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I'm hoping now that each of you wish I can deliver have had a chance to read through chapter 38 in chapter 39 in the great controversy really shabby 22 enough that I can't concur versa and that you have a working understanding now of those chapters because every met nine Cooney saucer decision I'm assuming we all know or have a basic understanding of a reformed line supreme canoe Cervantes in conclusion basic Delinda reform now I've discussed many times in the past down the passage discreetly I meant CAPRISA when we're dealing with a reformed line Oscar new apparel indeed in Delhi reform we can approach it using three different themes or models Laborde on a vacate what time do you feel wrong with one mode LG Farrow I think we all know what they are I love seeking consistency model construction construction agriculture agriculture and marriage even among us and if you can remember those concepts it's the approval of a holistic concept they really help to keep you on the keep your thinking straight when you're studying the inspiration yes the approval souvenir the city a conceptual level brahmadev waffle posea collect Los Cabos et de las casas to do what you want to try to avoid doing is mixing them it's O'Keefe repeatedly fair deficit elimination when you do any particular study comfort you need to talk to kill him and the other thing is you see in agreement with first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 46 on that garvik unka coherent gas currencies and not only that Bible passage you know so most of everybody come but the general principle of parable teaching you have to allow the parable to do its work and many people are not willing to do that because Vaska they see where the explanation or the parable is going to take them let's go l voila Coolibar Balu let's because silver lasagna and because they don't like the outcome if asking them below little town they reject the fundamental teaching what parable teaches Scipio sanggojae don't kill us anymore for the motel OC nipple a parabola I've spoken much this week she Polly buku assets ameno about application dual application how different profits come on different profit take existing inspiration and apply it differently planar did the patient's PDL apri defero mo so one of the passages is that's causing us a lot of problems L and a passage Ginoza Denis beaucoup the problem Matthew chapter 13 signatures Shapiro trial wait in the taste live rail Abuja where people do so can foolish Jean is they refused to study through the parable to kill Javier - dong Super Sunday to jail a palpable in fact everybody that I've come across he rejects what I teach on that subject infant completely personal vehicle Agito contact akiho jet nuance anymore the consent summer to trace what they do so careful is they break all of William meadows rule L cause guys to clear a little reg leader William Miller and they refused to read the words on the page al-hafiz the really Mookie soon and Chris your puppy and what they'd rather do oh you oh you they go straight to the spirit of prophecy Soquel fondant a projector modernist we proficiently read her application of that parable it ELISA don't lie because enduring Watson operable they asked you to address her perspective a Buddha mondo Addabbo dealer point of view you have to decide a Buddhist CD is that the way to approach this inspirations this is a said fesyuk info about daily to the lesbian soon because if you did that every single time but simple Fetzer logic flow I contend we wouldn't even have a message sure Bosco not remember to me son she refused to allow the Bible to speak for itself Sifu love Susie Allah Allah be reduce esprima Hyneman and then a yellow drawing other passages of inspiration yon sweet danke she want or did pastor students pursue so the point I'm trying to make on this issue don't clip prankish is because she said the Cellini is the agricultural model C kill'uh model dual agriculture who caused us cause some people a lot of problems heejun ever plant a problem to a certain person because they refused to allow the parable but scale refused the permit and a parabola to be applied in the way that it was designed to iook applicator laughs as soon where Kelly cut it the reason why I'm bringing this up yeah it's simpler Adri solo because if we're gonna be studying chapter 38 and 39 that's casino food to Jewish a big country to taught nerves I can't control them we can't construct a reform line from these chapters noona proven pecans firmly Linda reform I participate within you know I don't you could even do in a week's worth of class you shouldn't post member calm peaceful sound on in class Dean Simon so I have to assume some things don't you do I don't assume in a substantial and gave brief overviews a certain things duniya of please recap the certain shoes so one of the points I want to still remember don't care deeply democracy America new new super new is that if a theme is talking about agriculture see item a present in agriculture you have to think with an agricultural mine okay sumo mala in football see a common ethical term as you make a spiritual application lawfully don't discipline spiritually don't do that it's even effect pass allow the model gets destroyed the Moodle so I don't do so if we do a reform line Doxey new of a sonnet Linda a firm with the time at the end but until I found and I put 911 submit doctor 911 empowerment of the message non-political Santa massager what I wanted to say tsukushi my conversion is that this reform line can be broken down into various stages in various portions she cursor cleaned out a phone booth terribly fragmented on please uh party that I'll take that out dr. Oliver Lou on septum if you go to Isaiah chapter 10 verse 12 CDs do zone so so to yourselves in righteousness reap in mercy break up your fallow ground for this time to seek the Lord till he come and reign righteousness upon you so me performance alone and watch your mouth my son is alone a misery code if cliche but whatever a shared calendar Vasilisa now miss kazursky VN f as well as is discipline I presented they study enough times that we're not going to go into it in detail don't cuz she disagrees aunty a piece of us at it you don't report on the tire well maybe we can just work through this together me on vow or travail ensemble Oh what is it trying to seek the Lord contest kalila movement Oh chef Sheila senior Manuela Manu long time at the end so we'll support see LA on do you me or she and this is the time illa Salutin this is the valley of decision La Jolla volatilities Joe chapter three you need to make a decision on what you're gonna do Joelle claw a life of ever indecision Condon decision so so easily fail so it's time to think the Lord elite entourage of Sheila's senior because you're in this valley of decision have a little a decision where would we go through this valley I pray we're even Joe Sewell chapter three sure L tois where else your sweet oh thank you Syke 37 is the killer consider you probably haven't had a chance to study it but it was ever even socially to do but what's the name of this valley Micaela don't notice it value the name is patty is Topher see to feta or Hinnom how do we know that come on the cell phone you told us yesterday told you yesterday little bit more of a better either than that in the translate because based upon what happened before what happened before it was the spiritual day free wearing the wilderness the father's killed us don't curly peasantry they burnt their children he's on truly in the Valley of Hinnom is little Julianna religion they beat the drums of TOFA to drown the cries out it's not dr. Weir utamu huh now I only touch that yesterday but if you took the time to study this out there's a lot of light in this and if you're not going to keep up and we're going to push ahead so there's so much light in this ya beaucoup de Lumiere don't solo and they only touched it usually simple in my body but what I wanted to say mr. Kosan revoir is that the models