Publish Date: 1/31/2018
Speaker Name: Parminder Biant
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our studies this week in the morning two men on be centered around chapter 38 and 39 in progress so I'm hoping that everybody's got a copy of that now access is yucky is anybody gonna need printed copies it's good good I was wondering whether it's French or English I'll say one I don't have printed copies this morning because I wasn't sure on the bow if you need printed copies if you sit with somebody who's got a digital copy you know I see you didn't get a girl okay so with everybody okay be okay we won't need to have printed copies okay so if we can't if we carry on with gospel workers in the afternoon we'll need printed copies for that because it's not in the French okay so we don't need any printed copies for anything Jose don't go okay so why we're out while you're opening your devices up and finding those pages sharpies huh I'd like to do a quick summary of what we studied yesterday morning sister Sylvia could you give us a summary of what we you picked up from yesterday morning's class see pointers you mean it's good to have you do that please remember to speak loud say kitty I try to remember because yesterday picnic we ladder because I thought even hear you I can't even hear we saw a lot of thing yesterday so I try to remember that's fine just a few points I want to say that what you picked up from that class we speak about the fact that there is there are another groups we talk about the typology to explain the fact that they talk about types and entities aunty types is no protip or sativa but what I understood is at the the place as a type in which is a beginning and they place the antitype in the midnight rocky plus a tip rule cheaper or do not achieve a medium and it is not we said that it it was not to be done because we have not to place high penalty type on the same line University elegant rest of a populist a tip ot tips you'll have a minion and that sister a white speak about the antitype of also Sunday lon whenever you could invite it it is a tip I'm sitting on TTIP agua duty model houses and below and this group speak about center time for midnight it's a good poundin on city commit only me for the guy did you pick up from yesterday morning's class or the Nathan we discuss the revelation 19 and these chapters in great controversy how she places them at the Sunday law apocalypse this Witzke those who shape it who do that comes in second come on already wanted to know why why it is that we marked these things quest Gusev absolutely plus a few normal septum nice time when you're done basically yeah okay super super well anyone else Bob Larry made a point that the 2300 days represents Oh divine mile oh the judgments beginning first was the house of God users multi-core don't wanna be sold you one point that was the major point that we start it we sit still for majority canonical mercy and I'm suggesting that that concept is under attack now you can also concept attack II and people would say that they would never attack that that idea so the attack is not in the truthfulness of that statement declares on the 2300 days has these two sections these two parts Jordans ever seen opacity but it's in the application missing on a question because what do we all know happened in a t-34 bass go on Anton gets kiss gone on 7qc Percy if put your hand up so I donated to our Father for the Church of our people of Jesus some people look up did you this is the clothes during 30 for getting fill me so is that a real closed-door it's cause if I'm calling type what you think it was a toy it's goop or six it don't the door place for the Jews maker on in real life ok so it's a real closed door for them yes and so when you take that model and you develop it and bring it into our history develop your I mean go northeast wha we're making an application wealthy Napoli gets on the before the judgment kevanna Sushma is represented by 1844 the world God's people will have judgment look up did you lose and it's real you see really not some kind of type II policy fanciful and other why Ellen White if you dig in her writings you can find these principles and concepts because in our city versus EDC concept but if you just take a single passage such as chapter 38 this unique myself a star shall crush a bit to country it's not that easy to say suppose if I still have one and that's why the lines help to guide and direct us on this issue I suppose I could even get a new consciousness as an Evo does anybody have any questions on just that point it's good get going kids to digest your soup one or any comments would you come out there but Larry was that we need to evaluate what is being said and burn alive Sukie new for even vasuki it was issue in need and that the reason why these men are fighting this message in a little brackets ISM come back to massage the underlying jealousy see of it and I busted I should we see so when we spoke about this concept of only ten people's work audit in law school nepali do does have a DDT reserved account having that level of objectivity is very difficult cVTC by CCTV zero it's much harder than you might think - I fancy and often it's Suva people make and I'm gonna call it an excuse they say they don't understand the lines correctly you just can't new complaint value in your collective so they can analyze if someone's making a mistake or not okay this you get a caffeine you know and I'm saying that's not the problem you don't have to be an expert on the line Sparrow sleeve