The Second Angel




Publish Date: 2/8/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
Language: English
Channel Group: ASOTP
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can someone give me a summary of what we spoke about yesterday morning it's cooking camp okay my favor this image the soot on the cell phone Polly Klass yeah so he was that yesterday he sees that in Chapter 38 and such line of young is a Mafia Don Isha Pathan tt-talk never gone controversy when when sister White's talk about revelation 18 law school and white panda behaves this Rita you speak about she applied at the Sunday law al Africa what you did not until the second coming she's gonna do Symphony and she speak about policy events found bound to lose even know which arrived during this period he said the whole concept period but and us we apply eighteen Vanunu's a peacock okay please return at at nine eleven we also talk for that we are using its effect news utilities on tradition but I remember life of keep left keep left kitchen yeah love kid she's got some many skill releases and selected mistake it makes us Joseph also something with this quotation we saw that at this date we have she lovely - Teresa very a cavity explanation let's go to Monte Exeter's Dickinson's city speakers thousand new york for revelation 18 verses 1 to 3 is fulfilled only to the new york tomba the upper caps this which are not quite accompli 10 ml 3 bomb for I love LA citizenship on manuscript releases this point what sno-cat tows read the child shallow we wanted to explain the first one love sketches like this one okay you need what's your duty Tony yes oh yeah say you were at the number two it doesn't know Manuela we're very three times in class so when the third the message are combined and the same power as a lot crime of any size anything about combining says when's a massage drawn together and it's when like your love crime anyone else ten mr3 one for brother mark don't let me search it was a motion coming totally to prison from the treetops yeah but what what why we're using that passage we're going to use on new super stache oh thank you message being present truth since 1840 pole Dupree do some cojones for that let you be knowing the cause I'm on this you asking me a question ego come on doctor come on syphilis difficulty I know we have a tough schedule here it's a lot of work but you need to go back after class and look at these passages even fortunia apparently class they regard the icy text because if you don't put him in short to a memory that's cause if you leave me movies about they won't go into long-term memory investing and it'll all just be forgotten it was Ali Lucia bleee and you'll and you'll miss the thread it was a lead in six months down the road Oh Buddha similar when something shakes you you'll lead the movement and then we'll say well we already studied that and you agreed with it so what's the problem would your mana desire to juice levels each it don't Kelly look a serious disease sassy promotion you read about is in their passage it some kudos massage angel is going to go with increasing power it was a motive at door increase also know that the key phrase to me Kumasi lastly I know I agree with Bob and another key phrase in that passage is it marks that there's this increase of power as you approach the great final test hey Munna class Montecristo silicon opposed to contest aficionado so she says that the third angel will be proclaimed in the future in this context with a loud voice see which bah ha ha now you tell me which paragraph as you can read it Bernard you don't really read it oh then someone else will tell you brother Maurice will tell you what your paragraph not me but we have been weighted line yesterday when he I didn't write it why are you complaining now because yesterday and why did I just translated like you said that soon someone else paragraph one its proclaim with loud voice and it says its meaning the definition meaning with increasing power as we approach the great final taste I know her a vote for chlamydia no I'm making a pre sauce a clue third one first likely messages now there's many things we get from that one yeah boo Kosciusko news even cheerleaders Elsie but the point in this context is what are we picking up here me you and also context II guess kanuha children decide

as soon as me hell

Michela whether John Murray some at me naked neck tom says the latter our third angel has already begun proclamation of how do you know it wasn't much economy como to the same love in the call either passage don't look past - that's cuz that's how she says it that's disciplinarian because what is being revealed is is Christ you know you know what don't sook what a fearsome about the passage in English in front of them yes so let's not read the whole passage cut into the passage where we we need to get to brother course it's often the time of the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of righteousness of the righteousness of Christ thus in pardoning Redeemer what is the word for moon another Nisan for the word for in that context I just the word for because because I agree okay with that is the earth for means because that's good let's substitute that in to that passage brother Tyler because the loud cry of the third angel has already become so I want to say I want to add a phrasing you know don't you measure to high society I'm just gonna add a phrase you now now put that in the beginning you tell me where you got that right the beginning a second this is a gal you read it not to tell you it's winter you know because you know the loud can we say that it's good she's saying you know the text is coming based upon what eBay basis of Kelly's anymore because you know what let's go through savvy what do you know and in that passage if someone can find it she told you what that what would it actually is in order she's quoting again revelation 18 so these three passages the same dong-soo do passage I still mmm how does she stay what did she say about the test good great how'd she call it the test dog he says he co and calls it the time of test here look don't do test EC and he tell them all what if she call it it you don't decide Malcolm on a little lapel the great final taste tester so this is the great final test on John Lasseter so this a mattress on ketosis ad silicon testify nano and this is the ella domicile show Co AG Priscilla testily the type of it on taste test you know Tonto to test so I want to ask you what is that saying Kelly dog so taster the Glarus village Issaquah sunday look what you see myself I call hey the site anybody saying anything different it's good Campion July Oh Susan you say something different but what was the revelation of Christ's righteousness being lifted up now mr. Christie strategy anyone else sister Clarice Brad Bob says it's the revelation of Jesus Gladys Bob dick syllabus and class people reading these passages differently texture do feel a most don't also context yeah yeah if you said yes then you're separating the test from the revelation