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Publish Date: 2/1/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
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I know that everybody was here yesterday afternoon but there was a question that was asked based upon yesterday morning's class and what was the question okay so that was the question because I said that the dailies been attacked and been rejected in this movement now and of course if you ask anybody no one would admit to that but what I try to show is by understanding the daily in a broader sense how you can demonstrate that that is actually happening so we thought that the daily is 508 well Bible verses is that sister Rizzoli Daniel 8 sister easily down you 12:11 Pascoe 1911 31 both verses talk about the same history then we all know that the de leus paganism think we'll familiar with that that's William Ellis argument how does he prove that where did he take you to sister Sophie not sure but the Marissa question audience Michael someone have a look red mark that's right verse seven hello come and have a look and confirm which verse is it 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 was the founded by now verse 7 we will agree okay so that's William Miller's argument and specifically he's arguing that the Daley's who in that verse the he's brother Bob not the papal power it says he that now letteth must be taken out of the way who is the he paganism in the general sense but specifically in that verse Hagen Rho good so it's pagan Rome then we arguing that the daily is an anti-god religion how do you demonstrate that mr. an don't like that Christine at the back revelation 17 remember when we talked about paganism or PayPal ISM it's not so much the state that we're discussing it's the religion recall that so where sister Christians taking us to revelation 17 what is she doing for the Charles so she shows us that in that chapter really Babylon is everywhere now the price though that would be Daniel 11 what we want to try and demonstrate is the daily is this religion that's against God whether it's pagan or papal all against God so how would you show that sister Christian said go to revelation 17 and she was correct so one is to understand what are we looking for in Revelation to show doing remember that argument yeah it's here revelation 17 it's not easy to read the woman sitting on the Beast now the way they've portrayed that they've picked up a specific verse that says she just rides the beast in the chapter it says that she rides the heads any mortis or like this someone find that verse verse seven I don't arraign it you'll want to make sure everybody's can see the verse okay so it's verse seven so those seven heads okay so I'm getting different answers what am I getting different answers so it's verse nine not verse seven why are you saying verse seven four doesn't say that in verse seven verse 9 so those seven heads are another representation of these four kingdoms can we see that do we know that Babylon medo-persia Greece etc everybody okay with that it's not new remember yesterday we spoke about how many Judean kings for so these four kings or kingdoms but how many kings are they really seven seven heads so you see this relationship between the four and the seven straight in revelation 17 four kingdoms of Daniel two are actually being represented by the Seven Kingdoms revelation 17 same dynamic that you see about those Judean kings so this woman controls seven kingdoms agree with that so the first Kingdom is home Babylon the last Kingdom is home the United Nations the fifth Kingdom is who hands up please faith Kingdom is whose no not paper rope paper Rome can't control papal Rome mr. Bromley right not modern Rome because he's the fifth king then the fifth kingdom is the 1260 sister Sophie sorry the European king with revelation 17 if you go to verse 2 it says the Kings have committed fornication with the woman yes and then if you went back to verse 1 it says the woman is sitting on waters so the woman that sits on waters what are the waters don't go to verse 15 what are the waters gilina correct many people okay well you're going to Reverend you're going to verse 15 just drop to the next verse what are the waters mr. Maria the woman he's sitting on seven heads we read that verse nine but verse one it says she's sitting on water yes so I'm asking what other water is a symbol of Europe the European kings but in the next verse it says the kings have committed fornication with her we can see that and then in verse three now where is she sitting she's sitting on a beast so the waters the beast and the kings are all the same entity but they're just different symbols so the fifth head is not the papal Church because the woman is the papal church and she's controlling it's right here on the board Europe she's controlling the European Kings and the European Kings typifying whom because it says that there were seven heads and then later on in the verse he talks about an eighth head which is of the seven which is actually the fifth one copy of the faith and the fifth King is the European Kings and who is their eighth one it's the tape so the 8th is not modern Rome because modern Rome is