that we've developed circular Moodle develop e about a valley associate in Valley dry bones these malicious aggressive desolation laddies a la super aggressiveness into the father leave BCD pair huh all of them can be confirmed to xalapa that confirm me just in this one study about Topher and hidden oh don't say it should last your to fit in them so bad word versus yes there's a number of Bible verses online yeah do woven so we'll sit Easter time to seek the Lord Allah tanto shall she listen where do you break up the fallow ground in this period here don't sit Bo yodeler so we'll say you break up don't load if Alicia father ground is walk on chef su Kwong sorry hard to do but what let's treat let's keep the parable as it's written cuz its agriculture what is fallow ground probably it's line the field that's been left to do what it wants dong-soo time inter Katie Alesia Allah Bunton and we live in a fallen world and you know if you leave a field fallow and don't touch it thorns and weeds will grow its if you are new to shape until harvest Africa discipline of in this history then expel out if she don't set is to Allah Allah and hey you need to break out a lie a new fuller dismissal at what this breakup mean don't savage awkward if Russia plow means the plow so July beauty so you need to plow the field and we all know when you power fails and you servile to school Oscar new level wanted not just today but throughout history you know so emotional Jimmy bond on to too strong you do this line upon line will affect lean Selenia so you plow these furrows don't give rule a booyah and when you plow the furrows it looks guilty how you do what to the thorns and the weeds the Fed fools Shirley Lee movies every day get buried it's already Twitter they get cut and Sumerian Tyrion and these stones a sea as if in according to Jeremiah chapter 4 verse 3 so long Jeremy Quechua verse 4 the thorns are a symbol of the sin that's in your heart don't leap insult and sampled appreciative don't bootlicker so the same problem is dealt with here don't clip problem do Sheila now what is the same problem Kelly dunks a problem depreciate it cannot be moral sin so now put that depletion move you can make an application that it would be moral thing if we prefer in a pickle suck it Sergey depreciable but it's and people say this is not even a concept it is not discuss a new member concept we use the phrase prophetic sin no more Lakeisha profit all the sins of your father the only pieces of apparel now if people are not comfortable with that phraseology you see this on some pilots I accept a solution we have enough truth to show you that the concept is correct and services I'm on the platform on three legs attitude to consider so the field is broken up don't look at her eyelid if you see and it's prepared early don't clip a deal where do you so you are summe room afterwards ok so we're gonna show here don't convert some Mila and it says so in what you did a semi on Quora sness Allah sisters so I put righteousness here don't you miss this down and when you start in righteousness what else is gonna happen kiss give especially dude huh that's part of the verse now Daniel party do you say you know what else is going to happen when you sow in righteousness gonna rain if I prove waha gonna rain righteousness that people and allows justice so you have righteously the righteous reign opens every DISA muscles used to increase just now here's this rain that's coming but I said wicked this song and the rain is righteous as well elaborate we go my sister so if we started making putting other lines of thought here it's you newest episode you know first thing we should understand is that whatever is going on here there's righteousness being exhibited here don't curse well so kissable unless you a monthly and there are many people are now rising up and saying the cannot be righteousness here Yankee slave or disarmed at knocking the biologist is love but we all know that's the plan that's been sewn till applaud Katie he's perfect from the beginning to the end and what people confuse is the difference between perfection Sheila Jaffe Ursula perfection and what equal think agriculture maturity perfect you the maturity are not the same thing la peer effects rely maturities and if I remember now so the reason why people come become confused on this is because I love white will refer make a statement about Miller right history and you talk about the second angel she said stomach along these lines the perfect fulfillment is yet future complete small future and then if it's perfect in the future is see don't accomplish my profit on future what do we end up thinking don't own fini posse crowd so at the beginning it's not perfect yes so it's perfect in the future and then we infer very imperfect can that be correct it can't be the classic understanding of what perfection means that's good see also become classics in the agricultural model will guide you on this on this issue model agriculture agriculture of a few days of supply one is the word perfection mean in this context also context Allah Cassini feel a perfect soon entire plane full finis fulfilment I don't I do not agree that it's a fact the fulfillment no I don't think it means that shouldn't prospectus a video Salaam brother Bob negra cultural model it's growing it's growing the way God wants it to grow solo mode what does this mean - I eat Gandhi's alone so could you guess Casa La Silla free pop the cafe catchy right complete and plate blessing with your next thing agriculture it means maturity maturity that's all that's being addressed it is so key please when she uses the word perfection I'll tell you today's learn more a perfect suit in this framework I'll say to God it means maturity maturity the prophecy itself the profession in men thinking in this context just the Pascal when is it fulfilled completely just here when is it she said fulfilled he's here that's what she said Georgie curve be smart alone you say that's how it got translated back they say that all yeah you sure you didn't say that okay so where he hit the field go test can see a complete I'll give you clothes it's not here so new Pernell and you've only got to weigh marks just step out in faith because you've already got two options and I've told you one of them is good when you understand the implication I know it's good to probably pity I asked what perfection meant is your del monte cassino share / fix you said it meant for Phil did you go savage in her company off a film and I said it does it accomplish my my should you not suppose I said it means maturity jijiksa with your Matt Matt um so maybe it got translated yeah maybe it's okay fullness not fulfilment don't yeah fullness okay when is that when is it fulfilled I love Curtis to see a complete shock you tap that's the beginning at the beginning or chrome it has to be at the beginning so doctor took a much more this concept is now under attack it's a consignment no it's a turkey isn't it nice well what's the attack that people are making now okay school early Jean geez Matt no somewhat typology remember we discussed this about the topology you have people on on apparently if I say this was made no I see surgical system in me and I said this was 911 it's such a Dixie 911 what you saying brother Nathan do not talk very table completes my don't you to and when they say the true or the perfect fulfillment it kinda school of irritable a complete small they've destroyed one of the fundamental tenants of this message he did tweezer don't also the motel do some research and what is that it can be a little sister ELISA ELISA and it strikes the end from the beginning Julie slap a lucuma small but by running a single reform line me no end from the beginning Mila only dancing Linder reform unique Sandeep elephant Alchemist mo now type there's no type an anti-type leukemia but the righteous is they take each way to totally Belize to Chile ponzu sister but we have to understand everything my new food to come plant is being progressive so to to progress and if