people are making mistakes what you do need to have is a reasonably good background in Adventism certain advances to a zebu so you need to know some basic concepts connect with the concept of Ezekiel once you've got that level of understanding if you listen carefully she was acquitted on TV mom and a critical about what people are saying it critically John Chisholm you can spot where mistakes are being made who could net allow these young oxen fits I use the statement people need to use common sense Judy's left high school booze on your titties yeah um your bull sauce and I think it really is that is your apostasy but I myself just use some common sense easier sauce and don'ts and don't be so readily accepting of things you know so your pardon exit oppose if I seen Molly shows them at lunch I think it was at lunch yesterday your quantity journey yeah you're speaking that we approach presentations so we're watching a movie come see we kind of sit back and just don't even think we just assumed because that person is standing up their model is correct correct them and it may not well be correct I want us to be sure be clear on this issue this is not an identification of good men or bad men significant the one person with the movie specs on because even good men and this is not a subjective morality what I mean by good men I mean people who we think teaching things correctly do profound effects on key new personal issues correct tomorrow if they don't remain focused they can make mistakes and we began to address that issue in the afternoon class see a paladin on a class do activity and you remember the first paragraph that we spoke of gospel workers pay remember paces it's not from here page 14 now so in our devotion this is our devotion sorry wasn't recorded that was gospel workers 1915 I think we clearly see there this concept circle sips the how does Ellen White describe the prophet Daniel come on so why did approve it Daniella a person that you cannot find one piece of information that he ever did anything wrong Singapore like Iran to be uniform as soon how does he describe that man not infallible powerful weak and earring he was an earring man he was weak and he was not infallible and each of every one of us hangs our salvation upon his words and as I say you can't find anything in inspiration that has any negative statement about him on a spiritual declares when you get chief key togepi she and the other white has the boldness to accuse this man of these three indictments did you do that Casey said Tom does it washes and we discussed the reason why he would do this and this is the very thing that's happening in our movement today people are unwilling to accept the fact lujan develop our superior faith the know when you do your private studies but when you stand at the desk law school today OPP or is a public representative of God you stand as a prophet who talked of it and it's a problem that people have increasingly in this movement it's now calling good is your only Jean don't presume movement did anybody pick up anything else from yesterday's class it's a diesel so we've discussed this issue that the concept of line upon line loserman paulina su concept occurred in Salina is under attack attack e and what we saw is gonna love you is it now increasingly non-movement we're pushing everything at the towards the end to selasa and again this is something that the church does when it comes to Daniel 813 Daniel 8:14 Sica Cruz goofily gliese control not here but then you betray Zika toes because as a misconception of the daily movies in the daily is nothing more than a progressive punishment upon God's people pretty simple this Oliver did you and you might not believe this but the daily he's been rejected in our movement no as I say you won't hear anybody making a statement like that carry on until the classroom but what is the what is the daily we sequel perpetual bye-bye wait so sorry too far away is what it's not so so it's equal what happens in five away gets key special so sorry people know what happens in 508 the Maurice what happens in 508 paganism is taken away is that brother Michele then Daniel Hanson then you'll also see your season Daniel 11 anyone help him down 11:31 then you know Satya but specifically you're going to talk about the day they've been taken away where would you go to particu your most evil apology perpetually care to take with you Daniel no Daniel I you would not go to Daniel I another one now look at how we act out revivals good okay Daniel 12 verse you got me sure I say maybe are we sure that's you okay 11:31 Daniels Tatia and 12 11 they're the same history salami mist wha Daniel eight is not the same history it's not the same subject when he talks about the daily ritual okay so when he talks about the daily been taken away in five away oh so sorry term in preparation preparation for the abomination that maketh desolate to be set up this way W by 3,800 what's that dealing with your question about it you know just the Bronwen what is that concept that's been brought to view there okay so course if Cupid's or TC great yes wait is that what is that taking away of the daily in plain language historically even however you wanna post it so taking these other he's now gonna be done away with it meant Snuffy gonna take another 30 years who's gonna take its place you up on surplus the papacy so 538 marks Wow mister Muriel I just said it was that you need to give me a bit more information it's the beginning of the twelve sixteen twelve sixties how long a medicament oh this is