see to do with your founder tell you if you go to tell mi it doesn't talk about the revelation of Jesus is a mountain with a bang / / / sensation from your taste what do you mean about the revelation of Jesus it's because he says in the passage of 1sn nobody selection you know but it's not is coming Second Coming she's talking about what is she talking about look about the Koala what is the revelation of Jesus security villa so does she I will said so later on which is what Q ah okay it's the message what message do this I keep on asking you keep you just like when you worry once that behave avoiding my question what is the revelation of Jesus 9/11 brother Jay said it's the lines she says in that passage don't know person shadows symbols lately zombies sample we teach the latter rain is the refreshing news Austin your local appearances she small we teach that we knew no sin you which passage well you said yes we teach thee where do it sweet lady we go oh sorry sorry go ahead you said yes where do where do we go for that are there 20 look it's like a sigh eventually another verse that looking verse 12 we have said verse 12 this is the rest this is a refreshing but she loved a pool or a fish's mouth line upon line the revelation of Jesus now Lynch ala nabina son Shizu is the line upon line methodology is showing its left in Jesus are still amenities types in shadows sulamita to Lucille insolently LMG Sudan lychee realism actually greatly and actually 2012 our is what Old Testament passage system Oh have you got a pass in front of you pull it up and go to the verses afterwards then tell me the Old Testament passage all of F's a kiss we do you want to kill passage or not such as the more you feel because Oh pizza is gonna do again to making this application that's good field universität because soon and you'll see he makes a different application than we make each of you like you free not because so do you feel under centralism after 12 years eve at the apples of other kids you have said the loss intestinal it's right when every check maybe I'm mistaken act 3 act well verse 22 where's that Deuteronomy 18 18 I do to the non-jews read is read the who is that sick Esau who would we teach that would have to be oh come on no sense Allah kiss another veggie later that be Miller such a meal ever Miller is home Amelia Sookie Elijah Elijah is home ELISA key John the Baptist we would we would show that this was John the Baptist do you to see a show about Easter but Peters making the application this Jesus maybe Philip suka mitosis Jesus is a rise up at the time at the end do you know this increase of knowledge and you have to listen to him John that you have to listen see plans you complete on the offense John but yeah I agree with that mr. Kovic so what I want to ask you so Christian wife opposed to come kiss John is is this Islam we say all of these passages to supersize are gonna show us that this work is done beforehand but no more clickers cover you forever before Ellen White says it's gonna happen I've ocular new ideas especially I don't put one thought in your mind manuela connected this to the latter ranges and this is the latter rain I could make this Alok lipid layer season then if you agree with her she pursues a deck of a killer but I don't mean what bow because the latter rain begins here I think I think she said that it was cooler gee I think he she's the one who said that I'm to CL Coolidge and she said we all said this is the final taste and now we're saying as you approach this these passages Kanu's I don't see I'm saying that this is the latter rain so we've got a disconnect in our model somewhere can you say that sister Manuela it's good because you're in this here this this dispensation were you saying you're approaching the great taste that's gone super I'm so tired you must convict on approach to God now you want to put a lotta rain here it might not even be a passage we haven't checked them me no they don't see do personally so call you these people said the latter rain is here leaves and ooh clever glasses also an allergy too much so we're not constructing our line correctly we've got some misconceptions I want to read something to you to know whether we have the true historical event the service you deserve Oliver even my story for the fulfillment of a prophecy welcome please not the prophecy if you find every word of the prophecy oh no Donna prophecy after the takers are understood up Clayton is literally fulfilled see I completely then you may know that your history is the true even if it lacks but if in one word it lacks a fulfillment may see a movement as soon accomplished mom then you must look for another event or wait for its future development God takes care that history and prophecy daft agree Jeffy Jeff Burton school is wrong a prophecy a cycle so that the true believing children of God may never be ashamed effectively a veritable photojournalism akin to put your hand up if you're ashamed it because you all should be ashamed but we don't apparently what if I just write couscous of Julia with melons Rose Miller who's Eunice which one la like the Millea rule 13 that place so rule 13 regular transom we discuss this rule this way but we never mention the rule what was the context for the framework in which we discuss it was language you tripped it with did I use one word begins with T sorry typology typology so if you're gonna use typology so you new facility per what are you gonna say just what people say in our moving about typology okay Jesus don't still let you produce you don't let me treat you in perfect and perfect and filming it is and what framework comfy I complete Smalltalk Calcutta children selenium you said yes in one line subin selenium so we do 911 acceptance and we'd say do midnight type the cheap antitype so what wrong is this dealing with if it can take selected and what rule is this is this connected to is this dealing with a vehicle like so light you know yeah I'm suggesting it's rule 13 because we're being told you know z2g the we should be ashamed of ourselves why should we be ashamed it book what have been your new have well let's go somewhere I could except don't sweat pants see they all set so much it's cheaper speaking too loudly all they know in here you know sister Christian are you shamed by the way yes of course wow it's nice let me stop you if you're ashamed you said yes do you know what shamed means are you Shane no you can't say you can't be sure because you don't know what's covered I'm asking this context are you ashamed no stupid bunch of tortoise bypass keys but specified also context if you're ashamed but you need to repent it's a food situation carry on yeah I get the joke we cannot say that 9/11 and midnight hour - an antitype projector 9/11 a municipality because it is the same line pasilla Memling it is as we say midnight will not arrive comes I do mean it apart living 911 we are their wife I need haven't really happened and I need your own septum zipper no passing it's the same thing for midnight c'est la meme chose for me