you forget that it was oubli islam you don't have a message but nobody massage because inspiration but still experience almost exclusively always takes you to the end but school SPI soon isn't your cousin want to do enough oh and what our job is to try and understand the beginning consistent for newcomers brought me some solar publicity if we think about the construction of the building containing the destruction of the building like this looks and anemia that doesn't happen in a day so learn to postpone injury happens progressively so an example would be like some people teach it's not just the church rampant is here could you see on for too long because it's been lifted up as an inside it's girly is becoming a senior and I'm saying it's been 46 years in construction yeah LFL occurrences on Turkish can't just come here simple but we've also point out say look he just got raised up suddenly it just give an acid in my see you PC because what you're now rejecting is that the foundations that have been laid securely fun more to your at the foundation of the church triumphant it least one monster League least Leon front and then people argue it because they'll give a spare plastic while asking the dundies what is their argument Kelly don't clog you mom throaty the glory in for Paula Guam Isle of Wight says all Esslinger Illinois yeah Alan White says Illinois gee that the church militant filigrees militant is defined as war it is finicum crumb weight and taste looking kind of formal living a long life we're not the triumphant Church with militant don't go learn you know some Pella Christian me militant so here I am we are the vasila Newsom now and we're saying what I knew nothing do my Marcus the church triumphant he's back here today Gleason forty long and what we got in our mixed it Kevin O'Donnell media today sent a sousaphone to leave Larry bunker so people are saying don't please your Jesus you're trying to make the line - it's a circular override a plain statement of inspiration valeted don't indict like i so clever lesbian i soon and how would you answer that become more lip on Dave we're so brother Bob brother Tyler Emanuela when as Ecology's when that Dickie the answer or the Tyler okay logical Oh DCFS Uncle Tom Pohang some complain pushes so that's all and you know okay so you go ahead and hang that for us where you gonna put that I love when I feel it back here don't give a metal closed-shell time don't laugh now okay so if that's the church will attend don't see sicily Glee's militant then the church triumphant don't click this tree on front would be defined as war - econ crowd come here for more so so can you use that definition here it's good to purchase this a definition our second one triumphant Church is just wait don't let the same system and 911 on septum be sure to steal chickens okay it's too bad you Ella Manila well I understand so when God speaks things up and right now and there is no progression vocal damaji so each time someone is acting and even some there is a beginning and is a recipient so the militant church and I did so there was a it hasn't stopped he's just got wheat and tares and until the end until the end she will have in a mr. Wheaton terms church militant with is miracle we okay was me a triumphant Church Committee progressive eagle wrong because she's progressive also afraid she will start with the tares and wheat but at the end only with will meet women so this idea of progression society did the progressivity to be sell the church militant city colleges really talk will always have way in taste I got to show it live ready bunker yeah she start with both and she ended with only tears oh yeah oh yeah and triumphant start with both and indeed with with it everybody understand what she said as cassava completes ecology if I if I do it this way militant has weight and taste doc militant Allah is labeled her and as this church goes down it comes such as eglise or dick Lena he's got weight and tansy all I only had tears at the egg I love fellow hiker delivery and the church triumphant is to your phone has weight and taste I'll I don't deliver I do Bunga and is that it goes up I love Kelsey live it will only have weight and no girl don't that's what you said yes I think you're right struggle to prove that triplicate public my you had to hide you man I'd prove Islam but I believe that's correct yes but oh you can prove it but the statements are causing your problems cuz the site was don't let you do that let's go logic that I agree logically I assume to pull em out of Justice the Cathy Justine you'll be atticus to me and I don't necessarily have an ADD answer she about flossing my nose in every post but I'm saying the answer is an agricultural model it's in the construction model suppose Columbus was a twofer dawn and maudette that I've constructs in open agriculture one same can't be used to destroy another saying it instantly prepare to tease it for the twin minute wishes okay so you begin to see how the problems arise if you come on sir welcome on the problems when people bring these all humans only person that bought this argue mom you have to be really clued up to be able to address these things if you fight over it uncle about this issue so yes we're gonna say I think that you you have to switch models to show how this works it's a Prosecco we on veut mousse on table sure - in Modell's form or tikka masala function sister Kathy catchy it's Natasha brother don't colleague Lisa confronted I do feel also totally constructively maybe she's saying how she's been forced to switch models who are you commanded to give a clear explanation of what's going on well done in congruence in this because so clear of the screen you which is in agreement with what Eldridge's elder Jeff Jessica Jeff oh gee this is Natasha brother Tyler don't want Oh quaff dick inefficiency the medulla Sony powerful subdue continually model agriculture got repeat your question I would suggest so basically that if you switched models the model it's a lot easier to saying the problem or the issue Sybil coupe you some develop problem now you could probably say in the agricultural model Villa Vermont on the model agriculture try make things easy may only say to ultimately choose a sample and so the example this is the Kathy gay ill example do nipple ok t/o is that you have an arc sakuni's ever don't you know arc and you have a man or you have a tempo una serve on a table and you have a man in his everyone normal construction in construction and it's easy to see the separation between the two they a dong-su model Elise and Avila Latifi horseless if I assume or we could think beyond approval rafflesia of the bride at so leepu's on and again it's a video you have this distinction between the two is that we can manage this thanks not really do bridge this one here Mesa Moodle now I think that really helps us it's your posture be we all the way through and I was complaining that maybe don't really take you to access so the move my no passivity no can you explain the difference between the Omega ideology of type in typology and the correct understanding of typology as we have used it in the past because they seem to be misusing it skpk learn a new suit cprt cheap-ass castle IT don't come out to the same at night come on new only to decide on the passing let me just finish this portion pay off don't you're very menial supply now if you go to the book of Haggai Zechariah I don't have to turn there I'm not only if I promise you see what God does is like a young you'll see these two prophets raised up or to see city in the period of the second angel don't appeal your do do so much or the construction the completion of the temple as it begins to be completed yeah oh la la la girl is assumed a finality Tompa lucky little kind of Germany so if we had the first second and third angel don't see what's available mutism it was a motion you'd have Haggai and Zechariah here do-do-do-do them light up dude and she's a courier and they have a three-fold message ishikane so a massage on - so what's the