launched how long is 1260 another way to express it I don't express it as 1263 three and a half times good so we've got three and a half times its 5:28 take you to 1798 and what we already begun to construct now swift qua this is Natasha the twenty five twenty this date that lahood no 677 723 and then you've got another three and a half time and this is 538 Daniel 12:11 1131 gives you 5 our way and the daily is taken away it takes thirty years from the taking away of paganism to the establishment of the papacy for the transition from paganism to paper to be complete so the taking away of the daily or paganism you smell he's connected to the twenty five twenty that's why I said the daily equals the twenty five twenty eight at that level I soon Yuval so twenty five twenty if this four twenty five twenty any any days she's after you do me so so much Sally then I know this is Natasha spoke about 677 and that's going to take you to where brother mark that's going to take you to 1844 is not a study on the 25 20 but we know that there are not 225 20s don't we do me so Vanessa it's only 125 20 and it has these two threads or these two things we might call the scattering and the gathering because if we had to 25 20 they need to be applied to two different groups and then not are they all in this persecution in this line whose have been applied to northern tribes or the southern tribes lid you know would you see them are we the southern tribes just at CBU pseudo because the northern tribes get taken out here at the very beginning remember you can't just think about a point in time you have to think about the whole line of history 538 is not the northern tribes you know it's the southern tribes but now they've become spiritual Israel not literal is anybody struggling with that concept it's good concept 7:23 the northern tribes so if you're not familiar with the phraseology time using tell me because I'm assuming we all understand what I'm saying the northern tribes get taken into the world they get taken into Babylon we understand that history so what I ask you did I become Babylon so one has to be clear on this they don't become Babylon end up becoming the Samaritans we understand that they get absorbed okey so I'm Sophie by whom who takes them captive kitties I mean captive that's right not Babylon if the Assyrians because the Assyrians are the king of the north in this history so what you know the Syrians are connected to Babylon but they don't become part of Babylon because the Lord is able to track them I see are the thousands of years and at the end of history not in this history but even further down he's kept an accurate record of who these people are and he's gonna call them back into the church which is what we what do we call that brother Bob the joinder the two-stage is equal 37 don't be perturbed this tracking of these people is not in a literal fashion obviously they to go from this tool to symbolic but school see fast dude now the joining the two stakes when they get called back in happily what name do we give those people sister Elissa okay so these people have come out into the world and that's what this line is showing and they're going to come back and join the church sister Shimane give me a knife or then he'll ever tower workers my brother brother Michael that one's no I'm not gonna let you get away with that one another one okay other flock well Daniel 11:41 Edom Moab and Ammon yeah so I think that's great that we'll stop there so something funny okay so what I want to see as to see here there's many things that we can learn from the twenty five twenty not study on the twenty five twenty but I want to make an observation on this because this is connected to the 2300 days 2300 days than eleven sorry Daniel 8 verse 13 says how long shall be the vision which vision don't say the his eyes which vision is this right no no don't give you the night on the Astana what vision in verse 13 is he talking about don't know that's it crazy we're consulting that you don't know so I'm gonna take - let's read Daniel 8 13 it says the vision if I were to say what vision is that you'd say no idea not good in the lady's vision visit the beaches that see in the book of Genesis it's good syllabus you can only do this right now I can't hear you you can go speak English to translate into bridge I don't know Michael is it it's not how do you know it's not if you don't know what vision it is if you say no it's not the vision in the book of Genesis you must have some idea what vision it is okay so the vision of Daniel then you go a couple of visions which vision is a now that's how long the vision is I'm asking what vision easy where would you find this vision okay so it's the vision of Daniel like sister Pascal where does it begin wait is the vision of Daniel like begin then he wouldn't be that big you know Daniel I to be the vision of time you said call me the vision of Daniel 7 because you go to the first verse in w7e shows you in that vision was so cool Lafayette school daniel said well you see geocoin television when you get to begin obtain your light it tells you at that time period Daniel physically for one in a way we begin the vision us canoe komatsuna vision four five seven okay the verse vixie verse one yes yeah okay so we've already got different answers as soon as you get different answers everybody starts reading carefully come on you know and I say we read carefully before we okay so we can we could argue objects verse to a verse three sites verse 3 verse 2 says I had a vision first to tell you the