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Publish Date: 2/7/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
Language: English
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with disgust in our class somebody scooted a little class the fact the people are reading inspiration in a different way the Fed collusion is not spirit infest interference so there's no point in me keep on saying I'm right and other people are wrong Jochen reason the G horizontally so to toe because each of us has to make our own assessment of what's happening to new develop pop up on the views of skis pass everybody I think he's familiar with early writings page 118 paragraph one she prosecuted not the fermi-dirac politically sword is enough if someone not familiar with that passage okay I can calculate per family of exposure where you have to tell the content of the passages it grabs any time were not familiar with the passage look it's no one's answering so everybody's familiar so I'm going to ask somebody could tell me what it says that's good see to mangia no GI and I shouldn't I tell what she can't cash it's right so you're not familiar with a look of rank insignia from the exercise so let's go to early writings page 118 hello I know Thomas Aquila patches on his net I then saw the third angel said my accompany and your faithful is his work awful is his mission here's the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares and sale or buying the wait for the heavenly gana these things shouldn't gross the whole mind the whole attention okay the reference so what's the gist of this passage what is what's the essence secretly sauce the supersession what do you want to pick up from this passage let's go sir pistachio working a third angel love what the emotion how many steps complained it up dude so this is the third angel but silly emotion these two steps does it hold the two steps till solid is it table selector and binder oh oh call it one of the other Lea you silly so it's the sale means to bind cooler - so we're not gonna follow through the chain of logic go past revolution to logic that demonstrates what the binding is called a mantra circular - but the binding is the final and last step luleå Sheila don't hurry tap the closing work of the third angel seal ever seen and it was Emma's and in in an agricultural model you don't learn Moodle Agrico no we're saying nudism data binding colonias what case collage so la Mojave everybody okay with that new some Tuesday graphics are and at harvest Elam awesome what you're doing is cutting some person in the world see if any are left on coupie reaping we go to Matthew 13 and you can see all of this improve welcome at you crazy for to so long when we think about the three angels messages law school new Panem new personal a massage first angels message come here hon Faye God give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come we need you to nail you Krakow the sausage my view the whole reform line to Thailand everything's about judgment it's sooo hot solution what verse would we go to shut the demonstrator I lock lvl say upon one oopu hodiamont three so now Padre is there 28 verse there says 17 verse 17 it clearly demonstrates is demo2 oklahoma the aligned kin Linea is a symbol represent of judgment suitable present a solution without the work of the third angel is to judge mr. Wonka loved it was and more do class demos is Lucy Schmo so when we talk about judgment Oscar knew punishment let me think about the theme of a court case okay Law School important to be nice and we think about selecting and sailing a law school on Passos Alice Aishwarya Oh Selma will change the phraseology new shows what would this phrase be on this word dong somos la shi quan's select selection a investigative the wait I this would be the investigative judgment no cloud you like a selection a salacious martha stewart chief and then this would be is philosophy the executed judgment oh sheesh bangs acutest we all okay with that it's gonna sum to stucco havoc solo idea I've accepted a so when we think about this idea now Oscar new Glee fishes nicer to do and we went back to this model and Google I don't know a similar then and were and we could get this model from Matthew 13 in approval Teresa model about your de metro transit got that model from where menu Savoy so Modell deunan into three places yeah twice on well Hosea Susie where else who's Uncle Jeremiah chilly me where else who sound go Joe chewing what did y'all give us Joelle kiski new donor so to rain put your hand and shout so try up and shout out loud deterring the temperature range so Joe gives us this don't Joe a new dance are you doing lead to three what is house I give it it was a Uniqua mr. Pascal Pascal had to hand out mr. Pascal master she did young boys and Janna I did say you don't know what that she couldn't you simpler Raposo no this is Jose Alex where the child oh oh sure a sick sweet and I'm not looking for the verse shouldn't look out Pavel say it's a very telling he said that she was auditioning Co cities what do we learn from their case conducive or acquittal of all cities Dusen sister Cathy industry sheer latter I'm thinking is about plowing he knew something of a jewel of Elijah well the other way round so in righteousness in freaking mercy don't assume a consciously see it imagine eternity so he talks about plowing it talks about solving donkey new pal don't do la bruja sure dis Mouse this to me I think else SQL dude shoes oh oh yeah you said reaping sorry HRG my Sunni one more dude someone else you can can do it on for the Charles Charlo Silas fellow so we did we did that one way talking about the problem so we got follow or not share her sewing lullaby righteousness I wanna show me eat a lamb my son one more words in the passage yeah oh just killed it all you take stones so we're not the right still I've got the right that's good no LaVon this Shylock really so enjoy it gives us the two rights oh don't you I know it only took you here and in Hosea just give us to write me down also no don't just like me the other thing that we pick up your cell phones back to the seed and the rain oh oh let's have a cooler so Mozilla Priya I'm now gonna put into a framework but come at know when Madonna Shima is wrong let's go see how does it allow us to put it into a framework come up before new med solar don't smoke at home so no thank you do it huh Manuela man you know that's right I said nothing I know just say how'd you put it into a framework come out to mr. la danza Shima you know what a framework is really discussed that unless a discreet reduce your mouth how'd you put that how'd you put this model onto a line come on me to some others European Union como citizen of about CR the Ramudu do they become buddies so we as we used to do it we take the agricultural motel and we place a way max yeah I'm looking from this verse the clue to where you where you put it into a white mark we meet Papa Passover cell killing land is key to permit the limit so in Belize brother Tyler so we've got righteous seed righteous reign on Ole Opry Elie Samaha juice dunks a new permit the limit righteousness no please can you serve on lashes G so now where would you go sister Miriam don't like to confirm what we want to do now you want righteousness talking for me so come to say McNuggets - yeah it's bad what is righteousness sequel ashes preocupen dictionary definition of not Revelation verse a so now you can go to John 16 verse I met not funny righteousness and judgment madanpal a lead on Jean says reaches to Sushma work at the Holy Spirit live for dissenters please look at the Holy Spirit is the gospel he loves you sent explicit if you have a lasting gospel now you know that you can mark the second angel here Novus avec vous pouvez and Aquila do the Muslim so we can begin to construct a line yes my love you come on sacrilege in you we all okay with that as consumed to sonographic so in this history or just in the generic in a general sense Nuala fizzled in fasten your honor there has to be some kind of selection you do a of well I inserted the selection I've just done it as white marks here not periods of time to a dispensation don't lay this in your bellies no bottom the period of this process because this is the harvest but school a so she to learn my song we are back into this model and this is the Harvey it canola Amaterasu models if rasulallah my son this must be the executive judgment don't lie my sausage is magic six executive based upon early writings sin Anubis or super musically a hundred eighteen lap ashes Saudis with our so if this is the executive judgment and this is the investigative journalist Jana fellow she's my secretary for debris investigative so you know that this must be the exactly judgment and the investigation has happened before the cassava claim I saw a dry place is my executive Aquila vestigators that that I've owned because in this model what are you investigating passcode awesome obviously lacus Kovu service