arrived everyone attacked amplified pulusu did you I've the most evil mr. Knab brothers and sisters there are a variety of arguments against what we're teaching and they all fall in the category of the Omega media some of them are based upon a fanciful employment of the lines somebody's sure some of them are based upon the nature of Christ and the nature of man it's for the children our children some of them on the church triumphant theology skillful some on Psalm 23 just don't show up someone but the one thing that ties every one of those false ideas together to GD ensemble is that you there's some kind of character perfection that takes place after the door closes secure yet to perfection accomplice a particular family it's a complete denial of this message as it was put in place see in 1996 honey modulus at state state in your past or mean of circuses if you can see this movie buffs it out and I understand it it'll kupono will save you some of the temptations of these foolish arguments Suvi the Tata show Lucy's ask me more we have to have a character prepared for the seal of God before midnight exactly bipolar so did you I've only and anything that people say to try to push you in a different understanding that that is part of the Omega TD Omega you will deal more with that about who's to sit up but you have to settle into whether you have confidence in these lines sigasi was a bit confused on Selenia so we're gonna spend time here pochittona see given the justification for denilla justification the proof that the lines are the bible linear Sola be blue okay they're definitely the Bible so when people are saying these guys are putting the lines above the Bible it's an evidence of their blindness see how about what's going on right now myth no I let me just look at here all right I heard Parminder say something the other day he gave a great and gave a brief definition of faith and you are all here to see so what faith no sequel avoir he define it for you in a definite Ovoo prophecy that's kind of vague the prophecy see I'll provide you what is faith see quite a flow oh you guys are trying to get to the deeper theological stuff what is watches to Lucic watch this brother Bob uh-huh I had faith that he was gonna catch that wasn't enough work you learn a lot happy but my throat was bad and my catch was bad what is faith don't seek whatever belief qua you no trust my mentor said is simply gonna do some primo just that's what he said pardon me so does everyone understand that faith is what are we gonna call it trust come on confidence what do you want to call it come on better that people trust just confuse everyone believe that this is true but it's not true do you see it let me see badly I mean the faith you and I are talking about is saving faith is it not hoopla for the new policy that silver what's the faith what's this trust this faith to be in is it to be in me are you supposed to have faith and trust in me it's good level do that well where is your faith based with footage of quality on God's Word so it's trusting God's Word look see that confuse nopal did you everyone believe that close it up that's not really right the Bible teaches that the devil's believe quoi okay it can't be just a belief in God's Word upon did you there's people that know that the Bible is a book you subscribe you be telling you they believe this book that it's a book you work that's not the faith that we're talking about it's a faith in God's Word but what element of God's Word what is it about God's Word that you have to have faith in see see Charlie Lima weekend on apology this is a prophetic class and you're gonna throw out prophecy that's a safe one what temple is even more passive also hippity exact mo fo faith in the fact that Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning that ancient histories are repeated at the end doesn't like pay no I think so what did she say yes yes you're right on the verge of it it's the creative power of God's Word creative power and I put word to that Paul did you you know if you if you don't believe that this word has creative power then this word is a dead letter C moon force if I could and prisons cannot Parminder gets in trouble for calling the Bible a dead letter the polymer nebula not because these men that refuse to see that's good see some key off you can go into the spirit of prophecy and show how sister White's is that this is God's Living Word that's good you find all these people disappointment teacher side don't see so they call Parminder a false prophet even a people normal because he's saying in contradiction to L&Y rescue vehicles Alex why killing words that this is a dead letter who sits in nickel more but it is a dead letter we see you nickel most if you don't understand even complain about that this represents God's creative power supply we saw Scott Eve did you then it can't produce life it can't produce a revival in you and the power pejorative a it's a dead letter not faith that's what it's not simply believing in God's Word trusting in God's Word the person from oh I wanna follow at all did you it's understanding that God's word contains the same power that he used to create the universe Paul the Jew Coachella Memphis on skillet easy box and evil but it's not simply that we see by some primo so trusting in the fact that it's his creative power isn't genuine faith you see that it's incomplete okay where there is not only a belief submissions the will to him where the hardness to him the affections fixed on him Thursday's very basket when he said Pandu como para la Freudian district shocking a few pay-per-view in Arizona coil associate modest angriff while exist introduced a presence in every city disabled son defects at on remembers north door authoritarian epiphany mizuna Passarella qualifier Kia decent partially tequila phenomena but when somebody's you an