vision are we okay with that when there's the vision end got this Colavito so Jeremy now sister Gladys verse 14 they're pretty agree with that do you agree with that my sister let's go to decorator at the back and delay sister isolate sorry for a second do you agree verse 14 not sure sister Cathy don't agree so sister Gladys they're not agreeing with you so you have to tell us why you say in verse 14 when you finish sometimes I'm not sure where people are finished are they asking for more but sister Kathleen wife's why do you disagree louder we can hear you yeah I go oh good you want taking it to DAP tonight so he's envisioned all the way through the chat or through Chapter eight okay so that people a disagree with you sister Brittany you can they venture sister Julie you're not sure it's Natasha and groovy Gladys University are you okay with that explanation you didn't hear any of it okay I'll summarize it we really need to try if you need to stand up do that so people can hear your voice is really hard he said she thinks he's verse 14 because after that you get an explanation of the vision and she she went to verse 27 today to verse 7 says and she says that no one could understand the vision and he went on his business and you can understand anything then she didn't move on but chapter 9 through information about that vision okay does everybody agree its verse 14 it's good seriously Cato's anybody disagree it's good okay buy that off and then he's sick and we're still in session mostly cause he didn't even see speciosus tell me no city minute okay so what's up what I find interesting is that a central pillar and foundation of Adventism chapter right we're all coming up with different answers and I've got a different answer to everybody because I'm saying the division ends in verse 12 because after he received the vision Ben I know and he sees this doesn't it is he seeing things in the vision no visua skied wally shows up yeah we great seeing things in verse 13 let's go visit this what's he seeing now what's he seeing my sister you do work while I'm tied up in verse 13 what is he seeing not saying anything in verse 13 he's hearing stuff so the vision is ended and there's a question between two people Jesus and Gabriel and they're asking each other rhetorical kbreeze asking a rhetorical question about how long was the vision that was just given to Daniel wonder Dan you just saw sorry for him for them to have this discussion I would suggest that vision must have ended because he was shouting from the beginning all the way to the end of the vision and the questions are how long was that vision that one said with you and your comment on the Dan you just saw Daniel yoshi's de Foix the answer was 2300 days anybody disagree with that it's good you found that going so does that sound like a cyst Natasha okay this is the Gladys sister Kathy yeah okay so if we're going to agree that the vision ends in verse twelve tell me no residues brother Charles when does verse 12 end I want a date that's it Sharon Levesque seduced attention contravene that give me the date that's where verse 12 would take you to vex a duel on reverses news I mean I it's really good that everybody's now starting to read their Bibles carefully I give brother child a couple of more minutes if you have an opinion just put your hand up so I can see only two feet three people okay see you more okay so about four or five people have got an opinion now so the rest of you don't have an opinion you're not sure when the vision ends so tell me where the chose 1798 so if you put your hand up did you agree or disagree with everybody grace a really great in 1798 or does anybody disagree who disagrees with your hand up if you disagree cystinuria what's the day secret loser date is 538 zipper as a papacy began - okay so your side you're saying verse 12 is 538 okay sister Manuelo what'd you say okay so what was my question brother Charles you couldn't get your show when is this verse 12 fulfil yeah I said where this verse 12 take you to so I think brother Charles agrees it's 538 where it begins surely that God could see well say just cause that cannot you say yes to that I asked where does it take you to okay that's why I'm asking it takes you to we do we all agree that verse 12 is the papacy but it was that could be seduced it up a booty - see is given an army me do what take to make war against the daily I once it does that then it will do what it practices and prospers ello punches party keep was fair so the practicing of prospering look see dues ex tune brother Jose he say he's for three and a half times 1260 takes you to 1798 because in 1798 what's gonna happen you just give us over see don't say deadly wound I want you to go to chapter nine and tell me the verse and the portion the verse tells you what happens in 1798 do you tell me in Chapter nine where you'll find the answer if you have never looked before you down are you not familiar with this you might not be able to do it cuz it's not obvious does anybody have any idea it's good good can i any deep breath Maurice you've got some idea Louise do you do they tell us the verses because people are not enough people know the verses give us the versus go to the facet basically two verses not confirming the verses I'll see you just gonna tell it straight away which verses are you gonna direct history first 27 okay so he's gonna take you to verse 27 okay I don't think 24 will do that for us bro Michael 27 okay so we need to look in verse 27 people say look in verse 27 brother Richard what's the