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Publish Date: 2/7/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
Language: English
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so yesterday we finished the end of paragraph one paragraph huh and we were dealing with this issue in nutrition and OJ and we went to our Bible passage you know passage you reek of annuity natasha relations that was it the egg how do we get right there yes yes we other way around ducats it second Corinthians chapter 4 verse 16 and when you will pick up from that verse one way the man is with you is one word one word we knew mr. meryln what do you we get from bring you go back to the original the original would be their old she's not sitting awesome not the new the new condition you're in what's going on you sound like a true one that you're born in is bad so you need to go back to the original said he remember go back to the beginning go back go back to the original so if you go back to the original the weights refer to here is you go and you renew to knit you a novella we okay with that then we gave an example of where another example of that we knew backwards and where was that sister Sylvia does it deal with CPR sorry I didn't know what you said say the word covenant I thought you said oh she said that I didn't so we would picked up the word covenant and we talked about the Covenant this is Hebrews 8 City Babita but he says a new heart will I give you ask you friend to the New Covenant the New Covenant a new villainous II or the new heart is ready what secrets it's really this one the original it's an it so you're going back to the old or the original and what Hebrews calls the old is actually the new dysfunctional one so we okay with that yeah and then we learn from when you take Hebrews 8 and Hebrew and Galatians 4 we learn something which we're good will go on through a second Hebrews 8 in Hebrews 9 it will be doing us when you talk about the two things what are the two things it speaks of get sunny do shoes not see dear body look peanut song sure mother Marilyn Michelle - Michelle sorry sorry sorry by calling you the wrong name that's the best excuse I've heard so and speaks about two things in Hebrews 8 Hebrews 9 you said no go to Hebrews a what the two things you trust by the sanctuary which verse did you take this - okay she took is the Hebrews 8 - and I took you to a nine one and nine and nine eleven I knowing one is the earthly 911 is the heavenly know a zero-sum saloon somewhere we work closely the logic 82 was the same verse so we saw in Hebrews 8 in bursts paid fasciae verse 10 he speaking about what okay so verse 10 he's speaking about the human being the individual we see that we don't see that who said no it will be okay what do you see in hebrews 8:10 he's good you weren't worried you son so this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I'll put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts and I will be to them a god and they should be to me of people so you're not happy that he's talking about people would you see it's about them okay but it's people it's a group of people these people yes so I'm not a just one person but I'm saying it's about people yeah but when you get to verse 13 now why is he switched - sure does the making Jerusalem here Hebrews eight and 90s - doing sanctuary the church or the sanctuary system worship is that in verse verse 1 Hebrews 9 what he does he takes the old covenant which he called very awesome and he talks about an individual experience and now he talks about a corporate movement because is the Oasis the Old Covenant is connected with the worldly sanctuary he's got two models and he's overlaid them if you don't see that it becomes complicated to understand why he's talking that we went to Galatians 4 and we see the same thing there go to Galatians 4 I don't get it guess we the verse this speaks about the individual what we laughing for I know it's true but I'm going to separate you two we're gonna free in the back of the room because in trouble for my class Galatians chapter 4 okay so we saw in Hebrews you see an individual churches or the same thing in Galatians show me the verse you can clearly pick up about the individual walk with a founder individual why do you dread thank you for tell me the way you pick it up that this is an individual coming out words or symbols where you say about individual one else thinks about it talk about flesh and promise and that gives you a clue it's about an individual and then where do we get the corporate experience it's beyond scope or achievement at home so we can go to verse 26 and also go to verse 25 25 is the easy one to see and what we've picked it up from verse 25 sister Sophie I think he's culprit for verse 25 sister frankly to cities 25 or 26 you see two cities verse 25 for this a goes without Sinai in Arabia and answereth what is answer with me said I guess Ramona you're now a beautiful Sevilla Kokiri Puma corresponds interests oh you a casus Natasha oh he's not okay okay so it's Jerusalem which now is Hume at night and he's in bondage with her children Yanukovych X is awful okay so who said this was corporate GOG city cooperative is the session I think I asked you yeah who the children he's awful verse 25 who's the children no no you tell me I mean both 25 tell me who don't kill the 9 verse 25 you've got that you've got English or French thing I see your Bible in French okay so in English it says who which is Jerusalem which is that which now is and he's in bondage with her children okay so you made an application so the children are the people who live in Jerusalem so but the main point of 25 is closing about Jerusalem the city in the city is a symbol of the whole nation the whole nation and the paper the role in bondage but the Jerusalem that which is above is free not in bondage and evil upon his club version who was to say I was to try with verse 27 do you see