apology Sarah edition complete on twenty Monica Vernon that cure attitude affection a double distinction between believing you can this actual to walk and really believe in the Makua but me I'm gonna take it one step further visually you need genuine faith the photo teach is believing that God's Word is his creative power see confirm kept all the juicy sufficient sketchy view but there's one other element to a new city MO you have to believe the require that that word will be fulfilled just exactly as it said it will be fulfilled in very exactly welcome in detail vital complete it has to have that second port part on doing ambassadors embassy so this course here don't we're gonna look at faith but I'd love well the kind of faith that is an acknowledgement that his word is his creative word ridiculous but it goes beyond that mr. solo to believing that his creative word Bob Powell will accomplish exactly what he said it will accomplish exact mo okay it's two steps she does it up and brothers and sisters equally so this definition the definition is the definition that a couple guys gave donate and sister white identified that they were given that message from God donation massage the Jews and their names are Jones and Waggoner you know the kind of faith they were talking about swaddles Upali is faith in God's creative word ce qui tollis did you including an understanding that that word will accomplish what it says that it will do the reason that we want to put faith in place in this is because we're gonna show you you probably already know if we serve a disciple of the mall the sister why it says the foundation of our faith in ridiculous foolish Americans whoa is prophecy to the prophecy and you have to believe that prophecy it would require that prophecy is God's creative power series did you and that it'll do exactly what it said it was gonna do it give exact amounts and we have to know that now you know because we're no longer arguing with adventism and self-supporting ministry no no some panel discussion avec la clé de Peau know that we're arguing among ourselves me some victim in there saying he don't use Miller's rules right I do that's good if Jesus energy spa like the William you know emotional faith and I'm saying they don't use Miller's rules right which is partly like the William you know it's an internal argument over this message see in the previous attendant services and you have to determine if you do be determining if those lines Cicilline are God's prophetic word soon lapa holder Djokovic and if they are is silica you have to believe that they are his creative power who do the oquawka source officials khateeb and they're going to accomplish just exactly what they say they're gonna accomplish it will feel exact mo succeeds district energy skill for copia if you don't have that confidence if they pass it to confuse that faith sit for then when we go through these three lines of sacred history generally don't sit and give you three witnesses of the new tottemo that this history here cassette is to Allah must have an organizational work that is upheld by Authority could do about Okanogan is a short guess she's paranoid then you can get swept away noisily it's Bali but I guarantee you it's gonna come to pass so that Vasu passive because God's prophetic word never fails that's good so what I'm saying is you could ug secure if we if the foundation of our faith is prophecy that will force it up off you see we need to have that correct kind of faith there's all kinds of people in this movement ya know that they believe these things these key the quasi issues but their belief is intellectual qualifies italic trailer just like the devil's come they believe you'd quote but it hasn't went into their arts in these parties on the Cure it's a counterfeit of faith see influence with it we have to understand that God is accomplishing zoom from could do a complete as an example okay all of you were in Sabbath school the other day radical just about what is the sisters did did you get that yesterday at schools every you say yeah that sisters test remarks was on the church triumphant the test it did actually snowfalls brothers Tyler's lesson was on the church triumphant I wasn't supposed to speak yesterday was apparently yeah I just had to grab something did you pump cashews and it was on the church triumphant issue illegally steal thoughts okay so if you remember sisters Tess's story about the ship the souvenir don't you saw the taste of the east Winn sure dong-su by 2 and 911 it's a peep out of on this and she was struggling that the ship was having problems these are the problems this is the mast busted over Letitia Lafitte caliber to evade the problem until she found she was killed who the quote where sister right says this is a good ship in a Haji Satar boomba - okay just a movement movement okay it's a good movement do Tabu movement but brother Parmenter has been showing her that this movement of the church triumphant it's perfect are they mostly cuz same how can a perfect ship come on about to perfect be destroyed like that but it did become so now well first up it made it through a no problemo you know the procedure find a complete Rivera boo where was it going where's Kelly what Rome was going to the stand in law home Tomas was going to Rome but if you remember do you remember how many heathens she said was on that boat it was really cool Millia to get to do is about to see she made this point and I thought okay there's 273 heathen I'm on the boat so what you know but from my understanding she never finished it off me she never got back to - evidently conclude this in La Paz officials alone because at the end of my presentation yesterday I'll do my panels as shown yeah she came up to me and she said this and Livni imagine she says do you realize how many people were on that boat it's good and I use