phrase oh okay thanks could you repeat the question okay you say what's my question okay where to five 1798 in Chapter nine because in verse 12 chapter eight that's good news to share two beats it says often it's given a house clever tsunami orphans dealt with the daily it will prosper and practice elderly Syria possibility and then if then it finishes no see there's a fee and I'm saying the practice and the prosper angels you could have any city lapis pillar ends in 1798 brother Charles said that and we know that it it finishes practice in a prospering because it receives the deadly wound so tell me do you see the possibility also increase your Martinez that's all standard its Donna who asked the question okay so I'm asking him show me chapter 9 where you see you 1798 with respect to what's going to happen to the papers in school sounds secure specifically about booty and we're going to verse 27 he's really great you can include 26 as well okay so you tell us that portion in verse 26 don't frame it that you're asking me with a Z okay so first what he thinks the ending says to the end of the war desolations are determined little detail minutes kind of further yet so you explain what that means and that takes us to the end of the customers must now say I did it okay this us you say this what you need is rest room of celebrities who is being desolated in that verse say Kiki these a little service a someone else take this to the city in the sanctuary the city the sanctuary a symbols of war brother Nathan give you clue Daniel 813 City in the sanctuary sister she make the people and the religion the host for the sanctuary the city in the sanctuary meeting in large so they're the ones are gonna be attacked CI Kentucky who attacks them first brother Bob he said that God call you the people and the sanctuary first in the verse 26 what's the phrase no it doesn't say that in the verse verse 26 Richard the people of the prince the people the princes were engaged and then it says the ends with a strategic stress down in Baja the ends with the flood who's the people at the Prince and who's the flood this is repeating in large Daniel 813-c key loukas a elude the usual cities more than you realize brother David but the question is I asked who's getting attacked if you keep the key and it said the city in the same a soldier so maybe I'll do that maybe I'll write you down we've got the city and the sanctuary and this is 926 and I've say 926 exist the Cathy said the Daniel a and Daniel 9 are the same vision and they are so we're gonna say so repeating and large so I'm saying 926 is 813 in 813 who gets attacked rescue the turkey who's getting attacked in 813 brother day he didn't say attacked he says trodden down anybody attack ad GOP cheney just think you're in the hosts okay so we've got the sanctuary so we've got the sanctuary here and I'm saying it this is repeating in large then the city must line up with the house yeah I love me so how we can see the reasonableness of that now in 813 we trace who does the attacking do you feel attack him for the David who does the attacking in 813 attack oversee we trace just the word you I'm not asking for an explanation of who they are he gets really key son JD the daily perpetual that's one transgression of desolation you say okay let's come back to night 26 since the people of the prince and the flood in Rhodesia secesh equator who's the people of the prince would you plus just doing repeating in large okay so I'll put it here above the daily the people of the prince and then this would be the flood so can you see how the Bible interprets itself it's great to be straightforward so that was verse 26 and in this history we've got the daily and the people in the prince in the context of 926 the portion that dealing with the daily here is rome because he's talking about specific part of the history that we understand what I just said so the 2300 days is 320 325 20s big history the crane 308 is part of that history and Daniel chapter 9 is dealing with the early specific part of that history just this back in here and it's not gonna be dealing with all of this pulp portion at the front so even though we've got their daily here and he says the Prince of the Peace joined the people in the Prince these people that the prince is specifically wrong so beverage across Dumanis Pacific home because it's dealing with a portion of history that begins here and what's that date it's a sequence it that's no that's not five Oh way so that would be 80 70 80 70 when pagan rose people of the prince destroy the tweeze the city and the sanctuary so Daniel 9 has the same content but it's just looking at the last portion so coming back to my original question first 27 the last part of the verse says that determined shall be poured upon the desolate member cusan Sookie charity so ever see solid easily what is that mean brother Michael I don't know how is translated in the frame bring the English the last part of the phrase upon the desolate you have to go to a marginal reading because it means the one who does the desolating the desolate oh so there's a decree a statement that says that the Desolator something's gonna happen to him and the thing that's gonna happen to him is that he's gonna stop practicing and stop prospering do do they seal it of course pity the deadly wound is everybody okay with that brief review it's good comiXology me bless so coming back to Daniel 813 I want to ask you the question now it says how long is the vision began in verse 3 ends in verse 12 and when this verse 12 