universe Evon setts most have a go and telling us what that means main thank you for volunteering 27 we haven't done this before in our class to say go converse and explain man barren sober man is the one who nurtured Vanek's mean because she's a she's Belgium she's a virgin she's the one with in the joy of because that's me if she's virgin she's not fornicate with she's virgin because joy and she's not she's faithful to each other on the fornication I give my explanation after telling you is that and it's a contrast with the Warner the one who have a lot of children okay she has a lot of children because the may be shy and good only one has been because under the okay so it's good only one I spend more than one husband yeah a lot of June yeah not secure more than one husband my because it's a comparison between Z over 1 1 okay you want more than one husband halli husband's got one husband which he never slept with in - announcer carry on that's all no application that you said which was number one and number two this one's got more children than this one yes which is the Virgin is your oh yeah oh in the future she won't be merging that's why I'm saying ya know be funny Vinnie anyone else Bunica you can ask me questions she's not virginity for men you that you're wrong it's you're in a repaint you great you still okay okay excuse me anything more this is a question mark my only I doubt you will take something we don't cut X down got it convinced it Galatians you're just weak it's one thing we see Schuester Univerity is a second category Pony so it's a repetition of Isaiah 54 so it's okay cities Isaiah for exact something I agree I can ask you questions like that you're great with sister your minds yes this is a virgin okay anyone else don't have a go I can't see the prophetic visions as they say we want to tell you this but I'm a great resolution see that you can't see what they say but they wronged me too buddy I am agree when she see that how do you see that you you are Joanie if you are not married you don't wanna stay in Galatians yes we can okay so let's get this clear then what did you say here more than one last time did I hey go have more than one husband said thats not correct mm-hmm this one it's not okay I need some same husband yeah okay and with several before she had the song not merging so you great that she's not merging Spanish but this you feel optical zoom okay well okay not a virgin one has will not more hot more than one husband she I'm not the children yes sister ELISA who the children heard the children see the mob they didn't hear you so this is Israel the lots of children of Israel three with that sister Muriel who's gonna have more children do you up Rodolfo Sara they always going to have more children if Natasha who would the children are kids gonna have good morning children which ones what about what the - okay even the children have got he says well she may disapprove applicator children are not Israel are they Ishmael is not Israel but you put Israel here humility application so who are the children here and the church so children new church is any pop 500 office has its more gimmicky bubble packages are you guys may be volatile who are these children these more children I'm reading it I think I'm reading it just slightly different okay are you gonna tell you read it then maybe reading it wrong I'm probably I'm probably wrong but it says more the children of the desolate than the children of the marriage Wyatt you think both of these would easily don't focus City on happy and where are we saying that Hagar is having more children than Sarah if are we saying it the other way around anymore because I read the married wife is Hagar I mean sorry is Sarah are you all the way around I just whoever's name is having more children up there you tell me whose desolate guess yeah Bruce Domino City kid diesel illa I don't know what desolate just means barren or because then it would be Sarah or desolate means like a lake not the right one which would be chaos some of them have a look des alone maybe we just assumed it someone's got their computers up I mean okay we don't even need that I just read it guys where is Richard rejoice baron who's Barry Sarah break forth and cry thou that travail is not what surveiling yeah hi Sarah good with that because that's the desk that had many more children she which had a husband so in Isaiah in Isaiah 54 one is easy I could get up it says Mary Mary why did you from mummys so we need to go to Isaiah or maybe read it or rock I'm assuming places the Shimane 54 verse 1 I see that the that the one with husband or the married wife well kisuke urahara is Sarah because Hagar is a concubine single barren I guess now that this did not bear break forth into singing cry aloud vow that this not travail with child for more other children of the children of the Lord I'm seeing it any card gonna rejoice because Hagar has got more kids than her for me I would answer that I think with verse three and I said 50 40 let's have it yes that she's gonna inherit so the destined that cities are the desolate cities Jupiter scooter Ghana back say it seems like dancer constellations they're so busy second semester they said she's gonna get the cities and she's gonna get the Gentiles so let's go through the verse again name Sarah is the desolate one she's the one that's gonna have joy take that out I will take that out so she's barren and Hagar yeah we've seen it she hasn't got lots of children right I'm saying I'm saying that I'm saying that Hagar is the desolate one should you go I guess okay hey guys today I won and she has lots of children I go to these really looks like a liquid offer you've got a barren woman with a family and you've got a desolate woman and this is Sarah this is hi John so I said if I'm still alive I'm delicious yeah yeah who's gonna rejoice she rejoices why she rejoicing the weights obstructed it says because the desolate hath more