threefold message I had she can you don't sir me Sasha you know you got put hand up and shout out loud you mean one person so he's that they probably say you're lazy look little fatigued was it very soon you later you're more issue silkworm person you haven't been building but Navi power cussed three so the first accusation that premier like who's that soon if you're lazy seeker visit Paris soon next one like this yellow focus real say finish Fenella the tempo familiar table that they've already started Eddie Giacomin see dude Sam oh that's right to come out so for me this is a clear passage that's clear it shows you the disconnect to Salida connector between the building of the tempo or cloaca socks on the table and the builders see this distinction between the two groups everybody likes tsuki I'll totally do compel and I'm contending that the temple had already been started Kumasi and when that temple was being constructed it was perfect it goes so Tom played to go sweetie Buffy so they've been building a perfect temple and who's been doing that work people d'azur who essentially unfaithful dip your sink you do you can see my own it's not certain why if you do so what you can see is that you have good and bad people because IVD burns joined him of Asia waiting tastes who are building a temple you can see clearly also in the story of Noah only eight people got on the ark you know that many people helped to build media book would be a donor costly and not all of them died before the flood it's an impact to ski some mojo Noah paid people Noah a bearded Jean to help construct the ark pool is it political socks under Laos and they decided to walk away yes Scipio so notice you did the silver knee so I'm saying this is a prophetic argument is ridiculous argument a prophet you can show whether when you're dealing with the church triumphant quick Alaska long cut the league loosely brother Tyler said Lord you have to be careful if you're dealing with the movement or you're dealing with the individual don't see long move more decided video because the triumphant Church has been perfect all the way through that's colleague liane font a buffer tool alone and what needs to happen mr. Keefer I see is that the taze need to be removed if you're going to attach duty and so that would be my explanation of how we address this issue don't sass them on this because soon about this and what's funny now it's a key is that people in our movement I saying all of this is just man-made logic like this cuz of course with Sola Lucia cumin and what they wanna say it's a key for voix is how do you argue to come out to your deeper that the militant Church is waiting tears so let's look and we've got wait and tears in are in this movement it's a movement therefore we must be militant sick on the W I don't like this minute I will be triumphant in the future so you need to decide who's breaking the rules looking for this DCD a boom M key briefly right now she's the manual that brother Paul if we stay upon the model loves agriculture is it correct to say so inseparable when Jesus is so secede so is so secede in the triumphant Church and after the enemy's coming and so and at one time Jesus come and makes a separation and unleash with women can we use this logic to explain that I think yes suppose K we which was sister Natasha's question is city like a sow Matt it 13 verse 24 30 mature husband kata-kata says that the field de luchon is the kingdom of God you know why um did you in fact it says the whole parable is a story about the kingdom of Judah this kingdom of God so why um did you runs all the way through and what gets added and taken away its okey okey as utility or the plants see li la planta so if you can consider it from that application approval I consider you can see that the field belongs to the household of the farmer don't collude loot Iran don't care about you uma totemism and it runs all the way all the way through a tool alone but it's not as clear to say that Minister new power is secure deliver you can see it with a construction model come Salah he presented on a module about certain clarification one of the statements you made in the opening remarks Sumas this morning soon India declared some geography don't leave home outdoors in class was that we're not supposed to mix the models on the dwop amino she would do from agriculture to building to the other that's what I thought he said it's okay should mistake HFE that we're starting out with this parable which which seems to be somewhere clearly an agricultural model allow Nokomis exit by but keep your mic again you're switching to a different model it make not to pass notes and notes on Monday I'm trying to understand what you mean by not mixing and how it's okay to do it don't see she said open circuit of a discount to decon if you come in on silly mood I know all I was doing so cuz she talks and film is I wasn't actually going into this modeling and trying to explain it she's a model honestly I was just addressing the separate issue aboard a neutral custom of how we address the concept of perfection come on a burglar problem medulla perfect song because when we address the issue of perfection let's go lost compelled owner perfect I could have just left it here surely and said perfection means maturity because I wanted to show the agricultural model will define what perfect means come on he's predicated on an idea of a progressive nature versus progressive oh and then on sweeter I made a totally different point she an example an example different of how people apply this concept of perfection suicidology applicants Abdullah perfection so this issue here we talk about the church triumphant you can address it here or here and you wanted to make the application of how or whether it was perfect here or back here over metal applique so as you see powerful affair would you if you're an attack with this out saying it's easy to tackle it with another model it's even a pond I support logic would accept you something like canto IV cannot remodel I wasn't trying to mix them together no she didn't OD no so no question were you had the line bird where you start where it says perfect mature to the other end says imperfect is imperfect in parentheses is that actually an incorrect understanding guys come to me a powerful dps could see in movies complete all soon what we do is because Ellen White says it's perfect that's cuz confess to killing my Dixie perfect we are not suggesting that it means is imperfect a dog song ji-sun salon Suzaku you type of thing she alludes to it but she doesn't say in that way I don't think I know you purchase a try so suppose I can't remember the exact wording of the top of my head sure most of the unpaid you more exactly someone knows I'm like a complete smoke affair April don't opt a holiday there was no more the plan seemed to move more don't you see I suppose upkeep in Atlanta pacification apology doesn't know Tanisha imagine Lawson II that everything I thought was perfect because tusk Isaiah Austin a puffy we're in great controversy 389 paragraph three I'll read in English as you're finding it yeah the Bible declares that before the coming of the Lord Satan will work with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness and they that receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved will be left to receive strong delusion that they should believe a lie 2nd 2nd thessalonians chapter 2 911 not until this condition shall be reached in the union of the church with the world shall be fully accomplished through Christendom will the fall of Babylon be complete the change is a progressive one the perfect fulfillment of Revelation 14 verse 8 is yet future I know cause usually said God's sovereign plan do you want to know that point so we'd say that the perfect fulfillment dude isn't cool a complete swap affair would be the Sunday law so I don't tell you what to do more in the context that she would be using this don't local text kill you titties now and then you could say if we're gonna Kate his concept of impervia