me so you can choose like this the polyMet comes brother toilet and ldj lifting heavy signs out i'll sleep isn't coming if you with the type antitype relationship like that what you would end up having to say is we would have to be ashamed of 9/11 because King Cotton extract Co me I saw that in Jakarta to come set up on 911 or delayed but we'd have to be ashamed because not all the specifications were met I think today specificity of all of 9/11 or what level the like and I tell you team 1 2 3 which is the specificity superseded emulation which is the anchor passage of this chapter kela passaggio don't could suppress it and we should be looking to the future for some other things in foot I don't give a garden on the future prognosis did everybody catch that that's good to know that city of what the problem is see quite a problem so while he's saying why saying 9/11 its will is an event who who have been who had up and up and if we denied that we means that it will come back in midnight this is what he said ask him is that what you say I didn't hear what she said but what I said I'll just say who say ok when you use the word type as some people are using the word type la passione tool is the motive commonly cities they describe it as Emperor an imperfect fulfillment elective commit and I cookies might affect that it didn't actually meet all the specifications of the prophecies he not been more vocal clear to clear specific and Cinderella prophecy based upon what Miller's role on the bass also like the Malay huh if it didn't me all the specific specifications it c7 monitamon conclude to discus if you consume then it's not the historical event you're looking for don't send a fine live in my study don't do it - so we have to look for some future event dokie new full regalia ooh and even more future and if you were looking for that event it wasn't the right one don't see children I said even more you have to be ashamed a to Twilight don't wipe it out today because you were wrong that's comfort country at and when you're saying you can't choose you're wrong Giotto any sensible Christian would repent yeah creature some sensitive layers about you and that's what these brethren have done it so perceived every painted this is some good party and none of you have we haven't new new sample coaching I reject you know something elder Jeff work I wanna I want to ask you a week breaking rule 13 you like possess cosmos laughing we say cottagey the age of the revelation 18 came at 911 call non-stop okay sweetie have you filled 911 if you say no we're not breaking the rule and also did you know nobody's buying then how do we address this wording I love come on aboard Oh super wholesome it was literally fulfilled yeah kiss kiss especially to hit with the travail yeah you thought we have to wait for a future fulfill this only palooka benefit on tour now completes my future we're being accused of breaking rule 13 a new subway tuck is it the Brazil irregular crazed I like it something closer brethren are teaching difference when we say revelation 18 came down here can you do some capital 9/11 and you check the wording work out daily move of that pass a supersize then it wasn't literally fulfilled solana piety are completed to him at 9/11 according to rule 13 so loud enough to get that Bible passage you folk want dong-su text you have to hook it somewhere else even fool a cushy Cal Cooper dude Veda ubi a-- some other event happened then you don't have it even most of us we have to move it to the future before don't lead applies it on the future and they hook in that passage is a closed on surplusage I made no I mean me and we're keeping it 9/11 look a new new look out do 9/11 and how do we go about defending that we're following rule 13 it come on as I know Algy multiple deer kanuha different to title computer don't know septum then that what is that the whites is it Sunday law April quail eggs I language eg Marshall oh she's talking she speaks about two different characteristics of the Sunday law sometimes she addresses it as a point in time and sometimes she addresses it as a progressive period a Pascal about the dishes different develop recommit important ID for coming to your policy you have to rightly divide it come before if new for the visa collect tomorrow sip a hollow-core and bow shackle Mumma every understand what the problem is and if you don't know what the answer I'm Sifu no Kuni super Larry pons put your hand up if you don't understand the problem so you'll understand some people done the other person kick open top so we're gonna get a Bible passage Oh DJ I'm understanding your logic personally so collapse and then Motel you see Bosco tune one Street and oh shoot me some glass you to media this is an very very important point to this discussion that's going on around the world location potala discrete Suki are you to me this is parallel to the Jews rejecting Christ as the Messiah let's see and family no a vehicle is luggage fifty who said please stop talking Missy so we need to understand a new photo compound salomo quenches anybody I wanna say something thank you joking shoes there's a couple of people who don't even actually understand what the problem is yeah DPO Sungkyunkwan perk a little problem but the rest of us understand the problem mister uncle and if you understand what problem is you can politically problem for yourself proving them you need to be able to answer and address that question the reporter said question because increasingly you're going to be called to attention on this problem it's good the prism piece was alley eight or a question is a problem row 13 la regla trends is the current problem room it is one that people are focusing their attention on see in regular kisana Kelly Jones memo so sister Marilyn Marilyn when you read these verses revelation 18 one two three continually we have several cases returned at 12 and you see those words because super holy were those words fulfilled at nine eleven its customers only to compute 911 and asked in T to answer it she said the crisis is the problem telephones Wasilla problem wasn't really fulfilled a eskimos a completely or rubia are we just saying nudism well the events that happened live in Makkah super see there are a type of this living monkeys a person with septum often concerned cheaper they were kind of like this see we didn't really happen means that if I'm not super thermal SEO and it's really gonna happen me suffer I must pursue no it has to happen sometime or security vendors Pacifica and he didn't happen then Missy don't consider pursue Nani live in real life don't a villian what are you supposed to do I'll okay suppose how you're supposed to address the problem I'm all that you don't go Willie Miller gives you a rule look William Illidan indirectly he says you go to the event you choose vallavan go to your Bible passage I don't there Sibley case they don't match you genome in our spa made a mistake somewhere that's good see not you see son no Simon I suppose I'm Safi look for another even when our guns are not leaving