children she became a husband she's got the husband she's got more children and she has to walk to rejoice because of it down whole reason I'm saying this case should you sit up it's because in Isaiah 54 1 suppose good noisy they both get up instead of saying husband weird the job Bobby it says the married wife Maggie and in my mind Hagar is so we can't ascertain why he's rejoicing today's show is reached but maybe we came from ways there it gives you an answer 5 verse 3 no I say you said none of it anything post about know yet so guess it 1 in verse 1 & 2 that's Danny dude it gives what it tells her what she's doing so let me tease so don't kill you just keep it and then in verse 3 no Scoob exit wha it says for can you decal him and for me for is because people want Jesse bus it good and then it says she's going to break for it yeah play by so little and then they're gonna receive the jet inherit the force of our own unique Thursday Johnson's so the reason she's gonna rejoice they're gonna take possession position on these children possession so if I see some hockey tools and Sarah Sarah is happy cut oh my god is that you swats obviously can see that's a guillotine if we see ideas 60 verse 15 is no way says Isaiah 60 verse he can that right there Isaiah 44 verse 6 and I there 60 verse 15 and we just did Isaiah 54 first one in Galatians 4 which one we never could you don't get love first obviously things I went through Dean I will make the teacher no accidents no many generation so she says that the one who is rejoicing is the one who's forsaken that's why I guess so so what you saying here did you see it towards it's the one who's forsaken that is happy who's the one that's worse I can see the barrel on the desolate CDC and it about the way I see this what a gal whereas husband for second hated that no man went through deep that's Hagar were you saying over here by the militia what you hand up voice what to a few sites something lad a minute I got Telus because you live in Midian differences I say what she saying is what we know she says that desolate not until Canada Julie subtle discouraged easily see see simcha this is no Jam huh she said key was so some say that's because that is really key towards the one who so some are saying that the ones the one who rejoices is Sarah but here it says it's Hagar in verse 15 who is this forsaken person you're saying it's hey guys do you think it's Hagar correct and you're saying you Saint Sarah the one who's forsaken is Sarah verse six fourteen whose voice fourteen 6014 heard the sons well it's from down line from zero in verse 60 14 so song does it get off this is but I see this man so the sons of the children of Ishmael or the Gentiles and what they're gonna do they inflicted them and now they're gonna bow after Shiva's bow to thee who's the Dina they're gonna bounce the children can we see that in the not part of the verse and they shall call thee the city of the Lord designer design of the Holy One of Israel so you've got these people who have persecute who had persecuted God's people that are they're gonna bow to them and then 15 it says we're eyes what is where as main change she's a something instead of instead of every okay we didn't set off that means instead of will go if you kill we can go with that so instead of being forsaken and Haiti I will make thee an excellency a joy of many generations so he's that talking about the sons or talking about Zion because in the first 16 he says thou shall suck the milk of Gentile what does it mean if you stop the milk of Gentile sister and see with the mean if you suck milk from someone so strangers are gonna feed us good or bad look again have a look again he's gonna disagree with you he might be wrong he could be wrong so I said have a look again he say he saying is positive you'll say it's negative go back to verse 15 the last part I think he says I will make Israel good joy of many generations or all the people so everyone's happy because in Israel and then what will they do to Israel verse sixteen what are they doing to Israel no other way around because Israel the ones is drinking not the one is fading so everyone's happy so I think this is teaching that before the the world persecuted us what people then they're gonna bow down to them about that of God's people and before God's people were forsaken when were they forsaken quite tell us because people don't work with forsaken are persecuted in the 1260 yeah and no man went through us but after the 1260 then we're going to be made an eternal excellency and all the generations all the feeds are going to be happy because of us and then they will feed us is that K sister Manuela okay some new summarize yeah like oh we didn't he say he knew we'd enough for the Jew situations people it depends what they feeding them let me on I'll ask a question you live in Egypt and you're gonna leave tomorrow and you don't have any money because you're in a wrong situation a bad situation okay we have a situation you're born in it wasn't your fault you didn't it was your dad's fault now you leave on a long journey you don't have any money so what you gonna do which others that's what that's the situate your energy and your back to go on the long journey you leaving don't have any money where you gonna get the money from for meeting good or bad God told him to get from them God says rob them you didn't he payback time oh the back wages that's an example wait when the world fades you it's positive I think that's what he's talking about payback time is 49 what about 44 we don't care if you don't understand I'm afraid what are you understand everything okay I don't understand Galatians but I understand Isaiah Isaiah 60 is talking about the Gentiles we made you barren are going to change their mind and bow down to you and when they bow down to you they're gonna give you all of their well so I think that say the one who was barren is gonna rejoice thing right