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go to Galatians chapter 4 loser no get let's get huh pick up from verse 21 Uvas evanthia remember we're here because we're dealing with the Covenant souvenir munuswamy seabass knut written on dual Alianza and we've seen how Paul Mannion important seamlessly goes from the personal to the corporate pastor sukhasana pet suave Geneva best with Ellen you've got Parvati sir 421 can see oh no tell me ye that desire to be under the law do you not hear the law whose poor speaking to i keep our loop on Apollo that's right she's talking to the Galatians oh yeah that's all who are these people GS owner Suki below - Lena - Reva okay so we know that the Christians know so funky salty creature we okay with that they're Christians you saw the creature if we go back to verse 8 see no vote or no / Savita how pay it then when ye can we see the year 21 and again eight it's comfy whoo don't colors Kilifi the festivity party yeah same group howdy then when ye knew not God ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods the Pascal that's good I haven't given it yet are you in Versailles do you receive it so could you explain your side please it's good everybody k with that so they the Gentile Christians and he's speaking to what is she picking up to show you to show us that sister Estelle if you wasn't I'll go so I lost someone else yeah I what she says that they're Gentiles I'm asking you what what what's she singing the verse read the words that show you that she's seen WH will translate it you go top off it's not the same a bastion should be approximately the same I think how be it how big would it be the phrase supermoon except Alaska okay we put your cursor jaunty you can read it can you read anything we can you read English in English forget not only tell me what phrase sister Pascoe picked up to no diesel do you Mook Opoku Pascal all of it but you could say easy to insuperable when you knew me when he knew not God yeah don't tell do say thank you when you knew not God law school goodness about you and there's another one you're no no time I got that yeah so you served them who are not gods you selfish looking so why did you yeah so if they're the two points because we agree with that verse nine that's enough fun but now we see some exchange gives the experience before and he gives the experience now I've already Matt's not so what would we call them before comércio need Zoe up di Bao on pagans pagans Japan yeah yeah that's pagan or heathen pagan and now but it says but now after you know God approve of goodness did you or rather are known of God produced suicune you did you mr. problem in what does that mean when he says okay so but now we're done that way he says after ye have known God or rather are known of God knows what a vivid yeah my Courvoisier Conejo Oprah to go visit chick is it yeah it could you did you if we say or rather what does that mean okay anyone else or rather better yeah let me not me but Paul saying is let me say it in a different way well Jesus a more neutral man yeah cuz he said something he wants to clarify what he says so there's no misunderstanding if I explain something to you I say actually or rather let me explain it in this way pretory see what they speak is it man yeah she's explaining so what sees what what the two things is explaining two phrases everybody say that this is not about us we don't love God first we love him because he first loved us so he says you're almost nymphos like you know you did something about God something for God you went after him you found out about him no let me explain it out actually how it really is this emoji speak ill imaginative lemon God came after you God now recognizes you it's not that you recognize God how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage or the child what's he saying now the context of Galatians is what there's a tension what's it what's the tension about I wasn't looking at you okay so the specific topic might be circumcision but what's the principle what's the idea what's going on I wanna know I wanna know the people what they who say what what's going on which Jews the Christian Jews to the Christian Jews already circumcised by birth they say to the Gentiles we want you to be like us yes okay so coming back to this this passage how turn ye again to the weak and baby elements whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage don't translate a discipline we're reading what are these people wanting the the Gentiles to do as Paul is explaining it what's he saying that they would bet they're doing which days which months what what does that mean pagan feasts so these Jewish Christians I think - these Gentiles we want you to start worshipping on pagan festivals brother Charles he said to you there's a Jewish Christians who are doing something and then you said in the next verse about the days and months you see this is paganism so that's not in agreement with what brother Charles said can you see that they come back to the who's there vomit you said they came back to their vomit first tell me who that is do you just said you don't need to read the verse your comment today is the pagan to a converted and what is their vomit that they've gone back to pagan festivals that's what you're saying for the Charles Jewish feast Jewish days the fewest months can you say that okay so when you said they're going back to their vomit is she