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Publish Date: 2/9/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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so everybody have any questions from this yesterday morning study let's go deeper so know the questions you listen to the doula class the matter is that because we understand it or because we don't understand no company no some cat Mila Moshe plastic 911 or Sunday live now someone is clear Priscilla LDC 911 lesson you want to select a course of action on now you never what was that don't you see that you mean any live in la magia de Montesquieu say laughs don't laugh sound a sound 96 you can watch this let's just come in me go did you know so it's not into this spin station already we've got them so did Lincoln don't see but you see it on you can still see ok well it's such a read about your country I don't know if you have got it correctly the white we haven't said anything don't you see past year lock over tomorrow so nice because good now yeah you just said that that looks good daddy says awesome boom think it's about it yeah under Miguel de la FDG he's wait shakeela my mind well if you're talking about how to buoy bobbed up and when I were here yet we're here the top approaching close of probation in this framework we like the Sunday look look we got some final why did you vomit are we approaching the close Robocon open bar a pushy redonkulous FDG a saline D if you don't you schedule a divorce you lost opportunity she knew Daniel opportunity okay so I'll move on day I was gonna don't see personal access or service we were talking about Jeremiah Jacobs and an ice cube I'm gonna explain a little bit more crispy cabbage on this here the premier is a a spirit of prophecy first of all were saying is not easy this is not new from your mouth Sony Pictures de novo but maybe it's not in your own thinking it's not being clear enough to you don't would put bosses to learn about this issues are more clear or you haven't noticed we love you Ben Tamaki our problem is that we don't understand how prophets are using inspiration the problem signal component pallava so I'd only prefer to use as inspiration that already exists let's not use your existing and the prophets do this often really preferred from su la cerva so Jeremiah is gonna do this don't shoot me I feel so long and then Alan White's gonna do this me again Mon Ellen wait so if you go back to the original she what's on your vision Jacob jacobins chapter we can ship it no leave her Todd felt II thought which book can leave Jenelle's Genesis Genesis 32 so in that story non satis to you say that he's going to wrestle with the angel very key value to have a closer or earthly support is cut off to social gentle eyes do you pay he's fighting for his life a little severe and in that experience it not sir to experience is a new name he enters into covenant with God alone over know your nanosec Jew and everything gets established it 2:30 doubly so Jeremiah children me is gonna make an application of that story they're filling up you Cassandra city star Jeremiah is livin in this history here if you don't set this to Allah before the kaya I've on said he starts from Josiah Joachim Joey King Zedekiah you come on Susie Azusa Kim Kim what we didn't do so good never perfect we'll see where Jeremiah chapter way my 30 we didn't look with Jeremiah third he was on our persecutors a limitless if we were going to spend a lot of time doing this we'd have to go and see where is Jeremiah it sinfully pursuit on au revoir who is a city because the Book of Jeremiah is not sequential that's the live - every minute per second which makes it even harder to understand so kilo - the route sing silly fat leadership it's important Lord as they are in the Book of Daniel so Jeremiah is talking about this terrible day should we meet bout this don't be blue and what word does he use it can move to this deal then we remember let's give a souvenir so you say the great guy - someone just sorry that day is great so we want to find out what this great day is chella so Joshua but we know it's a bad day - efficacy a movie from verse five and six these people are scared and in verse 7 it says for last sorry last about day is great the versus it Alaska said Johnny GaN no other day like it you lose your sunblock and then he says it's Jacob time of trouble time of wrestling with God at the end of this wrestling what's gonna happen to Jacob Sippel Chicago it's gonna be blessed he's gonna receive a new name is Fabian evil sovereign over know now if we went to Jeremiah 31 he explains the same thing Susur Lee - every material is becoming shoes he says after those days precision first of all here he says that day singular sociable sankiji then in 31 he says those - a big continent is a shoe verse 33 but this shall be the Covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days so those days pure plural is connected to that day it connected Avex singular o 30 verse 7 concert now if you go back to 31 31 gone without an overseas country yeah 31 31 behold the days come saith the lord that i will make a new covenant but see this let's not translate English so the new covenant is this new relationship God's people are going to have after those days of course is your the days of persecution the 70 years you should do something he's gonna use the story of Jacob invert in chapter 30 Oh in exactly that way he says this day you do social here no the day of destruction is bad and what you know it's Okubo savvy is that everybody can see it she could to non-believer if you go back to the story of jeremiah see it on his daughters everybody knows what babylons about to do - the monster soka babylonian soul of Winterfell but what have you got mckisco was a veena history don't searches to a false prophet live football fit both properties are saying it's all gonna be ok look for preferred word you've got to - ok so everyone is scared - mother / specifically she went to the story as Jeremiah interacts with Zedekiah you know the Zedekiah is scared if particular molly's well who should we meet on yeah because it is just on 6 e disappear in fact who is he scared of the mouse Eli Porter kilo piece that's right people get it the princess Eli / of the class it scared of what the princess would do to him or what they would think of him illa billah' securely transfer her do you possibly but they're all scared about Babylon means not to spur her to Babylon and so this suzuha is Jacob's time of trouble solution lo tanto - - Jacob now you can talk about it in a singular event if you prevail partly done even more Thank You G or in a plural Hussein hold experience of the 70s this was son Jesus and he he's like Jacob Spanish dropping some blah bluh tanto tube - October and what's he trying to teach us in that case Kelly said you know sostenuto at the end of 70 years in Gaeseong what happens to Jacob yes it is perceived God enters into covenant with you in the next chapter called it New Covenant it on the rapid available and valerio so we can demonstrate a new proof and Emily and I think brother Michael was doing that yesterday's that was you is that what you're laying out in that it so curriculum or - yeah so brother Mike was gonna do it I guess in another prayer meeting he was laying out the same story in a different way yeah many stories and what you can show is that the 70 years when he ends sook Alice was on dzasta so Feeny is the time of the end sillerton telephone and you can say that here if you prevail over Allah you have the 70 year captivity time at the end don't love seven Persian kings at work bills we get this and we overlay here in new lozano 70s 1260 lose her son Jesus on silly meters Ausmus on 536 538 the time of the end Sheila Sheila toddler flower in the seven thunders other Persian kings are seven thunders he said twelve so Lisa - no so what he's doing Sookie Laughlin fell he shown you after 70 captivity you know montt got plenty some D's on to captivity or the enters into covenant with these people you oughta know something and that's an important application to make it so soon that because so that's how your admirer is making this see ya suckas giving me nothing now when we think of that story lots good efficacy story of Jeremiah you started hearing me we're gonna make a different because wait this movement knew some movement so we take the story of Jeremiah Lupin only slow deceiving me and we say a new to zone here you see will take this history you put no searches to our seven Judean kings seventy years and bring it down here you said you do some design you leave just so you see so what we're saying suka nudism is the restructures you roast them in the sanctuary the disco song is marked here sometimes at the beginning of the 70s and this is when it starts getting a lot of information and people start getting information overload it sukham sucks that does yo completely for my silly person so super Mel C because if you come back to this story a civil attorney don't set this draw 1798 sockets magistrate is revelation 6 911 911 which is the fifth seal kill him so go back to the fourth seal they people God's people are being killed look at the jury and here Allah they're asking a question when everything when the whole thing is gonna get sorted out yes I'm out chip was in case you can tes Cotes issues also tell meaning God says not yet your senior diplomat no revelation 20 verse 4 is accomplished modo Kelly's racket which is the Sunday law history read verse place the Sunday law civil is