to gay my suniye the plows like you chew LeBlanc we can't begin it before here the compiled you come on syllabus to get soon Ivana Simone in this when we're using this type of a model canoe suit it is also tip them Adela is everybody okay with that concept it's good to not eat on a character concept okay so we're gonna go to great controversy now so I'm going to assume don't cut sumo that you've all read the two chapters now to model you leadership it considered hot knife and you've been refreshed in your memory it was a very lovely she would call me more and let's see if you'll come to an agreement yeah look out don't see on post accordion so we've got the Sunday law news a photo collage eg Marcia and we've said that this is the latter rain in sovereignty ki don't don't apply a season and we've said that this is close of probation in Africa so she don't offend each other class and this would be the second Advent and we like that out does that vote on this initial now I think we have is that if I'm asking to remind me so if this is the latter rain she's a celebrity liars ISM it's okay what period do we call this captain Musel a period kiss fee it's a jack-up time of trouble okay so we had the seven plagues or Nellie set play and we say that he's Jacobs time of trouble dilettante of the Chicago where we picking this up from duty on newer so long in Chapter 38 39 chapter 39 dollars will go to six one six so before we turn there he saw us on Twitter of course to go to the Bible reference do you search a bit on Jeremiah chapter 30 I love don't you leave me alone everybody familiar with this and I will read the passage which you may not be Jeremiah 30 will read verses 5 to 7 for thus saith the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling of fear and not of peace ask you now and see whether a man does travail with child weather wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins as a woman in travail and all faces are turned into perilous alas for that day is great so that none is like it it is even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it we all familiar with that yeah what Jeremiah doing here because cuz you leave me feel oh no asking what he saying what's he doing should you passer killed easy circle Fame Cathy touchy prophesy he prophesies now that's not the answer I'm looking for anyone else I know he got she's got a handout movies sorry he's making an application if in Africa soon sister Lisa so what he's doing he's getting an Old Testament story look he feel he pawned donkey fat only slow down our system and he's now applying it in his own generation it might not Allah please don't stop Hobbs universal can everybody say he's doing that it's got to the I don't know why but for some reason this is something that we do we don't seem to be familiar with it's just a concept me she never sort of captures like like in some part of family I'll talk you can see because what we do is we read that that's go signal Fazoli's or slow because we pick it up from the great controversy conquered prevails and we make an application of it you know we're making an application of an application look the first lien that because so do you application when you start doing that it loves gonna come myself if he's not careful you can get to dangerous ground why mean by dangerous ground isn't I mean I love white told us that so I don't mean it in that sense in what you do is you repel each other citrus or now but we're not actually sure what's going on I mean you know Mutapa sake surpass if you're not careful it's even it but we don't so what we need to do I'm so keen for fair huh for we'd actually make an application and their own generation I've under fairly not because University would have to say what is Jeremiah doing you know for us occasionally me fail how is he applying come on real a pika Jacobs time of trouble at undertook the shack up in his own generation stop auctioneer assumed then had them we would know how we're applying it in our generation the South canoe so home the soldiers have welcomed all applicant on the Trojans every only under it is every understand that it's good can compost ghosty okay and we're becoming familiar with that with that methodology that principle of studying on rather than your family advocacy to meet or the DGG sometimes it's easier to see and sometimes it isn't if I see facili professionally / sister Brahmin the first one the seventh-day Adventist Church teaches this method of historical application primarily so are you teaching us the true method of that and second can you give a brief application of an application of an application you know where it's been messed up okay we're gonna try through that now perhaps we'll say can you repeat what yeah I'll repeat the question so know what she said yeah yeah I'll rephrase oh yeah yeah I get accused though she attacked you see often so just receive a QC which is what you're doing now but cuz this good job can fill out nicely me yeah so Timo I'm being accused GTECH is using the historical critical method ology gdz limited history cool is totally cooked can I add to that a obvious the survey also get accused G is gal might like using the grammatical critical methodology to diesel emitted a grammatical because our frequently but scary c'mon go to the Greek in the Hebrews over don't look like a dolly and look at it contextually is your garden just circle texture and st. in that context that's what these verses mean is your decoder cortex while a circle of your session you feel people who say Lee Pierce and easy using the grammatical methodology which is which we're not supposed to you supposed to use line upon line or proof texting Ellie Pearson Mac used on duty diesel emitted the grammatical I Lucas Newsome suppose et de la mitad Lynn Saudi new la portada text when I said this last trimester garnered him as the uneasy Jia I got a barrage of accusations leveled against me she you know flow duckies I saw a key me a parvenu because what I said Oscar tsukushi G was William Ellis rules Lily rector William Miller I don't know them very well Jean le connais pas Trebbia and they're not that easy in some position to understand to a compound and I got are the how many messages people quote in the Alawite statement saying they're easy to understand issue beaucoup de massager avec de person kim dunn le paysage de la nuit kick who L desire she likes on facile account and a fake teacher season connect pal erection a super burner senior and I'm saying I'm not anything special we're all teachers and no one seems to know the rules well it showed erosion super calendar particular Pascucci seasonal senior is some logic oh ya Pabu Cookie Company Libya we discussed rule 13 yesterday yourself on digital irregular Clara I'm saying now met no Sergio this issue about the grammatical and historical methodology said Turkish Rasul Allah metered grammatical Lublin is tariqa I've heard people make like a you know a statement give you the person welcome in the classroom of what those things mean a definition the definition this issue sir and I'm saying I actually don't understand what those what those methods really are yah education company Masuku so submitted why do know Mitsuko just say isn't your required CQC dimande someone might find this prophecy quiet Potemkin careful to village Lassiter soon they think she I think he says in reference to Daniel superscalar gia don't Daniella so if you find that so now she says when he wrote whatever he wrote Scotty likely sake likely left look at the circumstances in the situations in which he wrote them if you fall again like circumstances on you Kelly like a crease along to me that sounds like historical methodology it pull my Suleiman summit limited he stood will think that something wrong it's super suka suka coaches the movie then I don't know what Ellen was saying I love you cushion super Circle julián right not so naive so super OC naive said I don't have some clues about what the issues are you can see power ship education super skills can sew a little a finality discipline discipline I think I've done it four or five times superficially faker to thank for during this past week to call a see see Daniel sermon now if you don't go to the story in its original setting see finally played on these two original is some context are you get into problems due to be about the problem we found the passage a little person I think reference for Mr manuscript release volume castle we didn't consult before she just knows who I'm thinking something the Casa de release of Constance Allah message to Daniel 82 this is not a new passage people use this frequently Sony but a new focus actually shown you to use a freakin if you want it to sound like the historical methodology you can say that but I don't think it is civil at the met Rebecca method is to recurse and if a circus television suppose but it's easy to kill people like myself for using this methodology may Allah facility kuzey Ali personal come walk you to the salah