correct sister Sophie cuz they're pagans and she said they're going back to their vomit so doing the same but we Jewish paste you say no Mr Pascoe okay go back to verse nine brother child she said they don't come back okay she found it what does it say they're going back brother Maurice explained that well some arrive before you explain their pay games and now they're gonna start following circumcision these days Paul Feig's again explain what's going on those fees those Jewish feasts therap isn't the same thing as as so you're chatting sorry I'm speaking for him no he sure summarized I lost it I lost track lipids lipids movies so uh pause making an application concerning Christ's sacrifice listen clearly the sacrifice reef naked value so he sees that Jewish sacrifice don't have any value now so he compares it to pagan right pagan feasts or tuna Asuka received the very sea and he thinks that if if the Gentiles have to go back to where the Jews were truly to leave society our tornami that is a turning turning back turning back to war go down the Aqua turn it back to what okay turning back to paganism so can someone they can tell application for that lease make an application to that what's what's Paul saying before you do that mr. Julie who is poor who's Paul okay so Paul these ass so you tell me what we're saying you can st. Frankie's easy okay but if I make an application that's not you just read you what the verse says Miriam who is he speaking to he speak for a new question and if Edward application I see that we are we are twists and you know web the web poll okay put and we are speaking about person who observed our message but for a reason they decide to return in return to return and they return and try to walk they return to war yes in the church because for Helen for them because we consider now no that is that what the church is doing is a good it is fair is not is not Annika good so people we accept to don't to follow how aligned they say we turn whether Marie said something what they're returning back this is this you may write anything they've turned you back to paganism so you become an Adventist it's like we're turning back to paganism go to Nana don't you know what that burden Michelle said that yeah is that what we say so your sensation may choose I'm asking is this what you say you weren't listening team when in one ear at me honey is that honestly sure your head you then please oh you don't want to get caught on camera which is very good piece or no we turn we turn who you mean that we turn to Babylon the spirit and we know that AB ambulance period is but mechanism of you in your sleep again is no okay stop happy everybody happy do you would write you notice you their identity big issue they don't accept to drive it identity you okay with that you hate to empty what you don't answer what sister Mary will say she said you just said million it's good news that your application means that my name is back when you me when you don't believe in and because you go back to the church yeah it's like going back to paganism we go back to the doctrine of Babylon in the be done I don't know it so what what we are what we are saying at underneath but Marie said that but the shelf said that which purse yes if it works abandoned Vata Pitta they was not touch and say who's not shoes say what's not in people God's people yeah little purple did you and if I understand yeah see you communion in this application no setup has dropped Adventist stop with the devotees in the church the dynamic denominator sure we knew the message conservator and after then returned in the dynamic the nominative Church I don't see the beautifying it I think you understand it perfectly well he's talking to people who with Gentiles before they weren't Jews there are people in which church they're talking to them anyway hey good know in this application and I'm sorry gional Ephesus is the Church of Ephesus the people in Ephesus who's doing what they're telling him to go back to you know just or told me out to Judaism and he says if you go back to Judaism now today you smell it's the same as going back to so mistress boudoir little neo-paganism which is where you came from - Vanina morning Lisa you are so much anyway asking you suppose saying you watched you are in the church Oh in fact now you go back party opposite Donna Kristin a surrogate me total yeah you're telling me I'm doing it thank you LM not embarrassed we'll go dad but it's not while you're so kudos on your scam no I want to see what you say okay verse 11 Paul upper I'm who did you say says I'm afraid of you gg+ oof lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain what's verse 12 say diversities d3y know why I was so he say you should be like me son like you come with us come what does he mean by that just get a job a suitor who knows what he means he says has an idea won't you do the Jew of the Jews Shabazz Akitas retreat that's the wrong he broke the Hebrew again what is it would she cook who is worse okay he's saying be like me cuz I'm like you that's good looks weak on Moscow just confu he's out you know I guess read the words I'm asking how you read it what does it mean he is what he's talking about you're makin assimilation between them because it was is the same situation no further say Anoka finca paraiso nabisco le tme situation before it was under the law avoid this halwa and into security the church read a secret enemies