which I'm saying is not correct it's only to supply soup the perfect couple my super sister this would be the 19th of April 1844 Encarta and I'm saying it's a job that this was not an imperfect fulfillment of the second angels message a Dukas Anupa and i completes my pathway this was the perfect fulfillment of the second angels message Tallulah completes mother fed reduce emotion but as it says my Camilla geela the change is progressive and when she says the perfect fulfillment it cut until I complete my pathway I'm saying Margie she's meaning it comes to its maturity lgq sorry was so much of its completion you have to ask yourself the question am i resting inspiration twisting is perfect perfect escape your fairy Buffy you're gonna go to know Webster's dictionary it will food Riley Don Dixon L don't know our Webster and prove that I'm wrong poopoo because you Tom how are you going to approach this problem a commander about this a problemo so I'm saying how I do you've seen what I'm saying don't much would you come on simple forceful oh this is inter dispensational miller right dispensation or dispensation I see you soon - so this process similarity Leah Newton's second angels message comes down here let us say Moshe live long and it remains nice to know all the way through to its mature fulfillment here at the end it has to learn or discuss songs I'm actually - just gonna have fun we'll take that principle and cross the classical and we make 19th of April what on fear oh dude is never gets confidant Nicole Enya this is 911 oh no Meah come it on Sept on Sunday law can you see what happens Lucas is past the perfect fulfillment of the second angel computers image in our history was 9/11 9/11 was not a type Sania cheaper so to try and answer brother Tyler's previous question they destroy this understanding of progression okay ponder I like it so the telev donkeys or did really soon and they say in the fulfillment proper perfectly film it is like computer smart affair now the actual fulfillment like complete smart actually he's here in LA and this was just an example of it it's as it is just an example that's what typology means it's is so Cassini Fiji pollution I'm saying that's not that is not a correct application my shizuka-san epilepticus second angel was perfectly fulfilled in our dispensation at 9/11 Lou DiMaggio T I compute modern a dispersal soon I'm the concept on it progressively moves forward they are sooty Livan support this is mom I let brother Tyler then brother both local entities that apology Pantani toka mo value TD zip on a pad it will secure ended you got isaiah 45:1 dividends a current sack it says Cyrus the anointed one Yugi seriously it's gonna come and destroy or give a deadly wound to Babylon Vava nearly did we life is immortal a Babylon and Cyrus its Alisa becomes a type the vernacular cheaper of home media of Napoleon Napoleon and E or will say France of course and United States that's how I understand typology because if you go to Daniel 11 verse 14 Daniel Oscar hunter the dates you pick up from there no Sheila 1798 1989 by the way that is not that is actually typology because both dates but Cyrus I think that would be so I would ask don't allow any events and what did you most misuki Domini estimate not so long as you scope on Tony I want to say I don't have all the answers to this George occasionally particularly process alone like you say come to LA G we've been loosing a lot of our language the VIPRE dubaku donut longer and now we're being forth it might turn to some control by the center's parolee recently something to tighten up our language in this therefore what we're saying the ferret on sue Asuka nudism now for a long time but don't know Tom I think coupons we've developed a model that looks like this Sunday law developer me mood elcio some midnight cry 911 know unclean menial Rajah demos and we would say energy zone that this would be 538 and this would be 321 what summer to use every understand what I mean by that uncle cost of Juji who doesn't know what I'm talking about kiosk insipid the question power now Muriel 538 since our country the papacy the pepper to you is going to a rise to the throne of the earth vassal and agility because he's taken down three territories three horns let's go around really quick corner and he 538 some country turn in all lanes in France our Lyon France there was a church council vehicle see and they had a Sunday law isn't familiar hydrogen and this is the papacy that did this but 200 years before Constantine who was pagan Rome he also did a Sunday law and this wasn't a papal Sunday law was a pagan papal laws sorry pagan Sun even what I mean by pagan into our own time this is the USA and even though we say that this is the USA I'm saying this is the papacy it begins here and this in the eighties and moves on to go back into the original history I don't think we should be considering this as typology it's a progressive work of the Sunday law we could we might we would say that these might be blue laws of some kind or economic Sunday law that's what blue lorries economic laws dellwo economical and this one is Elsie has many more implications in the original this promoted Sunday and didn't attack Sabbath and this one no sir supplement Gaylord G Moscato this one it says they begin to deal with the Sabbath issues come on see so I'm saying this is the show the progression it's not typology insurgency pollution is a mantra - in Buddhism elder Jeffrey the Bob sister Manjula I get your point about showing progression geez apostle I see when I put this him but does it the progression that took place from 321 to 538 monopoly I tell you your personal mentee and she's got some software they simplify the progression from the midnight cried to the Sun you love such keep your feet up okay so look at me like what did you mom yes because we've gone from one story that's goodness imparted Geneva which is a type cuter cheap of the end of the world now I don't want it I don't want to get myself in and not because that's what brother Tyler has said that he may or may not have done but it's a good ski lab you feel and I feel we're in this we're not we're in this a time period now know the people who are trying to rest our words he said sometimes you doing it deliberately but for looking for something to try and entrap us who they see the new PC so I sense that but I also sense that when these people are doing this or trying to entrap us people who are listening to them the essential is it good I saying they've got a point I didn't think about that before I do have a responsibility to try and explain some things attention I don't have all the answers shouldn't what I did teach at the beginning of the week this line here of Christ would be a type of online and in this context it would be three 21 by 38 midnight cry Sunday law but in its own line this was not a type of this and this is not a type of this it could mean you supply tube just so I think that's accurate it's a pasta sister and at that basic level it's correct sir Nicholas I would I would wait for someone to show me that something that I'm saying is wrong here you can demonstrate typology doing this going from one way mark to another in a specific line Brian in specific I know I haven't seen that so I think if we're going to say that 911 was a type think it's 911 cheap I mean a type of a Sunday law dommage I don't think that's the correct language to be using so in France maxilla no longer correct A to Z and I think it's an issue of language in suppose besides you didn't get the long guys because we're not thought that's bit more pop or soup we're all friends that's good new or some - I mean we could use loose language in the producer himself but now heresies are vented in McComb Lily's eternity uh-huh we're having to go back and make sure that our language is good you know for two nipples I sulukule I love the track I think it's brother Bob then sister man you Ella brother Mike coexistence a compass go to deny apology because you don't want within one line one given