the woman so she's riding the head and she's riding the ten Kings thankings are assembled the United Nations the seventh head revelation 17 breaks down the relationship between the church and the state clear is chapter that does that any questions on that can I repeat they say does not rule the earth a woman the base controls it the woman you know that's me that understanding that's fine okay so the woman controls kings and Kings yes and why is it number eight for the Michael Reese because these resurrections and what do we want to learn about resurrection what do you mean we spoke about Resurrection yesterday in prayer meeting you just have to day to visit where does resurrection take place I'm asking about the mic because there the conversation about this resurrection take place at the second step or the third stage at the second step now we have a third step as well but it's at the second step so when we talk about number eight we often talk about it being at the third step at the very end sundale or third step but you can develop a strong argument to show what Michael that the eighth head is gonna appear when before so I don't if everybody couldn't knows what I'm talking about elder Jeff did a presentation in the summer and in Australia talking about the number eight I think it was a singular study brother Mike will say that comes Owens talking about the number eight anymore so that's why I asked the question because in that study elder Jeff was demonstrating that number eight in a symbol of righteousness which is a symbol of resurrection and occurs before midnight before the third step you can demonstrate that straight out of revelation 17 so a classic understanding is the number right is that the Sunday law but we already know that the Kings are already assembled you agree with that what verse or where would he go to find the assembling of the Kings humane psalms 48 verse 4 size 48 verse 4 anywhere else Larry okay brother Tyler when you see them coming together okay sobs 83 so they're the two chapters you'd go to easy ones it's not the only ones you can see the ascending that the Kings is already occurring paint you can see the resurrection number eight hasn't been completed yet already begun so that's why I'm saying the daily the anti God religions she's been there all the time but she looks pagan here and she looks people here now how the Millerites described the daily in the transgression of desolation paganism papal ISM that is correct but you can extend that to show that the daily is running all the way through by definition it has to be that way because it means a perpetual because what if Catholicism it's people who wear fish hats the shampoo from the person isn't it they call the miters today but they're honoring whom Dagon the fish God because Dagon the fish God does wah kills the Sun God every day so he's more powerful than the Sun God because it's the Sun that dies every day injury is resurrected everybody ok with the fish hat if you see old pictures of that they had a tail I think they actually had eyes in them but now they're a bit more subtle so this is paganism dressed up as Christianity that's why it's the daily all the way through sister Natasha if I explain it in a different way that the Bible is saying it people get worried it says the eighties of the 7 the eighth is a copy so you have to know what is it a copy of and I'm saying it's a copy of number five because in number five what do you have that's different to all the other four sister s tell okay I'll repeat I'm saying number I know the Bible says number right is one of the seven of the seven not one of them I'm saying the one that it's a copy of is number five and it's not a copy of any of than any of the ones were one two three four sorry copy number five my question is why couldn't it be number four why does it have to be number five whereís we've got here paganism papal ISM where is number one here or here number one is Babylon is Babylon here or here just Emanuela help her where is Babylon this one or this one meter Persia Greece pagan Rome all four of them are here where's number 5 number 5 switches over to this one so this is 1 to 4 and this is 5 so what changes at number 5 why does she have support because daily has changed from pagan to Christian and the Christian Church does not have its own army so she needs help what verse are we in brother Nathan for that which book in the Book of Daniel chapter brother Nathan Daniel 8 verse verse 13 the first 13 a host was given to her which verse is that anyone we're in verse 12 verse 12 remember we discussed verse 12 verse 12 begins e5 38 where actually begins it up with before verse 38 538 but the practice of prospering is in this history church-state relationship are you okay so far sister Natasha okay so now when you get to number right it's gonna be a copy of number five what is number five look like the church date relationship how many groups is that two groups so well you have to find these two groups enough brother Richard a two group scene our number right is a copy of number five revelation 16 verse 13 and verse 19 sister Andrea revelation 16:13 and nineteen tears walk don't read the verses just tell us what it says threefold