only second we got to daniel 11 now we check that history Nosa t strong we say that history is gonna define how we understand those verses it is audio cassette you saw a definite come o uncompensated strong Rafi and pan yen have CI upon your mom people say that using the historical methodology and it's wrong don't clip your son dis conv on Italy's limited historical seafood brands maka oh okay so I don't think this is this theological audience way of dealing with these problems I don't think it's I don't think it is that it should pass back I see this advice on curly to illusion don't catch it easily set meet your prospects this one I think we have to go into the grammar then working for Sioux Valley donnagon there huh and if you don't you get into trouble you have to check where commas are placed where semicolons are placed before Guardiola love you look well Julie Plessy people say that's the grammatical methodology I don't think it is le person discuss ceilometer grammatical is your prospectus only give you one example on this you don't know in exam two so now and not we worried that we've already addressed this I think in the afternoon class when you go to Leviticus 26 and we read those four verses 18 21 24 28 different countries what's the argument Alva intensity or duration don't love you monster you swallow letter C to swallow Julie people are gonna say I'm changing things illusion for discussion social issues you go to that context missive easily don't sue context is that context duration or intensity it's just so complex Paulo do I do the Latin City intensity is intensity select on City you can show that venom or clean how do you show that movie we could we did it already you love one more deserving verse 34 leave us a drink Khun Kat because after this punishment that's intensifying that's good Abdullah said finish on the end result is war laughing I'll eat a Kelly laughing 93 70 years of captivity it says she don't design either captive you so you know that what Moses is speaking of the bou savy so don't families is the punishment that's gonna be delivered to the last seven Kings seal oh shut him occupy a tempie she was set down here Wow please focus it on four of them me me like so so doctor arrived to Zedekiah where the seventy years are now going to be placed upon them booty don't consider this just got a shot over duty son now whether or not you like the next statement or not is up to you kazumi obayashi the Prophet Miller Malayala prophet has now got his divine credentials yosemite no sacred also Davina and authority is Sinatra to make an application of that Bible passage will ferrell a precursor don't go to subversive and he says eg its duration UD Casilla do think that's how he wants to apply those verses that's considered vasuki view application and most of us say Amen majority doctor knew this I mean because he's here it's on the chart let's go cities and white like a rubber stamps that Ellen White movie we know the arguments about the 2527 I'm not going there in Oconee summer liberalism intervention if a pal but if we get application wrong we get a problem miss Aviles have been movies application was a booty CR deal to them okay so a healthy that won't fit both your questions because I want to catch on video cake shows up in long historical grammatical expertise love example like a know when did you feel also class practice is to be cook a comma is in the context of the four generations they don't know context too catchy name as soon and in those four generations II don't see catching yourself adventism chose to set aside Miller's methodology let notice monstrously the medical telemeters lucid Emilio Protestant methodology hoo-ha doctor said they put the protest on the Bible teaches to the law and the testimonies they speak not according to this word there's no light in them Labib DCO no solute ammonia genius padde Lamia the methodology of historical and grammatical lammeter de Lucia the least the limitedly historico khmer romantic identifying a methodology you don't you feel me to delusion there is a counterfeit kitchen cooper vessel to true methodology and I've really taught me to do Russia it's not a denial that we are supposed to look at the grammar in the history sunita funny mark in the new football Gowdy at least well yeah I got man it's simply evidence that that is so important see a sirloin if he does to see see a port on that the Caliph it became a way mark of our history could I've got what I said Avenue in bellies on the system if I can summarize what I picked up from that I love Caesar policing me so because you were viciously see the fact that people attack the face attacked least one ela gamma huh and they've developed these folks methodology it keeps on develop a don't force me to delusion he'd show us stuff when you Muttley were required to use history and grammar kirmada distill a mythology at least well I kept asking Salafi Rita me to do Lucy they approached it in the wrong way Pascal about universe fastened the history and the grammar are required but not just the history in the grammar no proposal 800 line Pascarella grammar so Texas Jaime pass implements a basketful omitsu burning with respect to this issue dr. Basu Jose to question the accusation has been leveled against us luck is a silky a formula continent there's so much misunderstanding about some of the phrases that I've used yes I'll try to explain them don't the problem so leave class cuz you to this message it's a delicious speaking the one of them is about profits a loon the surface is uvula temple face don't keep on going on if you're a prophet how can you make mistakes Ellie Pearson ahead but I do miss it you prophet Boca Chica made easier huh what they do is so careful is a setup of straw man so you can kinda numb the player LD Jeff and myself in opposition to one another it's a de mettre Jeff in my memo new position he looks like he was a prophet I've made mistakes and he keeps inside he makes mistakes as c'mon Charlotte butter jelly profit nom commit Padilla Jeffrey do you like better deal we are you la comida zero but the gist of the problem is this me early sons the program SLC people don't want us to make application new person developing new facilities application first the church didn't want that from young man legalese no loose with power and our people in our movement I want us to do that he made knowledge no Sun do not move on a little panel who they want to take away evil on V or divine right and our divine responsibility to make an application no Courtois in neutral responsibility given defenders attic assume okay so enough of that has come back to don't you yeah see so soprano go to know solo Jaglom so Jeremiah doc Menagerie Mia we're in chapter 30 some dumb blue Shapiro he made an application you laugh every marine application we're gonna make an application no again no Ferran application often when we discuss this issue what we're gonna what what we're going to say now Lazcano discuss all the do partners are non descript you know we've been loose in our language reserve all Italy or neutral on Gaza and what happens it's okay if I see when I tried tight in the language up cuz it's a government completely longer clarify things for cloud fuel issues huh first of all all of us have to get on board with that - so - non-detectable have external part the problem is people see this as an attack Mila problems a collision repair swath coming attack you so often so long when we talk about those four generations Oscar new apparel desuka generis yawn but we're gonna use in the context of the verticals 26 minutes alone utilises architects elevated fences and a sturdy wire came Joha kenan Zedekiah - akima keenness odysseus oh then we have 70 years on Sweden's have only kept this wasn't a zone to capture I just do this in a general way and we can start earlier don't you invest on general comes a second pellicano servo on this board - so suitable you know maybe we take these seven kings 70 years how people on a PC set was this was sunday sunny then we have seven kings our planners that walk us at wah preceded by 70 years they say they passed her son Jesus we've got 70 years sandwiched between these two seven thunders da Cunha only Son Jesus do said - now and they've got a 1260 that precedes they seven times the opportunities afforded under sir news have only a meter source was not I've only said Tunisia so we take this here Dokdo plane or oh so nice seventy and seventy seven thunders donkus mistress and easily set to narrow and we overlay it here a new Lisa proposal does that period like that 70 goes here I don't come solace was some discontent family like a milder summer song and the set of Persian kings go here Italy said to her purse will now see every say that it's good to number so long then we get this one Luka pendants a fool I put me alone we get these seven Judean kings I've only said why should I put them here in the limit Oh Cecil is now we had a 70 here kindness of only 20 so they seventy dog citrus