more obeah white until it's gonna happen in the future who I told of us is that even more that's passive don't you chew on and that's the problem it's a silhou problemo can we defend it's good look before do for revelation 18 good apocalypse is Rita one two three and that wow really happened here see real moccasin September and they saying it didn't happen no sense if up and you can't demonstrate the rehab because you can't prove it hello Timothy the day begins to come up with some stranger answers alaykum o 7 you know these people said caution when I say day we're not just talking about one group of people just because there are many groups are now rising up that's qu'il ya beaucoup Kiselev met Nam and it will got the different opinions it in but you see they're coming together if you live is mettlesome the reason why I'm saying the Carters are not I don't think they could hearin they don't follow from cause to effect they're not logical looking some paluszek you know listen better cuz they think he's because they talk about this being the anti-type that's good about this welcome it - aunty - they say revelation 18 will really be fulfilled here this couple I might like on pure soprano but what does Ellen White say mckisco an ideal great controversy chapter 38 Oh Gladys says Shepherd country - it won't be ready fulfilled at midnight will it no such even of us are complete I mean if I mom we only be ready fulfilled the Sunday language emulsion so she said she's really gonna be fulfilling she says that no collage Allah if survived Ramos possess no more now so they watch these videos by the way look effect Oh Sasha keys and they are only the questions eagerly Punto Evo got CVD reporter so taking the answer how they making this an antitype come on it for the menu II not it when according to their own logic just Sebastian define the rule 13 there during the semester we're in it so don't go don't remember because we're in the mess of 9/11 and they're in the mess of madness normal only download Assad for 9/11 me and the only saving grace they have got alas the glass schism is what sequa I did remove what's their saving grace sequence oh come on brother because it's in the future we can't prove them to be wrong yet because we can't apply rule 13 because he's still in the future that's how they escape we can't escape no pit bar because we're going to go back 17 years because we're here is there we understand that it's good to come they saying it's gonna happen here and we can't prove them wrong it is corrosive especially I mean Vicki Soto but I mean we can't prove them wrong then you have to talk about righteousness by faith in how you apply passages like this I apologize justice pathway come on a

but technically you really can't

prove it because he's a future in vain it defense on technique on the Bupa Vicki's on top ask us an even more future but I'm saying my Sergey this cannot be the antitype this has their inner side messes up let me show you one more problem problem they do this for so long nine eleven midnight they say this is the type this is the antitype and what they're doing is when they say revelation 18 one two three is this the arrival or the empowerment of the second angel no in 12 official community fishes who come the question how do you understand revelation 18 1 2 3 is the empowerment or a rival don't up oh come on come if you love you custom I'm fine man so every st. empowerment angelicus of the second angel may be okay ask the question again make the second danger not third second angel is this the empowerment of the second or not yes emotion bow not yes okay so let me show you this eighty nine nine eleven the arrival of the first the empowerment of the first we say at nine eleven my sketches for eleven revelation 18 1 to 3 is the field and what we thought what do we mark here we've put a - a - a so we say in Revelation 18 1 2 3 SD arrival so when they're applying it here come me what a day saying this would be the arrival or the empowerment of the second this is where it starts getting tricky because they're now coming onto our ground that's good let's it comes sucks a job they're in a mess I don't mean that disrespectfully because we got 2014 blue ease us look loosen we say to a here readies them where do they put to a me let's keep let's do I mean put it here lovey a demitasse you check people who take Psalms 23 see if we really finish donkey I'll send up something you check this I'm not telling you the check-in but someone else has done that work for you if you if you see the work that tree of life are doing there put to a here they say nice you just approach this return that foul is to a Silla right oh yeah yeah I'll do it in bread Surya so they would say this would be to a hopefully I'm not misrepresenting them not intentionally doing that that's cuz you're never biofilter sort of Sunaina so Challenger is arrived in 20 talk weirdest ecologist emotionally for Tameka toes I'm gonna try to keep this that's why I'm moving from altar boy if you do 1798 40 April 44 arrival of the first the empowerment of the first rival of the second and August 44 the empowerment of the second is a notification this on 9/11 see 9/11 this is 89 new salon Chicago vendors and the foundations are laid here when you bring this line down like this and the foundation is laid in our history for not song I put it on the twist well it has to be an event after it were for an even more up clay I'll change this to July and August don't you miss our Oh midnight midnight cry here and you have to find a way mark here 2014 don't do milquetoast by the logic the way I approach this might be different but this is why this is how you get this don't versi logic you put a different me YC come sakis abroad so this would be too I hear dr. grey in the future she don't live they'd be okay with making this to me it's under code the meds I mean cuz you got spirit prophecy quotes to demonstrate that that's good this smells like don't call me see quick he didn't want solo yeah that should do it your we're a joke oh nice about all Lulu chica and you done and just know same c'est louche ik me got over God should kill anyway to nudi but when we look at what Ellen White said on a plate cup coffee only of course una Linea we should be only confirm in our line ask a dick yeah did to a New York she said cooler because she sets our towers in New York Dominica toss the tufa song in cool and view and we never heard that in 2014 the towers crashing so we cannot take on any lines that will say you have to loop the hysteresis it could not be possible know that your player know what I want to say and put it here they put it here in the plus purple colleges and of Revelation I think here your argument is you're gonna take Live sketches for 11 and there were no Towers falling at 2014 but they're not taking that no me not senpai second pop once it takes bullet no here how was it here you just could say a miracle no Sookie listen what is interesting I think asked apaf-1 or no kenapa of grandma look on freaky idea to so sometimes we