and them and the other there wasn't there wasn't Christian resume the deposition was Gentiles visualg and now they're Christian blackboard monoi so creature comfort anyone else but first twelve it almost seems to be the Paula saying that the to comment that he's making to them so requested a part of it that they shouldn't take offense by it you know see Baxter he would take offense by it please not in their spirit to these end being dead the South that's how I read it mr. Bowman first Corinthians 11:1 be followers of me even as I also am of Christ and that explains it okay but you originally started off by telling us he's a bad circumcision all of this aside just be like I am so you come system that barony come on you need a special ceremonies feet because you me that's good because I am human being in Christ there's no man woman Jane can't you see if you say what you think Michael the same nice to say for the last parts so I am like you is that Jew I am as you are Jews and I understand ready to try to tradition and you say I do I do I don't okay now that's a question a little about circumcision these Gentiles and I feel comprise right okay let's go which book Irwin Galatians let's go to two books forward to Philippines okay you tell me okay leave please Chapter three do they please Chapter three okay so I heard someone whisper something the way say no for what did you say no no okay diversity is your PC will pass don't bother your to baby we're in Galatians that's he's speaking to Gentiles you by the Johnson was that me questions maybe ok the Gentiles ok room Philippians chapter three verse right someone say something we'll go to three for we are the circumcision who's we seeking new Christians we is poor and who every speaking to do see Polly's - I killed Paula and they do the Gentiles he's speaking to so they changed some with Gentiles and summer perhaps Jews but there's definitely Gentiles so then we ask the question again these Gentiles in Galatians see not already circumcised excuse all the Jesse Ecosse just physically but saying they're already circumcised yeah ok they're already circumcised he saying why you going through all this physical stuff what's the argument that they have in Sakura mochi zone between the Latrobe and spiritual same arguments mucky-mucks a multi mister we're having literal of symbolic so he says you're already being circumcised circles what are you doing let's kiss google fits on these people that causing him trouble kilo cozy problem was he call them it is a pair come on dog this young these are the dogs this shot we okay for the piece chapter 3 verse two why that's it what a dogs do it'd be a couple of things bring this context go back to the vomit he's now what Galatians is about it scuzzy bus that Cooper don't forget out son go back to Judaism go back to Catania the beggarly elements go back to bondage undiscovered so that's how he begins his argument becomes a geek I'm also not your mom about who's in bondage cute honest clever so if you go back to Adventism the same as going back to say I'm sure skidooed the world what on your mother can we prove that says your main team in the history mt-32 de la vida proof text costano texture manual are you sweetheart no give me proof text the church is like the world okay whose text churches like the world virgin you miss said you could nip out the principal what the dog basically okay she is a gypsy she saying the Gentiles and the Jews in the same so that's the principle with the bird you have you had that replication yeah another text okay we're going to he says to give us a proof tape to prove what first if she made you say she menu students when they came to amazed well revelation publicity get out Wow that won't do it because he's not showing you that the God's church is like that's just gonna tell you how bad the church is I think she's gonna go too late to see I think you don't know what you see the thing is old if you go to Revelation 3 it's all about God's church doesn't talk about the world at all he betrays the church doesn't tell you what that she doesn't talk about the world so go to Roman's 3 night I know I will not find us if you read that please Jews and Gentiles are in the same condition a sermon called Easter that's why we teach no public evangelism because if a Gentile goes from the world to the church from the world to the world there's no purpose computer every day we don't have that knowledge people argue against all of this now come back to Galatians okay let's stop the verse 21 tell me he that desire to be under the law do you not hear the law talks about being under the law Bernadette su lengua what does that mean not quite the same context Springs of divine cortex as book review in Romans 3 9 but it's a similar story please aunty don't 21 sorry 421 Galatians so they're going to be under the law on the rich jurisdictions what law is this versus a juvey dick so sick and wah okay okay so we have to be careful betrayed into Galatians because in Minneapolis they have a huge argument over this issue small or and a ceremonial law silly manera verse 22 for it is written that Abraham had two sons one by a bondman the other by a freewoman but he he was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh but he of the freewoman was by promise which things are an allegory for these are the two covenants so we've got two covenants manually yes why don't we you know I guess with the bercy's