the this killing here says a tubular or this persecution yes it does otherwise already tied these together Ellen White Lotus your whole your song what's the passage to that Kelly don't look passage processing things perfectly 1 7 1 4 so she's always right always together I like to zoom your song and we make it a Sunday law new liaison committee on our LD in a Logitech mouse so let me summarize what I've said so far don't resume on sukoshi did you see Jeremiah searing me will take Jacob story mr. Jacob and he'll make it what Eva fair what will Jeremiah make it my sister my circus good fishery me Jeremiah's gonna bring you to this point here if ever some Nia soprano so what's Jeremiah taking you to it was I mean usually me he's taken to time at the end it was a minute on Jeremiah 33 me talk we're gonna take the story me noonas are not concert too strong and we're gonna say in New Zealand it takes you to where okay Oh Elvis immensity stuff because I take you to the Sunday law and vitamin A Luigi mosque let me rephrase that right this day that he's talking about since you're doing field resume is this day so social but he wants to introduce this covenant relationship soon dadly awesome she's talking about the time of the end do you know budget on the phone but when we talk about it looks good news on Paulo we're taking it to the Sunday law we're taking it to the time of the end no no bar oh don't laugh we're taking it to the close of probation no no just one application see no in Alawite uses the same phrase in this statement in chapter 39 Illinois to Tuzla memorized oh sure Peter she's now made it the close of probation Elfi assertive in mala if Sheila photography she's not making it the Sunday law and no Laplace balaraju damash is Jeremiah and come with me so you have two prophets making two applications IV LeDoux profit before disciplic aside you feel on and we have to understand both application in the

condo leaders application that

day so sure Jeremiah is here cuz eerie music hula and that day for Adam why is here it says your pool Ellen White Allah to profits so if you do confess a different things these dishes different or they stay in the same thing may often come to do slam em shoes so if you take the principle of line upon line you know point concerning for proof texting rule apostolate text Oh Jeremiah children me he says G that day social Ellen White says is nyg that day social because they're using the same passage is your to do slam em Dexter Jacob Jacob that day that day Jacob Jacob says you're so sure so we know you several that that day the Susheela is the same as what Allah MEMS your chakra same as that day because so you see the same day Salome M sure all of this is one day that's good to see laugh and concern if it concerns you that's what at least one thing we can learn from this and if one of the most important things is saloon dishes represent pumpkin approval a plant on so when we're spoken about the day of the Lord looks cool new panel usually senior or the Dead The Lord's vengeance no shows a senior often we go to we don't have to go to her back it to do that doesn't go to Zephaniah on that Barbra Jean de Luz de bucket miss avant-garde also phony so Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah in Habakkuk a here don't so funny about so they're great and terrible day they were benjin's so she'll call it Arab Dvorak what would that be would have been addressed event or this event seditious it's this one here she see this yes so they're focusing on this it's some look at I saw its you exert even mono but whenever white talked about this great terrible terrible day of Benjen mica ellen white powders Oologah it divorce she's picking up from Jeremiah 30 a law school upholstery McCotter the focus is here so not don't soon supports all offended on the glass I explain it another way so let's be clear do not reverse on here Zedekiah see this just la Jerusalem is gonna be destroyed Jerusalem sahaja Twitter here Jerusalem gets destroyed Sunday law is an immediate annuity demas which is mocking God's people Xi'an Zhi club and then why it and white is gonna go to AD 70 but only I love seventh useless Angie's destruction of Jerusalem what we often do suka new pheasants ooh wrong we say destruction of Jerusalem Zedekiah dilemma seditious destruction of Jerusalem AD 70 it looks awesome we line them up new lizallen young and we do that line upon line a new loafers all in selenium bring great controversy chapter one for me when other white talks about the destruction of Jerusalem by the instruction of the world hello Lamia typical of enjoyment not the church no Polly Gleason so she's gonna bring it to here okay felony offender Tonto where the world is beginning to begin to be destroyed by the plague column oonski Messiah did sleep early play so what this is teaching us in summary is that the day of the Lord is in two parts it's a party we've already we've always known this you'll love what is your suit but when we speak about it in a study or presentation loss goodness or peril or doesn't it to include what we don't often do is highlight so canoe fizzle Silvana soothing young exactly what we're saying and what we're referring to so good new design so and for somebody so sometimes laugh well afterwards okay cool you might say actually where is this talking about polygamy oh so laughs you have to check on the application that the speaker is making don't you fool okay Sheila precursor ecology so you're saying that there's actually three applications on this life look often conflict was a few casinos that you won dealing with the Covenant relationship that begins or that takes 272 1989 and then another one for the Sunday alone another one oh why did you mercy not put a closed of professional a premiership live yeah you know pick a song that is highlighting the college that takes you to the beginning of the covenant in 1989 then there's another one that's identifying so in the story of Jeremiah it takes you to the covenant relationship here so learning so many analysis under Daniels lung there's another one that is dealing with the destruction of the church which is the Sunday law you're not kidding vehicle at this table jiggly's kilowatt emoji move so when we talk about this day of the Lord in two steps Oscar nous parlons usually senior on do faster what I'm super imposing on to that sikozu supersu Salah is the subject of the investigative judgment the sushi decision my investigative so often what your fears do a super so given where you feel if you say the Sunday law Cebu Piniella Raja Tomas was terrified gtp by October 22nd eighteen people of inductive encounter so if I put October 22nd 1844 she's a Miller on October soccer on cut then we talk about the arrival of the third angel the pollen delivered it was a motion if we read contextually chapter 38 see new leads on the first so context fellowship eateth on Street we talk about the work of the third angel Bernal delivered it was emotion and you've seen many people it was a review so correctly the first collector a three a here Plessy at Walla the arrival of the third angel love you twice a month so what we teach you by the arrival of the third angel de su couscous can Johnson yawn plus solid rivet it was a Muslim what we're saying suka nudism is when he arrives to conceal a diva his job some cover is to select see the selection only writing 118 politically selection is investigation let's select Sun Solaris to go soon after the selection or the investigation abuela selects sooo nervous to go soon then you have the execution love was evident Calexico soon or the empowerment of the bird be an honorific assumed it was him so the days in two steps Liu Shu ratandas it up we can show it here in the proven of voila because they're both talking about that day we've got an investigation and execution who's ever nervous to go soon execution got me robbing of the third the empowerment of the third everyone loved it was Emerson op if you guys soon so we've taken three different concepts and overlaid them on top of each other welcome subdue finally suppose on his own solicit so when we say that day Donna DS on so sure we could call it the Lord's Day you pull up you know shoulders senior or the day of the Lord there the Lord begins here you're sure dissing your come Isola and I think that's new for anybody's and prosper Casula in the book because here's the seventh day that's good like so should the situation to the sixth day Ivana LD cynicism sure and we're saying Newt I said give me an example car begins to investigate when to repair come on syllabus to you soon until this point hapless this point happens here from Friday to Sabbath I'm focusing never do that consistent do you want to do something I'll talk example the angel who's recording you on Friday Lansky applaud Congress is clear advantage II or your children or your husband and your wife was on phone with her and Maggie but firm they're all keeping an eye on you here is gardener sir Lewis salon yeah so they keeping an eye you gotta know so making sure possessory tracking what you're doing Paul Swift discover fit and here in the investigation is connecting with the investigation is a decision only evacuee levers together indecision so what we do in here don't suck enough Azula is we're investigating the consequences of what you did in the past there's a vest eagerly consequence covers avec fit down the path see we haven't spent enough time never purposes issues and what is a movement or movement going back Bhavana dev atonement so Lord