line you don't want to apply typology laterally you will need to apply it to a different and see that there's a type that way but not across kind of yes Oh Calvin Cosco Paul Scott Joplin due to a virtualization memory energy party said it that we don't want to I don't think we're allowed to often constipation dependence emotive is that clarifying the subject we're on and we can go back to it if other people have questions I just want to clarify know what I was talking about before being perfect or mature and how we have somewhat one they said it's imperfect in the beginning because if I look price object lessons were talks about the seed and when it dies and the plant grows at every stage of its development it's perfect and so I think in that is that the right way to apply that that's the coffin coat it is a if you Libyan compound Alana so the progressivity the perfect song it combined the fobian are picky without referring to the actual passage yes that's exactly that's exactly the point no quizzes my model for now but if we were to make an application of that missing fulfillment because since Allah prophetic confusion will say that the building is perfect all the way through Vakula constructs only profitable and if you want to make a moral application application a baptism Oh Burton a Christian is required to be perfect all the way through we're not supposed to be sinning and repenting from baptism I thought you'll do better monopoly she is capricious to manual did you mean before Millie right dispensation second angel did not which is perfect in path it's it's perfect is it what you said what I'm saying is this Najee sister now if you want to take the Miller right history on its own cereal ponder you study minutes earlier when they said revelation 14 verse 8 it was a perfect fulfillment for them city pool and that completes my Buffy so it was perfect for them other white does Masuka fair illinois and he does is often Elif is Sivan she jumps dispensations and sudden disposal so I know she'll either go from Pentecost to the end of the world so to lose a little upon cut elephant also go from the Millerites to the end of the world who about the Amelia logistical offender mundo and so when we understand it in that context is Oscar new look important or don't so context second angel when it came in the Miller right history just emotional skillet and Saudi military done let me cross this out because imperfect he's not the right word boom the second angel came here Lou DiMaggio Terry Villa and it began a progressive work like a monsoon of policies that would be complete in our dispensation so I don't care I completed are not completed don't know what you say you guys from Miller writes to the hundred forty four thousand so compare similarity to sake I don't get either but you can do the same thing now fulfill mmm shoes in our history gone at least one you can go from 9/11 and his concept of being imperfect is not correct it's a concept illogical a perfect Sunni persister God's work no love for the Jews he's never imperfect imperfecta by definition it cannot be no definition of you later but it begins to grow me a chemist I can't you know that's what's being portrayed it is so Quixote Cleo what I understand is for the Middle East you have the military dispensation does it this process Europe for me always that first accompli Buffett more in which dispensations the first essential with perfectly being fulfilled first angle so second also it was amoeba life-form and the third one he arrived at the and come here like a seal because there is the break let me stop you there X you don't play smart of utila you said the first time you perfect the second angel perfect steady color pomelo juice some puffy the everlasting gospel is a 3-step me leave a comment was it up are you ended by saying the third angel its affinities ocular twice them are not perfectly Papa faith and there is a dispensation looking at how you do what you do most we know that there is no Santa Lou I understand that so come for solo but with this we discussing a concept on the Aquila and Priscilla not the actual wording no parley moola so conceptually don't service they received the everlasting gospel how could they have not had the third angel perfectly fulfilled come on you know pop you have well it was the emotion perfect my complete don't know they would have had to have it so do you love in their own dispensation of process so what that would mean so cool a signifi maybe something different than what we might imagine so the second news imagine you we can see it this way Sheila please okay come sit radhika don't know this force SEO is all fat Ritu it's I feel like she said that in their own dispensation so you don't receive everything it has a cottage in Sardinia so in this case you will take one line one line not a memory in you and you we put a type an antitype in this posture the medium it's a Citroen lean so my millerite dispensation is one line neutral Union and our dispensation it's another line nearly difficult but both are mixed a drawing drawing same no other white joins them I'll invite you because she's making an application that's good free not because soon if you start joining them to come aside you'll get a lot of problems so how could the problem because when you join them let's come to the other one what will you destroy just good to date we serve a petition destroy the third angels message line upon line have lost in gospel you'll destroy 1989 to do but this is what you said you said zombies man runs him I understand only now I'm saying circle G other white makes application villain whiteford is a precursor she begins a second here c'mon slurred is M now and then she says the perfect is gonna be here y'all sweet ridiculous fair I love her because she's not making a distinction between their dispensation and ours there's you saying his Adventism and the apprentice indeed if your horse f it is a salade Verte is now she'll do the same i think he's actually the Apostles page 55 it's a quick Seco kilo per second if they Pentecost on deal upon cut and the end he says this is the harvest and this is the former rain so she's going to say this is just a single er line so she does this often maybe sooner wants to make it official a soup or a mood-killer plan cannot Pacifica hotness a point that's I guess what I'm saying is Natasha was right what do what you have at Sunday we have the same characteristic as a midnight right so we have a Sunday Lord and everything you see the same characteristics but now you say that can't make a typology between me if you see the same characteristics it was combative a deacon to that fair in municipal residual memory comm characteristic I do bad enough it out again Confucius because of the heresies were being forced to think through our words our Terms acocella Brazil night take encountered official otm kanawa for some reason for years poor deeply soon word the three days Annie I have pointed to a quote in the spirit of prophecy and said we misunderstood it delicious Saguna citizen despot Koufos Ikeda second level man complete because we understand the perfect fulfillment of the loud cry is this Sunday law passed a new company ocala companies more powerfully salawah digimon but sister white says the loud cry symbolizes an escalation of power rascal a new idea concrete Satanists and bullies in Aeschylus Udupi and a symbol of a progressive le to a consider allegory come a development hope they see this would address Tyler's Salafi portal opposite to China you can see a Sunday law inferred in 1989 1996 9/11 proved evaluated Dimas don't piss your beliefs business sohcahtoa Nemcova says 9/11 inferences of the Sunday law are not typifying something down the road a see what didn't wash Aneta filardo Sookie very beatiful of the seat assembled you go clean which is the progressive power associated with the Sunday law Aquila laprise also associate resource progressive associated what it emotion different subject Cindy fellow Suchet there's a statement with her sister White's speaking