and those 24 you've got Abraham having two sons by two women one is born from the bondwoman or the slave and one is the free woman the slave son was born off the flesh what does it mean off in the flesh no I think it means I think it just only made days it was physical no straight man and a woman come together and it automatically you have children but the free woman her son was born by promise because when that man and woman come together that's good loss cause it told me sit Thomson what's gonna happen nothing's gonna happen so the only way that child's going to be born is by miracle or he says by promise so there's nothing negative about the flesh there in that original story but they think they're an allegory and eagerly for David or to Covenant slowly does that yeah so sister Molly are you okay with that treat that convict sir could you drop your Bible a little bit sister Andrea what could you see her face thank you so you've got the two covenants what if in covenant so kiss who only does that yes in the in the language of 23 don't lose the little gash dude you got seven tois bondage and freedom Oh ooh she said both yeah but there's another symbol yeah the flesh and promise promise okay so one of the Covenant sees promise you see a promise on which one good or bad like it were no more visa the good one so the good one is promised no clemency la promesa which we would call the New Covenant of Allah knows what covenant was Abraham under how many Sukarno's promise of flesh come a sous-chef promised Abraham's covenant no clonazepam is a new covenant Sarah new Valerius that's what you just say that agree with that chick oh I'm just working it's logic okay yes okay I know that cuz okay so you got settled into that because you didn't agree with that yes so that's why I'm bringing it up again yeah Abraham's covenant is the Covenant of promise the Covenant of promise is the new covenant in surah Naas no promises italian serie new valerio's well Michael I just want to want to come back to verse 21 savatya it is a ceremonial you know in verse 21 it's good to succeed and was sitting with more verses not-c a pork watch yourself what do you say I know that Minneapolis you second please I think that Ellen White say that the location was supposed to get sterile but particular CMS a so I I did say that Sarah I said when you read verse 21 what Lori's that that's gone you go see what else he cared about sick people said the ceremonial then I agree you don't whistle ammonia and me just let go and then I said we have to be careful Minneapolis the argument was over which Northey says that's gonna police Lucky's joined a kazoo city power power killed wise I think Ellen White says it's both immoral and they ceremonial magic seed and one more body Syria manana not just the one fascist but the question is when she says it's both logic city dude which one is Paul dealing with do like Anna is he actually dealing with the moral law Ten Commandments no I don't think he is but that wasn't I didn't want to go down that that that argument I totally agree it's the moral law throughout the book of Galatians as much as there is the ceremonial juicy removal don't you leave the girl to Sydney Okawa ceremony on the implication are not the same because with the biggest source of elevated tarisha you know what you busy stay forever I think that the distinction does it worth it you might get de Verano no good the one that's gonna go forever thank you pour toujours our use placed me under that law it's good to associates what was it well so either one you know supposed to be under no duty duty potato soup so if we take whichever argument you're going to develop you know supposed to be under that law anyway verse 24 the two covenants one is from mount sinai which gendereth to bondage which is agar what's the problem with the Covenant they're Mount Sinai you deliver victory also mercy no you Robin Nathan what's the problem with it see kurukulla exam before you answer that let me ask another question Venki that covenant is it Daniels Christ it what's the problem with it then killing a polyvinyl havoc in the quasi Basque ascended to set the name certainly but a little bit poor loopy Shimizu stole a little hobbits so Christ developed a covenant that was dysfunctional he start developing do you know you know a most meat that's what you say true the Muncie Cisco George no no no no no we're gonna be talking about tomorrow tomorrow ceremonial with the ceremonial it has the symbols that point to the Christ no ceremony no gum is somebody to ponder but he's not answering my question my keys which one that my question is say the one from mount sinai which gendereth to bondage you said you must in any key on what is too much he says the Covenant that you did at mount sinai will brings you into bondage chiclayo skating I used some say was that bad covenant and then I asked who the author of that covenant was and how we how do we understand that he said Christ will go through the Covenant that's the route other than yours he's quite fun he's bringing an Incan bond II know but by the time you know - Mon Ami I live up to Christine look please really but I just ate cookies ridiculously so when they Mount Sinai covenant become bondage you've got this cool little años you lose negative Divini on his club Ashura why time you get to Christ at least he was in bondage at Sinai journey Japan is clever Oh Cena yeah I'm thinking on the