don't really know the conflict behind the nucleus of a cell nah especially us in French we have symmetry and we don't understand natively minuto de cassis it physically see serve the Malolos iike so I say if it's a geology can sign up you can do coffee on me we only be confirmed because a clean underprepared well that this line could not be true I'm asking as objectively as I can who taught objectivity what your position is and why you develop it Kelly tapas is so a poker to let develop and see because people are arguing that you're teaching error Pascal is all this commotion there pal that's cause she because I see in event of 9/11 I saw it I'm not come on you people do up do I see Ibaka disease wheat so - it's also to each other please don't talk to each other can't have clothes like that - it's a revelation 18:1 want to Swiss ooh I'm not arguing that you're wrong should you package I'm saying there's 40 people in here should you confess on you see and do you all say things are same why it's canoe to spoon for your lashes or Memphis because many of us haven't thought about these things carefully kanuti based upon certain concepts it's the basis of circumcised do we believe in typology sulla fit like a second quality / because if you believe in typology you're gonna have to go down their logic that's cuz Sifl choir you OTP brother Bob sorry just when I think of Technology I think of comparing one dispensation to another and looking at comparing lines I don't look at it in one dispensation no cash about the tip massively Fatah committed on a member this pasta so me see the cheapest only linear oddly typically lean them the ecology and ethology so what do we say looky some girl having first pollution Esquivel not everybody would agree you go to Moses's line bring it to our line because when you don't know you have type an anti-type love was a variant if you accept the story of Esther she was accepted you say that that was a parable or type brings that will bring to our line movie Rekha sit and cheap in terrible in la Madonna truly so what the disagreement is is what other rules the controlling typology inner line chickens clucking quality policy Donna no one's arguing when you go line upon line their son oh laughs ed CompuServe in the argument is Lynn can you do topology this way no problem like it still says competent in trilogy positive soon Lena and with me loose in our language because we would say things like the Patriot Act was like a type of a Sunday law citizenship the land where did you mosh and they've got that he's some Chris so long because I think many people used to think that way but good person process they've got typology in their in their minds of the foundation Lucas Oil and no sort of chip down low as become landfill more and if you believe that a superclass along a row 13 regular trace which you have to use he's now gonna shift your thinking make Nova Scotia frequency and so they're coming back to us dokie Vientiane new and they say in ageism this is type this is the type of a Sunday law here society must it can't be fulfilled so you have to look for revelation 18 in the future but also why one is the seeds because since the manual says there was no Towers falling in 2014 now you can't tell me that something Bad's gonna happen in New York or not because he did in the future you don't know they say in I guess by faith and I don't mean it in a silly way still get other lines of history to show that there is there's an expectation that something will happen at midnight about buildings falling construction your I don't care I'm Italian so you know on toes I don't even know give us Percy I mean really took it but that's not what the issue is they have to make this to a committee right is that it have met mean we do is a prepared - why is that - B - a polka side way to do okay so so - I do altimeters for midnight when you drop the lines down so come me I'll you know this is not doing it justice super justice this one I'd have to redraw this to explain it it's midnight would be October 22nd 1844 don't realize what happened on October 22nd 1844 you see Percy I said that love and dr. kahan angels what happened oh sure you rival of third angels so you have three I here don't agree with that put that duck convicts I'll read thank you so you've got three a you can't put a to a in the three a together on the perimeter - I across three where you put it in the way it because I thought it was us who said that's the 22nd of dog versus we a arrived she's good this is what they're teaching well that's the key so say midnight I mean rocktober 22nd 1844 still event dog don't cut if you do that super-fit sir and if you say we teach it's a deacon nonsense allow what is three I mean sequester three just the three means judgment second doesn't bring judgment three brings judgment early writings 118 paragraph one music recent work of the third angel loved it was a Marshall is to select a turbine eg so that means what it means to investigate and then you're gonna execute best to get a judgment executed judgment is my best to get you executed you agree with that so if you're gonna put three a here I mean why are you teaching gets good chew on saying your sister Brittany okay for the toiler you have three days investigation our syllabus together so you've put an investigative judgment here and they've been clear about this for a long time an investigation at midnight if you've got an investigation at midnight as soon as I finish my best to get chief I mean we what you're not allowed to do before so given that you're not allowed to you're not allowed to investigate the investigation brings here Matthew 13:24 to 26 you can't investigate you get to hear the most investigation of the weight and the taste can you see how they build their logic I don't wait to see how they build their logic I want you to see how you rebuild our logic the back of a company Lulu Sigma Kamala fastened on una cosa this movement does things backwards all the time so move more Felicia's on and I think you should also it's a test because what happens is so key so first we do things backward and they all look good and you say hold on she's going in the wrong direction how do we get here come on and someone stands up and he says always build upon this premise and nobody appreciates that you have to go back all the way to the premise and see whether or not it's correct in this context what is the premise the foundation don't so quick everything is built upon now the problem that we're wearing an argument the some doesn't about this argument is built upon a premise a basis you're on full moon it's a city babe as it's often just the Sofie yes upon this component about you huh Lulu chipolata too often when they say that I just repeat what they're gonna say so you don't have to say what they're gonna say cuz I'm gonna repeat what she just said loudly okay and so you end up doing it twice so it's built upon a premise of typology sebasi suka and if they are correct seesaw schuster about typology sir highly cheaper all of what they're