end it's on the board that questions in 1798 captain Oi when does the end 1798 so late into 1798 and now Jesus is going to tell Gabriel actually often it's gonna extend to 1844 very specific in that answer because white stains 272 1844 they're treading down of war Kathy Kathy the sanctuary because the host they're turning down stopped when 46 years before in 1798 when the papacy stopped practicing and prosperous City the possibility so I'm saying that the 2300 days is a lot more complex some people give it credence because it has embedded in it the tension of the relationship between 1798 and 18 and you have to factor that in if we do V this is one of the reasons coming back to when I asked my question originally people were talking about the Moreira and the his own vision that's good G boozy Marcus you'll call me I'm a leader video shows memory so there's a lot of misunderstanding on this issue I understand that the 2300 days is what visions what you think is it the his own or the marae does everybody understand what I mean by his own and marae okay so in Daniel chapter 8 9 and 10 when it uses the word vision in the original don't always you know know that singular English word he's a translation of different Hebrew words and there are three specific words owned marae and Marah you'll see that Maria and Marah are very similar one of them the same word one of them is the feminine and one of them is the masculine let's see if Amina for me you know that slightly different connotation so I don't know get into a big discussion about the hezonia and the Moroccan it's it's a big subject but all I want us to see is the only Michelle that's not sure about this shaky anyone else okay oh there's a number of people okay so maybe I'm not gonna do it now but maybe we need to have a discussion about so the vision of Daniel 8 verse 3 to 12 it says in verse 13 how long is the vision and that word vision is his own it's the movies you're citizen so this vision from verse 3 to verse 12 says university wide news is the his own vision which is the 2300 day vision now some people think that the 2300 days is the marais vision you may have heard that why Cannot that be why can't that be correct now people who don't understand what the difference is they'll need vacancies they won't be able to answer say for those who know familiar with the his own vision why can't the 2300 day prophecy be the marais vision guru Pathik arrived Corvus individually buddy brother michael you useful at reading of the sanctuary so that's me so the 22 anyone else okay but if you also need to secure your name geek on I'm sorry okay brother Nathan give me the three visions so my sis not know that my sister's talking about following say okay probably what you say in second one here as a big like my brother Michael was saying a kamikaze has to go to see hands elephant so in deduction okay three pages okay well I think she's saying I think she's talking about the 25 2000 you got the 25 20 2,300 remark yeah with regard to what she says with with what he did saying I'm stretching you a bit here you have to know some stuff yeah that's good you three prophecies in the prophecies can you say what she said again it was still quite the second time she spoke about a larger prophecy or a vision and then it has a smaller part to it and they both ended at the same point so brother Nathan understand it to be the 25 20 in the 2300 days and I said what's the other one right the 1335 and what does Ellen White call this early writing that's right the chain of truth so these are all links in the chain of truth another place you call this the prophecy so this takes us all the way back to how these charts were constructing one of the arguments that we have is that you can't separate these three prophecies they're all connected together yeah now did they memorize this is that this is no side this is something less suicide did the minarets make a mistake here it's good even a little phony oh I see yes what's the mistakes is the manual about the date there's a mistake about the day that you knew her what's the mistake sequel a deliverer brush-off okay the mistake is in case 43 and 44 what's the correct answer okay all of it no not all of it these are from before and these are 43 now we're all going to do this this week but this mistake that they made significant implications upon our reform line because their mistake that's good is actually the truth no I know they made a mistake but this is teaching to something you need to know where these two dates bring us to in our reform line where does this date take you to in our reform line brother dog not sure in our reform line yeah that's April Fool differ in their reform brother Tyler okay so 911 sister Natasha gave us the clue because he's April 84 1844 this is 911 and where does this one take you to it's one's a bit trickier okay so we're gonna have multiple answers now Sunday law okay so let's put them down name if you don't understand the answer put your hand up capela hypo swivel Emma Sunday law sister sorry you scape another answer you gave another right so I'm gonna go oh you said midnight okay I don't care who it's for but you're gonna put midnight if people disagree or don't understand say now you don't understand the connection okay what do you understand the Sunday law one as a prophecy yes okay so you're gonna you can relate 22nd of October and say that typify is the Sunday know you're a you're a great year okay with that okay so you don't know any of these Vassallo know the logic between getting from here