lines of the churches the church progressively bringing in there I miss one no understanding how he says it is his argument the kids Easter baskets on that you know when they the Covenant of mats are now become a covenant of bondage for the school of knows you personaiiy you know statistical discouraged zero this time tell you had your hand up but Michael I guess to your previous question it was the thought was with them because they were like we're gonna do everything that you say but they didn't actually fulfill that baskis own deal but wasn't what Jesus himself it was through it was them humans to keep it playful snip a be continuing with the idolatry to the captivity me Alec judo click web series of Budo Michael asked me to put them what with them Egypt blames everything on Egypt and they were not in the same condition as you we say I have been only this time I'm at CDT Montecito now the kind of Babylon but you said you said the problem was they've been in Egypt so long see Kazooie told a ship tomorrow I've ever been in in Babylon for so long like you see the point yeah you the beacon service Italian school and the problem is that student and the students at Waunakee new kapoor deepika padukone we spawned together we will do any for that the Lord said we will do it that they were able to keep it by their own treasure to tsukuda defenders of the that's show that ya play Yahoo dicks videos do food open was leaking if we back out there that was all of them which door is this sorry which door is this okay so you see these he's jumping in and out of moral and ceremonial not able to keep this low and this must be Kate come in the buff a girl they said to Ikea secular Rygaard leaves on this clever right there is everybody okay they're in bondage to the law it's good its lavash another walk yes yeah you know how everybody anybody yeah okay with this one comment what's the promise you sequin alchemist it's not that's not the promise is Christ for Abraham to you maybe I'll make them aware of that I thought the promise was I'll give you a new land and children now you do what Paul does who make it application which is that guy in the conditions to the poorest yeah the condition of promise that's the condition pretty good with that both looking perfect obedience don't agree with that the condition for the promise is to keep the law that's what I'm saying yeah but it would be the same as we say yes I mean yes you agree or disagree okay thank you miss yeah yeah so Papa said you know English I was thinking that you were asking lately that where does ancient covenant became a Brundage kata school Nazi Daniels to be on his guard I think that ancient covenant has not been designed to be a bondage go see Daniel Sedin typical super wetlands garage but awesome ceremonial tanks and sanctuary and all these thing should be led led people of God to the Savior did you also work and why tank is that at the time they just forgot the purpose of all these ceremonial things just put them themselves into bondage when is that happen the most weight is the bondage ten years twenty eight two hundred years clip I think that the very beginning straightaway having done this ceremonial system yet because I think the kids you can debate their own strange okay so it'll be great on that and he wasn't God's law I don't run the Larry brother Nathan and this is emphasizing brother Michael's point as soon as we could put it again about the governor for Abraham was the promise of Christ Dabo clear denied knows that Pumas a pool obviously equal mister please he says this same covenant was renewed to Abraham in the promise this window translating yeah so to Abraham in the promise in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed in quotes Genesis 22:18 and she says this promise pointed to Christ verse 25 for this agar is am outside night okay for this agar is about signing Arabia and answereth to Jerusalem which now is and his bond and is in bondage with her children but Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all now verse 27 they see where we got stuck yesterday is written rejoice thou barren that bearest not break forth and cry thou that travail is not for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband so is anybody had a chance to think about this we studied a after class class anybody nobody get a cowpath Sun really smiling why do you not study is that very great with this it's good to one decorate stop agree with it who doesn't understand something you can bug issues okay three understand so I don't know yeah I can say that okay verse 27 pretties Richard where's it written CQ Isiah Musa which Isaiah okay so this is the written this is where it's written which is written rejoice thou barren that bearest not break forth and cry thou that travail is not for the desolate have many more children than she which hadn't husband pause making an application here in the Old Testament passage to make an application also this time I fell in application in the original context okay let's go to original context that we're sure via leaflets you are welcome to the other ones that we read let's try stick to 54 Oh sing o barren doubt that is not bear break forth into singing and cry aloud thou that dis not travail with child for more of the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife says the Lord enlarge the place of died 10 and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations spare