teaching is right and what we're teaching is wrong Lucifer I think if I run through the logic and we all should be honest I don't mean about lying I mean intellectually wherever it leads you can we see that that's what that's how that's where you would be led to the type Rufus look in the future any all cascades on this girl so when we've say for a long time Vesta gate if judgment can't be here and you know some people have accepted and some people have perhaps you didn't realize is the reason it can't be so revelation 13:18 eighteen was already fulfilled at ninety levers you're gonna be true to the rules I can't make the Patriot Act a type of a Sunday law it can't be typology it's not typology listen it bad what is it sequel or its progression this concept of progression see look conception did everybody see that point before you make your point and about that point okay Gustavo CG dear concrete so just I want to know if I understand well I've only read easily tip it is not et / before you use type and authorized EULA memory whose you shaky your not move more say keep in our movement I don't know I don't think we use type an antitype you never painted easier I'm saying people may have phrase it that way if your son knows you can't attack the movement because an individual is teaching something that's not straight jump about a kilo move up a second and if you do not bad you are not guys what I mean by that the movement or the movement a g18 is here revelation 18 okay now we might not have understood what that meant because let's see so I'm a teacher don't my show no I am NOT the movement movement if I say the Patriot Act is the type of a Sunday law see you can't come back to me to be better than your film and say the movement used to teach that because what I'm saying when I say it's a tight Lucas it that I'm actually standing in opposition to the movement and the movement is some kind of imaginary person it's a singular entity so it's you know unique because there was consensus thicken sauces the 18 revelation 18 was here no I can teach the person that's a type cuz it's a cheaper and if I say that it's is dis la I'm actually teaching something that's not true I'm actually fighting against what's on the board the fact that people didn't see that Lafitte Kelly's on the look back yeah or that I didn't see it emotionally per who is what it is what I'm bringing to bringing up now now you might think that's just an esoteric argument or is an excuse but I don't believe it is individual teachers do your Synology have said things that were not correct or judicious committee passes even though the line was correct yeah understanding of the line was not true and that's what I'm trying to say carry on sorry no clear Matsui so now we understand the clearly that we could not have type an antitype in the assembling line as casino demo 2 because we flowe everything yes so now you have to use not such a term of type but progressive it's progressive policy Oh profile in Arcis wazifa so we have a line a that is a type in Vegas one not city and so line B is an antitype so maybe I understand wrongly omit a the party cheaper we put all the time in the same line you know Saturday its opposite or they have one and mini I mean night we expect to be small Park Java tip resort the other to observe a complete fulfillment of the previous type before before because that's a loose - clink oh say yes and you have to be sure it's a Floyd's I'm saying that was the wrong thinking however that happened come on Celeste a I'm not saying it's your fault maybe it got taught wrong foot but you see I'm trying to clear up misconceptions the other Brethren maybe you would say I'm changing things you have to be sure who's changing what key chakra and they are clear but they are changing something yes they know but ski started this movement us poor 18 one two three here plus or plus some word is return a koala and they're ashamed is out and they're repented and they've moved it to the correct place according to their understanding no D plus a alabone plus so no luckily assuming me because of typology oh if you're gonna refuse to do that you're gonna say this is gonna help you divide your coil of sketches but today then you have to go back and keep the full of veneer and rethink what I'll see how you conceptualize this come on to concept release alone because I'm saying oh gee now you're saying - gee why you think tight typology like pipe an antitype and they say reasoning that way as well so now we've realized if you think this way I think one can't be here because row 13 stops that because then we learn a lot better so maybe you have to do some repentance maybe someone has to say we should never have used this typology concept we should have stopped to what we already knew and this is what's interesting is Isis can't a piece of progression Lucas was there from the very beginning but when we came up we had what happened here because we can see lots of Sunday laws everywhere now we went back at 9/11 we dug up the history we said I'll take past the law invade your army we are isn't passing law and we're expecting a Sunday law so the way we expressed it was typology maybe we need to repay using that kind of language it is this achieved an orgasm so if we are use now so language of progress doesn't position and again you know there is the beginning the beautiful particular song so the beginning will be very smooth and dope and sinneth not a blessing will do the amount on septum so if we place the two and Jonah is a second and show that energy is negative and we already stopped we already did thanks I can it's just a Cody I do nikitos o+ knowledge reportage of Rishi and we said that 2014 it's a second and gel and by the empowerment of skillfully see okay so how can we show the progression and which profession are for example I can't answer that question shouldn't people that's a good song cuz it's this is the this is a complex question you're asking it's good supposing they pose complicate Waimea cause we have to work through that I can't answer that because that's what the point of this study that's good see look want a certitude oh that doesn't make sense sister Brittany yes that's what I mean Allah passages sister Brittany brother Nathan the false and the true typology don't you why'd you film some Calabrian acoustic pollution is your people in that back what we say with we see similar characteristics at certain way mark versus using the label tight tight means in example I like so I'll summarize she understands that the problem a coupon problem but in her mind with the sonic scream she can't conceptualize how we're going to express it now come on Val experiment we're not gonna use type an antitype I don't need to spurn luteum five means example that's good cheap so jag hump so my response to that well he process is lame a week I put on this site this way we're just beginning to address this issue now obvious just about this a problem at no and to bring up into the open it look listen to people you know we discussed this even last