about the time period of the midnight cry again dick Lahaie Soylent wipeout de la pelea de Todd you kidding me and she says that movement was free from human imperfection like all the other biblical revivals I'd Iike smooth mighty Ali be read the to the and perfect so the total perfection isn't notice she's saying that history was perfect ad callosity parfait was free from human imperfection liberate the depth effect so you may know third point I'm sorry don't leak was M points called escape you happy to if we're laying the foundations at 9/11 it's in a persona for that soon 9/11 and that foundation is of the church triumphant it's a fun mostly keystream font it does not the church triumphant started 1989 lightly get comfort not tell pakka makka tryna connelly piano key as composable a food for nor ETA Cathy yep tell y'all see the last question is yes don't clutter post Allah Daniel Casey we this movement began at the time at the end so movement come on so tumblr film and yes I don't know we could go more on that increasing power looking picasa aku manuscript releases volume 10 page 314 paragraph 110 mr3 14.1 the Word of God in these lorries binding upon every intelligent mind the at this time the third angels message is to be proclaimed with a loud voice meaning with increasing power as we approach the great final test la salle one year jacques pierre entities on 11th April also told massage it was demonstrated proclaiming do not refer to significant in increase also become a local news a push don't you gotta stuff you never rephrase that it means progressive elastin in Fela la policia maybe someone could find a the one about human in a potato can come over to visit our social a perfect so you may know this was ten mo so you can read them we won't take the time to do that I will just summarize what we're saying here dongs mko this misurkin esophageal ow fallow ground and break up the fallow ground and you so here in righteousness I lost a shared appreciation say Moses these are my four for Jeremy cat cat says you're not allowed to so nothing on the pottery sour me among thorns family subpoena so there's no thorns here don't allow a small Alania peu de pinna and no thorns means no sin yep a deep inside with your bad officio you could go to Romans chapter 6 and furloughed onomastics 1 to 7 and Romans chapter 7 1 2 I can't remember what verse should go up to maybe up to about verse 637 both teach the same thing then has to be removed from a person lupa should what I taught it in person oh you can move on I've owned the prophecy it has righteousness here don't play eyelashes you sly this has been attacked now so late dr. Kim I know because we know it's conducive according to John 16 verse 8 so long john oh so sweet everlasting gospel of the holy spirit the center screen is the work of sin righteousness and judgment this is just this is you smarter because you've got righteousness but there was I realized Islam it has to be the second angel adduce Amash and people are moving the second angel illusion don't cure d+ legitimacy because they don't want to address the issue of righteousness in the verb or dilip Juan de la as you see so talks about rain here on paul de la presa then would go to Joel chapter 2 verse 23 unusual event wow there's a number of spirit prophecy quotes to address this issue Joel chapter 2 verse 23 be glad then you children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God for he has given you the former rain moderately they were cause to come down for you the rain the former rain and the latter rain in the first month so all I want to pick up from there don't discuss younger I love you love if you stick true to the models you've always to this rain now has to be former rain so don't love food la la put me up then speaks about latter a Oh sweetie belle de la pelea sysm and if you came back into Hosea it's all new don't assume then you would have to think about the harvest our people football my son so the whole reform line can be understood in this an agricultural model I love to clean the leaf amputate concrete dancer model the Agricola what I wanted to say it's a customer I can look for young is and if you start playing with this because you come on say as you have Excel you start destroying many things usually come on slip out the tree like you Susan so if we put some way mark that we recognize it's a new place or my certain bellies cancer from work on you know this would be 911 don't la la Samantha's call 911 and this would be the binding of a Lila my son Josh to share the harvest ooh la la Muslim now when we go to chapter 38 and 39 gun ownership Italy we're gonna say that this framework is gonna help us the Lucas women who said to understand the reform under the 144,000 coupons island early from the sock I don't cut Mila but when a showers how easy is to get things wrong it's a remote clear Kumari Sanford that booty ride the first conclusion for a while poor Donna mom on paper were teaching this personal senior in our movement or not to move more and people didn't people just let it fly they let it go early person on this is Alicia Sally they were getting the latter rain is develop you diocese on and they were put in his latter rain here you may tell Apple IIC so now because it seemed a reasonable thing to do that's good some blade luscious lip you reasonably fair I think now you can see just would not work it might number provoke us and surpassed by kamsa and what I'm saying is it's so good you see I'm not saying these to accuse anybody Saudi bachelor-party Suki come to show you the approval nutrient if you allow the models or the themes to direct you you don't make mistakes if you go to Brazil a model Lulu tamer I would you receive with no committed by Diaw now if this was the latter rain that's because Eli my Suseela then you know you have to have a former rain before this does exceed where you have been put me up three of them and you begin to get problem 11 come myself well the problem people don't matter didn't make this application then no Buffy certification but you can see if you connect the second angel see if we could Nick Taylor doose mo with the former rain I think I blew me off me now there are people Yoda pester now if I put 2014 here to show me do milquetoast lau what they've done so keep something and you've heard presentations or lemonade soda junkie that they're moving it's all kinda do Plessy arrival of the second angel from 9/11 to 2014 lucky we do this emotion on Sept O'Neill a meta do mosquitoes when you do that discomfort Salah what they've done so keep some fear is they've got all the distant shuffle the over one on faculties or D plus CL issues so you can see Hooper over there when people teaching the latter rain here Connelly personal sin Calliope diocese Neela this conclusion to bring the second angel and move it out of its place like inclusion seeker on deep lust lude do the emotion was already built into that model without people realizing it don't collude the Pantages emotionally spa so you make a mistake here the supercommittee never allow you building a wrong premise if you obey Jesus you will move as a posse and if you just logical it's it was a just logic end up having to move the second angel you have to move in were finish Abajo d+ in urdu somoza debayle shrunk but if you speak to the theme missus will I stay at a shelf demo it prevents you from doing so love was on page to feel so low everyone knows to non say you don't harvest when it's raining tofu no my son if I love skip blue everyone no sudden one see the purpose of the latter angel abuddin up the diocese need to bring the fruit to maturity vanilla free a majority so you know Lucifer here that the latter rain could never have been here cool appliances on a pajama a Tony would Lamaze it would have had to have been here I do it alone and what people are arguing it's a cold leash or D but if we're gonna keep this here secrecy new girl do love you Darcy the relationship between righteousness and the latter rain and they don't la jolla central appliances on a