not lengthen my cords and strengthen thy stakes for thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles and make the desolate cities to be inhabited so we'll stop there ha what's all that saying what's the venture to what that is saying 54 he says sing o barren doubted this not bear whose the barren people in this passage Sara this 8 making application if it's Sara Virginia so she sees our oh sorry not BAE who's this who's Baron key steady no Sarah no that's application so see we just written up you guessed wrong when Isaiah know the noise a well Michael so I see that these two men represents two chips tell me who the Baron is it was a geeky still enough for me it represents the Christian Church what are you sketch it there aren't any questions in the time period of Isaiah Isaiah he's not talking about is they end up a loop are five hundred years in the future not feature right why Israel he's right sorry Jerusalem okay who is the one it's not bei Qiu said Nokia shots all still you talking up a party kidnap Abbate the Baron one same person no better so we're saying that the Baron and the one that doesn't bear is the same person cuz last it is like never book this one I'm in it's repeating in large let's go see early patisserie now she's not yeah if you're barren it means you can't make yogurt see was it still use equip everything off break forth into singing a dog singing good most a shorty who's that see keep stirred up barren one same person same best son cry aloud see who's that can we see repeating in lodge here and repeating a lodge here bitch is right now she's small no you do singing means to do what shorty Savage aqua mister cry loud so it's just clear they would have to see what cry loud means is your say it means to prophesy so was your poverty see now that this not surveyor with child talking about who's that so sick you something did not have labor is that what your bail is Tina fire you don't do to learn about my sister no labor pains same person for more other children of the desolate than the children of the married wife says the Lord so who's the desolate Kyra diesel II say person not the same person I mean person about the wrong way it's not the same person super mmm it says it's not the same because then it says the wife the children of it a woman who is married what if it means the desolate desolate because she's buried because she's got a problem and this woman you can't have any killed in this verse what the promises given to her no so basically la mezquita be duty if you follow through me since the manual is long did she was even are you Sheikh do don't actually know how logical birthday says that's energy office who's got more children yeah yeah pre-dawn that's all that one CD or the married was the desolate was secured easily so when it says the desolate one not sketchy that easily how's this desperate woman getting children good whiskey ladies not for greatness Carla promised by probably but yes they have a virgin birth Cepeda nice or serve yeah would you need to have children former disappoint fuqua you have to have a hospital for mahisha she's got a husband okay now mommy and the other woman's got a husband it look I'm a teacher both got husband doing food as well but this one is better that you do mr. CD Zuri I mean he doesn't say she has a husband no it doesn't say see padishah bribe saying how do you get children this is a good school choice or for hospice so you have it that way when he's alright virgin birth you have a man okay if you don't call your husband you have to have a man should you better be married over on them so if it's a whore what did you then would she be rejoicing mr. Ridgeway I know I don't think so it all seems to be clean this relationships it's what I saw some real ethical pop Huntley as the verses go you'll see that she's clean woman sick what's new so the desolate no clad easily she has a man made easily no cannon and the married has a man mr. keema ve Emily the both got men to t dualism now this desolate woman some diesel a few desolate and you can't have children see was it is really powerful how'd you get them commence : s his offer because they were given to you so it'd be miracle was that long yeah so she's gonna have some weeks with some miracle which we might call promise of I am you liked I mean chromosome so if this one this best someone was gonna have with a man the child is really cute is not father cannot we'll call it a miracle when I pee on you not what this symbology tronic teaches it's a policy a married woman how does she have it caboose get low play so when we're reading into this law school Isola the the married woman could have found some legitimate marriage so therefore it must be the church Sita legitimate some se illegal only she seemed exceedingly the symbologies isn't teaching that abolition optic basura so the desolate one you can't have children can do permit offer has to be the same person so we've got all of that look what they're too sooner verse two so you'll see this he says enlarge the place of the tent let them stretch forth the curtain and dine habitation spare not lengthen my calls strengthen thy stakes what does all that mean this is yeah right faith get ready for a family ready for a family soon also visi how'd you get ready for a family please pray you put an extension on your house yeah I just want to read what at the verse teaches you make you tense bigger oh no no no no no