trimester but now it's becoming more focused oh no not badly on mmm ok it's not just for me to do this doctor new percent of each of us needs to be able to conceptualize not only what the issue is no possible emotional early suitors but how we respond to come on the trip on to my salon and I'm saying the Patriot Act was not a type it's ridiculous articularly snippety it was an event City and even more it was a law sitting you are that was required you to do Monte to begin a process or a chain of events on time and positions motive and that's how I conceptualize it you might do it another way potato who's a little everyone needs to bring their thoughts shotgun do I this movement affect us a movement has a comprehensive understanding of how to explain what what happened at 9/11 I think I so move more in chaos or just bullets because if I still 911 and what happened in 2014 and what could happen at midnight it's ok super super sir we did get our language okay yeah we have a common language guys come on so characteristics don't translate into types don't come on - especially characteristic non-top additions to neon I would say in a reformed line they don't relate they don't translate two types no they don't don't kill Donna Linda reform only super committed I'll give one example I already gave this one she deserves an assertive sampler we go here and I'll put midnight cry Sunday law couldn't mean you and what you do Marsha 321 538 only discuss this you use the word shared characteristics these have shared characteristics so Sunday characteristic platter she but this is not a type of this so much sweet I don't believe it is this is a Sunday law that standing on its own feet and so there's this one so you know what you do Masha Allah yes they share characteristics but there's not types these are the characteristics and some people without this this cannot occur go back in the history we know that I'm saying should you without 9/11 son only live without the Patriot Act II left on to to love Easter 2014 can't happen midnight can't have and he mentioned the Sunday law can't happen do meet Catalunya meanie language eg Mouse they have shared characteristics but they're not types you soldier characteristic pattern for the Nathan and Ellie jetty but not all nevado de puntos I paid you CJ mm I think I remember you saying something in the lines of this these errors occur because of fractals Amos um kakejiku Susie well dong-su some police bus okay isn't a factor yes yes Oh DJ yeah Linda a firm that can move evil is you meet the preserver emphasis on different emphasis it did you sell our GD motion this is Daniel 11 verse 41 see Daniel austerity on door Betty let me touch that phone tell me Polly sometime cat me so each of the way marks a shockingly bad news life the cycling the reform you can see the progressive development of the Sunday law improve on the development police intelligence secret alliance between the United States and cases it leads the 1989 dhoka la la no sir cried the lapa pooted is it as you need on the socket on of 1996 the Patriot Act is written but not passed Jesus okay Clarence nightcaps unsettling Tatia Tatia okay DJ me palpably 2001 its pass a DeMille ascetical milky these are the footsteps to the Sunday law say so the attack you mental and what city much and what they're teaching is not only shared characteristics if you want to use that mr. Kazan sense an FSM family characteristic part a CCTV transistor sizing progression in the Saline my multiplication any questions or comments it's catchy come on down to question basically what he just said but that doesn't mean every other line above has the emphasis of progression specifically our line emphasizes progression and you often consider Monica link you mean I can see all my character is the progression is in every line you don't eat pasta like to receive the focus even a path to doctor tilling it's just a different emphasis the progression is a different thing that is progressing ours happens to be the Sunday law progression a pool noodle in civil officials the language in motion let me let me ask it in it in let me ask this question what's the foundation of our our existence our message the nutrients like this Tommy in magazine which is what magazine 11:45 and what's the point of understanding that okay Lee don't go solo it's a wake-up call for what see for the Sunday law our existence is all about the Sunday law place it starts to occur so when we talk about raffia pan am Islam all of this it cannot bound to happen normally slam to so long they're just aids help us to understand when you see they are complete the Sunday Lord what about the Sunday law but to learn what did you motion see the progressive Atene over lines Wow list well demeanor see when we look at Manassas to hear - Eva como si to deportee it will start to be Avenue and after will come back he said police Juba multi of a huge Akeem she was a king and a Phoenix addition and this a progression will continue with Hakeem Keenan and we see des koala - Ella and at the concrete and I see the same thing for 321 and 538 basket assessor concrete or secretly me to do so to ascertain if you feel for Moses mamala so we know that at least dates 558 persecution start there Doka MEMC advocate cause it was her idea even though they have something in swift 21 new motor so story shows about it on twitter so it is an eco stevie say it start from 538 and the following years la sécurité beaucoup perform that's the persecution was a stronger don't much Paschal II for food America toes so I think that we have to a dig for 2014 the Kakaako shows gonna have you maybe there's something we didn't see we haven't seen now a keep remotely said progress your do Angela this can show visa progression from 2001 I wanna go back to another point to very few minutes I've outdone the club when my high school community I asked was revelation 18 she the model was a - a - e it a so do and almost all of you said - I lamented on top where we G do our for the Jason said it was - II just only a DC to do recall that lost brother Jason why he's saying it Stewie while the rest of us are all saying it's no the rest of you were saying is - a oh you say tui you said it was the empowerment takes it too long because I don't know II never I think I said revelation 18 disengage it from 9/11 I just pointed it like this I said is this a two-way or a 2e I would you said to a did you do one or two other people did most of it both oh he said no SP way and then I went here and I showed I didn't show that I showed that it why we say get away she speak ill of example I couldn't easily do ah but I want to go back there and ask why you said it was to e miserable contradicts it to do did anybody else a to me I know it's good person just cuz you do I put your hand up it was to me as well why is it - it doesn't happen at the arrival but we just put it here you don't believe that at 911 second angels message arrives revelation 18 right but that's a to a I'm gonna make that to e we just looked away in our line they see to me dude I know