and design is being applied in two separate places so to a pickle don't do some glad you feel home and the way we did that elephant owners have officer now just line up the seven thunders devotional Union is set to now let the seventy do its thing a playlist was Sunday's also plus Parliament I think that's easy to say is your pasta CI system live well we'd like a cut and paste gun Malcolm Paris the implications you might not but let's say you pick us up from the love where you pal we're not going to prove this but just the the verses that your goat is your show this is correct don't go noon and open up or female if you have second value of Kafka salacious anybody know can can can can ever say you go to Revelation over the apocalypse Chapter six apocalypse six revelation chassis six apically system is that enough clothes as you see listen up because - yeah no I have not the worst but what's the logic Kelly don't let loose cheek sleepily fair sex don't modern I found some sister sherry okay so what's the first time lap come they don't I not period the persecution I put me out city militarism 1260 okay so I put kill here don't lie yard upon me Marty alone then there's another one yeah I know Troy coupe de marchi huh that's here key Allah check the if you shut the wording in the verses a solution ocularly very filler mu don't we have said and we go where will you go for this one over opal voice will our Rottweiler I don't know are we in revelation 6 when revelation 6 here apocalypse 6 sister and sister Charmaine is she man was in the verses did Oliver say it says you were killed 2 a.m. 3 4 3 oh look cut them go into the pit seal it over thank you there's gonna be another time period may egq I not period the time which is the other one would be this one she a don't close her up ko ko 70 70 no example a trace for some distances and where would you go for this one it on your lap oh god L see no does them cook them out you a Bible verse revelation 13:3 revelation thought you go to Revelation 13 revelation 17 falter look as you said guitars are and you go to Revelation 20 it's on Verdi Apokolips Val verse 4 lose em cat talks about the martyrdom no Paulo de mazia so you can see that this structure hopefully is correct or pavakah says it is correct you can hopefully see that it's good it will provoke you look delicious to know if you're gonna do this it looks hola we've got Jay's Jerusalem st sanctuary is that for sure whistle Emmylou sanctuary huh and someone said Sunday law it can't Candyland ygg mush say we got Sunday law here no suffering come on what did you miss in Revelation 20 talks about not receiving the mark of the beam let's go Caleb the martyrdom here so new Paul DiMaggio they're coming back to this board but now see know what you know I looked at W we often say that this eulogies also vocal Salah is the Sunday law ll what Digimon everybody has got that yes soon order come close la we now let's go back to Jeremiah I mean where is Jeremiah who Satoshi Lamia we will use this line news Italy's don't exactly know if you want to go back or for you tell me but where would you place Jeremiah weary nicer if you are sure him here where would you begin Jeremiah who come on serve you our remiel anybody now let's give you a key Kimo everybody k with that simple answer soon gleeful Sunday school only Decker go to chapter 1 verses 1 2 3 if they'll say oh not wha but don't don't turn there nearly pow he begins his ministry in Josiah it come on sir some mr. have exist yes he goes all the way to joy came to waken Zedekiah it Pakula period a vacation sake McKinney is it is right this is Jeremiah don't be siiiy Jeremy Lau I'm gonna do it this way here shavelev elder said first so now everyone okay with that it's good - indeed dr. Alex along yes so wherever Jeremiah is talking about camp lots of silk Wow oh sherry me pal that was me this history so do I cook the Isetta stellarcom verse 5 Lavezzi Sankyo shouldn't meet us at the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling of fair and not of pace was he speaking of epal de cuello historically was he speaking of the first early keep out doc Wow Babylon's coming it pal turbulent ER even there are so many Bible passages that there with Babylon coming yeah total SS coupe Alta Avenue to Babylon one of the good ones that we would go to a chalet would be Isaiah 28 so there is au Ventre toe first two three verses do 12c Habakkuk chapter one about you huh verses five and six if you ever see psychosis over and over again these models of showing us alcohol customer denim or tyrone history the club restore racerback ik by the way Oh Abba cuckoo feta Habakkuk we would have back ik be back you coloplast eight new in the same time period same time period Habakkuk is here about kukuku flaw all the indication is just before Josiah Elisha solutions because the complaint is no one saw in the mess out vascular plant secure person no no no no no sure so this is one to four if you're certain that cat and this was gonna sort the mess out giggling problem with contemporary with Habakkuk contente behind our back you can say ya know as eyes already dead as eyes dead back here okay ya know how guys way over here not as easy a prayer sister on Tanisha Zephaniah Fournier so when you know who the prophets are and where to place them it come from so Vicki Sully prefer to use just a little bit afterwards but this contemporary don't go so funny don't play me some cool Tompa ha then you can see what they're talking about Oh supervise have Rocco do quite Paola even though we put Jeremiah here mm sinew + socially me and when he begins his ministry from Jo a cave Kumasi so mr. Hakim acacia now don't make no no read verse boy versus an auskey verse 6 asking now and see whether a man vs. bear with child wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins as a woman in travail and all faces are turned into paleness surely meet on sister so what's he saying Duke Energy huh talking about birth pangs a pallid do love the non front mom saying this man say Tama is behaving as though he's getting is gonna give birth to come see if I don't a nice sauce come see lady doula one the arguments that we have about these travails what word do we use okay mucho designing progression Jukka said la police um the progressive birth pangs lately do not the lot more progressive verse 7 alas for that day is great mmm so that none is like it it is even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it what is the day that great day Kelly danke so sure so close you are contextually the first saw a cortex trailer I'm looking for the day no sir no solution no pilot data for the Nathan so come Babylon Shampoo come kitty huh when Jeremiah you some don't shoot me so when Babylon comes come back be lunch that we say anyone else st I can't can do it wrong I'm not sure why we're so nervous because we know the story I thought it would be relatively straight Oh a nucleus only Spanish no song from sister Brittany oh yeah but he's making an application I'm talking about what is the history what's he talking about this great day what is this great day Doug my life in that because so much of yourself well I do quite Paulo what's the great day the deportation the deportation the defaulter soon right when they're delivered could you deliver deliver this man say Tama he's crying any pie design I'm looking forward to the day okay no he'll a dual identity forever it is negative two circle Salem Paducah psychic shows the negativa oh yeah white people struggling with that vocally show Alutiiq salaam because you know Babylon Nebuchadnezzar the back to wipe out everything let's give us a vicar Bible Ernie solar ponder to divest air we had it here only studied a new love way to G we just refreshed our minds just went back here is just miss Elaina and we know that Nebuchadnezzar is just gonna wipe the place clean is in several can if you can it's over neutral year not one is a man wipe with addition turning the upside down so you come see a number key a neutral player mistress why do people not answer my question people diplomatic the question I said what is this great day so gone Shula vfc say what a lots of my question for gravel upon deeper deportation we we said it's a deportation okay but we want to say deportation but I don't think he's deportation to the correct word but Scotia France Peck Assiniboine emotionally process soon because the major deportation happens before Pascal leprechaun reporter cell you have wrong Joe Daniel is taken here bastard Agnelli please just a human is more people taken later Alam Blizzard person so please okay she's not really deportation but I didn't object to it dongjun NEPA object Amy Superfly multiprocessor got the sage and the destruction of Jerusalem are we ok with that it's consumed a cow axilla yeah so this is destruction of Jerusalem don't worry lad this series we've developed only this argument here in this MOOC talking I shall the Sunday law but more clickers especially Raja demons everybody okay