is a safety system so the system is such an understanding it come from how this or what this investigation actually means curse so let's see if we can soon to sit arrest again soon so I'm just trying to conceptualize it she says she's a local sub choice they was being marked here so cute on tequila is a confirmation or a check in certain confirm ensuing verification of what happened in this history the sukkah super sis only stop Lisa don't just any decisions made Ellie this is all going to please them what confuses people in the movement Itsuki Hong Kong Feliciano movement when we start addressing this issue that's going to come on so I bought these tickets to is something to kill cashews oh that Adventism is very comfortable with already so sad mrs. Anastasia our church teaches busker new trance on you know triggers on Sonia you do your work here but for 2 for 12 level and now it Matt no you're gonna be investigated usually at or ever sticky now they twist this a little bit along Shan Shan to cheaper and the twisting your Sushma is because of this but she chuckles ooh love after she closed the probation is hair Lafontant oh god Salam so this close of probation said friend return to class who is it for Oh Paquito no I want to put a little topics here Nasri metal squeaks brother Bob said the world look Bob Dylan mundo I'm saying that what's anybody else saying Chris Cole is Jesus I'm saying no it's not the world so dinner see palamoun this line selenium we all developed and created together conservatively Bakley ensemble which you have to go back and double-check if you forgot only very few in case I tricked you okay lose the PC because that's what people say that's because this circle is on this line here is a line of judgment we agree with that so clean a cylinder eases the story about miss ELISA on tequila so don't get destroyed 144,000 so come on Camila the hacker we now say that this marker I love come up over New Deal McNuggets America got put the world here on the permit lamu now I have to put one for for in the film at least I can cut me everywhere this is story the hundred forty-four thousand the quiz on trees it's not going to probate 144,000 here police the reason why I want to say this now it's simple I killed your video so long is because that when the church has got this misconception that's colleague Lisa said movers comprehension and wake up in Nunavut and we hammer them a new earlier do now could martyred for their foolishness so learn it you see we say you disown you can't have a college the probation here for the church it's here who prepare well in the Thunder Tonto gospel agree see I've already I wanted I wanted to say seems like maybe have sympathy with them to achieve over have sympathy with us it lights up a triple noon because roll Adventist the system to system the reason they developing this idea no reason for like isn't it lupus at Gd let's come back to this so you ought to know Allah what happens in the latter rain what its purpose Kelly don't some do drink too much if you want to bring something to maturity what are you saying about it subbu only Omni captures I'm actually takers give us a token to Gia if they mature Alima to a mature means the maturity Savage let me ask let me ask it this would let me ask it what is the purpose really don't abuse of the harvest dolomite some don't answer yet know the harvest llama soon the word harvest the moon one soon can be applied to ways to undo grammatically when you go and grab the moon of my super chili chili karma chicken it's a noun and a verb it unknown is it to see available so when I say the harvest in France kosher dill Emerson the noun the noon was the purpose of harvest sequel of Buddha Lama soon right to a to fade you pu'uhonua new Teja to do something the circuit shows them so here you see the harvest lamb Watson whether the harvest begin kotelko moss he came back here who's like a Muslim because the harvest is the seed vascular muscle see Oleg right now it's potential see some potential and he grows a young suit a kanji if the harvest ready it's cool I'll much sleep lately I do not ready because you you gotta have latter rain and the punk apprentice cool you know forever I realize that means there has to be some preparation that needs to be done so video clip I was lucky to have one you so our church don't know that says don't worry at the Sunday law you know who's on cutie pie what did you still got time to get ready it's good was that vehicle dutiful head cook crane because here's the close of probation let's go steal a friend Ajanta guys now we say they're totally wrong these donkeys on food and I'm saying they've got a point you sure do something I'm not saying they're right should you pack you some but they have a point to have a logic me soon Lucy come we have to understand their logic knowledge in the point lelouch Aquila nutria now if I'm second-guessing what you're thinking it's easier come on set the Venus coupon see the problem that we're seeing is you got cultivation here you can I shall say is not the world 144,000 should you mean this is their line and if we went to another line it soon as I know how we normally speak about it come on do something go back to here so you know Jerusalem is destroyed she was a limited tweet done and dusted early Sunday law then what did you mom we have a close of probation here so why we've got these two closer for bail you see what's going on there kiss-kiss purse now this is the problem that we have to explain it's a local link in the first wiki Paul the explanation in fact it's because she's understanding silicon consume dispensations do you suppose we took about the priest Levite son Anthony Cooper no deleted unit you know when you think about 144,000 upon this rock I won't get me but the clue meal and juicer is says that day that day this as you see is that they that they Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob you line up online politics I call that that day of the close of probation you suppose a social life and you taunted guys have to do the same here so do I feel mmm shoes that day the close of probation so don't let friends eat don't eat guys now the problem is what we often do it so teachers who I just did bed shall you structure let's look to it still leaves you in your mind me it still leaves you in your mind so learn new get got down-sized donut recipe not having your conceptual questions answered yeah often contain every pebble kiss kiss chu my concept junkie some okay I think suppose because you can know if you can all agree how I'm the logic that I'm using because you to Lisa but the back of most people's mind Madonna's Priya Dijon is a hack in this Bay on Jimmy come on separate I'll run through the logic don't you continue Lelouch ik before you ask me I'm looking for my like it's to 144,000 who they made up of it's some consolation it so constituted key so well yes I advantage them or dilettantism just in case we might have a misconception there I've just talked all night movers conception so if they formed a bad vent ISM see some constituted watching Adventism cloudy this probation here Sunday law that what is the film support Lila LD Lenore did you mom based upon this history Oh nobody's gonna do what we saying about 144,000 could use a new solution come on Katrina I'm saying secure G the reason why we have this conceptual problem the program cannot live like Americans that was the problem now you have to I I don't know exactly what everyone's thinking shouldn't sleep exacta monster so could you jump off but this is my guess remember perm rating last night popularly known to you our problem is the problems occur we don't believe the third angels message no confirm it wasn't so dangerous message is justification by faith look was their massage is difficult I live for justification by faith if you can sometimes is what Kiska saying okay forgiveness but it's believing seek was what faith is see choir sister covered your life one that you were forgiven catuey for fattening we don't believe that we're forgiven you know Kwan Perkins love waiting and all the implications of that it took lump you Kazuki so what we still believe many of us don't beaucoup doctor nuke Walker because we're being beguiled that's conducive went to surgery that's what the book of Galatians is about beguiling it ceases so popular lived again Galactus will be called by people in our own movement suksoon I complete this yonder not a proper movement who say kiddies you come into this movement who said Renee doesn't move more and you need to be circumcised at Sur conceal why me pourquoi why you need to be circumcised pourquoi new fertility I can see because we have to attack obscene it's because you still have the same problem in you that's cause every I'll call a problem to be Shifu you still have sinned with every uncle depreciate is the nature problem sit down problem do not you so our whole framework to not work and no shima when we develop these lines loss canoer divya for selenium remember since Natasha said a few days ago couple even Natasha do you kill casual powerful I'm gonna manipulate what she said she reminded producer killed you she said I hope I'm gonna be ready for midnight she's just like that means you believe that it's good for quite a slow your loss she will claim your love was it you believe you're going to hope that you're going to be ready for midnight see for clayey can possess period purple me me there's no hope for you in your okay a spa because what are you really saying saying midnight I mean