that is how you saying that does that's how verse 60 chapter 16 I think it was and now after why we go into the digital age census and they were saying that these were pros texture showed what's happening here would you do you understand did you understand explanation is not she's not rejoicing cuz she's gonna have lots of children she's got lots of children she's rejoicing because all these children I presume are gonna take care of her that's what I think Isaiah 60 means but without 54 we reading about within six they give me so Isaiah it's not talking by AJ Babylon 6070 years when is the wedding because people Baron in the 70s they said they would be destroyed persecuted I say 60 verse 14 the ones that afflicted they so we're going to 849 way just poutine and 21 to 20 and I can make a silly little loser Isaiah 44 each predict a kid a Kevin gets no 54 no guess I can't get okay the first one say protein C very ghettos it takes talk about Zion Zion because if I was shown and I can make a similar to be Sarah okay and after yeah she say in the state in the first nicely no place for children 1920 and when we arrived to the verse 21 in his world who give me these children because I had no children the sketchy can happen often but now I've got a lot of children we may know she book would offer and the text this takes talk about the Zion which for me and when we say we continue to read all the words I can see the similitude with the verse is I and this take don't talk about saga you taste apart by that gap for me because I am this is not hard on Josie by gap summarize what you say this is Sarah verse 40 and then you get to verse 20 19 and 20 for their waste and a desolate places in the land of die destruction shall even be to narrow by reason of the inhabitants and they that swallowed the up shall be far away the children which thou shalt have after thou hast lost the other shall say again in 9 is the place is too straight for me give place to me that I made well then child now saying thy heart who has begotten me the scene I got seen I have lost my children and then desolate that captive and we moving to and fro and who s brought up these behold I am left alone these which had these with both Tyler I don't know I don't know she's saying this is which one hagar sara know she like an egg a visa I see I don't see a guarantee states because you do a bad chemistry takes form in six days it is talking about Zion Hamas it expanded soon and Zion this is for me Sarah it's too much is because she was about and after she was bombed Bondi basket Yanukovych I know and after she got a lot of children and she asked him ask but well do class does come from do come from all the children because she was barren we don't know the text other in the text Donna text about TGV sea captains of a totally to the text of warfare compiled effective model saga from verse fourteen onward then we can see that we it is indeed talking of Sarah or vocally still he leaked and a paddle phone we can see that she's barren doesn't have any children no no they say that led a true diva on Tonka Kimber Liza or 15 and verse 21 says then thou shalt say in thine heart who have become a very vivid on phone she testing he cheated apart a bit ridiculous at eleven jitter st search let's see who attacked it they are sweet or vocal eternal redundant some phone so then she's folks verse 21 it says then we see that God hears her children what could be a vendor event what Julie dulled a wrongful gives her children Emma proof over acid and wha-la Masuda new Ritu on a federal the new heaver the notion of there was servo the new DC illa process the newest King shall be done nursing fathers and there and I nursing mothers he's the poster know who to vote while I first met with them they shall bow down to thee with her face towards here nope okay let's see if we can monster huh it's really Sarah laughs Tom kiss okay Joey Mustafa is really Sarah may answer as we mature rejoices Pascal oh ha Liz on phone dagger because you will have little intimate relation to the word the Gentiles should come poking Sam that's how I understand it I think that's how I understand it I know you're saying this is problem 254 I think I agree with that as well so she did so see all the time yeah I agree too especially once you I think she read it verse 23 what can I do with 23 is the same as 60 there's anything Kings will be your foster fathers and Queen to be your nursing mothers which is the same as 66 thing I think can't go feed you agree 59 60 please before all saying the same thing the controller quit the job opens up a gap a gap is a product that you receive your captivity can you listen every car represents those people because they are captivity we can listen I hate gorup isn't God's people when they are in captivity okay let's create the oxidation state to be a baby and then circulation circulation so what site summarize landscape if somebody we can see that Hagar represents the Covenant was made in Sinai it represents us people when they're in captivity so you know about you agree with all of that what's that this is he can't really see probably Baron salaries Baron Hagar some house did you like yeah yes what did he see it easily you got will you green bits do Dexter Haggar east excellent I carry this error is barren you thought with your green to do that go except it's good I don't when we say that Hagar represents those people in caps it when you capture that's a reduce it to reverb dude you must control different do you see that's amazing Oh God's people yes cuz it's not what we do oh god you look like DOJ's cuz I'm busy now see what do you see cuz people we take the whole you mean no it's absolutely cozy degrees to your father is a poor Monica some time to come did you see that did you nothing together cat that's the manifestation M don't leave us in Acrobat message is the most so when I get to okay Jerusalem from my body's free so she's the one her book