with that it's good to know the deck of Excel so we know it has to be Lucifer the beginning of the 17th with son Jesus why I'm at the end of the 70s to surpass still I laugh and distress on Gaeseong we're in Jeremiah 30 you some Jeremy Potter where would the end of the 70 go where would you go for that verse in abu saleh al Patio de several syllables on the toilet I've found chapters is the chapter XI Ramirez no flat G Hebrews eight employees now y'all got Hebrew site you go to where Jeremiah 31 dog sit down she let me talk to you yeah Jeremiah 31 is after was this those days a place issue huh those days says you're at a witch days CK sure huh these ones here Sisulu suave sixty Liam twelve sisters will just sort Jesus refers to this I think it's in Matthew 24 I think isn't it Matthew 24 so quite conversion fast are a match event cuts conscious you feel if you'll also see my being I can't I found Tinky's in look I think if you Matthew Matthew when he says those days he says you huh okay it's in in Jeremiah 33 it talks about this restoration before he goes into this God is really good joob ooh he's got his profits he left something called furnace you go all the way back to Isaiah it's silver Taurus cozy he's talking about Parrish know you about the restoration let's tell her soon so Jeremiah 31 giving me cotton young he's after the persecution he talks about the restoration I pull up fcqc bundle understood myself I'm saying here do you see after the 70 years this was some design is it good or bad it's good yeah Bob Young then it's good don't see yeah see in Cebu now so this one's talking about something bad meal I love your singing public acres shows kidney pop yeah so if it's bad don't see some of it are you talking about this one or this one's about the nickel today is bad can you remove a this one that's the bad one but see slow clunky a movie shoe huh because this is that's guru seller of Babylon you let this looks on the web you learn so now it's all gonna be good look Susskind bunch awesome so the day is at the beginning of the 17 don't close your soda Butte this was on Gaeseong are they feedback if you don't understand or if it's all okay dong zebras went over Kosovo company bow Natasha everybody's got that if we're gonna have this structure here see new forever certainly we take that Zedekiah news austin yoga cities yasser is a Sunday law see learn what you do moosh and you can say we've structured it from this if we work on the minute I thought you do and just the logic it's a lie Lucic of this great day the salon shoe a bad day so movies shoes at the beginning or at the end he'll come on smudges for some decent opener for everyone's okay with that nor did a convex Allah now met you know if you were to go to great controversy see before eyelid on a grant contractor one oh sure Pete upon me what's it dealing with exact about doc one destruction of Jerusalem oh okay what is it other white say that destruction of Jerusalem typifies Cody Ellen White Suho this looks on Jerusalem a GP Fuqua she says the end of the world I do laughs and Amanda so we'll hold that because that's in a general sense if you if you if you if you don't want to see the details don't clown pants on sausage in your house but I did cut me back to great controversy six one three she's quoting Jeremiah 30 don't mean a total the chapter title is it was a qualitative - a climb of trouble she sounds like something insane now you have to be careful Matt no no Floyd you don't because now it comes to application and rules and all of this that's Kermit not about that prick assume it's a regular you tell me who I would imagine what is this time of trouble it is the chapter Silesia pika great time of trouble stunk s local town total or we call it a little type of trouble which isn't even a real phrase it's like yeah put it on the table a missing Empire what is she speaking about in this chapter nope I'll tell don't stop it calm it's here yes a new part logic on tone okay he blown this part so now she says this period a new team at NACA said to do like a drama trouble no Tonto to the shock of them is a fulfillment it's an accomplished both Jeremiah chapter 13 so Shira me Tonto Jeremiah me where does he apply who applique long Genesis 32 of the circle we're on this line here some selenium remover Jeremiah applies that verse passage oh Amir picks the pistachio you got white marks a shout-out away mark doing in my belly so sorry you got tell me not ask me food every media push like a Sunday law and I read you did not everybody agree with that you show it here so I'm gonna put Jeremiah lot of amateur to me he says LG Jacobs timer trouble the toddler took the Chicago he's here ello can you say that we'll sell them white saying okay school nyg after she's put it here and look last love spear a prophecy let's keep up this Jacob timer trouble Yacouba now people watching these videos so keep your son keep on beyond this if you do if they want to argue against what I teach we come to conclusions we come to see well at Contra countries alike and some a TV tell me which prophet is correct hello did Michael prophet as you stir uncle Rancho cleanser condom people don't want to use that passage country people don't want to use that passage I mean they give it lip service but if you want to explain this donkey it is John Piper application pistache a miss miss achiever don't go application at the most basic level about application see psychedelic assume these profits are great dog see professor Sontag or faith they're not gonna say the next statement oh wait that's right no no I wait so French not for the English thank you what are we doing gets goodness um what kind of fear who are we kiss some noon we Jeremiah or alum why some new serum you will in white brother Tyler Tyler huh which one you want to be okay you sure they do you tell me you go are you doing you pick what you want yes with the right answer vanilla we're gonna make our own it if I've found out what because we profit in UI off I love should make it so see Kelly neither looks your love a on the top Africa Zimbabwe at the beginning to let you wear bow they suddenly do because we're all the profits that's going to some to little friend if you don't recognize that we don't have a line you never mean we're teaching heresy we aren't people accused now I saw that on Monday lndia will be jeremiah new solution in me on Tuesday e Maddie will be Ellen White who squealing wait will pick and choose what we want to be when we want to be it on Swayze looking over 800 and odd Wow Andrew Andy if you can't see that you will know prove a palaver huh you open yourself up to going back to church vous vous en place you can go back to Louisville Zoo Giza bacillus Salman group of le we have to recognize in the photo cuneta the divine mandate limited even the older prophets so to the prophet speaking about the end of the world pound elephant eaten all the books they what they mate truly live sir Hong Kong the book of Revelation we know all of those things don't like poke a leaf the canoe so took the shoe sir we quote them we speak about them newly Seaton isn't personal but when it comes to the application mulaskey new feliz applique we don't want to accept a new novel or Park City when the mineral rights law school immediately thought to April suit a TV on every long 18:44 just shocking on cat damn snake dum-dum stinker makes a really nice observation i fitting up self a superb young and what is he what did he comment about them your command I think I Cal come on Terry laughing civil of shows more yeah just a generic way after the first of the first month what changes for them Ksyusha cap initial economy is about canoe killer a Campostella parable did you say it in your own words that's why would it be I want to pick that no come on say I see don't if you mimic lebesgue concept that I self-identify it's a song identify mm ethically be the Virgin's are not then that's calavius eepa ooh it's me sim well that's what they were saying it's this kid you saying and it changes everything it's a to xiangxi and we mean ooh you know we've talked about this argument los que nous parlons a suggestion we've been restrained who's that way too hot to new and the restraint has been placed upon us elastic so KT plus is so new that we have bought into a dollar candles of winter I told you it is war Kelly Taylor just follow along with that logic see new swivel I said clásico ldj actually divine there's a move money power G found and we stayed in this iPhone pearl home type the the flack is not gonna help the accusations that's Iraq if you English doctors ever built upon says excuse I soon when we stand up and say this movement continued Mathilde Buddhism is divine cuz I move more a diva and when we did that last trimester Alaskan several facility many it wasn't anything new so new typically she's the new vu but when it stated maka'ala a TD look what it calls clogged up did to Scala Eckersley perfectly a wave of opposition that are clear had married