we thought the problem at you need to get circumcised who could little problem even forward circles you thought the same problem out will quickly look programs because we've got this framework cuz gonna serve will serve mood they're not it we've got closer probation here and here that's good news everyone I finished onto glass allowed Eve friend to totally when we start talking about priests Levites nothing into the whole package it looks canoe come on soberly deeply delivery to do Newton yet why problem that we're having the problem canoe seven is if we say there's a code the probation here isn't clear in front on the grass la are thinking no Kaposi it we say no more sin is the canoe diesel pewter PC there's no more sane in Adventism here we are pewter fishes on our twenties mana LD so what we sign here there's no more sin in Adventism you know these are like yarn on pewter pshew I don't have much it doesn't make sane miss elaina oka sauce because our framework that's good not was wrong a fool remember prayer meeting convenient Priya what is pose job function Kelly don't the poll in the context that we explained it yesterday don't look at us good new level SP q yeah it's the game see the Dooney the third angels message massage it was emotion you look at virtually every one of his epistles it's even got a chasm and on to see Peter the framework of that is war similar model the silastic both people say person under sin so Sula P XI and we a new under grace i'm sulig us because we thus girl are forgiven no suffering mm and we don't do what in you know committin fuqua we don't do sane no commitments no dangerous message justification by certificates apart of fun who's attacking him Aquila taco the juice and leaf II his own brethren if there's no one understands justification by faith they don't understand they impose dispensation in 1888 and we don't understand it today and everybody claims to be an expert it to know the declared connect specification by faith so let's just if you consume every flying to be speaking about living nice slides it's an under the clever given V in Bell V but we don't believe in you know Kyoto the when you're baptized who knows it but you're forgiven asakusa suddenly you become a new creature whatever Nineveh - that's the argument it's a straw man little under fire you start talking about you come I suppose the nature of Christ they're not you hood and defending your position your different door supposition because what he Paul sighs relations collector 6:15 Cisco's but it's not collation six it's the verse before that I think miss University our circulation 6 no ii corinthians sorry second Corinthians chapter 5 which are Peter sang deuk Rochester and it's verse 16 we didn't spend time looking at that but I would like people to explain this verse not now it's on that Papa said Utah I'll go - let me show a mukherjee person it speaks of your semi from this moment on say when you're forgiven come on Michael we don't want to know any man after the flesh never connect okay um so no Nichelle even though we've known Christ after the flesh see members Evan could you please sit on that shell yet now from now we don't want to even know that you know look innocent we don't want to know him no fool don't you look on it after the flesh so long I share doing a flesh study on the nature of on Christ doesn't do much for you let's go further no it should stolen at you all a shelter crystal a new support of young we won't go that in summary what I want to say this is Miss acacia vigil the problem we're having with these closer probations the problem canoes everyone is because we've got a role model we think in the framework of sin new episode on the same problem get sorted out where mikata scholar program depreciate resolution here asilah no more thorns in your PDP no remember - this is the line of a movement kappa fukken selenium hand place it turn shimma you have to bring your life - like we do full metal Netaji whether you're a priest caboose way and play by and even a surname 144,000 account cut them all controlled by the same line - so controllable I'm Emily Nia so I think everyone has to think about it more is your postcode to Monterey Felicia my producer but I think the problem is the reason why we have problems with these clothes of probations at two places is because we think about it wrong so prosecuted somewhere conserve on the program have exceeded defender Tonto Class C Pascal news level questions comment s key ID case to the kamati i brother Bob and this is Natasha I'm what you're talking about here and understanding it but I have a couple questions just became easy question and when I look at that line even though I know it's for the hundred and forty four thousand so II just don't get me and I see the close of probation yeah sure why not find you torture class just before the seven last plagues she Stephanie sit down you up today in christ's advent don't just look or nothing wrong that's what made me think that it's of the world it's opposed exercise some if you process the whole model ends up being somehow fractally moved down for the priests and levites it's a manual world you wouldn't play when an altogether impossible so this is all you can never talk about priestly vice and ethylene i've the properly deliver eternity now we have to talk about this line you know football lead acetylene so because we we automatically run into the world at this way Marc Koska news I know - sure I said Valley's the full moon we want to put a W there no matter my poor mundo what I'm saying Mitsuko Shoji is let's get this correct first Lily cookies on deposit lenient when we come to the world it on suit canoes alone I don't them let's see what the world looks like and voila in Poland and we won't have time to go to when we look at those very stages but the world won't be there we learn value that much you won't be there luminous cap opposition ooh yeah equations and simple because I don't understand why how close of probation is dong-chul mm can stop your book you can pump up over ftg a napela led me Pookie okay so you're talking about the world no no you're making the world yes I don't understand why you please why you don't play the world let me stop there because this is the line of Silla Linda's not come on cut me like a purple koala Pammy Alaska full moon how can I put a W they put question permit on em now because I'm not talking about W discussion apartment loan but you say okay did you okay but you're not accepting it listen except to pump okay not the people of God is not the people of God this is the 144,000 let me say this if I did another line she's you're feeling maybe I said about the Bob if we did it wouldn't work should G above she job but maybe me protecting waiter the line for the world it would look like that so that yourself maybe it does good tapes so that would answer that question okay why isn't that the corporation of the world and I'm saying the red says it it is don't worship elephant it on the gospel moon meal a cooler whoosh Lamonica silca what I'm not talking about the world mission apology moon they can't ask me about the world into the mythology moon de rigueur have some faith in for certain so that we can be write a function improvement of writers by faith so people love this now you can get the lines to guide you if you curly really solid in new giddy that line set lean was created by home sickly perky Ellen White I'm just drawing on the board so let this since you salute a blue you have to let the lines guide your decision making if you fully silly Lindy devote or decision once you do that in fact of affection and you see this huge problem in front of you where you so calm problem offensive you have to ask if you've wronged Kyoto is the line wrong escolar Gina turn or am I wrong who s Cosima Quito so I'm not asking whether you're right or wrong shouldn't I push back etc super why when I ask mister Cochet my position this was built upon what model soul a buzzshock el Modelo agriculture the model agriculture you can see to prefer the here tada if you want to close someone's probation due to the familiar probation can come and you do it here cooler to the fella LD they will not be ready see personas compare crater the the model changes you it has to be here Ilham adult on Santa suit what it ftg when we talk about probation canoe paddle approver soon probations a funny word la poubelle Tsutomu actually song because you can use it in a different ways it's relatively easy to preserve person one way that we often use a in facilities on silver in this context the circle texture what's happening to this plant can super still I said plant I know what that means oh I said this right sorry what's happening this plan because key suppose I said plant much if growing or is getting a GLW much is getting ready to do its job to support its job you can they don't supervise the pace the people to nourish people who knew the evolution is not fit for purpose yet any part are not any part in our pockets of probation don't curse with probationary time so that under purpose means to prepare so that you can we say that it's good well slouchy saying that Sunday law what you're supposed to do I like what you do Moscow's couldn't some suppose affair prepare so clipper we say they don't understand the gospel you think look what they're saying my god this circus all congeal look what I'm saying I'm saying the same as then probation technically means dictionary definition does not mean prepare don't kalam definition the text Dixon