coming from a boxer she's coming out of captivity good again captain captivity so how can we show that Hagar one she's in captivity what we thought these are fun be solid you sure presents the he represents gonna because the baby a children she doesn't he represents his disobedient okay no sorry did you miss most of it or be sober to do one of you guys people okay cause opinion or hey God will call me because Jerusalem because people did you let me I should have a question is ladies here God's people okay everybody okay everyone's reasonably okay I wanted to go through a verse because it was contextually part of what we studied to see how we would analyze a verse of a simple work of my school nearly chuji them in our context yeah back to our passage fourteen point to the truth he could be proclaimed in all places the human agents had to be co-laborers with Christ building up a wall of security about the children and cutting off as far as possible the strong current of evil parents who are thoroughly converted will seek the salvation of their children training them to be sons and daughters of God in doing this work in wisdom their co-laborers with God responsibility of parents is great and one father and mother converted make Satan tremble but he sees he will lose their children from under his control the children of Christian parents are placed in their arms with a divine command take these children and train them for me give these youth special attention and surround them with hallowed influences teach the father and mother as well as the children to let no harsh words proceed from their lips but let the precious lessons of Jesus of Jesus's love be given from babyhood to childhood and from childhood to youth the influence of Christian example will surround them like a holy atmosphere the words that fall from the lips the ear the ear hears and the heart receives for good or for evil parents have a solemn responsibility assign responsible work for wise management from the earliest years from the from the earliest years forms the framework for the child's character so it's this paragraph he's talking about essentially child management is a little bit of a continuation before this the truth is to be proclaimed in all places and human agents had to be co-laborers with Christ what is a Cola bruh someone who works with you what other imagery have we got for co-laborers three servant so if I was they fewer this if you were the master and I was a servant we'd be doing all the work Keifer I told Hawaii who'd be giving you the oldest right you're given the oldest I'll do all the work so we really want to be co-laborers they partner associate three a wife and husband I was looking for examples not definition so wife and husband would be these co-laborers any other one that we can't be bossy agriculture to yoke whenever yo case what's the purpose of the yoke more detail is it's that the work is being done both working together it doesn't really mean that they're both doing equal amount but it means they're working together brought together and bond it together when we think of a yoke is some instrument to bind two animals together so let's come up while you do then you more samba do better they are bearing the weight together yes so we've got husband of Y and we've got the yoke at least two symbols their whole labor is another one I know that we got from gospel workers one word I'm thinking of where do you think you tell me I just think about human and divine human led by how neighbors calibrate this anybody's got word I was thinking ambassador so we're ambassadors which means we have the same we represent whoever our marker is the King Cole neighbors with him so the human agents had to be co-laborers when we've got human and divine husband why yokes sure and ambassadors and what is our job to build up a water security about the children I'm not a security to this offer and the reason for that if they prevent supervision the strong current of evil so what is a current of evil wait wait it's a current of evil good scuse you a quandary man taking a direction that you don't want to go visit by everybody that's Tyler its water I fill it with water so if it's water then what is this wall say stopping it and what's that what what do we called that wall that stops water this is a damn yeah you've got a dam or a dyke that's stopping this water flowing and who is this that's doing all of this you keep it up the parents are doing it so what is this wall that stops the water of evil or the flood these others are happen it is it - Sookie - Lulu Lulu did you - no - massive Google services bus what would this wall of security babe hilarious security true true all the rules over laws that we had do they really believe we did what good news that one so these laws or rules that you surround your children with they stop the flood coming to sweet your children away keeper it was awful parents were thoroughly converted with seeking salvation of their children training to be sons and daughters of God what's that saying so did you say someone said something to be done on the part of the parents to be done on the parents part they have to do something what do they have to do Betsy so what you should retain they should already be converted you say put the package you assumes that they're already converted and the world will they do so how can this parent train or educate the child goes to bed you kill for me not fun they have to be trained to search check seek what's the truth in the scriptures when you talk about education why are we not supposed to send our children to to to bad schools why werster what's the problem which one anyone else because of the education they will receive okay so let me ask you a question if I taught your children this is this Greek education did you guess from the neck up yeah that's Greek education why is that Greek for chemistry degree white chemistry grateful do you see me sick