Union that's thirteen anointing what's the great city sister Brahman Babylon some babylons in three parts at the end of the world we are carried a sister Natasha at the end of the world you're at number eight so if it's a copy of number five - enough so how explain that brother Richard not the conquering of the three we've got to throw a three-fold Union here in number five because number right is a copy of it can you show a three-fold Union at number five you can't ask me the question you have to tell me your answer in a second when they were the power seat and great Authority and number five they had to conquer those three in order to take rulership of the world okay that's the history of number five but we're looking for a three-fold Union sister on Tanisha oh are you okay yeah okay yeah it's coming from school but when they are they happy I'm not sure how to work it differently I guess is they have the power of friends so that's the damn having six right Tanisha I can't hear you okay brother walk the papacy one then the next power the European kings of Western Europe but there's not ten of them days seven of them that's two and you have the Byzantine Empire or Eastern pagan Rome number three so here the threefold Union here the threefold Union is a church state relationship which is two and the state is in two parts which is the Seven Kings on the west and the eastern pagan Roman Empire on the east so did that make sexist in the tesha so number eight is a copy of number five now when you get to number eight we're looking for these threefold Union who is the threefold Union at the end of the world at number when you're at number eight sister Marilyn you know who the threefold Union is at the end of the world someone said the dragon based on the false prophet papacy that's one church and now what are you looking for to get to what two states good we will see that two states name the two states United States and the United Nations so what she's done when you're at number eight whose head number six United States whose head number seven United Nations and then you get to number eight so those last three heads six seven and eight are all coming together at the end having been typifies by number five so it's not some random thing when it says it's one of the seven because it can't be number six or number seven because they're gonna be part of the threefold unions can't be 1 to 4 because it's pagan it has to be number 5 you can demonstrate your number 5 you have a three-fold Union intrapreneur did that make sense 8 he's not even the head it's drawing it's drawing a symbolic truth which is the truth of of resurrection and you see resurrection in which verse in revelation 17 which verse sister Julie look brother Michel which verse are you looking just the Pascal No three verse 11 you can see in verse 11 for much clearer verse verse 8 verse 8 is where you'd go to to see this resurrection could you see rising out of a bottomless pit so we're going to stop our study on that in that line of thinking now we've demonstrated that the daily can be understood at least three ways and if it's the Santi God religion that runs all the way through by definition it must be the 25 20 and the 25 20 is a covenant we've we've discussed that and it's also typifies by number four in Leviticus 26 brother John name the four verses in Leviticus 26 to deal with this subject donar sister Sophie without looking does anybody know without looking sister a Tunisia 18 21 24 28 18 21 24 28 what you want to do we could do its homework is go through the chapter and work out a structure because this is something that recurs occurs over and over again when people argue against this subject they don't see a structure and when we approach the videos 26 when you go from the beginning verse 1 to verse 17 what are we saying about that structurally brother Maurice how would you explain that repeat the question so we're in verse 18 and verse 18 says what brother Bob what does verse 18 say don't read the verse just summarize it or you can look at it but don't read the verse 18 the Blucas 2618 i wanna sleep become familiar with reading verses and actually understanding what they're saying okay he doesn't say it that way reread it doesn't it doesn't say if you're not gonna listen to the Lord I'm gonna punish you brother David how would you read verse 18 okay that's exactly what brother Bob just said and it doesn't read that way it doesn't read that way in the French someone check for me in the English she doesn't read that way someone else Detroit just to eighteen before we go back to 1 to 17 brother Michel how does verse 18 read to you don't read the verse okay so in the English is almost there it begins if he will not yet for all this brother Bob what is this what is the best in this verse okay so bro ball faces the way witness brother David what is the best because he's doing in French is that going to tie up he knows what you say you tell me what this is you're saying you're saying that this is the way witness you're saying that this is the warnings way witness his disobedience he said that this was the disobedience and brother David II seen it's the warnings brother Monsieur but I want the theme what what is