to here okay I see it represents at the end okay so you've got a closed door that's awesome love a closed door and this this shut door theology can be understood to be a close of probation so if you just conceptualize it at that basic level could you say why would be Sunday law okay so we've got Sunday law midnight any others what did you mean you eat scheduled people's right okay we're gonna have like look at the midnight cry 2014 okay so I've symbolized close of probation I'll see you put Daniel 12:1 okay as well as a white mark the 2300 days ends wane 1844 1844 so gone guts is the end of what prophecy 25 20 okay so 1844 he's marking the end of the twenty five twenty we agree with that 13:35 they said they all end at the same point we agree with that because they're all gonna they all want to take you to 1843 don't they that's what we get on this chart 1843 1843 1843 those that these are the three visions or prophecies that we've just got here but they're made in mistake because they're saying that the all these prophecies come to the same point now their mistake is teaching us something so you can see that we've got all of these way marks we have all it impact on the 25/2 are all impacted by the 25 2013 35 is just a portion of the 25 20 we're going to discuss the subject in 25 28 it would direct you to would be nine eleven according to this hopefully you can see that connection with us it clinics you yep okay so this history that will be spoken about is the history where goth people aware see you look up did you during captivity to whom to Babylon who can give some call a demonstration of that people do loosen up give me some proof for that how do you demonstrate this there in Babylon oh oh through this history you're gonna share you okay if you did for actually don't do sets of into a party visit 712 from 723 BC Asakusa decir he ki keep Amen Israel on the potassium we know there is a Syria Israel in captivity the less you easier achieved by be done in the serious about Jesus and he said to show Allah that below the T honk Eva only shoot down a captivity then 677 it's a real Bible on the literal Babylon X minus a in captivity he knew Capone or could not money mean business for Sultan is see that Babylon spiritual faculty 1260 is the spiritual Babylon the papacy okay let me hold it for a minute we can with a logic about Greece do you like this you went from Assyria Babylon the spiritual Babylon you ain't here and here you later this Bay in the middle Greece it's also wrong Greece is wrong sick party silver God will see a nap at see the party this was undetermined levy Fisto Eagle masseur captivity women the Jews are also under roman captivity I'm asking about great not wrong come on shake who that kind of stuff you went from Assyria Babylon natural then you wait the spiritual then you backtrack and said it was wrong I asked about Greece good you said they're in bubble all the way through this how do you go about showing the grace is Babylon good nice good she rose but cougar like I say Bible you know no was Richard all right because of the daily which is power power power okay we Greece is here without Greece or put grease here I'm asking for some justification for making it Babylon you see because you like it you know what kind of rules are faithfuls would be used to demonstrate that okay the end by the beginning we're gonna use an alpha and a major principle because he starts with little Babylon in the end with that L mean awake so let's just tie up the spiritual Babylon bit where we gonna go for that look preparing the Babylon spiritual value at the end a Bible verse I mean that's abuse we do sorry you've got Bible verse sube no mr. Pascal Bible verse to show spiritual Babylon in Revelation 12 revelation 17 verse yes see sister Bronwyn mr. Bromley Joe could be three not three verse by she had on upon her forehead a title Mystery Babylon this is the woman the whole or verse three so we can see that if we're gonna use an Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end principle it's showing that everything in between is the same thing that's what we show that's why we use that principle it's not just showing you two end points everything in between must be the same so if we were thinking about judgment and we say you can't just put judgment at the end it begins here at the beginning and therefore the whole line is about judgment again using this Alpha Omega principle so that's one of the rules that we'd use right white donkey says thank you Lisa my question was not is grace included oh no my question was they said that they're in captivity to Babylon all the way through so I'm asking how do you make grace Babylon know how you make Greece the dragon power not that how Greece keeps you in captivity we all know that I'm I'm asking what's the logic to make it Babylon because you're gonna say you went into captivity to Babylon then Greece then Babylon and we don't teach that we say Babylon all the way through the principle that we're gonna use the rule is Alpha and Omega beginning at the end there's one more that we would use but we wouldn't call it Babylon what would we call it so I mean that runs all the way through this and if someone's gonna say the day because it's the perpetual three yeah but I want to know to whom because it's to Babylon with singular it says it they're in captivity with singular power all the way through but we can't use the word Babylon on this one who are they in captivity to do all the way through what power right the king of the north so that's the one that