she thought that thought because you're gonna have lots of children that's good you our book we got fun verse three but thou shall break forth on the right hand and on the left what does that mean break forth so is just quiet it's on it's on the one so you can expand everywhere you're breaking forth into new places and I see shall inherit the Gentiles and make the desolate cities to be inhabited okay so he says and they see shall inherit the Gentile don't read the verse and make the desolate cities to be inhabited now you have to be careful is this repeating in large or is it follow on a small wound sweet oh yes you may there's a semicolon okay he's got a semicolon asking you is this I'm shampooing in a large or is it follow once we now smooth see oh no sweet oh they follow one GG sweeeeet Oh was I mean he was talking she party paid a lot more sweet wait one okay now she's mouth sweet anyone else candled I don't think he's repeating in large city patisserie now geez man what is the context of Isaiah canonical text to these a what was a been setup to do is a Yeti placebo fair quoi Arthur is here is a UTC what's he predicted his whole book was it all about you predict was someone evil but look what speak that if you're gonna speak paint or parry opt see perishing is war believe sequa in this verse what's the word desolate duly yeah which versal been worse inherit the Gentiles if you do shots and make the desolate cities to be inhabited what you're supposed to do after 70 years of course on diesel do it aqua you go back Buzzelli and make the desolate cities what DVDs or equal habitable is that big enough for you that 10 its cause a total secon not big enough any passing on what you need to do enlarged into we're into the Gentile territory do tahliejohn see verse 4 fear not for thou shalt not be ashamed neither be thou confounded for thou shalt not be put to shame for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth and shalt not remember the reproach of they widowhood anymore widowhood whose fashion who's all this party speaking about SuperSearch pas de quoi which people is this he saw see better Israel he is unmarried sorry if she married it's getting Matthew she used to be married her husband's baby mama lost love Gianna who she married to worship a little cry she wasn't married to an old man she's married to Christ anymore huh so who is the married one kid Zakir Mejia got people it's the Gentiles Paulino SU context but we were developing a model to say that the married one must be some good marriage must be the church must be Christ do pyramid El Castillo Maria's invasion verneka lee's am blessed with her Crysta but it's not it is this Widow missin and suddenly Percy said - voiceover baron can't have children it's all bad still you keep a bellyful but he's saying have hope have rejoicing we do - we do is gonna come a time that's going over than you off in 70 years I clearly saw some diesel we're gonna come good it's gonna be so good you're gonna expand where could you bet it on it's all the nations you're gonna take over everything she about to come on you could have more children than she has a present for Kayla verse 5 for thy maker is dying husband remember verse where ever you said it was a man of sin sister lisa lavie she says who the husband is she the one who made them the maker the Lord of Hosts is his name in thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel the god of the whole earth shall he be called for the Lord has called thee as a woman Forsaken and grieved in spirit and the wife of youth when thou wast refused safe the Lord saith thy God sorry we could have gone back into verse 4 and read a bit more categories he says for thou shalt not be put to shame well what's the shame of a woman seek why not not soon from this context tsukuru barren Lord see that this content removed you need or what we've caused by imitation and idle anteater but thou shalt forget the shame of dilute or what was the shame of their youth sequin to dirtiness couldn't have children you're barren I shall not remember the reproach of thy widowhood anymore okay so this is the hopefully we can see the context its original say now let's go to Galatians banana lugar nuts dude is a no-fun dbcc hero the barren that not babe to start seeing in the cry loud did not have labor pain the desolate is all Israel all of it all Israel this is Natasha she's married okay babies even yes yeah yeah anybody she's a confident but if we can consider that as she get a relationship with love killer forward a second part she's married using you go back to this story why did Sarah throw her out what was she saying what was the saying was how I say he says I have the children jeez I'm the wife a farmer well the story is that goodies too I saw Lester face there Hannah I know Samuels mother the number one wife is the one who has the children laughs am i new me of all assets that carries awful that's what this all is modeling is based upon so when it talks about the married one in your story the argument was who's the real wife you mostly key left my farmer the one who can have the children remember we gotta understand this Oh symbolically bring Galatians don't go nuts is everybody okay okay not rest in the scriptures is a creature verse 4 of chapter 4 verse 27 for it is written rejoice thou barren that bearest not break forth and cry Dow that travail de staat for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband so now in verse 27 who the one this barren and there is no he don't a Serena you know Potiphar okay so remember this is he's got allegory upon allegories complicated but we've got to jerusalem's will do with the Jerusalem one on earth one in heaven rejoice thou barren that bearest nor which Jerusalem is this did you lose animus heaven yes this is the heaven do you have any Jerusalem this is Sarah solutions at him sedessa surcease aha so heavenly Jerusalem Sarah Barris not heavenly Jerusalem Sarah Kim no Cocteau final positions MC rest of us break forth and cry she doesn't talk about singing you've already do shorty Sarah New Jerusalem only which was at him the one that didn't have labor pains shaking up oh did you know Artemis Sarah Jerusalem sahaja was at him for the desolate usually have many more children and what capris not fun who's the one who's desolate Sarah New Jerusalem so all of this is Sarah the New Jerusalem for the desolate has many more children than she which happen husband who has the husband here no Miriam High God which is I got you this is Bromley okay verse 25 yay hey Gowri - yeah here we say go bond wouldn't leave verse 25 which one in which now which is now which now is this is the earthly Jerusalem so the earthly Jerusalem he's got a husband he's got children is offer Oh looks good when you have a husband was a memory what's that talking about so that bad ducroix verse 23 this event wha no not you've got two things the most way this is to Manuel up these shoes two things flesh and promises you got husband it's war flesh so the one that's barren she should not be complaining guess the numbers are that's green on what's on it's more like zero because that's a good she's gonna war ever you're gonna have plenty of children compared to whom did you roast lamb that's here on earth who joined us here on earth church militant these many thoughts church militant so the church triumphant which looks like a little nothing barren they shouldn't be worried because what they're gonna have more children everyone else they can expend it ain't wait don't see thoughts they're gonna do what would be other bit first before the Gentiles what they're gonna do prepare prepare the house rebuild Google's tree well rebuild the desk for that city do we know a passage that talks about rebuilding the best that city so y'all couldn't buy such keep out though they still revealed easily build waste places what the waste places Israel that was destroyed in the Babylonian captivity you know that cuz it's Isaiah same story is talk so this desolate one he's gonna rebuild the waste places the sanctuary and they're gonna take over the world where do we see that risk all wound up revelation 7 suits that's right revelation 7 what we're talking about there it's this little corner sorry sorry you said the great multitude for the great multitude of these Gentiles so many of them you have to expend your tent would you have to do first what did the Jews do first you 4/5 quit that ball right will they gain wall the waste places own house first gets repaired me and Ben your sweets all of that their own property then they extend into other nations John okay okay with that need economic sir so I wanted to show out with 2730 we did 27 well yesterday work on IVF a yeah is that clear clear clear good oh and the class 4:15 yeah any questions on Galatians we can go to verse 20 and onwards but seven treats verse 27 it's not that easy reading Bible verses they perceive as Saku Saku really really dictate poor it's easy to get tripped up if I seem that PG because especially when the prophets use Old Testament passages because things which seem obvious aren't that obvious to begin with things that seem obvious at the beginning aren't that obvious really it's not like you think the married is something good and something bad you should be honest you should the benefits are we all in agreement so soon echo its prey as with eating the reason we did that part of the subject matter where it's an exercise in how to analyze Bible verses how to read them when I chose it I thought it's going to be easy that's why I chose it I had no idea in my mind what it was and then yesterday I got sidetracked so what happened yesterday this is what I was gonna show then I got put in a corner and there was enough pressure I said I must be wrong and I went home that can't be wrong not really don't copy that on the it's not real so I said let me look at a guy then I went to Isaiah then so looked again so I thought it was going to be easy and it turned out to be difficult someone has to talk to brother Tyler and explain what if he agrees with us now let's pray I hope that was fun primarily above everything else we poor not me if eyes doing it be easy this heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness and mercy good we thank you for friendship fellowship and for having joy in studying your word above all things Lord it's my pray despite trying to understand the truth of these things we would find happiness enjoying this experience the experience so long with not many of us have not found Bibles to the interesting we give up too easily please help us honor you and to glorify you help us to practice now the methodology that you're given to us so we might not only serve you more faithfully but that we might have confidence you are leading us and that your word is true all these things we pray in the name of Jesus