that this okay that this is the punishment that was in the verses before so God is saying if this punishment is not enough then what happened I'll give you seven more can we see that brother Bach brother David that this is the punishment that was before so go from verses 1 to 17 what's the structure sorry ok just manually you see that unity statue so I said is gonna give statutes okay so I think that's about right God says I'm going to in agreement with your covenant if you agree with the covenant what happens blessings if you listen you get blessings any sis you don't listen then what cursings so this is the blessings and the cursings who knows what the two mountains are put your hand up who knows brother michael Mount Gerizim and a man garrison and Abel which one is the blessing my sister which one's the mountain the blessing Gerizim or Abel any of you yes Gerizim so yeah this bit of trivia not in this verse Maya shatzer I'm just saying but this concept is the blessing and the cursing so he says if you've disobeyed broken the Covenant I'm going to curse you and then he verse 18 he says what if that cursing is not enough I'll give you some more what was the original curse thing what time period is that sister Kathy come on how would you say simply is the time period of the judges time period the judges which is the verses that talk about the punishment then you get to verse 18 says if that punishment in the judges was not enough now I'm going to punish you perfectly seven times punishment and in verse eighteen what date are we at for the mark where it's 677 and I've say 677 in the literal history cause that's Manasseh is gonna be taken captive if you look at the verses from verse 18 to 20 you can see the punishment that comes upon Judah in the history of Manasseh and he ends when you get to verse 28 with what king with Zedekiah can you prove that that is contextually correct remember when we take the 25 20 and we do this to it make it into a tie prophecy we make an application powerful one but in its context we're saying that verse 34 no sorry verse 28 is Zedekiah how would you know that from the context put your hand up if you ever thought yes what it is yes okay so she's correct so I want you to tell me one verse that you can see contextually that would show you its Zedekiah so you'd begin in verse 34 sorry 28 I tell me which verse you'll go to the shack exactly Oh same enough it was it hunt one guess yeah we'll stop there because she's unwell she shows verse 29 33 and 34 and you can see contextually this is correct particularly verse 33 you're gonna be scattered among the heathen for how long verse 34 in that scattering time period the land will enjoy her Sabbath and how long is that 70 years so you know that the Bible if you just read the verses this would lead you from a NASA to Zedekiah know you know when we do things in our movement we kind of do things backward because we make this twenty five twenty this time period because that's what William Miller did we say that's the primary application in these verses then our church resists that so you can't take duration you have to take intensity and we say these people are crazy because they use the grammatical critical methodology then we heard those arguments before but I'm saying if you just read the verses this story is about intensification of punishment starts with Manasseh and to it said Akaya but what we're doing is we're not worrying about the grammar and the Greek and the Hebrew we're making an application the application we're making we're going to take seven times we're gonna change that time I'm gonna turn it into duration and do a calculation like up here and make it into a time prophecy and what's so strange is that we've done this for 12 years 13 years now and no one had a problem about making application of Bible verses maybe we didn't realize that's what we were doing when we were fighting against the church on this subject and now when I'm saying not just me the less make some application people say you don't have the authority to do that and I'm saying with exercise that authority from the very beginning and people have not been awake to what we've been doing and the attacks that we're getting are just totally invalid they have no basis because we're not doing anything new we're just tidying up some loose ends if you go to Leviticus 26 read the verses as written it would lead you to a very small history that's dealing with an intensification of punishment the results in a 70-year punishment and if the Miller rights had understood all of this like we do their message I could say it would have been even more powerful don't misunderstand me I'm not saying William Miller was wrong but what I am saying he makes an application of Scripture because in its original reading you can't do what he did because it specifically says the fourth 2520 takes you to the beginning of the 70 year captivity everybody okay with that it's a it's an important principle of how we go about approaching Scripture because people today are saying you have no authority to do what you want and I'm saying we have full authority not only do we have full authority we've been doing it for a long time and everybody who's now fighting