opposition because he's showing you that's castle on the moon that even though we spoke about that mmm cinders on platinum people never really believed it Lee Pierce unknown path get more clues and if you don't believe so if we know quiet power self-identification seola pop a notification not some minor problem listen about a problem inner huh it's addressing this issue here so la addresses the problem now I make one point Sophie and when we talk about the day of the Lord let's go nous parlons you Georgia senior huh what are we talking about the Apollo noon because on Monday that's : Tia this is the day of the Lord City Sally shook the senior Tuesday this is the day of the lord in matthew i co Lutron depends what the point you want to make pseudopodia vous voulez affair huh what is this say qualified under grants lo the day the Lord we know that Sileo shall descend on you Lucifer what's he gonna do because keep affair gonna bring vengeance if I'm near if that's what she so hate he's gonna bring benjin to claim festival she but here she live according to this model sólo la mode then I was gonna bring vengeance if I can mom need leverage but this is not all the day of the Lord's Benjamin that's incentive because when you bring these things together Josh McCown some seduce use them in this context or Sukkot exto this is the reform line of home Salah Linda reformer do Kyung 144,000 it's not can't get me now God not in this line don't sit Lee's gonna start hurting people ah come on say of capitalism vengeance la chanson when is that vengeance gonna begin kotelko misadventures not here so nipple hua ji ji mom is here Missy elephant return to this is when the plagues are gonna come ask us ask mama luckily playful to be so this isn't a day the Lord's vengeance Lala legitimacy life and return to class Aniello Dellacroce is senior isn't there the law micellar shoot the senior now the day of the Lord no no should you see him be understood about in a context that they have atonement a new look component on Youku Tudou shooter let's be assumed how do we know that come on new low 7 because the davit omen is in how many parts nice collage or days SPR soon surpass or come beyond 30 to par or do better you investigate the things new service to kill appreciating you deal with the sin every city of Italy problems appreciate for those two spots those to stay yeah does it that be I do party I've been identified here come it don't you don't you feel oh so this is the dead the Lord's investigation I see Judas in the so nervous to go see on and his execution on Cerritos on execution but we don't phrase it that way Menino formalism purchase at lesson because I mean us at first we haven't seen this concept that's good enough you're purposely concept that different profits apply things differently that's good you feel on profit that prickly shows defeat Ranma we have to gather all the fragments together and put it onto a line it means no fool has some blade too lame of soil immature anemia if you can just say this is if approve a sampling of our Salah you know the foolishness don't become Cornelia sea of sameness the epsilon you take one line between a token lynnium take another line McCarney neutrogenia and you take our line a new point no not really no and you have to do this drop down technique if you for add up this a technique like this song which totally destroys the camber work of combining gt3 a total more or less for the LA combination you believe this civil quality on so long you cannot accept this moon approval path except to sit down you cannot get to history's to applications and combine them into one line moon approval PI upon those epic Azula can be known in Cellini right so your point in our carry-on first continue so in this line in this concept don't settle in don't supply super you know vengeance here you have better Raja slow no one's done anything wrong yet that's kept personal coffee cake chose the movie so this is the investigation is colossal investigation and this a love is the execution dishes a part of digital execution when you direct structure like this let's go fool Edition a delicacy I'm hoping you can see the logic suspect of approving I lose you can what ways of people need to now do new art uncle purpose it can you fulfill how is look at the implications of what this is the Olympic Asuka Solano's Arsenio how we did with the day of the Lord in two states come on new she who knows you the senior or dizzy tapa cuz there the Lord that's cool or just senior at home anything to stay so calm no shoulders SBI sorry sir personally typo I'm suggesting so cautious exam all of what I've shown here discovers Emily Lau is nothing new in this movement see if yangjia here don't overdose a movement great spirit of prophecy see do you like too much a little SP this all this from these two chat via touches inform as soon buddy so leadership in Cordova memorize I said the other day I believe okay she was a dilatory approach this thing backwards new apoptosis shows her and over her wrong way she never do things backwards you think she'd be done in order me early shows what I do affairs I'm an orphan we started talking about burning offs and all of this close of probation Zevon come on say hi Paulie G - D - laughing - Tonto class we should attack on it this way - award doula body I've rode Osetra sooner work backwards doc do several they made an application for the priests it on example did not because so poorly plateau or talk about we didn't mean you know level parfait straight to the priest in his average actor ma Polly plant had some misconceptions deserve all the movers Concepcion with teachers that's Cadiz a senior with taking things that were not correct on senior dishes can you tip a Shuster and when we come now and we try and clarify some issues it canoe phenomenon you see your declare you certain certain plow it becomes a major test said of giant está mejor and people are falling by the wayside the only persona to me do you move echo to you because the Lord designed it this way Oscar see the setlist okay listen you're not confiding serpents Raj well Jeff just to vindicate the Lord as I remember it and there's people in this room that were there as well what we came to begin to understand is binding off the first point of reference was the time of Jacob's trouble so the Lord tried to get us to look at the end first but we ran the cornucopia chromium on the Randy novelization of the scene onnu nammude three polluted coupe de jacob allison arrival Akane aya Mayo Napa Oh God ecoutez ornate good I would say this in the simple fact the villagers in fashion to sample all the days to Solano expanded Adventist teaching see nothing you might want to start out huh I think pretty much even today your memo Chaudhary uncle if you went to they were conservative evangelists she was a little is conservative and you asked him to explain endtime prophecy it carefully demoted they speak really prophecy the fans at all I think they develop it this way is your basketball no Divya Peter said first soon some of the things they may say differently but I just did you want you feel harm or but this is what this is we didn't create this this is our heritage is son who loves and practice in a cricketer shot Nazis latter rain lipid layer season Joe 2:23 sure elder than twelve what we have to put here case canoe for a place Allah formula and Norma rain la première three this way mark said by Lisa you ask that same Adventists if you like a semi my twenties what would that be guess cuz I survived the fourth to tell you that what it's got Oh Bridget of would your qua remember Adventist don't know anything that we know top level is that what is necessary under secure new seven no time in the end you couldn't spell it don't laugh at Alicia they have to be 1844 if what I do say this is something on cat because they've got plenty of spirit of prophecy quotes that's kizomba kuda citizen that's what prophecy how to say we're in this history but you're gonna neuter now set Islam I say carefully dodgy put them all other white has no information to give us alone right no cannot for my son who do need to fill in the gaps to hopefully a whole lot cooler but everything is coded in her writing it so there me to take coded on soon tosses it to see to vows you're not gonna draw out for us l evapo a Lulu Lulu met clapping so this Adventist evangelist don't curse aside want to say all he's got is this reference point what angel is this it Kelly don't say Tasha three a Luftwaffe begins the investigative judgment you come on so she's my best to get chief it's gonna condense all of this if we're gonna don't say to so long it's gonna be executed yeah executed this is how he understands it so can you look important what have we done in our movement so conducive of a new donut move more or we've done just go to several fair is just two little pieces of information see do I must do that for my son with a we get rid of that they'll convert a fascist down we've got the former