like yo let me ask a quick it's not great let's let's just case did the Jews did they not have to make soap yeah they need some chemistry for that didn't get it from the Greeks so it so is this Greek but when we when this talk about education that's not what they're talking about that's it not senior move that's teaching you send your children can be taught well supposing you the way they teach okay so they make you memorize things okay those times to copy me that will you mean they're bad technique we had good technique two times two is four more times rate is that bad when you say copy it memorize it what we're saying is bad about this education right we're all talking some I've given you hard examples you're just saying some theory or concepts that may one thing that's bad cartesian mind you don't like cartesian geometry now three so with solomon constructed the temp we didn't have to prove it was all going to work that's easy in trigonometry okay so we're gonna two argument now tell me one thing this one with this education he don't send you to into school do you ski okay first of all you said it's the academics now you're saying it's not no okay why is it a great mind ace let me take you to a bible verse prove all things hold fast that which is true my only saying no way that's a lie you write to school and they taught you two plus two is four how do you know let me do this thing everybody knows pythagoras theorem and how do you know it's correct no you did rote memorization you trust them by faith because until you get to a degree level they don't prove the theorem they never proved the theorem behind that okay so now we're going back to what we say a prayer meeting when you educate someone what do you end up doing well had your hand up at the back would you end up doing when you educate someone did you say it influences the right but with much more than just influence what do you do so the toiler kind of you get your mind Chipotle speak and he gets stamped onto their mind don't know SP and you cannot avoid it this is what we read the prayer meetings the problem is both parents what mine did they got okay they've got the great mind see the points equally parolees so when you're home school your children no school economies always on this is that benefit so company visa because you're just treating them into the Greek mindset a spring and so this is why she says the parents need to be thoroughly converted the problem is whoever the teacher is they will imprint their mind upon their students whether it's in this class or that class NASA wants a class down the road that you kind of avoid that the friendly system annual knowledge that faciam friends yeah yeah she just just repeating what she was saying okay see record no loss anymore loss on you my did you get your song off Wow Melanie bali-ba home it stood at the teaching and education are often are not given correctly by parents me is your pony magic a time you tableau I take the image you put on the board a patella power hampi that new path on who somebody voodoo me you open a foie no tsuita no news acceptance and a votre grandest by Oh we by faith nature so we are in level two but then by faith we jump to condition three Anoka nestea to turn around well the teacher even rest Luna voodoo stays a condition to look maybe see also demon see on a primal road about how we say even though we the beginning good whisky for the tuam wap of a misogynist at that good short this is a bit you don't we push off in the marina bitching and I beat you though because you change your habits is three months in a beach in a b2b Slovenia okay next up is the veneer grandmother maybe two dollar sale new savoy new fiance another popular offer in viajar we match the Gianni children's course they will see God Karina's because so does la also d MEMC owner Malcolm OC OC courage often you have to move Doxey not said video curd or silicone on Amazon I agree with all that principle but you like you if you have a child once you can start them for life unless you're thoroughly convert you you shouldn't even get married having children like you say motive has done all this backwards this is why children in such bad condition I'm not trying to take hope away from anybody Brandis we met passing as it's written thoroughly converted people not only desire to bring salvation to their children training them to be sons and daughters of God unless you're converted you can't do that parents in the plural and the reason they can't do that because you can't give two children something that you don't already have and you could you will imprint upon them exactly what you are they become copies of you schools any MSU executive whose brother Bob last comment in the close example of water numbers in his parents who were thoroughly converted even when they teach basic principles they're going to be throughout talking about that the water is compounded the elements that God made and how he did these things it's always gonna be under auspices of God is it evil could you ever see who said Garcia this could you and the same thing with the numbers come on ain't a great number things that God made for us to learn one question our children who controls them blankets John good answer parents should burn off all the responsibilities of parents is great one father and mother converted make Satan tremble he says he will lose their children from under his control who controls our children Satan our children in control of vices and he's only thoroughly converted parents husbands and wives that can ever hope to take our children those children away from Satan problems is one spouse or the other spouse the children remain under his control let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you you have to come pray for a blessing please guide this shield us and strengthen us we might honor you doing verify your name Jesus his name we pray especially Lord for our children Jesus name on me