everybody a bleep alley what does it mean one word serve the joke well that's right no right no no foul no it means to test so you're testing when you're on probation come visit Suvla ploobis someone's looking at you and checking your behavior it can't completely tested the Compartamos at this teaser here you see low cause people are gonna be tested look poop the juice about this tea we believe that it's good for the Sunday law sequel and what you do Marsh the great taste the contest so you can see the great taste the silicon in probationary time don't don't look over soon the parable teaches you this illa Popa birth was nonsense alone it's counterintuitive see SUNY Chico to a project reform idea productive yeah control productive no product intuitive is not productive antigen Apache chief is count it's not what you think it's in the perspective of bossy because we've built our models that's gonna serve uncle soon at model on people don't get confused don't nervously other white quote see royal a citizen to then right on concept solar classy that we take from revelation canoe put your on that book or Daniel who Daniel which are a satirical Kiki is it the concepts which is not easy to grasp hold of an apparent concept is vasila sec oh but we're supposed to use parables we knew some suppose parables are easy to understand it's Kalei parables so simpler component now I think what's happening don't you pursue key server so the reason why I'm forcing you yes except what I'm saying example I guess you've accepted something deal it's because you can all see the parable working with a parable is intention a parable with what your concepts already are I've a cursor curve with a visual display which you got from another white quo or revelation or some way preservative agency test until NY to that book and every time you're going to argue with me I suck it was early on Cleo you're gonna go back to the parabola and a parabola and I don't mean this in a city right but you're always gonna lose the argument usually jeepers do another wait wait mr. raju's you're gonna freeze your belt I'll always win to reduce your gun here because when we talk about the parable you'll all end up agreeing with me let's go conversation politely parable was easy to sonic of it more then you'll end up saying you're suitable finish the end of our conversation a lot further on that conversation but may always end up with a bar so settlement is your I've become a because your mind is running in a different channel does a neutral corner Bible says let this mind be in you because it sisters please Wong foo in Christ mine don't let split at least is excited about parable a leaflet splitter crucifix is solely parable you can call it prophecy in una pluma prophecy this is why we're struggling with this it's a lovely simple I can elute Oryx alone how did you it's been a while I know I've maybe I'm incorrect but the way I would answer her question which isn't what I was going to say is that line you've constructed up there is a symbol that link Oh chuckles queen lacet assembler and builders rules say symbols have more than one lady Li Li la Vida million ludic assemble opposition because you use that line as a symbol of the hundred and forty-four thousand people possess the same characteristics doxycycline comma Sabo listen Carol kept me led to a positive mm characteristic but then if you use that same line to to subject it to the world we see tea leaves mmm Leopold Ananda it's a different symbol it's the same symbol being used in a different way allowable silly mm somebody Chili's imaging for some auto makisi acceptable and we have to rightly divide a new food division optimal we have to make the distinction about he's speaking about 144,000 right now not the world a new for clunkers it is Tiger kick panel Samadhi sometime get me a notepad you know about what I was gonna say way back wind I don't know why you brought that part up in my mind Asia Society Republic what song is that posted only I've been focusing on what you said about 18:18 Miller having his message complete Asia table hunter this is not a sweet mealy lava so massage a good mighty 9/5 our message was complete a new audience - missus I take - tada and by 1996 one of the truths that's been in place all the way through if you need a very thick I tell plus tool alone is that even though your probation closes at a specific way mark mm C lapavitsas at L mean and vanish Pacifica you have to have a character prepared for that close of probation before it arrives to Katy Perry Ivanka like uber soon Anita close of probation the offender probation is not marking magic bar when the same problem gets sorted out Carla problem DPC Rizzoli it's marking Sanji when you begin to do a new work let's go on commence a fairly new value of a new dispensation in the value sponsor soon so that's one point suit don't want and I forgot the other point I was going to comment on elder Jess she'll be like Oh Monty this simple contest guitar over tsukumo's when this from when decide the question is when this probation stop notice critical bus will come when you start to prepare contest to commence a clipper when does the testing begin contest colored Eskimos so we have to address this you know food about this one based upon our model versus une autre muda in different ways did you feel on for soon if you want to be technically accurate Juliet she stood for something OSI here in 1989 they say you begin to do a preparatory work let's go slow my uncle must love consumers but we have because we've got different models super school news everyone do you feel home order no different ways of explaining things you feel unfair Saunders peculiar shoes we can also say the proven during the probationary time begins here at nine eleven salute on dopa bazooka monsoon on you live in because that's where the testing would begin Oscar silica muscala tester because we develop an argument visible develop an argument that says the only people that get tested Gaeseong colossal percent approve it is a playful event it in the Covenant silly person croissants Cornelius you can see this concept believe also concept on the story of Jacob - Jacob Jacob is sinning all the way through his life Jacob a appreciate tool alone dystrophy was his sin citric was some fishy it was his name so no sequel deception he tricked me all of his law I got completion to to saavy yeah Terry gets the 77 she's got Scylla River 77 2077 concealer the tricking stops NOLA concrete see SEC now it's gonna have a battle experience it's never been me very awesome and he gets converted illegal wealthy and is in the Covenant is not on Alianza and now what happens to him it might not be surpassed his body he gets tricked silly kirtan P saying what God does so could you have all that trickery he did touch the competing never tested universe I'm 82 brought the task on that Edmund Dean Shasta Sula Susie and in the Covenant that Killian I'm 77 years out here at Sun Jesus on this table now he's gonna be tested but no verticity so that's that's a simple story city nice awesome about all the trickery that because he gets tricked by his father-in-law his brothers in a brother-in-law's leg why because to fantasize some Bluebell Pepsi blue flare it's children see some fun everyone's tricking into mundo all the way through to load on reality begins once entered into covenant missile occur mostly didn't have an argument about the cub the testing or probation at 9/11 and also 1989 look less well-known 11 I just give another example example from 1984 1989 to 9/11 the get over no fountains or slipped on you want to build a house hula Consuela lush but it's only a concept mrs. simply my concept but the concept is there in your mind it gets transferred from your mind to where is it transferred on the Chris prevail to a document there are do chemo the document is do chemo see blueprint of the plan don't look long which is the formalization of your ideas formation but the house he still not even began to be built yet meal Amazon upon Kokomo suit took on Street because it begins to be built here come on set go start digging a hole come on see a clue so when we think about the house cousin Lucas Oil a me some the house was built let me sort it goes to be here love in your mind mrs. don't with crispy then that thoughts and ideas that you had about the house he said to processes it equals as it begins to develop a local commercial yes formalized early formal easy but the house is still not ready in real life me don't ya missin it model of a it's there yeah Moodle love with lovely it begins to be built here a commercial sweet love so probation probationary time I would say begins here at time the end or at no I need never depend upon the context that you want to bring to me so come on so don't laugh at will nine eleven so long local tesco bully I'm me sister passcode else it's Brittany that you lay down forces 144,000 and for force jacobins 144,000 why I don't understand I don't understand well why you place the seven plagues at least because close of probation for the 144,000 and for the world is not the same and for me as a seventh place arrived at the end of the probation close of probation but was the world yep I'm not drawing a line of the world while we're talking about the world we measure this in power in infinite so if it's not for the world why do you place the seventh plague I take this out I know I live so long this is Daniel 12:1 let's see Daniel juice this is not close of probation Sony Vaio frigid underclass this is Daniel 12:1 