equal me every day person shows about 273 he then there's also some says a bio but there was a total mediaeval total of 300 do twice oh oh there's Gideon's army CDC deal God's Word the whole did you God's prophetic word God prophecy did you never fails mr. Holmes I mean it is his creative power these officials countries and it will always accomplish what it said it was going to be you can kill that appeal and the evidence now is lab clothes myth not say that the Lord is purifying this movement losing the opportunity to move more and taking it down to 300 men I trust them as in the story of Gideon come down these 12 days you do the story of this boat restore the Subaru and what I'm telling you asuka Judas is the testing question down here like a so test you see in advance of the 300 I've only Trussell is authority organization utility token is Esther this is the end of the Omega C Rafael du Loup me Joe and the same argument to the first introduction of the Omega is covenant lines see Linda Daniels at the beginning and the end and brothers and sisters in McAlester the storm is breaking up the ship they're thrown off stuff too so the ship don't sink duty this was part of Shiva factory by two-piece cooling and you can look at how the ships getting broken down if we don't come on and you can be distressed maybe you're gonna go to the bottom of the sea lemare maybe you shouldn't have got on that ship I do a little sober - you can approach it that way we do successful but if you have faith in God's Word he Sue's IV an apology you can simply see that the Lord is getting ready to lift up an ensign to we work a Jewish Aleppo delivery in Banja parlament and all of these things it suits issues have been given to us in advance Jews way to donate or nervous through God's Word that's not good at all did you how do you know that come on let's have a loot how do you know that pardon me lines up online okay I'm thinking of one verse very nice verse obviously almost surely Amos 3:7 almost plus it doesn't do anything loosen your luffa yo accepted to revealed through Sturm profits auditory profits so that's an introduction of some of the things that we're gonna cover you know something here the introduction is not over me I didn't put everything in place no solution e vitamin e and I didn't finish up yesterday's sermon is about tell me until Monday yeah so I'll leave you with the thought those who live eviction Posse the guy that was criticizing the church triumphant in this email Authority Kelly listen from those city mail he has a quote where sister White says the church triumphant is the church in heaven yeah in station we advise each other and he insists therefore you know she knows that the church triumphant can only be in heaven the ladies feel from to sell more 800 dollars shell and therefore we can't be part of the church triumphant while we're on earth consumption let me ask a question the only one in here right now that isn't setting down as me look solution if I see more so we're all setting down below some to sassy where are we setting with Lucifer she who said on earth okay Larry says on earth okay awesome are we setting are we setting on earth exclusivity shorter tail on a ship all about - I'm here to tell you that the Bible teaches that teaches us that when we're justified in Colusa you see the infilling of the Holy Spirit Aviano so displeased that we are seated in heavenly places that's what it says QG and it's not using the future tense when it says that about you where are we with collusive in heavenly places we're seated in heavenly places well we're in heaven are we seated so I see me exactamundo some I said only you see pardon me before the throne Duval it holy you think so we are told you Gigi that if we will overcome as Christ overcome it would be granted for us to set upon his throne you see Nouveau completed Christ overcame by submitting his will to the Father's will little subtlety a little super you and I can overcome today just as Christ overcame we will become at least a vacuum by submitting our will to his will if we do that we have overcome as Christ overcame and we're seated in heavenly places don't you see this and the place that we're setting in heaven is Christ's throne of Assisi is short on decreased but we're gonna be on earth ShoreTel but the church triumphant is the church in heaven we share the credentials to the church triumphant is to overcome as he overcame future is actually part of the future it's here and now see you see it no we can set on the throne of Christ today it will meet the requirements of the gospel under his Audrey she knew how control requires faith to believe that means our children are part Oxana but the Bible says it and the Bible is his creative power in a BBC series on scratch and it always accomplishes where it says shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you for allowing us to participate - allow me to participate in the history of the Omega past assist well the lapis su amigo we thank you that you've given us the light concerning these issues Lucas yes justice you say that if we choose to exercise faith is something that's enough well we can navigate through this storm top it and become part of that enzyme that's about to be lifted up activator LOV we know that as the remnant Christ that Satan is angry with us he knows his time is short you see castle toy cool and we have a short time here to study with the Brethren only true that we keep them before they return to where they came from so I pray that the time that we do spend together here would be time where we all become better prepared to address the issues that are shaking this movement at this time thank you for another day of life yes that you continue to bless our brother Parminder in his next fill the labor the could you please continue I've been out of town coming though in Jesus name