rain do several new low put me up three and literally or we're done is the movement a little I'm also goodness level feel talking movement is we've just got 1989 voiceover 911 911 and I say this in the generic saying it doesn't Sasha near high now they're showing that it's not exactly like that has Caruso fix it by exact term or comes along all we have done all our job was don't have a is to look at these way marks ewic tube and he's got to interfere on septums everything else was given to us that's good to license a to do knee and if I do it this a bit more technically accurately its usual afraid if I saw a few technically prissy we'd have the former right the cell phone don't clap for me up three and we have the plowing here in the cell phone don't elaborate I shall fall low septum so the only two things we were supposed to get right the clear skin for 1989 and 9/11 zakat Ravana Fela or septum was not much so nip at Buca chosen when you think of all the work the Ellen White's done for us gone for work out there to the curriculum we can't even get that right me a new perform improv well cedar shows a collector you know I our remit the job description not post description to post does not this Sunita Paola I found it was just these two cities you see dishes and we've totally messed up in the devil blammo to fill of there's so many counts don't own a book Udo Kunta now so you don't misunderstand me don't shove a packet for me poor new when I say we go show the new I don't mean this divine movements in the pump I just move my diva I mean way so do you know the individual AutoCAD you video and today Yoshio jury when God has got the ark and Lasha and he's got Noah Illinois when he's got the rubber ball got a little bit they've got the tempo Aquila a Tom know these two entities citizen City a converging song so commercial do we know what that made what I'm talking about s-curve or servicer don't show Paola where are we both heady to Leederville if you think about line of the priests super bossy and I leaned over do play midnight I mean we we think about this line where we already to be honest I know I said clean Uno's alone you gotta be louder or does it matter the second event part of a basis to she we're headed there there's a convergence going on fMRI Puerto conventions so when I say way individual las casas de nuit on continuous Danish movement Lucas some das a movement the individuals listen to the wave messed up around Mars I start with news even to sake uncle the individuals who have messed up the society we do come to the mistletoe pseudo soon the Lord wants to help us get our thinking straight listen Avenue CD askin say you know pancit collector and increasingly it does I saw a cue I'm saying now met know the piece on pure strategy is not way so new part new it's say then see and they saying the same thing it is dimensions and the trigger they saying the same thing it's not way it's them and for them it's us a poor newly all I see new individuals this isn't a video in there humanity no no humanity because they weren't focusing whatever excuse you want to make a skinny typical circus well is exclusively for melee it's got is mercifully allows us to make loads of excuses Oskaloosa name is Erika Juno parameter from manipulator screws we got these wrong news that vote usually do that first movement never got it wrong miss Apollo move mocking we have the second angel coming down here don't clean this up on your does a muskie Aretha we might have misunderstood what all of that main rotate goodness of a man completely significant pseudo to Salah but it wasn't a mistake to put it there missiny teapot unique older Placido just emotional there was other things we didn't say yeah this just going to never pursue the movie / - I hear canoe play song and do our own 911 the pregnant law is what love spawn subdue me non-sequel - I do what do we need to offer what kind of the - I guess give you an upgrade every way we do we didn't address the terrain you never palpable do do do you do a up we came to the boiling off here new some elevated seat roller lash detailed and we put a nice big three here in a Cell for me and Twila was a mistake it has seen it all no but we didn't clarify my new novel photography 3 that was Kelly tested WOM individuals this individual in their humanity no Humanity in FL ability don't have done availability the weakness no lofty bless and their early it don't know it loss and chose to call it an eye or whatever they wanted to call it also as it'll appear at one but the movement Miller movement was careful a tape you don't just put three their own Amir Twila can't blame the movement for individual teachers on the problem ear alert movement angry Saudis on seniority no sentiment incentive eg as the Lord I love college senior not socks out the movement cuz the movement doesn't need sorting out now Pat League lyrically move my bus could move on the pebbles not that quickly as it begins to so a sow may Allah , see he's showing up in the cemetery taking his hand off of these issues on visa men so to say problem and I'm saying emoji this is an a colossal and so the problem in the problem is about those individuals the problem pops your super so now you have to decide if you for this CD Porvoo if you're at them or on earth Sifu said Lucy knows who's at noon and unless I he call it away and at a a much was it was literally a piece were Hong Kong evening so just to recap she spoke a bit chilly all of this to Salah we didn't do anything Neville Yaffe we can take any glory for that you know pond or cheerio can do other so we were just given this work to do new love can you say to consciously set them off like a trophy 9/11 and the movement did its job properly Allah move my face or provide collect among a fulfilled prophecy al a complete up officio now in the bedroom let no disagree with you they had some misconception evade the movers come Qasim and die mess things out its own Emilia shows us on the studio soon so we have to decide dokie new for the city met know if we see new a wedding scene somewhere to make sure that we go back to what the movement taught there another silicon veneer solvolysis any emerging movement confirmed minimizing its correct a new configure Marcus II collector I now do with this it on suite upgrade urgently Ola founding the so bad now leashes so tell more on Peters atomic no let me hold that thought don't you said fancy problem with classes is look problematically class so that when it's light out can't lose graphic your

people said that seems reasonable

it sounds good leaves John Jesus some listen up some down you really have to go back and see is this correct movie full mo go to nipple vocalist answer this issues and I'm saying the reason the way you it's not difficult to do that each of Atticus anybody physical affair because this was not created by the movement that's good so Lana paid to clip on the movement this was already there that's a lot to surety and that's why it's so easy it's 11 it's on for like LCC sample I'm saying my solutions you know them and now come into this law school Nirvana and they're attacking this is that like Tsushima the destroying it it let it reason let me show you a few things about that listen my for more kosher probation left is you this point here so planner is at the beginning or the end of investigation SL afoul Commerce model investigation I train every Adventist knows that - listen twenties listen there's been the movement to know that when every peppers wonderful party movement police like now we metanor you've got people in this movement they do person and I tell you're just a movement who say kiddies you at this point here cuz that this supplant this you know and you can go forward and investigate it could but you're the support level prove on say investigate so you can put an eye here don't level prove America ela so how could that be come on celebrities affair this line shows you that it can't be that way because they're clean Newman curse and put it look young is because people have got so focused that's Kelly person sorcery focus on their own lines-- solo pop Alenia they can't see outside of that you know can the post but I like still here Holly and then what they have to do it so Kelly affair and when they come to this context ugly rustle mood they have to start really manipulate in inspiration I'd love my mom a new Polly lespinasse soon you have to work out a food of who's been only thing who's been reasonable see I would've work here is enough in the application of inspiration don't look up Rica pseudo soon aplicación de lespinasse soon if this is Jacob Tommy trouble seal a set period salute undertook the cycle hands up la ft Jimmy Kelso live and he comes out in south of the sanctuary so dis sanctuary now yeah it's aha after she can t best again e1i some on my line the pure vesta geekycon you bring this don't we support a salon into our line don't know propylene you are the priest i linda plant you have people not teaching is that want