against this message either came into this movement after 2005 after all of this stuff was resolved and they accepted everything and now these people are saying we've woken up to the deceptions of this movement because john 6:66 is being fulfilled now they're saying they woken up something they the fighting spirit prophesy quote said there never knew before but you're proven that we're wrong now I will make one point it's not a personal point but you can't avoid personalities in this movement the 2520 that was discovered and brought into this movement in 2005 everybody knows most of you know the history of that how it was found I'm saying the people that were involved in the discovery then and now fighting against themselves because when they found that precious truth and then we went to the millerite history and we copied their application we took things backward like they did and it took us a number of years to get back and put it the right way goose leviticus 20:6 he's taken you from a NASA to Zedekiah and that is not an application that is the original reading but we made an application when we first discovered this and so the people that were involved in that discovery we're coming full circle now and now those same people are rejecting the very truths that they brought into this movement and they don't even realize what they're doing because the subject of the daily is this anti God religion it takes you all the way through this history but it's also about the number four seven thunders and everyone knows that when you go to the number four and in this context the four Judean kings in its original application then you are not in if I do our reform lying like this 1989 time at the end when you do a subject on the number four or seven thunders are you in this history or this history pre time at the end or post time at the end everybody knows you're here because the seven thunders wha-hoo suits who say who sight speaking so it's a delineation of events that transpire under the first and second angels messages first angels message comes at the time of the end so you know that the number four is here in this history but this number four in Leviticus 26 is not this history as the Miller writes made an application we do - it's this very narrow history here between Manasseh and Zedekiah that lead you to 70 years of captivity the 70 is captivity is what history for us put your hand up what history the 70 year captivity the Sunday law take you to the Sunday law so we know that if this story here is the seven times which is described four times then this is the subject in this history about the 25 22 25 20 this is why it's such a big controversy in our in our church because we're taking this theme here the Covenant like Church is rejecting the Covenant and what confuses people is that the classic understanding of the 25 20 is here because it's connected to the three and a half times and we haven't conceptualized this disk it's not a discrepancy but this complexity yes the scattering yes so you have this overlap no that's a simplistic way of expressing it but what I want to say is when we get to the twenty five twenty we're being punished by whom by Rome but we want to say we don't wanna say we'll say Babylon so when we have 70 this is Babylon if I did 70 here who would be the punishing power who would be the punishing power it's a trick question but it depends upon what the T is a symbol of in this line what is the T a symbol or seven seven times and the T here rubies is why C seven thunders so you've got seven times and seven thunders in the seven times whose a punishing power Babylon in the seven thunders whose the punishing power where'd you where'd you discussed also herb no that's wrong not seven thought this sorry that's why it gave me a wrong guard said seven trumpets that's what I made the same now who's the punishing power right god I want to be a bit more specific so put your hand up which chapters are you in you're in Revelation chapter eight nine 10 and 11 I mean four chapters to cover this subject so who are this trumpets so it's these European powers here so we've got four horns four kingdoms and three will do three woes so our focus often is on Islam cuz we're dealing with the end so the punishing power we'll just say is Islam who's the recipient who's receiving the punishment who's receiving the punishment Rome's okay with that who dis even the punishment here God's people so you see that there's a structure between the seven times in the seven trumpets here is Babylon punishing punishing God's people why why broken the Covenant who do no punishment here Islam against Babylon why they punishing Babylon sister Pascal what of Babylon done wrong that was wrong and it does promote anything us to know the Jews they walk that's not wrong why they getting punished sister Marie stay in church what did God's people do wrong sister she main just told us they broke the Covenant what did Babylon do we don't say he they broke the Covenant I don't know if we want to accept the Babylon when inter covenant with God so God is going to use Babylon to do a work for him just the best girl told us that so when you are a worker you put a tool in your hand you in the tool have