largest Issa all this information to inform an Alawite address Ellen White Elizabeth in her writings don't physically but we've not seen it clearly you love them perfectly Oman she says something along these lines this is deep maybe you can find these passages and bring them to class Teresa passage alumna everyone Shakur has to perfect Christian character a perfect scenario exactly job in what dispensation okay this process some former rain or latter rain put me up you joyous ISM in the former rice it don't appoint me a three because she says when the latter rain comes the schedule of school appliances on if you're hoping she was s pity and she uses the way the phrase fit you up castle ever want after if you think it's gonna fit you up it will not do that Cebu pasta Castle everyone a place to learn proper support yeah and we all know that if Nuala seven to sir because if you go to the story of the disciples back super guarded honest well did you sleep Donnelly for days actor the latter rain that they had lapa diocese okay so what was it what was its purpose Kelly tdawg some douche someone said something they don't understand what you said are you talking to us or talking oh okay what was the purpose of the latter rain in the Acts of the Apostles okay I don't know butyl appliances on Dolly's actor make perfed the first who was given I don't understand what that means so already we see the first one the ring episode what's the purpose of the latter rain named Duke a little Opilio season City yeah yeah but you're using the agricultural mode I'm just talking about to go to the field yes to let people emission so the tongues of fire little undef' Pentecost Lippincott which is the latter range in sexually context and its purpose was war some do city Gras run Nathan public evangelism live no she says something bleak first starts with the church for me almost a common spot eglise and then go to the Gentiles says these two step phrase because they're going to go to the Gentiles in three and a half years older town under Tompa skir don't was only something but it wasn't to develop character since the purple develop you look at that already happens it's a dish up a system prior to that either in the ten days the only digital and the forty days before that sure so otherwise using the same principle she doesn't refer to it in that context and then no example it is lonely municipalities pedasi to example but carroty developments development must occur in the former right not the latter rain no develop under character surpass the dollar pull me up you know per dollar purchases say you see when you start putting the latter rain here in the burning off till appearances on earlier this year you've got license to do what with a villa toys as soon did you are not the same I don't know manipulate people's words manipulation CPC no one in this movement there's sometimes teaching that you have licensed the same person don't say movements on Centinela choices on PC but what they are saying mr. Kildee ISM is that character development secure development occur when you think in the context of nature controller Kotex Alana - huh that that doesn't need to be sorted out until you get to midnight and they destroy two concepts they're elated twist the context the concept of progression la casa de la población and also the moving of the rain Elie de + slippery so I'm saying should character perfection happens at the beginning now perfect a common sukemasa at the end so to be at the beginning of the form right not at the end of the formula put me up you know Tyler Farr we've seen we've shown that there's ever more Isla secondly it doesn't mom now they won't express it this way explicit versus they've got a former rain because it's on a pony up and they've got it here Akeelah metal appliances so you can develop character now don't it's all kinds of custom at knocking for developing a character which is gonna stop here at the binding God give us a little oh come on Julian to hear the latter rain this is the erroneous concepts that are in our movement today unless it's a concept of erroneous or motion some people use a misapplication of the line don't de persona to loosen the vessel because underlying and some people certain basically don't even use lines anymore and they just taking spear prophecy quote it's not just plunging the citizen lets prophecy and they're looking at people if a guardian in their humanity in their weakness unlawfully blares they're saying do you really believe it's good to quality anymore that this band consider Koopa of all you bad folks is the church triumphant through assimilation was it religiously on phantom this is if this is the church triumphant that's cuz sicily list beyond

well wait for the next bus don't

care if over mom I don't know a little abuser what they say me we don't want anything we don't want to be any part of this thing it is often control of you never have a cassette shoes well wait for the real thing over I can't pull a very table shoes which is here Kayla this is the theology that I have Scylla to logic ISM and you can say how logical it is if we prove rather oakum see Lucy Coe that's what I want us to see don't throw these people out no ban on supersu Pearson thinking that they're dumb or foolish for songket some fool because they're intelligent people were very logical kiss uncle Zeke and they work from cause to effect just like we do have a Jacuzzi fed the lemon facile canoe prism but I'm saying measured yeah they don't stick to rules in the Sun and somebody another perfect so that you clear they say where the I don't stick to rules either yeah Lucy discussion Nicole polo you have to decide if we for this GDP who's following the rules he had a rules word it come only regular eller from soon to make this is simple for my soul a sampler their sin Y fishy clean up the same problem on neutral no problem to push boomerang latter rain harvest from year three Daniel three Muslim for yourselves Arden issue dialogue with these people or if you listen to them or if they're listening now which they tend to do but how they how do you address some motive how do you argue against this simple model come on producer massage sample that's my question to everybody because everybody knows someone saying certain things certain shoes they know that this is the harvest and the binding of my son they're all clear on that and they're all clear that something happened about baptism at nine eleven those two anchor points are enough it see do i point don't coastal cities on to I think sort this problem out vocally glaze your possible so each of us needs to be clear whether or not we accept this line as it's drawn here except don't drink you do you know and I'm not talking about 9/11 when I say that what I'm saying is just a concept of the template so this is just a concept or do Chimel cuz tomorrow we want to use this model construct a line for the hundred forty four thousand once we've done that we're gonna take that model and bring it back into our line for the line of the priests elemental doughnut in Duplin to see the implications of all that or what that means is that a time of three let's pray Heavenly Father pessimist we give you praise and thanks for your goodness and the Dormouse until you want put TT and help us to honor you and glorify you Lord there are so many voices in our movement everybody's accusing check everyone else aku's early sort of teaching error we do it our opponents do it to our so suppose only for support but as individuals we need to come to the word in the infernal a pahala and understand it clearly is a completely we thank you that you've made it simple you love yourself as we contemplate this agricultural cycle Agricola we ask and pray that these things would be fixed in our minds to articulate on the crispy that we might be able to understand the when we make an application whether or not the application is correct or incorrect applicants or service applications to help us to accomplish this work anywhere computer in Jesus's name don't know I mean