see Daniel juice huh this is a second Advent syllogism have those two white marks you do badly so encapsulate the seven plagues on globe don't curly said play you agree with that it's good to Djokovic's ah yeah so what I've chosen to do so cause this was it affair if call this close of probation that plea asset value is laughable I'm using that to to Lucilla from the agricultural model a party model agriculture not from not like from some Bible verse in that sense not bad the cheerleader be bleak and I'm saying this is the line that are under 44,000 so I'll put it back in its Eli Linda suck at me over me seven plagues he said play structurally be placed here some places looked Illinois see he's not controlled by close of probation 144 and apparently pahala Fenton to class police unconquered he's being controlled by Daniel 12:1 and sickle to a leaper Daniel juice this time of trouble sat on the table that's why I'm placing it here celerity simple like a sugar plus and that was my mistake it's a situation from the very beginning put 12:1 not really della debut she already met Daniel designer pack of ftg I didn't alter the question part of the question problem is that you you mention the world the problem lies in touch of the problems it emotionally mundo and I'm sorry I don't know why we're talking about the world did you say you thought to say that the close of probation for the world full moon is connected with the seven plagues it is that kind of what you say we see ok so I want to say you're wrong your understanding is wrong seven plagues this said play is not connected with the cultivation of the world nepali avec life ended on the grass below mountain certainly quiz what I've just done it hits link with a hundred four thousand link we Daniel 12:1 see only on a vehicle Daniel do sir she will search smile be happy sister Brittany sister mirror okay my sister say in no G we're going best again judgment here who's that foolish members to get you flowers the agricultural model so no no mood likely Cola so why we're not investigating from the seats are in but grant or no vested by day Lola somos de la screen what's this esoteric point here this just made up point clearly don't supply now concern she wants to put a murder investigation investigation all the way back to here yes okay so what I'll do now so could you feel now cuz you're bringing that up that's good too I'm in so long the fact that she's bringing this up doesn't feel like it could you so long and I'm assuming you haven't seen presentations on this before you should processes of xalapa means that she can already see what's happening that's give us a key service so when someone asks a probing question don't currently up your central position to question it's telling me so let me G that they're actually understanding what's going on you complain circus bus because she sees the problem I want to call this I to survey a pizza a vest you guys still do and I'll call this I won it's very a please service do you guys make you happy now yeah okay so I didn't just add that in it is there okay why is it gonna be in two parts of course absconded party because 9/11 super school concept on 2016 damn it says this issue became a real problem in our movements it's a point of a nuclear problem don't move because when you go to Matthew 13 let's go confuse Olivia I'm at your answer if you ever if you get a child's go two steps to Christ chapter 8 you've grown up in Christ how do you do - Apatow you eat down so it's a nice passage supersize coming back to your question Matthew 13 what I'll do this briefly people may or may not accept this was only like subdued but the Cabal it begins here so come on slow verse 24 then sure the Kingdom of Heaven be likened unto a man that sowed good seed in his field it's kept all of this history your 9/11 good CD sold on the own only love only love burns grannies for me when men slept on isms that same night doorman here's a song don't leave facing me so the men who were sleeping please emptied on me are they filled hands somewhere Sookie Edgar ocean or in the passage he called them servants Isabelle don't you say play-doh Mia and they allow the taster coming the next morning Elementor strong they wake up for you and what they're gonna start doing their job no job they're looking at the field oh my god deal shot and what they doing it cuz give unfair investigating the problem is a problem seeker when they're investigating they're checking the pH of the soil and the growth than everything you can to Susan everything looks good to some little thing and what they doing is it's a good thing and you'll do it if your garden is it Susan if you have a little char was I've been shot look at the moisture of the soil its pH and you write it down every day not too sure so they're taking a record of everything don't cut alert I was just - and this failed it's a Shawn looks beautiful tombliboo all grain - TV first a blade put me on Molly what for 28 of them much and they can't notice anything in watchin but by the time they get to hear me car is that Ebola first the blade then the ear sleep when you get to the ear stage it guys are evil EP and the plants begin to bear fruit if you're a blonde c'mon support it if we summit changes now they can see make neighbors wow what two colors do cuckoo Kelso tell oh sorry very blue in green and black very nice they say green it what is the way a black which is the tape and now everything changes it like to to see now they're not gonna carry on monitoring these plants in the from Pokemon continuing monitoring I'm giving tail say to the taste tender loving care to the taste I've well you know someone particularly frame everything changes to shush so that's what that's why identifying it's this circus Olay don't you see they're taking record elope and not in good faith on bonsoir everyone looks the same to service now it changes we met not investigating equal to new nervous to go soon but the dynamics have changed do not make a sauce iam so that's why I've got I 1 I 2 example like a she investigates on is but remember happily this is the day at the Lord is senior this is the Day of Atonement you know sure this SPR soon will you agree with that cuz it's 3 a facility 22nd of October on committee Levin doctor the dangerous message look what's a mush so this must be the dad lost preparation the droid Club we pass through you senior remember I believe no I say that way so this Danlos preparation c lappa the day that's before Lucia Kiev on the day of the Lord Yoshiaki about your senior we okay with that was it okay I think so number six six died everything before no no boy Lucy seems you to telephone I want to just bring a concept Daniel 8:14 severe do not consider having Daniel 8:14 you in 1844 there's so much is sucking on cattle and you've got twenty three in this that voodoo meet I saw what well don't say days you got 23 morning my time and evenings this is the his own vision so see love you so sure son many days then you've got here what one morning and evening and this is is soon the Marais vision love is your mother we okay with that who's not okay with that if you're not like I can't explain it no matter when I saw on this world a big deal to Swami LaMotta thank you so why would I show here so cuz I'm very long this is the solution but she'll a solution Marija no matter to the problem or problem hopefully we can conceptualize it that way computer concept resolution here so it's a lose something Hilary Benn and even my son could you is this she's so now it's a solution to the problem a solution program and this is the problem that's going on here if I see the problem clearly sister for so if we think about the Day of Atonement you know the Felicia's social disease what happens here suppose the solution to the problem a solution the same problem the problem Dupree she know mean the same record live longer she's come on GP she is sorted a we agree we agree with that the Sumpter convicts are the record is cleared up don't cure longer just for my fin here you see what happens about same coz supposed is bar probably she let me say that cleared what's happening in this history kiss-kiss personal searches in the sanctuary model Donna modal do something with about the same Cassano loopy she the thin record no system on DP she what happened to it kiss-kiss person he's being taken a plea you make all these record of things don't give was always good to us appreciate transfers on the person to the animal to the sanctuary police'll doula personal any man be honest don't you yes here season record is cleaned up don't color no she's come on TPC puny where's the same problem sorted out in the individual I love polenta video contest Cassie Wrigley local MVP share or here I'll affair would decide so the same problem sorted out but what we're seeing here so canoe for now this is about record taking learn about the largest Ramona this is about cleaning up the record it'll look good to Sydney to our yearly legal services come on this is about record taking about the largest or more deeply she's about clearing up the record I see a neutral year little she's who did this work in Matthew 13 he a complete set of dementia Tizen the server solicitor the servants servitor allow the rapist Liam I sooner they've got the rapist and the servant because I really my son Everly in the passage macular take such the mattress focuses here so that's also a super oil either it doesn't address this history in the parlor but the list order yeah but they didn't wake up one day my uncle Scooby