an agreement you do a deal you say if I use you to put a nail into a wall you'll do that so I'm going to say conceptually it's exactly the same Babylon goes into a covenant with God in the sense that God is going to use them what was the problem with God's people in this punishment what did they do what did they do that was wrong right they exalted themselves above God they say we'll do things our own way spiritualism Babylon does the same thing it exhausts itself Assistants a she had your hand up after its work of persecution so the number of Bible verses that show that we went to Daniel 8:12 we then to that we were to value 9:27 and there are more than that there are more passages than that God's people because they decided they wanted to be like the rest of the world they want to be like Babylon and God used was going to use Babylon to chastise these people and Babylon has in some ways merged with God's people instead of chastising them between the church they think just constantly going on any other comments good point so the 25-21 --is-- meant by Babylon and that punishment takes on various it happens in various ways I've you're literally in captivity in the country of Babylon or in some shape or form they're oppressing you so in however way you want to express that you're in captivity so whether it's weights literal Babylon you're taken out of your country and you're taken into the land of Babylon but if it's pagan roads you're in your own country and what are they doing they've come into your country and they're oppressing you Oh captivity we agree with that so we know when we take this history here when you get to the time of the end do you rather the first angel when the first angel comes what does he say okay so most people gonna say fear God give him glory for the other judgment is come do we agree the first aid you came here at the time at the end we all agree with that so he says that with a loud voice Brutus has something else he says come out of her my people Revelation 18 verse 4 and in obedience to that what do people do they leave Europe and go to the United States the place of safety we agree with that because it's a parallel history to Cyrus Cyrus there's two jobs first job is what the first job to kill Babylon deliver a deadly wound then the second thing he does to deliver the people of God he's the deliverer because he's the Messiah he's a symbol the first angel if you like he does two jobs kills Babylon and frees the people so that's Cyrus is history 538 536 he's terrifying because he's such a powerful person it takes two things at the end to do the work that he did singularly so he's typifying what power cuz he kills Babylon delivers a deadly wound from Napoleon but then he frees people he says go back to the glorious land typify in the work of the United States with the Constitution 1776 the creation of Independence all of that history the French Revolution the United States Revolution both parallel revolutions are all leading up to 1798 first dangers message he's saying come out of her my people who is her Babylon everybody agree with that Mystery Babylon Europe the old world coming to the new world come out who my people who are my people partisan ISM when which dispensation we're in the fifth church the dispensation of Sardis because here even this is the fifth head this is a dispensation of the fourth church by Tyra and what is five Tyra do mean brother Charles what's fight Tyra doing no not compromising that was Pergamos there is compromise I agree but what is she doing where would we go which book Revelation chapter chapter two verse verse 18 we're gonna go to verse 18 sister mayor I want to go to verse 22 2220 what's she doing so this church he's being taught by Jezebel and he's been seduced by her when you come to Jezebel they take you all the way back to Elisha we're here Jezebel history of Jezebel there's a union of church and state how many people involved in that Union three it's a three-fold Union you have a second witness that you have a three-fold union in this history that's fight IRA then you need to come out they'll come out of fight IRA do you know because you're the same church you're gonna come out of Babylon come out of Europe and go to United States Babylon go to the glorious land so when that happens which is Revelation 18 verse 4 then saw this lemma rephrase question what a star this mean to go back to the Greek it means to be red we agree with that why would is why would Saudis be red who else is red gray I can't hear you Spira dragon a so we write the base oh good odd says brother Bob red meaning viewer your judge okay oh my facts correct okay I'll leave it I've got five my facts before I do that but I'm pretty sure I'm right I can't find that I can't find the verse okay we could make a link with the martyrs we'll do it just at that level so the other definition for TARDIS is that it means to come out yes Society is going to come out by definition means come out of Babylon this is the Millerites so the Millerites are coming out are we okay with that concept and they're coming out of war Babylon so you already have a witness two witnesses contest me to a things established in 1989 our church was in captivity - what - Babylon we must be however you want to conceptualize that which I'm not want to do in which I'm not doing now so when you come out of Babylon you're now into the history of Sardis - saw this is this movement because this movement gets created at the time of the end and we're coming out of this captivity of Babylon so obviously not literate but it's symbolic spiritual how long have we been in captivity to Babylon for 126 years 126 he's a symbol of war so it's right here 126 is equivalent to the 25 20 and perhaps we'll just do a quick review of that so we've been in captivity here this movement comes out of that situation let's go back to Miller right history in 1798 you're going to jump 46 years into the future and you're almost at the end you almost get into October and in the final moments of their history these few people need to do what they need to call all of their brethren during a bad situation to come and join them which is what cry the midnight cry the midnight cry the cry for people to come out of captivity everyone knows that history but there's a history that perhaps were not so familiar with we discussed this last trimester the history of Haggai and Zechariah and this is causing people heartache I don't know why because the people who discovered the seven times the same people now who are warring against their own message gets their own discovery maybe because they haven't understood some of these concepts but here we are we've got the twenty five twenty you got 25 20 by definition what does it mean it means someone is being punished by whom has to be Babylon so someone's be punished by Babylon the only people who get punished by Babylon God's people but God's people came out of Babylon in 89 when you start trying the stories together you take the story of hair going Zachariah take the story the Millerites testimony of - you could go to a story of Christ you see the same story testimony of 3 then it begins with a few small people that come out at the time of the end of captivity and then there's a call that's being made is there has to be before you get to the end to come out of that situation now I'm not sure why we struggle with that I gave you 3 Jeremiah is in what history is in the history of Josiah joy you came to hire King Zedekiah what's he telling people to come out of their idolatrous practices to be free from that it's a fourth witness there's so many witnesses this to this argument the 2520 extends into our history and there will be a second call for God's people to come out of Babylon and to manipulate that especially the people who are experts on day 25:20 the seven times it's a shame it's a shame that they have backtracked and not understood the truthfulness the veracity the power of their of their message of their gem that they discovered yet and the punishment arrived I am Not sure I send a no okay and yesterday said that we are also so 2520 in the middle is really right story between 1798 and 1844 no I mean story I guess okay the punishment Allah I am Not sure of my convention but the punishment is this in the meteorite history is it under 22 that's why I pointed us to here because this truth is showing us that the 2520 its application is not just october it's not just a Sunday law you've got the Sun in on midnight midnight cry 9:11 2014 that 2520 is going to finish progressively it's not as simple as saying 22nd of October as we've got here and saying that's just a the Sunday law in our history there has the hot seat we see this progression and this concept of progression is now being attacked as we mentioned before because people are no longer willing to do what they've done before they're not willing to accept what they accepted before that this movement has the god-given authority to make application of Scripture and what we should understand not only is our right but as our duty he's now being portrayed as a criminal offense the men are standing up and saying we'll make an application of Matthew 13 which people say is against the spirit prophecy we discussed this yesterday I'm saying other than white the Spirit prophecy makes the application I'm saying the Millerites made an application of Leviticus 26 and we're trying all the loose ends and bringing them together into a comprehensive and holistic message and while we're doing that people are listening to the voice of men and they're leaving the movement and they shouldn't be doing that so we've run out of time but what I'm just okay so know what I'll do it we'll do it this way let's close these prayer I want to make an announcement at the end before we leave let's pray Heavenly Father we want to ask and pray for your mercy and your goodness help us to be solidified in these truths we understand that the lines are both simple and also complex we should expect this because you're an infinite God and all of this information is just a reflection of bond about who you are help us in our weakness and our frailty to be able to grasp these truths even if it's in a simple way help us Lord to have faith that this movement that's been led by you is true and right not because we say it but because prophecy shows us that it is help us to experience righteousness by faith in Jesus His name