a person that's not your say midnight yeah la refugee that's an investigation going in yeah and some domestic uzuki are you this line say cleaner proven it cannot be new pocus and put it holy cow hopefully we can say that she's working approval of Jacob timer trouble liturgical we went to Jeremiah chapter thirty separated does Jeremy canto if you read that section from six one six hundred she explains this it's evil easier said sex Sudan I can do don't cuz she did it six percent Rita and they speak so long we'll go to patriarchs and prophets 196 paragraph 3 PP 196 paragraph three it was in a lonely mountainous region the haunt of wild beasts and the lurking place of robbers and murderers solitary and unprotected Jacob bow down in deeply stressed upon the earth it was midnight all that made life dear to him were at a distance exposed to death and so a danger and death a couple of things we want to pick up here everything that makes life dear to him is a distance I love to so kill you a share or don't sell val1 oh yeah what makes life day to you because can't share her you see that's a triple your house your car your family will be inferred from here you can kanessa into old one word to V CC missile honest and more littell give this comfort let them lead Angela control so what's been it was he gonna be separated from now if I'd see peridot Quanah from his earthiness does own earthly support gets cut off do so such a nice little she said it's midnight oh no sir tickling me me so when you start coming back into our line cover come on cellphone mixes just or not selenium know that we were correct as a movement in specific on taco movement as every tissues when we had Midnight Run deserves yummy means the binding off oh come on second time in trouble - a cop a plea there's this not little clothes in here yeah beaucoup dirkly is that GCC what's the symbol of silence Kelly don't let somebody she knows oh yeah we say like there was silence in heaven or konjiki I let students told us yeah what do we say what is silence all about the salon stop change the dispensations mother this process anyone else can do it no more intercession you dirty LCC on so please if you go through this paragraph about four sentences down it's about when again to a fight it says not a word was spoken kindly to those who knows don't salute oh come on a typical no Co so there's silence here don't play I see no slit don't set period love the circle we won't have time to go into silence but they sign up circles very soothing ink now what we have to ask ourselves circular for a new oppose it come question are we applying as goodness African Jayce is 32 soon as Pandu Jeremiah 30 she let me trunk it's prayer prophecy quite here from chapter 39 let's play the prophecy - a p-wave right here s cannula Pecola is that correctly escalator I'm saying it is magically there are people that will say because they're gonna take other spirit prophecy quiet don't ponder try speed the prophecy citizen and they're gonna apply it differently yeah well applicator pheromone so we need to be careful how we apply things in the 4 o'clock good also notice on topical issues so Jeremiah Jeremy why's it here la película we apply it new new leprechaun here based on spirit prophecy prophecy we have to make both application dokie new for casitas application we've tied in that his midnight canoe Leo don't I mean me and if this is midnight it's assuming me they cannot be any more intercession in the three of well can we say that it's good so long so I want to pick up 3/4 maybe not that many couple of things that we see investigative judgment is just members to get chief is before the binding off you can see that who loves where you the latter rain lepida offseason is not having the binding of nosotros badinage DJ can't be some poet Lucan that train has to be before that you Gaius isn't it I've owned that's two things don't see do shoes and you got the latter rain she was available I offseason it's locked into a to the Sunday law le don't look miss la alleged emotion proceeded by the former right they say deeper hole I put me up retry from 9/11 to the Sunday law where in the form of rain don't go dude you own septum I like what you do much the summer dawn I put me on Queen which confuses people so lava hunt confuse certain people for a long time as conducive Austin it up you know tiny lever in the latter right the pier 911 new summer and I apply offseason who's right here of his own right yes we and Leslie until this process depending upon the application that you're making today Penelope Kazuko feta so investigative judgment Lucius molesting achiever is he yeah at UC or hooyah would we have the investigation coming back further who is cholestacare soon a toughie we have to try consider that you know focus Adela so long so you can say what I'm saying I think of a piece of us Christians and investigative judgment yeah she's my bestie kerchief is in the dispensation of the latter rain it don't like this process so the lipid layer season I'll give you one logic simple logic in closing pool - yourself we've done in the loose example Sunday law well what you dream on seventh day little city I'm sure so remember we spoke about the dead Lord's vengeance I people an apology showed 11 shows a senior all in this one day to select on a show we know this this is the seventh day you serve uncle eight says you do City I'm sure we occur without some decor vixen now in the sixth I don't have aa Alden something the system shoes for a long while news on señor Solano get lost preparation episode is your desires of the issue the Mariachi language in the base so like a pendulum I shall a bit so when the sixth and seventh day new some donkus is amiss HM sure you got things are so out on Friday with ivory dishes good left at Wrigley love oncology agree with that the comic so and I'm not I know we're supposed to be prepared before you know 5:46 going to Clara voice I can't sing but legally game or you can go up to 5:45 in 59 seconds who is that even legal more thank you okay hon thank you second of sugandha for some currencies so if you're in a sixth day she was that dollar cesium Schumer how can the Lord investigate come on listen opportunity on Friday levantó G whether or not you passed or failed C we know is a very Sousa wish we can't do that in a boon affair until you hit 546 discussed of rules that the new love the secular currencies are giving to the Sabbath it could honest up now he says la Riva Giana look clogged out the shoes weren't cleaned your house was a sorted out in person like me you get a tip a pretty amazing taste because before that let's come on Cilla can investigate in the preparest again but that's it's a simple arguments it'll knock you more sample about the investigative judgment would be here so let's do some investigative key Scarola LD here Ivana knows exactly what's going on it's exactly misuki are you lucky that they you are gasps look at that look at this look at this I got some you're headed for disaster to achieve Allah Allah we know so he knows what's going on look it's this a key value but now m'lila we talk about the investigative judgment new polish managed to get to you we're talking about a book being open you found Lord I lift you to there I've got something written in it kkeok echo shows a desk a little yeah they didn't cook the food in that bad oh don't go and nap I don't cook we party line nobody - huh and you look at your page and you say look see they didn't do it yeah it'll gondola person yeah I got see like here not a fear punishment doctrine is soon so that was a simple example to see turning some sample why I'm saying investigative judgment begins here is my festive camasta language in the seventh day don't let such I'm sure let's pray do young Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy absence of a mere simple tag not suitable to ask and pray for a blessing to in benedict's lord help us and help us to understand the things you're taking a component issues got your sin at one level Lord these things seems simple and humble Samson yeah until we realize the implication the consequences discuss cannot really is only consequence it is application then we begin to have questions come on so Marcus Tunis then we begin to have confusion upon some confusion and if we're not careful it's innocent begin to have doubt no come on suit and we step out in new silhoue know of the controversy de la conveyance to try take time to sort things out fully ciudad john pogue legal issues lord help us and new senior to multitask I felt the text smooth Tipler to be able to do these things put my commercial the compliance issues on which you have given to us Latinos attorney help us to identify a new identity for ourselves who we are Paul Newman consumer who we want to be she knew WH and may we have confidence it's a new piece of our conscience the G who have led this movement because so we go to our shows people to do some midol mistakes north coming up Geneva Jesus night mom