you start checking the plants here from very few LaPlante la as you say come to LA gee you did it in a framework which allowed you the source of the sanctuary du sanctuaire but when you do it in the framework of the sanctuary you love it on Lucien I just saw usual investigation did you love this to go soon I think suppose what you were saying was so good to Jesus today this thing Latoya she's happened at 9/11 he's so pursuit on September but I'm not sure what you meant by so when you said investigation is before got to do Co levels together into a super-soldier sort of Lydia I'm pretty sure when you say the investigation has to begin at 9/11 to secularist you get sort of a komatsuna you're marking this to your new Tesla bram playing it's this mimosa G Solano system on the piece of record taking C lopressor did not to depreciate the problem with that argument the problem extra title of your mom is not that it can't be defended but it it's a different study seeking to pursue Packers are prepared differently situated if you want to summarize what I said you want to bring investigation to 911 I agree suited for nill investigate su 911 I can explain it through Matthew 13 model is your pilot speaking but why want us to say because you're beautiful for you besides the investigation Bay or the larger delivers to you soon is whether or not this line is correct see wound also clinically and the implications of that Olimpica sort of sooner other Jason this one yeah they can't see taste in the password do you play no you can't yeah you can't even identify them on papaya don't you see all that they're doing is they say from Circular here's the way in a tear which I don't know y'all available a no soft bar they say this is six inches and this is six inches it is very shaky on duty praise the Lord everyone's doing well - Nando Roger but when you get to here we cannot reveal our now they change like Oakland is a complete believer of a lady contest completely from here silly 90 the priest okay so before we before we go to the priest I want to make sure that we we're all comfortable with this model if only pledges with my silicone the eyelids don't tell me off because I've had to go five military the pre milk Lamont Apache salmon it'll material in the plate so 911 to the Sunday law record taking Sunday love and the close of probation record cleared the close of probation in the second advent books closed so how you would write it on a record life yep books are all closed here you leave some film writer comes out of the house the most holy place that's because she's a sodium nucleus oh no come on super a peekapoo only cuenta de Soto I want to add one point to my duty a long time ago yo no time I went to Daniel 12:1 so surely Daniel and it says at that time in the geothermal more and I asked people what that time was is it the module John sequester system and everybody was saying Harry is over here the back end to monitor city abuela and I said well can you to tell me what that time is is GRC person to promote determining okay Kelly so just do it randomly on the propeller silhouette so you have to do it contextually the vessel context if you do that you have to find the first place you see time to de vivre well I put me look put me on wrong time you start backing up the verses and you'll get to wear what motel if you have save was a trivial verse forty live f-secure heart I'm saying it's what he says at that time it goes to Daniel 11 verse 40 it's at the time of the end come on Yugi a sumo suit on us a new felony Daniel OS contestant lava and you and what the implications of all that means it Kelly leprechaun suda2 so long because Danny 11 verse 40 let's go Daniel Oscar hunter takes you to where no Zalman take you to the Sundays I mean I love what you do mosh so Michael Mikaela stands up so live at the Sunday law and then what did you wash and you can develop a line to even go before that if you prevail developing in member force now there are things we're not clear upon yeah dishes silicon you know some in the way we conceptualize are more pseudo new conception that moves you down building progression you know sample application there are people take that stable what I just say they chase against inspiration deeper some people some questions Judy's oxycontin's because every inspired quote butts Canseco citizens away from you here through Simon car to sure now we start teaching Michael standing up before that a new new diesel chemical saliva von solo based upon versus you the line the Linea people say the lines are taking over from the inspiration and we've gone into Panetta says you know discontinuities vascular linear control espresso it's a video to Professor local Texas Attorney we are citizens when I first brought that up cause she's introducing upper body straight from the wording Shelly fake kappa children moves that the wording says at that time you got talking about that time is ill emojis earth takes a certain time from approving the beginning verse 14 so I come on Silvius account that's a different argument no sir no come on to feel we have closed your probation is everyone offender tanto Jacob time of trouble looked on the jacoba I'm saying this is midnight so this assuming me people who don't agree with these studies some kiss upon a concerted you to say that when they when we talk about midnight a new panel Domini the midnight that we're talking about I mean you don't find you soon the midnight of the priests so let me read it and I say it is so do we secure this I and you can't apply it to here I mean you distant people applique long have some arguments about that so you're my source alone so we've lined up midnight no cell Union me and we're saying this is the binding of energy so colossal event enough and this is now midnight I said let me nuclear I mean me what one is to say so cause I'm like you prefer you can we do midnight midnight cry enough assuming you mean could mean me and we're developing the line of the praise because I want available I'll interpret is this midnight for the priest s cuz it's a mini Pollack repaid quick answer before I you know happy those opposed no this is not midnight for the pretty family proliferate this is midnight sameer Adventism will advance soon about scale of fractals see to pursue leisurely factor but I'll keep them in there mr. Lee Leslie this is called the probation see Olaf under professor cultivation is at midnight don't FTCC I mean me and there's a binding off it sous-vide you just deserve so we know that the line of the priests the sovereign color Linda platter begins here at 1989 there's a plowing of a preparation young Russian Clippers goes to 911 keep all three 911 then you're gonna have to have this midpoint I play for us who put the agricultural model on here Matilda Matilda like little too long plow love - boomerang coming up for you latter rain to dances on harvest my son so now when you come to the line of the priests let's not compound I'll ended up to the plate huh this is no praise the classic a deep red then we want to find in the photo V what this line is sequestered Linea but we want to say maneuver there in the history in some dolly sleep before midnight of the last racism other white says it in white lacquer ice falling all around us and few dances autumn to to to to everyone sign this is fanaticism fanatics what we're being accused I don't see no lucky's assume there's other people to put a latch right and put it in a different place girly persons will underpin our seasonal applause yeah yeah we're supposed to pray for the latch waiting the time the latter right you know for people I put my glasses on over and over again Oh cozy Anka I'm saying odd Mowgli's correct this model similar delicious so I'm saying that this is 2014 surgical I said she didn't occur to us so when we start seeing the implications of all of this to some I understand and some I don't fully understand any person key component in the complaint down but we can glean much information to perform a collectible Cooper's are for mercy this is I - let's see II do i won yeah and this is the executive judgment it's a salacious more executive who's doing all of this work chief it to sir have a look at a third angel love this question is to investigate and execute investiga executors all of this is the work of the third angel so Leslie loved it was emotion but when the investigation partner third angel is being discussed we can't all just coup de la partida live domestic assault it was image we talk about three ie loss good new panel Dutoit we don't mark this is three a basilica meeting we mark this point is three I knew mark on Supra now when the same record is being cleared don't know she scored appreci a networking which is why we put it here simple circular only personal so we've got three a here along and we've got 3e here reserved wat wat along we've got one a is a 1 a 2 a no C do oh that's 2 a so do i I'm saying this is 2 a so Dukas to do our 3 a diamond cutters it 1 and Omega 2 3 8 a further Tonto class there's a there's a lot of conceptual things that you need to wrap your mind around when you do this yeah book kudos acceptable focal point comfort so long and I know it challenges people it's a secret lab challenge before you concern yourself with this I focus on e pasa you need to be addressing this if you Felicia about deal I Linda some can't get me I want to ask your questions I'm level position custom great controversy six a white paragraph to this one here as the storm approaches a large class who have professed