that's really easy to see the king of the north runs all the way through this great and you can prove that really easily Daniel 11 because he identifies Greece as the king of the north we know Babylon literally the king of the north and we know that a papacy is identified as king of the north need to do just fine another reference to the north if you like that could work what's the question how these greets the Kings the 1911 is easy to see Daniel ebony begins when it talks about the king of the north I think inverse by it's talking about Greece in its literal sense but when talking about me to Persia in that chapter it doesn't talk about it being the king of the north so I'm saying the king of the north has this continuity all the way through and also the subject of Alpha and Omega and then my sister said the daily and the daily is the third way to do this and the reason why people would stumble on this because if I said what is the daily and don't put 2520 here if you put the day what do most people are gonna call that they're gonna call it paganism now that's a surface level correct but the daily means different things in different contexts so that's one concept so see our concepts but more often than not when we talk about the daily compared to perpetual we talk about its connection to good doll or self exhortation so reputation against God agree with that so if you enjoy yourself in front of God she was exalted you you couldn't catch by that as atheism if you like all right Dollar Tree we do not see which is religion so the daily is really an anti God religion so that you do what is your did you it's not the only definition of that one definition so if it's an anti God religion did you you can say that the daily runs all the way through this because it's a religion whether it's pagan or papal that's against God you can we understand we conceptualize it that way it comes up yeah prove that how would you prove that now cool instrument no sister Natasha where would you go Bible verse whiskers revenge is everybody okay anybody get have any thoughts by the toilet it's good good Connie right no time you like okay yeah you can't do that you could show it that it's this waxing great that's gonna show us then it's a religion yeah you can do is we Daniel eight that's Daniel aches a good answer I was thinking revelation 17 because in revelation 17 what do you have simply if two symbols two entities one of them is a Nazi one of his a woman one is the base and what's the woman doing she drinks she has many things but the overarching thing that she does she sits on the Beast she sits on the basement specific part of the base on their heads and when does the beef begin feel a bit cusco its existence no the power no pea sauce god s care commissary kill peace or sarcoma Levitz the base had seven heads seven heads are seven Kings so begins with Babylon and he ends with it begins with Babylon and he ends with stomach know who does it anyways okay I need hands up with the UA begins with Babylon the government ends with the UN government I watched the woman doing she's sitting on all of those heads all the way through continually perpetually she is the perpetual the daily can we say that a woman is the church is a religion you can see that this idea that the daily is this anti God religion is the woman of revelation 17 what we're gonna do tomorrow we want to see to only this concept of been in captivity to Babylon which ended when you see Tommy Lee calm when in the end in 1790 I read that Daniel 8 13 Danny 8 12 Daniel 9:26 Daniel 9:27 or poison 1798 1798 is what is the time at the end but you've got a problem what's the problem brother miseries got the problem 2300 days he doesn't stop here he's on here so you've got these 46 years to deal with where there is some treading down that's going on yeah I'm lucky so first can we say that it's who's getting trodden down the sanctuary why not the house right not persecuted anymore you so freaking security because what should I have done sorry they should have come out of Babylon at the time of the end did they keep it they did love it but we're gonna say that not all of them came out we know that they came out of Babylon in 1798 Oracle fact because where do they go from and go to brother Tyler they go from Europe to the USA and the USA is the glorious / and Europe is way Europe is Babylon remember so you've got these try these hidden Babylon to the glorious lies at the time of the end time Lian is a repeating context because we can go to Isaiah 45 get on psych verse 1 yeah who's that Vikki Cyrus Cyrus we'll take you to the same points I was gonna do what for you it's good night not gonna do that for you he's gonna destroy Babylon when he does that what's he gonna do for you it's gonna set you free from Babylon and you're free to go to the glorious line so see this repeating theme of cozy prey remember what we've discussed today because we want to summarize it tomorrow so to get in the class and pilots understand a summary of what we've learnt today Heavenly Father we thank you she doesn't do me ask you you ask and pray that you would be with us and guide us where we could help us to understand the new upon the relationship between the 2300 days in the 2520 between the captivity of God's people what I captivity jeepers did you in ancient Israel - yeah any modern Israeli Tony Romo down be with us that's it can guide us finding you we also can pray in the name of Jesus does not do I put your in other days you are mean

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