Neil event would be too you put the arrival of the second angel 1989 I asked you at night because we were at tired when there's a first thank you message okay I don't want to put you into into a corner now so this this tension so tussle between revelation 18 is it the arrival of the empowerment vase or notification you can see that some people are put it I'm gonna take this out Chevron three slow take this out so they're saying here it's to do with the empower mode you so let's have one big lump you figures and we're saying none I used to do with arrival novel Geographic blue and red most of us say that I think yes another sais quoi come here she knew for no long they've been a day since been on the board w what is this sequester remember why have I got why I got that book why she said that luckily she said summer but sketchy on Nietzsche but we know mean new cellphone because that's when it was spoken that's juicy like you're late apparently but when it arrived minister for Tata Steel a movie in the spring okay so love leave them on okay I'll put out for here Jimmy every like in parentheses because that's not what it says in the passage I've read your Bible birth is this canvas oblique s no this there's no Ezra service if I said well Bible verses she says in the passage alleged on the passaggio revelation 14 age apocalypse get ozone revelation 14 I booked a live sketch awesome now if we go into this pence a tional is see on passes on pure dispersed Sassoon this angel that came so don't get vanilla the progressively didn't work its work la policía de su never over here if it arrived what does it have to have see little Eva kersky to have to be empowered it work on it wait amplification if it arrived in 14c lay Olivia forty no apocalypse Qatar where is it empowered I love Oh a chiller I'm pleased she empowered in a teeny I believe she died polka leaves this veto can you say that logic its careful where you said the people are saying doc leash on Jesus well look the empowerment for you lovely figures is revelation 18 we know we think we possum we teach news on senior it arrived here before 9/11 and I'll put that back in it who they're gonna say it's here we're just demonstrating eighteen couple copes is the empowerment salami fickas boating is the arrival get off the Salar TV therefore the Kousaka your mind don't focus please if you do it wrong fat man they're doing it wrong you make eighteen connected you with tui for me to a police baton you bring that into our line is Salam didn't you put - I hear it's whatever you gonna do that's not the issue - II look what's it do you have Drive revelation 18 here the problems are rising the problem keys to live because people are doing the mixing and a matching C Pascal II personal a match they miss reading scripture the least Melissa creature when other White's doing all of this so Ellen why sweet to sour and she's driving you to make a teen empowerment poor she's doing it enter dispensation of work I love food don't you nerve well I tell this process and we're not that's not our job it's an appendage our job is to look at our line CWD I know and look at this fine as a toy it double girl in UK Uncut committed cheaper soon as you do that that Kevin Fetzer Lao then you get into this problem because here she's using inter dispensational it's good content and look to this process and here she's not I love : no she's using two different systems two different thoughts a little ease do postage if you have them and if you don't say that you get to a mess so they've got this concept some crystal concept on it here along me see and that's how they doing that is it they certify song cue is a reverse ed confusion and we're doing all of this Manuka notices it us and we're bringing here a newly place' in our line don't know you know 1818 this is the arrival c'est la vie but in this line me directly no i think is the empowerment and voting is the arrival now all of this might seem a bit esoteric like but it has huge implications busker Busker sadly goes aplicación and as we would someone said earlier is this is the rejection of Christ celosia de Cristo and if you thought that was too strong a statement what LDF was doing he was quoting from early writings so killin a circular sitter for musically which he typifies John and Jesus Yosuke loomio cheaper show is the first and second angel commit only massage to commuters and no one's arguing about John a person fully mix your Sean the controversy is always about Jesus like on Sylvester Stu's yours Israel who is he kilo so this argument about the second angel don't said bulimic so load is emotion and you can start messing around with this it could become aussi melilla pass is a rejection of Jesus with Jesus from Nazareth or from Bethlehem Judah had to do badly and nobody seems to understand it there's some local power these are the issues that we're addressing I thought that sparks something he nailed it yes mine okay ask where the Sunday law will times like that dokie non-toxic even Anna's p.m. you ask where the Sunday law was in 2014 no time did she like legitimacy tell you I'll do me kettles and what you're saying I think the days 2014 is the empowerment is your Pascal to me can you see an amplification and I went look on timelines of history for 2014 if you look out this soul and in this flower the freedom it cut oh but what I concluded because she cuckoo and what makes sense to me it's a key some spoon why is it an inspiration we are specifically told Donuts but as soon as the most senior person particular day before the Sunday law come on what did you motion there has to be a falling away first it's like a from young I'd say 2014 a jet Academy Cato is marking the Omega apostasy Antibes Duncan emphasizes Amica which is a characteristic of the Sunday law Hado contested dilemma to demolish because there has to be a falling away first let's keep lay above for me on my necklace NC and when the Lord removes the tears from the week a college senior or leverage if there's an empowerment that takes place yeah I took enough Akatsuki on you so I don't think it's melon de la mission prospectus ill imagine Tomas I think it's the falling away which you cannot separate is apostasy la posta Zeke on the food Jesus into language et Marshmallow Man let's pray real Heavenly Father you ask and pray for a blessing and benediction Lord each of us bad before you knew so much well recognizes in the organism that these things are not easy to understand but help us not to be foolish my new an apéritif owner and to take inspiration out of context the pond is a salty royal espionage soda so context may we follow the counsel of Peter Iike new piece of silicon say the Pierre how the way would try to understand these truths I know I see the composability and put these things in their proper place the meds issues a lot of glass help us because we are weak and frail that's good news some Kylie fabula and we need the Enlightenment of the Holy Spirit in reserve one brother and a little sister Santa spring rain Jesus his name is unclear don't you