face in the third angels message but not being sanctified through obedience to the truth abandon their position and joined the ranks of the opposition who the opposition in the line of the priests not opposing us cuz it is for someone to kiss you silly Lisa Church is opposing our news Oh the church is opposing us listen suppose I knew first we have to go contextually for me on my new fool upon dr. 38 as the storm approaches I love Porsha I'm saying that storm that she's talking about the topic Dorian is it a dead the Lord investigation of the day of the Lord's execution esker solution to sin of the levers to Castle execution I'm saying - Dave execution surgical execution I'm gonna put it here this is the storm server jelmer Killaloe - 6i white paragraph to sum up or binding also a song to undo contrivance so here's the storm seesaw Lu Hashem can everybody see the storm approaching it's good to the month of all opposed Aloha everybody can to month to live long as midnight or two up put some make some applications become digitized midnight approaches another mini I push a large class who have pressed professed faith in the third angels message the priests lip-read don't you but not being sanctified through obedience to the truth I mean operators on TV if you don't have an intellectual assent to the truth you can't have an experience even people are very different we pray for an experience spiritual where do we put sanctification so Nuala sanctification 9/11 or September if you don't even believe that it's even quite am my own experience you want to identify who's on the right side on the wrong side it's really don't you shake you don't you punko did you move they're asking where they put the Angels suppose if you like a soui plus resource you move the second angel see if we do a syllogism you're professing that you don't have sanctification who prophecy no plan for a certificate goes a law still doing a work in you what school is senior enough what's wrong but though you have not been sanctified so keen on patreon because they move the second angel ask you some deeper syllogism us through obedience to the truth and you be social ability abandon their position I brought down opposition and join the ranks of the opposition horizontal position let's switch back from application to the original a personal application delusional what's the history here sequences to Allah chapter 38 disappearance of Tyla Sunday loss we're here in the Sunday law have you seen the cedar storm approaching if you for you look harsh a pushy people who believed in preach the third angels message you're gonna now jump ship don't leave some key quite a professor let me say it was my because in this is strange you don't set this to of the former Ryan don't lie to me they were not sanctified by it is some to say expected it sucked on demonic here cashews laude I'll a early met home on plans to drop that into a lie if you deposit the places as soon a clean from 2014 to the DeMille Couture before 2014 - Tomika toes we didn't even have call the probation of a member we'd never harvest soon a few members didn't have a storm never met nothing like city blonde enough for you the midnight cries it's just like in memory and we didn't really even at that interview members really had a Sunday law stuff in 2014 everyone who pages the third day use message can see the storm coming to circulation live massage it was emotional on local TV and those you're pinching the third angels message it's acupressure massage it out jump shape oh man no Sean Cedar Lake joyfully so church Lisa how long we've been teaching that competitive renewal cliche Salah no time to feel talk Oh in the great controversy if you make the right application to move this up you can win the time of the latter right I'm a little applying and in 2008 a milquetoast when all of those cascading events happened even more so even in the church and outside the church Donnelly's Alex Toronto legally so people began to jump ship Lea person come on Sasha do not want after enough not a pollutant until midnight discuss coming home in Florida on the problem illegally and you get the storm no cell phone no harsh so I'm saying cause chanson June 2014 immediate awesome lines up with the Sunday judging of ecology damash so when you have 2049 up with a Sunday was a video specially navicular AGG March we know these people who serve on casapierce Ellis for Mariah don't like food like I put me off me if this is a cult approbation see to know Fanta tanto class we would agree a today in some to Dukakis a leg then there has to be a falling away first it was ever an apostasy up for me I'm saying it should these people disappear so now here's they see the storm approaching locusts on fuel oh gosh I push along they begin to fall away he's on come on see uh sir a pistachio to me mm well I should tear apart you to do me like we're going to reject so come on sahaja - what did they reject this case on goes to you the 25 22 metres over the daily lapel pictures when they began to reject that come on shoot is really big enough all away even to be our lives in neutral Union is the vision syllogism of a packet chapter 2 but you do the burden Scylla skill set to cart and it's the twenty five twenty minutes of you reject that guy removing these paper the persona here you see reject the 25:22 mister something meeny-meeny-meeny your class they don't want to see that in the verbal is voir and is they reject it I lock you know shorty and they fall away it keeps my post as this or tambien they fight anyway so there's no time for questions look I put company question I want us to spend more time so they've really pursue peas that are making sure this is correct Sarika so clinicals you can do this like I've done it in five minutes because Carla premier disapproval feel a little new or semi-nude there's some complexities I haven't mentioned we are certain complexity cuz should have amazing ppm SHINee / monsoon a la palma the bastard detail yeah beaucoup de taille what one is to say the question is is this correct here CSKA second issue stuff it is Cle we have enough information services I'm under former straighten this line now or this initial in make sure that donors are sorry what we're taking is correct good news or a sister they still think that in this point that I haven't discussed but they just questions that would arise mrs. Sande Kisuke force a sudra V when you see the implications of all year Lisa because suda2 skier markula so what you need to do so you will fulfill study this it's agile Eileen dissolute shimma they make an application because shimmer and then when you're confronted with the implications of that but we said confront is a precursor or simply cursor you can't say from the paper then you go back again to see if it's correct of us is not the way he's supposed to Bible second Felicity bleak spend your time here that's it what solid engineering once you're sure this is right it conversate circular Linda son count that means you have to accept this who do they accept a legend you know you can't say oh I don't like this do you like this or this or something okay couscous an impasse or go back I love your to and check the model is your very feeling what you actually saying that's good John Conde I will add a construct this survey Nichols three hoes like making okay like angry a Vick my compliance that is not Bible it's a nipple it should be Bleeker that's taking them anyway that's not what we should be doing any persecute fulfill the Bible should control our lives not the other way well if you don't like anything on this line Keiko souvenir me packet because you're so set clean you don't attack this not a keeper Salah attack this is a cool I'll engineer Hina make sure that this is right and with the salon Castle a core it's been everything facing play yeah plexus Amir somewhere yes pray our Heavenly Father soonest we thank you so much for all that you're doing for us we ask and pray as individuals don't if you do and as a movement you know movement the we would continue to honor you and glorify you knew please uncle junior - no you're too cool if she Lord I know some of these truths are not easy to understand she's secure certain took you some professional components they challenged some of our preconceived ideas you know she did we conceal Lord as I've thought about these issues I know cause she process your secrets you know I want to testify shall go to my name that these truths civility are in full agreement so to Teleco what you always taught us of executing so children singing in our week and earning humanity don't neutral humanitarian effort we have stumbled and fallen these are for appreciated some to be but as we look back now okay nobody I don't know anything how you have guided us you can move on to kill for certain size I'm change don't you purple you want to thank you don't even Elsie lord I want to thank you that things have been cleared up you've electrical issues continually that have been addressed a unity abuti Lord may could to please think great controversy six a white paragraph two good new persona shiver like pleasure this existence for some time after and as we think about this passage efficiency by implications upon us it is a precursor own suno it's my prayer see my Priya the everybody needing before you took a person consumption you do not wrong will not join the ranks of the opposition no one company account to do position as I say midnight coming I don't give I mean you're pushing praying Jesus his name cheaply don't you see me